I don’t even go here!

by Quick Master

Three incubi compete to screw the most guys in a single semester at a human college.

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Prologue Three incubi compete to screw the most guys in a single semester at a human college. (added: 18 Mar 2023)
Chapter One
Chapter Two Damon and his friend Murdoch try fitting in at the school, though their natural instincts and all the horny guys around them make it tough to stay under the radar. (added: 6 May 2023)
Chapter Three Damon’s new buddy Cal gives them a lead on finding the blue incubus they’re looking for, who’s been busy settling in himself.
Chapter Four Damon plans a study party and learns about the wonders of football players. (added: 12 Aug 2023)
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Damon the incubus lounged nude on the face of a crag facing the luscious lava pools in Hell. The searing heat of hell beat down on his pert, red ass. He yawned, licking his forked tongue across his sharp canine teeth as he woke from his nap.

He turned over, blessing hell with the sight of his thick cock. He was still hard from his nap, and his uncut shaft throbbed steadily over the tight cobblestones of his abs. He stretched out his arms, enjoying the sight of his biceps, resembling the crag he slept on. As he stretched, he tilted his head over to his hairy armpit and whiffed his musk.

“Rank,” he whispered with a toothy smile.

He got up and dangled his legs over the crag, stretching his bare feet across the sandy landscape.

The lava pools bubbled and frothed, like little lakes for demons to enjoy and for humans to suffer. He saw one human in the distance, running across the endless sands, seemingly headfirst into the red spire of his cock. He grinned and shifted over, as if to whap the human a hundred miles away with one deft movement, but a hell-bird caught the human first.

Damon craned his head up, watching the pterodactyl-like hell-bird carry its prey into the air. He closed his yellow eyes and listened to the sound of the human’s agony ringing through the air like sweet music. The human’s burnt, festering skin smelled delicious even this far away. Damon’s stomach began to growl at the prospect of meat. But he only wanted one kind of meat that day.

“Where is he…?” Damon muttered to himself. He scratched under his bearded chin, his eyes lidding as he tried to stay awake.

He drew his long legs back into his body, curling up into a ball. His clawed toes fanned back and forth. He reached under his legs to scratch his balls with his claws before he closed his eyes again. He bent his head up and began to sniff the air. His forked tail bobbed back and forth like the bar on a sonar.

“Troglauth…Mer’ag…Razronnan…” he said under his breath. He went through his mental contacts list one by one. He shook his head as he laid back down on the ground “He’s late.”

The scents of the demons he found lingered in his nostrils. He began to daydream of their hard, bodies, toned from thousands of years of torture. He stuck out his tongue, drooling a little as his cock beat like a metronome, weeping precum down the long length of the shaft.

He sighed as he laid back on the rough ground. He relaxed his bobbing tail, letting it rest along his side. Despite his best efforts, Damon found himself drifting back to sleep.

As Damon slept, a tiny, winged creature crept up to his sleeping frame. It climbed up his body, using his ample hair for grip, before making its way across the valleys of his muscles. It peered up at the throbbing, red tower craning over his abs, still dripping precum. The creature rubbed its hands together, latching its clawed hands and feet onto the soft surface. As it climbed, it licked an unnaturally long tongue along the shaft, savoring the flavor of the greater demon’s trickling precum. Its little stomach filled fast with the sweet liquid.

As the imp climbed up the shaft, it felt it rumble. It looked upward, seeing the greater demon’s cockhead creep further upward. The imp glanced down at the sandy ground, its forehead sweating as the shaft grew higher, past the greater demon’s abs and brushing past his hairy pec. The shaft thickened so that the imp’s clawed hands couldn’t reach around as easily. Trembling, the imp’s tightened its grip on the slippery skin.

Damon groaned in his sleep, shifting so that he slept on his side. The imp held onto the shaft for dear life, lest it fell to the ground. The tower of the greater demon’s cock was like a crane sticking into the air, weighed down by the weight of the greedy imp.

Damon’s precum continued to coat his shaft as he slept. The imp’s tiny heart beat faster, its mouth agape as it fed on the greater demon’s seed.

Finally, the fat little imp couldn’t hang on any longer, falling to the ground with a shriek.

Damon woke up, his yellow eyes wide open. He peered down at his larger shaft, large enough to knock someone out. He glanced to the side, seeing the red imp with a belly full of unearned seed.

The imp held its full stomach, barely able to stand as it cowered.

“Hey, who said you could feed off my jizz?” he shouted at the imp.

He reared back his foot and punted the little imp hundreds of feet away, landing into one of the lava pools.

Damon sighed, stroking his new hose of a cock. He took his hands off of it, flexing his kegels and making it point straight out, as hard as he could make it. A single, long strand of precum fell onto the ground with a sizzle. He felt like he was close to cumming, but he wanted to savor the feeling.

All of a sudden, his nose twitched again.


Damon covered himself with his hands as a large hell-bird descended onto the crag.

Atop the hell-bird’s back was another incubus, Murdoch. The nude, green-skinned demon leaped down and walked towards Damon. Murdoch’s long, ass-length hair blew in the hellish winds like a black cape.



The two embraced, their cocks rubbing against one another like crossed swords.

They pulled away, sharing a quick kiss.

“Hard at work?” Murdoch said, stroking Damon’s cock playfully. “You look a lot bigger today!”

“Corny,” Damon said. “I’m off the clock. But some little imp tried to feed off me while I slept. Guess I grew to meet what it wanted.”

“Little bastards just want your power,” Murdoch laughed. “But you ain’t gonna give it up that easy, huh?”

“No way,” Damon sneered, slapping his cock against Murdoch’s. “You got blood on your breath. You got to feed?”

“Fuck yeah,” Murdoch said, flashing his bloody claws and giving them a lick. “Some humans tried to rush a portal headed for topside. But I got ’em before they could get away.”

The two laughed together as they sat down on the crag.

“Not like you to take a break,” Murdoch said, stretching out like a cat. He laid down on his stomach, showing off his toned ass.

Damon licked his lips as he stared at his friend’s ass, sweaty from the heat of the circle. He stroked his long cock idly.

“You look lean,” Murdoch said.

“I’ve been on a diet,” Damon groaned. “Leanest I’ve been in a while.”

“Looks good on you.”

Damon cocked his head to the side.

“Everything looks good on me,” Damon growled. “Especially nothin’.”

Murdoch nodded his head, his yellow eyes drifting down to Damon’s cock.

“When’s that gonna go back to normal?” teased Murdoch.

“I dunno. Maybe you could help?”

Murdoch smiled, crawling over to meet Damon’s hard cock. He lowered down, taking the head into his mouth.

“Mmmm,” Damon said, his hands behind his head as he watched Murdoch blow him. “I didn’t even need to ask.”

Murdoch went down and down the shaft, his bottomless throat swallowing inch after inch.

Damon spread out his legs, finding Murdoch’s own hard cock with his dexterous toes. He stroked along the green cock, his feet growing slick with the other incubus’ precum.

“You’re so good with those feet,” Murdoch mumbled, his mouth full of cock. “Just be, ow, careful with your toe-claws.”

“That just makes it better.”

