by Ziel

With illustrations by Seraphiel. Clive thinks he’s in for a long, lonely Christmas break. It seems everyone else has left town to spend the holidays with their family, and he’s stuck hanging out with his roommate who he barely even knows! But a mysterious gift shows up and changes everything. This is one gift that definitely keeps giving!

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Christmas was rapidly approaching. Yet, despite the urgency in which the season was arriving, Clive couldn’t seem to bring himself to care. He had nothing really to look forward to and nobody to really share the holiday with. About the only person he had even seen in the past week had been his roommate, Owen.

Clive didn’t have anything against Owen, per se. The few times they had talked Owen had seemed an alright guy, but there were six dudes sharing the flat they lived in. Even within the small cluster of guys, Clive and Owen ran in different circles. Owen was definitely the more outgoing type. He was a gym nut who was constantly out pumping iron as opposed to lounging at home. That wasn’t to say Clive was out of shape, but his slim form had nary a trace of muscle anywhere on it.

Before Clive knew it, it was a week before the fated day, and the last of his roomies other than Owen had departed to spend the holidays with family. Hell, it seemed like the whole neighborhood had left for the holidays. Even the folks in the flat above Clive’s had been MIA for at least a week leaving the entire city block eerily quiet.

“Whatcha got there?” Owen asked as he walked into the room.

“Huh?” Clive asked groggily. He had been watching Netflix on his laptop for so long that his sense of date and time had begun to fade.

“The box? On the table?” Owen asked.

“Huh?” Clive asked again. He was about to ask for clarification when he saw it – a rather large, brightly colored box sat on the table mere inches from his feet. Somehow having seen the box for himself just made Clive even more confused. Had that always been there? Had he been so tuned out to the world at large that he hadn’t even noticed someone leave a package literally at his feet?

“Who is it for?” Owen asked.

“I don’t know… let’s find out,” Clive replied. He got up from his seat, groaning slightly as he did so. He had been slouched down in such an awkward position for so long that all his nonexistent muscles in his skinny body cried out in unison.

He leaned over the table and took a peek at the box in question. There didn’t appear to be any tags or anything written on it anywhere. There was no indication as to who it was for or who it was from.

“Huh. Maybe it’s for one of the other guys.” Owen commented.

“Maybe… Either way, let’s get it off the table. I’ll go ahead and put it under the tree with the others” Clive replied.

Clive reached down to pick up the box, but to his surprise it didn’t budge even a millimeter. “Jesus…” Clive grumbled.

“Wow. You really ARE weak,” Owen chided playfully. He shooed Clive aside and took a crack at lifting the box himself. He was surprised that he too could not so much as budge the box. “Holy shit! This weights a ton!” He said.

“Do you even lift, bro?” Clive sassed.

“More than you,” Owen sassed back.

“Well, either way we can’t lift the damned thing,” Clive said.

“So? Let’s just open it up and see what’s in it,” Owen responded.

“We don’t even know who it’s for!” Clive protested.

“And we won’t know til we look inside,” Owen replied.

Clive didn’t feel like protesting that line of reasoning. Truth be told, he was incredibly curious about the mystery package, but he didn’t want to be the one to break social protocol and bust open a present that wasn’t his to open.

Clive could practically feel the drumroll in his mind as he watched Owen reach for the bow which the ribbon which sealed the box was tied up in. To Clive’s surprised, Owen struggled against the ribbon. He tugged and poked and plucked at the ribbon with all his might and cunning, but nothing was working. He eventually gave up and grabbed a pair of scissors from a nearby drawer, and even that didn’t do anything. The ribbon refused to budge.

“How weird…” Owen murmured.

“Yeah… weird…” Clive replied. Clive was tempted to try his hand at opening the package himself, but he didn’t want to suffer the humiliation of failing such a seemingly simple task in front of his roomie. Even though Owen had botched it first, Clive’s pride would not allow him to attempt something he knew he was doomed to fail at in an embarrassing manner.

“Let’s just leave it for now,” Owen said dejectedly, and Clive was inclined to agree. Clive was curious about the contents of the package, but he had a few more seasons of shows to catch up. He figured he could live without the knowledge of what was inside the box… or so he thought…

The days went by, and Clive’s curiosity grew and grew. Each day he would wake up, stroll out into the common area of the loft and stare at the package for a few moments before going about his day. Some days the desire to see what was inside was so intense that he would even find himself absentmindedly fumbling with the ribbon that kept the box tied up nice and tight, but he never made any progress on loosening it. Some days, Clive would come in and see Owen fumbling with the box as well, but as soon as Owen would notice Clive enter, he would quickly pretend he was doing anything else. As the days went by, Clive’s curiosity and frustration grew and grew, but he knew there was nothing he could do but wait.

