Stuff in the cellar

by Charles Westfall

 Richard is already good-looking and abnormally hung when he discovers some alien equipment in the cellar of his new house—including a vat of goo that transforms him into someone even hotter and more hung. And there’s no way Richard’s keeping his new gifts to himself.

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My name is Richard Halton, I am sixteen years old, and on my own. My parents are alive, and well, but are otherwise preoccupied with a world tour. They are classic New England upper class who are wannabe European upper class.

You can say I have been pretty much on my own since I was a young child, my parents were traveling, and vacationing almost constantly. I was too much of a burden on such trips, thus I was practically raised by the household staff or in boarding schools most of my life.

This world tour however went just a little too far. They felt they would be gone so long that they dismissed the household staff, and shut down the family estate. They gave me a trust fund to draw off of, I had spent most of my schooling in private, boarding schools, though this might have not been so bad except for a slight problem, I just graduated from high school. I was blessed, or cursed, what ever the point of view, with a high I.Q., and a sponge like mind. I could go to college, but I'm only sixteen, and I felt I could wait.

Having no home to go to, I decided to go out on my own. I wanted to get away from the high society of New England, and hide out in southern California, it was as far as possible while remaining on the continent. I found a quiet suburban neighborhood in the hinterlands of Los Angeles, an interesting find too. The house was actually built in the late 1870's, one of the few lasting structures of a town that died out in the early 1900's. It had been owned by a variety of eccentrics, and was well maintained, but the last owner disappeared in the 1970's, the house had been vacant since. The only thing added on since the house was built was a large concrete, and tiled swimming pool in the backyard, which was installed in the mid 1920's.

The house was one of those places with an interesting history, rumors of weird noises, and lights coming from the basement, a classic haunted house, it was dirt cheap, and in incredibly good condition, not even a broken window. I flew out there with most of my belongings, save some furniture which I sold to help pay for a '98 Aston-Martin, I still had expensive tastes, and rented a trailer. It was on a Friday night when I arrived. I only had a few bags of clothes, and a sleeping bag. I opened the door for the first time, I expected it to be dusty, empty, and barren. I had only seen photos of the exterior, and insured reports that it was up to code, including the wiring and plumbing, which allowed me to have the power and water turned on, though I had some doubts.

The place was completely furnished, though dust had settled on pretty much everything, nothing was left covered or anything. The house was decorated in a classic Victorian style, the furniture was all period, as well as the wall paper, and art decorating the wall. Though one thing struck me as odd, I had seen other examples of Victorian furniture, but this stuff seemed rather large, the chairs and tables were set rather high and slightly wider then expected, only a trained eye could really notice such things, but it struck me as odd. The paintings were also different upon closer examination. They were almost all erotic, and very graphic. Also the men, and women involved were not typical Victorians. The men were all broad shouldered, often muscular, young, very handsome, and freakishly endowed. The women at least toned, and often like muscular amazons, and lets just say the breast size, and shape was often large, and followed a very modern ideal. There were both straight, and gay scenes, as well as orgies going both ways. Though the straight scenes didn't do much for me, the gay scenes were quickly turning me on, as I stared closer I was taken aback at what I saw, surprised I did not notice it before. These people were not human, they all featured completely black eyes, noticeably pointed ears, their mouths were filled with sharp teeth, and large fangs, and they often featured long black, almost claw like fingernails. It was like that in all the paintings. As I looked at others, I saw the same traits, they all had these monstrous features, on these inhumanly perfect bodies. It could not have been the same artist as I noticed too many variations of style. It was strange that a group of artists would choose not only to portray such graphic sex, but the same series of inhuman physical traits.

I studied the pictures as I went though the house, it was fairly evenly distributed in persuasion, and I was soon completely hard. I made my way to one of the large house's five bedrooms, my brain now half operating on hormones.

The bedroom I walked into was also quite large, and featured a canopied king size bed. Though it was quite dusty, everything was in perfect condition, just like the rest of the house's furnishing and decoration. In front of the bed was a giant 8 foot tall, 3 foot wide mirror. I stared into it, watching my hands rub my chest and crotch.

I never considered myself very handsome, but I have had positive feedback. My strawberry blonde hair was quite long and full, reaching the middle of my back. I had pulled it back into a loose tail, which left loose bangs running down the side of my lightly freckled face. My brown eyes looked quite large through the thick wire framed oval glasses I wore because of a stigmatism.

I took off my shirt, my body was toned, and muscular as much as this lanky six foot six allowed. I was soon perspiring heavily seeing my cock strain through the black sweat pants I wore. It was the one thing that I was truly noticed for. I quickly took off my sneakers, then took off the stretching pants. It stood throbbing at its full fourteen and a half inch length, and three inch girth, my smooth balls were hot and heavy their lemon size and weight pulling on my scrotum. The few friends I had at school considered me lucky to be so 'blessed'. Imagine the reaction when one of the few times my mother was actually around long enough to make me get involved in something, and 'this' would put an end to it. It was a summer break, maybe she felt guilty, but she went and did some parenting on her own, and signed me up for ballet. I was at first mortified, but the class grew on me. My parents would even attend my first recital. This was the first time I wore tights, I had tried to hide myself as much as possible, nervous and scared. I was only twelve and I had this huge bulge that no one could not fail to notice. I went out onto the stage, trying to block out that there was an audience. I lasted two minutes before I was pulled off by my dance instructor. She accused me of stuffing my tights till she grabbed down there, and noticed that it was real, back then I was packing ten inches. She apologized, and made an announcement their was a misunderstanding, but my parents were mortified and left, never attending another recital and never speaking of it again.

Here 'it' was, and now it actually turned me on seeing this throbbing monster in the mirror. I sat down on the bed, not caring about rising dust, and took advantage of another physical gift. I bent over and started sucking on my oversized cock. This was the closest to sex I ever reached. The schools I went to were too conservative, and I never revealed my sexuality to anyone. I took in as much as I could, soon reaching the half way point. Several minutes later I felt that familiar rumble in my cock and balls. I gleefully drank the spurting load of spew. My body shuttered in orgasm for over a minute before finally ceasing. My cock was soon out of my mouth, going limp just as I fell asleep atop the dust covered sheets.

I awoke an hour later, covered in dust, and sneezing heavily. Staring at my placated manhood, I gleefully put my clothes back on. I liked the room I was in, and decided to make it my own. I went down stairs and grabbed my sleeping bag, and brought it upstairs, laying it atop the bed. I then went and grabbed a quick shower, washing off the remaining dust, and went to bed.

I awoke late in the morning, starving, I quickly got dressed, so as not to miss breakfast at a nearby McDonalds. A few Sausage McMuffins and a cup of coffee later, it was off to buy cleaning supplies, a few basic tools, some food and do a bit of unpacking.

It was late afternoon, when I decided to take a break. I was going to keep the furniture, it was too nice, and too unique to give up, the only furnishings I needed were a stereo, a television, and a few other appliances, I'm still unsure about keeping a gas stove. I had cleaned and dusted off most of the kitchen, upstairs, and downstairs hallways and my bedroom.

I went to the kitchen for a soda, the old appliances worked great, I could not believe this place was not emptied, most of these things date back to the forties, though the refrigerator was more mid 60's vintage. It just seemed to fit this place perfectly.

I took up the boxes for my computer, and set them up in my room, it was large enough, and then some. The room featured a massive desk just to the left of the window, an almost ideal spot, it was even near a phone jack.

With a pre furnished house, I felt that what few things I brought to decorate, mainly posters, that a lot of it would wind up in the basement. I took a couple of boxes and hauled them down to the basement. It was really filthy down here, and I felt this was going to be the worst to clean. The basement was very large, and featured a high ceiling, with a stone finished floor. Except for cobwebs, the place was completely empty. This place was almost too good to be true. As I walked toward the other end, I noticed a large wooden door. It was almost medieval looking, down to the gargoyle ringed handle. What made it weird was that it was toward where the foundation ends. I slowly walked over to it, feeling weirdly nervous. As I walked over towards the door, I noticed a slight incline to the floor. When I reached the door it was another foot lower then the landing to the upstairs, the door was much taller then I thought.

The door was dusty, and covered in cobwebs, and the gargoyle looked absolutely demonic. The door was made of oak or some other wood, because it was heavy, and it creaked rather loudly. As I opened the door I saw another staircase, this one made of stone, and looked like it was from a medieval castle.

