Cocking stuffers

by Ziel

George and Bailey are best buds and roommates, but could they be something more? They just need a little something to break the ice… and Bailey’s boxers.

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George and Bailey had met during their first year of college and had become fast friends. It wasn’t long before the two got an apartment together. Bailey didn’t particularly need an apartment or a roommate. His family lived nearby, and he could have just as easily commuted in to class, but the idea of rooming with his new friend excited him. Rooming together could easily make or break a friendship, and in this case, it brought the two closer together than either could have ever imagined. Both of them thought of the other as the brother they had never had but always wanted, but their friends and family thought of them as something even closer.

“We’re going to my parents’ place tomorrow, right?” Bailey asked.

George rolled his eyes at the suggestion. “That’s just what we need. I start showing up to Christmas dinner with your folks, and the next thing you know they’ll start asking when the wedding is,” George grumbled jokingly.

Bailey flashed a good-natured smirk at his friend, but he secretly wanted to push the issue. George was a master at using jokes as a means of deflection– a trait that Bailey was quick to pick up on and even quicker to pick apart. Bailey had learned a lot about George in the semester they had lived together. Despite how much George tended to hem and haw about the prospect of visiting Bailey’s home, Bailey’s family was quick to accept George as one of their own, and George was just as quick to latch onto them as well. For all intents and purposes George was already a member of the family. A fact which delighted Bailey to no end… especially since George didn’t seem to have one of his own.

Bailey hadn’t pried too deep into his buddy’s life, but it didn’t take him long to learn that George had floated from one foster family to the next, never staying in one place too long. He had measured his “families” in weeks and months. The idea of having a permanent home was a completely foreign concept to him. Even now that George and Bailey had moved into each other, George kept a certain amount of distance. It was clear that Bailey was the best friend that George had ever had, but even so, George seemed to be holding back. No matter how close the two of them seemed to grow, there was a certain sense of longing in George’s eyes that Bailey would catch a glimpse of every so often. Bailey had his theories, but there was never a good way to bring it up. Instead, the two seemed to always dance around a question they both wanted to ask…

Rather than let himself dwell on it too long, though, Bailey decided to change the subject, “So, what did you ask Santa for?” he asked.

“I can’t tell you what I wished for, or it won’t come true. Isn’t that how this works?” George replied.

“No?” Bailey replied uncertainly. “That’s how it works wish a wishbone or blowing out birthday candles. You can tell anyone you want what you asked for from Santa.”

“So, they can get it for you and slap his name on it,” George replied.

“Wait. What? No. That’s now how it works,” Bailey sputtered.

“You don’t honestly believe that a fat man in a red suit slides down a chimney and delivers gifts to every good little boy and girl across the world in one night, do you? Aren’t you a little old for that shit?” George chided.

“Well… I mean…. No? But it’s tradition. You don’t poke holes in tradition. You just kinda roll with it,” Bailey stammered awkwardly. Truth be told, he DID still hold onto some small sliver of childhood hope that the jolly fat man was real, but seeing the smug look on George’s face made Bailey ashamed to admit it.

“Right,” George said and rolled his eyes again. “Well, you can stay up waiting for ol’ Saint Nick to come down the chimney– which we don’t even have– to delivery you a present, but I’m going to go to sleep. It’s late as fuck and tomorrow’s another day.”

“Tomorrow’s not just another day,” Bailey grumbled under his breath.

“Whatever,” George replied flippantly as he trudged back to his bedroom.

Bailey silently grumbled as he watched George nonchalantly walk back to his room. Bailey wasn’t angry per se. More than anything he was worried about his friend and more than a little bummed out. Christmas had always been a special day for him, and he wanted to be able to share the joy with his best friend, but how could he do that if George just didn’t care?

