Friday Flashback: April 2018

Friday Flashback: At the Gym 

Weekly Update 3 April 2021
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Weekly Update: 3 April 2021

As usual, I completely tanked the “vignette” part of my so-called Vignette Party wherein I write a passel of one-scene or single-concept stories proposed by my suggestion-level Patreonites. The four stories I wrote this week—“The Convincer”, “Search and Rescue”, “God Mode”, and “Lockdown Gym”—average out at 2,900 words, and the total word count for all four is 11,500 words. “Vignettes”? Pshaw!

On the other hand, all that writing wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t really gotten into each of these four stories and developed a vested interest in the outcome, so… bottom line, I enjoyed writing them, and I hope you find something in them to enjoy, too. Plus there are some great contributions down there as well. It’s a nice mix of old and new this week, so give those a try as well and remember to upvote and comment on your favorites to let the authors know what stories and ideas you like most.

The Friday Flashback this week was to April 2018, which ended up surfacing some stories that deserved a little fresh attention; so check that out if you missed it. The next update is a week hence, 10 April; in the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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The Convincer by BRK The suggestion powers of the forgotten comic book hero The Convincer seem to have rubbed off on Leland, perhaps literally. 2,908 words Added Apr 2021 7,532 views 4.4 stars (19 votes) •Muscle Growth•Retcon•Suggestion•Superhero/Supervillain•Complete •M/M/M•NS

God mode by BRK Usually in video games, “god mode” is a way for programmers to test features and bug fixes without having to go the long way around. Sometimes, though, it’s exactly what it says on the tin. 2 parts 5,430 words Added Apr 2021 Updated 17 Sep 2022 14k views 4.5 stars (27 votes) •Cock Growth•Extra digits•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Pointy Ears•Getting Taller•App•Retcon •M/M

Lockdown gym by BRK When Ed clears out his garage, his neighbor’s hunky college-age sons suggest converting the space to a lockdown gym for guys like them who want to maintain and can’t work out anywhere else. Despite the risk of distraction, Ed agrees, though the effect on his daily life turns out to be even greater than he expected. 3,110 words Added Apr 2021 14k views 4.7 stars (21 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Replication•Straight to Gay•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Always Shirtless•Getting Handsomer•Gradual Change•Getting Taller•Age Difference•Incest•Brothers•Twins•Selfcest•Complete•Set during the Pandemic •M/M•M/M/M/...

Search and rescue by BRK Roger treks deep into the rainforest to find his lost fiancé, Luke, unaware that Luke no longer needs to be rescued. 3,552 words Added Apr 2021 4,500 views 4.8 stars (11 votes) •Multi-abs•Multiarm•Multilimb•Multipec•Stacking•Transformation•Anthro/Scaly•Naga•Complete •M/M

Anthony, Parts 5–6 by Chronologious Anthony is beginning to embrace his destiny, leading to his most powerful growth spurt yet. 6 parts 16k words Added Mar 2021 Updated 3 Apr 2021 23k views 4.9 stars (16 votes) •Cock Growth•Muscle Growth•Getting Taller•Giants•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Destruction/Violence •M/M

BEASTer egg hunt by Ziel Life comes at you fast, and sometimes Easter comes at you faster. Mark stumbles upon some candy filled plastic eggs which lead to some much bigger things. 4,149 words Added Apr 2021 9,053 views 3.8 stars (10 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Size Increase•Easter

Costumemania: The sticky super suits, Part 9 by Redouan Dejected and upset, Robin heads home in costume, certain the supersuit was a mistake—even despite the appreciative comments of the stranger who stops to give him a ride. Meanwhile, Sven and Rupert enjoy their first night out as superheroes, Sven even more than Rupert. 15 parts 57k words (#56) Added Aug 2020 Updated 22 Oct 2022 24k views 4.9 stars (13 votes) •Cock Growth•Gender Swap•Straight to Gay•Hyper Strength•Muscle Growth•Muscle Worship•Man Scent•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Dom/Sub•Nonconsensual change•Lycra/Spandex•Witch/Warlock/Wizard•Superhero/Supervillain•Flying •M/M•M/M/M

Harvest by borednhony In the not so distant future, a fertility crisis has caused extreme actions to be taken by governments worldwide. This is where we find Del, the latest in the line of remaining fertile men entering the extraction facility. It’s a limited contract as far as Del knows, but something untoward seems to be lurking in the workings of the facility. 2,808 words Added Apr 2021 8,827 views 4.9 stars (10 votes) •Cock Growth•Cum Milking•Other Mental Changes•Public Nudity •M/M

Hulkster and Hoppy, Parts 11–12 by Also Known As Ned the bellhop gets off shift and returns to Hoppy and Hulkster’s penthouse suite, and this time he gets more than an eyeful of Hoppy’s increasingly amazing everything. 23 parts 119k words (#16) Added Feb 2021 Updated 10 Jul 2021 31k views 4.9 stars (56 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Man Scent•Increased Libido•Getting Handsomer•Gradual Change•Getting Taller•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Witch/Warlock/Wizard •M/M•M/M/M•M/M/M/...

Rekindling the friendship by EdIam Mark and Jack used to be best friends. Perhaps there is some way Mark can rekindle that friendship? 14k words Added Apr 2021 5,136 views 4.8 stars (5 votes) •Straight to Gay•Humiliation•Nonconsensual change•Hypnosis•Mind Control•Complete

The wish by Thatbadwriter Nelly, bored by a dull job and duller life, dreams of becoming a godlike giant beast. 773 words Added Apr 2021 6,254 views 4.0 stars (1 vote) •Giants•Size Increase•Anthro/Furry


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