by West

Phil has a clumsy moment, and suddenly the school’s Augmented Reality room ends up being so much more.

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Part 1 Phil has a clumsy moment, and suddenly the school’s Augmented Reality room ends up being so much more. (added: 28 Aug 2021)
Part 2 Phil expands his boosts to the whole school—and his newest roommates. (added: 4 Sep 2021)
Part 3
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Editor’s Note

Updated as of May 27, 2023, with revised stats and a few other changes.


Part 1

A bit of a backstory here before I go into detail about one of the best experiences of my life. The name’s Phil; I’m a 26-year-old from Philadelphia and currently attending a—how do I say it?—special sort of university. Yeah, that works.

Everyone here is gay, that’s how you get in. As long as you are a fan of that irresistible piece of meat in between the legs, you get in. I don’t make the rules. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Phil, buddy, you’re 26, why are you still in school?’ And I promise you will know why soon enough.

So, on to the point. At my never-to-be-named university we have some rather unique “rooms’’ that basically make your fantasy real using some AR mumbo jumbo. Okay, so that’s not the official use of the room, but nobody is there to tell me otherwise. The only unfortunate thing is, you can’t touch anything, because it’s not real. At least, until I managed to screw things up. I was enjoying my weekly session until I managed to bump into one of the panels of the room and knock it down. Usually, you aren’t able to get anywhere close to them during operation, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I just so happened to knock out the panel covering what looked like a pocket sized control panel. Rational me is thinking, ‘Put it back and call the sexy maintenance boy,’ whereas irrational me thought, ‘Take it and still call the sexy maintenance boy.’

You didn’t think I would be rational given this once in a lifetime opportunity, did you? I grabbed the little device and hit up Max, the aforementioned sexy-as-hell maintenance stud. He got back immediately, ‘Be there in about 20 minutes, Phil. Try not to destroy any more school property, I wouldn’t want you expelled ;).’

‘Nice,’ I thought, ‘that gives me some time to fool around with this thing.’ I took a glance at the small screen before my eyes and the first thing I noticed made my heart skip. Augment Reality: false. Now if this meant what I think it meant (spoiler, it did), then enabling ‘true’ would make this augmented reality room actually augment reality.

After staring at it for what felt like eternity, I went for it, tapping on ‘true’ and never looking back. A high-pitched noise and flash of light filled the room for a few seconds. When it dissipated I noticed the control panel was gone… or was it? I felt different, and only then recalled that right before I switched it on, I wished that I would become the control panel. All right, maybe 10 minutes until Max gets here! Let’s do some investigating.

Since the room itself was out of order from my accident, I could only fool around with myself. But who wouldn’t want to do that, given the situation? My mind was racing trying to decide on what to do first. Then it hit me. I’ve never exactly been short, I was perfectly average at 5’9, but not for long.

Phil>height>increase>5%. Gradual change>60s.

That would mean I’d gain 3 inches of height in a minute to hit that oh-so-enviable 6-foot mark. I looked down, feeling the effects starting, and before I knew it I was looking down more and more. Look at me, no longer just average height. It felt amazing and I wanted more. Why choose to be an average Phil when you can be above-average Phil. 9 minutes until Max arrives.

Phil>body fat percentage>decrease>40%. Instant change.

Whoa, that didn’t feel too great. I made a mental note that instant changes were brutal in large amounts. I’d never had a whole lot of fat on my body, sitting around maybe the 20% range. With this change I was now at 12% and the difference was alarming. I looked like a stick, and what little muscle I had was made obvious by my lack of fat. If I had to guess I’d say I weighed around 150 pounds—not ideal. That settled that, next up were some glorious muscles. I couldn’t go too wild to raise suspicion but enough to fill me out.

Phil>body weight>muscle>proportionate>increase>14%. Gradual>3 minutes.

Those 3 minutes went by so fast. In no time I packed on 21 pounds of dense muscle all over my body. Small but noticeable pecs formed, four abs were beginning to show, and my favorite of all, my shoulders filled out a bit. Now I had a nice stance to fit my 6-foot frame. Above-average Phil was hot, but could get even hotter. 5 minutes until Max’s arrival.