I ran upstairs to grab a flashlight, and went back down. As I walked down the stone steps, the flashlight seemed all the more important, there were no windows, thus the flashlight was my only illumination.

The stairs went down in a spiral pattern for quite a distance. I eventually reached the landing, and came upon stacks of crates. As I examined the room I actually found a light switch, and flicked it on. A simple wooden chandelier illuminated the room, fitted with several light bulbs. As I walked through the maze of crates, I heard a strange sound, like water boiling, coming from behind a door. This door seemed to match the features of the one upstairs, and seemed to be just as creaking.

This room too, was also illuminated by a similar chandelier, but set in a very high ceiling, easily twenty-five feet high. In the center of the room was a bubbling pool of creamy white liquid, surrounded by four stone monoliths which cast foreboding shadows. The room felt very humid, and I started to sweat as I walked in. I went to the pool, it gave off faint heat, even as I brought my hand to the near surface, the temperature was comfortably warm. I hesitantly placed my hand into the pool, the liquid was warm and pleasant to the touch. I put a little more of my hand into the liquid, and then it felt like the liquid sucked me in like a strange vacuum. I blacked out as soon as I fell in, I thought I was dead.

Then what seemed a moment later I awoke in my bed, naked, wet, my vision horribly blurred. I reach to my face, and realize my glasses are on, I pull them off and can see not just clearly, but with a strange sense of detail that is difficult to describe. I could see each shimmer of light on the bed posts that I had waxed earlier, the dust in the room was like a strangely beautiful swirling cloud as the sun light beamed off it. I could see textures, and see feint sunbeams that were barely visible with even this refined vision. I get up quickly, I screamed when I looked into the mirror.

My face was not my own, it still had the same brown eyes, light freckles, but my face, I could see differences, subtle but this strangely attuned vision I had made them more apparent. The more prominent cheekbones, subtly defined chin, full sensual lips. I was staring almost trance like at a face I always wanted. I noticed the strangely pointed ears only as I turned my head, I gasped then noticed a pair of large pointed canines, just like the people in the paintings, but the canines were the only sharp teeth, and I still had the same brown eyes, but even they seemed more sensual and alluring. I finally broke away to realize this body was not mine. It was broad shouldered, and incredibly muscular. It was strange, I didn't look like a full blown body builder. I looked like I could put my arms down, and my legs, though always long, were powerful and muscular. The thighs seemed to not be so bulging as to give me the off gate of them rubbing together.

I stood in front of the mirror, I nearly fell over when I realized that I was much taller. There were only a few inches separating the top of my head, to the top of that giant mirror. The build I had was like a strange fantasy ideal, like some 'Conan' illustration, I even had a tapering narrow waist that only flared at my pelvis from having a firm bubble ass. I then noticed my cock. Not a single hair on it, and its now freakishly larger length. I had a penis over fourteen inches when erect, this thing looked fourteen inches limp, and my balls were now the size of grapefruits. I went and grabbed a measuring tape. The first thing to check was my height, I unrolled it, anchoring one end with my heel, seven feet six inches, I had grown a whole foot. Now my limp cock, fifteen inches long, three inches wide. I was almost scared to see it erect, but I gently stroked it. It responded quickly, the sensation seemed enhanced, definitely more pleasurable then seemed normal. I choked as I felt it reach its full length, my hands shook almost violently as I tried to measure it, twenty-eight inches long, five inches wide. I was a freak, how could I ever have sex with this monster, but it felt real good, it was hot and throbbing with a fat red helmet head.

I felt only a cold shower could get this thing down, so I decided to take one. As I got into the tub, and turned on the water, I suddenly turned on the hot water, which made me feel warm all over. I stood up, grasping my cock with both hands started jerking it violently. As I felt my balls contract, and my cock quake, I fell onto the water faucet and watched a torrent river of cum erupt from my cock. The shower curtains that surrounded the bathtub were blasted aside as thick massive jets of cum splattered on the wall. The intense orgasm soon left me clutching onto my precarious perch on the faucet. I used my hands to try and slide up to a standing position, leaning against the wall, thankful that the shower mount was, like much of the houses furnishing unusually high. My cock continued to send thick powerful torrents of sperm flying, splashing against the ceiling and walls, only to dribble back down into my face and hair.

It stopped several minutes later, the bathtub, the walls, the ceiling all covered in my cum. As I finally regained some composure, I noticed I was still hard, my cock and balls did not even feel the slightest bit spent. It was only after a thorough shower, followed by a cold rinsing that my erection finally faded. I spent the better part of half an hour cleaning off the cum. It shocked me as to the amount, when I had to dump several bucket loads down the sink.

As I finished in the bathroom I went to my room to get some clothes on, I didn't even realize it till I was finished that the clothes actually fit my new gargantuan body, even in the crotch area. I tried to not think of what happened, but my thoughts ran back to those two, possibly more chambers deep under this house. I unpacked and cleaned much of the day, before finally stopping for dinner, my appetite felt ravenous. I only had simple, frozen foods so far, and I spent the better part of the evening cooking, and eating almost constantly. Finally satisfied, I realized I ate half the food I bought, which would have lasted a week. I cleaned off the plates, and left them in the sink till morning, and dragged myself to bed, my mind still wondering about my current situation.

That night my sleep was deep, and my dreams like nothing I have ever experienced. I was in a city, a strange city filled with skyscrapers that were huge and foreboding, boasting a gothic like architecture that made the 'Woolworth' building look simplistic. Built from black polished marble, and adorned with more demons, then gargoyles. The streets were very wide, but the huge size of the buildings made it seem narrow and dark, blocking out the light of a hazy red moon. The streets were busy with a typical metropolitan nightlife, the sidewalks quite crowded. The people were tall, occasionally a man passed by who was taller then I was. They all had those black obsidian eyes, mouth full of sharp teeth, pointed ears, and black claw like fingernails. I slowly walked along the street no one showing much attention to me, except the occasional leer or grin. I walked by an alleyway, and was shocked to find a young man, he looked gorgeous, easily no older then twenty. He had neck length curly black hair, a rich tan, with a solid muscular frame. This dark haired stud was being blown by what appeared to be a youth barely older then myself.

He had dirty blonde hair, a cute boyish face, and a supple, but well muscled frame. This boy was deep throating him good, his lips locked around the base of what looked like a big thick cock that was completely free of pubic hair, and snaking down his throat, which bulged out like a boa constricter engulfing its prey.

The dark haired stud sees me watching, “Want to join in, he really knows how to suck a cock.” he says in a soft youthful voice that also held an odd, yet exotic accent.

I walked over, and yanked out my own cock. The dark haired stud smiled gleefully, as he bends over the youth, and starts sucking on my cock. I thought I had gotten good at sucking my cock, but this guy was incredible, I was fully erect in less then a minute. He took in all of my monstrous cock, his throat bulged like the boy's, as he swallowed it all. Suddenly I felt slight twinge of pain as his sharp teeth sank down slightly, I stared down to realize he was cumming. The boy was trying desperately to drink what looked like a tidal wave of cum. The boy eventually just took it out of his mouth, the hose on this stud was almost two feet long, and he was showering this young boy slut with river of cum.

After all this, I was ready to unleash my load. Like the kid, the stud tried to swallow my tidal wave, but he soon found it pointless, and pulled it out as well. We were now all covering ourselves in spewing cum. It formed pools on the ground, and splattered all over the walls of the alley.

When we finished, the boy took off his pants, and revealed his own cock, which shot to full erection right before my eyes. It looked just as big as the dark haired stud's, maybe a little thinner. The boy bent over, and took my still hard cock into his mouth. The dark haired stud stuck several fingers into the boy's ass, and muttered a couple of strange alien phrases, sparks of purple electricity discharged from the dark haired stud's hand, the air was soon filled with a sweet musk. The stud removed his fingers, then drove his tongue into the boy's ass, while the boy started blowing me. I found myself fighting desperately to hold back my load. This kid was a phenomenal cocksucker, even better then his well tanned friend.

I couldn't hold back anymore, I erupted into the kid's mouth. He swallowed a lot of my cum, but he soon pulled it out, and I just bathed him and his friend with my rushing waves of spew. The stud pulled his tongue out soon after I came, and lapped up as much of my load as he could. As my volcanic eruption slowed to a few spurting wads, he stroked the rest out of me, while our tongues locked in hot French kissing.

