by Ziel

While on a camping trip, Tyler makes a half-assed wish on a shooting star. Not only does he get his wish, but it begins to affect those around him as well. Maybe he should have been more specific? An ongoing saga of hyper growth and the weird social situations it results in.

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Part 1 While on a camping trip, Tyler makes a half-assed wish on a shooting star. Not only does he get his wish, but it begins to affect those around him as well. Maybe he should have been more specific? An ongoing saga of hyper growth and the weird social situations it results in. (added: 13 Dec 2012)
Part 2  (added: 20 Dec 2012)
Part 3 Tyler examines his growth in the shower, shocked at the size of his balls and (shortly thereafter) just how much they can produce. (added: 1 Jan 2013)
Part 4  (added: 10 Jan 2013)
Part 5  (added: 15 Feb 2013)
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8 Jake and Tyler are enjoying the hell out each other and their massive equipment, totally unaware that someone else might be enjoying the sight of them together as well. (added: 1 Apr 2013)
Part 9
Part 10 Dalton’s X-Box tunes in to Jack and Taylor’s alone-time, and he’s mesmerized by the sight of cocks measured in feet rather than inches. (added: 18 Aug 2013)
Part 11  (added: 29 Aug 2013)
Part 12
Part 13 Jake and Tyler start the day with huge, huggable dongs. They get all the way to lunch before they have to deal with an annoyance even bigger than their morning junk: Biff. (added: 31 Dec 2013)
Part 14 Sam discovers what Tyler is capable of. (added: 10 Mar 2014)
Part 15 New revised installment to the ongoing saga of hyper growth and the weird social situations it results in. (added: 27 May 2014)
Part 16 Sam has a new lab partner ... and he’s really into what Sam’s packing these days. (added: 5 Jun 2014)
Part 17 Tyler struggles with his guilt over betraying Jake with the besotted Sam, all while trying to get through school without boning up. (added: 18 Jun 2014)
Part 18 Tyler and Jake’s hypercocks reach a truly ridiculous room-filling size, making Sam’s smaller hypercock look puny by comparison; but, uh... none of them seems to mind much at all. (added: 5 Jul 2014)
Part 19
Part 20 In the latest Part of Ziel’s new and improved epic, Sam wakes up languidly amid Jake’s and Tyler’s gigantic, room-filling cocks, but with the light of day comes a new and unsettling question: How do they get out, now that their junk is way bigger than the door to Sam’s room? (added: 6 Aug 2014)
Part 21 Sam enjoys frolicking with the more easygoing Jake and Tyler, but bonding with them also brings up dark and intense memories of friends who hadn’t been as accepting. (added: 11 Aug 2014)
Part 22 After the cathartic discussion of Sam’s past experiences, the three boys find new ways to enjoy their immense cocks. (added: 20 Aug 2014)
Part 23 "Continuing the adventures of Jake, Tyler, and Sam as they spend some quality time under the stars while dealing with their ever-growing schlongs, with plenty of hot ’n sloppy action as well as some heart-wrenching, tender moments. Be sure to have your tissues ready for both parts, but” I’d recommend not using the same tissue each time." (added: 2 Nov 2014)
Part 24
Part 25 "A very silly Part with a bit of good natured fun with the three friends. Also some mild dick growth. Those three really gotta learn to dial it back or they won’t be able to move even with their limited shrinking ability." (added: 27 Nov 2014)
Part 26 "Sam and Tyler devise a plan to help get Jake unstuck, but in order to do so, Sam must traverse the great wall of cock. *dun dun dunn* I recommend rocking out to some Shadow of the Colossus while reading for added effect." (added: 15 Dec 2014)
Part 27 In a pivotal Part, Sam, Tyler, and Jake’s cocks continue to grow, but Sam seems to be the only one worrying about it. There constant growths are going to lead to some problems that none of them had thought about, but in the meantime there’s plenty of lurid, smutty fun to be had with supermassive hyper schlongs. (added: 28 Jan 2015)
Part 28 "Things finally wrap up for the three buddies at Sam’s house, but the next day back at school and dealing with Jake’s parents looms in the horizon. Then comes an intense turning point that sets up a major conflict for the latter half of the story, and includes character turns (Dalton may not have seen any growth yet, but that doesn’t stop him from being the biggest dick of the bunch), heavy domination/footplay, and a lot more." (added: 1 May 2015)
Part 29
Part 30 "This Part is a little light on the hyper and heavy on the character drama. After the events of the last Part I kinda wanted to humanize Dalton a little more but not necessarily absolve him. Let’s see if I pulled it off." (added: 12 Jun 2015)
Part 31 Jake, at school, has trouble controlling his huge libido and even huger cock. Tyler, meanwhile, laps up his classmates’ awe at his impossible, ever-growing equipment. (added: 30 Jul 2015)
Part 32
Part 33 In the latest Part of the Geno-Type saga, Tyler has to somehow handle both of his friends and their enormous cocks and get them out of school before things get any more ridiculous. (added: 27 Oct 2015)
Part 34 Tyler and the gang finally pull up to his house after school, but they are far from out of the woods just yet. Jake’s talk with his parents looms on the horizon, and Tyler and Sam have their own problems to deal with. (added: 3 Feb 2016)
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Part 1

Tyler had been smashing his face against this pre-calc problem for over an hour. Quite literally, actually, for he was face down in his text book emitting a groan somewhere between the mating call of the humpback whale and the tortured moan of the damned. Seriously, what kind of sick sadistic teacher would assign homework over the weekend; the weekend before the last week of classes no less! At this point he would have accepted a text from anyone just to give him a diversion from the headache inducing mishmash of letters and numbers he was trying to make sense of. He was even more pleased to see that the message was from his best friend Jake.

Jake and Tyler had been friends for as long as either of them could remember. They had grown up on the same block of the same town, and had been placed together in the same day care before they were even old enough to walk. It was apparent to everyone that these two would grow to be inseparable. They had already begun to be able to communicate with each other before even being able to speak; much in the way that twins are able to.

Tyler read the few texts he had received.

“Get your gear. We are going campin’.”


Admittedly, this was sudden, but Tyler did love camping. Plus it gave him an excuse to shirk his homework for at least one more night. It was Friday after all. He had all weekend to get it finished. He quickly ran over to his closet and grabbed his sleeping bag as well as some basic necessities, such as socks. He learned early on that you can never have too many socks on a camping trip. Whether it’s because your last pair got soaked from slogging through wet terrain or just needing to double up because of the cold; you always want extra socks.

In the span of five minutes he had already gotten his pack ready to go. At that moment Jake came charging into his room. He didn’t bother to knock, but its ok. He never did. By this point in their lives it was just sort of assumed there was no concept of privacy between the two of them.

“C’mon. C’mon. Let’s get moving!” Jake urged Tyler on.

“Slow your roll, bro. We’ve got all night.”Tyler responded while rolling his eyes. “What’s the rush, anyway?”

“There’s supposed to be a meteor shower tonight. I bet it’d look awesome from outside of town. You really can’t see anything with all the lights out here.”

“Shoulda known it was some nerd shit.”Tyler replied with a playful smirk.

“I might be a nerd, but at least I’m not a little twerp!” Jake responded, while russling Tyler’s short blonde hair.

Jake was quite a bit taller than Tyler, and loved to tease him about it. Tyler was fairly average, but a little on the short side at 5’4”. Jake was well above average at 6’3”.Tyler was better built, though. He was athletic, and had the muscles to prove it. He was part of just about every sports team in school; sans basketball. Tyler was also a bit of a class clown. He was quick to make a joke or sarcastic remark, and he typically had this look on his face like he was up to no good.

Jake on the other hand was very slim. He had little muscle definition to speak of nor did he have any fat on his body. His brown hair was fairly shaggy and always looked like it could benefit from someone running a brush through it. He was typically the much calmer of the two. He was often lost in thought, and liked to keep to himself. About the only person he talked to on a regular basis was Tyler. Jake was also top of his class in just about every subject; a fact that Tyler was all too happy to exploit.

Within a matter of minutes they had loaded up Jake’s jeep and were on the road. Tyler just let his mom know where he was headed and was off before she could even respond. Not that she would have said anything anyway; these whirlwind trips were pretty common by now. Jake and Tyler were both plenty old enough to be out on their own anyway. Tyler and Jake drove for a good half hour until they reached the little hill they liked to camp out at. It was actually on a bit of property owned by one of Jake’s uncles, but there was no one around for miles to really care or bother them about being there.

Once they got there, they quickly rolled out their sleeping bags and laid back to enjoy they night. They never did bother setting up a tent. If it turns out they needed some shelter they just crashed in the jeep.

They laid back and watched the stars. They talked for hours until suddenly Jake quickly cut Tyler off and said, “Look! It’s starting! Make a wish!”Tyler was about to laugh at how childish Jake was being and was ready to tease him about it, but he turned to look at is friend and saw that determined look on Jake’s face. Tyler had seen this face enough to know it was no use talking to him. Jake was too deeply focused on whatever it was he was thinking about. His pale blue eyes were intently focused on the flashes of light streaking across the sky.

Tyler chuckled to himself a little, and figured why not? It’s not like it’ll hurt to try, and who knows, with this many shootings stars maybe one will actually work. But what to wish for? He thought for a minute as he stared into the shower. The choice seemed easy enough for him. He would wish for what any guy would wish for. He drifted off to sleep thinking about how nice it would be if his equipment was bigger.

Tyler was suddenly standing in an empty room. He assumed it was a room, even though he could see no walls or ceiling. Just white open space as far as the eye could see. “Ah, yes. Good. Hello. There you are. I would like to discuss with you.” Tyler could make out a distinct voice, but there was no one there.

“Ah, right. You can’t see me.” With that a man stepped into view. He appeared right in front of Tyler as if he had stepped out from behind a curtain that had been there all along, but wasn’t. He was a few inches taller than Tyler and was wearing a solid white suit complete with a white top hat. Even his skin was pale white. The only color he seemed to have was a little bit of peachy coloration in his lips, bright yellow hair, and equally yellow irises. “I am not usually in the business of granting wishes and all, but I was passing through and I heard your requests. I figured, it could be fun, so what the hell.” The strange man threw his hands up in jovial gesture and then clapped his hands together in front of his face as he grinned.

Tyler was obviously very confused by this point, but he decided he would play along. “Sure… but who are you? What are you?”

“Oh, right. I suppose introductions are in order. Well, you see. I am just a traveler. I was enjoying watching the wave of meteorites ignite as they collided with your planet’s atmosphere. I am sure it looks wonderful from down here, but I must tell you, it is magnificent from up top.” At this he passed for a moment and tilted his head as if he was thinking of something. “As for my name… Well, it can be a little hard for your kind to pronounce, but my name is… Then he made a sound that was very much like that of a wind chime being shaken by a heavy breeze. It was a beautiful sound, but there was no way Tyler could ever hope to duplicate it.

“Anyways, I was enjoying the show and I picked up a rather strong telepathic communication from your friend there. It was very loud and clear, especially for a human. Your species does not usually exhibit such high levels of psychic ability. He must have been very focused on it. It is funny really. Your kind has such potential for psychic output, but you are among the few species that cannot even pick up their own signals. Well, it matters not. I was so intrigued that I came in for a closer look, and that’s when I heard your signal too. I figured, since I am already here, and it is well within my capacity, why not make with a little mojo.” The strange man did a jovial little rumba step before clapping his hands back together in front of him. He was grinning like a giddy child. “Ah. It’s just like a fairy tale! This is fun!”

By this point Tyler was absolutely sure he was having one hell of a cracked out dream, and so he decided to throw caution to the wind and enjoy it. He extended his hand for a handshake and said, “Well then, Geno. Welcome to Earth.”

“Geno” extended his hand as well and regarded Tyler with a bemused expression.

He grinned as he raised an eyebrow and said, “Geno? That must be some sort of title your people have for one such as me. It is a fine name, though, and it will facilitate conversation. Well then, let us discuss your wish. All you said is that you want it bigger? We could do with more specifics, though. Do you have a size in mind? Do not worry it is an easy request to fulfill, and well within my capacity.”

Tyler still didn’t think there was anything that would actually come from this crazy dream and so he just responded “Oh, I don’t think I could decide on a size. Especially since once I do I am locked in for life, right? It’s not like we’ll ever meet again, and it could always be bigger, right? That’s what bigger means.” Tyler was trying to play it cool, but even though he knew this was just a crazy dream, he still was not fully comfortable discussing wangular dynamics with some guy he had just met.

“Your logic is questionable, but acceptable. I most likely will not find my way back in these parts any time soon, and it is best to be sure it is done right, don’t you agree? So how is this, I will grant you the ability to make it grow. As big as you want.” Geno had a bit of a joking tone every time he said, “it.” He noticed the way Tyler was hesitant to regard certain aspects of his physiology by name and was greatly amused by it.

Geno then reached into his front coat pocket and pulled out a small ball which appeared to be a swirling globe of glowing, golden sand. “Here we are. This is my gift to you.” He then lobbed it softly towards Tyler. The orb hit him squarely in the Netherlands and exploded into a poof of golden smoke. The smoke then began to permeate the front of Tyler’s jeans. Before long, all of the smoke had soaked clear through to his skin and the glowing faded. He could feel his loins begin to tingle. A soothing warmth rushed through his package as the magic took hold.

“With that, I really must be going. Enjoy your gift, and try to use it well, ok?” With the he took off his hat and bowed low. Once Geno had stood back up from his bow, he placed the top hat back on his, but instead of stopping to rest upon his head like one would expect, it continued to drop lower and lower; sucking the man’s body into it as it dropped.

Soon the hat touched the ground, but the hat’s ownder was nowhere to be seen. He had been completely swallowed by his own white, silk, head ornament. The hat in question sat there for a brief moment and then was whisked away by a stray breeze. The next thing Tyler knew he was waking up back at the hill he and Jake were camping at.

The rest of the weekend progressed fairly uneventfully. After Jake and Tyler woke up on Saturday morning they packed up their stuff and headed back to Tyler’s house to spend the day. Once there they just sort of hung out for the duration of day. They played some video games, watched TV, and at some point during the day Tyler had managed to convince Jake to help him with his homework; Jake’s help more or less consisted of him giving Tyler all the answers while chewing him out about needing to know this stuff for the test. Jake spent the night over at Tyler’s place and Sunday went by much the same way.

Despite the normalcy of the whole weekend,Tyler could not shake the memory of the weird dream he had had on Friday night. Nor could he take his mind off the warm tingling that was coursing through his loins. By the time Jake finally returned home on Sunday night Tyler was more than a little ready for some time alone.

Tyler undressed and took a long, hot, shower, while trying to think through just what had happened on Friday. The more he thought about it, the less it seemed like a dream. He could still remember everything so clearly; the white expanse, the strange man, his yellow eyes… especially his yellow eyes, those things were creepy, and he could even remember the supposed wish that had been granted. Tyler got out of the shower and dried himself off. After managing to de-fog the mirror enough to be usable, he stood there, completely naked, as he looked at his reflection in the mirror.

By all accounts he was a good looking guy. He was well toned, nicely tanned, had small nose that gave him a cute boyish look to him, and a decent amount of blonde hairs on his chest and crotch to balance it out. There was just one area where he seemed to be lacking. His eyes drifted lower as he took stock of his lackluster cock, and marginal balls. At his hardest he managed to reach about four and a half inches. Some part of his mind knew that this was considered on the lower end of average, but he always measured himself against the boasts of his classmates. Listening to all the other guys casually talk about their large dicks had made him jealous and insecure. In that moment all he wanted was to be like them. He needed just those few inches to be like all those other guys.

At that moment, he felt it. He felt a warmth spread throughout his groin. The tingling he had been feeling the whole weekend also increased to the point where it felt like the entirety of his genitalia was bristling with energy. It felt amazing. He wanted to close his eyes and just lean back and enjoy it, but he knew he needed to see what was happening. He opened his eyes and stared at himself in the mirror. His jaw dropped as he witnessed what happened.

His dick began to lengthen a little bit and also get a bit wider. His balls began to swell up as well; they began to sag lower under their newfound weight. His cock, which previously just sort of jutted out in a downward angle, began to curve and droop downward as its length and weight increased.

Tyler could not believe his eyes. He could not remember a time in his eighteen years of life where he had been so happy. He watched as his dangly bits were much more dangly and a lot less bitty. He swayed his hips from side to side and watched as the momentum carried through his cock and balls. His junk rhythmically slapped against each thigh with an audible smack. He was positively giddy as he began to gyrate his hips in a more circular pattern. Again, his bait and tackle followed suit. It was in that very moment that he could honestly claim to have successfully executed is very first helicopter.

By this point Tyler was getting very hard, and he was giggling like a little kid who was let to run amok in fast food chain ball pit. He wanted very much to just pound one out right there in front of the mirror, to give his upgraded equipment a test run, but he knew he just had to know how big he really was. He ran into his room and dug around through his desk to find any sort of measuring utensil. At first he found a protractor, but a quick comparison proved that it would not be enough.

Six inches was not big enough. He could not contain his glee. He began to dig with more enthusiasm and eventually find an old beat up wooden ruler. He leaned back with his back against the wall and placed the two sticks side by side. Just a little over seven inches.

Tyler could not believe what he was seeing. In the span of a under a minute he had gained almost three full inches. This was amazing. He could totally live with this, but a little voice in the back of his mind was telling him that there was plenty more where that came from…


Part 2

Monday morning rolled around and Tyler was up and ready to seize the day. He was too excited to sleep properly and was up and about well before his alarm was set to wake him for school. He was excited to go to school. For the first time in his life he was actually excited to go to school. Not for the learning, no, never for the learning. He needed to speak to Jake. He had tried calling him, but that boy could sleep through a thermo-nuclear apocalypse. No. He’d just have to wait until they ran into each other later on in the day.

Tyler was so pleased with his good fortune. His life was really going to turn around now, and he wanted Jake to know. He wanted anyone to know. He wanted everyone to know. All he could think about was how big could he grow? How big would he grow? The possibilities were infinite, but he didn’t want to jump the gun, and besides, after all the hours he spent testing out his current growth he would never even make it to school if he were to grow again now.

He had been so busy pacing his room thinking about what was in store for him that he was completely surprised when his alarm starting blasting. God, he hated this song. It used to be his favorite song, too. Let this be a lesson to you. Never set your favorite song as your wake up alarm or as your ring tone. You will learn to resent those repetitive tones and all the evil and wicked that they represent.

Tyler began the process of preparing for classes. He started off, like always, with a long hot shower. This shower ran a little long, though, because he could not stop admiring his newly enhanced dick and balls. He held his balls in his soapy hand and just sort of shifted the weight amongst his fingers. Even after having been emptied repeatedly through the course of the night they were still much larger than they had ever been before. Each one was roughly the size of those Cadbury eggs he liked. Not the tiny ones that came in a bag, but the medium ones that were foil wrapped. It’s a shame they were only available around Easter time.

One of his friends had gone abroad one summer and brought him back one of the novelty jumbo eggs. Could you imagine being able to get cream eggs any time of the year? Wait, screw that. Imagine having nuts the size of those novelty eggs. Dammit, now Tyler was getting hard. He was just beginning to think that maybe he’d have time to sneak in one more quick one… But it was not to be. Right then his mom began banging loudly on the bathroom door. If he didn’t hurry up and get his ass out of there and eat his breakfast he was going to be late for school. And stop wasting all the hot water!

With a sigh, Tyler turned off the hot water and stood under the icy jet. This was less because he cared about saving hot water for others in the house, but because he needed to stop his semi before it digivolved into a raging hard-on. After a painfully chilly minute of rinsing out the conditioner in his hair, he shut off the water, grabbed a towel, dried off, and then wrapped the towel around his waist and went back to his room to get dressed. He quickly grabbed a clean pair of boxer briefs from his dresser and pulled them off. Now this was an odd sensation… He had never had to worry with this before. He was cramped. He reached his hand down the front and began to move things around. Nope, he couldn’t go up. He’d run into the waistband. He tried shifting left, and while there was more room, it just didn’t feel right. These briefs were just too tight in all the wrong places. He remembered seeing those ads for designer underwear. The ones that were said to have custom pouches to really show off what your momma (or Geno, in this case) gave you. Maybe now that he actually had something to show off he would buy some of those.

Tyler really didn’t have time to mess with this right now so he reached into the drawer and pulled out a set of loose boxers which he normally used as pajama bottoms. These were nice and open so he could just slide his junk down one leg and go about his business. There probably wasn’t much use in wearing these since they didn’t offer any support, but he wasn’t mentally ready to go around commando. After that he quickly threw on the rest of his clothes, scarfed down his breakfast, brushed his teeth, grabbed his bag, and was out the door in time to just barely flag down the bus before it drove off without him. He really wished he could have just waited and rode in with Jake, but Jake had set his schedule so that he had his study period as his first class block of the day, which basically meant that Jake didn’t get on campus until second period. If Tyler was going to ride in with him, he would have had to skip his Econ class. Tyler was totally OK with this. His parents obviously less so.

Tyler slogged through the drudgery of his school day trying to contain his anticipation. He had to wait until after school for a chance to hang out with Jake. That’s the problem with being best friends with one of those smart kids. Jake spent all day attending these fancy AP classes while Tyler had to sit here with all the common folk like a chump. Tyler actually had no interest in the AP classes, but he was just about to go insane if he had to wait until this evening to gloat about his good fortune. Fortunately an opportunity arose just after school.

Monday happened to be one of the days that the soccer team met to practice. Tyler had never once showered with the other guys on the team after a practice or a match. He always stayed behind to help clean up the field, and didn’t go into the locker room until well after everyone else should have left. He hid behind the excuse that as team captain it was his duty to help out. It really wasn’t his duty. He just really didn’t want to risk letting anyone else see him naked, but now those days were in the past. He didn’t have anything to hide any more. In fact, he wanted to let himself be seen.

After practice let out, Tyler was quick to rush to the locker room and begin getting ready to shower. He made sure to not let anyone see his now sizable endowments before he was ready. He tried to scope out everyone else’s dicks. Not in that way, mind you, but if he was going to show off he had to be sure he was the biggest of them all. He got a few good looks at some of the guys and some fleeting glances at the others. All in all they were fairly average, but then again, that would be the very definition of average. One or two of the boys came close to his current size, but none seemed to be bigger.

Just then, Tyler felt a thick finger poke roughly into his right shoulder. “Yo, twerp! Surprised to see you dare show your face in here. You may be team captain on the field, but in here I’M the big man.” Tyler turned to see who it was, although he could already tell from the voice and attitude. It was George, or Gregory, or some other G name. Tyler didn’t really care about his name; all he knew was that this dude was a grade A douchenozzle. Asshole extraordinaire. A certified dickbasket with a little bit of bastard garnish. The big guy stood there, towering over Tyler. He was probably around 6 feet tall. Not quite as tall as Jake, but this guy was huge. He was one of those guys that looked fat until he took his shirt off. Then you realize that yeah, he is kinda fat, but there is only a little layer of fat surrounding a solid brick wall of muscle. His arms were crossed in front of his chest and he was leaning back in such a way as to minimize the appearance of his paunch and to accentuate his huge dick.

“Oh shit. He’s hung.” Tyler thought to himself. “Look at that thing. It’s got to be bigger soft than I am hard.” Tyler quickly regained his composure before anyone had a chance to suspect he was flustered. “Well then, time someone took him down a peg.” Tyler was really getting excited now. He could show off AND take some jackass to school doing it. He’d be a legend around school in no time.

“Oh. Hello, Biff, I didn’t know you were allowed in the men’s room.” Tyler responded as nonchalant as he could imagine. There were some nervous chuckles from around the room. The other guys had begun to gather because they could already tell this was going to be good.

“Think you’re really cute, don’t you, runt,” ‘Biff’ spat.

“Oh, I think I’m adorable.” Tyler responded with a smirk. By now everyone was gathered around them in a semicircle.

“I’m surprised you had the nerve to show your face in here. Now let’s see you show the rest of you.” At this Biff made a lunge for Tyler’s towel. Tyler was quick enough to avoid his grasp, and kept his decency intact. Which is fortunate because what he had in mind required the element of surprise.

“Easy! At least buy me dinner first!” At this most of the guys in the room were howling with laughter. It had been too long since Biff had someone stand up to him. Biff on the other hand was getting furious.

Tyler could tell that Biff was at a disadvantage when it came to battles of wit, and so Tyler kept the heat on the would be bully. A smug grin spread across Tyler’s face as he continued to poke away at the very weak defenses of the musclehead that had the misfortune of trying to start shit with him. “What’s it matter what I have anyway? You seem well enough endowed that you shouldn’t be showing such textbook signs of penis envy. Or maybe that’s not it. Oh, yes. This makes perfect sense. Your whole sense of self worth is tied to your asserting dominance over everyone else through sheer virtue of size.”

Now Biff was pissed. “Fancy talk. You must have learned that from your boyfriend, but we all know the real reason you never show your face in here is because you are afraid of everyone else finding out about you having a caterpillar where real men have a snake!” At this he grabbed his package and gave it a firm shake to both emphasize his point and assert dominance over the others.

Tyler just sort of rolled his eyes and smirked. “Unfortunately, gentlemen, that is not the case. I usually like to help out the clean up because I didn’t want to damage your collective egos, but I really do have places to be today, and so you are stuck here with me. Although, really you don’t need to be jealous of little old me. You seem to have a perfectly respectable set there. What would you say that is? Six? Seven inches?”

“Try nine.” Biff said with a menacing smirk “You wouldn’t know since you have never seen one like this before.”

“You are right. I have not seen one like that. Most penises are attached like up front. Right below the stomach.” Tyler made a hand motion gesturing to his groin area. “It’s very rare to see a dick attached to a giant asshole like that one, but I suppose since you did so graciously show me yours it is only fair for me to show you mine.”

Tyler then hopped up on one of the benches and turned to face the crowd. “Alright, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have all been waiting for. You have shown me your nine inches. So what say you, I show you my ten?”

Biff was now noticeable unsettled. “You’re… you’re bluffing.”

“Am I now? Well then let’s count them off, shall we?” Tyler grabbed his towel and pulled it off in front of him. He held it up like a bull fighter cape in front of him, the top resting right at the base of his penis. He could already feel the warmth pulsing through his cock and balls. It was time to give them a show they’d never forget..

“One.” Tyler said as he lowered the towel roughly an inch.

“Two.” He lowered it even further. Everyone else could already see his cock was think. Incredibly thick. Impossibly thick.

“Three…. Four… Five—” He continued to steadily drop the towel. He could see some of the boys start to get uncomfortable. They could already see five inches of his soft shaft and it didn’t look like he was stopping any time soon.

“Six… Seven… Eight….” Tyler continued to lower the towel. He was still soft and over eight inches. He had already put Biff to shame. Tyler’s previous assumption that the other guy was only seven inches soft was petty accurate. Tyler knew that Biff was saying he was nine inches at his full glory, but Tyler really wanted to demoralize him.

“Nine. This is how big you said you were, right? Huh, looks a little bigger on me, though. Maybe it’s just my imagination.” Tyler shot a smug glance at Biff. All the other boys looked briefly at Biff and then back to Tyler. Some of them were glad to see someone finally putting Biff in his place, but a few of them were really getting turned on by this unusual striptease. Tyler could see at least two of the boys try and casually hide their growing erections. This just spurred him on even more.

“And ten!” He stopped lowering the towel, but there was literally no end in sight. He had ten inches of visible cockshaft but he had not yet begun to flare out at the tip yet. Everyone could see this and knew it meant he had to be at least foot long, and still soft!

In one quick motion Tyler hopped off the bench, flung the towel over his right shoulder and began walking towards the shower stall. He looked back over his shoulder and said, “Sorry, boys, but if you want to see the rest you’ll just have to use your imagination.” He made the last word sound all mystic and wiggled his fingers on his left hand to add to the comical mysticism. “Oh, and Biff, if it’s any consolation, at least as far as personalities go, you are still the biggest dick here.”

Tyler then swaggered off to the showers. He made sure to do a swaying runway style strut. He kept his legs far enough apart that everyone watching could see his now massive balls hanging heavily down between them, and he moved his hips in such a way that his long, heavy, cock swung like a pendulum, giving everyone fleeting glimpses of the head as its arc crossed into view on either side of his legs.


Part 3

Tyler swaggered off to the shower stalls and flung his towel over the side wall. He hesitated for a moment. He was starting to develop some exhibitionist tendencies, and he really wanted to keep the curtain open. He wanted to see how many people would watch him as he stood there under the warm stream lathering up each and every long inch of his body. As much as he wanted to give everyone a show they were sure to remember, he also wanted to take stock of his most recent growth spurt. He himself hadn’t even really seen the whole thing. All he knew was that the rate of growth was faster than the rate at which he was lowering the towel in his little striptease.

Tyler closed the curtain behind him and he could hear some audible murmurs of disappointment from behind him. Getting quite the fan club, aren’t you? He thought to himself with a smirk. Somewhere in the back of his mind he felt a dark urge rising. An urge to give them a show they will never forget, but he quickly stifled it. He still hadn’t had the chance to let Jake in on his “little” secret yet. He couldn’t wait to see the look on his face.

Tyler turned on the shower and cranked the heat. He loved a good hot shower. He washed his hair, and then quickly began to lather up and rinse off his body. When it came time to polish the lower horn he took his time, though. He surveyed his now massive tool. He had no idea how long it really was, but it dangled over halfway down his thigh. He had to struggle to keep from laughing. This was just too great to be true. He picked up his cock with both hands and felt its weight. He had his dick draped across both of his open palms and there was still plenty left over on each end to lazily droop down a few inches. It wasn’t just long either. His shaft had to be at least as thick as a can of coke.

Next he checked on his balls. His nuts were amazingly huge now, too. Each one dangled several inches lower than they ever had before. In order to get a better feel for their size he grabbed one and gave it a light squeeze as he held on to it. Even though they were many times their original size, each one roughly the size of an orange now, they were just as spongy as ever. There is no way he could hold both in just one hand. He stood there for a minute, a ball in each hand as he shifted his weight back and forth. He raised and lowered each hand in alternating rhythms as if he was balancing the two weights against each other.

Tyler was lost in the feeling. Having a cock and balls that were at least three times their original size also amplified the sensation. He could feel a familiar pressure building up in his dick. His skin was becoming much more sensitive to the touch. Each pellet of warm water felt like a tiny finger working his shaft. He had been hovering close to a semi since his little stage act on the bench, now his monster was really springing to life. Some rational part of his mind wanted to fight it. He was still at school after all, and there were so many people who could see him. The partitions in between each little shower were only like five feet high; anyone could easily look over and see what he was up to.

In spite of the risk, or even possibly because of it,Tyler could not hold back. By this point he was almost fully erect. His cock was pointed almost straight out in front of him, bobbing up and down. His dick had always pointed straight up when he was hard, but now it had to fight a much tougher war with the forces of gravity. Despite this it steadily angled farther and farther upwards. He decided to help it along a little. He grabbed his rock hard cock at the base of the shaft. One hand above the other, almost as if he was holding a baseball bat. It was so thick he couldn’t even completely wrap his hand around it. Once it was fully pointed upwards Tyler noticed that the tip of his cock head reached a few inches above his belly button.

Tyler began to pump up and down in a steady, rhythmic fashion. Since he was uncut the skin around the top of his penis massaged the tip for him as it rolled back and forth across the glans like the tide on the beach. He began to dribble pre faster and faster. The smell was more powerful than he could have imagined. It was salty. It was bitter. It tickled the back of his nose like an astringent. He could feel the pressure building up in his now hefty orbs. His legs began to feel unsteady. He quickly turned and leaned back against on of the partitions. Tyler reluctantly pulled his left hand off his dick and put it up to his mouth in order to muffle his moans. He moved his right hand up over the tip and let the pre coat his palm. It wasn’t long before his hand was completely covered. Now that his hand was suitably lubricated he pushed the skin down from around the head and moved his palm across the top in a circular motion.

Tyler’s abs began to tighten, his hips began to buck, his balls were pulling upwards as his whole body braced for what was sure to be the biggest orgasm he had ever had. He could feel it. It was time. He quickly slid his hand down from the tip and let nature take its course. He came hard; again and again. Each shot fired straight up in steady bursts. Each stream lasted for a good second or two to itself, and he fired several streams. He tried to count the shots, but after about five or six, his mind became so foggy from the pleasure that it became impossible to do so. His eyes rolled back in his head and he felt like he his brain was set to a channel that didn’t pick up any signal, just snow.

A few of the shot hit him square in the face, but most of them fired upwards towards the ceiling. The ceiling in the locker room was a good twelve feet up, and many of the bursts managed to hit it. Many others arced upwards and then came splashing back down around him. He was being showered in his own semen. It landed all over him; in his hair, on his chest, all up and down his arms and legs. When his finally stopped cumming he let himself slide down the wall, and he just sat there in the shower stall laughing silently to himself.

He was sitting in a pool of his own spunk probably an inch deep. The drain became stopped up early on and now the excess water was overflowing into neighboring stalls. His balls ached, but it was a good kind of ache. His dick was now completely soft and it laid slung out in front of him, soaking in his juices. Tyler closed his eyes and turned his face upward. He continued to laugh silently to himself as the warm shower water and the jizz dripping off the roof continued to rain down on him.


Part 4

Tyler barely had time to catch his breath when he noticed his balls were already full. His dick was also twitching as it was once again springing back to life. His changes seemed to have caused his nuts to be able to replenish themselves almost instantly. Tyler surveyed the damage to the stall and figured that he must have emptied and refilled his balls multiple times during his last shootout in order to cover the area as thoroughly as he had. He was going to need another shower to get all the spunk off of him, and his current stall was so coated that he was getting dirty faster than he could wash off.

Tyler decided to move to a clean stall. He picked himself up off the ground, shut off the faucet, and turned to open the curtain. He did not bother picking up his towel. It was too saturated with cum to be of any use to him for anything other than covering up. Besides, chances are no one was left in the locker room anyway. Most of the other guys were already getting changed and packed up to leave before he did his stage show on the bench. If anyone was still left in the lockers then they would have seen the fireworks, and there was really no point in being modest after that.

He pulled open the curtain and standing right outside was one of the freshman boys. No, that’s not actually correct. Tyler had gone through much of this year thinking that this particular boy was a freshman, but he had found out otherwise recently. He just looked so much younger than his actual age, and he had just transferred in from another school. Under normal circumstances this boy had black hair styled so his big emo bangs covered one of his eyes and very pale skin. It seemed physically impossible for him to tan. He was outside just as much as the rest of the team and had nothing to show for it. Now he was standing there wearing nothing but his thick, black-framed glasses and a towel. His normally wavy hair was matted around his face; soaked with cum and water. He had apparently been well within the splash zone when the party started. He just stood there dumbfounded with his mouth hanging open and a blank look in his eyes. “Sammy!?”Tyler yelped.

Sam was too busy trying to collect the several scattered thought processes rushing around in his mind to bother trying to move his body. Sam was so amazed that Tyler actually knew his name… Sort of. No one had ever called him Sammy before. He was simultaneously confused and overjoyed by this. Sure, this wasn’t his exact name, but it was technically correct. It was like he had just been given a nickname; a pet name from his idol. He hoped that this was done as a sign of affection and not because he was deemed childlike by Tyler. Despite already being eighteen, Sam was always treated like a little kid. He was pretty out of the loop when his friends would talk about sex, and he still enjoyed watching cartoons.

He had waited for all the other boys to leave pretending to be busy brushing his teeth and fixing his hair. His real goal was to get some time alone with Tyler so he could finally work up the courage to talk to him. Sam had had a bit of a crush on Tyler since the first time they met. The only reason he even joined the soccer team was in an effort to get closer to Tyler, and now here Tyler was standing before him, naked, in all his glory, with the biggest set of cock and balls Sam had ever seen in his life dangling between his legs. Not just that, but Sam had just been unexpectedly drenched in a torrent of spooge from his one and only crush. It was all too much for him to take.

He just stood there moving his mouth, but failing to make any words. He was shaking like a leaf. His left hand down right about his crotch trying to hold up his towel that had been trying to fall off this whole time. His right hand was rubbing his left arm up and down nervously. His cheeks were flushed, and sweat was starting to trickle down his face.

Tyler realized that Sam was an inch away from a full on mental meltdown and tried to diffuse the situation. “I’ve seen you play out there. You’re pretty good. Glad to have you on the team.”Tyler gave the most reassuring smile he could muster and extended his hand for a handshake. The palm of his hand was actually relatively clean from having been firmly wrapped around his dick while the jizz was raining down. The backside, not so much. Sam was starting to be able to function rationally now, and returned the handshake. Sam froze up again the second he realized that he was both holding hands with his crush, and that said hand was coated in spunk.

“Th-Thank you, sir. I, uh, I wanted to thank you for standing up to that guy. He’s been a real pain around here.” Sam was trying to make eye contact, but failing. He would get nervous and instinctively look down. This would result in him staring directly at the mammoth member of the team captain. He would quickly shoot his gaze upward, and silently chastise himself for looking at his hero’s junk. “Oh, god, I must look like such a creeper, standing right outside your stall. I am so sorry. I just. It’s just. I heard this loud thump, it sounded like you fell or something. And I was worried you mi-“

Tyler held up his hands and gestured for Sam to calm down. “Easy. Easy. I am not worried at all. Sorry about, the whole…” Tyler raised one of his hands and sort of gestures all around. “—making it rain. Um, you’ve got a little something right here.” Tyler reached over and plucked a long, slimy, sticky strand that was on Sam’s face. It actually started on his right cheek, stretched over his right lens, and into his hair.

“There we are.” Tyler said as he lifted the strand off and then shook it off his hand onto the floor. He got a brief look at the floor while he was doing this. The large puddle was still not showing any signs of draining, and the wet atmosphere was keeping it from drying out. The janitors had their work cut out for them. Tyler also noticed something off about Sam’s towel.

Sam’s towel had almost completely fallen off by now. It was only held up by Sam’s hand pressing it down over his own junk. Tyler could see that the area around the crotch was soaked clear through. Sam must have also cum some while Tyler was beating off in the shower. Sam also had a small slip of paper in his hand that was holding the towel up. “What’s that?” Tyler asked as he gestured to Sam’s hand.

“My towel?” Sam asked as he looked down. It was then that he realized that he had grabbed his towel with the hand that he was holding something else in. “Oh, shit!” Sam quickly started shaking out the piece of paper. He then tried to flatten it out with his fingers. He was too fixated on the paper to realize that he had dropped the towel.

Tyler took this opportunity to get a good look at Sam. Sam was one of those guys that seemed pretty ordinary at first glance. He looked thin and lanky when he is wearing clothes, but now that he was completely naked, Tyler could see that was not the case. Sam was very lean, but very obviously muscled. He had one of those lithe builds where muscles didn’t become bigger, they just became more pronounced. His abs looked like they were carved straight into his stomach instead of being layered on top of it.

His cock was amazing too.T yler wondered how he could have overlooked it. He did not remember Sam as having a particularly noticeable dick when he did his quick inventory earlier. He seemed pretty average in that regards. Now Sam was fully rigid, and his member put even Biff’s to shame. It was not nearly as big as Tyler’s but it came close to the foot mark. Tyler could also see that Sam’s dick was leaking large amounts of pre. Sam had a fair amount of spunk trickling down his legs. Tyler knew it couldn’t be his since Sam’s towel would have covered this area. Sam must have cum hard, at least once, and was already ready for more. Tyler was quite impressed, and his own python was beginning to wake up as well.

“Sorry about the mess.” Sam said. “I, uh, I was impressed by the way you stood up and, uh, handled that bully. I think you’re really cool, and maybe some day, if you have time, we could do something outside of soccer?” Sam looked at Tyler with big soulful puppy eyes. He held forth the slip of paper with both hands as if he was a Japanese business man presenting a business card. Sam also had just as much deference, if not more. He looked down at the ground, too afraid to make eye contact, and afraid of the oncoming rejection.

Tyler accepted the slip of paper that had Sam’s name and phone number scrawled on it. The slip of paper was also covered in cum, and not all of it was Sam’s. Despite being soaked and messy, the writing was still fairly legible. “Sure! I’ll shoot you a text sometime.” Tyler said with a smile. Sam’s face turned yet another shade of red and thanked Tyler profusely.

“Thank you! Thank you! I have to go! My ride has been waiting for me. They are going to be worried about me!” Sam hurried back to his locker and began to throw his clothes on very quickly. In a matter of seconds he was fully dressed. He was still wet and sticky so his clothes clung to his body in weird ways, and he still had strands of cum in his hair when he rushed out of the locker room to catch his ride.

Now that Tyler was the last one in the locker room he easily found a clean stall, and got cleaned up. He was already ready for another round of wanking, but he resisted the temptation. He really needed to get home, and he would never get anywhere if he just kept defiling each of the stalls.

He got back to his locker and pulled out a change of clothes. He grabbed his pair of loose track pants to wear home instead of his jeans he wore to school. He was still flying at half mast and so he really didn’t feel like trying to force two legs down one side of his jeans. He also didn’t bother putting his boxers on this time. They were unnecessary anyway. He slipped on his t-shirt and gathered his bags.

Tyler was feeling refreshed and could have easily walked the few miles back to his home, but he was in a hurry. He needed to see Jake and soon. He still had not seen or heard from him all day. Tyler had hoped to run into him around the school. It was pretty common for them to run into each other between classes and spend a few minutes talking as they walked, but somehow today they had completely missed each other. Tyler felt like he was about to burst if he didn’t tell Jake soon.

Tyler walked over to a bus stop that was just two blocks away. He had a bus pass for the city buses and so he didn’t have to worry about paying to ride. The bus would drop him off just a few blocks from his house; making his trip home far shorter and air conditioned.

Tyler’s track pants were generally pretty loose, but today they were tight in a few key areas. Tyler’s semi pushed up against the fabric. The outline of his penis was easily visible to anyone who looked. Tyler thought about putting his gym bag on his lap to cover it, but he was far beyond the point of modestly. Instead he slid down in his seat a bit so that he has sitting more on the small of the back instead of on his butt. His pelvis jutted out over the edge of the seat, accentuating his bulge even further. Now everyone in the bus could see it, and judging from the stares and murmurs from the rest of the passengers, everyone had.

Other than that the trip was pretty uneventful. Tyler managed to get home in just over twenty minutes. No one else was home yet, but this was to be expected. Tyler grabbed a box of sewing supplies out of the hall closet and began to rifle through it. Tyler always grabbed the scissors out of this box when he needed a set for his school projects, and so he remembered seeing the old, rolled, cloth tape measure several times in the past. Sure enough, it was still there. He figured the straight ruler would not be big enough any more; or ever again, for that matter.

He ran up to his room and locked the door behind him. He pulled off all his clothes and sat on the end of the bed, and unrolled the measuring tape. He placed one side at the base of his penis and began lining it up with the rest of the shaft so he could finally see how big he had become. Even he was a little surprised by the verdict. He was just over fourteen inches, and that was soft! He needed to see how big it was once he was hard. Fortunately just the excitement of finding out his new measurements caused his monster to spring to life. He managed to get fully hard in under a minute with just a little bit of coaxing by rubbing the shaft. He measured it and found out it was twenty-one inches! Almost two feet of solid cock! His hefty nuts were now the size of large grapefruits. It seems like they must have swelled again since his little scene in the shower. He didn’t remember wishing to grow again, but he didn’t think it really mattered. He was too happy with the results. He had to have the biggest dick in the world now.

Somewhere in the back of is mind he had to wonder if maybe he had overdone it. Maybe he should try and trim it back just a bit more. To make it more reasonable. He sat there and focused on trying to reduce his equipment down a bit. Nothing happened. Tyler was not sure how to feel about this. Maybe he just didn’t actually want it, which was what was holding him back? Just then he heard the front door open. Oh shit. Someone else is here. He focused on it harder. He pleaded with his dick to just shrink down just a bit. Then he thought of his wish again. He never asked for control of his size. All he asked was to be bigger. It then clicked in his mind. This was a one way trip. Nowhere to go but up. Tyler felt a lump form in his throat. He had to be careful now. If he let himself get too carried away he ran the risk of becoming some kind of freak show. It’s one thing to have a monster mega-cock, but is there such a thing as too big? If there was would he realize it before he got there?

Just then there was a knock on the door. Well, it was less a knock and more of a loud thud from someone face-planting into the door. Jake was so used to just charging in whenever he felt like it, that he didn’t even check to see if the door was locked. He just tried to open to door and charge through in one quick motion. When he realized the door wasn’t opening he did not have time to stop his momentum before slamming face first into the door. Jake could hear Tyler talking to himself on the other side of the door. Tyler seemed to be saying something about how he had gotten big and now couldn’t get it to go back down. Jake looked up to the sky and mouthed a silent “Thank you.” To anyone who might be out there.

Jake reached above the door and pulled down the key. He then unlocked the door and walked right in. “Dude, we have to talk about- Holy shit! You’re huge!” Jake was trying to walk in as casually as possibly, but he not so secretly was hoping to catch a free shot of his friend. He was not expecting to see as much as he did, though. His best friend was sitting there, on the edge of the bed, with a towering spire of cock reaching up to his chest. “What the hell? That’s way bigger than last week!”

Tyler stood up quickly and made a futile attempt to cover himself. He couldn’t even cover his balls with both hands let alone his monolithic shaft. If anything, Tyler’s attempts just drew Jake’s attention to the gigantic spheres that were no dangling almost halfway down to Tyler’s knees. “Last week? What do you mean last week?” Tyler asked, his voice cracking a little.

Jake now knew he was busted. “Well, you remember that day I walked in on you while you were jacking it?” Jake asked sheepishly.

“You mean the day you walked in after I jacked it?” Tyler relaxed a little now. He realized that it was pointless to try and cover himself up and so he just stood there glaring at Jake wit his hands on his hips.

“Yeah. About that. I actually came in twice. The first time you didn’t seem to notice me and I saw what you were up to. I was just so stunned that I froze. I like, blanked and just stood there. When my head cleared I slipped back out of the room and waited for you to finish.

“And just how much of my jack of session did you watch?”Tyler probably should have been upset with his friend, but something about this just got him even more turned on.

Jake fidgeted a bit. “All of it… I stood there and watched you until you shot all over yourself. I then slipped out while you were caught up in the afterglow—” Jake was really feeling ashamed of himself now; both for what he had done, and for having kept it a secret.

Tyler just tiled his head a big and smirked. “Really, if you wanted in on the fun, you should have just asked.”

Jake couldn’t believe his ears. Tyler really wasn’t mad at him? Was he just jerking him around now? Tyler could be unpredictable at times, especially when horny, but Tyler had always been very shy and prudish when it came to his body and especially his penis. That did not seem to be the case anymore. Far from it, seeing as Tyler was now parading around the room naked as the day he was born. Jake could tell Tyler was really getting excited, too, because is dick had already began to dribble.

“In fact, why not make up for lost time?” Tyler said as he walked over to his desk chair and sat down. Is legs were spread wide giving his sack room to spread out and his balls began to droop over the front of the chair. Jake could see the seductive look on Tyler’s face beckoning him over.

Jake tried to say something, but his throat had tightened too much. All he could think of was how much he needed that thing in or around his mouth. He got down on his knees in front of Tyler and was eye level with the tip of his best friend’s cock. He had dreamed of this moment for years, but even in his wildest, wettest dreams had he ever imagined it like this. He grabbed the shaft with both hands and began licking the tip. He gave Tyler the best piercing blue bedroom eyes that he could manage. They seemed to work too. One of Jake’s hands was gripping a particularly veiny part of Tyler’s cock, and he could feel the rhythmic drumming of Tyler’s pulse begin to quicken as they made eye contact.

There was no way Jake could deep-throat this monster. Getting even the tip in his mouth required him to extend his jaw to its limits, but he did manage that much. He pulled down on the shaft and wrapped his mouth around the now exposed head. He pushed as much of the cock as he could into his mouth until it pushed up against the back of his throat. He worked up and down the few inches that he could get all while running his tongue over every square inch of surface he could reach. He did this for a minute or so and then the cock out of his mouth. He them worked the tip with both hands pushing in and out; kneading the head like dough. He pulled down on both sides of the head to open the slit a little more, and then worked the tip of his tongue in. He flicked at the sides he opening with what little bit of his tongue he could get in. Tyler was really leaking now and Jake drank it up. It was a bit bitter, but he never wanted to forget his friend’s flavor.

He kept his bedroom eyes trained on Tyler’s up until this point, but by now Tyler had closed his eyes and he was beginning to convulse. Jake was not ready to let him cum just yet. He had waited too long for this to be over like that. He pulled off of the head and began working the shaft more. His left hand kneaded up and down the side of the shaft and his right hand massaged one of Tyler’s massive balls while he worked every possible inch of it with his tongue. He wanted to savor this moment, savor the salty, sweaty taste of his friend’s skin, the sound of Tyler’s moans.

Jake was rock hard as well by now, and he felt like he was going to blow at any second. He knew it was time. He once again wrapped his lips around the tip and began to work it. Within seconds Tyler began to let loose a torrent; Jake came at the same time. Jake tried to swallow as much as he could, but it was coming too fast. His mouth was overflowing and he ran the risk of choking if he tried to drink any more. Still, Jake refused to let any of the downpour escape him. He pulled down on the cock and guided the blast over his body. He let it spray all over his face and chest, and once he had time to swallow all that was in his mouth he resumed sucking the head and drinking as much as he could. Tyler continued to cum and cum again. He fired steadily for several minutes. Jake had to pull out a few times to allow himself time to finish swallowing while he let himself bathe in the current.

They were both exhausted after this. Every inch of Jake’s face was coated with Tyler’s spunk. Much of his shirt was covered, too. His pants were coated in a mixture of both his and Tyler’s jizz. Tyler got shakily to his feet, and then helped Jake get up. Tyler helped Jake take his clothes off as they made out right then and there. Tyler alternated between kissing Jake and licking large gobs of is own cum off his friend’s face. Once they had managed to completely strip off all of Jake’s clothes the two of them collapsed onto Tyler’s bed where they drifted off to sleep in each others’ arms.


Part 5

Jake’s mind was still fuzzy when he finally woke up. He tried to remember where he was and what he was doing. The room was fairly dark. He could see out the window on he other side of the room, and the sun was almost completely below the horizon. He was in a bed, but not his. It seemed very familiar though. He was clutching something large close to his chest. He typically slept with a body pillow and so this was pretty standard, but this was obviously not a pillow. It was soft and yet firm. It gave off its own heat. He could feel a warm breath against his exposed chest… Exposed chest? He was naked. Completely. He could feel someone else’s ankles tangled up in his own. Someone else who was equally naked. He looked down and he could see the top of the blonde head that was nestled against his chest. The memories of what he had done earlier this afternoon flooded back to him all at once. He had sucked off his best friend. No. He had sucked off his best friend in front of an open window. No. He had sucked off his best friend in front of an open window in broad daylight.

Jake tensed up. He didn’t know whether to celebrate or start panicking. He realized that most likely no one saw them. People wouldn’t have been off work by then and how many kids actually play outside these days? If someone had seen them you could be sure they would have heard about it by now. Angry parents are always looking to tell people what they can and can’t do in their own homes. That left another problem though. Jake looked down at the muscular blonde. Tyler was fast asleep still. He looked so sweet and peaceful like that. Jake kissed Tyler on the top of his head. He took a moment to take in the smell of his hair. Jake wished they could be together like this forever, but he knew Tyler would wake up soon. Once Tyler was awake there was no telling what would happen.

Fortunately Tyler was a very sound sleeper. Jake managed to untangle himself from Tyler’s arms and legs and slip out of the bed without waking the other guy up. He sat on the side of the bed watching Tyler sleep. Jake really did love Tyler. This had been obvious to Jake for years, but he had never dared talk to Tyler about it. He had been too afraid of rejection. As much as he wanted to go to the next level he was too afraid of losing his best friend.

Jake continued to watch Tyler sleep from his position on the side of the bed. He was trying to decide what to do next. Part of him wanted to leave now and hide away forever. Part of his wanted to stay there and spend as much time with Tyler as possible. There was no guarantee they could still be friends after this. Jake had never let his guard down like this before. He had never put himself in such an uncertain position. He wanted to cry. He wanted to scream. He knew he needed to get out of that room and clear his head, though. He took another look at his friend and leaned in close. Jake gave Tyler a quick peck of the cheek. He continued to hover there for a moment. He could hear Tyler’s breathing. Feel the warm air waft over him. All he could smell was Tyler, and he never wanted to forget it. Jake couldn’t stop himself. He went in closer for another kiss; this time right on the lips. It interrupted Tyler’s breathing pattern momentarily, but it was not enough to actually wake him. Jake breathed a sigh of relief and began to gather his clothes.

Jake’s clothes were not wearable at all. They were caked and crusted with dried semen. They had been completely soaked through, and then left to dry in the middle of the floor. Jake needed to find something to wear. He didn’t enjoy walking around naked. It made him feel exposed and weak; even more so being exposed while his best friend slept just a few feet away. Jake decided to try and find any of Tyler’s clothes that might fit him. They used to swap clothes all the time, but that was years ago. Jake sifted through Tyler’s underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of briefs. He did not like wearing boxers; the added support gave him peace of mind. Fortunately Tyler and Jake had similar waist sizes despite their height difference. For once Jake was glad he was super bony.

Jake slipped on the underwear, and began adjusting himself. Even though these were the same size he normally wore, they felt smaller than he was used to. Maybe Tyler liked to wash them on hot to shrink them down a bit. It really didn’t matter why they were small, though. Jake just had to work with what he had. After a minute of shifting and adjusting his package he finally got comfortable enough. He walked over to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror.

He was a mess. His brown hair was sticking out wildly in random directions. The cum shower he had been given earlier had soaked into his hair. Then falling asleep with all that in his hair caused him to get the weirdest case of bed head ever. Robert Pattinson might have been able to rock this look, but Jake certainly could not.

On the subject of sparkly vampires, Jake’s face was also covered in chalky, white splotches. He had thick layers of caked on jizz coating most of his face. Further surveying the damage he realized it had also coated much of his chest as well. There was also a bit on the inside of his thighs, but that was most likely actually his. This was going to be a bitch to get off.

As he was looking down he noticed his package was jutting out in front of him rather obscenely. The front pouch of his briefs were so packed that the waistband could not even reach back to touch his abdomen. He could clearly see his junk tightly packed into the pouch. Jake just sort of sighed to himself. It would make sense that Tyler would buy those enhancing underwear. These things had to be like a wonder bra for your ballsack. It just pushed everything up and forward and made his junk look huge.

He filled the sink with warm water and began splashing his face; hoping this would help get his mind off of his current situation. It didn’t. He could feel his fear and panic returning. He soaked his hands again and pressed them up against his face, covering his eyes. He stood there for a few minutes, feeling the warm water soak into his face. Then he felt a pair of smaller arms wrap around him from behind.

“I’m sorry.”Tyler said. “Please don’t cry. I got so caught up in the moment, I didn’t even think about what it would be like for you. I was horny. I was excited. I had been waiting all day to show you my gift that I just lost control.”

“I’m not crying.” Jake lied. He was trying to keep his voice from trembling. “I was just washing my face, see?” He began soaking his hands in the sink again.

“We both know that’s not true. Look. I think I understand. Come on. Look at me.” Tyler tried to turn Jake around. Jake resisted at first, but then slowly turned around and looked at Tyler. Jake’s eyes were red. Even though his face was soaked it was obvious he had been crying. “Wow. I really did a number on your face, didn’t I?”Tyler said as he cracked a goofy smirk.

In spite of his sullen mood, Jake could not resist Tyler’s attempt at humor. That goofy smile got him every time. He started to laugh even though tears were still streaming from his eyes. “That’s better.” Tyler said. “Here. You still have a little something on your face. Let me help you with that.” Jake bent in a little close so he was closer to eye level with Tyler. Tyler craned his neck up a bit and wrapped his arms around the back of Jake’s neck. He then planted a long and passionate kiss right on Jake’s lips. Jake tensed up for a second, but then he let himself return the kiss. They remained locked in that passionate embrace for what seemed like forever. Neither one wanted to let it end. When they finally broke apart it was because they both were desperate for air.

“God, I have loved you for so long.”Tyler said. Jake did not expect to hear this. He had convinced himself that his love would be forever unrequited.

“Wait… You mean you loved me back? Why did you never tell me?”

“Why did you never tell me?” Tyler shot back. “We probably thought the same thing. What if he doesn’t love me back? What if this makes things awkward between us? What if he is disgusted by me now that he knows I am into dudes? What if he hates me after he finds out?”

“But I could never hate you!” Jake protested.

“And I could never hate you, but we still thought it. Our fear has kept us from loving the one we truly want to be with.”

Jake had never been happier in his life, and neither had Tyler. “Does this make us an item?” Jake asked with a nervous grin on his face.

“I believe it does!”Tyler replied. He was positively beaming. He cheeks hurt from how wide he was smiling.

“Then what say you, we make it official?” Jake said. His tone of voiced had changed. It was more sultry. More seductive. He was also giving Tyler the same bedroom eyes from earlier. Tyler could see that Jake was sporting a massive hard on. The briefs he was wearing were trying unsuccessfully to contain his massive erection. His dick was pressing against the fabric so hard that front was forever going to be too stretched out to be usable again. Tyler recognized them as his own, but he didn’t mind. It’s not like he would ever fit into them again anyway.

They continued to kiss as they made their way back to the bed. When they were at the side of the bed Jake put his thumbs in the waistband and begin to push down, but Tyler stopped him. “No, wait. Let me do this.” Tyler got down on his knees in front of Jake and grabbed the waistband. He could scarcely contain his excitement. Everything about this moment was perfect. He was undressing his boyfriend, and what followed next was sure to be amazing. He slowly pulled the briefs down. Jake’s cock was pulled down with the waistband until it finally sprung loose. It sprayed Tyler with a bit of pre as it sproinged back up. Jake was already leaking in anticipation. Tyler was now face to face with his boyfriend’s cock. It was amazing. It was beautiful. It was huge. He had to be at least a foot long. Tyler tried to think back to earlier in the afternoon. There was no way Jake was that big earlier today. Tyler couldn’t hold back any more. He grabbed ahold of he cock tip with onehand and began licking up and down the shaft as he worked his brown haired lover’s balls with the other hand.

Jake was not expected Tyler to start off so vigorously. He had been on the verge of cumming for minutes now and this sudden stimulation was just too much. He came hard, all over Tyler’s face. Jake was amazed at how much he had managed to cum. He had never shot that much, or that long, or that hard in his life. Tyler was grinning from ear to ear even though his face was completely coated with seed. “Done so soon?”Tyler teased. Jake wasn’t done yet, though. Even though he had just came he was already hard and ready for more. The two guys fell into bed and continued to make out. Jake was getting a taste of Tyler’s lips and skin as well as his own cum every time he kissed Tyler. It was a whole new experience for him, and it just made him harder.

“What is it you like about me?” Jake asked. Still unable to believe this was true.

“Everything. I love the way you walk. I love the way you talk. The way you get unironically excited about the goofiest shit. The way you can name every dwarf in The Hobbit. The way you make me fall in love with books I’ve never read, games I’ve never played just from listening to you ramble on about them for hours.”Tyler enunciated each point by pushing Jake back a little and planting kisses on him. By the time he was done Jake was pinned back against the wall. “I even called that crazy alien Geno and I have never played Mario RPG. I only knew of that character because of you.”

Jake was surprised by this. “You met Geno? You actually called him Geno? Why did you do that?”

Tyler was laughing as he recalled his visitation. “I was just being a smartass. I thought it was all some weird dream. Wait, why? Did you call him Geno, too?”

“What else would I call a random alien man with magic star power? How’d he respond?”

“He just kind of took it in stride. It seems he thinks that ‘Geno’ is a traditional Earth title for space visitors.” Tyler was still laughing about how silly the whole situation was. “He said that you summoned him, you know. What were you wishing for so hard that he could hear it from outer space?”

Jake kind of fidgeted. “It’s silly. He couldn’t do it anyway.”

“Magic starman couldn’t grant your wish? And I thought my wish was far fetched.”Tyler teased Jake a bit.

“Well. He says that physical things are easy. Genetic modification, matter adjusting. No problem, but messing with people’s feelings and personalities is not possible. He told me it wouldn’t be fair to the other person, and it wouldn’t be satisfying anyway.”

Tyler was genuinely curious now. “How so?”

“Well, let’s say… hypothetically, I asked for my best friend to fall in love with me. True I would have the love of my life love me back, but it wouldn’t be right. I would know in the back of my mind that he never did fall for me. He was forced to love me by someone else. I couldn’t live with that.”

“Right. Hypothetically.” Tyler rolled is eyes. “But you ended up getting me anyway.” Tyler hugged Jake tightly and kissed him on the cheek. “Did he give you another wish?”

“I don’t know. The response he gave me was kind of cryptic.” Jake replied, losing himself in thought.

“Well what did you wish for?”

“I wished that… Whatever happens next, I wished that we could share it… Like, even if we didn’t become lovers, I just wanted to be with you, you know?” Jake was blushing really hard at this. “Nothing’s going to come from it, probably. He just said he’d see what he can do, and then vanished.”

Tyler remembered back to meeting Sam in the showers. There’s no way his dick was that big beforehand. Same with Jake’s. Tyler knew what happened next. Geno went and visited him and gave him his new power, and you can bet he is going to share it with Jake. Just like he wished for.


Part 6

Tyler rolled over so he was now lying directly on top of Jake. His massive dick was sandwiched between them. Tyler and Jake gazed into each other’s eyes and began to kiss some more. After a few minutes Tyler broke the kiss and gave Jake a lascivious look. “Ready to go again, are we?” Tyler’s cock was pressed up against Jake’s and he could feel that Jake was already completely rigid. Even though Tyler was still mostly soft, his massive dick completely eclipsed Jake’s.

Tyler began to grind against Jake’s erection. “You want this really bad don’t you? I can see it in your eyes. I can feel your heartbeat.” Tyler continued to grind as he spoke in the most seductive voice he could imagine. Jake’s heartbeat wasn’t the only thing he could feel. He could feel Jake’s breathing becoming more labored, and he could feel Jake’s dick becoming slicker with each pass. Tyler began to inch forward and began to sit upright until he was sitting on Jake’s stomach; his dick, now also hard, poking against Jake’s mouth. “This is what you want, isn’t it?”

Tyler held his cock down with both hands and guided it back and forth across Jake’s lips. Tyler was sure Jake would start sucking the tip at any second, but Jake shook his head. “No.”

“—No?” Tyler was very confused. He didn’t know what to do now. He pointed his cock off to the side so he could look Jake in the eyes and shot Jake a questioning look. “What do you mean no?”

“I… I want to take it.” Jake stammered. His cheeks were red, and his voice was faltering. He was a very awkward combination of very horny and very uncertain.

Tyler rolled off and scooted over so he was sitting right beside Jake. “Really? I don’t even know if you can anymore.” Tyler was conflicted. He really, really, wanted to top Jake. The thought of which had woken him up many nights in the past, but no matter how horny he was, he couldn’t bear the thought of hurting his friend. He had grown so much in the past few days that he didn’t even know if it was physically possible to have sex in the traditional ways. Well, in what passes for traditional in the world of gay sex.

Jake propped himself up on his elbows. “I think I can do it. How big would you say you are, anyway?” Jake nodded towards Tyler’s fading erection. Tyler’s worry was beginning to overtake his lust, and his once proud spire was beginning to droop.

“Um. About twenty inches last I checked, but I might have crept up a few since then.”

“I think I can take it. I can do sixteen easy enough.” Jake explained; a nervous grin played at the corner of his mouth.

“Bull. Shit.” Tyler responded incredulously. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Jake. Like, literally couldn’t believe it. Sixteen inches is a lot of dick to take. The sheer mechanics of it are mind boggling!

“No really. I, uh, do this a lot actually.” Jake responded as his face turned even redder.

Tyler was actually hurt by this. He was sure that he was Jake’s first. Jake could see the pain in Tyler’s eyes and quickly corrected himself “No, no. Not like that. You know that old box in my closet?” Tyler nodded. He knew the one. It was an antique wooden toy chest. Tyler had tried to open it one day, and Jake had stopped him. Jake said that it was an old family heirloom and was just there because it had sentimental value.

“You lying little deviant!” Tyler laughed and frogged Jake’s arm.

“Ow! Look, I wasn’t completely lying. It belonged to my great aunt, and it is filled with toys… The toys aren’t all that old, though… and not really child friendly.” Jake was blushing really hard now. Whether it was because he felt bad about lying to his best friend for so long, or because he was embarrassed to be admitting to having a giant box of sex toys in his bedroom, he could not bring himself to look Tyler in the eyes. Jake looked down at the bed they were sitting on while he spoke. He was drawing circles in the sheets with one hand, while the other hand rubbed the welt on his arm.

Tyler was back in action. Hearing about his boyfriend’s sex toy kink got him hard all over again and then some. “Next time we do this at your place.” he said, still laughing a bit.

Jake lay back down on the bed and turned his head to look at Tyler. “I am ready.” Unlike Tyler, Jake’s hard on had not weakened for even a moment. He was quivering with anticipation.

“Like hell you are!” Tyler shot back. It was Jake’s time to be confused. He shot Tyler a questioning look. “Look. I am still not convinced this will work, and you can guarantee there is no way I am going to try and ride you raw.” Tyler explained as he hopped off the end of the bed and walked over to his desk. He got down on all fours and began digging around underneath the desk. Jake was enjoying the view. Tyler had an amazing ass from all the sports he played. Tyler’s balls almost scraped the ground as they swung back and forth. Every time Tyler leaned in really far to grab something his leaky rager would drag across the floor leaving snail trails in the carpet. Eventually he found what he was looking for. He pulled out an old shoe box from under the clutter and carried it over to where Jake was laying. He held the box tightly between his right hand and the pit of elbow and opened the lid to present the contents as if he was some fancy waiter presenting a high class bottle of wine. There were bottles in the box. It took Jake a second to figure out what they were. Lube! Lots of different sizes and colors of it!

Tyler pulled out a red bottle “Since this is your first time, the house would recommend the cherry.” Jake playfully kicked Tyler’s knee for this joke. “Terribly sorry, sir. We forgot that you gave that already to Dildo Baggins.” Jake tried to kick Tyler again, but was laughing too hard to aim properly.

Tyler popped open the bottle and began pouring it all over his two foot erection. After draining most of the bottle he gestured over to Jake to move. “Flip over. I’ll do you too.” He immediately caught the double entendre of what he said. Jake did too, apparently, but he was giggling too hard to actually call him out on it. Jake rolled over onto his stomach, but then he felt Tyler’s still slick hands grab him by the hips. Tyler then pulled Jake towards the foot of the bed; leaving the taller boy face down, ass up.

His rear was right about at the end of the bed, and Tyler was standing on his knees right at the end of the bed. This put Tyler right above eye level with Jake’s cheeks. Jake couldn’t see what Tyler was doing, but he could sure feel it. Tyler started by sucking on his balls. Jake had a puffy gouch, with a pronounced crease down the center. Tyler followed this crease with his tongue up through the canyon. Tyler worked his way up and down the inside of each cheek. The skin tasted salty with sweat. Jake’s mind was becoming fuzzy. He was struggling to control his breathing. The sensation was amazing, and they hadn’t even gotten to the main event yet.

Tyler squirted the rest of the bottle right into Jake’s ass, and then began to knead the lube around Jake’s hole. Jake knew what was coming and so he focused on relaxing the muscles in his sphincter. Tyler stuck the tip of his tongue into the hole and flicked at the sides. Jake inhaled sharply and began to cum. Ok. So he thought he knew what was going to happen next. Even though he just shot, he was still rock hard, and feeling like he could go for hours.

Tyler slipped the pointer finger on both hands into the Jake’s anus and began to gently massage the sides of the muscles. As the muscles began to relax he managed to slip in the middle fingers. Jake’s eyes were rolling back into his head by this point. He wasn’t capable of rational thought or speech anymore. He was completely lost in the pleasure. Tyler stepped up the pace. He managed to get three fingers on either hand in, followed by the pinkies. Tyler was impressed. Jake’s ass obviously saw a lot of use based on how easy it was to open up. Tyler had both hands pressed together, back of his hands touching, and his fingers down Jake’s hole. He slowly worked his way down until it was time to slip the thumbs in. Slowly, and steadily he managed to get all the way in, both hands up to the wrist. He slid his hands back and forth slowly to loosen Jake up a little more. He would occasionally rub his fingers across the inside lining of the passage. Jake shot a few more times during the process.

Tyler slowly pulled out, and climbed up in bed with Jake. Tyler then flipped Jake back around onto his back. “It’s time. Are you sure you are ready for this?” Jake was no longer able to speak. He let out a low moan and managed to nod a little. Tyler was standing on is knees, and lifted Jake’s legs up a little to give him a clear path. Jake took the hint and grabbed his legs and pulled back to help. Tyler needed both hands to guide his cock in. He pushed up right up against Jake’s hole and took a deep breath. He eased himself in as slowly as he could. It felt amazing. He never imagined it could feel so warm; so slick; so tight.

Jake could feel Tyler’s large cock head enter him. Nothing could have prepared him for the sensation. He was being stretched far more than he had ever been before. Once the cock was in, it filled him far beyond anything he had ever felt before. It was so thick and warm; he could feel Tyler’s heartbeat pulsing through it. Jake had no idea how far in Tyler was yet. He couldn’t bring his eyes to focus so he could look. His body tensed as he felt Tyler brush against his G-spot. He had hit it before with his toys, but never like this. This didn’t just hit it, it completely smashed it. Jake came hard, again and again. He could vaguely make out Tyler’s teasing voice saying “already? I’m barely even halfway in!”

Tyler stopped his advance as his friend convulsed and shot everywhere. It was like each shot was more powerful than the last. Jake was covering his chest, and face, as well as the bed, the wall, and the headboard. Tyler’s pillows were completely soaked, and Jake showed no sign of stopped. All the motioned and muscles tightening and shifting, was making it hard for Tyler to not blow his load as well. Tyler forced himself to keep progressing in. He was three quarters of the way; so close, and yet so far. It seemed like every new inch brought another orgasm from Jake. Finally Tyler felt his balls smack up against Jake’s ass. He was all the way in. “It’s in.” Tyler said. His brown haired lover still couldn’t talk, but his face was a mixture of pride and relief.

Tyler shifted his position so he could hold Jake’s legs up as he rocked back and forth. It was time to see if his theory was correct. Tyler couldn’t help it anymore. He came inside his boyfriend, and this was proving to be the biggest one yet. He kept cumming, but he didn’t show any signs of getting softer. Tyler began to thrust in and out, slowly, but slowly getting faster. Every time he pulled back he pulled large globs of froth out with him. Tyler’s eyes could not focus on anything. They kept rolling around. He tried to bring them back into focus, but they’d just roll back into his head. His thigh muscles felt like they were about to give out t any moment, but still he kept thrusting. He would occasionally catch brief glimpses of Jake’s face and body. Jake was as much in the throes of his orgasm as Tyler was. His back was arching, and his hips were bucking. Tyler could feel every movement that Jake’s muscles made reverberate though his penis.

They were both still rock hard, but their bodies were about spent. Jake’s hard on was beginning to creep upwards. When they started the tip rested just below his belly button. It continued to slide upwards bit by bit as Tyler shot inside him. His balls would contract upward as he came, and completely drain themselves. Then in the span of less than a second they would refill, slightly larger than before. Each cumshot was getting slightly bigger as a result.

Both Jake and Tyler gave one last large blast, and then Tyler collapsed on top of Jake; his head on Jake’s chest. Tyler’s cock had softened up, but was still deep inside Jake. They lay in the bed for a long time trying to catch their breath, and enjoying each other’s presence. Slowly and steadily Tyler’s dick slid out from Jake. When the head finally slipped out, all the pent up spooge inside Jake also began to stream out. There was a lot of it. Tyler could even feel Jake’s abdomen deflate as it all came leaking out.

It’s hard to say how long they lay there like that, but eventually there came a knock on the door. “Dinner in 15, boys.” They heard Tyler’s mother say.


Part 7

Jake groaned as he shoved Tyler off of him, and climbed out of bed. Once he was fully upright he could feel more of Tyler’s spunk leak out of him and run down his legs. It still felt nice and warm. There was a lot in there; not surprising, seeing how much Tyler came earlier when Jake sucked him off. Jake was actually surprised that his stomach didn’t look more bloated. He figured it would probably take days to fully clean out.

Jake’s ass was sore. Very sore. All the muscles in his butt had been stretched far beyond their previous max. It hurt, but it was not a bad kind of hurt. It was as if he had worked those muscles long and hard at the gym. Jake had only been to the gym a few times, but he knew the feeling. Tyler would occasionally try and get Jake to come along with him to get some meat on his bones or something. Last time Jake went he did some bench presses. He only managed a third of Tyler’s weight, and yet, he still ached for a week afterwards. Jake wouldn’t be at all surprised if that’s how long it took him to recover from this, too.

Not only was Jake’s ass sore, but it was incredibly loose, too. His muscles were having trouble regaining their composure after being stretched so thin and plowed into jelly. He couldn’t even clench properly. It felt like his hole was lined with silly putty instead of actual muscle tissue. Very sore silly putty at that.

Jake ran his fingers around the edge of ring trying to survey the damage. He easily slipped his pointer and middle fingers of both hands in; his asshole couldn’t even muster basic resistance. Once inside he massaged the inside muscles, digging his fingertips in and rubbing the insides of the muscles in a circular motion. Once Jake felt like his innards were willing to cooperate he worked the lining in different directions; he pulled the sides farther apart and then massaged around the ring in a circular motion. He inched his way upwards around the edge until the fingers from both hands met at the twelve o’clock position. He then reversed the process until both hands met at the opposite end.