I opened my personal profile settings and changed a few things. First to go were my boring hazel eyes, replaced with steel-grey ones. I altered my hair to always be perfect, slightly coiffed, and a nice but not-too-dark auburn color. Perfect teeth, made my voice about 25% deeper, gave myself a slight rosy tan, and added some nicely trimmed body hair in all the right places. 3 minutes until Max.

Now onto the fun part. I saved the best for last, because part of me was scared. But now I was ready.

Phil>phallus size

All right wait, let’s rename that.

Phil>dick size>soft>increase>125%. Gradual>30s.

My small 2 inch soft dick exploded with growth, soon resting at its new 4½ inch size. I think being a shower is hot, you get a nice big bulge to show off. My girth and balls increased proportionally as well.

Phil>dick size>hard>increase>35%. Instant.

Nothing changed, because obviously I was still soft, maybe slightly chubbed from arousal. I had to prepare myself for Max. It had been a while since he’d seen me last so my new appearance should be a welcomed surprise.

“Heya Philly!” waved Max as he came into the room. “I’ll get this fixed up in no time, thanks for the heads up.”

“No worries man, I’ll take any excuse to see you,” I replied with a wink. I guess the extra dick meant extra confidence too.

As previously mentioned, Max was arguably the most beautiful man I laid my eyes upon. He was still bigger than me in every way, even his dick too. If I had to guess he was sitting at 6’4 and 222 pounds of thick muscle. He had nearly no body fat, which made him look more vascular, with thick veins popping up all around his big body. Max had always taken grooming to the next level, what little facial hair he could grow was neatly styled and he had absolutely no body hair save for a small patch in his pits. His raven black hair was short but shaggy which gave him a more youthful appearance than his body would suggest. It was quite the contrast to his fairly pale skin tone. He got to work fixing the broken panel and I pulled up his menu.

Age: 23
Height: 6’4
Weight: 222
Muscle: Moderate/High
Soft: 5½ inches
Hard: 9 inches

Damn he’s hot.

“About how long do you think this’ll take Max?” I hoped the answer would give me enough time to do some work on him.

“Oh, I dunno, Phil, you seemed to really hate this panel. If I had to guess, 30 or so minutes? I’m pretty good at what I do.” Was he flirting with me again?

30 minutes was plenty of time to boost him to my liking. While he got to work on my mess, I got to work on him.

Max>height>increase>0.1%. Interval>60s. Total>25 minutes.

That sounds like a lot of work, but every minute he would get slightly taller, in total adding on 2.5% or 2 inches. I sat there staring at him the whole time, because who wouldn’t. I could tell he was working faster than he’d guessed, so I wrapped things up with a little gift.

Max>dick size>both>increase>12.5%. Gradual>6 hours.

How could I not boost his dick? Bigger is better, and big man meat is better-er. He finished up and started to head out before I stopped him.

“Max, I know you were flirting with me, and I know you know that I was staring at you while working. So what I’m trying to say is, will you grab dinner with me tonight?” I shot my shot.

He looked at me, up and down before answering, “Fuck yes.”

My plan was to take him out for dinner, give him another little boost, and then fuck each other with our newly boosted bodies. Those 6 hours felt like an eternity, but I checked both our stats before heading to dinner.

Height: 6’
Weight: 171
Muscle: Slight/Moderate
Soft: 4½ inches
Hard: 7½ inches

Height: 6’6
Weight: 238
Muscle: Moderate/High
Soft: 6 inches
Hard: 10½ inches

The dinner went great. I don’t need to fill you in on what happened, because that’s not why you’re here. Max agreed to come back to my place, since he was still living on campus and had some roommates. As soon as we get through the door I shuck my pants off, leaving me in my teal AussieBum boxer briefs. My bulge was hot as hell, and caught the eye of Max, who started to do the same.

