The book of desires

by SomeMuscleGuy

After stealing a corrupted book at the gym, Michael is left growing uncontrollably by a Symbiotic Demon that only wants to swell its victims with the most size possible. But even the demon underestimates just how gigantic Michael wants to become.

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Images by Sombreve (

It was time for my favorite part of the day. Working out. The only hour I can blow off some steam, while building up my self-confidence at the same time. Besides, what isn’t to love? I walked in, the rubbery gym air coming to greet me as the sounds of weights clanking together filled my ears. I took a deep breath of contentment.

“Good morning!” the receptionist cheerfully chimed. And a good morning it was. Golden sunlight streamed through the windows, basking the building in a lovely, orange glow. It was moderately busy today, a good majority of the machines already having been taken up. But during the holiday season, it was very common to see a surge in attendance. People’s sizes ranged from overweight to bodybuilder level, so I would fit right in. I was pretty well built for my age. I’d been attending the gym for a few years now, in fact. At 6 foot 2 inches, I had a fairly toned physique that accentuated my active lifestyle. I greeted the receptionist in return, slinging my backpack over my shoulder as I walked towards the locker room, finishing off my protein shake on the way.

The entire environment changed as the natural sunlight turned to fluorescent lights, and the floors merged into a tile one that better fit the showers. I walked up to my locker, putting away the essentials. Phone, wallet, etc. I kept my water bottle and a gym towel in my backpack. That’s when I noticed it. Sitting on the benches was a book. I slammed my locker shut, eyes drawn to the perfectly clean, gray novel that sat square in the center of the seat. I looked around. Nobody was near. I took a few large steps towards it, picking it up. A purple sigil graced the cover of the front. It spiraled off in every direction, forming a shape I couldn’t quite comprehend, but it looked incredibly cool. My fingers traced the emblem, following the engraved lines.

I looked around once again. Not a single soul was near. How could I not grab such a cool book? I’d have to read it later. I picked it up, slipping it into my backpack, and hurried back out to the gym floor, the bag on my back.

The familiar sound of weights being racked got louder as I entered back into the large space. The ceilings were probably 15 feet tall. The building itself was much larger than that. Probably a few hundred feet long, and about one hundred feet wide. Rows of machines and equipment lined the walls, with a large lifting area towards the back. But I knew exactly which muscle group I had to hit first. I placed my bag next to me, grabbing the free weights off the rack as I prepared to get pumped. First up: Biceps. Two ‘25 pound’ weights rested solidly in each hand, the defined muscles on my arms bulging out slightly as I brought them in front of me. A deep exhale left my lips as I started my set. I brought the weights up to my chest, my biceps flexing out, making a fairly noticeable mound. One. I repeated the process. Two. I repeated it again. Three. Just like that, I fell into a rhythm, continuing onwards. Just moments later I started my final ascent, ready to finish my eighth rep. My arms struggled to bring the weights up, but I pushed further. My arms shook as they reached the crest. Eight.

I noticed I clenched my eyes closed. I opened them, but what I saw in front of me was the last thing I expected to see. At first I noticed its cock. As thick and as long as my entire torso. A glowing pink cockhead throbbing with excitement atop an even larger, purple shaft. It secreted a dark liquid onto the floor near my feet, thrumming with life. Underneath it sat plump, bulbous balls. Each one much larger than my entire head, seemingly churning even larger with each passing moment. They rested against the most corded thighs I had ever seen in my entire life. My eyes drew downwards, taking in every inch of the sight that laid before me. I followed its thick, muscled calves down to the feet. Paws? It stood on its toes like a wolf, but this was no wolf. It had no fur, and it looked much different. My mouth hung open as I started raising my head upwards. Even just looking straight ahead, I was eye level with its crotch. I started to crane my head upwards, pure size filling every inch of my vision. Whatever it was, had a deep, pronounced set of 8-pack abs that rose up into pecs that rivaled the size of bookshelves. A singular pec was wider than my entire chest alone! Connected to it were two mammoth-sized arms, with biceps that were easily larger than my own head. It had massive, sharp claws that aimed to intimidate. That only left one place left to look. I slowly brought my head up towards the ceiling, finally making eye contact with the beast that was in front of me.