Eventually, Christmas eve finally rolled around, and Clive was once more lounging in the front room of the flat. The past week or so without any roommates had emboldened him to the point where he felt comfortable lounging around in the front room clad in just his boxers, and what’s even more surprising is he was now comfortable enough to watch his shows on the big screen with the volume blaring as opposed to on his laptop with some earbuds in.

Clive was knee deep in answering the age-old question of “who watches the Watchmen” when he heard Owen say something from the direction of the dining table.

“Oh wow! You got it open!” Owen said.

“Huh?” Clive asked, but no sooner had he looked up from his show than he noticed that the ribbon that had sealed the mysterious package was strangely absent. Another thing that Clive had noticed was that Owen was clad in nothing but a towel which was wrapped around his waist. It seemed Clive wasn’t the only one who had become much more comfortable in the recent days. Clive tried not to stare too hard, but his roommate was amazingly hot. Owen loved the gym and exercise in general, and it showed. He had a tight, fit bod that made Clive weak in the knees and hard in the crotch.

Clive didn’t spend too much time ogling his roomie’s body. He had been dying to know what was in the box for nearly a week, and now that he actually had the chance to see for himself, he wasted no time in hopping up from the couch, rushing to the table, and pulling the lid off the box before Owen even had a chance to react.

“What the…” Clive murmured as he stared into the now open box.

“What is it?” Owen asked.

“It’s… nothing…” Clive replied dumbfounded.

“Don’t play coy with me. What is it?” Owen asked again.

“I’m not joking. It’s literally nothing! The box is empty!” Clive replied. “Here. Look.” He added and gestured towards the open box.

“What gives? Did you already take the stuff out?” Owen asked.

“Come on, dude. I’m not that big of a dick,” Clive responded.

“Still… the box was so heavy. There had to be something in it, right?” Owen replied.

Clive wasn’t sure what to say to that. The box had been impossibly heavy. He was sure there was something in it, but it didn’t seem like Owen had removed the item himself. Clive knew Owen well enough to know that Owen couldn’t pull a stunt like this. He was too honest, and even if he had pulled the item as a harmless prank, Clive doubted Owen would be able to keep a straight face about it long enough to play him like this. That meant either the box had been empty all along, or that someone else had removed the item.

“Well… That’s disappointing,” Clive sighed. He put the lid back on the box and shrugged in disappointment. He had been hoping something would liven up the holiday, but it seemed that this box was not going to do it.

Illustration by Seraphiel

“Wait…” Owen said.

“What?” Clive replied.

“How tall are you?” Owen asked.

“Like… 5’6…?” Clive asked incredulously.

“I always thought you were kind short…” Owen said.

“We can’t all be 6-foot titans,” Clive replied with a scowl.

“No! I didn’t mean it like that.” Owen said.

“Then what did you mean?” Clive replied testily. Clive didn’t really mean to get so pissy, but he was already in a sour mood from the empty package, and the seeming teasing from his roommate was more than he could bear at the moment.

“You’ve got to be at least 5’8. You come up to my shoulders. You didn’t used to do that,” Owen explained.

There was a moment of awkward silence as Owen stared up and down Clive’s mostly exposed body. There was something else different too, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. It was right on the tip of his tongue…

Then it hit him. “You’ve got abs!” Owen said suddenly.

“Abs-olutely nothing you mean,” Clive replied and rolled his eyes. He even rubbed a hand across his exposed midriff to drive home to point, but as his hands brushed across his bare belly something in the back of his brain flipped into high alert. His gut felt oddly firm. He’s never had a paunch per se, but he didn’t have a hard gut either.

Clive glanced down at his belly and gasped at what he saw.

“I’ve got abs!” He said excitedly.

“Looks like your exercise is finally starting to pay off!” Owen cheered.

Illustration by Seraphiel

“Exercise? The only lifting I do is the remote!” Clive said in shock.

“Wait… if you haven’t been working out then how did you bulk up?” Owen asked.

There was another tense silence as the two mulled it over. Neither was sure what to make of the situation. It didn’t seem possible for Clive to pack on some muscles as well as add a few inches to his height like that.

There was nothing that could do that to him, right? Unless…

Illustration by Seraphiel

“The box!” They both said in unison.

Clive wasted no time at all. He reached down and pulled the lid off the box once more and stared down at his body as he waited to see if any more changes would happen. Owen too stood aside and watched as his smaller, slimmer roomie waited for the results.

