The Vale

by CockTFBoi

When Kurt inherits a remote mansion from his uncle, he decides to spend the summer there with his friends. Andy and Oliver join him at the start of the summer to explore the house, but the place is surrounded by a huge valley located deep in the wilderness far from civilization. As strange events begin to unfold, the trio must figure out what is happening to them.

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Part 1 When Kurt inherits a remote mansion from his uncle, he decides to spend the summer there with his friends. Andy and Oliver join him at the start of the summer to explore the house, but the place is surrounded by a huge valley located deep in the wilderness far from civilization. As strange events begin to unfold, the trio must figure out what is happening to them. (added: 27 May 2023)
Part 2 Andy and Oliver search for Kurt and try to figure out what is going in the Vale. Kurt has found some answers, but these answers just bring more questions. As the Vale’s influence creeps further into the friends’ minds, they find it harder to resist giving into the magic. (added: 1 Jul 2023)
Part 3 Kurt, Andy, and Oliver are in search of the Grove, which will hopefully have more answers for them and fewer locked doors. After traveling across the Vale, following Andy’s unusual sense of direction, they find the Grove. Within they find more magic and are changed further by it. (added: 5 Aug 2023)
Part 4 While the throuple are enjoying life in the Grove, Andy is a little jealous of the magic that Kurt and Oliver have found. He decides to dig deeper and inadvertently catches the attention of another person in the Vale. (added: 2 Sep 2023)
Part 5 Andy tries out his new form and powers thanks to his boyfriends and Rain, then they head out to meet with their friends that are supposed to be arriving. As they do, they are being stalked by an unseen enemy that is moving closer to striking them. (added: 30 Sep 2023)
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Part 1

Andy was on his knees in the locker room, looking up at the face of the football player he was sucking off. The fat cock was sliding in and out of his mouth as he focused on relaxing his throat, taking it deeper and deeper. His vision was blurry as his eyes teared up a little and he blinked to clear them but couldn’t quite make out the face attached to the stud fucking his face. He didn’t really care though, all he cared about was the dick in his mouth, making it feel pleasure, and working that load out of it.

All around him were more cocks attached to more hot jocks. He couldn’t keep track of them all, but at least a dozen other guys around him, stroking their hard cocks waiting for their turn to use him. He could feel the cock in his mouth growing bigger, the guy’s balls pulling up against his body. A few moments later the jock thrust his dick fully into Andy’s mouth as he felt the hot cum blast directly down his throat. Andy eagerly swallowed it all down, moaning as he did. He felt the cocks around him cumming, showering him in a torrent of cum.

His eyes snapped open as the pleasure hit him. He was in his bed, alone. His cock under the sheets unloading a thick load of cum into his bed. He moaned in delighted frustration as he had a ruined orgasm from his wet dream. As he his cock stopped throbbing, Andy looked over at his alarm clock. It was 4:27 a.m. He had to be up in 3 minutes anyways. He sighed and flicked the light on before he threw the sheets back off of himself. He looked down to see how much of a mess he had made. His cock was there, still locked in the black cock cage he’d been wearing all semester, a long strand of cum still clinging to the tip of the cage. Despite how much it felt like he shot, there was only a small puddle marking where he’d shot his load. He scooped up the cum off the bed, and licked it off his fingers.

The other bed in the dorm room was stripped and empty. His roommate had left a few days ago. Finals had just finished yesterday, but his roommate lived close by and just commuted for his last few tests. Andy was a little sad as he would have liked to have sucked a real cock before he left for the summer, but he’d have to deal with it. In prior years he’d gone home for the summer, but this year was different. A bunch of his friends were all going on a trip together. Most of them had graduated already or had dropped out. Andy was the only one who would be going back to school at the end of the summer, but he was eager to use the summer to get closer to all his friends.

His friend Kurt had inherited a house out in the middle of nowhere. Tons of stuff to do from what Kurt said, but Andy was mostly doing it to be with his friends. The last few months had been busy with school, work, and relationships; but now was a chance to reconnect. Now it’d be five of them up there, for the whole summer.

Andy grabbed his towel and stepped into the shower he shared with the room next door. This early there wasn’t much chance of running into anyone, but he still hurried to make sure he got out of there on time. A short time later he was back in his room toweling off. He pulled his glasses back on and turned to face the mirror, looking himself over. A light smattering of hair on his chest, belly, and legs; with his pubes thicker above his locked cock. He was chubby with little muscle under his bulk and pale skin from spending too many hours sitting in his room working on coding assignments and playing video games. He had each ear pierced with a small silver ring dangling from each earlobe, and a silver bar through each of his nipples.

He grabbed the key hanging from a hook in his closet. He’d only been locked since the start of finals. He told himself it was so he could focus, but really, he just loved the feeling of being denied access to his cock. He’d fantasized about it for years; wishing one boyfriend or another would agree to lock his cock, but none were into it. A couple had even broken up with him over his kinks. While single he’d locked himself up off and on; though since he always had a key it was never quite as fun as he felt it could be.

For this trip though, he’d have to unlock. He didn’t want to deal with having to go through airport security with it on, and he didn’t want to get caught with it. He might like the risk of wearing it in public, but 3 months with his friends would be difficult to hide it, so he had decided to go unlocked. He took the key and slid it into the lock and turned it. The lock clicked and he pulled the lock out, and carefully separated the cage from the ring. As he pulled the cage off, despite the wet dream that morning, Andy’s cock started to get hard. He quickly pulled the ring off before his cock get much harder. He set the cage in his closet and got dressed for the day. He grabbed his suitcase and his backpack, ready to go.

He headed down the stairs and went to the corner nearby where he was supposed to meet up with everyone else. He pulled out his phone and waited, scrolling through videos to pass the time while he waited. Every time he heard a car, he’d glance up expecting it to be Kurt, but it wasn’t. Almost 30 minutes later, a taxi rolled to a stop in front of him. Andy beamed as the car stopped in front of him and Kurt climbed out of the passenger seat. Kurt came around to give him a hand and Andy could see Oliver sitting in the back seat already.

“Hey man!” Kurt started. “Sorry, I ran a little behind. Ollie had more stuff than I expected, and we had to rearrange stuff to get it all in.”

“It’s not a problem man, let’s just get there. Don’t want to miss our flight or anything,” Andy replied as he grabbed his stuff.

He took his suitcase to the trunk and saw four much larger suitcases already in there. For a moment it felt like maybe he hadn’t brought enough stuff, but he had some clothes and his laptop. He stuck his suitcase in there and placed his backpack in the corner where it wouldn’t get crushed by the other suitcases. He climbed into the backseat of the car, noticing that Oliver had his eyes closed.

The three of them drove to the airport in relative silence. It was too early for talking, and Oliver was snoozing lightly in the back seat. Andy passed the time staring out the window at the passing scenery. This early in the morning there were hardly any other cars on the road and most of the places they passed were still closed. They drove past the turn off for the airport terminal and Andy’s brow furrowed in confusion. He looked up towards the driver and Kurt, but neither of them seemed concerned about it. A few minutes later they pulled up to a small gate in the back of the airport. The car stopped in front of a small office and Andy heard the trunk click behind him as it unlocked.

Kurt turned to face Andy and Oliver and said, “Okay guys, wake up. We’re here!” Oliver started to stir, and Andy was about to say something, but Kurt was out the door before Andy could say anything.

Andy climbed out his door and walked to the back where Kurt was standing, pulling the bags out. “Wait, what’s going on? Why aren’t we at the main terminal?”

“Oh, I guess I forgot. The place is pretty remote. We have to use a small plane to get there. Grab your stuff and let’s get moving.” Kurt pulled out the bags as he was talking, setting them down next to the car.

Oliver finally came around and grabbed his stuff. He saw Andy and gave him a tired nod, clearly still not fully awake. Kurt grabbed his suitcase and backpack and started walking towards the office door. Andy grabbed his suitcase and backpack and started to follow, but then saw Oliver was struggling with his bags. Oliver had 3 large suitcases as well as a smaller backpack on him, and in his tired state it was difficult for him to get things organized enough to move them.

“Let me give you a hand,” Andy said as he reached out for one of the bags.

“Oh, sure,” Oliver said sleepily, taking his hand off of one of the larger suitcases and letting Andy grab it.

The two of them follow Kurt through the door and into the office. The place is cramped with the three of them, a couple of old chairs sit against one wall facing a small desk covered in paperwork with an old computer monitor sitting to one side.

Kurt smiles at Andy and Oliver as they walk in. “He said he’d be right back,” Kurt explains as he looks around the room.

Andy lets his eyes wander around a bit, taking in the old posters of planes, the cheap paintings, the thin commercial carpet that is old and faded, and the walls that are slightly yellowed with age. The air conditioning was rattling in the corner of the room, though the air in the room felt stagnant and musty. The place looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months and there was a visible layer of dust on the back of the chairs.

A man, probably about 50 years old, came from the small hallway that was on one side of the room carrying a clipboard. “Okay, simple flight this morning. The flight plan is already filed away, and I can get you to this place easily enough. The weather is looking good so it should be a pretty smooth flight. Now all I need is for you to each sign this paperwork,” he said while holding out the clipboard, “and then we’ll be ready to go. I know I talked with Kurt before, but I haven’t met you two yet. I’m Josh.”

“Andy,” he said while waving.

“Oliver,” he muttered still not really awake.

Kurt took the clipboard and started looking through it while Andy and Oliver stood there watching. After he signed it, he passed it to Oliver who signed it without reading it, and then he passed it to Andy. Once Andy signed the forms, he handed it back to Josh.

“Okay boys, grab your stuff and let’s get you loaded so we can get in the air,” Josh said as he gestured for the three friends to follow him. They all walked out a backdoor into a small hangar. The hangar had a single small plane sitting in the middle of it. The group approached it, and the Pilot opened the door for them. “Might be a tight fit in the back with all your gear, but we should be able to make it fit. Looking at the conditions, we should be able to make it to the Valley in just a few hours.”

“You’ve flown out there before?” Andy asked as he climbed into the back seat of the plane, pushing his bag back behind the seat.

“Oh yeah, it’s been a few years, but I’ve made the flight a few times. Probably one of the few that have.” Josh replied as he started hauling the largest of Oliver’s suitcases up into the plane.

“Did you know my uncle then?” Kurt asked as he climbed into the passenger seat.

“Yeah, I flew him out there a few times. Mostly I flew his guests out there. Always seemed like a party going on out there every summer. Must have been pretty wild. When I’d pick people up, they always looked tired, but happy you know.”

“Wild parties? I knew he had people up there, but I didn’t realize my uncle was such a party animal.”

“Yeah, huge parties from what I could see. Seemed like hundreds of people there. I was flying a bigger plane at the time, but even then, it took several flights to get everyone in and out. Must have cost him a fortune.”

“Fuck, I didn’t even know. I don’t think any of us knew.”

Oliver climbed into the back as the last of the bags were stowed and sat down. He leaned back in his chair as far as it would go and started to drift back off.

As Josh climbed into the pilot’s seat, he handed out big heavy headsets to everyone. “You’ll need to wake him up enough to put these on. They might not be the most comfortable thing, but it’s going to get pretty loud in here.”

Oliver sat up enough to grab the headset and put it on before leaning back. “Sorry about him,” Andy said as he took his own. “He’s always a bit cranky in the morning.”

“It’s all right. I understand completely.” Josh said as he pulled his headset on.

The engine started up and the propeller on the front of the plane spun up, quickly becoming a translucent blur. The plane slowly pulled out of the hangar and lined up on the runway. The roar of the engine was muffled by the headset as Andy looked out the windows. Josh was on the radio requesting clearance for takeoff, but Andy could only dimly hear him. He must have gotten the clearance as a few moments later the plane started moving towards the end of the runway. As it lined up with the runway the whine of the engine became louder and higher pitched as the plane went barreling down the runway. Andy could feel the plane starting to lift and shortly thereafter, the noise suddenly dropped as the ground fell away beneath them.

As the plane banked around Andy could see the city below them growing smaller and smaller. The airport was already out in the suburbs of the city, but soon they were out past the suburbs, flying over rural roads and farms. Andy pulled a paperback novel out of his backpack and began reading to pass the time, occasionally glancing out the window at the scenery below. At some point, Oliver sat up in his seat and looked out the window. Oliver pulled out his phone and put on some music, slipping his earbuds underneath the headset. Up front Josh and Kurt were carrying on a casual conversation with one another to pass the time, but Andy wasn’t paying enough attention to follow the flow of it.

Several hours went by before Josh pushed a button on the controls that played a small tone in the headsets of everyone before he spoke. “We are making our approach to the valley, if you look to the right, you can see it in the distance. We still have to go around it to get to the runway, so feel free to take in the view from the air while you can.”

Andy looked out the window on Oliver’s side to see the valley. In the distance they could clearly see a depression in the ground, the tall pine trees of the forest below them giving way. Josh had called it a valley, but it looked more like a crater. It was massive, at least 15 miles across, with the landscape rising along the edges before dropping off sharply into the valley below. From this elevation they could see a small lake sitting in the middle of the valley and the rooftops of a cluster of buildings poked up through the trees near the lake. The roofs looked strange to Andy. Not a typical modern style by any means. As they made the slow arc around the valley, Andy was able to see more of the buildings. The buildings weren’t modern at all. An old style, like something out of medieval Europe, despite being on the wrong continent for that. Along the far side of the valley, Andy spotted another building built on the cliff. It was strange looking from this distance, a small building, light grey, with a twisting spire standing above it.

Then Andy spotted the runway along the side of the crater as their altitude began to steadily drop. Soon they were below the trees on the edge of the valley, slowing as they landed. The runway had a few simple hangar buildings on one side and on the other was an ornate wooden building that simply said “The Vale” on it. The building extended back and into the ground rising behind it. The plane slowed to a stop in front of the building and Josh cut the engine off.

The four men removed their headsets and climbed out of the plane. They all stretched their legs, Kurt even lifting his legs up to his chest one at a time to stretch them fully. Andy couldn’t help but stare at the nice muscular bubble of Kurt’s ass, though he glanced away before Kurt could turn and catch him. Josh had unloaded all of their bags, setting them aside a short distance away.

“Okay guys, you enjoy this place. Just be careful,” Josh said as he started to climb back into the plane.

“Do you want to come in and rest for a few minutes before you go?” Kurt asked.

“No,” Josh said sharply. “Sorry, but I have another flight to do later. I don’t want to be late for it.”

“Okay, well, I guess we’ll see you next week when you drop off the others.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you then,” Josh said, giving a wary look at the wooden building.

Andy glanced over at the wooden building to see if he saw anything, but it looked pretty normal, if a bit fancier than he was used to. By the time he turned back, Josh had already closed the door and was readying the plane for takeoff again. He shrugged and grabbed his suitcase and backpack, following Kurt to the doors.

“Fuck this place is huge!” Oliver said as they walked up. “Is it all yours?”

“Yeah, the whole valley is mine. Luckily part of my inheritance included money for taxes and stuff. Otherwise, I’d have to sell the place. My parents keep saying I should anyways, but I wanted to at least see the place before I have to sell.”

“I thought you inherited a house,” Andy said as they walked. “On the way in, there was like a whole town in the valley.”

“Well, the main house is where we’ll be staying,” Kurt replied. “From what I read, my uncle was into fantasy stuff like elves and stuff. The town is where he’d have people dress up and do like a renaissance fair thing. I guess it must have gotten pretty wild from what Josh said. I knew about the town, but I didn’t pay to have it cleaned before we got here. It probably hasn’t been used in a decade, so not sure what it’s like in there.”

As they approached the doors Andy could see that the pillars along the front of the building were intricately carved. They depicted people in various poses, some fighting, some with their arms raised, and yet others in various sexual positions. Andy felt himself blush a little bit, and his cock chubbed up a little in his pants. Oliver and Kurt hadn’t seemed to notice or hadn’t said anything at least. Kurt fished out his keys and unlocked the door, opening it so they could go inside.

Inside the building the light was dim, only the indirect sunlight coming in through the door and the large windows at the front of the building. Their eyes adjusted quickly, and Oliver found a panel of switches on the wall by the door. He flipped them all on and the lights came on. The three of them took in the sight before them: a large hall largely empty save for a fountain in the middle of the room. The floors were fine wood and more of the pillars ran the length of the hall. On one side was a large open doorway with a sign that read “Changing Room.”

“The directions said the route to the main house is through the changing room. This way!” Kurt said as he started going towards the door to the changing room in the back corner of the room.

Andy and Oliver followed along slowly, taking in the room as they went. Just like the pillars outside the ones inside are likewise carved, however these appear to be almost entirely sexual in nature. Andy and Oliver’s eyes met after looking at a carving of an orc getting fucked by two elves while sucking off a man with a pair of massive horns coming from his head. The two of them blushed as they caught each other’s eyes, both surreptitiously adjusting their hardening cocks as they continued to the changing room.

Inside the door was a counter with a large clothing rack behind it. The rack was full of garment bags, and they continued past it to a large ornate locker room. The room was decorated to look like a forest, the supports and benches looking like trees and vines curled into the shape of each. They were complete with leaves and small branches coming off of them in some places. Along the walls were dozens of lockers, the doors made to look like the bark of a tree, but they still had a metal piece for a lock on each.

Kurt went over to one side of the room and used his key to open a small locker, pulling a few things out and reading through a piece of paper. While he was reading it Oliver and Andy wandered around taking in the room.

“Hey, Andy, look at this,” Oliver called out.

Andy walked over to Oliver who was looking at the wall. On the wall surrounded by a mural of a forest was a few sentences that read: “Rings on and in garb before you go through the gate. Once in, remain in the Vale for at least a week to prevent baseline corruption. No outside technology or clothing (piercings ok).”

“What do you think that means; ‘Rings on’?” Oliver asks.

“No clue. Must be something they used to denote something, like organizers or security or something,” Andy replies.

“Okay guys, we gotta leave our stuff here,” Kurt said as he walked over to Andy and Oliver.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Oliver said a little surprised.

“Well, gotta leave any electronics in here. I read about this in the packet. There’s like a natural magnetic field in the walls of the valley. It’ll ruin any electronics you bring with you. I guess it was like a security measure my uncle put in place.”

“I guess that explains that” Andy said as he gestured at the writing on the wall. “Is there a way around it?” Andy said, glancing at his bags and trying to remember how many electronics he had with him.

“Well, there’s a service entrance,” Kurt explained. “We got to grab the key from the main house to unlock that. Plus, I don’t know where the service entrance is, so we’ll have to find it as well. You can stick your stuff into one of the lockers, and we’ll come back for them, though I don’t know if they’ll necessarily work.”

“Wait,” said Oliver, “why do we need to leave our clothes here?”