“That’s a mighty impressive bulge you have, Philly, but you’re no match for what I’ve got,” he said, revealing his sunshine yellow jockstrap and even bigger bulge. Next off were both of our shirts, things were heating up. Looking at Max’s body got me a little jealous, but nothing I couldn’t change. I pulled up my menu to make some mass changes all in one go.

Height: 6’2
Weight: 192
Muscle: Moderate
Soft: 6 inches
Hard: 8½ inches

Submit boost. Gradual>10 minutes.

I was ready to get big, and maybe it’s just because I was horny but I wanted Max to lust for me even more. We sat in our undies talking, filling each other in on more life stories. I could feel my boost kicking in, and I could tell Max noticed too. It’s kind of hard to hide the fact you grow 2 inches, gain 21 pounds of muscle and your dick explodes an inch and a half, making my bulge a truly spectacular match to Max’s.

Max just sat there in awe, jaw on the floor staring directly at my growing bulge. “Phil, I know what’s happening and I am all here for it. Let’s have some fun tonight, use the boost module and grow me while we fuck.”

“This whole time you knew what I had done and didn’t tell me?” I said, shocked.

“Well, yeah. I was the one who loosened the panel so you would find it. I’ve seen your simulations, and thought we could do it for real, together.” His reply caught me off-guard. He had feelings for me too?

“So, what do we start with?”

He gave me a sexy look and I knew what needed to be done. I took my remaining clothes off, revealing my 6-inch softy. Shortly after it became rock hard and I prepared to fuck Max in his jockstrap. I quickly altered my own spit to act as a natural lubricant, and got to work eating his ass getting him ready. When his moans of pleasure grew more intense I knew he was ready for my rod. Wasting no time, I invaded his tight hole and was met with a warm sensation. He worked with me powering through my motions as I shoved my dick in and out of his ass.

There were a few changes I wanted to make to Max while he was power bottoming my huge cock.

Max>ass size>increase>25%. Instant change.

Max screamed in pleasure as his already big cheeks expanded in size, now the size of volleyballs and as firm as ever. I spoke my next phrase out loud, so Max would know what to expect.

Max>dick size>soft>increase>25%. Gradual>5 minutes.

He looked back at me excited, as I increased the pace of pounding his ass. Quickly his jockstrap was looking smaller and smaller, his dick pushing the fabric to its limits. Once done, he was so massive at 7½ inches soft that his cockhead was imprinted and threatening to burst through the fabric. Let me tell you it was a sight to see, his overfilled jockstrap looked to be stuffed with a squash. I boosted the girth and thickness of his cock by 20%, what a difference that made.

After what felt like hours of fucking, I finally came. During our activities I had boosted my cum production by 300% so when I shot it was like a heavenly fountain of warm salty man juice. It went all over Max, coating both him and me. He tried to get my dick in his mouth to swallow as much as he could, but I was cumming just too much. Once it died down, I went in for some sloppy kisses, getting the fully taste of my own spunk while tongue fucking Max’s mouth. It was creamier than I imagined, and slightly addictive.

“We need to shower!” we both said in unison. Of course we showered together, basically eye-fucking each other as we lathered up. I went into Max’s settings and gave him a temporary growth rate, every 10 seconds I spent cleaning him, he would gain 0.25% muscle size. It gave me an excuse to feel him up and take as long as I pleased, the longer the better. I caressed his biceps, squeezing the dense muscle fibers while feeding them growth. He flexed for me, making me cum again. They were truly huge, and only getting bigger. If I had to guess his arms were already 18 inches cold and growing. Moving on to his firm pecs, I rubbed his nipples playfully. Down to his nice cut 6 pack and Apollo’s belt, I spent a lot of time here. And then worked my way down his sturdy, muscular legs.