The changes were slight and slow, but they were definitely there. Now that Clive and Owen knew what to look for, they could clearly see that Clive was slowly and steadily packing on muscles. Clive went from having a firm gut with only the vaguest traces of abs to having a well-defined set of washboard abs in the span of thirty seconds, and it wasn’t just his abs that were growing. His chest slowly expanded outward as his formerly flat chest grew a set of respectable pecs. His formerly scrawny thighs steadily filled out until he had lean, toned runner’s legs. His stick-like arms filled out. A small knot of muscle steadily formed on his formerly unremarkable arm as the beginnings of a bicep took form. Clive’s height crept up ever so slightly until the tip of his head went from being even with Owen’s shoulders to being even with Owen’s earlobes, and there was another change too that the two roommates had not begun to take note of yet. Clive’s boxers had been getting tighter by the moment. The two had just chalked it up to his thighs and glutes filling out the fabric much better than before, but there was another muscle growing below the belt as well…

“Haha! I look amazing!” Clive cheered.

“Yeah…” Owen replied dumbfounded. Clive went from short and scrawny shrimp to being a lean, toned stud who was almost as tall as Owen was. Owen was trying not to stare at his roommates nearly naked bod, but Clive was surprisingly hot as he was now. Owen had always thought Clive was kind of cute but seeing him suddenly grown from slacker to swimmer in a matter of moments had caused Owen to appreciate just how hot Clive truly was.

Clive was so giddy with his growth that he didn’t even notice that Owen had suddenly picked up the lid to the box. It wasn’t until Clive’s growth tapered off and stopped altogether that Clive started to realize something was up.

“Huh? What gives?” Clive asked as he looked over his now lithe body.

“I wanted to test something,” Owen replied.

“Yeah? And I wanted to test something too. Namely, how huge can I get!” Clive replied.

“So, it seems that you’ll grow as long as the box is open…” Owen mused.

“Yeah? So, it’s time to reopen it!” Clive said excitedly.

Illustration by Seraphiel

Owen began to do just that. He reached down and pulled the lid off of the box and stared down at the seemingly empty package. He could still scarcely believe that this seemingly empty box was causing his roommate to grow.

Clive once again looked down at his body, but much to his chagrin, he couldn’t see any noticeable difference. He looked pleadingly up at his roommate when he realized something different.

“Wait! You’re growing this time!” Clive yelped.

“Huh… I guess it grows whoever opens it…” Owen commented as he rubbed his slightly beefier biceps. The lid had only been off for a few scant seconds but already he could see more definition. His bicep was now bigger at rest than it had been during a pump earlier this afternoon. The speed at which he was growing was surprisingly fast given that it had taken Clive nearly a minute of exposure to see any real gains.

Illustration by Seraphiel

Clive quickly lunged forward and slapped the lid back down on the box.

“What gives?” Owen asked.

“You’re already yoked. At least let me catch up first,” Clive replied.

“Stingy…” Owen replied and rolled his eyes.

Clive didn’t bother replying. Just as quickly as he had slammed shut the lid of the box, he popped it back open. “Grow baby, grow!” Clive cheered as he flipped the lid off the box.

The growth was much more pronounced this time. There was no doubt in Owen’s mind that each time the box was opened, the results were faster and more intense, but Clive was too busy posing and posturing to even consider the facts. All Clive cared about was that he was getting huge and hunky.

Illustration by Seraphiel

“God! I’m so huge!” Clive chuckled giddily. “I’m as big as you now! Check this out. I bet I can bench more than you.” Clive puffed up his chest and flexed both of his biceps to really showcase his recent gains.

Illustration by Seraphiel

As Clive continued to pace around the loft, posing and flexing as he went, Owen took a moment to take a closer look at the box. There had to be some trick to it. It couldn’t just be making them grow out of nowhere. Although, truth be told he had an ulterior motive for fixating on the box.

Clive had become so huge and hunky in the past few moments that Owen was finding it hard to hide his own swelling rod. He suddenly found himself wishing he was clad in more than just a towel. He didn’t even want to think about what his now herculean housemate would do if Clive were to realize just how turned on Owen was by all this. Clive was already taller and sturdier than Owen ever was, and the sheer thought of Clive getting even bigger and burlier drove Owen wild. Owen knew he had to do something to distract himself, or at least diffuse the situation, or he’d have a whole ‘nother problem on his hands.

Owen took one last glance over at the hulking Adonis that was his roommate and then place the lid back on the box. He let out a wistful sigh as he felt the square lid slide into place atop the box knowing that this would pause Clive’s steady growth.

It took a moment for Clive to realize he had stopped growing. He was too busy posing and ogling his muscles to think of much else other than how huge and hot he had become, but eventually the lack of progress slowly snuck into the forefront of his mind.