These were the thoughts that continued to run through Bailey’s mind as he made his way towards his own bedroom and settled down for the night…

Bailey wasn’t sure when he woke up. The clock next to his bed was blinking as if power had gone out sometime during the night before. Bailey was sure he had heard the sound of sleighbells, but he wasn’t sure if that was real or just the last lingering traces of whatever dream he had been having when he awoke. Whatever the case may be, the sun was up, and Bailey didn’t feel like going back to sleep.

Bailey crawled out of bed and quietly crept towards the main room of their apartment. Aside from the two small bedrooms and the connecting bathroom, the apartment itself was relatively open. The kitchen, dining area, and living room were all combined into one large general-purpose area. It was nice for just hanging out, but it also meant that Bailey had to be extra quiet to avoid waking his roomie.

Once Baily reached the tiled off section that passed as a kitchen, he noticed that the clock on the microwave was still working. Apparently, he had only lost power in his room. Bailey didn’t think much of it. He instead checked the clock and took stock of the time. It was still only 7 am– not ridiculously early, but definitely earlier than he’d want to be awake on a day off. He was half-tempted to go back to bed, but instead he decided to do something nice for his buddy. George may not believe in Santa, but he can certainly believe in bacon and eggs.

As Bailey set to work getting the meat and eggs set aside so he could start sizzling up some grub, he noticed a small box sitting beside the electric stovetop. There was a card sitting besides the box with his name on it, but even had it not been so clearly addressed to him, Bailey would have had a hard time ignoring the box. The shiny, silver wrapping paper captivated him. He and George had shared one roll of generic red and green Christmas paper, and this small package appeared to be professionally wrapped. Either George had gotten this package specially wrapped or George had taken great pains to hide the existence of this silvery paper.

Bailey picked up the small box and turned it over in his hands a few times. He couldn’t help but marvel at the wrapping paper. What he had assumed was merely a silverish paper was in fact some kind of holofoil. When the light caught the paper, rainbow snowflakes seemed to dance around the room. It was so pretty that it seemed a shame to tear into it, but Bailey’s curiosity was quickly getting the better of him. Bailey pried open the tape at one end of the package and tried his best to slide the box out without damaging the paper more than was necessary. It took him a few tugs, but soon he had the box free and the paper still relatively intact.

Bailey wasted no time lifting the lid on the small box and was surprised by what he saw… or perhaps baffled by what he saw would be more accurate. In the box was merely a small stick of chewing gum. Was this some kind of a joke? George could be a prankster, but this seemed a bit outside the scope of his normal stunts.

Bailey shrugged and sniffed the stick of gum skeptically. It had a refreshing spearmint aroma to it. Whatever George’s endgame was, it didn’t seem that the stick of gum itself was booby trapped in any way, and the smell was so soothing that Bailey felt himself mellowing out in an instant. He hadn’t even thought he was particularly worked up, but he quickly reached a level of chill he hadn’t thought possible.

Bailey unwrapped the stick and popped it into his mouth without so much as a second thought. He turned on one of the electric ranges, and while he let the skillet preheat, he popped open the nearby card and read what it said,

“Seasons Greeting!” read the card. Bailey was a little surprised at how vibrant the voice in his head was. It wasn’t the usual voice that he heard when he read things. This voice sounded cheerful and perky and had just the faintest hint of a Nordic accent. Bailey immediately found himself warming up to the owner of the voice, even if said owner didn’t technically exist anywhere other than his own mind.

“I hope you enjoy spearmint. It was the best flavor I could come up with for what I had in mind. I heard you were in the market for a little Christmas miracle (or maybe a BIG Christmas miracle), and me and the boys at Kringle Corp. had the perfect idea. I think you and I both know that you could benefit from being a bit more ‘forward’ if you catch my drift. Signed, Kristoph (Kris) Kringle the Third, esquire. Junior Santa, first class.”

“P.S. I don’t actually know what esquire means, but it sounds cool, right?”

“P.P.S. Oh, yeah. The gum shouldn’t lose its flavor, so you don’t have to worry about that. Just keep at it until you get the desired results.”