I took my time, and when I was done took a step back to admire what I made. I spent 20 minutes washing the now colossal Max. Effectively adding 30% mass onto his already sexy body. His arms are now 23 inches, his pecs stuck out 4 inches from his chest. My favorite part however were his abs, they were like stones and he now had an 8 pack of them. Part of me decided this wasn’t good enough, I changed some things and now his abs extended all the way down to the base of his sleeping monster of a dick. 12 firm abs, stretching from the bottom of his pecs shelf and continuing through his diamond cut Apollo’s belt to greet his cock. It was a sight to see, and I could tell Max agreed based on his growing erection. And speaking of growing erection…

Max>dick size>hard>increase>20%. Gradual>30s.

He looked at me with bewilderment. “You gave me a foot long cock!”

Height: 6’6
Weight: 309
Muscle: High/Extreme
Soft: 7½ inches
Hard: 12 inches

He looked a little silly at that height.

Max>height>increase>5%. Gradual>5 minutes.

He grew nearly an inch every minute, finally stopping at 6’10. Much better. Max was now so tall that I was only eye level with his intoxicating nips.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

He spent the night with me and asked me to take him home in the morning. We got to his dorm and only Steve was there to greet us. Steve was on the smaller end of guys, but was handsome as hell in a sort of refined way. I secretly made a change to the world so only the people who have been boosted are aware of changes, so nothing looked strange to him. I pulled up his page.

Age: 19
Height: 5’6
Weight: 135
Muscle: Low/Slight
Soft: 3 inches
Hard: 4½ inches

He had a fair amount of muscle tone on his body, courtesy of being a swimmer in high school. We chatted with each other and Max popped the question. “Steve, do you want to have a threesome with us?”

The look of absolute shock on his face when he shouted “YES!” I will never forget. He got up to hug Max and that made it much clearer how short he was compared to Max. Steve barely came up to the middle of Max’s abs, not a bad sight at all. Before getting ready for our threesome, I made some mass boosts to Steve, just a few to prevent us from killing him due to our size.

Height: 5’9
Weight: 160
Muscle: Slight
Soft: 4 inches
Hard: 6¼ inches

I also boosted his ass and mouth to allow any size dick to have a good time for both involved. Every thrust in either hole would increase your size by 1%. He was ready for us. We started off just like last night, all of us in our underwear showing off our bulges, some more massive than others. I boosted all of my stats by 5% and Max’s by 2%, because it’s hot seeing huge guys grow even huger in their sexy underwear. And it had been a while since I grew. I gave myself a bonus of 10 pounds of muscle, too.

Height: 7’0
Weight: 365
Muscle: High/Extreme
Soft: 7½ inches
Hard: 12¼ inches

Height: 6’6
Weight: 235
Muscle: Moderate/High
Soft: 6½ inches
Hard: 9 inches

Steve was really looking up at us now, and our dicks were only going to get bigger. We wasted no time peeling our undies off and letting our monsters loose. Even soft we were bigger than Steve was hard, and he was already hard. I was eating Steve’s ass while jerking him off, while giving him a boost.

Steve>dick size>girth>increase>100%. Gradual>5 minutes.

As I was stroking his dick, it began forcing my fingers apart, growing from an average 3½ inch girth to an impressively thick 7 inches. Steve’s dick was now thicker than it was long. Max had been kissing Steve this whole time, and I guess I wasn’t clear on my growth parameters because his tongue was now longer. My own dick was getting anxious so I plunged it deep into Steve’s ass while Max shoved his massive member into his mouth. We simultaneously fucked him from both ends, thrusting in and out at least 25 times each. With each thrust out cocks got longer and thicker (another side effect). I could feel my dick stretching Steve’s insides to the limit, Max’s dick even more so fully down his throat and threatening to meet mine in Steve’s stomach.

By the time the three of us exploded, our sizes were truly enormous. My cock went from 9 inches long and 6 inches thick to 11¼ long and matched Steve’s 7 inch thickness. Max gave another 8 thrusts in and out of Steve’s mouth, granting him even more growth. He now sat at 16¼ inches long and 10½ inches thick.

For good behavior, I boosted everyone by an additional 12%.

