Creating awareness

by EdIam

Ben knows he is lucky to have found his soulmate, Steve. But Chris was always so obsessed with him…

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I gently awoke cradled in the arms of the man I loved with all my heart, Steve. I was so blissful, as I was most mornings, that I sighed audibly and felt my heart melt feeling Steve’s heart beating against my back. I’d been this unimaginably happy now for the past two and a half years, when I’d met Steve in my freshman dorm hall.

The two of us had hit it off pretty quickly, both enjoying video game sessions, having a keen interest in politics, and eager to make positive changes in the world. I was pursuing my dream of being a surgeon and was now nearing the end of my undergrad and was already considering where I wanted to continue my education. The love of my life, Steve, was going to be an architect and was looking into amazing opportunities to intern at some of the most successful firms in the city.

We’d both struggled to fit in in our respective home towns, being gay guys in rural communities, but really came into our own when we went to college and especially after we met one another. We truly were soul mates and we knew it almost from the moment we started hanging out.

Now that we were juniors, though, we could live off campus and it was quite easy to find a comfortable apartment near the university for the two of us. For the past eight months, we’d been closer than ever, getting used to the knowledge that we were already with our life-long roommate.

To most of our friends, we were that couple; the one that was constantly together, never seemed to fight much, and always were overly generous with romantic gestures openly. One time, last year, after my last final that I’d been stressing over for weeks, Steve organized a flash mob in the center of campus with a bunch of our friends to congratulate me on getting through it. I was so unbelievably touched and we made love for hours and hours that night. That was really the kind of couple we were.

Unfortunately, because we were so perfect together and tender and romantic, most other people were a bit disgusted by it at best and insanely jealous at worst. And by far, the most jealous of our friends was obviously Chris.

Chris was another one of our gay friends that hung out with all of us rather irregularly, even more so after we had quite a blow out eight months ago at Steve and my housewarming party. Chris had also lived on the floor Steve and I were on freshmen year and despite Steve gravitating towards me and vice versa, Chris relentlessly pursued me that year too. I made it constantly clear that I wasn’t interested and that Steve and I had started dating pretty quickly, but Chris didn’t stop.

Not that Chris wasn’t also an attractive guy, he just didn’t fit into what I saw for myself. Steve was a bit of a broader guy, with a hairy chest, gorgeous brown eyes, neatly trimmed stubble, and always had stylish hair. Chris was a bit on the scrawnier side, more twink-like, gray eyes that lacked much passion behind them, no facial hair at all, and wore his hair pretty messy and shaggy. He was definitely physically attractive to a certain set of gay guys, just not me. I liked the safety and security I felt in Steve’s naturally larger, masculine, hairy arms and chest and Chris couldn’t give that to my physically.

Beyond that, their attitudes and personalities were really what affected my choice. It was never even a contest, really. Steve was so respectful, rarely even cussed unless really angry, and so passionate about the things he cares about. We could talk for hours and hours on any given topic merely because he was so fascinated by it. I adored his mind and his heart. He truly was the most compassionate and empathetic man I’d ever met. And his sexual appetite matched up with mine almost perfectly.

Neither of us were overly sexual by any means. Sex a couple times a week was more than enough and we often actually went weeks without sex sometimes. That never really mattered much to either of us because we most definitely were not together for our bodies; we were together for our souls and who we were as people.

Chris, on the other hand, was almost always overtly and uncomfortably sexual. Especially with me, and especially freshmen year when he was pursuing me so adamantly. He made no effort to hide the fact that he was incredibly attracted to me from the moment he met me. He’d wear tight pants or shorts, constantly showing off a large bulge that honestly just made most everyone around him incredibly uncomfortable, especially me. If Steve was around, he’d constantly stare at me, even if either of us stared back at him. And if I happened to be alone, which was uncommon as much time I spent with the love of my life, he’d constantly come up to me and say things like, ‘Ben, you know my dick is huge and you’d look so good sucking and riding it’ and ‘Ben, Steve could never turn you on as much as I could with my hot cock.’ He’d even suggested that if I got just one glance at his cock, I’d leave my ‘loser’ boyfriend in an instant. It was so uncouth and foul how he’d try to talk to me like I was some kind of slut or something.

He was constantly cursing when he was around us, constantly making us disgusted with his behavior, and almost constantly hitting on me, much to Steve’s chagrin. There was even one time, not too long after we’d all met and likely within the first month or so of school where Steve, myself, and a bunch of our friends and floormates got together in the student lounge for a study group and he’d even tried to touch me inappropriately and grab my hand and force it on his package. I was utterly humiliated after that, but Steve had guided me through that instance as well. Many of my friends stopped hanging with Chris at that point, but some continued out of loyalty.

But we’d even gone to the RA a few times about his behavior, but it always seemed he wormed his way out of trouble. Honestly, we only really hung out with him at all because some of our other closest friends were better friends with him than us, especially after the study group event. Even though it was beyond obvious that he was lustfully infatuated with me, most just told me to ignore it and focus on Steve. Which, to be fair, was relatively easy to do.

Steve and my sex life was absolutely the healthiest a sex life could be: we had open and honest communication about what we liked, we never did anything the other was uncomfortable with, and if one of us wasn’t in the mood, the other was free to masturbate or do something else, which we did with complete understanding.

For being a broader and somewhat built guy, Steve wasn’t that well-endowed, but that never fazed me at all. He was around 5.5 inches or so. But I loved every inch if his body. We considered ourselves versatile, but I was never much of a bottom most of the time, but when I was, he fit in me perfectly. I, on the other hand, was a bit larger than normal. Nothing like a porn star or anything, at around 7.5-8 inches, depending how horny I happened to be, but Steve always loved to bottom for me as well when he was in the mood. He was just better suited as a bottom and I was a top. And, quite honestly, anal only really happened maybe once every six months, if that? And we’d really only do it wearing condoms, just to be safe. We knew neither of us were with anyone else, but we wanted to do everything the absolute safest. We would always use condoms if we did do anal. But, ultimately, we much preferred to cuddle and use our hands, quite honestly. And oral just wasn’t either of our things. To put any penis in your mouth? Kind of disgusting.

Most nights, Steve generally took on the role of the big spoon. It went against a few of the gay stereotypes, me being most of the top in the relationship. But Steve was just so broad and hairy and I felt so calm and protected in his arms. We didn’t care about fitting any stereotypes and all I cared about was just how supremely comfortable he was while also being so intensely handsome and a wonderful big spoon.