I woke-up quite suddenly, and found myself lying in a puddle of cum, my cock spurting the last few drops of an orgasm. Now rather awake I walked to the bathroom to take a shower, while trying to wash the cum off my body, I had to fight the urge to stroke my cock, I felt so fucking horny. I managed to get through, though the urge was overwhelming. I returned to my room, and was surprised to see that the cum covering the sheets, walls, and floor was gone.

This was just too weird, the sheets, and everything else were perfectly dry, not even the sign or scent of soap, though I did smell a bit of ozone. I checked the sockets throughout the room, and hallway the smell was localized to just this room. I double checked the sockets and fixtures just to make sure, but the disappearing cum and sweat I found too weird.

Unable to sleep, I headed downstairs to the library to find something to read, and perhaps get to sleep. When I opened the doors to the library, and looked in, I saw what was ahead of me, the place was probably next to be cleaned, everything was in perfect condition, except for the several inch deep layer of dust on everything. I sneezed several times as I made my way to the bookshelf. The selections were really weird, books on alchemy, sorcery, even the theories of Wilhelm Reich. I then noticed what appeared to be a large leather bound journal at the end of the shelf. I grabbed that book and took it upstairs, hoping it might be entertaining.

The journal belonged to a Jebediah Birkshire, and from some of the early entries he was some kind of amateur alchemist. He kept on talking about a race of beings called Daemarrians, his description matched those of the people in the paintings, and the people in my dream. He stated more then once that Daemarrians were ageless, in all of their recorded histories no one had died of old age, accidents and wars were the big killers, lots of wars. Another feature truly unique to Daemarrians was the multi-dimensional aspects of sex. Daemarrian male penises on average were twice the size, and then some of a human male, though they were often only a foot or two taller on average then human men. Daemarrian males can, surprisingly, engage in full penetration with these enormous penises, their dicks, when entering an orifice warp the spatial properties causing the orifice to expand fourth dimensionally to the desired length and width while recreating or expanding pleasure zones. In other words a five foot six inch man could take a twenty inch long, four inch wide penis up his ass and not be impaled.

He talked endlessly on how they managed to create a perfect fusion of sorcery and science, and eventually the two became barely separable. He had wandered much of the world searching for artifacts left by various Daemarrian researchers and the like who studied Earth. The results of his searches are down on the hidden sub cellar, he built this house atop his last find, hoping to keep it secret, the pool was the real treasure. He even established a three acre property line to keep out prying eyes, that didn't fully work as the house did acquire a reputation. He studied what he could, but much of the more technically advanced equipment was beyond him. His final plan was to enter the pool near the end of his life, knowing it would make him young and powerful, and able to finish his research. The pool would have transformed him into a strange hybrid with most if not all the properties of being a biological Daemarrian, which is what I guess I am, which means I can have sex, while endowed with this enormous penis, this could be fun!

From the looks of it he never made it, though the pool was already prepared for him. The last entry in the diary was dated in 1936, guess the next owner never opened the sub basement or it remained hidden, or perhaps a little more likely, the new owners feared what was in the sub basement or worse.

When I reached my room I read more, filling in the gaps. One device Berkshire had managed to activate was an “Orgone Assimilator”, a device which absorbs orgone energy, and its byproducts, in this case my cum. It then stores the energy it has converted, and uses it for such things as maintenance, and powering the house's electrical systems. The device must have been dormant for years, if I left my first monster orgasm in the bathroom, it might have activated then. The strange semi-magical radius of this thing extended over the whole three acres. I knew now I had to find out what was in those boxes, and what was in the rest of that sub-basement.

I awoke early that morning, and was only slightly surprised to find my refrigerator and cupboards full with my favorite foods. The Orgone Assimilator had created it, feeding off my sexual energies. I ate a vast breakfast, this body seemed to require large amounts of carbohydrates and proteins to function.

After thoroughly filling myself, I immediately headed downstairs to the sub- basement with the journal in my hand. The first item on the inventory list in the journal that caught my eye was, “unknown device, possibly some type of typewriter” was what was listed, and if my hunch is right, I knew what it was.

I pried open the crates that the various components were in. I was right it was a computer, but what were its capabilities, and what language was the markings on the keys supposed to belong to. I took out the various components, it looked like a PC built in the late 19th century, hard wood exteriors, the keys on the keyboard looked like they were made of ivory. Instead of plastic buttons, there were brass dials. The CPU and keyboard were one item, it reminded me of an old Apple IIe, only twice the width, the monitor was huge, easily 30 inches high, and 45 inches wide. Where was I going to put this thing, it was gigantic, and there were more components still in boxes. It pained me, but I had to put this strange machine back, until I could properly set it up.

I checked the rest of the inventory list, lots of (I guessed) scientific equipment, but then I noticed another entry, labeled leftover furnishings. I went over to the crates that contained the 'leftover furnishings'. Talk about luck, Daemarrian sized office furniture. Well to call it mere office furniture might have been insulting, its quality was like the furniture in the rest of the house, of a Victorian-like style, but it was in terms of function office furniture.

I spent the whole day unloading the furniture, and moving crates, setting up the beginnings of a secret den as it were in this sub basement. I fought the urge to got to the other exposed door, waiting to see what this ware house of material contained, and what it was hiding.. It was while moving the crates I discovered several doors that were blocked by crates, and knew this place was far larger then I thought. I managed to contain, or divert my curiosity to the computer. The desk I mounted this huge beast on was obviously meant for the machine, as there was even room for the huge monitor. I also unpacked what appeared to be a diskette drive of some kind, it looked to be able to handle five disks of about CD or DVD size. This was probably the only place in the house I could set this thing up in, the outlets were a weird four pronged design, and all of the sockets down here would only take them.

Several hours later, the moment I had been waiting for, I flicked the switch on the monitor, then the CPU. The initial digital displays were in the language and figures on the keyboard. I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Then just after that thought went through my head, I saw a repeated word, it repeated three times, then said, “translating” twice, followed by “translation completing”. I looked in shock as I noticed the keyboard warp and shift like liquid, the keys were rearranging, until finally it resembled a standard keyboard with several other functions whose abbreviations I didn't quite understand. The rest of the start- up sequence was in English, and looked fairly typical, until another sequence began.

“Patching in to Daemarran World Net”

“Connection Complete”

“Beginning Hardware, and Software Upgrade”

I stared through the vents in the CPU, just as the keyboard was morphing, now the rest of the hardware was morphing. The sequence was soon complete, and what I saw next seemed the most surprising of all. First the manufacturers logo, 'Vrel'Garrenware', then the shocker, “Microsoft Windows, Licensed for Vrel'Garrenware, Version 12.4”. My mind shouted 'Conspiracy', Bill Gates is selling Windows to other dimensions.”

The main screen came up, no wallpaper, and the desktop was default, it looked like Windows 98, but instead of IE, it had a logo for DWN-E, and a few other items. I checked “My Computer” to see what was on this thing. The features looked a little more advanced, before even hitting a drive letter, a display of processor, and RAM was already displayed. This thing was a beast, 2.4 Gigahertz processor, 1.6 gigs of RAM, the Hard Drive could be in Terabytes, and sure enough, a pie chart came up, 828 megabytes used, 893.1 gigabytes free, I was a little disappointed, not even twice the size of a corporate mainframe, I'm being sarcastic.

Shocked at the wonder machine now in my possession, I hurriedly grabbed another feast of food, and ran back down to the sub basement to play with my new toy. I checked for any software, strangely enough, it was all translated, possibly a result of the computer's translating program. They all looked like CD's, but I also noticed a box of what appeared to be blanks, probably some kind of rewritable CD or something, as well as a case with handwriting on them. I also found what, from the titles appeared to be games of some kind, and what appeared to be virtual reality gloves, and goggles, but looked to have been built in the late 19th Century as well. I inserted the Game CD into the top disk drive, a couple seconds later a screen came-up, “Dark Host II” it was called, and below it was instructions to place the gloves and helmet on. Suddenly there was a rush, I thought I fainted. As I became conscious I was in a whole other room, a spaceship I think, there was a large scarred looking Daemarrian dressed in what appeared to be a naval uniform, “Marine, the ship has been boarded, the hosts of the Daemon Lords have taken control of the ship, stop them by any means necessary.”