Height: 6’4
Weight: 242
Muscle: Moderate/High
Soft: 4½ inches
Hard: 6¾ inches

Height: 7’7
Weight: 472
Muscle: Extreme
Soft: 11 inches
Hard: 18¼ inches

Height: 7’4
Weight: 353
Muscle: High
Soft: 9 inches
Hard: 12½ inches


Part 2

Word got out about my capabilities, so when I got an email from the head of administration I wasn’t shocked. He begged me to send a 30% boost to everyone. Everyone. I asked him if he knew how big people would get and he replied it was of no issue. Later that night I set the boost up:

university>all>increase>30%. Gradual>1 month.

I figured that was enough time for everyone to grow accustomed to their new sizes. As for Max, Steve and I; we were in for a wild time. Halfway through the month my dick grew to 10½ inches soft and 8¾ thick. There was only one person on campus who had a fire hose bigger than me, and he was quite a bit bigger now. Max stood at 8 feet 9 inches and a hefty bulge weighed down his jockstrap. Inside it sat a dick 12½ inches long and 10½ inches thick, truly a sight to see on this behemoth of a man. Of course the two of us had daily blowjob and anal sessions, sometimes more than once a day due to my increased cum production.

I didn’t see Steve again until the boost had finished, he was approaching giant territory himself.

Height: 8’3
Weight: 553
Muscle: Moderate
Soft: 5¾ inches
Hard: 8¾ inches

Seeing his small (for his body, huge for anyone else) dick made my heart drop. He deserved to be hung just as much as we did.

Steve>dick size>both>increase>150%. Gradual>10 minutes.

He was moaning with pleasure for the entire duration, as anyone would when their cock more than doubles in size. At the end he fondled his now 14½-inch-long anaconda which quickly inflated to a rock hard 21¾ inches. Before engaging in our first threesome post school-wide boost I pulled up our stats and wrote them on my newly bought whiteboard.

Height: 8’3
Weight: 553
Muscle: Moderate
Soft: 14½ inches
Hard: 21¾ inches

Height: 9’6
Weight: 730
Muscle: High
Soft: 11¾ inches
Hard: 16½ inches

Height: 9’10
Weight: 894
Muscle: Extreme
Soft: 14 inches
Hard: 23½ inches

Steve let out a little squeal when he realized he now had the longest soft dick out of the three of us. Max still had him beat in bulge size due to his now much thicker hunk of meat. And speaking of bulges, due to the entire campus now having massive baskets, the school had to special order underwear of all varieties to fit our growing needs. Who doesn’t love free undies? Max and I started to 69 each other’s massive dicks and Steve took it upon himself to wreck my asshole with his rod at the same time.

Shortly after we switched to a more comfortable position, Steve was still inside me and I was now inside Max. We begin pounding each other as I make another secret change. The same boosting capabilities of Steve’s holes applied to whoever he was fucking at half the rate, and if that person is fucking another it continued on to the final person. So Steve’s dick is now expanding inside my ass, and my dick was expanding inside Max’s ass but at the same time Max’s everything was expanding too. Steve lasted 50 thrusts before exploding out of his package, the force was so extreme it caused me to cum as well ending our fuck session.

The three of us were panting and sweating heavily due to the intensity of our growth fucking. Steve updated his chart to reflect his now 21½ inch softy and 32½ inch erection, now the proud owner of the biggest cock in the world. My dick now stood at 14½ inches soft and 20½ rock hard inches. My girth had increased by nearly 2½ inches as a bonus. Now we looked up at Max, and I mean really far up. Picture the tallest, most muscular man in the world. And now imagine he’s 25% larger everywhere because that was Max.

Height: 12’4
Weight: 1,418
Muscle: Extreme/Hyper
Soft: 17½ inches
Hard: 30 inches

Max was now over twice the height of the smaller kids on campus and almost twice the average boy’s height. Speaking of which, I added the school average to the whiteboard to keep track of how massive we were.

Height: 6’9
Weight: 345
Muscle: Moderate
Soft: 7 inches
Hard: 11¼ inches

Now, of course this was only the average, there were still quite a few kids unfortunate enough to have started out pathetically small. And some kids who were gifted with largeness all over. For the rest of the year I decided it was best to avoid boosting any further.