“What the fuck...” I whispered. Perched atop its massive shoulders and neck was a head that I could hardly describe. Two large, glowing pink horns protruded from its head. Its eyes were also pink. It grinned down at me with long, sharp teeth, a bright, winding pink tongue protruding out of its mouth in a way that completely reminded me of venom. 4 large, tentacle-like creatures snaked out of its back, each one towering even further above the creature’s 12 foot height. They also shared similar features. Long, sharp teeth and winding tongues, with eyes that flamed in the brighter shade of pink. Its thick tail thumped along the ground behind it. A purple sigil was marked across its upper body. The same one that was on the book’s cover!

Images by Sombreve (
Images by Sombreve (

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. But somehow, I wasn’t scared, either. I just sat there in pure shock and awe at the incredibly large, purple beast that stared back at me. Its head only rested a few feet from the ceiling. Its entire body was so bloated that there wasn’t any way its muscles didn’t grind against one another every time it moved. Almost musclebound. A deep voice boomed throughout my mind as I clutched my head in astonishment.

“I have been summoned.” It was a voice that I felt I needed to listen to. Firm and commanding, with a seductive undertone. Its voice alone sent chills down my spine. For some reason, I was becoming achingly aroused by the feature of size in front of me. Something about him called to me. A personal connection between us. Shouldn’t I be running though? Trying to hide? As if to answer the question, he placed a massive paw on my shoulder. Waves of arousal shot through my entire body as my cock grew as stiff as a rod in seconds, instantly leaking pre as I suppressed a moan. I felt my body jump. Almost as if I had been shocked. The voice boomed in my head once again.

“Those who summon me must receive the full benefits of their actions. Now, lift.” I watched as its cock bucked slightly, black sludge trickling onto the floor. A liquid that I wanted to drink more than anything in my entire life. I’d never had a draw this heavy towards something before. Not wanting to disobey him, I racked some weights onto the bar and sat down at the bench press. I took a moment to look around. Oddly enough, no one had noticed anything out of the ordinary. I laid back, feeling my cock tent against my shorts as it felt grow even harder than it had ever been in my entire life. It would be impossible to make it go down now, even if I wanted it to. It loomed over me at my side, its muscles casting a heavy shadow on me. Entire light fixtures that used to reach my vision were blotted out by its immense stature.

“Wh…what do I call you?.” Instantly a response rang in my mind.

“Sombreve.” The mere mention of the name caused my dick to jump, a small wet spot forming against my shorts. Man, I must be really hard. In fact, it even felt a bit larger than I was used to.

I reached my arms up, placing them against the cold, rusty bar. It was at that moment that I noticed something else felt a bit off, too. My tank-top felt a big snug. I rolled my neck, feeling my shirt gently lift against my traps. I felt a drop of something fall onto my legs. My eyes drew downward as I saw Sombreve, his thick, purple, leaking cock practically covering my entire lower body. Each drop of the black, inky liquid instantly absorbed into my skin. I felt my hips lift off the bench press as I gave a firm hump in the air, my cock grinding against the fabric as I felt it grow… harder? Erotic thoughts dotted my mind as I gasped with euphoria.

“Lift,” his firm voice seductively said into my ears. I shook my head, snapping out of it, placing my hands back on the bar. I held my breath, pushing up as I felt the weights lift off the rack. I inhaled as I brought the bar down to my pecs, feeling them flex underneath the fabric. ‘And…exhale’, I thought as I lifted it back towards the sky. One. I brought it down again, and then instantly seized up.

“Guhhhhh,” I moaned. Static shot through my entire body as I felt weight sliding up my body, from my legs to my package. My eyes locked onto the demon’s cock. It seemed that with each rep he was sliding his deliciously large, throbbing cock further up my body. It sat right against my own cock, which was now so erect that I could see pre leaking through my shorts, rolling down sideways until it settled on the bench. Not only that, but it looked huge! It was so long that the waistband of my shorts had slowly started to peel away from my waist, almost giving me a window of visibility straight to my dick. It sat straight at attention, reaching for the ceiling. It must be 10 inches long! Am I…growing? Suddenly I felt his huge, clawed paws caress my leg as I felt them spasm and contract. I felt my socks slip down my ankles a bit as the impossible happened. I was growing! The familiar voice hit me again.

