God mode

by BRK

 Usually in video games, “god mode” is a way for programmers to test features and bug fixes without having to go the long way around. Sometimes, though, it’s exactly what it says on the tin.

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“Install game in god mode?”

I frowned at the screen. I could be at the beach today—it was beautiful weather, and us lazy trust-fund kids are supposed to goof off en masse whenever possible—but I had set aside the weekend to play the very expensive and long-awaited WorldController 3 premium plus edition, knowing that my cute-but-boring junior-stockbroker roommate was away until Monday on a business trip. And now I was wondering if the whole thing was going to be huge let down before I even started gameplay. I mean, we were almost all the way through the installation, and now it was asking me about god mode? This must be a beta—no game ever lets its players run god mode, that was for developers only. Fuck, was this game even finished?

God mode was probably boring, too, but… well, I was kind of curious to see what I could mess around with in the game. I clicked yes.

Finally, the installation finished and the setup screen loaded. There were a ton of bells and whistles that weren’t there in WorldController 2, including screens where you could alter the available languages the characters could speak in-game, or the range of colors in the visible spectrum in-universe, that kind of thing. The biggest expansion, though was a series of screens called the Genome Control Panel.

I leaned back in my gamer chair with a smile. I liked it when I had a say what baseline normals looked like in universe. I could make the ordinary human in-game look as freaky as I wanted! As I moved through the screens, looking at the available options, I’ll admit I was a little turned on by all the possibilities.

On the left half of my monster ultrasize screen, a typical human came up. The level of detail and rendering was both fast and amazingly lifelike—I could have been watching a live HD video feed. I switched the avatar to male, because, yeah, and zoomed in on the head, clicking on the ears to start with. I tested the graphics interface by clicking on the top of the ear and dragging up just a little. The ear responded easily, changing shape as I pulled. Awesome. I dragged the ear up just a little more, making them noticeably but demurely pointed without going all the way to full Spock.

Wow, even the base avatar with the bland “human average” face looked damn sexy with his ears a little pointy like that. I was half-hard just imagining meeting up with him in real life. I clicked on his dark hair, which was trimmed fairly short on the sides, and pulled down. The hair dutifully grew out in response to my dragging the mouse, lengthening just enough to hide the ears with the point poking gently through.

Fuck, that was hot. I was all the way hard now. I might not even get around to actual gameplay—this human baseline manipulator was amazing.

My brain was on fire with things I wanted to check out, so I adjusted myself in my jeans and went to zoom back out to the full avatar. Before it shifted views, however, two screens flashed on the right side of the screen. One said “Ear Configuration” and had statistics on how common the current configuration—gently pointed—was out of 1,000. I grinned and changed the vanishingly low decimal in the box to 1,000. Everyone in my world would have these! That would make for very sexy gameplay. I clicked “OK” and the “Ear Configuration” screen cleared. The second box was headed “Hair Growth” and underneath were options for “Grow everyone’s hair by 1.5 inches”, “Increase baseline hair growth speed”, and “No changes”. I clicked the first one, because I like shaggy hair on guys and I really liked this look the avatar had at the moment. I clicked “OK” and that screen cleared, too.

Before I could go back to the avatar, though, another box popped up asking how I wanted to apply changes: “Partial (In-Game)” or “Full”? Well, I didn’t want only part of the population in the game universe to have (gently) pointed ears—I wanted it to be everyone in game. I clicked on “Full” to apply to the entire game universe, then checked the very useful “Don’t ask me again” box they had at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom was “Apply” and “Cancel”. I clicked on “Apply”. Finally, that screen was gone, too.

I started making more changes as they occurred to me. I kind of lost track of what I was doing and acted like I was fine-tuning and augmenting to the avatar rather than the population. Specifying a number out of a thousand each time felt like a hassle, though, so I found a default settings screen (which already had “Full” application and “Apply without prompting” as my preferences), and saw there was a setting to define the default population distribution of any changes I made along a fine-tuning slide bar with labels along the side like “Extremely rare”, “Rare”, “Not Uncommon”, “Normal”, and “Universal”. I set the bar to “Normal” and pretty much forgot about it.

I made a whole bunch of adjustments I thought would be hot to see in the game, applying them to my avatar and getting more and more turned on. I made him a few inches taller, more handsome, gave him a fitness model build… then I got my freak on and added two extra fingers to each hand and two toes to each foot, with all the digits a little longer, too. When that applied, and my handsome, naked, sculpted beauty was just casually standing there with hands loaded up with nice long fingers that looked like they were multiplying right there on his hands, I very nearly came in my pants.

I had to do it. I clicked on the avatar’s dick. I stared at it for a second, my little brain slightly melted with everything this game was letting me do—I was not thinking straight at all in any sense of the word. Then I dragged it longer, then dragged it thicker, then dragged it longer again. Then, my mouth dry with anticipation and excitement, I option-dragged that big, thick, soft cock to the right and released. Whoompf—two footlong-soft, extra-fat cocks. I swear to god, when I saw that I actually did cum in my pants. I applied the change and zoomed back out, panting at the amazing avatar I’d created from deep within the most luscious spontaneous afterglow I could remember—not that I could even recollect my name at that particular moment.