Owen tensed up as he heard the heavy footfalls of his now massive roommate making their way towards him. Owen knew Clive had figured it out by now, and so now all that was left was to deal with the fallout. How would Clive take the news that Owen had literally and figuratively put a cap on his growth-fest?

As it turns out, Clive took the news rather well.

Illustration by Seraphiel

“Getting jealous, little man?” Clive teased playfully as he struck yet another pose for his now smaller, leaner roommate.

“Hehe… something like that…” Owen replied awkwardly.

“It’s cool. You can have some of the juice too. Tis the season for sharing, am I right?” Clive said with a smug smile and a saucy wink.

Owen began to reach for the lid more to save face than out of a desire to grow. The last thing he needed was for Clive to be distracted from the box long enough to notice the tent forming in Owen’s towel, but right as he placed his hands on the lid he balked.

“What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet?” Clive chided.

“No. I just had a thought.” Owen replied.

“Oh?” Clive asked.

“Yeah. You said it yourself. Tis the season for sharing. So, what would happen if we both pulled the lid off?” Owen explained.

Clive’s cocky smirk grew into a massive grin. “I love the way you think, little man,” He said.

Owen tried not to let it show, but Clive’s comment made his heart flutter and his cock stiffen even more. It didn’t help matters that Clive was getting closer and closer. Soon Clive was so close that he was looming over Owen in all his massive glory. Owen could practically feel the warmth emanating from Clive’s muscles.

Clive reached down and gripped the edge of the box lid. “Ok. On three,” he instructed.

Owen nodded silently in reply and placed his hands on the opposite end of the lid.

“One… Two…” Clive counted off.

“And three!” They said in unison. They both lifted the lid in synch with one another. There was a brief moment of anticipation where the two of them waited for the effects to kick in. Truth be told, Owen wasn’t even sure if it would work on both of them. Part of him hoped it wouldn’t, but the other part of him couldn’t wait to see Clive get even larger.

“Oh yeah! I feel it!” Clive cheered as he flexed once more. He was definitely larger than he had been mere moments ago.

For a moment Owen was wondering if the changes were only affecting Clive, but soon enough he began to notice his own growth as well. His already incredible muscles were getting thicker with each passing moment. His already sculpted pecs inflated outwards even more. His already chiseled abs grew thicker and their grooves deeper. Owen didn’t want to admit it, but he loved how it felt to be getting bigger like this. He loved the surge of power from having even larger muscles. He loved how it felt to be expanding upwards and outwards in all directions. He knew if he wasn’t careful, he could get addicted to the rush as Clive clearly had, but as much as Owen loved the sensation of getting bigger, he loved watching Clive dwarf him even more.

“Hehe. Enjoying the show, little man?” Clive teased.

Clive’s comment was enough to snap Owen from the trance he had been in. It didn’t take long for Owen to figure out what Clive was referring to. Clive’s gaze was clearly fixated on the tent in Owen’s towel.

Owen tried to avert his gaze, but he knew he was busted. He was blushing beet red as his roommate ogled his bulge. There was no way he could talk his way out of this one.

“No, man. I get it,” Clive replied. “You’re face to face with greatness, and you can’t handle it. Hell, if I was staring down a towering muscle stud like me, I’d be rock hard as well!”

Clive reached down and stroked the bulge of his own incredibly huge cock through the fabric of his red boxers. “Mmm. Yeah. Fuck that feels good…” Clive moaned.

Hearing Clive moan and seeing the lewd show playing out in front of him was almost more than Owen could handle. He felt ready to cream right then and there. He almost painted the insides of his towel, but something caught his attention that left him so dumbfounded that for a minute he forgot all about being horny.

Owen watched in awe as the bulge in Clive’s boxers swelled before his very eyes. Owen had had his suspicions before, but there was no denying it now. Clive’s cock was growing before at a rate far faster than Clive’s steadily swelling muscles! Already the beast had to be as fat as his fist! The two massive nuts which strained against the red fabric of Clive’s boxers were close to the size of grapefruits. Owen could scarcely believe how huge his roommate’s cock was, and he could tell that its true girth was being stymied by the tight confines of the fabric. Owen could only imagine how thick the beast would be when it sprung free from its cloth confines.

Owen continued to watch in stunned awe as Clive continued to swell and grow. There was no doubt about it. Clive was growing at a rate far faster than Owen himself was. Owen wasn’t sure why. Was it because Clive was already so much bigger than him? Was it because Clive had been exposed to the box’s magics far more than Owen had? Whatever the case may be, the results were undeniable. It was now Owen’s turn to be shoulder height to Clive! Clive was so big and burly that just his broad, barrel chest was wider than Owen’s shoulders! Even just one thick, meaty quad of Clive’s legs was almost as big around as Owen’s waste, and Clive continued to grow and grow.