“Keep…lifting….” Not wanting to disappoint him, I strained against the bar, exhaling at a more rapid pace as I slowly unbent my arms, starting to become wildly horny. Two. I did it again. Three. Oddly enough, each rep was getting easier as I brought the bar from my chest, and back up. At the same time, I felt the creature’s rod slide up my clothed body some more. It throbbed as it moved, only distracting me further as more pre dumped from my rock-hard cock. It stopped at the top of my abs, pulling my shirt up a bit with it. I felt the heat radiating off of its manhood on my exposed stomach. Four. Five. Six.

I gasped audibly as I felt another wave course through me. I noticed the changes this time. I felt my shoulders jump in anticipation as size rolled into them. I felt the tank top inch inwards towards my neck as my shoulders grew around the edges of them. My pecs bulked up a bit, my nipples starting to reveal themselves through my tank top as the shirt pushed back in response. At this point, the hem of my shirt physically pulled itself up my body, completely revealing my midriff as my growing chest tightened the fabric. Sombreve’s cock throbbed against me a little more, pushing into my pec valley as the dark, viscous liquid kept pattering onto me, instantly seeping into my clothes and disappearing.

My hips lifted off the table again in pure ecstasy as a full moan escaped my lips. My dick swelled, the restricting fabric beginning to heavily rub against my fattening, increasingly sensitive cockhead. In fact, my shorts in general were starting to get tight. My balls bloated, 2 noticeable mounds glorping against the cloth prison as an embarrassing bulge began to stretch out of me. My thighs also felt swollen. From how they felt, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were considerably thicker than before. I could feel the leg holes slightly etch up my body, revealing my quads to the public. I pushed the bar up again. Seven. Just one more to go.

This wasn’t going unnoticed, either. All anyone else could see was a near-professional bodybuilder easily lifting a few hundred pounds, as his dick pushed out an entire foot against his shorts. At this point, the waistband was completely pulled away from this man’s body, giving anyone perfect visible access to his swelling shaft. Two grapefruit sized balls sat underneath, straining the thread more tightly as soft moans echoed across the gym. His tank top was too small, now lightly revealing the bottom of his perfect 6-pack abs. His shoes looked..pitiful. Like they were sewn around the man’s feet the day he was born and they just had to accommodate him as he grew up. To summarize, it looked like a porn-star level professional bodybuilder was showing off everything he had.

I felt the addicted stares of some onlookers as I pulled the bar down for the final ascent. But this time, I couldn’t get it down fully to my chest. In fact, it bumped into a mass of pillowy, purple flesh.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” I couldn’t help but moan. Sombreve’s cock weighed heavily on my chest as it leaked into the crevice between my pecs. The metal bar pushed heavily on the huge cockhead, almost milking its contents onto me more quickly. His balls looked larger and more bloated than ever, almost as if he was enjoying this as much as I was starting to. My arms pushed with all their might, easily rectifying the bar back to its starting height. Eight! Instinctively, I tried to sit up, but I couldn’t. Sombreve’s form leaned over my entire frame, holding me in place, nearly smothering me under his erotically large muscles. I felt a steady vibration as his cock jumped with both anticipation and joy. Its glowing, pink eyes stared at me, my own eyes becoming lost in them as I felt my arms turn to noodles at my sides. I groaned as I felt the beast’s large endowment slide up to my mouth, leaking its seed all over me. How could I resist?

I wrapped my arms around it, kneading it like dough as more pre started to pour out. I wrapped my lips around as much of its head as I could, savoring every drop as I felt Sombreve growl in delight. With every swallow I felt more connected. Addicted. Aroused. Corrupted. If I wasn’t horny enough, I felt a large claw push against my straining shorts, rubbing me through the fabric as my eyes nearly teetered into the back of my skull. I doubled down, sucking even harder as a roar escaped Sombreve, his telephone poll surging even larger itself as I went to work. He placed his other paw on my head, shoving my mouth down more as his entire body started to shudder. I grinded my own body up into him, my cock sliding back and forth against his awe-inspiring abs. I squeezed the glowing, pink head one last time as a tidal wave of black, milky seed shot down my throat. He came so hard and so fast that I could hardly breathe, but the aftermath made it entirely worth it. I sucked and milked Sombreve’s rod for everything it was worth, savoring every last drop as I felt my growth accelerate.