This was what Jake needed. Jake felt the same soothing pain as if he was stretching after a long, hard, workout. He worked the cramps and kinks out of his sphincter in much the same way one would work the cramps out of their calves. As Jake worked the hole, more and more of Tyler’s pent up jizz flooded out. Jake’s hands were quickly coated in the stuff. Jake could do this for hours, and he felt his cock begin to stir to life again. He wanted to bring himself to completion yet again, but he knew that by now they probably only had around ten minutes to get cleaned up.

Jake staggered off to the bathroom. His semi swung heavily from side to side as Tyler’s cum continued to seep out of his ass. Jake was leaving a trail behind him as he trudged on. Somewhere in the back of his mind he couldn’t help but feel sorry for whoever had this misfortune of having to clean all this up.

Tyler was finally rolling out of bed himself as Jake got to the bathroom door. Tyler ached all over as well. He had had three massive orgasms during the span of the day; not counting all the little ones during the course of the night. Despite this his cock was already ready to go again, and his balls were full and heavy. A nice hot shower would help soothe his poor muscles, and he knew he could not go down to dinner looking like he currently did.

He had dry caked on cum all up the front of his chest and the side of his face. None of it his this time. Jake had been so coated with his own seed that his upper body was all but laminated in it. When Tyler passed out on top of Jake, much of it rubbed off onto him. Part of Tyler wanted to leave it on, in some kinky way it was like having a bit of his boyfriend with him at all times. He ran that thought through his mind again. He still couldn’t get over it. They were officially boyfriends now.

He crept up beside Jake who was standing in front of the mirror, surveying the damage. Tyler leaned in close and kissed the taller boy on the cheek. Tyler could taste the Jake’s salty sweat on his skin as well as a salty bitter tinge of the dried on cum. Now that Tyler could see Jake clearly under the halogen bathroom lights he could see just how thick the coating on him was. It made Tyler’s second hand spooge look paltry in comparison.

Jake’s face was particularly hard hit. The caked on cum had already begun to flake and peel, making his face look like it was covered in a mixture of Vaseline and chalk. Jake’s brown hair was equally messy. Tyler began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Jake asked with only mild indignation.

Tyler was still giggling and he put his pointer finger up to either side of his lips. “Aren’t you going to tell me how you got those scars?”

Jake playfully shoved Tyler and said, “We can’t go down looking like this. We should get cleaned up.” Jake’s whole upper body was coated. Some of heavier hit areas were still a little goopy. He couldn’t help but think that he look like a Scooby Doo villain; the phantom cumbeast from Uranus.

“Way ahead of you.” Tyler said as he walked into the shower. Tyler’s bathroom had a large walk in shower stall. He turned back to Jake, and leaned on the door frame seductively. “We should probably shower together.” Then with a seductive wink he added “To save time.”

Somehow I can see us wasting more time that way. Jake thought to himself. He gave a bemused sigh and got into the stall with the shorter blond. Tyler turned up the heat and stood under the stream while making a show of rinsing himself off. He was more interested in striking sexy poses under the water than actually getting cleaned up. He looked like he was in a shampoo commercial; a very sexy, not safe for TV shampoo commercial. Tyler lathered up and worked the suds into his skin and the most erotic ways possible. When Tyler washed his chests he spent extra time massaging his nipples as he give Jake yet another seductive wink.

The muscular boy worked every inch of his body like this, adding in that little something extra. As he washed his face he would suck on his fingers and moan. As he washed his backside Tyler kneaded his ass cheeks and would spread them wide; giving Jake a clear view of his soapy, puckered hole.

It gave Jake a chance to really admire Tyler’s body though. Tyler was well tanned across his whole body, and also pretty muscular. Not like body builder muscular, but he definitely had the athlete look going. Jake’s eyes kept creeping lower admiring every inch of Tyler’s body; past his hard pecs, past his washboard abs, down the treasure trail that Tyler kept trimmed short, past the equally trimmed pubic area, and finally onto the dick. Tyler made sure that Jake’s gaze was directed to his giant cock as he continued is little show.

Tyler massaged the soap into his enormous dick as he swayed his hips back and forth. He could tell Jake was transfixed and that just got Tyler more into it. Tyler’s dick swung low as he moved. The tip dipping down well below his knees, and he had only just begun to inflate. Tyler lifted the hefty shaft up to his chest with one arm, and begin worked the suds into his now giant sized nuts. Each of Tyler’s massive orbs were now about as big as a medium sized beach ball. Tyler could see Jake’s look of complete shock, awe, and lust, and so he swaggered in nice and close. When Tyler was close enough, He left go of his now semi-erect cock so that it was now propping itself up by leaning into the lanky boy’s torso; the tip was pointing right into Jake’s sternum.

Jake’s mind was trying to process it all. Tyler kept advancing forward; his massive dick pushing Jake back as he did. Jake’s back hit the wall. He was now being pinned to the wall by his friend’s monolithic wang. A wang that just recently was planted deep within him. Now that it was almost completely hard the head was pushing into Jake’s chest. “Was it that big when it was in me?” Jake asked in awe.

Jake looked down and thought for a second. It was huge, even he had to admit it, but he was sure it hadn’t grown at all since he had passed out. “Not exactly?”

Jake tilted his head questioningly as Tyler explained in better detail. “Well I may or may not have been thinking how nice it was to be resting like that. You know, still inside you as we lay there together. So I kind of filled to fit the whole.” Tyler tried to explain as best he could. Truth be told it was a subconscious thing. He could feel himself swelling to keep Jake full even after he had begun to get softer. He wasn’t actively focusing on growing, but at the time he was glad he did. So in other words, Tyler was now as thick soft as he was when he was hard and ramming Jake. Jake could tell from the awkward bashful look on Tyler’s face that Tyler had not actually thought this through and was kind of ashamed to be admitting to it.

Jake just sighed and shook his head. “You know there is no way I can take that anymore.” Jake really wished he could, but the shaft was longer than his torso and almost as thick as his waist. Jake really couldn’t blame Jake, though. The feeling was addictive. With each small growth the sensation grew exponentially. Jake had just recently become aware of his own growths. It all made sense in some strange way; the way Tyler’s briefs could not contain his package earlier; the way he was so much hornier than he had ever been in his life; the way he had managed to cum enough to drench Tyler’s bed and everything on it. It all added up. The feeling of his own massive cock and balls swinging around as he staggered to the bathroom was one of the greatest feelings he had ever had. It was empowering as well as erotic. Jake could not tell why he was growing or if he would ever get as big as Tyler, but he knew he wanted to.

“Yeah. Probably.” Tyler said sheepishly. “But if I only got to do it once, I am glad it was with you.” Tyler beamed at Jake and kissed him on the lips.


Part 8

Jake and Tyler kissed long and passionately. Jake was unable to bend forward with Tyler’s rigid, colossal, length wedged between them. Fortunately he was able to crane his neck down a bit, and Tyler was able to stand up on his toes enough for them to lock lips. They pulled each other in tightly; Jake even managed to lift Tyler off his feet a bit so they could kiss deeper. Sandwiched between Tyler’s monumental cock and Jake’s abdomen, was Jake’s smaller, but still massive, cock. Both boys could feel their members rubbing together as they kissed. Jake could feel a sticky wetness spreading across his chest, letting him know turned on Tyler was. Tyler could feel a similar sensation spreading across the lower half of his shaft.

Both boys were ready to have another go right then and there in the shower stall, but their passion was interrupted by a loud knock on the door. They gazed into each others eyes with a mixture of despair, longing, and lust. They knew they had to get down to dinner soon to avoid arousing suspicion, but they were both so horny; they just wanted to finish, consequences be damned.

Tyler leaned in for another kiss, but Jake held him at bay. Jake slowly shook his head. Tyler could see the pain in his eyes. Jake wanted to continue as much as he did, but Jake was always the more level headed of the two. Tyler realized that Jake was right. They couldn’t stay up here all night. They had to make a showing, and carry on as if things were normal. Tyler let out a raggedy sigh. He took a moment to let his heart rate slow down and his breathing return to normal.

Tyler could see that Jake was nowhere near ready to go downstairs yet. There were large chunks of cum still caked onto him. The shower had helped to soften it up a bit, but he needed a solid scrubbing to get it all off. Tyler leaned quickly to give Jake one last quick peck on the cheek and then opened the shower door. “I’ll get us some clothes. Hurry up and get cleaned up.” Jake nodded. His face was an odd combination of colors; his cheeks were bright red and there were still white globs intermittently splattered across his face.

Jake placed his left pointer and middle fingers on his chest. He traced his fingers along the slimy, sticky pool of Tyler’s pre that was steadily trickling down his front. He could smell it even over the fresh soapy smell. Once his fingers were thoroughly coated, Jake slipped his fingers into his mouth and stepped back under the shower stream. He sucked as much of it as he could off of his fingers; basking in the flavor. When his fingers were completely clean, he picked up the cloth and soap and began work on the rest of him.

Meanwhile Tyler sifted through his drawers for clothes. He was beginning to worry that he’d never be able to find anything that would fit him when he saw it; an old worn out pair of sweat pants. Tyler recognized these. They actually belonged to his dad, but must have been mixed in wit his laundry accidentally. Tyler’s dad was very similar to him in terms of height, but Tyler was in much better shape. These pants were designed for someone who is much wider all around than Tyler, which made them perfect for him now. Tyler stuck his right leg in first and then began feeding his long tube down the same pant leg. Once his meat was safely put away, he slipped the other leg in and began pulling the pants up. He had managed to get them up on his hips, but they wouldn’t go any further. Any more and they began to cramp his nuts in a painful way. It would have to do, Tyler thought, as he tightened the drawstring as tight as he could manage. The pants stayed up well enough, but the base of his shaft, his well trimmed pubic area, and most of his ass were all very visible.

Tyler dug around for a shirt, to, but none were long enough. They all stopped right at about the waist. Tyler then remembered an old bath robe he had in his closet. It was given to him a few years ago by his grandparents. Grandparents never knew what kind of gifts to give, but Tyler graciously accepted it and stashed it away where it would never be worn. He had never been happier to be related to such a tacky old woman. He threw the robe on and tied it around the waist. It served its purposes and covered up his Netherlands in such a way that he could at least be seen in public.

Tyler looked over is odd outfit in the mirror. He looked ridiculous. He had an ugly overcoat and the crotch line on his pants was down to his knees. Tyler had neither the grace, nor the animated penguin entourage to rock the look anywhere near as well as Dick Van Dyke had, but at least his obscene bulge was covered up by the robe. His lower half bulged out in misshapen ways, but it wasn’t readily apparent what was causing it. As far as the average onlooker would be concerned, it was just a side effect of dressing like a frumpy old man.

Tyler grabbed a few articles of clothing for Jake as well. Jake was a lot easier to find clothes for, since his equipment was not as inhumanly large as Tyler’s. All Tyler had to worry about was finding clothes that were long enough for Jake’s tall, lanky frame. Jake pulled out a pair of basketball shorts that stopped well below his knees when he wore them. The shirt was the problem, though. He owned no long shirts. The best he could come up with was an old, baggy hoodie.

Tyler had good timing, for as soon as he had gotten Jake’s outfit ready he heard the water from the shower stop. Tyler scooped up the clothes and turned around to see Jake standing in the doorway. Jake had not a single scrap of cloth on him, save for the towel which was being used to dry his hair.

Jake could tell Tyler liked what he saw because as soon as Tyler turned and saw him his jaw dropped. Jake was thin, but nowhere near emaciated. The only bits of his bone structure that could be seen clearly were the bottom ridge of his ribs, his collar bone, and just a little bit of a ridge on the sides of his hips. He had the rudimentary basis of muscles, which could sort of be seen from the right angles; if he flexed, you could almost make out the bump of his bicep. His stomach was flat, firm, and smooth. Tyler could see he had a little bit of muscle there, but it was nowhere near as toned and developed as his.

Jake was also much paler than Tyler. He wasn’t pasty, but he didn’t go outside enough to get a decent tan going. Jake also didn’t put near as much stock in manscaping as Tyler did; as was evidenced by the thick clumps of hair around his armpits and groin. Even in its currently wet state, the hair curled and clumped thickly around the base of his penis. Tyler had often teased him about this in the past. It seemed whenever they went swimming or some other activity that resulted in Jake not wearing a shirt, Tyler would constantly remind Jake not to overfeed his tribbles. Jake was naturally hairless everywhere else, which just served to make his few clumps of hair seem even more wild and unkempt.

But this was all stuff that Tyler had seen before. What really caught his eye was the thick, meaty, cock that Jake was now sporting. Jake could tell that Tyler was completely fixated on his schlong. It was Jake’s turn to show off now. His hard-on had had time to die down, but not completely. He still had a sizeable semi that hung over halfway down to his knees. Behind the shaft dangled two melon sized balls. Jake’s balls didn’t sag near as much as Tyler’s did, but they still dangled far lower than they used to. The sheer weight of them was starting to cause them to become low hangers.

Jake rubbed his hair vigorously. His hair was pretty much dry by now, but he was no longer trying to dry off. Each hard brush of his scalp would send a wave through his body that would run down the length of his cock, causing it to swing heavily back and forth. Tyler looked like one of those old, novelty Felix the Cat clocks as his eyes traced the path of Jake’s dick as it slapped from thigh to thigh. Jake was enjoying the lusty gaze he was getting from Tyler, and Jake could see the outline of Tyler’s enormous cock stir and twist as it grew inside his sweatpants. Jake could see why Tyler enjoyed flaunting his stuff as much as he did, and as much as Jake wanted to keep the show going, he knew they were late for dinner as it was.

Jake playfully flung his soggy towel into Tyler’s face, and scooped up the clothes Tyler was holding. Tyler quickly pulled the towel off, but Jake was already pulling the pants on. All but the very base of his shaft was already covered. Tyler gave Jake the biggest, sad puppy eyes he could manage. “Oh, all right.” Jake said with mock indignation as he pulled his pants back down a few inches. Not enough to expose the head, but enough to expose a good chunk of the shaft and all of his balls. “But that’s it for now. We have to get going.” Jake said as he pulled the shorts back up and slipped his shirt on.

Jake then leaned in really close to Tyler, and whispered seductively into his ear. “And besides. We have all night to pick up where we left off.” With that Jake gave one of Tyler’s gigantic nuts a gentle squeeze, and headed downstairs.


Part 9

Jake ran down stairs, and bounded into the kitchen. Tyler’s mother was just finishing scooping whatever it was she was cooking into bowls. “Hey, Mom.” Jake said as nonchalantly as he could muster. For as long as Jake could remember, he had spent as much time at Tyler’s house as he had at his own. Everyone in Tyler’s household had long since begun to think of him as one of the family, and treated him as such. They also insisted he refer to them in kind.

Jake had both of his hands in the front pouch of the hoodie, in an effort to keep it stretched down to his waist. If he took his hands out, the hoodie would start to ride up his stomach and expose much of his midriff. He had the waistband for the shorts sitting a bit below his waistline in order to ensure that the bottom of the pant legs extended down long enough to keep his lengthy dong from slipping out. If he let the hoodie creep up it would make a large patch of his bush readily visible by all, and really didn’t want to show that off to his secondary mother. Just the thought of it made him want to curl up and die of embarrassment.

“Oh, hello, dear. Good timing. I was just finishing up.” She picked up a bowl and turned to face Jake. “Oooh. I like the outfit.” She chuckled a little and gave Jake a sly wink. She immediately recognized all the clothes as belonging to Tyler. Not only did they fit Jake really poorly, but she had had to wash all them numerous times in the past.

“Here you go. Might want to give it a minute. It’s still pretty hot.” She said as she handed Jake the bowl. Jake thanked her and grabbed the bowl with both hands. The second he took his hands out of the pockets, the bottom of the hoodie began to roll up like a window blind in an old Tom and Jerry cartoon. “You’re all natural, I see. That’s a bit of a rarity in this day and age.” She chuckled again and playfully rapped her knuckles on his exposed abdomen.

Jake was positively mortified. He could not even speak he was so embarrassed. His face felt hot and was turning deep shades of red. He held the bowl close to him, and with a quick nod to Tyler’s mom, he turned and slunk off to the table.

As Jake was approaching the table, Tyler finally entered the kitchen as well. Jake gave him a pleading look that seemed to say ‘why would you leave me alone with this crazy lady?’ Tyler just tilted his head to the side a little and raised an eyebrow. The expression on his face seemed to say ‘do I even want to know what I just walked in on?’

Jake began to pull one of the chairs out from the table, but he heard Tyler’s mother call to him, “Oh no. Not that one, dear. Use the one to the left.” Jake was overcome with a sense of confusion and dread. He had never had his own designated spot before, and given the way this dinner was turning out, he doubted that his new seating assignment would be a good thing. Jake shot Tyler a look of ‘what is even happening here?” Tyler just shrugged. He had no idea about the assigned seats either.

Jake moved over to the next chair and pulled it out. As he was pulling the seat out he realized that this one was different than the rest. There was a large foam donut on the seat. Jake set his bowl on the table, and picked up the object from his chair. Jake pointed to the donut and gave Tyler a look of ‘What!? Why is this even here?”

Tyler recognized it instantly. It was the foam donut his grandmother used to use to sit on when she was still living with them. It was starting to make sense to him now. Part of him really wanted to laugh, but he was also feeling the dread well up inside of him. If his mother thought that Jake needed to use that, then that means they were totally busted.

“Oh, now don’t be that way. Judging by the way you were screaming earlier, I know you could use it.” Tyler’s mom said. Jake’s face was turning new and exciting shades of red. He quickly put the donut back on the chair and sat down. He hung his head down, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. Jake had to admit, though. The foam ring really helped. It put all the pressure on outside edges of his ass, and took the pressure off of his still aching, ravaged hole.

“You’ve got quite the set of pipes on you, boy. It seems like it’s always quiet ones that are the screamers.” She just beamed at Jake and continued to chuckle. She was obviously enjoying teasing Jake.

Tyler realized his mom was taking this extremely well decided to step in. “You seem surprisingly chill about…. Well—” Tyler made a hand motion of pointing back and forth between he and Jake. “Us.”

“Well, of course I am, silly. Your dad and I have been expecting this for years.” Jake and Tyler looked at each other and exchanged a mutual look of ‘What the actual fuck?’

“Anyone who has seen you two together for any extended amount of time could see you two were madly in love with each other. I think it’s really sweet. Ah, young love.” Tyler’s mother was holding the serving spoon with both hands while staring wistfully into space.

Tyler quietly slipped past her, grabbed a bowl, and then sat down next to Jake at the table. His mother snapped out of her little reverie and continued her story. “You know, your dad and I had actually taken bets on when it would happen. I thought you two would be officially a couple by the time you were fourteen. You owe me $20 by the way.” Tyler raised an eyebrow questioningly at her; his mouth was crammed too full of mac n’ cheese to vocalize his question. “Oh, I’m just kidding, dear. Enjoy your dinner. If you need me, I have a hot date with Lt. Horatio Craine. Lord, he’s fine.”

Tyler’s mother took her food and went off to the front room to eat her dinner. She returned to watching a CSI marathon; leaving Jake and Tyler to finish their food in silence. The two of them were still having trouble calming their nerves after one of the most awkward family moments in the history of the world. Neither one was really sure how they felt about it all. Fortunately Jake soon worked up the nerve to diffuse the atmosphere. He leaned over to Tyler and said, “Dude, your mom ships us so hard.” They both started howling with laughter.

After they stopped laughing long enough to finish their meals, they placed their bowls in the sink and ran back up to Tyler’s room. Jake hadn’t even had time to shut the door behind him before Tyler was already pulling off his pants. Tyler predicted Jake’s reaction to this and began his counterargument before even beginning to turn around. As Tyler turned around to face Jake, his hefty dick swinging low as he did so, he said, “Look dude, these pants are way uncomfortable, and besides. You know you like it better this way.” Tyler grinned lasciviously as he swung his hips from side to side, causing his massive cock to slap loudly against one leg and then the other.

Jake had to admit, he loved seeing Tyler naked, so he wasn’t about to complain. Tyler pulled off his robe and the t-shirt he had on under it as well. “Might as well take yours off, too.” Tyler said. “Not like it’s doing you a lot of good anyway. Tyler made a nodding gesture towards Jake’s leg. Jake looked down and could see his pant legs had begun creeping up on him, and the last few inches of his cock were clearly visible hanging down below the hem of the shorts.

Jake once again turned bright red. He just had to hope that Tyler’s mom hadn’t noticed as they walked past the front room to get to the stairs. He began pulling his clothes off as well. Hanging around Tyler was turning him into a bit of an exhibitionist.

Tyler walked over to his desk and picked up the TV remote. He flipped the TV on and then grabbed the Xbox controllers that were lying on his desk. He tossed one of them to Jake. Jake caught the controller and took his normal seat on the bean bag chair sitting right in front of the TV. Jake expected Tyler to wheel his desk chair over to the TV like he normally did, but instead Tyler flopped down right into Jake’s lap.

Tyler pulled on a headset and put the other one on Jake. As the game fired up Jake and Tyler managed to get comfortable. Jake slipped his arms under Tyler’s and rested his head on Tyler’s shoulder. They did pretty well at the game. They had it set to team based vehicle combat; Jake was driving, and Tyler was shooting. They both kept getting distracted at various times throughout the match, though. If there was a lull in the action, Jake would hug Tyler tightly and give him a quick kiss on the nape of his neck. Jake was drinking in Tyler’s smell the whole time. He loved everything about it; the scent of the soap on Tyler’s freshly cleaned skin, the scent of Tyler’s hair and the shampoo that he used.

Just being so close to Tyler was getting Jake hard. Tyler could feel it, too; Jake’s growing erection was poking right into Tyler’s back. Whenever he could find time Tyler would move his hips so that his ass and the small of his back were rubbing up against Jake’s shaft. Jake was finding it harder and harder to focus on the game as he himself got harder and harder. Tyler also found himself getting worked up. Every kiss Jake planted on his neck made him get more and more aroused.

As soon as the match ended, Tyler spun around and began passionately kissing Jake on the lips; Jake returned the kisses with the same intensity. They were returned to the waiting lobby after a brief loading screen, and they could hear some loud thirteen year old from the opposite team. He was livid that his team lost and was screaming at everyone else. He was quick to single out Jake and Tyler since they had the highest score. He screamed at them calling them cheaters, calling them cowards, campers, kill stealers, and not the least of all fags.

This last bit got Tyler’s attention. He decided to give this annoying kid the send-up he deserved. Tyler flipped on video chat so that all the people in the waiting room could see Jake and him. “Here’s a message to that little loud-mouthed, blow-hard, preschooler. You called us a lot of things that weren’t true, but you got one thing right.” He then spun back around and began making out with Jake. They hammed it up a bit, making it was extra hot and extra noisy. Tyler extended his middle finger towards the camera, and then hit the button to exit the game; all while keeping his lips firmly locked with Jake’s.

Tyler broke the embrace and shoved Jake back into the chair. Tyler then slid down onto all fours and began licking up and down Jake’s shaft. Jake was rigid and had already begun leaking awhile ago, as was evidenced by the large wet spot on Tyler’s back.

Tyler was on his knees as he worked over Jake’s cock with his tongue. Tyler could feel his beach ball sized nuts resting on the carpet. His already massive semi quickly finished growing into a gargantuan erection. Tyler could feel it poke him in the chin from time to time and he sucked Jake’s cock.

Jake noticed his boyfriend’s untended erection, and He wished to return a least some of the favor. Jake maneuvered his feet down to Tyler’s waist and slid them under Tyler’s massive cock so that they were pressed up against the underside of the base of his dick. Jake dug in and began to roll his feet around. The balls of his feet were digging into the sensitive flesh on the underside of Tyler’s penis. The heels of his feet were digging into the top side of Tyler’s enormous nuts. Jake rocked his feet back and forth so that the pressure alternated between the balls and heels of his feet; he was simultaneously kneading Tyler’s shaft and sack.

Tyler was now leaking large amounts of pre; what didn’t smear across the underside of his chin dribbled onto the carpet, creating a thick, slimy pool. Jake’s footjob made Tyler even hornier. Tyler placed his elbows against Jake’s thighs to steady himself and grabbed Jake’s cock and balls; Tyler’s left hand wrapped firmly around Jake’s cock, and his right hand gently massaging one nut and then the other. Jake’s balls were now too large for Tyler to fit both in one hand at the same time.

Tyler wrapped his lips around the tip of Jake’s cock and began to take s much of it in his mouth as he could. Tyler loosened up the back of his throat to allow Jake’s cock to slide even farther in. He made it about halfway down the shaft; He could take more of Jake’s cock down his throat, but they were too tangled together for him to move much farther.

The sensation of having his cock so deep down Tyler’s throat was better than anything he could have imagined. Tyler’s throat was warm, slick, and very tight. Jake could feel Tyler’s breathing. Tyler would occasionally try to swallow instinctively, and the feeling of all the muscles in Tyler’s throat clenching and unclenching in an attempt to shove whatever was blocking the tube down into the stomach blew Jake’s mind; it felt like hundreds of fingers working Jake’s shaft from all sides.

Tyler wanted to take even more of his lover’s cock. He wanted to keep going until he was face down in Jake’s fluffy brown bush. Tyler couldn’t move in the current Kama Sutra gone wrong pose they were both locked in, and so he shook Jake’s legs off of him; even though the foot job felt amazing. He was focused on taking more and more of Jake’s cock. Tyler pulled himself forward and pushed Jake back into the chair even farther; all while managing to not even give up an inch of Jake’s cock.

Jake was now lying almost completely horizontal. His ass hung over the side of the bean bag. He realized that Tyler shook him off so that he could swallow more of his sword, but Jake refused to just sit back and watch. Jake began to stand up slowly and walk forward. All the while he guided Tyler so that Tyler could shift his weight back and sit down comfortably on his rear; Tyler still refused to let even a centimeter of Jake’s cock escape him.

The new sitting position pushed Tyler’s dick upward in such a way that it was now pointing past his chin. It mashed awkwardly against the underside of Jake’s own cock. Tyler was now streaming pre as he struggled to keep himself from cumming until he reached his goal. His deluge was beginning to completely soak Jake’s dick.

Jake could see the Tyler’s monstrous dick was going to get in the way. Even though Jake really enjoyed the feeling of Tyler’s dick rubbing against his own, he knew he needed to find a better place for it. Jake grabbed Tyler’s dick and guided it down enough that he could swing his own hefty nut sack over it. Jake continued his forward march allowing Tyler to swallow more and more of his length. Jake let go of Tyler’s shaft and used his hands to instead spread his own cheeks apart. Tyler’s dick swung upward as soon as it was released and poked Jake right in his ass.

As Jake shifted both of their positions Tyler was able to take more and more of Jake’s dick into his mouth. He had already reached the point where his own dick had thoroughly creamed Jake’s. Tyler’s tongue was pressed firmly up against his own puddle of pre. He could taste his own juices coating Jake’s skin, and it just brought him closer to blowing his load. Tyler was dripping with sweat. It was taking everything he had just to keep from cumming. His breathing was getting shallow, both from being so turned on and from having to breathe very carefully to get air to his lungs around the thick dick that was filling his mouth and throat.

Jake could feel Tyler getting closer and closer to release. Jake was amazed he hadn’t done so already. Jake was also very close; his nuts were already seizing upward. His legs were feeling like jelly, but Jake fought through it. He only needed to feed Tyler a few more inches. By this point Jake was all but using Tyler’s huge cock as a chair. Jake’s ass was squarely situated right on Tyler’s cock head. The head was far too big to ever slip inside of Jake, but it pushed hard against Jake’s hole. Jake’s asshole was pressed right up against Tyler’s slit; Jake could feel the large amounts of pre that Tyler was streaming flowing into his ass. Jake still couldn’t control his ass muscles enough to close his hole, and he wasn’t sure he ever wanted to fully recover. His ass felt so loose and free. He wanted it to always be open for whatever Tyler wanted to put into it.

Jake continued his advance. He was so close to blowing is load; not only were all of Tyler’s throat muscles working over his shaft like before, but now Tyler was also working over what little bit of Jake’s cock was in his throat wildly with his tongue. Jake’s mind was going fuzzy; his hips were bucking; his legs were wobbling. He knew he could not hold it in anymore, but right as his resolved failed he felt it; Jake’s balls slapped against Tyler’s chin.

Tyler had been ready to cum for what felt like ages. The way Jake was riding his cock like a bar stool really didn’t help matters, either. His cock head was pressed right up into Jake’s ass, and it felt as if his slit and Jake’s loose, hole were having hot, sloppy makeouts; Tyler was actually feeling jealous of is own dick. Tyler would just have to make a note to give Jake a good rimming later on. He’d like to see his dick take all of someone else’s dick inside it. He thought with smug satisfaction. Then he replayed that thought in his head. Wow. He really would love to see his cock take someone else’s inside it. He’d never even thought of that as an option before. Just the thought of it now was making bringing him over the edge. He wanted to hold back, but he knew it was a lost cause. Right as Tyler was about to give when in he felt a strange tickling sensation on his nose.

Tyler opened his eyes, and all he could see was a tangled mass of brown hair. He had done it. He was now face down in Jake’s wild bush. Tyler breathed in deeply. He took in the smell. He could smell Jake’s fresh sweat and a hint of shampoo and conditioner. Tyler surged forward to take the last inch of Jake’s meat, smacking his chin loudly against Jake’s balls.

They came in unison, harder than either had ever cum before. Jake fired shot after shot, directly down Tyler’s throat. Tyler’s belly filled up as Jake unloaded gallons of hot cum into him. Tyler returned the favor by firing gallon after gallon directly into Jake’s open hole.

They both quickly reached max capacity. Jake stepped off of Tyler’s colossal gusher and began pulling his cock slowly out of Tyler’s throat. He could feel Tyler’s throat getting tighter around his cock, as his dick began to enlarge slightly from yet another exposure to Tyler’s jizz, but fortunately, the extraction was helped along by the torrential force of his own spooge spraying down Tyler’s throat. Jake managed to pull the last of his two foot long cock out of Tyler’s mouth but he was still spraying at full force. It was now Tyler’s turn to get completely drenched, and he loved it. He kept his mouth open, trying to catch as much of his lover’s spunk as he could.

In order to pull his meat out of Tyler’s throat, Jake had to walk backwards over the raging geyser of jizz that was Tyler’s cock. The warm blasts hit him squarely on the underside of his cock and balls, and well as splashing onto his chest and legs. Once Jake had completely extricated himself from Tyler’s mouth he walked back over the fountain, and planted a lot sloppy kiss on Tyler’s lips. Not only was Tyler’s face completely covered in Jake’s cum, but Tyler also had a mouth full of spunk he had been savoring. As they kissed passionately, the gooey wad was passed back and forth between them as their tongues rubbed up against each other. The force of their tongues whisked the cream into a bubbly froth. Jake was intoxicated with the taste of Tyler’s saliva mixed with his own jizz.

After they broke for breathe, Jake pushed Tyler onto the floor, and sat down on top of him. Jake positioned his ass so it was sitting right on Tyler’s abdomen. Jake’s back was pressed flat up against Tyler’s still wildly firing giant cock. The tip of Tyler’s towering dick pressed up between Jake’s shoulder blades. Tyler’s torrent continued to fire upwards, plastering the ceiling with his cum; large globs of it rained down all around the room, especially onto the two boys.

Jake ground his penis into Tyler’s chest. He would fire another blast with each thrust; spraying all over Tyler’s face and onto the carpet and TV stand behind him. Tyler was drinking up as much of Jake’s cum as he could manage without choking under the downpour. With Tyler’s spunk raining from above and Jake’s jizz spraying at him from below it was getting hard to tell whose was whose any more. Tyler scooped up large handfuls of it and offered it to Jake. Jake would grab Tyler’s wrists and greedily slurp up the offerings. He would not stop until Tyler’s hands were completely clean.

Occasionally Jake would lean in and plant another wet kiss on Tyler’s mouth. They would hold these long passionate kissed while being showered from multiple directions. During which time they would swap and combine the loads they had in their mouths until they broke apart and swallowed the mix. Their minds were too hazy with sex to manage anything above even the most basic thought. All they could think about was how much they wanted each other.

After what felt like hours since they begun cumming, they finally were too tired to continue. Their streams dried up. Their cocks softened. Jake rolled off of Tyler and fell back onto the now slimy bean bag chair; Tyler’s cum still streaming out of his ass. Tyler used the last of his strength to climb on top of Jake and hug him tightly; his head nestled in Jake’s chest.

Jake brushed back Tyler’s hair, revealing a relatively untouched portion of skin on the blond’s forehead. He kissed Tyler’s forehead sweetly and began to drift off as well. As Jake was slipping into slumber he saw a red blinking light on the camera, but he was too tired and his brain was still too foggy from sex to wonder about what it might mean.


Part 10

Dalton was not expecting anything more than a quick diversion when he tagged into a game with one of his x-box buds. Buds might be a little too strong a word since they had only ever met in person once, in a friend of a friend sort of way. He knew that they all went to the same school, and would see each other in the halls on rare occasion, but they never really spoke. Every so often they might actually recognize each other in the halls and give a quick nod of acknowledgement.

As the match ended Dalton could hear one of the other team’s players being a total asshat. This kid was going through an entire litany of third-grade level insults culminating with “fags.” Dalton was ready to exit the game, but before he could exit, a video chat window popped up. Dalton recognized the two in the video. The tall brown haired one was his buddy. What was his name? Jack? That sounded about right. And the short blonde one must be his friend, Taylor.

Taylor told off that annoying little punk and then turned and planted a long sloppy kiss on Jack’s mouth. So they were officially a couple now? Dalton had heard his friends talking about them in the past. It seems like everyone was waiting for those two to just come out already and make it official. Dalton was happy for them, and a little turned on. That kiss was hot, and neither of them was wearing a shirt which made it easy for him to imagine both of them completely naked. Dalton quickly shook the thought from his mind. It just wasn’t proper to ship friends of friends in such a way.

Jack and Taylor left the game, which caused a command prompt to appear on Dalton’s screen. “Your buddy has left the game. Continue playing? [Y/N]” Dalton decided to quit the game, too. After all, he had only decided to play a quick game to take a break from the video editing he was working on.

Dalton’s x-box returned back to his home page. That was going to be the end of it, but Dalton noticed that he had an active party still open. Curious about what it was, Dalton opened the group menu and saw that the he was still in a party with Jack. That’s right, Dalton thought to himself. He had queued with them, and when they left, he had agreed to leave too.

Dalton opened the video chat window, and could see that Jack and Taylor were now doing more than just kissing and that they were completely nude. Taylor had pushed Jack further back into he chair so that Dalton could now see halfway down Taylor’s hot ass. The short one is pretty cut, Dalton thought to himself. He full screened the video chat, hoping he could see a bit better. It was then that he remembered all his video programs. He had already linked his x-box to his pc. He could easily run the video chat through his desktop and record it.

Dalton had a brief flash of guilt and was about to turn off the video chat, but then he heard Jack’s loud, low moan. That sealed the deal. Dalton quickly flipped the video to play on his PC and set it to record. He was rock hard at this point. There was no way he could just sit and watch as those two went at it. He got out of his chair and began pulling down his pants. For once he actually regretted always wearing these tight pants that show off his physique;. They were very difficult to pull off in a hurry.

Before too long Dalton had managed to peel off layers of his clothes and was left in just his undershirt and his boxers; the boxers were down around his ankles but still technically on. He began to work his shaft up and down with the left hand while his right hand rubbed the tip in a circular motion. He wished he actually had some real lube because his dick was starting to get a little raw from rubbing it dry. Then he remembered his various eco-friendly plant balms he used for is face. One of these had to work.

He dug around through his toiletries for a minute, until he found the one he was looking for. It was a fairly greasy aloe based balm, but it’d work well enough for his current task. He sat back down in his chair and squirted jets of the white cream onto his cock. Wow, this is ironic, he thought to himself wryly. He returned to the show right as Taylor was on his knees trying to deep throat Jack’s member.

Two halves of Dalton’s mind were at war with each other. The film nerd and wannabe director were furious about the scene composition. The entire time he had not even caught a glimpse of either guy’s dick. He could only see Taylor from the back and Jack’s cock was blocked by Taylor’s body. The angle was all wrong too. How were they standing so far apart if Taylor was supposed to be deep throating Jack? Jack’s dick would have to be well over a foot long in order for this to work.

The horny teen half of Dalton’s mind picked up on this quickly. Jack is packin’, and Taylor is gobbling that knob like a champ. There was at least a foot left of Jack’s cock that Taylor hadn’t taken yet, and there was no way of telling how much was already in him. Dalton’s cock began to dribble a little at the thought. Dalton was not bad off in that department, his own cock standing tall at a little over eight inches, but he had always been a bit of a size queen. Just thinking about how he knew a guy, well rather, knew a guy who knew a guy, who was packing well over a foot of sausage got him more turned on than he had been in his life.

Taylor had managed to take all of Jack’s cock, and they both came in unison. Dalton could see Taylor guzzling cum like a beast, but he couldn’t see Taylor’s shots. He could tell by the way Taylor was convulsing that he had to be cumming too, but Dalton still could not get any idea for how big he was. There was also the way Jack was standing. It was like he was sitting on something, but there was no way that he was still on that beanbag chair.

Dalton’s ability to rationalize the scene completely faded as Jack pulled out and began blasting Taylor in the face. Jack was spraying like a fire hose, and his dick wasn’t that much smaller than one. Dalton lost it upon seeing such a massive cock even for a brief fleeting instant. He came hard, harder than he could ever remember cumming in his life. Three long solid shots into the air, all of which hit him in the face. He slunk back in his chair as he tried to catch his breathe and basked in the afterglow.

Those two were still shooting. Dalton’s mind was foggy but some portion of his brain was still trying to analyze this scene with a scholarly fascination. Now that Jack had moved and sat down on Taylor’s stomach, Dalton could see another gusher behind them. This spray seemed even larger. It was hard to tell, due to the angle, but it looked like it was coming from behind Jack’s head. Dalton watched in awe as Jack leaned forward to snowball with Taylor. He caught a brief glimpse of what had to be the largest cock he had ever seen in his life. It had to be well over three feet tall; probably closer to four. Dalton couldn’t be sure of what he was seeing. He was too tired. His eyes were unable to focus well enough to see even if his glasses hadn’t been coated in his own spunk.

Dalton couldn’t help feeling that this is probably how people who saw Bigfoot felt. Well, if the people who saw Bigfoot had some sort of autoerotic reaction to the sighting; which is believable given how obsessed people who claim to have seen Bigfoot seem to be. It would also explain why none of them could hold the damn camera still. It’s hard to steady a camera with one hand, especially if the other hand is causing your whole body to rock.

Within a few minutes, Dalton had managed to catch his breath. Jack and Taylor were already fast asleep in each other’s arms. God, those two were adorable, Dalton mused. It’s no wonder all of Dalton’s friends have been waiting for them to get together. Dalton picked up his scarf from the pile of clothes next to him and wiped off his face and glasses. He had waited a little too long and his cum had already begun to cake on. He could wait and wash his face more thoroughly later, but his glasses needed more immediate attention. The cum was stuck on their pretty well. All he managed to accomplish by wiping them off was smearing the jizz around a little. His glasses were now streaked with spooge. Dalton would not be able to see anything until he got this cleaned off.

Dalton’s shirt felt wet and sticky and so he pulled it off and dumped it into the hamper and threw his boxers in there while he was at it. They were also too dirty to put on, and wearing them around his ankles like some sort of prisoner’s manacles was just silly. Since Dalton knew he had the place to himself tonight he decided against putting any clothes on. After all, the breeze felt nice against his bare skin. Dalton was already thinking about doing this more often. The streaking bit, anyway, not the creeping on his social circle thing. Although, if they left the cam running every night, he wouldn’t mind making a habit of that too.

Since he was already up it seemed like a good time to get some dinner. He heated up a large cup of coffee and slipped some pop tarts into the toaster. His hipster cred would be in jeopardy if any of his friends knew that he ate those, but one can’t be organic all the time. While these things heated up he washed his glasses in the sink. A lot of hot water and a little glasses spray and they were good as new.

Once his food and coffee were ready, Dalton went back up to his room to get back to work. He made sure to shrink down the feed from Jack and Taylor and lock it into the foreground. This way he could easily keep an eye on them and still keep working. The next few hours were pretty uneventful. Dalton kept editing away at his video; fixing the sound, cutting down scenes, adjusting the filters. He would occasionally see a little bit of movement in the corner of his screen from his accidental spy-cam. Those two were fast asleep, but they would still steal kissed from each other on occasion. The way they were so lovey-dovey with each other would be disgusting if it wasn’t so adorable.

Finally Dalton saw some real motion. The short one was awake. Taylor was up and already at it. ‘That horny little bugger.’ Dalton thought to himself as he watched with a bemused smirk.

Tyler’s eyes groggily fluttered open. The first thing he was greeted with upon waking up was the sight of Jake’s face. They had apparently shifted in their sleep so that their faces were nearly touching. Tyler closed the gap and planted a quick kiss on Jake’s lips. They were already in position, after all. It would be a shame to waste such an opportunity.

Tyler was never one to leave things well enough alone, though, and continued kissing a trail across Jake’s body. He worked his way down from the lips, onto Jake’s chin, down his neck. As Tyler worked on the nape of Jake’s neck he could feel his lover stir. A sensual groan escaped Jake’s mouth. Jake was still asleep, but not for long from the looks of it. Tyler looked down at Jake’s lengthy cock. It was already beginning to twitch and engorge.

As Tyler watched Jake’s huge dick swell into a massive semi, he caught a red blinking light out of the corner of his eye. He realized he had left the console on and the camera with it. As his eyes adjusted he noticed something else. He was still signed into an active party. Tyler did not recognize the name. He figured it must have been one of Jake’s friends. Tyler looked into the camera and said, “So then, AERO-IMPERIAL, are you still watching? I hope we gave you a show you’ll never forget.”

Dalton saw Taylor look directly into the camera and say something. He couldn’t tell what, though; their headsets had fallen off early into their love making. Taylor did not seem to be mad, though. Quite the opposite judging from the lascivious grin that he shot the camera. Dalton’s breath caught in his throat as Taylor stood up. He was finally getting to see Taylor’s massive cock, and massive it was. It was huge, impossibly huge. His balls were so large and full that they reached below his knees. They had to be as large as beach balls. Not the little kind either but full size beach party balls.

Dalton could feel his mouth water and the back of his throat begin to get tight. Taylor’s cock was as thick as one of his legs and about as long. Dalton could not see just how long Taylor’s dick was because the picture stopped about halfway down Taylor’s shins. Dalton’s own dick was already rock hard even though he’d just cum more than he ever had before a few short hours ago. His balls still ached from being drained so dry.

Tyler walked slowly towards the camera. He wanted to make sure his little voyeur had a nice good look at him, but also he could feel the tip of his dick scraping across the floor. If he went too fast he risked getting a carpet burn. By now Tyler has mastered a slow swaying stride which accentuated the sheer magnitude of his meat, but it was probably unnecessary. No one could deny how hung he was.

Taylor’s face stopped just inches from the camera. He put a finger over his lip in shushing gesture. This gesture seemed fairly unnecessary because no sounds he made could be heard on the other side, but his ability to think ground to a halt as the camera angle shifted. The camera panned over to where Jack was asleep. He had slid down the bean bag and was now more reclining against it than resting on it. The camera zoomed in to Jack’s ankles, but then slowly moved up his legs. Dalton could see the tip of Jack’s cock come into view before even his knees did. The camera continued to follow Jack’s penis all the way up to his wild bush. Jack was nowhere near as big as Taylor was, but he was still far larger than any normal guy could ever hope to be.

The camera quickly zoomed back out again. Dalton was not ready. He wished to gaze upon that magnificent dick some more, but Taylor’s face came back into view. The mischievous grin he had and the sly wink he shot the camera let Dalton know there was more to come. The camera panned over and focused in on the bed on the far side of the room. Dalton understood immediately. He had front row tickets to the second cumming.


Part 11

Tyler lay down next to Jake; slipping out of the view of the camera. He picked up Jake’s hefty wang and slung it over Jake’s thigh. With his path now clear, Tyler crept up between Jake’s legs and began to lick Jake’s giant sack. Tyler had always kind of liked Jake’s balls. Tyler realized that it sounds really weird, but it was true. It was not uncommon for Tyler to get a clear view of Jake’s equipment back when they were both normal sized, so Tyler had had plenty of chances to admire them in the past.

Thinking back on it now, Tyler realized that Jake was trying to entice him; trying to get Tyler to give up some indication that Tyler was as attracted to him as he was to Tyler. Tyler never really thought of it before. They had been as close as brothers since before they could bathe themselves. As such, it was not uncommon for them to share a bath when they were kids. Tyler always figured that Jake was just that comfortable around him.

Tyler was beating himself up about it now that he realized the truth. It happened way too often to just be coincidence; the way that Jake would casually forget to bring his clothes with him into the bathroom when he went to shower; the way that Jake would somehow not be dressed yet even though he should have known that Tyler was going to be over at any second; the way that Jake sometimes felt the need to completely change clothes while Tyler was still in the room. Oops, I spilled some soda on my shirt, better change boxers while I am at it.

Tyler never complained. He secretly loved the frequent shows he was given, even if he was too afraid to show any sort of interest in the spectacle. Whenever he thought that Jake wasn’t looking, Tyler would sneak at peak at his friend’s junk. Tyler would always feel guilty about this after the fact, but it was just too good to pass up. Tyler loved everything about Jake’s body; the way he was pretty much completely smooth except for a few errant tufts; the way his complete lack of fat would show off what little musculature he had, and he especially loved Jake’s package.

Jake had a nice dick back then. It was average, but definitely larger than Tyler’s. Wasn’t everyone’s, though? What Tyler really loved was Jake’s balls. He was fascinated by them. They were large even back then, but what really made them remarkable was how they seemed to fill the entire pouch.

Tyler was a bit jealous of Jake’s nuts; Tyler’s own balls were the type to hang down low. They just sort of rolled around and sagged in their sack. Tyler realized that many people prefer the look of low-hangers such as his own, but he felt that the larger basket just made his eggs look smaller. Fortunately it seemed that with his newfound growth, his balls were swelling up slightly faster than the pouch they were in; each growth made his sack look fuller and firmer.

Maybe someday soon Tyler’s own nuts would look as amazing as Jake’s did; Jake’s nuts were just so amazingly round and so full. Even before their growth spurts Tyler often fantasized about sucking on Jake’s glorious balls; being able to take one or both of them in his mouth. At their new gigantic size, they were simply magnificent. Each nut was as big as Tyler’s head, and the scent and taste was overpowering since both Jake and Tyler were covered in sweat and cum. Tyler buried his face in Jake’s sack; licking, and kissing, squeezing, and sucking all over. Tyler didn’t think he could ever get enough of them nor did he want to. The thought that they would continue to swell bigger and bigger just made him even hornier. He imagined what it would be like if Jake’s balls ever got so large that Tyler could lay across them and rest his whole body on them like some kind of trendy, new age, erotic love seat.

He could hear Jake moan and see Jake’s cock begin to swing itself upwards so it was lying flat across his stomach and stretching up towards his chest.

This was good, but Tyler needed to be careful. He needed to have Jake fully aroused before he woke up. Jake was already showing signs of waking up, but his dick was not fully erect. Tyler realized he would have to use a more direct approach. The last thing he wanted was for Jake to see the camera and figure out what was going on.

Tyler climbed on top of Jake and began rubbing their cocks together. Tyler loved this feeling. It felt amazing back when he was rocking a footlong, but now that his schlong was bigger than half the size of the rest of his body the pleasure was indescribable.

Tyler had well over three feet of sensitive flesh pressed against his lover’s body. He could feel every inch of it in vivid detail. Tyler could feel all of Jake’s own length pressed under his own. Jakes penis was very respectable in its own right, coming in at just a few inches under two feet fully erect. Tyler could also feel Jake’s nipples brushing against the underside of his cock. Tyler’s dick was now so thick that he was able to lay it across Jake’s chest and easily cover both nipples. Tyler couldn’t even fathom how big around his cock must be now. He wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was as big around as his own waist.

Tyler rocked back and forth, grinding his massive dick into Jake’s own huge cock. With every thrust forward Tyler could feel his balls push up against Jake’s. Tyler’s balls were now so massive that he couldn’t just lay flat on top of Jake like he did before. Tyler just could not spread his legs enough to fit both massive balls between them. He had to straddle Jake and drag his hefty sack along behind him.

Jake was now fully awake, but he was too lost in the pleasure to open his eyes. Tyler craned his neck a bit to the side and began kissing the nape of Jake’s neck; partially because he knew it drove Jake wild, but also because Tyler’s own cock was now so massive that it got in the way of him kissing Jake on the face.

Jake groggily opened his eyes. He was face to face with his boyfriend’s colossal cock head. From this angle Jake could really see why it was called a one eyed monster. The head of Tyler’s cock was as big as the head Jake had on his shoulders, if not bigger. Jake wrapped his arms around it and began to work over the head from any angle he could reach, alternating between kissing and licking. Jake knew his efforts were appreciated because within seconds the tip began to dribble a bit.

A chill went down Tyler’s spine as he felt Jake’s tongue enter his slit. ’Holy shit. It’s way in there.’ Tyler thought to himself as he inhaled sharply. He felt his mind begin to drift as the sensation washed over him.

’No!’ Tyler thought as he struggled to regain control of his senses. He couldn’t let Jake take control. He needed to be the one in command here if he was to give their little cam buddy a good show. Fortunately, Tyler could feel Jake’s throbbing erection under him. ’All systems green. Showtime.’ He thought triumphantly.

Dalton could see Taylor get up rather suddenly. His dick was even more massive now that it was fully erect. The tip of Taylor’s cock was about as high off the ground as the buff blond’s eyes. Taylor reached his left hand down and Jack reached his up to meet him halfway. Taylor then pulled Jack to his feet.

Jack was rock hard as well. His cock was stretching upwards; just about to his chest. Dalton couldn’t hold it back anymore and let loose another shot; his cum was already thin and clear. He had long since run out of any real juice to shoot, but the scene in front of him was too hot for him. His penis was screaming for release even though his balls had nothing left to give.

Tyler pushed his own dick downward with his right hand so it was pointing out relatively horizontal and beckoned Jake closer. Jake took the hint and stepped over so he was straddling the giant cock. In one fluid motion Tyler pulled Jake in closer. For Jake it was a half slide half stride maneuver as he used the forward momentum to ride the length of Tyler’s shaft in a bizarre yet erotic pas de deux. Now that Tyler’s giant dick was no longer in the way, the two of them were able to kiss each other firmly on the lips.

Jake and Tyler kissed long and deeply. Jake’s mind took in all it could of the scene. Jake was now straddling Tyler’s massive shaft like it was a pommel horse. It was highly likely that his own dick would very soon reach similar monumental proportions. Jake probably should have been worried about such changes, but he was actually excited. This entire evening had been just Tyler and him sharing tender and passionate moments, one right after the other. Jake didn’t care if he got so big that others would see him as a freak. He knew that Tyler loved it, and if it meant he could be together with Tyler forever he would outgrow the entire world if he could. Jake secretly had to admit that he too loved how it looked and that the sensation was more amazing than anything he could have ever dreamed of.

Tyler could feel Jake push himself in closer. Jake’s tongue pushed its way into Tyler’s mouth as the kiss deepened. Whatever was going on in that brain of his, it was making Jake more passionate and horny than before, and Tyler loved it. Tyler returned he favor, and soon their tongues were tangling up and mashing together much the same way that the rest of their bodies were. Tyler could easily lose himself in the embrace, but he fought to keep at least some semblance of control in the situation. They had an audience after all. It wouldn’t do to let their aero-imperial storm snooper miss out on the good stuff.

Tyler shifted his weight a little to the left and slowly guided Jake into turning bit by bit. Tyler tried to make the motion flow as naturally as possible. He wanted to move Jake into a position that the camera could really see them going at it, but he couldn’t risk letting Jake in on it. There was also the issue of Tyler being really switched on right now as well. It was taking everything he had not to just unload a torrent right then and there.

Taylor and Jack finally stopped turning right as they were positioned so that Dalton could only clearly see Jack’s backside and Taylor’s monster sticking out from between Jack’s legs. At least Jack’s balls were heavy enough to hold Taylor’s shaft at a bit below level. This allowed Dalton to have a very clear view of Jack’s cute ass.

Tyler was betting on their little voyeur having a clear shot of Jake’s butt for what he was about to do next. Tyler slowly began working his hands lower and lower down Jake’s sides until he was able to grab one of Jake’s butt cheeks with each hand. Tyler massaged Jake’s ass and steadily worked inward as he did. ’Come on… just a little farther—’ Tyler silently coaxed himself on. It was actually a little difficult for Tyler to reach Jake’s hole in this position. Jake’s meat was sandwiched between them, and it was so thick it was like having a whole ‘nother person in there. Tyler managed it though, and once he was able to get is fingers in there he really began to massage Jake’s hole.

Jake could feel Tyler stretching him out again. He couldn’t imagine why he would want to, though. There is absolutely no way his massive dick would fit in there again, but then he felt it. Tyler had managed to pop the air pocket that had been holding all of the spunk inside him. With the vacuum gone, it all began flowing out. It felt great the have it all out of him like that. It felt like Jake was having a mild abdominal cramp with all the spunk lining his innards, but now it all spilled out of him, filling him with a sense of relief and freedom.

Dalton watched in awe as Jack began leaking a torrent of cum. It looked like his legs were about to give out from the pleasure. The jizz leaked out onto Taylor’s cock and dripped down Jack’s legs. Taylor was kissing Jack’s neck again, but there was something different. Something off. Dalton then realized what it was. Taylor was staring directly into the camera as if to say “I hope you are watching.” They spun around again, and now Dalton could see their profiles. They looked like they were talking. Arguing?

Tyler grinned deviously at Jake “Wow. You really enjoy that, don’t you?” Tyler could feel Jake’s legs weakening; he could feel more and more of Jake’s weight being supported by the diving board between his legs. Tyler decided to move on to the next phase of their little act. He still had his hands firmly on Jake’s ass and began to rock back and forth as he turned them slowly; almost as if he was sharing a nice, slow waltz with Jake.

“It’s impossible to explain. It’s just so amazing being filled like that. It’s like I’ve never felt closer to you.” Tyler could tell Jake really loved the feeling, and even the memory of just taking Tyler’s dick was bringing him closer to the edge.

“Then it’s my turn.” Tyler said with a seductive smile. Jake gave Tyler a confused look.

’It was Tyler’s turn for what?’ Jake wondered. Tyler had already filled him to the brim. Twice, no less. Was he going to try for a third? No, that wouldn’t make sense. Tyler wouldn’t announce it in such a way anyway. It would just happen in the throes of whatever position they were trying at the time. But if that’s not what he meant then… Jake’s eyes went wide and his jaw dropped in shock.

“What? No. But you can’t!?” Jake tried to argue. He had caught on. Tyler meant to try and take all of Jake’s dick the way Jake had ridden him.

“And why not? I was bigger than you are now when you took all of mine.” Tyler’s eyes were trying their best to look as innocent as possible, but his lascivious grin gave him away. He knew full well that Jake was too big for the average person to take.

“That’s different. I’m bigger, and I have had more experience.” Jake continued to try and dissuade Tyler. He wasn’t doing a very good job of it, though. Tyler had begun kissing Jake’s neck while Jake was trying to formulate his argument. The waves of pleasure were making it very hard for him to concentrate on making a viable counterargument.

“And I’m a quick learner… and way more stubborn then you ever were.” Tyler concluded with his same seductive grin. Tyler knew he had already won this little debate. He could tell by the way Jake’s breathing was already becoming heavier and by the growing pool on his chest from Jake’s leaking cock. Jake really wanted to try it too, but was too afraid of hurting Tyler to suggest it himself.

Tyler was right, and Jake knew it. If they were going to do this it had to be now, before Jake got even bigger. Jake knew he would regret it for the rest of the life if he missed his one chance to do it with Tyler. That line of thinking caused Jake to pause for a second. He was so large already and yet he knew he was going to get bigger. He welcomed it in fact. Somehow he felt that maybe he should be worried about this, but he really wasn’t.

“Ok. Fine, but you’ll have to let me work. I won’t be going in until I am sure you can handle it.” Jake replied firmly. Tyler was beaming with joy at the news. “Go on. Get on the bed. I’ll get a bottle.” Jake gestured over to the bed, but Tyler just stood there and gave him a questioning look. Tyler then gestured downward. Jake followed Tyler’s gesture down and looked.

“Oh, right.” Jake said as he realized what Tyler was implying. Tyler couldn’t really go anywhere with Jake still riding his shaft like a seesaw.

Once Jake climbed off his dick, Tyler scurried off to the bed and lay down on his back. Man this bed reeked. It was so coated in sweat and cum that Tyler doubted he’d ever be able to get it clean, but that was fine with him. He loved it like this. Every breath would be a reminder of his first time with Jake.

Dalton’s breath caught in his throat. Taylor was climbing into bed, and Jack was grabbing the lube. “Surely they can’t be planning to do what I think they are going to do, right?” He said to no one in particular. ’That’d be impossible, wouldn’t it?’ He mentally replied to himself. Dalton leaned in closer to the screen, and continued to stroke his dick as the anticipation built up inside of him.


Part 12

“Nope. Flip over. I’m going to need easy access.” Jake commanded. Tyler begrudgingly agreed. He had really wanted to be able to look Jake in the eyes while they did this, but that would probably have been impossible anyway. By this point Tyler’s cock was so huge it would have covered his face.

Tyler rolled himself over onto his stomach. Well, not exactly onto his stomach. He rolled himself over so that he was lying on top of his dick. The shaft was so massive that he could rest his head on the flared out tip as if it were a pillow; a warm, soft, sweaty pillow. He was able to position his legs so that his feet could touch the bed on either side of his massive balls, but only just barely. Tyler’s balls had a combined width roughly twice as wide as his hips. He had to swing his legs to either side of it and ride his own massive sack as if it was a horse.

Jake couldn’t help but think that Tyler looked like he was riding a giant wang-shaped light-cycle. What with how Tyler was laying pressed down low and flat against it, gripping tight with his arms and legs just to keep from falling off. Jake chuckled to himself as he picked up a bottle of lube and squirted some into Tyler’s puckered hole.

“Sweet Jegus that’s cold!” Tyler shouted with a quick shiver.

“Are you going to bitch the whole time? If you really don’t want to do this, I am sure we can think of something else.” Jake snapped the lid of the lube bottle shut extra loudly as he teased Tyler. Jake was now in a position of power over Tyler. It was a position he was not in very often, and he was going to be sure to enjoy it.

Jake slipped his first two fingers in, but he could already feel the muscles tightening. “You’re going to have to relax. You’ll just hurt yourself if you clench up like that.” Jake explained calmly to Tyler as he continued to work at the muscles in Tyler’s ass. “Think like you are letting things out of you. Don’t force it though. Think of it like relaxing your muscles outward. There we go. You’re getting it now, but if you fart in my face I am going to shove my fist down there and punch you in the kidney.” Jake gave Tyler a little pinch on the cheek to simultaneously show that he was joking and that he meant business.

Tyler had never encountered this side of Jake. He knew that Jake had a little bit of a kinky side, but not to this extent. Tyler kind of liked it. “So… Push out to go in? What is this some kind of Chinese finger porno?” Tyler was trying to keep up his smart ass act, but his voice faltered a bit. He was really unsure about this now. Jake made it seem so amazing, but so far Tyler hadn’t felt anything good about it. He tried to take Jake’s advice and let his muscles relax, though.

Jake could feel Tyler stop fighting him so he was able to slip the first to fingers in from the other hand as well. Jake began making really good progress after that. He got is fingers in there and kneaded around the inner lining of Tyler’s hole. The steady massaging of the muscles caused them to relax and stretch out even more. The ring became steadily wider and soon Jake was able to get his whole hand in there. Jake was actually amazed at how easy it was to stretch Tyler’s muscles out. It made Jake think that maybe Tyler had a little bit of practice after all; not nearly as much as Jake, obviously.

Tyler felt a shock run up his spine as Jake pressed his balled up fist against his rear hatch. It hurt. Not a lot, but there was definitely pain there. It was like stretching before a workout, but these were muscles he had never stretched before. They were stiff and tight and refused to stretch as far as he wanted them to. Now Tyler really understood why Jake was so hesitant. He would have to stretch these muscles regularly for weeks to get as limber as Jake was, but Tyler was determined to do this today.

“Ok, now you need to relax your back a bit.” Jake said as he placed his free hand on the small of Tyler’s back and pushed down gently. Tyler wanted to comply, but he was using all his muscles just to keep his balance. He felt like if he loosened up his back he’d lose his perch and fall right off.

“Your back is arched upwards like a frightened cat. That’s a great way to get yourself hurt. Come on, try rolling forward.” Jake pushed Tyler forward gently; just enough to get the momentum going. Tyler slid forward off of his immense balls. This new position was a little uncomfortable for Tyler. He tried to shift his weigh a bit so that he could steady himself atop his giant cock. Tyler was so focused on situating himself comfortably he did barely felt his dick shifting under him. Tyler managed to swing his legs off of his enormous nuts and push his legs out behind him so that the balls of his feet could touch the bed; providing enough of a counterbalance for Tyler to rest comfortably on his own shaft.

Tyler heard a dull thud as the head of his cock smacked up against the headboard. This surprised him a little. Tyler did not think he had shifted forward enough for the tip of his dick to bump the headboard, let alone for it to be mashed up as tightly against it as it currently was. Tyler didn’t pay too much attention to it, though. He was more focused on how embarrassing this position was for him. His ass was now the highest point of his body. Not only that, but the position he was in made it very hard to move. He was stuck straddling his own dick. Tyler was now completely at Jake’s mercy.

Jake was glad that he had managed to slip his fist a little farther into Tyler before pushing him forward. When Tyler began to slide forward off of his balls he tensed up unintentionally. If Jake still had had his fist partway inside of Tyler, Tyler could have been hurt pretty badly. Instead, Tyler had clenched up around Jake’s much narrower wrist. Jake briefly considered pulling out, but realizing that he was already in a very good position, chose to go deeper instead.

Tyler was expected Jake to pull out once he was fully settled in place. Tyler wasn’t sure how he felt about having a hand shoved up his ass. It didn’t hurt, per se, even when Tyler had accidentally tightened up around Jake’s arm. It was just odd. Tyler could feel Jake begin to move some more as he finally managed to relax again. ‘This can’t be right’ he thought. ’It feels as if he is going… deeper.’ Right as Tyler was realizing what was happening he felt Jake’s hand brush against something deep inside of him. It sent a shock of pleasure through his entire body.

Tyler let out a quick shot. It was short by his standards anyway. The way the tip of his penis was pushed against the headboard caused his slit to be aimed almost straight up. He watched in awe as a single, massive, gooey strand launched from his cock. Tyler felt like he was watching it in slow motion; like it was one of those slow motion cams they used on National Geographic to film hummingbirds or something. His slit was less than a foot from his face, probably only eight or so inches away. He could see it all up close in full HD. He tried to follow the shot as it arced into the air, but his eyes could only roll back so far; his neck was already tilted back as far as it could go due to the position he was resting in.

After the stream ended, time seemed to return to normal. Tyler immediately felt the large, warm, sticky mass land right in his hair with a loud plop. There was a lot of it, especially from such a short burst. Tyler could feel it running down the side of his face, and he loved it.

Jake was already up to almost his elbow when he felt Tyler shudder violently. He watched in awe as Tyler let slip a quick burst of jizz that arced skyward and splashed into Tyler’s own hair. “I guess I don’t need to ask how it feels.” Jake said; with a teasing tone. Jake was trying to cover up his own jealousy. “I wish I could say that my first anal orgasm was that good.” Jake slipped his hand out from Tyler’s ass; Tyler’s hole sucked on Jake’s hand as it cleared the last ring of muscles.

Jake leaned in close to Tyler and whispered into his ear “But that’s just a taste of what’s to come.” Tyler let out a little whimper as Jake scooped up a glob of cum from Tyler’s hair and fed it to him. Tyler couldn’t respond even if he wanted to. He was too busy licking Jake’s fingers clean.

Jake scooped up the rest of the cum from Tyler’s hair and began sucking it off his own fingers. Jake just loved the way the flavors of Tyler’s saliva and spunk mixed together on his hand. Jake then picked up the bottle of lube and poured some more into Tyler’s now stretched out hole. Tyler shivered as he felt the cool liquid seep deep inside of him. Jake then poured the rest of the bottle up and down the length of his own massive cock.

“Are you ready for the main event?” Jake asked with a feigned cocky attitude. He wished he could pull it off as well as Tyler did. Jake’s voice faltered a bit as he tried to tease Tyler. He really wanted to be sure Tyler was ready, but he didn’t want to worry Tyler with his own misgivings. Jake took a deep breathe as he pressed his cock head against Tyler’s stretched out hole.

Tyler inhaled sharply as he felt Jake’s dick begin to slip in. It was much larger than Jake’s fist. For a brief moment he wondered if this really was such a good idea, but all his doubts vanished once Jake’s head slipped all the way in. Once the tip was in the rest slid in very smoothly. Tyler could feel his insides stretch out to accommodate Jake’s thick tool. Jake’s shaft brushed past Tyler’s sweet spot and kept on going. Tyler’s mind was almost too far gone to process any of this. That would have to mean that Jake’s dick was longer than his forearm; a lot longer by the feel of it.

Jake’s kept pushing in, deeper and deeper, still savoring the bit of Tyler’s cum in his mouth. Finally he felt his balls slap up against Tyler’s. He still had several inches left to go before he had managed to bury his sword up to the hilt, but he was getting close now.

Tyler could feel the heavy slap of Jake’s nuts against his. He had to be almost in, right? And yet Tyler could still feel Jake sliding farther and farther in. Tyler was losing any and all control of his body. He was starting to convulse, his eyes rolled back in his head, and a stream of drool began to trickle out the side of his mouth. He had never dreamed he could feel so full. The pleasure was too much for him; his cock was already streaming pre and was going to blow at any second.

Finally Tyler felt a tickle on his butt cheeks as Jake’s wild bush brushed up against him. Jake was finally all the way in. Tyler immediately began firing wildly. He just couldn’t hold back any longer as jet after jet fired skyward. Each burst was bigger than the last.

Jake could feel Tyler’s body rocking wildly as he finally managed to plant his dick all the way in. Jake was actually surprised they had made it, but Tyler never did back down from a challenge. Jake was beginning to lose the ability to think as well now that Tyler was convulsing so wildly. Jake could feel as every muscle in Tyler’s torso clenched and released around the entirety of his humongous dick.

Jake couldn’t hold it in anymore, nor did he want to. He fired shot after hot, gooey shot deep inside his lover. Tyler could feel the warmth spreading deep inside of him, and this somehow made him cum even harder. Tyler’s jets blasted upwards; plastering the wall, the ceiling, raining down upon both of the boys in heavy globs.

Jake had been holding onto Tyler’s hips as he entered, but now that the hard part was over he could afford to let go with one of his hands. Jake needed to have some more of Tyler’s cum. It was raining down all around him, but he had only managed to catch a few scattered glops in his mouth. Using his now free hand he began scooping up gobs of cum and alternating between feeding it to Tyler and drinking some himself, all while thrusting his dick in and out of Tyler.

Tyler could feel Jake’s dick thrusting inside him. All that pent up jizz being whipped into a froth felt too good for words. Tyler wasn’t even fully capable of thinking of words at this point. His mind had shut down to the point where he was living off of just sense data. The pleasure was so much that he had gone into full sensory overload.

Tyler felt Jake’s warm and sticky hand brush up against his mouth and he began instinctively licking and sucking it clean. He slurped up large puddles of his own spunk and sucked each of Jake’s fingers completely clean.

Jake slurped down more handfuls of jizz as he plowed Tyler over and over again. Tyler had stopped spasming so violently, but he was still gushing cum. Jake was starting to get tired, and felt it might be about time for him to pull out. It was starting to feel a little too tight inside of Tyler anyway. Was it because of the gallons of cum Jake had fired inside of Tyler? That had to be it. Jake could already feel it leaking out of Tyler’s plugged hole and flooding out onto the sheets.

Tyler could feel something strange inside of him. He was getting fuller by the second. His insides were being stretched more and more with each thrust. Tyler’s mind was starting to reboot itself, and he was almost capable of rational thought again. Jake’s hand was stretched out in from of him again. Another dripping offering was being presented. Tyler, again, greedily slurped it up. As he licked Jake’s hand he could taste everything, Jake’s sweat, Tyler’s own cum, and Jake’s saliva mixed in.

It slowly dawned on Tyler what was happening. Had Jake really not made the connection yet? Maybe he was just too lost in his own pleasure to realize what was happening. Maybe Jake had underestimated the potency. These effects were far greater than they had ever been before. Tyler could feel Jake’s member swelling even more inside of him. The pleasure was too much for Tyler to rationalize anymore. Let whatever happens happen. If he was to be split open by his lovers growing cock so be it. Tyler couldn’t imagine a better way for it to end.

Jake was running on empty now. He was still cumming, but he didn’t have the stamina to keep thrusting, Jake decided to use the last of his strength to pull out. Inch after inch Jake continued to withdraw his still throbbing erection. Jake didn’t remember it being this big before, or this thick, or this long. It was obvious he had grown some more, but this much? Why?

Jake had walked himself backwards all the way off the end of the bed. He was standing at the foot of the bed as he withdrew the last few inches from Tyler’s now ravaged hole. Jake could see his cock swelling visibly before him. Jake was still shooting, but he had begun to slow down. Tyler was too far gone to be coherent, but Jake could still make out a pleading whimper coming from his boyfriend. All that and he still wanted more? Jake dared not push back in, but he could oblige in other ways.

Jake pushed his long hose up against Tyler’s hole without actually entering him. Jake continued to fire long jets of cum down the ravaged, gaping chasm that was Tyler’s ass. Tyler let out a sigh of relief as he could feel himself being pumped full gallon after gallon of hot cum. Jake couldn’t help but think of how it seemed he was pumping Tyler full of jizz in much the same way he would top off his jeep at the gas station. Speaking of which, it seems he actually managed to top off Tyler, too. Jake was finally spent, and his gigantic dick was now deflating rapidly. As he withdrew his deflating cock, he could see Tyler was completely overflowing with cum. Jake couldn’t dump more into him, even if he had the stamina to go on.

Jake was tired, every muscle in his body was ready to give out on him, but he couldn’t turn his brain off. This last fuck was the craziest thing to happen yet, and given the state of this whole evening, that is saying a lot. The sensations were so intense, and his latest growth spurt was far beyond anything he had felt so far. Jake sat down on the end of the bed and looked down at all three of his legs; they draped over the foot of the bed and rested heavily on the floor beneath him. His dick was now longer than his leg while soft. He tried to wrap his head around that, but quickly realized it was not in his best interest to dwell on it.

It’s not like his dick was the only problem. Jake had to sit down with his legs spread as far apart as they would go to make room immense balls. How big were they now? Beach balls? Maybe. Possibly larger.

Jake turned around as best as he could and looked at Tyler. Tyler was unconscious, but still squirting. His jets were starting to die down, but he was still hard. Jake got a good look at his position. It was really comical to look at.

Tyler’s balls were now so large that his feet were no longer touching the ground. His body was draped haphazardly over them, with his ass straight up, filled to the brim with Jake’s cum and exposed to any and all who would walk by. The top half of Tyler’s body was resting against his colossal shaft. Tyler’s arms were draped over either side of it. He no longer had to hold to it to keep is balance. The shaft was wider than even Tyler’s shoulders. Tyler’s dick stretched outward, past his head, up against the headboard, and then it had to angle up because it had nowhere else to go.

Jake couldn’t imagine how much having a hard-on of that size bent like that had to hurt, but Tyler seemed to be doing OK. If anything Tyler looked pleased with himself. Tyler was passed out with a goofy grin plastered across his face, and sticky, white fluid plastered across everything else.

Jake just stared in awe. Tyler’s dick had to be bigger than his whole body. Slowly the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Jake already knew that contact with Tyler’s cum could cause growth. Ingesting it seemed to speed up the process, but Tyler had been steadily growing the whole time. This must have greatly increased the potency.

Jake crawled up on the bed beside Tyler. The exhaustion was getting to be too much, and whatever happened next they would be ahead to wait until they were both awake to figure it out anyway. Jake cuddled up as close as he could to Tyler, wiped off a spot on Tyler’s cheek, and gave him a quick peck before passing out.

Tyler was actually hovering in the realm between being asleep and awake. His body had shut down, but his mind was fighting to remain alert. He needed to be able to get up at a moment’s notice. He felt his cock give one last half-hearted spurt and then begin to deflate. Shortly after he felt Jake crawl up next to him and kiss him on the cheek. Tyler fought off the exhaustion for a few more minutes as he waited until he was sure Jake was asleep.

Tyler rolled himself out of bed; quite literally in this case. He needed to get enough inertia going that he could roll himself off of his enormous wang. Tyler managed to roll onto his back and then felt the momentum cause his cock to roll over him and off the edge of the bed. His giant dick landed with a thud against the floor. Tyler quickly looked over at Jake to be sure the noise hadn’t woken him up. Tyler let out a sigh of relief as he saw Jake still sleeping like a baby; a very hot, and very, very, well hung teenage baby.

Tyler looked down at the several feet of cock sprawled out in front of him. His dick had to be bigger than the rest of his body. Tyler could not help but beam with pride. Those NBA players may be able to tease Tyler about his height, but what would they say when they came face to face with a cock that is taller than they are? Tyler would show those chumps how a real champ shoots and scores.

