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The spectacular growing saga

by West

A collection of brief stories about guys discovering their dream bodies in various ways.

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Gift of the Gods A very fortunate man explores his new gift of being able to freely alter his own body. (added: 26 Mar 2022)
Triple Threat Three identical brothers each wish for something the others don’t have.
There’s No Way This Isn’t a Porno Freddy’s scuba recertification doesn’t go as expected. (added: 2 Apr 2022)
Build a Man Build it, and they will cum.
Lovefuck Growing during sex is even better when you can share some of it with your fuck-partner. (added: 9 Apr 2022)
The Vessel A chance encounter with a cock-growing stud results in the ability being transferred to him as well.
Birthright When you’re born from one of your two dads’ cocks, your life, and your identical brother’s, will be much different and much bigger than the average man’s. (added: 20 May 2023)
VR H.U.N.K.S That old VR headset from the corner store may just be the wildest adventure for you and whoever else is involved.
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Gift of the Gods

I could feel my bulge pushing against the fabric of my boxer briefs as it packed on extra inches from thin air. My undies were nearing their limit as my lemon sized balls pushed my heavy soft dick forward, threatening to burst at any second. Then I began to hear it, the fibers began snapping as my cock forced its way through my way too small pouch. Before they met their fate, I felt a surge of sexual energy seeing how massive the bulge was in front of me. You see I was blessed by a god, who I may or may not have had a one night stand with. Said god granted my body the will to change itself however I wanted. And right now, I wanted to burst through my boxers. Cue a few moments later when my foot-long soft dick tore itself through the straining fibers with a satisfying rip. Now free, the sheer weight of my rod was seriously pulling on my groin. So I started strengthening my torso. My slightly noticeable 4 pack abs became deeper, harder and thicker. The weight of my dick was still too much, so I started growing more rows of abs. A new row grew around my belly button, just as strong as the originals. But it still wasn’t enough, so I decided to just double my abs. One, two, three more rows worked their way out of my stomach with the last one finally reaching the base of my thick dick. Now my dick felt like nothing with my 12 abs working their magic to help support every inch of it.

I stepped out of the tattered remains that once were my boxer briefs. With each movement of my legs they too expanded and thickened. My legs had deep cut diamonds of muscle filling them out, providing me with a strong base for the rest of my body to grow into. Looking down I saw my feet, which seemed small for who I was turning into. They too began growing, they didn’t just get larger though, both feet became covered with thick veins as they grew. I had ended up stopping them at a size 20, or 14 inches. Now that my base was sturdy, I moved my focus to my arms. I had small arms with a little noticeable muscle on them but with each passing second they grew bigger and longer. Thick muscle was overflowing onto my arms, my biceps grew out to 26 inches around and not even Superman could put a dent in the mountain of muscle. Thick dark blue veins sprouted along their length, fueling them with strength. One extra thick rope spanned the entire length of each of my arms all the way down to my fingertips. Dozens of smaller ropes branched off of the main line, making my arms extremely vascular.

I decided my left arm could use some ink. In the blink of an eye three tattoos painted themselves into my skin. A nautical star on my elbow, a double band stretched across my huge biceps, and a compass rose on the back of my now meaty hand. Now satisfied with my arms, I ran my hands across my flat chest, which looked ridiculous with the rest of my body. As I was rubbing I could feel the muscle fibers deep within pushing themselves further out. I was enjoying feeling myself up as I grew, my pecs ballooned into thick slabs of muscle. My nipples were tiny compared to what they contained, so I expanded them to the size of a dollar coin but not before piercing both with a small black hoop on the left, and a pointed rod for the right nip.

I was huge, huge everywhere. Standing there in my naked glory, I began sprouting a tiny bit of body hair across my hairless body. A thin treasure trail along my 12 pack, a little bit across my thick pecs, some all down my arms and legs. Just enough to be noticeable without getting too hairy. I preferred to have as little hair on my body as possible, but I still wanted some.

Throughout all the growth my body had naturally grown taller. In order to actually support my size I had become 8 feet tall, and still just as huge everywhere.

As I walked into my bathroom to get a look at myself in the mirror, I made sure to duck under the doorframe. I took a good look at myself, running my hands along the sexy body I had given myself. But my face could use some work. My jaw expanded, sharpening. Eyes became a steel blue. My nose got bigger, its bridge arcing more than before. I fixed my teeth and brightened them up. And then I was debating growing facial hair. I tried a full beard but ultimately settled on a full 5 o’clock shadow that accentuated my jawline perfectly.

My dick was feeling restless and it swung heavily between my legs. Having an entire foot of soft man meat over lemon sized balls fueled my sex drive. I jumped into my bed and began fantasizing about a man in my head. He would be 6 feet tall and athletic in build, almost nearing muscular. And his bulge would fill out nicely, hinting at a thick monster behind the confines of his thong. Unlike me, he would have moderate amounts of body hair across his frame. As the image came into my mind, my cock responded by surging to hardness, reaching 17 rock hard inches. I had to use both of my big muscular hands to stroke the beast. Almost nearing my edge, I reached around to my muscle ass and popped some fingers inside my warm hole while continuing to stroke my dick with the other hand. When I started cumming the force blew me away, it was so strong I actually had to brace myself. Each rope of hot cum splattered itself across my body. I massaged my huge muscles with it, allowing the warm liquid to coat my body, the hair along my body soaking it up.

Moving back to the bathroom I had to wash off all the cum on my body in the shower. Feeling the warm water along my huge body relaxed all my muscles. I soaped up, taking extra time to feel how strong I had become. When I rinsed off and started drying off, the doorbell rang. Since I had no clothes that would fit this body I had no choice but to wear the towel across my waist and answer the door.


Triple Threat

I was lucky, I had two brothers identical to me in every way. The three of us were absolute studs, killer bod and all. And then one night we stumbled upon a wishing well and wished each of us had something the others didn’t. That’s how this all started.

You see, the three of us, Richie, Tommy and me, Olly were already blessed with a strong family lineage. Each of us stood 6’4 and had 217 pounds of strong defined muscle. We just packed on size easily and enjoyed each other’s sweaty company when we did so. All three of us were gay, oh yeah we messed around with each other countless times too. So it was no shock we learned quickly that we also shared the same dick size, that would be 5.7 inches soft and 7.1 inches hard btw. What we didn’t know is that that’s really big, but we loved shoving our big bulges in each other’s faces. Our balls were pretty big too, like the size of golf balls so we packed a lot into our undies.

So when we woke up in each other’s arms the next day something felt off. There was an extra set of arms among us. Cue Tommy shrieking because the dude got a whole ‘nother set of arms and pecs on him. I had to admit he looked damned sexy with them too. He started feeling his top pecs with one set and his bottom pecs with the other, and they actually started inflating bigger with muscle. Up until this morning we were identical, but now Tommy’s got 23 pounds on us plus extra pecs and arms. Talk about an upgrade.