“We don’t really, but we do have a bit of a hike to get to the house. I don’t think the path is going to be paved, so it’s going to be a pain to get the clothes up there. Maybe we can pack some of it into our backpacks and haul it up a little bit at a time.”

“I guess so. Give me a few minutes to figure out how to pack all this.”

“Kinda wish you had mentioned this earlier. Kurt,” Andy said as he opened up his suitcase. “Might have saved us the trouble of hauling some of this stuff.”

The three of them set about opening their suitcases and pulling out a few sets of clothes. Enough to last a few days. They also pulled out their toiletries and set them aside.

Kurt paused, staring back towards the door. “You know what might be fun? Why don’t we put on some of the outfits. There are tons there, gotta be some that fit.”

“I don’t know, man,” Andy said looking over towards the racks of clothes. “We already have a lot to carry, should we really be adding more to it?”

“Oh, come on, it’ll be fun,” Kurt said as he stood up, walking over towards the racks.

“Yeah, it’ll be fine. There’s plenty of stuff over there to choose from.” Oliver said as he stood up to join Kurt, leaving his suitcases still open. “Besides, we’re going to be here for months. It’s not like we need to be in a hurry.”

“I guess,” Andy said, not entirely convinced. Really, he was nervous. If they changed into those costumes, he’d have to strip in front of them. The locker room didn’t offer much privacy from his friends, and he wasn’t sure he’d be able to keep his cock in check while changing. So close to his two biggest crushes while they were getting changed; he already had a semi that was threatening to get fully hard.

They went through a door behind the counter and started browsing through the garment bags. There were easily a couple hundred of them, each with a tag. They were broadly organized into categories, though most of them were vague and didn’t give much for the men to go off of. Andy was looking through a section labelled “Villagers,” figuring it to be the costumes for the people in town, and likely the least strange. Kurt and Oliver were in a section labelled “Grove” checking tags and unzipping bags. On the tags was a short description of what was inside, but no sizes listed. Andy settled on one that said, “Blue Cloak, Green Doublet, Brown Pants.”

Andy grabbed the bag and started for the door, but Kurt stopped him. “Hey, I found this one that’s labelled ‘Grove Leader’. Might be fun to all dress alike.” Kurt said, as he held up a garment bag.

“Oh, sure,” Andy said, putting the bag he was holding on the rack next to him and walking down to the Grove section. Kurt and Oliver took their bags out to the locker room while Andy started browsing through the options. The tags on these were listed by an occupation it seemed. He flipped past some that didn’t appeal until he found one that said “Hunter.”

Andy opened it up and pulled out the outfit. First was a leather harness in a cluster of straps and metal rings. Andy pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside, as he tried to figure out which way was up on the harness. He eventually settled on one direction and pulled it on over his shoulders. The harness had a lot of straps criss-crossing his chest. Two rings sat high on his chest near his collarbones, compressing the soft skin slightly. Two straps from each of those rings come to the center of his chest where two more rings sat in a line going down between the soft flesh of his chest with straps connecting them to a third ring below them. More straps wrapped around his torso, encircling him completely. Two straps went down each side along his hips, currently hanging loose. Bands surrounded the upper part of each of his arms and a set of leather vambraces from the bag went on each forearm.

Andy grabbed the next garment from the bag, another harness, though this one was for his lower body. He pulled off his jeans and underwear, pushing them aside with his foot. He stepped into it, connecting the straps from the upper harness to rings along his waist. The lower harness had two lengths of leather covering his cock and his ass, but otherwise offered very little covering. He blushed a bit, feeling very exposed like this, though it also made his cock chub up a little. There was also a brown leather cloak with a hood in the bag, and as he pulled it on, it seemed to envelop him. He pushed the cloak back he found ties to attach it to the harness which served to hold it in place but also back out of the way. He then pulled on a pair of heavy leather boots with laces going halfway up his shin and grabbed his other clothes and headed out into the locker room.

As he walked out, he saw Kurt had already finished getting dressed and Andy was stunned for a moment. Kurt was wearing something that was little more than a leather harness with a bit of fabric covering his shoulders and the top of his chest, leaving the rest of his arms and torso exposed. Andy drank in the sight of his friend’s toned chest and stomach, feeling himself getting hard again. Looking lower Kurt wasn’t wearing pants, but instead had a brown leather kilt wrapped around his waist, though it stopped about 3 inches short of his knees. For shoes he was wearing a pair of leather sandals with straps.

Oliver was off to one side still changing, but his outfit had a pair of brown leather shorts with a belt and several rings on the belt. A pair of sandals that looked similar to Kurt’s were on the bench beside him. Oliver was struggling into the harness, trying to figure out where the various straps were meant to attach.

“Wow, you guys are looking good!” Andy said as he walked over to Oliver. “Do you need a hand with that?”

“Umm, yeah thanks. Wow, I didn’t realize they had armor and stuff in there,” Oliver said as he saw Andy’s outfit.

“Yeah, I grabbed one that said hunter on it. I thought it might be a good one, and I’m glad I was right.” Andy started untangling the straps of Oliver’s harness, drinking in the clean smell of his body as he undid a knot. It took a few more moments, but soon Andy had Oliver’s harness straightened out with all the straps seemingly in the right place.

“Hey guys, I found some backpacks we can use in there,” Kurt said pointing towards the door to the closet. “They’ll carry a lot more than our backpacks,” he said as he held up a handful of brown bags. Each of them grabbed a backpack and began to fill them with their regular clothes and any non-electronic essentials they wanted to bring. Andy put a couple of novels he had brought into his bag, while Kurt tucked some snacks into his. Oliver had largely brought electronics with him, so left them behind closing them into a locker.

The three men walked through a door in the back of the locker room and started down a hall. The walls of the hallway quickly gave way to raw rock until they came to a large stone archway carved from the rock surrounding it. The arch seemed to glow in the light of the hall, the pale white of the electric lights on one side giving way to a soft orange glow on the other.

Kurt stepped through first, pausing on the other side to give a little shiver. “Wow, that tingled a bit,” he said before he took a few steps forward to make room.

Oliver followed along, pausing and looking back at the archway in surprise before saying “Wow. That, that was something.”

Andy stepped forward through the arch and time seemed to slow. He could feel a tingle running across his skin and making the hairs on his body stand on end for a moment. The tingle moved across his body, searching for something, like a predator stalking its prey. It passed over the piercings in his nipples, causing a little jolt of pain and pleasure to surge through him. He felt it encircle his cock momentarily, sliding over his balls which seemed to continue to pulse with an unseen energy, and down to his hole which tensed momentarily. He had a distinct feeling of the tingle pushing inside his hole, but the sensation was gone, and time seemed to return to normal as he finished his step. His eyes looked up and met Oliver’s and an unspoken understanding passed between them, that they had experienced the same thing.

They continued walking down the tunnel, now little more than a cave with periodic glowing crystals set in the rock on either side. The light was dim, but enough to see by until they rounded a corner and could see daylight streaming through a wide opening ahead. They hurried forward, eager to get back into the light.

As they emerged, they took in their surroundings. Immediately to their left was an amphitheater of sorts, a small stage on the side near the forest with tiers cut into the stone of the cliff. It had some overgrowth, grasses poking up through the stones in the area. Ahead of them lay a road of flat stones that went into the forest, and to their right was a stone plinth with some symbols carved into it.

“Any idea what that is?” Oliver asked.

“It’s like a marker for landmarks. I saw a few of them in the paperwork I was given,” Kurt explained. “The big half-circle is for the cave and amphitheater; the others are for the other big landmarks in the valley. We want the one that looks like a tower, that’s the one for the main house. Pretty easy, we just follow the arrows and we’ll be there in no time.”

They set off, following the road, and following the symbols carved into the stone markers set along the road periodically. It took nearly 3 hours before they made it to the house and the sun was starting to set, throwing long shadows through the woods. The group found the base of a series of stairs that started to slowly ascend with the valley floor. Soon the stairs became steeper until they got to the house. Andy was out of breath and exhausted by the time they crested the last set of stairs and laid eyes on the house.

The outside of the house was made of a dark grey stone with deep angular patterns carved into the stone pillars. The house was actually a collection of smaller buildings, maybe a couple dozen buildings built at various heights into and up the cliff. A series of open-air covered walkways and stairwells snaked between the buildings, connecting them. A tall tower stuck out from the highest of the buildings, standing well above the valley floor. In the middle of them a waterfall fell from an opening in the cliff high above the house, landing in a series of pools by the buildings before flowing down to the next level. Where they stood was a bridge going over the stream before it dropped off into the valley below.

“Ugh, that’s a lot of stairs,” groaned Oliver.

“Oh, come on, we’re going to have some awesome glutes by the time we head back,” Kurt said, trying to find a positive.

“Please tell me you know where things are,” Andy said, leaning against a stone pillar. “I’m starving, and exhausted.”

“Yeah, there are some guest rooms on the third floor there,” Kurt said as he pointed towards a long building on the opposite side of the compound. “And there’s a dining hall right there on the first floor. It should be stocked with plenty of food to get us through the summer.”

The trio made their way over to the dining hall, which had several huge tables running up and down the length. It could easily fit 100 people in there. Their footsteps made soft impacts as they walked through the room, the stone floor seeming to absorb the sound. In the back they found a huge kitchen, though the appliances looked as if they were carved out of stone. They found the pantry and grabbed some bread, cheese, and sliced meats to make some simple sandwiches and quickly inhaled them.

They didn’t really speak as they trod up the stairs to the guest rooms. The hallway was cut into the rock with the rooms blocking their view of the valley on one side and the raw rock of the cliff on the other. They opened the door to the first one and Oliver stumbled in, dropping his backpack to the floor and practically faceplanting on the soft bed. “At least the bed is comfortable,” he mumbled. The other two shut the door, leaving Oliver alone as they each took the next rooms.

Andy dropped his backpack on a chair and sat on the bed. He removed the boots, expecting to find his feet covered in blisters, but there was no sign of anything. In fact, now that he was off his feet there wasn’t any pain at all. He was still fatigued, but there was no pain. He started undoing the straps to his harness and was relieved that there was no sign of chafing. He took a few minutes to stretch before he walked to the back of the room and found a door to a small bathroom. It wasn’t much more than a toilet that looked to be made of stone, and a stone basin of water. He cleaned himself up with the water from the basin which seemed to slowly refill as he used it. His cock had grown hard as he cleaned up, but he climbed into bed without touching it; far too tired to worry about it just now. He closed his eyes and dropped off to sleep quickly.

In Kurt’s room, Kurt set down the bag and pulled out a letter from inside the backpack. On the envelop it read “To be opened in the Vale.” Kurt broke the seal on it and pulled out a single piece of paper to himself. It said:

“Nephew, Welcome to the Vale. By now it has started changing you, likely in ways you didn’t think possible. In my tower you will find all my notes on how the magic of the Vale works, but most will be useless to you until the Vale recognizes you as its master. Know that the magic only works within the Vale. Once you step beyond its borders, the changes will fade, but you must remain within the Vale for several months before it will recognize you as its master. Do not worry about keeping its secrets; the Vale will watch out for itself. Until then you will be left with the rules and changes, I put in place when I inherited the Vale. Enjoy your time in the Vale until then.”

That night Andy dreamed vividly. He was standing before a mirror, but the reflection was unfamiliar. Gone was his soft, chubby body; replaced by a hugely muscled form with long pointed ears. Then it shifted and he looked like a werewolf, his hands ending in long black claws, his body lean and fit. Again and again, it shifted through dozens of forms. He turned from the mirror and there were men behind him. He recognized them as Kurt and Oliver, but their forms were different. Constantly shifting and changing. It was hard to focus on their forms for too long.

He dropped to his knees in front of Kurt, taking his dick into his mouth. Though Kurt’s form shifted, his cock remained a constant. Andy felt a deep need to feel that constant, to engulf that cock. Take it within him. Thoughts of his own cock drifted away as he serviced Kurt’s. He could sense Oliver looming above him as well, making out with Kurt; but Andy was only focused on the cocks. He grabbed Oliver’s cock too. Servicing both cocks, licking and sucking at them. He could sense them getting close, ready to give him those hot sticky loads of cum.

Suddenly, he was awoken by a loud crash coming from Oliver’s room. Dim sunlight streamed through the window, and Andy could see the light of the sun just starting to peek into the valley below. He stood up and grabbed a towel to wrap around himself before he checked on Oliver. His cock was hard with his morning wood, but his concern for his friend overrode that need.

He went out and knocked on Oliver’s door. “You okay in there, Oliver?” he called out hopefully. No response came. He waited a few more seconds before knocking again. There was still no response.

He took a deep breath and opened the door, but what he saw shocked him. Oliver was splayed out on the bed, his 6-inch cock in one hand while the other hand was pinching his nipples. His backpack was on the floor, a few items scattered around it. His eyes met with Andy’s, and he seemed to be contemplating something, but his hand on his cock never stopped moving.

“Get in here before Kurt sees you,” Oliver hissed.

Andy wasted no time and closed the door behind him, dropped the towel and was between Oliver’s legs on the bed in a matter of seconds. He had dreamed of doing this for months, ever since Oliver had sent him a nude photo. He took Oliver’s cock in his mouth and started slurping and sucking on it like his life depended on it. He took the cock from his mouth, stroking it with one hand as he licked down the shaft to the base and then paused.

“Umm Oliver…”

“I know. Too horny. Please just suck. I need to cum.”

“But Oliver…”

“Just suck!”

Andy stared down in amazement. He wasn’t sure how he hadn’t noticed it before, but below Oliver’s hard dick was nothing. No balls, no sign there had ever been any there, not even a scar. The nude photo he’d seen had definitely had balls in it, a nice set of low hangers. Andy had heard of people taking things to the extreme but had never seen anything like it in real life. Oliver got tired of waiting for Andy, and grabbed the back of his head, pushing him back down onto his cock. This snapped Andy from his shocked state, and he resumed sucking. It didn’t take much longer, and Oliver pushed his dick into Andy’s mouth to the base and held him there as he unloaded pulse after pulse of cum down Andy’s throat.

Andy sat back on his haunches, and started stroking his already leaking 4-inch cock. After a couple strokes though he stopped and felt around.

“Wait where are my fucking nuts?” Andy exclaimed in shock.

“No clue. Probably the same place mine are.” Oliver responded.

“Wait, what?”

“I woke up like this. Insanely horny and missing my nuts.”

“We gotta get Kurt and find out what is going on,” Andy replied. “This is impossible, isn’t it?”

“Sure, let me grab some regular clothes,” Oliver said as he grabbed his backpack. He shoved his hand in, but his expression quickly became one of confusion. He pulled out what looked like scraps of fabric. “What the fuck? What happened to all my stuff?” Oliver fully opened the bag and dumped it out on the floor. Everything was tiny scraps of fabric, like someone had shredded every single bit of clothing in there. His outfit from the day before was still there, lying on the chair perfectly fine.

Andy rushed back to his room and opened his backpack to find all his clothes had been shredded as well. Lacking any other options, he pulled his hunter outfit back on and met back up with Oliver who had likewise put his harness back on. The two of them went over to Kurt’s door and knocked. After hearing no response, they slowly opened the door. The floor was littered with scraps of cloth and the bed had been slept in, but there was no sign of Kurt anywhere.


Part 2

“Kurt! Kurt!” Andy shouted as he walked back down the path towards the kitchen, they found last night. Oliver followed him, looking around for any sign of Kurt.

The two men made it into the kitchen, but it was empty. The dishes they had left by the sink the night before were gone. They moved out into the large dining room, still searching, but there was no sign of Kurt yet.

“Do you think he would have gone back to the entrance to the valley?” Oliver asked.

“That’d be a long walk. Let’s check around here first. Maybe he went into one of the other buildings we haven’t explored yet,” Andy replied as he started up the stairs.

They started up the stairs set against the cliff, searching each floor for any sign of Kurt. Most of the doors they came across were closed and refused to open. There was no sign of a lock or anything, but still, they didn’t budge. The doors all had a symbol on them, a series of interlocking circles in the rough shape of an inverted triangle. Andy realized he had seen the symbol elsewhere. The banners hanging in the dining room had borne the same symbol, and now that he was looking for it, he began to notice it repeated in the patterns carved into the stone around them: on stairs, on pillars, even on the arches above the doors and windows.

As they started checking another floor, Andy walked right past one of the doors with the symbols on it, but Oliver called out, “Hey, you almost missed this one.”

“I didn’t miss it, I skipped it. It’s probably locked. All the ones with that triangle have been,” Andy said as he pushed his glasses back up his nose from where they’d slipped.

Oliver tried the door, and it was locked. “Okay, you might be right, but we should still try just in case one of them is open.”

“Sure,” Andy said as he turned and continued walking down the walkway, checking each door as he passed them. The two kept calling out for Kurt as they checked each door, listening out for any sign of their friend.

As Oliver took a few steps into one of the large, unlocked storage rooms he felt a strange tingle coming from his cock. He glanced around making sure Andy wasn’t nearby and pulled his loincloth aside so he could see his hard cock. He had been hard all morning even after he came, but now his cock was throbbing. He felt a tugging sensation at the base of his cock, and he gasped as he felt his cock retracting into himself. There was no pain, just an intense feeling of pressure on his cock. He fell to his knees as his cock retracted into him. It stopped shortly thereafter, leaving his cock an inch shorter at 5 inches. From seemingly everywhere at once Oliver heard a deep voice echo through his mind that just said “Selfish.”

“What the fuck was that?” Oliver thought to himself. “My fucking dick just shrank.” He knelt there, not moving, panicking silently for a few moments. He touched his slightly smaller cock, just to verify that it was real. It wasn’t an illusion; his cock really was smaller now. He slowed his breathing, trying to calm himself down. “First my balls and now my cock,” he thought. “We need to figure out what the fuck is happening here before we end up completely dickless.” He slowly got back to his feet and walked back out onto the path outside, and spotted Andy coming out of one of the nearby rooms.

“Hey, I think that’s the whole place,” Oliver called out. “Ready to go take a break? I could really use some water.” Andy nodded and they walked back to the dining room. They stopped in the kitchen and searched for some glasses to get some water. The sink had a small hand pump, and after a few experimental pumps, Oliver was able to get the water to come out and into the glasses.

Andy held his glass up to the light, eyeing the clear liquid suspiciously. “Do you think it’s safe to drink?”

“Probably. I mean, this is ultimately some rich guy’s vacation home. He’d definitely spring for something to clean the water.”

“I hope so. We’re a long way from a doctor,” Andy said as he took a cautious sip. “Well, it tastes fine,” he said, and then began to drink it down. It wasn’t like he had any other choices for water.