Part 3

At the beginning of next year, Max, Steve, and I moved in together on campus in one of the newly installed giant halls. These were made specifically for the exceptionally boosted students and anyone else lucky enough to get roomed with them. It was a huge 5-bedroom place, and since Max and I were sharing a bed, that meant 3 new roommates. One of these was Steve’s little brother Pete, fresh out of high school and the closet. Also, keyword ‘little,’ seeing as the poor guy was even smaller than the original Steve.

Next we greeted the dreamy and mysterious Dante, who was around the school average mark. Last but not least was the ultra-limber Liam, who was part of the foreign exchange program with Ireland. I always had a thing for gingers with smoking hot bodies.

Each one of us took a new roommate to bed with us for some fun ice-breaker sex. Naturally Steve took Pete for some one on one bro action. And Max took Dante for a wild ride on the massive train. Which left me with Liam, my weakness. Before getting to the steamy bits, the new roommates’ stats.

Age: 18
Height: 5’3
Weight: 120
Muscle: Pathetic
Soft: 2½ inches
Hard: 4 inches

Age: 28
Height: 6’7
Weight: 370
Muscle: High
Soft: 8½ inches
Hard: 12 inches

Age: 23
Height: 5’9
Weight: 181
Muscle: Moderate/High
Soft: 4 inches
Hard: 7 inches

Steve looked down at his tiny brother with confidence. He was going to grow up so fine with the help of his much bigger big brother. They were a near spitting image looks-wise, so much so they used to get mistaken for identical twins.

Pete couldn’t hold it back any longer, he had to make out with his boosted brother. They passionately made out lengthening Pete’s tongue. Afterwards Steve hugged his brother, realizing how easy it was to move him around. He lifted his now-naked brother up with both hands and promptly began sucking his tiny dick, swallowing the whole thing with ease. He slowly brought his brother’s dick in and out of his mouth, watching with delight as Pete realized it was getting larger with each motion. Steve picked up the pace, counting in his head how many thrusts he was making. He lost count somewhere between 50 and 90, but he had to estimate his brother’s newly grown cock was around 7 inches long. Now that he was deemed big enough for anal, the two wasted no time getting to it. However due to Pete’s fatigue he only got 16 thrusts in before cumming again. Boosting him to 8½ inches of prime dick.

Max and Dante were making a huge amount of noise with their passionate lovemaking. The bed couldn’t stand both their weights so they ended up on the floor and walls, fucking each other so hard they would have busted through if not for the extra reinforcements. Since Max possessed no growth capabilities, I had boosted his ability to pleasure others by 100%. This turned him into an absolute powerhouse when it came to anything sex related. He could cater to any kink flawlessly.

Dante took Max’s giant fuck stick with surprising ease, welcoming it inside his warm tight hole, stretching him beyond belief. But he felt no pain, only pleasure and lots of it. After all, he had a thick 30 inch cock bottoming out inside of him. Max was sitting on the ground with his back against the wall, Dante skewered on his dick looking straight into his 12 concrete slab abs. After all, Dante was over 5 feet shorter than Max. He reached up to play with Max’s huge perky nipples while he got fucked harder and harder. When Max was about to blow, Dante hopped off and tried to get his mouth over Max’s cockhead for the torrent of cum about to shoot out. He did surprisingly well, drinking it all up and let out a satisfying burp when finished.

Liam had told me that he heard about what I can do and was eager to start getting boosted. I gave him a quick one over to get an idea of what to start with. He had a light dusting of chest hair, complete with a treasure trail down into his emerald green AussieBum briefs. His bulge looked bigger than it should, given his stats.

“It’s the Enlarge-It line, I know I’m not small but I get a little self-conscious about my bulge, and feeling it be bigger turns me on,” he said with striking confidence. He was also quite beefy, with thick pecs and strong arms. One big blue vein ran down along his left bicep and forearm.