Tyler managed to get to his feet. He was sore all over from the hottest fuck he had ever had. His insides felt like jelly, and his asshole was aching. Despite the pain, though, he felt amazing. His massive balls were already full and ready to go again. His several long feet of cock were tingling with arousal. He could still feel the warmth of Jake’s cum packed inside him. Wow did that boy ever fill him up. Tyler thought he might never get it all out of him, and he was perfectly cool with that.

Dalton watched in awe as Taylor stood up. He was even bigger than before. Dalton still couldn’t process it. He had even watched as Jack and Taylor’s equipment grew and grew. Now that he was seeing all of Taylor’s inhumanly long schlong spread out before him, Dalton couldn’t do anything but stare. He wished more than anything to get out of his house right now, run over there, and join them. He would run across the city naked if he had to, but he had no idea where the video was being taken from. He had no choice but to worship these glorious cocks from afar.

Taylor mouthed something to the camera. Dalton could not hear what it was, but the cocky look on Taylor’s face made it completely obvious. “Are you still watching?” Dalton nodded slowly even though he knew that Taylor could neither see nor hear him.

Tyler swaggered slowly over to the camera; more and more of Jake’s cum seeped out with every step. Tyler’s monstrous dick dragged lazily behind him with each step. Tyler got up to the camera and leaned in close to it. He shot the camera the most seductive wink he could and said with a grin “Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did… but I’m not sure that’s possible.”

Taylor was speaking very slow and deliberately into the camera. Dalton was able to understand every word of it despite the lack of audio. He again nodded weakly in agreement. “I have another surprise for you. Call it a going away present.” Taylor mouthed with that same cocky grin on his face. Taylor turned around, slowly and seductively. Dalton watched in fascination has Taylor’s fine ass filled the entire frame. Taylor massaged his cheeks, still trying to put on a show to be remembered, and then spread them wide.

Dalton could see that Taylor’s ass was wrecked. It would take weeks to recover from the drilling he received; if he ever recovered, that is. Taylor dug his fingers in deeper and deeper. Dalton could do nothing but watch in awe as a wave of cum seeped out of Taylor’s ass.

Dalton was not ready for it to end when Taylor eventually turned back around and peered into the camera. Taylor then placed two jizz-coated fingers up to his brow in a sort of salute and gave one last devious wink. The video feed then immediately went blank.

Dalton collapsed back into his chair. His cock was still rock hard. It continued to try and fire shot after blank shot, but his balls were bone dry. His dick was rubbed red and raw. It was going to be sore for at least a week. He could already tell. Dalton wasn’t too upset by this, though. He was glad to have been able to witness such an amazing scene, but he wished he could do more. He wished he could find these guys and worship their magnificent cocks in person.

It could happen, he realized. He had seen Jack around the school before. They were at least amiable acquaintances. He would just have to work at ingratiating himself with them. Yes! This could work. With that, Dalton drifted off to sleep in his chair with renewed hope for tomorrow.


Part 13

Jake could feel the sunlight hitting his eyelids. Ugh. This is why he kept the blinds shut at all times. It’s too early to be awake. His alarm didn’t even go off yet. He was having such a good dream too. Jake couldn’t remember anything about his dream, but he felt happy. Whatever it was the memory had faded, but the feelings had not. Jake sighed a little bit. No sense in staying in bed. He could never fall right back asleep after he was awake. He would have liked to stay in the dream a little while longer, though.

He begrudgingly opened his eyes. He had to squint at first; the sunlight was pouring in from the window directly into his face. Once his eyes adjusted he was able to take in his surroundings. This was Tyler’s room. This was Tyler’s bed, but where was Tyler? All of Jake’s senses quickly snapped awake. He could now feel Tyler’s body interlocked with his own. He looked down and he could see Tyler’s head pressed against his chest. Jake was no longer worried about his fleeting dreams. This was far better than any dream he could have hoped for.

All the memories of last night flooded back into his mind. They had had sex. Not just once, but four times? Well, technically two. The definition of sex can get a little hazy sometimes. Either way, he had a wild night with his best friend; his best friend who is now his boyfriend. Jake let that last thought soak in a bit while he stroked Tyler’s hair.

Jake would have loved to run his fingers through Tyler’s hair, but Tyler’s hair was hard and plastered together. It was almost like Tyler had tried to style his hair with an industrial sized vat of hair gel or maybe a can of deck sealant. Jake got a good look at the ceiling and walls surrounding them. Much of the room was coated in much the same way. The smell was incredible. It was so potent, and yet fairly calming. Jake recognized the smell easy enough. It was the same smell that was wafting off of Tyler’s skin. Sweat; quite a bit of sweat. Sweat and cum. Lots and lots of cum.

Jake took in a deep breath. The smell was intoxicating. He could feel his dick begin to stir and inflate, but something was off. His dick was fairly cramped in here. Jake looked down at how he and Tyler were sleeping, and pieced it all together. He was asleep on his side. Jake’s arms were wrapped around Tyler. Tyler was nestled in close; Tyler’s back pressed firmly against Jake’s chest and stomach. Spooning. That’s what this is called, right? Jake thought to himself. He couldn’t believe he was actually spooning with Tyler, and he was the big spoon, no less. Jake supposed that made sense since he was so much taller.

That didn’t explain the pressure on Jake’s cock. He shifted his position enough that he could see over Tyler’s body. He got a good look at both his and Tyler’s respective packages. Oh right, that could be a problem. Jake’s cock was threaded between Tyler’s legs. It stretched farther on and then dangled off the edge of the bed a bit. He could see Tyler’s massive nut sack mashed up against his own dick.

Tyler’s own cock was even bigger. It was probably taller than even Jake was. Tyler was hugging it close to his chest as he slept. Tyler was spooning his own dick. The shaft running along the front of his body, up past his head, hit the headboard, and looped back…. right under Jake’s head. Jake wasn’t using a pillow; his head was propped up on the spongy tip of Tyler’s monstrous cock.

Jake could feel himself getting ever harder at this thought, but he couldn’t afford another go with Tyler. He had classes in a few short hours, and he still had no idea how he was going to go out in public in his current state.

Jake quietly rolled onto his back, being careful not to wake Tyler. Now that he was on his back he could feel his enormous sack. It had been fine while he was asleep on his side; he just got his legs around the top of the sack and let his balls lay behind him. Now that he was on his back it was a very different story. His legs were now lying directly on top of his nuts. They were huge. He could not even completely bend his knees, since each nut was taller than the length of the upper half of his leg. He felt like he did when he was a kid, and watching Saturday morning cartoons on the couch. He used to love to lie on the couch with his feet over the backrest, while he watched the screen upside down.

Jake slowly managed to slide his massive semi out from between Tyler’s legs. He went slowly and quietly to avoid waking his little buddy up. Tyler wasn’t the only thing that was in danger of waking up, though. Jake had already been extremely aroused from the moment he woke up, and feeling Tyler’s legs rub against his dick just made it worse. By the time Jake pulled himself loose his dick was already standing upward, wobbling awkwardly from side to side. Seeing his own shaft point skyward like that took Jake’s breath away. He stared in awe as he surveyed the sheer magnitude of his spire; it was simply huge, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet.

Jake slowly managed to get his arousal under control as he slid down to the foot of the bed. Once he got close to the edge, Jake maneuvered his legs so that his shins pushed up against his nuts; he slipped a foot under each ball and began to walk them slowly to the edge. Jake was very glad that the footboard of Tyler’s bed was lower than the mattress; if it wasn’t he didn’t know how he would get out of the bed without waking his short, blond boyfriend.

Jake arced he back to get enough leverage to shove his balls over the edge of the bed with his feet. Jake managed to push his nuts a little over half way over before he decided to let gravity do its thing. Jake’s pouch rolled off the end of the bed, and the rest of his body followed. It was far from the most elegant landing ever; Jake never was very coordinated or athletic. He managed to land on his feet, but he wasn’t able to get is legs straightened out in time. His feet hit the ground first, followed immediately by his hefty nuts. As his balls hit the floor with an audible smack, Jake could feel all the muscles in his abdomen cramp up. He didn’t land all that hard, fortunately, so the uncomfortable cramping was the extent of the damage. He had landed hard on his ass a split second after his nuts hit the ground. He had actually landed much harder on his ass than on his nuts, but he really could not even feel the soreness in his bottom over the cramping in his gut.

Jake staggered to his feet as the cramping subsided. His dick had deflated quite a bit by now, but it was still sort of bobbing out in front of him as he walked. Jake took a quick look back at Tyler before walking into the bathroom. Tyler was still fast asleep, hugging his massive dick as if it were a giant teddy bear.

Jake walked into the bathroom and began to run the shower. It usually took a minute to warm up enough for him. As he waited he realized he hadn’t used the restroom since he left his house yesterday. He suddenly really needed to. It was like some sort of Pavlovian response to being so near a toilet. Jake stared at the toilet for a minute as he tried to figure out how he could even physically manage to use it. Obviously the mechanics were still the same, but the size and positioning would require a lot of reworking.

Jake was now soft enough that he could rest the head of his cock on the toilet seat, but that wouldn’t work. The angle of entry would be all wrong. All he would succeed in doing is blasting the back of the commode, completely missing the bowl and making a huge mess of his pal’s bathroom. Come on, think Jake. He surveyed the room, and there he saw it. Wedged in between the Toilet and shower stall was a tall, skinny cabinet, and fortunately, it wasn’t mounted to the floor like every other fixture in the room. This one was added recently as a bit of decoration, but it had the added function of keeping the extra rolls of paper hidden while still keeping them within reach of the bowl. Jake moved the cupboard over in front of the toilet and draped his cock over it. He would now have a much better angle to shoot from.

Jake leaned back against the wall and let loose. He could feel the relief immediately as the pressure in his bladder faded away, but he could feel something else. The stream felt really puny. It wasn’t exactly weak, per se, but given the way things had been going since last night, Jake had expected some sort of explosion of juices, a steaming hot geyser of piss. Apparently his bladder was unaffected by the changes that he had undergone during the past evening. Jake suddenly felt really silly, and so when he was done, he hefted his dick off the podium he had set up, flushed the bowl, and hopped into the shower hoping to forget the event ever happened.

Jake’s shower was relatively uneventful. He had to spend extra time scrubbing off the layers of cum that he had acquired during the night. It wasn’t just the bunch that was sprayed on him during the wild, raunchy sex he had had with his boyfriend. There were also the large globs that had dripped down upon him from the ceiling during the night. He also spent a bit of extra time polishing his equipment; not because it particularly needed it but because it felt amazing. Jacking off was amazing back when he had a good old fashioned average schlong, but now that he had a gigantic person sized wang, it felt absolutely phenomenal.

Jake kneaded the soap up and down every inch of his shaft. He was starting to get harder as he went. He could feel his legs getting wobbly from the waves of pleasure coursing through his body, and so he decided to sit down. Sitting down proved to be a very good idea because it made it easy for him to wash the underside of his balls. He had tried to wrap his body around the large orbs that protruded in front of him, but that had proved to be very difficult. Jake scrubbed every inch of his sack vigorously. As he rubbed and massaged his balls all over, losing himself in the pleasure, he could feel himself edging closer and closer.

Jake wanted so much to just rub one out right then and there, but he knew that once he starting gushing he wouldn’t be able to stop. As much as he wished to stay there and drain his nearly endless amounts of spooge into the shower, Jake realized that he would have to work quickly to get everything ready in time for class.

Jake let out a long reluctant sigh as he rinsed the conditioner out of his hair and then began to dry off. Is dick was slowly starting to deflate again, but it was still extra sensitive. Even just trying to dry off his shaft with a towel brought him close to the edge again. As Jake finished drying off his cock, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He looked ridiculous. His cock was so big that he could only look at himself from the side. His dick was taller and thicker than he was. Jake figured his shoulders might be a little broader than his shaft, but his waist was definitely smaller. How in the world was he going to hide this thing?

Jake slung his damp towel over his shoulder and walked back into Tyler’s room. He wouldn’t be able to see very well until his throbbing erection finally faded, but fortunately, he was able to get around by looking around either side of his dick. He had a giant blind spot right in the middle, but he could navigate well enough.

As Jake entered Tyler’s room he could hear Tyler speak to him. “Hey, sexy. Sure you don’t want a little help with that?” Jake could not see Tyler, but just from the tone of Tyler’s voice Jake could tell that he was horny and feeling a little devious… Then again Tyler was always a little devious, and since last night he was also always horny.

“Not now.” Jake said. He was trying to sound resolute, but his voice came out as somewhat disheartened. “We have to hurry if we are going to be ready in time for school.” Jake crossed his arms in front of his chest defiantly, but he wasn’t sure if that helped his case or just made him look more ridiculous.

“Oh, come now. It’s barely six o’clock. We have a few hours yet.” Tyler said with his most seductive voice. Jake could hear Tyler getting closer with each word. Jake tried to do a quick calculation in his head. If it was only 6 am then they still had a few hours. Plenty of time for a quickie, right? But in the back of his mind, Jake knew there was no such thing as a quickie with Tyler, not at their current measurements anyway. They would be at it for an hour, leaving them both hot, sticky, messes.

Just thinking about it made Jake harder. He was starting to dribble again; something which Tyler was quick to exploit. “You really don’t expect me to believe that you aren’t in the mood, do you?” Tyler continued to try and entice Jake. Jake could feel Tyler’s fingers running up and down the length of his dick; drawing arbitrary patterns in the stream of pre. Jake was actually glad he couldn’t see Tyler right now. If he looked into Tyler’s face and saw that devious glint in his green eyes and that cocky smile, Jake just knew he would lose it.

Jake tried to shake the image from his mind. Even the thought of Tyler was turning him on. The more he tried to not think about his passionate, blond lover the clearer the image became in his mind. He wanted to not imagine the cut abs that were flashing vividly in his mind. He tried to banish the thought of the several feet of Tyler’s cock that was snaking its way through his consciousness. Jake was losing this fight, and he knew it. He would probably just have to call today a bust.

Jake didn’t really need to go to school today, did he? He had not used any of his skip days yet. They were getting so close to the end of the school year that he could almost take the rest of the semester off and be in good academic standing. Jake’s knees began to feel week so he leaned back against the wall to steady himself.

Jake’s mind continued to drift. It would be fine, he had such high grades that he was given the option to opt out of all of his finals. He slid down the wall and slowly sank until he was seated flat on his ass with his legs spread wide to make room for his massive balls. Jake’s closed his eyes and accepted defeat.

Tyler got down on his knees in front of Jake and pulled down on his lover’s humongous cock, bringing it up to his lips and began to lick the tip of Jake’s cock all over. Tyler knew that Jake had given up, and so Tyler decided to take his time. It’s not like Tyler actually cared if he went to school today. He always skated by in his classes. Another absence wouldn’t affect him at all. As grin spread wider from the joy of his victory and the knowledge that he could spend the entire day getting up close and personal with his childhood pal who was now his lover. Tyler beamed happily at Jake as he worked over his boyfriend’s immense schlong. All the while, Tyler never once let his eyes stray from the passionate gaze he shared with Jake.

Jake tried to keep his eyes open, but the pleasure coursing through his body was getting to be too much. The best he could manage was to occasionally get his eyelids to flutter open for a second or two while his eyes tried to focus on anything. Jake could occasionally make eye contact with Tyler and see that Tyler was no longer trying to be seductive. Tyler was beaming with pride; he had won, and they both knew it.

‘That’s fine.’ Jake thought to himself. ‘As long as I get my projects turned in I am guaranteed straight As. Projects? What Projects? His mind was so hazy from sex that he couldn’t even remember what he had to do today. He only had one project, and that wasn’t due until—

“SHIT!” Jake yelled as he jumped up to his feet. Tyler fell backwards after being rammed in the face by Jake’s throbbing erection. It was so hard and big and it was moving so fast that Tyler felt like he had just been slammed in the face by a battering ram.

Tyler could feel the sharp pain in his face. He wiped his mouth to see a little bit of blood on his hand. It wasn’t bad though. It appeared to be just a split lip. “What the hell was that?” Tyler moaned while he continued to rub his lip.

“Look. Sorry, but my AP Bio project is due today. I cannot miss this, and I still need to put my folder together. I have to get home. Right now.” Jake was speaking in short bursts between breaths as he ran around the room.

Tyler wanted to laugh in spite of the pain. Jake just looked so silly running around with his left hand gripping colossal wang close to his shoulder in order be able to see where he is going. Although, Tyler had to pull a similar maneuver just to be able to try and suck off his boyfriend… AP Bio is such a cockblock.

Tyler watched as Jake ran over to Tyler’s closet and began pulling spare covers out. Tyler always kept spare bedding on the top shelf of his closet for when Jake stayed over. Last night was actually the first time they had ever shared a bed.

Tyler was sitting on the floor of his room. His rock hard dick was sticking straight up. As Jake ran past him, Tyler was able to do a quick comparison. The top of Jake’s head did not even reach the tip of Tyler’s cock. Since Tyler was sitting down that would mean that the base of his dick was pretty close to floor level. Tyler’s cock was bigger than Jake! Tyler tried to stifle his giggles, but it slipped out in spite of him. This was just too good for him to believe.

Jake had already thrown a sheet around his waist as best he could to make a makeshift skirt and was in the middle of pulling another blanket over his shoulders as a makeshift shawl when he noticed it too. Jake’s cock was taller than he was by a good margin, probably another foot or so. Jake was mesmerized. On some subconscious level he realized that he should probably be worried, maybe even emasculated, but he wasn’t. Jake was just in awe. Tyler’s cock was glorious, a thing of sheer beauty. Jake stared at it longingly, wishing for the day when his would be that big… maybe even bigger.

Jake had to struggle with his own urges, but he was eventually able to break his gaze away from the magnificent tool that stood before him. He needed to get home and soon. He had a passable outfit that would at least serve to get him across the street easy enough. His cock had deflated enough so that Jake could hold it close to his chest and it would not be too terribly noticeable. He just had to hope that no one was up and about at this time of the day to grill him on why he was running around dressed like some like some kind of new age, spiritual mummy.

“Look. I’ve got to get home now. I’ll try and find us some clothes that will fit. Just get ready for school, and I’ll be back to pick you up in about two hours.” Jake explained to Tyler. Jake really wanted to stay, but he had obligations to fulfill; he could not afford to ruin his class averages.

Jake quickly ran across the street over to his house, and tried the door. It was locked tight. “Damn it.” He muttered to himself. His parents must have locked it before they went to bed last night, and Jake left his key in his pants at Tyler’s place. Jake’s parents were an older couple who had already retired. They would not be awake for a few more hours. Not that he wanted them to see him like this anyway. He could run back to Tyler’s house and grab his key, but Jake really didn’t want to risk it.

Jake slipped around the side of the house and easily opened the side gate. He then ran to the back door and tried to open that one. This one opened without a hitch. Jake breathed a sigh of relief and then crept inside. It was strange to have to sneak into his own house, but it was kind of fun, too. Jake silently hummed the Mission Impossible theme to himself as he continued creeping through the house.

Jake went upstairs, past his parents’ bedroom, and into his brother’s old room. Jake had two brothers, both several years older than him. The younger of the two was almost twenty years older than him. It’s pretty easy to figure out how Jake came to be from there. A small, close knit family. Their two kids go off to college leaving the parents home alone for the first time in twenty five years. The empty nest syndrome sets in, and the old couple has a little too much fun one Friday evening. Nine month later along comes Jake.

Jake slipped into the younger brother’s room, and began rummaging through his clothes. Jake’s older brother was the most popular guy around. He was tall, strong, smart, good looking. The younger brother… not so much. He was overweight and moody. He grew bitter from always living in his brother’s shadow. He had done alright in college, got a degree, and then moved back in with the parents for a few years.

Jake was still really young back then, but he remembered that his brother went through a phase. Well… one of many, but his brother used to wear big, black, clothing; huge, baggy pants; oversized trench coats; and lots of belts. Jake was hoping that the sheer size of his brother and the style of is old clothes would make them viable options.

Jake was able to find a suitable outfit for himself relatively easily. The pants had a much wider waist than Jake was used to, and the legs were so big and baggy he could pretty much stand up in one of them. That’s what he needed, though, because he was going to need to get two legs down one side.

Jake slipped the pants on easy enough, but he could not get it all the way up to his waist. He had to sit it low on his hips, below even the base of his cock. This gave him enough room for his giant nuts to clear the inseam. Jake slipped his cock down the left leg, but his cock was just a little too long. It still poked out the bottom of the pant leg. There had to be a way to make this work. Jake pondered his situation for a minute, and then he remembered the box full of belts in his brother’s closet.

Jake grabbed a couple of belts from out of the box and fastened them to his leg. To anyone looking, it would just appear to be an interesting fashion statement, but the real purpose was to keep his dick from shifting downward in his pants. Jake then grabbed a similar pair and a large coat for Tyler.

Jake ran over to his room next and grabbed a long, tight shirt to complete the look. Jake then took his time gathering is papers and getting some breakfast. Jake was torn. He wanted to continue rushing so that he could get back to Tyler; he didn’t actually trust Tyler to not spend the entire time just jacking off. On the other hand Jake didn’t trust Tyler to not jump his bone the second he walked in the room. Jake needed to arrive back at Tyler’s place soon enough that he could make Tyler get ready for school, but late enough that Tyler wouldn’t have enough time to get Jake back out of his clothes.

Jake looked at the clock. He had over an hour before he had to leave for school. He could afford to take his time. He needed some time alone anyway; time away from Tyler to really think over what was happening. Jake poured himself a big bowl of cereal and ate in silence as he reflected over the past night.

In the span of one night Jake had come out to his best friend. He had then proceeded to then have sex with said friend. Lots of sex with said friend; hot, steamy, mind blowing sex with said friend. In the process, Jake’s perfectly average, unremarkable, six inches exploded into what is likely well over four feet, and that’s not even the worst part.

He tried to think of it rationally, and every rational part of his brain said this was wrong. He didn’t care though; he loves it. Jake loves the way it looks, the way it feels, and oh god, he loves the way that Tyler loves it.

Just thinking of the way Tyler looks at him now, the lust and unbridled passion in his eyes, makes Jake horny all over again. Jakes mind kept replaying the scene from earlier this morning; the way Tyler would keep his lustful gaze fixed on Jake as he worked Jake’s cock. Jake could feel himself getting hard again just from the memories. His cock began to inflate and press against the belts.

The pain of the shackles digging into his tethered leviathan snapped Jake back to reality. He would have to be careful in public. It would be too easy to let his cock slip loose if he got too hard. Jake could already tell that this was going to be one hell of a day.

Jake took his sweet time with the rest of his preparations. He actually enjoyed not being in a rush. He had plenty of time to do everything he could want to without needing to worry. Not to mention he still had this nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he would have had plenty of time for a quick one with Tyler. Jake was afraid that if he got to Tyler’s place too early the urge would take over and all his work would be undone.

Jake tilted the bowl to his mouth and chugged all the leftover milk from his cereal. Taking it slow was nice and all, but he really did have to actually finish getting ready. His next stop was the bathroom to do some much needed brushing. His mouth tasted awful. Jake felt like he had the funk of forty thousand years rolling around his tongue. He hadn’t brushed his teeth before going to sleep last night like he normally did so now he had this funky taste in his mouth, and he didn’t doubt that his unusual diet during the recent night had something to do with that.

Jake brushed his teeth until he could feel the fluoride begin to burn his tongue. Then he rinsed his mouth out and did the same thing with some Listerine. His mouth burned, but at least the taste was going away. He could go around school today without worrying about his breath smelling like crypt dust and cum.

Jake looked at the clock again and realized he had thirty minutes before he had to leave for class. He figured now would be a good time to go fetch Tyler. Jake wouldn’t be at all surprised if he had to force Tyler to get his ass in gear. Tyler liked to slack off for as long as possible; especially when it came to getting ready to go places he would rather not go.

Jake gathered up his school supplies and walked over to Tyler’s house. He was pleasantly surprised to find Tyler already getting out of the shower. Tyler walked out of his bathroom and into his bedroom wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his head. Tyler’s cock was draped over his shoulders as if he was wearing it like a feather boa. His lip seemed to be completely healed already.

“About time you got back. You missed all the fun.” Tyler said with his trademark grin.

Jake just sighed again. “You rubbed one off anyway, didn’t you? I had a feeling you wouldn’t have enough sense to just get ready to go. We’ve only got twenty minutes left. Hurry up and put these on.” Jake grumbled as he tossed Tyler a pair of pants, a shirt, and a large coat.

Tyler caught the pants that were thrown his way, but didn’t even bother trying to catch the rest. “This your brother’s old stuff?” Tyler said as he sniffed it. “Oh, damn. Ten year old reefer funk.” Tyler groaned in mock repulsion and stuck his tongue out in a look of comical disgust.

“Oh, come on. They’ve been washed and haven’t been worn in years. You shouldn’t be able to smell anything, and better yet, they should fit. Now shut up and put them on.” Jake sassed back. Tyler just rolled his eyes and began to step into the pants. They both quickly realized a problem. Well, two problems, but the first problem is that Tyler’s saggy balls drooped so low, that he’d have to wear the pants with the waistband at his knees to not get his junk caught. Fortunately, Jake devised a plan really quickly.

Jake went into Tyler’s closet and pulled out a smaller throw blanket from Tyler’s bedding stack. “Here we go. We’re going to rig you boulder holder.” Tyler gave Jake a questioning look as Jake walked over to him. “Just work with me here.” Jake pleaded as he got down on his knees in front of Tyler.

“Oh, I like were this is going.” Tyler said with his best Quagmire voice.

Jake gave another frustrated sigh as he fashioned a rudimentary pair of underwear out of the blanket. The fabric pulled Tyler’s nuts upwards close to his body so that he was able to wear the pants up much higher and much more comfortably. “And, now for the hard part.” Jake said as he stood up and began to lift Tyler’s dick off of his shoulders as if it was a string of Mardi Gras beads.

“Not yet, but if you keep holding it like that it will be.” Tyler joked while he shot Jake a dirty wink. Jake tried to cover is grin with a forced sigh, but neither of them thought it was very convincing. “Oh, you know you like it.” Tyler continued to tease.

Jake managed to loop Tyler’s dick around his midriff twice and then feed what was left down one of Tyler’s pant legs. Now that everything was in place, Jake tightened the pants. Tyler then pulled on the shirt and the coat. He looked a little thick around the middle, but otherwise he could pass as an average every day human.

“Great. Five minutes to spare.” Jake said looking at his watch. “Did you eat already?”

“I had plenty to drink.” Tyler said with a sly wink. Jake processed what Tyler said and just had to roll his eyes again. Jake had no idea how Tyler was going to get through the entire school day like this. It seemed like he couldn’t go fifteen minutes without popping a bone.

“Thanks for all your help getting me dressed, by the way.” Tyler spoke again in his seductive voice. “Allow me to return the favor.” Tyler acted like he was adjusting the collar of Jake’s shirt, but then instead pulled him in for a long, hot kiss on the lips.

The two of them stood there locking lips for a few minutes. Tyler began to slowly work his way lower. As he was kissing the side of Jake’s neck, he heard Jake whispered into his ear, “Brush your teeth. Your breath is ass.” Tyler gave Jake a playful shove, and Jake fell back laughing.

“No, but seriously, brush your teeth. We have to get going.” Jake managed to say between giggles. Tyler stuck his tongue out at him playfully, but followed Jake’s instructions.

Jake got to his feet, still laughing and looked at his watch again. It was going to be tight, but they could still do it. Jake scooped up Tyler’s bags, told Tyler to head over to his Jeep, ran downstairs and grabbed some cereal bars from the pantry. He then hopped into his Jeep right as Tyler was getting out of his house.

Right as Tyler crawled in on the passenger side, Jake took off down the road without even giving Tyler a chance to get his seatbelt on. Jake was seriously in a hurry to get to school, but it wasn’t just that. Tyler could see that Jake was getting more and more tense the closer they got. Something was stressing him out.

Jake pulled into the first parking spot he could find; which was of course at the back of the lot since it was so close to time for classes to start. He then hopped out of the jeep and tossed Tyler his pack. Jake was still not saying anything, and Tyler was starting to get worried. Had he said anything to offend him? He teased Jake all the time, but nothing seemed to have gotten under his skin like this before. Tyler looked around the lot, there were a few scattered people trickling in before the bell, but no one they particularly knew. Tyler didn’t think it had anything to do with someone else, though.

“So, can I get a ride home from you today, too?” Tyler asked, mostly trying to get some sort of reaction from Jake.

Jake seemed distracted and responded with an aloof “Yeah, sure.” Jake then looked around nervously and said, “Look. I really have to go. I can’t afford to be late today.” Jake then slung his bag over his shoulder and scurried off to the school leaving Tyler confused and a little hurt.

Tyler really didn’t care about getting to class before the bell rang so he walked slowly to the school while lost in thought. He was more worried about the way Jake had been acting for the last half hour or so. He was twitchier than normal. Jake was always a little shy around other people and especially in crowded places, but this was something different. Tyler was starting to get an idea about what was going on, but he really hoped he was wrong.

The first class dragged on. Tyler was stuck in his basic English class. It was so boring that he could barely focus on the class on a normal day, but with Jake’s actions eating him up inside, it was just impossible. The only thing that kept Tyler from going insane in that class was knowing that he and Jake had neighboring classes next period.

The old lady teaching the class kept giving Tyler mean looks for the entire period. In part because Tyler was wearing a radically new style of clothing today; teachers were always leery of students who decide to reinvent themselves out of the blue, but also in part because Tyler could not sit still the entire class; he spent the entire class period nervously tapping his foot on the ground. Also in part because Tyler was known to disrupt class with jokes and other outbursts when he was in a good mood. No one knew how he would act in his current mood, but many believed that it would not be good.

As soon as the bell rang Tyler was out the door like a bolt. He hauled ass off to the math wing, hoping to find Jake. He found Jake, but he couldn’t reach him. Jake had already slipped into his classroom. Tyler could see him sitting in a desk at the farthest corner away from the door. Tyler really wanted to go in there and talk to him, but he knew the guy who taught Jake’s class. He was a total hard ass and would write Tyler up for being in his classroom before he could ever get any info out of Jake. Tyler was just going to have to wait for after this class and corner Jake before he could get away.

Tyler’s second period went much the same as his first. He was irritable and could not focus. He couldn’t even be bothered to make a smart ass response when the teacher called on him to solve a problem. He just wanted the class to be over. Tyler kept his eyes glued on the door across the hall that lead to Jake’s classroom. Tyler had to be sure that Jake did not try to sneak out early and give him the slip. Fortunately Jake didn’t make an attempt to leave early. Tyler was actually grateful that Jake was such a nerd. No matter how much Jake might be trying to avoid talking to Tyler, he still could not bring himself to ditch class.

Math class ended and Tyler once again flew out the door right as the bell rang. Tyler waited right next to the door to Jake’s classroom. Jake tried to slip out of the class quickly and unnoticed, but Tyler caught him by the wrist before he could get away.

“Jake, I need to talk to you.” Tyler pleaded with Jake.

“Sorry, but I’m really in a hurry.” Jake said as he tried to slip away. “I can’t afford to be late to my next class.”

“Bullshit. We both know you have your lunch period next.” Tyler glared at Jake and tightened his grip. “I know what this is really about.”

Suddenly they both heard a loud voice from behind them. “Hello, Ladies. I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Tyler knew that voice, and he could feel the rage bubbling up inside of him.

“Not now, Biff.” Tyler responded; he didn’t even bother looking back to see who it was.

A large crowd had begun to gather around them already. Biff always yelled loudly because he wanted people to notice him, and pretty much everyone at that school knew that when Biff wanted attention it meant he was looking for a fight. Jake, of course, also knew this and was trying to get away as fast as he could, but Tyler refused to let him go.

“Oh, don’t be that way.” Biff said with obviously feigned hurt in his voice. “I was just here to offer condolences to my buddy after I heard he was breaking up with his boyfriend.” There was some jeering from the crowd in response to Biff’s taunt.

“We’re not breaking up.” Tyler said with a flat voice. He still would not even look at Biff; instead he kept his eyes fixed on Jake. Biff was momentarily taken aback, and the people in the crowd muttered softly to each other.

Biff regained his composure and continued his taunting. “Well I am glad to hear that you two are doing so well. It would be a shame for such a cute couple to call it quits.” There was more jeering from the crowd. By now the crowd had completely blocked in Biff, Jake, and Tyler.

Tyler could see that Jake was afraid, but there was something else in his eyes, too. Tyler gave Jake’s wrist a quick reassuring squeeze and then he let go. Tyler then turned to face Biff. “I’ve had just about enough of you. I know you are the one who has been spreading those rumors about us. I know you have been telling everyone you meet how you think that we are gay. Well, I am sick of it. It’s time I put this to rest once and for all!” Tyler turned back to Jake and he could see that all the fear in Jake’s eyes had drained away to sorrow.

Time seemed to slow down around Jake, and sound faded away to a low hum. He had been dreading this moment. It was a moment that he hoped would never come. It was for this exact reason he was avoiding Tyler while on campus. Jake wasn’t actually worried about being outed at school. He had always been a bit of a loser, but Tyler was different. Tyler was popular; he thrived off of the praise and adoration of the crowd. Jake knew that Tyler loved him, but he didn’t know if Tyler loved him enough to commit social suicide for him. When faced with the school’s biggest bully and a crowd of his peers it appeared that Tyler was going to throw Jake under the bus. Jake just wanted to run away and hide, but there was nowhere to go.

Tyler stormed back over to Jake and grabbed him by the shirt. Jake flinched and braced himself for what came next, but he wasn’t expecting Tyler’s next move. Tyler pulled Jake in close and planted a long kiss right on his lips. Jake was shocked at first, but once he figured out what was going on he returned the kiss with just as much passion. Everyone was dead silent.

When Tyler finally broke away from Jake he turned around to face Biff. “Would you look at that? You called something right for once. I wouldn’t make a habit of it, though.” Tyler said with a smug look of satisfaction on his face. Most of the crowd began cheering, a few started muttering, and at least one in the crowd felt his heart breaking.

Biff was now furious. He screamed at Tyler “Fuckin fags! What good is having a dick if you don’t know how to use it!” With an angry roar he rushed forward and kicked Tyler right between the legs.

Tyler couldn’t even register the pain. He felt the initial blow, and then nothing. His vision condensed to a small point of light, almost as if his mind was an old monitor that had just burnt out. He could hear nothing but a shrill ringing in his ears. Tyler hit the floor hard. He must have fallen but he couldn’t remember ever doing it. It was as if he had fallen years ago and had just finally hit the floor. It felt like all the muscles in his abdomen began to collapse inward and cramp up. His stomach did the same. Tyler felt he need to puke, but nothing would come up. He just lay on the floor alternating between heaving and gasping for breath.

The second Tyler went down Jake felt like time slowed down. He could see Biff charging at him while screaming something. Jake didn’t understand. He couldn’t recognize sounds anymore. He just watched in shock as a giant fist came rushing slowly at his head.

Jake was a little taller than biff, but Biff was solid muscle. Jake also had never been in a fight before. He knew he was doomed. He had no idea how to fight back, and he lacked the physical strength to do so even if he wanted to. So instead of fighting back he just stared blankly at the fist flying towards his face.

Right before the blow was going to land something unexpected happened. Jake could see it all very clearly since everything seemed to be going at a fraction of its normal speed. He saw a younger, smaller boy run in between Biff and him. This boy had black, stylish, emo rocker hair, and was wearing tight black pants, a white button up shirt, a black tie, and black and white converse shoes. The boy’s left hand shot up and hit Biff in the wrist, causing his punch to veer off course and just barely miss Jake. Jake felt the rush of air as the bully’s blow whizzed past him, but he was too dazed to freak out. He just continued to stare at his new savior in silent awe.

The boy delivered a strong strike right to Biff’s gut while he was still falling forward from the missed punch. The second hit cause Biff to stagger forward, and then the boy did one quick, hard, upwards palm strike right into the bully’s nose.

The loud sickening crunch snapped Jake back into reality. The normal flow of time returned, as did the sounds. Biff was on the ground screaming as he clutched his hands to his face. Jake could see the blood streaming through his fingers. The boy grabbed Jake’s sleeve and shook it to get Jake’s attention. “Come on. We have to get Tyler to the nurse.”


Part 14

Jake did not know anything about his savior other than he was apparently a friend of Tyler’s. Jake had to admit, that this guy was pretty cute, and there was something fascinating about him. It wasn’t just his slight features. Everything about him seemed to have a jarring contrast to it. His skin was extremely fair, but his hair was jet black. His pupils were a deep shade of brown, giving his eyes the appearance of being solid black, too. His choice in clothing showed that he was well aware of the dichotomy. Every article of clothing on him was either bright white or dark black.

He seemed far stronger than his build would indicate. He was shorter than Jake and looked every bit as slim, but he had just easily kicked the school bully’s ass. He also seemed to be carrying the greater half of Tyler’s weight as the two of them carried Tyler to the nurse’s office.

Tyler had stopped heaving and seemed to be recovering quickly, but he was still obviously in a lot of pain. Jake hated seeing Tyler like this and wished there was more he could do. Jake actually, wasn’t even sure if moving Tyler to the nurse’s office was the best course of action, but the other guy seemed to know what he was doing and so Jake figured he would follow along.

Jake was really curious about who their hero was, but he was too out of shape to talk and carry Tyler at he same time. Maybe he would actually take Tyler up on his offers to help him weight train at the gym after this; assuming they could still go to the gym anymore. Jake could only imagine the stares they would get trying to work out with their massive bulges being on display through their sweat pants, not to mention the looks they would get in the locker room. Jake wouldn’t feel comfortable in a setting like that, but he knew that Tyler would love it.

Finally they arrived at the office, just in time too because Jake was getting too tired to hold up Tyler. They laid Tyler down on one of the beds in the room. There were two beds in the nurse’s office, and each bed was sectioned off by a curtain that could be pulled up around it. These beds were actually little more than cots, but they served their purpose just fine.

By now Tyler was mostly coherent and able to move. “That was such a cheap shot. I woulda kicked his ass if he had faced me like a man.” Tyler moaned as he winced a bit and propped himself up on his elbows. “Seriously, what kind of guy gives another guy a shot in the pills? Even in the bully handbook that is taboo.”

Tyler looked around and took a quick stock of his surroundings. He could immediately tell that Jake was visibly shaken. “Are you alright? Biff didn’t hurt you, did he?” Tyler asked obviously concerned.

“No. He never had the chance. Someone else stepped in and took Biff down.” Jake looked a little uneasy. “I actually don’t even know who he is. He just stepped in at the last second and saved me.”

Tyler could tell that Jake was beating himself up for not asking the guy’s name, but Tyler had been around Jake long enough to know that it takes Jake a long time to work his way up to talking to someone new, especially in such a stressful circumstance. “Well, where is he? I want to thank him.” Tyler asked while trying to look around the room.

Just then the other guy stepped out from behind the other curtain. He had a bunch of ice packs in his arms. “Right here.” He responded “I was just getting some ice. You’re probably going to need it.”

Tyler looked at who it was and his jaw dropped. “…. Sammy!?”

Sam was pretty amused by Tyler’s reaction, but he didn’t let any of it show on his face. He just raised an eyebrow questioningly and said, “You’re welcome, by the way.”

Jake quickly jumped in. “You should have seen him! He dropped that bully in like, one hit!” Jake exclaimed while punching the air for emphasis. Tyler could tell that Jake had accepted Sam. Jake was always one of those people who would sit on the sidelines and study someone until he decided that he liked the person. Jake had done this to other people before. He would give them the silent treatment for weeks; watching them… studying them. Then one day he would greet them as if they had been friends forever.

Sam was obviously confused by Jake’s complete 180, but he responded as calmly as possible, “Well, it was technically a three hit maneuver, but yeah. He went down pretty fast.”

Tyler was shocked. “You took him down that easily? He’s a linebacker!”

Sam just shrugged and replied “And I’m a black belt.”

Tyler was laughing now. “Well, you are built like Bruce Lee. Man, I wish I could have seen it. What was the look on his face like when you kicked his ass?”

Sam just shrugged and said, “He was screaming in pain while clutching the shattered remnants of his nose.”

Tyler stopped laughing abruptly. “Shit, dude, remind me not to piss you off.” Tyler then pointed to the pouches that Sam had in his hands. “What’s with the ice?”

“It’s for you, obviously. You should put this over where you were hit. It’ll help the swelling,” He then turned to Jake and nodded towards the door. “You can get back to class now; I can handle it from here.”

Jake felt that he could trust Sam, but he was not sure how he felt about leaving Tyler in his current state. Jake also didn’t feel like further inconveniencing Sam, especially after he had already done so much for them. “You really don’t need to do that. I can stay here with Tyler just as easily.”

Same set the ice packs down and then held up the Boy Scout hand sign. “I have basic first aid training. I would be much better at helping out in case of any complications.” Sam stated plainly, but the he relaxed a bit. “And, besides, I just put a guy in the hospital. The police will come here, and Tyler and I will both have to give statements. You were just a bystander and are free to go.”

Jake looked pleadingly at Tyler. Tyler just nodded in agreement. “He’s right, you know. Go on. I’ll be fine.” Tyler replied as he gave Jake a reassuring smile and made some shooing gestures at him. “Your lunch period will be over soon, and we both know you can’t be late for your next class. You have to give that presentation in Bio, right?”

Jake sighed in defeat. He knew Tyler was right. He didn’t know anything about first aid, he wasn’t needed for the testimonies, and he could not afford to miss his next class. He still felt terrible about leaving Tyler, but he at least knew he was leaving Tyler in capable hands. “Fine, but I’ll be back to check on you right after my next class.” Jake replied. He got to the door and just sort of stood there looking uncertain.

“Just go. There is no reason to worry about me.” Tyler reassured Jake as best he could. He even had the most reassuring smile he could muster. It seemed to work because Jake opened the door and slowly slipped out. Sam and Tyler waited in silence for a moment while they waited for Jake to get far enough away.

Tyler broke the silence. “You’re mad at me, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. “ Sam replied. His face was completely unreadable. “You’ll need to take your pants off. The ice packs won’t do any good through that thick fabric, and we’ll need to see how bad the swelling is.”

“Oh, there’s going to be a lot of swelling alright.” Tyler said with a smug grin, but he could see that Sam was still not showing any emotion. “Look, I’m sorry. I know you were trying to ask me out yesterday. I know it looks like I lead you on, but I really didn’t intend for that.”

Sam just raised an eyebrow questioningly, but kept the rest of his face emotionless. “You say you weren’t leading me on, but you show up at school today claiming to have a boyfriend? How exactly does that work?”

Tyler sighed; he knew Sam had a point. “It sort of happened pretty fast. Jake and I have been best friends pretty much our entire lives, and between you and me, I have had the biggest crush on him for years. We kind of accidentally confessed to having mutual crushes last night, and it took off from there.” Tyler gave Sam the biggest, most soulful puppy eyes he could manage as he pleaded with Sam for his understanding.

Sam’s expression softened a bit. “I know what it’s like to have a long time crush on someone… I am not as lucky as you are, though.” Tyler could see Sam’s eyes begin to glisten. Sam was fighting back tears, but his face didn’t show it.

Tyler was feeling terrible. He had never meant to hurt anyone, but it was clear he had. “I’m sorry. I really am. I never thought about what this would be like for you, but the fact is I love Jake. It’s not even a crush anymore. I honestly love him, and I want to be with him. I realize now that I shouldn’t have even been flirting with you while I was hoping to get with Jake. Even if we had begun dating, it wouldn’t be fair to you. I never should have put you in a position where you would be the consolation prize.”

Sam just shook his head. He knew that he really shouldn’t blame Tyler. He wasn’t even mad, actually, just heartbroken and a little hurt. Sam knew how crazy Jake and Tyler were for each other when he saw them kiss. Sam’s heart ached, and he longed for someone to love him like that.

It took a minute for Sam to work up the nerve to respond. Finally he managed to say “I completely understand how you feel, and I am not mad at you. I forgive you, but it still hurts a bit.”

“Thanks. We can still be friends, though, right?” Tyler said as he tried to give a reassuring smile and extended his hand to Sam.

Sam smiled back nodded. He then reached for Tyler’s hand and they shook on it. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Great!” Tyler responded. He was glad that he could still be friends with Sam, but he wished there was more he could do. “I’m going to help you in any way I can. You deserve someone who loves you as much as you love him—? Her..?” Tyler faltered a bit on the last bit, and tilted his head looking a little confused.

Sam picked up on this and smiled back at Tyler. “Him. I’m strictly dickly as they say.” Sam then reached back and picked up the ice packs. “These are melting fast. Come on, off with them.” Sam nodded towards Tyler’s pants.

Tyler face reddened a little bit. “Uh, I really don’t think that’s necessary. I feel completely fine. I don’t even hurt anymore.” Tyler sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed to demonstrate.

“You still need to take them off. The ice will help, and you got hit really hard. You probably will have a bit of swelling.”

Tyler was a bit uneasy. He wasn’t sure what to do in this situation. On one hand he wasn’t particularly modest, but on the other hand he wasn’t sure how he felt about whipping out the behemoth in school. Especially since Sam had just seem it yesterday at a fraction of its current size. This was one of the few times that Tyler did not want to draw attention to himself. “Well. I am kind of commando today.”

“That’s fine. It’ll make it easier to see how badly you are hurt, and it’s not like I haven’t already seen it.”

“Tyler stood up, and began undoing his belt buckle. “Oh, you haven’t seen it like this, though.” Tyler pulled his pants down, slowly revealing foot after foot of his monster. Sam just stared in shock and awe. After Tyler removed his pants he pulled his shirt off too, so that Sam could see the excess cock wrapped around Tyler’s torso. “You could say there is a bit of swelling.”

Sam was too shocked to say anything at first. Finally he managed to ask “How is that possible?”

“Well the short version is I have the ability make my junk grow. It’s also kind of contagious, as you also probably noticed.” Tyler then gestures to the very noticeable bulge in Sam’s pants. Sam was getting hard from the spectacle, and his footlong was struggling to burst free. Sam tried to shake the lust out of his mind. Given the size of Tyler’s balls and the sheer force of the kick he was given, he couldn’t even fathom how Tyler could be so seemingly fine already. He should be bruised or something. “You don’t have a mark on you. You did get kicked, right?” Sam said in a voice that was more a tone of reverent awe than an actual question.

“Yeah. Very, very hard, too. I have a theory, though. You see, I’m not just bigger, I am also a bit more… shall we say, virile. I can cum near endless because my nuts refill instantly.” Tyler explained. He could see Sam’s tent rising higher and higher; his cock was struggling to bust free from the fabric. He could also see the growing lust in Sam’s eyes, and the deepening red in his cheeks. “—You’ve felt it already, haven’t you?”

Sam had indeed felt it already. Last night, after he got home he had had time to really check out his upgraded tool. Sam knew it had grown, almost doubled in size, even, but he didn’t know how it had happened until now.

Sam was so amazed by his new endowment that he just had to test it out. He had spent hours last night just jacking off. His dick never tired and he never ran out of cum to shoot. Sam had never been more content after jacking off than he had been last night. It was like he had fifteen afterglows going at the same time.

Tyler continued his explanation. “I think that whatever causes my balls to refill so fast also makes them heal near instantly. The cramping in my stomach actually took a lot longer to fade than the pain in my nuts.”

Sam didn’t actually care about the how or why anymore. The more Tyler talked about his nuts the more Sam’s eyes fixated on his huge, saggy balls. Sam wanted nothing more than the make love to Tyler’s mammoth cock. Sam didn’t care that it was larger than he was; if anything that just made him hornier.

Tyler could see Sam’s lust growing, and it made him hard, too. Tyler could feel his dick inflating rapidly, and so he untangled his hose from his body and let it sprawl out before him.

Sam watched as Tyler’s dick sprung to life. It inflated before him like a portable bounce castle. Sam could feel the wetness soak through his boxers and begin to spread on the front of his jeans.

Tyler was enjoying the looks that Sam was giving him and hopped back onto the bed, allowing his balls to dangle over to edge. The weight of his nuts pulled down on his giant cock caused it to dip lower. The tip of Tyler’s dick was now pointed squarely at Sam’s chest.

Sam couldn’t help himself anymore; he had to have that cock. Sam quickly began peeling off his clothes. He threw them over the curtain into the neighboring patient area. He was quickly down to nothing but his boxers. The boxers were soaked clear through; Sam’s cock was easily visible through the soggy, white fabric. In a matter of second, the boxers were pulled off and flung over the curtain, too.

Sam stood there completely naked. Tyler could see that Sam had absolutely no hair anywhere below his head. This just accentuated the sleek muscles of Sam’s lithe build.

Sam was rock hard and dribbling a steady stream of pre. Tyler was also starting to drip from the strip show. Sam got down on his knees and began to make out with the head of Tyler’s cock. The glans was huge, far bigger than even Sam’s head. Even the slit was bigger than Sam’s mouth.

Sam thought the slit looked a lot like a mouth in many ways. He tilted his head and planted a long sloppy kiss right onto the slit of Tyler’s cock. Tyler’s cock seemed to kiss back. Sam could taste Tyler’s pre slosh back and forth with his saliva. Sam worked his tongue in as deep as he could as he gave Tyler a deep, sensual, French kiss.

Tyler could feel Sam’s tongue really digging in there. The sensation was amazing. Not only was Sam’s tongue massaging the inside of his slit, but Sam had a hand on either side of the head rolling his foreskin back and forth. Tyler already felt like he was going to lose it, but Sam backed off.

Tyler opened his eyes and pleaded silently with Sam to continue. Sam was getting back to his feet. The look on Sam’s face was so horny, so devious, that Tyler was getting harder just looking at it. Whatever it was that Sam was thinking, Tyler knew he wanted in on it.

Sam patted the tip of Tyler’s cock like he would pet the head of the dog. “Your friend… he seems to really like me. I think maybe it wants to take things to the next level. What do you say?” Sam asked in a sultry voice.

Tyler just nodded dumbfounded. By this point any sort of moral compass had long since stopped working, and his conscience was sitting there on his shoulder beating off to the lewd display instead of trying to give him advice on the best way to proceed.

“I knew you’d see it my way.” Sam said as he pushed down on the tip of Tyler’s dick. Sam managed to get Tyler’s cock level with his hips. He held the cock down with his left hand while he grabbed his own with his right. Sam guided his cock into Tyler’s slit. Sam’s whole dick easily slid into Tyler’s massive canal.

Sam then began to trust his hips back and forth. Each trust he slammed his dick inside of Tyler’s; burying himself in up to his balls and then pulled back out. Sam was so turned on by the scenario that he starting cumming after only the third thrust.

Tyler could feel Sam’s long, thin dick buried deep inside his cock. Tyler had to admit it felt pretty good. Not only was Sam’s dick massaging the inner lining of Tyler’s own cock, but Sam’s hands were gripping the sides of Tyler’s monster cock as well.

Tyler then felt a new sensation; Sam was cumming inside of him. He could feel the jet after jet of warm jizz stream down the inside of his cock. The warm, gooey sensation permeated down to the very base of his cock. Tyler lost it right then and began cumming hard too.

Tyler began firing hard, but Sam would not pull out. The sprays broke against Sam’s cock and then splashed outwards against his cleanly shaven pubic area and balls. Tyler could feel the pressure building up inside of his shaft. It was a whole new experience for him, and it felt amazing.

The jets of cum and Sam’s piston motion were causing Tyler’s shaft to fill up with sloshing waves of spooge, but there was still another feeling. Tyler was beginning to feel even fuller… Sam was growing! Sam’s own jets were increasing as a result. Tyler could feel Sam’s dick push deeper and deeper with each thrust. Sam’s cock filled up more and more of Tyler’s tube. Sam’s dick soon managed to completely plug Tyler’s own. Tyler could feel his shaft swelling like a water balloon.

Sam continued to slam his dick hard into Tyler’s slit, even though he could feel the side press in tighter and tighter. The pressure from all the pent up cum was increasing by the second. Sam would pull out enough to let the torrent unleash for a second, and then force his cock back in to plug the hole all over again.

The feeling was maddening to Tyler. Sam had complete control over the exact speed at which Tyler was allowed to cum. Tyler’s shaft and balls ached with the desire for release. He kept being given brief flashes of relief followed by moments of intense desire to cum. Tyler was harder than he had ever been in his life. Having his ability to cum regulated like this made each short burst exponentially more satisfying. Each spray felt like a full orgasm unto itself.

Sam was trying to continue plowing into Tyler’s cock, but he was getting tired, and the ground beneath him was getting slippery with frothy jizz. Finally the pressure building up from Tyler’s cum was too much for Sam to hold back, and he was blasted backwards by a raging deluge of spooge. Sam fell backwards into the curtain and then slid back into the wall; taking the curtain along with him. Sam lay with his back against the wall for a few minutes as the torrent of jizz washed over him. Sam continued to fire shot after shot of is own cum as well. Slowly and steadily, both of their streams weakened to a trickle and then stopped completely.

Sam and Tyler just lay there for awhile; each too caught up in the afterglow to even speak. Eventually Sam was able to stand up again, and he staggered to his feet. Sam was completely drenched in cum. He needed to get cleaned up, and now that he knew Tyler was fine, better than fine, really, he had no reason to baby sit him anymore. Sam figured he could still make it to the last class of the day. If anyone ever showed up to get his story, they would know how to reach him.

Sam walked over to the other bed. The cot and the surrounding area was mostly untouched thanks to the curtains, and so Sam’s clothes and the bed’s linens were completely clean. Sam pulled the blankets off the bed and wiped off as much cum as he could manage. Once he felt he was clean enough, he wrapped himself in the relatively clean sheet from the bed, and scooped up is clothes. Hopefully, everyone will be in class right now, and Sam could slip into the locker room unnoticed. Sam had to chuckle a bit to himself when he thought about how he must look. No one would even believe him if he tried to explain what just happened.

Sam could see that Tyler was trying to force himself to get up, too. Fortunately, Tyler was mostly clean. He was well behind the splash zone, since his mega cock was aimed safely away from him, and Sam was a good nine feet away at any given moment. The only part of Tyler that really got dirty was his huge penis; which was now sprawled out across the floor, soaking in a giant puddle of their mixed juices.

Sam was about to head out the door, but he turned back to Tyler “You still have my number, right?” Tyler nodded weakly. “Great. Call me later. I want you and Jake to come over to my place later. I think I can help you guys out.”

Tyler didn’t have a chance to ask Sam what he was going to help with. Sam turned and ran out the door as soon as he finished speaking. Tyler forced himself to get up and get dressed. He didn’t really want to go to class, but he also didn’t want to be here if anyone happened to stop by. Tyler got dressed and took a quick look out the door. When he was sure the coast was clear he slipped out and headed down the hall.


Part 15

Sam managed to slip into the locker room without being noticed. He was glad that the nurse’s office and the locker room were in the same wing of the school. Sam thought about that for a second and realized it made a lot of sense. After all it seemed most likely that people would be injured during athletics than any other time.

Sam entered the locker room and gave a quick peek around. There was a PE class in session judging by all the full lockers, but there did not appear to be anyone actually in there. Sam was glad that he was on one of the sport teams and so he had his own private locker. He typically used this locker to store his stuff between classes instead of his standard issue school locker in the halls, both because these lockers were far larger and because it was not uncommon to get a free shot while changing out books.

Sam slipped his clothing into the locker and grabbed his toiletry basket. Sam was relieved to see that his clothes were relatively untouched by the cumsplosion he had been subjected to just a few minutes before. He also looked over at the clock on the wall and noticed that he had plenty of time before his next class. With a clean set of clothes and plenty of time to prepare, it seemed Sam would have no problem slipping back into class like nothing had even happened.

Sam balled up the sheet he was wearing and tossed it into the dirty laundry bin as he walked by and grabbed a fresh towel from the nearby shelf while he was at it. Sam didn’t even bother wrapping the towel around his waist like he normally did. It would just get dirty if he did that, and nobody was here to see him anyway. Although, Sam secretly wished someone would see him. He had had another growth spurt while he was being blasted by Tyler’s cum. Sam couldn’t tell how big he was exactly, but he could tell he was pretty large. Probably as large as Tyler was when Sam walked in on him yesterday.

Sam took a moment to run that through his mind, it was just yesterday that he had seen Tyler in the showers. In the span of one day he had worked up the nerve to talk to his long-time crush, found out his crush was already taken, and then had sex with him anyway. That’s not even mentioning the weird powers that Tyler had gained or the effects they had had on Sam.

Sam entered a stall and turned the water to full blast. He stood there under the torrent while he tried to process what all had happened in the last hour. Sam had been running almost solely off of hormones and adrenaline since he decided to step in and defend Jake. Sam still couldn’t really figure out how or why he acted like he had. Sam had never before actually hit someone; let alone break their face in. Sure, he had sparred in practice, but those were not real fights; everything was controlled and metered.

Sam tried to figure out why he had saved Jake. He should have been angry at Jake for winning Tyler’s affections, right? Instead Sam felt an affinity for Jake. Sam could tell how happy Tyler and Jake were, and Sam just wanted Tyler to be happy… even if it wasn’t with him. Sam remembered watching as Jake and Tyler had kissed. It simultaneously tore at his heart and overwhelmed him with joy.

When that bully took Tyler down with a cheep shot, all Sam felt was anger. Then when Biff had turned on Jake, Sam could see the shock, sorrow, and fear in Jake’s eyes. Sam knew that feeling all too well. It was at that moment that Sam bonded with Jake on an emotional level. In the span of a few seconds Jake had been unexpectedly outed and had to stand and face the unbridled rage of someone who was unwilling to accept him for who he was.

Sam realized that that was the moment that he knew he had to act. He had been in the same position before. The bullies themselves are not so bad. There are a few people who will always find reasons to hate someone else. No one is immune to bullies. Some will hate you because you are popular; others because you are not popular enough. Some will hate you for being short; others for being too tall. The thing that hurts the most is the crowd. The loneliest feeling is knowing that there are several people around, but none would ever lift a finger to help.

Sam washed off the layers of jizz while he continued to ponder. What would his life have been like if he had had friends like Jake and Tyler years ago? What would he be like now? Sam had mastered the art of hiding any sign of emotion from his face long ago. He didn’t even understand his own emotions half the time, and he had decided he was better off keeping them hidden.

Tyler was different, though. Every thought was clearly visible on his face. Tyler never hid what he was thinking and actually thrived because of it. That is what had attracted Sam to Tyler in the first place. Sam rarely trusted anyone, but he felt that he could trust Tyler from the moment they met. Even after what had happened since yesterday, Sam was still glad he had opened up to Tyler and still trusted him.

Sam had wasted enough time in the shower. He had been clean for minutes, already. By now he was just standing under the flow because it helped calm him as he tried to sort through his thoughts.

Sam turned the handle; the stream quickly slowed to a trickle and then stopped completely. He grabbed his towel and dried himself thoroughly. He then began to tie the towel around his waste like he normally did but then had a better idea. Sam flung the towel over his shoulder instead and stepped out from behind the curtain with his newfound glory openly on display.

It was towards the end of the current class period, and so the locker room was packed with all the guys who were getting cleaned up after PE. Everyone stopped and stared at Sam as he walked over to his locker. Many of the boys immediately covered themselves up with whatever they had nearby; some out of a sense of inadequacy, but a few others to hide their growing erections.

Sam was loving the feeling of being the center of attention. For so long he had done whatever he could to try and just fit into the crowd. He never drew too much attention to himself if he could help it, but he might have to rethink that policy now.

Sam’s dick swung heavily with each step. It had to be well over a foot even though it was soft. His softball sized nuts also noticeably shifted in their saggy pouch with every step he took. Sam’s balls didn’t hang very low, but they always looked like they had a bit more skin than they really needed. At his new size this just made his package seem more impressive since the full size and shape of each of his nuts could be seen in great detail.

Once Sam got back to his locker he slipped his glasses on and then pulled out some styling cream. He used the little mirror in his locker to fix his hair as he stood completely naked in a room full of guys. Out of the corner of his eyes, Sam could catch many of the guys trying to catch a glimpse of his glorious package. This filled him with a sense of pride, but he did not show any of it on his face.

Sam was enjoying all the attention, but he knew he was running out of time. He pulled out his clothes and began to put them on. His boxers were still too soaked to be usable so Sam slipped those back into the locker and began pulling on his tight jeans. There was an audible collective sigh of repressed desire as Sam’s firm ass and huge dick disappeared into the fabric of his pants.

Sam was a little surprised by just how tight his pants had become. He slipped his hand down the front of his pants and tried to adjust himself as best he could. He finally managed to slip both his dick and balls down his right pant leg. It wasn’t the most comfortable, but it would have to work. His pants were so tight that the outline of his large penis was perfectly visible to anyone who gave him even a passing glance.

Sam next slipped his shirt on and began to button it up when he heard his name over the PA. He didn’t even need to hear the last name to know they were calling for him. Even if he hadn’t been expecting to be called in to the principal’s office for awhile now it was obvious it was for him. To the best of his knowledge he was the only person currently enrolled named “Samwise.” Sam figured that would change soon enough. The children born after the Lord of the Rings movies were released would start entering high school soon enough. Sam was one of those rare few who were named for the character in the books.

Sam liked his name even though he rarely went by the full version. When he was really young and the movies came out he took a certain amount of pride in watching the character on the screen with his name save the day. Being named for a movie character also helped him meet new people such as the boy who would be his best friend growing up.

Han was like Sam in a lot of ways. They were about the same age and had similar hobbies. They also both came from geeky families as was probably obvious by their names. They did everything together, and when Han enrolled in Boy Scouts, Sam quickly did the same.

Sam was now fully dressed and had gathered up all the books he would need for his last class. He started walking to the principal’s office and continued reminiscing about bygone days. Sam was a very different person back then. He smiled a lot and laughed loudly. He trusted easily and forgave quickly. His face was an open book, and Sam willingly let everyone know how he felt.

If Sam still had any of the friends that he had had back then, he wondered what they would think of him now. Sam had to wonder, if he still had any of the friends he had had back then would he even be who he was today.

Sam arrived at the office and walked right on in. The secretary recognized him immediately and gestured for him to enter the next room. Sam could see the principal sitting at her desk with a police officer standing beside her. The officer nodded solemnly to Sam and the principal gestured to the chair in front of her desk.

Sam took the hint and sat down in the chair. “Now, Samwise. You know why you have been called in here, correct?” The principal began. Her voice was terse and stern.

Sam just nodded and said, “Because I punched someone. Ma’am” Sam’s face remained completely emotionless. The principal nodded and continued, “We have reports that you attacked another student… unprovoked. You admit to doing so, but you have an exemplary record so far. Something doesn’t add up. Why did you attack Graham?”

Graham? Sam wondered… That’s right. Sam then remembered that that was Biff’s real name. Tyler had begun calling him Biff to piss him off and it had caught on around school.

“He attacked my friends, ma’am.” Sam replied; as stoic as before.

“So you attacked him back, out of retaliation?”

“No, ma’am. I did it to protect my friends. One of them was already unconscious and he was going to hurt the other one.” This caught the officer’s interest.

“You say he was attacking your friends. Did they provoke him in some way?” The officer asked. Sam could tell that he had not heard this part of the story. The apparent victim was now becoming the suspect.

For the first time in the interrogation, Sam’s face changed a bit. He grew pensive, and he mulled over how to answer this question. “Not exactly, sir.”

The officer leaned in closer. “This is a yes or no question. Was Graham provoked?”

Sam’s face reverted to its previously blank look. “It’s not that simple, sir. Graham attacked my friends because they were kissing.”

The officer was catching on, and his face softened a bit. If things were going the way he thought they were, this case was about to get a lot more serious. “Tell me, what were the names of your friends?”

The principal began to tense up. She knew where this line of questioning was going as well. Sam responded “Jake and Tyler.”

The principal narrowed her gaze at Sam. What she had hoped to resolve as a simple schoolyard brawl was on the verge of becoming a serious legal issue. The officer turned to her and spoke, “You know what this means.” The principal nodded without speaking. “We will have to gather witnesses from the area, and we will need to review the security footage. These accusations are very serious.”

The officer turned back to Sam. “You are not in the clear yet, though. You still put that boy in the hospital. He has a broken nose and a concussion.”

Sam just shrugged, “It was a simple takedown, sir. I had to stop him before he could hurt anyone else, and that was the quickest way to incapacitate him. His nose will heal in a few weeks. He would have seriously hurt them had I not stepped in.”

The officer nodded. “We will review the footage. You are free to go for now, but if we find out you have not been honest with us we will bring you in again. Dismissed.”

Sam nodded to the officer, got up, and left the office. The secretary gave him a pass for class on his way out. As soon as Sam got out into the hallway his resolve cracked. He was terrified during that entire interrogation. He hoped he played it properly. Sam knew that Biff was the one who was really at fault. Sam also knew that those who deserved to be caught rarely did. Sam walked slowly to his next class giving his nerves time to settle before he got there.


Part 16

Sam was already ten minutes late for his last class period, but he wasn’t in any hurry to get there. He had a pass after all. Part of Sam wanted to just leave now and get ready for tonight, but he knew that that wasn’t really an option. He lived too far away from school to walk it. Well, he could walk it, but by the time he got home it would have been quicker to wait for the bus.

There was also that little detail about today being the final lab project. If he skipped class he would have to do a make-up lab. It was just all around easier to go now and do it in a group.

Sam got to the chemistry lab and walked right in. The teacher gave him a look of disapproval; obviously she was upset that Sam was so late for a final project. Sam just flashed his slip of paper from the principal’s office and set it down on her desk. Looking around the classroom Sam could see that his normal lab partner had been reassigned to a different group. Sam figured he’d be going it alone for this project and grabbed a worksheet from the stack on the teacher’s desk and then went to take a seat at an empty lab station.

“You’ll need a partner for this exercise, Sam.” The teacher said. She then looked around the class. Pretty much all lab groups were comprised of three people, with a few scattered groups of two. “Do we have any volunteers from the full groups to help Sam with this project?”

Sam would have much rather just joined one of the groups of two and made it easier, but he supposed that the teacher didn’t want to give him ten minutes of free work. Sam figured he’d end up in one of the other groups anyway since no one would want to start their lab over.

A single hand rose from the back of the room. Sam was quite surprised, but the only indication of it on his face was a slightly raised eyebrow. Sam didn’t know this guy… not well anyway. Sure, they had had the same class all semester, but Sam was not the most outgoing individual.

The other guy had very sandy brown hair that was mashed into a beige beanie. What bit of his hair that was visible under the beanie was wild and unkempt; it curled upwards in the back, and the bangs swished outwards in the front. Pretty much all of his clothes were light earthy tones; tan blazer, tight, brown pants, a grey V neck, and a beige scarf. Like Sam, he had glasses, but his were thin-framed and very circular. They looked like something that John Lennon or Harry Potter would wear.

Now that Sam noticed the guy he noticed something else, too. The guy had not stopped staring at Sam the entire time. Well to be more precise, his eyes were glued to the massive outline of Sam’s cock that was clearly visible through his jeans.

“Very well then, Dalton.” The teacher gestured for the boy in brown. “Take your papers and join Sam at the other lab station.”

Dalton couldn’t believe his luck. He had always thought Sam was kind of cute, but he had never expected him to be packing as much as he was. Not as big as those dudes last night, but let’s be reasonable. At least, Sammy boy here was well within the realm of physical possibility. It was like there was a big dick pandemic and Dalton was given front row seats.

Sam thought that Dalton seemed decent enough, but there was something about him that didn’t sit right with him. Dalton came up and extended his hand for a handshake with Sam. Sam returned the handshake and then took his seat. They had to hurry if they were to make up for lost time.

Dalton could tell that Sam was giving him the silent treatment… then again Sam gave everyone the silent treatment. Dalton would have to play his cards right. The one major advantage that Dalton had going for him is that he already knew that Sam was gay. Everyone in school knew it, actually.

Sam began setting up the various beakers and burners needed for this experiment. Judging from the worksheet it seemed very basic; mix two chemicals, heat, and stir. They should be able to get this finished in record time. Sam wasn’t even sure why the teacher had made him take a partner. Sam would probably end up doing all the work by himself.

The experiment itself went very quickly. Sam heated up both of the chemicals and poured them into a large beaker. The new liquid began bubbling violently and changing colors.

Sam was too fixated on the class work for Dalton’s tastes. He would have to find some way of getting Sam to open up. “I like your piercings.”

“Thanks… was the only response that Sam gave.

“Those are new, aren’t they?” Dalton asked, noticing that there was still a little redness around some of the piercings; especially the two on Sam’s lower lip.

“I just got them a week ago.” Sam replied flatly. He was going to leave it at that, but he could tell that Dalton was genuinely trying to get him to talk. Sam forced himself to give up a little more information. “For my birthday. My dad said I could get pierced once I turn eighteen. So on my birthday he took me in and paid for them.” He added hesitantly.

“Well, it looks really cute on you.” Dalton remarked pleasantly. Dalton was watching Sam’s reactions like a hawk. As much as Sam liked to give off this aura of not having any emotions, Dalton knew better. When Dalton referred to Sam’s piercings as cute, Sam bit his lower lip a bit. Dalton knew he was getting somewhere. Dalton leaned in closer and whispered into Sam’s ear. “Or maybe it’s just you who are cute.”

Sam didn’t respond to this, but Dalton could tell it was working. Sam’s cheeks started to redden a bit even though he still had the same look of calm determination on his face.

“Do you have any tattoos?” Dalton asked.

“None, yet.” Sam replied. Then after a brief pause he explained. “I would love to get some, but my dad says he won’t pay for any.”

“Ah. You’d look great with some tattoos. Maybe one on that nice ass of yours.” Dalton said seductively. Sam’s face turned another shade of red.

Sam was not used to this sort of attention. He didn’t dislike it, but he was well outside of his comfort zone. Sam had to admit that Dalton was pretty cute though. Sam could feel his dick twitching and coming to life. Sam really didn’t want to bone in the middle of class. It was hard enough to hide his bulge when he was soft. He wouldn’t be able to hide it from anyone if he got hard.

Dalton could actually see Sam’s piece swelling in his pant leg. Dalton was getting turned on too, but he figured he could use this to his advantage. Dalton sat up in his chair and placed his hand gently on Sam’s leg. Under normal circumstances this would be a harmless enough gesture, but because of Sam’s impressive semi, Dalton’s hand was now resting directly on top of Sam’s dick. Dalton could actually feel Sam’s dick swelling under the palm of his hand. Dalton rubbed his hand gently up and down Sam’s thigh, rubbing Sam’s cock up and down in the process.

Sam tried his best to finish the project, but the pleasure was getting to be too distracting. He looked over at Dalton sitting next to him. Dalton seemed to be completely focused on doing the lab write-up, but Sam knew better. Sam looked down and could see Dalton’s own large erection tenting in his pants.

The entire class period went like this. Sam sitting at the lab desk trying to hide his erection while Dalton would walk around and get the supplies they needed and do the writing. Whenever Dalton would drop off another tool or chemical they needed for the experiments, he would be sure to lean in close enough to give Sam’s earlobe a quick nibble before returning to his tasks as if nothing had happened.

Sam was going crazy. Dalton had kept him fully hard for almost the whole hour. Every time he thought he could start to calm down, Dalton would come by and edge him again. Sam had begun leaking already too. He had never been one to have a lot of precum, but that seemed to change with his latest growth spurt. The wet spot on his leg was getting larger by the second.

Dalton and Sam were the last two students left in the lab. The teacher was just waiting for them to turn in their project so she could leave as well. Dalton finished the last little bit of the write up and was getting up to deliver it to the teacher. He gave Sam’s cock another playful squeeze but was surprised by how wet it was. Dalton looked down and could see the large pool of pre forming on Sam’s leg.

Sam gave a silent whimper; his eyes were pleading with Dalton for release. Sam’s face had gotten paler than it normally was, and his cheeks were turning bright red. If Dalton didn’t know any better he would be afraid that Sam had a fever.

Dalton pulled his hand away. It was covered in Sam’s pre. Dalton said to Sam “Don’t worry, I’ll handle the clean up.” Dalton discretely licked his hand. Dalton was giving Sam the dirtiest bedroom eyes he could muster while he licked his hand clean. Sam could see what Dalton was doing perfectly, but the teacher was still completely in the dark. This somehow made Sam get even harder.

Dalton turned in the papers, and then went back to the lab. He began gathering up beakers and putting them in the bin to be cleaned; all except for one beaker. Sam wasn’t sure why Dalton would leave an empty beaker on the table, but he soon found out.

Dalton was moving the last burner off the table when he “accidentally” knocked over the last beaker. The beaker tipped over, but it was empty so nothing splashed out on anyone. Dalton yelled as if it had though. “Oh, shit. Sorry dude.” Dalton cried out as he grabbed Sam by the arm and lifted him up.

Sam instinctively jumped to his feet. He turned even paler white as the teacher looked over at him; the large pool of pre running down his leg. The teacher just turned to Dalton and asked “Which beaker was that?”

Dalton acted all flustered and confused. “I don’t know. One of the clear ones?” He yelped.

The teacher shook her head. “That’s half the chemicals we worked with today. Are you familiar with exposure procedures?” She said with an annoyed sigh.

Sam just looked completely bewildered, but Dalton stepped in. “Leave it to me, ma’am. It’s my fault he got soaked anyway.” The brown haired guy replied.

The teacher nodded and turned to Sam. “I’ll leave you in Dalton’s care, unless you have any complaints.” She said tersely.

Sam was still a little confused, but he shook his head no. The teacher nodded to him and said, “Dalton, help him quickly, we can’t risk prolonged exposure to the skin. I’ll leave you two alone and see to it you are left in private.” She then turned and left the lab.

Sam didn’t even have time to ask Dalton what he was up to because as soon as the door was shut Dalton planted a big kiss right on Sam’s lips. When they broke apart Dalton whispered lasciviously into Sam’s ear as he undid Sam’s belt. “You heard the lady. Off with them.”