As amazing as Clive’s muscles were, Owen was having a hard time focusing on them. His eyes kept drifting towards the bulge in Clive’s overstuffed boxers. Clive’s boxers were now so tight that they looked practically painted on. Owen could see the exact shape and size of Clive’s massive cock and balls as they strained against the taut fabric. Owen could actually hear the stitches and threads of Clive’s boxers popping and fraying as they steadily lost the fight against Clive’s enormous cock. Owen could only guestimate just how huge Clive’s cock was at this point. It looked as big around as Clive’s enormous bicep. The nuts looked the size of cantaloupes.

Clive was only too aware of Owen’s gaze which was fixated on his crotch. Clive flashed another cocky smirk and was about to make another taunting comment when his own gaze fell upon his bulge. Clive was momentarily taken aback at the sheer size of it. His package would no longer fit under the Christmas tree. His bait and tackle was enormous! Just seeing how huge his junk had become made Clive even hornier than he already was. His shorts groaned in protest as his cock stiffened and swelled. Clive had always been much more of a grower than a shower, and it seemed that that had not changed despite the massive growth that his cock and balls had undergone. As his already enormous cock stiffened, it grew to even more incredible sizes. It wasn’t long at all until his semi-boned cock was straining against the front of his boxers and threatening to burst through like the Kool-Aid man.

Clive let out a moan as his cock finally burst free. His boxers shredded clean down the front as his rock-hard cock sprung forth into it’s full upright and locked position. Once again, Owen was too stunned to even speak. All he could do was stand there and stare as his buddy’s rock-hard cock jutted out in front of him. The thing was huge! It was beyond huge! It was massive! Clive’s cock was bigger than the musclebound stud’s entire arm. It was longer and thicker by a good margin! The massive nuts hung heavily in their sack and dangled down towards Clive’s knees.

“Mmm. Yeah. That’s the stuff,” Clive moaned as his cock flung free.

Owen’s throat felt tight. Clive’s cock looked so fantastic that all he wanted to do was suck on the beast, but he knew that wouldn’t be possible. Clive’s cock was thicker than Owen’s entire neck. There was no way he could ever hope to deep throat that behemoth, but that didn’t mean he was without options.

Owen took a step forward as if in a trance. He reached out his hand to touch his pal’s enormous, puffy cockhead. In doing so, Owen let go of his towel causing the cloth to fall limply to the floor at his feet, but he couldn’t even be bothered to care.

Illustration by Seraphiel

“Hehe. Not bad at all, little guy,” Clive commented as he admired his pal’s fully boned cock. Owen’s own cock had grown considerably as well. It was still nowhere near as large as Clive’s titanic cock, but Owen’s dick was easily two feet of fat fuck-stick. Owen’s cock was easily as thick as his forearm and about as long as his whole arm. The rigid shaft reached all the way up to his pecs. His nuts were now the size of bowling balls and sagged heavily in their sack. Owen was so horny that his nuts felt filled to the brim. He felt like he could cream at any second, but it was only through sheer force of will that he kept his cum in check.

Hearing the titan cheer him on was pure euphoria for Owen. He couldn’t help but reach down and stroke his fat cock as the sound of Clive’s cheer echoed in his ears, but even as Owen stroked his cock, he could feel it getting bigger and thicker in his hands. It wasn’t long at all before Owen couldn’t even get a hand halfway around the enormous shaft. Meanwhile Clive’s was even less able to handle his impossibly thick rod.

“Hehe. Maybe you could help me out with this,” Clive said as he gestured down towards his colossal cock. His cock was now so massive that stroking it was like trying to polish a marble column.

Owen was only too happy to oblige. He was so horny that his cock practically ached for release, but he couldn’t focus on his own dick – not when such a fantastic specimen was demanding his full attention, and what a specimen it was! Clive’s cock had become so huge that it was almost as wide as Clive’s hips! The entire rod was almost as big around as Owen’s whole beefy body and almost as long! Owen could scarcely believe he was staring down nearly nine feet of fantastic cock. The behemoth even dwarfed Owen’s own cock which was now as thick as Owen’s thick, swole thigh. As huge as Owen’s cock was, it was so small compared to Clive’s colossus that Owen could almost slide his entire shaft right down the inviting, pre-drooling slit of Clive’s massive cock. Just fantasizing about being able to do such a thing made Owen so horny that his cock gave a shudder of glee. Owen moaned and closed his eyes as he struggled to keep his wad down. He desperately craved a good creaming, but he refused to give in so soon. He wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible.