The present turned out to be an amusing diversion but little more than that. If this was one of George’s pranks, Bailey had no idea what his endgame was. Bailey quickly shrugged it off and set to work cooking up some bacon.

Bailey hummed some Christmas tunes to himself as he cooked breakfast for him and his bud. He was vaguely aware that his dick was feeling a bit plumped up, but he didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t too uncommon for him to be a little randy in the morning, but as the minutes ticked on, Bailey found himself getting hornier and hornier. His chubby felt so incredibly sensitive, but there was more to it than that. His boxer briefs seemed to be wrapping tighter and tighter around his semi which just made the sensations even more intense.

Sometime after Bailey had finished heating up the bacon and had begun to fry the eggs, he heard the familiar sound of stirring from the nearby bedrooms. No doubt the smells had woken George up. Sure enough, mere moments later, George came staggering bleary-eyed out of his bedroom and into the main room.

“Morning, sleepy head,” Bailey chided playfully.

George muttered something that sounded almost like “morning…” in reply.

Bailey chuckled and said, “Guess I could have put some coffee on, but I didn’t know when you’d be up. We got some cold brew in the fridge, though.”

George again mumbled something akin to a reply and staggered towards the fridge, but as he rounded the small breakfast nook which served to denote the separation between the kitchen and common areas, he saw something else which quickly snapped him from his stupor.

“What the goddam hell is that!?” George sputtered and pointed towards Bailey’s lower body.

“Hmm? You’ve seen me in my underwear before. I don’t see what the problem is.” Bailey replied, but he then glanced down towards where George’s finger was pointed and then he too saw what had George so flabbergasted.

Bailey’s package was certifiably plus-sized! Bailey had never been particularly blessed below the belt, but today his bait and tackle looked large enough to put a porn star to shame. His sausage had to be over a foot long and as fat as his forearm! His balls were the size of oranges!

“Is this some kind of joke?” George asked yet his voice did not have any tone of accusation to it– rather he sounded a bit befuddled and maybe a little curious.

“If it is, I’m not the one doing it,” Bailey responded as he stared down at his swollen package in awe.

“There’s no way that’s real…” George replied. Yet again, his tone had no accusation to it. Rather it sounded like he was trying to convince himself that what he was seeing had to be some kind of trick of the light.

Bailey froze in place for a moment as he tried to parse what he was seeing. Part of him wanted to whip it out right then and there, but what would George say if he flashed his cock and balls for his buddy? Should he run to the restroom and check himself there? Bailey’s mind raced with possibilities, but eventually another external stimulus demanded his attention. The eggs were starting to burn.

Bailey snapped from his trance and quickly scooped the eggs off the skillet and plopped them down on a nearby plate. Going into chef mode was enough to give him some semblance of normalcy.

“Soup’s on,” Bailey said as he turned and set the plates of bacon and eggs on the breakfast nook.

“That’s it…? We’re just gonna ignore the uh… ‘elephant’ In the room?” George asked.

“Well… Do you have any ideas? Because I sure don’t,” Bailey replied. He glanced down once more at his package and was once again blown away by how huge his cock and balls had become. They were even bigger than they had been just a moment ago! They were now so massive that the sheer weight of his bait and tackle now caused his skivvies to sag significantly! The waistband of his boxer briefs now rode so low that his entire pubic region was exposed for George to see. Even the base of his fat cock was now fully exposed which just made it even clearer that it wasn’t some packing he had put down his pants, that mass was 100% his cock and balls!

“It’s getting bigger!” George gasped in shock… yet he didn’t seem freaked out by this revelation. Rather he seemed… excited?

It was then that Bailey noticed the red flush to George’s face. Bailey took a moment to take stock of his friend and to soak in his appearance and body language. George looked more than just excited. He seemed borderline giddy, and as Bailey’s gaze drifted lower and lower down his buddy’s body, he soon realized that George had a pronounced tent in his otherwise loose-fitting bedtime boxers. If the tent hadn’t blown his cover, the pronounced wet splotch on the tip of said tent would have been the nail in the proverbial coffin. George was rock hard and dripping.