Sam finally caught on. Dalton had faked a chemical spill so that Sam would have to strip and decontaminate. Ironically Sam was about to get a lot dirtier than he was before.

Dalton pulled Sam’s pants down around his legs. Sam’s impressive erection sprung free from its denim prison at last. Dalton was in awe of the huge cock that was standing rigid in front of his face. He could not hold back any more. Dalton began licking and sucking Sam’s cock as best he could while pulling off layer after layer of his own clothes.

Sam pulled off his own shirt while Dalton was stripping in front of him. Sam was too lost in his own lust to worry about the ramifications of what they were doing. Sam didn’t really even know this guy, but here they were, getting it on in the chemistry lab.

In a matter of seconds both boys were completely naked and were back to kissing each other. They were both very similar in height which made kissing a lot easier. Dalton pushed in closer and slipped his tongue in. Sam was taken off guard for a second, but then began using his tongue as well.

Dalton could feel Sam’s piercings brushing against his lips and tongue. He would also get a little taste of metal mixed in with Sam’s saliva as they continue to make out. Dalton was really getting into it and began to grind his cock into Sam’s. Dalton’s cock was quite thick for its length and so even though Sam’s dick was twice as long as Dalton’s it was only a little thicker.

Dalton couldn’t believe how long Sam’s cock was; it dwarfed his own. Sam’s dick was also still leaking pre. Dalton had never even managed to cum as much as Sam’s dick had already leaked, and Sam wasn’t even cumming yet. We’ll just have to fix that. Dalton thought to himself.

Dalton managed to slip out a few words in between kisses. “I need… your dick—” Dalton exclaimed breathlessly. He then broke away from Sam and walked back over to his bag; he had a large messenger bag instead of a normal backpack. Dalton reached into the front pocket and pulled out a bottle.

“I just bought this this morning. I never imagined I would be using it already.” He said lasciviously.

Sam could feel the cool, wet sensation spread across his cock as Dalton poured his lube right onto it. Dalton then returned to passionately kissing Sam while he guided them slowly to the floor. Once Sam was on the floor Dalton grabbed Sam’s cock and held it upright as he slowly brought his ass down on it.

Sam could feel it as Dalton’s ass slowly took in all of is long cock. Dalton’s hole sucked up inch after inch; showing no signs of slowing, until finally Dalton’s ass slapped up against Sam’s large, full balls.

Dalton couldn’t believe how deep it was in there. He had taken all of Sam’s dick easy enough, but this was by far the deepest he had ever been penetrated. He could feel Sam’s dick brushing against the sweet spot deep within him. Dalton began working his hips up and down; letting Sam’s cock slide in and out of him. Dalton could feel the urge to cum rising up inside him, but he still wasn’t fully recovered from last night. He managed to let loose one good, strong shot before he was completely spent again.

The sensation of Dalton’s ass swallowing all of Sam’s cock was beyond anything he could imagine. It was warm and slick and tight. Add on to this the muscles at Dalton’s hole shifting and sucking as Dalton ride Sam’s shaft up and down. Sam was trying to hold back cumming to make this last as long as he could when he felt Dalton’s jizz splatter across his face. There wasn’t that much of it, and it was fairly clear and thin. Dalton had managed to get good distance though. Sam wiped Dalton’s cum off of his face with his fingers and then licked his fingers.

Sam wasn’t sure what he was expecting from Dalton’s cum, but he had to admit, the taste was not bad. It was salty and bitter, but much mellower than Sam had expected. It was a shame there was not all that much of it.

Sam was also getting really close to cumming as well. He wanted to hold back and keep going as long as he could. Even though Dalton had already gotten off he was still riding Sam’s dick like a champ. Sam watched as Dalton pumped up and down on his shaft; Dalton’s now soft dick was flopping up and down with him as he went. Sam just couldn’t take it any more.

Dalton could feel Sam tense up under him. He knew it was time, and judging by the size of Sam’s large, full balls this would be a shot to remember. Dalton could feel Sam cumming hard inside him. He could feel the warm spooge flooding his insides and churning away as Dalton continued to ride Sam’s cock up and down. Dalton had expected Sam to slow down after two or three shots, but he continued to fire shot after gooey shot.

Dalton was getting filled to capacity. He could feel the excess spooge leaking out of him even though Sam’s dick had plugged him up pretty tight, and yet Sam was still cumming. Dalton was loving the sensation and was starting to get hard again as he felt the warm froth leak out of him.

Sam watched in awe as his cum was spilling out of Dalton, but Dalton refused to even slow his pace. Dalton was obviously tiring at this point. His legs were shaking. His pace slowing, but he kept going. Dalton came again, but there was very little to show for it; just a little dribble as his dick spasmed.

After Dalton came the second time, he was just too tired to continue. He slowly lifted himself off of Sam’s still rock hard, and still spurting cock. Once Dalton had completely lifted himself off of Sam’s dick, all that pent up cum inside him started spilling out. There was a lot of it, too. Dalton could feel himself deflating as wave after wave of jizz flooded out his hole and down his legs.

Dalton couldn’t believe that Sam was still cumming, but sure enough, jets of cum were arcing through the air before him. Sam was making a mess of the lab and showing no signs of stopping. Dalton got down on his knees and began sucking the Sam’s cock; swallowing as much of the cum as he could. When he needed a breather he would pull back from Sam’s dick and let it spray all over his face and chest. Dalton wished more than anything that he could have Sam’s stamina and sheer volume of cum.

Finally Sam’s spurts began to slow down and then trickle to a stop. Dalton crawled up next to Sam and kissed him again on the lips. This time Dalton had a little something extra, for Sam, though.

As soon as they locked lips Sam could tell something was different. The taste was completely new. As Sam forced his tongue into Dalton’s mouth he quickly realized what it was. Dalton’s mouth was completely full of Sam’s cum.

Dalton returned the favor and pushed his tongue into Sam’s mouth. The two of them lay there for awhile letting their tongues rub against each other as the mixture of jizz and spit was blended and a foamy froth. Finally when both of them were tired, they broke the embrace and swallowed their halves of the blend.

Dalton got up and wiped as much of Sam’s cum off of his face and chest as he could with his boxers, and then shoved the boxers into his bag. The two boys dressed in relative silence, but one or the other would steal a quick kiss on the cheek when they thought they could get way with it.

Once they were fully dressed, they left the lab as inconspicuously as possible. School was long since over, and the halls were relatively deserted. As the two of them walked down the hallways, Sam finally worked up the nerve to speak.

“Was that a one time thing?” Sam asked. His aloof veneer had crumbled by now, and he was obviously nervous.

“It doesn’t have to be.” Dalton said as nonchalantly as he could manage. Dalton had to admit, he originally just wanted to have a quick one with Sam because of Sam’s huge cock, but now that they had done it, he was seeing a different side to Sam. Sam’s normally stoic appearance had faded, leaving a nervous and blushing kid. Dalton genuinely thought Sam was adorable. It had been a long time since Dalton had had anything other than a one night stand.

“So should we switch numbers or something?” Sam said while he fumbled through his bag for a piece of paper.

“I’ll do you one better.” Dalton said as he pulled out his phone and typed in it and then handed it to Sam. Sam could see that it was already set up for Sam to type in his own phone number into Dalton’s contact list. Sam gave the phone back and Dalton began typing again.

Sam’s phone buzzed and so he pulled it and checked it. He had a new message from a new number; he assumed this was Dalton. The message read “See ya later, sexy ;)”

Dalton could see Sam’s cheeks flush a little redder so he knew Sam was reading his message. Dalton brushed back Sam’s hair and kissed him on the forehead.

Sam looked back up to see Dalton backing away with his hand to the side of his head like a telephone as he mouthed “call me.”


Part 17

After Tyler left the nurse’s office he wandered on over to the cafeteria. It was still his lunch period, and he was very hungry; a long round of hot sex tends to have that effect on people. He had to eat quickly though because the lunch period was almost over. After that he went ahead and attended his last class.

Tyler was bored through the entirety of his last period. World history? Why was he even in this class? If he really needed to know in what year Charlemagne crossed the ocean blue he’d just wikipedia it. Tyler listened to the teacher drone on about dates and figures. Tyler really didn’t care. This was all just review for the final on Thursday. Tyler had all of this in his notebook… in a far less boring version to boot. Tests in this class were mind numbingly easy. All Tyler had to do was memorize the study guide and show up for class. Five minutes afterwards he would jettison all knowledge of the subject into the wild blue yonder.

Tyler actually wished he could focus on the class, though. He had pangs of guilt gnawing away at the back of his mind. Tyler’s conscience was bitching him out non-stop. If this class was at least halfway interesting and the information halfway important, Tyler would at least have an excuse to tell that little voice on his shoulder to sit down and shut the hell up.

Tyler pondered what it would be like if he actually had an angel and a devil on each shoulder like in the cartoons. Would his angel and devil be as hung as he was? That would be hilarious to see, the little angel trying to float around all heavenly and innocent with a massive wang dragging across Tyler’s shoulder. The devil would enjoy it though. Devils always seem to be naked, anyway. It’d probably enjoy its massive endowment.

Tyler began imagining a three inch tall, red skinned, naked version of himself sitting on his shoulder while stroking a five inch cock. Man, even Tyler’s nega-conscience is packing more meat that he was just three days ago. He’d probably cum more than his body weight. Devils don’t get tired like people do, right? He could jizz indefinitely, flooding the entire room with his demon seed. Everyone in the room would get soaked with the infernal spooge and begin to grow like Tyler had.

Tyler jerked awake suddenly. He could feel something tightening around his chest. He must have dozed off during class. It’s not the first time this has happened, but this is the first time Tyler dozed off while wearing his dick like a life-preserver. It was getting thicker and beginning to harden, constricting tightly around him. Is this what wearing a corset feels like? Tyler wondered. No wonder chicks seemed to hate those things.

Fortunately just thinking about women in their lingerie, even Victorian era lingerie, was enough to get the swelling down. If he had ever doubted it before, Tyler could now safely say he was totally gay.

His dick was still a little tight around him so Tyler tried to calm himself down by repeating “Margaret Thatcher topless on a cold day” silently in his mind. Tyler did not actually know what Margaret Thatcher looked like, and so this served no purpose other than to make him want to laugh. Of course he couldn’t bust out laughing in class. Well… he could, but then he’d have to explain what was making him laugh, and that would be a huge mess. How do you even tell someone that you are trying to get your bone down so that you don’t crack a rib without sounding like a total loony?

Tyler eventually managed to get his silent giggling under control but not without a few strange looks from the neighboring students. Tyler was glad for that bit of humor though. It took his mind off of his troubles for a few moments… his trouble with Jake. Tyler felt the pit in his stomach open up again. Oh no. He made himself sad.

Tyler was really beating himself up over this. What was he thinking? He had wanted to confess to Jake for years! He finally does it. It goes amazing. They have a night of mind (and load) blowing sex. They go to school as an official couple, even announcing it publicly for everyone to hear, and then Tyler cheats on Jake. All this is the span of twenty four hours.

Tyler just wanted to slam his head into his desk while grinding his teeth and pulling out his hair, but he just sat there silently imploding like a super nova. Tyler’s stomach felt like it was turning into a black hole of guilt. How could he be so stupid?

Finally the bell rang. Tyler was free from class, but he would have to face Jake. How would he do it? Would he try and hide it? Tyler was terrible at keeping secrets. Last year he had tried to throw a surprise party for Jake’s birthday. Ok, so is mom had set it up, but she told Tyler and told him to keep it a secret. Tyler just giggled like a stooge every time he was close to Jake, until Jake made Tyler’s mom spill the beans just to make Tyler shut up.

Tyler would have to fess up and soon. Tyler really wanted to just hop on the bus and head home that way. At least that would buy himself an hour or so to decide how to break the news, but that would just make things worse, wouldn’t it? Jake was expecting him, and if Tyler ditched him at school it’d make Tyler look like an even bigger douche than he already was.

How to explain it though? Sam did all the work. Tyler was just along for the ride. That makes it less bad, right? No, that’s stupid. Tyler knew he could have told Sam to stop at any moment, and Sam would have listened. Sam was so smitten with Tyler he would have done anything Tyler had asked.

Oh no. Tyler remembered that Sam still had a huge crush on him. If Tyler’s crush had been standing in front of him with a raging hardon he would have not given it a second thought before going ankles to ears; Tyler had actually proven this fact last night in various ways and positions.

Great. Now Tyler was beating himself up over cheating on Jake and leading Sam on like that. That does it. Tyler was going to curl up in a ball right here in the middle of the hallway and die. That’s the best option. Just shrivel up and die of shame.

Tyler was distracted from his mental smackdown of his self when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Tyler turned to see who it was; he was mentally preparing himself for the worst. He was actually hoping for another bully to be along to beat the shit out of him. Tyler would have welcomed it; he knew he deserved it.

No such luck. It was Jake, and he did not seem too pleased. “I had some time after I gave my presentation so I stopped by to see you, but you had already left. Mostly, anyway.” Jake said sullenly. Shit. Tyler knew he was busted now. Jake had already seen the aftermath. It would be easy for Jake to figure out what went down after that. Tyler wouldn’t be surprised if there was even a silhouette of Sam on the wall from when Tyler had blasted him back in an explosion of jizz. It’s like a twenty megacum bomb had gone off in there.

Tyler’s mind replayed the scene where Sam had actually lost his footing because he was being buffeted so hard by a fire hose of spooge. He had to admit that was pretty hot; Tyler’s dick twitched in agreement. No. This is not the time for this. Tyler silently chastised his dick. He had much more important matters to attend to.

“Ok. First off, don’t be mad at Sam. It was totally my fault. I was showing off, and then he started sucking me off, and then it sort of got weird.” Tyler pleaded with Jake. Jake was actually glad to see that Tyler was being so honest about it. Then again Tyler could never keep a secret or even lie for that matter. He was too expressive. Every thought he had was easily visible on his face whether he meant for it to be or not. Jake couldn’t even begin to count how many times they had stayed up all night watching terrible movies, and Jake had been more fascinated with Tyler’s face than with the movie. Even during the most boring scenes Tyler was captivated. His facial expressions would match the mood of the scene, often mimicking that of the actors exactly. It was just one of the many reasons that Jake loved Tyler.

Jake was also pleased to see Tyler step up to defend Sam. Tyler was so willing to take the blame, and Jake really respected him for that. That still left the issue of Tyler getting it on behind Jake’s back though. Jake actually wasn’t sure how he felt about this. He wasn’t actually mad, per se. He was just a little worried. Jake knew that Tyler loved him, but if he was so quick to put out with other people, how could Jake be sure that Tyler would stay with him.

Jake knew that Tyler was a catch; Tyler was cute, ripped, and hung. Most of the girls and some of the boys wanted Tyler; basically anyone who was into guys was into Tyler. Tyler was way out of Jake’s league, but somehow Jake had managed to score him. Jake, the lanky, goofy, unassuming nerd next door, had managed to snag the high school heartthrob.

“Please. Say something? Anything?” Tyler asked. The sound of Tyler’s pleading snapped Jake back to reality. He had been so lost in his own thoughts, that he had not been paying attention to what was going on around him. Jake could see the hurt and fear in Tyler’s eyes.

Jake let out a long sigh. “I was never actually mad at you. I was just worried.” Jake explained while putting both of his hands on Tyler’s shoulders in an effort to calm him down.

“Worried?” Tyler tilted his head a bit, obviously confused.

“Yeah. It would be so easy for you to find someone better. I mean look at Sam. He’s cute and cut and did you see that bulge? Those jeans were way too tight for him. Although, even if he wasn’t that hung, after a night with you he could be a porn star.” Jake tried his best to give a reassuring smile.

Tyler’s could feel his heart breaking as Jake said, “someone better.” Tyler gripped Jake’s hands tightly. “Don’t talk like that. I’ll never be able to find anyone better even if I searched the whole world. You are the smartest person I have ever met. You actually have a future after high school. You can go anywhere you want and do anything you want. You have the brains and the drive to succeed. If anyone should be worried about being left behind, it’s me.” Tyler gushed.

Jake’s eyes were beginning to water. “Oh, come on, you have plenty of options after high school. You can probably get a sports scholarship to any college you would want.”

“Maybe last week but not any more. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret the changes that have happened to me, but I won’t be doing any sport professionally any more.” Tyler stated. He thought for a second and then shrugged and added, “Well, maybe I could do three legged racing.”

Jake laughed a little and wiped his eyes, and then added some light-hearted ribbing of his own. “No way. You are so much better at skeet shooting.” Jake replied with a chuckle.

Tyler was laughing now, too. “We can be the Olympic skeet shooting team. Imagine the world records we would set!” Tyler shouted triumphantly. He wiped his eyes too, and then after taking a moment to take a deep breath and steal his resolve he asked, “So… are you ok with Sam and I having done it?”

Jake grinned and said, “I’m just sad I didn’t get to see it. How much extra did you give him?”

“Oh, he’s putting porn stars to shame now.” Tyler said with a mischievous grin; the devious glint returning to his eyes. “You like that part, don’t you?” He asked lasciviously.

Jake was slightly flustered by this. “I find it fascinating, is all. My interest is strictly scientific.” He stammered nervously.

“Uh-huh. Scientific.” Tyler said with obvious sarcasm. “Well Sam wants us to come over later. Maybe you can film it… for scientific reasons.” Tyler said; adding in his trademark lascivious wink.

“We just made up and already you are talking about having another go with Sam?” Jake asked, slightly taken aback.

“Oh come on, it’s not cheating if you’re there too.” Tyler pleaded in his most seductive voice. The pleading was just for show, though. Tyler knew Jake was already on board. Tyler gave Jake’s swelling semi a quick squeeze to show that he knew he already won.

Jake tried to let out a sigh of defeat but let out a moan of pleasure instead. He quickly covered his mouth and looked around. No one else appeared to be around which was fortunate… although Jake wasn’t even sure he would care if someone else heard him anymore.

Tyler pulled out his phone and sifted through his contacts, but he stopped before actually sending the call. “There’s a restroom down the hall.” Tyler said. He then leaned in close and whispered seductively, “That has an extra large stall.” Jake was slightly flustered and really horny now, but he pushed Tyler away. “So you’re a poet now?”

Tyler just smirked and said, “Bitch, I’m so krunk my watch says Rhyme-ex. But seriously, almost everyone is gone already, we can get spend some quality time together, and I am relatively sure no one will walk in on us.” Tyler was rubbing Jake’s massive cock though his pant leg while saying all this and could feel it give a little surge as Tyler mentioned getting caught.

Jake could tell from the look on Tyler’s face that Tyler could tell that Jake was a little turned on by the risk of discovery. ‘Oh, shit.’ Jake grumbled internally. ‘Tyler’s never going to let me live this down.’ Jake thought to himself.

“Either way, I refuse to do it in a school bathroom. Those things are filthy.” Jake said as defiantly as he could muster. He even went so far as to turn his head to the side in a scoffing motion.

Tyler gave Jake’s dick one last squeeze and said with a wink “Suit yourself.” Tyler then hit the send button on his phone. Jake let out a sigh of relief, but he knew that Tyler was not one to give up that easy. Jake was actually a little worried about what Tyler might think of instead.

Tyler held the phone up to his ear and nodded to Jake as he asked “Your car windows are tinted, right?” Before Jake could even explain that his car is a jeep and doesn’t even have solid windows, let alone tinted ones, and that the cloth sides would do nothing to muffle their moans of pleasure Tyler turned away and responded to the phone.

Sam’s phone began ringing, but Dalton had only just left. Sam could actually still see him way down the hallway. Dalton was obviously not the one calling Sam, but the number calling him was not one of his saved contacts. “—Hello?” Sam answered nervously.

“Sammy!” came the voice on the other line. It was Tyler. Even with the awkward voice distortion that seemed to happen on the phones, Sam could easily tell. After all, no one else called him Sammy.

“You still at school?” Tyler asked. “Jake and I were about to head out. We could easily give you a ride if you want.” Sam was surprised by his good fortune. He typically had to wait for a long time before his ride showed up so getting a lift would save him a lot of trouble. “Um, sure.” Sam responded. “I live a bit out of the way, though.”

“No problem. We were all going to be hanging at your place anyway, right?” Tyler said.

Sam actually had not planned on them all heading to his place so soon. He had figured he would have a little time to get cleaned up before Tyler and Jake decided to stop by, but if they were giving him a ride from school it would make sense and save a lot of time in the long run. Sam shrugged even though no one was around to see it and then replied, “Sure. I don’t see why not.”

“Great. Meet you out front.” Tyler replied happily. Tyler had hung up before Sam had time to ask for specifics, but Sam didn’t mind too much. It’s not like Tyler and Jake would be hard to spot; optimistic juggalos seem to stand out in almost any setting.

Within a few minutes all three of the guys had met up in front of the school. Sam was really nervous. Here was his crush, who he had just had the most bizarre sex with not even two hours ago, and his crush’s boyfriend, who may or may not already know about it. Sam could tell that Jake was eyeing him up and down. Jake’s gaze stopped on the outline of Sam’s sizeable dick. Sam wasn’t sure what to think. Was Jake checking him out? Or maybe he was sizing up the competition—

Fortunately Jake soon spoke and helped put Sam’s mind at ease a little. “I can see Tyler really did a number on you.” Jake said. Sam’s face turned bright red.

“It’s ok. Tyler told me about you and him in the nurse’s office. Relax, I’m not upset.” Jake said reassuringly. He then gestured to Sam’s bulge and added “I take it you’ve figured out Tyler’s hidden talent already.” Sam nodded and turned even redder.

Jake wished he could have been there when it happened. He would have loved to watch Sam’s dick swell up before his eyes. He wondered how big Sam had gotten before he even figured it out. Jake knew better than to press the issue right now though. It was pretty obvious that Sam was on high alert at the moment. Jake figured Sam probably still felt like he was mad at him for having sex with Tyler.

Jake figured it would take Sam a little while to unwind and start realizing that no one was actually mad at him for anything. Rather than waste his time trying to get Sam to relax Jake just gestured to the parking lot. “I’ve got an old jeep parked way in the back. We’ve got a bit of walking ahead of us. Come along, Ponds.” Jake said pleasantly.

Sam liked Jake. He didn’t think Jake was the duplicitous type, but he had expected Jake to be more upset about Sam having played doctor with Tyler. Sam looked to Tyler for reassurance. Tyler just smiled and nodded to let Sam know it was alright. Sam was able to start to relax and followed Jake and Tyler to Jake’s jeep.


Part 18

The car ride to Sam's house got gradually less awkward as they went. Within the first five minutes of the trip Sam had decided that he would trust Jake and that Jake was not actually secretly plotting to maim, wound, or otherwise physically or mentally destroy him. Sam was curious about why Jake seemed to not be upset at all, but he figured it was probably best that he not push the issue too much.

Sam, Jake, and Tyler spent the trip talking about all sorts of things; what shows they liked, which teachers and students they thought were hot, what they were looking forward to during the summer, and of course their newfound enhancements. Sam was quickly beginning to feel like part of the little group even though he was only managing to get a few scant words in here and there; even then his additions to the conversation were typically things like “Turn left here” or “Go straight through.”

Sam didn't show it, but he was actually very excited. This was the first time he would be having friends over to his place in about a year now maybe even longer. It's not that he didn't have friends. Well, he had a few friends who were more like amiable acquaintances, people at school he tolerated and would talk to during the down time to stave off loneliness for another day. Some of these he even rather liked and wouldn't mind hanging out with outside of school, but it is hard to do stuff like this when you live as far out of town as Sam did.

Jake was pretty surprised to see how far away Sam lived. He thought for sure they had to be going the wrong way, but every time he asked, Sam just said to keep going. “We are way out here. I think we are officially within the Shelbyville city limits.” Jake said as he was checking out the surroundings. “Wouldn't it be a lot closer to just to go school there?”

Sam pulled his knees up close to him and turned his gaze towards the floorboard. “I live well within that district, but I got special clearance to attend the school you guys go to.”

Tyler had the benefit of not needing to watch the road, unlike Jake, and so he could look at whoever was talking at the time. Now that he was getting to know Sam more, Tyler was getting much better at reading Sam's expressions, or lack thereof. Sam's face was generally emotionless, but his eyes tended to give him away. As they were all talking and joking Tyler could see a gleam in Sam's eyes, a little sparkle of joy that was slipping through Sam's distant exterior.

When Sam mentioned switching school districts that glint dulled rapidly. Tyler saw this, but Jake could not. “It's so far away, though? You don't drive, so how do you get to class every day?” Jake asked.

Tyler reached over and gave Jake's arm a light squeeze as a warning. Jake looked over at Tyler and could tell that something was wrong so he looked in the rearview mirror so he could see Sam. Sam had pulled his knees in even closer to himself.

“It's no so bad.” said Sam. “I only have to walk a few miles to get to the closest bus stop, and my dad usually picks me up from school on the days when I have practice.” Sam managed to keep his voice steady, but now both Jake and Tyler knew that something was eating at him.

Tyler quickly changed the subject as best he could. “Yeah, kind of a shame we won't be able to play our last game of the year. It's just an exhibition match, though.” The tournament had been over for a while. Tyler's team didn't do very well this year. They didn't even make it into the running, in fact.

Sam perked up a bit. “What do you mean we won't be able to play?”

“Well, two of our best players are injured, and we don't have enough secondaries to field a team anyway.” Tyler said.

“Two players? I guess Biff is injured, but who is the other one?” Sam hadn't heard of anyone else being injured. The team did have one extra player, and so Biff could be easily replaced. Forfeiting seemed a little pointless.

“Me, of course.” Tyler said with a laugh. “You’ve seen what I've got between my legs. Could you imagine me trying to run around the field with my junk crammed into those uniforms?”

Sam tried to imagine Tyler running around in the uniform shorts. The shorts packed to capacity and then some; Tyler's massive cock and balls obscenely spilling out over the edges as he ran around the field. The corner of Sam's mouth raised upwards a bit, and his dick tried to do the same.

“That would be pretty silly. We would probably be barred from playing again.” Sam said.

“Either that or we'd have to start charging more for admission.” Tyler said with a laugh.

Sam liked being around Jake and Tyler. They made him feel welcome and at home even though he hadn't known them very long; not well, anyway. Sam hoped that he could remain friends with them for a while to come.

Jake rounded yet another bend in the road, and then Sam spoke up. “That house up ahead is mine.” Sam pointed ahead, but it was unnecessary since there was only one house visible in the area. This was a very rural area and the houses were separated by several acres. The house itself was a fairly large two story house.

“Wow. You didn't tell me your parents were loaded.” Tyler said in awe.

“We really aren't that rich.” Sam explained. “It started as a small two bedroom place, but my dad has expanded it steadily over the years. He's a builder. Well, a contractor, but he does stuff like this all the time. When he has extra money, and it is the slow season for house building he likes to upgrade our place. It's a bit of a hobby of his, but between you and me, I think a lot of it is just to keep his workers employed during the off season.”

Jake pulled up the long driveway. At the end of the driveway was large, open, paved area sort of like a mini parking lot. There was a large garage there that was separate from the house. “Where's a good spot to park?” Jake asked.

“Just pull up in front of the garage there. Don't worry about blocking it in, it is too full of crap to get a car in there anyway.” Sam said while pointing over towards the garage doors.

Jake parked where Sam suggested and then they all got out of the car. “There's no reason to go inside the actual house unless you guys want the grand tour. My place is actually up here.” Sam said while he walked around the side of the garage. On the side of the garage there were some wooden stairs that lead up to a second floor. Sam ran on ahead and unlocked it. “Welcome, to my humble abode.” Sam said while giving a cheesy flourish.

Jake and Tyler were both amazed by how big Sam's room was. It was less of a room and more like a studio apartment. It was one large room, but there were little segments like a kitchen area, and a spot where Sam had his guitar and amp set up, and a corner of the room where Sam's bed and dresser were. There was even a little restroom set up in the corner complete with a shower stall and a small closet where the toilet was. The tiny toilet room was only part separated by actual walls.

“Damn, I wish I had a pad like this.” Tyler exclaimed in amazement. “You sure you aren't rich?” Jake was also very impressed, but he didn't say anything; he just looked around with his jaw hanging open.

There were posters on the walls all over the room. Apparently band posters, but neither Jake nor Tyler had any idea who any of the people on them were. All the band members had very flashy outfits, though.

The room was very nice, clean, and well kept, except for one area which had a sewing machine and various bolts of cloth. Jake gestured over to this section and asked “Working on your needle-worker merit badge?”

Sam blushed a little, but he explained, “I'm not in the scouts anymore actually, but that's a bit of a hobby of mine.” Sam gestured around the room at the posters. “I'm a bit of a fan of flashy outfits, specifically, rock bands; j-rock, k-pop, kvlt. The music is great, but half the fun is the costumes and artistry.”

“So you like Gaga?” Tyler chimed in. Sam just narrowed his eyes and glared at Tyler. “Sheesh. I guess not.”

“She’s… alright.” Sam replied slightly distant and thoughtfully. “It's just that she is treated as being so original because of her flashy outfits that people forget about all the other good bands that came before her. People are so quick to forget about acts like Sergeant Pepper or Kiss.”

Tyler turned to Jake and silently mouthed “Sergeant Pepper?” Jake responded with an equally silent “The Beatles.” Tyler's eyes got wide and his mouth opened into an “oh” shape as if he understood, but then he reverted back to his confused expression and shook his head. Jake just sighed and pressed his palm against his face.

“I have some already done… if you want to see.” Sam cut in. Tyler thought Sam sounded a little nervous, and if Sam sounded a little nervous then that really meant he was super extra nervous. Sam obviously had never shown off his work before.

“Sure. We'd love to see it.” Tyler responded with the most reassuring grin he could muster.

Sam just nodded. His cheeks were turning red and he began nervously chewing on the rings in his bottom lip. He walked over to where his sewing table was set up and opened the large wooden wardrobe right next to it. Sam pulled out a couple of outfits from it and began laying them out. One of the outfits was obviously black metal; lots of spikes and black leather. Each outfit had its own distinct style though. One of the others looked like French Renaissance era nobility; another looked like something out of Thriller.

“Wow. These are great. “Jake said in obvious amazement. “Did you use any form of template?

“Oh. No. I measured the pieces myself then cut them out and stitched them together.” Sam said trying to hide his joy. He was so excited that his new friends didn't find his hobby weird and seemed to be genuinely impressed with his abilities. “Oh, and there is something else I have been working on. You could sort of say I was inspired last night.” He added giddily.

Sam went back to the desk that had his sewing equipment and opened up the drawer in the front.

“Here we go.” Sam said as fished out a small, white clump of fabric. Sam began to explain, his face turning red again. “After my little… growth spurt yesterday, I kind of wanted to show off… I remembered seeing something like this online, and so I made my own.” Sam stammered a little bit at the end.

“Growth spurt yesterday?” Jake turned and gave Tyler a stern look.

It was Tyler's turn to get flustered. “I swear, it's not what you think.” He stammered. “So after practice yesterday I kind of decided to spend some alone time in the shower, but I wasn't as alone as I thought I was.”

Jake knew where this was going. He could picture it all clearly in his mind, and had to fight back the urge to just bust out laughing. Jake turned to Sam and said, “So let me guess. You were still in the showers, minding your own business, and then the next thing you know you are doused in mutagenic spooge?”

Sam's face turned bright red and he looked down at his feet. He was nervously balling up the fabric in his hands. “Yes, sir.” He murmured softly.

Jake lost it then. He was laughing so hard he was having trouble breathing. He could vividly imagine Sam standing there, completely confused as he was drenched in jizz as if he were on the bukake edition of an old Nickelodeon game show.

It took a few minutes, but Jake eventually managed to bring his laughter under control. As he stood there trying to regulate his breathing he gestured to Sam's hands. “Heh. So what have you got there anyway? Haha… Jake choked out between giggles.

Sam didn't say anything and did all he could to avoid any eye contact, but he gripped the cloth by the waistband and let it fall open so that everyone could see. What he had in his hands was a fairly basic pair of briefs. Basic except for it had a large extra pouch in the front where most briefs were flat. “I felt I could use the extra room.” He explained. He looked back up at his friends and flashed a furtive grin, but he could only summon the courage to maintain eye contact for the briefest of seconds.

Judging by the flush on Sam's face Tyler figured there was more to it than that. Tyler was interested in finding out what exactly Sam wasn't saying, but he also wanted to see if he could make Sam turn another shade of red. “Aren't you going to model them for us?” Tyler asked with a devious grin on his face.

Sam's face didn't turn redder, per se, but it did go a couple shades whiter. The net result was that Sam's flushed cheeks appeared even redder than before. This was still a victory in Tyler's book.

Jake nudged Tyler harshly. He was a little upset with Tyler for tormenting Sam like this. Sam was already dangerously close to a nervous breakdown, and Tyler was just pushing him further. To Jake's surprise, though, Sam actually cracked a smile.

“I could. I mean, if you'd like that.” Sam uttered quietly. Sam was trying to make eye contact with Tyler while speaking, but every time he would get close his eyes would dart back down to his feet.

“Look, don't do it if you aren't comfortable about it.” Jake cut in. He was trying to reassure Sam, but he was being undermined by Tyler's fist pumping and steady chant of “Do it! Do it! Do it!”

Sam grinned a little as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. If he was going to do this he was going to give them a show to remember. Sam was trying his hardest to remain calm, but his heart was pounding in his chest. Both Jake and Tyler fell silent as Sam opened is shirt. They could both feel their massive dicks begin to stir awake. Jake had not expected Sam to be as cut as he was, but there was something else, too.

Sam could feel Jake and Tyler's gazes upon him. It was making him extremely horny, but he also had this nagging feeling in the back of his mind that there was something he was forgetting. Sam draped his shirt over the back of the chair at his desk and then moved his hands toward his pants.

Sam made a brief detour to rub his own impressive bulge before beginning to work on his belt, but Tyler and Jake still seemed focused on his chest. As Sam looked down so he could take off his belt easier, he realized what he had forgotten. His chest was coated with dry, caked on jizz. Most of it was his, but there was a little there from Dalton as well.

“You’ve been busy this afternoon.” Tyler said with a sly wink. Sam just turned yet another shade of red.

Sam would just have to give them something to take their minds off the spooge on his chest, and it was coming out right now. Sam slide his tight jeans down his waist slowly, letting inch after inch of his long cock slowly reveal itself. Both Jake and Tyler forgot all about his chest; they were completely transfixed on Sam's dick.

Sam quickly draped his jeans over the chair as well. While he was doing so Jake and Tyler got a clear view of his ass; it was just as chiseled as the rest of him. Jake and Tyler were both dangerously close to having full scale erections. The pain of Tyler's cock trying to harden as it looped around him like a silly straw was too much for him and he quickly pulled off his shirt and kicked off his pants; allowing the behemoth to swell uninhibited.

Jake watched in awe as Tyler's meat stretched upwards to the roof. Even Sam was a little shocked, and he had just seen it a few hours ago. It could just be the position, but it seemed like it might even be a little larger than it was in the nurse's office.

Jake was a little uncertain what to do in this position. He had stripped in front of Tyler several times before, but he was generally a little more prudish around everyone else. Yet, he was the only one in the room not completely exposed, and so he felt a little silly. His dick was hurting a bit too as it tried to fight its way upwards and rip its way out of its fabric prison.

Jake decided that there was no point in being bashful around these two and pulled off his clothes as well. As soon as he pulled that last bit of clothing off of his enormous cock, it sprung violently upwards. Jake instinctively grabbed it as it launched upwards like a catapult and was now face to face with his own giant cock head. Jake stared at it with fascination as he ran his hand across the head. This was the first time he had gotten a good look at it while hard since his last growth, and he was having a hard time believing that this was actually his.

Jake looked over at Tyler who had rolled his dick forward so that he could actually see around him. Tyler had stepped over his beanbag chair sized nuts and was straddling his own cock. Jake was… jealous? That's the only word Jake could think of to explain his feeling. He wished that he was that large, larger even. Jake would love to be able to recline into his own warm, soft, giant balls.

Jake let go of his cock. It dropped so that it jutted out horizontally in front of him several feet, but at least Jake was mobile and could see around him. Jake enviously thought about how he would trade his mobility for a package like Tyler's any day.

Sam was also getting very turned on by seeing his two friends and their massive dicks spread out in front of him, but he tried to keep his arousal in check long enough to finish his demonstration. Sam quickly slipped the custom fit briefs on and tried his best to get his inflating semi to fit. After a few quick adjustments Sam moved his hands away from his crotch and asked, “So… How does it look?”

The briefs generally fit pretty well, and gave plenty of room in the front for those who were above averagely endowed. Unfortunately they were measured for Sam when he had about half a foot less meat to pack in than he currently did. The pouch was filled to capacity, and Sam's cock was still swelling and hardening.

Jake and Tyler both looked with lust in their eyes. If anything the tight fit and the way that the pouch forced Sam's junk forward instead of down just served to accentuate Sam's package even more. Jake's cock bucked a few times letting Sam know that Jake was really enjoying the show. Tyler's mammoth dick dribbled a bit of pre on to the floor almost as if it was drooling lustfully from Sam's display.

The lustful gazes Sam was getting from his two friends gave him a renewed sense of confidence. He already knew he was pretty fit, and now that he had a foot and a half schlong that could put almost anyone on the planet to shame, Sam was seriously considering a modeling career. Just thinking about all those people who wished they could be him. Sam would no longer be seen as second rate.

Sam's dick was getting very hard by this point. It wasn't fully erect yet, but it was pushing outwards against the pouch in Sam's briefs struggling for release. It pushed outward along the rim of pouch pushing harder and harder as it itself got harder and harder. The pants stretched as tight as they could.

Tyler couldn't help but think of how the downward curvature of Sam's massive dick pressing against the fabric made it look like he had the nose of Gonzo the Great strapped between his legs. Of course Tyler could not keep these thoughts to himself, and so he asked “Does it come in blue?”

Sam's mind was too foggy to process the joke. He was too enraptured in the sensation of the fabric rubbing against his rapidly engorging cock. He could feel the stitching slowly begin to give, until there was no longer enough support to hold back his raging erection. With a loud rip, Sam's impressive dick sprung loose from the underwear that was too small to hold him back. As Sam's dick quickly swung upwards, it sent drops of pre arcing through the air splattering Tyler with some in the process.

After the initial wave of euphoria passed Sam realized that his two friends had just witnessed his dick burst out of his pants in much the same way that Bruce Banner burst out of his shirt. Sam was a little embarrassed and very aroused. His cheeks flushed again, and he stood there awkwardly rubbing the side of his arm as his huge erection dribbled onto the floor in front of him.

Tyler's lustful stare was quickly being overwritten by a devious gleam in his eyes. His mouth that was sagging open in awe and lust began to curve into a lascivious smirk. The new look that Tyler was giving him just made Sam hornier.

Jake also noticed Tyler's change in demeanor. Whatever the blond was planning was no doubt going to be amazing.

“We're all friends here.” Tyler said, leaning back a bit as he looked on with a smug grin. “All friends who just happen to all have the same problem. The only polite thing to do would be to help each other out.”

Sam and Jake looked at Tyler and then to each other. Was he suggesting a three way?

Tyler rubbed his cock and then gave both of them the sexiest wink he could muster. “Oh, don't worry. There is plenty to go around.” Yes. He was suggesting a three way.

Sam walked straight over to the tip of Tyler's cock and began licking and kissing it all over. “Whoa, now.” He could hear Tyler's voice saying. “No need to start way over there when I have a seat saved for you already.”

Sam looked up at Tyler and could see Tyler patting his own balls in a gesture for Sam to come sit up there with him. Sam could barely process his surroundings, but it seemed like they were even bigger than before. The seductive grin on Tyler's face made it impossible for Sam to argue, and he walked over to Tyler's massive sack.

Tyler's balls were enormous now; each one lying heavily on the ground like a boulder. They reached higher than Sam's waist and seemed to be swelling a bit, still. Sam climbed up onto Tyler's massive nut. It was warm, and soft, and round; like trying to climb over a large, foam insulated, water balloon.

Tyler scooted forward so he was now lying face down on his own cock. He turned is head so that he could see Sam and then reached back, placing a hand on each of his round, firm butt cheeks, and spread them wide. “You get the best seat in the house, Sammy”

Sam finished crawling over Tyler's still expanding balls so that he was now positioned directly behind Tyler. “Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, shouldn't I lube up first or something?” Sam really wanted to just plunge in balls deep, but let's be reasonable here.

Tyler just waved at Jake. “Yo. Front left pocket of my pants. Pass it here.”

Jake rummaged through Tyler's clothes and found what Tyler was looking for. “You took a bottle of lube with you to school?” He asked incredulously.

“I'm gonna start carrying that shit everywhere. Never know when you'll need it.” Tyler tried to give a lascivious wink, but it came out as more of an awkward blink. His other eye was already shut, due to that side of his face being mashed into the side of his own cock.

Jake just gave a bemused sigh as he tossed the bottle to Sam. Sam quickly popped the top and began pouring it into Tyler's hole. Tyler gave a quick gasp and then a sigh of relief as the cool liquid hit his sensitive skin and began seeping into the hole.

“Jake, you'll want to be in front of me for this.” Tyler said as he gave a quick nod towards Jake.

Jake was a little confused by what Tyler was up to. Tyler's devious grin let Jake know that things were more than they appeared, and things appeared to be a lot already; a lot and steadily growing. Growing! It hit Jake like a ton of bricks. The rate of growth seemed to increase steadily for him each dosage, and increased exponentially when Tyler was growing too. Jake had no idea what two max potency doses in a row would do to him, but he could not wait to find out. Jake almost came right then and there just from the anticipation of his coming growth spurt.

Tyler watched as Jake's cock bucked a few times as Jake figured out what was going on. Jake quickly ran in front of Tyler's slowly expanding cock. The tip was huge now; the diameter of it was roughly as tall as Jake's torso. Jake lifted it up, and began working licking and kissing it everywhere he could. He could occasionally catch a taste of Sam's saliva as he would cross over areas that Sam had worked on just a moment ago.

Tyler's stream of pre was washing over Jake's chest and streaming down his front. Jake could actually feel the warm tingle spread across his cock and balls as he prepared himself for the coming surge.

Jake tried to shift his position a bit to make it more comfortable for him. He wanted to be able to hold his ground for as long as possible and weather as much of the oncoming storm as he could. He wanted to take as much of Tyler's cum at full strength as he could, so he could grow and grow. Jake got onto his knees and moved his own raging hardon so that Tyler's was propped up on top of it. Jake's dick created a ramp so that Tyler's cock was pointed directly at Jake's chest. This gave Jake more leverage and free up his arms so that he could use his hand to work over Tyler's head even more.

Tyler felt like he was about to cum even before Sam slipped into him, but he managed to hold it in. Even after he felt slam slide his dick into his sensitive hole he held it in. Sam was able to slide in much easier than Jake had. In part because Sam was still smaller than Jake had been at the time, but also because Tyler was still so stretched out from the night before.

Tyler could feel Sam fill him up as Sam's dick reached deeper and deeper. Sam kept rubbing up against that sensitive spot deep down inside of Tyler. Tyler could not hold it in any more. The sensation of being ridden so deep from behind while his cock was worked over from the front was just too much. Tyler collapsed onto his own shaft as he fired burst after burst into Jake's chest.

Jake was not going to miss this chance for the world. He scooped up cum by the handfuls and drank it all as fast as he could. He could feel his stomach getting full, but he refused to slow down. The changes hit his body almost instantly. Jake could feel his cock swelling outward, reaching further and further down the length of Tyler's own shaft. Jake had to get up off of his knees as his balls grew too large for him to comfortably straddle. Jake's nuts quickly got too large for him to even stand behind, and he was lifted into the air; riding his rapidly swelling sack.

Jake could feel the head of his cock dig in to Tyler's sack. He was now as large as Tyler and getting larger be the second. The tip of Tyler's cock began to slip away as Jake's shaft exceeded Tyler’s, but Jake was not going to let it end yet. Jake shifted his weight forward so he too was laying face down on his cock. Tyler's cum continuing to wash over him, burst after burst.

Jake turned his head upward so that he was staring down the eye of the storm. Tyler's slit was less than a foot away from Jake's face. Jake could see the slit opening up for yet another shot. Jake forced his eyes to stay open as he watched to hot, sticky jet of white cum roaring at his face in slow motion. He wanted to take in every last millisecond as the spooge crashed against his glasses and took away his sight completely.

Sam could feel Tyler shifting beneath him. He looked up to see Tyler's dick rising steadily higher off the ground, but Tyler had stopped growing by now. It was Jake's dick growing under Tyler's that was causing them both to lift up. Sam tried to keep his eyes open and watch as Jake grew larger and larger by the second; desperately trying to take in as much of Tyler's cum as he could.

Sam was cumming hard as well by now, and the pleasure was coursing all through his body. He wanted to keep watching as Jake continued to be showered with jizz, but it was getting harder and harder for Sam to focus on anything as his orgasm got more and more intense.

Sam continued thrusting into Tyler again and again as he flooded Tyler's insides with his cum. Sam came more than he had ever cum in his life which was extra impressive considering how much he had unloaded into the chemistry lab not even two hours ago. Sam fired deeply inside of Tyler until he could feel his own cum leaking out. There was no room left inside of Tyler, but still Sam kept firing and thrusting. Each time Sam pulled back, large gobs of cum would spill out of Tyler's ass onto Sam's balls and then dribble down to Tyler's massive balls that Sam was riding. Sam was so mentally and physically exhausted that he was running on autopilot, but he refused to stop. It felt too good and watching Jake's manhood expand before him was making his even hornier.

As Jake got bigger, Tyler's cock angled upwards at an increasingly steep angle. The blasts hitting Jake began to rain back down on top of Sam and Tyler. Sam could feel the cum soaking into him, as he himself began to grow. It wasn't nearly as severe as Jake's but it was still impressive. Jake could feel Tyler's hole getting tighter by the second as he plunged deeper and deeper inside.

Jake had started cumming almost the exact second that Tyler's first wave had hit him. He came again and again with each blast of Tyler's jizz. Jake could feel each orgasm getting larger as stronger as his cock and balls continued to expand. Jake could not think about the after effect. He couldn't care about how they were effectively destroying Sam's room. He didn't care about how he might never be able to walk again. All he wanted was to be showered in Tyler's cream as he continued to grow.

Eventually all three of them began to slow down. Sam was the first to trickle to a stop as he passed out on top of Tyler; his cock still deep in Tyler's ass. He could feel Tyler's jets slow down as well as he felt Tyler's body begin to convulse less and less underneath him. The steady rain of cum splashing down on top of them also slowed down.

After Jake's glasses had been completely blotted out, he had just lain there on to of his cock as Tyler's cum washed over him in waves. Jake had kept cumming from the growth. His mind was too far gone to process anything other than the warmth of Tyler's jizz all around him, and the tingle of his own enormous cock and balls expanding beneath him. Jake passed out well before he had stopped cumming.


Part 19

Tyler groaned as he groggily opened his eyes. He had been awoken by a prickling sensation in his leg. His leg had fallen asleep on him. Kind of ironic that he should be woken up by his body falling asleep. Tyler tried to make sense of what was going on around him. He really needed to stop passing out during sex. It was beginning to become a habit.

Tyler tried to move his leg, but there appeared to be something on top of it. Tyler looked down to see what it was. He probably should have been alarmed by what he saw, but instead he just laughed. There was a massive testicle pinning his leg to the floor. Tyler's own nut had gotten so big that it could envelope his entire leg. Tyler managed to pull himself into a sitting position, and he tried to lift his massive nut up enough to slide his leg out. After some shoving and pulling he had managed to pry his leg loose. His leg was red and sweaty from having been pinned under his sack for so long.

He spent the next few minutes massaging his leg as he flexed his foot; trying to get some feeling back into it. After he finally managed to get that prickling sensation in his leg to fade, he figured he had better check out the damage. Tyler got to his feet, and started laughing again. He wasn't even sure if he was laughing at how ludicrous the situation was, or because he on some level realized how badly he had messed up.

Tyler was standing before a cock and balls that completely dwarfed his body. Each nut came up to about his shoulder, and was roughly as wide as it was tall. Tyler was actually glad he had such a saggy ballsack, because his monstrous dick was resting flat on the ground between the two nuts. Tyler kind of thought it reminded him of Frogger or maybe a cartoon horse who had to carry too much, and so its legs were splayed out beside it.

Tyler's cock wasn't quite as big around as his balls, but it was definitely longer. His cock reached only up to about chest level, but it stretched out for several feet in front of him. He couldn't even imagine how big it must be; his dick extended out before him and actually managed to hit the wall on the far side of the room. This was not a small room, either. This one room was effectively an apartment to itself.

Tyler was in awe of his own equipment. He put his hands on his cock just to be sure it was actually his. He could feel his hands pushing against the sensitive flesh of his dick, but his hands felt so small, like as if he had two spiders running along his shaft. He had never felt so small in his life. Sure, he was in some ways the biggest man on the planet, but he was staring down a dick that could probably crush him to death.

Actually, scratch that. He wasn't even the biggest man on the planet as far as penis size goes, either. Now that Tyler got a better feel for his surroundings, he could see an even larger cock nearby. The diameter of Jake's cock was now more than Tyler's height. There was no way Tyler could see over it to check out the rest of the room from his current position so he crawled up onto his own dick to get a better look.

There was no way Tyler could stand up once he was up there due to being literally joined at the crotch with his new perch. Instead he had to push up off of his own gargantuan cock just to look around. He felt kind of like Ariel climbing onto the rock during her musical number; The Little Sperm-Aid? Somehow he didn't see that going over too well with the Disney execs.

Tyler looked around to survey the damage they had done to Sam's place. The walls were splattered with cum as were the clothes that Sam had set out to show off. On the far side of the room he could see Jake… or rather he could see where Jake should theoretically be.

Jake's balls had always filled out their pouch nicely, a fact that Tyler was a little jealous of. At their new monolithic size, Jake's nuts were even more impressive than ever. Unfortunately, Jake's cock could not slide between his two nuts like Tyler's had. Instead, Jake's cock draped over his massive balls; the top of Jake's cock almost scraping the roof at its apex. Tyler had to assume that somewhere behind the mound of balls and cockflesh was his best friend.

Tyler could also see Sam passed out on the floor; the tattered wreckage of his custom fit briefs still clinging to his waist. Sam's huge cock was now almost as long as his legs, but when compared to Tyler's or Jake's dicks, Sam's looked absolutely tiny. Poor Sam, Tyler thought to himself, maybe someday you can be one of the big kids.

Tyler hopped back off of his dickperch and tried to walk around a bit. He was surprised to find that he was still somewhat mobile. His balls were heavy, but if he walked backwards he could drag them along. Tyler walked over to the head of is dick. It had not moved an inch while he walked over to it; Tyler had not run out of slack on his massive hose. His situation reminded him a lot of that snake game he used to play on his shitty old flip phone he had back in third grade.

Tyler stared down his own massive cock head. The whole scene was so surreal. His slit was now almost half as tall as he was. Tyler's curiosity was just too much for him. He had to get closer and check it out. Tyler backed up until he bumped into his own dick. The tip of his own cock was now firmly pressed against his own ass. Now if Tyler's dad ever asked him “Does your dick touch your asshole?” He could safely answer “Yes!” Although, the follow up response “Then you can go fuck yourself” was more impossible than ever. There is no way in hell Tyler could get this beast inside of him. It was thicker around than he was.

Oh, but can you imagine if it were possible? Tyler's mind began to drift as he thought about how great it would feel to be filled so completely. Tyler could feel a trickle of pre start even though he wasn't even close to hard yet. He reached back and pulled his cheek apart as he rubbed his hole up and down across his dribbling slit. He could feel the warm pre smear across his puckered hole. Tyler could feel his dick twitch; well at it's now monstrous size, it was more like convulse.

Tyler's cock inflated a bit; it still wasn't hard, but he was well on his way to a monumental semi. Tyler didn't want to get hard just yet, though. He begrudgingly broke apart the bizarre sloppy lovins his ass and cock were engaged in and spun himself around as best he could; turning around was easier said than done since he was still tethered to his gigantic balls. Tyler managed to turn his body about half way and then spin the rest of the way from the waist up. He managed to sit down, but he could only bring one leg close to him, the other one was hung up on his nuts. He just had to leave it outstretched. For the first time in years, Tyler wished he had stuck with his martial arts classes from all those years ago; he really would have liked to still be limber enough to comfortably be able to do splits.

Tyler was now eye to eye with his own enormous slit; his face now just inches away from it. The scent of his own pre was overpowering. The small dribbles coming from his cock were still gigantic by normal standards; each tiny bead was close to the size of his head. Tyler leaned in closer and brought his mouth to the flow and took a long sip. It was much more watery than cum, but it still had that salty tang to it.

After leaned back from the stream, still in awe of the sheer size of his own slit. He could easily fit his whole head in there. Again, his curiosity got the better of him. Tyler held his hand up to the slit and pushed in. There was plenty of room and his hand slid in with no effort at all. Tyler pushed in deeper and deeper until he had his entire arm dug in up to the shoulder; the side of his face was pressed into the passage.

Tyler could feel the warm stream wash over him and taste it as some of it splashed into his mouth. His dick was almost so large that he could crawl into his own slit. As he tried to wrap his mind around this thought, a familiar warmth pulsed through him. Tyler could feel the passage become looser and more inviting. He didn't really want to make himself large enough that he could crawl in, did he? He felt another pulse; the passage widened again.

Tyler imagined what it would look like if he managed to crawl in. Obviously his balls wouldn't be able to fit in, but everything else might. With his whole body inside, the tip of his dick would press up against the back of his balls forming some kind of massive ouroborus cock. He felt the warm pulse again; Tyler's subconscious was a lot kinkier than he gave it credit for.

It seemed big enough for him now. Tyler pulled his arm and spun back around so his back was against his cock head. He very carefully managed to push his elbows into the slit and use them to pry it open so the rest of him could start sliding in. Once he got the passage open enough, he leaned his head back and began pushing himself in with his elbows as he laid back inside his own cock. Once he was flat on his back he managed to writhe and wiggle himself deeper inch by inch until finally he was in up to his knees. He wished he could get in deeper, but his balls made it impossible.

The sensation was unlike anything he had ever felt before. It was like he was experiencing it two separate times simultaneously. He could feel his cock wrap around his body, as he squeezed deep inside his own narrow corridor, but he could also feel the pleasurable pressure of having his own body buried deep within his cock.

It was so warm and humid in there. It was like being in a sauna while bathing under a waterfall of warm, sticky, salty pre. He was able to breathe fairly easily as long has he kept a hand blocking the flow of liquids into his mouth. Tyler was so warm and comfortable he just wanted to lay there for a while longer, but his own squirming was working against him. He was making himself hard by being so deep inside his cock, and as his cock got harder, the passage got tighter. This just made it all the more pleasurable for him on both ends, which in turn led to him getting even harder and hornier.

Tyler's dick began to inflate rapidly, and as it hardened it began to pull itself back into its standard long, straight shape. Tyler could feel the tug on his groin as his engorging cock was pulling him out, and yet the inner walls of his dick were inflating and hardening as well, holding him in place tighter and tighter. The pleasure was greater than Tyler could have imagined; he started pressing against the sides of the walls with his arms to both increase the sensation and make it harder to pull himself out.

Finally his raging hardon won out against himself. Tyler's dick pulled him out with a loud, sloppy, slurping, sucking pop. Once he was free, his dick quickly sprung into its rigid, shaft shape; Tyler was once again riding the top of his cock like a cartoon mermaid on a rock. This time, however, Tyler was ready to get off his rocks in a whole “nother fashion.

Thanks to his recent growth spurt as well as the standard growth and swelling that accompanies an erection, Tyler was now able to place his feet against the wall as he was riding his cock. Tyler quickly used this to his advantage as he braced himself against the wall and leapt off with all his might. He managed to clear the crest of his dick and slide across the shaft for a few inches. The momentum caused his dick to grind forward into the carpet. Tyler then pushed back with his hands to send his body backwards back off to where he came from. Again, the momentum caused his cock to grind against the carpet the other direction.

Tyler managed to get a decent rhythm going as he hopped and shoved in time with his hips thrusting. He was grinding his dick against the floor bringing him steadily closer to the edge. His muscles quickly began to scream in agony. These were like the squats of doom mixed with the hand stands of torment, but Tyler was too horny; he needed release more than anything. He was not about to let anything as frivolous as severe muscle pain get in his way.

Finally Tyler could feel it coming and leapt off the wall one last time. He pulled himself up on his arms; his hair now thoroughly soaked with sweat and pre, sent watery droplets cascading through the air as he reared his head back. He looked ready to belt out “part of your woooorld” but only actually managed an “Oh GOOOUUUGGGHHHHDDDDD!!!” as he pumped gallons of hot, creamy, jizz into Sam's apartment.

Tyler's mind was foggy with the afterglow as he continued to pump spooge into Sam's room. He lay there, draped across his own cock for minutes with a goofy grin plastered on his face. All he could feel was the pleasure of his near infinite amount of pent up cum surged out of his balls only to floor. The flow eventually slowed to a stop, but not before completely flooding the room. There were a few inches of standing spooge filling the room; it slowly spilled out through some of the lower air vents, and the small crack under the door.

When Tyler regained his senses enough to worry about others, he managed to slide over to the side of his cock enough to peek out at the others in the room. Fortunately Sam had passed out on his back, and so he hadn't drowned under the deluge. Tyler was thankful for this, although he really wouldn't have minded going down there and doing a little CPR on the sleeping boy. Tyler had never actually heard of anyone receiving the snowball of life before, and he kind of wanted to climb down there and do it anyway just to say he had.

As Tyler watched as he realized another teensy minor detail he may have forgotten to take into consideration in the throes of his lust. Sam's dick had added at least another foot already and appeared to still be expanding. Jake's cock was getting bigger too, but since it had to curve around the room as it was, it was hard to really get a feel for just how much it was growing.

Oh well. They'll probably thank him for it later. Who wants to be normal anyway? How boring. Tyler thought to himself. Tyler could tell from the groaning and the way his massive dick was twitching that Jake was awake and seemingly very pleased by the wading pool of cum that had been prepared for him during his nap. Tyler also judged from the way that he could see Jake's hands rubbing the tops of his nuts that Jake was also extra pleased with his now supermassive endowment.

Sam was still passed out like a rock. Tyler figured this was not too surprising, since he had had at least three rounds of mind blowing sex in less than four hours. He was probably long since surpassed the limits of his stamina.

A devious grin crept onto Tyler's lips as an idea popped into his head. He knew what he wanted to do next, but he was going to need Jake's help to pull it off.


Part 20

Despite the bizarrity of it all, today had been the best day Sam had had in recent memory. He might even go so far as to say it had been the best day of his life. He had made two of he best friends he could ever ask for and possibly even snagged a boyfriend in the process.

He wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about his now enormous wang though. He was overjoyed at the first growth spurt or two; like any guy he had dreamed of maybe adding a few inches to his decent enough manhood but a few feet? This was too bizarre for him. What would Dalton say if he saw Sam sporting a three foot long cock? Sam wasn’t even sure if three feet was a decent estimate anymore. His dick seemed to still be swelling when he had dozed off earlier.

Sam was now mostly alert, but he did not want to wake up. Wherever he was he was just so comfortable. He could lay there forever, and he would be content. Sam assumed he was in a bed or something. It was so warm and soft, far squishier than any mattress he had ever been on before. It definitely was not a water bed. Whatever this mattress was made out of it seemed to generate its own soothing heat.

Sam had some sort of large pillow with him that was made out of the same substance that was about as big around as he was. Sam hugged the pillow close as he continued to lie there. He couldn’t be sure how big the pillow was. He could feel it pressed tight against his tummy, and it stretched upwards enough that he could bury his face into it. He inhaled deeply as his face was pressed into the pillow; it had a distinctly salty smell to it. It almost smelled as if it was coated in sweat and cum. Sam wouldn’t be surprised if it was; probably everything in his room was. He’d have to wash his room out later, but for now he just wanted to hold the pillow close and soak up the warmth and the aroma.

There was something on top of him, too; something like a very huge, thick blanket. It was incredibly heavy, but Sam didn’t feel like he was in any danger of being crushed; it did make it very difficult to move though. Good thing Sam had no intention of going anywhere anytime soon.

“I can’t believe he is still asleep.” Sam could hear Jake’s voice saying. Jake seemed so far away. It sounded like Jake was trying to keep his voice hushed but still be audible from across the room. “Should we wake him up?” Jake asked.

“No, I want to see him figure it out.” came Tyler’s reply in a similarly shouted whisper.

Sam really didn’t want to listen to this right now. He dug his head deeper into the pillow, trying to muffle the voices. He had one ear pressed against his mattress and the other pressed into his pillow, but burying his head into the mattress really didn’t seem to help Sam muffle out the voices. It worked alright for blocking Tyler, but Sam could still hear Jake’s voice. He could more than hear it in fact. Sam could feel Jake’s voice rumble through his mattress.

“Oh, wow. That feels great. I should let him sleep here every night.” Jake chuckled.

Sam groaned in defeat as he gave up on sleep. It took Sam a second to process what he was seeing once he opened his eyes. His supposed pillow was actually a giant cock. The tip of it reached well past Sam’s head, and it wasn’t even hard. He figured that it must be Jake’s. That would explain why Sam could hear Jake’s voice rumbling through the bed, and why Jake seemed to be enjoying Sam’s fidgeting. Sam chuckled to himself a bit. It really was comfortable sleeping with a giant dick pillow like this. Maybe he would let Dalton get to be this big, and that way Sam could snuggle up against his cock every night.

Sam gave his pillow a firm hug as a sort of thank you for the wonderful nap. He could feel the pressure around his cock as something was rubbing him, but he figured it was probably Tyler trying to get him off already. Sam wasn’t even fully awake yet and Tyler was already being a total horn dog. Sam could feel his pillow and his own cock buck in unison.

‘Wait… No way—’ Sam thought groggily. He looked over his pillow in closer detail. The pasty white skin.. the extra bit of skin sticking out past the tip… This was not Jake’s cock. This was his! Sam could feel his giant dick give a quick buck almost as if to nod in agreement.

If Sam was now this big, how big were Jake and Tyler? Sam couldn’t help but feel like he was about to find out whether he wanted to or not. Sam tried to turn over so he could get a better look at his surroundings, but whatever was on top of him was just too heavy to allow him enough movement to get free. He managed to turn his neck enough to get a look at it though.

Sam really felt like he shouldn’t be surprised to see another giant cock pinning him down. After all that was about par for the course today, but the sight of it still took his breath away. It was huge. No. It was more than huge; it was absolutely gigantic. Sam suspected that if he stood up, it would still be taller than he was.

Sam boggled over this for a moment. The dick that was weighing him down had to be six feet across. Sam thought back to the boys boasting about their thick dicks in the locker room and how they took pride in their cocks being five or six inches around. Sam was now pinned under one that was almost twenty feet around.

Sam couldn’t be sure whose dick this was. He hadn’t actually been paying enough attention during the day to identify his friends’ cocks based on how much of the head was showing past the foreskin.

“Figured it out, have you?” Sam could head Tyler’s voice saying. The giant cock then began to surge back and forth over him. It didn’t take long for Sam to work things out after that. This was obviously Tyler’s dick, and Tyler was as horny and kinky as ever.

Sam could see the top of Tyler’s cock brushing against the ceiling as it rolled back and forth. This caused the skin to peel back as it slid over Sam’s head. Sam could only watch in awe as the fully exposed head of Tyler’s dick passed over top of him only a few inches from he eyes.

This didn’t make much sense to Sam. He couldn’t get an exact measurement, but there was no way that Tyler’s dick was that much over six feet tall. It shouldn’t be possible for it to hit the ceiling. The ceiling in this room was a good fourteen feet off the ground. Sam felt a pit form in his stomach as he heard Jake laugh. Sam felt the laughter more than he heard it; the laughter reverberated through the mattress Sam was pinned against.

“Haha. I’d say he has figured it out.” Jake said between chuckles.

Sam had been fast asleep on top of Jake’s colossal dick; a dick that was so big, so massive, that Sam could rest comfortably on it without fear of rolling off. It was about as wide as a King sized bed and still soft. Even in his addled state, Sam could still calculate some basic math. If Tyler’s six feet of cock plus Jake’s equaled a good fourteen feet then Jake’s dick must be eight feet in diameter. Jake’s dick was getting close to being twice as thick as Sam was tall.

Sam could feel Jake thrusting now, too. As his two friend’s cocks became harder, Sam could feel himself being squeezed tighter and tighter between the two of them. It was becoming a little hard for him to breath. Fortunately Tyler soon pulled his cock off from on top of Sam. “Getting a little cramped in here, don’t you think?” Sam heard Tyler say.

Sam was glad to be freed. He quickly peeled himself off of Jake’s dick. He looked back and could see a bit of a red imprint of his body still pressed into Jakes cock as he rolled off. Sam hit the ground with a soggy thud. The carpet was still pretty damp and spongy from all the cum it had soaked up earlier. Sam could actually feel some of it ooze out between his fingers as he pushed himself back up. Sam shakily got to his feet. His dick was rock hard, and it stretched upwards a good foot or two past his head. His balls were now so massive that the rested heavily on the floor even though Sam was standing fully upright.

Sam had really wished his friends couldn’t see him right now. It was not just the fact that he was now feeling emasculated by his own penis, but also the fact that it was readily apparent to anyone who looked at him that he was actually enjoying being sandwiched between his two buddies’ cocks.

“I told ya he’d love it.” came Tyler’s voice. “Time for phase two.”

Sam wasn’t sure he wanted to know what phase two entailed, but he knew he was about to find out anyway. He could feel the ground shake as both Jake and Tyler rolled over on their sides; their cocks flipping over in the process. Sam was now standing directly between the soft, sensitive undersides of his buddies’ dicks. Sam knew what was coming next and braced for impact. Sure enough, Jake and Tyler’s cocks collided, leaving Sam wedged in the middle.

Jake and Tyler began to grind against each other and against Sam by extension. Fortunately for Sam, Jake and Tyler’s dicks were pretty slick from all the sweat and jizz they had accrued over the past hour or so. Sam could feel the cocks sliding across him back and forth. He was able to stand there and let the walls of flesh wash over him instead of getting rolled back and forth from the momentum flowing in opposite directions. He could especially feel Jake’s cock as it shuddered and rubbed into the sensitive underside of his own dick.

Jake and Tyler thrusted harder and harder, digging in deeper and deeper. Sam’s mind was swimming. He was actually getting close to cumming from the steady rubbing across his fully boned cock, and judging from the way that the two titanic dicks were shuddered around him, it seemed that Jake and Tyler were getting close to creaming too.

Finally Sam could feel Jake and Tyler’s thrusting grind to a halt as the both let loose. Sam could feel the flow of spooge pumping through the giant cocks. This finally put Sam over the edge as well. He joined them by gushing jizz upwards like a fountain. Sam could feel his spurts getting stronger as his balls grew larger and heavier; his shaft lengthening and thickening as well.

Jake seemed to be having a similar growth spurt, but on a much grander scale. Sam could feel the ever expanding wall of cock flesh roll over him as it expanded outwards even after Jake had gone soft.

Once Jake seemed to stop expanding, Sam managed to pry himself out from under his friends’ massive dicks. Looking around the room he could already tell that both of them were far too large to fit back through the door. “Uh. Guys? How are going to get out of here?” Sam sputtered. The shock and trepidation were painfully audible in his voice.

Jake and Tyler now realized that they had grown a bit too much… too much to be indoors anyway. Jake secretly wished he was growing outside so that he would have miles and miles of terrain in which to expand. Tyler was maybe a little more rational in his thinking. He didn’t want to grow more per se, but he figured they might have to just keep growing until they broke themselves out of the room they were now trapped in.

“I like you guys and all, but I would prefer we not have to break out a wall to get you two out of here.” Sam said as he crawled over the sprawling mass of Tyler’s dick. He had an idea that would hopefully get them down enough in size to force them through the door. Sam didn’t really care if it hurt a little. Jake and Tyler really should have thought of that before letting their cocks turn into something out of a Jules Verne novel.

Sam knew it was on the wall here somewhere… He didn’t have to clear a path to it though. Sam placed is feet against the wall and pushed his back against Tyler’s cock. Sam slowly and steadily managed to walk down the wall while rolling Tyler’s massive girth away. Sam found what he was looking for… or to be more precise it found him.

Sam had misjudged his location by about a foot and had stepped right onto the thermostat controls. It was an old, blocky model. It was actually the original one from the house, but his dad had moved it out here when he upgraded the garage attic into a loft apartment. The main house now had a new thermostat that was much nicer, sleeker, and undoubtedly less painful to step on. It didn’t hurt quite as bad as stepping on a Lego, but it still hurt like a sonnuvabitch.

“Sonnuvabitch” is actually exactly what Sam shouted when he found it alongside a few extra choice expletive such as “Jesus shit balls” and “cock fucker.” That last one is really an interesting case of the pot calling the kettle black considering the events in the nurse’s office.

Despite wishing severe harm to befall the infernal contraption that had assaulted his foot, Sam realized he was actually very lucky that the thermostat was in fact unharmed. Sam quickly spun the knob as far to the left as it would go, and almost instantly the fans roared to life. Jets or arctic cold air began to pump into the room. Clouds of mist wafted out of the vents as the moisture in the air began to coalesce.

The boys all got very cold very fast, especially their exposed junk. Their cocks and balls began to contract as their equipment tried to huddle in close to their bodies for any warmth it could find. Tyler’s dick had actually pulled in on itself so quickly that Sam lost his footing against the wall and landed flat on his ass with a dull, soggy, thud. Fortunately the jizz pool had made for a soft landing and was still pleasantly warm to the touch.

“Sammy, you’re a genius!” Tyler shouted with joy. His dick was now about half the size it was a minute ago and still shrinking down.

Sam staggered to his feet while rubbing his sore ass. His dick was now just barely dragging across the ground as he was standing up; his balls had pulled back to almost his knees. Sam gazed in dumbfounded awe at his friends and their steadily shrinking dicks.

“I figured the only way we would get out of here is with a little shrinkage. I gotta say, though. This is more than I expected.” Sam murmured.

Their shrinkage slowed to a halt in a matter of minutes. Sam’s cock was now a little over knee length. Tyler’s cock was still several feet long, but at least it could fit through a door now. His balls were still so heavy that they dragged across the floor, but they now only crested at about his hips instead of being taller than he was. Jake’s dick was still a few feet longer than Tyler’s, but very easily small enough to clear the doorway. His nuts would be a bit of a problem though; they barely touched the floor, but that was only due to their pouch holding them up far better than Jake’s or Sam’s did. Sizewise they were far larger than Tyler’s; each one the size of a large bean bag chair.

It was still bright and sunny outside but not for long by the looks of the sun nearing the horizon. Sam went out the door first and ran to the garage to grab an extra sheet; they kept a bunch of sheets in the garage to cover their plants and pipes with if it ever got cold enough to freeze outside. After getting the sheet, he ran back inside and helped Tyler fashion a sling for his nuts so he could walk down the stairs without dragging his balls across the warped and splintery wood. Once his sack was safe and secure, Tyler flung his dick over his shoulder and bounded down the stairs; he was very happy to still be able to move after all the growing he had just done.

After Tyler went down, Jake followed. Jake had to drape his dick over both shoulders to keep it from dragging on the ground, but at least his nuts didn’t run the risk of getting skewered with wood shards like Tyler’s had. Jake made it outside easy enough, but he was less pleased than Tyler was. He not so secretly missed his bus sized wang.

Sam turned off the AC and opened all the windows in his room before running back down to join the others; hopefully he could air out his room enough and get the smell a bit under control. Cleaning it was going to be a bitch and a half though.

The three boys were now out in the open air, in broad daylight, bare ass naked. It was a good thing that Sam had no neighbors to speak of, but it still would have been very awkward if they were discovered especially since they were all hung like horses and covered head to toe in spunk. It probably wouldn’t even be accurate to describe them as hung like horses because even Sam, the smallest of the bunch, put any horse out there to shame.

Sam could see that his dad’s car was now in the driveway so he gestured for Jake and Tyler to quietly follow him around the back of the house. As soon as Jake and Tyler turned the corner Sam blasted them head on with an icy cold burst from the garden hose. The frigid water helped to knock off a little bit more of their girth. Tyler quickly charged over to Sam and playfully tackled him causing his sheet to fall off in the process.

The three boys played around with hose, half washing all the spooge off themselves and half roughhousing like kids. It felt great to just cut loose and have fun again. They were so caught up in their fun that none of them noticed Sam’s dad standing there.

They all dropped the hose and spun around when they heard the loud deep sound of a man clearing his throat. They all stood there awkwardly with their hands down at their sides. They all realized that it was pointless to even try and cover themselves due to their massive sizes. Messing around with the icy water had knocked a few feet off of Jake and Tyler’s dicks and a few inches off of Sam’s, but they were all still far larger than average.

Sam’s dad was feeling an odd sense of vicarious pride upon seeing his son’s two foot long soft cock, but when he saw the other two he almost couldn’t even speak. His eyes were transfixed on Tyler’s immense balls. They were still so large that they dragged across the ground, and they were so heavy that they were sinking into the mud as he stood there.

Sam never could read his dad’s always stern expression. His dad was the kind of man who looked dark and brooding even when he was in a good mood.

“Uh, hey dad. These are my friends Jake and Tyler.” Sam muttered awkwardly as gestured to each as he named them.

Tyler raised his hand high and gave a hearty “‘sup”. Tyler could tell that Sam’s dad was staring at his nuts and he was never one to shy away from a chance to show off.