Cool a virtual reality version of 'Doom', then the game options came-up, being inexperienced I went for the lowest setting, Another rush went through me, and as I opened my eyes again, I was in some kind of flak armor, and carrying a really big, and nasty looking hand gun. I heard screaming and roaring all around me, and the most kick-ass background music I ever heard, ten times better then Quake II's. I ran down a corridor, the music building up my adrenaline, and increasing my heart rate. I soon saw a bunch of big muscular demons running at me, I fired my gun, it must have been a powerful one because I blasted their heads off in a shower of gore, it was intense. I almost wanted to puke, this made 'Doom' or 'Quake' like a Disney Cartoon. I continued playing, the violence was so extreme as to almost be funny (see New Zealand film maker Peter Jackson's 'Bad Taste or Dead Alive (a.k.a. Brain Damage) to say the least. In the course of the board I had acquired some monster of an assault rifle, some sort of tri-barreled auto-shotgun, the shotgun proving to be a brutal monster of a weapon at close range, and of all the most nasty of weapons, a large chainsword. The format was rather familiar, divided into stages like 'Doom' or 'Quake', in all respects this was just 'Doom' with more bells and whistles.

I made it to the end of the first board, which resulted in me retaking the ship, and rescuing the surviving crew. The scene soon switched to a bunkroom, I was naked, and so were the nine other guys, or should I say Daemarrians. They were all gorgeous in appearance, and their endowments were above average by even Daemarrian standards. One of the marines walked up to me, he had straight silky black hair, shaved at the sides but long in back and pulled into a ponytail, he looked around eighteen, built as large as I was, and his cock was only a couple inches shorter then my own, “Medals are one thing, we have our own way for showing gratitude.” He said lustfully as he went down and started sucking me off.

The rest of the marines stared on, getting hard as well. To be brief an orgy ensued, I must have spent more time in this orgy of muscular Daemarrian marines then going through the board. The sensations were so real, I even felt it when I was being fucked up the ass by cocks that could only be compared to my own endowment. My cock's never ending geyser of cum was more then happy to fill all those big muscular studs. The orgy only stopped when the ship started shuddering, and the sounds of explosions could be heard in the background. The scene faded to another briefing stage with the same naval officer, “The ship is under attack by a Daemonic Barge, our ship cannot outrun it, and cannot outgun it, the marines are ordered to board 'The Barge in hopes of taking control of, or destroying it.” The beginning of the second level. I immediately saved the game and took off the helmet, the action which also removed the VR helmet.

As I took off the helmet, I felt another rush, as I opened my eyes, I was back in the sub basement of my house. There was cum all over the floor, I watched in shock as red electricity soon sparked all the puddles of spew, the cum looked like it was being soaked into the floor. I guessed that was the 'Orgone Assimilator' at work, my cum and spent sexual energy being utilized to power this house, and create the food that this massive body requires.

I closed the game, and wanted to check out what else was on this monster of a PC. I pulled out another CD-like disc, in bold gothic letters it read, “Encyclopedia Vetarika, 20th Multi-Media Edition”. I placed the CD in one of the other drives. The screen soon took on the appearance of an ancient looking book, the title engraved in some shining red material. Clicking on the title the book opens to a detailed table of contents, 'Introduction' topping the list. I clicked on the Introduction, the pages turned, showing a page of text in English, off in a corner of the screen another window opened. A face materialized in the window, it was a Daemarrian, he looked barely fifteen, with full long blonde hair, a gorgeous face with rosy cheeks and smile that could send hearts racing to explosion, if you didn't mind all the sharp teeth. “Welcome to the Encyclopedia Vetarika, Multi Media 20th. Edition”, I am your guide Professor Nedal Vre'Schal, Professor of History at Fredara'Goth University. Thank You for purchasing the most comprehensive multi-media encyclopedia series on the market. The Encyclopedia Vetarika is a comprehensive guide to the collective knowledge and cultures of Daemarra to date, and please don't forget to check out our preview of the 'Guides to the Earths, a comprehensive guide to the various alternate dimensions featuring this colorful world, as well as 'Atlas of Dimensions' supplement as well.”

My God, 'Guides to the Earths', 'Atlas of Dimensions', the concepts seemed beyond belief, the possibilities were endless. My brain was on overload, I had to take a break. I went upstairs to get some a soda. My mind was swimming with what I had just experienced. What kind of place was Daemarra, from what I read in 'The Journal, it's inhabited by demons who act like sentient beings capable of rational thought. They are ageless, with only accidents, the occasional disease, and wars as the only way of thinning out the population. Though Berkshire emphasized war as the biggest contributor to population checking. Are they like us, like our most extreme aspects, and what do they know of Earth, wait he said other dimensions with Earth in it, possibly different timelines if Sci-Fi is right. I tried to put it out of my mind for now, and wanted to watch some television, only remembering I don't have one yet. Maybe 'Berkshire had a Daemarrian television that picks up their stations, I thought amusedly, but that notion intrigued me as well, made me think of the possibilities.

I went back downstairs to the sub basement, and decided to unpack as much of that stuff as I could. As I went down to turn off the Encyclopedia and get started, I noticed an Icon on the screen that was highlighted with the abbreviation OA, it looked like some sort of drive. I clicked on it, It was the Orgone Assimilator, it was now patched into the computer. On the screen was a window which read, “Field wide lingual translation complete, energy banks at 96% capacity” I checked out the other features, including a listing of functions. The device must be incredibly efficient, it would drain the energy banks by only 10% to power the houses electrical systems for one year, food about 20% of power or a year, the lingual translation used barely .05% of available power, physical maintenance a little more taxing, barring major repairs 30% for a year. But then it must be designed for owners who are a little more active, and live a lot longer.

I managed to break myself away from this amazing machine, closing the windows, and start on the inventory. It was rather amusing reading 'Berkshire's entries, what he thought was an electric cauldron was really just a combination washer and dryer, understandable really when washer's looked a lot different, and drying was done by hand in his day. Actually this does save me a bit of money as well. The stuff this guy collected was amazing, he was searching for the secrets of the gods, and he probably looted some researchers finished basement. There was a weird, but must be an awesome stereo set-up, what could be considered a nautilus machine, but the weights had weird runes on them. There was a reclining chair made from some exotic leather and stuffed to the seems, and a massive couch made from similar material and style, far more contemporary then the furniture upstairs. A good sized refrigerator, probably of Daemarrian manufacture. Finally of all things, boxes of comic books, and soft bound novels, all translated by the Orgone Assimilator, what strides old 'Berkshire could have made if only he plugged in that computer. I continued going through, and was shocked and amused to find a 'Televisor'. Close enough, 'toy for the rich' was what was in his entry. Well televisions were toys for the rich back then, if it weren't for WWII, they would have been in millions of homes by the mid forties.

It was a thing of beauty, if the picture quality is any good. A massive thing the screen eight feet high, and 12 feet wide, talk about home theatre, and some sort of media player and discs similar to the computers'. I cataloged most of the actual scientific equipment, lots of chemical samples, and what I think are biological samples. Beakers, Bunson Burners, diagnostic equipment, and in several massive crates, God only knows 'Berkshire got them down here, a series of holding or stasis tanks large enough to hold something really big, like a large Daemarrian. There were also several large barrels of chemicals, the construction on them, thankfully quite solid, as it would be terrible to find I was sitting on a virtual chemical waste dump.

I unpacked the rest of the leftover furniture as well, this would make a really cool den., but what was in the other rooms? That was a question that now started to weigh heavily, not only from curiosity, but where to put the scientific equipment. I opened a door at the opposite side to the room that had 'The Pool. Inside was a dust-covered room that looked like it was already filled with some lab equipment, obviously this was 'Berskshire's laboratory'. I spent over an hour moving stuff around, luckily those holding tanks were mounted on rollers. I soon realized as I finished that most of the stuff I had moved around was enormously heavy. I mean the computer monitor, the television, I had to move those holding tanks in an almost horizontal level just to get them through the door. I never realized I was this strong till now, it never even occurred to me.

As I came to the realization of my own strength, I also came to the realization of my own hunger, from all the unloading, and such. Again I ate enough to feed an army, I wonder if famine was another problem Daemarrrians had to cope with before such things as Orgone Assimilators. After my meal I headed back down to the sub basement, there was still two more doors that I haven't opened.