Damon worked Murdoch’s cock between his rough soles, making Murdoch tremble as he deepthroated Damon’s own cock. Damon dug his claws into the sandy ground, grinding his ass hard into the hellish earth.

Damon jetted into Murdoch’s mouth, feeding the incubus with his rich seed. There was so much semen that it nearly leaked out of Murdoch’s nose, but Murdoch held on, drinking Damon’s seed like sweet nectar.

“I’m gonna—” Murdoch grunted.

Murdoch came all over Damon’s red feet, coating his toes in his seed.

The two leaned back, satisfied with each other.

“Thanks,” Murdoch said, panting softly.

“No problem,” Damon said.

They leaned down and licked the cum and sweat off of each other, not missing a single drop.

Damon leaned forward and kissed Murdoch again, stroking his bearded face.

“Thanks, dude,” Damon said with a smile. “I needed that.”

“One day I’m gonna take that cock of yours,” Murdoch said, grinning.

“You gotta earn it,” Damon laughed. “Good luck.” Damon laid back onto the ground. “I am not looking forward to work again,” he sighed. “Everything starts to blend together after a while. I need a break bad.”

“What are you gonna do?”

Damon put his arms behind his head, shifting from one bare foot to another as he stared out at the hellish landscape.

“I dunno,” Damon sighed. “It’s been a while since I went topside.”

“Topside, huh. Wanna feed from the source?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know where. I feel like I’ve tried everything.”

Murdoch began to grin.

“I got an idea,” he said. “You got a mate, right?”

Damon folded his arms, tapping his foot.

“If only he’d friggin’ show up,” he said.


The two turned to hear the source of the whistle.

Damon’s nose twitched. His tail started to sway back and forth. As he took a few careful steps further, his cock quickly went to full mast again.


Damon and Jamie tackled one another, tumbling to the rocky ground.

The two grappled one another, red and plum muscle and skin melding into one horny being. Their mouths melted together in a long kiss.

The moment could’ve gone on forever, but Damon felt Murdoch kick him square in the ass.

“Hey!” Damon said, turning to face the snickering demon.

“You gonna leave me out?!” Murdoch laughed.

Jamie brushed himself off and got up to face Murdoch.

“You already had your fun, verde. Don’t think I can’t smell his seed on you. Now, either you lay off, I’m gonna make you earn the name ‘Murder’.”

Murdoch smiled, and it seemed in that moment that he had a million sharp teeth.

“Try me,” Murdoch growled.

The two snarled and growled at each other like hell-hounds.

“Come on,” Damon said, his hands on his hips. “Let’s not fight like imps. We’ve got dignity.”

“As much dignity as an incubus can have,” Jamie huffed.

“You sayin’ I don’t have dignity?!”

“Didn’t I see you laying out here nude? Any higher demon could’ve had your way with you.”

“Let ’em try,” Damon said, flashing his claws. “I’ll always come out on top. Best fuck this side of the circle.”

“You’re a gnarled piece of jerky,” Jamie laughed, putting his arm behind his head and showing off his abs. “No living being can resist this.”

“Everyone knows I’m the best fuck,” Damon said, flexing his lean muscles.

“As if,” Jamie said, flashing a smile.

Murdoch just flipped his hair and flexed his butt muscles.

“Nuff said,” he said, laughing.

The three of them were rock-hard watching each other show off. No matter how much they rutted, in the presence of one another, it was a natural state.

“I’m just sick of feeding off of people down here,” Damon sighed.

“Where else can we go?” Jamie replied, kicking a rock. “Unless we go topside.”

Murdoch’s yellow eyes lit up.

“You know who’s got a ton to feed from?” Murdoch said with excitement. “There’s this things humans do called college. They spend four years of their short lives reading books and sitting around in front of old people.”

“I ain’t into grandpas, dude.”

“Not what I meant!” Murdoch laughed, punching Damon’s shoulder. “There’s a ton of human essence down there. All stuffed in a bunch of dudes who barely know what to do with themselves.”

Damon and Jamie glanced at each other.

“You wanna make a bet?” Jamie continued. “Which one of you can get the most essence in a single human college semester?”

Damon cracked a smile.

“I’ll do that easy,” he said, folding his veiny arms.

“We’ll see about that,” Jamie said with a sneer. “Just don’t go around taking it when they sleep. That’s too easy.”

“And it takes way too long,” Damon sighed. “Are you joining us, Murder?”

“I dunno,” Murdoch said, scratching his head. “You think it’s okay?”

“Who’s gonna stop us? We’re still doin’ our jobs, we’re just remote.”

“Fine,” Murdoch shrugged. “Four human months. You two pick a random place to emerge topside. Figure out how to get into classes and meet people. I’ll keep score and help you out if you get in trouble. Sound good?”

“Deal,” Jamie said, holding out his fist. “And make sure you don’t get caught.”

“I’m not gettin’ caught,” Damon said, holding out his own.

Murdoch hesitated, before putting out his own fist.

The three bumped their fists together.

And so, the three of them started their educational careers at Hub College.


Chapter One

Damon ascended topside, traveling through the astral layers on the strength of his leathery wings until he felt the rush of earthly wind on his skin.

He hovered hundreds of feet in mid-air, observing the quad below the deep pink soles of his feet. It was the middle of a crisp, fall day, and the students of Hub College filled the quad. He clenched his fists, landing in the middle of a wide body of water, out of which jets of water shot out in an arc. As he landed, he splashed water onto a group of nearby students, who gasped in shock. Thankfully, none of them could see Damon, as he was one astral layer before he was visible.

“Sorry!” Damon said, shifting his feet on the odd surface of the fountain’s base. He felt metal at his feet. He bent down and picked up several coins that rested in the water. As he observed the unfamiliar faces on the coins, he realized that the water was boiling around him. “Whoops,” he said, leaping up out of the fountain and onto the ground.

The fountain stood slightly above the quad. Damon perched up on one of the raised edges of the fountain, like a gargoyle, to observe the humans mill about.

“Polos… baseball caps… shorts… seems pretty easy,” he mused.

He sat down as he prepared to get dressed. He reached down and traced the contours of his hairy, thick thighs with his soft palms. His hands gripped soft denim as his loose shorts came into being. He stretched out and ran his hands over his abs as he willed a black wifebeater onto his hairy torso. He reached up to his head and smoothed back his hair, giving it a gelled appearance. He tapped a few times on his horns, making them invisible.

He stood up and observed his reflection in the fountain’s water, smiling to himself.

“You handsome devil,” he said.

He turned and whipped his shoulder, willing an empty backpack onto his sculpted delt.

He took another look out at the campus, his nose twitching.

“There’s a lotta essence out here,” he said. His cock started to swell in his shorts, visible without any hint of underwear.

He hopped down to the steps of the fountain. As he approached the ground, he took a deep breath as he passed through the threshold to the human plane of existence.

It didn’t take long for Damon to attract attention. Young women giggled at the sight of the tall, young stranger with the tan skin. Men wrinkled their nose, or smiled secretly to themselves.

Damon smiled back flashing a peace sign. He grimaced, noticing that his hands were still clawed. He gritted his sharp teeth, willing his claws into normal nails.