Laying there, in bed, in our pajama pants, as was our routine, I felt like I was possibly getting a little friskier than normal. Generally, the mornings were just waking up, possibly talking about the dreams we had, and then showering and getting ready for class or work. But for some reason, this morning, I was hornier than I usually was. Steve and I usually preferred to keep sexual things in the evening and save the days for our lives and conversations and dates and the like. But, rarely, when the mood struck, we’d fool around slightly, like lovers often do.

My cock was stretching the front of my pants as I felt his chest pushed against my back and his arm over my shoulder. I started to stroke his arm a little bit, waking up and gently waking him up, wanting to, hopefully, put him in the mood to make love to me this morning. My cock continued to strain the confines of my pajama pants as I felt him stir a little bit, tightening his arm around me as I continued to stroke it lightly as I noticed something was a bit off.

Steve’s arm wasn’t nearly as covered in his dark, course hair that it usually was. I also noticed his arm wasn’t even close to as muscular as I was accustomed to. His chest, too, was pushed against my back and I couldn’t feel a single hair rubbing tantalizingly against my skin like I usually enjoyed. But, really, the biggest difference was that since I woke up this morning, I could feel his dick pressing against my ass and, quite frankly, it felt much, much bigger than normal. And he was clearly grinding it into my butt… something Steve had never been prone do to. It was fair too overtly sexual for us.

Confused, I stopped stroking his arm as I tried to process the sudden and bizarre changes I was noticing.

Then, a voice from right behind me, “Why’d you stop, Benny baby, that felt good.”

That wasn’t Steve’s deep, masculine tone at all. It sounded so much more like… like…

I pulled away and turned swiftly to see who had been cuddling into me this morning.

“Chris, what in the hell are you doing?!” I asked, freaked out, pulling the covers over my exposed chest.

“What do you mean, what am I doing? I was getting my fucking sexy boyfriend in the mood to ride my dick,” Chris said with a smirk, his hairless face confident and dull eyes staring somewhat evilly and lustfully back at my face. “Why are you hiding your body from me, Benny baby? You are aware that you love showing that perfect body for me.”

I was repulsed and disgusted that Chris was lying in bed next to me, shirtless, possibly nude, giving the large lump in the blanket covering the lower half of his body. Even more so, though, I was worried about Steve. What in the hell had Chris done with him?

Pulling the blankets down, more comfortable now letting Chris look at my slightly hairy, defined chest, I pleaded, feeling like I might start crying, “Stop calling me Benny baby, my name is Ben! Please, Chris, what have you done with Steve? What have you done with Steve?”

“Steve?” Chris smirked even wider, “Why are you talking about that loser? We haven’t even talked to him in, like, eight months, Benny baby.”

I looked at him like he’d gone insane, because clearly he had, and more firmly demanded, “Look, Chris, stop calling me Benny baby, my name is Ben and you know it. And you know that Steve and I are together and that I have no interest in you. Now tell me where in the heck my boyfriend is. Now.”

I started to fidget uncomfortably with the blanket at my midsection, not knowing what else to do until I found out what Chris had done with Steve. I did see Chris look down at my chest while processing what I was saying and felt a slight tinge in my heart knowing how much I loved showing my body off to him, but my heart ached for my boyfriend in this moment and I had no idea what Chris could have possibly done to sneak into my bed last night. I thought back, thinking that maybe something had happened that I couldn’t rectal last night.

Steve and I had taken a date night, it being a Friday and neither of us having classes or work the following day. We’d gone to have dinner, went to a movie, and then headed home to cuddle on the couch. I remembered Steve had brought up one of our long standing jokes about how lame we were, like an old married couple, being home by 9 p.m. on a Friday, in pajamas, and cuddling up to watch some Netflix. I remembered feeling that familiar flutter in my heart when he talked about our future in such an exciting way.

We truly were, for all intents and purposes, practically married at this point. I knew and Steve knew that we were going to propose at some point, probably within the next couple months. But how and when what was really got me the most eager. I knew Steve loved the big romantic gestures and I knew that every time he brought up the ‘like an old married couple’ joke that I’d be thinking about how he was going to ask me to marry him.

My heart felt so full thinking of what he might have planned as we went to bed. Steve had said that it was more of a cuddle night and I agreed; we’d had sex about 5 days prior and the drive to do it tonight just wasn’t there. So we cuddled into bed and I fell asleep in his arms, feeling his large, hairy pecs so securely grasping me as I passed out. I fell asleep as I always did with Steve, feeling loved completely and utterly.

Looking back, though, I did recall waking up suddenly at around 3 a.m., feeling a weird suction behind me, almost like air had been misplaced and refilled… like a bubble popping and air moving back to fill the misplaced air maybe? It didn’t startle me much, as groggy as I’d been, and I still felt Steve’s arm around my body, so I just relaxed and went back to sleep. Come to think of it, I’d felt like the room had even shifted slightly too, but chalked it up to being half asleep and likely dreaming.

Getting a good look around our bedroom now, though, I could see what might have happened. Steve and I had always been very clean and organized people. Everything had its’ place, nice knick-knacks displayed throughout with some artwork on the walls to make the home fill lived in. We had quite a few pictures of ourselves and our families dispersed here in the bedroom, not too many, as Steve and I agreed that cluttered spaces lead to cluttered minds.

But now, looking around, there were drawers pulled open with clothes drooping out, random assortments of dishes and random things in random places all over the room and floor, and, horrified, I noticed that there was lube and a couple dildos on the nightstand just behind Chris. That was where Steve had his favorite picture of us when we’d visiting Disney World last summer and where his reading glasses usually rested… now there was a wet, lubed up dildo, a bunch of tissues, and a couple pornographic magazines pilled there.

Unable to truly take everything in on one glace, I also saw that the walls were covered in pictures of scantily dressed and nude men, their giant penises on full display as thought Steve and I had lost our minds with lust and needed to fill the space with attractive men. Nothing made sense. This was not my life. This was not the life Steve and I had built or wanted to build.

Clearly seeing my reaction to the space, Chris replied, “What’s the matter, you are aware that you love when I call you Benny baby, right? You are aware that your heart melts every time I call you Benny baby and you are aware that your cock gets hard when I call you Benny baby? Isn’t that right, my Benny baby?”

I shuttered a bit, hearing those words, unsure how I’d respond. It was vile to hear someone I loathed call me something that demeaning and submissive… but then a new feeling rose in. My heart warmed a bit as the name reverberated in my brain. ‘Benny baby’. My dick even started to harden.

Maybe it wasn’t so bad. It did have a nice ring to it. Especially when Chris called me it, for some reason.