I told him to pose for me, give me a good show of his body. He happily agreed and got to flexing all his Celtic beef.

Liam>muscle>increase>9%. Gradual>2 minutes.

He started packing on more of that beef every second, most of it focused on his pecs and arms. I grabbed my tape measure, at 9% more muscular Liam’s arms were 19½ inches around and his pecs looked like pillows. He now weighed 197 pounds, an increase of 16 pounds of pure muscle. I made a secret boost to increase his strength by 100%. Now he could lift practically anything he wanted with ease and could probably put Max’s strength to the test.

The shape of his muscles really accentuated his bulge, and I asked him how much bigger he’d like to get down there. He answered he would be happy with a 6-inch softy. After some quick math in my head that would be equal to a 50% size increase. I ran it through for both soft and hard over the next 5 minutes, granting him 10% size each minute he poses for me. I could hardly contain myself. He was becoming even hotter than I’d imagined. His bulge inflated to the size of a softball, almost busting out of his briefs. Before he let that happen though, Liam ripped them off his bulging bulge with ease, letting his newly grown dick sway between his thick legs.

I reached out to grab it with my hand and began stroking it hard. Shortly after it expanded to its new 11 inch length. Usually growing people’s dicks increases their ball size and girth, but I wanted to grant Liam a little something extra to assist his bulge anxiety.

Liam>balls>increase>65%. Instant. And just like that his balls became the size of tennis balls hanging low in his tight sack, perfectly accentuating his dick. His new dick and balls gave him surprising endurance as I gave him the perfect blowjob. When he came it shot across the room and all over my body.

After our individual sessions, we grouped up for a 6 person orgy in the living room. Each of us getting 10 thrusts inside each other for 10% dick size. Plus an additional 7% to all sizes for the new roommates (Pete got an additional 10% muscle size), 4% for Steve and I, and 1.5% for Max. At the end of our night we compared our stats.

Height: 12’6
Weight: 1,456
Muscle: Hyper
Soft: 19½ inches
Hard: 33½ inches

Height: 9’10
Weight: 792
Muscle: High/Extreme
Soft: 16½ inches
Hard: 23½ inches

Height: 8’6
Weight: 600
Muscle: High
Soft: 24½ inches
Hard: 37 inches

Height: 5’8
Weight: 187
Muscle: Moderate/High
Soft: 4½ inches
Hard: 10 inches

Height: 7’1
Weight: 430
Muscle: High
Soft: 10½ inches
Hard: 15¾ inches

Height: 6’3
Weight: 262
Muscle: High
Soft: 7 inches
Hard: 13 inches

And we were only just starting to get to know each other better.

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Definition of a grower by Luke B. Kyle is pretty sure people don’t understand the magnitude of what he means when he says he’s “a grower”. 2 parts 4,221 words Added Apr 2013 29k views 5.0 stars (18 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock

The salt: the lab assistant by RdyRoger Helping out at the lab where a scientist is developing very effective body enhancement formulas can expose you to temptations too tough to resist. 9,042 words Added Jun 2010 19k views 5.0 stars (7 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Other Mental Changes•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Increased Libido•Getting Handsomer•Voice Deepening•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Hair Growth/Getting Hairy•Nonconsensual change •M/M

Summer breeze by Dave Swim hunk Mike is asked to employ his recently improved body and unstoppable libido in the service of intergalactic peace. 5,170 words Added Jun 2012 14k views 5.0 stars (7 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Transformation•Aliens

The trainer by Also Known As Needing a new trainer, Thomas finds onewho can push him to the next level, and then some. 7 parts 22k words Added Jan 2014 27k views 5.0 stars (15 votes) No comments yet •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase •M/M

Unexpected growth spurt by rusalko Moving in with the cute guy you've been aching to push your big dick into is exciting and boner-making enough... but then I experienced a very unexpected growth spurt that put us both into sex heaven. 6 parts 11k words Added Dec 2012 Updated 3 Feb 2017 67k views 5.0 stars (19 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase •M/M

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