“Shit,” he muttered. “Gotta focus.”

Damon walked down the quad, attracting even more attention. He heard a few wolf whistles, and a few students seemed to be in a haze as they watched him.

“Focus, focus,” he said. He closed his eyes and turned down his sexual aura, and the students quickly lost interest, dispersing into the crowd. “Don’t wanna cause an orgy out here.”

He headed towards the administration building, having to duck out of the way of the low threshold so he wouldn’t hit his head.

He walked up to the secretary at the front desk.

“Excuse me,” Damon said in a light Hubsonian accent, “I need to talk to registration.”

“Do you have an appointment?” the woman said over her thick glasses.

Damon shook his head.

“Then you’ll have to wait,” she said, looking back towards her computer.

Damon tightened the straps of his backpack and tapped his foot.

“Can you tell them it’s an emergency?”

The woman looked back at him, not changing her expression.

“What kind of emergency?” she said.

Damon hesitated for a moment, his eyes darting to a nearby screen, advertising a basketball match between Hub College and Goslington State. He looked back at the woman and his silver tongue got to work.

“Uh…I just transferred in from Goslington State. I need to figure out my schedule and my room.”

“Sir, it’s the middle of the semester. I recommend that you come back when the next one begins, so that we can better accommodate you.”

As the woman looked back at her computer, Damon snorted, smoke coming out of his nose.

“Fine,” he said. “I’m just gonna have to do this the long way.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Damon arrived at Gilmore, the sophomore dorms. He pulled hard on the handle, but the door wouldn’t open no matter what he did.

He threw his backpack down to the ground and sulked on the stoop.

“What am I doing…?” Damon said. “This is stupid.”

“Hi, do you need help?” a male voice said above.

Damon looked up, seeing a lean, mousey-looking male student.

“Uh, yeah,” Damon said, regaining his composure. “I…I got locked out. I don’t have my key.”

“Your student ID is your key,” the student clarified, holding up his own. “Are you new here?”

“Uh, yeah,” Damon said, putting on a big smile. “I’m Damon. I just transferred in from Goslington State. My, uh, ID is late. I don’t have it yet.”

“That sucks,” the student said, letting him in the door. “Here.”

Damon followed him into the dorm, and proceeded to follow the student up the stairs, seemingly to the top of the very tall building.

“Do you live all the way up here?” the student asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” Damon said. “I do. Uh—”

Damon looked to the side of the stairway, at the placard on the wall.


“That’s my room,” the student said, tilting his head. “Are you sure about that? It’s a single room.”

Damon winced.

“15-H, 15-H,” he said. “That one.”

“The empty one, huh,” the student said, brushing the back of his hair. “I see they finally filled it.”

Damon sighed in relief as he followed the student to the dorm hallway.

They stood in front of the student’s own dorm.

“I never got your name,” the student said, reaching out his small hand. “I’m Thomas.”

“Nice to meet you,” Damon said, returning the handshake. “Damon.”

“Ouch,” Thomas said, waving his hurt hand.

“Sorry, I got…I was just—...thanks for showing me here, bye!”

Thomas raised his eyebrow as he exited to his own room.

Damon tried the handle of the door, finding that it wasn’t working.

Damon stomped his foot, searing a black footprint in the thin carpet. That’s when he realized he was still barefoot.

“So much for my cover,” Damon grumbled.

Damon willed his claws back into view and jumbled one of them into the lock.

“Rrrrrgh, Damon muttered to himself. “Where are those other two…?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Damon rested in his empty dorm room as night fell.

By then, he had removed all of his clothes, throwing them on a pile on the floor.

He stretched out on the bed, unencumbered by the itchy clothing.

“Guess I gotta sleep or somethin’?”

Damon lay there for a moment, his tail wagging back and forth restlessly.

His pointed ear flexed. He craned his ear toward the wall where he could hear the soft fwip-fwip sound of a college boy jerking off.

“Little human’s got needs,” Damon mumbled. “Let’s see if I can’t help him out.”

Damon pursed his lips and drew back his arms as if he was about to do a breast-stroke. He swam through the walls and into the invisible layer of reality. He floated in mid-air, sitting down in an invisible chair above the floor in Thomas’s room.

Thomas worked his cock up and down, his eyes closed as he drew in short, stuttering breaths.

“Poor dude,” Damon said, laying his head on Thomas’s covers.

Damon reached out into Thomas’s mind, seeing images of Damon in his human disguise.

“So that’s how it is,” Damon said with a smile, rubbing his hands together.

He laid down on the bed next to Thomas, spooning him. The higher demon’s true size dwarfed that of the college-aged human. He wrapped his arms around the human, his tail winding around the human’s calf. He nuzzled against Thomas’s neck.

“Thomas,” Damon whispered into the human’s ear. “I know I just met you, but I need you…”

“Damon,” Thomas whispered.

Damon drew his hand down Thomas’s chest, feeling the light dusting of hair that grew there.

“Thomas,” Damon cooed. “Please!”

“Damon!” Thomas responded, bucking his hips into the air. Pink energy escaped out of Thomas’s mouth.

Damon’s nostrils flared as he breathed in a hint of Thomas’s essence.

Damon put his hand over Thomas’s, stopping him right before he went over the edge. The two held Thomas’s cock, separated only by the astral plane.

Damon held his other hand out for a moment.

“There we go,” Damon muttered. Damon rutted his hard cock against the side of Thomas’s thigh.

Then, he grabbed hold of Thomas’s other hand and met the others at his cock.

“F…fuck,” Thomas grunted. “I’m gonna…”

He erupted across his stomach, and a cloud of pink mist filled the air.

Damon sat up on the bed, spreading his arms out as he started to laugh. He gathered up all of the mist into a big ball and inhaled it all in one gasp.

“Ahhhh,” he said, his arms behind his head.

For a moment, Damon was in bliss. His head swam in delight from the human’s essence.

He writhed on the bed, feeling his muscles pump up from the influx of essence. He ran his clawed hands down his chest and abs; the deep cavities of his abs smiling below the peaks of his pecs. He stretched his legs, his lower body feeling like he had just done a month’s worth of squats.

“That’s the stuff…” Damon exhaled.

Thomas got up from his bed, reaching for a towel perched nearby. As he toweled himself off, he turned towards Damon, still vibing.

Damon froze as Thomas looked right at him. He held his forked tongue out of his mouth in shock.

Thomas got off the bed and walked towards Damon.

“Aaah!” Damon shouted, getting out of the way.

Thomas walked through Damon, gazing out at the moon in the sky.

“Oh,” Damon sighed. He watched the lonely human in silence.


Chapter Two

Damon lounged in his room as the world entered twilight. He didn’t need to sleep if he didn’t want to, and now that he was among humans at rest, it was the best time to go dream-walking.

As his neighbor-human slept, so did the hundred other humans in this building they called a dormitory. With his head against the headboard, Damon channel-surfed the sleeping minds of the young humans.

One mind dreamt of leading the charge of a Viking army, like the video game they’d played before drifting off to sleep. Damon recalled the Vikings smelled worse in real life.

Another mind dreamt of being the President, giving a speech to an audience of billions of people all applauding at once. Damon covered his ears and quickly changed the channel.