Chris smirked at me again, “Oh sweet Benny baby,” my heart sang and my cock hardened even more than last time… which still kind of confused me, “You look lost, what’s on your mind? And, honestly, you already know you love showing off your body to me, I think you should show all of it before we continue. You are aware that you’re going to pull the blankets all the way off your body now.”

I was still fuming and even more confused about Chris being in my bed, the strange reaction I was having to his demeaning pet name for me, and now about my hands pushing the blankets off my waste and down to the foot of the bed, allowing Chris a complete view of my body, bulge in my loose pajama pants and all.

“I can’t believe you’re in my bed and I’m sitting here not looking for Steve and how could you have even gotten in here and changed our room around. Steve and I are together, Chris, not me and you. I can’t help being concerned and worried and, well, lost!” I pleaded.

Chris just smiled at me despite my pleas and took a moment to look down at my bulge and I felt that familiar feeling of loving his eyes on my body.

“Oh, Benny baby, don’t worry so much! I’m going to help you through this confusing time. And, please, stop talking about that loser Steve. I thought we were over that phase months ago.”

I glared back at Chris, truly hating him in that moment. How, in the space of one night, he had come in, rearranged our room, turned it into a disgusting lustful den for himself, and then somehow have Steve leave? This was nuts. “I want you out this instant, Chris. Get out. Now. And tell me where Steve went.”

I could see him continuing to stare at my bulge, which had expanded a little more when he called me Benny baby again and felt that flutter of excitement I got when Chris looked at me. I did like showing off my body for him, but that didn’t change the fact that he’d clearly done something to my soul mate and my bedroom. He needed to go.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Benny baby! So much talk about that loser Steve! Don’t you remember? You are aware that you and him stopped dating eight months ago when you decided to bail on him being your roomie and then asked me to move in with you instead. Fuck, Benny baby, did you hit your head or something?” Chris said, an air of deviousness to him, that smirk still plastered on his cocky face.

I knew he was wrong… eight months ago was around when Steve and I moved in here together. We’d had a house warming party and invited all our friends about a week after we’d moved in. It had been the most exciting week of Steve or my life and we’d actually been having more sex than we’d ever had previously, truly loving the access we had to one another living in the same space. We’d decided to invite all of our friends to the party and Chris had tagged along with one of our friends despite us not really having spent near as much time around the pervert as we’d previously been doing. If our friend hadn’t brought him, there wouldn’t have been any way he’d have been invited at all.

Our friend had apologized but hadn’t found a way to avoid Chris coming with them, and not wanting to start a fight, we’d let it go. Steve and I had shown all our friends around the place after about 30 of our closest friends, and Chris, had shown up. During the course of the night, we all played some party games, video games, and drank a fair amount. Far more than Steve or I usually did, that was for sure.

All in all, the party was fantastic, until around midnight, when Chris, who’d gotten incredibly drunk, cornered me in my bedroom when I’d gone in to grab one of our friends’ coats for them as they were leaving.

I remember, distinctly, grabbing the coat and then Chris, who had snuck in the room behind me, pushing me into the far right corner, clearly intoxicated. That same corner now had a large pile of dirty laundry stacked against it, a thing neither Steve nor I would ever have allowed. Chris had begun grinded his clearly massive and hard bulge against my own crotch, covered by the coat. I remember thinking that keeping the coat as a shield between me and the disgustingly perverted freak grinding himself on me would be the only protection I had against his assault.

I still had some horrible moments of anxiety thinking about what he’d said in the gravely, evil voice he garbled through his drunken stupor.

“I know you’ve been avoiding me and all it does is make me want you more. You’re so sexy, Benny baby. Sooner or later, Benny baby, you’re going to be mine and I’ll make you my slut. I’ll find a way. You’ll be mine. You’re going to serve my dick and love it, bitch. And there’s nothing you can fucking do to stop it.”

In my panic, at the time, all I could muster was, “Chris, you’re making me incredibly uncomfortable and I will call Steve in here and we’ll have to kick you out.”

Chris continued, unfazed by my threat, “Fuck Steve. He’s not better than me. I know he’s not better than me and I deserve you and I know I’m going to have you. And Steve’s tiny dick is nothing compared to mine. And I can tell that tiny fucking twig can’t satisfy you. You’ll know, eventually, that my cock is best. My dick will rule your fucking life, Benny boy. And Steve will be nothing but a memory… you won’t even care if he’s living in the gutter because you’ll know, Benny, that all that matters is my big…” he grinded his large dick into me, almost painfully, “… fucking…” he did it again, “… cock.”

This time he pressed it against me, making me so unbelievably uncomfortable that I couldn’t remember a time that I felt more repulsed, disgusted, and violated.

I got the energy to push him off me then and ran out of the bedroom, straight to Steve. I told him and everyone what had just happened and how he’d violated me so fully and all of them helped us kick him out, warning him that police would be involved if he’d showed up again.

It took a while for Steve to help calm me down, but in his infinite patience, we got there together. All of our friends decided then that we’d had enough of Chris and stopped hanging out with him completely. I even went so far as to threaten him with a restraining order. Luckily, none of us had heard from him after the incident and we all moved on.

But now, he was here in my bed, staring at me, as if he’d won or something. I wasn’t going to let him.

“No,” I said, I don’t remember it happening like that… Steve and I…” the memory was getting fuzzy in my brain.

“You don’t remember? That night? That party? I talked to you in your bedroom?” Chris started.

“Yeah, you threatened me,” I said, bare-chested, still allowing him to gaze at it like I knew he liked it… which confused me. He had threatened me, yes… but I had then ended it with Steve and asked Chris to live with me… didn’t I?

“I didn’t threaten you. I gave you exactly what you wanted. And you knew you wanted it. And you accepted it. You are aware that you ended it with Steve that night and had me move in with you instead,” Chris said confidently.

“No… that’s not… no… Steve…” It made no sense to me. I still loved Steve. And yet, I was now even more certain that, for whatever reason, I’d broken up with the love of my life, told Steve not to move in with me, and had Chris move in with me during that eventful evening. But why would I have done all of that after Chris had so clearly assaulted and threated me?

“Stop talking about Steve, Benny. I’m your boyfriend. He’s not your boyfriend. It’s like you want me to still be jealous or something,” Chris smirked again.

My brain felt so jumbled: Chris wasn’t my boyfriend, Steve was. But somehow and someway, I’d asked Steve not to live with me despite loving him like I’d never loved anyone nor would love anyone else. And then I asked Chris to live with me? “You’re… you’re my boyfriend? No… no that doesn’t…”

“We didn’t make it official until that night. But you are aware that I’m your boyfriend now. Because, as you are aware now, you can’t get enough of my cock…” Chris said, shifting his hand down towards the clear bulge in the blanket.