Oliver stood there watching Andy drink for a moment, but his eyes began to roam across Andy’s body. Andy’s belly stuck out between the straps of his harness and below the strap going across his chest and the straps on his chest separated the soft flesh of his pecs. The straps seemed to help accentuate Andy’s body. He wasn’t really muscular, maybe some under his layer of fat, but what was there seemed to come out all the more with the way the harness hung on him. Andy realized his cock was hard and leaking, well it hadn’t really gone soft during the search, but now he could feel his cock flexing involuntarily. His eyes drifted over the thin leather covering Andy’s cock; he could make out the spot where Andy’s cock was pushing it out, little more than the slightest bump right now, but it still made Oliver feel horny.

“You okay, Oliver?” Andy asked as he set his glass down on the counter.

Oliver jumped a little, startled to have been caught. He could feel himself blushing a little. “Yeah, I’m… I’m fine.” He took a deep drink of his own water, hoping to use it to disguise his embarrassment at least a little. “I just want to say, Andy, you look really good in that.”

“Oh, thanks. You look great in yours too,” Andy said as Oliver stepped closer.

“Did you notice anything different about your cock this morning?” Oliver asked with a bit of apprehension.

“You mean other than my balls missing?”

“Yeah, other than that. Umm, so like, when I woke up this morning, I wasn’t circumcised,” Oliver said with a bit of a blush.

“I suppose you were yesterday when we got here?” Andy asked and Oliver nodded in reply. “I hadn’t checked. This morning has been kind of hectic.”

“Yeah, it has. I wanted to apologize. I got a little rough earlier and then I didn’t reciprocate.” Oliver took another step closer until their legs were mere inches apart. “There’s something about this place that makes me feel so horny, I couldn’t control myself.” Oliver looked away, looking down at the counter beside them.

“Don’t worry about it, I feel it too,” Andy said while he gently used his fingers to turn Oliver’s head back towards him.

“How are you stopping yourself then? It was so overwhelming. It still is, really.”

“I’ve had a bit of practice. Sometimes denial can be fun too.” The two gradually moved their faces closer together as they spoke.

“Yeah, but what if I don’t want to deny myself anymore?” Oliver asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Then don’t,” Andy said as they lean into each other, their lips touching sending an electric shock of pleasure through both of them.

Their kiss escalated quickly; their tongues intertwined as a surge of passion came over them. Oliver’s hand slid down Andy’s chest, gently catching on the harness. He gripped the leather tightly and pulled Andy closer to him. Their bodies were pressed together as they kissed. Andy’s hands slid down Oliver’s sides and reached around to give his protruding ass a gentle squeeze.

“Fuck,” Andy said. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

“I know, I wanted to as well, but always seemed like something else was always holding me back,” Oliver replied.

Oliver began kissing his way down Andy’s chest. He drifted over to Andy’s right nipple and sucked and nipped at it gently with his teeth, causing it to quickly become erect. Oliver continued working the right nipple with his mouth while he pinched and rubbed at the left one. Andy was gasping and moaning with pleasure at Oliver’s onslaught. Oliver drifted downwards, kissing his was down Andy’s soft round belly until he was face to face with the leather loincloth that covered Andy’s cock. He pulled it aside and stroked Andy’s hard 4-inch cock a few times, admiring the foreskin as it slid up and down the shaft. He took it into his mouth and continued his assault on Andy’s nipples while he worked over Andy’s cock with his mouth and tongue.

Andy was moaning loudly, grunts escaping his lips as Oliver worked him over. He ran his fingers through Oliver’s hair, pulling him in close. Oliver pulled back to catch his breath a little and moved down further, licking and kissing at the blank spot where Andy’s balls had been. Andy moaned even louder, gasping in surprise.

“Holy fuck, that feels so good. Please keep going!”

Oliver looked up, pulling back a little. “Yeah, you like that?” Though he went back to kissing the spot again.

Andy could only nod as he let out a deep groan. Oliver dropped one of his hands between his legs and began to stroke his 5-inch cock while he continued to suck on Andy’s. Oliver slipped a finger down between his legs and rubbed the blank spot and moaning around Andy’s cock. His fingers drifted further back and pushed against his hole. Surges of pleasure coursed up Oliver’s spine. He couldn’t stop himself as the desperate urge to cum built up inside him.

Oliver stood up and pressed his body against Andy while still stroking their cocks, and in a hoarse whisper said, “Please fuck me, Andy.”

“Too close to cumming,” he said in a breathy voice as he gave Oliver a kiss and reached down to grab Oliver’s cock. “Just stroke.”

The two kissed deeply, their tongues invading and retreating from each other’s mouths as their hands slid up and down their slick shafts. Andy’s body began to tremble as the sounds of Oliver’s stroking became wetter.

“Come on, shoot that load babe,” Andy whispered as he stroked. “Shoot that load from that hot little cock.”

Andy groaned even louder and pulled Oliver’s face in close and held the kiss as they moaned into each other’s mouths. Andy’s cock pulsed and shot strand after strand of cum into Oliver’s hand, lubricating his grip further as he continued to stroke. Oliver moaned as he felt his own orgasm begin, his larger cock throbbing as he fired his cum onto Andy’s hip and thigh.

As they broke the kiss Oliver said, “Fuck, that was incredible.”

“Yeah, it was,” Andy replied, still trying to catch his breath. Their lips met in a brief kiss before they pulled apart.

“I guess we should find something to clean up with,” Oliver said, but then paused looking down. “Wait where did it go?”

“Where did what go?”

“Our cum. Just a moment ago your leg was covered in it, and now it’s just gone.”

“Yeah, that’s… that’s weird. What is going on here?” Andy asked while he pulled the loincloth back over his still hard cock.

The two of them heard a door open and then the dull thud of it falling closed. They peeked out into the dining room and saw Kurt looking around.

“Kurt!” Oliver cried out and started to hurry over to him. “We’ve been looking for you for hours man. Where have you been? What the fuck is going on around here?”

Kurt looked up, avoiding eye contact for a moment before taking a deep breath and said “Well, you might not believe me at first, but I’m pretty sure this place is magical or something.”

“I mean as silly as it sounds, it seems as reasonable as anything else,” Andy said with a slightly annoyed tone. “You know with our clothes in shreds, our cocks uncircumcised and our nuts missing.”

“Wait, what?” Kurt said, sounding quite surprised. “What do you mean your cocks are uncircumcised and your nuts are missing?”

Andy came around the tables to get close to Kurt and pulled his loincloth aside. “See? No nuts, no balls, nothing! Just a constantly hard dick! Plus, before yesterday I was cut, but today I have foreskin!”

“Oh,” Kurt said as he looked away. “Yours the same way?” he said as he looked at Oliver who blushed and nodded. “Well, the good news is that I think I know where your balls went.”

“Where?” Andy and Oliver both said at the same time, their voices layered with hope.

“Ummm…” Kurt said before lifting his leather kilt. He had a massive pair of balls hanging loosely below his cock. Each one was the size of a tennis ball and covered in his dark pubic hair. Both Oliver and Andy stared in amazement at the huge set of nuts for a few moments before either of them noticed Kurt’s cock. His cock was rock hard and even showed a little glisten of precum at the end, but it was only 3-inches long.

“Fuck. I take it they weren’t like that before?” Oliver asked as he tried to take a closer look.

“No, they were normal sized,” Kurt said a little defensively as he pulled his kilt back down.

“What about your cock? How big was it before it shrank?” Andy asked as he walked closer to him.

Kurt’s cheeks burned with embarrassment. “It didn’t shrink,” he said in a quiet voice.

“What was that?”

“I said, it didn’t shrink; okay?” Kurt said, as he became flustered and pulled his kilt back down.

Oliver and Andy exchanged a look, their eyebrows going up briefly. Kurt spoke up before they could say anything, quickly changing the subject. “So back to the important part; I couldn’t sleep last night. Some little feeling in the back of my head just wouldn’t let me sleep. I went out for a walk and eventually went down the steps and into the forest. Once I was out there, I just felt at peace, I guess is the best way to put it. I sat down on a stump and felt myself relax so much I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up this morning next to me on the stump, was this little book,” he said as he held up a thin book. “It looks like a beginner’s guide for this place.”

“Shouldn’t we have gotten that before we came in?” Oliver said.

“Maybe they were up at the entrance, and we just didn’t think to grab one,” Andy replied. “Until we woke up this morning, I’m not sure any of us would have believed it was being serious.”

“Yeah. I only skimmed it for a few minutes before I came back. It says the whole valley is like a magical playground,” Kurt started to explain. “We can’t be permanently hurt or even get sick; any wound will heal almost instantly. The magic also creates all the food and water we want.”

“Well, that part sounds great and all, but what about our nuts?” Andy said, a bit of impatience in his voice.

“Well, it says there are three groups for people to choose from, each having their own rules and ‘baseline changes.’ I think maybe we got assigned to one of the groups and were changed because of the clothes we wore when we came in.”

“So, since we went along with your idea to dress up, we’re stuck like this?” Oliver said, getting rather annoyed.

“Well, a little,” Kurt said as Oliver began to get visibly upset. “But, looking at it our clothes would still have fallen apart, and then we’d be in the middle of this valley completely naked. I’m not sure what would have happened if we didn’t join a group, maybe nothing or maybe it would have done something else with us.”

“Well, did we have to join the ‘no balls’ group?” Andy asked. “The others can’t be this bad, can they?”

Kurt flipped through the book until he found the page he was looking for. “So, going by the sign that was over the clothes, we’re part of ‘The Grove of Druids’—whatever that is supposed to mean.”

“Well, it’s a pretty common term in a lot of fantasy stuff; usually means people who are tied to nature in some way, usually using nature magic and stuff like that,” Andy interjected.

“That tracks with what’s in here. It says, ‘The Grove of Druids live out in the forest and the forest provides for them. They live communally, in a strictly non-monogamous society, sharing of themselves all that they have with one another. Their virility is combined and condensed into their leaders and shared amongst the whole clan. While they may leave the forest, they must return regularly, or they will begin to suffer a malus.’ Any idea what that means?” Kurt said as he looked at Andy.

“Not exactly. Given what’s happened, I assume that by ‘combining our virility’ that means our balls were combined with yours. As for the ‘malus,’ well… that would be the opposite of a bonus, but no idea what sort of things it would do,” Andy replied. “Anything else in there?”

“Not really,” said Kurt flipping back and forth between a few pages. “The other two have their own descriptions. The ‘Enclave of Mages’ lives in their dwelling in the cliff; so, I assume that’s what this place is. They have a ‘Strict caste system that dictates the size of the penises of all members.’ The other is the ‘Imperial Village’ in the middle of the Vale where ‘semen is the currency of the land.’ I don’t know, but it sounds like maybe we got off easy with just having our balls combined or whatever.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right,” said Oliver a little despondently. “I guess I’d rather have no nuts than no dick.”

“Is there a way we can change?” Andy asked. “Maybe now that we know, we could join the Village and game the system a bit. Pick good roles that could give us an advantage.”

“Wait, there was something in here about that,” Kurt said as he checked the book. “‘Choose carefully, as the path to changing to a different social group is long and difficult. All groups can mix and intermingle at will, though the bond with your kinsmen is often stronger than with others.’ So, we can change, but it takes a while. Nothing in here about how to actually do that change though.”

“Can’t we just leave and come back?” Oliver asked, hope filling his voice. “Like go pick out a new outfit and change over?”

“No, that’s in here too. Once we’re in a group, we remain in it even upon subsequent visits,” Kurt said.

“So, we’re stuck like this as long as we remain here?” Andy said rhetorically. “Just fuckin great.”

“Yeah. There was one other part I saw,” Kurt said as he flipped to the first page and ran them down the page muttering stuff as he went. “…Sicknesses will be cured… injuries restored… sexual inhibitions lowered… Here it is: ‘Without the aid of a ring, no one in the Vale can make themselves orgasm by any means.’ So, just don’t bother jacking off because it sounds like it won’t work. Though I think you already figured that out, didn’t you?”

Andy and Oliver both blushed and traded glances with one another before Andy replied, “You heard us then?”

“No. Umm actually, I felt it. Each time one of you started to get close, I could feel it as if it was my own cock. I woke up this morning feeling like I was getting my cock sucked, and then just as I was coming up the stairs, I could feel the pleasure from each of your cocks as you did whatever you were doing.”

“Fuck,” Andy and Oliver both said at the same time as they blushed even harder than before.

“Well,” Andy said, “I’m guessing that you having our balls established some sort of link between us. It’s kind of hot but seems like it’d leave you as a horny mess most of the time, especially if there were more people here.”

“Probably, it did this morning at least. Spent a couple hours trying to jack off before I read the book,” Kurt said while he blushed furiously. “Not sure why I said that out loud.”

The idea of getting on his knees and servicing Kurt popped into Andy’s mind. “Maybe I could help you with that then,” Andy said before he could stop himself. He blushed a little bit, realizing what he’d said aloud. He glanced over at Oliver, hoping he wasn’t mad.

“Yeah,” echoed Oliver as he stepped next to Andy and put a hand on Andy’s hip, “let us help you. It’d be a long summer if you couldn’t cum the whole time.” Oliver’s hand squeezed Andy’s hip and Andy’s shoulder relaxed.

“Not now, we need to get our stuff packed up,” Kurt said, swallowing heavily. A part of him wanted to take them up on the offer, but the practical side won out.

Andy paused, shaking his head as if to clear it before saying “yeah that makes sense. You said we need to be close to nature or else there’s some sort of penalty. I don’t want to see whatever this penalty may be.”

“What if our balls vanishing was our punishment for sleeping here?” Oliver suggested.

“That’s a good point, maybe it is,” Andy said gleefully. “Maybe we just need to go sleep in the woods tonight and we’ll have our balls again by morning.”

“Well, let’s go grab our bags and we can pack some food and stuff before we set out,” Kurt said. “We need to go look for this Grove place. Maybe there will be more there to answer some of our questions.”

The three of them walk back to the rooms they took over the night before. The shredded remains of their clothes were gone now, leaving only the empty backpacks. As Oliver bent down to grab his backpack, he felt another throb come from his cock. That same tugging sensation on the base of his cock returned. He fell to one knee, gasping and pulled his loincloth aside, watching almost detached as his cock shrank by another inch. A thick bead of precum welled up at the tip of his dick and started to slide down as his cock stopped shrinking at 4 inches. The same voice as before boomed in his ears, coming from every direction at once and said “Monogamy.” Oliver sat there for a moment to catch his breath, trying to puzzle out what that was supposed to mean.

As Oliver shifted to stand back up, he noticed a small glint of light reflected near the base of the bedside table. He bent over and saw something made of silver metal. He reached down and grabbed it. Standing up he held it up to look at it closer; it was a small silver ring. Smaller than he expected. It was clearly a ring for a piercing, the smooth silver ring was embossed with an intricate design, while the ball that completed the loop held a small teal gemstone within the clear orb. The way the light caught the gemstone it seemed to almost glow.

He stood there marveling at it for what felt like a few moments but was actually several minutes. The light reflecting off it seemed almost mesmerizing. The grooves of the pattern felt calming in a way he couldn’t quite understand. Oliver wanted to put it on, though it was too small to take the place of one of the bars through his nipples, and those were the only piercings he had. Still, he felt like he should put it on somehow. He shook his head and tucked the ring into a small pocket on the leather strap of his loincloth. As he stepped out of the room and started back towards the dining hall, he heard the door to Andy’s room open as Andy stepped out of his room.

“Everything okay?” Andy asked.

“Yeah, was just admiring the view from up here.”

“Yeah, it is a nice one,” Andy said as they started walking together.

Andy reached out with his fingers and gently wrapped his hand around Oliver’s. Oliver grabbed Andy’s hand back and gave it a gentle squeeze. They both glanced over at each other, their eyes met as big grins spread across their faces. As they approached the door to the dining hall they let go of each other and walked in.

“Oh, hey guys,” Kurt greeted them warmly as they came into the kitchen area. “So, I’m guessing this is where my uncle stayed. Since he referred to this as the ‘main house’ in his letters. We’ll have to come back here later, once we find the Grove. I need to see if he left anything else here for me. He must have been in charge of this group or something, so maybe he kept his own personal notes around here.”

“That makes sense,” Oliver said as he walked over to the pantry area.

“So, anything you want me to grab?” Andy asked.

“I grabbed enough food for each of you for a few days and a few things of water,” Kurt said. “You can pack them in your bag, and we’ll be ready to go.”

“Let me put together some food for us to eat lunch before we hit the road,” Oliver said. “No sense in hauling something just to eat it almost immediately.” Andy nodded and set about packing up the items Kurt had set aside. Oliver finished making some sandwiches on some rather large bread rolls.

Oliver set the plates with sandwiches down on the counter near the others. “There wasn’t much back there; so, I did my best with what I could.”

“Looks fine to me,” Andy said, as he wrapped one hand around Oliver waist, resting his hand lightly on Oliver’s hip.

After the three of them ate, they secured their backpacks to their harnesses and set off back down the stairs. The stairs seemed far easier today than they had been the night before.

As they approached the bottom Andy said, “So, which way do we go from here?”

“I’m not sure,” Kurt replied. “I checked the signpost this morning on my way up and The Grove wasn’t listed. I say we start heading into the woods and we’ll just try to circle around until we find something.”

“Are you crazy? That will take days!” Andy said.

“Maybe, but the little booklet said that ‘nature would provide’ for us. So, I’m hoping that it’s magic or something. Like the book just showed up for me, maybe once we’re out there nature will provide a map.”

“That sounds crazy, but if there isn’t a sign and we’re going to get punished for sleeping in the rooms again, I guess we don’t have a whole lot of options.”

“No, think about it,” Oliver interjected, “it makes a certain kind of sense. This place obviously has rules, and tries to help us, so it might actually work that way. Plus, nothing can really hurt us here, right? The magic protects us from any lasting harm. So worst case, we wander around for a few hours and have to double back. The tower at the Enclave is visible from everywhere in the valley, so we can use it to find our way back easily.”

The three men started off the trail and heading into the woods. The silence of the woods was unsettling. There were no sounds of animals or insects. As they walked there was a subtle shift in their surroundings, the air seemed charged and the underbrush easier to pass through. Andy was in the lead and moved almost effortlessly through the underbrush, stepping past the roots of the trees without so much as a glance downwards. After an hour of hiking, they crossed a small stream and Andy stepped across a series of stones in the stream as easily as walking down the street.

“Andy, do you know where you’re going?” Kurt asked from the back.

“Not exactly,” Andy replied.

“What does that mean?” Oliver chimed in.

“Ummm, it means that I don’t really know where I’m going, but I feel like I’m going the right way.”

“Well, that’s not very reassuring,” Oliver said quietly to Kurt.

“Maybe not, but maybe it’s the magic. There’s something different out here. It’s quiet, but it also feels like where we should be.”