And then there were the minds that dreamt of things like flamingoes tap dancing on Mars. Damon did his best to filter out the nonsense, searching for dirtier dreams. Once he found one, he grinned and let himself in.

One college boy dreamed of their classroom and their female professor. As Damon sat in the back of the dream-classroom, he saw the back of the blonde boy in front of him. He was intently watching the young woman give a lecture on Macroeconomics. Yet, her skirt was more Microeconomics.

“Ms. Lomide,” the nervous boy said, “thank…thank you for the private tu-tutoring.”

“Anything for you, Cal,” Ms. Lomide said, drawing out every syllable.

She put her leg up on the desk in front of her, drawing back her pantyhose.

Damon smiled, enjoying the show as he took notes. “Ms. Lomide…Macroeconomics…” he muttered to himself.

Cal and Ms. Lomide peered back at him suddenly.

“Who are you?” Cal said. “And why are you nude?!”

As soon as he spoke, the fabric of the dream started to shudder. The ground at Damon’s feet quaked.

“Uh,” Damon said, “I’m just about to go,” he said, getting up from his seat.

He rushed to the door in the back. As soon as he slammed the door, he was back in his bed, moonlight streaking across his face.

“Breeders,” he grumbled. He got up from his bed, brushing the last of the dream dust off of his broad shoulders. His ear flexed as he heard a soft suckling noise at his crotch. There were a pair of small imps hanging off of his dick, their blissful faces shrinking as they saw Damon.

Damon swung his half-hard dick toward a nearby wall, sending the imps flying until they hit a set wooden drawers. The two imps collapsed on each other, their own small dicks sticking up like spires against each other.

He stood below the tiny creatures, which cowered in the shadow of the greater demon.

Damon tightened his fist and raised up his bare foot to smash the imps’ heads in.

Just then, he heard a knock at the door. He looked down at the imps, scowling. “Get out of here,” Damon grunted. The imps disappeared into the shadows under Damon’s bed.

With his throbbing cock leading the way, Damon answered the door nude, swinging the door open without shame. “What?” he shouted.

In front of him, he could see a green-skinned, long haired incubus in preppy college clothing.

“Murder?!” Damon said, stepping back.

“Good morning to you, too, hot stuff,” Murdoch said, letting himself in. “Have a good first day?”

“Good first half a day, I guess. You look good, green.”

“Thanks,” Murdoch said, tossing his hair. “I figured I’d go for something casual, but professional.”

Murdoch put his book bag on the bed and laid down with the nude Damon. Murdoch scanned Damon’s muscled, vein-riddled figure.

“You look well fed,” Murdoch said, brushing his hand along Damon’s thigh until he reached his hard cock. He gave his friend a few quick tugs.

Damon held back his impulse to reciprocate. He flicked the side of his head, seeing what the other demon looked like as a human. He grinned as he saw Murdoch’s lean Asian disguise.

“If it were up to me, you wouldn’t wear anything at all,” Damon said, rubbing Murdoch’s shoulders as he jerked him off. “These human clothes are so itchy.”

“It’s what we have to do to fit in.”

“I fed off the wet dream of some loser next door,” Damon remarked. “I was the star, of course. Maybe he’ll be my first friend.”

“Just don’t be too forceful. Humans don’t follow the same rules as us.”

Damon took Murdoch’s hand off his cock and wrapped his arms around him, cuddling the smaller incubus. “Shame,” Damon said, stroking Murdoch’s hair. “If I had it my way, we’d all be screwing in the open.” He grinded his cock against Murdoch’s jeans, leaving a wet spot in the rear.

“Just follow the rules and play it slow,” Murdoch said, leaning into Damon’s touch.

“I’m glad you found an empty dorm. How’d you get it?”

“Uh, just picked the lock.”

Murdoch frowned as he looked all around the room. “We gotta decorate in here,” he said.

“Not right now,” Damon scowled. “I got a contest to win! Where is that beautiful, blue-skinned bastard Jamie?

“No idea. He didn’t say where he was going topside.”

“What is this, hide and seek?” Damon said, sniffing the air. “It’s so hard to track a scent up here. Too many of those big metal things driving around, burping up smoke.”

“I suppose we could just table it for now. Did you get your class schedule?”

“How was I supposed to do that?”

Murdoch pulled out a small, glowing rectangle from his pocket. Damon marveled at the device.

“What’s that, a little TV?”

“It’s a smartphone,” Murdoch sighed. “Every human has one so they can figure out everything they need to know, when they need to know it.”

“Then why do they gotta go to classes?”

“I don’t know. I figured out a bunch of classes so I can gather some more information about the student body. That way, we have a better chance of fitting in. Did you get an idea of where you wanted to start, at least?”

Damon scratched his chin. “I got, uh, Macronomics class!” he exclaimed. “Teacher’s some Ms. Lomide. Some kid was dreaming about it and I figure that’s a good start.”

“Okay where is it?”

Damon held his mouth open for a second. “No idea,” he said, going past Murdoch. “But I’m gonna find out!”

“Wait,” Murdoch said, reaching out to catch Damon. “Put on some clothes first!”

The two of them left the room and headed back toward the quad. Damon wore the same clothes as yesterday, and his musk made most stay a few feet away from him.

“How about a quick shower before you go to class?” Murdoch said, wrinkling his nose.

“No way. I don’t wanna be late.”

“You don’t even know when this class begins or ends.”

“It felt like a morning class in the dude’s dream. And I already got a good look at Ms. Lomide. Curly haired bitch.”

“Well, if it’s economics, then it’d be in Blaise Hall. That’s where all the math classes are.”

They entered a nearby lecture hall with six floors. Other than the two demons, the hall was sparsely populated, with only a couple of students walking by at any given time.

“Seems like the period just started,” Murdoch sighed.

“Like the thing girls have?” Damon said, sniffing the air. “We gotta find someone on the bleed?”

“No…most people just started class. And classes are at least an hour at this school.”

“How’d you find out so much in a day?”

“I didn’t spend most of my day dreamsurfing. This is reconnaissance work.”

“If you can fit those big words in your mouth, how ‘bout my cock instead?”

“As much as I’d love to oblige you, we’ve got to find this class and catch up with Jamie.”

Damon stopped, sniffing the air more intently for his mate. He smelled the demon, not without a hint of aftershave and deodorant.

“Speak of the demon,” Damon said with a grin. “This’a’way.” Damon stalked the other incubus, Murdoch having to walk extra fast to catch up. “No wonder we haven’t seen him,” he growled. “Dude’s already wormed his way into the humans’ nest.”

Damon kept sniffing, closing his eyes so he could focus on the scent of his mate. He walked a couple of steps forward before he bumped into somebody.

“Hey,” the young lady said, brushing off her shoulder. “Watch where you’re going!”

“Sorry,” Murdoch said, apologizing for Damon. “We’re just on our way to Macroeconomics, Ms. Lomide’s class. We just got our schedules changed. Do you know where that is?”

“Oh, my sister’s in her class. Yeah, 231.”

“Thanks so much,” Murdoch said, bowing his head. “You’re a first-year, right?”

“How’d you know?” the young woman said, fixing her hair.