“No, I didn’t… I wouldn’t…” I couldn’t think straight. This was all so bizarre. My boyfriend was Chris, sure… but why had I decided to start dating such a perverse, disgusting, and evil man when I had someone so perfect for me like Steve?

Chris just continued stroking the large lump as he smirked even wider, “Oh yes, you would and did. You are aware that you finally dumped that limp-dicked asshole and became my boyfriend. You are aware that I told you that you could be a slut for my cock if we lived together and you accepted. Because you are aware that you love my huge cock. You are aware that it would satisfy you far more than Steve’s wimpy one ever could. Remember, Benny baby?”

“No, I… Steve’s penis was just right… no. I’m not a slut…” I wasn’t offended, more absolutely dumbfounded with my confusion. Chris? My boyfriend? That conversation? Was it different than I thought it went?

After all, the only things that I could be sure of right now was that Chris was my boyfriend, that I was more satisfied now sexually, but how and why? I loved Steve… why was I with Chris? Even if I did love Chris’s huge penis, Steve had my heart and my soul.

“I love Steve…” I said, almost to remind myself.

“Are you sure?” Chris said, somewhat knowingly.

“Absolutely… Steve and I… we were in love…” I replied, unsure.

“No, you’re in love with this,” Chris said, flourishing the blanket off of him dramatically and revealing his naked body beneath the blanket.

I couldn’t help but stare at the huge, throbbing object between his legs: Chris had a gigantic cock. He hadn’t been lying when he said he was huge. It had to be at least 10 inches and thick. It was unbelievable how much of it there actually was. It shocked me how it throbbed and fit on this scrawny, twink frame. His balls too, shocked me with their size. His giant scrotum hung low carrying large balls.

What was even more shocking, however, was that my mouth was watering and my heart was fluttering. His dick was truly a thing of beauty. I was a gay guy, sure, so I did like dick… but I’d never been a size queen or one that particularly cared about a penis. Steve’s was evidence of that. He had a standard, if not smaller than average package, but I loved him fully as a person and his body was just part of that package.

But Chris and his huge cock was stirring a feeling within me that I’d never experienced before, having only been with Steve. A hunger and lust for his meaty package filled my gut, my heart, and my head.

“That’s it, Benny baby. You are aware you’re obsessed with my huge dick. You are aware you love it. You are aware you lust for it. Give in to how you’ve been since the first time you felt it… the first time I brought it up… and I’ll help fill in those gaps in your memory,” Chris said as I stared at his gorgeous schlong. “That night eight months ago happened like this: You are aware that I…”

I let my mind wander as Chris told me about what happened that night while I maintained perfect eye contact with the glorious, throbbing penis between Chris’s legs. It bobbed and pulsed as Chris continued talking, my eyes infatuated with how much I loved that gigantic ivory pole. The memories flooded in, adjusting accordingly. Clearly I’d mis-remembered what had happened and Chris, my boyfriend with this perfect dick, was going to help me remember it.

I remembered the week before the going away party, I’d been living with Steve and we’d absolutely no sex because I was looking forward to a having a special experience when we had our house-warming party. It was just easier to save all my horniness for that night and not continue having sex with Steve at all. And when we invited our friends, I naturally made sure to invite Chris, even though I’d been so unjustifiably and horribly cruel to him by ignoring him for so long. But he and I knew that I had other plans to truly break in my new apartment and finally start living the life I’d wanted for so long. Hidden and secret and perverted plans…

The night started off pretty typically with Steve and I showing everyone around, playing games, and drinking a bit more than I usually did until I was asked to grab a coat for a friend. Knowing it was the first time I could be alone with Chris, I winked at him as I passed him, suggesting, very subtly, that he should follow me into my bedroom.

Once inside, I grabbed my friends’ coat, felt a presence behind me, and turned to see that Chris, luckily, had taken the hint. In a flourish, I pulled him into the far right corner, allowing him to pin me up against the wall, giving him all the power to control me that I wanted him to have.

I remember now, distinctly, talking to him in the sexiest voice I could muster, “I can’t keep up this charade anymore, Chris. We both know that I’m going to be yours and I need to be your slut now. I need to serve your dick and I’m going to love it, Sir. I just can’t stop myself.”

Chris had looked supremely excited and satisfied as he asked me, “Benny baby, you’re making me incredibly horny but what are you going to do about Steve if you take your place as my personal slut?”

It all became even clearer as I remembered saying, “Fuck Steve. Your cock is so much better than his. My lust for your cock means so much more than my love for that loser. And I can tell you that that tiny fuckstick can’t satisfy me for the rest of my life. I know that you know that I’m obsessed with your giant cock. Your dick rules my life, Sir. And it always has. And Steve will be nothing but a memory… I don’t care what happens to him because all that matters is your big…” I moved the coat from in between us and grabbed his humungous bulge between his legs, “… fucking…” I squeezed it, loving the feeling of it in my hands, “… cock.”

Chris continued smirking as he paused from telling the story of what happened to us eight months ago, my mouth watering looking at his cock. His cock was so much better than Steve’s ever was. I absolutely was obsessed with it and it was the center of my universe ever since that fateful night. Even though I knew none of those words sounded like anything I’d ever usually say, I couldn’t deny that I’d said them. And that I meant them.

Steve was a memory, but an incredibly strong one. I knew I still loved him fully and I wasn’t sure what had happened to him.

“You love this dick so fucking much, don’t you Benny baby?” Chris asked.

“Y-y-yes,” I stuttered, sure that he was right, but so confused about my life… our life. My cock was harder than I could ever recall it being.

“Come suck it like I know you love to, slut,” Chris commanded.

“I’m not a slut,” I said, slightly defiantly, “And, um, as much as I love it, I’ve never been very big on oral sex even though your cock…”

“Oh, but Benny baby, you are aware that you never say know to sucking my cock because you love how it fills your throat. You are aware you love gagging and sucking and slurping on this pole for as long as I allow you. You are aware you’d suck it for hours and hours if I let you. Right, my Benny baby?”

That all didn’t sound quite right. I know with Steve, we’d never been much on oral… but that was with Steve, I recalled. As soon as Chris had shown up and adjusted my view of what was sexually gratifying, I know satiating my hungry throat with his cock was something I looked forward to doing as often and as long as he’d let me.

Without even allowing him to invite me again, I lunged at his cock, so grateful that Chris was letting me suck him off. I hated oral… but only with Steve and his tiny limp dick. Chris had a dick worth worshipping, though.