“I guess so. I was never much for camping out, so I guess this is going to be interesting.”

“Yeah, not at all what I expected this was going to be like.”

“Then why did you pick these outfits?”

Kurt blushed a little and looked at Andy’s back, appreciating the jiggle in his ass and stomach as he hopped over a fallen tree. He looked back to Oliver, his slim form accentuated by the harness. He took a deep breath before saying, “Honestly, for the eye candy.”

Oliver’s eyes shot wide even as his cock throbbed beneath his loincloth. “Wait, I thought you were straight!” he said.

Kurt grinned back at him and said, “Not exactly. Bi would be more accurate.” Kurt looked away as he started blushing. Why had he said that?

“You should have told me sooner. We could have had so much fun together!”

“What about Andy?” Kurt asked as he glanced towards Andy, his eyebrows raised with worry.

“I’m pretty sure he has a crush on you too,” Oliver replied.

“But what about you two?”

“Listen, while I normally wouldn’t want to share, it’s clear the three of us have always had something between us. Andy isn’t very subtle about how he feels about us, though until this morning I had been holding myself back when it came to him.”

“Why were you holding yourself back?”

“Fear, mostly. I was afraid of losing a friend if things went poorly.”

“What changed?”

“Don’t know. Something about being here, seeing him like this. The fear seems like a distant memory now.”

“What about me?”

“It’s the same,” Oliver said as they continued walking. “Before I would be too scared to admit it, lest I lose you as a friend. Now though it feels different. I can sense something from you. Maybe it’s being here, or the magic, or something else; but I feel more connected to you and Andy than ever before. I swear I can practically tell what you’re thinking without even looking at you.”

“Yeah, same here. There does seem to be a literal connection between us from this place. Perhaps it goes deeper than that.”

“What, do you think we really can read each other’s minds?”

“Let’s see,” Kurt said as he looked at Andy walking ahead of them. He focused on Andy, pointing his thoughts and tried to think really hard at him, mentally shouting “turn around.” Kurt kept doing that as he walked for about a minute until he tripped on a root and hit the ground.

Oliver reached out and offered his hand and Kurt pulled himself upright with it. He dusted himself off and glanced down at his right leg. His knee was red with blood from where he’d hit a small rock. There was no pain, had he not been looking at it he wouldn’t have even realized he’d been injured. As he watched though the wound healed and the blood on his skin faded away. Within moments there was no evidence that he’d ever been hurt at all.

The trio continued walking for another few hours until the sun was starting to get near the edge of the crater. “We need to find a place to sleep for the night,” Andy said as they passed through a small grassy clearing. He’d been hiking all day, and despite the sheen of sweat on his body, he didn’t show much sign of fatigue.

“It seems early still,” Kurt replied.

“Yeah, but it’ll take a while to make some sort of shelter and get a fire going. It’s going to get pretty dark in here once the sun dips below the crater rim, even if it will take a while before it’s completely dark.”

“Well, what do we need to get things set up?” Oliver asked looking at Andy.

“I don’t really know. I guess some branches or something so… we…” Andy trailed off as he spoke. He was staring wide-eyed at something over Kurt’s shoulder.

Kurt and Oliver turned slowly, following Andy’s gaze. Behind them in the clearing they had just crossed was a small structure with a roof made of branches woven together. The sides of the structure were draped in cloth and leathers forming a a tent that was about 10 feet in diameter. A small fire pit sat next to it, stacked with firewood. Andy walked towards it, inspecting it carefully. The frame of the tent was actually made of small living trees that had grown together to form the canopy.

“How is… You know what, it’s magic; it doesn’t have to make sense,” Andy said, throwing his hands in the air. “I guess this is the forest providing for us.”

“Yeah, I think so,” Kurt replied.

“I’ll get the fire started,” Oliver said as he walked over to the pit.

Andy and Kurt walked to the tent and pulled back the flaps. Inside, in the middle of the tent was a pile of furs and pillows.

“I guess we’ll be sleeping together,” Andy said.

“Yeah, sounds good to me,” Kurt replied. “Can’t wait to finally cuddle up to you two.”

Andy turned and looked at him with confusion written across his face.

“Don’t worry, I know how you feel about me. I feel the same way about you, and about Ollie,” Kurt said as he gently squeezed Andy’s shoulder.

Andy beamed in reply. “That- that’s fantastic!”

“I know,” Kurt grinned back, unable to hold himself back.

He took his backpack off, stretching with the loss of the extra weight and set the bag inside the tent. Andy followed suit and they walked back over to the fire together, Kurt’s arm around Andy’s shoulder. The fire was just starting to catch, the small flames burning the kindling and slowly spreading along the larger pieces of wood. They ate some of the food they had taken from the Enclave while they chatted with one another. They laughed and joked with each other, casually touching each other’s bodies, completely unrestrained from the norms of the world.

Eventually the conversation turned to sex. “So, how did it feel when we came earlier?” Andy asked Kurt.

“It honestly felt incredible. Especially with both of you at once. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest. I was nearly to the top of the stairs when it hit me. Could barely crawl the last few stairs. Had to lay down and just give into the pleasure. I was stroking myself in time with you two. I could practically feel the two of you cumming, but it wasn’t quite as good as doing it myself. Like I was edging and trying to hold back and just started cumming before I was ready.”

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Andy said.

“Yeah, maybe we should make sure you don’t get left out this time,” Oliver said as he winked at Andy.

Andy and Oliver walked over to Kurt, wrapping their arms around him. Andy ran one hand along Kurt’s arm, squeezing and rubbing his biceps. Meanwhile Oliver ran his fingers down Kurt’s 6-pack abs, brushed the little tent in Kurt’s kilt and reached underneath to cup the massive pair of balls. All three men gasped in pleasure.

“Fuck,” Andy said. “I could feel that.”

“Me too,” said Oliver.

“The connection is so much stronger. I can feel your arousal through it. It’s so intense,” Kurt said as he wrapped one arm around each of the others. Kurt reached down, pushing Oliver’s loincloth aside and wrapped his long fingers around his cock, stroking it gently.

“Mmmmm,” Oliver moaned. “Feels so good…”

“That’s it, just relax into it,” Kurt whispered as he stroked Oliver’s cock harder.

Andy dropped to his knees, and undid Kurt’s kilt, letting it fall to the floor. He took Kurt’s little cock into his mouth and began to slurp and suck at the little 3-inch pecker. All three of them moaned as they felt the pleasure radiate through them from the link. Kurt pushed on the back of Andy’s head, pressing his nose into his pubes.

“Choke on it,” Kurt said, but his cock was just barely tickling the back of Andy’s mouth.

Then Andy felt Kurt’s cock swell in his mouth and suddenly it was pushing down his throat. Andy looked up and saw Kurt’s hand on Oliver’s cock was glowing slightly. Every couple of strokes Kurt’s hand would glow a little brighter and Andy could see Oliver’s cock get noticeably shorter and Kurt’s cock in his mouth would swell in size.

“Fuck my cock feels so strange,” moaned Oliver. He looked down and saw his cock, already nearly half its normal length. “What are you doing to me?” he said in a worried tone as he looked into Kurt’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, just relax. Doesn’t it feel amazing to have your cock shrink though? I know it does, I can feel how horny it makes you. I can feel how desperately close you are to shooting a load from this little cock.” Kurt brought his mouth up to Oliver’s ear before he spoke again. “Feel my big dick getting sucked? Feels much better now, doesn’t it? Don’t you want to add more to it?”

Oliver nodded and moaned as Kurt drew more from him. Andy looked up, watching the sight while he stroked his own little cock. Kurt pulled his hand away from Oliver, leaving Oliver with only a tiny nub, just the head of his cock poking out from his trimmed bush.

“Swap places,” Kurt said as he gently pushed Oliver down to his knees. Andy stood up, and Kurt pulled him in close with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other. Oliver started sucking on Kurt’s 8-inch cock, moaning around it as he felt it from both perspectives at once. “You ready,” Kurt asked Andy, who nodded, burying his face into the crook of Kurt’s neck as Kurt drained his cock quickly.

Andy gave out a shout of pleasure as the sensations overwhelmed him. His shrinking cock started cumming, spraying his load out and coating Kurt’s hand. The pleasure rippled through Kurt and Oliver, triggering their own orgasms. Kurt’s cock unloaded into Oliver’s mouth as he tried to swallow the flood of hot cum. At the same time Oliver’s cock sprayed cum uncontrollably onto the floor in front of him, the tiny nub untouched. As Kurt came his huge cock rapidly shrank back to normal size. A second wave of pleasure hit the other two as their cocks grew back and forced a few more spurts of cum out of their cocks.

The three of them collapsed against one another, barely holding each other up. They managed to finish undressing, setting their harnesses aside and then moved back together in the middle of the tent. They were tired from the long day of traveling and soon laid down on the pile of furs. Kurt on one side with Oliver wrapping one arm around him and Andy spooning against Oliver’s back. They pulled one of the heavy furs over them and drifted off to sleep.

Hours later Oliver woke up. His mind drifted back to the ring he had stashed in the pouch on his harness. It was clearly magical in some way, though he had no idea what it would do. Kurt had called this place a playground, so he figured there’d be no way it would do anything to hurt him. It’d probably be a lot of fun. Everything he’d seen so far pointed to this place being a gay-sex fantasy paradise. “Why not live a little and have some fun?” he thought to himself.

Oliver extricated himself from the pile and walked over to where his harness lay. He pulled the ring out and admired it again. Here in the dim light of the camp it was clear the teal gemstone was glowing with its own light, dim enough it wouldn’t illuminate anything more than an inch or two away, but it was there. He crept quietly out of the tent, still naked, and into the dark outside. He could make out the ring from its own light and the soft glow coming from the fire. He pulled firmly at the little ball and felt it pop free, the glow became brighter, and Oliver felt a strange energy pulsing on the air around him. His hand holding the ring felt drawn towards his face, the open end of the ring twisting in his hand towards his face. It was hard to tell if the ring had moved on its own or if his hand had moved it outside of his control. He felt the ring pushing into his face just above his left eye, there was no pain just pressure as it effortlessly and bloodlessly parted his skin and popped out above his eyebrow.

Oliver was panting, struggling to picture what had just happened. His fingers ran along the ring and around his eyebrow. It didn’t hurt, he could feel a thrum of energy coming from the ring. He rotated the ring around, pulling it free. The energy stopped running through him and Oliver suddenly felt lethargic at the loss of it. He pushed it back in, gasping at the sensation of it sliding through his eyebrow. He looked at the ball with the gemstone in his other hand. “Did he dare?” He thought to himself. He grabbed his cock through the leather of his loincloth, feeling it throb and leak a heavy bead of precum.

“Fuck it,” he said aloud in a quiet whisper. He looked at the tent behind him, his ears straining to hear if anyone woke up. “Even if it doesn’t do anything, I can always pull it back out, right?”

He pressed the ball against the gap in the ring until he felt it pop into place and suddenly the energy running through him changed. Where before it had been flowing through him, now it felt like a river of energy sweeping through his very being. Everywhere the energy touched burned with pleasure. He staggered backwards, moaning in pleasure, and stumbled over one of the fallen logs and landed on his back. A groan escaped his lips; long, low, and loud. He could see the glow from the gem on his hands and face now. He gasped as he felt a stretching sensation in his legs. He looked down and watched as the ground seemed to pull away from him. It was disorienting and he grabbed onto a nearby tree to steady himself. The stretching sensation moved up his body, his flat stomach and torso stretching upwards slightly and then the sensation traveled down his arms, lengthening them.

His body hair he had seemed to fade, falling from his body and blown into the forest on an unseen wind until he was completely hairless below his chin. He felt the tugging sensation move up his neck and then to the tops of his ears. He gasped in shock as he felt his ears changing and stretching. The tingle moved down to his mouth, and he felt things shifting within. He moved his tongue around and found it to be longer and more flexible.

He stood panting for a moment, as the energy seemed to pause in its movement. As Oliver looked around, he noticed everything seemed brighter with a slight blue tint to it. He could see into the darkness of the forest around him much further than before. He reached a tentative hand up to his ear and carefully felt around. The top of his ear was stretched back and up, coming to a point. He was a lot taller now as well. He tried to gauge how tall he was with the things around him, but it was tough to tell. He was at least six or seven inches taller now.

The energy still suffused his whole body, but he felt a strong concentration in his cock and balls. Oliver looked down at his exposed, throbbing cock. It was leaking precum like crazy, the sticky fluid glinting in the moonlight and the dim light from the fire. He shifted his position and sat upright, leaning against the log and then reached down and grabbed his cock, stroking it in his tight grip. His precum felt wrong, it wasn’t smooth and slippery, but seemed to stick to his cock but not his hand. The precum clung tightly to the head of his cock, making it droop under the weight. The head of his dick curved downwards towards his taint, only his grip keeping it from curving all the way down.

He gasped as his cock slipped out of his grip, the head impacted his taint with a heavy thud and intense wave of pleasure raced up his spine. He reached back down to grab his cock again, but as he pulled on it, he found that his foreskin had fused to the skin between his legs. It was hard to see what was happening. From his vantage point it didn’t look any different. Feeling around he could find the opening of his foreskin, still leaking the thick, sticky precum, but he couldn’t feel any separation between his foreskin and the skin of his taint.

There was another surge of pleasure and Oliver gasped as his balls pulled tight against his body. His hand on the shaft of his cock felt like it was getting pushed out of the gap between the shaft and his balls. He tried to hold on, but soon his fingers were forced completely away. Oliver’s fingers felt around blindly, trying to find the gap between them, but it was gone. Even as he searched, the skin of his cock was pushing out on the sides, smoothing away any distinction. He couldn’t help but gasp as the skin of his crotch became incredibly sensitive.

He struggled to his feet and walked over to the fire to get a better look. His cock was gone, instead there was a smooth, hairless bulge; it was as if he was wearing a pair of tight underwear stuffed with socks, but with no underwear at all. At the bottom of the bulge, just a few inches from his asshole there was the piss slit of his cock, now the only distinguishing feature on the fleshy bulge. He experimentally touched it a few more times, marveling at how good it felt. The slightest touch was like rubbing the head of his cock and the slit was leaking precum onto the ground between his legs.

Oliver reached up and grabbed the ball on the ring and tried to pull it out, but it was stuck fast. He stood there tugging at it, twisting it around, turning the ring, but it wouldn’t budge. He continued trying, grunting with effort, for several more minutes.

The sensation of the energy faded from his bulge, but the energy radiated outwards through his body from his bulge. He felt a shift within himself, a strangely pleasant burning sensation. Oliver almost instinctively doubled over as the sensation coursed through his belly. He grabbed his stomach but even as he did it pushed outwards in his hand. It grew into a thick meaty gut, thick muscle surrounded by a layer of fat. His flat chest pushed out, new muscle forming a shelf before a layer of fat pushed them out further. His nipples widened, until they were almost two inches across. His slim arms swelled with thick powerful muscle, his shoulders growing to the size of softballs and his biceps pushing out to the size of baseballs. The energy rippled down his body, pushing his ass out into a thick bubble with a healthy layer of fat and his thighs expanded with new muscle. There was still a steady throb of energy through his body, though nothing else seemed to be changing.


Oliver turned around with a start. It seemed brighter out here now and standing at the opening to the tent was Andy. Andy was looking up at him, an unusual sensation as they had been about the same height at 5’10”. Now Oliver was easily a full head taller than Andy. Andy took a step back as Oliver’s eye met his. Oliver’s form was outlined by the glow of the smoldering fire behind him.

“Oliver, is that you?” Andy said, looking hesitant.

“Yes, it’s me.”

“What the fuck happened?” Andy said as he walked over.

“I- uh, I found this magic piercing and put it on.”

“So, you put something on without knowing what it would do? You know this place is magic, what if it killed you or something?”

“Kurt said it was a playground here. Nothing could really hurt us. So, I figured it’d be okay, that I could undo whatever it did to me.”

“You’re huge now. Look like a fucking linebacker, cuter though. The ears and the eyes are a little bit trippy though.”

“The eyes?”

“Yeah, your eyes are glowing. It’s not very bright, but in the dark it stands out, plus they’re just solid blue now. Scared the shit out of me at first. Seeing this huge, hulking body towering over me with these blue eyes glowing in the darkness.”

Oliver laughed. “Wow, I bet that would be scary. It’s strange, I can see better in the dark now. I can see you almost as clear as day. When the changes started, I tried to take the piercing out, but its stuck. I had gotten it out once before the changes started and the, like energy sensation or whatever went away. So, if we can get it out, maybe I’ll be back to normal.”

“Let me try, maybe I’ll have better luck,” Andy said as he reached up to the ring. Oliver had to crouch down slightly for him to get any leverage. Andy tugged on it for several minutes, but it still wouldn’t budge.

“I still feel like it’s doing something,” Oliver said. “Like, I can still feel the energy still running through me. Maybe it can’t come out until it’s done.”

“Maybe. Do you want to chance it? What if we miss some window to take it out before it does more?”

“It’s fine. It all goes back to normal when we leave, right? Worst case, in the morning we head to the exit and take the thing out once we’re outside the Vale. Then we can come back in and do whatever. It’s late anyways,” Oliver replied. “We’re not going to be able to do much tonight anyways.”

Andy nodded and they went back into the tent. The two curled back up under the covers, their arms wrapped around each other. They both laid like that for a while, wide awake, thoughts running through their heads. Eventually exhaustion overtook them, and they slipped back to sleep.

As the other two drifted off, Kurt rolled over to look at them. He was wide awake. He’d been awake for almost an hour. He took a deep breath as he watched them sleep, the soft glow of the gem on Oliver’s face casting strange shadows. He gave a slight smile as he watched them, and slid over closer to them. He wrapped his arms around both of them, sandwiching Andy in the middle as sleep finally overtook him.


Part 3

The morning light crept into the tent, streaming in through a small gap at the entrance. The light made its way up to the pile of furs where the three men were entangled with one another. Oliver’s eyes slowly opened as the light disturbed his sleep. Oliver was still in the middle with Kurt’s morning wood nestled against the small of his back and his hands wrapped around Oliver’s shoulders. Andy had turned around in the night and Oliver had his arms wrapped around his chest and Andy’s ass was pressed against Oliver’s smooth bulge. Oliver let out a contented sigh, relaxing into Kurt’s arms and pulled Andy in a little closer.

The shift woke Andy up gently and he leaned back into Oliver and shifted his hips a bit to rub his ass against Oliver’s bulge. Oliver let out a soft moan, a fuzzy pleasure radiating out from his bulge. Andy grinned at the moan and started grinding against Oliver’s bulge harder. Andy reached down, stroking his cock as he rubbed his ass against Oliver, the two of them settling into a gentle rhythm. Their movements forced Oliver’s body back against Kurt’s cock, which started leaking precum. Kurt’s eyes fluttered open, and he looked at the other two.