My shoes and socks split off as I felt my feet break through the edges, nearly larger than any human’s feet have ever been. I felt my biceps swell with each heartbeat, as they rounded out even larger than softballs. My shoulders, triceps, and forearms followed closely behind as they became massive alongside them. I felt my traps stretch out the straps of my tank top as they crawled up my neck. At this point, it barely even covered my abs, which had melted into a wonderful set of 8-pack abs. The shirt itself was pulled incredibly tight against my meaty pecs, which were closely starting to rival the size of pillows! Each was so thick that they could be seen through the armholes of my open sleeves.

My back was another story entirely. It was practically double the width of the weight bench now. My corded legs split the seams of my shorts as they surged both larger and wider. It was quickly starting to become impossible to pass off as an average human. I would even have a hard time pleading my case as a professional bodybuilder now. But my swelling package would quickly seal the deal. Sombreve stroked its length as it stretched the fabric to the absolute limit, relishing the fact that with each tender caress, my entire body would jump with delight, which would only make me grow even more. The more I gave in, the more quickly my mythical muscles would pile on their erotic size.

My dick was so obscene at this rate that the skin was visible through my shorts, each vein painted on the outside as it stood so rock-hard that the waistband itself was starting to tear. Anyone standing behind me could clearly see my thickening endowment as it tented my shorts higher and higher. There was so much space between the waistband and my waist that you could probably fit someone’s entire head in its width! And for some of the onlookers, it was becoming quite tempting. It must be beyond 16 inches at this point, and thicker than a soda can. No… even thicker than that! It also looked like I had stuffed two bowling balls inside of my shorts, each one beginning to spill out of any space available. Pair that with my tree-trunk sized thighs and my pillowy bubble butt, and almost anyone would realize that there was no space left to grow in them.

Suddenly, the growth stopped as the torrent of cum slowed down. I could feel the seed churning inside of me as Sombreve took a step back, a black liquidy trail sliding behind it. I felt the deep, rumbling breaths of the beast slow down as it spoke to me once again.

“You want more, don’t you, little guy?” I could barely believe that this was happening to me.

“Y..yes! Yes! More. Please. I want more,” I begged in return. I watched as entire streams of pre cum dripped through my overinflated shorts, rolling down off my huge thighs and onto the floor. It used to drip onto the weight bench, but I was just too huge for that now.

“Mmm… I can see that. But how much more?” he responded. I felt a moment of clarity flicker through me as I thought rationally.

“Double… double my size.” I looked down at my body. There was no doubt that I had become the largest human on Earth. I must be 9 feet tall and over 600 pounds of pure, shredded muscle.

“Very well…” the demon said mischievously. Suddenly, any remaining cum slowly transformed into a slimy, sticky creature that closely resembled a symbiote. No, it WAS a symbiote. I watched as it split into two separate entities as one slid underneath me and the other climbed on top of my throbbing manhood, which was so exaggeratedly large that the cockhead itself was larger than an apple. Tiny tears had started to form around it. The gooey creature climbed on top of it, aligning with my dick’s slit.

“Wait, does—” Without warning it melted through the fabric of my shorts, sucking itself into my cockhead. At the same time, I felt a cold sensation between my ass as it started squeezing into my tight hole. A large gasp left my mouth as I felt both creatures crawling into both sides of me. I moaned, both of my arms reaching around either side of me as I felt it entering me.

Sombreve’s voice returned to my head for the final time.

“Double..? This is quite laughable.. Grow for me, Michael. Grow. Growwwwwwww.” I looked up in a trance, but he was gone! I reached into my bag that laid on the ground right next to me and felt inside for the book. After a few moments of searching, I realized: It was gone! Any remaining evidence of the beast had just squeezed its way inside of me. A cold feeling settled in both my cock, my balls, and throughout my entire mid-region as I realized something. Only the parasite’s themselves could choose what size I would end up growing to. There was nothing I could do, but wait and see what happened. I reached down through my obscenely tented shorts and put a hand on my balls. Slight movements vibrated them from the inside. I gave it a quick slap, seeing if it was just the power of my churning orbs or something more… lively. Suddenly, it was as if they started pleasuring me all at once! I felt pressure against my cock, my balls, my ass, and my g-spot as every orgasmic spot inside of me started becoming overstimulated. I sat up as I screamed with lust, feeling my entire body balloon with size. How big was I about to get? I had no clue. But I’m sure I was about to find out.