I couldn’t even contain how intense Chris’s cock made me feel… I couldn’t believe how sexy it was and horny it made me. It was rock hard, veiny, and beyond anything I’d ever imagined a cock could be. I truly loved it. It was a perfectly rock hard, ramrod straight, thick branch of a dick and felt like heaven on my tongue. I engulfed my mouth over the spongey, smooth, wet purple mushroom head, so beautifully glistening with precum, and slurped it down as best I could, gagging only about halfway down, feeling the thickness fill my throat so fully. It felt… right. I let myself gag and gurgle on his thickness, not caring at all how cock hungry it made me look. I needed to suck on this cock. And I needed to do it as much as I could.

“Yeah, slut, you are aware that you completely and irreversibly love my dick. And yes, Benny baby, you weren’t a slut before you and I met but now you are aware that my cock brought out your true dick obsession and depravity. You are aware that you are absolutely a slut for cock. My dick did that to you. You’re aware that my cock made you addicted and needy for dick. And you are aware you love my cock because of what it made you become.

“It woke up something in you that you never fucking thought you’d become: you are aware that you are a cock whore. You are aware that you now worship cocks. Big cocks. Fucking huge cocks. You are aware that pleasing a cock is the most important thing for you that you can even imagine. And you are aware that my cock is the king of all cocks, you cock sucking slut. You are aware now that your main goal is pleasing huge fucking cocks as much as you fucking can.”

His words echoed through me, reverberating through my mind. I wasn’t a slut. I hadn’t been a slut. Steve and I didn’t care about sex as much as we cared about each other and our futures. We wanted to be together and happy and sex was a bonus when we felt like it.

But then Chris’s cock entered my life. It took over my mind… it changed my goals. Was I a slut? Was I cock whore? Did I worship cocks like he said… ?

“Are you a slut, Benny baby? I need to hear what you think before we move on with your story. Your stupid cock hungry brain doesn’t remember your own life properly, does it? You are a cock whore, especially for my giant dick, aren’t you? Such a slut that it clouds your slutty mind so much that there is just a massive amount of stuff that doesn’t make sense at all, right Benny baby?” Chris snarled down at me as I suckled on his cock, slurping like the amateur yet needy cock fiend that I was.

I pulled off his cock for a moment, licking the tantalizingly smooth glans as I replied, more sure now than I had ever been that I was a cock whore, especially for Chris’s giant monster, “Yes, I’m a slut for your cock, Chris.”

“Good, I’ll continue while you suck the cock you fucking slut out for, Benny baby,” he said as he continued the story.

I resumed madly sucking at the cock, loving the warm feeling and cock hardening affect his nickname had on me, feeling more and more confident as I listened to him. I, quite honestly, wasn’t sure what else to do beyond worship this glorious pole I had in my mouth.

“You are aware now that after you were so sexily pinned to the corner by me you…”

The memory from eight months ago started reforming then, as Chris went on. He’d pushed me down to my knees in the corner and made me fish out the huge lump that protruded out of his pants, grabbed it and he started fucking my mouth. Obviously, I struggled to handle the dick, as new as I was to giving such a huge dick pleasure, unlike Steve’s disgusting and repulsive small member. But I knew I’d wanted it so badly, so needy for a bigger dick in my life. It was such a glorious feeling, that giant thing filling my mouth and throat so fully.

I started moaning and drooling around his cock, loving it so much when Steve walked in, surrounded by a few of our friends.

I remember looking up at Steve, still filled with so much lust and need for Chris’s cock in my throat, that the love I had for him was trumped so fully by the need for this suddenly completely perfect, hard, meaty, manly dick to fill me up endlessly.

“Oh, hey Steve,” Chris had said casually while I’d continued slurping so hungrily and needily on him, my saliva dripping down his large, churning balls.

“What… what… Ben!? Ben?! What are you doing?!” Steve had shouted.

I was listening as Chris told the story, now remembering this all so well, still sucking on the cock that had ended my relationship that night. A relationship I was so proud of. A relationship I valued more than anything… and I couldn’t stop. I simply couldn’t stop sucking on the wonderfully large dick in my mouth then, just like I couldn’t stop sucking on it now. It had ruined everything that night. My heart sank, thinking of everything I’d given up for this cock.

“What’s the matter, slut?” Chris asked, noticing the change in my behavior as the memories flooded my mind.

I couldn’t help but succulently suck slowly from the hilt to the glans and let it fall out with a small ‘pop’. Even now, having to answer Chris’s question, I wanted this dick on my mouth the entire time.

“I don’t know why I’m such a slut for your cock, Chris. I hadn’t cared about it until that night. It makes no sense. I loved Steve so much and we had so much going for us. It makes so little sense. I mean, I love your penis so much now and it’s so unbelievably sexy and I’m clearly an absolute slut for it and, well, all huge cocks now. But why would I let myself do that?! Why’d I leave him and start dating you? Why’d I kick him out? Why would I ruin everything I had in one evening when I could have…”

“Oh shut the fuck up, Benny baby. You are aware that none of that is true. Your memory is still so fuzzy, isn’t it, my filthy, perverted slut?” Chris interrupted harshly.

I put my mouth back into his penis to comfort myself after his attack. Yes, he had yelled at me and put me down, but I still loved his perfect, giant dick so much.

“I think you forgot how we first met, Benny baby; back when we were freshmen. In the dorms. Once you remember that correctly, I’m sure you’ll recall why you left Steve for good at that party.”

“No,” I replied, pulling my mouth of his cock, “I remember back then. You would come on to me so strong and made me so uncomfortable and Steve and I were dating and it was so uncomf…”

“No, no, no, silly slut!” Chris cut in as I dived back on to continue worshipping his humungous meat like the security blanket it had become for me, “Think back to the first few days of college when you first met Steve and me. Think about how you felt then. Think about everything and then when it built up to that study group we had in a month after you’d met me. Think back there. Let the memory live in your brain. It was in that first month and right after you’d met Steve and me. You know that I’d been hitting on you and Steve had started dating you already.”

My throat bulged outward to support the gigantic and beautiful dick that seemed to expand even further as he spoke to me, clearly enjoying himself with whatever he was thinking about. My mind wandered, as instructed by my boyfriend, back to freshmen year. I remembered meeting Steve that first day in the dorm and awkwardly flirting. I remembered meeting Chris a few hours later and seeing him undress me with his eyes.

I remembered bonding with Steve instantly and hanging out with him almost constantly. Those were such happy times, building a lasting and meaningful relationship with him. I’d honestly found something I never thought I would: a soul mate. And I’d done it on the first day of moving into my college dorms at 18!