Jake just kind of gave a nervous half smile and a weak wave as he stepped over his dick and kicked it behind him in a failed effort to stop drawing attention to his massive endowment, but he was not embarrassed for the reason one would expect. He was actually embarrassed that someone had seen him in such a puny reduced state. Just imagine if Sam’s dad had seen him at his former glory.

Sam’s dad nodded to each of them as they were introduced but kept silent. Sam stepped forward and began speaking again. “We were just having a little fun and got carried away—” He murmured quietly.

His dad’s expression seemed to soften a little. “I was young once, too, you know. I’m just glad to see you smiling again.” He said. Sam turned bright red and looked down at his feet. “Are you going to be staying the night?” Sam’s dad continued as he looked back and forth at his son’s friends.

Tyler shrugged and replied “Well, I don’t see why not. There’s no homework, and it’s such a nice night out. Perfect for staying out under the stars, and there’s so much room to camp out here.”

Sam’s dad just nodded in thoughtful agreement. “Not a bad plan.” He mused out loud after a tense moment of ponderously stroking his chin. “I was thinking of picking up some pizza from town. I’ll leave you boys alone until I get back here with it.” He added.

“Sure thing Mr. Sam’s dad!” Tyler exclaimed happily as he waved bye to Sam’s dad.

Once Sam’s dad was back inside Sam fell to his knees in the mud and began moaning “Oh god, I am never going to live this down.”

Tyler got down next to Sam and put his arm over his bud’s shoulder. “Why would you want to live this down? Did you see him? He was mad proud of you, bro.”

Sam turned and looked at Tyler. He didn’t speak, but gave Tyler a questioning look.

“No. I mean it. His little boy is cut and hung. What dad wouldn’t be proud? It makes him look good since you are so big.” Tyler explained. He was grinning from ear to ear. Somehow his smile managed to soothe even Sam’s frazzled nerves.

Sam managed a slight grin as his cheeks changed to a different shade of red. “Guess we better get camp set up while it is still light out, right?” Sam said once he managed to calm himself down enough.

They all agreed. Sam led them to the garage where they had all the camping gear, and each of them took an armload of supplies. Within minutes they had a nice little camp set up in the back yard. It went pretty fast since they didn’t bother with a tent; it was so nice out that is seemed unnecessary

Sam was sitting on his now unfurled bed roll. He leaned back and let out a long sigh. “Ugh. I needed that.” He murmured. Jake and Tyler just watched in awe as Sam’s cock and balls swelled up and up. By the time it stopped each nut was the size of a smart car, and his cock stretched out for ten feet in front of him.

“How did you do that?” Jake asked.

“Hmm? Oh. It was kind of like I had been holding my breath for so long, and just finally got a chance to let it out.” Sam replied with an awkward shrug. He looked just as uncertain as his voice sounded.

Jake nodded slowly. He had a very similar sensation going. His own dick and nuts were aching for release as well as if he was holding them in like breath in his lungs. Jake relaxed his whole body and almost instantly his equipment began inflating. It continued to surge outwards in all directions as he sighed in relief.

When his growth stopped, Jake’s balls were now taller than he was by a several feet. His massive dick was back to being about twelve feet in diameter; it was twice as thick as he was tall, and it stretched out for thirty some feet. Tyler actually had to get up and move out of the way as the surging wall of cock swallowed his sleeping bag.

Once the growth stopped, Jake sat there trying to exhale all the air from his lungs. He would breathe in deep and exhale again and again until he got too dizzy to continue. Tyler couldn’t help but laugh.

“Looks like you can only unleash to your former size. If you want to get bigger you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.” Tyler said with a devious grin as he reached down and shook his cock.

Tyler had to admit that keeping his junk compressed like this was a little uncomfortable so he too relaxed and let it all out. His cock and balls expanded rapidly just as Jake’s had done. Tyler didn’t get quite as big as Jake had, but he was still plenty huge. His balls were far bigger than he was and his cock stretched out for almost thirty feet. Tyler had this urge to grief Jake by making himself even larger, but he was already quite a bit larger than he had ever wanted to be. Tyler made a mental note to save his growth power for if and when Jake was being an ass about being the biggest kid on the block.

Tyler started laughing again. No words were exchanged, but Jake’s expression said it all. He was curious what had Tyler so giddy.

Tyler looked over at Jake and Sam with a mischievous grin on his face. “Just think of what Sam’s dad will do when he sees us like this.” Tyler explained before once again cracking up.

Sam’s face turned completely white as he tried to scramble back to the house “Oh, shit!” He cried. “Help me get the hose!”


Part 21

Sam stumbled back to his house as quickly as he was able and grabbed the hose. His long dick and hefty balls making walking very, very awkward, and neither Jake nor Tyler were any help at their fully unleashed sizes. Sam quickly sprayed himself with the icy cold water to get his equipment down to a much more manageable size.

Sam couldn’t help but think about how odd a lifestyle he had found himself getting into; taking cold showers and actually hoping for a little shrinkage here and there was a huge change of pace from what he had grown up with. He was kind of glad that he was still small enough that he could almost get down to human proportions. His dick was still huge, but at least it wasn’t in the seven or eight foot range like Jake’s and Tyler’s.

What really worried Sam was that it was so easy to lose control while he was with Jake and Tyler. Sam had to admit that it felt amazing; he’d even begrudgingly admit that it looked awesome, too. It’s just that it is not normal.

As it is Sam could still hide himself in normal, everyday clothes, but if he let himself go like Jake and Tyler had there would be no way he could ever hope of hiding his changes while out in public. Everywhere he would go people would think he was some kind of freak.

Sam had already had to deal with people thinking he was some kind of freak or deviant just for being who he was, and he hated it. Some dark corner of is mind was goading him on, telling him to let loose. Who cares about those assholes who would pick on him for being different? They are obviously just jealous. It’s easy to see who the bigger man is here. A dark grin crept across Sam’s face. He’d like to see someone try and call him pencil dick again when his dick was thicker than their whole body.

Sam quickly shook the notion out of his mind. He had other business to attend to. Jake and Tyler had managed to get themselves stuck well outside the reach of the hose, and it was up to Sam to find the other hoses and try an extend it out far enough to go shrink them down.

Sam went into the garage and dug through the piles of boxes and lawn supplies. He found an extra hose or two easy enough. He just had to hope they would be long enough. While Sam was in the garage he considered grabbing a sheet and rigging up some rudimentary toga, but what was the point? His dad had already seen his dick swinging down about his knees, and it was very hard to be modest in the company of Jake and Tyler.

Sam connected the hoses together and was pleased to find that they were more than long enough to reach over to where they had set up camp. Tyler waved happily at Sam as he came back, but Jake just kind of groaned.

“Do we really have to go back down? I had just gotten comfortable—” Jake grumbled. He had finally managed to pull himself up onto his balls and was lying face down in his sack. Sam secretly thought that Jake’s perch looked amazingly comfortable, and that he wanted to crawl up there and join him, but there was no way he’d dare say that out loud.

Sam knew his dad would be back with the food at any moment so he readied the hose, pointed the nozzle right at Jake, and pulled the trigger. Jake’s cock and balls quickly withdrew out from under him. In a matter of seconds Jake was left draped over his much smaller, but still huge nuts. He could no longer get his entire body on top of them. He was now left in an awkward position in which his feet were just barely touching the ground and his upper body was now resting along the length of his massive cock.

Jake slowly rolled backwards so that he could get a decent enough footing to stand up. “Tyler, your emo kiddy is being mean to me.” Jake groaned as he pulled himself to his feet.

Tyler was laughing too hard to make any sort of comeback to Jake’s moaning. It was pretty obvious that Jake was just messing around and not actually mad. They both knew that Sam was worried about his dad coming back and seeing them like that.

Sam turned the hose on Tyler next, and Tyler quickly dropped down to a more manageable size as well. Tyler landed in a position that was much easier to get up from than Jake had so he was back on his feet in no time.

The three boys then turned and walked back to Sam’s house. Sam’s dad was just pulling up the driveway as they got there. They could already smell the pizza wafting over from the car. All three of their stomachs began rumbling loudly. They had been so caught up in the events of the day that they had not even noticed how hungry they were.

Sam’s dad balked a bit as he saw the boys. He had seen them earlier, but it was still hard to wrap his head around just how big they were. That tall, lanky one had to be over six feet tall, and his dick was bigger than he was. Then there was the short one, whose balls were hanging so low that they were scraping the ground.

Sam’s dad nodded to Tyler “You boys will need to clean up a bit, if you want to come inside. I don’t want you tracking mud on the carpet.” He said sternly.

Jake and Tyler started laughing as they looked at each other and realized that Sam’s dad wasn’t referring to their feet. The undersides of their cock and balls were coated in mud. Sam grinned a little bit at this, too, but he was still a little too embarrassed about standing around naked with his dad around to really enjoy himself.

“I’ll leave you boys alone for now. You know where to find me if you need me.” Sam’s dad grumbled. With that He handed Sam a few boxes of pizza and went back inside.

Tyler had a grin on his face that let the other know that he was up to something, and neither Jake nor Sam had to wait long to find out what. Before either of them even had a chance to ask Tyler said, “Let’s go eat these back at the camp.”

Jake and Sam just looked at each other and shrugged. It made as much sense to eat out there as anywhere else. Jake was eagerly looking forward to being able to spread out, anyway.

As soon as they got back to camp, Jake flung his cock off his shoulder and looked about ready to expand again, but Tyler stopped him before he had the chance. “Slow your roll, Holmes, let Sam and I get set up first.” Jake said with a disarmingly sweet grin. Jake was a little annoyed about being made to hold his growth back for a little while longer, but Tyler seemed like he had something up his sleeve. Tyler gestured for Sam to come over to where he and Jake were standing.

“Here. Get on, and hold on to the pizza.” Tyler explained.

Sam raised an eyebrow and gave Tyler a questioning look. “Get on to what?” He silently wondered, but then Tyler sat down atop Jake’s cock, riding it side saddle as if it were a park bench and then patted Jake’s dick to indicate to Sam he should have a seat. Sam gave Tyler another look of uncertainty but then sat down next to him anyway.

Tyler gave Sam a quick wink and then grabbed Jake’s hand. “Hold on tight.” He said with a goofy grin on his face. Jake wasted no time in taking the hint. His dick began swelling up nearly instantly. As Jake swelled up, Tyler pulled him in closer so that by the time Jake was fully released, he was laying face down on own dick beside Tyler.

Jake and Tyler were laughing; apparently they both thought the ride was a lot of fun. Sam on the other hand was less than thrilled. They had to be at least twelve feet off the ground now, probably closer to fifteen.

“Uh, guys? This is nice and all, but how do you expect us to get down?” He muttered nervously.

Tyler put his arm around Sam’s neck and pulled him in close as if for a noogie, but only ruffled Sam’s hair a bit instead. “Obviously we’re going to need you to go down there and shrink us down when the time comes.” Tyler casually explained.

Sam rolled his eyes. “And I’m supposed to just jump on down from here, when the time comes.” He groaned.

“Of course not.” Tyler said with a devious grin. “The slide is so much safer and waaaay more fun.”

Sam was about to ask what Tyler meant by the slide, but then Tyler’s own dick began swelling too. Tyler’s cock draped over the side of Jake’s, and sloped down to the ground. It continued to stretch on for several feet even after touching down.

Sam just put his palm against his face and shook his head slowly, but even though he was trying to cover it, Jake and Tyler could both see he was grinning.

Tyler popped open the first box of pizza. “Oh. Sausage. Sounds like even Sam’s dad knows you just can’t get enough.” Tyler joked as he shot Jake a mischievous grin. Jake was about to make some smartass comment, but right as he opened his mouth Tyler shoved some pizza in his face.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, dear.” Tyler said playfully.

This actually worked out really well for Jake. He had to prop himself up on his elbows in order to join in the conversation anyway so he didn’t have the use of his hands. While Jake was chewing his bit of pizza, Tyler would take a bite of the slice as well. When Tyler was chewing he would hold the pizza out for Jake to take a bite. The two of them shared all of their slices in this way.

Sam couldn’t help but think that Jake and Tyler were adorable together. Sam really wished that he had someone like Jake and Tyler had each other. For the first time all day he felt like a bit of a third wheel. Sam sighed a little too audibly. He caught himself as soon as he did it and tried to act like nothing happened, but Tyler caught it.

Tyler quickly swallowed the chunk of pizza that he had in his mouth. “So tell us a bit more about yourself. We’ve learned a lot about you today, but I still feel like I hardly know anything.” Tyler said in an effort to once more bring Sam into their trio.

Sam tried to look away and do his best to seem disinterested. “Oh, well there really isn’t much to tell.” He replied as casually as he could muster.

“I don’t believe that for a minute.” Tyler shot back. He took another bite and then passed the slice to Jake.

“For starters” Tyler mumbled through his mouthful of pizza. “You have a pretty big place. Is it just the two of you?” Tyler swallowed quickly just enough of his mouthful to be able to speak clearly and then continued his line of questioning. “Your dad and you, I mean. What about your mom?”

Sam looked down at the slice of pizza he had in his hand. “She died—” He replied softly.

Tyler swallowed the rest of his sizeable mouthful of pizza as quietly as he could and put his hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Oh. Sorry.” He said softly.

Sam did his best to give Tyler a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry about it. It was a long time ago. I barely even remember her,” He replied. Sam tried his best to sound upbeat and cheerful, but Tyler didn’t buy it for a minute.

“So it’s just you and your dad here?” Jake chimed in between bites.

“Well, my dad had a girlfriend living with us for a while. That’s part of the reason he fixed the garage attic into an apartment. You know, to give both of us some privacy.” Sam explained. “She was alright, I guess, but when I sort of… came out, she decided to lay down the law. She told my dad that I either needed to get help for my condition or she was moving out.” Sam actually cracked a grin thinking back on it, but he tried to cover it by taking another bite of pizza. When he finished chewing he continued his story. “Dad never even tried to argue with her. He just packed her bags for her.”

Tyler put an arm around Sam’s shoulder. “Your dad is getting a high five when I get down from here.”

Jake looked a little concerned, though. “The way you speak makes it sound like you didn’t actually intend to come out.”

Sam’s expression dimmed again and he lowered his gaze. “It was a huge mistake.” He said flatly. “One moment of weakness ruined everything.”

Jake wished he was able to move so that he would be able to get closer to Sam and help console him. “You can tell us about it, if you want to.” Jake said.

Sam sighed and then nodded. “I told you I was in scouts, right? Well about a year ago I got kicked out… for kissing my bunk mate.” Sam explained. His voice cracked, and tears were starting to form in Sam’s eyes.

Tyler pulled Sam in closer. “It’s Ok. You don’t need to worry about it anymore.” Tyler said softly as he gently consoled his new pal.

Sam shook his head and tried to fight back tears. “No. It’s worse than that. It wasn’t just some guy I had met at camp.” Sam sputtered. He could still remember that night very clearly. It was almost a year ago now that it had happened.

Sam had gone to summer camp like he had just about every year before, and of course, he had made sure that he was bunking with his best friend, Han. Sam and Han had been inseparable for years. They did everything together, and this year seemed to be no different.

The first couple of days of camp had gone by normally enough, but on the third day it began to rain hard. All the outdoor activities were canceled, and all the boys were stuck in there rooms. Sam didn’t mind too much. He was used to being holed up at home alone and was good at keeping himself occupied.

Sam was lying in the bottom bunk reading through some comic books. He had already finished them all before, but he really liked these. “You’re reading that one again?” Came a voice from the top bunk. Sam looked up to see Han hanging upside down from the bunk above looking back at him.

“What? It’s one of my favorites.” Sam shot back defiantly.

“It’s also old news. Check out the new hotness.” Han chided playfully as he tossed a new issue of Avengers over to Sam and then climbed down into Sam’s bunk.

Sam picked up the comic and thumbed through the pages. “What? They’ve got yet another color of Hulk? I kinda got tired of these after they got to the purple one.” He grumbled.

“Whatever, bitch, The Infraggable Krunk doesn’t count as a Hulk.” Han sassed as he slid in next to Sam “Scoot over, dude.” Han said as he began shoving Sam over.

Sam started shoving back and laughed. “He’s more of a Hulk than you’ll ever be.” Sam sassed between giggles.

“And I’m more of a Hulk than you’ll ever be.” Han roared playfully. He then rolled over on top of Sam and pinned him to the bed. Han was much larger than Sam. He was not just taller than Sam; he was ripped to boot. Sam and Han were both going to be sophomores in high school next year, but Han had already been recruited to be on the main line varsity team much to the chagrin of some of the seniors and juniors that had failed to make the cut.

Sam was pinned under Han, but he wasn’t too interested in breaking free this time. Maybe it was the light or maybe it was a result of Sam having repressed his hormones for too long, but Sam was captivated by how beautiful Han looked. Han’s shaggy brown hair framed his strong features nicely, and his grey eyes were sparkling with joy from roughhousing with his best friend. His full lips were curled upwards at the edges in a mocking smile that dared Sam to fight back.

Han pushed down harder on Sam; bringing his face in closer as he continued to tease Sam. “What’s the matter?” Has teased. “Not even going to try and fight back today?”

Sam had already begun figuring out that he liked guys. He had been having really good dreams involving him and at least one other guy for a few years now, but never in his wildest dreams had he ever dreamed of doing anything with one of his friends. He had never even dared to tell anyone about how he felt, but now that he was there and his best friend’s face was hovering just a few inches from his Sam whole brain just went “What the hell.”

Sam closed his eyes and leaned in and kissed Han right on the lips. It seemed so right for a second, but then everything exploded in a flash of light. Sam opened his eyes, but he couldn’t seem to focus. His right ear was ringing loudly. He could sort of make out Han, now sitting up on top of him, shaking out his hand in pain.

“What the fuck was that!?” Han screamed at Sam. Sam was too dazed to respond. Han balled up his fist and punched Sam in the face again. “Answer me!” Han screamed.

Sam could barely see. He could taste blood in his mouth. Sam tried to call out; tried to plead with Han to stop; tried to call for help from anyone, but no words seemed to come. Han got off of Sam and looked down. Sam’s shorts did nothing to hide the tent he was sporting. It had started to go down since Han attacked him, but it was still obvious that Sam had popped a bone while Han was on him.

Han reached down and picked Sam up by his shirt collar. “You little faggot!” Han screamed as he slammed Sam onto the floor. By now all the boys in the cabin had gathered around to watch.

Sam couldn’t speak. He couldn’t talk. He could barely see. He could barely even breath, but he tried to drag himself over to the closest other person in hopes that maybe they would help him. Sam could see the feet step back as he tried to crawl closer. With every labored heave oh his body, the crowd would shift just enough to stay out of his reach.

“Did I say you could go!?” Han shouted. He slammed his foot down in front of Sam and then kicked him square in the chest causing Sam to topple backwards. Sam curled into a ball and tried to gasp for breath.

Sam could no longer see, but he could still hear Han’s voice mocking him. “Look at you. You’re pathetic.” Han shouted as he continued to kick Sam repeatedly in the stomach.

The camp counselors had finally shown up. It took three of them to restrain Han. Han was still thrashing and trying to kick Sam as he was hauled off. Sam was left lying in a pool of his own blood and tears until the paramedics arrived to take him to the hospital.

Sam finally woke up three days later. He had suffered a massive concussion and several broken ribs, but his internal injuries were surprisingly mild given the beating he had received. The real pain came when he checked his messages. Facebook, e-mail, messenger, text messages, voice mail; all were filled with messages from people Sam once thought of as friends; each message carrying words of hate and warnings to Sam if he ever dared set foot in school.

Within days Sam had received his official notice that he was barred from Scouts, but he really didn’t care anymore. There was nothing for him there. His father pulled him out of the local rural county high school and enrolled him at the high school in the neighboring city almost thirty miles away, but it had taken him months for the paperwork to go through and even longer for him to recover enough to be up and walking.

By this point in his story Sam was too choked up to go on. Tyler pulled him in and hugged him tight as Sam buried his head in Tyler’s chest and sobbed.


Part 22

Sam had not cried so hard in years. Not since his mom had died and maybe not even then. The aloof, stoic act had just become too much for him. Sam had bottled up all his feelings for the past years and had finally reached a breaking point. It wouldn’t really be fair to say that Sam wanted to shut himself off from others. He wanted to share his feelings, to get it all off his chest, but he did not know who to trust; Sam wasn’t even sure if he could ever trust anyone ever again.

Tyler was different. Tyler seemed to genuinely empathize with other people. He stood up to bullies. He was fun, outgoing, and kind to everyone he met… unless said person was picking on others. He was everything that Sam wished he could be. In a rare moment of unexpected courage and determination, Sam had managed to somewhat confess his feelings. Even though Tyler was unable to reciprocate, Sam was still glad he had done so.

Sam didn’t really want a lover. Well, he did, but he realized now that what he really needed was a friend. Sam had been on his own for far too long. Now that Sam had good friends, he could begin to come to terms with the fear and sense of betrayal that had plagued him for so long.

As Sam continued to sob he could feel Tyler’s warmth wash over him; Tyler’s strong arms holding him in close. Even Jake was offering up what support he could from his position by reassuringly patting Sam’s shoulder. Sam knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, but he also knew he wouldn’t be alone.

Sam slowly began to pull himself together. A sense of calm filled him, and he felt himself become at peace with himself for the first time in as long as he could remember. It was definitely the first time he felt so at peace since he first discovered he was gay.

Sam finally stopped crying and pushed himself away from Tyler’s embrace. He let out a weak laugh as he rubbed the tears from his eyes; his eyes were red and bleary. “I look like such a wuss, huh?” Sam muttered amidst his forced chuckles.

Tyler quietly shook his head. Jake mirrored his sentiments, “You’re a lot stronger than I am. I don’t know if I could survive going through what you did.” Jake replied.

Tyler solemnly put his right hand over his heart and raised his left hand as if swearing an oath. “As your team captain I order you to come to us with any and all problems you may have.” Tyler stated loudly and dramatically. After a brief pause he continued his theatric proclamation. “We will listen, advise, and/or kick the shit out of any homophobic asshat as deemed necessary. Harrumph!”

Jake echoed a hearty “Harrumph!” in agreement with Tyler. Sam merely sat there as he tried to process what he was seeing. He was overjoyed that his new friends were so eager to back him up, and at the same time he was trying to stifle a giggle from the absurdity of Jake and Tyler’s dramatics.

“Hey! I didn’t get a harrumph out of that guy!” Jake shouted as he pointed jokingly at Sam.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. His stifled giggles turned into a snort and then into a full-fledged guffaw. Sam’s spirits were much higher than they had been in ages. He was too busy laughing at the how silly Tyler’s solemn oath and Jake’s playful retort to give his response properly. After a minute or so he managed to stifle his laughter enough to just barely mutter a “Ok. Ha-ha harrumph!”

Tyler locked his arm around Sam’s neck and dragged him in for a noogie. “You’re damn right harrumph!” Tyler playfully sassed.

The three of them easily polished off both boxes of pizza over the next hour. During this time Sam had gotten to use Tyler’s cock-slide to go down and grab a pack of Cokes. Unfortunately, Tyler’s skin didn’t make for good slide material. It was too spongy and not at all slippery. Sam had tried to sit down and slide down it like he would a park slide, but after scooting two feet and still not getting any downward momentum Sam gave up and just ran down it like a very squishy ramp.

The trip back up had been a bit of an ordeal as well. Not only was the footing very awkward, but Sam was trying to go up the ramp while trying to carry an open box of cans up with him. It also didn’t help that the sensation of having Sam walk across his massive dick and the sight of his own colossal wang completely dwarfing Sam’s entire body seemed to be getting Tyler hard. Sam could feel the density and consistency of the ground beneath him begin to shift and change; the shaft would occasionally even give a little shudder.

Sam finally got back up to his perch beside Tyler and plopped down atop Jake’s massive cock right next to his blond buddy.

“‘bout time, dude. I’m thirsty.” Tyler replied jokingly. He quickly reached into the box and grabbed a can and wasted no time popping the tab. Warm Coke sprayed up into his face and onto his hands and chest. ”Ugh. Great. Now I am all wet and sticky.” Tyler grumbled.

“That’s getting to become a regular thing with you, isn’t it?” Jake chided.

“Maybe if Moby Dick here hadn’t been rocking all over the place, the cans wouldn’t have been all shook up.” Sam replied as he playfully poked Tyler’s monstrous dick.

“So I’m Moby Dick now?” Tyler murmured as he pondered the new nickname with a bemused grin.

“Not you. Just him.” Sam replied while gesturing to Tyler’s jumbo cock.

“Bitch!” Tyler snapped as he playfully shoved Sam and began laughing.

“Jerk!” Sam shot back as he shoved back and also began laughing.

“Oooh! Do I get a nickname?” Jake asked, oddly excited about the prospects of naming his mammoth endowment.

“You look like a King Dong to me.” Tyler replied with a smirk.

Jake scrunched his face a bit. “Is this another one of your ‘Jake is hairy. Lol.’ jokes?” He grumbled.

“Actually I was thinking more along the lines of ‘T’was beauty what slayed the beast’.” Tyler recited as if he was on stage performing a Shakespearean sonnet and then leaned in and planted a long, hot kiss on Jake's lips. When they finally broke apart Jake’s face was flushed and his eyes had begun to glaze over with lust. Tyler gave Jake a sexy wink and added as seductively as he could, “And if you play your cards right, I might let you climb my tower later.”

Sam could feel Jake’s cock inflate and harden beneath them. ‘Oh great.’ Sam thought to himself. He wasn’t really keen on getting stuck between the two titanic members as they went at it again. Sam could feel his own dick begin to swell up and harden. Sam internally grumbled at his own libido which seemed intent on undermining everything he attempted. Ok, so maybe he was a little keen.

Sam quickly shook the notion from his mind and changed topics. “Do me next!” He shouted.

Tyler turned to face Sam. He was grinning from ear to ear and had a familiar, devious glint in his eyes, but Sam had no time to ponder what he was seeing. Tyler suddenly uttered an emphatic, “With gusto!” and then pulled Sam in close and kissed him passionately as well.

Sam’s mind ground to an abrupt halt. When Tyler let go and broke the embrace Sam recoiled involuntarily. He hadn’t expected Tyler to actually kiss him. Not that he minded, but right in front of Jake? Fortunately Jake didn’t seem to be jealous. In fact he was laughing like a hyena. Probably due to the completely dazed expression that was now plastered onto Sam’s face. Sam slowly began to be able to formulate words again. “I… I actually just meant a nickname…. Wow.” He murmured awkwardly as he tried to regain higher brain function enough to string together a coherent sentence.

Jake and Tyler were both howling with laughter now. Sam’s face had frozen into an expressionless mask while his brain was buffering, but it was obvious that Sam had enjoyed the kiss. It would be kind of hard to miss Sam’s own massive dick that was now rock hard and pointed straight upwards so far that it extended a foot or two above Sam’s head.

“Ok. Ok. I got one.” Tyler sputtered as he struggled to get his laughing under control enough to speak. Once he finally managed to get his giggles under control he announced the new name. “For our resident Black Belt, how about Hung Wei Lo?”

“Nah, man. I’ve got a better one.” Jake managed to say between laughs. “Long Dong Fuey!”

Sam managed to get enough control of his facial expressions to grin. “I can dig it, man.” Sam said in his best jive voice.

“Hey, Sammy. Think you can get down and grab the hose?” Tyler asked while giving is best puppy dog eyes.

Sam looked around. Tyler’s ramp was now closer to being a diving board now that it had reached the semi state and beyond, but Sam didn’t think he’d have too much trouble navigating even with his own large hardon interfering with his field of vision.

“I don’t see why not.” Sam responded with a shrug. “Want me to shrink you down?” He then asked.

“Better shrink Jake down, while you’re at it. I need to get down.” Tyler explained, and predicting the annoyance and ire that would be coming from Jake at the mere mention of reducing him down to a more pedestrian size range, Tyler then added, “It’s just for a minute, babe.”

Tyler then leaned in and gave Jake a quick kiss. Which stifled Jake’s annoyed grumbling for a moment. Once they broke apart Jake blushed a little, but continued to mutter to himself albeit much more quietly.

Sam managed to get down to ground level pretty easily in spite of the size of his own dong and the trembling from Tyler’s over excited dick. Sam grabbed the hose and turned back to face Jake and Tyler. It looked like Tyler was whispering something to Jake, but Sam chose to ignore it. After all he figured that those two were entitled to a little privacy now and then.

A devious grin crept onto Sam’s lips. He’d been hanging out with Tyler too long it seemed. Some of Tyler’s mischievousness had begun to rub off on him. Just because Sam was going to give them a little privacy didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to interrupt. Sam turned the hose full blast on Jake and Tyler. Their conversation was completely derailed as their perch began to rapidly deflate.

Once Jake and Tyler had hit the ground, Jake shakily got to his feet and wiped the soaking wet hair out of his face. He turned and flipped Sam the bird, but his laughter made the gesture seem far less menacing. Sam responded by giving Jake a thumbs up. “Maybe later!” Sam replied with a grin.

Even at their much reduced sizes, Tyler and Jake were having difficulty moving around. They were both flying at well above half mast and getting harder by the second. Jake’s dick was standing up almost twice as tall as he was, and it more than twice as thick as Jake’s waist. Tyler’s cock was a foot or two shorter than Jake’s but it was every bit as thick. Given Tyler’s much shorter stature, his giant dong looked just as comically oversized as his boyfriend’s did.

As Tyler and Jake slogged closer and closer to Sam, Sam could better see the looks of lust they were giving him. Sam felt like he was about to learn firsthand whatever it was that those two were whispering about a minute ago. Some part of Sam’s brain was urging him to get out of there, but Sam was just as horny as Jake and Tyler were.

Sam had been rock hard since before he climbed down from his perch atop Jake’s monumental schlong. Now his brain and his cock were screaming for release, and it seemed like Jake and Tyler were all too eager to give it to him.

Jake and Tyler walked up to Sam and stood on either side of him. “He really is cute, isn’t he?” Sam could hear Jake say. Sam could hear Jake and Tyler, but he could no longer see them. Their bodies had been completely eclipsed from Sam’s view by their own massive cocks.

Jake and Tyler continued to come closer and closer together, mashing Sam between their two colossal members as they did so. Sam could hear Tyler’s response, “Yes, he really is so adorable. I want to just kiss him all over.” Tyler’s dick began thrusting into Sam as he spoke, smashing Sam deeper into the side of Jake’s giant cock.

“I would love to do the same, but there seems to be something blocking the way—” Sam could hear Jake saying.

‘Gee. I wonder what could possibly be in the way.’ Sam thought sarcastically to himself, but oddly enough, he could feel Jake pulling back from him.

Jake took a few steps back, all the while pushing his weight down onto his cock so that it would continue to push up against Sam. Jake managed to lower the tip of his cock down low enough so that it was now level with Sam’s head. Jake thrusted forward so that the tip of his cock was smushing up against Sam’s face.

The head of Jake’s cock was far larger than Sam’s head. Jake’s slit was more than twice as large as Sam’s mouth. Sam could barely process any of this though; he was too overcome by lust. The powerful scent of his two friend’s massive cocks slamming against him was intoxicating. Jake’s cock was smearing pre all over Sam’s face; the bitter, salty taste was just making Sam even hornier.

Sam turned his head and kissed Jake’s cock right on the lips. He kissed passionately and deeply; working his tongue in there as deep as he could. He could hear Jake moan with pleasure as he did so. When Sam finally broke apart for air, a long sticky strand of mixed saliva and pre still connected him to Jake’s cock.

“He’s a really good kisser.” Sam could hear Jake saying.

“Oh, yes.” Tyler replied as he shifted his own cock down. Sam soon had a giant dick slit mashed against either side of his face. Sam turned and kissed Tyler’s cock, but he made sure to massage the massive tip of Jake’s dick so that Jake wouldn’t feel left out.

As Sam rubbed along Jake’s dick, he was surprised by how easily his hand was able to slip into Jake’s slit. Sam could feel a buck of approval come from Jake’s cock as his hand slipped in. Realizing Jake must really enjoy the feeling, Sam pushed him arm in deeper.

Sam continued to kiss the tip of Tyler’s cock, but his mouth was no longer anywhere near the slit. Tyler had angled his cock even lower so that the tip was pushing into Sam’s chest. Even though Tyler was pointing to a much lower point on Sam’s body, Sam had no trouble finding spots on Tyler’s cock that he could easily reach with his lips. It soon became apparent to Sam why this was.

Tyler was letting himself expand to his full size. Sam could feel Tyler’s enormous dick pressing up against him and shoving him deeper and deeper into Jake’s cock. Sam felt his arm slip deeper and deeper as even his shoulder slid into Jake’s slit. Jake was growing, too. In a matter of seconds Sam was lifted off of the ground, and pinned between to gargantuan dicks. The mouths of the two cocks were almost as tall as Sam was.

Jake and Tyler began to slam their two cocks against each other; their slits mashing together; sliding up and down across each other. It was almost as if the cocks themselves were making out with each other. Sam was stuck there in the middle being held in place by the wangular momentum.

Sam felt like he was getting a full body massage as he was being pushed back and forth between his friends’ cocks. Almost his entire body was wedged into Jake and Tyler’s slits; only his head and cock poked out the top. Sam was completely drenched in pre; a lot of it was his own.

Jake and Tyler couldn’t believe how amazing this felt. Their massive dicks were grinding against the earth. At their current immense size, this sensation would have been more than enough to send either of them over the edge, but they also had the tips of their dicks pressed up against each other in a bizarrely, hot, sloppy, frot of dick kissing. The feeling of having each other’s dicks slide across the other, while smearing each other with pre, sent waves of pleasure up their gigantic cocks and through the rest of their bodies.

Add on top of all that the feeling of having Sam squirming between them. They could both feel each little fidget of Sam’s body. Each twitch and shiver was amplified as it traveled through their colossal cocks. Each shudder of passion and pleasure from Sam’s body seemed to resonate deep within their balls.

Jake and Tyler couldn’t hold themselves back anymore; they came in unison. Sam was stuck in between them; buffeted back and forth and waves of cum broke against him. He came hard as well, but his own huge spurts were easily lost in the absolutely massive geysers of spooge firing on either side of him. Sam dug in as best as he could at the opening of both caves. He dug in with one arm and one leg in either cock as he braced for against the onslaught of jizz.

As he was continually buffeted with cum, Sam could feel his own sizeable endowment stretching and lengthening; his balls grew fuller and heavier, even as they continued to be perpetually drained by a salvo of spunk.

Sam could also feel his footing giving way inside of Jake’s colossal chasm. Jake’s dick was also swelling, causing his slit to widen and loosen as it did so. The torrent of jizz from Jake’s cock slowed to a trickle, but Tyler was still firing on all eight cylinders; well, one cylinder and two spheres anyway.

It took every ounce of self control that Jake could muster to stop cumming. He felt like he could go on for hours if he was left to is own devices, but he had to trust in Tyler’s plan. Jake wanted to cum so bad, though; especially now that he could feel his cock and balls expanding past their previous levels. Jake knew that he was setting himself up for the most amazing cumshot of all time.

Sam could feel the last vestiges of his grip slip away as the inside of Jake’s cock grew too large and too loose for Sam to find decent purchase. Sam spun around, quickly and tried to dig in with both arms and legs on Tyler’s cock. He immediately realized how bad of an idea this was as he was blasted full on, square in the chest by a torrential burst of spooge. Sam felt as if everything was happening around him in slow motion as he was launched backwards and fell through the Veil. Sam saw the last bits of light fade as he fell back into the abyss.

It was too dark for Sam to really see where he was, and his glasses were too coated with jizz to see even if there had been any light. All Sam could tell was that he was someplace dark, and dank, and warm. Sam was lying flat on his back as he tried to make sense of where he was and tried to catch his breath. Wherever he was, he was sliding deeper in. Wave after wave of Tyler’s spooge was flowing in around him and pushing Sam deeper and deeper in.

Sam couldn’t stand up in his current position. It seemed like Sam would have had enough room to stand up without hitting his head, but he was still rock hard. His dick now had to be at least six feet, maybe a little larger. It was sticking out well past Sam’s head. He knew he’d need a few more feet of clearance if he was going to be able to stand up, properly.

Sam wasn’t terrible worried about getting up, anyway. Wherever he was he was comfortable. The ground was warm and soft beneath him. The steady waves of cum washing over him were therapeutic; it was almost like taking a warm bath. Sam just laid there taking in the smell and the warmth of it all. The whole place smelled like sex and jizz. More so even than Sam would have expected even with all of Tyler’s spunk clogging up the place.

Sam drifted lazily along on the river of cum. Every so often he would scoop up a handful and drink from it. Tyler’s spunk was as bitter as ever, but Sam had quickly grown accustomed to it. More than the taste, Sam loved the warm gooey feeling of the cream slowly trickling down his throat and warming him up from the inside.

Jake was going insane now. He had by some miracle managed to keep himself from cumming for this long even though he could feel Tyler pumping gallons of spooge directly into his own cock. Jake just wanted to scream out of unbridled pleasure and sexual frustration. Jake could feel the warmth of Tyler’s cum filling up his cock, but there was something else, too. There was something inside of his cock. As Jake came to the shocking realization his balls clenched up. There was no way Jake could hold it in anymore now that he realized that he had Sam floating around deep inside his monolithic dick.

Sam could feel the cavern around him spasm and convulse. The flow of cum from Tyler had stopped altogether. Something was coming. No. Something was cumming. Sam realized as it finally clicked exactly where he was. He had been floating lazily, deeper and deeper into Jake’s cock this whole time. It was so dark that Sam could not tell how far in he was, but when Jake finally blew, it was going to be beyond anything Sam could imagine. Sam did the one thing he could think of. He curled himself into a ball and latched onto his own raging hardon for support.

Jake came hard. It wasn’t short spurts this time; it was one solid stream of hot jizz that launched through the air. The ability to perform even the most basic thoughts vanished from Jake’s mind as he was wracked by the most mind blowing, explosive orgasm he had ever had in the history of his life.

Sam could feel the rushing surge crash into him like a ton of bricks. He was instantly lifted up and propelled trough the tunnel at insane speeds. The part of Sam’s brain that was not either too horny to think or too afraid of a painful death at the end of the tunnel was actually really enjoying the ride. It was like going down a water slide, only uphill and at mach three.

Sam felt the cool air crash against his wet, naked, flesh as he finally cleared Jake’s dick. He flew through the air and hit the ground at high speeds. Fortunately the angle was shallow enough that instead of crashing splat into the ground, Sam slid across the ground for a good distance before slowly coasting to a stop. It was fun. Kind of like a Slip n’ Slide only made out of mud and cum instead of plastic and water.

Sam just laid there for a bit trying to catch his breath. It was a lot harder to do than it should have been because he was laughing like a lunatic as well as cumming like a fire hose. As Sam finally managed to bring his giggling and convulsing under control, he lay there for a while longer still. He was hiccupping and trying to catch his breath as wave after wave of warm spunk washed over him from Jake’s mountainous jizz geyser that was still flooding Sam’s back yard.

Tyler shakily walked over to Jake’s enormous dick as it feebly gave one last spurt. Something in the last drizzle of jizz had caught Tyler’s eye. As Tyler rummaged through the muck he soon found what he was looking for. Tyler slogged through the marshland of spooge and helped Sam get to his feet.

“Here. You might be needing these.” Tyler said to Sam as he handed Sam a small white clump of spooge, glass, and plastic.

Sam wiped it off and discovered that Tyler had found his glasses. They were thoroughly coated in spunk but generally intact. Sam absentmindedly slipped the glasses on, even though there was no way he could see anything with them as they were. Sam was so covered in mud and cum that he didn’t even look human anymore.

Tyler just broke out laughing from looking at the gooey cumbeast that was his friend, Sam. Sam couldn’t even imagine how he must look, but Tyler’s laughter was infectious. Within moments they were both on the ground laughing while Jake just moaned in pleasure. He was still reeling from the ground shattering orgasm he had just had.


Part 23

Tyler couldn’t help but think that Sam looked like some kind of Scooby Doo villain what with how he looked like a vaguely humanoid pile of spooge with a rough approximation of eyes. He almost felt belt for laughing at Sam in his current state, but Sam seemed to be laughing just as hard as Tyler was. The whole last few minutes had been completely absurd. Tyler watched in awe and lustful envy as Sam had slipped completely inside of Jake’s massive cock.

Tyler would have loved to make the trip himself, but certain parts of him were now too big to make the journey. The gears in Tyler’s brain were turning as he considered the possibilities. “Maybe if I took a cold shower first and got Jake just a little bit bigger—” Tyler pondered silently to himself.

Tyler immediately shook the idea from his mind. It was simply a terrible idea. Jake’s colossal dong was now taking up a large portion of Sam’s back yard, and Sam had a huge yard.

Just how long is that thing? Tyler wondered. He could only guess. Maybe if they had a large enough tape measure they could measure it, but where would they even find one? Most tape measures only went up to twenty five feet, right?

“Yo. Sam. Your dad’s a builder, right?” Tyler asked suddenly.

“Contractor, but close enough. ‘Sup?” Sam asked. He furrowed his brow as he waited to hear what Tyler had in mind, but Sam’s face was so coated in jizz that nobody could tell. Sam had taken his glasses off and was trying desperately to wipe enough of the spunk off of his face to keep it from dripping into his eyes, but so far he was having only minimal success. The lack of any non-jizz-soaked fabric made the task a lot more difficult than it needed to be.

“Do you think he has any plus size tape measures?” Tyler asked. He was walking around the tip of Jake’s bus sized, soft, dick and running his hand along it as he went.

Tyler was in awe of the sheer size of it. His wasn’t that much smaller, but it was a little different seeing someone else’s and at such a close distance. Tyler’s own humongous cock was splayed out across the lawn as well. The immense tool lay there flopped over on its side like a beached whale.

Sam just shrugged and replied, “Maybe, but it’d be in his truck. I don’t think he’d want me rummaging around in there like this.” Sam gestured down at his body. Rinsing off the second skin of cum he had accrued would be a good idea, and while he was at it he could work on scraping off the third and the fourth layer of spunk as well. Tyler laughed and replied, “But it’s such a good look on you.”

Sam just stuck his tongue out at Tyler in response and unintentionally got a huge glob of spooge from his lips onto his tongue in the process. Sam was a little shocked by the additional flavor of such a simple act. The jizz was starting to cool off already, but it still wasn’t bad.

Tyler’s cut short his patrol of the perimeter of Jake’s titanic cock. It had taken a lot of work for him to even be able to move the few feet he needed to get this close to Jake and Sam, but even that was a bit of a surprise to him. Tyler had not expected to be able to move at all, but he was actually able to drag his junk across the slick ground with only a marginal amount of straining. He couldn’t help but wonder if maybe his enhancements were increasing his strength as well. How else could he explain being able to drag some fifty feet of cock and two giant globes of spooge?

Even so it had taken a lot of work just to get this far. Tyler was very glad that he had a few feet of wiggle room where he could pace around even if his pacing was limited to an awkward sort of a backwards crab walk due to being tethered to his colossal schlong, but Tyler didn’t actually have to worry about dragging his gigantic nuts around as long as he stayed within the range of his sack. It was a very strange sensation to be shackled to his own nuts as if they were two gigantic ball and chains. Just thinking about it caused Tyler to shudder a little. Even with the special trick they had discovered that had helped them temporarily shrink back down, they still ran the risk of literally becoming a prisoner of their own endowments; a prison that Jake seemed all too eager to enroll in.

Tyler had to admit that their growths were a lot of fun and felt amazing. That pleasant, tingling sensation when he got a semi was really nice at four inches, but at forty plus feet it was absolutely mind blowing. Tyler realized there were plenty of other downsides to their enormous dongs other than just the lack of mobility. For starters, modesty was a thing of the past, but then again, Tyler hadn’t had anything resembling modesty since he had hit the seven inch mark. The real thing that bummed him out was that he would never be able to fit to fit Jake’s cock in his mouth ever again. This thought made him quite sad. There was something special about going down on the dude you loved. It was like some kind of hyper-erotic hybrid of a French kiss and a hot fuck.

Tyler snapped himself back to reality and returned his focus to the task at hand. He turned back to Sam and gestured towards the hose and said, “Let’s get cleaned off.”

Sam nodded in agreement. At least, Tyler assumed he nodded; it was kind of hard to make out Sam’s expressions in his current state. Sam hurried over to the hose and turned it on Tyler.

The frigid blast of water caused Tyler to gasp, but once the initial shock passed, Tyler was relieved to have some semblance of mobility back. Even soft his dick was almost twice as long as he was tall, but at least it wasn’t nearly as heavy as it had been a minute ago. Tyler’s balls were now shorter than him too making it possible to see in front of him again.

“A little warning next time?” Tyler grumbled, but Tyler flashed a grin at Sam to let his black haired bud know that he wasn’t at all upset.

Sam rolled his eyes and playfully replied, “You obviously needed it more than I did.” Sam pointed at his dick and then back to Tyler’s. Even fully reduced, Tyler’s cock was still bigger than Sam’s.

“You’re just jealous.” Tyler replied as he swayed his hips back and forth. He had hoped to wag his dick back and forth to flaunt his size in Sam’s face, but Tyler couldn’t get enough momentum to really do anything more than just cause his dick to wobble a bit.

Sam turned his head in an attempt at mock indignation and replied, “Yes. I am so jealous of your inability to move more than five feet without the aid of a forklift.” Sam’s voice was dripping with sarcasm which was actually quite impressive given how dry his tone was.

Sam wouldn’t admit it, but he was actually kind of jealous. He could feel his face get warmer as Tyler had called him out on it, but so far it seemed like Tyler had not picked up on it. Sam knew his cheeks were flushed with embarrassment which was part of the reason why he turned away from Tyler. The mock indignation was a good cover, and it allowed him to keep up his aloof front.

Tyler and Sam took turns hosing each other down as they tried to get off as much of the cum that was slathered all over both of them as they could. Once they were clean enough, Sam ran back up to his room and came back with some soap and a few washcloths.

“I don’t know about you,” Sam said upon his return, “but I feel like I need something a little more than water.” Tyler grinned mischievously as he waved a hand in front of his face and crinkled his nose. “You’re telling me.” He groaned playfully.

Sam tried to throw a washcloth at Tyler in playful retaliation, but unfortunately the washcloth unbundling itself in midair and drifted harmlessly to the ground. Sam glared down at the now dirty cloth and shot the ineffectively projectile a dirty look, but he made no effort to try to pick it up nor to throw another one in hopes of actually hitting his target this time.

Sam found a fairly dry spot in the grass where he set the rest of the towels. Once they were safely squared away, Sam walked over to Tyler and picked up the washcloth off the ground.

“Pass it here.” Sam said and gestured over at the hose. Tyler nodded and tossed it to him. Once he had the hose firmly in hand, Sam set to work in getting the washcloths good and soapy. Sam then passed one to Tyler, and the two of them began to wash themselves off.

Sam was oddly nervous about this. He even realized that he shouldn’t be nervous, but he was. He had been strolling around bare assed naked almost all afternoon and hadn’t thought anything of it, but now that he was taking a shower out in the open with his friends watching, it just felt weird.

Sam tried to put it out of his mind and just focus on getting himself cleaned up. He tried to imagine it being like the locker room after soccer practice, but that didn’t help much either. Even though he had been showering with the team all year Sam still felt uncomfortable being naked in such close proximity to so many guys especially considering how many of them were smoking hot, and at least in the locker room showers Sam had the benefit of a partition to hide his nude form from prying eyes. He had no such luxury in his impromptu makeshift backyard shower.

Sam would occasionally check on Tyler. Tyler unsurprisingly seemed to be totally fine with showering in front of his friends… at least in terms of mentality. The actual logistics of it were proving to be problematic. Tyler had washed his body fairly quickly, but his cock was a whole nother issue. There was just so much of it, and it was very time consuming for Tyler to have to keep walking around his humongous dick. The constant stream of icy water had shaved off a few more feet from the enormous tool, but it was still splayed out several feet in front of Tyler. Tyler saw that Sam was already done washing up and gave Sam the most pitiful pleading eyes he could muster.

“Now who’s jealous?” Sam chided playfully while swaying his hips like Tyler had done just moments earlier, but unlike when Tyler had done it, Sam’s now reduced dick was plenty small enough to be able to swing back and forth. “Small” is a relative term. Even at his now reduced state, Sam’s dick was fairly substantial; it had to be at least two feet long. Sam’s hefty schlong dangled down to his shins and smacked up against each leg with an audible slap.

In spite of his taunting, Sam had every intention of helping Tyler out. He wasn’t the kind of guy to leave a friend in a lurch like that, and Sam not so secretly was excited by the prospect of getting up close and personal with his pal’s dick once more. Sam walked slowly and seductively over to Tyler and poured soap over Tyler’s massive cock. Tyler liked where this was headed as was evidenced by his dick eagerly inflating.

Sam hopped on Tyler’s dick as if he was riding it like a horse. The behemoth was so huge that Sam had to spread his legs wide to even be able to mount the beast. As Sam felt Tyler’s mammoth endowment twitching with anticipation beneath him his mind began to flood with perverse ideas. Sam had fully intended to keep things tame while helping his buddy wash up, but his supercharged hormones were quickly getting the better of him. Sam could feel himself getting more and more aroused by the second just from being in such close proximity to his hot, buff, blond buddy and said buff, blond buddy’s monstrously huge cock. Sam could feel the warmth of Tyler’s cock between his legs. He could feel the steady stiffening and swelling of the already massive cock. He could feel the very blood coursing through the chubbing cock as it inflated beneath him.

Sam was getting so hard just from sitting on Tyler’s dick that the only logical solution to his lust addled mind was to rub one out and to help Tyler do the same in the process. What little rational thought that Sam was capable of formulating reasoned that as long as he stayed out of the line of fire the shower wouldn’t be a total loss. Although there was some dark corner of his mind urging him to let himself be caught in the deluge, to let himself get soaked and grow even larger.

Sam began to move his hips back and forth as if he was riding Tyler’s enormous beast like a mechanical bull at some divey roadhouse. Tyler’s immense tool even bucked and twitched a bit as if it was trying to shake Sam off. Obviously, Tyler didn’t really want Sam to stop what he was doing. The bucks and shudders were just an unfortunate side effect of having such an overly excitable piece of equipment.

Sam was getting a really good lather going as he grinded into Tyler’s enormous cock. Sam’s basketball sized nuts made for a great set of sponges as they slid heavily up and down Tyler’s rod. Sam was so horny by now that he was beginning to leak a steady stream of pre. His sex charged mind and oversensitive cock craved more stimulation, and he would have it.

Tyler was trying to maintain his composure in spite of being rubbed off in such an amazing manner. “If I had known that this is how you like to shower,” Tyler grunted between heavy breaths. Tyler took a moment to steady his legs and his breathing and then added, “I would have invited you into the stall with me yesterday.” Tyler tried to give a sly grin, but he was breathing too heavily to really pull it off. All he really succeeded in doing was giving himself a slightly lopsided O-face.

Sam turned to look back at Tyler as best as he could without taking his legs away from their current task and shot Tyler a wink. “Oh, you know.” Sam replied slyly, “I just want to be sure that I am working those suds in really deep.” Right as Sam said, “deep” he dug his heals into the little bit of the soft underside of Tyler’s dick that he was able to reach. Tyler inhaled sharply and bit his lip. He was already getting close to cumming, but he did not want it to end yet. After all, how often could someone claim that one of his best friends had managed to jack him off to completion by riding his gigantic cock like a rodeo bull?

Sam decided to move on to phase two while he still had the chance. Sam leaned in to Tyler’s massive rod and dug in with his elbows. Sam was now riding Tyler’s cock like a futuristic motorcycle straight out of the Tron movies, and if all went well Sam’s current ride would even be leaving a white trail in the near future.

Sam began grinding his own respectably large cock into Tyler’s far larger one while all the while keeping his ankles dug in deep. Sam made sure to clench extra tight as he thrusted forward to really show off his firm ass muscles. Sam could tell that Tyler was really enjoying the show because Tyler’s colossal cock would lurch back a bit whenever Sam would really show off. Sam could feel his own dick shudder excitedly each time he felt the powerful bucks and lurch’s of his pal’s massive cock. Something about how much power he had over the enormous tool and especially how much of an effect his ass had on his ridiculously hot friend was intoxicating. Sam wanted nothing more than to drive Tyler wild and give the short, beefy blond an earth-shattering orgasm in the process. Sam decided to step up his game even further and give Tyler a little extra. He would occasionally reach back with one hand was massage his butt cheek which would give Tyler a nice clear view of his tight, pink hole in the process. The soft moans coming from the back of Tyler’s throat and the violent shudders coming from Tyler’s cock made it painfully obvious how much Sam’s buddy was appreciating the little added touch.

Tyler was really close to cumming at this point, and so was Sam. Sam could feel the pre pooling around his chest on top of Tyler’s dick. He had to assume Tyler was leaking pretty badly by this point too, but he couldn’t really tell from his position. He could see that the head of Tyler’s cock was pushing well out of its foreskin and twitching wildly, but that was about it. Either way, the constant tremors from the massive cock beneath Sam made it clear that Tyler was going to blow at any second.

With one last mighty thrust, Sam pushed up off of Tyler’s dick and dug his heels in as deep as he could into the soft, sensitive area. Sam and Tyler came in unison. Sam’s large solid stream of jizz was completely dwarfed by Tyler’s torrential blast of spooge. It wasn’t even a fair comparison. Sam was a fire hose, but Tyler was Old Faithful.

They both let out shot after powerful shot. Their cum splattered loudly on the already saturated grass. Sam’s sprawling backyard was looking less and less like a prairie and more like a swamp by the second. Sam was too overcome by ecstasy to hold onto Tyler’s dick as tightly as he would have liked. He slowly slid back along the length of Tyler’s enormous cock until he was seated atop Tyler’s gigantic nuts and hugging Tyler’s gigantic cock like an oversized body pillow.

Tyler got so completely lost in the pleasure that he too soon lost the ability to remain upright. He slumped forward right into his gigantic nuts. The side of Tyler’s face ended up coming to a rest right against Sam’s firm, sculpted ass. Sam could feel the warmth of Tyler’s cheek against his butt cheeks and could feel the soft, steady rhythm of Tyler’s breath against his ass. His mind shot to thoughts of Tyler using Sam’s ass for more than just a pillow. The skin of Sam’s sculpted butt became covered in bumps. Even just the thought of Tyler using his lips and tongue along the soft, sensitive flesh of Sam’s crack and hole was enough to make him breakout in goosebumps and cause his eager pucker to shudder expectantly. Sam moaned in ecstasy and came even harder than before. After what seemed like an eternity of bliss to the two boys but was probably more in the neighborhood of ten minutes, they both finally started to wind down. Their two torrent of spooge steadily tapered off to dribbles, and soon they were both completely spent.

Tyler reached around Sam’s waist and gave him a tight hug. “That was amazing, Sammy.” Tyler murmured dreamily. Sam could feel his heart soar. For a moment it felt like he and Tyler were an actual couple, but what Tyler said next completely dashed any delusions Sam might have had.

“Whoever gets you is a lucky guy.” Tyler added groggily.

Sam felt a pain rise up in his chest. It was like his ribcage was contracting and smashing his hearts and lungs. He wanted to run away and hide because the realization had hit him too hard. Sam was in love with Tyler, but Tyler was hopelessly devoted to Jake. On some level Sam realized that he had been stepping up his game in hopes that maybe Tyler would choose him over Jake, but Tyler had never even considered Sam to be in the running. Tyler was 100% committed to Jake. Sam was just a friend with really good benefits.

Sam was both hurt by the realization and angry at himself for trying to come between his two friends. They were first two friends in over a year, and he tried to tear them apart. Sam wanted to scream with rage and bury his head in shame, but he just fell silent. He didn’t dare let on what he was thinking. He couldn’t imagine what would happen if Tyler discovered what a terrible friend Sam really was.

Tyler wasn’t sure why, but Sam tensed up and went eerily quiet when he hugged him. Tyler watched as Sam silently slid off of his cock and began robotically cleaning the last bits of it. Sam had withdrawn again, but Tyler wasn’t sure what was eating him. Had Tyler said something to piss Sam off? Tyler wanted to help, but he didn’t know what to say. It hurt him to see Sam like this, especially after Sam had opened up so much to them in the course of the afternoon.

Tyler tried to read Sam’s expression, but it was already far to dark for him to see clearly. Tyler would occasionally catch a glint of moonlight as it reflected off of Sam’s watery eyes. Tyler wanted to walk up to Sam, hug him, and tell him that everything would be all right, but he was afraid that would just make matters worse. Sam had withdrawn so quickly last time Tyler had hugged him.

“Hey. Is there something wrong?” Tyler asked. “Is it something I said or did?” He pleaded.

Sam continued methodically scrubbing the rest of Tyler’s cock. “No. You are fine.” Sam replied robotically. ‘You are perfect, in fact.’ Sam thought to himself. His own internal monologue caused him to wince a little bit. Sam’s mind was an asshole, and it seemed to really love to salt his emotional wounds.

Tyler wanted to help so badly, but he still didn’t know what was wrong with Sam. “Well, alright—” Tyler said reluctantly. After a brief but painfully long pause Tyler added, “but you know I am there for you if you ever need anything, right?”

Sam really wished that Tyler could help him, but Sam himself was the problem. Sam knew that even if he somehow managed to beat Jake and take over as Tyler’s boyfriend, he would not be happy. Sam had taken a liking to Jake during the course of the day, and he would feel guilty for breaking Jake and Tyler apart.

“For starters, let’s go shrink your boyfriend back down.” Sam said flatly. Sam winced a little as he put far more inflection on “Boyfriend” than he had intended too. He really hoped that Tyler would not pick up on it. Tyler was surprisingly in touch with other people’s feelings for such an easygoing guy.

“Yes. Let’s shrink down the boyfriend.” came Jake’s muffled voice. He was finally coming down off of cloud nine after one hell of an afterglow.

“You’re awake are you?” Tyler called back. Tyler’s hearty chuckle was answered by a drowsy grumble coming from somewhere on the other side of the mountainous expanse of Jake’s cock.

“I thought you would have been out for hours after that last one.” Tyler teased his immobile lover. Tyler picked up the hose and sauntered casually over to Jake.

“Are you suuuure you want me to do this?” Tyler asked playfully. “I know how much you looove being the big man on campus.” Tyler added just as playfully as before.

“Shut up and shrink me.” Jake grumbled. “My back is cramping from being in this position.”

Tyler walked around to the other side of Jake’s car sized cajones and saw that Jake was clinging to the top of his balls much like an unfortunate sailor would cling to a piece of flotsam in the ocean. It looked to Tyler as if Jake was just using his arms to steady himself. Jake was actually being held in place by his giant scrotum almost as if it was a rock climbing harness. Tyler couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. It made sense in a lot of ways. Jake was currently climbing his own boulders after all.

Tyler didn’t waste too much time laughing at his own internal joke though. Now that Jake had gotten off, it would be a good idea to help him get down too. Tyler had to stifle another chuckle as another amusing thought crossed his mind. He couldn’t help but think how lucky Jake was to have such a tight sack or he probably would have fallen off ages ago.

Tyler wanted to make some snappy comeback, but he was too busy giggling silently at the spectacle to think of anything good. Instead he aimed the hose straight at Jake and pulled the trigger as far back as it’d go. Jake’s bus sized wang quickly deflated to a much more modest twelve footer as the icy water worked their magic. Jake’s nuts were still massive, but at least they were now shorter than he is.

Jake sank into the crater left by his once colossal package. He had been lying in that position at such an immense size for so long that he had sunk deep into the mud. Once he had shrunk down the layer of standing spooge had rushed in to fill the low ground much like water on the beach filled in footprints in the sand. Jake was now wading up to his knees in a pool of cum.

“Could you go get my jacket from the jeep?” Jake asked. “I’m freezing my balls off out here.” Jake rubbed his left nut while pointing to the driveway.

Tyler didn’t say a word. He just nodded and quickly scurried off to the car leaving Jake and Sam alone.

“I wonder how long it’ll take him to realize I didn’t bring a jacket.” Jake mused out loud.

Jake turned to look at Sam, who was standing there awkwardly rolling and unrolling the soapy washcloth in his hands.

“Wow, you are crushing on Tyler hard, aren’t you?” Jake asked.

Sam tried to remain emotionless, but he could feel his cheeks flushing. He was blushing, but hopefully it was dark enough that Jake couldn’t really see.

“What makes you say that?” Sam asked weakly.

“You’ve got the stone face down, but your voice could use some work.” Jake replied flippantly. “You aren’t fooling me. I heard your whole full service cock wash.” Jake added.

Sam’s tough exterior crumbled rapidly upon being exposed in such a way. Sam silently plopped down in the mud and pulled his knees up to his chest. He looked so sad and vulnerable like that that Jake’s heart broke a little. Sam was a lot more emotionally vulnerable than he liked to let on.

“Look. I’m not mad at you, so you don’t need to worry about that.” Jake said in an attempt to sooth and reassure his new friend.

Sam didn’t move or say anything. Jake gritted his teeth. He had to stifle a grumble or a snarky comeback. He knew this was hardly the time for that and that it would be an awful way to deal with someone in Sam’s state, but it was all he knew how to do. He was a little pissed off with himself. He wished he was anywhere near as good at dealing with people as Tyler was. Jake was always a little too sarcastic or a little too blunt or a little too distant. He meant well, but he always came off as an asshole.

“It’s not me you are worried about is it?” Jake asked, but he didn’t seem to be addressing Sam in particular. Rather it was like he was thinking out loud, and Sam just happened to be in the audience. “Let’s see what is it then? You are mad at yourself, then?” Jake mused out loud.

Sam didn’t say anything, but he seemed to pull in tighter. ‘Well, we’re getting somewhere.’ Jake thought silently to himself. ’

“I know you don’t want to talk to me, but I really would like to help you.” Jake pleaded. “I know what it’s like to hate yourself. I especially know what it’s like to beat yourself up over who you fell in love with.”

Sam seemed to relax a little, but he still wouldn’t talk.

“I’m not like Tyler. I’m not gonna coax you out of your shell with a joke and a smile. I’m going to drag you out kicking and screaming if I have to.” Jake stated flatly. He glared at Sam while he waited for any indication that he was listening. After a tense moment Jake grumbled in disgust and continued, “Fine. Let’s go over what we know so far. You are beating yourself up. You are in love with Tyler. We have known you are in love with Tyler, so this is something new.”

Jake absentmindedly thrummed his fingers along the top of his cock which he was leaning against like a podium while he wracked his brain. His eyes went wide and his jaw went slack as he finally put the pieces together; the minor tinge of spite in Sam’s voice when he referred to Jake as Tyler’s boyfriend; the way Sam started withdrawing the second Tyler had mentioned Sam finding a guy of his own; Sam’s obvious crush on Tyler.

“I see it now.” Jake murmured. “You are finally accepting that Tyler doesn’t have an interest in you as anything more than a friend. I realize that that sounds mean to say it that way, but it’s pretty accurate, am I right?”

Sam didn’t really give a definitive answer. He just tilted his head a bit in contemplation.

“No it wouldn’t be so easy would it.” Jake sighed. “Speaking as one guy with horrible self esteem issues to another, what is the worst possible conclusion I could jump to?”

Jake’s heart dropped as the answer dawned on him. What would he do in Sam’s situation? Sam had already accepted that he was knee deep in the friend zone, but Jake couldn’t really fault him for wishing things were different.

“You and I are a lot alike.” Jake said. Once again he was seemingly speaking to no one in particular. It was as if he was narrating a story to an auditorium rather than holding a conversation. “Why just last week I made a wish on a falling star. Wishing that Tyler would miraculously turn gay and that we could be together. I honestly was sickened by myself for even thinking such a thing. Was I really such a terrible friend that I would wish my best friend a life of misery and derision just so that we could be together?”

Sam lifted his head up from his knees and looked at Jake. Even in the darkness, the tears in his eyes were easily visible. “You and I are too much alike.” Jake said with a sigh. “We’re always thinking of others before ourselves. We’re afraid to go for what we want because of those who might get hurt in the process. We’re always jumping to the worst conclusions. So let me guess again. In a moment of weakness you wished that you and Tyler really were boyfriends, but where does that leave me? You are tearing yourself up apart inside because you, for a brief moment, wished Tyler and I would break up so you could have him.”

Sam nodded. The tears were streaming down his face as he struggled to keep himself from sobbing. Jake spread his arms wide and gestured with his fingers for Sam to come to him. “Come on, you are much more mobile than I am. Don’t make me come to you.” Jake grumbled. He tried to flash Sam his best, most disarming smile, but only succeeded at a lopsided, goofy grin. Jake wasn’t really known for his smile. He was much better known for his snarky glare or disinterested gaze, but his smile and words seemed to be working nonetheless. Sam slowly got to his feet and hesitantly walked towards Jake.

When Sam finally got close enough, Jake latched on to Sam with the biggest bear hug he could manage. Sam collapsed into Jake’s arms and began crying. Jake did his best to soothe him.

“Today’s been one hell of an emotional roller coaster for you, huh?” Jake murmured. Sam’s head was buried in Jake’s chest. Sam was a few inches taller than Tyler, but Jake was still quite a bit taller than Sam. Jake could easily rest his chin on Sam’s head as he held him tight.

“It’s Ok.” Jake cooed softly. “Everyone has thoughts like that occasionally. Envy is completely normal. What matters is how you act on it. I know how easy it is to single out the few bad traits you have and create some abhorrent caricature of yourself. You are a great guy, and someday soon you’ll find someone who will love you for everything that you are.”

Jake looked over to see that Tyler was standing there watching. Tyler had caught on to the wild goose chase a bit faster than Jake had expected, but at least Jake had had enough time to get through to Sam. Tyler gave Jake an awkward questioning double thumbs up as if to ask “everything alright?” Jake nodded silently in reply as he continued to hold Sam.


Part 24

Sam was glad to have Jake for a friend. Sam was such an emotional wreck today, and he needed a little tough love. What Sam also needed was something to help him clear his mind. It seemed that no matter what he did with Jake and Tyler, it inevitably lead to hot, sloppy sex which in turn led to a sizeable boost in his endowment.

Sam begrudgingly admitted that he loved how his balls and shaft felt swinging heavily with every movement he made. Even at his fully released size, it was amazing. He couldn’t move well, but it was like having his own warm, soft bed wherever he went. He could just stage dive onto his own junk and lay there contentedly. His arms hung over the sides a bit due to him having a relatively skinny dick. Already thoughts were forming in the back of his head of what it’d be like to have a cock that was as wide as a twin size bed or even thicker. Sam thought back to how great it felt to sleep atop of Jake’s absolutely monstrous cock. Sam own dick stirred awake at the thought.

At his current max size Sam figured his cock was probably close to eight feet, maybe even nine. Sam used to be ok with his size. He used to measure in at seven inches fully hard, which was perfectly respectable. Even though his was a little on the skinny side, it all balanced out since his was longer than average. At least that’s how he rationalized it. After all, if anything the thinness just made his dick look longer.

Sam was perfectly happy with his equipment, or so he thought. Everything changed yesterday in the locker room. Sam could vividly remember watching Tyler slowly pull down his towel revealing inch after inch of long, thick cock. Sam felt his breath catch in his throat. His own meager dick was rock hard, and so were those of some of the other boys in the room. Sam could tell he was better off than most of the guys there, but he still felt painfully inadequate.

Tyler then went to shower alone, leaving the rest of the team to fumble awkwardly with getting ready to go home. Feelings ranged from horny, to inadequate, to almost religious awe of the spectacle they had just seen. Slowly and steadily all the boys had trickled out of the locker room leaving just Sam behind to wait for Tyler.

Sam was unable to bring himself to take his towel off long enough to change into some real clothes. He was the most painfully erect he had ever been in in his life. He felt like he would die of shame if anyone happened to catch a glimpse of his rock hard stiffy.

Sam managed to look somewhat busy with other tasks so that the other boys wouldn’t get too suspicious of his lack of clothing. He gelled his hair. He put another coat of deodorant on. He did all the usual stuff; he just took much longer than he needed to while doing so. He had even managed to work up the courage to talk to Tyler. Sam had had a crush on Tyler for so long and seeing Tyler in all his naked glory was just too much for him especially with that magnificent cock. Sam had to admit that he had once or twice wondered what Tyler would look like naked, but never in Sam’s wildest dreams had he dare imagine that Tyler could be packing something like that.

Sam quickly jotted down his cell number on a slip of paper and paced anxiously in front of the stall where Tyler was showering. It seemed to Sam like Tyler had been in there for far too long, but Sam just attributed it to his nerves. Sam was so anxious that five minutes felt like five weeks.

Sam thought he heard grunting coming from the other side of the curtain. Sam’s mind immediately turned to lurid thoughts of his crush doing obscene things in the relative privacy of the curtained shower stall. But surely there was no way that Tyler was doing what Sam thought he was, right? Just a few minutes ago this room was packed with people. Surely Tyler wouldn’t rub one out in such a public place, right? Sam tried to rationalize what he was hearing as just tricks of his overly aroused mind. Even the thought of the possibility that Tyler could be rubbing one out just a few feet away made Sam even hornier and his dick even harder. Sam had hoped that he would have time to get his hardon under control before Tyler got done with his shower, but listening to Tyler beat his massive meat on the other side of the curtain was not helping at all.

Suddenly there was a loud slam coming from the stall. Sam could see the partition shake. It looked like Tyler had slammed against the side of the stall. Had he slipped and fallen? Sam couldn’t be sure, but he felt the need to go check and see if Tyler was alright. Sam rushed in closer to the stall and grabbed the curtain, but Sam balked when it came time to actually open the stall. He wanted to be sure Tyler was Ok, but he was also worried about revealing that he had been there the whole time. What would Tyler think of him then? Sam’s first real interaction with his crush would be Tyler finding out that Sam was creeping on him as he pounded away in the showers.

Sam’s moral quandaries were interrupted by a load moan of orgasmic pleasure followed by the sound of several jets of hot cum splattering against anything in range. Sam watched in awe as shot after shot of warm jizz splattered against the walls, and the roof, and… him? Sam’s brain crashed as a solid blast of spooge nailed him straight in the face.

Sam palmed absentmindedly at his face with his hand that wasn’t trying to hold up his towel as his brain struggled desperately to process what was happening. Sam pulled his hand away and stared on in bemused numbness as he watched the gobs of gooey spooge ooze between his fingers.

More and more jets of cum hit Sam as he stood there with his mouth hanging open in dumbfounded awe. The slimy layer of cum on his face slowly slid down and trickled into his open mouth. Sam had never tasted cum before. Sam had never once even thought about tasting his own. When he got himself off he always either used whatever nearby article of clothing he had on hand, usually a sock, or just walked over to the shower and washed off. Nor had he ever had the opportunity to try someone else’s. He had never been sexual with another guy before. The most he had ever done was kissed a guy, and that ended… poorly.

Sam was not prepared for the taste filling his mouth. He couldn’t even identify it at first. Sam tried to process what was in his mouth; it wasn’t bad tasting per se. It was just odd. It was a pretty mellow flavor except for the bitter and salty tinge to it. Sam swallowed instinctively as his brain finally processed what had just happened.

Sam had just been doused in his crush’s cum and had then swallowed it. Sam’s mind repeated this last fact over and over. Sam felt a sense of joy and accomplishment swell up inside him as he realized that he had just swallowed Tyler’s load. Sam came hard just thinking about it; completely soaking his towel through and through.

Thinking back on it now Sam could tell that that was definitely no normal orgasm. He had cum again and again with no sign of slowing down. He had cum so much that he had soaked a dry towel so thoroughly that it may as well have been a sheet of Kleenex. Sam’s balls actually continued to swell as they pumped out shot after shot of warm spunk. Sam’s bursts were constantly increasing in size and power. Sam’s own cum ran down his legs and pooled in a large, warm, sticky puddle at his feet.

Sam was too lost in his elation to realize it at the time, but throughout the entire time his hardon had never diminished; if anything it got harder, and thicker, and longer. When Tyler finally stepped out of the stall, covered in his own cum, Sam’s mind was still fumbling to regain control of the situation. Sam still could not quite tell what had gone down during their brief interaction. He was too busy trying to function amidst the crushing anxiety and the mind blowing euphoria he was simultaneously feeling.

Sam did know that he had managed to speak enough words to imply that he really, really, really liked Tyler, and that Tyler should call his cell sometime, but aside from that the entire scene was a blur in Sam’s mind. Sam was pretty sure he came extra long and extra hard when he had finally gotten to see Tyler’s thigh slapping wang dangling in all its radiant glory, but that was the extent of his memory.

As Sam’s orgasms finally dwindled and with it his euphoric haze, the intense anxiety took over. Sam panicked and made some half assed excuse about his ride waiting for him. It was technically true; Sam’s dad would be along to pick him up, but his dad was always late because of work. Sam didn’t expect to see him for another hour or so.

Sam quickly dried off as much of the cum as he could and threw his clothes on. Sam found a nice quiet place to wait for his dad to arrive while trying to regain control of his heart rate. It wasn’t until Sam got home that he got a good look at himself in the mirror so he could see just how much of Tyler’s cum was still caked onto him. It’s a good thing there was no one left at school while Sam was waiting for his ride. He couldn’t even imagine what anyone would say if they saw him. If Sam’s dad had thought anything about is son’s appearance, he had not said anything.

Sam peeled off his clothes and decided to take a shower to try and get some of the caked on spooge off of him. Sam looked at himself in the mirror and could see the true extent of the cumbath he had received earlier. It was plastered on to his chest and there was a lot of it down his legs, too. Just remembering it made him rock hard again. Sam watched in awe as his own respectable member swelled up to it’s new rock hard maximum. Sam stood there and gawked at the sheer size of his boner. There was no way it was this big earlier. His dick was huge!