I went over to the area of the room that featured the two doors, the doors were about ten feet apart, so it was either a rather large room, or two smaller ones, or they could be two large rooms with the doors near a corner. Whatever the case I opened the door on the left. The room was dark, except for the feint green glow of a strange rune encrusted stone door. When I tried to open the door, my body rocked with pain as green electricity coursed through me. That was a bad idea, possible 'The Journal has something about this. I left the small room, the pain quickly fading. I walked over to the other door, the only other door that was exposed before I unpacked all this stuff. The room was pitch black, and had a musty, odd odor to it. I felt around the wall and found a light switch. Flicking it on, I was not totally surprised with what I found. It was a small bedroom with a simple cot and a table covered with papers, and diagrams. On the bed was a skeleton, covered in rags. The arms were crossed near the heart, and the skeleton still reasonably intact. This was the final resting place of Jebediah Berkshire, he probably died in his sleep. I examined the rest of the room, it contained not only stacks of papers, but a small bookcase. All the books were large and looked to have been written in what ever language(s) the Daemarrians speak. After giving a cursory examination of the room, I gathered the bones into the bedsheet they had been laying on since 1936, and tied it shut.

I took the bones upstairs, and outside to a wooded grove in the backyard. On three acres of land, it was just a matter of finding a nice spot. I dug a hole approximately six feet deep, laid the bones in, covered the spot, and marked the it with a crude cross made from branches and wood scraps and carved in his name with a screw driver. Nothing spectacular, but something respectful at least. Feeling rather solemn, I decided I had been cooped up in this house for too long.

I got dressed in a pair of jeans, and an old 'Ghost in the Shell' T-Shirt, and some simple leather sandals. As I looked in the mirror I noticed something, all of my clothes were loose fitting and baggy, it was comfortable, and my reaction to being free of tight uncomfortable school uniforms. Now I felt something I never felt about myself, a sense of pride in my appearance, I wanted to show off this god-like body, it was time to go shopping.

I drove down to the nearby mall, I was a little nervous, not only from exposing my new body to the outside world, but it was my first time here period. I found a parking spot, and headed in. I was not getting quite as much stares as I had thought, oh the single mindedness of people shopping. There was only the occasional stare, the occasional leer. Quite a few young girls leered and drooled, most of the men seemed intimidated. I checked out a number of stores, not a single place had anywhere near my size for leg length, even the baggy khaki shorts were tight on my thighs.

I finally tried a 'Tall and Fat' store. It was pretty high quality stuff, and some of it looked decent. It was almost amusing to be in there, about half the customers probably weighed as much as I did. They were just a lot wider. I found several pairs of shorts, they were baggy on me, but I realized I wanted clothing that showed off my body. I bought several pairs of jeans that were too short, and were tight on the legs, and a pair of scissors. I looked around some more, bought a few XXXX large plain T-shirts, my options for clothing were rather slim. I headed to the nearest 'Electronics Boutique', looked around, bought a game for my 'regular' computer, as I looked through the anime section I realized I might need a television that allowed a VCR, and other stuff. Now me in 'Electronics Boutique' that caused quite the attention, those stores are usually small, and my huge frame going through all those bodies caused quite a stir.

I made my way to the 'Food Court', I did a cross section of the whole place in terms of food, spent more there then I did in 'The Boutique. After hearing for years about gay guys 'Cruising' at malls I think I finally saw a couple. It was while finishing my third meal, these guys just kept staring at me. I thought they were supposed to be more subtle about it, but they leered, jaws agape, licking their lips more like animals then anything more sensual. I pretended to be looking at a copy of 'PC Gamer', fighting the urge to laugh. I had a fiendish plan. I had just finished eating a delicious foot long, greasy hoagie steak sandwich, and was going to start on the other one. Making sure no one else was looking I peered over the magazine, and winked at them. They were both middle aged, looked like they jogged or something, bodies were decent looking. I licked my lips, far more sensually then they did. I picked-up my sandwich and started licking the round tip of the roll, I gradually took in more and more, I was soon deepthroating my hoagie. Both of them looked shocked, and I think one of them creamed in his pants. I took the hoagie out of my mouth, winked at them then went back to my magazine, and properly enjoying my sandwich and all its artery blocking beauty.

I finally felt filled a few more trips to eateries later, and decided to go to the bathroom before I bought a television, and such. As I stood at a urinal relieving myself, I noticed someone else walk in. He was probably over 6 feet in height, it was hard to tell as I was adjusting to my own height. Slim, kind of lanky, he was sixteen or seventeen with a cute pug nose, full lips and big green eyes. He was rather pale, especially compared to the people I've seen around southern California, though I was pretty pale myself. This kid was almost “Byron drinking vinegar to get pale” pale. He had both of his ears pierced by at least five earrings. He had long black hair, shaved on the sides, and pulled back into a tail, with a bang running down the side of his youthfully beautiful face, a face that I found rather familiar. His clothing was completely black in color, with the exception of the red design and lettering in his 'Sisters of Mercy T- shirt'. He had 'The Sisters' T-shirt tucked into these tight leather pants, and wore these spiked leather boots, covered with a light black duster. I tried not to look, I thought he was real cute, and kind of wild, he reminded me of my old body, except he seemed wilder, more free-spirited then I ever was.

He went over the urinal next to me, I stared straight ahead at the wall, but I could notice him taking a few quick glances over at me. I soon noticed his jaw was agape, I looked over and smiled, he quickly turned his head. He was perspiring profusely despite the overpowered air conditioner. “I don't mind if you look, its fine with me.” I said in a rather friendly tone.

I then glanced over at him, my eyes widened, talk about him reminding me of myself, the kid was hung like a horse, easily similar in size to my old body, “You're not too shabby, if you don't mind me saying?” I said as calmly as I could.

I'd never been so forward before, and I was all but shaking like a leaf. He looked over at me again, his eyes bugging out of his head, “Fuck you’re huge, I never knew a dick could be that big.” He said excitedly.

“You should see it hard, it gets much bigger.” I replied, a little more at ease.

We both finished around the same time, and zipped up. “Hi, I'm Michael?” he sad as he quickly brought his hand up. I looked at him and laughed. He quickly realized what he did and laughed as well. We both walked over to the sink, and washed our hands, “Let me start over, I'm Michael Karlcek” he said nervously.

“Richard Halton at your service.” I replied and shook his hand in a light grip. His skin was soft and smooth, my more refined senses made such a sensation very pleasant to say the least.

We went back into the food court, grabbed a light snack. He was sixteen, and just recently moved here from Poughkeepsie New York. We were both strangers in a strange land. Michael from a 'virtual' suburb of New York City, myself the suburbs of Boston, or 'Lovecraft Country' as I liked to call it. Despite our current appearances we had a lot in common, and managed to hit it off immediately, though Michael was shocked to learn that we were the same age, until he really looked at my face.

Michael went with me as I went and looked at televisions and stuff, helped with his opinion, he was rather well informed, “It's pretty cool to look at all this great stuff, and actually be able to buy it. Your folks actually let you by this stuff for yourself.” Michael asked while we were looking at a stereo system.

“My parents are almost stereotypically emotionally detached, bored old money. They had a kid just so they could leave all their wealth to someone besides a charity organization or the government. They're on a world tour, won't be back for two years, I'm already finished with high school, they shut the family estates down, left me a pile of money to live off of and told to strike it out on my own. So this is all for my house, mine alone.” I said, a little pained at my abandonment.

“Whoa, talk about 'Poor Little Rich Boy', you have everything except for emotional support. Well this proves money does not equal happiness.” Michael replied, he was at least understanding.

With all the delivery arrangements made for the stuff, “You wanna do something, see a movie?” I said warmly.

Michael suddenly pulled me over to a corridor leading to some bathrooms, “Richard, how do I say this, oh damn. I'm really attracted to you, I always wondered about myself, but you made it proof. I want you really bad, you're a walking fantasy.” Michael said nervously then stared up at me with a longing,

“I think you're gorgeous too, I've known about myself a lot longer, but believe me this is just as new for me as well.” I said as I rubbed my finger by his cheek.