Ohhhhh…” I heavily moaned with delight as I started to quicken the pace at which I rocked my hips back and forth. I felt my shorts, which now started to resemble a thong more than anything, begin tearing more heavily as my cock started to rip through it more quickly. I looked down, grunting as I watched the fat cockhead shred clean through it! All the fabric behind it quickly tore loose as my shaft started to rise towards my body. It was finally free! It smacked against my abs, slowly crawling higher and higher as it cleared them entirely! My nuts bloated further, straddling each leg hole like there was no tomorrow. The weight of them alone snapped the bottom groin area of my shorts as they fell through the bottom. Only the waistband of the sad piece of cloth remained, straining against my waist as it thickened to undeniable widths as anything below it hung on me like a skirt. The massive weight change bounced through my loins as a static sensation of pleasure shot through me, rippling up my entire body.

Any bystanders could physically see the growth slide up me as I thickened and swelled with a newly refreshed sense of vigor. The weight bench underneath me groaned as plenty of weight started to pack on at a wild rate. My shirt split down the middle, as my sleeves finished tearing off completely. It left me wearing the equivalent of backpack straps. Each side wrapped around my suitcase-sized shoulders, just straining to hold on. My abs carved into an incredible 10-pack as my hands slid over the ridges.

“Fuckkk,” I moaned out loud, feeling my surging biceps expand to larger diameters than even the largest weights. My pecs heaved forward again, making me lean over them as they pulled me forward towards the floor. God they were getting so thick and juicy. My traps could cut diamonds, making huge ridges off of my neck as the weight bench started to bend. It snapped clean through in the middle, my ass falling through and landing on the ground. The ground shook as the ceiling rattled. Falling on the ground didn’t halt my growth. It accelerated it. The parasites within felt the jarring boom and knew that things were going as planned. Perhaps even better than planned. They worked even harder, knowing exactly how to prevent me from ever ridding myself of them.

I looked around as I noticed a small crowd forming around me. While some had left the gym in a hurry, it seemed that some had stayed to watch. And enjoy. Everyone who remained was a guy, each with a raging boner. Some had their hands in their pants, while some were completely naked, jacking off as they viewed the show. It was highly erotic to watch them peel off their clothes as they got lost in the absolute monstrosity of my fucking massive, hot body. I couldn’t blame them. I sat in the middle of the wrecked weight bench as my muscles started to push the equipment out of the way entirely. I gave a double-bi pose towards the spectators, watching some of them cream instantly, as the rest started worshiping my size. I felt hands begin to cover each growing muscle of my body as my lust and desire for more continued to strengthen. Even sitting down, I was taller than all of them. How big did that make me? 12 feet tall? In any case, the growth started to get to my head.

“Yes, that’s right. Feel those huge, fat muscles. Rub my swelling, girthy cock. You like how I look, don’t you? Power just overflowing the palms of your hands. Fuck. My balls just won’t stop swelling. How long until I fill your vision entirely? Even a king sized bed would be too small for a hyper muscled stud like me.”

A thought flickered across my mind. If I was 12 feet tall, that means that I am as tall now as Sombreve was when he visited me. I felt myself grow even harder at the thought of being as big as that beast…or bigger. Snap. Snap. As if to answer my fantasies, the last bit of my remaining shirt that struggled to hold me back to my past life fluttered away. I was now completely naked. Towering. Dripping with lust, sweat, excitement, opportunity, and growth. Between all of the hands exploring my body and the parasite, I felt my growth accelerating again. My dick crawled up my body, settling into my pec valley as they, too, rounded out even heavier. It would be impossible to put even the largest shirts on anymore. Any clothes that would need to be adhered to my frame would need to be custom sewed on. But what was the point? By the time even the sewing machine would get set up, I would already be outgrowing the newest product!

Within moments, I felt my libido increase by more than double as my package swelled even larger, leveling with my nipples now as my sensitive orbs swelled past my knees. A small gurgling could be heard as over a gallon of pre pumped into them at an alarming rate.