Sam quickly fumbled through his backpack and found the ruler he used for school. His jaw dropped as he lined the ruler up next to his dick and checked out the final tally. The ruler was not even long enough to give him an accurate reading; his erection was over a foot long. It was probably thirteen or fourteen inches judging by how much of his dick extended past the end of the ruler. Sam’s cock had almost doubled in length since this morning.

Sam stood there for a minute just marveling his newly enhanced dick. It looked identical to how it looked this morning except that there was just so much more of it. Sam giggled to himself as he played with the skin around the head a little bit. Even at almost fourteen inches long, he still had so much foreskin that only a little bit of his pink head was visible before he pulled it back.

Sam wrapped his hand around the tip and was again shocked by the sheer size of it; Sam’s hand couldn’t even fully wrap all the way around it now. Sam had intended to just pull back the skin a bit to check out how his new size looked all around, but the electric waves of pleasure that arced through his body from gripping his rigid shaft was too much. Sam gripped lower down the rod with his other hand and had to stifle an excited giggle as he looked at the erotic spectacle before him. There was so much extra space on his rising column that he could easily fit both hands around it and still have plenty of extra room. He could probably get three or four more hands on there if he really tried and if he had access to more hands to use… not that he would want more hands; that’d just be silly, but Sam would not say no to a little help from a friend especially a particularly a short, cut, team captain, friend.

Sam began pumping his shaft up and down as he brought himself closer and closer to the edge, but he didn’t want to cum yet. He needed something else, something more. Sam saw the electric razor his dad had given him for Christmas, and he had an idea.

Sam had never actually used the electric before. He far preferred the clean feeling of a nice straight razor, but he kept it charging by his sink to not hurt his dad’s feelings. The electric razor was vaguely cylindrical and roughly five inches long. It was contoured to be held easily in someone’s hand, and it had three spinning round blades on the end. Sam had fiddled with it before, but he had never used it for shaving. He did know that if you cranked it to the max setting it began vibrating like those novelty massagers they sell at the pharmacy. On days when Sam was really bored he liked to set it on his desk, crank it to max, and watch it hop its way across the desk and onto the floor.

Sam pushed the rounded side up against his ass and flipped the switch. Feeling the vibrations along his tight hole was enough to make Sam begin leaking pre. Sam was a little surprised since he rarely ever leaked pre especially not in this volume, but he was too lost in a haze of lust to really give it much thought.

He could easily let loose and cum right then and there, but Sam wanted more. He was close to something big; he could feel it. Sam pressed the buzzing device harder against his rear hatch, but it wasn’t going anywhere. Sam had never tried any form of ass-play before; he had never even fingered himself. But he wanted to try it now.

Sam fumbled through the various bottles under his sink for one in particular. There was an old bottle of lube in there that had never been opened. It was a gift from one of his cousins. It was a bit of a coming out present so to speak. Sam wasn’t sure what to make of the gift at the time. The package had arrived in the mail a week after he had gotten out of the hospital. When he opened the plainly wrapped brown box, all he found inside was the bottle with a purple bow on it and a little rainbow tag on it that read “Confagulations.”

At the time Sam was sure that it was some idea of a cruel joke. He had never been close to any of his extended family both in terms of physical geography and in terms of familial bond, but over the months following his release from the hospital Sam had become close to his cousin, Stacy, and her wife Jean. They kept in constant contact, and it was their encouragement and advice that helped Sam through the toughest months.

Sam smiled as he pulled off the purple ribbon and slathered some of the cool liquid on his fingers. He wasn’t sure what he had expected Lube to feel like, but it certainly hadn’t expected it to be so slimy or cold. He shrugged it off and got down on his knees while lying down so that his chest was resting on the floor and his ass sticking up in the air and began working his fingers into his hole. Sam was not sure what he was doing, but after poking and prodding for a bit he began to figure it out. Once he figured out how to relax his muscles, the first finger went in easily followed by the second. Sam continued to ply, kneed, and stretch the muscular lining of his asshole until he could easily get the four fingers from one hand in.

Sam waggled his fingers a bit and giggled from the tickling sensation within him. It felt surprisingly good to have something inside of him. The combination of the muscles stretching and him being filled was very soothing and relaxing. Sam worked the lining a bit more, and was soon ready to try the main event.

Sam turned to razor back on; being sure to leave the blaze guard on, so he could push down on the top without hurting his hand, and began shoving it down into him. He managed to slip it in fairly easily, and slowly shoved it in deeper and deeper. Sam finally stopped when it was just the last inch of the electric razor sticking out of him. Sam wished he had something bigger that would fill him deeper and more completely, but the razor felt amazing enough by itself. The vibrations pulsed through his entire pelvis and deep into his groin. He could feel his engorged dick resonating with the buzzing of the device planted deep within him.

The vibrations traveling up and down the length of his huge dick were enough to send Sam over the edge. His eyes rolled back as he lost himself in the pleasure. Sam collapsed in a blissful daze as he pumped shot after heavy shot of warm spooge onto the tiled floor beneath him. After about twelve spurts Sam lost count of how many times he came. The massive puddle of jizz continued to spread around him. Sam could feel the warmth reach his chest as the steadily expanding pool of spunk continued to spread outwards. Soon even his shoulders were coated in the spreading ring of seed.

When the rolling tide of spooge reached the side of Sam’s face he indulged his curiosity even further. Sam absentmindedly lapped at his own cum like a cat would drink milk. Now that he had tasted Tyler’s spooge Sam was curious to see what his own brand would taste like. It was strange. It was similar to Tyler’s but Sam’s seemed more bitter compared to Tyler’s more salty taste. Sam rolled his spunk around in his mouth while he contemplated. He could really get used to the feeling of being filled with warm jizz.

Sam continued to lay there as his jets of spooge finally subsided. He could see the rainbow “Confagulations” tag floating past his on the sea of jizz. “Confagulations” indeed, Sam thought contentedly to himself. The puddle of jizz was now far larger than Sam’s body. If anyone had come in and seen the spectacle they would have probably noted that Sam looked much like some unfortunate stoolie in a gangland drama except for the fact that his seeping puddle was creamy white instead of cranberry red.

That puddle had been a royal bitch to clean up. Sam had spent hours scrubbing it down with rags, and yesterday’s puddle was nothing compared to the creamy devastation he and his two pals had wrought earlier this afternoon. Sam didn’t even want to think of how much work it was going to take to clean up his fortress of spunkitude in its current, goopy state.

Eventually the fervent shaking from the razor had caused it to pop itself loose from Sam’s raised ass. It rattled to the floor and hopped and flopped around like a Magikarp on dry land. The electric device futilely bumped against Sam’s legs with ineffective splash attacks until the batteries finally died.

When the fog of orgasmic joy finally faded Sam pulled himself up off the floor and out of the sticky puddle of his own cooling jizz. Sam silently showered as he let the warmth of the water on is skin mix with the warmth of the afterglow that was still coursing through his body. Sam wasn’t sure how or why he had been gifted with such a magnificent dick, but he was glad that he was.

He was so excited about his recent growth spurt that he wanted to make sure that people could tell that he was packing. Fortunately most of his pants were tight enough to show off his bulge, but Sam wanted something more. He wanted his package to be undeniable. It was then that he had remembered the advertisements he had seen online, underwear ads to be precise. Ads he totally only watched for the actual product and not for the hot guys in skimpy clothing, guys whose massive dicks were threatening to spring out of the fabric at any second. Honest.

Sam had spent the rest of the evening researching the cuts and styles to really show off what he had. In a few hours he had a working template to build off of, and within an hour after that he had a working prototype. Sam had spent much of his time that night just posing in front of the mirror. He had never really thought of himself as being cute before. It could have just been the rush of endorphins from beating off or the residual good vibrations from his short talk with his crush, but now that Sam had well over a foot of meat to accentuate his already good looks he could honestly say he looked hot.

Sam posed and flexed in front of the mirror mimicking many of the same poses he had seen earlier in the night during his “research.” Sam wished he had a decent camera and better yet someone who knew how to take good shots. Sam figured he could easily be a model if he had someone to help him get his portfolio ready, but that was a matter for another time. For the time being all he really wanted to do was pose in front of the mirror.

As Sam’s daydreams shifted to his private catwalk show in front of the mirror from the night before he was jarringly brought back to reality. With all that had gone on today he had completely forgotten why he had asked Jake and Tyler to come out to his place. The whole reason he had dragged those two out here was so that he could help get them clothes that they could wear to school. At their current sizes nothing would fit them.

Sam wasn’t sure how long he had been lost in his private thoughts, but Jake was still holding him tight. Sam was so glad to have the emotional support. Now more than ever he wished to help is friends, and now he knew how to do just that.

“Hey. Thank you. I mean it.” Sam muttered as he squeezed Jake tighter for a second and then let go. His eyes were still red, but he looked much better than he had a moment ago. He took a moment to wipe his eyes and then said, “Now let me help you guys.”

Jake smiled. “Looks like you are the one who could use some help right now.” He said and gestured downward. Sam glanced down and immediately realized what Jake was referring to. Sam was rock hard from his recent reverie. Sam was once again turning new and exciting shades of red. He knew he really shouldn’t still be getting embarrassed by his boner in front of these two, but old habits do die hard. As much as Sam really would like to get off again… and again, he felt it best to hold off for now. He really liked Jake and Tyler, and he wanted to be their friend not just their fuck buddy.

“Not now.” Sam replied. Jake seemed surprised by this, but made no effort to change Sam’s mind. Sam took a deep breath to clear his head and steel his resolve and then continued, “I brought you guys out here so I could help you with clothes to fit your—” Sam mulled over the right words for a minute before settling on “gifted sizes.”

“I won’t be able to get you into normal clothes, but at least we can get you guys something that would be legal to be seen in public in?” Sam added.

Jake laughed at the thought of the three of them out in public. He tried to imagine all the stares they would get just walking down the street; parents pulling their children away while covering their eyes; people running screaming from their cars to escape the oncoming bulge; random Japanese tourists pointing and screaming “It’s Codzilla!” at the gigantic packages that were threatening to spring loose and crush cars and buildings in their wake.

Sam was surprised by Jake’s outburst, but he waited patiently for his new pal to settle down. When Jake finally stifled his laughter enough to talk he asked “Is there anything we can do to help?”

Sam thought for a minute. They could probably help him out. Jake was really good with numbers so he could easily adjust the template to their new sizes, and Tyler just loved to be as up close and personal with their huge cocks as he could get; measuring would be a perfect job for him.

“Sure!” Sam said brightly. “Just get cleaned up first and meet me up in my room.”

Sam sloshed through the crater of cum that was formed where Jake’s colossal nuts had been resting before they shrank down. The spunk was up past Sam’s knees. He was really going to need to clean off his legs before they got too dry and crusty, but that could wait until after he got back to his room. His legs were just going to keep getting messy as he slogged through the soggy bog of jizz that was his backyard.


Part 25

As Sam slogged back to his house, Jake was taking stock of his current predicament. He needed to clean up pretty bad. He had worked up quite a sweat during the day, and he felt overall grimy and gross. He was also coated in spunk, most of it was dry by now, but everything below his knees was currently soaking in a crater of creamy jizz.

Jake looked around in awe at the damage to Sam’s backyard. Jake’s massive dick had quite literally left a lasting impression on the landscape. There was a long shallow trench, where his cock had been lying, and one large crater where his monstrous balls had smashed deep into the terrain. Jake knew he should feel bad about the damage he had done and on some certain level he did, but he was also beaming with pride over the sheer scope and magnitude of his colossal endowments.

Jake managed to wade out of the slimy pond of cum. His cock was now saturated with jizz inside and out. The jizz on the outside was because he had just had to drag his junk through a small lake of spunk, and the spunk on the inside because Tyler had blasted his load deep down Jake’s shaft not too long ago. Jake realized he had probably ejected all of Tyler’s spooge when he had let loose his own torrential load, but he liked to believe that he still had a bit of Tyler’s juices deep within him. The thought made him feel warm and fuzzy inside as well as aroused and twitchy down low.

From outside of the jizz pool Jake could begin to get a feel for just how large the crater he had left was. It was quite a bit bigger around than the average store bought kiddy pool, but nowhere near large enough to really be considered a full swimming pool. For starters it was definitely not deep enough to swim in. Jake sighed a bit as he thought about how nice it would have been if the crater actually were big enough to swim in. He figured that between Tyler and him they could fill a home swimming pool, and with enough loads they could probably even fill a public swimming pool with spunk if they gave it their all and focused on firing as soon as they recovered, but they would be far too tired by the time they got it topped off to really enjoy the fruits of their labors before it got too cool and tarlike to enjoy wading around in. It didn’t really matter though. If all went well, Jake was sure he could fill a poll all by himself with a single load in the verynear future.

For the time being Jake’s prized cum puddle was only really large enough for wading and maybe sitting down and relaxing in. It was kind of like a hot tub only filled with jizz instead of water. Jake considered this a bit and wondered if he knew anyone that had a hot tub who would let him use it. He would love to settle down and relax in his own private jizzcuzzi.

The downside to his open air jizz pool was that it was quickly cooling. The thought of taking a nice hot soak in a warm spooge bath sounded amazing, but if left in its current state it would quickly begin to cool and coagulate. Jake grimaced at the thought. As much fun as a cumbath sounded, he really didn’t want to slog around in a chilly quagmire of spooge.

Jake paced the perimeter of his enormous dickprint as he continued to marvel at the sheer size. As he reached the tip of the imprint he began to notice the smaller, less pronounced indentation of Tyler’s own penis. Tyler’s crater was huge—massive even, but it did not have the sheer size and weight that Jake’s did to allow it to sink deep into the soggy ground. Jake pondered the shapes with bemused fascination. What would people think if they saw them from above he wondered. Would there be a media circus surrounding the bizarre dick shaped patterns that had appeared all over a local field?

Jake chuckled to himself as he imagined the tabloids exploding with the news of alien pranksters drawing cocks across the surface of the earth, giant dick doodles visible from hundreds of feet in the air. Jake’s bemused grin curled further upward into a devious smirk at the thought. Hundreds of feet? He could do better than that.

“Give me a week and I’ll be able to make cock circles that are visible from space.” Jake thought to himself. The cheeky grin that was plastered on his face amidst the splatters of cum made his smug satisfaction painfully visible to all.

Jake’s daydreams were rudely interrupted by the wet smack of a damp, projectile washrag to the side of the face. Jake peeled the rag off his face and readied a retort as he turned to face his assailant, but he only managed “Hey! What’s the i—” before getting sprayed in the face by a cold jet from the hose.

Tyler was giggling like a little kid who had just worked up the courage to say “fart” for the first time. He was laughing so hard that his grip on the trigger for the hose had slipped a bit reducing the stream intensity from piercing beam to fine mist. Tyler loved ruining Jake’s daydreams; he loved the look of bewildered indignation that Jake always had on his face as he was forcibly snapped back into reality; and Tyler especially loved the way that Jake’s look of defiance quickly softened when Jake saw his good natured giggle fits.

Jake couldn’t stay mad at Tyler. Not that he was mad to begin with  –  merely startled. Jake’s default reaction to being caught off guard was always to act angry.

Jake saw Tyler standing before him and trying to shoot Jake some more with the hose but failing miserably. Tyler was laughing too hard to aim the hose properly or grip the trigger tight enough to get a decent stream going. Jake’s demeanor softened and a smile crept onto his face.

“Oh, you think this is funny do you?” Jake roared in feigned rage.

Jake tried to charge at Tyler, but his junk was so huge that it made it very hard for him to move quickly… or at all for that matter. Jake lumbered awkwardly towards Tyler He had managed to hoist his hefty dick over his shoulder to get it out of his way, but it was so long that it dragged along the ground behind him. It was also incredibly heavy; it was so thick that it was like trying to carry a tree trunk over his shoulder.

His dick was only half the problem. His balls were so huge now that they scraped the ground as he walked. Jake’s massive, full pouch made it very difficult to move his legs. Each step consisted of him shoving a nut out of his way with his leg as he dragged his body forward; it was exhausting.

Fortunately, Tyler seemed to have just as much trouble moving. His massive, sagging nuts anchored him firmly to the ground. Tyler tried unsuccessfully to back away from Jake’s lurching advance, but the combination of his giggle fit, the weight of his gigantic package, and the slick terrain caused him to lose his footing and fall flat on his back. Tyler realized that he was beaten and dropped the hose and just lay there laughing, as he awaited his fate.

Jake couldn’t help but want to have a little more fun at Tyler’s expense. Seeing Tyler lying there helpless and exposed gave Jake an idea. Jake walked up beside Tyler, and in one, strained motion, managed to throw his leg over Tyler’s body so that he was now standing directly over the shorter, buff blond. Jake’s massive balls were resting heavily on Tyler’s chest. Tyler was completely pinned down by nothing other than the sheer weight of his boyfriend’s nuts.

Jake was teabagging Tyler without even needing to squat down at all. The scenario was a strangely erotic throwback to the many hours the two of them had wasted duking it out on Halo. Jake always won when the two of them went mano a mano. In the virtual world, Tyler’s muscles and endurance didn’t help him at all. Jake’s ruthless efficiency and calculated attacks easily trumped Tyler’s spray and pray mentality.

It had become a bit of a ritual that Jake would go over and teabag Tyler after he had won the match. What Jake had never dared admit at the time was that he secretly wished he could rub his junk across Tyler’s face in the real world too, but now one of his darkest fantasies was coming true.

Not even in Jake’s wettest, wildest dreams he had ever imagined it like this though. His balls were so large that they completely eclipsed Tyler’s torso. He could feel Tyler’s face buried into the underside of his nutsack. Jake had dreamed of rubbing his junk against Tyler’s face, but it would be more accurate to say that Tyler was rubbing his face against Jake’s junk. Tyler seemed to be enjoying this as much as Jake was, if not more so.

Jake was getting really aroused by this. He could feel his dick swelling up, making it harder for him to continue to hold it up. It was getting heavier by the moment. Not to mention that it was getting to be so thick around that Jake could no longer support it with just one arm.

Jake’s arm finally got too tired to support his huge cock any longer, and he let it fall to the ground beside him with a heavy smack. Jake’s massive python began to straighten itself out as it became harder and harder; soon it was pointing straight forward as it achieved a semi erect state.

If Jake had looked back he would have seen Tyler’s own cock doing much the same thing. Tyler’s dick was inflating rapidly as it lifted itself off the ground. He was so turned on by being pinned under his lover’s balls. Tyler’s entire field of vision was filled with Jake’s nuts. Tyler wanted to reach up and squeeze Jake’s balls with both hands, but both of his arms were completely immobilized by the sheer mass of the package on top of him. Instead Tyler dug his face in as deep as he could letting the warmth and smell emanating from Jake’s colossal orbs to cover him completely. Tyler’s heart was filled with joy as all of his senses were dominated by the monstrous ballsack that was resting on top of him. Tyler could even taste it, but the taste wasn’t all that great since the underside of Jake’s pouch was completely coated in mud.

Tyler and Jake were both rock hard in a matter of minutes. Neither one of them wanted to move from their current position. They would have been happy to get off once more had they not been interrupted by a third party.

“Honestly, I can’t leave you two alone for a minute.” Sam said. He was standing beside Jake watching the two of them with a cocky smile. He was trying his best to look smug and in control, but his cheeks were bright red and he was rock hard as well. Unlike the two lovers, Sam was now almost completely clean except for a little trickle of pre that was running down the length of his huge cock.

Sam’s dick was nowhere near as massive as Jake’s or Tyler’s, but it was still positively enormous by most normal standards. The tip of his towering erection pushed up into his chest as it stood fully at attention.

Sam reached down and picked up the hose that had fallen from Tyler’s hands. He kind of guessed that Tyler would not be successful in getting Jake cleaned up, but he had hoped that Tyler would avoid getting nearly as dirty as he had. What little of Tyler that Sam could actually see made it obvious that Tyler was now completely coated in mud and spunk. What little bit of Tyler’s body that hadn’t been shoved down into the jizzy muck was pressed up against Jake’s equally filthy underside.

“Come on, you two. We don’t have time for this right now.” Sam chided playfully.

Sam hit them both with a long solid jet from the hose to help bring down their libidos and remind them of what they were supposed to be doing. Jake let out a long, dejected sigh. Sam couldn’t be sure, but he thought he heard a muffled whimper from Tyler as well.

Jake begrudgingly dragged his junk off of Tyler and followed Sam to the driveway where they could wash off without getting muddy again, but Tyler just laid there for a moment longer. Now that he was released from The Incredible Bulk, Tyler was finally able to take a few deep breaths and recover. As nice as it was to be so deeply nestled in his lover’s nuts all that weight against his chest made it very hard to breath and had left him completely winded.

Tyler couldn’t help but notice that his whole body had sunk into the muck. He was now deep within his own personal Tyler shaped crater. It was actually quite comfortable. It was kind of like being on a super squishy memory foam bed.

Tyler chucked as he thought about how he must look to others. He could just imagine how he would appear  –  a person lying there in a perfectly shaped crater like something out of an old Looney Tunes cartoon. Tyler couldn’t help but think that this whole scenario was vaguely reminiscent of Loki in The Avengers movie.

Tyler had loved that movie. He had gone to see it with Jake and only Jake. Tyler had secretly thought of it like a date, but he had never dared admit it out loud. The two of them had both invited a group of friends to go see it with them, but Tyler had managed to confuse or convince all of the friends that had been invited either skip the movie or show up at a different time so that it’d be just the two of them. Now that he looked back on it he had to wonder if Jake had done the same thing.

As Tyler pulled himself out of his own private Loki crater he couldn’t help but think of how much better that scene would have been if The Hulk had teabagged Loki instead of just sneering and the pummeled demigod. The scene would be even better had the two movie characters been completely nude as well, but there was obviously no way such a scene would get by the censors. That said, Tyler never did understand how The Hulk managed to keep his pants on during his transformations. Tyler figured that that was probably why the big green bruiser was so angry all the time. Tyler could only imagine how much it must hurt to have your junk smushed into such a tight pair of pants.

Tyler understood the basics of comic book logic and censorship enough to know that The Hulk would never be allowed on screen or even achieve decent levels of publication if he had gone full on Doctor Manhattan, but Tyler would be A OK with there being some mean green peen on the screen in the director’s cut.

“Mean green peen on the screen?” Tyler chuckled at his own little rhyme. Well, now that his sports career was down the drain, maybe Tyler could get a job as a lyricist. DJ Ubercock cumming to a club near you.

Tyler eventually managed to drag himself to his feet and stagger off towards the driveway. Tyler was impressed to see that Jake was already completely clean by the time he got there, but what was even more surprising was that Sam and Jake were still rock hard. Tyler had to give Sam some credit; the slim, shredded dude had remarkable self control when he chose to exercise it. Tyler could tell from the look in Jake’s eyes that Jake had wanted to get off for some time now, but Sam just simply would not allow it.

Tyler would have loved to get both of them off again and again, but he was so sore and tired by this point. It was astounding just how much being crushed under a massive pair of nuts would take it out of you. It felt great at the time, but now that he had managed to get up and get moving, he could really feel the soreness all over. Dragging his hefty nuts and his own twelve foot tall spire of cock across the mushy terrain hadn’t helped much either.

When Tyler finally reached solid land all he wanted to do was fall over from exhaustion. He started to stagger sideways, but Sam caught him. Tyler was really glad to have a friend like Sam who was always there to catch you if you fell. At least that was the thought that was going through Tyler’s mind up until the point that Sam shoved him forward so that he fell face down into his own cock

“That little bitch.” Tyler groaned.

Sam could tell that the majority of the grime on Tyler’s body was on his backside where he had been pressed into the mud so when Tyler began to stumble sideways Sam seized the opportunity to guide Tyler so that he would fall forward instead. This left Tyler in a perfect position for Sam to wash him off with minimal interference, and that fact that the way that Tyler was left draped over his own cock and balls with his round, bubbly, muscle booty raised right in the air for Jake and Sam’s viewing pleasure was a huge bonus as well. Tyler had seemed grateful when Sam caught him, but the short blond had quickly began to mutter something unintelligible as Sam guided him forward.

Once Tyler was in position Sam set to work hosing him down. Fortunately the mud was all nice and fresh so it came off really easily. Sam was glad for that because he really didn’t think he’d be able to keep his own raging hormones in check if he had had to rub down Tyler again especially if he had had to try and rub down that magnificent cock. It had taken every ounce of Sam’s resolve not do his best Slim Pickens impersonation, and ride Jake’s colossal member like an A-bomb over Russia when he had hosed down the much taller, lanky dude, and Jake wasn’t certainly not making things any easier. Jake had been so deep in a lustful haze that he kept grinding his dick against Sam while Sam was trying to wash him off.

Eventually everyone was cleaned off, and they could finally get to work on getting clothed for school tomorrow. Their erections had started to fade too; a fact that they were all a little sad about. Even Sam was a little disheartened about having not been able to get off, and he had been the one keeping everyone from rubbing one out. He felt like he deserved a pat on the back or a jerk on the cock for his valiant efforts.

Jake and Tyler downheartedly followed Sam up into his spunky mancave. Just to be clear, “spunky mancave” refers to the cum coated wreckage of Sam’s bedroom and not Sam’s ass hole. That particular mancave was not spunky at all. Much to Sam’s chagrin he was still half a virgin in that regards.

Sam kicked off his cum soaked boots, the only article of clothing he had been wearing, before stepping into his room. It was probably completely unnecessary since it was not like he could make his room any dirtier by wearing his shoes inside, but it was a matter of personal policy that he never wore shoes in his house.

“Right. Time to get to work.” Sam said and clapped his hands together with mild enthusiasm. Now that his raging boner had died down a bit and he was about ready to start work he was finally starting to shake the cloud of lust that had covered his mind. The joy of his hobby and the general good vibes he got from helping friends were starting to set in and lift his spirits.

Sam’s quickly brightening disposition was infectious. In no time at all Jake and Tyler were also excited to get to work.

“All right! Let’s get to work!” Tyler cheered, but his excitement quickly gave way to confusion.

“Um… What are we working on?” Tyler asked uncertainly. Sam had yet to share any of his plans with them.

Sam reached into his desk and pulled out a small rolled up tape measure and chucked it to Tyler. “Start measuring up.” Sam ordered. ”We’re going to get you two dressed for tomorrow.”

Jake and Tyler looked at each other skeptically. It would be good to be able to go out in society again, but how? There is no way they could mask their huge dicks anymore nor did they particularly want to.

Sam could see the doubt in their expressions. He sighed and rolled his eyes but then went on to explain his idea. “Look. You guys are so huge that no matter what we do your bulges are going to be painfully obvious.” Sam explained. At this point a devious twinkle formed in his eye that surprised his two new friends. Jake had only ever seen that level of deviant glee executed effectively by Tyler. Jake was strangely excited by the thought—not to mention aroused.

“Fortunately” Sam went on to explain, “there is nothing illegal about having a huge bulge, and if you got it, may as well flaunt it.”

Tyler was feeling positively giddy at this news. He couldn’t wait to flaunt his enormous junk all around school tomorrow. He threw himself wholeheartedly into his assigned task and quickly began unrolling the tape. He gave one end of it to Jake to hold as he held onto the other and began unraveling the tape along the length of Jake’s cock.

“187 inches!” Tyler shouted excitedly.

Sam wrote down the notes on a sheet of paper while Jake stood there in stunned silence.

“187?” He sputtered. “That’s over fifteen feet! That’s over twice as tall as I am!”

A goofy grin crept over Jake’s face as he let it sink in. If he was over fifteen feet long at his small size he could only imagine how huge it was at its full size. Jake wished he could be full size all of the time. Mobility be damned. He’d put some wheels on it and ride his cock down the street like a Macy’s day float if he had to.

Jake’s train of thought was rudely derailed by a ball of measuring tape to the face. Jake muttered a silent, grumpy string of incoherent expletives. It wasn’t the first time Tyler had ruined his lurid daydreams and it wouldn’t be the last either. Tyler loved throwing stuff at Jake right when he got to the good parts.

“Do me next!” Tyler shouted as he bounced with enthusiasm. Jake watched with horny amusement as Tyler’s dick barely budged. Even though Tyler was jumping around, his cock was so huge and heavy that it stayed solidly planted on the floor despite the motions of the host body.

Jake held on to the main spool and tossed the measuring tape back to Tyler as best as he could. It fell a few feet short, but Tyler walked over and picked it up. Jake was once again amused by the lack of motion in Tyler’s colossal dong. The vast majority of the massive shaft stayed firmly planted; only the last few feet actually shifted and twisted as Tyler made the walk of shame to pick up the dropped measuring tape.

Once Tyler placed the end of the tape at the base of his shaft, Jake lined up his end with the tip of Tyler’s cock. Jake’s eyes widened a bit, his eyebrow raised slightly, and the edges of his mouth curled downwards into an expression that seemed to say “Not bad.”

“163 inches.” Jake announced.

Tyler bounced some more “Hell yes, 163! That’s like—” Tyler stopped bouncing and tried to concentrate. “That’s like—”

“Almost 14 feet.” Jake said with a bemused sigh.

“Oh—” Tyler seemed a little crestfallen. “That’s huge, but. It kind of seems weaksauce after yours.” He murmured. He realized he really shouldn’t be so upset. After all, his cock was far bigger than most people’s… Hell, his dong was far bigger than most people. Besides, he could be as big as he wanted to be.

Tyler felt a familiar feeling build up inside of him. It was like a tingle of excitement that started in the pit of his gut. The tingle quickly spread to his cock and balls, but he stifled it before it could really take hold. Now was not the time.

Jake reached down and patted the head of Tyler’s cock reassuringly. He would have preferred to give Tyler’s shoulder a nice reassuring pat, but by the time Jake would have managed to get all the way across the room the moment would have long since past.

Sam finished his notes and gave the sheet to Jake along with a pencil and a calculator. “Here. This is the basic template. Could you convert them to your sizes for me?” He asked.

“Oh. Sure.” Jake replied. He was actually glad to have something to do. It felt good to flex his brain muscles again. His mind had been foggy with sex all day, and he felt like he really could use a little mental workout.

The conversions were incredibly simple, and Jake had each one done in under a minute. When he finished he looked up and could see that Sam had pulled out some rolls of fabric from his closet. They had been locked up safely and securely and seemed to have survived the onslaught of spunk that had saturated much of the room.

Sam set the first roll on the desk and began thinking out loud. “Right. I think the back needs to be a stronger fabric.” He murmured while tugging at various fabrics to estimate their strength and resilience.

“Hmm… It’ll be serving as the counterweight to the front. The front needs to be sturdy, but stretchy.” Sam muttered. It was obvious to Jake that Sam was just thinking out loud and didn’t expect a response, but Tyler was completely confused by what Sam was mumbling about and wished he could jump in on the conversation.

Sam took the notes from Jake and quickly began measuring and cutting various pieces and shapes from each fabric. Jake and Tyler watched in awe as Sam handled each piece with surgical precision. It only took him all of about twenty minutes to get all the pieces cut out. After which he pulled to tarp off of his sewing machine and went to work.

Sam was using a very thick, extra-strong thread to bind all the pieces together, but it had to be to hold everything together especially considering how tight the fabric was going to be packed in the near future. Within an hour Sam had two pairs fully ready for use.

Jake looked on in awe as Sam handed him his pair. It was a pair of briefs similar to the ill fated pair, that Sam had worn earlier in the night, but this one had more room in the front—much, much more room. If not for his gigantic wang, Jake could have easily fit his entire body into the frontal pouch. Jake thought about that for a second. Of course his dick was larger than two normal sized people, so it would make sense a person could fit in there. If it were a little larger, Jake could actually fit his gargantuan member and another person in there. Jake’s cock twitched has he imagined going about his daily life with someone packed into the front of his briefs. He imagined having someone sandwiched comfortably between his thick dick and large squishy balls. It was a shame that Tyler’s cock was so large now. Jake’s cute little beefy blond boyfriend would have been a perfect candidate to ride along in his pouch.

Tyler got his pair from Sam next, and they were ridiculous looking. They was like a seemingly normal pair of black briefs with a parachute sewn onto the front. Tyler didn’t even know how to approach putting it on. He figured he might possibly could start with his dick first? He really had no idea. After turning it over in his hands and examining it from every angle he figured that he would have to do his cock and balls and then his body. There was simply no way the waistband was big enough to fit around his cock and his waist.

Tyler looked over at Jake who was already well on his way to getting dressed. Jake had started with his balls and then began slowly feeding his dick into the pouch. Tyler thought that it was such a shame that he couldn’t really see Jake’s huge nuts through the fabric of the pouch of the briefs, but as Jake managed to slip more and more of his cock into fabric enclosure Tyler could see the contents clearer and clearer.

Jake finally managed to get the last of his impressive member into the front of the pants and pulled them up about his waist. It was an impressive sight to behold. The briefs were so tight on Jake that even his butt cheeks were clearly visible. Despite being encased in fabric, everything was clearly on display. Tyler could even clearly make out the unsheathed head of Jake’s cut cock.

The pants did their job though. Jake’s package was tightly wrapped in it snug pouch. The briefs pulled his balls upwards enough to keep them from dragging across the floor but only just barely. Jake’s huge nuts now bulged out a few feet in front of him instead of downward; his long cock seemed noticeably shorter now that it was being compressed by the fabric, but it still had to be at least nine feet long. The shaft ran over the top of the balls and looped around the front so that the tip of his cock brushed against the ground.

Jake was quite impressed by Sam’s handiwork. Despite how tightly his junk was crammed into the fabric it was still pretty comfortable. Not to mention it made his package look amazing. Jake assumed it looked even better from the front or sides, but he could only really see it from the top. His package was jutting out probably four feet in front of him. It obstructed Jake’s vision a bit, but it made walking a lot easier than it had been when Jake was trying to drag his junk across the ground.

The way his package blocked his field of view actually reminded him a lot of driving his Jeep, and upon further inspection he realized that his massive package was every bit as huge as the front of his trusty old vehicle. Jake couldn’t help but wonder how long that would last. There would come a time in the not too distant future where his massive bulge would dwarf even his jeep. The mere thought of it brought a grin to his lips and a lurch to his cock.

Upon seeing how sexy Jake looked in his new pair of briefs, Tyler quickly pulled on his own. He wasn’t nearly as methodical as Jake was in his approach and just started shoveling his bits and pieces into the pouch. Once Tyler pulled up the waistband he realized his junk was mashed into the pouch in awkward misshapen ways. It was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t stand it  –  literally. Tyler plopped down and shoved his arms down the front of his pants so he could rearrange his centerpiece. After a few minutes of awkward fidgeting and shifting he was finally satisfied with the way his bulge looked and felt.

When Tyler was ready he stood up and began parading around the room; he was sure to push his hips forward to really sow off his massive meat. He filled out his pants, but nearly as well as Jake had. Sure, everything he had was clearly on display, but there were some loose parts around the sides. His pouch didn’t have to stretch as tightly as Jake’s had. Had Jake fudged the numbers to make Tyler’s look less impressive? No, Jake wouldn’t do something like that.

Tyler figured it out fairly quickly, they pants were only measured for cock length, but Jake’s balls were so much bigger when compared to the length of his cock. Once again Tyler was jealous of just how amazing his boyfriend’s nuts were. They were always so big and so full, and now they were filling every available inch inside of his pants creating the most spectacular bulge the world has ever seen. Tyler wasn’t beaten yet though. He was going to show these rookies how you really fill out your clothes.

Jake watched in awe as Tyler’s package began to grow and grow. With each passing second it filled out more and more of his pouch until it bulged out obscenely. Tyler’s briefs were now a little too small for him; each and every vein in his thick cock was clearly visible as it strained against the sides of the fabric.

Tyler could tell from Sam and Jake’s expressions that they liked was they saw. Sam’s naked cock was once again fully at the ready, and Jake’s was beginning to inflate within the confines of his custom fit underoos.

“Great job, Sam. A little tight, but I don’t mind.” Tyler said. He flashed Sam and Jake both a lascivious wink as he strolled around the room, swishing his hips as he went so that his absolutely enormous bulge swung heavily from side to side.

Jake stammered as he tried to process what he was seeing. “That’s… You’re cheating!”

Tyler’s smug grin showed no signs of diminishing. “Cheating?” Tyler replied playfully. He flashed Jake the biggest, most ironically apologetic puppy dog eyes he could muster and added, “I didn’t even know we were competing.”

It was Jake’s turn to start looking smug. “Two can play at the game.” Jake replied. Jake exhaled slowly as his bulge began to grow and swell as well. Soon it was packed even tighter than Tyler’s. Jake’s smug grin quickly faded though. His face began to grow pale as an expression of horror took over.

“I… I can’t stop it.” He sputtered.

Jake could feel his body trembling as he tried to hold back his growth. Once the damn was breached there was no holding back the flood. It felt like he was holding his torrential surge of growth with only a tissue thin layer of resolve.

Jake looked pleadingly at Sam and Tyler. Sam understood immediately what it would mean if Jake or Tyler let loose in here. Tyler’s fully grown cock was far larger than his bedroom; if Tyler grew to full size in here, Sam wouldn’t have a bedroom anymore, and Jake’s junk was even more massive.

“Shit! Out! Out! And take those off! If you break them I’m not making you a new one!” Sam shouted as he began shoving Jake towards the door.

With Tyler’s help they managed to get Jake into the doorway and began pulling down his pants. They could both feel Jake’s swelling endowments straining harder and harder against the fabric as they raced against the cock to set it free.

Tears were streaming down Jake’s face as he struggled with everything he had to hold back the tidal wave of cock that was about to be unleashed. He could feel Sam and Tyler’s hands working furiously at his pants to free him. Finally he could feel the cool air against his member, and he knew that they had managed to pull him out. Jake couldn’t hold it back anymore and let himself grow and grow. His balls swelled up so large that they filled the entire balcony at the top of the stairs and then some. His dick draped over the side, hit the ground almost fifteen feet before and continued to stretch off into the distance.

At that moment Sam’s dad turned the corner. He had heard some commotion from in the house and had come to check and see if everything was all right. Nothing could have prepared him for the over sixty feet of cock that was spilling out of his son’s room and across their yard. His eyes were vacant and his mouth hung open all slack jawed as he shook his head with the same look of shock, awe, and dismay that was used by Lee Trevino in Happy Gilmore before silently turning and walking back into the house.


Part 26

It was a good thing that Sam lived so far out in the country. There was at least three acres until the next house, and if they could see the mountain of cock sticking out the side of Sam’s second floor bedroom, one could hope it would be too dark for them to comprehend what they saw. Unfortunately Sam’s room only had one exit, and it was currently blocked by a solid wall of cock and balls. Jake had managed to hold back his dicksplosion of growth until he had gotten to the doorway but only just barely. He now stood there in the doorframe with his giant nuts occupying the entirety of the landing at the top of the stairs leading to Sam’s place. Jake’s enormous ballsack filled the entire balcony and even spilled over the sides of the railing a bit.

Jake just stood in awe as he looked at his magnificent cum spheres. They were each easily taller than the doorway. They were at least ten feet tall, and that is even after being smooshed down a bit from their own weight. Even just Jake’s dick was easily wider than the doorframe. Jake’s chubbed up dick pointed straight up and draped over top of his gigantic balls, but his cock was wedged between his massive balls and the side of the building. Jake could feel his dick being smashed against the outside wall of the loft. He could also feel the overhanging shingles digging in and scratching the topside of his massive cock, but the slight discomfort didn’t faze him at all. Jake was so amazed by his own size that all he could do is just stand there and proudly run his hand along the wall of cock flesh in front of him.

Tyler and Sam were standing on either side of Jake. Tyler was worn out from having to pretty much carry Jake, Jake’s sixteen foot endowment, and his own fourteen foot package across the room at record speed. Sam had helped carry Jake and Jake Junior, but Tyler was on his own with “Little” Tyler.

When Tyler had finally managed to catch his breath enough to speak, he flashed Dam a cheesy thumbs up at Sam and said, “Crisis averted.”

Sam didn’t seem nearly as excited as Tyler was. He rolled his eyes and replied, “For now, but how do we get out?”

Tyler’s Thumbs up and jaw dropped. “—Ah.” He muttered weakly.

Tyler walked over to the window… at least he attempted to anyway. It might be more precise to describe Tyler’s awkward gait as more of a waddle than a walk. Even with his custom fit pants that Sam had rigged up for him, Tyler’s humongous package limited his mobility quite a bit. He hardly had any room to move his legs forward; instead he had to pivot his motion on the balls of his feet while he swung his legs wide. If not for the giant mass of cock and balls swinging wide in front of him, Tyler would have looked a lot like some bow-legged, cartoon gunslinger stomping off to a duel.

Tyler opened the window and leaned out to survey his surroundings. The drop from the window was almost twenty feet. Jumping down might be possible, but it was by no means recommended. The balcony that currently held Jakes massive nuts was only about two feet away, and the railing along the side was very solidly constructed and was made of very sturdy wood. The handrail portion of the railing was nice and wide—plenty wide enough to walk across… plenty wide for a normal person anyway.

Tyler beckoned for face his black-haired buddy to come over and said, “Yo, Sammy. Think you can hop over to the railing from here?”

Sam came running over to the window and looked at where Tyler was pointing. It was doable—pretty easily actually. The real problem was what to do once he got there. Jake’s balls were spilling over into the stairway. If Sam crawled over them, he might be able to climb down the other side and land on the stairs, but that seemed dangerous. The other option was climb all the way up onto Jake’s cock and walk down it until he got low enough to jump off safely. As strange as it sounded, that seemed a much better option to Sam.

”Doesn’t seem like it’d be a problem—” Sam mused out loud as he ran some simulations in his head.

Once satisfied with his general course of action, Sam quickly pulled his boots on and laced up. His feet were already plenty dirty from walking across the jizz-soaked carpet, but he wasn’t wearing the boots to keep clean. He figured he could probably use a little extra traction, and he didn’t really relish the thought of walking barefoot across the splintery wooden handrail. Once his boots were securely on, Sam climbed onto the windowsill and stepped across over to the railing.

Tyler was enjoying the show from his watch post at the window. As Sam leaned up against the wall, his precarious perch gave Tyler quite the eyeful. Sam had one foot on the railing and the other foot on the windowsill leaving his long dong dangled enticingly down around his knees. Tyler was entranced. Each slight shift and shimmy that Sam made as he ran his hands along the wall to steady himself caused a ripple through his large flaccid cock and huge sagging balls. Tyler could have watched his cute, lithe bud and said bud’s massive cock and balls for hours, but Sam was in a hurry and wanted to get this done as efficiently as possible.

Sam finally managed to find a good grip where he could brace himself and take the second step over to the railing without the risk of falling off. He grabbed on to the overhang from the roof with one hand and stabilized himself against the wall with his other hand and quickly stepped across. He wobbled for a second as his second foot made contact with the handrail. It appeared for a second that he was about to lose his balance and fall off, but at the last second he lunged forward and landed facedown in the warm, soft flesh of his buddy’s gigantic ball sack.

Sam paused for a moment and ran a hand across Jake’s massive nut. It was so soft and warm that he almost wanted to just nuzzle up against it and drift off to sleep, but he knew he couldn’t do that. There was simply no telling what would happen if his dad saw all of that cock hanging out his doorway, and Sam would much rather not have to have a discussion about gigantic cocks with his dear old dad.

Sam gave the soft skin of Jake’s enormous nuts a soft squeeze and found that it had a nice bit of give to it. This was good news, especially given Sam’s mission. Sam could easily grab on to enough of it to pull himself up with. Emboldened by this new development, Sam clasped a bit of the skin of Jake’s sack and took a deep breath to steel his resolve.

”Sorry, dude.” Sam muttered a quick apology before putting one booted foot against the side of Jake’s enormous testicle and began climbing up the side.

Sam really didn’t have to apologize to Jake. Jake completely understood what he had to do, and it’s not like Sam was hurting Jake at all by clambering around on top of his sensitive organ. In fact, quite the opposite was true. Jake was rather enjoying the feeling. He couldn’t see Sam climbing up the side of his colossal pouch, but he could certainly feel him. It felt almost like he had a small creature, like a spider or an ant, crawling over him. As Jake thought about it he realized that Sam really was a small bug compared to his colossal balls and monolithic cock. Jake tried not to think about how it. Something about how massive his cock was compared to his friend’s entire body was so fascinating and arousing, but despite his best efforts, Jake could feel the warmth spreading across his dick. He was getting turned on by this  –  very, very turned on.

Jake could also feel Sam’s heavy, thick soled boots digging into the side of his balls. Sam’s feet hit much harder than his hands did. Sam was using his hands purely to steady himself; his legs were doing the heavy lifting. Each time Sam pushed himself up further and further with his feet, Jake could feel Sam’s boots dig in nice and deep and massaging the side of his nut like tiny fingers. The sensual massage of his pal’s heavy footfalls felt fantastic.

Jake wanted to resist and keep things civil, but he just couldn’t help it. The soft tickling of Sam’s tiny fingers against his humongous sack and the gentle rubbing of Sam’s little boots against his colossal balls was so fantastic that Jake was getting hornier by the second.

As his dick began to swell and chub up, the overhang from the roof dug in even deeper and deeper as Jake’s cock. The pain and itching from roofing was getting to be too much for Jake. He had to do something before it broke the skin or his dick broke the roof. Neither scenario seemed particularly enjoyable, but he didn’t have many options available to him. All Jake knew was that he needed to get some space between his dick and the roof before something broke.

Jake threw himself face-first against the side his massive package in an effort to shove his junk forward enough to give his dick some breathing room. Even just that one powerful heave was enough to leave Jake completely winded, but it was enough to shift his balls forward ever so slightly forward. The center of gravity on his nuts was high enough that his balls rolled over the railing. Fortunately, his balls didn’t shift enough to go over the edge. Had that happened it could have been disastrous. There was no doubt in Jake’s mind that had that happened, his entire package would have spilled over the railing and flopped heavily onto the turf below. Jake couldn’t even imagine how much that would hurt, and he hoped to never find out.

For the time being at least he was in the clear. His nuts were straddling the railing, but for the time being at least it appeared like his nuts were safely balanced. In even better news, his dick was no longer mashed against the eaves of the roof. Jake let out a long sigh of relief. His dick was now free from any and all shingle lacerations.

Sam wasn’t sure what Jake was doing, but he wished Jake would stop. It was hard enough for Sam to keep a grip on his precarious perch without Jake humping the railing. Sam could feel Jake’s balls sliding ever so slightly forward as they pressed up against the railing harder and harder. Finally the forward momentum became enough to cause Jake’s nuts to start to roll over the side. Sam’s heart was racing. He really hoped Jake would stop soon. He really doubted that riding Jake’s balls over the side like a Splash Mountain log would be all that fun or all that safe, but Sam had little say in the matter. All he could do was hunker down and hope for the best. He dug his feet in, tightened his grip on Jake’s ball sack, buried his face into his pal’s enormous balls, and silently prayed for Jake’s balls to decide not to drop.

Finally Jake stopped fidgeting, and Sam breathed a sigh of relief. It was good timing too because it looked like if Jake had squeezed forward even a few more inches, it would have been enough to send his nuts over the edge and Sam along with them.

Even though Sam was now in the clear, he kept his face buried into the side of his pal’s gargantuan balls for a moment longer. Sam’s pulse was still racing, and his grip still felt shaky. There was no way he would feel comfortable scaling the rest of Jake’s immense balls until at the very least his palms stopped sweating.

Tyler was watching Sam intently from his perch at the window. He had seen the slow forward motion of Jake’s package firsthand, but the gravity of the situation had not dawned on him. What had seemed to be little more than a harmless fidget to Tyler had been a moment of utter panic for Sam. Tyler wasn’t even sure why Sam had stopped climbing. As far as Tyler could tell, Sam seemed to be in no immediate danger. Tyler figured Sam just needed to stop and catch his breath. Tyler wanted to go out there and give his buddy a hand, but he knew there was no way he could do so. His best course of action was to sit back on the sidelines and offer moral support. Tyler’s own dick was so huge that he would have been more of a hindrance than a help, and he couldn’t deny, he was digging the view. Sam was pressed flat against the side of Jake’s monstrous nut, and had one leg raised as if prepped for the next hop up. The pose really showed off Sam’s cute, bubbly ass andnice, toned legs, and that’s saying nothing of Sam’s big, long cock which was mushed against Jake’s ballsack making them extra visible from the back. Tyler got to see all of Sam’s best features at once. Well… almost all of them. Tyler had to admit that Sam had a really cute face, too, but that particular feature was buried deep into Jake’s mountainous balls.

Once Sam had gotten his breath back he continued his climb. He really wasn’t that far from the top of Jake’s huge nut when he had to take a breather, and after a few quick hops, the incline became much less severe. Sam was more or less crawling for the last few feet of his climb.

Once Sam was on top of Jake’s balls it was time to continue the climb onto Jake’s enormous dick. Thankfully, Jake’s colossal shaft was nestled in the valley between his humongous nuts, but the top half that was exposed was still a bit taller than Sam. Sam wasn’t about to be deterred by this though. He had after all just scaled the side Jake’s mountainous nuts like a dapper rogue scurrying up the side of an enchanted tower to visit some fair maiden. A quick hop on cock like this was nothing.

Sam dug in and leapt off of Jake’s balls with all his might, and easily managed to get a good grip of the topside of Jake’s mammoth cock and pull himself up the rest of the way.

Jake let out a loud, low moan of pleasure as he felt the massaging pressure of Sam’s tiny boots kicking off of his nuts like a diving board. Jake quickly tried to act casual and play it off, but he could tell that Tyler heard him. Jake’s blond beau was staring right at him, and had that trademark sly smirk plastered across his cute face.

It was getting harder and harder for Jake to keep his hormones in check especially now that he could feel Sam clambering along on top of his sensitive cock. Jake was trying really hard not to bone with his friend along for the ride, but Jake feared he wouldn’t have much say in the matter. With each passing second he could already feel his massive cock getting steadily more chubbed.

Sam quickly got his footing atop Jake’s leviathan cock and began to walk slowly down the length. Sam had to keep hunched forward to keep his balance, and he made extra sure to keep his hands low enough that he could quickly steady himself if needed. Sam felt like some action hero in some summer blockbuster trying to sneak along the top of a bus or train. He could swear he could even hear the Mission Impossible theme.

Wait a tick… Sam paused for a second and tilted his head to listen… He could hear the Mission Impossible theme. Sam looked back to the window and saw Tyler leaning out singing “Dunt-Dunt-dun-dun—”

Sam rolled his eyes at his beefy pal. He tried to flash Tyler an irritated glare, but the smirk on his face gave him away. Sam was actually thankful for the moment of levity in this tense situation. Tyler’s good natured humor had managed to diffuse the tension in much the same way the Ethan Hunt would defuse a bomb. Sam grinned and silently hummed the theme song in time with Tyler’s loud chanting as he continued his trek along the length of Jake’s colossal dong.

Tyler was loving the show. Sam’s little secret agent man stealth crawl caused the tip of his huge dick to drag along the top of Jake’s far more massive cock. Sam’s nuts swung heavily as he continued his half crawl, half sprint across the top of the mountainous member. The pose really accentuated all of Sam’s firm muscles in his legs and especially in his nice, tight ass. Tyler could feel his own massive cock straining against the front of his custom fit briefs, but he couldn’t help it; the scenario playing out before him was simply too hot.

Sam was making very good progress, but he could see that the trip was going to be a bit longer than he had hoped. Looking down over the side, Sam could see that Jake was already well past a semi. At first the steady chubbing of his buddy’s cock had been a godsend because it made Sam’s descent far less steep, but it also meant that Sam had to go a lot farther before Jake’s cock managed to hit the ground. Sam could only hope that he reached an altitude where it was safe for him to drop off before Jake really started to get hard.

Almost as if to spite him, Sam could feel Jake’s dick give a violent jerk upwards. The jolt was so intense that Sam had to drop to his hands and knees in order to stabilize himself. Jake’s monolithic cock was really starting to harden fast now. From his perch atop Jake’s monstrous cock, Sam could see that the tip of Jake’s dick was pointed straight at the top of the trees that bordered his property. There was no doubt in Sam’s mind that Jake was really boning now, and Sam was along for the ride. There was no way he could jump off from here, and he doubted that it would do him any good to go back the way he came. He was so close to the tip that the trek back would take far too long.

Sam decided his best course of action was to try and wait out the storm as best he could. Sam tried to scurry the last few feet towards the tip of Jake’s cock, but he realized he wouldn’t make it. He was but a few scant feet away, the incline had gotten to be too much for him to continue any further.

Jake was trying to keep his mind clear of all sexy thoughts, but it wasn’t working. His rational thinking was quickly being overpowered by his libido. He could feel Sam crawling around on top of his vast dick. Sam was so completely dwarfed by the sheer size and magnitude of his cock that Jake couldn’t help but swell up with pride, and Jake Junior couldn’t help but swell up with lust.

Jake was briefly snapped back to sanity when he felt his dick give a huge lurch. For a moment his fear overpowered his arousal. Images of Sam being bucked clean off of his huge cock and sent hurtling down to the tiled roof below filled Jake’s mind. The fear and guilt of possibly being responsible for Sam’s injuries was enough to diminish Jake’s libido substantially, but it didn’t last. Jake soon felt Sam scurrying across his cock. Sam’s frenetic pace felt even more wonderful than before. Jake simply could no longer fight it.

Sam could feel Jake’s cock slowly rising under him. Jake was getting harder and harder by the minute, and poor Sam was along for the ride. Sam wasn’t sure what to do. Should he cut his losses and jump down now? He had to be thirty feet up. He would break a leg for sure, but at least he would be off the ever rising shaft.

Sam looked back. There was no way he could go back now. There was simply no time. Sam decided to bolt the last little bit to the tip. He hoped that by reaching the tip, his weight would cause enough leverage to cause Jake’s steadily boning cock to dip low enough for him to hop off, but it didn’t take long for Sam to realize that this too was not to be. As Jake’s cock gotten closer and closer to a full scale erection, Sam realized that he was simply too small compared to Jake’s enormous cock to even be a decent counterweight. Sam was out of options. Like it or not, he was along for the ride.

Sam braced himself as Jake’s colossal member really sprung to life. Once Jake’s dick got past half-mast it really started to rise away from the ground. Sam’s stomach felt like it was down around his knees. He normally wasn’t one to get motion sickness, but he couldn’t help but feel a little queasy as Jake’s cock swung upwards to its full upright and locked position.

Sam could feel his grip slipping. As Jake’s dick approached full hardness, Sam was getting to be completely vertical. Jake’s dick had a bit of a curve to it, and it wouldn’t be long at all before it was simply impossible for Sam to hold on. Add on the fact that the skin of Jake’s cock was slowly pulling tighter across his throbbing boner, Sam was in quite the pickle.

Sam had to think fast. There was no way he could climb up farther from this side. His only hope was to make it around to the soft underside. He hoped that he would find a better grip there, but if nothing else he figured that there should be a much more favorable incline.

As Sam looked around to try and plot out his next course of action, he made the mistake of looking down. He immediately wished he hadn’t. His stomach sank. He was at least fifty feet above Jake’s goliath, cushiony nuts. He briefly considered loosening his grip and trying to slide down Jake’s dick. He figured that maybe, just maybe if he slid down he could use those big, full balls to break his fall, but he really didn’t like his chances there. If he missed, the best he could hope for would be to slam into the roof fifty feet below him, and in the worst case scenario he would slam into the mud almost eighty feet below. Sam knew that his best bet was to continue climbing until he reached the tip.

As Sam surveyed his options he spotted something that just might get him around to the safer, soft underside. There was a huge bulging vein running along the side of Jake’s giant, meaty cock. If Sam could slide down a few feet and get to it, he could use it to inch his way around. Sam took a deep breath and loosened his grip. His stomach went from feeling like it was resting in his groin to feeling like it was caught in his throat. He managed to not fall straight backwards into the abyss, but slide down was far from ideal. Despite his nerves, Sam managed to slowly and securely drift down towards the thick vein.

Once Sam got in range, he slowly and carefully stepped across and managed to get a nice foothold on the puffy blood vessel. Once he had a firm footing he was able to inch his way over until he was securely standing on top of it. Sam had never felt so small and insignificant in his life. He was clutching for survival to a vein on the side of his friend’s gigantic cock shaft. Sam could feel the rhythmic pulsing of Jake’s heartbeat as blood pumped through the tube at his feet. Sam could also feel his own cock twitching to life.

”Shit…” He grumbled silently. He couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t really getting turned on by this was he? The sad fact of the matter was that he was in fact getting chubbed up. Whatever weird fetish that his current predicament struck a chord with didn’t matter to him at the moment, but he made a mental note to angrily rub one out if he survived this mess.

Sam took a moment to count out Jake’s heartbeat and get the rhythm. He wanted to be sure he was secured during each pulse. Sam concentrated and brought his breathing in synch with Jake’s heartbeat and slowly began to inch his way around the side of his buddy’s titanic spire. Thump-ump slide thump-ump slide thump-ump slide. The maneuver continued until Sam finally reached the other side.

Sam breathed a long sigh of relief upon reaching the relative safety of the soft underside of Jake’s impressive tower. That was the second most stressful situation he had ever been in in his life. His nerves were shot and his heart was pounding, but he was not out of the woods yet. Sam waited a moment for his heart rate to get back down to manageable levels before he continued his climb. The rest of the trek was relatively easy. Within a few upward pushes, Sam had reach and area where the incline was getting nice and shallow, but he could feel something welling up beneath him.

Tyler was simultaneously worried about Sam, and extremely turned on by the events. He had panicked when Sam had vanished from view. Poor Sam was somewhere up there clinging for dear life to the side of Jake’s rising rocket. The only thing that kept Tyler from jumping out the window and trying to make the climb himself to rescue his lithe buddy was Jake’s play by play coverage of Sam’s journey to the top of Barad-dong. Jake’s deep breathing and husky voice, signified that he was getting dangerously close to cumming, but it also made his story sound so much sexier. Tyler was deeply and truly worried for Sam, but the way Jake rasped on about how “Oh, god. I can feel his boots digging into my… fuuuuuuuuucc.” was giving Tyler the weirdest worry boner he had ever experienced.

Sam could feel the gallons and gallons of pre being pumped through the pipeline beneath him. He could feel it gurgling and churning its way up the shaft beneath his palms and feet. Sam was so close to the top now; if he hurried he could hopefully find some safety atop the huge, spongy head of Jake’s gigantic cock before things got too slick for him to find something to hold onto. Sam had reached the end of Jake’s soft, brown outer cock skin and was crossing into the lighter under skin. Sam could see the visible scarring and stark contrast between the skin that covered the rest of Jake’s dick, and the taut, pink under skin that was now exposed from Jake’s circumcision all those many long years ago. Sam swore that if he survived this that he was going to go visit Jake’s parents and punch them in the face for mutilating their baby like that.

At least the incline was pretty shallow by this point. Even without the extra stability from being able to grab onto bunches of soft, spongy, flesh, Sam was able to crawl on to the tip without too much trouble. The problem was what now? He had nowhere to go from here. All he could do was sit back and wait it out and hope that Jake would be able to get his arousal under control enough for his towering boner to slowly deflate, but Sam wasn’t about to hold his breath for that to happen. He could feel Jake’s monstrous cock shuddered excitedly beneath him, and all signs were pointing to a very messy and very disastrous climax.

Jake’s cock heaved again. Sam had no time to think too much about what was about to happen. He had to act, and he had to act now! Sam managed to scamper the last few feet to the top of Jake’s cock and lay down on the very tip of the gigantic head of Jake’s enormous cock. Sam hunkered down as best he could, but there wasn’t much to grab on to; it was just shuddering, spongy cockflesh as far as the eye could see.

Sam glanced over at Jake’s massive slit. Just the tiny hole atop Jake’s mountainous cock was longer than Sam’s whole body by a good margin. Sam could see the pre gurgling up from the huge slit, and he could feel the ground beneath him shudder and throb. There was no doubt in Sam’s mind that Jake was quickly reaching the limits of his endurance. The only saving grace was that Sam was lying across the tip of Jake’s cock. He could only hope that gravity would be his ally when the shooting began.

Despite the constant gush of pre flowing from Jake’s cock, Sam managed to stay relatively dry. The glistening sheen on his skin was mostly his own sweat as opposed to Jake’s seminal fluids. The steady waterfall of pre leaking from Jake’s gaping maw was sliding off the opposite side of Jake’s colossal cock leaving Sam relatively unscathed, but Sam didn’t know if that would help him at all if Jake blew his load all across the yard.

Jake was so close to bursting. He wanted to just unload a flurry of jizz across the countryside, but he was far too afraid for Sam’s safety to do so. He would never be able to live with himself if he had hurt one of his friends in a fit of lust, but at the same time it was the very thought of Sam being so tiny and helpless compared to Jake’s massive cock that was driving him so wild. Jake could still feel Sam pressed up against the tip of his cock so for the time being at least everything was ok, but that could change at any moment.

”He’s at the tip… I can feel him… What do I do?” Jake pleaded with Tyler.

Tyler wracked his brain as best he could. He should be asking Jake what to do not the other way around. Jake was the smart one, but Jake’s mind was fried by panic and hormones. Tyler was barely holding onto his sanity as it was, but Tyler had an idea that might just work. Tyler quickly grabbed Jake’s hand and gently held it in his own.

”Just let it out. Slowly. Just let it all flow out.” Tyler said soothingly. Despite his own fears, Tyler managed to keep his voice even and calm. He wanted to freak out, but he knew that their success depending on him being able to get Jake to relax.

Jake furrowed his brow questioningly as he shot Tyler a panicked glare. It was as if he was simultaneously pleading for Tyler to explain and condemning the shorter blond for not taking this seriously.

”Listen. It’ll be fine.” Tyler cooed softly. His words were so convincing that Jake felt his panic ebb ever so slightly. For a brief second he actually believed that Tyler would get them through this, but then his cock gave another shudder. He was so horny and he had been holding it back for so long that there was no way he could talk himself down from the epic cumshot that had been building in the base of his cock for the past several minutes. It was a miracle he had even held it off this long.

”You just need to relax a little more.” Tyler softly urged Jake on.

”Just enough to let it ooze out.” He explained.

A look of understanding filled Jake’s eyes. He still looked panicked, but at least for the time being he seemed to have some faith in his ability to pull this off. Jake nodded to Tyler and tried to relax. He hoped that Tyler knew what he was doing, and more importantly, Jake hoped that he had the degree of control necessary to successfully pull this off.

Jake let out a sound that was a mixture of a groan and a moan as he eased up ever so slightly. The sensation was maddening. It felt good, but not nearly as good as an honest to goodness orgasm. More than anything he felt a sense of relief wash over him and through base of his cock. The muscles holding back the building torrent of spooge were so worn out that Jake felt like they could give out at any second. I felt so nice to give them a bit of a rest.

Sam could smell it; warm, creamy jizz and lots of it. Jake was cumming, and Sam was in for the ride of his life. He could feel Jake’s titanic dick sway violently as it reached climax. The spongy head was expanding and contracting as if it were breathing. Huge gobs of cum began gurgling up from Jake’s shaft and splooging outwards and oozing down the sides of Jake’s cock. The huge, thick globs of cum were so huge and thick that they dwarfed Sam’s entire body.

The thick, slimy strands continued to pump out of Jake’s dick. Gallon after gallon poured out and rolled down the side of Jake’s cock. The slimy waves washed over Sam’s body, but Sam managed to stay firmly rooted. Sam soon found a rhythm where he could sneak in breaths between waves as he rode out the maelstrom of cum.

Jake wanted to just blast his load so bad. Letting it out slowly like this was driving him mad. It was like he was barely managing to keep ahead of his raging libido. Jake could still feel Sam clinging to the tip of is dick though. Just knowing that Sam was still safe there gave him the strength to keep at it. Jake must have cum slowly for twenty minutes before he finally started to come down from his raging hardon, and each and every second of it was heaven and hell, pain and pleasure.

Sam could feel Jake’s dick slowly begin to droop lower. Jizz was still pouring from the mouth, but at least Sam felt like his wild ride was nearing an end. Sam crawled through the slimy muck along the tip of Jake’s cock head in order to keep ahead of the steady droop of his buddy’s cock. It wouldn’t do to survive this long only to slide off as his perch became vertical.

Eventually Jake had finally softened back down to a droopy semi. The top of his cock dipped down towards the ground, but didn’t come anywhere close to touching it. Sam wanted to wait it out and see if he could get even closer to the ground, but he could feel Jake’s cock twitching again. Jake had managed to ride out his orgasm without shooting all over the place, but he was nowhere near spent yet. Sam knew he would have to make use of his lull the best he could.

Sam slid forwards a bit. He could see a steady strand of spooge dribbling from Jake’s cock. Jake had been holding back for so long that the jizz was thick and sticky. It looked as if he hadn’t busted a nut in weeks, but it hadn’t even been an hour. Whatever was at work in their bodies had without a doubt increased their ability to produce cum. Sam was not about to question it though. After all, it presented him with a unique opportunity.

Sam peered even further over the edge. He could see a large puddle of jizz pooling on the ground below him. He had an idea that should work, and even if it didn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped, he would have a relatively soft landing in the pool of spunk.

Sam crawled forward a little farther and slid into the open chasm of Jake’s cock. The narrow passage was plenty tall enough for him to stand up straight, but it was so cramped that he had to curl his shoulders inwards to fit. He braced himself as the cum washed over him. In a matter of seconds Sam was thoroughly coated in the spunk. Once he felt like he had enough on him, he let himself get washed out with the flow. Sam slowly fell to the earth suspended in a slimy strand of giant spooge. He felt like he would never be clean again, but at least he was unharmed.

Sam made a muted plop sound when he made landfall in the gigantic puddle of jizz. After taking a moment to soothe his nerves and collect his thoughts, Sam staggered out of the jizz puddle and into the open field. He could see Tyler watching anxiously from the window. Sam hopped and waved to get Tyler’s attention. The second Tyler’s gaze fell upon Sam’s cum-drenched form, his emerald green eyes lit up. Tyler suddenly vanished from his perch at the window. Sam figured that Tyler must have told Jake the good news because Jake’s enormous member was once again swelling to vast heights.

Tyler was so excited to see Sam safe, and now that he was no longer fearing for his friend’s life he had nothing to stop him from rubbing one out. As scary at Sam’s little journey was, it was also hot as fuck. Jake’s horny moans and erotic play by play had driven Tyler wild. Tyler’s dick had been leaking all over Sam’s carpet.

Tyler didn’t want to make more of a mess than he already had, but what could he do? He was stuck in the room until Sam managed to shrink Jake back down. All Tyler knew was that if he didn’t do something soon he was going to nut all over Sam’s room.

Tyler spotted the open window and realized that his best bet as to try and shoot outside. He aimed his cock as best he could and thrusted in the direction of the open portal. Tyler had hit dead on. He could feel the frame of the window rubbing along his shaft as he pumped in and out. Somewhere deep in the back of Tyler’s mind he realized how ludicrous it was that he was basically fucking a house, but he couldn’t stop. His relief at Sam’s safety just made him even hornier, and it was time to let off that pent up sexual frustration.

Sam could hear moans of pleasure coming from his room. He looked up to see half of Tyler’s cock sticking out of his window. Sam was right in the line of fire, but there was nothing he could do. He was too tired to fight back or even move. He had just successfully scaled Mount Saint Hard-on and ridden its warm discharge to safety like a log flume on Splash Mountain. All of the adrenaline that had kept Sam moving was gone from his system.

Sam started laughing as he fell to his knees. Wouldn’t that be how it goes? Survive a harrowing journey just to be spooged to death by a reckless bud.

Sam could hear the wall of his house creaking as Tyler thrusted into the window one last time; going in deeper than he had before. Sam could do nothing but watch as the giant jets of cum arced through the air and crashed down around him. The streams of jizz splattered to the ground, ricocheting back up and splashing against Sam, as other streams rained down from above. He was being drenched with cum from all directions.

Sam didn’t even try to fight it. He just let the torrents buffet against his body. He was rocked back and forth as he was hit by jet after jet. Before he knew it, Sam was lying flat on his back in and ever growing puddle of Tyler’s spunk. Sam could feel his own cock stand at attention in the midst of the downpour.

Sam didn’t want to admit it, but climbing around on Jake’s mountainous cock had really gotten him horny. Something about how huge it was drove him wild, but more than that, something about the way it made him feel so tiny really got him hot under the collar. Now that Sam wasn’t in any immediate mortal peril, he could finally enjoy it. As he stared up at his pal’s cock which towered several stories above his head, the memories of his harrowing adventure came flooding back to him. Each scene replayed in vivid detail in his mind. Sam’s swelling cock lurched hard and began firing huge jets of spooge into the night air. Sam’s own ropes of jizz mixed with Tyler’s in the air and rained back down on him.

Sam continued to cum again and again until he was completely spent. He was left floating on his back in a field of jizz. There was far too much around him to just be his and Tyler’s. Sam managed to look beside him and see that Jake’s dick was hanging floppily over the railing now as well. Sam hadn’t even realized that Jake was cumming too. There was no doubt in Sam’s mind that most of the spunk that now coated his yard came from Jake’s monolithic cock, but it was impossible to tell just how much jizz that that behemoth had unleashed upon the landscape.

As Sam’s hardon died down, he could feel it lay down and slap against his feet. Sam couldn’t bring himself to look down and check on his size, but he could feel his feet brushing against the shaft of his humongous cock. His feet reached nowhere near the tip of his soft cock. Soaking in so much of Tyler’s warm cum had definitely had a lasting impact on him. Sam could only laugh as he thought about how big his dick must be now. Five? Six feet? He couldn’t tell, and that wasn’t even his released size. Sam had hoped to pretend to be normal for at least one more day at school, but now that would be impossible.

”Oh well—” Sam muttered silently to himself. It was time to whip up another pair of bulge panties before class tomorrow.


Part 27

Sam just laid there for awhile. His mind was too foggy from the orgasm that had just rocked him to his core, and his body was so tired and sore from the epic ordeal he had just overcome. He could feel the giant puddle of jizz he was suspended in slowly disperse as what couldn’t be absorbed by the already saturated earth spread outwards.

Sam wanted to lie there forever. Not just because he was so comfortable, but also because he was dreading getting up; he knew his dick was now beyond huge. He could feel it bobbing along with the ebb and flow of the cum current. He could also feel his now massive nuts bumping against the ground below him. His huge balls were the only part of his body to touch the ground.

Somewhere deep in the back of Sam’s mind he wondered if he was still growing. He wasn’t sure how the growth worked. Was it just the initial contact that spurred the growth on? Would continuous contact continue to keep the process going? If the latter were true, Sam was in trouble. He was bathing in the spunk right now, and had been for several minutes. Then again, he had been laminated in the spooge earlier, and his growth had halted after a short burst.

Either way this growth spurt was the biggest one he had seen yet, and his cock was as small as it was going to get. He shuddered as he thought about just how big he would be when he got to his full size. He remembered Jake’s colossus towering over his house. Would Sam be that big soon, too? Sam turned his head a bit to get a look at the flaccid behemoth that was pouring out of his bedroom. His friend’s huge meat would give a greyhound bus an inadequacy complex.

Seeing Jake’s monumental cock reminded him of the purpose of his little escapade. He needed to get that beast down to a more manageable size so Jake and Tyler could escape their erotic prison. Sam could feel a little smile playing at the corner of his mouth as he thought to himself “well, that certainly gives new meaning to the term ‘cock blocked.’”

Sam felt his butt bump against the grass as the lake of jizz finally dispersed. He figure that he should probably get up and help Jake and Tyler now. Sam struggled to his feet; his arm and leg muscles were screaming at him after the workout he had just put them through. Sam could feel his stomach drop as he stood fully upright, but his nuts didn’t come with him. They still rested heavily in the muck. Sam slowly looked down; the fear welling up inside him as he could see his newly grown cock for the first time.

Sam had always had large balls. They were low hangers like Tyler’s but they were big. Even before his growth, Sam had big, full bull balls that swung around heavily when he walked around. Part of the reason Sam loved to wear boxers was to give them room to roll around. His dick was a decent enough length, but when he was soft, his balls used to hang down even lower than his dick. It made sense that now that his dick was longer than his legs, his balls would hang lower, too.

Sam didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This whole situation was ludicrous. He was a freak of nature, and there was no way he could try and hide it anymore. Anywhere he went people would easily see the obscenely huge bulge in his pants. His modeling career was over before it had even started. Even Dalton, who seemed to love huge cocks, would surely be disgusted by this grotesque mass that dangled between Sam’s legs.

Sam had almost forgotten about Dalton. Just remembering made his heart ache. Sam knew he had no chance with Tyler, and Dalton was currently his best bet. He did like Dalton, right? Sam tried to think. Sam really didn’t know too much about the guy. All Sam knew was that Dalton seemed to be enraptured by Sam’s large dick, and that Dalton really knew how to charm people. Sam blushed just thinking about the things Dalton had said to him. Sam had never had anyone say he was beautiful before, and he knew that he would love to hear it again sometime.

Other than that, what did he know about Dalton? Dalton was a bit of a hipster; an alright student; maybe even a bit of a playboy, but Sam really didn’t know much else. If Dalton didn’t run screaming from him the second he saw the graboid crawling around between Sam’s legs he would be sure to get to know him better.

Sam slowly stomped through the muck; his massive dong and enormous balls dragging awkwardly behind him. He had found the hose easily enough and begun to spray himself down. The cum was on there thick, but even worse it seemed extra sticky. Sam pulled the trigger all the way as blasted his skin at full blast. The close range pressure washing helped wash the extra gunk off of him, but it left his skin sore and red.