I then remembered how persistent Chris had been with me those first few weeks. I remembered how perverted and immoral Steve and I thought he was. He was so focused on showcasing his package and hitting on guys, most especially me. In fact, I seemed to recall that all his attention shifted to me rather quickly, even though I was clearly dating Steve.

The intensity of Chris’s obsession with me built that first month, for sure. He’d show up at parties that no one seemed to invite him to just to be creepy and stare at me from a corner. He’d constantly draw attention to his, admittedly, large package with the clothes he wore and gestures towards it when around me. I’d even see him staring at me from across the commons or the commissary at times. Steve even threated to have words with him on a few occasions, just to be sure he knew that I was with him and would never be with someone as perverse and disturbing as Chris.

But that all came to a head at the study session. That was really the first time Chris crossed the line completely and lost a lot of his goodwill he’d barely received from myself, Steve, and our friends in the dorm. Not all, mind you, but many couldn’t tolerate him after that, including me. In fact, if my memory served me right, which it kind of hadn’t been all morning, I tried to distance myself entirely from Chris after that and didn’t knowingly have him in the same building as me until I’d invited him back into my life at the housewarming party for Steve and I so that he could get me so addicted to his perfect cock, and, well, I had to admit, all huge cocks in general.

Anyway, I remember looking forward to the session because Steve and a group of friends and I were all going to work hard to pass our first real college biology test and we’d been stressing out about it. I knew most of the floor was also in the same class as it was a general that most degrees required, so we organized a study group for the whole floor so we could all learn together.

Steve and I set up the common area as people started funneling it. Around 15 people showed up, so we had a pretty good turn-out. We were deep into a quiz a floor-mate had made and about an hour after we’d started when I felt someone occupy the vacant chair next to me. As focused on the quiz as I was, I didn’t even realize it was Chris until I felt him lean into my ear.

“You’re playing hard to get but I know I could get you if you gave me the chance. This will convince you to make the better choice and be mine. Believe me, you’re aware that you’d love to pull it out and suck it,” And then he grabbed the hand that I’d been resting on my textbook and quickly placed it on his large bulge.

I remember feeling absolutely repulsed as I felt his penis through his thin layer of clothes. It was very large, for sure, but how had he thought that would convince me? And it was out of line for him to force me to grab it in the first place. I quickly pulled my hand away from him and looked around the room. It seemed like no one had noticed.

I had glared at Chris like I’d never glared at anyone else before. I’d growled at him and uncharacteristically cursed at him out of my anger, “You are an asshole, Chris. Stay away from me or I’ll get you expelled. Steve and I are together and you need to get used to that. I’m not interested in you, I never will be, and your obsession with your own bulge is going to lead you down a very lonely road.”

Shaking from absolute disgust and anger, I got up, grabbed Steve’s hand, and stormed out of the room with my boyfriend. Steve seemed slightly confused, but allowed me to lead him back to my dorm room where I told him all about what Chris had just done. He kissed me and held me while comforting me and once he’d help me calm down, we’d gone to the RA. Unfortunately, he said his hands were tied without any other witnesses but would have a chat with Chris about it.

After that, we’d told a few friends about the disgusting assault and they cut him out of our social gatherings. I recall, over the next few years, I’d had limited contact with Chris out of respect from many of our friends. Pretty much all of them made sure he wasn’t involved out of respect for Steve and I, until I made sure Chris had the chance to come to our housewarming party so my life could completely change eight months ago.

This cock that was still feeling so heavenly going in and out of my now loose throat had changed my life entirely in one night. And I’d felt it through his pants years prior. If I’d known at that time how absolutely perfect and gorgeous it was, I never would have waited that long. I never would have built such an amazing life with Steve for it all to crash down. I didn’t want to lie to myself, however, because I was thankful for Chris’s perfect cock because it had helped me realize I truly only wanted to be a cock whore. I wish I could go back there, follow Chris’s recommendation, pull out his cock, and suck it then and there.

I’d missed over two years of unabashed cock worship because I’d been so in love with Steve. I was torn: the love I had for Steve was obviously real but the love I have for cock and Chris’s cock particularly was just as strong.

I continued worshipping the object of my devotion with my mouth as Chris smiled down at me. “I can tell you’re torn now, thinking about what you think happened that first month. But based on that, I can tell you’re misremembering again, beautiful Benny boy. Not only that night, but the many, many nights leading up to that housewarming party.

“You see, you were drawn to Steve right away. You did have that stupid immediate connection you like to go on and on about. You did fall for him quickly. But, you see, that all changed when you saw me.

“You are aware that the moment you saw my bulge in the hallway, you wanted my dick. You are aware that you may not have realized before than that you wanted to be a cock whore, but the thought started creeping into your brain merely based on the glorious bulge I displayed for you. You are aware that you were worried about initiating contact with me right then because of your connection to Steve. But, you are aware that you loved how much attention I gave you. You are aware that the first time you felt my gigantic bulge that you needed my cock. You are aware that you’d never felt something so fucking hypnotic. You wanted it so badly from the moment you felt me and it.

“And you are aware that this is what happened from there…”

The memory of seeing Chris the first time when I’d moved into the dorm went through my head again… I’d thought he was so perverted and came on too strong almost instantly and… and… and… that bulge was absolutely gorgeous. I’d wanted it. I’d craved it.

Listening to Chris remind me of how that first month had actually gone, I remembered meeting Steve that first day in the dorm and awkwardly flirting. Steve had really had an impact on me, but then I remembered meeting Chris. And that bulge was hypnotic. It was perfection. I needed that dick.

Unfortunately, I remembered bonding with Steve instantly and hanging out with him almost constantly, despite almost constantly thinking about how great of a cock whore I could be for Chris. I knew that I had to make a choice. Should I choose Steve, someone who I could love and would love me as soul mates would? Or would I choose Chris, and worship that absolutely, one in a billion, perfect cock for as long as I lived? It was such a hard decision to make for a young 18 year old.

Despite dating Steve, Chris was constantly trying to convince me of how much sexual excitement and joy I could have if I just gave into becoming his personal cock whore boyfriend. I remembered how perverted and immoral Steve and I thought he was. I also remember agreeing with him, but finding all that immoral perversion such a secret turn on for me. Chris, in his infinite wisdom, didn’t give up on me though. He wasn’t just being a perv by trying to showcase his bulge for me or following Steve and I to parties, or creeping on me from across the campus. He was, incredibly selflessly, just trying to guide me correctly, away from the dull, boring, vanilla life Steve wanted with me, towards the erotic, sexy, wonderful existence his gorgeous dick could provide me.