The three of us fucked around with his body some more before going about our day as usual. The wildest thing was that nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary with Tommy.

That night Richie and I had a bit of fun flip fucking each other and were so exhausted we fell asleep with him inside me. I forgot to mention earlier, but for whatever reason we could keep a boner for as long as we wanted, and fell asleep like this somewhat occasionally. Cue next morning again and something feels odd. I feel my brother’s hard cock in my ass but also feel something resting along my back. Reaching my hand around it came into contact with Richie’s dick, well one of them. He now had two dicks sticking out of his groin, one right next to the other. I pulled myself off him and positioned myself to suck one of his dicks as Tommy followed my lead with the other. We picked up rhythm and I could tell Richie was close so we braced for the powerful cumshots directly into our eager mouths. As his dicks were shooting I felt them pushing my jaw wider and pushing further down my throat, glancing over at my brother I could tell the same was happening to Richie’s other cock too. Once he was finally done cumming down our throats we could see their new sizes. Our keen eyes told us Richie had 10 inches of rock hard man meat, times two. They deflated to semi-hard, I guess that’s his new soft, roughly 7.4 thick inches.

That left me to go through my change the next morning and I could not fucking wait. My brothers got amazing upgrades and I knew the same would happen for me. In the middle of the night I woke from being a bit cold, but pulled the comforter up and dozed back to sleep.

In the morning I was freezing again, my legs were sticking way far out from the edge of the bed. I threw the covers off what little they were covering of me and took in the sight. My body had stretched taller, much taller, and my 6 pack had turned into a deep 8 pack. Tommy began rubbing my abs with all four of his hands and I felt my body stretching taller as a new set of abs formed, and then another. My 12 pack started to tense up as my abs began getting larger and deeper as my brother caressed my torso. The three of us stood up, and I was significantly taller than my brothers were. I had shot up to 7’8 thanks in part to my longer, ab filled torso. That damn well really took our words to the next level, and the three of us are all for what it had given us.

We hadn’t fucked each other in a bit, so we had an ultra hot threesome with our new bodies. Right before we came in unison, the well gave us our final gift. Tommy and I had our dicks grown longer to 8.8 inches and nearly as thick as Richie’s dicks. Richie and I had our arms inflate with extra muscle. And Tommy and Richie grew upwards to 6’10 but kept their 6 pack. We all got a big special upgrade and our brothers got smaller less drastic changes. The three of us couldn’t be happier with ourselves. I mean, we already were blessed and now even more so. We were huge and hung and hot for each other.


There’s No Way This Isn’t a Porno

I had been needing to get recertification for my scuba license for months, and today was finally the day. Upon arriving at the facility I could already tell it wasn’t normal. First of all, it looked like it belonged in some sort of porno, and second of all, so did the men. My trainer was one of the most attractive men I had ever laid eyes upon. He waved me over to the pool he was near. His golden skin radiated in the sun, his nautical tattoos contrasting nicely. I was actually distracted by his muscular body and the weirdly huge bulge in the tight purple speedo he was wearing. The most perfect set of eyes met mine as we introduced ourselves to each other.

“Freddy, right? I’ll be your trainer for the recertification class, I’m Cam.” He extended his muscular left arm towards me, this one adorned with a tattoo of an anchor set in coral. I took it and was almost taken back by how strong his grip was. “I do have to apologize, normally we have plenty of equipment but we just had a break-in so we will have to continue in an unusual way.” I was barely paying attention to what he was saying because he was just that gorgeous, all I could muster up was a weak smile and thumbs up.

Then everything took a weird turn. Cam started fidgeting with his speedo before removing it completely, allowing me a glance at not one, but two of the most perfect dicks I’d ever seen. “Hope you don’t mind, it gets a bit stuffy in there for me. Here, it’s for you,” he said as he tossed the purple speedo at me. I hesitated at first, but a feeling washed over me and I knew I had to obey it. He watched me as I took off my tank and jeans until I was in my lucky jock. My body was decent I’d say, faint muscles bulged all over but I wasn’t big by any means. I was just about 155 pounds and 5’9 but it was what I had. After another sensation, I shucked my jock revealing my small 2.5-inch dick before quickly slipping Cam’s speedo over it. As soon as I did I felt energized and my body started to tingle. Cam walked over to me and I never realized how big he was. He towered over me, maybe 6’6 and 240 pounds of thick strong muscle. His double dicks playfully flopped up and down with each step he took, if I had to guess each one was already 6 inches long totally soft.

“All right, like I said, this is going to be unconventional. So, I will be acting as your equipment for this session.” And with that, he climbed up onto me piggyback back style. But the oddest thing was that he didn’t feel burdening at all, in fact he felt amazing on me. I loved feeling his pillowy pecs pressing into my back and his 10 abs resting alongside them. He reached his huge arms around my chest to secure himself in place before instructing me to enter the water. I practically ran towards it, unfazed by the huge hunk on my back. As I plunged into the water I felt the energizing jolt once again before realizing I wouldn’t be able to breathe. Cam had that covered though when he guided my face to meet his before leaning in for the hottest underwater kiss. He worked my mouth with his all while providing me with the oxygen I needed. How he was doing it didn’t cross my mind. All I knew was that I wanted more. I finished the session with ease and we rose back to the surface.

When we exited the water I once again stared at Cam’s glistening body. It was strange though because he looked a bit shorter than I remember but I shook it off as a weird perspective. I returned his speedo back to him after struggling to get it off. I must have had a bit of a pump from the workouts and I think the water made my junk swell because I was looking big. My balls had always been pretty big, they definitely were the contributing factor to my bulge, but now my dick was resting beautifully across them when before it was significantly smaller.

Cam must have noticed the confusion on my face before speaking up. “Damn, looking good there Freddy,” he said. “You’re really filling out nicely. So much so that you’ve got me fucking horny for that ass of yours.” Without any thought I flung my bigger body towards him and he carried me into the pool while he worked me up to the hottest sex I had ever had. Cam was the first guy to top me that had double dicks, I had actually had one bottom that had the same genetic blessing he did. Getting double fucked by a single guy was one of the most intense feelings I’d experienced. He was 10.25 inches hard and I could feel all of that as he stuffed me with both of them.

Having two huge cocks inside your ass was something I wanted to always feel. It was just that amazing. As we were floating under the water, mouth fucking for air, my body tingled again. This time I felt it though, I was getting bigger. My muscles expanded rapidly as I stroked Cam’s 10 pack abs before I realized what was actually happening. I was adding Cam’s body onto mine. Soon I had an 8 pack of my own and my pecs pushed into his. My arms were 18 inches, still not as big as him but way bigger than how I started out. The tingle got stronger as it reached my crotch. My dick surged forward 2,3,4,5 more inches until it was a foot long and twitching violently. A quick sharp pain pinched me as my new second dick began rapidly growing next to its twin. I looked at Cam and said perfectly through the water, “Now I’m the big man.”