“Uh, lucky guess.”

“You smell virgin, too?” Damon interjected.

The young woman looked at them with shock before she blushed hard. She rushed past the two of them, rounding the corner with her books held tight to her chest.

Damon looked at Murdoch, who fumed at him. “You red-blooded bastard,” Murdoch grumbled.

“Hey,” Damon shrugged. “Not like she’ll be one for long.”

The two arrived at room 231. Damon hunched down to see through the classroom window and saw a classroom full of young humans seated in an amphitheater. He peered towards the front, seeing the young human Cal from the dream. At the center of the classroom was Ms. Lomide, dressed much more conservatively than her dream self.

Damon looked back towards Murdoch, smiling widely.

“Time to feed,” Damon said. “How about we charge up a little before we go in?”

“Right here?” Murdoch said, glancing around for half a second before Damon’s tongue invaded his mouth. Murdoch melted into the kiss, the two descending to the ground in a heap.

Damon forced Murdoch to the ground, dry humping against the other incubus. He felt his sexual aura flare up around him, going from a soft red to deep orange.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d screw you right here,” Damon growled, pinning Murdoch. He dug his claws into Murdoch’s jeans, scarring the denim.

“Save it for later,” Murdoch moaned, pushing up against Damon’s weight.

The two of them got up, fixing their hair and dusting their clothes of carpet debris.

Damon licked his lips, his eyebrow cocking up. He reached toward the classroom doorknob.

“Here we go,” Damon said, clutching the doorknob.

“Wait,” Murdoch said, his hand on Damon’s. “What’s your cover?”

“Just trust me,” Damon said, opening the door.

The whole classroom turned and stared at the two odd humans in the doorway.

“Can I help you?” Ms. Lomide said, adjusting her glasses.

“Uh,” Damon stammered. His heart beat fast from his brief encounter with Murdoch, causing his tongue to tangle. “I’m…transferring into the class. I’m Damon—”

Damon looked left and right, and saw a Tommy Hilfiger logo emblazoned across the chest of one of the human students.

“Hilfiger. Damon Hilfiger.”

“I don’t know of any Damon Hilfiger,” Ms. Lomide said, checking her papers. “Did you register?”

Damon’s nose puffed smoke, but he walked right up to her face.

“I’m not on the class list yet, but I know you won’t mind me sitting with my friend Cal over here.”

Cal winced as the demon stared at him.

“I don’t—”

“Yeah, Cal, we met back in…boarding school? Whatever. And you always gave me your notes.” Damon got closer to Cal’s face, scratching the underside of his shaved chin. “You made sure you got in all the same classes as your buddy Damon when we signed up, right?”

Cal’s eyes lidded as he listened to Damon’s strong, soothing voice.

“Yeah…” Cal drawled. “Damon…”

Damon glanced down, seeing Cal’s dick start to chub up in his shorts. Damon felt tempted to reach his foot up and play with it but relented.

“I see,” Ms. Lomide said, her eyebrow raised.

“Let’s get back to the lesson,” Murdoch said, holding his hands out. “Just pretend we’ve always been here.”

He clapped his hands together twice and the classroom looked back towards Ms. Lomide, who headed back behind her podium.

“What was that?” Murdoch whispered as he sat in his seat.

“Just a little charm,” Damon said, crossing one bare foot over another. “Works every time.”

Damon lasted all of ten minutes listening to the lecture before he started to yawn. He peered down at Murdoch, who was actually taking notes. Damon rolled his eyes, fixing his gaze back on Cal.

He stared into the back of his head, looking for any lingering thoughts to read.

“That Damon guy, do I really remember him?” Cal thought. “I just saw the guy, but…I feel like I…”

Damon kept his eyes on Cal, his eyes glowing. The rest of the world faded away as he projected into the haze of the young human’s unconscious.

The haze was a cloud of pink, purple, and blue. Figments of his short-term memory floated in midair, like the sandwich he had for lunch, or the girls he saw walking down the quad. Muffled echoes of his favorite songs filled the cloudy world. Damon, the red intruder, found Cal floating in the abyss, the center of the quiet storm.

Damon approached the subconscious Cal, his eyes closed in a slumbering state. The cloudy floor shook and trembled under the demon’s feet; in this world between dreams and reality, the floor was like the rickety floorboards of an old house. One bad step and everything would cave in.

Damon hunched over the sleeping Cal, his claws out. He put his arms around Cal’s chest, embracing him in a gentle hug. The wind inside of the unconscious world picked up, fluttering the fringes of Cal’s hair.

Damon reached into the human’s memories, pulling scenes from his teenage years. He saw Cal working on a family farm, riding a tractor in endless fields of corn.

“Cal,” Damon whispered. “Farm boy. Remember when we used to run in the field next to your house? The corn went on forever.”

Cal groaned, the dreamscape flickering with tiny shafts of pink light.

“And when we got too tired,” Damon continued, “we’d rest in the barn and unhitch our suspenders…”

Cal threw his head back, his fingers trembling. Out of the corners of his mouth, pink essence started to coil out like plumes of steam from a tea kettle.

Damon heard the sharp sound of something falling to the ground, nearly breaking his concentration. He glanced to the ground, but saw nothing.

“And you’d dig out the summer wine, and we’d get close, and…”

Damon lurched, losing his footing. He braced himself, holding tight onto the unconscious Cal.

“Are you okay, Cal?”

Damon heard Ms. Lomide’s voice echo loudly throughout the unconscious world. Damon felt the world fall underneath him, and the two tumbled into the cloudy abyss.

Damon jolted awake and he saw the young man convulse in front of him. Cal humped the air a couple of times, close to the edge of orgasm.

The whole class fixed on Cal, several students getting up to attend to him.

“He’s…he’s all right,” Damon said, pushing them away. “Uh, come on, dude, let’s get to…let’s get you some help.”

Damon looked down, seeing his boner bulging out of his shorts. He grinned and laughed nervously, grabbing Cal’s hand and dragging the young man out of the classroom, leaving a bewildered Murdoch behind.

As Damon slammed the classroom door behind him, Cal’s cargo shorts were tented, too, his eyes glazing over. Damon led the human to a nearby stairwell, as dark as he could find in the moment. He shucked Cal’s shorts, revealing his hard, cut cock.

“Second one this week,” Damon sighed. “Why do humans gotta do that to their dicks?”

Damon bent down and licked across the shaft a couple of times with his rough tongue before the human erupted all over himself. A cloud of pink essence filled the stairwell, obscuring the two from the world. Catching his breath, Damon hoovered up all of Cal’s sexual essence, his hair standing on end and his skin shuddering. Damon collapsed on top of Cal, the two resting after their bizarre encounter.

Damon felt his shoulders obscure more of the young human’s figure, stretching wider. In the middle of his growth spurt, he gripped hard onto the carpet as he felt his own dick explode hands-free, coating the young human’s face and chest like a thick layer of icing.

Wasting no time, Damon licked all over Cal’s body, cleaning up the mess they made. As he reached the human’s face, he kissed him.

“Thanks for the lunch,” Damon chuckled.

He stood up the human, who slowly came back to reality.

“You…what are you?” Cal panted.