I’d definitely tried to ignore my sexual draw towards Chris and stayed devoted to Steve, even when Steve had threatened to have words with Chris about how his behavior was inappropriate. For most people, it would have been an amazing display of devotion. For me, however, it was the first inclination of how much fun it could be to play with Steve a bit.

Honestly, it was so boring dating Steve that first month. He was always going on and on about his future and architecture and his dreams and blah blah blah. Granted, if I’d met Steve and only Steve that first day, it probably would have been a lovely life for me. But I’d seen Chris and Chris’s gorgeous bulge that same day. And as a result, Steve just couldn’t satisfy me. He didn’t even like oral or having sex all that much. Meanwhile, I was almost constantly hard just thinking about Chris and the absolutely wonderful piece of meat I knew he had to have between his legs.

I stayed with Steve really out of obligation during that first month. I didn’t mean to keep Chris guessing as to what I truly wanted, I honestly just wasn’t quite sure yet.

Everything came to head and changed at that study group, though. That was where I made my choice. That was where everything that was my life now truly began.

Steve had organized a faggy little study group, which had pretty much been Steve’s idea that I’d gone along with. We were all in biology on the floor and he had figured we could all prepare together. By this point, I was pretty much constantly thinking primarily about Chris and Chris’s cock, but still not truly letting on that that was the case, so I’d gone agreed to help him. Steve was a good guy, for sure, I knew that. But I had felt it was a good way to hopefully get Chris to attend so my true plans could come to fruition.

Steve and I set up the common area as people started funneling in pretty early. Around 15 people showed up, so we had a pretty good turn-out. I kept looking around, not really studying, hoping against hope that gorgeous bulge, I mean Chris, might walk in, so I could start my plan of finally caving into being the cock whore one look at Chris had made me know I wanted to be.

While distracted by a stupid quiz I was really only half paying attention to, I felt someone sit next to me. Pretty quickly, I felt hot breathe on my ear as the most amazing words I’d ever heard were whispered so tantalizingly, “I’m here no, Benny baby. I bet there’s something you’ve been meaning to say to me?”

Without even looking up and without even thinking, I instantly moved my hand to his bulge before he could even suggest he wanted me to. I needed to feel that cock. I’d been craving it for a month. And now I could hold it… but as soon as I felt the massive tool in my hands, I knew I needed more.

I remember feeling absolutely hornier than I’d ever been as I felt his penis through his thin layer of clothes. It was insanely and almost unbelievably large, for sure, but now I had to convince him of what I needed from him. I didn’t care if he didn’t want me grabbing it, I had to worship it. I quickly turned my head to face him, still squeezing at his amazing mooseknuckle.

I tried to look as sexy as I possibly could as I tried to muster the words I knew I needed to say. I sighed from the pleasure of merely touching his cock through the thin fabric of his clothing as I lustily moaned, “You are beyond perfect, Chris. I need to worship your cock day and night. Steve and I are together and I don’t think that’s going to change for a while. But I can’t lie to myself or to you. I’m sure you already know that I’m interested in being your cock whore. Your nasty, perverted, needy cock whore. Please, fuck me. Please, accept me as yours.”

Shaking from absolute need and desire for this perfect human being, I got up, continuing to grasp at Chris’s cock, and snuck out of the room without anyone noticing. Steve was completely engrossed in some of his studying and had no clue I’d even left. I took Chris back to my dorm room, instantly stripped completely nude for him, and asked him to do what he wanted with me.

Listening to Chris remind me as to what actually happened, I couldn’t help but continue sucking on Chris’s cock at a fiery pace. I was so unbelievably turned on that he’d accepted me as his cock whore all so quickly! I had wanted him so desperately and so instantaneously, and he had accepted! Even though I teased him for over a month while dating that boring dolt Steve.

“You remember all that Benny boy? You don’t have to say that you do. Your eagerness to please my dick with your slutty throat says it all. But that first night was important for another reason. Because that was the night that I first fucked you.”

I stopped sucking for a moment. Despite everything else he had told me making perfect sense, that just didn’t. Of course I’d been obsessed with him and his huge package from the first moment I saw him. Of course I’d been bored with Steve while fantasizing about the amazing life Chris would provide me. And of course I’d asked to be his cock whore when the opportunity had arisen at the study session.

But I was absolutely sure that Chris and I had never actually fucked.

I looked up at him confused, still mouth completely filled with his massive meat. He looked down at me, still smirking, and laughed, “Don’t tell me you don’t remember that part too! My silly, stupid Benny boy. We definitely started fucking that night. In fact, we fucked a lot. And, well, I’m getting a bit tired of your throat on my dick. I know, I know, you love having it fill your throat completely, but you are aware that you love it in your ass just as much. In fact, you are aware you’re going to sit on my cock right now. You are aware you want it filling your hole. You are aware that you want to squirm on my cock.”

He wasn’t lying… I still didn’t quite agree that we’d fucked though. I simply had no memory of ever having had my favorite thing in the world, his dick, filling my hole. I wasn’t even much of a bottom! I nearly always topped Steve and, well, Steve was the only guy I ever fucked. I didn’t really understand why, at this point, as much of a snooze-fest that guy had been. In fact, why had I stayed with him for as long as I did? Why hadn’t I just started dating Chris at the study session?

Regardless, I instantly detached myself from his penis and looked into the top drawer on my bedside table for a condom. I knew I simply had to sit on this fat cock right now and I needed to be sure to do it ASAP. I knew that Steve and I had put condoms in there for the rarer nights when I’d fucked him and right now, I wanted… no needed to be fuck myself on Chris.

But there wasn’t anything in the drawer but lube and dildos. All different sizes and shapes of dildos and brands of lube. There wasn’t even a condom in sight.

“Hurry up and grab the lube, Benny baby, you are aware how desperate you and your hole is to be filled by my cock,” Chris commanded.

“I’m trying to hurry, Chris, because, God, I’ve never been this horny, but I can’t find any condoms in here. I really really need to be filled by your perfect penis, Chris, but I never have anal without a condom.”

Chris outright laughed in my face at that, “You really must be having issues with your memory, Benny baby! Condoms?! We never use condoms! In fact, I thought that was your idea back that first night I fucked you!”

I was even more confused now. Here I was, a hungry and needy cock whore, who couldn’t recall ever having been fucked by the guy whose cock I absolutely worshipped, but knew that I only would ever have anal sex with condoms. And now Chris was suggesting that it had been my idea that we fuck without condoms.

“Oh, silly, stupid Benny baby. You are aware how that night went because it went like this…”

I stared at the cock throbbing as Chris reminded me of the memories I’d so stupidly forgotten.