“Getting started without me?” Kurt growled into Oliver’s ear as he reached down and adjusted his cock to sit at the top of Oliver’s ass.

Oliver let out a little whimper of pleasure and in a teasing tone of voice said, “Maybe a little.”

Kurt shifted himself down and started grinding his little cock between Oliver’s cheeks. His face rested against the base of Oliver’s neck, and he gave it a gentle kiss. The head of his three-inch cock was leaking copious amount of precum up and down the length of Oliver’s crack.

“Put it in me,” Oliver said in a breathy whisper over his shoulder.

Kurt reached down and lined the head of his cock up with Oliver’s tight hole and pushed against it firmly but slowly. His precum slicked up Oliver’s hole and they both moaned as Kurt’s cock slid inside. Kurt reached around Oliver’s thick chest and circled his right nipple with his finger before grabbing it and giving it a tweak. Oliver moaned and pushed back against Kurt’s hips. Kurt began to slowly thrust, making short slow strokes inside of Oliver. He positioned his hands on Oliver’s hips, using them for leverage. He reached around to stroke Oliver’s cock, but only felt the smooth bulge. Oliver moaned as Kurt kneaded the firm, yet pliable flesh of his bulge and felt himself leaking precum from between his legs. Andy rolled over, laying face to face with Oliver and pulled him in for a kiss. Their tongues intertwined as their lips met again and again.

Kurt closed his eyes, sensing the connection to the other two again. He tugged on that connection, pulling at the connection to their cocks. When he pulled at the connection to Oliver’s cock, he wasn’t able to pull from it; but Andy’s cock flowed freely, quickly shrinking to a little 1-inch nub while doubling the size of Kurt’s cock. All three of them moaned in chorus as the change happened and Kurt was able to push deeper into Oliver’s hole. Andy shifted closer to Oliver, pressing his nub against Oliver’s bulge and grinding his hips into him. Kurt slid his hand back up to Oliver’s nipple as he started thrusting in earnest.

Oliver was moaning, feeling overwhelmed by the pleasure flowing into and through him. He felt himself orgasm, squirting a load of cum from the small slit at the base of his bulge onto his thighs and the furs beneath him. Despite this, his horniness and the pleasure didn’t dissipate in the slightest, but became more intense instead. His prostate was on fire with pleasure as Kurt’s cock rubbed against it with every thrust, but his bulge was singing with pleasure.

The raging inferno of pleasure from Oliver’s bulge spread to Andy, his nub throbbing with a sudden surge of pleasure. Andy’s nub twisted until it was pointing downwards, the head fusing to his skin just above his taint. Kurt felt a strong tug on the connection and felt his cock shrinking, the inches he borrowed from Andy flowing back to him. He tried to hold onto those inches, but they slipped away like sand through his fingers. Andy’s cock grew back to its full size but remained trapped in that downward position. Andy gasped and moaned, unable to handle the pleasure coursing through his cock, yet unable to cum. The flesh of Andy’s cock soon started to spread out, losing definition as it changed into shapely bulge of flesh, covered in a thin layer of pubic hair. As the last bit of definition faded from Andy’s cock he shuddered and moaned, his bulge pulsing and throbbing as he had a dickless orgasm, his cum spraying out from between his legs, coating his legs even as they tangled with Oliver’s.

The sensations of his cock shrinking, and his thrusting had brought Kurt to the edge of orgasm and as Andy shuddered with a full-body orgasm Kurt was pushed over the edge. He slammed his hips into Oliver, burying his little cock as deep as he could as he let out a guttural moan and emptied his nuts into him. The three of them laid there like that for several minutes as they came down from the orgasmic high.

Kurt leaned over and kissed Oliver’s shoulder a few times. Andy lifted himself up a bit and Kurt came up to meet him and they shared a few kisses. Kurt slowly pulled his cock out of Oliver’s ass and slipped out from beneath the furs and stood up.

“That was intense,” Andy said as he stood up.

“Yeah, it was,” Kurt said but paused as he saw Oliver start to stand up. “Wait, what happened to you?” His gaze jumped over to Andy as he noticed Andy’s bulge. “You both changed? I thought we got out of that place so you wouldn’t…”

“Just calm down,” Oliver said as he stood up fully. He swayed slightly, not used to the extra height. “I found this ring,” he said gesturing to the eyebrow ring, “and I put it on last night. It caused a few changes, as you see.”

“Yeah, and when we were just down there, it just felt so good grinding my cock against his bulge. As I do so, it felt even better but then my cock just sort of faded away.”

“And you two are okay with this? You both lost your cocks and now Oliver is some sort of elf linebacker or something.”

“Yeah, but it’s okay, babe,” Andy said. “You said so yourself, this place is a playground. Nothing’s permanent and nothing can really hurt us.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Kurt said, “but that doesn’t mean we have to do stupid shit like putting random magic jewelry in our heads.”

“Just relax, hun,” Oliver said as he rubbed Kurt’s back. “Hey, I should try to take it off now anyways. It didn’t work last night, but I don’t think it was finished yet.” He reached up and popped the ball free of the ring, gasping as the energy running through his body died down. It had faded into the background; he hadn’t even noticed it anymore until it was suddenly gone. He twisted the ring out from above his left eye, no trace of the hole remaining. Almost immediately he felt his body shifting as he shrunk back down to his normal height. He grabbed onto Kurt’s shoulder to steady himself as he felt dizzy from suddenly losing almost a full foot of height. The extra muscles and fat faded away quickly, his sparse body hair growing back almost immediately. In less than 30 seconds, Oliver was mostly back to normal. His ears were still long and pointed and he was still dickless.

“See, back to normal!” Oliver said, holding his arms out wide, the ring in his left hand.

“But your dick is still gone,” Kurt said pointing.

“I’m sure it’ll grow back soon,” Oliver replied as he reached back up to his brow and slid the ring back into his right eyebrow. Immediately Oliver swelled back up with size. Something felt a little different this time though, something about the energy itself suffusing his body tingled differently. He wasn’t sure what that meant, but he really care. He was enjoying the changes, his body shifting back into that powerful form. So what if he didn’t have a cock, he’d just had some of the best sex of his life without having a cock.

Kurt rolled his eyes at Oliver’s transformation. “Okay, well let’s get going,” Kurt said, not wanting to push the point any further. “We need to find the Grove and try to find some answers.”

The three of them quickly pulled on their harnesses, packed up their bags and started walking. They had maybe gotten 100 feet from the campsite before Kurt turned and saw that the tent and everything was gone. The clearing looked as if there had never been anyone there. He shook his head, still getting used to the magic around here. He turned back and followed Andy and Oliver deeper into the woods.

As they continued, the trees grew closer together, their canopies intertwined above them. The sky wasn’t visible above them anymore, only dim light filtering down. After another couple hours, Andy came to a stop in at the stump of a massive tree. The stump was 20 feet thick and stood about 15 feet high, the top ending in a jagged break. On the other side was a piece of the fallen tree, laying on its side, the center hollowed out. It was about 10 feet long and formed a natural tunnel. On either side of the fallen tree the other trees formed a dense wall of trunks, their branches and canopies intertwined.

“What’s wrong, why’d we stop?” Kurt asked from the back.

“Ummmm, I think we’re here,” Andy responded. He gestured at the tunnel through the fallen log. At the top was the symbol for the grove, carved into a flattened section of the log.

The three walked over and looked through the tunnel and saw a shaded clearing. They walked through together with Andy in the lead. The clearing was large, easily 300 feet across, yet the canopies of the trees around the perimeter kept all but the very center shaded. As they crossed into the clearing the forest floor seemed to shift and move. Small plants began to push up out of the ground throughout the clearing. Some quickly grew into tall, thin trees, about a foot thick but their canopies quickly growing up to join with the others far above. Vines grew around those trees, lashing out and connecting to other vines and other trees.

The trio watched as the vines grew thicker and leaves sprouted from them, forming walls and roofs. The structures grew organically, never making a perfect box, but strange and awkward shapes. The vines formed more rooms and they grew, stacking them on top of one another. Branches grew out from some of the trees, forming stairs along the outside of the structures, supporting floors, and even forming bridges between them. In the center of the clearing, a single large tree sprouted up, quickly growing taller and thicker than the others. It was easily 20 feet thick at the base and it’s canopy quickly pushed up above the others. At the base of the tree, the ground around it seemed to pull downwards around the roots, forming a depressing beneath the trunk of the tree, but quickly vines and smaller roots filled in, forming a floor, yet the large roots of the tree seemed to lift it higher. Soon there was an open space under the base of the tree, thick roots forming supports all around the perimeter.

The growth slowed to a stop and the men stood still, stunned with amazement. In the matter of a few minutes a large structure had grown from the very ground. The structures had leafy vines for doors, and they approached one of the closest ones. Pushing the vines aside, they peered into the room. It was filled with shelves made of twisted vines, each shelf filled with items wrapped in leaves. Andy walked over and pulled one off the shelf and unwrapped it. Inside was a handful of dried fruits and berries. He sniffed it and took an experimental nibble. The fruit tasted good, almost as good as fresh fruit. He held it out to the other two, who each took a pinch and tried it.

“So obviously this is a storeroom of some sort,” Andy said.

“Yeah, must be,” Kurt said. “We’ll have to look around and explore this place, but I’m tired from the hike. Let’s grab some of this food and go find some place we can relax for a bit. Then we can see what we can find.”

“Sounds good,” Andy says as he grabs the bundle he opened as well as a second bundle. Oliver stepped forward and grabbed a couple as well.

They stepped back outside and looked for something that might have somewhere to sit and eat. After a few minutes of searching, they came across one open-air area coming off the side of one of the towers. Underneath the leafy roof was a couple of tables with chairs, as well as a few lounge chairs. Near one of the edges was a small pool of water that had thin wisps of steam coming off the surface. Oliver walked over to the pool while the others set their things down. Oliver saw the pool was only a few feet deep with a stone shelf sitting about halfway down. It looked like he could sit comfortably on the shelf. He knelt down and ran his fingers through the warm water.

“It’s a hot tub,” Oliver said looking over his shoulder at Andy and Kurt.

“Oh, that’s awesome,” Kurt responded.

“Maybe we can climb in there after we eat,” Andy chimed in.

Kurt and Oliver nodded as Oliver walked over to the table. They unpacked some of the food they grabbed, unwrapping it and setting it in the middle of the table. While the table was a decent size, they slid their chairs close together with Andy in the middle. Their legs were touching beneath the table, and they chatted happily as they ate a mix of fruits, berries, nut, dried meats, and some simple bread.

Once he was finished eating, Kurt stood up while he continued talking and started undoing the straps of his harness. He set the jumble of leather straps on the chair he had been in and walked over to the pool. He dipped his toe in, then slowly lowered himself the rest of the way into the warm water. “This feels amazing,” he said as he relaxed into the water, keeping just his head above the water. Andy and Oliver stood and undid the straps of their own harnesses, and set them aside.

Oliver paused as he looked at Andy and said, “Look, your cocks growing back!”

Looking down Andy saw that the smooth bulge he had that morning had shrunk and he now had a little 2-inch hard cock jutting out from his crotch. “Yeah, I spose so. Guess it only lasts a few hours,” he said with a disappointed tone.

Oliver smiled at him and pulled him into a hug saying, “Don’t worry, babe, we can take care of it easily enough.”

Andy looked up at Oliver and rose up on his feet to plant a kiss on Oliver’s lips. Oliver still had to squat down a little so Andy could reach, but gladly returned the kisses. Kurt cleared his throat slightly and waved them over as they turned and looked at him.

The other two climbed into the water with Kurt, coming together into hug. Their bodies slid against one another in the water as they kissed. As two would make out, the third would plant gentle kisses on the shoulders or chest of the other two before they’d switch. They moved over to the side and sat on the stone shelf, Kurt sandwiched between the other two. Kurt’s cock was clearly hard in the water, throbbing and leaking precum. The three stayed cuddled up tight against one another as they continued to chat. Their hands roaming over each other’s bodies, playfully pinching nipples, rubbing bulges and cocks.

Andy climbed around Kurt to sit on Oliver’s lap, pressing his little half-sized cock against Oliver’s bulge. He looked up into Oliver’s eyes, searching for permission. Oliver nodded and Andy started grinding against his bulge. The two shuddered in pleasure as the little cock rubbed against the bulge.

“Fuck…” Andy groaned, his voice trailing off into a breathy moan. “It’s so sensitive this time.”

“It feels different this time,” Oliver said his brow raised, “maybe because you’re smaller this time. It feels so much more intense.” Oliver was panting and struggling to get out words by the end of his sentence.

Andy’s back arched as his cock was down to just the tiny head, his moans becoming louder. Kurt moved behind him, holding him up and pressing Andy’s nub further into Oliver’s bulge. Kurt’s little cock was rock hard pressing into Andy’s back. Andy let out a long moan of pleasure as the last of his cock vanished, though it quickly turned to a groan of frustration. Oliver had been moaning as well, but as Andy’s cock vanished he let out a similar groan at the sudden loss of the cock pressed against his bulge.

“How does it feel to be dickless?” Kurt asked as he held Andy’s back against his chest, his hands casually running up and down Andy’s chest.

“It’s intense,” Oliver said as he fought to catch his breath.

“Yeah, it’s like your whole cock is compressed into that little bump,” Andy added. “All the sensitivity and pleasure centers are still there, just across the whole bulge now.”

“And it doesn’t hurt?” Kurt asked.

“Not at all,” Andy said as he leaned back into Kurt. “In fact, it feels incredible. Like you’re getting edged the whole time, and just before you get to the point where you can’t stand it, your cock is gone, and all that horniness just soaks into you.”

“Fuck that’s hot,” Kurt said in a hoarse whisper.

Oliver gently shifted around Andy and guided Kurt to the shelf. He moved with a fluid grace through the water as Kurt sat back down. Kurt looked up at Oliver’s glowing eyes as he brought his bulge down against Kurt’s 3-inch cock, rubbing them together. Andy was rubbing his bulge moaning in pleasure as he watched. Kurt’s mouth fell open with a low moan and stayed open as Oliver ground his bulge into him. Oliver was letting out soft moans as they rubbed together in the steamy water. Oliver’s face was flush, his long ears red with passion as he felt himself getting closer. He shuddered in pleasure, sitting on the very edge of orgasm.

“Come on Ollie, shrink my cock,” Kurt said in a breathy whisper.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Kurt felt his cock shrinking away. With every millimeter it shrank the pleasure coursing up his spine became more intense. He couldn’t look away, watching his cock shrink, losing definition, even as Oliver’s bulge grew bigger. His nuts pulled up inside him, his sack smoothing away as the change sped up. He was moaning, unable to hold back. With less than half an inch left Oliver started to shake, his legs going weak as he had an intense dickless orgasm. The vibrations of Oliver’s bulge against Kurt’s nub sent him over the edge, only for his orgasm to crash to a halt as the last of his cock melted into his new bulge. He groaned in intense frustration, grinding his bulge against Oliver’s. He was chasing that orgasm, which slipped away from him.

Oliver staggered back, but twisted to sit next to Kurt, panting and out of breath but still rubbing his chest and kissing his shoulders. Andy took his spot and began rubbing his bulge into Kurt’s. Andy’s soft stomach pressed against Kurt’s tight 6-pack as they ground into one another. Their hips gyrated, finding the right rhythm together to bring one another closer. They kissed and made out as they pressed against one another, moaning into each other’s mouths. After a few more minutes of this Andy began to shake. He was so close, he could taste it. With a shout Andy began to orgasm, sending pleasure throughout his body. He barely managed to keep up the rhythm of his thrusting against Kurt, which sent Kurt over the edge shortly thereafter. Andy collapsed on Kurt’s lap, resting his head against Kurt’s chest. Kurt looked over at Oliver, the large elf leaned over and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips. Then the three of them sat in the pool of hot water for a while, relaxing into one another.

“So, shall we explore the place?” Kurt asked as he shifted a little under Andy.

“Sure, let’s go see what this place has to offer,” Andy replied with a smile.

“Yeah, let’s see what other fun stuff it has,” Oliver chimed in as he hoisted himself out of the pool.

Kurt climbed out of the water started walking over to where he left his harness and then stopped. “Why bother. Not like there’s anything to hide,” he laughed as he gestured to his smooth bulge.

“Yeah, guess not,” Oliver laughed.

The three of them walked together through the Grove, climbing up and down the stairs and checking the rooms. They found a few more storerooms, some bedrooms, several large lounge areas, as well as workshops. Then they came across an armory of sorts. It was filled with wooden armor plates, bows, arrows, and swords.

“This is a lot of weapons and stuff,” Oliver said running his hands along some of the armor plates.

“Yeah, even these swords are wood,” Kurt said as he reached out to touch one. He drew his hand back with a sharp hiss, his finger bleeding slightly from a small cut from the blade. “Fuck, these things are sharp though.” Kurt’s finger healed quickly the cut closing without any sign of being there within a few moments.

“What would they need weapons for? I thought this place was a sex playground where no one could get hurt,” Andy asked.

Oliver and Kurt both gave shrugs before Oliver said, “Do you think we should take some with us for whenever we head out? If there is something out there that can hurt us, I don’t want to be unprepared.”

“I’m sure we’ll be fine. We haven’t seen anything out there yet. Not even animals. Maybe we can find something that tells us why these would be necessary. Maybe some other game they’d play, something more than just fucking.”

The trio searched the room for a while, looking for something that might explain, but there was nothing. While Kurt was searching one of the shelves of armor plates he spotted a silver ring. Picking it up it looked similar to the one Oliver had through his eyebrow, though this one had a gem that glowed silver in the dim light. The ring itself was thicker than Oliver’s as well.

“Hey guys, look what I found!” He called out. “I think it’s another one of those rings like Oliver has.”

“Let me see it,” Andy said. Kurt handed it over, and he turned it over in his hands a few times. “Yeah, it does look sort of similar.” As Oliver walked over, Andy held it up near Oliver’s ring and said, “it has a few differences. I wonder if it will do the same thing?”

“Only one way to find out,” Oliver chimed in.

Kurt held his hand out to Andy as he said, “Well I found it, so it’s only fair that I get to use it.”

“Okay,” Andy said with a smile as he handed it over. “Next one we find I get to use. I want to be a big sexy elf too!”

“Let’s go outside, you don’t want to get cut if you lose your balance during the change. I know I did the first time,” Oliver says.

They make their way outside and to a clear space between some of the buildings. Kurt turned to Oliver and asked, “So, how do I get this in. I don’t have anything pierced, let alone my eyebrow.”