Owen reached forward and ran his hands along the length of Clive’s nearly ten feet of fat cock. Just feeling it against his fingertips made Owen’s own cock give a lurch of delight. The whole scenario was so surreal that Owen had almost convinced himself that it was all a dream, but feeling the warm, rigid flesh against his fingers was enough to dispel any doubts he may have had. This was all real!

“Actually… I think it’s time we shut the box,” Clive said suddenly.

Owen was taken aback. Shut the box? Surely, Clive must be joking. He couldn’t truly be thinking about stopping his miraculous growth, could he?

As if reading Owen’s mind, Clive flashed another smug smirk and replied, “Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m totally gonna get bigger after this, but I want to savor this for a while.”

“R-right!” Owen replied excitedly. As stoked as he was at the prospect of seeing Clive grow even larger, Owen was not about to turn down the chance to enjoy everything that Clive’s current size had to offer. Clive was already so massive that just being in his presence was intoxicating.

Owen felt a brief twinge as he set the lid back on the box, but it was short lived. All he had to do was glance back over at his humongous, hunky, and hung pal and know he had made the right choice. Clive’s cocky smirk was goading Owen on to try out their new sizes. Owen gave his cock a few good strokes as he awkwardly stepped the few feet from the table over towards where Clive was posing. Even through the haze of hormones caused by watching his massive pal put on a show, Owen was taken aback by how huge his own cock had become. Even just the knob of his massive cock was larger than an NBA certified basketball. It was hard to believe that just this afternoon he would have been able to grip his dick with just one hand. Now, if he wanted to grip his cock, he’d have to wrap his arms around it.

No words were exchanged between the two. None were needed at this point. Clive’s cocky smirk said it all. He was daring Owen to do his worst, and Owen was more than happy to comply. Owen gripped Clive’s colossal cock with both hands and was once again blown away by how huge it was. Clive’s cock was wider than Owen’s thick, sculpted torso! As Owen stood there with a hand on either side of the massive shaft, he could scarcely believe that he was gripping a big schlong and not a bobsled. Clive’s cock was so huge that Owen could straddle it like a roadhouse mechanical bull if he wanted to, and some part of him really did want to. However, he had other more pressing desires at the moment.

Owen got into position and lined up his huge cock against his pal’s monstrous schlong. Unfortunately, Owen’s own massive cock was a smidge too large to actually fit into the slit of Clive’s colossal cock, but Owen was not about to be put off so easily. He lined his dick up against the slit of Clive’s dick and began to rock his hips back and forth.

It was a nearly perfect fit! The puffed-up ridge along the underside of Owen’s rock-hard cock fit perfectly into the groove of Clive’s enormous cockhead like a hot dog resting in a bun. As Owen rocked his hips back and forth, his enormous cock glided along the length of Clive’s supersized knob. The tip of Clive’s cock was slick and slippery with pre – only a small portion of which was Owen’s. Owen’s cock was leaking pre like a faucet, but even so, the steady stream coming from his cock was nothing compared to the deluge oozing out of the tip of Clive’s yoga-ball-sized cockhead.

Owen continued to rock his hips back and forth, causing his cock to grind along the length of Clive’s oozing slit. With each thrust, Owen’s own massive, prized pumpkin sized stones slapped against the underside of Clive’s colossal cock. Owen was in heaven. The sheer euphoric pleasure coursing through his stand-up punching bag sized schlong was almost more than he could take. His balls felt so fantastically full, and his cock felt ready to burst at any second. Owen knew he was reaching his limit, but he struggled against his own arousal to continue to please the titan who stood shuddering with bliss before him.

Clive too was reaching his limits. He couldn’t believe the turn this evening had taken. Not only had he gone from a being a total shrimp to being a towering titan of cock and muscle, but he was also getting it on with the roommate he had begrudgingly had a crush on since he had moved in. Owen had always been astoundingly hot, and the recent growth spurt the now eight-foot-tall stud had gone through had only made him even sexier. Even so, Owen wasn’t the main reason Clive was so close to creaming. Clive had become so massive that it blew his own mind. He now towered at over ten feet in height, and he had a cock nearly as big as he was! His enormous nuts now dangled to his ankles! His muscles had likewise surged in size. Clive had gone from having no muscle to speak of to being a veritable wall of brawn! His broad, barrel chest was as wide as a sedan. The trenches of his thick, sculpted abs were so deep he could lose a quarter in the chasms. His massive, meaty thighs were as wide as oak trunks. His big, burly bicep was the size of a microwave oven, and that was while it was at rest!

“Oh… f-fuck… I’m gonna…” Clive moaned.