Once Sam was satisfied with how clean he was, he walked back to the stairway and began to hose down Jake’s colossal cock. The mountainous expanse of dick receded back onto the landing. Sam was not surprised to see that Jake was still standing there in the doorway. It’s not like he could have gone anywhere in his previous state.

Jake was conflicted. He was glad to see Sam and was glad to be down to a more manageable size, but he was also a little sad to see all that glorious cock reduced down to such a meager size. Just thinking about how huge he had been a second ago made him start to get aroused again.

Jake’s boner was cut off before it could really get started, though. He began to remember what it was like to be fully hard at his monumental size, which was amazing, but with the memory of his size came the memory of Sam’s peril. Jake was disgusted with himself. He hated how he had let his libido get the better of him. He had endangered his friend’s life because he could not keep his raging hormones in check. The sense of guilt and shame that Jake felt overpowered his horniness, and his arousal quickly dissipated.

Jake reached down and pulled up the underwear that he was currently wearing down around his ankles. It took him a minute or two, but he managed to get his brief back on. His magnificent cock looked even paltrier now that it was compressed under a layer of fabric. To anyone else but Jake, his gigantic package looked incredibly huge. The sheer size of it was mind blowing, and that’s not even factoring in how fantastically his dick filled out his pants. Jake’s mammoth cock was straining against the confines of its fabric prison and looked about ready to break free at any second.

Once Jake was back down to a reasonable size and was what passed as clothed for him, he moved out of the doorway so Sam could get in. Sam entered his room, and could see Tyler against the wall. Tyler gave him a sheepish grin. Sam could quickly see why Tyler was acting like he was. Tyler’s dick was still stuck in the window. Even after it had deflated quite a bit, it was jammed in there pretty well. Had Tyler grown even more while he was plowing the window? It wouldn’t surprise Sam at all if that were the case, and it would have made Sam’s extra strength growth spurt make more sense as well too.

Tyler just pointed at his huge dick with both thumbs and asked “Think you could help me with this?” Tyler was super embarrassed to be in the position he was in. He realized he must look ridiculous. Not only because Sam could tell that Tyler had been humping his window, but because Tyler was left in a very vulnerable position. Tyler knew he had no one to blame for his predicament but himself, but he also knew that if he ever found himself in the same position he had been in earlier, he would do the exact same thing.

Sam just shook his head slowly as he rolled his eyes. Sam walked up to Tyler’s mega cock and began pulling at it while Tyler did the same thing from the other side. It really wasn’t wedged in there all that tight, but it was so huge and so thick around that it was hard to get a decent grip onto it, but with the two of them working together, Tyler’s gigantic dick easily popped out of the open portal and flopped heavily onto the spongy carpet.

Tyler breathed a sigh of relief when his huge dick was free of its prison, and he began rubbing the area where the window frame had been digging into his flesh. There was a visible red ring around his shaft where the flow of blood had been obstructed. Tyler gave a quick nod to Sam to show his appreciation.

“Thanks a bunch. I got a little carried away there.” Tyler said and gave a short sheepish chuckle. He then gestured to the huge cock and balls Sam was struggling to drag around with him and added, “I’m actually surprised to see you didn’t shrink back down before coming in.”

Sam’s eyes narrowed as he glared at Tyler. “I did.”

Tyler cocked his head to the side a bit and raised an eyebrow questioningly. Sam seemed a little bit miffed. Sam nodded towards Tyler’s gigantic dick and then towards the window as he stood there with his arms crossed sternly in front of him. Tyler quickly caught on.

“—oh.” Tyler muttered softly.

Tyler really wanted to laugh. The whole scenario was hilarious when you thought about it not to mention extremely hot. He had accidentally given Sam one hell of a cum bath. Tyler really wished he could have seen it. Even at his condensed size, that last load felt like his biggest yet. It was almost as if his monolithic load had been compressed down as well. It was as if his jet stream had been several times thicker than it would have been at his full size. It definitely seemed to have a much stronger affect than it normally did if Sam’s huge dick was any indication. It had to be at least twice as long as it was before.

Tyler tried his best to keep a straight face. He didn’t understand why Sam seemed to be so upset. Sam loved having a huge dick just as much as he did. Didn’t he? Tyler could definitely tell that something was bugging Sam though, and it seemed to be directly related to the huge piece of meat Sam was struggling to drag around his room. Tyler tried his best to give Sam a reassuring smile.

“I’m sorry?” Tyler said. He hoped that Sam would accept his apology, but his apology didn’t come out as sincere as he had hoped sine he really didn’t feel like he needed to apologize in the first place.

Sam just sighed. He dropped his arms and his stern glare in the process. He knew that there was nothing he could do about it now. His efforts were better spent trying to make the best of his current measurements. He would need to take stock of his new size and get to work on his own pair of briefs for tomorrow. Like it or not he was one of the big boys now, and he had better dress accordingly.

Sam looked over at the clock. It was already almost midnight. They would need to get some sleep soon if they didn’t want to be dead tired in class tomorrow, and there was a lot that needed to be done before they went to sleep.

Sam let out a defeated sigh and then said, “Alright. It’s getting late. We need to get a plan ready for tomorrow.”

Jake just looked around uncertainly. He didn’t really have any plans for tomorrow. He was technically finished with school, but he knew that Sam and Tyler would need to go. Jake had the dubious honor of being their sole source of transportation so that meant he had to go too. Even with his mobility restored by Sam’s invention, Jake wasn’t entirely sure he was ready to go out in public. On one hand he was happy with how huge he was getting. He knew that he was bigger than anyone had ever been before. Everyone who saw him would be able to instantly see it, but Jake also didn’t like causing trouble. He couldn’t see how swinging his massive dick around in public would be a good idea.

Tyler on the other hand was fully hung-ho about going out and being seen by as many people as possible. He loved being the center of attention, and he now had the equipment to make sure that no one would be able to take their eyes off of him. Come tomorrow morning, he would have an entire school of adoring fans.

“It seems easy enough to me. We get dressed and we go to school. Everything else that happens, happens.” Tyler stated cheerily. He even went so far as to nod in agreement with himself. He was obviously very pleased with himself and his prospects for tomorrow.

Jake slowly nodded in agreement. He wanted to go too, but not for the same reasons as Tyler. Jake was exited to see how little everyone else would be compared to him, but Jake didn’t dare mention this to anyone else. He was still trying to come to terms with this strange, dark part of his subconscious.

Sam had figured all along that they would be going back to class. He was just hoping that his friends would give him an excuse to stay home. At least with Tyler around, no one would pay Sam much mind; as huge as Sam was, he was a small fry next to Jake or Tyler, and Tyler really knew how to draw all the attention towards himself. Sam also really wanted to see Dalton again. He hoped that Dalton would not be too freaked out when he saw the enormous meat swinging between his legs. Who knows, Dalton was a self-confessed size queen. Maybe he’d even like it?

Just thinking about Dalton worshipping his cock made Sam begin to get aroused all over again. He could feel his enormous dick stirring to life and swelling up as he imagined Dalton worshipping every inch of his colossus. Sam begrudgingly shook the thought out of his mind. He needed to be the rational one here, and it was far more likely that Dalton would be scared off by the grotesque mass of flesh protruding obscenely between Sam’s legs.

“Alright, fine—” Sam muttered. “But we’ll need clothes and some sleep. It would also be great if we could get clean before going. I really don’t want to go to school reeking of cum.”

Tyler nodded in agreement. “Yeah. You’re totally right. I’ll wait until you get there before I hose you down again.” Tyler said. His voice dripped with double entendre, and he was grinning ear to ear and had a devious glint in his eyes that made him look like a very horny Cheshire Cat.

Tyler’s quip made Jake burst out laughing which in turn caused Tyler to start laughing too, but both of them abruptly stopped when they saw the seething death stare that Sam was giving them.

“Geez. Someone’s touchy tonight—” Jake muttered under his breath. Jake tensed up when he saw Sam’s doom gaze focus squarely on him. He couldn’t tell if Sam had heard what he said, but it was clear that Sam was none too pleased.

“Anyway.” Sam stated sternly. He paused and gave both Jake and Tyler another menacing glare before continuing. “I figure if we wash your clothes really quick, we can have those ready for tomorrow. In the meantime I can whip up another batch of skivvies. I’ll obviously need a pair for tomorrow as well.” Sam demeanor became noticeably sullen as he said the last little bit.

Jake and Tyler looked at each other and then down at their briefs. They had gotten some cum smeared onto them during their most recent shooting match, and would obviously need a good rinsing before being worn out in public. The clothes they had arrived in were now white and crusty after having been so thoroughly soaked in jizz and then left to dry.

“That’s probably for the best. I’m tired after today anyway, so let’s turn in soon.” Jake said as he scooped up his and Tyler’s old clothes and began emptying the pockets. Jake checked his phone upon fishing it out of his pocket and was not at all surprised to see that it was dead. His battery life sucked so bad so he had expected this. Tyler’s phone on the other hand still had a little juice left. Tyler also had quite a few missed calls and messages. Jake thought this was a little odd since he was typically the only one to call or text Tyler on a regular basis, but didn’t feel it worth his time to look into.

“Yo. Someone’s been trying to get in touch.” Jake said as he tossed the phone to his shorter, blond pal. Tyler easily caught it and began checking the messages. They were surprisingly all from his mom. Tyler’s mom typically accepted that Tyler could vanish off to a friend’s house for a day or two and not call in. She would occasionally drop him a text seeing if she should plan on him being home for dinner or something to that effect, but this was something else entirely; several missed calls, voice messages, texts. Something was going down.

Tyler thumbed through his texts really quickly. “Don’t let Jake call his parents.”

“Don’t let him check his messages.”

“Better just keep him off the phone altogether.”

Tyler really didn’t like where this was going and so he dialed into his voicemail. Sure enough, the message there was from his mom as well. Tyler could feel a pit forming in his stomach as he heard the first message.

“Hey, sweetie, listen. I was talking with Jake’s folks. I let slip that you two were, well… together. I tried to pass it off as a joke, but they aren’t taking it well at all. I didn’t know what to do. I’ve called Mark. He’ll be here tomorrow. Hopefully he can handle them. Try and lay low until then. If you have a friend’s place you can stay at, then do so.” His mom’s message said.

Tyler could feel his heart drop into his stomach. He knew Jake’s parents were a little old fashioned, but they seemed like decent enough people. They were very strict though. If his mother was worried then he was worried. Tyler just had to hope that Uncle Mark could handle them.

Uncle Mark wasn’t actually Tyler’s uncle, or anyone’s uncle for that matter. He is Jake’s older brother. When Jake and Tyler were really little and Mark was still staying with his parents he would often be the one to look after the two boys. Being almost twenty years older than Jake made him seem less of a brother and more of a father figure. Somewhere along the years, Tyler had started calling him “Uncle Mark” a title that Jake picked up on too. It quickly became his official title in Tyler’s household.

Mark had finally completed his Masters degree and moved out to pursue his own career about six years ago, but he still stayed in touch. In many ways he was closer with Tyler’s parents than he had ever been with his own, and he was definitely closer with Jake than he had ever been with their older brother.

After hearing his mother’s warnings, Tyler quickly texted a reply to his mom and then deleted all of his messages. Tyler hated lying. He was awful at it, but he had to do it to protect Jake. Tyler turned his phone off and set it on the desk as he heard Jake ask

“What did your mom want?” Jake asked.

“Shit.” Tyler thought to himself. Jake must have seen her name when he glanced at the phone. At least Tyler knew there was no way Jake could have checked the messages. Jake hadn’t unlocked the phone before passing it to Tyler.

Tyler tried to play it cool as best he could. “Apparently the house cleaner called earlier. She says we either need to pay her double or let her start filming whatever it is we did up there.” He quipped. This was technically true. Tyler had had one message to this effect much earlier on in the day. Tyler tried his best to smile, but it felt like he was trying too hard. Tyler was afraid that Jake would be able to catch on to the amount of effort it was taking him to just crack even a basic smile.

Jake just rolled his eyes and replied, “Surely that’s not the only thing she said.”

“Haha. Yeah. You got me. She talked to Uncle Mark earlier. He was going to come visit tomorrow.”

Tyler was fidgeting. A lot. Jake knew there was something he wasn’t telling him. “That’s good news… right?” Jake asked suspiciously.

Tyler knew he was busted, but he still had to limit the impact. Tyler couldn’t even look Jake in the eyes as he continued. “Well. He wants to be here to help you break the news to your parents.”

Jake swallowed hard. He had been so caught up in all the fun he had been having with Tyler the past few days he hadn’t even considered how his parents would react. For years Mark was the only person who had known. It was Mark who had suggested Jake use the old chest in the closet to hide his toys, and it was Mark who had bought most of the contents or had taken Jake to pick out his own.

They had gotten some strange looks when they first visited the stores, but Mark had managed to pass himself off Jake’s father; having the same surname on their respective IDs helped a lot. The shop workers were very nice to them and were very pleased to see someone who was so supportive of their son in such a difficult time in any young man’s life especially a gay one.

Jake was relieved that Tyler’s mom had had the foresight to call Mark first before telling his parents. Mark had always told Jake to be sure and call him first whenever he decided to finally give their parents the talk. Mark had always been the most rebellious of their three sons, and so he knew a thing or two about standing up to them. Jake was very nervous about what tomorrow would hold, but now that he had his brother and his boyfriend by his side he felt much more confident.

Tyler waited anxiously for any response from Jake. Tyler hadn’t technically lied, but he had skewed the truth so much that it made him very uncomfortable. He could only hope that Jake would buy his story.

“So… are you ok?” Tyler asked.

Jake was so caught up worrying about tomorrow that he had forgotten to pay attention to what was happening around him. He could see the worry etched into Tyler’s face. Jake’s demeanor immediately softened.

“Oh. Yeah. I’m fine. I think I’m ready. They have to find out sometime, right?” Jake sputtered nervously. He then flashed Tyler the biggest, most soulful puppy dog eyes he could muster and asked, “And with you by my side I am sure I’ll be fine… You will be there, right?” Jake replied.

Tyler immediately perked up. “O-Of course!” He shouted. “I’ll be there for you whenever you need me. I always have been and always will be.” Tyler began running slowly towards Jake and Jake began to do the same towards Tyler. Had this been a movie, Rhapsody in G would be blaring in the background, and the slow running would be a result of cinematic magic. As it was, the only soundtrack to this scene was the smushy, squishing sound of footfalls on the saturated carpet, and the slow running was just a side effect of the two dudes struggling to move while being weighted down by their enormous dicks and balls.

Their huge packages obstructed them further as their cocks and balls smashed against each other as they tried to embrace. The two guys had to crawl over their own members in order to get into arms reach of each other. Once they did though, they embraced long and passionately and kissed each other deeply.

Sam was once again left to feel like the third wheel, but he knew that this was for the best. He really liked Jake and Tyler and was happy for them. If anyone deserved each other it was these two. Sam silently walked around the room collecting pieces of clothing to throw into the washer. He hoped that whatever happened next, Tyler and Jake would at least try and limit the damage to his already defiled living quarters.

Sam flung his massive cock over his shoulder and slowly walked down the stairs with the bundle of clothes to be washed. He was genuinely happy for them and was feeling all warm and fuzzy after watching the touching moment Jake and Tyler had shared. Sam hoped that he found someone like that someday, someone who would be able to see pass the giant mass of sex that was now larger than Sam’s body.

It was slow going trying to walk down the stairs. It really didn’t help that Sam’s huge nuts now hung lower than his ankles. They were also so huge that he couldn’t fit them side by side on the stairway. He eventually settled on a system where he would prop himself up on his the railing using his hands while he used his feet to guide his balls down the steps. He was able to keep the laundry balanced in his lap as he walked down the railing on his palms and rode his nuts down the stairs. He had expected it to hurt a lot more than it had, but at his current size, each foot drop was roughly akin to an inch drop for a normal person.

Sam was glad to finally be on the ground floor. There were no more stairs between him and the utility room where the washer was kept. The house was pitch black and completely silent as Sam crept around. He hoped to be in and out without his dad catching him. It seemed like Sam had made it too. He loaded the clothes into the washer, tossed in some detergent, and set the cycle to run. Once Sam was satisfied that the washing machine could handle the rest of the task without him, he brushed his hands together with a few satisfied smacks. This was done both as a gesture of accomplishment and a method of shaking off the powdered jizz flakes that Sam had gotten all over his hands from handling the cum-crusted clothing.

Sam turned around the see his father standing in the doorway glaring at it. Sam’s heart stopped and his body tensed up with fear. He had no idea how his father would react to seeing him like this.

Sam’s dad looked his son up and down. He immediately noticed the modifications that had been made since last he saw him. “You got bigger.” He said flatly.

Sam stood up straight and rigid as if he were an army recruit being grilled by some tough talking drill instructor. Now that he was no longer making an effort to try and balance his massive dick over his shoulder, it quickly rolled off and crashed against the floor with a loud smack.

“Yes, sir” was all that Sam could manage. He stared straight ahead, not daring to make eye contact.

Sam’s dad puffed up his chest as stared down his son. The two were roughly the same height, but Sam’s dad had a far bulkier build. Years of working hard construction had given him solid muscles, and years of not worrying too much about his diet had added even more bulk on top of that. Sam’s dad completely dwarfed his lithe son.

“I’ve seen the other boys. They are bigger.” He said. Sam nodded. He was still too panicked to read his father’s tone or lack thereof.

“Yes, sir.” Sam said.

Sam’s father’s eyes narrowed even further. “Do you know what you are doing?” He asked.

Sam couldn’t answer. He didn’t fully understand the question, and his brain was on the verge of a full meltdown.

Sam’s father, Todd, had always been a man of few words and fewer facial expressions. Wanda had been the first woman to ever be able to see through his stoic mask and understand his feelings. Most people wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but marrying her made him the happiest man in the world. Then Sam was born and it seemed like his life was getting better every day.

Wanda had been taken from them far too early. Todd missed her every day of his life, but he was glad to have Sam around. He could see so much of her in his son especially in his smile and the way he laughed. When Sam had come out and had his entire life upended, it hurt Todd more than he would ever show. Every day Sam’s emotions seemed to dull and he became more and more like his father. It tore him up inside to see that vacant expression on Sam’s face, but he never was any good at expressing himself. He couldn’t give Sam the help that he knew Sam needed.

When Sam had shown up with two new friends, Todd was at first shocked to see their odd proportions. He had never known people could get to be so big down there. Even Sam’s dick had surprised him. Sam certainly didn’t get that from his side of the family, but as shocking as their appearances were, their effect on Sam’s mood was undeniable. Sam was laughing for the first time ages. As much as Todd hated dark elves and especially spiders, if Sam had met a Drider that made him laugh like that, Todd would walk up and shake both of his hands and all eight of his legs.

That said, seeing Sam with a cock that was bigger than his body was hard to take in especially after seeing that whale of a dick that was shooting out of his guest house earlier. It was probably a good thing that Todd had no idea about Sam having played Jonah with that same whale earlier in the night. Todd was worried that his son would lose himself to whatever was happening with those other two, but at the same time, he didn’t want to try and tear Sam away from the first friends he had made that had managed to crack his shell.

Todd was trying to have a heart to heart with Sam, but he could see the terror welling up in his son’s eyes. Todd was not actually mad at Sam at all—just worried. He wished there was some way that he could get through to Sam. Todd did the one thing he could think of. He pulled Sam in and hugged him tight.

“Just promise me that you’ll be careful.” He said softly.

Sam was shocked when his dad had hugged him like that. He was so sure that his father would be repulsed by his appearance. He would be so disgusted by the freak that Sam was becoming. Sam thought for sure that his dad disapproved of his new friends. Maybe Tyler was right all along. Maybe his dad really was just happy for him.

Once the shock passed, Sam began to relax. He didn’t dislike his dad. He loved him in fact, but he was just so hard to read. Sam could never be sure how his dad had taken his coming out. They had never really talked about it at all. Sam was so happy when his dad had kicked out his last girlfriend after what she had said. He couldn’t help but feel that maybe he should have actually told his dad that sometime. Sam hugged his dad back.

“Thank you… for everything. I mean it.” Sam said.

When Sam and his dad eventually broke their embrace Sam could see that his dad’s eyes were wet. This was the closest Sam had ever seen him come to crying. Sam’s father put one thick hand on his shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze before he turned and silently left the room.

Sam was feeling much better about everything that was happening in his life. He had hope for tomorrow again. He started to think that maybe, just maybe, people could see past his newly enhanced equipment. His thoughts returned to Dalton, and he began t wonder if maybe he’d even like Sam’s changes. A thought crossed Sam’s mind that made him blush and caused a goofy smile spread across his face… maybe Dalton would even want to join him.


Part 28

With his hopes for tomorrow somewhat restored, Sam walked back up to his room but not before snagging a sheet to make a makeshift hammock for his impressive set of nuts. Sam deftly lifted his balls up with the sheet and then tied the corners of the sheet behind his neck making something akin to a sling for his massive package. Now that Sam had a nice basket for his dinosaur eggs the stairs proved to be no problem for him.

When Sam entered his room he was pleasantly surprised to see it much the same as he had left it. The love birds had been spending their time just enjoying each other’s company.

“Wow. You didn’t cum flood the place again.” Sam remarked playfully.

Tyler gave Sam a mischievous wink and replied, “You seem disappointed. If I had known you wanted me to, I would have prepared a bath for you.” Even though Tyler made an attempt at his normal kinky bravado, it was obvious he was a little shaken. Jake was even worse off.

Jake was trying to keep up appearances of being cool and collected, but he was obviously very nervous. Sam didn’t understand parts of the conversation earlier, but he did seem to catch on that Jake was going to come out to his parents whether he was ready to or not. Sam really hoped that Jake would be ready when the time came. Sam had not had any say in the matter when his dad had found out. Sam hadn’t even been conscious when his father had been given the reports of what had happened. He knew how hard it could be, but yet, he didn’t know if there was any way he could help. Sam instead chose to leave the matter alone for now and maybe even give them something else to focus on instead.

“Hey. Let’s get some measurements done real quick.” Sam stated suddenly. He scooped the tape measure up off the floor and tossed it to Tyler. Tyler caught it and exchanged a few uncertain glances with Jake.

Jake was actually not sure he wanted to know how big he was anymore. He loved his size and loved to show it off to most people, but now that he had the looming specter of talking to his parents to deal with, he was not so excited to be swinging around fifteen feet of big, soft dick. Tomorrow night was already going to be a nightmare as it was. On the plus side maybe this would make his coming out seem like less of a big deal. Like he could just come home and be like “Mom. Dad. I have a confession to make. My dick needs its own ZIP code. Oh yeah, and I’ve been banging the neighbor boy. No big.”

Sam could tell that Jake was uncomfortable and felt bad for bringing it up. “If you don’t want to, that’s fine. I think I’ll need to whip something up for myself to wear tomorrow, though—” Sam muttered awkwardly.

Jake could tell that Sam meant well, and so he plucked the tape measure from Tyler’s hand and stood up. “Let’s get started then.” Jake announced.

Truth be told, Jake could use something to take his mind off of what lied in store for him. It wasn’t like worrying about it would change anything, and besides, this could be fun. Jake smiled at Sam to let Sam know that he was fine with measuring some more.

Sam was glad to see that Jake seemed to be willing to participate. As Jake walked over to where Sam was, Sam undid his banana hammock  –  or in his case it was more like a pontoon hammock  –  and let his enormous dick lay out in front of him. Sam felt a little uncomfortable standing there with both of his friends eyeing his massive tool, but he patiently waited while Jake unraveled the measuring tape along the length of his gigantic shaft.

Jake raised his eyebrows as he read the results. He was obviously impressed. “63 inches. Not bad. Nowhere near as big as ours, but still… not bad.” Jake murmured appreciatively. Jake’s previous pride was beginning to reawaken, but he had every right to be cocky. Sam’s dick was huge, but it wasn’t even a third of the size of Jake’s behemoth.

Sam was a little surprised to hear his dick was so small. Sam was even more surprised to realize that he thought of a five foot long dong as “small,” but Sam had been so convinced that his jumbo cock was larger than his body. Sam supposed that when he got hard, it would shoot up past six feet, but he had braced himself for something closer to a ten foot monster cock. He figured it was all a mental thing. Sort of how when someone if afraid of spiders the freaky arachnids appear to be the size of a dog, but if you don’t mind spiders they appear to be tiny little bugs that they are.

Sam was just making mountains out of… well, still mountains. No matter how he looked at it, his cock was enormous. The only way that that beast could be considered a molehill is if said molehill was made by Giga Monty.

Jake was really starting to relax now that he had measured Sam. Something about numbers was strangely soothing to him. It may have had something to do with how clean-cut and finite a good number could be in a world of confusion, but there was something else at work this time. Seeing Sam’s current measurements spelled out in such scientific terms had reawakened Jake’s own curiosity. He needed to know if he had gotten any bigger since his last growth spurt. He felt like he might have, but he couldn’t prove anything. He needed the raw data to back up his theory.

His dick was already almost three times the size of is body, even if he had added a few feet to it it wouldn’t seem all that much bigger. Jake sighed internally at this thought. He was getting to the point were if he wanted to be bigger he would need exponentially larger growths to actually have anything to show for it.

When Sam had finished jotting down his notes, Jake tossed him the tape measure.

“Here. Check mine again.” Jake said.

Sam nodded at Jake and proceeded to size up Jake’s colossal meat. Jake held the end of the tape to the base of his shaft while he waited for the word from Sam.

Sam looked noticeably shocked when he got the final tally in. “199 inches!? Sam gasped. You’ve put on almost a full foot since last time.”

Jake was a little annoyed by this number. He was one measly inch shy of getting into the two hundreds. He realized it was silly to nitpick about one tiny inch when he was already quickly approaching the twenty foot mark, but come on. Tyler’s miracle growth jizz could at least have the common courtesy to round off to the nearest ten inches.

Tyler was back into high spirits too after seeing Jake perk up. Tyler hated seeing Jake look so sad, and he hated even more not being able to do anything to help.

“Dang, boyo. What have you been feeding that thing?” Tyler teased as if he didn’t already know.

Jake gave Tyler a cocky smirk and replied “I’ve been on a diet of heavy cream.”

Tyler chuckled at Jake’s joke, but Sam cringed. Jake really wasn’t the best at making jokes, but the fact that he was even trying meant that his mood was vastly improved.

Tyler caught the bit of tape that was tossed to him by Sam as he continued to tease Jake. “I know how much you like it. I’ll whip up something extra big for you.” Tyler said playfully and gave Jake the sexiest wink he could muster. Jake’s face started to turn red and his dick twitched a bit as it began to stir back to life.

Sam saw the look in his two pal’s eyes and was worried that he’d soon have to take another round of measurements. Fortunately Tyler defused the situation.

“” after we are officially a couple tomorrow,” Tyler said as he flashed a salacious wink at his boyfriend.

“You little bitch.” Jake muttered in shock. Jake realized that he really shouldn’t grow any more before he talked to his parents, but really? That was a low blow. Jake wanted to slap Tyler so bad. He would have done it, too if Tyler wasn’t so adorable. That stupid, disarming, charming grin that Tyler always seemed to have made it impossible for Jake to get mad at him. Also the fact that he was tethered by a cock the size of a school bus didn’t help much either. By the time Jake had managed to heave his mass over to where Tyler was standing the moment would have passed.

Sam waited for Tyler and Jake to finish their little moment before reading off the results. Sam almost felt like he should do a drum roll to get the mood going, but decided against it.

“185 inches. That’s almost to Jake’s old size.” Sam stated.

Tyler arched his back backwards a bit to really emphasize his gigantic cock and balls. Not that it did anything, though. Once someone’s cock is that big it’s kind of hard to not already have it be the center of attention.

“Yeah, but I wear it better.” Tyler sassed playfully while grinning ear to ear with pride.

Sam just raised an eyebrow as he looked at the ridiculous scene before him. The two boys were completely and totally dwarfed by their monumental manhood, and they were still trying to one up each other.

“At this point, I think it’s wearing you.” Sam grumbled.

Jake and Tyler looked at each other for a second before they both started howling with laughter. Sam hadn’t actually meant that as a joke. He was just thinking out loud, but pretty soon he was laughing alongside his friends.

When the laughter finally died down, Sam tossed Jake some paper and the original template from earlier. Jake knew the drill and quickly got the conversions taken care of. Jake made sure to fudge the numbers a little for Tyler’s pattern; he knew how Tyler liked it extra tight in the front. Once Jake finished, he gave the sheets back to Sam.

Sam got the next pairs ready in record time. Now that he had done these a few times, it had become very easy for him to get the pieces measured and cut. He finished them in almost half the time he had finished the last batch.

“Shall we try them on?” Sam asked as he finished sewing up the last pair.

Jake shook his head. He trusted Sam enough to get it done right. Tyler was too busy yawning to give a proper response. It was clear that no one felt like doing yet another underwear pageant this late at night. They were all too worn out for that. It was already past 2 am and they all had class first thing in the morning.

“I agree with Tyler. I think it’s time to turn in.” Jake said as he nodded to Tyler who was groggily rubbing his eyes.

The three of them all agreed it was time for some much needed sleep and went out to Sam’s backyard to camp out for the night. They found a nice, dry spot closer to the house that had been spared from the deluge of jizz from earlier in the evening, and they chose to set up camp there.

Tyler quickly inflated to his full size and passed out face down in his own gargantuan balls. With a little help from Sam, Jake managed to climb up with Tyler. Once he was nestled up nice and close to Tyler, he too expanded to his massive max size.

Sam had to admire how cute those tow looked together. The whole scene was pretty adorable… once you wrapped your mind around the absurdity of it, that is. The two guys had fallen asleep in each others arms while resting soundly in the soft, warm mattress of Tyler’s gigantic nuts. Even their colossal dicks appeared to be spooning each other, as they lay pressed up against each other.

Sam felt simultaneously very happy to be their friend, but also very lonely. He knew that someday he would meet someone who would love him like that, but it didn’t help him much currently. Sam flung a large blanket over his shoulder and quickly scaled the side of Jake’s humongous cock. Sam didn’t want to admit it out loud, but when he had fallen asleep atop Jake’s dick earlier it had been the best nap he had had in ages. Once he was up top he had plenty of room to lie down and pull the blanket over him. He quickly drifted off to blissful slumber.

The morning rolled around far too quickly. Sam had had the foresight to bring a watch with him and had set the alarm, but now that the beeping was ruining his glorious sleep, he really wished he hadn’t. Sam muttered something in a language unfamiliar to anyone even himself. He mashed his hand against the beeping watch repeatedly until he finally hit the right button.

Sam groggily pushed himself up into a sitting position. He really hated getting up in the morning; especially when he had such a comfy bed. He would love to just lie there for several more hours, but school would not wait for him. Sam looked around. It was already pretty sunny out. Sam longed for the days of summer where he could sleep in as late as he wanted and relax outside under the sunshine all day.

Unfortunately, Sam lived so far away from anything that he would be all alone during the long holiday. As great as sleeping in sounded now, within two days of being off of school Sam would be lonely again. Sam looked back at his only two friends. Jake and Tyler were still fast asleep in each other’s arms. Sam wanted that someday. He had more or less accepted that Tyler would never be his, and he was honestly really happy for Jake.

Sam would have to find someone else. It was a daunting task, but it was not impossible especially when at least one cute little hipster was more than willing to get into his pants  –  metaphorically speaking, obviously; Sam was currently naked as the day he was born. The blanket didn’t really count as clothing, especially now that it did nothing to actually cover him.

Sam had inflating to his true glory during the night. He had no memory of having done so, but it really didn’t matter now. Sam took a minute to marvel at the leviathans between his legs  –  the one that was directly attached to him and the one the one that he had been sleeping on. His cock was enormous, but Jake’s was absolutely gigantic. It still took Sam’s breath away every time he saw it. It was just so staggeringly huge.

Sam threw off the blanket, and began to descend Mount Jake’s northern slope. If things kept up the way they were going, Jake would have his own gravitational pull by the end of the week. Sam slid off the side of Jake’s colossus and looked around him. The grass had become damp with dew during the course of the night, and Sam could see a set of fresh footprints. There’s only one person who could have left them. No doubt Sam’s dad had come to tell him something, but balked at the sheer size of the mound of cock flesh spread out before him. Sam chuckled a little to himself. He had to wonder if his dad had seen him at his current size, or if he had shown up before Sam had really let himself go.

Either way, Sam was going to have to thank him for being so chill about all this. It can’t be easy seeing your son sporting a cock that is over twice your size. Either of Sam’s nuts would have been almost as tall as his dad. Fortunately, they were quickly becoming a much more reasonable size as his junk dragged across the crisp, cool dew on the grass. By the time Sam got over to the hose he was just about down to where he needed to be, and a quick blast of icy cold water got him the rest of the way.

Sam debated with himself for a moment over whether he should try and wake Jake and Tyler up politely or just hose them down. He thought it would be rude to just blast them while they slept. He figured he should at least try and rouse them the good old fashioned way first.

Sam trudged over to Jake and Tyler. He was going to try and rouse them, he really was, but seeing them cuddled up so close together, well… Sam might have accepted that Jake and Tyler were perfect for each other, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t still be just a little bit jealous.

Sam pulled the trigger enough to cause the water from the nozzle to arc upwards and shower down upon the lovers as if it were a refreshing summer rain. Tyler and Jake groaned as they slowly regained their senses. Jake glared grumpily at Sam when he finally realized that it wasn’t actually raining and that the downpour was just Sam messing with them.

Sam just grinned and replied, “Morning, love birds.”

Jake muttered under his breathe something that was almost inaudible. What little bits and pieces Sam caught seemed sounded something akin to “You have to sleep sometime, and when you do—”

Tyler staggered to his feet and looked around. “What time is it?” He asked.

Sam checked his watch instinctively. He really didn’t need to since he had just been woken up by his alarm not even five minutes ago. He already knew what time it was and rattled off the numbers without even reading the clock. “It’s about 6:15,” He said.

Tyler yawned loudly and rubbed his eyes. “Damn, dude. That’s early. We don’t have class for nearly three more hours.” He grumbled.

Sam folded his arms in front of his chest. His new pose gave him an aura of authority. “Yeah, but we have a lot of work to do to get ready. Not to mention I live way out in the boonies.” He stated matter-of-factly.

“Fair enough.” Tyler said as he lightly kicked Jake in the side to wake him up again. Jake groaned again and flopped back onto his cushiony balls.

“This is going to take some work.” Tyler sighed. He then shrugged and turned his attention back to Sam. “I don’t suppose you have any coffee, do you?” He asked.

Sam had to think for a second. He never really bothered with coffee, but he was sure his dad kept some around. Sam knew that his dad always made a pot before leaving for work, but he also knew his dad liked to drink the entire pot by himself.

“I suppose I could put a pot on.” Sam replied after a moment of deliberation.

“Great. In the meantime I will see if I can’t make any progress with sleeping nudey over here.” Tyler replied. He gave Jake a playful poke in the ribs which caused Jake to twitch involuntarily and make a blind attempt to swat at Tyler before slipping back into a deep slumber.

Sam gave Tyler a silent grin. Then he nodded and went into the house to prepare some coffee and breakfast. In the meantime Tyler gathered up the soaps and towels from last night and set to work.

When Sam came back out of the house, carrying a few mugs, a coffee pot, and a box of cereal, he was shocked to see Jake’s twenty foot monster at full tilt. The beast was rock hard and dripping with suds. Sam gave Tyler an incredulous glare but said nothing. Words really weren’t needed though.

Tyler tried to feign innocence. “It’s a morning wood! Honest!” He cried.

Sam gave Jake a quick look over. Jake was still fast asleep, but now he was covered in suds; his hair was white and foamy with shampoo; his skin glistened with soapy water.

Tyler looked a little embarrassed. “I thought maybe he could use the extra sleep, seeing as how today’s going to be so rough for him. He seemed to enjoy it more than I expected, though.” Tyler explained sheepishly.

Sam was amazed that Jake could actually sleep through the full body rub down he was receiving. Sam was also a little jealous of Jake for having such a dedicated and caring boyfriend. Sam then turned his gaze to Tyler. Sam was secretly impressed with Tyler for keeping his arousal in check especially while rubbing down his lover’s magnificent cock, but Sam could see that Tyler was sporting a semi of his own.

“Be careful with that thing. We don’t have time to get you guys into yet another pair of pants before class.” Sam said. He had meant to just tease Tyler a little, but he realized that the words came out a little harsher than intended. Tyler looked a little crestfallen and nodded dejectedly.

“I know, I know. Here. Hold him up wile I get his chest.” Tyler replied.

Sam set their breakfast down on the patio and went over to help Tyler wash down his boyfriend. Sam thought to himself that it was probably a good thing that Jake was enjoying the wash down as much as he was. With his colossal dong sticking straight up, it was not getting all that muddy. Jake would only need a quick ball buffing when he got up in order to be clean and ready to go.

With Jake mostly clean, Tyler and Sam set their sights on each other. Their morning shower was relatively uneventful. Sam was in too much of a hurry to let himself get caught up in the sensuality of the actions, and Tyler was too anxious about Jake’s coming out ceremony planned for that night to really get into the mood. By the time Sam and Tyler were clean, Jake was finally stirring. The scent of hot coffee was doing more to wake him than even the full service cleaning he had received.

Jake’s eyes fluttered open, and he quickly turned beat red. Even after the wild, crazy, sexy day he had had yesterday, he still got a little embarrassed about popping a boner in front of his friends especially since he was still not fully awake. His subconscious mind had not adjusted to the sex charged lifestyle he had been living the past few days.

Tyler gave Jake a reassuring smile and a tall mug of coffee. Upon seeing the state of his two friends, Jake quickly relaxed. Sam and Tyler were similarly disrobed and not entirely flaccid either. The three guys sat together on the porch, drinking coffee and taking handfuls of cereal from the box, but they were all too anxious to manage much conversation.

Things went smoothly up until it was time to get dressed. They had their underwear situation sorted out, but the rest of their wardrobe was going to be a different story. Seeing this, Sam had an idea. He still had all his old clothes from back when he was one of the good ol’ country boys; loose cargo shorts, white t-shirts, and baggy flannel overshirts. There was no way they were going to be getting their bulges into the shorts, but at least they could give their legs some semblance of coverage.

Sam slipped on a pair of shorts and quickly realized that it was just not going to work, but Sam wasn’t about to be deterred. He quickly grabbed the scissors off of his desk and sliced the fly open all the way down to the inseam. Sam now had plenty of room to let his junk hang out the front but still pull the shorts all the way up to his waist. He quickly modified two other pairs in much the same way and gave them to Jake and Tyler.

Pretty soon they were all dressed in Sam’s old shorts and t-shirts. It was a good thing that they didn’t need to button the shorts up, because even without their massive protruding packages, Sam had a much smaller waistline than either Jake or Tyler. There was going to be a problem with keeping the pants from falling down, but that problem was quickly remedied by snagging some suspenders from his dad’s closet. Now that their pants were safely secured, they all slipped some flannel shirts on over top which easily covered their ridiculous looking suspenders.

From the back they all looked like perfectly normal albeit strangely matching, teenagers, but from any other angle their enormous bulges were easily visible. Even Sam, whose cock was roughly a third the size of Jake’s or Tyler’s, was far larger than any normal person’s. He looked like he had two beach balls and a tube of industrial strength ventilation hosing, shoved down his front.

Jake and Tyler looked even more ridiculous. Their nuts were over half as tall as they were. Even with the special compression briefs holding their junk in place, their balls came dangerously close to scraping the ground. The tops of their huge orbs were lifted up so that they came up to about their belly buttons, and their impossibly huge dicks were pressed in on top of that. Their dicks were so huge and thick that their bulges peaked at about chest level and stuck out several feet in front of them. They had to be very careful walking, since their field of vision was very much obstructed.

Once they all gathered up their respective books and bags, they filed into Jake’s Jeep. Jake had to slide his seat all the way back in order to fit his industrial equipment in with him. Even then, it pushed up against the steering column and threatened to honk the horn for him if he got even the slightest bit aroused. Jake was very glad he had not gone another round with Tyler last night or he wouldn’t even be able to drive his car anymore.

Tyler hopped into the passenger seat, and generally had a much easier time of it than Jake. Tyler’s junk was a little smaller than Jake’s, but the real thing that helped him was not having to deal with the steering column being all up in his business like it was with Jake.

Sam took the same seat he had taken the night before, the middle seat in the back. He liked this seat because it put him in a good position to join in on Jake and Tyler’s conversations without actually being in between them. It was the perfect spot for a third wheel such as himself, he thought with a small tinge of bitterness.

Before they headed out, Jake pulled his cell out and prepared to charge it, but Tyler stopped him. “Hey, mine’s almost out of juice. Mind if I charge mine instead? I am kind of expecting a message today. I’ll pass a message along to my mom to have Mark reach you on my cell, ok?” Tyler said. He tried his best to steady his voice, but he still faltered a little bit. All of that was technically correct, but Tyler still hated lying. His real reason for wanting to charge his phone was to keep Jake from seeing his messages and catching on that his parents were already clued in to his personal preference.

Jake begrudgingly agreed. He didn’t really have anyone other than Tyler that he wanted to reach today, anyway.

It turned out that they could have slept in a little bit longer. Most of the morning rush had already died down so they actually made really good time. They had gotten to school with almost an hour to kill.

As they approached the parking lot Tyler looked at the clock and said. “We’re way too early. Want to go chill elsewhere? Maybe get some real grub?”

They were all a little hungry. The handfuls of cereal just didn’t cut it. Jake shrugged as he thought about where they could go. “Hmm. Well, there’s not much around here. We could just whip into the McDonald’s down the road.” He mused out loud.

“Ooooh. I forgot about that place. There’s a Starbucks right next to it, right?” Tyler replied. Jake noticed the devious twinkle that his boyfriend had in his brilliant green eyes. He was thinking of something, but Jake wasn’t sure what. This wasn’t Tyler’s typical mischievous or lascivious twinkle.

Tyler could see Jake’s eyebrow raising questioningly and decided to clarify. “Aren’t those places like gathering grounds for gay dudes? Maybe we’ll find someone for Sam?” Tyler explained.

Sam turned bright red at the mere mention of going out on the pull so early in the day especially with them all looking like they currently did. Who would even dare talk to them with the mountains of man meat they were all swinging around?

Jake turned off his turn signal and drove past the entrance to the parking lot. “Your logic is spotty at best, but I could use more coffee anyway.” He replied with a shrug.

Sam’s brain was in an all out brawl with itself. On one hand he was so glad that Tyler had his best interests in mind. Tyler had promised to help Sam find a guy, and it seemed like he was totally ready to follow through on it. On the other hand… well? Look at them! They were hyper-sexed circus freaks. Sam didn’t even want to go to school like this, let alone be walking around in a public setting where people he didn’t even know would be staring at his junk the whole time. The only good thing Sam could see was that he was so small in comparison to his friends that he might be able to slide in under the radar.

When they pulled up to the little coffee shop, Sam waited for Jake and Tyler to get out before he did so too. Jake and Tyler had all eyes on them in a matter of seconds. If Sam played his cards right he could be in and out without even getting so much as a sidelong glance, but it was not to be.

When Tyler walked into the shop, he immediately took stock of all the gazes he was getting. Tyler was incredibly good at reading people’s feelings, and he did a mental inventory of those who were jealous, ashamed, intimidated, or flat out turned on. Of those that were gazing at Tyler’s impressive endowments, only one or two fit into the small category of male, aroused, and under the age of thirty.

Jake entered a second later and all eyes were split between ogling Jake or Tyler. Sam slipped in relatively under the radar just as he was hoping to do. There seemed to be only one person giving him any attention at all, and that was one of the baristas who was working behind the counter.

Tyler quickly caught on to the one person in the room who was not giving him the full attention that he felt he deserved. Tyler recognized him immediately. He actually went to their school last year. Tyler had no doubt in his mind that the barista was already enjoying his summer vacation. Colleges always let out months before high schools did. On the plus side, Tyler and Jake had that to look forward to next year.

From what little Tyler could remember about this guy he seemed nice enough. Pretty reserved, not nearly as reserved as Sam, but then again few people were. Did Tyler catch a hint of blushing on his face? It was hard to tell. It looked like he hadn’t bothered shaving since classes had let out for the summer. The little bit of scruff looked good on him, though. His faint beard was the same dusty reddish brown color that the rest of the hair on his head was. It really brought out his green eyes. His hair was cut pretty short, but still had a little bit of styling to it. Tyler felt his heart beat just a little faster as he watched the server shoot Sam a nervous half smile. Tyler would totally tap that if he wasn’t already completely devoted to the guy of his dreams.

A grin spread across Tyler’s face. It was time to play FedEx with these two socially inept kiddies. Tyler much preferred the idea of being an expert shipper to the commonly accepted idiom of playing Cupid. He never really understood how shooting someone was supposed to be a good way to get people to fall in love. Tyler’s experience in various video games had led him to believe that an arrow to the heart would typically result in death for the recipient.

Tyler placed his order and waited by the counter, all while watching the red-head like a hawk. The barista never noticed Tyler’s glances; he was too fixated on Sam. He only looked over to Tyler when it was finally time to hand Tyler the breakfast roll he had ordered.

The server was completely shocked when he turned around to see this guy staring at him with the biggest, playful, Cheshire Cat grin he had ever seen. He almost dropped the roll he had just pulled out of the microwave, but the blond didn’t seem to care. The twinkle in the blond guy’s eyes seemed to scream “Gotcha!” The blond made a subtle gesture with his head towards the raven haired beauty that the server had been watching just a moment ago.

“His name’s Sam by the way. You should give him your number.” Tyler explained. The barista just stood there in stunned silence as the blond guy plucked the roll from his hand and with one quick motion gave him a sly wink and vanished into the crowded coffee house.

The server went back to his tasks with a bit of a euphoric haze clouding his mind. He had a name to go with that beautiful face, and it seemed like he was being told to go for it. For some reason he felt he could trust that strange blond guy. He seemed like the mischievous type, but he seemed trustworthy. The barista froze as he grabbed the next cup to fill. The name on the side was “Sam.”

Sam waited at the counter for his drink. He didn’t go to these places often especially because he lived so far away from one. He wasn’t really sure what he was getting himself into, but Jake had suggested this drink, so Sam ordered it. Knowing Jake it was probably 95% caffeine with like 5% whipped cream for flavor. Sam just wanted to get out of there. Leaning against the counter helped to hide his bulge, but he still felt out of place. Sam just stood there mindlessly strumming his fingers along the counter as his mind wandered off.

The black haired cutie was just a few feet away, but the server couldn’t think of anything to say. That pensive gaze he had as he stared off into nothingness just seemed to make him look even more beautiful. The barista finally managed to work up the courage to say something as he finished the drink. “Sam?”

Sam was shocked to hear someone say his name, but he turned to see that it was just the server dude holding his order. Of course he knew Sam’s name. It was written on the cup. Sam accepted the glass with a quick nod and a practiced robotic smile. “Thanks.” He Sam murmured as he took the cup. The server didn’t even say anything back, but Sam figured that was normal for a place like this and walked back over to reunite with his friends.

The server had frozen when he had seen Sam’s smile. He couldn’t do anything but stand there like a tool while that handsome guy walked away from him  –  probably forever. He was just about to go back to work, sad and dejected, when suddenly the blond guy was standing at the counter again. The blond guy just rolled his eyes and slipped him a napkin and a pen. The shop worker immediately took the hint and scrawled his number onto the paper. The blond took the paper and with another sly wink, vanished into the crowd.

Tyler walked back up to his friends, and tossed Sam a stack of napkins. “Here. You’ll be needing this.” He said.

Sam was about to argue with Tyler. After all, Sam had made sure to grab a few napkins of his own. It wasn’t like Sam was a messy eater or drinker, but before Sam could protest he noticed something written on the napkin.

There was a phone number! Someone named Lyle? Sam looked around the room and noticed the barista giving him an awkward smile. Sam turned bright red. That guy had totally been checking him out the entire time and he had never even noticed!

Sam stared down at the phone number in shock and disbelief. Was there really someone who was interested in him? Sam was hesitant to let himself believe that this phone number was really meant for him especially with other fine specimens such as Tyler in the room with him.

Tyler could tell that Sam was a little doubtful. It would be kind of cute the way Sam was so oblivious to his obvious sex appeal if it weren’t so sad. Sam was a one of a kind kind of guy, but he was too scarred and skittish from his rough past to realize it. Tyler placed a hand reassuringly on Sam’s shoulder and said, “You should at least text him. Let him know you are at least interested.”

Sam nodded and nervously began punching in the name and number into his contact list. Then with equally shaky hands Sam typed a message into his phone. “Hey. It’s Sam. Maybe we could hang out sometime? When you aren’t working.” Sam took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he hit send.

Jake, Tyler and Sam all watched Lyle work. They could see him perk up a bit as his phone buzzed, but the counter was far too busy at the moment for him to check it. They could all see the excitement on his face. There was finally enough of a lull in the workload for him to sneak a peak at his cell; the three boys were on the edges of their seats waiting for his reaction.

When Lyle saw the message he could not contain his joy. A huge smile spread across his face. Any who saw him would agree that the smile made him at least five times more attractive. The expression of sheer joy didn’t fade from his face for the rest of his shift. As a result, it was one of the best days for tips that that shop had seen.

The three friends wished they could have stayed a little longer, but it was getting close to time for class. They got up from their seat at the couches located in the back corner of the little shop. They had had picked these seats because there was simply no way they could have sat at one of the little tables or even up at the bar due to their immense packages which protruded in front of them. Sam made sure to turn and give a friendly wave goodbye to Lyle. Lyle was a little sad to see them go, but the little extra gesture of friendship from Sam at the end more than made up for it.

They all filed into Jake’s jeep much like they had earlier. The little excursion had lifted all of their spirits. Sam was giddy from having been hit on and from the prospects of maybe having a viable candidate for boyfriend. Jake was happy for Sam, but he was also really enjoying the feeling of power that came from having all of those people be so jealous of him. Tyler was really giddy as well. He was always happy to help a friend, but it was no secret that he also loved being the center of attention. All the lusty glares that were on him while he was helping Sam was a huge bonus. With their renewed spirits, the three friends were ready to take on the school day.


Part 29

Sam stared down at the phone number in shock and disbelief. Was there really someone who was interested in him? Sam was hesitant to let himself believe that this phone number was really meant for him especially with other fine specimens such as Tyler in the room with him.

Tyler could tell that Sam was a little doubtful. It would be kind of cute the way Sam was so oblivious to his obvious sex appeal if it weren’t so sad. Sam was a one of a kind kind of guy, but he was too scarred and skittish from his rough past to realize it. Tyler placed a hand reassuringly on Sam’s shoulder and softly suggested, “You should at least text him. Let him know you are interested.”

Sam nodded and nervously began punching in the name and number into his contact list. Then, with equally shaky hands, Sam typed a message into his phone. “Hey. It’s Sam. Maybe we could hang out sometime? When you aren’t working.” Sam took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he hit send.

Jake, Tyler and Sam all watched Lyle work. They could see him perk up a bit as his phone buzzed, but it was far too busy at the moment for him to check it. They could all see the excitement on his face. There was finally enough of a lull in the workload for him to sneak a peek at his cell. The three friends were on the edges of their seats waiting for his reaction.

When Lyle saw the message he could not contain his joy. A huge smile spread across his face. Any who saw him would agree that the smile made him at least five times more attractive. The expression of sheer joy didn’t fade from his face for the rest of his shift. As a result it was one of the best days for tips that that shop had seen.

The guys wished they could stay a little longer, but it was getting close to time for class. They got up from their seats in the corner of the shop. They had chosen to sit on the couches tucked away in the corner since there was simply no way they could sit at a regular table with their immense packages protruding so far in front of them. On their way out Sam made sure to turn and give a friendly wave goodbye to Lyle. Lyle was a little sad to see them go, but the little extra gesture of friendship from Sam at the end gave his morale enough of a boost that he was riding high on cloud nine for the rest of his shift.

Jake, Tyler, and Sam all filed into Jake’s jeep much like they had earlier. The little excursion had lifted all of their spirits. Sam was all giddy from having been hit on and from the prospects of maybe having a viable candidate for boyfriend. Jake was happy for Sam, but he was also really enjoying the feeling of power that came from having all of those people be so jealous of him. Tyler was also really happy for Sam. He was always happy to help a friend. He also loved being the center of attention, and all the lusty glares that were on him while he was helping Sam was a huge bonus.

It took only a few minutes for them to drive from the coffee shop back over to the school. Jake pulled into a parking spot, and Sam and Tyler got out.

“Well, I actually have a final in my first period, so I have to get going.” Tyler said with a dejected sigh. He leaned in and gave Jake a kiss on the cheek and then added, “I’ll see you around.” With that Tyler turned and walked briskly to class. Well… as briskly as one with such a cumbersome bulge could manage, anyway.

Sam hung around for a second before placing his hand on Jake’s shoulder. He faltered for a second before he finally managed to get the words out, but after a brief pause Sam was able to say, “Hey, so… I know you don’t know me that well yet, but I heard about the whole coming out tonight thing. If there’s anything I could do to help, just let me know.” Sam gave a kind of shaky awkward smile. He wasn’t nearly as good at giving reassuring grins to his friends as Tyler was, but that didn’t stop him from trying.

Jake nodded to Sam and managed to smile. “Thanks. I know we have only really known each other for a day—” Jake said. He paused for a moment as he thought about the best way to continue. Finally he managed to reply, “but I already consider you among my closest friends. I’ll let you know if I think of anything, but I think for tonight, at least, it will be just Tyler and I.”

Sam nodded. He was sure that if anyone could help Jake out it was Tyler, but Sam wished there was more he could do for his new friend. Sam nervously glanced at his phone as if checking the time and then gestured towards the school. “I’ve got to get going. I’ll see you around.” He said hastily.

Jake watched as Sam hurried off to class as well. It occurred to Jake that he didn’t actually have Sam’s number. Not that it really mattered. Jake didn’t have a working phone either. If Jake wanted to reach anyone he’d have to use Tyler’s phone, and Tyler already had Sam’s number.

It was then that a thought popped into Jake’s head. He had over an hour to kill before his first class of the day. He could just charge his phone while he waited.

Jake looked down to see an empty socket where his phone charger should have been. Jake sighed. Tyler really could be a bit of a space cadet at times. Jake figured his ditsy blond beau must have pulled out the charger when he grabbed his phone.

”So much for that idea.” Jake grumbled softly to himself. He debated going back home, but he decided against it. There was the very real possibility that his parents would be hanging out around the house, and Jake really didn’t want to face them yet. Heading home also seemed like a huge waste of time. He really didn’t need his phone for today. He was going to be in classes all day, and he had Tyler’s schedule committed to memory. If by some chance he did need something he could just track down his best bud.

That still left him with a lot of time to kill. He figured he could go chill out at the Starbucks a little longer. He really enjoyed all the stares he was getting from the people around him. Jake had never been one to really like to stand out in a crowd, but he was seriously beginning to rethink his stance.

Jake eventually decided against another coffee run. It just wouldn’t be nearly as fun without his friends there with him. It looked like he’d just have to keep himself entertained around campus. Jake sighed again and then got out of the car.

Sam was still flying high on cloud nine as he strolled through the corridors. He was so happy to have some guy’s phone number  –  a guy who was cute and genuinely seemed interested in him no less. He didn’t seem at all turned off by Sam’s grotesquely huge dick either.

Sam decided that he was totally going to follow up on with Lyle if Dalton ended up running screaming from the building the second he saw Sam’s monstrous cock. Sam figured he’d probably follow up with this new guy anyway. He was still not sure what he thought about Dalton. The sex had been awesome; there was no doubt about that, but Sam was hoping for something a little more than just casual sex. He wanted someone he could just enjoy hanging out with and maybe catch some cheesy date movies with from time to time too.

Sam was too caught up in his thought to notice the guy sneaking up behind him. Sam froze as he felt an arm slide over his shoulder and snake back across his chest. The mysterious person pulled Sam in tight, and with their other hand, grabbed Sam’s dick and began massaging it.

Sam recognized Dalton’s voice instantly. Dalton seductively whispered into Sam’s ear. “Oh? For me? You shouldn’t have.” Sam could feel himself getting harder by the second as Dalton continued to rub his enormous cock in the middle of the crowded hallway. Occasionally Dalton even slipped his hand down lower and gave Sam’s hefty nuts a nice, playful squeeze.

Sam was glad he had used the extra strength fabric. His gigantic cock was pressing against the confines of its cloth casing and bulging out in obscene ways like a gremlin about to burst from its cocoon. Beads of pre seeped through the fabric and began to dribble on to the floor. Even with the reinforced fabric Sam had used he doubted his pants would last much longer against the behemoth straining to break free.

Sam’s sexy moaning had attracted a lot of attention. Fellow students had stopped to gawk at the erotic scene playing out in front of them. Dalton watched the crowd form around him with a menacing and seductive glare that seemed to say both “Back off, this one is mine.” And “I bet you wish I would do this to you, too.” Dalton sucked on Sam’s neck like some cliché movie vampire  –  the classy old-school variety not those sparkly new age retro hippy vampires. The maneuver left Sam with an impressively painful looking hickey.

”Getting a little crowded here, don’t you think?” Dalton whispered huskily into Sam’s ear. He gestured towards a door to their side and whispered, “I think it’s time we went somewhere a little more… intimate.” Dalton gave Sam’s earlobe a quick nibble and began dragging Sam to a nearby supply closet.

Sam was so hard it hurt. His briefs were now permanently stretched out and soaked clear through. He left a trail of pre behind him as Dalton pulled him towards the small room.

Once they were in the closet, Dalton flipped the lights on and shoved Sam down onto the floor. “Off with them.” Dalton barked as he pulled his shirt off over his head.

Sam sat there in stunned silence. Dalton had been forceful yesterday, but today he was all but domineering. Sam was a little confused, a little sore, and very aroused. Sam couldn’t quite piece together what he was feeling or what he should do so he continued to sit there in shocked silence.

Dalton pulled off his pants and threw them on the shelf with his bag and other clothes. He was now completely naked, except for his thin framed glasses. Dalton’s eight-incher was rock hard.

”Come on now.” Dalton taunted. “Surely you can’t expect me to do all the work.”

Dalton put his hands on his hips and pressed one foot hard into the base of Sam’s shaft; the ball of his foot dug deep into Sam’s cock while the heel smushed into Sam’s nuts. Sam’s breath caught in his throat as his cock began oozing even harder.

Sam struggled to pull his flannel shirt off and undo his suspenders as Dalton’s foot pressed harder and harder against his sensitive junk as if urging Sam to go faster and faster. Sam managed to peel his shirts off and began to push his shorts down, but he could only get them down to about his knees. It was just no use. Sam’s own huge cock was blocking him from bending over and farther.

Dalton groaned in mock disgust. “Well it can’t be helped, then, can it? I guess I’ll just have to help you out.” He teased payfully.

Dalton got down on his knees and pulled Sam’s shorts off and flung them unceremoniously over his shoulder. Sam began to slide his underwear down, but Dalton stopped him.

”No, this one is mine.” Dalton explained saucily.

Dalton got up and pulled one of the ladders down off the wall and set it up. He then grabbed his bag and hung it from the top of the ladder.

”Now, for the main event.” Dalton announced dramatically. He even went so far as to pound out a drumroll against the side of the steel folding ladder. Dalton gave Sam a wide toothy grin of sadistic glee as he pulled out his ipad and began opening apps. He then climbed to the top of the ladder and slipped the ipad into one of the outside pockets so that the camera lens was facing outward. He fiddled with the angle a bit so that Sam would be easily visible on the screen and then looked over to Sam and said, “Smile for the camera.”

Sam’s face turned bright red. He slunk back against the wall as best he could. He was actually glad his cock was so huge because it gave him something to hide behind. He really wasn’t comfortable with being filmed in such a vulnerable position, but he was too horny and confused to flee. Sam really didn’t want to leave in his current condition. It came down to being filmed in a private setting, or running from the little supply room almost completely naked with a boner that was visible from the Alaska.

”Oh, don’t be that way. This will be fun.” Dalton chided. “Just sit back and enjoy yourself.” Dalton got down on his hand and knees in front of Sam again and began pulling Sam’s briefs down very slowly. Dalton made sure to keep himself out of the shot as he pulled down Sam’s underwear revealing inch after inch of gigantic, rock hard cock.

Sam gasped in pain. The angle that Dalton was undressing him from was causing his massive, throbbing erection to bend painfully.

Dalton either didn’t notice Sam’s pain or just didn’t care. He continued to pull Sam’s underwear off; past Sam’s knees, past his calves, and even as the waistband reached Sam’s ankles, there was still a few feet left of his magnificent dick buried beneath the fabric. Sam’s behemoth was easily as thick as both of his legs combined. It was quite a bit thicker, actually.

Dalton finally cleared Sam’s feet with the briefs. Sam’s toes were clenching and stretching as he was bracing himself against the pain and pleasure of having his enormous piece handled so roughly. There was still over a foot left of Sam’s cock tangled up in the now loose, gigantic, frontal pouch. Dalton pulled down hard on the brief’s causing the tip of Sam’s cock to mash up hard against the fabric. Sam let out a sound that was a mix between a groan of pleasure and a grunt of pain. The way the undies were mashing down on the oversensitive tip of his dick felt so nice, but the angle his cock was being held down at hurt so much.

Dalton crawled over and sat down atop Sam’s massive cock as if he was straddling a large, fleshy roadhouse mechanical bull. “My, how you’ve grown since yesterday.” Dalton said in a voice that was little more than a sultry groan. He grinded his own cock into Sam’s enormous tool.

”I can hardly believe that just yesterday this was inside me.” Dalton stated playfully. He flashed Sam a saucy pout and added, “It’s almost a shame, really. I don’t think even I can take one this big.”

Dalton continued to rock back and forth harder and harder. Sam could feel himself getting closer and closer to the edge. His breathing was getting ragged, and his heart was pounding in his chest. He was so close, but right before Sam could climax, Dalton wrapped his legs tightly around Sam’s immense, throbbing shaft. Sam let out a quick gasp of shock and pain.

”Oh, no. Not yet. You do not have my permission to cum yet, my friend. You see, I am still mad at you. Oh yes, I am very cross with you.” Dalton said flatly. He acted like he was teasing, but the humor was gone from his voice.

Dalton continued his crushing pro-wrestler, leg lock of Sam’s cock as he gingerly stroked the shaft. “You have discovered something magnificent, and it never dawned on you to share it with your bud? I thought we were friends. We are mates, you and I, aren’t we?” He asked mockingly.

It was a yes or no question, but neither answer was correct. Sam didn’t know how to respond. He just tried to steady his breathing and beg for release. “Please. I was afraid. I’m sorry. Please. I didn’t know this would happen. Once it did, I thought you would think I was some kind of freak.” Sam pleaded.

”You say you didn’t want to tell me. You say you are a freak, but really now. Do you honestly expect me to believe that when you come around flaunting everything you’ve got in one of these?” Dalton chided menacingly.

Dalton reached behind him and peeled the briefs off the tip of Sam’s still oozing dick. Sam’s underoos were entirely soaked. He then pressed them up to his face and breathed in the smell of Sam’s sweat and pre.

”But that’s ok. I can forgive you.” Dalton said devilishly. His lips curled into a sinister grin and he added, “We are friends after all, right?” The question was friendly enough, but the delivery was not. Dalton kept his eyes locked on Sam’s own. A malicious glint sparkled in his eyes. He then began sucking on Sam’s briefs; drinking ounce after ounce of Sam’s juices all while keeping his gaze locked with Sam’s own.

Sam’s mind was screaming. He was so aroused and yet so terrified. He had never imagined Dalton could have such a dark side. Sam was starting to feel guilty, too. He was actually beginning to believe what Dalton was saying. Maybe he should have told Dalton as soon as it happened. Maybe, just maybe, Sam was at fault here. He had tried to hide it after all—

”I’m sorry. It was my friend, Tyler.” Sam pleaded.

Dalton pulled Sam’s briefs out of is mouth; a long sticky strand of saliva still connecting them to his tongue. Tyler. He had heard that name somewhere before… Dalton slowly began to piece it all together. That boy in the video from the other night. Tyler. Taylor. Same difference. And yes. The fight in the halls yesterday. Dalton had heard rumors of the hot new gay couple around town. Jake and Tyler. It hadn’t registered to him at the time that this couple was Jack and Taylor from the film.

”So this friend, Tyler, just happened to make your dick grow from the amazing rod you had yesterday, into this magnificent specimen of cock?” Dalton asked coyly. The look on Dalton’s face was both malicious and accusing. He cocked his head and glared accusingly at Sam and added, “If I hadn’t seen it for myself I would say you were lying.”

Dalton leaned in close and gave Sam and long sensual kiss on the lips. “Now tell me. Since we are friends here. How did he do it? What’s the secret? Tell me—” Dalton said as he tightened his vise grip on Sam’s tool. He then leaned forward so that he was whispering directly into Sam’s ear and added, “” and all will be forgiven.”

Sam’s mind was too foggy from the pain and the arousal to fight back. He needed to cum so bad, but he couldn’t with that evil, human, cock ring locked onto his dick like a Chinese finger trap.

”It’s… It’s… his cum—” Sam sputtered. He could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks. His face burned bright red. It wasn’t just the use of such a crass word that was making him blush though. The second the words were out of his mouth he felt like he had done something wrong, like he had betrayed his best friend.

”You really get around, don’t you, Sammy boy? How many others have you slept with behind my back, hmm?” Dalton asked devilishly and squeezed his legs around Sam’s cock tighter than before before loosening up again. He didn’t loosen his grip enough for Sam to blow his load, but it was at least enough to ease the pain Sam was feeling. Dalton then leaned in and kissed Sam again. It was a long and deep, passionate kiss. He even made sure to get his tongue deep into Sam’s mouth. Dalton gave Sam a doe eyed glare of feigned betrayal and asked, “Am I not enough for you, babe?”

Dalton hopped to his feet, causing Sam to fire off a couple of long, heavy, involuntary shots of warm spunk which splattered against the door. Sam panted heavily. His massive erection was already beginning to droop and deflate as his shame and anxiety overpowered his arousal.

”Oh, you can’t be done already. I’ve seen you gush like a fire hose and that was four feet ago.” Dalton chided. His gaze once again focused on Sam. His voice went flat and emotionless and he added, “No, you have so much more to give me.”

Dalton walked over to in front of Sam’s humongous drooping rod. Dalton had not had enough yet. He was as horny and as he was excited. He had finally discovered the secret to the incredible growing cocks he had seen on the stream a few nights ago. He had names. He had faces. And he had someone who was going to get him in good graces with this boy who would give him the biggest dick this world has ever seen. Sam’s six feet were nice and all, but this was a gift best left with those who had a true appreciation for it.

Dalton gazed pitiably at poor Sam. He had the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for, but he was afraid of it. Dalton was going to have to show him just how great his gift truly was.

Dalton put his hands on his hips as he stared down Sam. Sam was too hurt and ashamed to look Dalton in the eyes.

”Did I hurt your feelings there?” Dalton asked. He didn’t seem as vicious as before, but his tone of voice still put Sam on edge.

”I’m sorry. I just got really worked up. Let me make it up to you.” Dalton said. He sounded earnest enough. He even flashed Sam a seductive smile, but there was still that glint of malice in his eyes. Sam wasn’t sure if he trusted Dalton anymore… or if he ever did to begin with for that matter.

Dalton continued to stare at Sam as he lifted up his foot and pressed it firmly up against the opening at the tip of Sam’s cock; Sam’s slit was just about as long as Dalton’s foot now and almost as wide.

”How’s that feel? Good, right? I treat you right, don’t I?” Dalton asked. Sam could tell that Dalton was trying to be sweet and seductive, but his tone was just ever so slightly off. His delivery was too overdone and theatrical to be sincere which made it seem like he was mocking Sam as opposed to flirting with him.

The worst part was that it did actually feel pretty amazing. Dalton’s foot was working the tip of Sam’s cock in much the way that Sam had used his thumb back when he was still small enough to work his shaft with one hand. As Sam stared at his colossal member that was once again stirring to life, he found it impossible to believe it had ever been a mere six inches. It was like when a full grown adult finds an old baby sock they once wore and it now couldn’t even fit it on a single toe.

Sam continued to get harder, but Dalton did not give any ground. In no time Sam was oozing pre all over again. Sam dick rapidly expanded and extended, and Dalton pressed harder and harder against Sam’s cock. Sam was rock hard in record time, but he couldn’t quite get his dick all the way up. Dalton’s foot was pressing down against the tip so hard that his fully-boned cock bent a bit in the middle. It hurt a little, but the amazing feeling of Dalton’s foot digging into the head more than made up for it. It just felt so amazing. Sam couldn’t even believe it.

As Dalton continued to twist and turn and rub his foot along Sam’s oozing slit, Sam could feel himself getting closer and closer to cumming again. Sam could only hope that Dalton would let him this time. Sam was understandably still anxious around Dalton, and didn’t even want to know what would happen if Dalton got upset at him again. Sam wasn’t sure if he’d have any choice in the matter though. He could feel it. He was about to blow, but he didn’t know if he was allowed. He tried to hold it all in, but a little burst slipped through.

Little is a relative term. The jet of cum that Sam let loose crashed against Dalton’s foot and sprayed out the sides like a cheese in a fondue fountain. Dalton’s foot was completely soaked as were many of the supplies in the room.

”You really enjoyed that, didn’t you?” Dalton asked salaciously as he flashed Sam a grin. His cruel tone seemed to have softened to a much mellower teasing bravado, but it was still far from what one would call pleasant.

”You’ve gotten me all sticky.” Dalton teased. He then lifted his foot off of Sam’s still dribbling monster, and hobbled over to Sam’s side. He then held his cum-coated foot to Sam’s face. He tried his best not to put any weight on his slimy foot, but Sam could still feel the warm, sticky spunk brushing against his face as Dalton playfully commanded, “It’s your fault I’m like this. The least you could do is clean up after yourself.”

Dalton pushed his messy foot into Sam’s face and smeared jizz across Sam’s lips.

”Come on now. Don’t be shy. It’s yours after all.” Dalton chided.

Sam opened his mouth a little bit. He was hesitant. He had never really considered feet to be particularly sexy, but there was something about Dalton’s demeanor when he was being playful like this that got Sam horny. It was definitely a nice change from the darker, vindictive side had just witnessed a minute ago.

Sam was surprised to find that Dalton’s toes were not as horrifically bad tasting as he had expected. They tasted much like any other part of the body. There was a little hint of a leathery taste from Dalton’s shoes, but most of the flavor was sweat, skin, and Sam’s own spooge. It’s probably a good thing that this was still pretty early on in the day; Dalton hadn’t had time to really work up the typical sweat from walking around all day in those faux leather foot saunas he liked to wear.

Once Sam was able to get over the initial weirdness of having someone else’s toes in his mouth, he really started getting into it. Sam licked every inch of Dalton’s foot clean and slurped up every last drop of his own cum. Sam really liked the playful Dalton and even began to think that maybe Dalton wasn’t so bad after all. Sam made a mental note to stay on Dalton’s good side though. After all, it was his fault that Dalton was so pissed off earlier, right? The last thing he wanted was for Dalton to go all grimdark again.

Dalton loved the feeling of Sam suckling his toes and licking his foot up and down. Sam’s tongue tickled a bit as it sloppily slid up and down his arch and around the ball of his foot. Dalton was going to have to make a note to do this more often with the other guys that he liked to bang. It was more than just the soft, tickly feeling of Sam’s tongue against his sole that made the situation so great though. Dalton especially loved the way that he had Sam pinned right under his foot. Something about having the dark haired hotty literally under his foot got him so excited.

Dalton made a note that when his dick got to be as big as Sam’s was… No, bigger than Sam’s was, he’d make sure the other dudes he toyed with knew just how small they were when compared to him. Dalton dreamed of riding some guy’s cock while his massive dick completely eclipsed their body. He could only imagine what it would be like to have a guy writhing under his enormous nuts.

Just imagining it got Dalton rock hard  –  not that he wasn’t hard already, but Dalton was about ready to spurt just from imagining the things he’d do with a monumental piece like Sam was sporting.

Dalton gritted his teeth and grunted as he struggled against his own need to cream. He was so close. He had to cum now.

Dalton pulled is foot back from Sam’s mouth. “That’s enough of that. I’ve got something you’ll like even more.” He said saucily.

Sam had gotten so into the tongue bath he was giving Dalton’s foot that he had shut his eyes. When Dalton pulled away, Sam opened his eyes and was ready to bust out the puppy dog eyes and plead for more of Dalton to service. Fortunately, Dalton had Sam’s next job already lined up. Sam was pleased to see his new target. As Sam looked over the big, thick eight inches that were flooding his field of vision, Sam had to agree with Dalton; he was going to enjoy this part a lot more.

Sam barely had time to get his mouth around Dalton’s thick cock before Dalton let loose. Sam almost choked on the sudden wave of cum that was cascading down his throat, but he managed to swallow it and quickly get into a steady rhythm of gulps. Sam couldn’t believe how much Dalton was cumming. He seemed to be unloading a lot more than any normal person should be able to especially one who had not undergone the changes like Sam had.

Sam gulped down shot after shot of warm, creamy jizz. At this rate Sam wouldn’t even have needed to get breakfast. He was being given a plus size, all natural, protein shake right here at school. Sam was still rock hard from earlier, he had been trying to hold it in this whole time, but now that he could feel Dalton’s load filling him up, Sam just could not hold it anymore. He let loose blast after hot, sticky blast of jizz upon the supply room, coating the doorway that he was facing, and causing the floor to flood with warm jizz. Sam was pumping out spunk faster than the little crack under the door could drain it.