“Well not having a piercing didn’t stop mine from working. It just kinda went through on it’s own. It had this like pull the first time, like it was being drawn to me, to the right spot.”

Kurt popped the small orb off the ring and held the ring part up to his face, moving it around a bit, even pressed it against the skin above his eye; but nothing happened. “Huh, it’s not doing it. There’s no pull on it like you said. Maybe it’s broken?”

“What if it won’t work until after your cock is back? Like what if you have to be back to normal before it’ll let you put it on?” Andy suggested.

“Perhaps. Here, you try. See if it works for you.”

Andy took the ring and brought it up to his face. Like Kurt he moved it around, and pushed it into a few spots. “Yeah, nothing.”

“Well, let’s keep exploring. Give it a few hours and try again,” Kurt said as he started back up the stairs.

After another half hour of exploring, they found one of the upper rooms connected to the central tree had a large desk sitting in it. The door had the large tree symbol that made the crest for the Grove, and unlike most of the other doors was a solid piece of wood. Andy tried to open first, but it was locked tight. Kurt grasped the handle. The desk was the size of some big executive desk you’d see on TV, but like everything else was grown from the twisting vines. In the middle of the desk was a thick book.

Andy walked over to it first with the other two trailing behind him. The book was titled “Archdruid’s Guide.” He opened it, flipping through the thick pages, but every one of them was blank.

“This is bullshit. The whole thing is blank,” he said as he turned the book so the other two could see.

“No, it isn’t,” Kurt said.

“What do you mean? It’s clearly blank,” Oliver replied.

“No, the whole thing is full of words. That’s like a solid page, barely any gaps,” Kurt said as he looked at the other two in shock.

“Well, we can’t see any,” Andy said, and then his face lit up. “Oh I get it. It’s a guide for the ‘Archdruid’—I bet that Kurt is the ‘Archdruid.’ So, only he can read it. For everyone else it looks blank.” He handed the book over to Kurt.

“That’s a good of a guess as any, I suppose,” Oliver replied.

Kurt lifted the heavy book and opened it. “Fuck,” he muttered, “there is a lot of stuff in here.”

“You can read through the whole thing later if you want,” Andy stated. “Right now, just see if there’s anything about monsters or dangers or something.”

“Okay, sure,” Kurt said as he tabbed through the book, glancing at the headings as he went. After several minutes he spoke up, “Okay, here is a section called ‘Creatures of the Vale.’ Let’s see, ummm, okay, it says that there are no naturally occurring animals in the Vale, but faction leaders and other authorized people can summon forth creatures made of magic. These can be used for events, hunting, or for quests. It then goes through the process for summoning the creatures. Doesn’t look too hard to do.”

“So I guess if we wanted to hunt some deer for some fresh meat, we could get you to do it.” Andy said as he crossed his arms.

“Yeah, stuff like that,” Kurt replied. “Or I guess if people wanted to fight against wolves or something, they could. Turn this place into like a full on RPG if they wanted.”

“Some of that could be fun,” Andy started. “Maybe later though, for the moment I’m fine just being with you two.” Andy said with a big smile on his face. The other two smiled back.

“Well, let me try to read through this some,” Kurt said holding the book up. “You two can continue exploring if you want.”

Andy and Oliver left the room and kept exploring. After a while they came across a room that inside looked like a shop. A large counter sat on the far end of the room with a few shelves sitting between the door and the counter. Behind the counter was hundreds of small drawers. The two went over to the drawers and started opening them, but most were empty. In the few where they found anything, one had a handful of smooth pieces of silver, another contained a couple of orbs for the piercings they’d found, though missing any gemstones; and a third contained some larger pieces of silver.

Andy looked over the silver for a few moments before he said, “I think this is where they make the little rings. These look like blank pieces and empty settings. I don’t know how to make jewelry, but at least we know where to go if we figure it out.”

“Yeah. Maybe there are some finished ones around somewhere. Let’s keep looking. Maybe we can find one for you,” Oliver said with a grin.

They checked all of the remaining drawers and even checking the shelves, the floor and everywhere they could see in the room, searching high and low, but didn’t find any complete rings. On the wall by a work area behind the counter though Oliver found a chart on a thick sheet of paper. The paper itself was falling apart, half-rotted away, a third of it already missing.

“Hey check this out,” Oliver said. “It’s like a chart or something. Not really sure what it’s supposed to mean, but I’d assume it has something to do with how to make these things. I don’t recognize these symbols though. I guess each one means something, these words next to them look like stuff from fantasy movies. ‘Elf,’ ‘Orc,’ and stuff like that.”

“Maybe they have to be carved into the ring or something to make the ring work. Like enchant it based on what you write. Bend down, lemme see your ring.”

Oliver bent over and Andy took a close look at the ring through his eyebrow. He glanced back and forth between the page and Oliver’s ring a few times.

“Yeah, that symbol there is the same as the one for ‘elf.’ So, I guess we know what that one does. I don’t see the other one on this chart. Must be on the missing bits.”

“Yeah, must be. Maybe that book we found will give us an idea on how to make more.”

“Yeah, maybe. Let’s get back to Kurt.”

“Hang on. He’s a big boy. We can stay here for a few minutes.”

“Oh?” Andy said grinning at Oliver. “And what did you have in mind?”

“Just a few kisses. We don’t have to go running off at the drop of a hat,” Oliver said returning the grin. They leaned forward into each other’s arms and Oliver lifted Andy up, giving him a big kiss.

Back in the room, Kurt was at the desk reading through the fairly boring parts of it. He was shifting the ring idly in his fingers, using it like a fidget toy. A while after the others had left he suddenly felt a strange tingle run up his spine. The silver gem on the ring pulsed with light and Kurt felt it being drawn to him. He set the book down as he realized that whatever prevented the change before was gone now. He popped the orb off the ring portion and let the ring guide his hand as it was slowly drawn down to his cock, but kept going. He gasped as the metal ring pushed through the skin between his legs just behind his balls, the sensation spread outwards from the ring, sending a gentle hum of horniness through his body.

Kurt took the ball and popped it into the ring between his legs, locking it in. The energy intensified, throbbing throughout his body. His 3-inch cock was already hard but he gasped as he felt his balls swelling. They grew slowly at first, but soon his balls were so big that his cock was dwarfed by their size. They were heavy, pulling down between his legs, pulling him off balance. He let out a low moan as the weight of his balls were pulling them down pleasurably. His balls continued to grow as he felt the changes starting to spread.

His abs smoothed away, fading as his stomach pushed out forming a soft gut. His arms became softer, the muscle mass fading from his body. He groaned as the changes spread, every nerve singing out in pleasure as the changes washed over him. His cheeks became chubbier, his ass grew thick and soft, the definition in his legs fading into soft mass even as his hips widened. He was chubby now, easily putting on 50 pounds even as his muscles had faded away.

Then he felt an itchiness. It started in the middle of his chest. He looked down to see his chest hair growing in, becoming thicker and darker. It spread across his chest, down over his stomach and towards his cock. The thick hair covered his body, spreading down his legs, but it left his huge balls hairless. Not a single hair on them. Andy and Oliver opened the door, laughing with one another before they paused upon seeing Kurt.

“Are you okay?” Oliver asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I put the ring on. It’s changing me,” Kurt gasped out between moans.

Then Kurt gave a long moan as the skin around his temples darkened and began to push outwards. The texture shifted becoming hard as it pushed out further. Soon he had a small pair of black horns sticking out from his forehead. They were wide and grew until they were about a foot long each. Kurt’s feet were growing, swelling in size as his moans became longer and deeper. His balls were being pulled back between his legs by some unknown force. He staggered to his feet, holding onto the desk for dear life. His feet shifted and split, the heels being drawn back away from the toes, even as each part grew the rest of the foot, leaving him with two feet at the end of each leg. The split continued up his legs, separating each leg into two separate legs. As the split reached his hips, his ass was pulled backwards away from his body a thick mass of flesh connecting his ass and his hind legs to his body where his ass used to be. The mass thickened further, forming a fleshy connection. His balls hung from between his rear legs and his cock was gone, just a flat spot on the front of his crotch. His balls swelled further until they were the size of a basketball, small protrusions forming on the underside hanging down until they formed small teats.

They were all in shock as Kurt’s transformation slowed to a stop. Kurt was looking around at his body. He knew he should be freaking out, but instead it just turned him on. He’d become some sort of weird creature he didn’t even know what to call. He was like a centaur, but instead of a horse body, it was all just human parts. But on top of that he had big cow-horns and a heavy udder hanging between his legs like he was a cow.

“Dude, you’re a boitaur!” Andy exclaimed.

“A what?” Oliver said.

“A boitaur! Ummm, it’s from a story I saw online once.”

“Yeah, and what kind of site has stories like this?” Kurt asked, still trying to catch his breath.

“Okay, so I’ve read some weird shit. Don’t judge me. But that’s what you are. It’s like a human only centaur. How does it feel?” Andy asked as he walked over. Oliver followed him over and they gathered around Kurt.

“Well, honestly other than the shock, it’s not that bad. I feel energized. Like I could take on the world. I could get used to this. Do you think it’s weird?”

“I think it’s hot as fuck,” Andy said.

Oliver shot Andy a look and said, “It’s definitely weird, but it is pretty hot. Not like we can’t undo it tomorrow if you decide you don’t like it.”

Andy didn’t waste any time and kneeled beside Kurt’s hind feet. He reached out and took one of the teats in hand, inspecting it. It had a pronounced ridge to the end, looking more like a thin 2-inch cock than a cow’s teat. He gently pulled it down and squeezed at the same time. Kurt’s face twisted in pleasure as he orgasmed, shooting a big sticky load of cum from that cock-teat onto the wooden floor. He shot easily 100 ml of cum onto the floor with that single tug.

“Fuck, that was incredible!” Kurt exclaimed. “Keep doing it!”

Andy grinned and kept going, grabbing another cock-teat and squeezing that one too. He milked load after load out of Kurt while Oliver pulled him in to an embrace and gave him a deep kiss. Andy paused for a moment to grab his own cock and gave it a few strokes. It wasn’t quite back to full size again, but it was large enough.

“Come on man,” Kurt said breaking the kiss briefly. Andy shuddered at Kurt’s words, feeling his cock immediately start spraying his load with barely having touched it.

“Fuck, that was intense,” Andy said. “What the fuck happened?”

“I said ‘come’ and you did,” Kurt said, figuring out pretty quickly. He grinned as Andy shuddered again, launching another load from his cock. Kurt grinned at Oliver and said, “Ollie, cum for me.” He almost giggled as Oliver collapsed into him, shuddering as he squirted his thin cum from the bottom of his bulge, but Kurt moaned as Andy continued to milk him. Andy crawled underneath Kurt, sucking on one of this cock-teats and moaning as each load that shot into his mouth caused his own little cock to spray another load. They continued like this for nearly an hour before they stopped, leaning against one another.

“Fuck, this place is so much fun,” Andy said. The other two could only nod.

In the woods outside, night had fallen. Small lights illuminated the windows and the walkways of the Grove. In the shadows, a pair of red, glowing eyes scanned the Grove before settling on the scene of the three men through one of the windows. The eyes dipped in a nod and turned and vanished into the darkness of the forest.


Part 4

The three men spent the next couple of days exploring the Grove, though they did not find anything exciting. They fell into a routine of spending time together, cuddling and talking, and fucking whenever they were horny, which was frequently. A few days after they arrived in the Grove, Andy woke up to an empty bed and a hard cock. He stood up slowly, listening out for Oliver and Kurt. As he pushed his way through the hanging vines covering the door, he heard grunts and groans coming from below him. Looking down he watched as Kurt and Oliver kissed and ran their hands up and down each other’s body. They were both fully nude with Kurt had one hand between Oliver’s legs, rubbing his bulge while Ollie struggled to stay standing, his knees weak with pleasure. Andy stayed on the walkway above them, watching them as he stroked his little cock.

After a few moments Kurt glanced up over Oliver’s shoulder at Andy and grinned. Andy saw Kurt’s eyes flash with an inner light briefly and Andy felt a tightening sensation deep inside his body behind his cock. He knew that sensation well by now, Kurt had just locked his orgasm. He gave a deep moan as he stroked faster. He knew he couldn’t cum and wanted to hit that edge fast. Andy loved the feeling of his orgasm being blocked, right on the verge of cumming, but being completely powerless to make it happen. Better than any edging session he’d ever had, having his orgasm blocked by Kurt’s magic was incredible. He pulled his hand off his throbbing cock for a few moments, trying to catch his breath. Kurt’s magic would keep his cock edge, not backing away even slightly. As Andy looked back down, Oliver was looking up at him as well and waved him down.

Andy came down the stairs, his cock bobbed with each step, flicking precum onto the stairs as he walked. He walked up to the other two and joined in their embrace. Kurt started kissing him deeply, while Oliver knelt down to take Andy’s cock into his mouth. Andy moaned into Kurt’s mouth as the warmth enveloped his manhood.

After a couple minutes of bobbing on Andy’s cock, Oliver pulled off and said, “You know, with Kurt and I changed, you’re the only one left with a regular cock.” He looked up at Andy, matching his gaze, “Even if it wasn’t the biggest one, it’s the only one left in the whole valley.” Andy’s face screwed up in pleasure as Oliver’s words registered. “Maybe we should take it away? What do you think Kurt? Not really fair for him to have the only cock, is it?”

“You’re right, it isn’t fair at all. Look at him, panting and moaning, but he can’t even shoot a load,” Kurt said as he rubbed Andy’s chest. “Maybe you should help him with that, Ollie.”

Oliver stood up and pressed his bulge against Andy’s cock, slowly grinding himself against it. Andy moaned at the sensation, being pushed against that orgasm lock even harder. It was hard for him to focus on anything, his little cock occupying his entire consciousness with the overwhelming pleasure.

Oliver’s brow furrowed in confusion as he turned to Kurt and whispered, “His cock isn’t shrinking.”

Kurt glanced down at Andy’s unchanged cock and leaned forward to give a breathy whisper in Andy’s ear and said, “What’s wrong, trying to hold onto your cock? Why don’t you give in and let it go.”

“Yes sir,” Andy said in between his moans. He tried to let go of it internally, but nothing seemed to happen.

“Say it out loud. Tell us how bad you want us to take it from you.”

“Please sirs, please take my cock from me,” Andy said. As the words left his mouth the sensations surged, and his cock shrank rapidly. The pleasure was intense as his cock became more sensitive as it shrank. Andy’s moans reached a fever pitch as his cock vanished into a smooth bulge. He fell to his knees gasping. He was well over the edge, but unable to cum. He had nothing to stroke, nothing to focus the pleasure, and so it coursed through his entire body. Kurt and Oliver stood back, their arms around one another as they watched Andy writhe in pleasure.

Kurt and Oliver stepped forward again after a few moments and picked Andy up, holding him between the two of them as they kissed. Andy tried to kiss as well, but it was like his whole body was on fire with pleasure. He couldn’t focus long enough for more than a quick kiss. His arms and legs were weak.

Kurt looked at the other two and said, “Now cum!” Oliver gave a strangled moan into Andy’s mouth as his load started leaking out of his throbbing bulge. Andy was already delirious with pleasure and shuddered, his body going limp as cum came pouring out of his bulge onto the ground beneath him. Andy and Oliver collapsed into Kurt’s arms as their bodies shook with pleasure as the cum continued to flow from them. After a couple minutes they stopped cumming and were able to catch their breath slowly, their heads resting against Kurt’s muscular pecs.

“You know, as much fun as it is being able to control your orgasms,” Kurt said, “I wish I had an actual cock to fuck with as well.”

“You could always take the ring off,” Andy suggested.

“Yeah, but I don’t want to. The ring makes everything feel better. Not just sex, but everything. The extra legs are interesting, but there’s like an energy that flows through me as long as I have it on.”

“Well, why don’t you take it off, get a cock again, and you can let me wear it for a while?” Andy asked.

“Not right now. Maybe later.” Kurt said, though it was clear that he didn’t want to take it off.

Andy let out a sigh as Kurt walked over to the hot tub and climbed in. Oliver wrapped his arm around Andy’s shoulders and said, “Don’t worry about it. It’s hard to describe, but once we find another one you’ll be able to experience it yourself.” Andy shrugged a little and Oliver gave him a kiss on the cheek. Andy turned towards him and gave him a smile. They walked over and joined Kurt in the hot tub.

Andy spent most of the day searching the Grove, looking for any sign of more rings. While there were many pieces in the workshop, he had no idea how to assemble them into a working ring. He tried fitting them together, but it was lacking whatever made the magic work. He got up and walked around, trying to clear his mind. His horniness was creeping back into his thoughts, making it hard to focus on things. The bulging from earlier had worn off and his cock was back to its full 4-inch length, hard and throbbing. He ignored it for the moment, but paused when he passed the armory.

As he looked through the door at the rows of leather armor and wooden weapons, he thought that perhaps the armors would have some sort of magic to them. They were embossed with patterns and symbols, and each had a small gem embedded somewhere on the armor. Maybe those gems were like the ones on the ring. Maybe that’s where the magic was. There were so many books and movies that used gem-based magic, maybe it was the same here.

He picked up a heavy set of shoulder pads and looked them over. They didn’t have any straps or anything to put them on with. He knew many medieval armors had pieces you had to wear underneath for comfort or for them to attach to, but there wasn’t anything like that in the armory. Andy was confused for a few moments before he decided to just put it on his shoulder anyways. He gasped as there was a tingle of energy as the pad settled on his shoulder. He tugged up on it and watched as it pulled away, a thin strand connecting it to his harness. Realization hit him as he understood now that the armor attached itself to the harness and he didn’t need anything special to wear it. He placed the shoulder pad back on his shoulder and affixed the other one to the other shoulder. There was a subtle thrum of energy running through him, an unusual strength in his back and shoulder. There was magic in them, enough to bolster his strength to wear the armor and move unhindered.

Andy continued moving around the room, grabbing other pieces of armor and watching as they attached to his harness. The pieces had different colors inlaid in the pattern, so he picked pieces that had a teal inlay as it was his favorite color. The pieces that weren’t over the harness itself connected to other pieces. When he was done, he was wearing the full suit of leather armor, though it seemed almost silly. The armor didn’t seem to be shaped to be functional as it left his chest and abs exposed, only covered by the straps of his harness, and his legs were only covered by a leather skirt that seemed to leave him very exposed. It looked to be the male version of a chainmail bikini. Despite that, the energy flowing through him from the armor made him feel invincible.

He walked out and downstairs, looking for where Oliver and Kurt were hanging out so he could show them what he found. After a few minutes of walking around, he heard a noise behind him, and he turned to look. All he saw were the trees, bushes, and some vines dangling from the tree. “Hello?” He called out. He heard the grass shift but didn’t see anything moving in the afternoon light.