“Wait… are you…?” Bailey asked quietly.

“I-it’s not what you think,” George protested. He quickly averted his eyes so he was no longer staring at his buddy’s obscenely large bulge and exposed cock base.

Seeing the tent of George’s cock was enough to get Bailey red in the face and hard in the cock as well. It wasn’t long before Bailey’s own cock was rock hard and straining against the front of his already overstuffed shorts.

“It’s cool… me too…” Bailey said awkwardly.

“You too?” George asked nervously. He steadily worked up the nerve to glance back at his friend and was floored by what he saw.

Bailey’s cock was now completely rigid. The enormous shaft was nearly completely exposed. Only the head of his rigid dick was left covered by the overstretched fabric of his now ruined boxer briefs. His briefs had been stretched so taut that the leg holes too had been stretched so wide that they gave a clear view of his massive balls which spilled out from beneath the fabric. Bailey’s cock was almost as thick as his neck! It was longer than his forearm! His nuts were nearing the size of soccer balls! Thick beads of pre seeped through the front of his boxer briefs and dribbled heavily onto the tile floor below.

“W-why didn’t you say something!?” George asked.

“I mean… I tried to drop hints, but we had a good thing going. I didn’t want to ruin it…” Bailey murmured.

“I wanted you to ruin it!” George blurted out before he could stop it.

The two friends stared at each other in stunned silence as they realized what the other had said. A sly smirk slowly spread across Bailey’s face as he soaked in the sight of his best bud standing there clad in just pre-drenched boxers. The red flush of George’s face and the nervous, horny glances he was stealing at Bailey’s massive cock were just so damn cute that Bailey couldn’t help himself. He had never been more turned on in his life!

“I think I’d do more than just ruin it at this size,” Bailey teased and gestured down towards his still swelling rod. As if on cue, his overstretched boxer briefs gave up the ghost. The waistband split with a reverberating snap. His cock and balls spilled out for George to ogle in all their massive glory. Now free of its cloth confines, Bailey’s cock slapped upwards against his belly. The massive rod was so huge that he head of it reached past his pecs. The tip of his pre-drooling slit almost reached his chin! The shaft was thicker than his neck! His nuts were the size of basketballs! His junk was absolutely massive and showed no signs of slowing!

“How did you get so huge!?” George asked. He was so horny that his question was nearly a pleading whine.

“I don’t know, but I’m glad I did. Would I have ever gotten the truth out of you had this not happened?” Bailey asked playfully.

“I mean… I dunno… maybe eventually?” George murmured awkwardly.

Bailey didn’t reply. He just grinned from ear to ear and slowly walked towards his buddy. Soon he was standing directly in front of his pal. He was so close that the tip of his pe-drooling cock now pressed against George’s own chest, and as Bailey crept closer and closer, the tip of his cock slowly slid upwards along George’s chest until it pressed against his collar bone… and then his chin… and then his lips.

“Would you look at that,” Bailey teased as he gestured towards the ceiling. George managed to force his gaze away from the massive cock which now pressed against his lower lip and towards what Bailey was gesturing to. It was then that George realized where Bailey was going with this. Directly above them was a single plastic Christmas decoration– a small sprig of mistletoe.

“Well? Aren’t you going to give me a kiss?” Bailey asked playfully.

George couldn’t bring himself to reply. At first his brain was still buffering as he tried to parse the request. He absolutely did want to give Bailey a kiss, but how was he supposed to with that stand-up punching-bag-sized-schlong between the two of them!? But slowly it dawned on him what Bailey was playing at. He might not be able to reach Bailey’s face, but there was another set of lips perfectly poised for him to share some sloppy kisses with.

George wrapped both hands around the thick, spongy head of his buddy’s massive cock. It was such a surreal experience. He had long dreamed of kissing Bailey, but never had he imagined it would be like this! George felt a tingle of excitement run down his spine and up his cock as his lips met with the drooling slit of Bailey’s colossal cock.

