Centaur friends

by Josh Dugan

Now that two lifelong centaur friends are fully grown and newly in love, Eddie doubles his hindquarters for his buddy.

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Ed and I have always been friends since we were centaurettes. I smile when I think of that word because it always annoys him. Since we were young centaurs, pre-teen, just kids. Anyway, Ed hates the word so I use it. I get kind of a kick out of annoying Ed, because I like him.

We used to run for hours through the hills, and cool our hot bodies in the sparkling waters of the lake. We would try to dunk each other, not an easy thing to do, since a centaur is so bouyant.

The best I could do as we splashed and laughed in the cool lake waters was to somehow get two legs over his horseback and weigh him down, and then once I had all four legs over him, dunk him. Used to be pretty uncomplicated and fun. Then one day I noticed it got complicated and even more fun.

I guess I noticed the change that had blossomed within us gradually, when one summer it seemed different, crazy, and very nice! We had taken our usual run, and since we were fully grown it had been a fast and powerful fun, exhilarating and really exciting. We had both grown quite tall and broad- shouldered, and our stallion bodies were full-size, with glistening muscle spangling our human torsos and our handsome equine bodies.

I couldn't help but notice Ed's fine hindquarters as he galloped ahead of me, his beautiful tail riding the wind as he ran, and his superb horse flanks gleamed in the dappled sunlight as we pummelled the ground through the tree- covered hills on the way to the lake. His waist sprouted appealingly from his frontal horsebody—I was caught by surprise and a little embarrassed to when he caught me obviously enjoying the masculine contours of his torso and shoulders.

How different than when we were just a couple colts!

“Lookin' good, there, man!” he smiled at me, sweat pouring from his beautiful chest and shoulders, and as I galloped along, staring saucer-eyed at him, I was so aroused by his compliment that I plain ran into a low-hanging branch with a good whomp to my chest, my heavy stallion's body whipping by ahead of me as I did an airborne 360-degree spin. My hooves clattered helplessly over the rocks and roots and I landed with an ignominious thump in a clump of blackberry bushes.

There was a flutter and screech of birds as the dust clouds swirled about me.

As I lay there winded I heard the distant echo of his hooves as he slowed to turn around, and through my back and shoulders and horse flanks I could feel the ground pounding with his approaching hoofbeats.

“Whoa, boy!” he called out, “you all right?”

I tried moving each of my four legs, just to test. “I think so, but I'm not sure,” I said, surprised at the weakness in my voice. My chest was tingling from the impact of the tree branch, and my sweat stung in all the little cuts from the blackberry bush thorns.

“Here, grab a hand,” he said, and I gave him both hands. His grip was warm and strong, and his sweat-shined muscles danced beneath his beautiful tan as he pulled me up, my four legs clumsily scrambling for a grip on the still-spinning earth.

“Hey, you better let me help you along for a while,” he said, and he pulled our sweaty torsos together in a gentle hug. “Look at you!” He made a mock frown and reached back, dusting off my horseback and flanks and picking out the thorns.

“I'm sure I'll be okay,” I said in my stupor, appreciating his gentleness and about to fall over again from the aromatic male tang of his sweating body. He was industriously dusting me off with his large, gentle hands, pulling off twigs and thorns.

“And look at these blackberries! You're half an Apaloosa with these mashed all over your butt. Mmmmm!” He had grabbed my horsebody and lay his sweating torso on my horseback, nibbling the the sweet mashed berries off my hindquarters. I felt my rear legs jump involuntarily, and my belly got a slap from the heavy, huge horse-hardon that I had prayed would behave itself. But noooo.

“Ed! Stop it” I said, half in earnest. It tickled. “You wanna get kicked? I mean it!”

“Mmmm-mmm” he teased. “Gotta clean you up!”

Suddenly I felt anger in spite of my arousal, and I would have kicked him save for the ecstatic paralysis that weakened my back legs. And now my frontal hardon was rudely starting to telescope, the last thing I wanted if I was going to run away from Ed. And run away I did, or at least tried to.

My back legs and my front legs couldn't or wouldn't find their normal partnership of rhythm, and as Ed's howls of laughter rang in my reddening ears, I tried to make my aroused body run. More hard slaps on the belly from my wildly swinging back hardon, and my frontal hardon swung around and around like a flapper spinning her necklace. which only made it harder and more rigid as it grew huge.

My poor balls, front and rear, ached to come. I gamely drove my legs onward, clumsily and stupidly, my shoulders and back sweating with the effort, my anger cresting, when suddenly I happened look behind me. There was Ed, his long arms holding his splendid sweating sides, still laughing and doubling over, and trying to run after me as his huge hardons swung and slapped.