I scooped him up with my stronger arms and lifted us both out of the pool. It was surreal the strength I had now. Cam looked up at me, up. He laughed and gave me a sexy grin. “Welcome to the big leagues, Freddy. By my estimate you’re now 7 feet tall, 310 pounds and your cocks are a foot long. We continue tomorrow at 5 a.m. sharp.”


Build a Man

Dean Hayes had a problem. He was horny as fuck and had more money than he knew what to do with. That was until he saw an ad for the Build A Man workshop, which caught his eye in more ways than one. The ad claimed to cater to all and had some interesting features for some of the creations, but Dean was focused on one range in particular: the Expand line. Advertised as ‘allowing your man to grow and expand up to 40% in size everywhere and anywhere.’ He just about creamed his pants then and there. Finally he could get what he needed, someone to match his endurance in bed, and they’d be exactly what he wanted. Most of the guys Dean had been with couldn’t keep up with him and eventually called it off because of how horny he was, or were only dating him because of how loaded he was. Both financially and genetically. A lot of the time he felt used and just wanted to be genuinely happy for a change, so he was eager to get started building his Man.

The workshop was online, go figure, but Dean imagined it was easier that way. All Men would arrive fully dressed and programmed right to your doorstep, ready for whatever you needed them for. He could hardly contain his excitement as he started clicking away at all the tabs. You could customize literally any part of him: height, weight, muscularity, dick size, amount of limbs, sexual prowess, talents, and way more than you could imagine. And of course there were the ‘special features’ Dean was interested in. He began with the recommended steps, first choosing from a page of names before settling on Carter. Next was facial features. Dean selected chiseled and angular as well as strong, for good measure. The program began creating a 3D model of Carter’s face and Dean was already in love. Dark eyes looked back at him, and actually winked! Next up was hair options. Dean chose a short but shaggy style that had some waves in it, as well as a very trim and short beard, just enough to amplify his sharp jawline. He set his hair to dirty blonde and light brown for the beard. Lastly it gave an option for piercings, Dean gave him a diamond stud in one ear and a small black double hoop at the top of the other. Carter’s face was beautiful, and he was just now moving to his body.

Just like before, the options were vast. Dean chose a sun-kissed skin color that complimented his hair perfectly. Limb count he kept normal, he had only three of the wilder features in mind. Going through a lot of the basic options quickly, Carter was set to be 5’8 and 160 pounds with a muscularity set to a 9/10 on the scale. He watched as the body was created in front of his eyes. It started as a blob but quickly molded into a chiseled and strong body with the most perfect muscles. Even though he was shorter, the size of his muscles accentuated his body to the point you could overlook his height. Dean glanced at the body hair slider on his screen and messed around with it, watching hair sprout all over Carter’s body and then vanish again before ultimately deciding to equip him with the optional Hair Growth feature. Now Carter could grow or lose any amount of body hair as requested by Dean or as he sees fit. He kept the slider at 0 so Carter would be naturally hairless. He slid Carter’s hand and foot size up to 7/10 just for good measure. Next was onto body features where Dean selected Big Nipples, Beefy, and Flexible. He watched as Carter’s muscles lost some definition but became a bit bigger, most of the veins disappearing into his skin. His nipples expanded and stuck out further along his meaty pecs.

Once again he quickly clicked through lesser options until he came to the Dick page. Dean’s eyes went wide when he saw some of the option names and Carter let out a light laugh. Rationally he should keep it realistic, but Dean wasn’t exactly a rational guy, especially not with how horny he was. First he selected ‘Thick and Full’ from the presets, watching as Carter’s dick formed onto his body. It definitely lived up to its name, it was as thick as a Smart Water bottle when totally soft. Now he could play with the sliders, sliding the size up and down for his own pleasure. Seeing the virtual dick growing over and over actually made Dean cum all over his body. With his mind ever so slightly clearer, he settled on 7/10 for soft and an additional 5/10 when hard. A popup appeared next to the cock as it began its growth, stating his size of 7.25 inches soft and was still calculating his size when hard. Carter began to get hard, presumably so the program could calculate how big he was, and Dean’s eyes went wide again. There was a massive dick on the screen, which the popup now proudly displayed as 12.5 inches. On the last page of options was one that stood out, Dick Split. The description said it allows the Man who has it equipped to literally split his dick in two, granting him two dicks at half size, or full-size for an extra fee. Of course cost was no issue for Dean, and he happily clicked both the boxes.

On the final page of customizations was the special feature, the Expand line. A $600,000 base price. In a heartbeat Dean selected it and another slider popped up going from 1-40%. For every percent, $5,000 was added to the option. Dean slid it all the way to 40%, willing to pay the extra $200,000 for Carter to have the ability to expand himself to 140% of his size.

When Dean got to the summary page he checked and double checked all the options he selected, not even glancing at the cost of them. Carter was going to be his million dollar Man. The base price was $100,000 and Expand added $800,000 to that alone with all his other options adding up to 1.1 million dollars.

Checkout complete.

‘Carter will arrive next business day at 10 a.m. Please select clothing.’ Once again the amount of options were insane, thankfully they were categorized and some were even combined into outfits. Dean picked a silver jockstrap and matching harness for Carter’s underwear, and a simple button down shirt (with the top buttons unbuttoned to show off his pecs) and skinny jeans that hugged his beefy thighs, showing off his big bulge.



My body was incredible. Every time I’d have sex I could grow my own body and let the lucky guy take some of mine. At any point I could revert my body back to my “preset” of 5’10, 177 pounds and a 4-inch softie that grew to 8 hard inches. The rules were quite simple. If I was fucking or getting fucked, my body would grow bigger. Taller, more hung, more muscular. Another of my gifts was that I could accurately measure sizes and weights just by touch, which would come in handy.

The first guy I hooked up with was already a fucking hunk. Julian was 6 feet even, 190 pounds and had a 9-inch torpedo cock at the base of his abs. He was huge, but was the ultimate power bottom. As I fucked his super-hot hole my body began its growth. He loved feeling my dick stretch further into him, and shot an unbelievable amount of thick cum from his own monster. As I pulled my 9.3-inch cock out of him I too shot my load all over his gorgeous body. We cleaned up in the shower, and let me tell you, feeling this hunks muscles as I lathered his body up with soap almost made me cum again. All of him was super taught and you could tell he took pride in how his body looked. I rubbed my hands across his thick chest and played with his sensitive nipples. Julian immediately stood at full mast and I knew I had to try his dick out. At this point we were basically equal in size, I was a bit bigger. But as soon as he put his 9 incher inside my asshole I became much bigger. All of my muscles rapidly expanded, thick with power on my 220 pound frame. My height skyrocketed to 6’4 while my 10.5-inch dick swung itself around.

