A genie’s decision

by Primed for Release

 After accidentally wasting a genie’s first wish, Alex takes his now-naked friend Dale’s advice and decides to make a potentially risky second attempt.

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It’s been about three months since I found that lamp. I still have it, it’s up in the dusty attic of the small suburban house I’ve gotten for myself. I’ve long since used up my wishes but the genie is still in there, waiting for the sucker he’s bound to come back and give him—er, the lamp a rubdown.

Yes, I said sucker. It’s true what they say about genies, be careful what you wish for and all that. The first wish was an accident. Turns out, if you start a sentence with “So, what if I were to say ‘I wish…’” and then say something horny and stupid because the genie just radiates sex, such as “that I could see every man I find attractive naked,” that counts as a wish. Hypothetically of course, I would never do something so stupid.

So I’ve needed to be a bit more careful with my other wishes. Fortunately there wasn’t a time-table to wish-making, so I left the genie up in my attic since to try and figure out my wishes properly. I’ve since bounced some ideas off of my now-naked neighbor Dale, who’s been a good, sexy friend since I moved in, despite my many hints that I wanted to have some benefits with him. The normal stuff came up, infinite money, total control of reality, but what really got interesting was when he mentioned the idea of just… letting the genie decide.

I laughed at first, of course, but his explanation was pretty rock solid. The genie probably had a better imagination than us mere mortals, and giving them some fun might make it so they don’t twist our words onto us. Might be worth a first or second wish to try and soften them up for the later wishes too. But other than that interesting proposition, we were coming up short. Well, other than jokes about having a bigger cock which left his visible-to-me soft 5-incher creep up to 6 or 7 inches, not fully hard. I’ve never seen him with a full hard-on but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. And my pants loose.

So, that’s what I was doing. I was going to put my trust in the genie, despite everything in my mind screaming at me not to, something told me it’d go horribly wrong. But, I was crawling back up the creaking attic stairs and giving the lamp a couple strokes.

Suddenly, the familiar lilac smoke was swirling around me like it has once before, though this time it turned red suddenly, like a theater changing lights dramatically at the start of a musical number. The smoke started twisting into the form of the genie I knew but the size I thought it’d be stopping at hasn’t come as quickly as I expected it to. The red smoke turns to mist as the illuminated genie emerges from his lamp, and his form has become far more than what it had been before.

The first thing I noticed was his face had changed. Not only had it gone from the deep purple to a crimson red, the inhuman levels of perfection his face showed were making my junk take notice. Strong jaw, a thick, manly beard with a styled mustache, a thick head of hair, bushy eyebrows… and when I locked eyes with his bright yellow orbs, my mouth went dry as his long tongue stretched out and licked his lips, extending far further than a human’s tongue would’ve in the process, curving back on itself like a python, eager to strike. Quickly moving my eyes down to avoid his lustful gaze, I focused on his chest where previously had been a dusting of hair, has become a thick, black forest. Despite that, the pink, twitching nipples had doubled in size from their previous dimensions, no doubt stretched by the barrel chest that had developed. Was the lamp a full-featured gym? He crossed his arms, blocking my view of his chest, but the incredible arms that this deity possessed were nearly as hairy as his pecs, and looked like they could fell a tree with just a flick. Traveling further down, his navel disappeared into the wispy smoke trail that swirled into the tip of the lamp.

“Well then, it seems you couldn’t stay away, Alexander,” the genie spoke, his voice even lower and more resonate than last time, making my chest vibrate in tune, and making my cock start to drip more than it already had. Hearing that mouth say my name was definitely causing my faucet to leak.

“Um, you’ve certainly changed,” I stammered, trying to hide my erection and failing miserably, though part of me hoped he noticed given his current form. I could only imagine those gorgeous lips servicing me… god, I wish I had four wishes now.

“Hmmm?” He tilted his head, his long pointed ears coming into contact with his broad shoulders. “I’ve changed? What do you… oh. I see, your first wish,” he said with a flash of realization. With a devilish grin, he began bouncing his massive pecs. “I suppose this means you found me attractive, do you not? Well? Do you like what you see?” he added, flexing his arms in a herculean pose.

“Well, the magic certainly agrees… I assume this is how you look… naked? You weren’t wearing clothes the first time.”

“Ah, human, you wouldn’t understand, but it’ll be cute to watch you try. Beings like me come from a…” He paused, scratching his now bushy beard roughly. “…different plane of existence, so to speak. And there we have two forms we can freely change between, the form we show to strangers and enemies and those we don’t trust, to the truest form, the form we show to only the closest of friends and, primarily lovers. I suppose you could think of this form as me… without clothing. This form what someone who I would mate with would see were I to take one.”

“Oh, well… lucky them…” I fumbled out, trying to wrap my head around these magical realms and the alternative reality that apparently come with them. “Well, I can strip right now and you can see my true form I guess,” I said. The genie just let out an uproarious laugh, causing his belly to jiggle ever so slightly, something I found incredibly irresistible.