“I’m your friend,” Damon said, patting Cal on the shoulders. “And we’re gonna go find my friend now.”

Damon turned to see a furious Murdoch, folding his arms.

“You had to go and feed now,” Murdoch said.

Damon almost began to speak, but he turned back towards Cal.

“Put your pants back on and stare out the window.”

On command, Cal hitched up his pants and turned to stare out at the sunny sky.

“Is that why you wanted in on that class?” Murdoch pressed.

“No, no,” Damon said, slumping his shoulders. “I was more worried about Jamie once I smelled him.”

“I’m worried about blowing our cover. I can’t keep fixing this shit for you.”

“What did you tell them?”

“He had a medical episode and I was helping you.”

“That’s why I keep you around,” Damon grinned. “You know how to talk good.”

Murdoch rolled his eyes as he approached Cal.

“I guess this is our second friend,” he said, joining him in enjoying the view out the window.

“Indeedy dee,” Damon said. “‘Till we find Jamie again.”

“Jamie…” Cal sighed, still in a stupor. “Jamie Supino…?”

Damon and Murdoch looked at each other, mouths agape.


Chapter Three

The three exited the building and relaxed outside, enjoying the brisk fall breeze.

“Thanks for helping me out there,” Cal said, his cheeks flushing as he sat next to Damon on a bench. “I never knew I was epileptic. Maybe I should go see a nurse.”

“No need,” Damon said, grinning a little too wide. “Good thing I’m a volunteer EMT.”

“That’s a thing?”

Damon glanced over at Murdoch, who silently ignored him and stared out at the students walking nearby.

“Yeah,” Damon continued. He leaned towards Cal, enjoying his scent marking the human. “Uh, I help out my dad on the weekends. So, how do you know this Jamie Supino?”

“I heard about him from my roommates in Gilmore,” Cal said. “He just came in from England.”

“Oh. They still got the plague over there?”

“I think they still have COVID, yeah. But everyone had to be vaccinated before the semester.”

“So they snip your balls off before they start school? How come you still have yours?”

“Do you smell Jamie or not?” Murdoch interjected, his palm against his forehead as if he was fighting the biggest headache in his life.

“I lost his scent after we ran into the virgin. Now there are a ton of other smells. The biggest one’s down the hill.” Damon pointed to the big, modern building at the bottom of the hill. “What’s that one, man?”

“The cafeteria?” Cal clarified. “Yeah, it’s attached to the student center.”

“Is that where they breed?” Damon said, sniffing intently. “I smell a lot of seed down there.”

“It can get pretty oily smelling when they have the deep friers going,” Cal said.

“I’m starving,” Damon said, stretching his arms out. “Let’s get some food.”

The three of them headed for the cafeteria, Jamie taking the lead. They descended the stairs, passing a group of young women who chatted with each other. They glanced at Murdoch, giggling as they waved at him.

“Maybe you’ll get some game while we’re here,” Damon said, nudging Murdoch.

“Maybe,” Murdoch shrugged. “Not really playing. I’m just the referee.”

“Then how come I tasted coochie on your breath earlier?”

Murdoch blushed, looking towards the ground. “I was hungry,” he said.

“So you’re having some of the fairer sex. I’m jealous.”

“What are you talking about?” Cal said, leaning in to listen.

“You didn’t hear that,” Damon and Murdoch said simultaneously.

Cal turned his head immediately as they approached the cafeteria doors.

The group waited in line to go into the cafeteria where an attendant watched students swipe their IDs.

“Let me know if you make any more girlfriends,” Damon said, stroking Murdoch’s hair. “Maybe we could have some fun together.”

“It’s not a buffet. There’s only so much essence to go around.”

“You gotta take care of yourself, man.” Damon pinched Murdoch’s stomach through his polo. “You’ve always been so skinny.”

“Maybe I don’t wanna bulk up like you,” Murdoch sighed. “Big arms and a bigger ego.”

“And a big appetite,” Damon said, patting his stomach. “What’s on the menu, Cal?”

“They have everything,” Cal said, swiping his card. “Go ahead.”

Damon looked down at the attendant, a chubby young man with a blank expression. “Something wrong?” the young man said, resting his head on his fist.

“Uh,” Damon said, leaning down. “Do I pay here or what?”

The young man tapped the ID reader sitting on the desk. Damon glanced back at Murdoch, who stared back at him without an answer.

Damon turned back to the young man and made a smile. “I forgot my ID in my room,” he said, putting his bare foot up on the desk and squeezing the young man’s cheeks. “But I’m so starving, man. Can’t you let it slide just this once?”

Damon got closer, staring right into the young man’s eyes. He scooped up a bucketful of the young man’s ambient thoughts, finding his name: Felix. He smelled cannabis on the young man’s breath.

“Felix,” Damon continued. “You and me ought to share a blunt together sometime. I’ll bring the ganja. ¿Qué te parece?”

Felix fluttered his eyes open, his pupils shrinking. “Trato hecho,” he said, swiping his own card on the reader.

Damon nodded, patting the side of Felix’s chubby face. He headed toward Cal, not before Murdoch cleared his throat. Damon dashed back to the desk.

“Do it again,” Damon said, smiling nervously.

The group sat together at a table near the main thoroughfare of the cafeteria. Cal had a plate full of food, though Damon and Murdoch just had glasses of water.

“I thought you said you were hungry,” Cal said as he chewed on a piece of fried chicken.

“Hungry for learning,” Damon said, putting his feet up on a nearby chair.

“We’re fasting,” Murdoch interjected. “We’ve got…pretty strict diets.”

“Oh, right on,” Cal said, tearing the fragrant chicken apart. “So Damon, who’s your friend?”

“This is…Murdoch. I call him Murder since one time he killed like a dozen people—”

“In Royale Gunner,” Murdoch said, kicking Damon in the shin under the table. “I’m really into the game these days. I just hope it doesn’t get in the way of my classes.”

“We should squad up some time,” Cal said, shoveling spaghetti into his mouth.

“What’s Royal Gunner?” Damon said, twirling his finger in his water.

“It’s a first-person-shooter where a hundred people drop into an arena and only one person can survive,” Murdoch said. “You have to go around and find guns and kill people while all sorts of stuff happens to the map.”

“So it’s like a gladiator thing,” Damon said, trying to understand.

“Aw man, Russel Crowe,” Cal said, enjoying his peanut-crusted beef. “Classic.”

As Cal and Murdoch got to know one another, Damon became distracted by a familiar scent cutting through the smell of grease, fat, and salt. He got on all fours, clambering like an animal as he stalked the scent.

Murdoch looked down in horror at Damon making such a spectacle. “Dude, what—” Then Murdoch’s nose wrinkled as he realized what was happening.

Damon sniffed around for a few more seconds before his nose collided with a pair of stilettos.

He craned his neck up to see a young woman in a pencil skirt and a black top, frowning at him.

“Damon,” she said in a low voice.

Damon stood up, sniffing the young woman all over.

“Vanessa,” Damon grunted. “Why are you here?!”

“Why are any of us here?” she sighed. “I’m here to collect essence like you and your imp.”