Without another word spoken, we both left, and immediately headed back to the house. When we reached there our hearts were racing, I flung open the door, and shut it just as quickly. Michael leaped into my arms, we kissed passionately, our tongues racing through each other's mouths. I ran upstairs to my room, Michael still in my giant arms. I collapsed into that giant bed built for beings whose size I just recently became equal to. Michael flung off his duster, and shirt showing off his slim, hard, pale torso. I took off my shirt, and Michael immediately started licking my huge pecs, and hard nipples. I had to take my cock out of my shorts, Michael's licking was driving me wild.

I quickly unzipped my shorts, and my cock came flying out my shorts, and made a thud noise as it fell on Michael's back. He looked over his shoulder and saw my throbbing cockhead, just as it spurted a blast of precum into his face.

“I never thought I would ever see a cock as big as mine, it's just beautiful!” Michael groaned as he started licking the cockhead.

Michael was a natural, oh and how he stuck his tongue down my piss slit was amazing. I found myself watching with shock and arousal as he started swallowing my massive cockhead, just like the young boy in my dream, his jaw looked to extend as his mouth went around my throbbing grapefruit sized purple cockhead.

I managed to pry my eyes from Michael's supernatural feat, to lift him with one arm, and yank off his pants with the other, exposing his own massive meat which was now raging hard. I easily swallowed his huge fourteen inches of thick cock in one gulp, my own mouth warping supernaturally to accommodate Michael's huge size. Michael slowly took in more and more of my titanic beast. It was both strange and erotic at the same time watching his mouth tame my cock, I had far less trouble with his own mighty meat.

We sucked each other in such a slow and sensual manner, our bodies rubbing against each other, I've never felt so alive, no dream or virtual reality simulation could compare to what we had now. Finally after an eternity of pleasure I erupted. Michael must have been shocked as he only swallowed a few blasts of my monstrous orgasm, he immediately pulled out my cock after that. I gleefully swallowed his very impressive load, he must have been shooting over two minutes straight from that fourteen inch monster. My orgasm bathed both of us for over five minutes non-stop. When Michael finished shooting, I took his softening cock from my mouth, and smiled as he watched in awe as my cock erupted over both of us.

We were both utterly covered, I must have swallowed a couple liters easy, Michael maybe half that. I soon got on my knees and kissed him with incredible passion, we kissed for several minutes, the feeling of holding him in my arms was indescribable.

“You must be some sort of god.” Michael exclaimed as he stared into my eyes.

“Not quite but closer then I ever thought possible.” I said to him as I just stared into his own eyes.

“Speaking of that, you're still hard, is it raw?” Michael said as he stroked my still hard cock.

“Actually no, in fact I feel even hornier, are you up for another round?” I said rather non-chalantly.

“You have got to be kidding, you came like a fucking fire hose!” Michael said in astonishment.

“Yeah, and believe me, I can go a lot longer.” I growled, his body pressed against mine was really turning me on, and it was getting hard to control my urges.

I soon felt Michael's cock start rubbing against my leg, he was getting hard again. He looked up at me longingly, he was definitely turned on still. I moved my hands down to feel his firm round ass. He started doing the same to me. I gently squeezed his ass cheeks, then I gently inserted my pinky into his bunghole. He groaned but said or did nothing to tell me to stop. Suddenly I felt a tingle then the room filled with a strange fragrance, like sweet cherry blossoms. I suddenly realized that this must have been what the stud in my dream did to the kid before he started rimming him.

“I must be insane, but Richard I want you to fuck me, please!” Michael said as he left my arms and laid on the bed, his legs spread wide.

I soon went down on him, and drove my tongue up his bunghole, not totally surprised by the sweet cherry flavor. I was soon eating Michael's ass out something fierce, his soft flesh and that delicious cherry flavor. After a few minutes, Michael groaning in ecstasy, his cock was throbbing right before my eyes. I removed my tongue, and soon substituted it with my cock, I was just too hot to realize what I was doing. I eased my cock into that tight virgin ass, amazed at how it was stretching to accommodate my size, though Michael did bleed a bit, it was his first time. I soon had it into the hilt, and Michael was not impaled, Berkshire was right, Michael took all of my 28 inches, and looked to be enjoying it!

As soon as I was in all the way, I rolled over onto my back, Michael was soon moving up and down my huge cock, fiercely jacking his own throbbing cock. It was mesmerizing watching Michael move up and down the shaft of my cock while stroking the fourteen inch monster that nearly reached his chest. He must have been really enjoying himself, because he came a few minutes later, and was almost screaming his head off. His orgasm was strained, having ejaculated so recently, but it was still impressive.

Michael's ass was also milking my cock with that incredible ass. It was amazing to say the least, and I soon blew my second load. Michael was getting flooded fast, cum was poring out of his ass like water from a faucet, lubing his ass and making his rhythm fast and furious. When I finally finished Michael collapsed onto my chest, he was panting hard, I eased my erect cock from his ass just as the last spurts of cum shot out from my cock.

“That was fucking incredible, I never felt so good!” Michael groaned in between breaths.

“You were something yourself, but I wanna try out that big bruiser of yours sometime, I've got a cherry ass too.” I said as I held him in my arms, and gently licked the cum off his face.

We fell asleep in each other's arms, I wondered if we'd feel the 'Orgone Assimilator' when it kicked in and cleaned up the mess of sweat, cum, and blood. I am definitely liking this house a lot.

I awoke an hour later, staring at Michael's sleeping face, his face was mashed against the overstuffed pillow, his tongue was hanging out and he was drooling. I eased over and started sucking on his tongue with my lips. His eyes opened a second later, “Holy shit, you weren't a dream!” Michael exclaimed as he shot straight up.

“Nope, you weren't dreaming!” I said jovially as I also got up.

“Wait a minute where's the mess, I mean when you came those two times you were shooting bucket loads?” Michael said as he looked around, noticing the clean and dry room, there was only a thin layer caked on our bodies and in our hair.

“That'll take some explaining, but how about a shower first!” I said as I ran my fingers through his cum stained hair.

“Sure” was all Michael replied

We got into the shower, though it was obvious that Michael was worn out, we still had fun playing, and stroking each other, I nearly came in the shower just because Michael stroked my cock a little, it would be tough to adjust to this heightened sexual sensitivity.

After we got out, we both seemed more refreshed, and Michael also came back to that same question, “Where did the mess go, ten gallons of cum cannot just disappear?” he said still inquisitive.

“It's a bit of a story that may have to wait for later, there is so much that you don't understand yet.” I said with a mock grimness that made him laugh.

I could tell he was still curious, but it would have to wait, “So lover, what do you wanna do now?” I said with a smile.

“I'm still kinda beat, you don't have a T.V. yet, wanna go over to my house, watch some there.” Michael replied.

I nodded in agreement, we grabbed a couple of sodas, and headed out the door. I was in luck, Michael lived only four streets over, in the more cluttered suburban neighborhood. It felt good that he was close by, since it was still the summer it was ver easy for us to get together as well. When we entered his house it was clear, that I would have preferred my own, I had to practically slouch just to keep my head from going through the ceiling, while my house had ten foot ceilings easy. We both plopped in front of the television and channel surfed for about half an hour, before settling for a rerun of “Hogan's Heroes”, followed by “The Phil Silvers Show”. It was an easy way to kill an hour.

The shows over Michael turns to me, “You want to go up to my room, might find something there to do?” Michael said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“Sure” I replied, easily catching his drift.

We headed upstairs to the second floor, trying desperately to avoid hitting my head on the low ceiling. Michael's room did not surprise me, it was messy, clothes everywhere, posters for “Marylin Manson”, “The Cure”,” Metallica”, and so on. We fell to his bed and started making out passionately, it felt so good holding him in my arms, the touch of his soft skin, his lips on mine, and our tongues thrashing in each other's mouths. We eventually just sat there, holding each other and listened to all of “Disintegration”. After the final track, he looks at his alarm clock, “My parents are gonna be home soon.”

“You think I should go?” I ask as I stare down into those big green eyes.

“Well it's just that you're so big and gorgeous, that and your car outside, they are going to think something's up.” Michael said, his voice sounding low keyed.

“I'll introduce myself gradually I guess, slowly make myself familiar to them.” I said trying to lift his spirits.

“That'd probably be best, we can get together tomorrow, or something.” Michael said more cheerfully.

I kissed him on the lips, and he walked me to the door, exchanging phone numbers before we finally parted. I drove home, and fixed myself with what would probably be called a snack for my new body, and headed back down into the sub basement. There was still so much to do, and so much to learn.