The warm, viscous pre passed his lips and crossed his tongue. George delighted in the flavor, and feel, and warmth of it all. The smell and taste of his buddy’s cock and pre drove him wild. He wanted even more, and he was getting it! Even as he suckled and kissed and licked the tip of his pal’s cock he could feel it growing in his hands! As it got larger and larger, he soon found himself having to grapple with the beast just to keep it angled low enough that he could kiss it! George was so enthralled with kissing the massive cockhead that he could not spare the brainpower to focus on anything else. Even as the beast grew so massive that it force him to step farther and farther back, he remained fixated on just the head.

Bailey was so overcome by his own arousal and how amazing it felt to have his enormous cock handled in such a way. He felt light in the head and weak in the knees. He propped himself up against the breakfast nook, but soon felt like he needed to do something even more drastic to keep from falling down. He hopped up onto the counter. The cool, faux-marble countertop felt chilly against his bare backside, but Bailey was beyond worrying about such things. As he stared out at the massive cock that stretched out before him, he was blown away by just how huge his cock had become.

Bailey’s cock was now thicker around that he was! His dick absolutely dwarfed his own body! His cock now stretched from where he sat on the counter out into the living area. His growing cock had steadily pushed George so far back that he was no longer under the mistletoe, but that didn’t seem to deter George at all. George continued to happily kiss and suckle the tip of Bailey’s dick even as the cock pushed him further into the front room! Bailey’s cock had to be well over ten feet long. It was the size of a van, and he had two massive, mini-cooper-sized stones which rested solidly on the ground to match. His cock reached halfway across the living room.

As George continued to make out with Bailey’s cock, he slowly became aware that it was growing to even more impressive degrees. At first the slit of Bailey’s cock was almost the same size as George’s own mouth, but eventually it grew until George’s whole face began to sink into the slip. Soon, Bailey’s cock was so massive that George could get his whole head into the gaping maw! The idea excited George to no end. If he could get his head in, pretty soon he could get his shoulders in. If he could get his shoulders in, pretty soon he could get his whole body in! The idea of being able to literally crawl inside his pal’s cock was too exciting to ignore, and as Bailey’s cock continued to grow and grow and grow, so too did George’s excitement.

Bailey watched in awe as his cock continued to grow. His nuts were soon so large that he had to crawl atop them because they crest far higher than the countertops themselves. His cock shoved aside tables and couches as it continued to grow and grow. Soon it was so huge that it reached all the way across the living room and pressed George against the far wall. The feeling of his oversensitive cockhead pressed against the cool plaster of the far wall was enough to make him gasp, but what he felt next really took his breath away. He could feel something not just pressed against his cock but inside it as well!

George could feel the wall pressing against him. He knew that he had to do something before his buddy’s steadily swelling cock squished him like a bug against the plaster, but he no intention of getting out of the path of the encroaching member. Instead of moving to the side he leaned into the gaping maw of his pal’s colossal cock. He slowly and steadily wriggled into his pal’s massive cock until soon he was waist deep in the behemoth, but he didn’t stop there. By pressing his feet against the wall, he was able to crawl in until even his knees were buried in the beast. He wriggled slowly further into his pal’s massive cock. His boxers crept down his legs as he did so until they were bunched up around his shins, and soon his boxers came off completely as his toes completely vanished into the drooling slit of his pal’s monolithic wang. The warm, wet, soft flesh of his pal’s cock enveloped him on all sides. The very air around him smelled and tasted of cock and pre. George’s mind was spinning. He was just so damn hot and bothered. He couldn’t barely take it. He struggled to move his arm enough to grab his cock, but he was wedged in so tight he couldn’t even do that. Instead, George began to rock his hips and grind his cock against the warm, soft flesh of the inside of his pal’s cock. George gasped and moaned in orgasmic ecstasy. His moans gave way to low groans as cum spurted from his cock. It felt like the largest load of his life, but his massive wad was nothing compared to the deluge of pre that was oozing out of Bailey’s cock.