Damon gritted his teeth as he summoned up the muster to say something. Before he could open his mouth, his nostrils flared wide open. A slender hand adorned by a large, silver watch stroked under his chin.

“J…Jamie,” Damon said, his will evaporating from the touch of his mate.

The hand departed, resting at the side of cream-colored khakis. The blue incubus was now a young, blonde man in a polo shirt, folding his arms next to Vanessa.

“You’re finally here,” Jamie laughed. “Took you long enough to find me.”

“Not my fault,” Damon said, stomping his foot. “There’s so much bullshit you have to do here before you can hunt!”

“Jamie Supino,” Cal said, raising his hand for a high-five. Jamie hesitated before he slapped the young man’s hand.

“Yes, that’s me,” Jamie said, fixing his hair. “Your new student body president.”

Damon and Murdoch froze, staring at the prim incubus and the amused succubus.

By that point, the group of demons was starting to draw a small crowd. Jamie shook his head and turned to address them.

“Return to your meals,” Jamie said, waving his hand like a conductor. The crowd dispersed as if the whole encounter was a daydream.

“How did you manage to become student body president in a day?” Murdoch pressed.

“Easy enough,” Jamie laughed. “Our previous student body president was well-spoken, confident, and deathly allergic to walnuts. And when he ordered a sundae from the neighborhood food trucks, a couple made it into his dessert. Thankfully, I happened to be there to take him directly to the hospital. Clutching my friend’s hand, he entrusted me to run the student council in his stead. The doctors say he’ll be fine by the end of the week, but that may be a couple of months short. He was even nice enough to lend me his apartment keys.”

“Genius,” Vanessa laughed. “Who wouldn’t want this hunk in their bed?”

Damon’s lip quivered as he straightened up his posture and slicked back his hair.

“You sound so busy, you probably haven’t had the chance to bed anyone!” Damon snickered.

Jamie stroked the side of Damon’s face as he sniffed him.

“And you smell like you haven’t bathed in days,” Jamie said. “I could ravage you right here and make everybody watch.”

“Try me,” Damon growled.

“Stop, stop,” Murdoch said, pushing the two apart. “Just leave us be, Jamie. We’ve had a long morning.”

“Fair enough,” Jamie said, smiling with sharp teeth. “I must go now. I’ve got honors classes to ace.”

Jamie and Vanessa left the group, not before Vanessa looked back, blowing a kiss.

“Let the best demon win,” she cackled.

Damon and Murdoch returned to their seats, drained of energy. “Since when could he ask for help?!” Damon said, hitting the table so hard that he left a visible dent.

“We didn’t really set a lot of rules,” Murdoch said. “Why did she call me an imp?”

“You may be cute, but you’re no imp,” Damon said, grabbing Murdoch’s arm and drawing him close. “Nobody shits on my friend unless it’s me.”

“Don’t ruin it,” Murdoch sighed, cuddling against Damon.

“So are y’all doin’ some kinda sex thing,” Cal said, looking up from his phone. “I couldn’t follow half of that.”

Damon gulped.

“Uh, yeah,” Murdoch said. “It’s…a friendly contest. And nothing more.”

“Oh, all right,” Cal said, looking back down at his phone. “I know some people who’re poly, no big deal.”

Damon and Murdoch looked at each other and shrugged. “Should we wipe—”

“Let it slide,” Murdoch said, his hand sliding underneath Damon’s waistband.


Chapter Four

The group split up for the afternoon, leaving Damon to find something to do on his own. With no one like Murdoch to stop him, Damon had free reign to investigate the other study halls, like Meara Hall. According to some nearby human thoughts, this was the “humanities” hall. Damon wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but he proceeded onward.

Damon lounged in another classroom he picked at random. Macroeconomics was a start, but now he was trying a foreign language class. Of course, no language was foreign to a demon, but he figured he would play the part.

Damon sat in Latin I, taught by Professor Rumio. The class was full of people taking extensive notes on conjugations and forms, but Damon just sat, chewed gum, and read minds.

“Non ducor…duco.”

“Sherry Wong is so hot.”

“Should I play Fist Impact 8 tonight?”

“Vincit qui se vincit.”

Damon yawned, his forked tongue slipping out. He stared up at the ceiling, tapping at the daydreams of the humans like seeking sap from a maple tree. It was remarkable how few of the students were paying attention to the material of the class. Damon supped from the idle, horny thoughts of the inattentive minds. As Damon poked into their idle thoughts, the unconscious minds of the humans reacted in kind; he saw beads of sweat and flushed faces fill the class.

Damon smelled the most sweat from a young human man in a blue sweatshirt next to him. The dark-skinned, curly-haired man barely fit in the small desk. Damon’s nose smelled notes of grass and dirt on the young man.

Damon decided to poke into the young man’s mind. As soon as he did, he started to clench his teeth. Unfortunately, the young man’s mind was a tightly-woven nest of worries and anxieties. They were the worst kinds of minds to read. All he could glean were glimpses of tall, athletic young men tossing around a brown object. And the key word was…football.

“Football,” Damon said, biting his lower lip. He chewed on the word like a piece of gum.

“Young man in the back,” Mr. Rumio said. “Can you read this out loud?”

Damon snapped back to reality and glanced at the chalkboard. He narrowed his eyes. “Veni, vidi, vici,” he said in a flat voice.

“Very good,” Mr. Rumio said. “And how about this one?”

“Mens sana in corpore sano,” Damon droned. He leaned backward in his seat, playing with his beard. “Si ingenuus sim, taediosum est hoc, professor. Da mi aliquid voluptua vel, timeam fastidii hic ne per.”

Everybody in the room gawked at him, including the professor. “I’m sorry,” Damon said, grinning. “I said I have to step out for a moment.”

Damon left the stunned students of the room, snickering to himself.

He wandered Meara Hall, his backpack draped across his broad shoulder. Any wider and he’d have to turn to enter doorways. It was a shame that human nests weren’t built for demons like Damon. Most humans ran so small that they may as well not be there.

“Football,” Damon thought again, remembering the images he grabbed out of the young man’s mind. “I gotta find out more about this.”

Damon yawned again, his footsteps slowing. His stomach growled. He needed to feed again.

Damon’s nose stirred as he caught a familiar scent. It was the scent of Thomas, his hallmate.

Damon’s cock stirred in his shorts as he thought of Thomas. He hadn’t seen the nerdy human since the other evening. He wanted to wrap his huge body around the shrimp until he folded into him like a bear trap.

The scent was most potent at the end of the hall. Damon pressed his ear up against the wall, listening in on a lecture about Nicholas II. The name was familiar, though Damon thought more of his bearded advisor, the one who met a fatal end.

Damon peered inside the classroom, seeing it was packed. Thomas sat in the front, dutifully taking notes on the droll subject. Damon frowned, and stepped through the fabric of reality, standing just one step away from their conscious awareness.

Damon strolled up to the human sitting behind Thomas. He reached out to the young woman and sent urgent signals to her bladder. She looked up, sighing sharply as she exited the classroom.

Damon sat right behind Thomas as he returned back to reality, massaging the minds of the humans nearby to make it seem like he belonged. He tapped on Thomas’s shoulder.