As amazing as it was, the feeling was short-lived because Julian started absorbing my body. I wanted this hunk to be even hotter. Now I understood how fucking amazing it felt when the already huge dick inside you grow even bigger. His 11-inch rod was ramming me harder than ever. I felt his bigger muscles wrap around me as he shot into my ass. Julian’s new and improved body was just as perfect as his original form, only bigger, which made it even sexier to me. Our bodies had basically swapped sizes, he looked down on me from 6’2, all 218 pounds of muscle looking smooth and strong. Best of all he had a little shy of a foot long dick, and 7 hefty inches soft. A 7-inch dick inside of a jockstrap is hot, it was almost bursting at the seams and I could almost fuck him again then and there, but we called it a night and went our separate ways. I made sure to let him know if be back for that sexy body of his, and I saw his dick jump in excitement.

My next date was on the opposite spectrum from Julian’s hunky body. While his body may have been smaller, his face was even hotter. Grant was a 5’7 track runner, 135 pounds and skinny as a twig. The boy somehow managed to run with a thick 4-inch piece of meat hanging between his legs. I quickly learned that he had a respectably large 6.5 inches hard, and that quickly went inside my mouth. As I started growing, I allowed Grant to absorb me at 75% the rate. So my body remained its previous size for the most part, while Grant expanded all over. With his dick still getting worked on by my tongue, I felt it grow bigger as I had to readjust my stance to accommodate his extra height. I ran my hands along his smooth torso as it too expanded. He remained smooth, but was now big and beefy. Overall he actually took a bit more out of me than I had grown. His body was now 5’10 and 172 beefy pounds. But my eyes (or tongue for that matter) focused on how huge he felt inside my mouth. My mouth told me his 6.5 incher was now 10 whole inches.

I left the room that night smaller than my original frame, but as I slept it regrew to my default stature. A few days had passed and I was longing to see Julian again. Just the image of his body in my head could set me off. I woke early, before the sun rose, to meet the hunk at the gym for a surprise. He looked amazing as always, his muscles were so perfectly shaped on his body. I could tell he was feeling bold, he had on nothing but his overstuffed jockstrap. I guess that was fine because we were the only ones in the entire gym, he could certainly pull it off.

We actually worked out and got a pump on before taking a break to fuck. His sweaty body was eager to slide against mine. I tore my clothes off my body, my dick already hard, and slid my sweaty rod inside Julian’s ass. I couldn’t even wait for him to take what little clothing he had on, off. My body began to grow the same as before. Julian’s moans got louder as my dick got bigger inside of him. Before cumming I stopped myself and pulled out, before giving Julian a mouthful of meat. It was a neat little “loophole” I found with my powers. Mouth and ass counted as separate, so I could grow double if I double fucked him. And with my plans for later, I needed to be big. My body got even bigger than it did when he fucked me before and he was extra excited about that. The muscles all over me expanded until I hit 225 pounds, my dick sliding even further down his throat, an entire foot of hot man meat. He choked on it and I was forced to pull out. As he stood up I was taller than him now by an inch, resting at 6’3. He loved that I was bigger, and wanted me even more so. He slid out of his cum soaked jockstrap and handed it to me, I happily took it and put it on, my 9-inch softy stretching it even further than Julian’s 7 incher did.

As he entered me I shuddered. I wasn’t ready for how big he was, but pain soon faded to pleasure as he was in balls deep. Now inside he picked up the pace and my body yet again grew bigger. I knew I was huge before, but having Julian fuck me surged my body into its largest growth spurt yet. The poor jockstrap was bursting more and more as the threads started snapping from my expanding cock. The movements of having a muscular man ramming into my body started feeling less and less intense as even more muscle added onto my body. I could even feel my ass expanding. And finally I felt it, the jock gave way to the more powerful force, my foot long soft cock. Now free it swung heavily as Julian continued to pound my ass. It quickly began hardening and lengthening even more, to become 15 inches huge. The sight of it put Julian over the edge and he yelled out as he shot his hot cum all over my bigger body.

As we headed to the sauna for my surprise, I stopped at the scale to measure in. I had 240 pounds of muscle on my 6’5 body, and my dick was of course swinging 12 hefty inches between my thick legs. Julian grew me big, and I was going to return a lot of it back to his sexy body.

The sauna was already prepped and waiting for our big bodies to enter. Both of us were totally naked now, I didn’t fit into my old clothes anyways. Unrestricted we began furiously fucking each other’s mouths with our gifted tongues. Julian was really amazing at everything, so talented with every part of his body. I think I was falling in love with the big hunk. Soon he would be the huge hunk, and he could be all mine if I wanted.

While deep inside each other’s mouths I begin my transfer. My hands began to explore his body as I shrank in order to grow him. The combination of my hands being smaller and his biceps getting bigger was intoxicating. Every so often I’d look down at our crotches, his cock was rapidly approaching mine in size. He still kept that oh so sexy torpedo shape only bigger. At the midway point we were again roughly the same size, and then I became the smaller of the two. He felt so much bigger already and there was still some more to add.

We finally pulled apart after it was finished. He looked at my body, now 6’1, 210 pounds and a still big 6-inch softy. I looked at him, a lot more of him. Julian was now 6’6 and filled with 270 pounds of muscle with a huge 13-inch torpedo hanging off him. I promised to him I would continue to fuel him with as much size as he wanted, as long as he would be my boyfriend. In the span of his big heart’s heartbeat he accepted and we made out again. His new size felt overpowering but I was enjoying it.


The Vessel

This guy had me so hot for him, I had no idea who he was,, but I just had to have him fuck me. We got a hotel room, a pretty nice one at that, and he promised I wouldn’t regret spending the night with him. He could get whatever he wanted it seemed, and I was going to let him. My athletic body was his for the night. As soon as the door closed he was on top of me. His tongue in my mouth. His hands exploring my muscles. We were on fire. That’s when things started to get a bit weird. I saw his bulge getting bigger, much bigger. He pulled his pants off to reveal his gigantic bulge as it grew harder and larger. As I sat and stared, his dick exploded out of its confines, ripping them to shreds. In front of me was a dick at least a foot long and looked so powerful. At this point I’m foaming at the mouth, and begin to take my own shorts off when he stops me.

“Leave them on, I will break through them myself,” he said in an imposing voice.

Whatever that meant, I was ready to find out. I turn around ready to have this godly rod penetrate me and sure enough I feel his dick pushing on my shorts before ripping through them and plunging straight into my waiting hole. I’m not sure what shocked me more, him breaking through my clothes, or how amazing his size felt inside me. He was balls deep inside me when I started warming up. My brain was so focused on how I was feeling that I didn’t realize he was grow fucking me. There were stories about men like him, and I was so glad to be getting fucked by one.

