Boytaur cream

by Josh Dugan

Guess what happens when you use this stuff.

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Part 1 Guess what happens when you use this stuff. (added: 1 May 2001)
Part 2
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Part 1

The big, heavy glass bottle of boytaur cream had been lovingly unwrapped when it arrived, much to Damon’s and Jim’s excitement. It could be rubbed on as well as drunk, and it was wonderful, powerful stuff.

And so it was. Jim’s legs, clean and fresh after his shower, were sleek with the cream. Damon, also naked and freshly showered, had massaged it on Jim’s legs, hardly able to wait for Jim’s beautiful legs to double themselves.

Jim loved having the heavy, pleasantly scented cream rubbed all over his long-muscled, handsome runner’s legs.

Damon had also drunk a half a quart of the delicious boytaur cream, and as it worked on his mind, he concentrated his thoughts, in order to work the changes on Jim that Damon had always lusted for.

Now, getting ready to mentally activate the boytaur cream on Jim’s legs, Damon looked at Jim in his white terrycloth robe as he brushed his teeth before the sink. He was so handsome. How handsome he would be as a boytaur! He imagined them making love as no one had ever made love before or ever would again.

And yet, that was not the prime attraction, awesome as it was. Just imagining Jim four-legged gave Damon a pleasant buzz of arousal, and awakened that familiar tang of desire in his body. It made Damon want to be four-legged as well, for himself as well as for Jim.

Jim was definitely attracted to Damon’s long, shapely legs as well, and when they had talked about possibly becoming boytaurs, they finally ordered the boytaur cream when Jim admitted that he kind of went off the deep end for Damon when he imagined Damon four-legged.

Damon was the same way about Jim—Jim’s handsome young runner’s legs were so strong and shapely in their masculine long-muscled way, and imagining him in four of them, well, it was hard to put words to it.

Wouldn’t that white robe be attractive if it were draped over Jim’s boytaur hindquarters, with four of Jim’s attractive legs keeping company among themselves, four of his good looking bare feet absently snuggling together as he stood there brushing his teeth?

And so it was. Damon was amazed at how easily it happened. His wish came true.

Jim continued to brush his teeth, there in his white terrycloth robe, standing there on four bare human feet, the robe riding up a bit on his extended hindquarters, and with his four handsome legs looking so sexy. It was attractively draped over his boytaur hindquarters, with four of his attractive legs keeping company among themselves, four of his good looking bare feet absently snuggling together as he stood there brushing his teeth.

Jim smiled at Damon, his smile thickened with the toothpaste foam on his lips. Jim tried to speak, the thick toothpaste foam garbling his beautiful voice.

“Whuurru lmmkng ammpt?” he said, his eyebrows raised. Damon knew he meant, “What are you looking at?”

“Your four legs, and your four bare feet,” Damon said. “You know I love seeing you with four of them!”

“Thmmkff,” Jim gurgled, smiling. Damon knew he meant, “Thanks!”

This was fun, Damon thought. Damon’s head was buzzing with arousal from the intense creative power the boytaur cream gave him over Jim’s legs, Jim’s body, and Jim’s entire beautiful being.

A mad, wonderfully lustful thought entered Damon’s boytaur cream-crazed mind.

What if there were several of Jim, and if they liked to make love to each other? Damon closed his eyes with the intensity of the thought, and felt his penis explode with come, at the sexiness and the incredible power of the erotic vision. He opened his eyes, gasping for breath.

And so it was! A pair of four-legged Jims stumbled on their four bare feet past the four-legged Jim brushing his teeth at the sink; the two naked four-legged Jims were laughing, fresh and dripping wet from the shower, where they and another couple of Jims were making love.

Damon also heard Jim laughing in the bedroom, and turned to look in on him—or rather, them. Several of him were piled on the huge oversized bed, a mass of legs, because they were all four-legged. Jim was sexy when he kissed himself, and Jims were lost in kisses all over the room.

“How are you doing?” one of them asked Damon.

“This is so hot,” Damon answered, meaning it! He closed his eyes, burning with desire, and made another mental command, one he had dreamed of all his life.

He opened his eyes. Damon’s wish came true! He could feel them beneath him, radiating gentle warmth. Damon now had four legs, too!

“Damn, dude!” Jim said, finishing up at the sink as the other Jims walked all their legs into the bedroom to join with the others. “You look sooo hot!”

“You, too!” Damon said, perspiring with arousal as he looked at his four-legged Jim in his white terrycloth robe. Damon stood there on his own four sexy human legs, quite aroused, and had to catch his breath, brushing a hair from his forehead with his—foot!

