by Chance Riverwind

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“Why me, and why now”, I wined. I'm waiting for a download, and the program's so big it's going to take all night. I have to get up early tomorrow; I can't stay up all night. I tell my roommate that I'm downloading something and that it will take all night.

He rolls over, looking daggers at me, and says, “Fine, now go to bed! I have test tomorrow. You have test tomorrow. Now, go to bed, Haley. This program had better be good. It better not be a “memory hog—, either.”

“It won't be a “memory hog….” I lied.

You see, my roommate is a nice guy, albeit a scary guy. You ask why? Simple. My roommate, Julian, is 160 lbs. at 5—6”, and built like a small nuclear tank. I'm 140 at 6’4”, and built like a flagpole. I maybe taller than him, but he's stronger than I am. He has tried to twist me into a pretzel once or twice. On the whole, he's a good guy.

Well after a night of downloading and a day of classes, I finally came back to Julian's computer. He's gone home for the weekend. He did leave me a note on his computer. “Crash it and you'll burn.—Julian”. You have got to love him.

The program I downloaded was called an Experimental Cyber-Virtual Entertainment Module, Version 1. The company who made it says it's an alpha version of the software. I was the lucky recipient of this new program. The only thing that worried me is that it didn't come with any instructions. The company said to just follow the program.

Well the program started, and it rebooted the computer. I hope it's supposed to do that.

The computer comes back up and says, “Voice authorization activated. Please enter name.” Its a good thing Julian's computer has a microphone. I spoke my name and the computer said, “Analyzing.” This “module” is starting to worry me.

“Analysis complete. Configuring parameters for cyber-virtual simulant lifeform. Configuration complete. Generating cyber-virtual simulant lifeform.”

The computer screen flickered. Nothing seem to happen until—

“Hello.” an unidentified voice said.


“Excuse me? Over here.” the voice again.

I look in the direction of the voice, and was surprised to see another person in the room with me.

“Where did you come from?”

“You did ask for a CVS lifeform did you not.”

I look to the computer and back to him. “You're the cyber-virtual entertainment module?”

“Yes, I am. My name is Alpha.”

“Ok,” recollecting my thoughts, “What do you do?”

He walks over to Julian's bed and plops down, lays back and says, “That's up to you.”

“Huh, hang on a second, I have got to think.”

He shakes his head. “Take your time.” He leans back and started whistling.

Now I have to think. I have this strange guy sitting in my room. He's about my height, crystal blue eyes and somewhat spiked hair. He's laying on Julian's bed, checking himself out.

My mind still a jumble, I ask, “Are you real?”

He sits up. “Come over here Haley.” I walk over to him. He takes my hand and puts it on his chest. “Does this feel real?” It felt wonderful. His body heat radiated through his strange shirt. It was like static. He looks up at me and says, “Have you though of something yet?”

I'm lost in the sensation. “Uh not really.”

“Well let me try some thing. Sit down and lie back.”

I do what he wanted. The next thing I know, he's unzipping my pants and getting to my dick.

“What are you doing.”

“Just relax, Haley, and have fun.”

He started on me. It was electric. Strange sensations were sent through me. It was amazing, truly amazing. In, what seemed like hours, I was cumming harder than the first time me and Julian had sex. I was dazed for a minute or so. I saw Alpha loosen his shirt and pull down his pants. He had on a pair of tight yellow speedos. He adjusted his package twice, looking right at me.

“You enjoyed that? I hope so. Now its your turn to do me.”

I look at him, then his basket. “Sure, yeah, why not.”

He smile and pulled down his speedos. I'm awestruck I see why his speedos were tight. His cock was about 7” inches, soft and very thick. “I thought you might like this size of endowment.” I didn't wonder about that statement, I just wanted to taste his dick.

Once again strange energy flowed through me. I sucked on his dick, for five minutes, and it didn't get any harder. I glance up to see if he was feeling anything. He looked as if he was lost in some dream, so I kept going. A moan escapes from his lips, and he starts to harden up. Not only is he hardening up, his dick's getting bigger. After a couple of minutes, his dick so big, 10 inches I guess, its hard to suck on it. I start to let of a little when both of his hands land on the back of my head. He starts fucking my mouth in a slow methodical way. I tried to stop him but he's stronger than me. After another five minutes of his humping and my choking, he lets me go.

I'm still shaky from the lost of air. He hovers over me. He looks down, “That should be enough.”

Gasping, “I'll say.”

“I just have one more thing to do, Haley.”

“And … that is?”

He looks at me with an evil gleem in his eyes. I know that look. Thats the look someone gets when they're about to screw me.

“I don't think I can handle you.”

“Don't worry, Its not going to hurt, much.”