The sound of the titan’s cries was music to Owen’s ears. Just hearing his massive roomie’s whines almost sent him over the edge, but it was the sight of Clive’s enormous, shuddering bod that finally did it. Owen bit his lip and let out a low moan as cum erupted from his huge cock. It was unlike anything he had ever felt. He was already hornier than he had ever been in his life and his cock was more sensitive than ever before, but there was more to it than that. His cock and balls had grown so much that this climax was exponentially more potent than any he had ever had before, and as cum erupted from his cock again and again, his massive nuts felt like they weren’t getting any emptier. He felt like he could cum indefinitely! And if his pumpkin-sized cojones were able to pump out this much spunk there was no telling how much spooge would erupt from Clive’s sofa-sized sack!

Owen had half a mind to stand right in the line of fire and see just how huge Clive’s cum shot would be firsthand, but he wasn’t given the option. Right as Clive was about to cum, Clive turned ever so slightly to the side so that instead of bathing Owen with his spunk, the colossal geyser of jizz instead blasted off to the side – right at the table where the box still lay!

Illustration by Seraphiel

Owen barely had time to process what was happening. One second he was staring down the barrel of his bud’s colossal cock, and the next second he’s staring on in shock and awe as a massive stream of cum collided with the festive package and sent it flying!

That package had been far too heavy for Owen to even budge, but it was blown aside as if it was an empty, plastic bag in the face of Clive’s deluge of cum. Owen was in the throes of his own orgasm, but even so thoughts were racing in his mind. Did this count as opening the box? Did this mean that Clive was now going to start growing some more? Owen was so excited by the prospect that had he not already been mid-stream from his previous climax he would have came all over again!

Both Clive and Owen were so caught up in the rush of their orgasmic bliss and the excitement at the mere possibility of further growth that they barely even noticed one key detail. The force of Clive’s cum shot sent the box and its lid careening out the window! How would they get the package back and seal the box now!?

Clive didn’t have time to think about such things even if he did have half a mind to stop his growth. The next growth spurt hit, and it hit him hard! The previous growth spurts seemed like mild flexing compared to the size that now surged through his body. His muscles expanded out in all directions. His cock surge in size. His nuts swelled rapidly. In a matter of moments, his balls were so massive that they rested solidly on the ground. His cock was so huge that it extended past the table and towards the window on the other side of the room. Soon he was so tall that he had to hunch down to keep his head from hitting against the fifteen-foot high roof of their loft.

Owen stared up in awe at his rapidly expanding roommate. He was already in the throes of his previous orgasm, but seeing the now colossal titan looming over him made him cum even harder than before… or at least that’s what he told himself. The truth was slightly different, and slowly it began to dawn on Owen just what was happening.

Owen hadn’t realized it at first because Clive was swelling so rapidly, but Owen too was experiencing a growth spurt that put his previous ones to shame. Already he was as huge as Clive had been mere moments before when the titan had blasted the box off the table, but he was absolutely dwarfed by the monolithic Clive. What’s more, Clive’s growth seemed to far outstrip Owen’s own sped up growth surge. At the rate things were going, Clive was soon going to outgrow the entire loft, and with the box blasted out the window, there was no way they could get the lid back on before he did just that.

The part of Owen’s brain that wasn’t overcome by lust and arousal fired to life. The gears started to spin as he pieced through what had happened. The lid had been blown clear off the box and now both of them were growing. It had been Clive’s cannon that had knocked the lid off, but whatever magic or logic that governed the growth from the box seemed to consider Owen to be the one to have pulled the trigger.

Clive chuckled under his breath as he knelt down with his back pressed against the roof like Atlas holding a globe, “Hehe. I’m so huge…” he said in a voice that was practically a moan of delight. His voice trailed off at the end, but both buds knew what the second half of his statement was going to be. He was so huge, and he was still getting bigger!

The brick walls cracked and crumbled. Dust fell from the walls and ceiling as the structure steadily buckled under the swelling mass of the now titanic Clive. Soon the ceiling gave way altogether, and Clive found himself bursting through the flat above theirs. Fortunately, the inhabitants were gone for the holidays, but they were in for quite a shock when they returned. At the rate things were going, though, soon the whole city was in for quite a shock. Clive’s colossal cock burst through the side wall and jutted out into the night air. At this point just the puffed-up head of Clive’s titanic cock was easily as large as a water tower reservoir, and it was still growing!

Even in the haze of the afterglow from his previous climax, Owen knew he had to do something. He was now tall enough that his head would be touching the ceiling had there been a ceiling left to touch, but even at his humongous size, he was a total shrimp compared to the towering Clive. If Owen didn’t find somewhere safe, he ran the risk of being swept away in the destruction of the flat where he had lived these past months. Owen knew he had the get out of there. Fortunately, the safest place just also happened to be the place he most wanted to be.