“Damon, what happened to your hands? They’re feet!” Jim shouted joyfully, liking what he saw. He was going over the edge, aroused at the sight of his beautiful Damon’s four legs, and seeing how beautiful Damon’s smooth, shapely feet were as they graced the wrists of his beautiful arms, heavy and masculine male feet weighing down Damon’s fine wrists.

“Omigod, Damon, I like you with wristfeet,” Jim said, wanting to take Damon’s handsome wristfeet in his hands. But as Jim went to grasp his wristfeet, he realized his hands had turned to feet as well!

Jim’s were bigger than Damon’s, handsome copies of his four other feet, just like Damon’s were copies of his own four beautiful feet.

“You, too!” Damon said, his beautiful face wide-eyed with astonishment.

“This is soooo sexy,” Jim giggled.

“I guess we could play patty-cake,” Damon giggled in return, looking at his sexy heavy male wristfeet as they dangled from his slender wrists.

Jim laughed, trying to hold Damon’s sexy wristfeet in his own masculine wristfeet. It felt so odd to have these large male feet attached to his wrists, so much longer and heavier than his hands had been. His wristfeet felt very tingly and sexy against Damon’s.

He pressed his wristfeet around Damon’s and pulled them to his lips, kissing his wristfoot toes, and nuzzling their smooth, graceful arches.

“Mmmmmmm,” he said.

Damon liked it too.

“Now we’re both six-footers,” Damon laughed.

They walked on their sets of four legs, still clumsily caressing and feeling each other’s wristfeet, and climbed with them and their four legs onto the huge bed, among all the handsome four-legged Jims who lay together kissing each other and worshipping each other’s sets of four legs, and all their beautiful male feet. They were wristfooted, as well, and so aroused!

Damon and Jim knelt on their four legs, facing each other on the bed, feeling kind of sexy, because it does feel very sexy to kneel on four legs, feeling your hind legs brushing up against your front legs and looking down and seeing four good-looking legs under you.

Jim was aroused and so was Damon, and both of them realized how good looking each of them was four-legged and wristfooted.

“Well, let’s try playing patty cake,” Damon giggled. “Shouldn’t be too hard, with these big feet attached to our wrists.”

Jim waved his big, well-shaped wristfeet around a little. They were much heavier than his hands had been. He could feel the breeze on the big sleek wristfeet as he waved them, so heavy at the ends of his arms, taxing his wrists with their weight.

“They’re kind of awkward,” he said, feeling how odd yet sexy it was when he touched them together. How strange but erotic to feel big male feet touching, when they were at the end of his arms. They were handsome, too, he couldn’t help observing.

He noticed Damon looking at them, his own more slender wristfeet hanging from his wrists, but still too big for them. Damon’s lips were slightly parted. He was turned on, too.

“So, it might be fun,” Damon said.

Jim touched one of his wristfeet to one of Damon’s. It was a heavy touch, clumsy but gentle and electric. A foot against his foot, his wristfoot.

They both giggled and gave it a try.

“Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man…”

They both laughed. The wristfeet were heavy and slow, and they were having a hard time aiming them at each other. When they did clap against each other, it was awkward and out of rhythm, because they weren’t used to having their wrists burdened with the added weight and length of wristfeet.

Some of the other Jims were trying it among themselves, their big handsome wristfeet clumsily trying to coordinate while their lips moved to the words of the pattycake game.

“This is soo stupid!” Damon giggled, holding a wristfoot to his mouth as he laughed.


Part 2

Mace and Kyle have both downed a whole bottle of boytaur cream, and Mace is majorly boned as Kyle pops four legs before Mace's even finished his boytaur cream.

“Wow,you really turn me on!” Mace says in astonishment, wiping his face. “I LOVE you with four legs! I can't get enough of them!”

He is kissing Kyle's four long sexy legs, and he giggles and wraps all four of them gently around him as he madly enjoys going between both of Kyle's asses. He is groaning and screaming with pleasure, and so is Kyle, feeling so sexy with four wonderful legs, his body so aroused and loving the feel of Mace all over his four legs and doing that to his sweet asses.

“AUUUURRRUUUGGGHHHHH!!!” Mace screams, and he and Kyle gasp: his body transformation has transformed him too, and he laughs wildly as he grows four legs, his hind legs sporting a twin of his giant male sex organ—he now has two of them! One for each of Kyle's asses!

Mace's four legs lock his four-legged body to Kyle's, and they are mad with lust, sweating like animals, rhythmically pounding their front and hind sexual organs together as both Mace's huge penises thrust in and out of Kyle's aching, sweet asses.

Kyle is so turned on he finds himself feeling four muscular arms, sensitive and erogenous, sprouting on his sweating chest, and Mace leans his massive muscular torso forward and embraces the four muscular arms, finding he has four hands of his own to hold all four of the arms, and he kisses with his lips.