He's taken off is clothes and I've taken off mine. He's still smiling at me. “I want you to see this.” See what I wonder. I didn't have time to ask, because that's when he stuck in the first 4 inches of his cock. I would have screamed if it wasn't for his hand over my mouth. Once again he starts of slow and methodical. The pain was unlike anything. Waves of energy were sent through me. He starts humping me faster. The waves intensify. I notice the hand he's holding over my mouth getting bigger. I look up at him and he's seems to be getting bigger. He remove his hands and looks down. “You like this? Just wait. There's more”

He increases his speed and his size. He's now towering over me. His head almost reach the ceiling. That's almost 10 feet. I feel like I'm being jerked around like a rag doll. Its getting harder to breathe. I think he reached his peak when he started to scream. Pulse after pulse of energy filled me. He has to pick me up to pull me off of his cock. Alpha's now 1 foot away from the ceiling. He looks down at me, with his hand on his now 15 inch cock, and ask, “Anything else I can do for you tonight, Haley?”

“No, I'm still tingling from the last session.”

“Ok, well I'll shut down for a while, so you can recover. You can read the help file on me now if you want. It's on the computer. See you later, little man.”

Alpha's image flickers for a minute and disappears. The Computer speaks up and says “CV Entertainment Module now offline, Do you wish to save current parameter?”

I smile weakly and say “Yes.”

“Parameters saved. All help and configuration files are now open for access. You will be informed when new upgrades are available. Thank you for using Cyber-Virtual Entertainment.”

I think I'm going to like this program.

I return to my room late Sunday evening, only to find out that a small tornado had hit my side of the room. I thought to myself, “Haley threw a party, and forgot to clean up. I'll either hug him or hurt him.” I clean up my side of the room, pondering what to do with Haley, or to Haley for that matter. I get most of the mess cleaned and remembered that Haley downloaded some program. I wonder what it does.

I go to my computer, and look for Haley's program. Only thing new is an icon on my desktop. Once activated, it brought up a menu screen reading: Cyber-Virtual Entertainment Module, Alpha Version by Riverwind Technologies Please choose option. 1) Active Alpha CVS 2) Configure Alpha CVS 3) Read CVS Help/Information 4) Upgrade CVS Module 5) Set CVS to Active Mode 6) Exit Module

Being confidant that I can handle any game my roommate can play, I choose one. The computer's speakers activate. “Uploading previous configuration, standby. Configuration loaded. Activating cyber-virtual simulant lifeform.”

Well the screen flashed and went back to the desktop. Nothing happened. I'm sitting there thinking my computer crashed, when… “Hello. You must be Julian? I'm Alpha”

I turn around at the strange voice. He's about as tall as Haley, almost as cut as me. He has crystal blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. “Hi,”, that's me talking, “You must be a friend of Haley—s?”

“Yeah, something like that. He says you're a “big” guy. You don't look like much to me.”

Normally I shrug off wise cracks about being stocky, but I just met this guy, and he doesn't know me, yet. “Well I big enough where it counts.”

“Oh really? I like to see that.”

This guy's horny . Might as well take advantage of this. “I don't think you can handle me.”


“I know I can.” he smiling from ear to ear, “Let me try.”

“That will involve you stripping too.”


“Fine by me.”

We both started stripping. Both watching each other. He is somewhat cut, but I look better. “I hope you're ready.” I pull down my boxers, revealing my 8 incher.

“Not bad, how's it taste?”

“Find out yourself.”

and Sinker

For like the next ten minutes he's sucking me off. Leave it to Haley to find someone hornier than him. His mouth feels great. It feels like one of those sparking globes you see in science exhibits. He's definitely good at this. The pressures building up inside me, so I hump his face like there's no tomorrow. Alpha's enjoying himself so much he's pounding the floor with his fist.

Well I come to a head, so to speak. “Here it comes you horny freak.” I normally cum for about two or three minute, but this weekend I've been really horny, so my orgasm goes on for five minute. This the best head I've had in a while. “I see why you're Haley's friend.”

He's got a weird wild expression on his face. It last for a minute before his smile returns.

“Well, Julian. You haven't seen nothing yet.” He pounces on me, pinning me to the floor.

“What the…”

“Don't worry Julian, I'll be gentle. I hope you like what I got.”

He takes off his briefs. Ok, he bigger, about two inches bigger. He spreads my legs apart, and commences his invasion. Damn, he's huge. It feels better than his blowjob. It feels like static electricity. He starts going a little faster, but I can handle it. Minute buy minute, he's getting rougher, I'm doing ok. Wait, he forcing himself deeper. He feels bigger too. I open my eyes to see what's happening, and end up staring in disbelief. He's getting bigger, in more places than his dick. He's about 8 feet tall now. His dick feels about a good 15 inches long, 3 inches thick.

Now he's starting to hurt. I try to yell, but it's hard to breathe. He just keeps getting bigger. He's grunting like some primeval beast. It feels like he's using me for a sex toy. What is he, how's he doing this, and how do I make him stop?

I'm seeing stars now. I can barely breathe, and hardly hear, but now I don't want him to stop. The energy he's pumping into me just feel so good. I'm starting to pass out. I'm conscious enough to here Haley's voice saying, “What in the world?” Right then my vision filled with lightning. My body was being filled with such power. It was unbelievable.