I had to laugh, in spite of myself. “You useless little centaurette!” I taunted. “You handsome horse's behind!” he shouted back, and there went my hardons to full-on. Oddly, I could now run, and again, run I did. Straight for the lake. I would show Ed.

As I captured my full gallop, the breeze refreshed my sweat-sore body and I felt really aroused, especially hearing Ed's galloping hoofbeats catching up from behind. He pulled alongside me and smiled, and our heavy male horse bodies seemed lighter than air, our hooves barely seemed to touch the ground, and our enormous frontal and rear hardons seemed to slice the wind. Was he beautiful!

We seemed to fly together in slow motion, cooled by the wind, our hair streaming in the wind as our sweat dried, our muscular torsos glowing in the sweet peach rays of the early evening sun. A large, friendly hand found mine, and together we pummelled the earth without seeming to touch it.

It wasn't wind that brought me out of my reverie, but the exploding splash as we hit lake's edge at full gallop, with loud and painful belly flops klopping our hardons amid a huge explosion of the splash as our horse tonnage hit the glassy calm of the lake.

We must have wrestled and played for an hour in the water. Then Eddie imitated classic sword thrusts at me, using his massive frontal hardon, arrogantly hands-free. I in turn parried and thrust in like fashion. After a few erotic and then painful sword- crossings, we entrusted each other's hands to gently keep the ever-present erections from harm's way.

As the pink sky deepened to a clear azure and a breeze came up, we let our stallion bodies gently drift into deeper water, sometimes only touching rear hooves to the lake bottom, finally simply floating together, brushing the wet hair out of each others' eyes.

I felt the cool water starting to steam from my torso, shoulders, neck and lips as my arousal returned anew, but an evil thought from childhood crossed my mind and I took my opportunity!

Two legs over my aroused Eddie, catching him rudely by surprise, and I was suddenly upon him, all fours straddling his magnificent stallion back, and my hands found his sweet muscular shoulders, pushing them down for a slam-dunk!

There was a wonderful echo of water froth and his strangled scream of outrage and pleasure. His hooves found their grip on the lake bottom and as his arms reached back for mine, he moved and snaked those beautiful equine hindquarters of his, and before I could gasp I was in him!

“Ah, hah! Gotcha!” he laughed, pressing my frontal hardon against the deep curve of his human spine as my frontal balls scraped against the grain of his glossy horseback hair. “Eddie, stop!” I cried, not wanting him to stop. I was in heaven, tasting the salt of his powerful neck and back, my arms wrapped around his muscular torso almost in spite of themselves, and my huge stallion body truly not touching the ground as it rode heavily on his beautiful horseback. My huge hot iron of a hardon blinded me with pleasure as his thrusts and four-legged dancing pounded me deep within his welcoming maleness!

I nearly passed out with his sweetness and the total contact of his huge, sexy Centaur body against mine!

All I remember is my throbbing lips finding his as he turned to kiss me, and we became one big clumsy sexy horse as I exploded in him and as the lake waters spat with the smack of his Centaur-come hitting the surface. My frontal balls warmed to the crawley itch of hot come as my frontal hardon burned its ejaculations into his beautiful muscular back. We fell over into the shallow, warm water, still pulsing from our huge penises, come flecks everywhere in the water and getting into our chest hair, eyebrows and hair as we rolled drunkenly together.

We lay heavily together at water's edge, and as Eddie started to drift asleep I roused him once more by sucking down his frontal hardon.

“I love you, Eddie,” I said as our bodies found comfortable positions against each other in the warm shallows, our torsos resting together in the dry, warm sand. “I love you to,” he smiled dreamily. “I only wish I had four hind legs and a second back hardon for you to suck down after you finished with my front legs' hardon. I would swoon with pleasure if I could do that for you.” The thought turned me on as I gazed into his handsome, dreamy face. I laughed, enjoying my muscles against his as we hugged sleepily. “I'd like that,” I said, feeling newly aroused. “Stranger things have happened!”

Every time I thought of what Eddie had said, I got the most major hardons! It was so sweet of him to want to change himself for me, so that I would enjoy him more and so that he could enjoy loving me more, as well. He knew how his attractive equine hindquarters turned me on, and the thought of him wishing that he could double that attraction arrested my thoughts.

As his beautiful Centaur body slumbered in my arms, I lay sleepless, astounded with his beauty and his closeness. I held his slumbering torso in my arms, my horse body astride his as we lay together beneath the stars, our horse bodies warm in the shallows of the moon-sparkled lake.

He was already the most beautiful and sexually attractive Centaur I had ever seen, and an extra set of his handsome hindquarters would drive him off the scale.

I pictured him with four hind legs, his stallion's body lengthened and enhanced by the magnificent musculature of an extra set of horse-hips. They would gleam and ripple as he walked, they would accentuate his erotic beauty with the unmistakable presence of two giant horse hardons, swaying with his six- legged gait. I got doubly hard thinking of all that magnificent male Centaur machinery encumbering my beautiful Eddie, especially since he wanted it all for me!