“Guhhhhh…Fuckkkk,” I moaned as pre started cascading down my package. My worshippers were quick to rub it into my cock, using any extra to help their hands slide over my new frame. They hardly even reached up to my upper thighs now! And they loved every second of my growth as they had to continue looking higher, and higher, and higher. My thighs thickened larger than centurion trees as even more muscles began to crowd heavily onto me, seemingly fighting more and more for space with each passing moment. Anything left of the weight bench was quickly outpaced as I felt it my body overtake the leftover pieces, it bending and crumpling underneath me. All of the hands working my luxurious shaft sent a ripple of pleasure through me as I sat straight up, my head nearly touching the ceiling! But that couldn’t be right, I was sitting down..? I looked up as much as my traps would allow me, as the euphoric realization that I was nearly 20 feet tall washed over me.

It was too much! My hips gyrated like pistons, my huge bubble butt lifting off the ground as my swaying waist grinded my shaft against my body, it rising higher and higher against my pecs with every thrust. My juicy cockhead cleared my pecs entirely as it approached my collarbone. Everyone around me doubled down, grinding their glorious cocks against any visible muscle they could as they explored my size as animalistically as possible. I was so erect, that my dick was practically sandwiched between my piano-sized pecs. Groan… They lurched forward again, only further squeezing against my cock as my balls inflated so fast that they crashed against my ankles. Pre shot against the ceiling with enough force that it sounded like someone had unleashed a hose against it. My followers’ hands traveled the length of my body even faster, my muscles filling more and more of their palms with each second that passed. Not only was I more than three times taller than them at this point, but I was much wider. My back towered over my new audience like a royal table, the fluorescent lights not even wide enough for the light to wrap around them. Shadows the size of entire rooms creeped across the floor as the parasites only doubled down even more.

The more that my followers worshiped me, the more they realized that something was happening to them as well. I counted 5 males in total, each of varying sizes, but all noticeably larger. Their shirts clung to them like a second skin. Those who hadn’t already ditched their shorts watched in awe as their dicks unreeled from their groin, making comically large bulges. Those who were already naked jacked their expanding cocks, each pump adding multiple inches in length as their nuts rolled down their increasingly-muscular legs. They were growing taller as well. I very much enjoyed the sight of their shirts tearing across their cannonball sized shoulders and pecs bursting clean through the front. A few of them even got so horny that all they could do now was grind against the ridges of my expanding muscles, which in turn only made them bigger.

“Fuck yeah. Grow for me. Worship your new God,” I teased. The ensemble of moans swelled in volume as my own grew deeper and deeper. It made them wild, only furthering their corruptive growth as they only ramped up their incessant love for me.

All I could do was keep flexing every growing muscle. Watching my biceps swell larger than hay bales. Feeling my pecs begin to stretch underneath my jawline as my traps finished crawling up behind my neck. My thighs pushing into each other so much that I would only be able to waddle from now on. But my rod was another matter entirely. It bobbed and swayed with the writhing of my hyper-sensitive body, my breath shuddering in anticipation as it tickled my cockhead. It sat perfectly in front of me, the cum-filled beast beckoning me to take it on. Who was I to back down from a challenge? I barely bent my neck, immediately able to swirl my tongue around its expanding length. It bucked back and forth like an untamed horse as it pushed out another two inches.

I opened my jaw as wide as I stuffed every inch of cock as deep as I could into my throat. My brawny arms wrapped as far around it as far as they could manage, hugging it-guiding it, even deeper into me. Meanwhile, my entire cult was basically naked, gym rat freaks at this point. Any clothes that remained either exploded off or got torn off by themselves as they became overwhelmed by their own libido, my own presence corrupting their mind with lust. They remained much smaller than me, but quickly rose multiple feet higher than their previous heights as their bodies more than doubled in mass. The same went for their cocks as they thickened and rode higher up their glorious bodies. The security cameras in the corner got quite the show. Anyone watching on the feed at this point would have been overtaken by corruption themselves, unable to keep their hands off their cocks as they watched the impossibly erotic sight unfold before them. While I felt their growing hands claw at my shelf-like muscles, my mind brought itself back to the most important matter at hand.

Images of Sombreve flashed in my mind while I sucked like there was no tomorrow. Mouthfuls of pre recycled itself back into me. If I were standing, my cum factories would be just scraping the floor by now. Guzzling all of this cum promoted a new energy to flow through me that only heightened my sense of greed and belonging. My hands shuffled up and down my shaft while the others groped me wherever any surface area was visible, desperate to please me. Overstimulation flooded through my ass, my balls, my chest, and especially my cock as I gripped on for dear life. A torrent of cum rippled through me as it launched into my throat. Burst after burst. It was so erotic that I couldn’t even contain myself. My hips thrust my cock even further into my throat as my eyes practically rolled backwards in delight. And then the real size started packing on.