Owen scurried up the side of Clive’s cock. Clive’s massive cock was now so huge that even at Owen’s enhanced size, Owen was able to sit atop it as if he was riding atop a train car in some old western heist flic.

Owen glanced over his shoulder at the colossus behind him. Owen’s feet were planted firmly at crotch level to the titanic Clive, but even so, Clive was so massive that the top of Owen’s head didn’t even reach Clive’s collar bone! Owen was now absolutely gigantic by normal standards, but even so he felt so pitifully tiny when he compared himself to the steadily growing titan which now filled his entire field of vision.

“So huge…” Clive moaned under his breath as he finally grew through even the loft above theirs and burst out into the cool night air. Once free of the confines of the brick building, Clive stood up to his full height, and what a height it was! The sheer change in altitude was enough to send Owen falling flat on his ass. Owen soon found himself lying on his butt atop Clive’s monolithic cock and staring up and up and UP at the solid wall of brawn that extended above him!

“Fuck…” Clive moaned as he stared out at the city below. The roof of nearby apartment buildings didn’t even reach his hips. Nearby cars which had been left parked on the street were now so small to him that he could eclipse an entire Camry with the sole of his foot. His cock jutted out so far in front of him that it extended an entire city block. His massive nuts were so huge that they rested on the ground at his feet and filled the entirety of the flat he had called home until just mere moments ago.

Owen scurried back to his feet and surveyed his surroundings. It was a warm evening in the city, but even so, his and Clive’s escapades had made sure that everyone in the surrounding mile had themselves a white Christmas. Cum soaked the concrete as far as the eye could see.

“So huge…” Clive moaned again, but this time a shudder coursed through his body and cock. Owen didn’t need to be able to see the head of Clive’s cock nor the massive nuts below to know what was about to happen. Clive was about to blow again, and Owen was along for the ride!

Clive’s cock was so massive that Clive couldn’t hope to get his hands around it, but fortunately he didn’t need to. He ran his hands along the thick ridges of his massive, sculpted muscles and moaned. Just feeling how massive he had become was orgasmic enough in and of itself. Just feeling the thick muscle beneath his fingertip was enough to make his cock lurch in delight, sending his passenger once again stumbling back on his ass.

Clive was so caught up in the throes of ecstasy that his legs buckled out from under him. He landed with a reverberating crash on the wreckage of his former home. Owen was once again sent toppling, this time landing flat against the thick, firm flesh of Clive’s dense abdominal muscles.

Clive’s moans echoed through the city as he came again and again. Cum arced into the air as far as the eye could see and crashed down on the surrounding city below. Soon even the tops of building for miles around was coated in his spunk.

Illustration by Seraphiel

Owen struggled back to his feet. The shuddering giant beneath him made something as simple as standing up a herculean task, but Owen couldn’t take this one sitting down. He had to have his own fun. He staggered forward and ran a hand along the solid wall of cock which extended up into the heavens like an obelisk to be worshipped.

Owen moaned and rubbed his cock against the solid wall of titanic dick that completely dwarfed him. Owen could tell he was cumming. The pleasure was too intense for him NOT to be, but he couldn’t see his own jizz. He was so thoroughly coated in Clive’s spunk that even Owen’s own enormous wads were completely drowned out the deluge.

Owen could scarcely reconcile his size with his thoughts. On one hand he knew he was absolutely gargantuan. He had to be nearly two stories tall by this point. He would be as tall as the building he had once called home. He would now tower over his childhood home, but he had never felt smaller in his life. As massive as he was, he still had to watch his step to keep from falling into his bud’s belly button! Owen was a titan among men, but Clive was a god! A god whose still swelling form now occupied a full city block!

Eventually even Clive’s colossal cum shots tapered off. The giant slumped back against the rubble and breathed a contented sigh. He gazed out over the tiny city below as he basked in the afterglow of the most amazing climax of his life and reveled in the rush of being so incredibly huge. Yet, despite how spent he now was, his megalithic cock still stood rock hard at attention. Clive smirked as he stared up at his enormous rod. Just his cock eclipsed any building around him. In fact, his massive cock even eclipsed most of the high rises in downtown in terms of sheer size. There was but one building in the entire state that still gave his cock a run for its money. The newly constructed office building touted itself as the largest structure in the world. The World! And even it wouldn’t hold that record for long. Even as Clive sat there smirking and staring out into the lights of downtown, he knew it was only a matter of moments before he left even that towering structure in the dust. After that? Who knows? Clive could tell his growth wasn’t about to stop anytime soon, and at his size, he had no way of even finding the box to close it even if he wanted the growth to stop. He could grow indefinitely for all he knew, and that would be alright with him.

Illustration by Seraphiel

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