With each gasp George breathed in hot, humid mouthfuls of the taste and scent of his pal’s cock and pre, but he could taste something else too. The flavor of the pre seemed to be changing. The very consistency of the juices he now basted in seemed to be getting thicker and thicker. The walls of Bailey’s cock seemed to be closing in around him. At first George was worried that Bailey’s cock was beginning to shrink down to his old size, but he soon realized what was happening.

Bailey writhed and moaned atop his own massive nuts. He was no longer able to even sit upright. He was doubled over his own dick in ecstasy. His mouth hung open as he gasped and panted in orgasmic bliss. Between moans and grunts, the chewing gum slipped from his lips and landed with a splat atop his absolutely gargantuan organ, but Bailey was too far gone to realize or even comprehend what had just happened. He moaned and writhed. His cock bucked and lurched. His nuts seized up against him as his entire body braced itself for what was sure to be the most mind-blowing orgasm of his life!

Some part of his brain wanted to cry out, wanted to warn George about what was coming, but all he could do was moan. Soon, it was too late to do even that. Bailey collapsed face down atop his own cock. His whole body shuddered with bliss as the geyser what was his cock erupted.

Bailey’s cock was pressed so hard against the far wall that the eruption of jizz splattered outwards in all directions like a wet, white, lotus of warm spunk. Jizz arced in every direction like sink water off a spoon. Cum coated the room, the walls, the floor, and even the furniture, but as messy as things were for Bailey, they paled in comparison to the deluge that George had endured.

When the dam broke George found himself lying in Bailey’s cock as the massive rush of jizz surged past him. The current was so strong that he was quickly blown back a few feet, but rather than be ejected from his pal’s cock completely, his feet slammed against the wall. He was effectively pinned in his pal’s cock as a torrent of jizz surged past him! He felt like Augustus Gloop stuck in a pipe full of chocolate, and the stuff that rushed past him was just as warm and thick as real melted fudge.

For what felt like ages, George weathered the storm of spunk. Just when it seemed his muscles would give out and he was about to collapse under the onslaught, the torrent of jizz finally began to taper off. George collapsed in a winded heap. He was too battered and buffeted to move. All he could do was gasp for breath as his head slowly cleared. As he slowly came down from the rush of adrenaline and the afterglow of what had the be the wildest sex-adjacent activity anyone had ever done, the truth of what had just happened slowly dawned on him.

Had he really just gotten down and dirty with his best friend!? And more importantly, was Bailey implying that he too was gay? What did this mean for their relationship together? Were they going to keep on being best friends? Would they be something even more?

As thoughts and emotions buffeted him almost as bad as the cum had done mere moments before, George’s exhaustion slowly started to overcome him. He was sleepy to begin with, and wriggling around in a cock that enveloped him like a thermal sleeping bag was a full body workout! And that was saying nothing of the storm he had just weathered. And now that the torrent of jizz had finally died down, Bailey’s cock was once again warm and inviting. George just wanted to drift off to sleep while completely embraced in a full-body hug from his pal’s cock, and as the thoughts and emotions continued to rage in his mind, George found himself doing just that.

Meanwhile Bailey stared out at the mess and the monolith that his changes had wrought. “Jesus Christ…” he murmured under his breath as he stared at the cum covered apartment.

“Well, he is the reason for the season,” a cheerful voice came from Bailey’s side.

“What the fuck!?” Bailey yelped. He tried to scurry away, but seeing as he was stuck to his subway-sized-schlong he was far from mobile.

The new arrival just chuckled pleasantly and said, “No need to get all worked up. I’m just dropping by to see how things went with your Christmas present,” the guy said.

Bailey glanced over his shoulder towards where the voice was coming from and noticed a slim, blond figure in a scanty Santa suit perched atop the counter.