I’d gotten completely nude without even a suggestion from Chris, because I knew, without a doubt, that I was going to be his cock whore. I wanted it more than anything.

“I’ll do anything for you and everything for you if you only just let me worship that beautiful and perfect penis of yours, Chris. Please fuck me, please!”

“You want me to fuck you right now?” Chris had asked, groping his package.

“Yes, more than anything! Please,” I begged as I laid down on my bed, hard and nude, showing him my pulsing asshole, hoping against all hope that it would tempt him in any way to use me however he wanted.

“Are you a virgin?”

“I am!”

“And you want me to be your first?”

“More than anything!”

“And condoms?”

“No, never. I never want any barrier between me and your perfect, wonderful, god-like cock. Never ever wear condoms no matter what. Please, bareback is best when it’s with someone like you. Someone I long to serve and worship until I die!”

Chris had stood there, groping himself as I had debased myself in such a completely submissive way in hopes that he’d take me as his.

I felt myself up and down, stroked my absolutely hard cock, begged and moaned In pleasure just looking at him. In short, I wanted to display to him how much of a cock whore he made me feel like. How much of a cock whore I had wanted to be for him.

After what seemed like an eternity, he had finally responded, “Fine. I’ll fuck you. But only if you do what I say while I fuck you.”

Naturally, I had agreed completely. I just needed that 10 inch monster in me.

He lubed himself up as my anticipation grew to almost intolerable levels. I knew, without a doubt, that my life was going to revolve around that gigantic cock from this night onward. I’d do anything for Chris in order to continue having the complete honor of serving and receiving pleasure from the world’s best dick.

He walked towards me, pulling his cock out of front hole of his underwear and sweatpants he’d been wearing to showcase that beautiful lump and my mind melted at the first look I’d ever had of his penis… wait… wasn’t that at the housewarming party? Wasn’t that when I’d seen it first… no… that couldn’t be. This was almost a full three years before the party. Clearly this had been the first time I’d seen this perfection. Honestly, I’d only wished I’d seen in even earlier. The life I’d had before it held no meaning to me because from that point on, knew my entire world was devoted to pleasing that glorious dick.

The glans that I loved more than I even loved myself rubbed against my hole that, despite never having been penetrated up to that point, eagerly relaxed to allow it entry. Chris slowly pushed himself in, using his hand to continue lubricating my hole as inch by inch, he filled me.

My brain exploded in pleasure with every single moment his flesh gained further entry. I could fill him completing me by forcing himself inside my anus. It was almost as if his dick was connected directly to my dick for pleasure, my heart for the love it felt so fully, and my brain for the complete obsession it was creating inside my mind.

Chris’s dick inside my ass was the only thing I ever wanted from that point on.

I knew, without a doubt, I do anything for him only so he could and would fill me up again.

As he pushed himself fully inside my virgin hole, all the way to the hilt of his shaft, he leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Your mine forever now.”

I knew from that moment on, I was his forever.

“You’re going to keep dating Steve… keep building him up… keep acting like you love him… it’ll make my cock hard knowing you’re really and truly only in love with me and my cock and leading that boring piece of shit on for my pleasure.”

I knew, without a doubt, I’d love leading Steve on, making him think that he was my soul mate, because I knew playing with that losers’ emotions would keep this beautiful penis hard as fuck. That was honestly my only desire.

“You’re going to do whatever I say from here on out, Benny baby, because you’re mine body and soul. My cock controls you and you love it.”

He was right. I was his. Body. Soul. His cock was the only thing that would matter to me from that point on.

And it all was still true to this day. I sat there in silence for a moment or two as Chris finished reminding me how we’d met all those years ago, still staring at the cock that had taken over my life so fully and wonderfully.

I remembered how Chris fucked me time and time again while I dated Steve as I pulled my left leg over the body of my boyfriend, Chris, the man I loved more than anyone or anything. It was such a turn on pretending to be so into such a boring nerd while being completely dominated by the much sexier and more perfect Chris.

I remembered how hot it made Chris whenever he fucked me and I’d tell him about the stupid romantic crap Steve was doing for me as I lined up his wonderful and completely perfect dick with my hole, which was actually really Chris’s to use as he pleased.

I remembered how often he stretched out my now loose hole and fucked my throat with complete abandon, sometimes multiple times an hour, whenever Steve was in class or visiting his family or going to church or went out to buy us food… really any opportunity to get away from Steve was an opportunity for me to be the filthy cock whore I truly was as I felt his glans orgasmically stretch my hole.

I remembered how I told Chris that Steve wanted to move in with me while I slowly slid the shaft into my hole, loving how wonderfully Chris fit inside me, right where he belonged.

I remembered how Chris told me he wanted to take the opportunity to finally get that loser Steve out of my life and take his place in the apartment so I could be his full time cock whore as I leaved down, feeling my perfect boyfriend and Masters’ sexy smooth skin against my own.

I remembered pulling Chris’s cock out of my mouth at the house warming party and telling Steve how much of a fucking loser he always way and how his tiny dick was never going to be enough for me because Chris had a dick worthy of me as I started making out with my handsome man.

I remembered Steve crying and moving out and hearing through the grapevine that he’d decided to transfer to another school in order to move on from me as Chris started thrusting into my hole in such an aggressive way that I couldn’t help but moan into his mouth while our tongues explored one another’s completely.

I remembered all my friends abandoning me afterwards, so angry with how I treated Steve, but not caring at all because none of them mattered at all now that I could devote myself completely to Chris as Chris pulled my head back forcefully and painfully by the hair and commanded me to turn around so he could fuck me like the dog I was.

I remembered all the dicks of Chris’s friends I gladly sucked for Chris’s pleasure whenever he’d commanded me to while they had come over to our place to visit as Chris painfully fucked me with all his force, his balls slapping loudly as he brutally took what was his.

I remembered eventually dropping out of school at Chris’s suggestion, knowing I should be here at home for him whenever he needed his cock worshipped in any way he wanted or when any of his friends wanted to use me too as he leaned down and laughed in my ear.

I remembered how fucking happy I was that I was Chris’s property completely and fully for the rest of my life. I remembered how I cut out every single other person in my life because he was all I wanted or needed. I remembered how I only truly felt like a full person when I was sucking Chris’s cock or getting fucked by Chris’s dick.

I remembered that I would never do anything other than worship Chris as he said, “You’re aware that I was always right. You’re aware that you were destined to be my cock whore. You’re aware that all it took was one look at my perfect dick and you had to be mine.

“You’re aware that you never had the option of escaping your destiny as my perfect, stupid, silly Benny boy.”

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