I felt the pressure grow increasingly tighter in my mouth as I realized that my cock had started growing even faster. But that didn’t deter me. I continued swallowing every last drop as the sounds of my muffled grunting grew deeper and more animalistic. My stomach distended a bit as my abs slightly glazed over from the sheer amount of cum I was swallowing, but that would only last momentarily. My growing telephone poll surged forward another couple inches, practically suffocating me as my growth accelerated even more. At this point, I knew I had to pull out, but that wouldn’t prevent me from having even more fun. I pulled my head backwards, an audible pop ringing through the air as it dislodged.

But it wasn’t done cumming yet. No, not even close. It stayed completely rigid as it rose up to my eye level, my special seed spraying everywhere behind me as I was forced to lean back. I was physically unable to sit up anymore as the building felt like it had started to shrink around me. I laid backwards, kissing and groping my rod as it painted the entire gym. Size started to pack onto me at an impossibly fast rate as all of my remaining followers struggled to fit out the door that was half of the size of them, each of them more than 13 feet tall and so musclebound that they needed to break a window just to leave. Cum flowed out like a stream as they became contaminated with the stuff, beginning to force more size onto their already-large frame. They would tend back to their master as soon as it was safe to do so.

I rolled back and forth like a turtle on its back as all of the gym equipment shoved itself in every direction towards the walls. The pure sound of growth was extremely loud in my ears, but it only turned me on even more knowing just how monstrous I was becoming. Even a 45 pound plate could only be compared to one of my nipples now. My chest shoved my colossal cock into the ceiling as it grinded against the ceiling, tearing the roof apart. My legs crashed into the wall at my feet as my head approached the shrinking window display. My arms followed suit, cramming themselves on my left and right as the reception desk immediately got crushed under the hundreds of pounds being added to my frame with every second. I was completely and utterly trapped by my own size. My cock was grinding against the ceiling so hard that it sent me into another euphoric frenzy, only tripling the speed of my growth.

Growwwww. More. Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” I roared. The windows rattled so heavily that they shattered. Car alarms went off entire buildings. The vibrations soared through the ground, my deep rumbling voice audible for over a mile. The sound of muscles stretching multiplied in my ears as the once-large gym crumbled around me like a sand castle on the beach. I couldn’t even tell what was growing, or how fast. I could only feel it. My cock erupted through the ceiling first, an unfathomable sight to behold making itself known to the surrounding area before the impending mass. Sunlight burst through the roof as I felt fresh air rush in around me as the building crumbled to my left and right, falling off my pecs like water. Almost instantly, my worshipers were on top of the rubble, shoving against my back to roll me onto my side. An incredible amount of effort was required, but with such hyper muscles, the job was eventually able to be completed. Such effort was rewarded to them with growth, their bodies shaking with new weight.

I shifted to my side, and then onto my stomach as the entire parking lot flattened underneath me. I slowly got my knees underneath me as I leaned on all fours, before eventually getting to my feet. Standing up at my full height for the first time in a while, I was finally fully able to comprehend just how large I had grown.

I must have been two times larger than the entire gym at this point. Probably 200 feet tall, and wider than the entire lot! My pecs steadily pushed into my jaw now, while my traps had lifted high enough off my neck to touch my ears. My parking-lot sized pecs constantly rubbed against my biceps at a resting position. My abs must have become a 12-pack, each so deep they could be used as hand-holds. I stood with both feet at a wide angle just to accommodate how monstrous my thighs had become. My balls lightly rested on the ground, only forcing my stance to spread further. The real prize was my spire of a cock, which was so thick that it covered nearly my entire chest! Its length was the most impressive attribute, however. At full mast, it rose multiple feet above my head. Even if my monumental shoulders allowed it, I wasn’t sure my fingers could even reach the top anymore. I was an absolute god among men.

The cold feeling that had settled throughout my body started to flee, as if it was done fulfilling my purpose. I felt the symbiote settle in my balls, before beginning to work its way up my shaft to exit.

“Oh no, you don’t,” I commanded. My deep voice alone was deep enough to shatter windows in a large radius. I grasped my shaft with both hands right where I felt the parasitic mass.