“Hey,” Damon whispered.

Thomas looked back at Damon. Something inside his mind felt like his presence was wrong, but Damon’s smile was enough to make him feel at ease.

“Hey,” Thomas said back.

“I got a study party tonight in my dorm. You in?”

“Study for what?” Thomas said, catching up with his notes on his laptop.

“Uh, Latin,” Damon replied.

“I’m not even in Latin.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Damon said, leaning over and whispering in Thomas’s ear. “You’re my study buddy now.”

Thomas’s eyes fluttered as his face grew flush.

“I…guess I don’t have much else going on,” Thomas said. His fingers locked up and his forefinger typed the key “G” over and over in his notes.

“Great,” Damon said, standing up and leaving the classroom. “See you then, man!”

“See you!” Thomas shouted. He shrunk back as the rest of the classroom looked at him in confusion.

Damon sat down in the corner of the hall, out of view from the main thoroughfare. He closed his eyes and sent out a psychic ping to Murdoch. When he didn’t get an answer, he sent out another ping.

“What?” Murdoch’s voice said, echoing in Damon’s mind. “I’m in the middle of class.”

“Which class?” Damon said, smiling to himself. “Sex Ed? I could come up and ream you as a demonstration.”

“I wish. I’m in Herpetology II. The study of reptiles and amphibians.”

“So you wanna learn about cold-blooded things. I see how it is. Why not go and hang out with Jamie? He’s the coldest-blooded incubus we know.”

“No kidding. I can’t believe he put someone in a coma so that he could become class president.”

“And he got hold of Vanessa, too? That bitch gets more sausage than me at Oktoberfest.”

“We’ve got big competition now. They went ahead and got into the upper ranks of the student body. That means we need to find our own way into power.”

“Any ideas?”

“Humans here have an army they call a ‘football team’. They’re some of the strongest people on campus. If we can get into their army, then we can use that against Jamie and Vanessa.”

Damon grew excited as he heard that ‘football’ word again.

“Football!” he said out loud. “That’s it!”

Damon felt a tap on his shoulder. He saw Professor Rumio peering down at him. “Is everything all right, Damon?” he asked. “You left class all of a sudden.”

“Carpe diem,” he with a grin as he got up from the ground. “I just needed some air. While I have you here, what was the name of the football team here?”

“The Hub College Hyenas,” Rumio said, fixing his glasses. “Why do you ask?”

“Uh, I…think someone on our team goes to this Latin class, and I need to get some notes from him. What was his name?”

“I’m surprised you don’t already know,” Rumio said, cocking his eyebrow. “Almost everyone has done their Latin recitals by this time of the semester.”

Damon’s smile drooped. “Never mind,” he said. “I already have his scent.”

“That’s…good,” Rumio grimaced. “I’ll see you next class, Damon.”

Damon left the baffled teacher and kept sniffing along the halls.

Damon followed the scent trail back to the cafeteria where he met a new cashier. Her name was Muriel, and she was an older woman who didn’t like the look of the handsome student trying to fleece her.

“I’m with Felix,” Damon said, flashing a smile.

“He’s not here,” she droned. “If you don’t have any money, you can’t go in.”

Damon snorted, a puff of smoke billowing out from his nose. “Your…I’m…” he stuttered. “Look, you smell like you’re past menopause. Now, I don’t know how much au jus you get between that roast beef, but I can hook up some of my friends to get you off. They don’t mind if you’re near the expiration date.”

Muriel stared at him, her mouth agape. “Can you get a guy with blonde hair all greased up?”


“The closer to Elvis you can get, the better.”

“Deal,” he said, shaking her hand. He made a mental note to himself to ping his friends and ask one of them to take the fall. Of course, that meant he would have to bottom later, but all incubi had to make sacrifices to get their jobs done.

He started to watch a group of football players sitting across from him. He smiled, sliding his glass of water aside so he could rest his head on his folded hands and goo-goo eye at them.

The football players had twice as much food as even Cal. They loaded their plates up with every food imaginable and stole from each other’s plates as they talked. It took Damon a moment, but he was able to sift through the idle chatter and peek into their idle thoughts.

“I am not ready for football practice later,” one player thought, nursing his spaghetti. “I hope Coach Andretti doesn’t get mad.”

“How many times can I skip Finance II without failing,” the player named Wayne mused as he licked the frosting off of a cupcake.

“Man, Wayne looks great,” Ashok thought, eyeing the cupcake-eating, burly player at the end of the table. “I wonder if he’s straight or what.”

Damon unfolded his hands, pointed at the two players, and snapped his fingers.

The two players looked up, as if they had spotted the same insect flying through the air.

Damon’s grin grew wider as he made finger guns, pointing them at each other until his fingertips collided.

The two players, drawn by an invisible force they didn’t understand, met each other at the tips of Damon’s fingertips.

Damon made hand puppets with his hands, and as soon as his fingers touched, they started talking.

“Hey, Ashok,” Wayne said, brushing the back of his head. “You’re doing Finance II, right? I need some help with my homework. You around tonight?”

“Uh,” Ashok said, brushing the back of his head, “I dunno…I think I have a project to work on.”

Damon frowned. He cupped his hands together and blew air towards Ashok, coaxing the fire inside of him to grow.

Ashok’s face grew flush and his cock growing to half mast in his sweatpants.

“I think I have some time right after dinner,” Ashok said, trying to hide his arousal. “Wanna come to my dorm?”

“All right,” Wayne said. “I thought Indians were smart at math, though.”

“Not this one!” Ashok laughed.

Damon smiled and leaned back in his seat as he watched the two football players pal around. Glancing to the side, he saw a student wearing a boonie hat, which he promptly nicked from his head.

“Let me borrow this for a sec,” Damon whispered to the student, who seemed confused. “Don’t mind me.”

The student turned back to their food. Damon picked up a nearby toothpick from Cal’s three plates of food, putting it in his mouth. He leisurely pulled out a couple imaginary pieces of bait from his pocket.

Damon threw out an imaginary fishing line towards the two football players, catching their attention. Grinning, he reeled in the line, and the football players walked toward him.

“You need something?” Wayne asked Damon.

“I couldn’t help but overhear,” Damon said, flipping the toothpick around in his mouth. “I have a little study party going on for Finance II.”

“Who are you supposed to be?” Ashok said, confused.

Damon folded his arms confidently.

“I’m Damon Hilfiger. Transfer. And I’m looking for a spot on your team of gladiators.”

“What? Our team is the Collies.”

“Whatever,” Damon said, standing up and flexing his arms in the direction of Ashok. “Who wouldn’t want someone with a body like this on your team?”

Ashok’s eyes widened as he tried to avoid Damon’s flexing.

“Uh…I’ll ask Coach what he thinks, but we already have a bunch of backups. Unless someone drops, I dunno if we have a spot.”

Damon’s smile slipped. “We’ll figure it out,” he shrugged. “Come to Gilmore, 15-H, tonight. I’ll order pizza.”

“Cool,” Ashok said, looking back at Wayne for approval.

“Yeah,” Wayne replied, a little caught off guard. “Cool.”

Damon sat back in his chair, waving the two off. They dispersed, leaving the demon to plan.

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