My entire body was flexed as it stretched and expanded. With each thrust my body surged with power. I was getting taller by the minute, my muscles were expanding with every moan I let out. My clothes burst to tatters from my growth, after being stretched to their limits. Oddly there was one part of me left out, my own dick. But that didn’t matter right now, what mattered was the pleasure I was feeling. He shot his warm cum in my ass and pulled his throbbing dick out with a loud pop. Turning around I realized how big I was now. Before he was eye level with my mouth, but now he was looking at my much more muscular shoulders. The rest of my body looked like it gained 20 pounds of muscle in all the right places. Here I was, naked and heaving in front of this man. He looked up at me, then down at my cock. With a crooked smile he knelt down and took the entire thing in his mouth. I was no slouch with a big 8-inch rod, so his skill level surprised me. His mouth was doing work on my meat and I could feel myself closing in on blowing my load. Just before I began shooting my own cum down his throat, I felt myself sliding further down. He had to readjust his jaw as my cock forced his mouth wider as it grew.

As he pulled off my dick it kept sliding out where it previously would have stopped. I thought his foot long was big, but now he grew me even bigger. I was 6’6, 265 pounds of pure Mexican muscle and my dick was 14 inches hard.

With a wink he left the room and never came back. But he left an everlasting impression on my life. One that I knew I had to share. Turns out he made me a vessel just like him. Vessels could get anything they wanted, and when they fucked another man he would be grown even larger than the vessel. That explains why my dick is almost 10 inches soft. Leaving my room I didn’t have to walk far down the hall to find my own boy. Lukas was a smaller guy who had an absolutely killer face, the kind that would already make anyone fall in love with him.

With a short introduction and a preview of my body, I led Lukas back to my room. Even though the vessel who fucked me was a top, I was a bottom so I hoped Lukas would still grow if he fucked me. He stripped down to his skin and I stroked his nice 6-inch cock until I wanted him inside me. I shoved my ass right over it and we began moving in unison. Sure enough I felt it, Luke’s cock was expanding inside my ass. Each thrust he would push more and more inside me. His hands on my impressive chest began to get larger as his muscles started growing in addition to his rod. Lukas was becoming a giant as he was pounding my ass, and I was in ecstasy. My own dick erupted and shot up at Luke’s cute face, which was significantly farther away. Shortly after, I pulled off his 16-inch dick and began sucking him off before he shot down my throat and just like before with me, he forced my jaw wider as he got thicker.

Lukas was huge now, he still had his cute face but the rest of him was huge. Standing 7 feet tall and 360 pounds of thick corded muscle. But the most impressive thing was his 12-inch softy slapping his tree trunk legs. And with that, he became a vessel all on his own.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Narrator: Lukas

Being 7 feet tall was an adjustment for me. I got the hang of my huge dick quickly, as vessels do. With my eyes set on the next in line, I met up with him early in the morning. He warned me that his ass was tight and I wouldn’t get most of my dick inside him, but I assured him my expertise would make up for it. And I was also down for him to fuck me. He took me to his place, a small two bedroom that was nicely styled. Patrick his name was. I let him my explore every inch of my massive body, but his favorite was my dick. Patrick was the kind of guy who not only feels you up, but he also licked every inch of you. He needed to taste what it is like to be huge, little did he know he would be getting even more.

He was right about his ass. At first. But being a vessel I could get what I wanted. And I wanted to shove all of my dick inside him, so it happened. Patrick let out a gasp as I kept sliding further into him, impaling him with my cock. Due to my immense strength I completely lifted him off the floor and used my own arms to slide Patrick up and down. Each time he would move up we would quickly kiss before going back down. We went on for hours, his stamina was impressive. I twisted him around to face me and then grew his cock. In seconds he was already 10 inches long, and still sliding up my abs.

After a couple minutes his cock reached my own mouth where I began to suck him. We both came heavy loads and I set him back down. At his current size he looked ridiculous, but started growing bigger. He was pretty short, probably just 5’6 judging by how he only came up to the bottom of my nipples. But he began rising higher and higher until I was the one looking directly at his nipples. Those began expanding along with his muscles pushing him to 8’7 and 590 pounds. At that height though I had to admit he looked a little small in the dick department, so his 16-inch softy stretched to 20 inches and he got hard again, rising to 2 feet long. I wanted him to fuck me so badly but knew we had to be on our own, vessels couldn’t see each other again on the same night.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Narrator: Patrick

I referred to myself as Patrick with a great dick, well I actually had a great everything. After that sexy Lukas grow fucked me into this giant I had to return the favor. Each night I went without using my powers built up how big I could make someone. Most new vessels are so horny from the gifts they can’t go more than a day without fucking someone. But I was different. I waited an entire week to return to Lukas who was happy to see me and my huge hose. My huge muscles overpowered him, even though he was giant himself. He sucked on my huge nipples as I worked myself up to my 2-foot erection. Slowly I fucked his ass, all the pent up hormones doing their work. He exploded out in all directions, packing on hundreds of pounds of muscle and foot after foot in height. Small giant Lukas shot up in height, now 10 feet tall and 870 pounds. He made me open my hole and let him inside as he just rested inside of me.

But I wasn’t going to let him stay there. He grew bigger and longer inside me, stretching my insides as his dick worked its way through my body and out my mouth. Lukas was long enough to fuck my ass and give himself a blowjob at the same time. His 4.5-foot-long pole throbbing inside me before his massive balls released his thick cum right into his mouth. I sat impaled on his cock for a few more minutes before he set me down. Patrick with the great dick was now super small compared to mega Lukas, but it was what I wanted for him. And I’m pretty sure I was in love with him.



“Yeah, we’ve got pretty big balls, they definitely make our bulges huge,” my brother admitted. I dropped my hands to mine, yeah they were pretty big, just like he said.

“And it’s not like our dicks are small either. Our dads were both huge and once I finish this sentence, we’re going to inherit a lot of that size.” The sensation that followed was intensely sexy. It felt almost like I was getting an erection. I saw it happening to Josh too. Our dicks were getting big enough to push their way against the fabric of our custom family-made undies. It felt like the fabric was jerking me off, as our dicks continued to snake through it. Josh looked like he was going to cum right then and there, and I don’t blame him. The 5-inch sausage hanging heavily from our groin was as sensitive as it was thick and long, resting prominently atop our equally massive kiwis.

“Ever wonder how Dad² got so big? When Dad¹ decided to get pregnant, Dad² slowly started absorbing his dick and balls. That’s how male pregnancy works, the one giving birth gives up his manhood to be able to give birth. It always results in a boy, and that boy will always be gay, in order to continue to pass on what makes us unique. So one of our dads was double hung and has got 4 kiwis due to absorbing another full size dick.”

I knew this, it was ingrained in us after drinking Dad²’s cum. Since we didn’t have a mom for breastmilk, we drank directly from his monster cock. Over time, his size shrank a bit. Not quite his pre-pregnancy sex size, but also not the extra 8 inches he took from Dad¹. And today, thanks to Josh, was the day all of those nutrients kicked in. Like a switch was turned on.