I felt his long, warm muscles move as I lay against him.

“You're hard, aren't you?” he said. “I can feel your hardons.” I hugged him anew. “Sorry, didnt mean to wake you up,” I said.

“No problem,” he said. “I was having a beautiful dream about us. I had changed for you and we were making love.”

“Six legs?” I asked.

“Yeah—it was so hot! We had wished upon a star, and I gave you myself with the extra back legs and the extra back hardon. It felt so sexy, and so real!”

“Wow, I've been thinking the same thing all night,” I told him. “I can't get the thought out of my head.”

“Well, if I could, I would,” he smiled, and turned to kiss me. A shooting star streaked across the night sky. “Shall we wish?” he said. We kissed, a wonderful, lengthy kiss worthy of such a wish.

The warms waters moved, caressing our stallion's bodies. “Ohhh, I'm so turned on!” Eddie said. “I have to make love to you!”

“You total stud,” I laughed. “Let me help you up.”

And there, in the gleaming moonlight, glistening from the warm lake as he stood up on them, were Eddie's four hind legs.

“Oh, man, it came true! No wonder I'm so horny,” he said. “I feel like I haven't come in years.”

“Wow, look at you!” I said. “Thanks, Eddie! You're a dream come true! I think I'd like to breed you.”

“Go right ahead, love; I've got so much spunk backed up in me I can't see straight,” he said. “Please, let me make love to you!”

And sure enough, you'd have thought he'd never come before. Both his frontal and his two rear hardons were massively engorged, swaying slowly in the moonlight with his steps. Steam wafted in the cool air from our hot, drying horsebodies.

I kissed his beautiful lips tenderly, and he seemed to melt to my touch.

We made love for hours under the gentle moonlight. While I lay on all fours and sucked his enormous frontal hardon, using both hands to stroke its magnificent shaft, he tenderly mounted his four back legs over my equine hindquarters and probed me with his back shafts, first the one, then the other.

I hungrily drank down his molten, endless spurts of hot come as his frontal hardon erupted while his sweet hands caressed my hair.

Then, still inside my hindquarters with one of his huge rear hardons, he pulled our muscular torsos together and held me, licking the excess come from my lips, face and neck. We kissed deeply, our tongues slick and briney with his come.

That got us aroused all over again, and Eddie had me stand up on all fours. It wasn't easy staying on all fours, however; as he mounted me, his thrusts made me stumble. I braced myself, loving his powerful, confident penetration. We were both soaked with sweat, sweat that foamed and matted our coats where our horse-bodies mated. I felt my horse's ass burn with the injection of his hot jolts of Centaur- come, and my own hardons raged anew at the sound of his virile cries of joy and relief.

He stumbled as he dismounted from me, his magnificent body contours catching and reflecting the moonlight on his sweat. He was beautiful as no Centaur ever was, heavy in the back with the wonderful extra hindquarters, almost looking as if he was mounting himself.

We simply could not get enough of each other. In our animal passion, we sucked each other's huge horse hardons simultaneously—I had to reach beyond the huge, pulsing penis which had just spent itself in me to his second, urgently aching hardon. I thanked my lucky starts for my lithe, powerful muscles as my arms gripped the beautiful hind legs and my lips and throat took his enormous animal into me. I felt his arms likewise around my back legs as he took my huge horse hardon in his wonderful mouth. We were like two foals nursing, only fully grown and nursing each other.

Our arms gripped each other's handsome stallion hindquarters and our legs spasmed and stumbled as our bodies mated, our cries strangled by the huge pulsing orgasms in our throats. I felt welded to Eddie in that moment, my own body in him and his in mine. The enormous pulses of come slackened at length, and we clumsily untied ourselves from one another, breathing heavily and reeking of come. Eddie's beautiful eyes caught mine, expressing love and gratitude in the midst of wordless exhaustion. He thankfully sank down on all sixes and sucked off my poor frontal hardon, unattended all this time. I blindly exploded in him, awestruck by his sexual magnetism, and as I took in the vision of his magnificent male Centaur form and his extra hind legs, my back hardon became aroused to new fury, and I mounted him once again.

This time I came like I never came before, and when I had come, I was totally spent and in a state of bliss.

“Thanks,” Eddie said, holding my arms about his shoulders as I sleepily rested my torso against his broad back, cradling my cheek on his broad shoulder muscles. I don't remember if I said you're welcome, because I fell into a peaceful sleep as my Centaur body rested comfortably on his.

I do remember that as I drifted off I could feel his body move beneath me as its six legs rose up to their full height, and the gentle jog of his six- legged gait sent me off to sleep as he gently carried me home in the moonlight.


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