Suddenly he felt something brush against his ankle. Looking down he saw a vine wrapping around his ankle. He tensed to pull away, but the moment he did the vine tightened it’s grip on him. Another vine came, seemingly from nowhere and wrapped around his mouth, preventing him shouting. The vines pulled him off his feet and dragged him into the forest.

Across the Grove, Oliver had been relaxing in a chair and heard the loud thud of Andy being pulled off his feet. He got up slowly to investigate. He saw Kurt snoozing on a lounge chair, and called out “Andy? You okay?” Not hearing a reply, he continued walking towards where he heard the noise. As he got to the spot where Andy was, he saw gouges in the dirt where Andy had been dragged into the forest. He tried to follow the path, but the plants seemed undamaged, and he quickly lost sight of the gouges. He turned back and went to grab Kurt. They needed to find where Andy was.

After nearly 30 minutes of being dragged through the forest Andy found himself in a clearing with a small campfire. The vines had him hanging by his arms and legs spread eagle from a pair of sturdy trees. He pulled on them, trying to get himself free, but the vines held him and tightened to stretch him taut preventing him from moving. Across the clearing he saw two glowing green eyes in the shadows of the forest, slowly approaching him. The shadowy form stepped into the light of the campfire Andy’s blood ran cold. The massive form was covered in dark grey fur with stripes of blue that seemed to shimmer in the light of the campfire. It had large sharp black claws, and a huge wolf-like face with sharp teeth poking out from the corners of its muzzle.

The werewolf stalked across the clearing to Andy, running the back of one claw up the inside of his leg towards his cock which was throbbing and leaking precum. The musk coming off of the werewolf was intense, amplifying Andy’s horniness to incredible levels. His pupils dilated and his body relaxed as the musk wormed its way into his brain. The werewolf grabbed Andy and pulled him close, the vines releasing him into the werewolf’s grasp. The werewolf used his claws to cut the straps on Andy’s harness, letting it and his armor fall to the ground. The vines returned, wrapping around Andy’s waist, the base of his cock, and cupping his ass. The vines around his cock tightened, forming a cockring and squeezing his cock, milking precum out of him and eliciting a moan.

The werewolf had a leather jockstrap on and tugged it down letting a massive cock spring free. It was easily two feet long with a thick knot at the base. A pair of pendulous balls swung below the cock and the musky scent of precum filled the air. A thick metal cock ring sat at the base of his cock, with glowing red inlays in an intricate pattern. As the scent of his musk hit Andy, his cock throbbed and a big glob of precum poured from the head of his cock as he moaned. The werewolf pressed his maw against Andy’s mouth, licking at his lips and his neck in a sloppy approximation of a kiss. The werewolf rubbed the head of his cock against Andy’s hole, soaking it in precum.

The vines around Andy’s arms and legs spread further along them, holding him in place even as he felt something pushing against his asshole. He looked down and saw that it wasn’t the werewolf’s cock, which was pressed against his own cock. The vines were pulling his asscheeks apart, exposing his hole as another set of vines pushed at his tight pucker. With a gasp, they pushed into him, lubricated by the werewolf’s precum. Andy let out a ragged moan as the vines infiltrated him and the almost-narcotic horniness from the werewolf’s precum overtook him. He felt the werewolf’s cock moving on its own, sliding against his body and snaking its way down between his legs.

The werewolf continued to make out with him as the vines twisted in and out of his hole, stretching it wider and wider. Finally, the werewolf placed the tip of his cock against Andy’s hole and thrust in. Despite the vines stretching him, Andy still cried out as the cock thrust deep into him, ramming against his prostate, forcing his cock to fire a thick load of cum onto the werewolf’s stomach. The werewolf continued fucking him, face to face. The vines holding Andy in just the right position, even moving him slightly in coordination with the werewolf’s thrusts to ensure his prostate was hit with every thrust. Andy’s cock shot load after load, cumming with almost every thrust until his balls were empty, and yet it still tried.

The werewolf’s teeth nipped as his neck, the razor-sharp tips leaving small red marks in his flesh as the werewolf teased him. The marks vanished almost as quickly as they appeared as the magic of the Vale kicked in. Andy was insensate with pleasure, barely able to keep his head up on his own. After what felt like an eternity of pleasure, the werewolf reared back and howled with pleasure. The deafening noise shook Andy to his core as his cock throbbed with another dry orgasm and the werewolf’s cock swelled within him and flooded his ass.

As they came down from their orgasms, Andy collapsed and the werewolf stood there, still hilted deep in Andy’s hole as his knot kept him from pulling out. The werewolf pulled Andy against him, the vines assisting in the transition and held him close. They stood there in quiet for several minutes as they relaxed.

Finally, the werewolf broke the silence. “So I take it you enjoyed that, dude? Don’t worry, my knot will go down in a few minutes.”

Andy’s head bolted upright in surprise. “Wait, you can talk?” He wasn’t sure what was more surprising, that the werewolf was talking in a normal speaking voice, or that he sounded like a stereotypical surfer.

“Of course, I can dude. Like, why wouldn’t I be able to? I hope I didn’t shatter your fantasy already. I tried to do everything you asked, though some of it was a bit more extreme than I was willing to go. I know the Vale will heal you up, but I can never bring myself to bite a chunk out of someone.”

Andy, started pulling and struggling, “Wait, what the fuck are you talking about!?” He was freaking out trying to pull off of the werewolf’s knot.

“Oh, shit! Just calm down, dude. Did your friends give you all that to wear without telling you? Fuck, I’m so sorry dude. Like, give me a minute and I’ll let you off.” The werewolf took a few deep breaths as he closed his eyes. Andy could feel the massive, dick shrinking slightly as it goes soft. Finally, there werewolf puts his hands underneath Andy’s legs and lifts him up and off his dick.

“Sorry about that dude, I thought you knew. Fuck, like are you okay, dude?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. That was very… intense, to say the least. Just don’t bite me.”

“No chance of that happenin’ dude. That’s not my thing.”

“So, uh, who are you?” Andy asked a little sheepishly. “We thought we were the only ones here.”

“I’m Rain. Go ahead and laugh, dude. My parents were hippies when I was born.” He pauses to grab a leather waterskin and take a drink. “I thought you dudes knew I was here. I mean, like, I’ve been lurking around the Grove for a few days, y’know. I figured you knew I was out here when I saw you in the armor. You were flagging for it, and I thought I’d go for it.”


“Yeah, you know, like with hankies and stuff, man. Like, when you wear a hanky in your back pocket to show like what kind of sex you want, and what kinks you like.”

“Oh, I didn’t know people still did that.”

“I don’t know, man. I guess it fell out of style or whatever. Anyways, dude, you were flagging for some pretty extreme stuff. Rape fantasies, biting, gore, and vore. I took you up on the fantasy bit, but I guess it wasn’t your fantasy.”

“No, it wasn’t. Not that it was bad, it was pretty hot, but it took me by surprise. And I certainly am not into that other stuff. I don’t even know what vore is, but I’m not sure I want to.”

“It’s eating people. The Vale keeps you alive or whatever and reforms you later, but it’s a pretty niche one.” Rain moves over to the campfire and sits on a fallen log by the fire, he gestures to the spot next to him for Andy to sit down.

“Yeah, I just kinda grabbed stuff at random,” Andy explained as he sat down next to Rain. “I wanted to feel the magic, I guess. I’d been looking for one of the magical piercings for the last few days but hadn’t been able to find one.”

“Oh yeah, dude, I get it. The magic feels so good. It’s a wonderful high. I think I have an extra around here somewhere you could have.” Rain stands up and starts rummaging around the packs scattered around the campsite. He stands up holding a thin metal cockring with a blue inlay and hands it to Andy. “Here you go. It’s the only one I have. It’s a bottom ring, so I hope that’s okay.”

“Wait, what do you mean it’s a bottom ring?” Andy asked as he traced his fingers along the inlay on it.

“It’s like a ring for bottoms, y’know.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Andy said, trailing off. “So, uh… why are you here?”

“Oh, I’m a resident. Probably the only one left in the Vale, I guess. It’s been a while since I saw that Jim dude.”

“A resident? Like you live here all the time?”

“Yeah, I can’t leave dude. So, I’ve been living here for…” Rain trails off while his brow furrows in thought. “Well, it’s been a while.”

“Why can’t you leave? Are you stuck as a werewolf or something?”

“Oh no, the magic would wear off after a few days dude. I’m sick, though.” His shoulders slouch as he stares at the ground. “Cancer or something like that. The magic can’t cure it, just keep it from spreading and keep me feeling good. If I leave the Vale, I’d have maybe a month or two before I’d be dead.”

“Oh.” Andy said, going quiet.

“Don’t worry about it man. I’ve made my peace with it. So, umm weird question; what year is it? I used to like keep count, but it’s been a while dude.”

“Oh it’s 2023.”

“Fuuuuuuck, dude. Holy fuck!”

“Wait, how long did you think it had been?”

“I figured it’d been like 4- or 5-years tops. Fuck. I’ve been in here for like 25 years, dude!”

Andy’s eyes went wide. Rain had been in the Vale longer than he’d been alive.

“There used to be enough parties that I wouldn’t feel lonely, but I’ve been alone for so long. That’s why the other residents had left. There were no more parties, no new blood. Once by one they left until it was just me.”

“Kurt’s uncle passed away a few years ago and he inherited the Vale, so that’s why there hadn’t been any parties. He was just able to actually get up here.”

“Kurt… is that the boytaur dude or the elf dude?”

“Boytaur? Umm, he’s the one with 4 legs now.”

“Yeah, dude, that’s called a boytaur. I’m sorry about his uncle.”

“It’s all right. So, do you think you could help us? We don’t really know what’s going on with most of this stuff, or how to make anything work.”

“Dude, I never bothered to pay attention to most of it, never really paid attention to the magic and stuff. I went to the Grove to hang out and smoke all day. Most the guys who picked the Grove did that. Fuck and smoke all day long. I’ll answer whatever I can dude, but I don’t know much.”

“What about dragging me with the vines? That’s gotta be magic. So, you must have picked up something.”

“Yeah, I guess. I got bored while I was alone, and I guess a few decades of messing around means I know a few tricks.”

“So, I have one question. You said that this was a bottom ring,” Andy said as he held up the cockring. “What do you mean by that?”

“Just that, dude. Didn’t they tell you anything?”

“We don’t know anything about this stuff. I figure that they give powers and change your body to match the power.”

“I never got too far into how they work, but some give powers and others don’t. They all change your body, but it doesn’t have to match up with the powers. There’s a way to completely customize how it changes you, but I had to take it to a guy for that stuff.”

“So, by bottom ring, you mean the power is being a bottom?”

“Yeah, something like that dude. I don’t remember the specifics of it, but yeah it gives you bottoming powers. The one I’m wearing is a top ring, so it gives me top powers. Mostly shit like a bigger dick and makes it so I can fuck without hurting someone.”

“How can you tell all the rings apart?”

“Umm the power is part of the shape or whatever, like where you place it. Though you can’t place them in the wrong spot. I think there’s like 6 or 7 different powers. Then the gem part is what controls like species, appearance, and any other changes.”

“So, if I put this on, will I turn into a werewolf too?”

“No, that one is for an orc. It was an alter-ego I took on sometimes for some guys.”

“So, are these things like mix and match? Like if you wanted to you could put your werewolf one into the bottom ring?”

“Yeah, exactly, man. Just pop it in and you can change out your powers or appearance. Most guys only had the one, and even then, it was tough to get a power ring in the first place. Most guys only had the stud piercings that would just change your form without a power.”

“Well, I’m not normally much for bottoming—” Andy started.

“Could have fooled me,” Rain interjected with a laugh.

Andy shot him a look as he continued, “—but I guess I can figure something out later. Maybe I can trade for a different one.”

Andy slid the ring down his cock to the base. Almost immediately he felt a surge of energy run through him. The blue inlay glowed brightly and the small green gem at the top shined with an otherworldly light. Just then there was a sound of rustling coming from the bushes behind Andy. From the bush leapt Kurt holding one of the wooden swords from the armory, Oliver was riding on his back like a horse, carrying a wooden spear. Oliver hopped off and moved to one side, attempting to flank Rain.

“Get away from him!” Kurt shouted, brandishing the sword like he was in a movie.

“Yeah!” Oliver chimed in, leveling the spear at Rain.

Rain stood up, his lips curling up to expose his sharp teeth. His claws extended from his fingertips as he flexed his hands. A low growl rumbled from his throat.

“Stop!” Andy shouted. “He’s friendly!” Then Andy felt a surge of magic running through him from the ring, he doubled over gasping in pleasure. He felt his balls pull up inside of his body and tingle inside of him as something deep inside of him changed.

“He kidnapped you!” Kurt replied.

Meanwhile Oliver ran over to Andy, concern plain on his face. “Are you okay?” He said as he dropped the spear next to Andy.

“Yeah, he gave me one of those rings and I just put it on. It’s changing me. Fuck, why didn’t you tell me it felt so good.”

Andy felt his cock throb, and with a wave of pleasure he watched as it grew. It grew quickly, stretching longer until it was 7 inches long. He reached down and stroked his cock but looked a little disappointed. Despite its larger size, the pleasure from rubbing it barely registered. Instead, he felt his hole twitch and something inside of his ass throb with need.

“Listen, this whole thing was a misunderstanding!” Andy called out. “We talked and figured things out. Just put down the weapons, and Rain, sit back down.” Rain hesitated, but Kurt and Oliver lowered their weapons, though they did not take their hands off of them. Rain pulled his claws back in and stopped growling, though his hackles were still raised.

While Kurt and Rain were staring one another down, the changes continued for Andy. He was gasping in pleasure, trying to speak. He struggled for a moment, moaning in pleasure as his weight seemed to just melt away. Most of his body fat was just gone, while his skin tightened and held close. Every hair on his body below his nose seemed to just fall off, blown away by the slight breeze running through the forest.

“So, to make a long story short,” Andy struggled to get out between grunts and moans. “Rain here has been living here for years, and apparently the the armor I grabbed to wear is for guys who want to be kidnapped and eaten. Just a big misunderstanding, okay.”

“Eaten? He was going to eat you!?” Kurt said, holding his sword even higher, readying to strike.

“No!” Andy shouted. “He’s not into that stuff. The Vale would heal me anyways, but that’s not his thing. Just calm down.” Andy moaned as his ass grew bigger, while the muscle grew in, there was an extra layer of fat covering the smooth globes. His hips pushed outwards, giving him feminine curves. His chest thinned out and flattened until he was a skinny femboy twink.

“I guess,” Kurt said, putting the sword down, but still eying Rain warily.

Andy’s breathing became labored as his jaw pushed out as two of his bottom teeth pushed up from his jaw forming two tusks, each protruding about an inch out of his mouth. His skin shifted becoming a light green color, spreading across his body. All the blemishes on his body faded away, even the small tattoo on his arm faded, leaving only smooth uniform green skin.

“Fuck,” he gasped out as the changes finished. “That was fucking intense. Rain, you could have told me that I’d become a femboy.”

“Yeah, I could have, dude, but where would the fun in that be?” Rain laughed.

Andy rolled his eyes and said, “Well, how about some introductions. This is Kurt, who I told you about earlier; and this is Oliver. Babes, this is Rain. He’s been here a long time, and maybe he can help us figure out how things work around here. Now, why don’t we all head back to the Grove? We can get some dinner there; we can chat and all get to know each other better,” Andy suggested.

“Sure,” Rain said, eying Kurt back.

Rain packed up his things and they put the campfire out. Andy picked up his harness with the armor, slipping it back on, marveling that it still fit perfectly, despite being like half the size that he was before. They all started walking back, walking four across. Rain and Kurt were on opposite ends of the line, keeping an eye on each other as they walked through the dark forest back to the Grove. While Andy was talking with Kurt and Rain, trying to build some trust between them; Oliver kept watch on the forest around them. He couldn’t help but shake the feeling that they were being watched.


Part 5

As they entered the Grove the four men split off. Oliver and Kurt walked over to the armory to put the weapons away while Andy and Rain walked over to one of the bedrooms. Rain set his pack down by the bed and turned back to Andy.

“This place is just as awesome as I remember it, though like the company here is much hotter,” Rain said with a wink.

Andy felt himself blush involuntarily; the blood rushed to his cheeks even as his cock started to harden behind his loin cloth.

“But what about the others,” Andy said as he glanced over his shoulder at the door.

“Oh, are you three like exclusive?”

“I mean, we hadn’t really talked about it or…” Andy trailed off as Rain lifted his loincloth to expose his massive hard cock. There was a musk on the air that wormed its way into Andy’s brain, clouding his thoughts.

“See, then there’s nothing to worry about. I know how that ring is making you. The Top ring I’m wearing, and your Bottom ring have like a very special relationship. Can’t resist each other, we’re made for each other after all. Maybe I should claim you and keep you for myself for a while.”

“C-claim me?” Andy said as his asshole started twitching with anticipation.

Rain let out a deep laugh, “Yeah, claim you. If you’re like wearing one of these rings and have it in the like dominant mode, you can claim any other man. Unlocks like a few new powers or conditions for you, but the man who claimed you gets full control over all of them. At least until they release you.”

Andy felt his cock throb as the thought of being claimed swirled around in his mind. “And you can only be claimed by one man at a time?”

“Usually just the one man, though a man can claim as many others as he wants. I think there might be a way to share the claim though.”

“What would stop me from just taking the ring off? Like, if I didn’t want to be claimed by you anymore.”

“While the rings change to, like, make that harder to do, but nothing really stops you. It’s all built on consent and junk, so you can stop it at any time. But judging by the way your cock is leaking onto the floor, you like the idea of being claimed, don’t you?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“You’d want to be claimed by your boyfriends?”

“Yeah, I’d love that. Just not sure if they are into it. Just love giving up control, you know. Letting myself just be an object of pleasure for someone else.”

“I’m sure they are. After all, they’ve been standing behind you listening to you talk about it, and they look pretty into it.”

Andy turns to look at the doorway behind him, seeing Kurt and Oliver standing there, completely nude. Oliver has one hand on his fleshy bulge, kneading it with a desperate horniness on his face and Kurt has one hand on his chest playing with his nipples.

“Now boi, I think what our little Andy-boi needs right now is some cock. I know you love your powers and the energy from them, but you should take them off for a bit; give Andy what he really needs.”

Oliver and Kurt grinned in acknowledgement, pulling off their rings and setting them on the nearby table. Within 30 seconds their bodies had mostly returned to normal. Oliver’s ears were still pointed and he had no balls beneath his hard cock. Meanwhile, Kurt still had a pair of black horns sticking out of his forehead and his balls were the size of baseballs.