My email pinged loudly, startling me and making my already racing heart jump in my chest a little. I decided to take a break from the game setup—geez, I was still in setup!—and figured I’d check my email while I calmed down. I reached for the mouse to switch programs, tracking my hand because I was still floating from my very intense orgasm, and froze, staring at my hand… my hand, with the two extra fingers that had not been there before.

No way. No way!

With my other hand I slowly reached up to touch my ear. The upper tip, which was gently, demurely pointed, was just poking through my shaggier-than-before hair. I turned off my monitor to see my reflection. I was still me, still ginger and freckly, but I was better-looking enough that I kind of wanted to make out with the face I saw in my darkened monitor. The bottom of the screen also showed just the tops of bulging shoulders under my black, worn-out old Nsync tee, which (I glanced down) was rather tight across the chest all of a sudden…

My email pinged again, startling me a second time. Moving on automatic I turned my monitor back on and switched to my mail app.

There were three messages from GLplay, the manufacturers of WorldController, the subject lines all shrieking “URGENT! Do not install WorldController 3p+!” and “Link to patched version enclosed—download immediately!”

I understood instantly. Just as I had suspected at the outset, what I had wasn’t supposed to be out in production—but not for the reason I had thought. They didn’t want anyone else to have God Mode. And I could understand where they were coming from because I didn’t want anyone else to have it either. I might be too freaked to use it again, but I sure didn’t want anyone else mucking around with the source code for my entire reality.

Quickly I went back to the game. I knew there was a page where you could enter arbitrary commands to affect the game environment, because I’d already used it to normalize casual male shirtlessness, casual gay attraction between men, and casual caresses and kissing between guys who were attracted to each other, because fuck yeah I wanted to see all of that in the game. I found the screen and typed in the text box: IN THE SETUP AND GAMEPLAY OF THIS GAME, USER1 IS IDENTICAL WITH and then entered my name and address, and my social for good measure, and clicked “Apply”. No error messages, so I knew that was accepted. Then I typed, ONLY USER1 HAS OR KNOWS ABOUT GOD MODE IN THIS GAME. EVERYONE ELSE WHO KNEW PERMANENTLY FORGOT ABOUT IT 20 MINUTES AGO. I clicked “Apply” and stared at the screen, heart pounding. No error messages. It must have gone through, right?

I switched back to the mail app.

The frantic messages from GLplay were gone. Completely gone. Not in junk, not in deleted, just gone.

Like they had never been sent.

I felt back in my chair, head spinning. The screen seemed to go out of focus, along with everything else. I could not even piece two thoughts together. The only thing that even sparked any awareness in my confused brain was the fact that my crotch was getting cold, because I had shot a major load in my pants. Though weirdly the mess was not on the middle but way off to the left, toward the side of my hip…

Slowly I looked down at my lap. Visible and prominent in my beat-up old jeans were two huge sausage-shaped bulges, outlining the perfectly normal twin footlong cocks I was packing along the crease of my hip. Presently they were half-hard, and twitching like they wanted to bone up again, so footlong didn’t even describe them at the moment because just now they were even bigger than that.

Just then I heard the lock turning. Impulsively I saved the game, closed it, and shut down. Just as the screen went black my junior stockbroker roommate, Ben, burst through the door and dropped his suitcases in disgust. “I got all the way to the airport, and then the CEO rescheduled for next month at the last minute,” he griped.

I was busy noting his gently pointed ears, more obvious than mine since he still had a very neat trim (though it was still a little long for him, probably by about an inch and a half). But then he then proceeded to rip off his comfy-looking teal polo shirt like it was made of itchy or something and tossed it over his suitcase, revealing a body that should have been in front of a professional photographer’s camera or modeling enormously expensive swimwear in a runway in Milan. “That’s better,” he said, relieved. My eyes drifted down some more and stopped. The bulge in the chinos he was wearing was shaped to suggest careful packing and compression, but I could tell it was way more than twice as big as it would have been before.

Ben came over and bent down and happily me a deep, sloppy kiss—with tongue—before moving past me toward the kitchen, sliding a many-fingered hand along my naturally bulging shoulders as he did so. I turned and stared at him as he pulled a beer out of the fridge and screwed the top off with one finger-festooned hand, holding it in the other as he tipped it up and took a long swig. He set the bottle on the counter and grinned. “We should order in tonight,” he suggested. “And tomorrow I want to do something completely stress-free, like going to the beach and ogling guys in Speedos or something.”

A grin spread across my face. “Sounds like a plan. Uh, you order, I just gotta take a shower.”

“Will do.” He glanced down at my chest and shook his head. “Man, I gotta start hiding your tee shirts, though. Pecs like that should be free and unconstrained.”

He might be right about that, I thought. Actually, wearing a tee shirt did feel kind of strange, come to think of it. Ben picked up his phone and started thumbing through the food ordering app, and I grabbed my chance to get up and book it out of the room without him clocking the mess in my pants.

I left the game alone for a long time after that, as I was having plenty of fun without needing to make any more changes. And when I did come back to it—ah, but that’s a story for another day.

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