I was awakened by Haley. “Julian! Hey Julian! Are you aright?” I tried sitting up but I was too weak. I turned my head to see Haley and on the other side of the room, taking up the other side of the room was Alpha. He was about 10 feet tall, and he was sitting down. I guessing he was approximately 20 feet tall. As for his penis, I looked about 25 inches.

“I see you liked my program.” Haley chuckles.


Well Haley and Alpha spent the rest of the night explaining this “program” to me. I couldn't believe what he was talking about. I wouldn't have belief what Haley was saying when Alpha said, “I've been running idle for a while guys. I'm going offline.” I see him slowly dematerialize. I look at Haley and he says, “Now do you believe me.” My reply: “If that's just the prototype what does the upgrades do?”

Haley: “Ok. Julian the upgrade has been download.”

“Good, now let's see what it does.”

Julian activates the upgrade. Instead of voice activation a dialog box appears. It reads:

Experimental Cyber-Virtual Entertainment Module, Beta Version Would you like to: 1) Add Beta upgrade to Alpha module 2) Configure Beta module separately. Julian chooses two. It takes few a few screens asking for physical stats, Julian's. The voice activation chimes in. “Voice authorization activated. Please enter name.”


“Analyzing. Analysis complete. Configuring parameters for new cyber-virtual simulant lifeform.”

“Hey, Haley I think its making a new one.”

It goes back to a dialog box.

Would you like to: A) Run Alpha CVS B) Run Beta CVS C) Run Both CVS—s

Julian chooses C. The screen flickers. Alpha appears on queue. The Beta Version appears a second later. It looks exactly like Julian.

Julian: Okay, I sat there and waited to see what this new version looks like and I get myself. I get up an walk over to this clone. I check it out. It checks me out. “Why do you look like me?” I ask.

“I'm a Beta. I think its some type of tradition that we are suppose to look like our programmers. That and it probably has something to do with a fantasy of having sex with yourself.”

“You're kidding.”

“No I'm not.”

“And you're an exact duplicate of me.”


“In every detail, Beta.”

“In every detail.”

Both Haley and Alpha speak up. “Now that's something we would like to see.” So would I, as a matter of fact. I look at Beta. He looks at me. A few minutes later, we're nude and checking each other out. Well feel exactly the same, even our cocks, both 6 inches and growing.

I look at him and wonder, who's in charge. He leans forward and kisses me. He says in a whisper, “Fuck me with that big cock.” He turns around and bends over. I mount him. This ought to be fun. I never did myself.

Haley: It seems Julian and Beta are enjoying themselves. I haven't seen Julian that into sex since the first time he's done me. It seems all this sex play has gotten to Alpha. He playing with himself. He looks to me and say, “I'll be nice this once. Let's see what your 7 incher feels like inside me.” I don't believe this. Alpha's letting me fuck him. It feels sensational. I look down to see if he's alright. He's smiling as usual. I look over to Julian and Beta and Beta seems to be…


Shrinking. That's right, Beta's shrinking. His hole's getting tighter. It feels great. He's about 2—3” now. I got him off the ground and still boffing him. I'm pushing him down on my cock. He's in rapture. Screaming in ecstasy or in pain. I don't care now; I'm enjoying myself.

I look over to Haley and Alpha is…


Shrinking. Alpha's shrinking. This is great. He's letting me be the big man. Well I'm going to enjoy this. He's about 3—2”. I pick him up, carry him over to Julian and we both give our new “toys” the rides of their lives.

Our “toys” start sucking each others diminished dicks. The pulse coming from Alpha's manhole increase. I intensify my thrusting. Julian also starts thrusting f aster.



“I'm about to…cum!”

“Then go already, I'll be right behind ya.”

“I… I… I!!!”


Julian and Haley:

I, sorry, we came with such magnitude. It was mind boggling. We came for what seemed like hours. It was so much cum, our “little men” were soaked. After that much cum, we passed out.


I awoke to grunting. I look over ,still dazed from my last escapade, to see Alpha doing Beta. The size they shrunk down to was nothing compared to the size they had grown. Alpha look about 25 feet tall. While Beta looked about 22 feet tall. And they where STILL growing. The ceiling and floors didn't look like they were handling it well.

All I could think of was, “There I am, grown to gigantic proportions, with a 20 inch dick; being fucked by a bigger giant.” I was mesmerized. Right at Alpha reaching 30 and a half feet and Beta reaching 27 and a half feet, they cum. Alpha cumming inside Beta. Beta cumming all over the ceiling and Haley and I. They spend the next five minutes licking the cum of ceiling. Beta still had Alpha inside him when they shrunk back down. They looked at Haley and I and smiled.

“We going offline, you two need a shower.”

They both disappear. I wake up Haley, and tell him we need to clean u p.


“Yeah, Julian.”

“That's the best program you ever found.”

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