Oliver and Kurt wasted no time closing the distance with Andy, pulling him into a deep kiss. They undid the bindings holding the armor Andy was wearing from his harness, tossing the hardened leather aside as they passionately kissed. Next, they slid his harness off, the mass of leather and metal clattering to the floor as they began to lick and suck at Andy’s body. His nipples were large and incredibly sensitive, every lick and brush against them sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout his body. Andy shuddered in pleasure at the onslaught of sensations. Oliver was stroking Andy’s cock, which now dwarfed the cocks of the Kurt and Oliver’s combined, yet the hand on his cock barely registered to Andy. On the other hand, Kurt was playing with his ass; squeezing the cheeks, parting them, and sliding his fingers down to Andy’s hole which twitched in ecstasy at the slightest touch.

Oliver came up behind Andy, pressing his cock against Andy’s quivering hole. He slowly slid it in, letting out a deep moan as he did. Andy shuddered, a staggered groan drifting from his lips. The pleasure in his hole was intense, every part of his mind subsumed into the pleasure radiating from his hole. Andy continued kissing Kurt, but his mind was barely there, hardly registering Kurt’s presence as he moaned. Oliver didn’t last long before he fired a load deep into Andy’s hole, which pulled in the load and didn’t let a drop spill out.

Kurt and Oliver swapped places. Kurt lined up his small cock and pressed it against Andy’s slick hole. Kurt could feel the warmth of Oliver’s cum as it coated his cock and used it as lube as he pressed in as best as he could. Andy’s thick ass and wide hips made it difficult for Kurt to get his cock all the way inside Andy, really only stimulating the tip with his thrusts. He didn’t last but a couple minutes before he shot his load; an absolutely massive amount of cum that caused Andy to groan as his lower abs bulged outward with the load.

Rain gently pushed Kurt aside and lined his massive cock up with Andy’s hole.

“Now, let me show you why you need a real Top for this,” Rain hissed in Andy’s ear.

Andy moaned loudly, then his breath caught as Rain shoved his massive cock into him with a single thrust. It probably should have hurt, but instead it was the most incredibly pleasurable thing Andy had ever felt. His own cock ignored and neglected swinging between his legs started spasming as Andy started to orgasm. The cum sprayed from his cock, pulse after pulse, but it just kept coming out. Kurt and Oliver knelt down in front of Andy, making out with one another as Andy’s thin cum splattered against their cheeks. Rain roared a deep, guttural sound which shook the trees around them as he came. He had enough focus to keep his knot outside of Andy’s hole even as he flooded Andy. The force of Rain’s cum forced all of Kurt and Oliver’s cum out of them and onto the floor. The four of them collapsed into a heap as they basked in the orgasmic afterglow.

As they disentangled themselves, Andy said, “You know, as much fun as that was, I don’t really vibe with it.”

“Oh?” replied Oliver, “not caring for being a femboi.” Oliver traced his fingers down Andy’s sides to his hips watching him shudder in pleasure.

“That part’s kinda meh. It’s the bottoming part that I don’t vibe with. I don’t really care for it even with the magically enhanced ass.”

Oliver’s face lit up a little as he spoke, “well, would you want to trade the bottom ring for being dickless?”

Andy’s face blushed and he looked down and away, “yes, actually. The moment I saw what it did to you was so hot; I wished it was me.”

“I’m not wanting the femboi part though,” Oliver said. “I’ve got my eye on something else,” he stated while looking over at Kurt’s ring on the table. “Maybe one of the others would want to swap with you there.” Oliver walked over and grabbed the Bulge ring off the table, popped off the small gem and held it out to Andy.

Meanwhile Andy removed the Bottom ring from around the base of his shaft and popped the small gem off. His body shifted and grew, his stomach pushing back out into a gut, his arms and legs gaining more fat and muscle, and his body hair growing back in. He swapped the rings with Oliver, though neither made any move to put the ring on. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, then both turned to look at Kurt.

Kurt put his hands up, looking back and forth between the two before saying, “What?”

“Well, I’d like to try being a boytaur for a while,” Oliver said.

“—and I’d like to be something other than a femboi,” Andy added.

“I guess I can hand over the boytaur gem, that part didn’t really matter to me. I just want a cock again. No matter how small it is, I want to still have a cock.”

“Hmmm,” Andy thought. “Of the four we have here only the Top and Bottom rings had cocks.”

“Before you ask,” Rain jumped in, “No, I won’t trade with you. I’m happy just how I am.”

“Then I’ll keep the Cum ring,” Kurt stated. “If I can’t have a cock, at least I can force you guys to cum whenever I want. Maybe we’ll check out some other places to see if we can find more of these gems somewhere.”

Kurt grabbed his ring off the table and popped off the gem, swapping it with Oliver. Oliver excitedly slid the bottom ring down over his cock and popped the boytaur gem into place on it. He started to shudder and moan as the transformation overtook him. His cock started growing rapidly, quickly growing to a foot long before his hips twisted as his ass shifted backwards. His legs split into two, his cock traveling backwards with his hind legs. It continued to grow bigger, growing to 18 inches long, hanging heavy between his legs, with a heavy set of balls the size of tennis balls hanging just below his ass. From the smooth spot on his crotch between his front legs a bulge formed and grew into another cock, this one 9-inches long, though with no balls hanging beneath it.

Kurt put the muscular elf gem on the Cum ring as he slid it through his taint. He gasped as his muscles swelled in size and power. His eyes began to glow with an unearthly blue light and his ears elongated into sharp points. His balls grew quickly, filling out to massive size, each the size of a softball, pushing his legs apart. His cock remained, though it’s 3-inch length next to his massive nuts made it look even smaller than normal.

“Hey look, you got to keep your cock!” Andy exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Kurt said excitedly and grabbed it. He tried to stroke it, but his balls kept getting in his way. “Fuck, I have a cock, but these balls are too big, I can barely even stroke it, let alone fuck with it.”

Andy took his ring and slid it through his eyebrow. The changes came quickly, his skin turning green and his hips pushing back outwards into feminine curves. His body slimmed down becoming hairless and feminine. His cock and balls curled up on themselves, forming a smooth lump of flesh on his crotch. It pushed out a vaguely masculine shape to it, like viewing a cock through a pair of tight briefs.

“Well, we should rest,” Andy said. “We have to get over to the entrance tomorrow. Nick and Trey should be arriving. We need to meet them there and get them back on the plane. We don’t need them getting caught up in all of this. And if any of you want out of here, this would be your best chance to do so.”

The four men find some comfortable spots in the mass of furs to curl up and sleep. They sleep through the night peacefully, rubbing against one another from time to time in their sleep. The next morning, they gather their packs and the throuple hit the armory to get armor and weapons.

“Expecting trouble?” Rain asked.

“I still feel like there’s something out there,” said Oliver.

“Plus, we’ll have slightly more clothing this way, so they won’t immediately suspect something if they catch sight of us before we can get them back on the plane.” Andy added.

They set out for the entrance and hiked peacefully throughout the day. As they got close to the cave entrance up to the airstrip, they heard the plane overhead. They couldn’t find it in the sky due to the trees and cliff wall, but they hurried. Rain stayed at the entrance to the cave, afraid to leave the Vale at all, even for a few minutes.

The throuple hurry through the cave and into the changing rooms. They run past the signs reminding people to change and remove any rings before leaving the changing rooms and out into the entry hall. Their hearts sink as they see the small plane already moving down the runway to take off.

“Hey guys!” Calls out a warm friendly voice.

They turn and look at the two men standing before them. Nick is a linebacker from the school’s football team. His huge frame is imposing even in the open space of the entrance hall. He’s wearing a green T-shirt and some dark blue jeans over a pair of white tennis shoes. His pale, freckled skin is visible on his arms and his red hair is styled with a bit too much product.

Beside him is his boyfriend, Trey. Trey is short, only 5’4” but is a veritable fire plug, rippling with thick, lean muscle. His pecs were clearly visible under his shirt and his shoulders were thick balls of muscle. His dark tan skin contrasted with the bright yellow shirt he was wearing.

Trey looks over at the throuple before saying, “What the hell are you guys wearing? This some sort of cosplay thing?”

They look down at themselves at the now ill-fitting harnesses that are adjusted to their changed forms, not their normal ones. Andy becomes aware of how tight the straps are as they dig into his body. Oliver has several extra straps trailing behind him for his now-nonexistent hind legs. Only Kurt looks reasonably okay, with his harness just hanging loose in a few spots. The armor plates hung awkwardly from their bodies as they stood there.

“Oh, yeah,” Kurt tried to laugh it off. “Ummm, there’s a few things we didn’t know about until we got here.”

“The washing machine doesn’t work, and you’ve been forced to turn into cave men?” Trey said with a light chuckle.

“Not exactly. I guess since the plane’s already gone it isn’t like you can go back, so there’s not much choice but to tell you.” Kurt took a deep breath before continuing, “I know this is going to sound silly, but the whole valley is magic. The magic keeps you safe; any scratch or injury will heal within moments; any disease is cured. The magic can also do things to change your body in many different ways. We haven’t even discovered all of the ways.”

“Bullshit,” Nick said. “There’s no way any of that is true.”

“Once we get down in the valley, you’re going to see it pretty quick. Come, lets get you guys changed into something more appropriate.”

“What do you mean? Do we also have to dress like that?” Trey asked.

“Basically, yes. The Vale doesn’t allow outside stuff inside it for long. We had entire backpacks full of clothes that just disintegrated shortly after we got here. So, unless you want to go naked, you’ll want to put something on before we head in.”

“So, you’re trying to tell me that the valley is magical, I’m going to be unkillable while I’m here, and I have to wear nothing but leather and armor for the next two months. Do you realize how crazy that sounds?” Nick said incredulously.

Andy stepped forward and spoke. “Yes, it’s crazy. If we hadn’t gone through it we probably wouldn’t believe it either. Look at it this way: there’s no food or water up here. You’ll need to come down into the valley anyways. Just trust us, grab some of the clothes they have up here. You don’t have to put them on if you don’t want to. We’ll just carry them with us while we head back to the Grove.”

“The Grove?” Trey asked with a look of suspicion on his face.

“Yeah, it’s one of the places down there. Basically, like a big tree house, but with like a hot tub and food and stuff. It’s like a resort, but magical.”

Trey and Nick looked at each other and then back at the throuple. “Whatever. Not like we have much choice.”

The five of them strode into the locker room, the lights turning on automatically as they entered. Andy tried to lead them over to the room with the outfits, but Trey and Nick wandered over to the lockers and stuck their bags inside. After they stowed their luggage, they walked over to the archway to head into the valley.

“Wait,” called Andy, “you need to grab clothes.”

“I am not stripping for you and whatever stupid prank you’re trying to pull on us.” Trey said. Beside him Nick nodded his head in agreement. They walked through the archway and turned down the hall. Kurt and Oliver followed after them while Andy rushed over to the bags of clothes in the Grove section and grabbed a couple at random.

Andy hurriedly shoved them into his pack, then reached down to try to adjust his harness. The straps were pinching and chafing his body. He realized as he tried to shift the straps that his cock and balls were still a smooth bulge. “I guess the transformation hasn’t worn off completely yet,” he thought to himself before grabbing his bag and rushing to catch up to the others.

Andy caught up to them just as they reached the bottom of the path. He could feel the magic thrumming through his body once again and relished the feeling. He breathed a sigh of relief as the magic slimmed him down and started turning him back into the orc bulge boi he had been before. His head snapped to look at Trey and Nick as they screamed in shock as they watched their friends transforming before their eyes.

“What the fuck!?” Nick shouted.

“See, we tried to tell you. This place is magic.” Kurt replied with a smug expression on his face.

“Don’t worry, none of it hurts. You don’t really change unless you put on one of these rings,” Oliver said as he ran his finger along the cock ring around the base of his rear cock. “Just some minor stuff: heal up wounds, clear your skin of any blemishes, stuff like that.”

“Okay, I guess I believe you. Any other surprises before we start walking?” Trey asked.

“Well, there is one other person here. Don’t get scared when you see him, but he is a werewolf,” Andy said as he walked over to Trey and Nick.

Trey and Nick looked a little hesitant and Nick took a step back as Andy drew close.

“It’s all right. You’ll get used to it. You guys want to change? I grabbed some clothes for you.”

“I’m good for now,” Nick said.

“Yeah, maybe we’ll change later,” Trey responded.

“Okay, no hurry. Our clothes lasted probably 12 hours or so before they disintegrated,” Oliver said chiming in on the conversation. Trey was apprehensive about Oliver’s boytaur body, but Nick’s eyes were lingering on Oliver’s ass and cocks as he walked over.

Rain took that moment to walk into the cave with the others. Nick was startled seeing the massive wolf-man towering over him. He was used to being the largest person in the room, at least in mass, if not height. Now he felt so small in comparison. He was a little scared, but his cock betrayed him, growing hard as he looked up at Rain’s imposing figure.

“Hi there, I’m Rain.”

“H-hi,” Nick stammered out.

Trey was also staring at Rain but was more intimidated by his stature compared to his boyfriend’s reaction. He swallowed his fear, squared his shoulders, and tried to project a stronger version of himself. Rain smiled, his wide lips pulling back to expose his long sharp teeth. Trey smiled back, refusing to be scared of Rain’s imposing maw.

Soon the 6 of them started off back to the Grove. At their current pace, they’d get there well before nightfall, and they’d be able to show Nick and Trey around a bit before they relaxed for the evening. About an hour into their hike, they heard a loud crash coming from the forest off to one side of the path. They stood there for several long moments. As they watched the forest became darker, an unnatural gloom settling over the area.

Out of the shadows crept 8 dark shapes. At first glance, could be mistaken for wolves, but the longer you looked the more you realized that they were not. They were an inky black color, far darker than even the shadows they came from. There was a slight shine to them in the light, but even the light reflecting off of them was dim. They were almost dripping black goo as they moved, though none of it ever separated from the rest of them. Their movements were fluid, smoothly moving from one foot to the next; but as you watched the movements were wrong, joints bending in unnatural ways, new joints forming on their limbs as they stalked the men.

“What the fuck are those things?” Trey cried out.

“No clue. First, we’ve seen of anything that wasn’t us or Rain in here,” responded Kurt, raising the wooden sword in a defensive posture. A creature lunged at him, but shirked back as he swung his sword.

“Rain, how about you?” Andy called out.

“I’d seen some monsters back in the day, but they were like summoned by one of the big wigs as a part of some adventure. Never saw ones like this, though I didn’t do much adventuring,” Rain responded.

One of the creatures lunged forward towards Nick. Andy whirled on it, bringing the blade of his glaive down on the creature’s neck. It went straight through, separating the head and body. A surge of joy ran through Andy, but it was short-lived. The creature began to pull itself back together. Andy struck again and again, separating more and more of the parts from the creature, but it continued to pull itself together.

Rain was fighting two more with his claws extended, sending them flying back into the shadows of the forest with each swipe, but they’d come back within moments. Oliver had a bow and was firing arrows at the creatures, but they seemed completely unfazed by the pincushion of arrows sticking out from them. As one creature leapt at Kurt, he cried out a strange word. Nobody quite caught what he’d said, but the more they tried to remember what it was the harder it was to grasp. However, the effect was immediate, a wave of green energy surged outwards from Kurt and struck everyone, creature and man alike. While the men were knocked over, landing sprawled out on the ground, the creatures were shredded, torn to tiny bits that became so small they were no longer visible.

Everyone stood up, looking around and breathing heavily. A thick smell hung on the air. For several long minutes they waited, looking for any sign of the creatures. When there was none, they all breathed a tentative sigh of relief.

“Okay, so that was fucked up,” said Trey.

“How did you do that thing with the energy?” Andy asked as he walked up to Kurt.

“I have no idea. I was feeling desperate. We couldn’t seem to actually hurt those things. I wanted to stop them and suddenly it came to me.”

“Interesting,” Andy replied.

“Yes, interesting or whatever. Let’s get out of here before they come back, or more show up,” Oliver said.

“Where can we go that’ll be safe?” Trey asked.

“The town,” said Rain. “The monsters couldn’t get into the town or the strongholds, and it’s the closest one to here.”

“Sounds like a plan, lead the way.” Kurt said as they started to move.

“Wait where’s Nick,” Trey asked.

“He was right here a moment ago,” said Oliver.

From the bushes beside them there was a rustling noise. Everyone turned to look, their weapons raised as Nick staggered from the bush. His jeans were torn, and he was covered in dirt. His left leg though was bright red with blood, the shape of a bite wound slowly healing as the Vale’s magic did its job.

“Nick, you’re okay!” Oliver said, putting his bow down.

“Ummm, it bit a huge chunk out of my leg, I’m not sure I’d call that okay.”

“Well, it will heal quickly. That’s supposed to be the appeal of this place. Does it hurt?”

“Surprisingly no, it actually feels kinda good. It’s like radiating pleasure throughout my body.”

Andy’s brow furrowed with worry. “Rain,” he said as he turned towards him, “is that normal?”

“No,” he said with concern etched on his face. “It normally still hurts, even if the Vale heals you.”

Nick began to groan in pleasure. “Fuck, this feels incredible.” As everyone watched the wound healed even faster, but the new flesh looked odd. It was all uniform in color with a smooth texture. It had a dull shine to it in the light of the forest. As they watched, the smooth texture began to spread quickly over his body. He shuddered in pleasure as it enveloped his entire left leg. As it did his leg seemed to lose definition, his toes were no longer separate, his knee no longer bent. It rapidly pulled inwards; a mass of smooth flesh nestled close to his body. The smoothness spread down his other leg, covering it and quickly converting it into another large mass.

“Those are balls!” Oliver cried out as the realization dawned on him.

The changes spread quickly up Nick’s torso, his body hair, navel, and nipples vanishing in an instant as his muscles flowed into one another turning into a smooth shaft. His arms flattened, wrapping around the shaft and up over his head. His face was upturned, his mouth visible just outside the foreskin, his facial features visible through the thin skin. However, they quickly faded away, turning into the piss slit of a giant dick. Before anyone could move, the gigantic dildo quickly shrank down until it was about 8 inches long.

“What the fuck?” Trey said, his statement echoed by the others. “Is that still him?”

As if in response, the dildo on the ground twitched.

“I think it is. Let’s, like grab him and get out of here then. We don’t want to end up the same way,” Rain said with a worried expression. “I’m sure the Vale will restore him soon,” though the timbre of his voice betrayed his uncertainty.

The 6 of them gathered up the few dropped items and Nick’s new form and ran from there. As they bounded down the path one of the shadows detached itself from the gloom of the forest and slunk after them, it’s red eyes glowing in the shade of the woods.

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