“As entertaining as that would be, you cannot just take your clothes off to show me your true form! I would have to strip away your form to reveal your true form underneath!” he chuckled out, looking down on me like you would a puppy trying to learn to roll over. “And that, dear human, would be so interesting to see. Such a shame you can’t change like we can back in my realm, you wouldn’t survive the journey,” he added, a hint of sadness coming through behind the cockiness.

But as he said that, Dale’s suggestion came back to my mind. “Hey, wait, what if I let you pick that as my second wish? To strip away my… form… to see my true form underneath?” My mind was racing with the possibilities of what I could look like, if this is the glow up that he got when his form was stripped away. “I was going to let you pick the second wish anyways, given that you’re like… all powerful and stuff,” I said, trying to avoid inhaling too much of the musky mist that was pouring off his body.

“Hmmm… no human has ever offered me a wish in return before…” he said, looking at me hard, in both interpretations of that phrase. “Well… as they say, your wish is my command,” he cooed eagerly, floating down to eye level, his glowing red form illuminating my cheeks to an even brighter shade of red than they were previously. “Go on, you know the magic words,” he slyly whispered into my face, his hot breath blowing across my face.

“I wish…” Hang on, I know what he wants, do I just wish for that specifically or do I wish for… fuck it. “I wish for you to have my second wish to do with as you please,” I said, as confidently as you can with an 8-foot crimson demon of pure sex standing in front of you.

His eyes lit up into pure yellow spheres and his smile went wider than I thought possible. A look of pure glee showed in his eyes as the power I’d willingly handed over dawned on him. “Oh ho ho, your wish is very much granted!” He floated back, making complicated hand gestures, his fingertips glowing as beads of light start springing around me. I felt my feet leave the floor as we locked eyes. Despite having no pupils at the moment, there was a sense of comfort in his expression, like he was excited to show someone a trick he learned.

With a flash of white light, I felt streaks of cold and hot pierce deep into my floating body, strangely enough starting with my ass. My cock let out its own streak of white as I felt these tendrils of energy slip into my tight backside and start pushing deep. I looked down past my still-hard member to the face of the now hyper-focused genie. I watched as he twisted and turned his fingers, matching in time with the thrusts of these energies inside me. They started pushing deeper into my ass, but suddenly it felt like they broke through some invisible barrier, pushing into my hips, and then my legs, and my chest, all throughout my body. Slowly I watched as my skin glowed a bright green color, my vision swam as the energy reached my cock, spouting its second round of cum of the process as I nearly whited out from the pleasure.

The genie floated over my suspended body, now parallel with the floor, cock pointed to the ceiling, and gave a sensual lick from my happy trail all the way to my chin. His hands began to explore my body, touching every crevice and parts of me that I did and didn’t know about. While his incredibly hot hands were driving me wild, he was clearly searching for something, which I knew he located when he began to chuckle.

“My my, your center… it’s… here… isn’t it,” he said playfully, placing his fingertip on the head of my swollen dick. “If I’m right, and I usually am, you’re going to like what comes next then.”

And before my brain even had a chance to contemplate the idea of saying something, his mouth firmly wrapped around my cock and both of my balls. He gave me a wink from between my legs and exhales deeply, his breath creeping along my sweating and still luminescent green skin. As he went to inhale, he pinched his nose and suddenly it feels like my cock traveled further down his throat for what felt like miles, the rest of my body feeling like it was being sucked into a wormhole, which in this case was his very talented mouth. I felt his tongue caressing my cock the whole time, teasing it, traveling down my slit as far as he dared, savoring every drop that he elicited out, until I watched as slowly my glowing green skin started traveling down my body and towards his mouth, like someone yanking a tablecloth off a table in slow motion.

This energy radiating off of me traveled down and along my cock, which felt endless at this point, and I violently spasmed as orgasm after orgasm traveled from my very center of my being down this colossal cock of mine. I felt the ropes of cum traveling endlessly down my shaft, along with this glowing green shell I seemed to have shed.

My mind reeled from the pleasure as my balls seemed to pump out load after load of hot jizz straight down the genie’s throat. The experience started to escalate as I felt the energy reach the tip of my dick and my cock began to rocket back towards this plane of existence, straight into my crotch from the mouth of this being in front of me. I felt the endless loads that were previously in my infinite shaft start to spew out of the tip of my cock, filling the space that the genie created in his mouth. He surprisingly started gagging, with more cum than I’d ever seen in my life starting to pour out the sides of his mouth. I could feel him gulping down load after load but there was more than even a god can handle, it seemed.

With one final spasm, my eyes went wide as I felt the wave of my true form breathe its first breath of air. Falling back to the ground, the sensation finally being too much for me, my vision went blank. The last thing I saw was a concerned genie looking back at me.


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