“Fucking hell, Felix, looks like Dad²’s extra balls are growing on you too!” Well, duh, Josh, I was born second which allowed me to grow extra body parts. My second pair of kiwis were lying dormant until today where they grew to full size, stretching my sack to the limit. It was exhilarating feeling them fill in. My ballsack was now twice as big as my brothers was, and twice as full. One of the benefits of having permanent double balls is that I can choose to empty them all at once, a regular orgasm using half, or even empty just one. Both my brother and I had graduated to super shooters, boosting our cum production by 400%. And for me that meant that just a single of my four balls could release more cum than the average male. Josh wasn’t lucky enough to inherit that sensation, but he could still cum like a firehose.

I could feel he was a bit envious. My brother grabbed my quadruple kiwis and gave them a slight squeeze, the cum inside audibly sloshing around. Having four gigantic balls means I’m constantly horny, especially for Josh. I felt his mouth encompass my dick, which responded by growing rock hard in the blink of an eye. Josh pushed his way down all 9 inches, unhinged his jaw, and sucked two of my balls inside his mouth. I couldn’t handle how he was servicing me and immediately started pumping my thick hot cum down his throat.

Josh was chugging my cum while still sucking me off, only it was starting to get harder for him to do so. When a brother drinks the cum of a man with extra balls, the extra potent cum grows him longer. Josh’s torso began stretching upward, followed by his arms getting longer, and finally his legs joined in the party. I was steadily pumping my brother full of my cum, lengthening his entire body. Somehow his dick was remarkably soft, although it was no longer our previously shared large but not obscene 5 inches. His cock was rapidly lengthening, flopping against his balls. An inch added in mere seconds, then two and three, and just as I shut the valve to my balls, he grew slightly past four inches longer. I loved my brother; after all, brotherly love plays a vital part in making sure gay men thrive. But I was in full control of how large I could grow his dick. While every man born from a man loves a huge cock as much as the next guy, Josh wasn’t muscular enough to support any extra length anywhere.

He still had my dick in his mouth, although with how much his legs and torso had grown he only barely had the head inside. Even kneeling down Josh was tall as fuck. I was standing and his eyes were level with the bottom of my beefy pecs. Fuck, I forgot about that. Not only do my balls store cum, but my pecs grow significant amounts of muscle that store some as well. Each time I cum, my pecs grow beefier and cummier. They don’t jiggle like boobs, they’re solid and dense due to the cum only running through the cords of muscle.

Back to Josh, he popped my cock head out of his mouth and straightened up, now eye level with my collarbone. Even on his knees he was nearly as tall as me. He lifted one leg up, the muscle rapidly filling out in order to support his new weight. Josh went up, and up, and up. His extra long arms reached down to grip my pecs. I looked up at my brother, straining my neck to see him fully up close. My super cum added 9 inches to both his torso and legs, with about half that length going towards his dick. We both were already tall to begin with, thanks to our Dutch heritage and the fact that gay birth produces increasingly larger boys. But my 6’6 frame was no match for giant Josh, all 8 feet of him. His long and heavy dick was ever so slightly longer than my own throbbing hard dick, swaying 10 inches down his thighs.

His upper body looked super thin compared to the giant muscles his legs grew. I had just the thing for that though. I reached my hand down to the head of my dick, came a small load into it, and licked all of it off making sure to coat my tongue with it. At the same time, my pecs jutted out a bit further, the cum inside them growing them stronger. Josh knew what was coming next, call it a psychic link between twins. He bent over, hugged my waist close to his, and firmly planted his full lips on mine. The second his mouth came into contact with the cum inside my own, his body began growing once more. I was in full control of how to grow Josh’s body. And when brothers sloppy kiss, the cum grows both boys’ bodies bigger. The rate I was growing was slower than Josh’s, but I wanted him to be stronger. After all he was stuck with the proper amount of body parts with no way of growing more like I could. Our genetics combined with the male birth making larger men had allowed us to naturally build muscle, both our dads were born the same way and their muscle growth factor was 240% efficiency. That works out to Josh and I having a muscle growth factor of around 301% meaning we built our 255 pound bodies three times easier and quicker than the average man. But this was the first time either of us beefed up from cum. Every pound added to us was perfectly distributed. My pecs ballooned out even bigger, still way ahead of Josh’s swelling chest. But Josh’s everything else was bigger, just how I wanted him. His biceps alone were the size of my head, add his equally large triceps and his arm was gigantic. The extra length in his arms accentuated the size of his muscles. Both of our 8 abs were growing larger and more impenetrable, and slowly they began to shift, allowing more rows to grow and fill in all the space down to the base of our cocks. For me that meant 14 abs, each as big as a brick and even stronger. Josh though, his extra long torso meant he could fit 20 bigger than a brick abs between his pecs and dick.

You’ve probably seen guys with an almost 10 pack, that little bit of muscle struggling to split off inside his Apollo’s belt. My brother and I had no such problem. The cum we shared while kissing made that easy. I hadn’t even realized it, I was so lost in how dreamy our kiss was, but Josh had picked me up with his insanely big and strong arms. Closing in on 280 pounds and he was lifting me like a feather. I would have struggled with that at our old weight and would have only managed to hold it a few seconds. But Josh wasn’t even phased by it, his beef easily supporting my beef. Speaking of his beef, Josh was huge. Closing out at 475 pounds of prime beef.

I was so turned on between feeling our muscles bulge and fight for space, and from the increasingly euphoric kiss we shared, that I didn’t even realize that my second set of arms had fully formed and inflated to the same size as my first set. It wasn’t until Josh opened his eyes and momentarily stopped sucking on my mouth that I too opened them to see his shocked eyes. Then the feeling hit, and the arms I had around his shoulders and neck were not connected to the hands that were squeezing Josh’s muscular bubble butt. My four arms worked in unison to feel up every growing inch of Josh. He had other plans.

“Hey Felix, my dick’s been achin’ to feel the inside of your ass again. Whaddya say you make him happy again? You can fit anything inside you, just like all gay men.” I felt my asshole pucker up as his change went into effect. Then came memories of younger me shoving increasingly larger dildos in my ass, while deepthroating another. Josh and I had always fucked, but at the stage we were in, this time would be different. Obviously because our muscles were bigger and stronger. Obviously because Josh was giant now. And obviously because his cock was basically double the size. But also for my most anticipated and final, for now, duplication.

I moved my secondary arms to my own ass and spread my cheeks wide. Josh snaked his monster cock towards my eager hole, fully in control of moving it. Just another benefit of male birth, total control over your dick. He wasn’t even hard yet, but plugged his head into the socket of my ass. I welcomed it, working with him to get it in. Even though we could fit anything inside us, we still felt the pleasure of being stretched. And Josh’s bigger cock was no different. I slid down just a bit to get his full 10 inches inside, and once he was balls deep he grew harder. Feeling his dick expand and harden inside me was blissful. Once he was half hard he began pumping his hips slowly, just enough for me to feel motion other than expanding cock. As he stretched me wider and longer, his dick did the same. After a bit I felt the final surge inside me, Josh now fully hard and absolutely filling me, still balls deep. Trust me when I say I felt every single inch of his 19 inches pushing into me. As his thrusting picked up the pace, so did the pressure building near my own rock hard 9 incher.