“Wha? Who? Wait. Are you?” Bailey sputtered, but soon he managed to get his thoughts together enough to say, “Wait. Are you Kris?” He asked.

“Ooooh. You’re quick on the uptake, and you read my card,” Kris said giddily. “You’d be amazed at how many people never read the cards that come with gifts. That’s just rude, am I right?”

“But what are you doing here?” Bailey asked.

“Didn’t I tell you? I wanted to see how it went with my gift. Did your boyfriend like it? He is your boyfriend now, isn’t he? You know, I wanted to get him something too to really seal the deal, but rules is rules, am I right? No Santa faith, no Santa gifts. So, I had to get you something that would do the job for both of you.” Kris rambled on excitedly. “Although, between you and me, I bet by this time next year he’ll be a believer too.” Kris added with a wink.

“This was a lot of fun, but what do I do now? I can’t go anywhere like this, and the apartment is wrecked,” Bailey said.

“Do you want me to turn you back?” Kris asked with an impish smirk.

“Um…” Bailey muttered.

“Relax. It’d be rude to take back a gift,” Kris said playfully and waved a star-tipped wand. In an instant the jizz was gone and the furniture was mostly back in its original place. However, Bailey’s colossal dong still filled the majority of the apartment.

Kris happily hopped up from his perch and trotted playfully across the apartment until he was beside the tip of Bailey’s dick. Kris then fished something out of his pocket and unfurled it for Bailey to see with a dramatic “Tadaa~”

“That’s just a…” Bailey began to say, but before he could finish his thought, Kris had thrown the new pair of boxer briefs over Bailey’s cock head, and to Bailey’s surprise, the tip of his dick vanished into the pouch! As Kris trotted happily back towards where Bailey sat perched atop his own nuts, foot after foot of his double-decker-bus-sized schlong vanished into the boxers! It was like watching Kirby inhale a Dune worm! Soon Kris had managed to scoop Bailey’s nuts out from under him! Bailey fell to the carpet with a dull thud as Kris pressed the fabric against Bailey’s crotch.

“Here. Put these on and you’ll be able to get around just fine,” Kris said.

What Bailey had just seen was too surreal for him to even try to argue. He quickly stepped into the shorts and marveled at the pronounced bulge in the front of his boxers.

“Wow. Did you shrink it?” Bailey asked.

Kris just shrugged in reply. “It’s not as black and white as that. I guess you could say, your stuff is the same size, it’s just somewhere else that’s also right here that is super small,” Kris explained.

“Wow so this is…” Bailey began to say as he reached down to stroke his bulge, but as soon as his fingers touched his package, his words stopped dead in their tracks. He could feel his fingers against his cock, and his fingers felt huge!

“Everything on this side of the fabric is this size, and everything on that side is that size. Just go with it,” Kris said.

“Wow…” Bailey murmured in awe as he continued to stroke his package. It felt so weird to feel his fingers against his cock. On some level he knew his cock was still the size of a subway car with Hummer sized cojones, but on another level he knew his cock had to be only a foot and some change with softball sized stones. That’s how big it felt in his hand anyway, but at the same time it felt like it dwarfed his entire body! But… there was also something else he could feel. He could still feel George wriggling around inside his dick.

“No way…” Bailey gasped in shock.

“I think he likes it in there,” Kris said with a smirk.

“Seems a shame to kick him out,” Bailey agreed.

“Exactly. Why not let him enjoy himself a little while longer. After all, you’ve got plans for Christmas, right?” Kris asked.

The truth of what Kris was insinuating shocked Bailey. Bailey could only stare at Kris in shock with his jaw hanging open. Could Bailey really just leave George inside his cock while he made the trek to his family’s place? George didn’t seem to be complaining, that’s for sure.

“Be sure to take some clean clothes with you when you go visit the folks. Your new boyfriend will probably need a fresh set and a shower before you introduce him to the family.” Kris said with a wink.

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