“Grow. Me. More,” I grunted, squeezing as hard as I could. I could feel it squirm and writhe as I pushed even harder, pulling it back towards my balls like toothpaste in a container.

“Make me massive,” I threatened, squeezing even harder. Bit by bit it got closer to my balls, my excitement only growing.

“That’s it. Know who your real master is,” I continued. Defeated, I felt it pull back into me. The moment it crashed back into my orbs, the feeling returned with a vengeance. I felt it swirl around like lava in my veins, almost as if I had just enhanced a catastrophic virus. Perhaps I had. These parasites were not meant to grow humans this large, but they didn’t have a choice. They would grow me until I said they could stop, and I wasn’t even close to ascending to my final form. My followers also felt this, taking a moment to pause jacking off their hyper cocks as they lusted at the sight of me. A small part of the symbiote lived in them as well, as they had ingested my seed. This growth wouldn’t just be benefiting me.

It activated all at once. Every one of us started moaning, cum instantly erupting through us as the largest wave of growth of them all slammed into us. I didn’t even have time to react as it happened. In mere seconds, it felt like thousands of pounds of pure muscle was unloading into me. The gym beneath me grew smaller and smaller as my feet spread across the pavement, each as large as the entire parking lot now. My balls quickly caught up, swelling so fast they crashed back into the ground with enough force to cause a shockwave. The vibrations of it shot up my body, each muscle group growing at an impossibly fast rate. I screamed the loudest roar of ecstasy the human ear has ever heard. Windows shattered for miles as the feeling of an Earthquake spread throughout the region, and I was the epicenter. Every heartbeat heaved each part of me out further. Thicker. Stronger. Sexier. I spread my legs even wider, my cock growing so heavy that it couldn’t even stand upright anymore. I could physically see it growing multiple feet per second as cum gushed like a geyser from it, spraying multiple miles as I surged even higher. Soon enough, my chest wasn’t just partially in my field of vision. It was my field of vision. It covered the horizon so much that I could hardly see the ground beneath me. In fact, my biceps, triceps, shoulders, and traps were so large that you could hardly tell where each muscle started or ended. My traps covered my ears, muffling my hearing as the sound of growth only grew bassier, punching into my skull. I flexed my monolithic biceps, watching it nearly double in size in response, becoming a terrifying strata of rock-like muscle. My abs were so deep that you could physically sit on each row. Cum didn’t just roll off of each one. It was like a waterfall cascading down my body.

The cult of my hyper muscled followers down below weren’t left behind. While their growth was on a much smaller scale, they more than doubled in size and packed on a catastrophic amount of muscle and length. They were absolute giants to normal, primitive humans, coming in at nearly 30 feet tall and more than triple the most muscular men on Earth. Aside from me, that is. Each of their cocks swelled perfectly up to their mouths while their balls swelled past their knees. Some studs were even lucky enough for them to hit the ground. Perfect demigods with the endowment of one to match. While they were massive in their own right, they were tiny in comparison to the deity before them, whose swelling had only gotten stronger.

There wasn’t a single soul in the entire region that hadn’t noticed my growth. People more than 30 miles away could feel my bassy voice shake their walls. If they went outside and looked, all they would see filling the skyline was me. I grew at a rate of hundreds of feet per minute. Tens of thousands of pounds per second. Muscle packing on muscle to such a hyper extent that moving any muscle would require another muscle to be rubbed against, if it could even move at all. If I could only waddle before, I would practically have to shuffle now. My balls would lightly drag behind me, leaving craters over 10 feet deep everywhere I went.

Even the tallest buildings couldn’t rival my height. In fact, I don’t even think the tallest buildings in downtown would even come up to my ankles by now. Perhaps even the tops of my feet. Cars shrank to the size of ants. Buildings looked like gravel. My cock continued to thrust with so much force that sonic waves could practically be seen from the ground coming off of it as cum launched so high that even planes wouldn’t be safe. I knew Sombreve was out there somewhere watching, content that he finally found the one as I swelled to my final size. Each foot capable of covering half of an entire city. My balls capable of crushing more. A libido so high that getting off and being worshiped would be my entire purpose now. This is what he made me into, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And just before I thought the growth was over, I felt a familiar cooling sensation flow throughout my body. The parasite wasn’t meant to grow humans to this size, but now that I was a God, all it could see was a new entity to grow.

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