As it built and built with each thrust of Josh’s huge rod ramming into me, I finally felt it release. And I felt something else too. Looking down at my hard-on I finally got to see it, my second cock had formed. It was the same size it was when I was born, 2 inches, and was also uncut which was different from the cut dick next to it. That was kinda hot. As it rapidly grew, going through the years of me growing, it finally approached the size of current 21 year old me’s inches. Oh yeah, guys with more than one can control them individually but it didn’t take long for my uncut cock to harden alongside my original. Josh’s ramming intensified, causing my whole body and cocks to violently rub against his 20 abs.



Chase had purchased a strange vr headset from his local thrift store and was beginning to set it up. It looked legit but had no markings so he couldn’t tell what brand it was, but it looked similar to the HTC Vive. He booted up his pc and pulled the headset over his eyes to begin. A strange popup appeared stating “This program is best enjoyed naked.” Weird thought Chase, but sure why not? It’s not like he was uncomfortable in his own skin. He stripped down and let his hefty 4-inch softy hang free. The game quickly continued after, somehow sensing he had stripped. On screen Chase was provided with a difficulty selector, complete with a virtual depiction of himself. By default the game was set to Normal but Chase explored Easy and Hard. He was shocked to see on easy mode his character became more muscled and more hung, he had to admit it was really hot seeing himself that big. But he wasn’t in the mood to play on Easy, so he selected Hard and saw his virtual self shrink down less muscular, almost skinny, and his dick shrunk down to a puny inch long. “Whatever, it’s not like it’s real anyway. Plus, how hard can it be?” A warning popped up stating ‘Difficulty cannot be changed later’ which he quickly dismissed, eager to start playing.

The second he clicked continue, he felt off. His whole body kind of shook a bit and when Chase looked down he saw his real life body now matched the wimpy virtual body! Frightened, he tried to take the headset off but soon found out it was impossible. The game displayed another message, ‘Please complete the tutorial before attempting to quit.’

“You want me to play the damn game? Fine, I’ll play your game.” He yelled into the void before pressing continue. The game then fully rendered in, replacing his surrounding bedroom with some futuristic lobby resembling a government building. In front of him stood a giant man, naked much like himself but with a fantastic body. His muscles were big and powerful, and his dick hung more than halfway to his knees. Chase guessed he was around 8 feet tall. The man had an orange ’!’ above his head, Chase had played countless video games before and knew it meant this guy was a person of interest. He walked toward the hunk and pressed ‘A’ to interact with him.

“Welcome new subject, my name is Dude!” What a well thought out name, thought Chase. “You’re standing in your new home, the Humanity United under the Naked Kingdoms headquarters or H.U.N.K for short. I see you’ve selected the Hard difficulty.” He motioned at how small Chase’s body was. “But worry not brave soul, with enough perseverance you will look like me in no time! How you may ask? Your body will feed off of enemies you defeat by absorbing a set amount of Size from them. Smaller enemies are awarded once defeating 5 of the matching type. Upon completing a level you can earn bonus Size if completed quickly. Once you accumulate enough Size I will personally escort you to a Boss where again upon defeating him absorb some of his Size based on how quickly you finish him.”

“Okay great Dude, when can I quit?”

“User Chase Matthews may quit after the tutorial fight is completed. I was just getting to that part, come with me.” Dude led Chase further into the H.U.N.K building, his powerful ass jiggling as he walked. They both arrived in a large room split into multiple sections with weights classifying each area. “This is where you’ll come for new weapons, for now with your weak body you have two options: a knife or a bow and 10 arrows. Your musculature limits what you can and can’t wield, once you gain more Size you can come back for bigger and heavier weapons. Also you may be asking yourself ‘where’s the armor?’ You’re already wearing it, well will be wearing it. Once you add muscle it acts as armor, at a certain Size you can become impenetrable to blades and even munitions. The Size of your penis correlates to how much Health you have, each inch is 10 HP.”

“Fantastic,” Chase scoffed. “I guess hard means hard. So if I’m going in with 0 armor and only 10 HP it makes sense to take the bow and arrow.”

Chase grabbed the quiver and pulled it over his head onto his now skinny body. He had to admit the grain of the leather felt really nice on his bare skin. As he was placing his allotted 10 arrows into the quiver one by one he became aware just how heavy everything felt on him. This body really was weak. Lastly he picked up the bow and a popup appeared stating he completed the tutorial. Never in his life had Chase moved as quickly as he did when removing the headset. But something was wrong, very wrong. His body. It reflected how he appeared in the game! His muscles, his dick. Both reduced to the absolute minimum. “Fuck that” Chases voice resonated in his head. “There’s only one way to fix this I guess. And I gotta say Chase, we can get even better than before!”

Reluctantly he reached for the vr set and the game instantly booted back up where he left off. Dude was standing in all his naked glory and then Chase felt horny. Very incredibly horny. For Dude. His muscles impossibly big and hot. His dick also impossibly big and hot. Chase promised himself he would get bigger than Dude and then come right back here and fuck him in his impossibly big and hot bubble butt.

“One last thing before you set off to the first level. H.U.N.K policy to grab each participants body dimensions. All I have to do is give you a good look and presto! Don’t worry though, my programming only allows it to happen with verbal consent.”

“Sure, go ahead, tell me how small I am...”

Dude gave a quick look at Chase’s body before a wall of text appeared beside him.

Chase Matthews
Age: 22
Height: 5’8
Weight: 120
Soft: 1”
Hard: 1.75”

“With that done, are you ready to get started on your first level Chase? Say the word and I’ll send you off.” Chase only nodded and before anything else could happen his vision went white before revealing a camp in the woods. Hopefully not Camp Crystal Lake he thought. No this was just an ordinary run of the mill camping ground with cabins and, and ‘Oh for fucks sake’ Chase was looking at sentient dicks, just mindlessly floating or flopping about. They ranged in size anywhere between 2 to 7 inches. The smaller ones seemed to have no reaction towards him, but the bigger they were the more they tried to get away from him. Easy enough for Chase to down a couple with his bow, just gotta remember to pick the arrows back up. He slotted an arrow and using his surprising amount of archery knowledge shot one of the bigger enemies in the head. To his surprise it shriveled up and died from the arrow despite it being around 5 inches. The smaller dicks around it had no reaction at all, and before he knew it Chase had taken out the small group of 5. He felt his body grow warm briefly and a +2 showed up next to his body. He felt stronger but very slightly, the weight on his shoulder eased up by the tiniest amount. That must have been it, every 5 enemies killed gave him 2 pounds of muscle to work with. It felt nice and was a good enough start, but he needed more.