I decided to check out some more of that multi-media encyclopedia. I went and looked for an entry on Daemarrians, the entry was huge and full of other links, this was going to be a bit of a read, and so started from the beginning. It was interesting to say the least, to summarize, they don't know how they came to be upon their world, their was no evidence to support a natural evolution. It was also pointed out that numerous features of their physiology would seem pointless, and impossible to develop naturally. Some had argued a divine creator, they were cast in the image, or shadow of some supreme or divine being. It was more effectively argued in my opinion by several other entries that this being had more earthly motivations, thus that would explain the enormous genitals, the ability for bodies to handle these genitals in sexual acts, the powerful physiques, and the natural disposition towards a standard of beauty. Several other things came up, in comparison to humans, only 40% of Daemarrian children are born female, and out of that 40%, one out of every four are born sterile generally female hermaphrodites, though they have both sets of equipment. Daemarrian women are only fertile 3 months out of twelve, this would make reproduction more difficult. I was amused to learn that the multi- dimensional properties of Daemarrian genitals are also found in women, thus childbirth is a fairly simple procedure for them, not the screaming pain that human women endure. Guess being ageless, and powerful does need some sort of balance for population checking. This strange set of circumstances has created cultures throughout their history that are more free about sexuality. There is also another thing I began to notice as I read, with only a few individuals and cultures briefly experimenting with monogamous relationships. They never worked. The average life expectancy even in ancient times was between 100-500 years, even a couple deeply in love would probably grow tired of each other over a century. Great I was now more a part of transdimensional super endowed swingers, then human.

As I read further into their history, I saw numerous links regarding nations, and empires, and all the wars they fought. It seems one of these empires, The Ral'Vethalen Empire had developed sorcery to a near pseudo science and was one of the first to develop the means to open gates to other dimensions. It was apparent Earth, or several of them in the dimensional sense were not far apart. They tried to take human's captive, and use them to augment the breeding stock. However, they had to 'Seed' them first, I clicked on 'Seed' or 'Seeding', and another window opened up with a detailed description, charts, and a graphic depictions.

'Seeding' is when a non-Daemarrian humanoid ingest the sperm of a Daemarrian. The sperm contain a series of DNA packets that alter the recipient enough to sire or bare Daemarrian children. I guess who ever had access to the most human women had their population, and thus their army grow the fastest. Humans were soon taken from all across time, and dimensions, among a few other sentients, and sold into slavery.

This was strangely profound to me, until I remembered why. The image of Michael swallowing my cum, and it dawned on me, he was 'Seeded'. I continued to read on, the modifications for compatibility differed not only with the genders, but in the level of modification in the genders. Some people became taller, and or acquired stronger bodies, the only constant for human males was a 50% increase in penis size and an equivalent increase in testicular size, though sexual stamina could often be increased ten fold. What could happen to Michael, how much will he change. I was now busy worrying and thinking about Michael, the process won't be finished from anywhere from eight to twenty four hours. I could only find out what happens, if anything tomorrow morning.

I went upstairs to make myself dinner, then wanted to watch television, only to realize that the only one I had was a Daemarrian one in the basement. I ate dinner quickly, only glancing at the paper, and headed down stairs with a couple of sodas. I settled myself in the overstuffed leather chair, and turned on the television. The television listed some digital commands, then a message, “Connecting to Frel'Varn Satellite Net”. Then a rolling scrolling list filled half of the screen, at least 120 channels to choose from, the other half appeared to be a news broadcast. I turned up the volume, the news anchor looked odd, then I realized he was a Daemarrian, and looked no older then eighteen. He was wearing a typical news anchor suit and tie, he just looked like an eighteen year old god with curly blonde hair in a tail, and a flawless face.

“Hello, I'm Ralgarn Vel'Shoth, and this is 'Frel'Varn News Half Hour Update'. In national news the Dregorn Party Senator for South Chel'Doth, Sherval Frel'Gorrin is still under investigation for election fraud.” the news anchor said in the typical clear English we're so used too, then I realized the translation program in the computer must have worked on the television as well. The country that the broadcast was coming out of was 'The United Republic of Norgarra'. You think how different people are then you realize it's the same all over.

“It has just been announced the President's third concubine is pregnant. President Fre'Goth was happy to announce it at a press conference at 'Unity Manor', his three concubines, and four children in attendance”.

The screen shifts to what appears to be a big muscular twenty year old, but his voice is deep and refined, sounding almost twenty years older, “We were all overjoyed to hear the good news about Desharra, this being her first child, who will be a joyous addition to our household.”

Woah, their presidents have harems, boy if we did that, a couple of recent ones would be in a lot less trouble. Then the news shifted to international, it looked like trouble was brewing, or something was already happening on this planet, The biggest headliner involved some 'Fascist', the news anchor actually called him a 'Fascist', he was some dictator of a country on another continent that was on the losing end of an alliance from some previous war. He was now spouting out nationalist rhetoric, and he looked like he took fashion tips from Heinrich Himmler, amazingly the news anchor used a similar analogy. To have knowledge about other dimension, and to actually have them influence your own culture still strikes me as mind boggling.

Finally it was announced that construction of another habitat dome had begun on Drel'Valla, the fifth planet in their home star system, which Daemarra ( their homeworld) was the fourth. This would be the fourth colony on that planet for 'Norgarra, and the eighth total internationally. The Daemarrians had already established orbital manufacturing facilities, and numerous colonies on Daemarra's three lunar bodies besides Drel'Valla. Ah, if only our own space programs were so far sighted.

After that was announced it was commercials for another half hour, not wanting to watch them I turned to a channel that had a scene running is some sort of thumbnail format. The screen soon filled with the scene. It was a pair of gorgeous Daemarrian boys, not much older then myself. They were both solidly muscled, but also had a lean look to them tat was quite attractive. They looked to have taken off some sort of toga, and ran into a steam room, it appeared to be some Roman-like setting. They both had neck length curly hair, one was dirty blonde, the other black, both boys had an olive skin tone, and gorgeous Mediterranean- like features. Both of them were completely naked, and each one had a dick that was probably only a few inches shorter then my own.

The two boys started to sixty-nine. I couldn't take much more, and pulled my shorts and shirt off. My cock was raging hard, the two guys were so hot, and they were each deepthroating such monstrous cocks. I watched and jacked off, I came before they did, cum was flying all over the place, but my attention was on those two hot boys. When they came, it was just as impressive, the variety of camera angles catching it from several directions, several times cum landed on the camera lenses.

After they had finished cumming they each used that same 'touch' or spell on each other's asses. First the black haired beauty had his way with his friend. They lovingly kissed each other, and licked the cum off each other's faces, while the dark haired one slowly, and passionately fucked his friend. The film was amazingly good, what if Cecil B. DeMille had done porn. I whacked off throughout most of the film, I can't remember how many times I came. The film was about two boys from rival households in some ancient empire, they had about as serious a romance as Daemarrians could have, they wound up getting each other's sisters pregnant, and formed one household of their own. The shocker was how much incest was going on, each boy was fucking several of his sisters, and brothers. Then I remembered reading that incestual relationships never produce children, the DNA just cancels each other out. After that four hour epic, of which three hours I was whacking off, I actually felt rather tired. Leaving the puddles of cum to the 'Assimilator, I took a shower, and went to bed, I felt like I was forgetting something.

I awoke that morning early, around 8 a.m., the doorbell was ringing. I suddenly remembered, I through on a pair of sweat pants, and went downstairs, not surprised at all to see Michael looking rather nervous. I opened the door, “I hope you know why I'm here?” Michael said nervously.

“I think I do.” I replied rather sheepishly.

Michael took off his trench coat, he wasn't wearing a T-shirt. He revealed a lean powerful broad shouldered physique, body fat seemed almost non existent, he looked gorgeous. My cock began to harden seeing his new musculature, he grinned as he saw my cock shift in my pants. He then took off his sneakers and jeans, he wasn't wearing underwear either. His legs were more muscular, but still long and lean, the shocker was now his cock, while limp, almost reached his knees, it looked more then a foot long and at least three inches wide.

“For some reason, I think you can explain this?” He said now more at ease.