He feels Kyle's sexy arms all over his muscular body, and he gets even harder and more aroused feeling that Kyle has four sexy arms, his four beautiful hands caressing his hot, sweating muscles as he buries his face among his four muscular arms.

Mace and Kyle burn with pleasure and joy, their muscular four-legged bodies sweating and heated, as Mace's four masculine human legs and Kyle's four beautiful male legs work to squeeze their front and hind genitalia together in powerful squeezes.

They are both groaning and screaming wildly, rolling their powerful bodies together, Mace on top, Kyle on top, and their lips find each others' as Mace's powerful neck hauls his head up from Kyle's four arms to kiss him, and he kisses him too when they both SCREAM and moan and SCREAM as their frontal and hind genitalia clench and explode with earth-shattering climactic orgasms, over and over and over and over, thick rivers of steaming, glazed come everywhere as Mace's giant penises relentlessly pulse endless fountains into Kyle's aching, wonderful asses, excess steaming come oozing in spurts from his double penises.

Mace and Kyle's chests and sides heave as they try to catch their breath, their four-legged bodies relaxing, heavy hot come all over their legs, Kyle's four long, relaxed legs and Mace's four long-muscled legs. Mace kisses each of Kyle's four beautiful hands, and his four arms comfortably enwrap Kyle in muscle as his four beautiful arms drape themselves among his.

They sleep, beautiful in their four-legged bodies, lost in their four-armed embraces, as their front genitals and the genitals of their hindquarters rest together in come-soaked warmth.

They had slept together for hours, and lay in a half-sleep together, only vaguely aware of the heaviness they felt, thinking it sleepiness, and gradually realizing it was the weight of all their beautiful extra arms, Kyle's extra hands, and all their extra human legs. They were real human limbs, and added quite a bit of weight—healthy weight of course, for they were healthy limbs in beautiful physical condition, but extra weight nonetheless.

“You were wonderful,” Kyle sighed, his four arms clasping Mace's muscular, multilimbed body closer to him, where his face nestled among his four magnificent arms, where it was incredibly cushioned.

“Mmmmm, so are you,” he said. Mace's four hands and arms smoothed themselves along Kyle's beautiful boytaur's body, and he groaned with sleepy pleasure as his four hands felt their way along, smoothing along his magnificent team of legs, enjoying first his front legs, then his hind legs, and … a second pair of hind legs! He started, waking Kyle from the doze his beautiful multilimbed body had slipped into.

“I think I was dreaming,” Kyle smiled; “I felt your hands massaging my legs, and I had so many of them for you!”

“You do!” Mace said, squeezing Kyle's hindmost pair of smooth, muscular thighs. Kyle started, enjoying his squeeze, and realizing he was feeling his squeeze with a pair of legs that was third in line behind his front legs and his hind legs—he definitely had a third pair of human legs!

“Don't worry—I like them!” Mace said, noticing a trace of worry in Kyle's eyes. It vanished, and Kyle's lips met Mace's in a warm, delicious lover's kiss.

“Mmmmmmmm!” he said. “I like having six legs for you! It's just like my dream!” Mace and Kyle kissed more, each of them enjoying having four arms to cradle each other in, and loving the feel of being multilegged as well.

Mace felt Kyle's new threesome of penises becoming aroused, the perfect boners hardening in the way he loved so well. He also felt his own male sexual organs engorging, swelling hugely with arousal as they stretched and enlarged, pressing against Kyle's beautiful front legs.

He laughed at the oddly pleasant and erotic feeling of his own hind hardon arousing against his front legs, so close to his own frontal posterior—it turned him on even more. And his second pair of legs felt another hot male organ pressed against them—he realized his hindquarters were warm against a third pair of legs—his own! He felt his third penis swelling between them. He tried moving the third pair of legs—he could work them just like his front legs and his hind legs—now he had a second pair of hind legs. Mace and Kyle were now six-legged!

“You, too!” Kyle said with excitement, feeling Mace trying out his six excellent male legs.

“For me?” Mace laughed, loving him enthusiasm for his six legs.

“Definitely for you,” he said, kissing him again.

They try riding each other naked on each other's beautiful six legged bodies. Their six legs and feet get all tangled up as they stumble and fall on each other, laughing helplessly.

They're both really turned on, both by their own six legs and by the fact that each one of them is now a hextaur—a sixlegged boytaur.

“Oooh, I'm gonna love this!” Mace said, getting his four arms lost among Kyle's, his four beatiful legs tangled among Kyle's, kissing him. “Me, too!” Kyle groaned.

2 parts 2,789 words Added May 2001 15k views 4.5 stars (2 votes)

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