The next mobs were gathered around a humanoid figure, it had no features and looked to be made of a semi-translucent black substance. A brief popup displayed informing Chase this enemy was called a “Bro” and its body resembled that of a fit swimmer with a sizable dick swinging between his legs. Chase scouted out 6 of the strange dick creatures around it, which would leave him with 4 arrows to take out the Bro. Hopefully it will be enough. As soon as he shot the first one, the Bro began scouting the area for its assailant. Chase knocked the fifth dick down and was met with another +2 and slightly increased vigor. But it also alerted the Bro to his location. Luckily it wasn’t all that smart with maneuvering around the picnic tables and other obstacles in its way, but it was quick.

Unfortunately for the Bro, Chase’s arrows didn’t have to worry about obstacles on the ground and he quickly downed it with 3 shots. +1. Not wanting to let any enemy go, he started looking around for the slippery dick that fled when the Bro found Chase. The little bugger, only 2 inches long, was inching its way towards one of the cabins as it met its sharp demise.

As he was picking up the arrow from its shaft, Chase wondered if this game had any loot. He checked the first cabin. Empty. As were the second and third. He was going to leave the last one unsearched but couldn’t leave without looking in case it was the one. The door creaked open and Chase walked inside to absolutely nothing, just like the others. As he left the empty cabin, he noticed something near the bonfire. It was a small vial necklace that contained a red liquid, usually red means bad. He picked it up and put it around his neck and a tone played before Chase was met with the same white vision as before. When he was able to see again he was back at H.U.N.K with Dude standing in front of him.

“Congratulations on fully completing your first level, Chase! When reaching 100% completion of a level you are instantly returned right back here, and don’t think your efforts go without reward. For every 100% completed level, you gain a 50% boost to all the Size you gained from it. But keep in mind every level going forward will be increasingly difficult to do so. Now if I may record you?” Chase nodded.

Chase Matthews
Height: 5’8
Weight: 128
Soft: 2.2”
Hard: 3.8”

Chase wasn’t really feeling the game anymore and asked Dude to save and quit. As he took the headset off he sighed, forgetting that his real life counterpart matched that of the game. On the plus side, he did get a little bigger from the first level. But he was still significantly smaller than he was used to. In fact if he had to guess, he was the same size as his ex-boyfriend and still roommate Dean. The two didn’t have a falling out, moreso an agreement to put aside dating for the time being; which also meant that sex wasn’t off the table. In fact the two would still get it on at least twice a week. Chase knew Dean’s body very well, and now that he’d made the connection felt better about his current appearance. However he knew that Dean’s boner was still a good 2.5 inches bigger and got him going again. “I gotta go for a run.” He passed Dean on his way out telling him “don’t play that new game I got, it fucks with your head.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dean, of course, was intrigued. When someone tells you not to do something it makes you want to do it even more. It didn’t even occur to him that Chase’s body was almost unidentifiable. He walked straight into Chase’s room and put the headset on, and he was met with a popup. “This program is best enjoyed naked.”

Fine by him. He was presented with the same difficulty select that Chase was, but unlike Chase he picked Easy. Dean felt his muscles swell and his dick grow huge. Not only did he get bigger, his frame also lengthened. The man in front of the mirror shared Dean’s cute boyish looks, but on the body of a hung hunk. He could feel the strength in his new muscles, and he could feel the weight of his new dick pulling at those muscles. The game finished booting up and Dude appeared in front of Dean 2.0. “Welcome new player to…” Dean skipped all the boring dialogue, something only Easy mode allows. Inside the armory he was presented with every single weapon unlocked, and he naturally chose the Fists due to their strength stat bonus. Once locked in, Dean felt his muscles surge with more power like they were supercharged. He didn’t gain any size but he sure felt a hell of a lot stronger.

The first level loaded up and Dean had no trouble punching his way through all the cock enemies. “Clearly it’s just a training level. Let’s get through this fast, I gotta piss.” He paid no attention to the flying numbers as he powered on. When he slayed the final Bro and teleported back to H.U.N.K HQ he was eager to quit and take a leak, but Dude prevented him from quitting until his stats were recorded especially since he skipped the first measurement.

Dean Duncan
Age: 21
Height: 6’5
Weight: 230
Soft: 7.5
Hard: 10.3

Dean flung the headset off him as he raced to the bathroom. Still unaware of his new real life size he stumbled on his way but eventually made it. Once he grabbed his dick while in front of the toilet is when it hit him. He looked at the mirror and was met by the reflection of Dean 2.0. Tall, muscular, insanely strong and monstrously hung Dean.

Now it finally clicked in his head what Chase had meant. Not only did that game fuck with both of their heads, it also fucked with their bodies too. The only difference between them being Dean was now a hyper strong athlete with a dick that would make any size queen quiver; and Chase was even smaller than Dean had been just an hour ago. He didn’t even want to picture how it affected his ex’s once great dick. The two of them had a great chemistry going on and he hoped these changes wouldn’t dampen that. He still loved Chase no matter his size, and he knew that Chase would love him even more given how huge he got. Just imagining that got Dean rock hard. His new dick rising up along his equally impressive and hard abs.

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The four jocks: The loft by BRK A quartet of very attractive clothing and fitness models sharing a loft try the transformation game during a power blackout, and are soon filled with awe at what they’re doing to themselves and each other as they play. 2 parts 9,337 words Added Dec 2013 17k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Multilimb•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Complete •M/M•M/M/M/...

Stuff in the cellar by Charles Westfall Richard is already good-looking and abnormally hung when he discovers some alien equipment in the cellar of his new house—including a vat of goo that transforms him into someone even hotter and more hung. And there’s no way Richard’s keeping his new gifts to himself. 4 parts 15k words Added Jul 2002 24k views 5.0 stars (9 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Pointy Ears•Size Increase •t/t•t/t/t

The touch by TylerGermany Nick is dosed with nanobots that allow him to grow and shrink others with just a touch. 2 parts 11k words Added Mar 2014 Updated 13 Apr 2014 28k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Nanotech•Age Difference •M/M

The trainer by Also Known As Needing a new trainer, Thomas finds onewho can push him to the next level, and then some. 7 parts 22k words Added Jan 2014 26k views 5.0 stars (15 votes) No comments yet •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase •M/M

Transform by Also Known As Containing a secret is a hard thing to do. And the bigger the secret is, the harder it is to keep. No one was finding the truth of this more than those few men in charge at the Institute for Genetic Enhancement where the way has been found to transcend ordinary masculinity. The sequel to Supermen. 35 parts 132k words (#8) Added Oct 2002 63k views 5.0 stars (11 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Prehensile Cock•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Voice Deepening•Hyper Pheromones•Infectious•Flying •M/M•M/M/M

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