I did more then explain, I showed him the sub-basement, and all the stuff that was there. He was at first overwhelmed, and in a state of disbelief. I then turned on the television, and flipped it to a random channel. It was a cartoon, it almost had a Warner Brothers, or Tex Avery's MGM look to it, but with an art quality that would make Disney hold their heads in shame. It featured some anthropomorphic squirrel-like animal, he was also a muscular hulk, and about as anatomically correct and then some as any Daemarrian. He was being chased by this wolf-like animal, who was wearing a leather harness, had both of his nipples pierced, and was also just as anatomically correct as the squirrel. The wolf was coming around a tree, and the muscle squirrel clubbed him in the head with his over sized dick. It was actually rather funny, we both stared and watched, laughing then grimacing in shock, when the squirrel trapped the wolf and proceeded to fuck him up the ass, in very graphic detail, ending with, he was named Studly the Stud Squirrel, cumming in the wolf's face.

After seeing that Michael was far more receptive, I then showed him the pool, “You know once I figure out how to activate this thing, you could become just like me if you want.”

“I don't know, this is all so much for me to handle, give me a couple years, don't want to freak out my folks anymore then I have to. Wonder if they'll notice I have this enormous dick, you know it's twelve inches limp! My balls are bigger too, I don't know what to say really, in some strange way I'm thankful, another part of me is in shock, I now have this incredible body overnight.” Michael said, slightly confused, but he did seem rather grateful.

“You should've seen my face, when I first saw my new body, and believe me the change was more drastic.” I said with a smile.

I stared down at Michael, he was really starting to turn me on, and I had the same effect on him, “To hell with all this talking, let's fuck, I wanna try this monster dick out!” Michael said with wild passion.

We both ran up to my room, I all but tore off my pants, he was already naked. We both started to sixty-nine, his new cock was really impressive, if those statistics were right, he now packed a whopping 21 inches of meat. He took my huge 28 inches with more practice now. We both sucked each other off till we came. Michael's load was also much bigger now, and lasted almost four minutes. We both bathed in each other's loads when we could take no more. His cock like mine was still raging hard, sex was now going to be more equal between the two of us that was for sure. I spread my legs, I figured it was time for me to loose my cherry. I stuck a couple of fingers in, and use that 'touch. Michael then drove his tongue in lapping at my ass.

“Fuck your ass tastes like cherry!” he said with a grin.

“So didn't yours.” I replied as Michael went pack to reaming me out.

After a couple of minutes, he took out his tongue and replaced it with his massive cock. My ass took it with a snug fit, it felt like my whole ass was filled with pleasure giving spots, and Michael's cock hit them all. I was soon pissing precum like a faucet, Michael grasped my cock like a lever and started sucking on it while he fucked me up the ass. I came just a few minutes later, my ass milked Michael's cock for all it was worth, while mine erupted. Cum was flying everywhere, we were both lapping up gobs and wads in our open mouths.

We took turns fucking each other for over two hours, we only stopped when the door bell began ringing. I had luckily just finished cumming in Michael's ass. We were both nervous. I washed myself off quickly with a towel, and put some sweat pants on. I ran downstairs, looking out the window, and saw the delivery truck from the store I bought my stereo and other stuff from. I quickly opened the door, trying to act as calm as possible.

“Hello, are you Richard Halton?” stammered rather nervously, probably the most gorgeous looking deliveryman I had ever seen.

He was about 6’4, in his early 20's, real handsome with short curly black hair, kind of Mediterranean looking, smooth shaven, he looked like a body builder, most of his powerful physique could be noticed through his tight uniform.

“Yes I am, I take it you have the merchandise I purchased yesterday.” I said as calmly as I could.

“Ah, Yeah it's ah, in the ah truck.” He said, still quite nervous, and that only increased as he stared at my face down to my torso, then my crotch, my cock was throbbing at the site of him, and his own rather impressive meat was responding as well.

“Just sign here, Oh God!” he said as he tried not to look.

I signed it, then looked at him, “Is something wrong?”

“Sorry, I don't know you, it's just that I am really getting turned on right now. I'm normally much more reserved at work, I mean I try not to be a bad cliche or stereotype, but it is really tough right now.” He said still quite nervous.

“Hey, (I looked at his ID tag) Frederico (definitely Italian), I'm really very flattered, I think you're really hot yourself.” I replied with a comforting smile.

Suddenly, wearing only a towel, Michael came down stairs, “Hey Richard, who is this?” Michael said with a lustful grin.

“Oh Boy!” Frederico said now more nervous.

“Yeah Fred, we were having sex when you showed up, and yes it sounds like the plot to a porno movie.” I said with a smile.

“Well I feel a little better, it would have been really embarrassing if the feelings weren't mutual.” Frederico said now much calmer.

“Michael this is Frederico Antonini, he's just delivering the stuff I bought yesterday at the mall.” I said with a warm smile.

“Well Richard, he's all by himself, and that was a lot of stuff, let's give him a hand.” Michael said with a fiendish grin as he let his towel fall to the floor.

Frederico's eyes looked like they were going to leap from his head, I just covered my face in embarrassment. Michael put his jeans on, and the three of us walked out to the truck to unload all the stuff. Frederico seemed to be in a trance the whole time. As soon as we were finished, he came around a bit.

“Impressed weren't you?” Michael said still giggling.

“I have never seen a dick that big in my whole life!” Frederico said in shock.

“Well get ready to see something bigger.” I said, feeling rather amorous, as I yanked out my own.

“Now let's see his meat, I bet it's pretty big!” Michael said, still with a fiendish grin.

He yanked off Frederico's pants, and boxers, “Woah Richard, he isn't bad at all, hell friggin' huge.” Michael shouted as he leered at least twelve inches of thick hard cock.

Frederico was confused, but seemed to let instinct take over, “Fuck it, you're both so fucking gorgeous, and I'm really fucking horny!” He growled, then all but tore off his uniform.

He was probably a body builder on the side, what shocked me was that he was completely shaved, except for his pubes, and they were pretty thin. Michael soon had his jeans off, and my sweats came off quick enough. Michael was on the floor with Frederico deepthroating his cock. I decided to suck on Frederico's impressive meat, and used it as an opportunity to use 'the touch on his ass. My own cock was getting hard as I sucked on Frederico's thick sausage. Frederico didn't have much stamina, he came in my mouth after only a couple of minutes. It was a pretty solid load, but nothing compared to what he would soon be swallowing, judging by the moans coming from Michael. Just as I took Frederico's softening cock from my mouth Michael came. Cum was soon dribbling on the floor. As I came up I could see that Michael was now anointing him with cum. I took my chance and drove my tongue into his ass, the smell of blossoms and the taste of exotic wines filled my mouth, I could probably never do this without this trick. I felt Frederico grow hard after only a couple minutes of me rimming him, he had more stamina then I thought. I pulled my tongue out after feeling satisfied with the lubing. I then drove my hard cock into his hard bubble ass. Just as I was doing this Michael had finished cumming, and was still very horny.

“Make room for me Richard!” Michael said, still grinning evilly.

I noticed it too, and figured why not, theoretically Frederico could take it, though judging by the look of shock on Frederico he didn't think so. Michael shoved his own cock into Frederico's ass. It stretched to accommodate both of us rather nicely, Frederico was just lost to a wave of ecstasy, and sensation. Both of our cocks rubbing together inside this gorgeous guy's ass, what a far out fantasy. Frederico came first, it was a smaller load then before, his cock looked rather raw. Michael and I came at about the same time, the flood of cum going up Frederico's ass must have been unimaginable. We felt him rise a bit, the forced of our ejaculations nearly launched him on a spouting geyser of cum. But we held on to our Italian boy toy and let the cum pour out of him like a waterfall. When we both finished, we eased out of his ass, with a wet pop sound accompanying our egress.

“Fuck that was incredible, and to think how long we could do this!” I said in a state of euphoria.

“Yeah, I never thought anything like this could ever happen to me. Richard we are going to be a hell of an item, and when the time is right, and you've figured that pool out, I would be happy to join you.” Michael said with a smile as we collapsed in puddles of cum on the floor.

Poor Frederico was unconscious, cum still spurting out of his ass.

“You really mean it Michael, we could have a hell of a life together, there is still so much to learn from that stuff in the cellar.” I said, now feeling more happy then I have ever felt in my life, “You know before the 'Orgone Assimilator' cleans this mess up, “Cum Fight!” I shouted as I scooped up a thick wad and shot it at Michael, who laughed and replied in same.


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