Dalton could feel Sam’s jizz pooling around his ankles, but he just didn’t care. His body was being rocked by the biggest orgasm he had ever had, and it was still going! Dalton had no idea how he could cum so much, but he really didn’t care. All he could think about was how much spooge he could churn out if he were at Sam’s size. He could completely cover Sam in it in a matter of seconds. Just thinking about how he would shower Sam in his spunk seemed to make him cum even harder.

Sam finally had to break for a breath, but Dalton was showing no signs of slowing. Sam pulled back off of Dalton’s cock and let it spray him in the face as he caught his breath. This load was definitely larger than normal, but Sam wasn’t complaining. He had grown to like these facials during the past few days. He had always thought it was strange the way girls in movies liked to coat their faces with this bizarre alien slime and lay in bed with cucumbers on their eyes, but after all the time Sam had spent being completely laminated in jizz, he could kind of see the allure.

Sam and Dalton’s streams steadily slowed to a halt. The little closet was now like a subterranean cave; a dark, dank, hollow with a foot deep pool of standing liquid. The air in there was humid from all the sweat and spunk. Dalton could see that Sam was spent, and probably not going to be going anywhere in the near future, so he gathered up his clothes, and opened the door a crack.

The pool of cum shoved the door open the rest of the way as it cascaded out of the store room. Dalton quickly peeked outside to see if anyone had seen them flood the hall. There was no one around, so he shut the door again and quickly dressed. He pulled his shoes on over his cum-soaked feet. The way the jizz was plastered on so thickly against his legs made it appear as if he was wearing really high socks. Someone would have to look really closely to see what was really coating his legs. Once dressed, Dalton snagged his bag and fled the scene of the grime.

Dalton had what he needed, and got off in the process. All in all, not a bad way to start the morning. Fortunately most of his clothes had been up on the shelf, and thus had been spared from the rain of cum that Sam had sprayed across the room. His ipad had gotten hosed down by Sam’s torrent of jizz, but it didn’t seem to do any actual damage. A warm cloth would do the trick. Dalton took another look at his ipad and then sighed. Ok, maybe it would take more like forty warm cloths to get it clean, but it was hardly that big of an issue. The cum splatters formed a neat little design on the screen making it appear to be something like an erotic Jackson Pollock painting.

As Dalton surveyed the damage to his tablet, he noticed something else different about the screen. A new app had been installed? Dalton tapped the app and stared at the welcome screen that popped up. “Eridian Tech. Nanites—” He read aloud.

Dalton flipped through the menus. Current user was listed as Samwise. There were menus on here for every aspect of Sam’s cock; shaft size, ball size, cum production. Dalton could feel a rush of sadistic glee bubble up inside of him. Dalton pressed down on the slider for cock size and slid it as far to the right as it could go. Dalton watched as the number rose and rose; 100 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet. Dalton couldn’t wait to see the look on Sam’s face as his ever expanding dick crushed the school.

Dalton chuckled darkly and hit the initialize button, but he didn’t get the results he had expected. The screen on the ipad turned red. An error prompt appeared in its place.

”Controls locked. Admin privileges required.” The error message said. Admin privileges? Who was the admin? Dalton wondered silently to himself. Suddenly it hit him. Of course! Dalton knew exactly who he needed to unlock his new app.

Sam could hear his phone chirping. He had a new message. He was curious to find out who it was, but he really didn’t want to move yet. He was still shocked about what had just happened. His mind was reeling over how quickly Dalton had alternated between sadistic dominator and playful lover. Sam couldn’t process all the new feelings he had. He kind of liked Dalton, but he was also terrified of him. The way Dalton talked down to him had made Sam feel dirty, too. He had made Sam feel so guilty for hanging out with his friends. Sam couldn’t even understand why he should feel guilty. It wasn’t like Sam and Dalton were a couple, right? They hadn’t even been on a date yet, but knowing this didn’t diminish the pit that had formed in his gut.

Sam hoped that that text was from Dalton so he could really show him how he felt. It was always easier to say what was on his mind in text format than it was in person. Part of it was because he had more time to focus and reply, but there was also something soothing about the faceless, backlit screen of his cell phone.

Sam sifted through the pockets of his cum soaked pants and found his phone. The message was indeed from Dalton. “Perfect. Time to end things with this douche.” Sam thought silently to himself, but his jaw dropped upon seeing the nature of the message.

”Hey. I am really sorry for the way I acted. I mean it. Let me make it up to you. Dinner tonight? My treat? You can even bring those friends of yours. Make it a double date.” The message read. Sam was not expecting this and was once again left confused and conflicted. Should give Dalton another chance? Maybe he had overreacted. Sam stared at his screen as his emotions and thoughts raged unchecked.

His phone was no longer a source of comfort. Dalton’s message now occupied the screen and taunted him. Sam had to say something. He had to come up with some sort of reply, but he just didn’t know what to say.


Part 30

Dalton slipped his phone back into his bag and went back to looking over his new app. He felt strangely… sad? That seemed as good a word as any. There was more to it than that, but he was definitely a little bit sad. He was pissed off too but mostly sad. He hated feeling like this. He had completely lost his cool when dealing with Sam, and he knew it.

Dalton had had a long standing policy to never sleep with a guy more than once. He was the hottest fuck in town, and he knew it. He never had to go far for action. He had various apps and services on his pone to see to that. When his beacon was active people flocked to his position from miles around. Dalton really liked shining his bat signal around campus. There were just so many hot closet cases to choose from especially among the frat bros and jocks.

Dalton really loved it when he managed to snag one of the football stars. They tended to be a little heavy handed in the way they rode him, but Dalton had a taste for rough sex. Dalton especially liked that big dumb quarterback. The jock liked to throw Dalton onto the sleazy motel bed and ride him hard. It was kind of cute how the big oaf actually thought he was actually in charge of the situation.

In retrospect Dalton realized that he was doing really shitty at his own policy of not banging a guy twice. It didn’t really matter though. He couldn’t be bothered to remember names of the people he had had. If he had gotten it on with anyone more than once it was just a testament to how little he cared about the person behind the cock. Even Jack and Taylor—or rather Jake and Tyler as he now knew their names to be. See? He couldn’t even be bothered to remember the wonder twins.

Sam was different though. Dalton could remember everything about their encounter in vivid detail for the entire evening after they had done the dirty deed. Dalton couldn’t even bring himself to go out on the prowl afterwards even though he was horny, and he was so, so horny, so unbelievably horny. He just went home and flopped down in bed. He spent the evening just turning his phone on and off as he argued with himself about whether or not to call Sam up. Dalton couldn’t do that. He was the cool one. He was the one who people begged for a chance to be with. There was no way he could be falling for some punk kid.

Some part of his mind knew he shouldn’t be calling Sam a kid. They were the same age more or less. Dalton just happened to be a senior, and he had gone to great lengths to distance himself from the high school rabble. He always went cruising for dudes around the nearby campus or other places were college dudes liked to congregate. Sam was the first high school guy Dalton had had since he had turned sixteen which is why it made even less sense that he felt the way he did.

It was just because of that amazing cock Dalton told himself. That had to be it. Dalton was sure of it. As he thought back to their encounter the first thing he had noticed was Sam’s impressive bulge. Who wouldn’t be drawn to such a massive package? Dalton was convinced right then and there that he would have Sam right there in the chem. lab if it was the last thing he did.

Dalton spent the rest of the class trying to butter up Sam as best he could. He had to make this up as he went since he very rarely did any actual flirting, but he found it to be a lot easier than he expected. All he did was tell the truth. Sam was honestly, really beautiful. Once Dalton’s eyes were looking at Sam’s face he could take stock of everything about Sam’s visage. Dalton had seen Sam before throughout the year, sure, but never this close. Dalton had always glanced over him thinking that sure, he was cute, for a kid anyway, but he had some real men lined up for that night; men who knew how he liked it. He had never had a reason to give Sam more than a cursory glance.

Now that Dalton actually wanted to pay attention to Sam, he could really start to see what he had been missing. Sam’s dark hair nicely framed his beautiful face. Sam’s deep brown eyes held within them the entire spectrum of human emotion that his face would never dare show. The stark contrast with Sam’s pale skin just seemed to accentuate these features even more. The little rings on his lower lip and on the side of his nose should have made him seem edgier, but on Sam’s sweet face they only served to make him look cuter.

As Dalton enumerated all of Sam’s features they became ingrained in his memory. It was as if by listing and naming them had they finally been allowed to become real. Dalton had originally just intended to get into Sam’s overly packed pants, but as he got to know Sam the cold mask softened revealing the friendly and caring guy hiding beneath. Dalton could still remember the exact moment that Sam had accepted him. Sam had given Dalton a nervous, half smile. Even just a half smile from Sam was enough. Dalton could feel his heart melt, and it was at that very second that he had fallen for Sam, hard.

When he had finally managed to get Sam naked and on the floor it was the single greatest triumph of his life. This wasn’t just another sexual conquest for him. The passion and the love that went into their wild sex seemed to magnify the pleasure exponentially. Dalton even opted to ride Sam’s huge cock so that they were facing each other, instead of Dalton’s usually preferred face down position. He had never actually looked his partner in the eyes during sex before. The other person’s face had seemed to be an unnecessary distraction during sex—a distraction that would diminish the act, but with Sam he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dalton almost came just from Sam’s facial expressions; his flushed cheeks; his lustful eyes; his moans of pleasure; the way he chewed on his piercings as he got even closer to cumming. Everything about Sam in that moment was perfect.

Even Sam’s cock was perfect. Perhaps it would be more precise to say that especially Sam’s cock was perfect. It was thicker than any cock Dalton had ever taken. Dalton had taken some huge ones in his time, but Sam stretched him wider than he had ever been. Dalton could feel his asshole become stretched out further than it ever had before. He felt like might never manage to get his blown out ass to ever tighten up again, and that would be alright. It was fine if only Sam’s cock could satisfy him. He only wanted Sam’s cock anyway. He only wanted Sam.

Sam’s humongous dick hit deeper inside of Dalton than anyone had ever done before. Sam’s impossibly long cock was poking and prodding at places deep inside Dalton that he had never thought existed. Dalton had cum harder from riding Sam’s immense dick than he ever had before. Dalton’s respectable cock had deflated, but Sam was still rock hard and still plowing mercilessly. To be fair, Dalton was the one who was doing all the motion, but he refused to ease off of Sam’s cock until he had milked it for all its worth which had taken far, far longer than Dalton had ever dreamed possible.

Once Sam finally climaxed Dalton could feel shot after powerful shot of hot spooge wash up inside of him. Sam’s nuts were huge, but the sheer volume of jizz sloshing around inside of him seemed impossible. It felt to Dalton like he was being pumped full of gallons of the creamy spunk. His insides were pumped to capacity, but Still Sam continued firing. The excess spooge leaked out of Dalton’s ass around Sam’s enormous shaft; the force of the jizz pushing its way out stretched Dalton’s already ravaged hole even more.

Dalton had not wanted to, but he knew he needed to get off of the erupting volcano of cum before something inside of him burst open. Dalton pulled off of Sam’s gushing spire and wrapped his lips around the head as quickly as he could in an eager attempt not to waste any more of the glorious liquid than he absolutely had to. As he sucked off Sam, thick, goopy streams of spunk ran out his ruined asshole, oozed down the insides of his legs, and pooled on the floor.

Dalton gulped down wave after wave of the hot jizz. Savoring the taste as the warm spunk rolled across his taste buds. Dalton’s stomach filled with the mildly bitter cream, but Sam kept cumming. When Dalton would occasionally try to pull back to catch is breath, he would catch long hot blasts of Sam’s cum in his face, but he welcomed the feeling. He was so enamored that he wanted to take Sam’s jizz anywhere he had room for it.

Dalton was actually getting hard again—very hard. Looking back on it now Dalton realized that this was the first clue that something was different about him, but at the time he thought nothing of it. He welcomed his newly reborn hard-on and awaited the cumming storm from his res-erected cock. Dalton got off another two or three thick, sticky blasts of cum before his second wind faded. These new orgasms were each more powerful than the last.

When Sam had finally managed to stop cumming the two of them had parted ways, and Dalton had actually given Sam his phone number. He had never done that before, and to make matters even worse, he was actually looking forward to the next time he would see Sam which was another thing never done this before.

Dalton went on his way home and enjoyed the feeling of Sam’s spooge sloshing around inside him the whole way. Dalton’s stomach was still full of Sam’s jizz, and waves and waves of the creamy spunk were still flowing out of his ravaged ass. Dalton was rock hard again in minutes. He couldn’t wait to get home and pound one out… and another… and another.

When Dalton got home the first thing he did was peel off all of his clothes. He stood in front of the mirror admiring his still rigid cock. His balls felt fuller and heavier than they had in ages. He couldn’t get Sam out of his mind nor did he want to. He turned and inspected the damage to his ass. Dalton’s hole was red and gaping. It had been stretched out beyond anything he had seen before, and huge gobs of Sam’s cum were still seeping out. Dalton loved the feeling of having Sam’s cum sloshing around inside of him. He loved the way the warm waves of spunk felt as they oozed down the insides of his thighs. The constant warmth and gooiness just increased his already raging libido.

Dalton dug out one of his old dildos. He hadn’t had need of these in ages, but he was just so horny that he needed to get off. Dalton flopped on his bed and began plowing himself with the largest rubber cock he could find, but it was still nothing compared to Sam. The size was nowhere near comparable and it lacked the warmth of a real dick, but it dug in deep enough to churn Sam’s residual cream like butter. Thick, frothy globs of Sam’s spooge would plop out with each thrust of Dalton’s sadly lacking plus size dildo. As Dalton continued to dig in deep with his trusty, plus-sized dildo, he came again and again all the while imagining the expression on Sam’s cute face as he bit his piercings in ecstasy.

After Dalton had finally worn himself out all over again he pulled out his phone and spun it in his hand and debated calling up Sam. He had never been one to call someone else up. He had never been one to do repeat encounters either, but here he as already fantasizing about his next time with lean, lithe, dark-haired beauty that had captivated his mind. . Just thinking about Sam eventually got so horny again that he went to rub one out all over again. After a quick but effective wank session, Dalton returned to playing with his phone as he debating one more whether he should go ahead and give Sam a call.

The entire evening passed like this until Dalton finally gave it all up, got cleaned up, and went to sleep. He awoke the next morning, tired and miserable. He had stayed up way too late playing with himself. It was totally worth it though, and it’s not something a little coffee wouldn’t fix.

Dalton got ready for class and drove off to the coffee shop down the road. As much as he liked to tout himself as being the earthy sort of guy, he drove an old gas, guzzling clunker. He couldn’t actually afford a nice eco-friendly smart car—a fact that severely hurt his hipster cred. Someday he wanted to get a nice Vespa scooter to make up for it. Once he had one of those, no one would doubt how committed he was to his Bohemian persona.

Dalton’s sleep deprived mind began to wander to thoughts of his ideal scooter. He was still so horny from the day before that his thoughts began to shift towards what it would be like to ride around on a scooter like that with a plug deep up his ass and just let the rumbling from the motor course through the seat effectively turn his plus size sex toy into a jumbo vibrator. It still wouldn’t beat the real thing, but it would make driving around to go see Sam so much better.

Dalton was so lost in his sexual fantasies that he hadn’t noticed the commotion around him as he sat there sipping his coffee in the trademark detached hipster fashion. He knew that three guys had walked in, and they were apparently putting on quite the show, but there was only one guy on his mind. Dalton smirked silently to himself as he realized that he actually enjoyed only having one guy on his mind. As he mulled it over he realized that he could actually learn to like being the monogamous kind of guy.

Dalton should have been paying more attention though. The three guys that had walked in were the three he had been so interested in over the past few days; Jake, Tyler, and—of course—Sam. It wasn’t until they were getting ready to leave that Dalton realized who they were.

Dalton was so happy to see Sam that he had forgotten to maintain his detached aura and actually let himself be seen in public as being unironicly enthusiastic about something. His enthusiasm quickly faded as he saw that Sam was texting someone. Who that someone was was quickly apparent. The telltale chirp from the phone belonging to the dude behind the counter was too perfectly timed, and the glance that Sam shared with the resident coffee-grinder was a little too friendly. Dalton couldn’t believe it. Sam was flirting with the barista? For the first time in his life Dalton felt betrayed. He was genuinely hurt.

The euphoric stupor he had been in since last night was shattered. He got a chance to really see what was going on around him. There were those two guys from the video and their cocks were even larger than before. Sam was with them, and his dick also bloated to extreme measurements. Not only was Sam flirting with other guys, but he had been fooling around with those two! Dalton had never been so pissed off in his life. He silently fumed and raged and chastised himself for being so stupid. This was exactly why he never let himself get attached to anyone. This was exactly why he never made an effort to flirt or date. He knew this would happen if he tried to have one of those boring and duplicitous “normal” relationships, and the worst part was he only had himself to blame. This is what he got for letting himself fall for some punk kid.

Even with Dalton’s hipster-like obsession with irony perhaps the greatest irony of all was that he always looked down on Sam as being “just a kid” considering that the two Dalton was only a few months older than Sam. Dalton was ahead of Sam by one grade, but that was only because family issues had prevented Sam from starting school at the same age that all his classmates had. That had been a rough year for Sam and his father, and his father had opted to keep Sam from enrolling in kindergarten until they had both finished grieving.

None of that mattered to Dalton though. He wasn’t interested in specifics or even official ages. He saw himself as being more mature than anyone else at school, and therefore everyone else was deemed “just a kid.”

Dalton followed the boys back to school and had hung back a bit and waited for Sam to detach himself from the group. Dalton had seen his chance and acted. Once he had gotten Sam alone in the storage room he was able to really cut loose. He was going to make Sam pay for betraying him, or at least that was the plan anyway, but seeing Sam cowering below him and seeing the fear showing in Sam’s eyes broke Dalton’s heart.

Dalton hated that he had fallen for Sam. He hated that he had let himself be played in such a way. He especially hated that even after all he had seen he still had feelings for Sam. Dalton tried to keep up his insane dominatrix act. He wanted Sam to be afraid of him. He wanted Sam to hate him. He wanted to ruin things between them forever so that he would have no choice but to accept that he had made a mistake in falling for Sam.

Dalton was able to use his anger to get some information out of Sam before his resolve had crumbled. Dalton was confused by Sam’s reactions. Did Sam actually like him? Had he jumped to the wrong conclusion about the coffee guy? As he slowly began to process the new information Dalton realized that he may have overreacted. Now that it was all over Dalton deeply regretted his actions, but there was nothing he could do about it now.

His phone chirped. Sam had responded. He was going to take him up on the date? Dalton’s heart soared for a moment, but then he remembered that this date was actually just a trap to get close enough to Tyler and extract the control sample. Even so… he could still work things out with Sam though… couldn’t he?

Dalton remembered the fear in Sam’s eyes and remembered what Sam had said to him. Sam had said he was afraid to talk to Dalton because he was worried about what Dalton would do when he saw what Sam had become. Dalton’s heart broke a little more as he thought back on his reaction. Sam had been right to be afraid. Dalton’s reaction had been every bit as violent and terrifying as Sam had predicted.

Dalton began to feel like he really didn’t even deserve to have Sam back after how he had acted. He figured he’d just have to accept that and move on. After all it was just Sam’s huge dick that had attracted Dalton to him, right? Dalton tried to think about what he liked about Sam and expected images of that magnificent cock to take center stage, but instead what he saw was Sam’s nervous half smile and his deep, soulful eyes.

Dalton shook the image out of his head. It didn’t matter anymore. Once he had the control sample he could make any guy out there big enough to satisfy him. There were plenty of guys out there that Dalton thought were kind of cute but were sorely lacking in the necessary equipment downstairs. Once he had the control sample he could change all that. He’d just find someone else like Sam, and he would make them better. Dalton didn’t need Sam anymore. He could go out and make his ideal guy. With this thought in mind, Dalton steeled his resolve and reaffirmed his decision. He was going to meet with Tyler one way or the other.


Part 31

Jake had never been happier to hear the bell announcing the end of the first class period. Not having a class to attend during the first class period may have seemed like a blessing, but it made for one of the most awkward blocks of time that Jake could ever remember. He really didn’t want to go home and risk a run in with his family, and he didn’t feel like going anywhere else so he figured he was better off staying where he was.

Unfortunately for him the school had a pretty strict policy about students wandering the halls. Students who were not currently in a class were relegated to the small foyer loading area in front of the main school building. Jake had to while away the time with the delinquents, the pot heads, and the hypochondriacs who were waiting for mommy or daddy dearest to come along and take them home because of their latest bullshit ailment.

All eyes were on Jake as he waited out his sentence in the scholastic purgatory that was the front foyer, and of those gazes very few of them were friendly. Now that Tyler was off on his own educational escapades Jake was left to fend for himself, and he was quickly finding that being the biggest man on campus was not as fun as he had envisioned.

When Jake was with Tyler it was different. Tyler loved the attention. He lived for it. All Tyler ever wanted was to be the center of attention. Jake was able to play second string to Tyler and bask in the excess ego that his little lover was exuding. Their romp around coffee land had been one of the most fun experiences that Jake could remember. He had actually been able to feel at home putting on a show with Tyler, but the atmosphere in front of the school building was different. Now that Jake no longer had his leading man around to get the crowd going wild, Jake was unsure what to do. He didn’t like being under such scrutiny. It was as if everyone there was mentally dissecting him in some psychological science project. Jake could no longer slip into the shadows like he typically did. He was tall, sure, but he was so plain looking that he used to be able to sink into a crowd and get lost in the flow of people. Now that he was sporting the largest schlong this town had ever seen there was no way Jake could ever not be the center of attention.

Jake became super self-conscious all over again. His mind began picking and nagging at all his little quirks that he hated about himself. He couldn’t help but feel that all the eyes that were watching him were judging him just as harshly. Jake had thought having such a massive piece would be the end of his inferiority complex, but if anything it was now serving to magnify his problems. Not only did he have this stupid loping penguin gait thanks to the enormous dong he had bobbing along between his legs, but said dong was also a giant beacon to illuminate his flaws.

Now that the bell had sounded to grant Jake access to the relative safety of his classroom he trudged off into the crowded halls of the school building. Even the halls which were bustling with other students didn’t give Jake the anonymity he craved. The flow of people parted before him like the Red Sea with everyone choosing to give his girth a wide berth. Jake had all eyes in the school on him, and all he wanted to do was fade into the shadows.

Finally he arrived at his class of destination. They were having the final, but Jake had already opted out of it. He was basically just hiding out there for the duration of the class period. At least here he was in a group of thirty some people who he almost had some form of marginal appreciation for. Jake was not the type of person to open up to others easy. It typically took someone a long, long time for Jake to deem them decent enough for him to attempt first contact. As such, Jake had no actual friends in this class—just a lot of casual acquaintances.

Jake took his seat, or rather, tried to take his seat. There was just no way he could cram all that meat in the little gap between the seat and the desk. Try as he might Jake was just too large to get in to the rickety death traps that passed as student desks at this school. The little serving tray that passed as a desktop was firmly bolted to the armrest of the wooden seat so that there was no means of even adjusting it.

Jake’s antics had once again made him the center of attention. He could swear he even heard a few snickers and not the good, gooey, nutty kind of snickers, the malicious taunting kind. Jake decided to cut his losses and slunk back to the back corner of the room. He got as comfortable as he could considering he was sitting on the cold tile with his back against the wall. At least there it would be harder for people to look at him. They would have to turn around in their seats to get a good look—not that he didn’t doubt that pretty much everyone in the class would be trying to sneak a peak at the bloated mass of cock and balls huddled in the back of the room.

Once everyone else was seated in their desks the final exams were passed out. Jake was given one, but he had no intention of doing it. He was guaranteed an A+ in this class even if he had stayed home today. Taking the test would have been a huge waste of his time. Jake was smart, sure, but he also enjoyed doing things the easy way. That is to say Jake was pretty damn lazy when he felt he could get away with it.

As all the other students buried their head in their tests, Jake doodled strange, random symbols all across his exam. Symbols which were in no way meant to represent anything at all, but somehow all managed to look like rock hard, erect phalluses. Jake was using the top of his massive shaft as a desk, and he had to admit it was plenty big enough for him to really spread out. The other students were busy trying to shift their test papers in awkward angles in order to make use of the few scant inches of particle board that they were given as a desk, but Jake had more than enough room for his entire test booklet.

Jake also loved the feeling of the pencil tip drawing long, loping trails along the soft, sensitive flesh of his endowment. Jake could feel the gargantuan mass before him begin to swell and twitch. He knew he’d need to find a new way to pass the time before he started tenting in the middle of class. If he popped woo here it wouldn’t be just a pup tent. We are talking a Ringling Bros. tent. There would be room for the whole class in there, and judging from the looks Jake was getting, there were at least a few people in the room who would be ready to climb right in.

Jake let his mind wander. He really did love the behemoth in his pants. He loved how it dwarfed people around him. He wished he could let it inflate to its true size so everyone could marvel at how truly magnificent his cock truly was, but there were many reasons why he could not do that. For starters he became completely immobile when he really let himself go, and there was always the little, teensy, problem about letting one’s cock hang out in public being illegal regardless of the size.

It would make life so much easier if he could have his sixty foot cock and still be fully mobile. Jake sighed wistfully. Tyler could be really short sighted sometimes. The energetic blond was given the chance to make any of his wildest dreams come true, and he chose to let his dick grow unchecked. Jake couldn’t be too upset with Tyler though. After all, he was reaping the benefits of Tyler’s little wish, and it was only because of Tyler’s errant growth that Jake was able to discover that Tyler was just as gay as he was. The wish was also the catalyst that brought Sam into their small circle of friends, and Jake was very glad for that.

Looking back on it he was happy about how things turned out. It was probably for the best that Tyler had not really put any thought into it and had just acted in accordance with his basest desires. Jake just wished that Tyler hadn’t been so hung up on his dick size. He could have asked for the power to grow any and all body parts. As much as Jake loved his boyfriend’s colossus, he wished he could have ridden it more than once. Why did the growth have to be so specific? Jake wished he could keep his sixty feet of magnificent cock, but be big enough to actually use it.

In his daydream Jake was towering over one hundred feet tall and was using the Sears Tower to steady himself while an equally gigantic Tyler drilled him from behind. Jake’s daydreams were always vivid, but his supercharged hormones were causing his reverie to take on a life of its own. Jake’s mind was now his own private holodeck, and the computer had loaded the sexiest sim it could find.

In his dream Jake walked down the middle of the street. Either foot could easily crush a bus if he so chose, but Jake wasn’t here to cause trouble. He was just here to be loved. The street was completely empty, but the sidewalks were lined with people who were just there to see him. All eyes were on Jake, but he actually didn’t mind. He enjoyed it in fact. These weren’t the cold, hateful eyes that he always felt on him. These were the eyes of people who genuinely wanted to see him. Jake felt popular, good looking, and well liked by everyone.

It was as if he had finally outgrown his anxiety. Jake was now so huge that the demons that had plagued him could do nothing but cower in fear of the titan he had become. Jake continued to walk down the street as the crowds of onlookers cheered him on. He ran one hand across the large brick buildings beside him. He could feel the bumps and ridges as his fingertips dragged across the windows and easily eclipsed the entire frame.

He was the sole participant in a parade that was held in his honor. He swaggered down the street; his immense cock swinging heavily from side to side as he did so. At the lowest point of it’s arc, Jake’s meaty pendulum came but a few scant inches from scraping the pavement below him. His adoring fans reached up to the sky; trying desperately to place a hand upon the glorious dick swaying right over their heads.

Jake continued his triumphant march until the road opened up into a large central park. Standing in the middle was Tyler who was every bit as tall as Jake and beaming with pride. Tyler had nothing on but a comically out of place black bow tie. It was obvious that Tyler was trying to dress classy, but he had only succeeded in looking like a Chippendale’s dancer.

Jake raised an eyebrow questioningly at Tyler, but Tyler just smirked like he always did and got down on one knee in front of Jake. Tyler reached down under his arm and pulled out a large golden, gem-encrusted, ring. There is no telling where he was hiding such a thing. He didn’t have any clothes on, and so pockets were out of the question. The ring was far too large to fit in a pocket anyway. Jake instinctively knew that this ring was an engagement ring and hat Tyler was proposing to him. Jake’s eyes lit up and the biggest, happiest smile he had ever managed crossed his face. His smile was so wide that it hurt his cheeks, but he had never been happier in his life.

Jake tried to scream “Yes!” He wanted to accept Tyler’s proposal, but no words would come out. He just continued beaming and nodded emphatically. Jake held out his hand for Tyler to put the ring on, but he quickly realized that the ring was far too large for his finger. It was even too large for his arm. Jake could wear the enormous band as a belt if he wanted to. Tyler just grinned as his eyes sparkled lasciviously. Jake knew exactly what that ring was meant for. His cock began inflating in anticipation.

Tyler lifted up the tip of Jake’s colossal semi and slipped the ring over it. Slowly and seductively Tyler slid the ring up along Jake’s length until it rested snugly at the base of the shaft. Tyler stood up and stared longingly into Jake’s eyes. They both wanted to kiss each other so bad, but something was holding them back. They were waiting for something, some signal. Suddenly there was a loud bang as a giant book slammed shut.

Jake and Tyler looked to see that Sam was now there with them. He had just slammed a large, leather bound tome shut. Sam was wearing nothing but a white collar like one a priest would wear which of course looked just as comically out of place as Tyler’s little bow tie. Sam smiled at them and nodded. They may now kiss their respective husband. Jake and Tyler leapt into each others arms and joined together in one long passionate kiss. The adoring citizens erupted into even louder cheers as the two celebrated their first kiss as a married couple.

Jake and Tyler finally broke apart their passionate kiss; a long strand of saliva still connecting their lips like a red string of fate. Jake could feel his wedding ring digging deep into his shaft as his gigantic dick sprung to life. Jake could see that Tyler was sporting just as much of a raging erection as he was. Neither of them could wait to get to the honeymoon, and judging from the roar of the crowd, their fans were ready for it as well.

Tyler quickly took charge as he leaned in close to Jake. He kissed a trail down the nape of Jake’s neck while he worked over the head of Jake’s cock with his hand. Jake’s mountainous cock was gushing pre as Tyler ran his thumb across the slit and occasionally even slipped his thumb all the way in. Jake was so horny by now, but even without the ring keeping him bottled up, he refused to cum just yet.

Tyler knew exactly what Jake was waiting for. He gesture for Jake to turn around and gave a seductive wink. That was all the encouragement Jake needed. He turned around, leaned against the skyscraper before him, and presented his eager ass for his lover to take.

Tyler wasted no time in shoving his leviathan into Jake. It slid in easily, and yet stretched Jake out farther than he had ever been stretched before. Jake felt his hole stretch to its maximum and beyond. He loved to use huge toys and loved to stretch himself out more and more, but nothing he had ever taken came even close to comparing to this. Jake could feel the immense rod of his newly christened husband filling every inch of him. It was as if his entire life had led up to this point. All the emptiness Jake had felt inside was just waiting for Tyler’s giant cock to fill it up.

Tyler thrust deep into Jake’s ass over and over. Jake’s subconscious was becoming as overcome with lust as the rest of his mind. The scenery and revelers bled together into surreal mass of color, but Tyler remained just as vivid and real as ever. Tyler came hard, deep inside of Jake; the warm, gooey cum filling Jake even more. Large globs of jizz seeped out of Jake’s ass and into the blur of the crowd. The vaguely human splotches of color eagerly awaited the rain of seed from the two titanic lovers.

Finally, even the gemmed wedding band around his cock was no longer enough to keep Jake from cumming. He sprayed large, thick waves of spooge upon his surreal surroundings, adding a Jackson Pollock flair to the erotic Van Gogh painting of his dreamscape.

Jake was rudely snapped back to reality by a loud thunk. His throbbing erection had just bumped loudly against the ceiling of the classroom. Beads of pre had long since seeped through his pants and had run down the length of his shaft and had begun pooling on the ground around his gigantic balls. Jake had just done exactly what he had set out to avoid, but he was too horny to care. He needed to get off and soon.

Jake weakly raised his hand. “I need to go to the bathroom…” He muttered softly. There was really no point in hiding what he was about to do. Anyone with at least one working eye could see that Jake was in dire need of pounding one out. The teacher just nodded towards the hall pass. She was too stunned by the lewd display to even speak.

Jake staggered out into the hall. There was only one place in the school that might be able to handle him like this. Jake hurried off to the locker rooms as fast as he could with the awkward pillar stretching out in front of him. Jake was leaving a trail of pre as he walked. Even with awkwardness of his current situation he just couldn’t seem to shake the amazing daydream he had just had.

Jake was so glad when he reached the locker room. He had only been in here once before when he had come to give Tyler a ride after practice. The place was packed with hot, naked guys at that time. Just thinking about all those sexy, nude bodies running around pushed him even closer to the edge. He was almost a little disheartened to see the room completely empty. He would have gladly accepted help with his little predicament. Jake haphazardly pulled off his clothes as he stumbled to the shower area. There was no way he was going to fit into a stall, but maybe being close enough to all these drains would allow the impending deluge of spooge to drain away.

Jake managed to step out of his briefs. When he let go of them the resulting catapult effect of his rock hard cock snapping to its full upright and locked position caused the soaked and stretched undies to fly across the room.

Jake belly flopped onto his newly freed hardon and began grinding against the tile floor. He had been so close to blowing his load for so long now that he began cumming in no time at all. Jake continued pumping his gigantic cock against the floor as wave after massive wave of creamy jizz spewed forth from his dick. Jake exulted in the release as he tried desperately to relieve the sheer joy of his reverie. In Jake’s sex addled mind, the sloshing pool of spunk flooding the room was the amorphous blur of the cheering crowd at his and Tyler’s titanic wedding ceremony.

Once Jake was finally spent, he lay sprawled out across his enormous cock as he dreamed of the future. He was still a little tense about what tonight would bring, but he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tyler. The joy and excitement of one day popping the question to his dearly beloved gave him hope for the future. He knew it would be a rough road getting there, but Jake also knew it would be worth it.


Part 32

All eyes were on Tyler the second he entered the building. Even those who were not predisposed to men couldn’t help but stare at the tightly wrapped behemoth swinging between Tyler’s legs. Tyler loved the attention and knew how to use the spotlight. He strolled straight down the middle of the hallway as students and teachers alike got out of the way and watched in reverent awe as the glorious rod and colossal balls loped past them. Tyler had long since adjusted to his new size and had adopted a gait that swished from side to side which caused his immense package to loll back and forth as he sauntered through the halls.

Libidos ran high and boners rose higher as Tyler cranked his sex appeal to max. Even without the lumbering mass of man meat that he was swinging around Tyler was hot and ripped, and he knew it. His muscles were so large from years of training that they were straining against Sam’s old t-shirt. Each and every contour of his chiseled abs was openly on display for any to see. Those few souls who could draw their eyes away from the mountainous cock and the monolithic balls were treated to show of Tyler’s amazing physique.

Tyler was actually surprised that none of the teachers had made any effort to stop his triumphant march through the corridors. He was technically in dress code but only just barely, and all the other guys who let their underwear hang out of their pants typically didn’t have several feet of cock packed away in there.

The fact of the matter was that many of the teachers wanted to step in and find some grounds to write him up, but the few teachers who were not so emasculated by the sight of a dick that was bigger than they were, were too afraid to raise any objections against such an impossible sight. There was no way he could have grown so much over night, right? There had to be some trick. Maybe he was stuffing his pants with some giant, cock shaped object just to show off. Everyone knew that Tyler liked to show off. He practically lived for it, but no one would dare try and call a guy out on something like that. A teacher had tried to call out a female student for stuffing her bra last year, and as it turned out yes, she really did double her cup size in a week. The school board still hadn’t managed to settle that lawsuit. As such none of the faculty was willing to risk another such debacle.

Tyler swaggered into his first class right as the bell rang. Quickly realizing he would never fit into a normal desk, he grabbed one of the rolling chairs from the back corner of the room and sat down in it with his legs lewdly spread apart. His massive junk drooped down between his spread legs and rested heavily against the floor.

The economics class was pretty boring in general, and the fact that today was just the final exam didn’t help matters at all. Tyler hadn’t studied. He was far too preoccupied with other things the past few days, but it’s not like he would have studied anyway. Tyler skated by in all of his classes with the minimal amount of studying, and he did all right. He probably could have even been in all the braniac classes with Jake if he put the effort into his school work, but as it was Tyler much preferred to do well in these easy classes than to struggle in the hard ones.

Tyler finished his test in record time—or rather he finished it quicker than any of the other students anyway. There was no telling how fast other students would have finished if they hadn’t been distracted by the gigantic mass of cock flesh lazing about in middle of the classroom. It was plain to see that everyone in class was casting their gaze in his direction. Tyler could tell that he had an audience and was eager to exploit it. He walked extra slowly and seductively as he strolled up to the front of the class to set his paper on the teacher’s desk. He had the rapt attention of just about every student in the class, and possibly the teacher’s attention too.

Tyler’s only regret was that Sam’s old, baggy, cargo pants did nothing to show off his beefy, muscular ass. Sure, his cock was amazing, but Tyler had spent years sculpting those glorious mounds of muscles. He figured they deserved their time to shine as well.

As he walked along the front of the classroom he made sure his swaying gait caused his mammoth equipment to “accidentally” brush against the legs of those who were seated in the front row. A few of them even stuck their hands out to get a feel of the gargantuan specimen of manhood that was strolling past them. Their reasons for doing so varied from person to person; some wanted to feel that fantastic cock firsthand and bask in its size and raw sex appeal; still others merely wanted to be sure it was real; and one of the kinkier ones had even slipped her shoes off and dug her toes into one of Tyler’s gigantic, squishy, nuts. Tyler almost let out a loud, sexual moan of pleasure as he felt those toes dig into his sensitive balls, but he managed to stifle it and move on. Tyler was just there to put on a show. He didn’t want to get too friendly with the locals. After all, he wanted to save something for the boy he had waiting for him back home.

After dropping off his test Tyler continued his runway strut back to his seat. His front row fan girl managed to sneak in another sensual jab at his other nut as he strolled past. Tyler tried to keep up his aura of empowered indifference, but he let out a little moan in spite him self. He quickly bit his lip and regained his composure, but the damage had been done. Tyler could see the twinkle of erotic glee in the girl’s eye and the victorious smirk on her face. Tyler made a note to keep an eye out for her. As much as he loved the attention he was very strong strictly-dickly policy. He didn’t mind girls ogling him, but when it came to getting intimate he preferred to work pro-boner.

Once he got back to his seat Tyler continued his show as best he could without incurring the wrath of the teacher. He made a great show of being very bored now that he was done with his exam. He was stuck in the room until the bell rang to release him, but that was all fine by him. He really didn’t actually want to leave just yet anyway. He was enjoying the looks he was getting from the peanut gallery too much.

One by one the other students finished their exams. Many of them were sure to take a detour and walk along the outside of the classroom just to get a chance to be close to Tyler and his magnificent cock. Tyler would flash all of them a winning smile which encouraged each and every one of them to give his beast a nice feel if they were brave enough to do so, and to their credit many of them took him up on his unspoken offer. They lazily dragged their hand along the length of his soft, warm, shaft as they walked past him on their way to the teacher’s desk, and just about all of them repeated the gesture on their way back to their seats.

As much as Tyler was enjoying all the attention he was running the risk of popping a boner in class if he kept getting felt up by over half of his classmates. Fortunately just about everyone in class had already handed in their exams. There were only a few people who were still working and a few guys who were obviously done but did not dare leave their seats with the tents they were currently sporting.

Tyler continued showboating for the rest of the class. He would occasionally lean back in his chair and pretend to yawn; causing his shirt to slide up and reveal the well-groomed, blond treasure trail leading down to an equally groomed patch of pubic hair that was visible above his waistband. He would also occasionally rub a hand casually along as much of his shaft as he could reach. He was playing a dangerous game trying to keep himself hovering at a semi aroused state, but that was part of the fun. He would let his cock begin to inflate to a semi but then back off and let his arousal die down a bit. The steady rhythm of his cock swelling and deflating gave it the illusion of being a living, breathing creature. It was easy to imagine Tyler’s dick being a massive, slumbering dragon. In fact many of the students who were enthralled by the fantastical beast could almost hear it breathing, and many couldn’t wait to see it wake up.

For the first time in the history of Mrs. Ruben’s economics class, there was a murmur of sadness and disappointment when the ending bell finally tolled. The few lucky souls who had Tyler in their later classes were eagerly awaiting the next act of his solo play, but the rest dejectedly trudged off to their boring, unerotic normal classes. It was business as usual for them. All they had to look forward to during the coming class periods were more stressful, boring final exams.

The trek to Tyler’s second class went much the same as the one to his first. Students and teachers parted before him and his impressive endowments as if yielding to a king. Just being in the presence of Tyler’s magnificent piece was enough to fill many of the onlookers with a lust that could no longer be sated by normal men. It would be hard to go back to Vienna sausages after seeing a piece of meat that looked like something out of the intro of a Flintstones episode.

Tyler’s next class was in the newly constructed annex. It was much more modern than the rest of the school and had much nicer fixtures as a result. Tyler was able to get into his normal desk this time thanks in no small part to this particular model of student desk having a fold away desktop, but getting to his seat was much harder than actually getting into it. He had to squeeze in between the small rows of desks which meant he was often bumping up against the occupants with his massive balls or beefy butt. He even accidentally gave the dude who sits in front of him a face full of nutsack—although to be fair the other guy had totally leaned into it and had even welcomed the oncoming ball of flesh with open arms. Literally.

His second class period was his speech class—which is to say it was a class on how to stand up and speak in public. It was easily Tyler’s best subject since all it required him to do was stand in front of a bunch of people and bullshit for twenty minutes every few weeks and get a grade for it. Tyler never choked during his speeches. He was an absolute natural at working the crowd, and today would be no different.

As it would happen Tyler was one of only a few students who had not done their final presentation yet, and as usual Tyler had not bothered to prepare any topic to speak on. Not that it mattered. They were graded on how well they handled themselves in the speech and not so much the content. Tyler thrived off of the attention he got from being on the spot like that—unlike pretty much everyone else in class who would sweat bullets when it was their turn.

The first two students went up and did their speeches. The speeches were pretty boring, but that was about par for the course for the class. The first guy stuttered his way through some political piece on how U.S. greed was responsible for the outbreak of Somali pirates or some other boring shit like that. The next girl stammered her way through some poorly thought out argument about why Twilight was the best novel ever written. Ever. Tyler would have tried to steal some of the attention from the verbal train wrecks that were being paraded in front of him, but he was trying very hard to keep his semi from springing up into a full blown hardon. The guy in front of him was one hell of a horny bastard, and he was devious as hell to boot. Even Tyler was amazed at just how sly and slutty the dude managed to be without once ever alerting the teacher to his actions. Tyler’s junk was smushing right up against this guy’s back, and the dude didn’t seem to mind. If anything the guy was enjoying being up close and personal with Tyler Junior.

Tyler couldn’t be sure if this dude was not so secretly very aroused by Tyler’s huge dick poking him in the back or if he just wanted to make Tyler squirm in class. Tyler figured it was probably a little of column Gay and a little of column B. Either way the end result was the same.

Tyler could feel the soggy fabric of his briefs sticking to the tip of his cock. He had been dribbling pre for a bit now, and was getting steadily closer and closer to sporting a full blown hard-on with each passing second. The guy was good—there was no doubt about that, and the worst part was that he was doing it in such a way that he would look completely innocent when Tyler did finally bone in class. He was rocking back and forth in his seat and using his back to rub the tip of Tyler’s colossal cock—a cock that was already pushing up against this guy’s back by sheer virtue of it not having anywhere else to go. If that had been all the dude had been doing then Tyler could have probably chalked it up to the guy being nervous and fidgety and class, but the guy was also rolling his shoulders in such a way as to cause his shoulder blades to dig in and rub up and down along the massive head of Tyler’s huge dick. Tyler couldn’t even think if there was a term for such a sexual maneuver. Surely someone somewhere had to have had the idea to jack someone off with their shoulder blades before, but it was all new to him. The actually terminology didn’t matter. What did matter was that the technique was proving to be super effective.

Tyler breathed a long sigh of relief when he was finally called to do his speech. It figured he was the last person in class who needed to present. It wasn’t just a matter of saving the best for last. The teacher generally preferred to make Tyler sit and stew for as long as possible. Tyler couldn’t be certain, but he had a sneaking suspicion that the teacher just plain didn’t like him.

Tyler walked slowly up to the front of the room, but he didn’t take his time to put on a show. He actually had more pressing issues that required his focus for the time being. His dick was already well passed chubbed up and was straining hard against the front of his briefs. The steady drip of pre from the tip looked positively obscene. If his attire hadn’t been considered indecent before it sure as hell was now.

Tyler took a few long, slow, steady breaths as he tried to steady his pulse and bring his growing erection in check. He was still flying at half mast by the time he took his position in front of the class, but it was much better than it was when he stood up.

As Tyler looked out over the classroom and got a good look at all of his classmates, he started to relax almost instantly. He actually felt much better now that he was the center of attention. He had all eyes on him, and most of said eyes were transfixed on his massive dick. It felt good to be back in his element, and now that he was once again in control he could turn the tables on his horny neighbor. A mischievous grin spread across his face as he clapped his hands together and began speaking. “Magnets! How do they work?”

This expectedly got a lot of laughs from his classmates and a disgruntled groan from his long suffering teacher. No one would be happier to see this school year over than Mr. Owens. “Tyler… if you don’t have an actual topic ready, I’d be glad to save us all some time and fail you right here.” The teacher droned.

Tyler didn’t even bat an eye. He kept his playful grin going strong as he deflected his teacher’s criticism. “Nah. It’s cool. I was just setting the mood. I was originally going to talk about the existential quandary of a pitiful meaningless existence in Albuquerque, but I think I’ll open the floor up to questions instead.” He said causally. Tyler gestured to everyone in the class, but he kept his eyes locked on his would be molester. “You there. I know you have a question.” Tyler said as he pointed to the student who had just been giving him one helluva rubdown just moments before.

Tyler’s kinky neighbor was completely unprepared to be put on the spot like this. “Uh… no. I can’t think of anything.” He stammered awkwardly. He was flustered and desperately trying to avoid eye contact with anyone.

Tyler’s devious grin never faltered for a second, but there was a faint twinkle of sadistic glee in his eyes as he watched his classmate squirm under the gazes of the entire class. After a moment of two Tyler decided that the guy had had enough. Tyler wasn’t the malicious type by nature, and he wasn’t even particularly upset with the guy. Tyler had actually enjoyed the kinky, covert rub down. He just wanted to be the one in control of the situation.

“It seems to me that there is an elephant in the room, but no one wants to talk about it.” Tyler announced playfully. Tyler leaned forward and rested on his own gigantic cock in the way that a fire and brimstone preacher would lean into his pulpit as he stared at the guy who was now sweating under the pressure. It was probably for the best that the dude was getting so thoroughly saturated in his own juices. All the sweat spots that were forming on his shirt served to mask the giant splotch of pre that was dribbling down his back.

Tyler’s classmate fumbled with words for a bit, but finally managed to ask the question that was on everyone’s mind. “Uh… How did you get… how did you get so big?” He stammered.

Tyler flexed one beefy bicep while shooting the guy a sly grin and replied, “Hard work and dedication.” This caused the class to erupt into laughter.

The guy shook his head and stammered his way through a follow up question. “I mean… Well… Look at you!” He murmured meekly.

Tyler flexed both arms like a bodybuilder in a competition and replied, “I know, right?” This garnered more laughter, but someone from the back of the room called out between their own laughs, “He’s talkin’ about your dick, bro!”

Tyler tilted his head and gave a devious grin. His eyes were still locked on his jacker as he replied, “Well, why didn’t you just say so?” The whole class was howling except for the teacher and the target or Tyler’s jabs.

The teacher just let out a loud, annoyed sigh. “Give your speech or get off the stage. We don’t have time for your antics.” The teacher grumbled.

Tyler just rolled his eyes and said, “Well, now that I have my topic, let’s discuss. How did I get so big?” Tyler acted as if he was mulling over and then casually shrugged. “A magic man did it.” He explained dismissively.

The entire class was laughing again which was just what Tyler had been banking on. It’s common knowledge that the easiest way to keep a secret is to tell everyone but present said secret as a joke. That way everybody assumes that the truth is the most absurd and implausible explanation and is therefor readily ignored by anyone who might seek answers.

Once the audience quieted down a bit Tyler continued his story. “Well, actually. I first noticed it this past weekend. Everything seemed a little bigger. You can imagine how excited I was, but the thing is…” Tyler’s explanation started to trail off. His voice got low and hushed as if he was telling a campfire ghost story as he added, “It kept getting bigger.” Tyler’s cock seemed to shudder as he spoke the last word as if it too was trembling with the suspense.

Tyler continued his story adding in dramatic hand gestures to make his sex fueled growth spurts seem like something out of a cheesy B horror flick. “What’s causing it?” Tyler asked. It was a rhetorical question and everyone knew this. They all leaned in and awaited the answer. Tyler too leaned in and gave his answer in the same, hushed, campfire tone from earlier. “No one knows.”

He alternated his narrative this way. Speaking with emphatic gestures for the action, but then speaking in hushed tones when he added the “No one knows.”

“Will it ever stop? No one knows.”

“Is it contagious? No one knows.”

“Is it even growing right now? At this very instant?” Tyler asked dramatically. He had all the emphasis and animation of a born-again Baptist preacher calling forth souls for salvation, and he had his audience wrapped around his finger. All eyes turned to stare at Tyler’s enormous cock as if waiting for some sign from above.

Tyler’s cock was straining against the fabric. Every little detail of Tyler’s impressive meat was clearly visible as the fabric stretched so tight that it started to become borderline transparent. The stitches along the sides of the front pouch were beginning to pop and fray.

Tyler leaned in for another hushed whisper. “Oh, I think we know.” After which he gave the class a devious wink.

Just about everyone in the class was completely aroused from Tyler’s little show, especially his creeper from earlier. The front of the guy’s pants were damp from the beads of pre dribbling from his own rock hard cock. He wanted to experience Tyler’s newly enhanced dick? Well it looks like he got more than he had bargained for.

Several other students were really getting into it as well especially a quiet, nerdy girl who always sat in the back. It was apparent to Tyler that she had been fingering herself for the duration of his little show and that she had just brought herself to a climax. Tyler had to stifle a chuckle as he watched her slowly sink into her seat. The look of post-climax satisfaction was apparent on her flushed face.

“It’s always the quiet ones that are the freaky ones.” Tyler thought to himself.

The bell rang to announce the end of yet another class period. The teacher didn’t even bother to get out of his seat to dismiss the class. He just waved them off with a curt “go away.”

After Tyler’s latest stunt his nuts now dragged heavily along the ground as he walked. Even with Sam’s custom fit ball bra Tyler’s junk was getting to be a little cumbersome, but Tyler didn’t mind too much. It was totally worth it to see the looks on all of their faces as his dick grew right in front of their eyes.

Tyler scooped up his bag and wandered off down the hall. He had a plan to regain some of his lost mobility, but he’d need some help to pull it off. Tyler nodded quickly to his kinky classmate and uttered a quick “You. With me.” Tyler knew this guy enough to know that they both had their lunch period next, and as he suspected, the guy didn’t make any effort to protest.

Tyler trudged awkwardly towards the supply closet while his creeper followed sheepishly behind him. Tyler quickly realized that something was not right here. The ground was soggy with crusty white fluid. If he didn’t know any better he’d say that this was a lake of drying cum. He knew it wasn’t his, and he doubted it was Jake’s. If that were true then there was only one other person who could have made this mess, and judging by the crusty state of the coagulating sludge it had been here quite a while. It was such a huge mess that it was almost surprising that no one had made an attempt to clean it up yet, but the school’s janitors were notoriously lazy. They had just placed a caution cone up and called it good.

Tyler was getting worried. If this was a huge puddle of spooge, then there are very few people who could have made it. Tyler hurried to the closet door as fast as he could. He was in such a hurry that he couldn’t even bring himself to worry that he was dragging his immense nuts through the cooling muck as he went. The handle turned easily enough, but the door was jammed. He shoved against it with all his might, but the soggy ground made it hard for him to really get a decent footing.

Slowly but surely, Tyler managed to pry the door open enough for him to poke his head in. His fears were confirmed as he saw what was inside. Sam was lying slumped over against the far wall. His enormous dick was now so large that it filled most of the closet. Sam shouldn’t be able to get any larger without Tyler around which meant he must have released, but why?

Sam’s face lit up when he saw Tyler, but then immediately went blank again. Seeing the sorry state that his friend was in gave Tyler a surge of adrenaline needed to shove the door the rest of the way open. Tyler quickly realized what had made it so hard to open the door. Sam’s humongous cock was resting against the doorway effectively pinning it shut.

Tyler rushed in and quickly knelt down beside his pal. Sam’s face still looked vacant. Tyler was confused by these sudden changes in Sam and tried to get him to open up. “Hey. What happened?” Tyler asked gently.

Sam just gave Tyler a pleading look and nodded to something behind him. Tyler turned and looked behind him to see that his follower had slipped in with him.

“Oh, hi Mark.” Tyler said casually. He quickly shooed Mark away but immediately changed his mind again. “Wait. On second thought, take that bucket and fill it with cold water.” Tyler called out to his creeper.

Tyler shoved Sam’s hefty dick so that it was no longer pressing up against the door which allowed Mark to leave easily. Then Tyler turned back to Sam. “Ok. It’s just us. What happened?” He asked.

Sam still looked uneasy. “I’m not sure any more…” He muttered. Tyler just waited patiently for Sam to piece together his thoughts enough to continue.

It took some time for Sam to speak again, and the whole time he spoke he seemed distant and confused. “I met a guy. I thought I liked him. I might still like him? I don’t know anymore…” He murmured.

“We can worry about him later. Let’s get you cleaned up and out of here. Why didn’t you call me for help? And why are you so big?” Tyler said soothingly as he pulled Sam in for a bro-hug as he consoled his friend.

Sam answered Tyler’s first question by pointing to the cum soaked pile of clothing in the corner. Sitting that soggy mass was Sam’s phone. Tyler wasn’t sure how it had ended up over there, but he knew better than to pry too much. Sam’s emotional state was delicate on a good day. There was no benefit in pushing him too hard in his current state.

Next Sam answered Tyler’s second question. He looked a little uneasy, but he explained as best he could. “It’s like I got tired of holding it in. It’s like whatever muscle I was using to hold it back just gave out.” He said.

Now that Sam mentioned it, Tyler could feel something similar. Like a dull ache in the back of is mind. It was almost as if some corner of his subconscious had been holding its hand up of for twelve hours straight and just wanted to let its arm drop from pain and fatigue. If he let himself go at school, there’s no telling the amount of damage he could do.

Tyler felt a chill run up his spine. He was confident enough in his self discipline that he felt he could keep his growth in check for at least a few more hours, but Jake was another story. Tyler suddenly found himself with a serious dilemma. He knew he had to find Jake before he dropped the balls in school, but he also couldn’t leave Sam in the condition he was in…


Part 33

Tyler knew he needed to act fast if he was going to help both Sam and Jake before things got way too messy. Fortunately his last class of the day was technically already over. They had written their final papers in there on Monday, and today was just peer review day—which is to say everybody acted like they read each others papers when they really just sat around and talked all period. Tyler could easily skip out without having to worry about any negative consequences. He also knew that Jake had no reason to be at school other than to provide transport for him and Sam. Tyler had no idea what Sam’s class schedule was like, but Sam was in no condition, physically or mentally, to be attending classes.

Tyler heard a knock on the door and so he walked over and opened it just a crack. He could see that Mark was waiting on the other side with a full bucket of cool water. Tyler quickly opened the door and swiped the bucket and then shut the door in Mark’s face before Mark could even get a word in. Tyler had nothing he wanted to say to Mark, and he really didn’t want to let that creeper stare at his friend in such a vulnerable position. Tyler would put on a show for anyone who wanted one, but he knew Sam was much more guarded about showing off his body. It’s kind of a shame too because Sam really did have a fantastic body. At least Sam had gotten comfortable enough in front of Tyler to let it all hang out around him.

Tyler poured the bucket of water along the length of Sam’s rapidly dwindling cock. Tyler was glad that the water seemed to be cold enough to get Sam back down to his minimum and manageable size, but there was still the issue of how to smuggle Sam out of school. His clothes were in no way wearable in their current cum covered state. Tyler knew he would have to rig up some sort of covering for Sam. He had a few ideas, but none of which he’d be able to execute by himself. He’d need Jake’s help.

It was then that the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. “Oh, shit! Jake!” Tyler gasped. He was so worried about helping Sam that he had almost forgotten about Jake’s mutually exclusive predicament. Tyler really had to find Jake and fast. There was no telling when the dam would break. If Jake couldn’t keep his growth in check and let loose in the middle of class the results would be disastrous.

Sam seemed to have calmed down a bit, and he was small enough to be mobile again. Tyler hoped that Sam would be fine on his own for a little bit while he took care of things with Jake.

Tyler crouched down next to Sam and put a hand reassuringly on his shoulder. “Hey, Jake really needs my help too. Will you be fine on your own for a few minutes while I take care of him? I’ll bring you something to wear and so we can get out of here soon.” Tyler explained softly to Sam.

Sam didn’t reply—at least not verbally anyway. Tyler could see the look of panic in Sam’s eyes and the Sam’s slight cringe as he mentioned leaving Sam alone for a bit, but Sam also seemed to perk up a bit when Tyler mentioned leaving school. Sam was not comfortable being around campus in his current state, and was visibly rattled by whatever had happened to him this morning. He just wanted to hide away from people for awhile. The thought of spending the rest of the day just hanging out with Jake and Tyler like they had the night before sounded like the best thing for him right now.

Tyler turned and rummaged through the pile of Sam’s spooge saturated clothing until he found Sam’s cell. It was a little gooey, but seemed to be in working order. Tyler flipped it on, and a little message popped up saying that the new software had finished installing. Tyler quickly dismissed the prompt. He just wanted to be sure that Sam had a working phone. Tyler had no interest in snooping on whatever Sam had been downloading today.

Tyler was a little confused to find that the phone was lying out in the pile of clothes and not in any of the pockets. He figured that Sam must have been using it briefly before his growth hit. Tyler figured that the reason Sam had not tried to call anyone was because it was very difficult for him to move in the closet with his massive dick blocking the way.

Tyler handed Sam his phone. “Here. Keep this with you. I’ll message you when we are at the door. Keep this place locked until then, ok?” He said softly.

Sam just nodded silently in understanding. Tyler’s heart sunk to see his pal in such a terrible condition. He really hated to leave Sam in that state, but it was the best chance they had of getting out of here with the minimal amount of physical, emotional, and property damage.

Once Tyler left the room, Sam slowly got up and locked the door. His mind was still slowly trying to process everything that had happened. Dalton had made him feel so great and so worthless all at once. Sam’s emotions were cycling rapidly between varying degrees of love and hate. He had really liked Dalton yesterday, but Dalton had shown a very scary side to him earlier today. Dalton had mellowed out in a matter of minutes though. It’s like he had caught himself, and by the end of their time in the closet, Dalton was almost completely back to his previous self. Sam didn’t know how to feel about these rapid changes in personality, or what to think of Dalton in general. All Sam did know was that he needed some time alone, and the closet provided the perfect place to do just that.

It wasn’t just his dealing with Dalton that had Sam so rattled though. He was also uncomfortable with himself. Some part of him had enjoyed the way Dalton had held so much power over him. Sam felt sick to his stomach thinking of how he had gotten off to the way Dalton was abusing him. Sam felt ashamed and embarrassed. He had to admit that some part of it was exciting and in the right circumstances it could have even been fun, but Sam knew that he didn’t want that type of relationship. He couldn’t imagine having to go through that emotional roller coaster another time let alone making it a regular occurrence.

Sam leaned back against the now locked door and slowly slid down to the ground. He landed with a splash in the cooling pool of jizz that still coated the room. Sam absent-mindedly flipped his phone on and off as he the thought over the events of the past day. Eventually Sam wiped the excess spooge off of the screen with a relatively clear part of his arm, and was surprised to see that some of the cracks that had formed in his screen over the past year seemed to wipe off with it. If Sam’s mind had been in a better state he may have given this more than a cursory notice, but as it was he was far too preoccupied with other things to give more than a bemused, “…huh.”

Tyler meanwhile was hauling ass towards the locker room as fast as his legs could take him. Tyler was no slouch when it came to athletics. He was the star of the soccer team. He knew how to run with the best of them, but it was slow going with his newly enhanced girth. His cock and balls were simply so massive and heavy that they slowed him down and tired him out. Tyler silently cussed himself out for forgetting to grab the dolly from the supply closet like he had originally intended, but he didn’t dare go back there until he was ready for Sam. He didn’t want to give Sam any false hope about them already being ready to go. Tyler was better off carrying his own weight for now. He’d just have to remember to get the set of wheels when he was ready to help Sam.

Tyler turned the corner into the locker room and was greeted by a solid wall of flesh. Most people would have been floored by such a sight, but Tyler was actually relieved. He knew that there was only one thing that this massive, spongy barrier of skin could be—Well there were two things it could actually be, but seeing as Tyler had no way of obtaining a pokeflute he had to hope that this particularly lazy, round roadblock was actually one of Jake’s colossal balls. It appeared that Tyler was a little too late to stop Jake from growing, but at least Jake had picked a relatively safe location to really let himself go. Tyler was pretty sure that there would be no one in the locker room at this time normally, and if there was, Tyler hoped that they would have enough sense to try and escape the expanding mass of cockflesh. That being said Tyler knew that had he seen his boyfriend’s giant balls slowly swelling their way in his direction he would have hopped right on and enjoyed the ride, and in fact Tyler made a note to do just that once they were safely out in a place that was big enough to handle them.

Meanwhile back in the supply closet Sam’s phone chirped which startled him because he had not expected a response from Tyler so soon. Sam turned the phone on again and read the message. “Hey. I’m going to need the dolly and the bucket. Could you get those ready for me?” it read.

Sam had no idea what was going on, but he was more than happy to play along. It gave him something to do, and he really needed a little diversion. Being left alone with his thoughts was doing him more harm than good right now.

Sam found the bucket easy enough, but he wasn’t sure what dolly Tyler was talking about. He knew that Tyler obviously wasn’t referring to some sort of toy doll, but all the dollies that Sam had dealt with when helping his dad had been the upright kind. The sort that had two rear wheel and long upright handles with a little shelf for loading furniture and heavy equipment onto. There was nothing in this room matching that description.

Then Sam saw what he was looking for. Hanging up on the far wall was a two foot by three foot rectangular wooden ring. It looked kind of like a picture frame on wheels. Now that he saw it he knew exactly what it was and how Tyler knew it was in here.

Earlier in the school year Tyler had gotten sent to detention for causing a disturbance at school. This was a not altogether an uncommon occurrence, but Sam remembered this particular scene very well. It was actually the first time he had seen Tyler, and it was also when he had developed his crush.

Sam had been trying to find his way around the school. He was still new there, and didn’t know much of where anything was. He had been standing in the middle of the hallway trying to make heads or tails of the rudimentary map that he had been given at orientation for the first day of school and was too focused on the map to hear the loud rattling noise careening towards him or to notice the crowd of people in hallway parting like a bad 90s haircut. The only sound that he was vaguely aware of was the sound of someone laughing. It was such a warm and friendly laugh that Sam had immediately felt at peace with whoever it was coming from.

Sam didn’t have to wait long to find out the owner of the voice. In a matter of seconds he could hear that same voice shouting. “Hey guys! I’m going to leap Springfield Gorge! … OH shit! Hey! LOOK OUT!”

Sam looked up from his map to see Tyler riding the dolly like a skateboard straight down the middle of the hallway which unfortunately put Sam right in the line of fire.

In one swift motion, Tyler had hopped off of his makeshift skateboard, scooped up the dolly, and skid to a halt but a few inches from Sam. Sam’s was now face to face with the most handsome guy he had ever seen. Tyler’s sparkling green eyes seemed to glow with a friendly light. Even Tyler’s teeth seemed positively radiant. It was as if those pearly whites gave off their own light as Tyler flashed the biggest, cheesiest, friendliest, toothiest grin Sam had ever seen.

Sam couldn’t even speak. He didn’t want to risk outing himself so soon, but he could feel is face getting warm. He knew he was already blushing. Sam wanted to turn away and hide his face, but he couldn’t pull his gaze away from those beautiful eyes or that handsome face. Sam was hovering on the verge of a nervous breakdown and may have done something drastic had it not been for Tyler’s radiant smile. Tyler’s friendly grin not only left Sam completely stupefied but also helped him relax quite a bit.

“So you’re new here, huh?” Tyler said casually as he plucked the map right out of Sam’s hands. Tyler turned the map over and scanned the contents of the page. He nodded understandingly. “Oh. You’ve got Jenkins. He’s a total hardass, but you’re not far off.” Tyler explained as he pointed towards Sam’s next destination. He looked ready to give Sam even more directions before he was so rudely interrupted.

Right then the Vice Principal managed to catch up to Tyler. His face was bright red from running from one side of the school to the other. He had been desperately trying to catch up with the maniac who was speeding through the hallways. He placed one hammy hand heavily on Tyler’s shoulder and grumbled, “Son, we are going to have to have a few words.”

Tyler just nodded nonchalantly as he continued looking over Sam’s map. He gave the vice principal a dismissive wave as he replied, “Oh, sure. Just give me a minute here.” Tyler resumed pointing out landmarks on the map and explained the lay of the school to Sam while the vice principal silently seethed to the side.

“See. You’re right here. You want to go over the science annex. So go down the hall, hang a left at the gym. Jenkins’ class is the third door on the left.” Tyler explained as he traced a path on the map with his pointer finger.

Tyler scrawled a few quick notes on the map and handed it back to Sam and then turned to the Vice Principal. “I guess we’re going back to your place, then? You could have at least bought me dinner first.” He said jokingly. Most of the people in the hallway laughed at the joke. Even Sam joined in on the laughter, but the vice principal was not at all amused.

Tyler hoisted the dolly up under his arm and readjusted his backpack. Then with a quick, enthusiastic upward point and an “Allons-y!” he strode off in the direction of the principal’s office with the flustered VP following behind.

Sam looked at his map and saw that Tyler had jotted down some major landmarks onto it which made it so much easier for Sam to learn his way around the school. To say Sam was grateful would be an understatement. Sam knew he needed to find that stud again and say thanks. Sam had a few other things he’d like to say to the guy, but he had to be sure not to get ahead of himself. He was still reeling from the fall out at his last school, and he didn’t want to risk something like that happening again so soon.

Throughout the course of the rest of the day Sam had learned the name of the handsome dude who had helped him that morning. It wasn’t too hard. Tyler’s stunt was the talk of the entire school. Sam quickly learned that Tyler was given detention after school that day for his escapades. This punishment seemed incredibly lax to Sam, but apparently Tyler was the school’s star athlete which meant he had certain privileges that average students didn’t. Nobody—especially not the higher ups in the district—wanted to risk Tyler getting blocked from participating in sports.

Sam had also found out that Tyler was the captain of the soccer team; a title he had held for the past three years. It was an impressive accomplishment for any high school senior, and that goes double for a junior. The fact that he had made the position during his sophomore year was simply unheard of.

During his eavesdropping around campus, Sam had also found out that the soccer team had open enrollment after class that day. Sam had plenty of time to kill after class that day anyway, and he really wanted a chance to meet Tyler again so he made up his mind to show up for enrollment.

Sam waited outside of the detention hall after school for Tyler to finish his sentence. When Tyler finally got out, Sam walked over to him and forced himself to speak which was a task much easier said than done. Sam was as nervous as he’d ever been. His body felt like lead and his brain felt like it was shouting commands at him from five miles away.

“I wanted to thank you for helping me earlier… and I’m sorry that you got caught.” Sam stammered awkwardly.

Tyler laughed in reply which confused Sam a bit at first. “Don’t worry about that, man. I was going to get caught anyway. Glad I could help out.” Tyler said pleasantly.

Sam struggled with his words a bit more and after some awkward fidgeting finally managed to speak again. “I also… I would like to join the soccer team.” He managed to sputter.

Tyler just nodded and said, “Ok. See you at practice tomorrow.”

Sam was taken aback. “Wait, what? Just like that?” He sputtered. “Don’t I need to try out or anything?”

Tyler rolled his eyes back and furrowed his brow as he mulled it over. “No, not really…” He mused out loud. “Anyone who wants to can get on the team, but we’ll keep an eye on how you play during practice and decide who gets to be on the main line. So, if you want to actually play, you better bring you’re A-game to practice.” He explained.

Sam perked up at this. Tyler was going to be watching him as he practiced? If that was the case there was no doubt that Sam was going to give it 110%. “Yes, sir!” he shouted excitedly in reply.

Tyler laughed his good natured laugh again. “No need to be so formal. Name’s Tyler by the way.” he replied and held out his hand to Sam.

Sam eagerly shook Tyler’s hand and sputtered, “I’m Sam. Well, Samwise, but just call me Sam.”

Tyler cocked his head to the side a bit and gave Sam a sly smirk as he said, “You’re a little tall for a hobbit aren’t you?”

Sam was unexpectedly pleased to hear that Tyler knew about hobbits, and that he seemed to appreciate the reference. Sam was planning on making some sort of comment in reply, but he mind was still sort of fumbling along with a mixture of young love goofiness and good old fashioned social awkwardness. Before Sam could formulate any sort of response he heard someone else chime in. “And you’re a little short for a storm trooper. Seriously, bro, you think I have time to sit around and wait for your ass to get out of detention?” The new arrival said. Sam didn’t know it at the time, but he’d eventually become good friends with the tall, lanky, gentle giant who had just lumbered over.

“No one says you have to wait for me. I can get home just fine.” Tyler snarked back and waved Jake off dismissively.

“As if! Do you know how much shit I would get from your mom if I ditched you?” Jake retorted indignantly. He then suddenly seemed to notice the smaller, slimmer, dark haired guy for the first time. “Oh, and who’s the kid?” He asked.

“Oh. He’s just some freshman who wants on the team.” Tyler explained. Sam’s heart sunk a bit as he heard himself referred to in such a disinterested way. He knew that Tyler hadn’t meant anything bad by it, but it stung just the same.

Tyler turned back to Sam and gestured towards Jake. “And this is my douchebag next-door neighbor.” He explained playfully. Tyler then gestured back and forth between Sam and Jake as he did introductions. “Fish. Tool. Tool. Fish. Great. We’re all friends now.”

Jake had known Tyler long enough to know that he was just joking around and being an ass so he didn’t take any offence at being called a tool, but he wasn’t going to let it slide so easy. Jake mustered up his best mock defiance and retaliated. “Oh, I’ll show your smart ass a tool when we get home.” He retorted.

Jake immediately realized that what he said could be perceived as being sexual and turned bright red. He quickly turned and stomped off towards his jeep before anyone would have a chance to read too much into what he had just said.

“I’m going home.” Jake called back over his shoulder. “If you aren’t at the car in five minutes I’m leaving without you.”

Tyler waved goodbye to Jake with a mix of genuine friendship and good natured snark and then turned back to Sam. “Don’t mind him. He’s always like that. I swear. He’s a great guy if you actually get to know him. He just doesn’t make it easy. Anyway, I really should get going. See you at practice!” Tyler quickly gushed before turning and booking it down the hallway after his friend.

Tyler hurried off after Jake leaving Sam to think over what had just happened. Sam was a little disheartened, but he wasn’t ready to admit defeat just yet. He had decided to join the soccer team and become so good that Tyler had to notice him and maybe, if he played his cards right, he could get close to his new crush while he was at it. Sam followed through on his plan, and quickly became one of the top players on the team, but it was many months before he could actually work up the courage to talk to Tyler about anything other than the basic soccer team topics.

The chirp from Sam’s phone brought him back to the present. “Yo. I’m at the door.” The new text read. Sam unlocked the door, and Tyler entered almost instantly.

“Got the stuff?” Tyler asked.

Sam nodded and handed Tyler the bucket and then pulled the dolly off the wall. Sam couldn’t help but smile in spite of all the stress he was under. This little contraption was partly to blame for having brought him and Tyler together. Sam supposed he would have seen Tyler around the school anyway over the course of the next few months, but if they had met later Sam might not have been able to join the team and get close to Tyler. A strange chance encounter on his first day at school had led him up to this moment, and for better or for worse, Sam wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Tyler took the bucket, but didn’t accept the dolly. “Just put it down.” Tyler said and then grabbed onto the fabric lining of his monolithic bulge.

“Just slide it under.” Tyler explained as he nodded towards his cock and balls. Sam was understandably confused at first, but he quickly caught on to what was going on. As soon as Tyler was sure Sam was on the same page he nodded and said, “Ok. Ready? Three… Two… One… Go!”

Tyler pulled up on his briefs and hoisted his gargantuan package off the ground high enough that Sam could slip the wheeled platform under it. He groaned and grunted as he did so. Even though he only had to hoist his junk for a few short seconds it had tested the limits of his endurance. He knew his junk was heavy, but he hadn’t realized just how heavy it really was. He was actually amazed that his lower back was able to support such incredibly bulk, but he didn’t have time to think too much on it at the moment. He still had to get back to the locker room and take care of Jake.

Tyler let go of his ginormous junk and let it rest atop the dolly. The wooden contraption under him gave a groan of protest but held the weight well enough. “Whew. That makes my life so much easier. Glad this school only has one level.” Tyler said with a sigh of relief.

He then turned and flashed Sam a reassuring grin. “You sure you are ok here by yourself?” He asked.

Sam just nodded in reply. Tyler looked him over for a minute as if appraising Sam and his behavior. Sam felt like he was in an interrogation, but eventually Tyler nodded and replied, “Ok, but if you need anything, just message me. I’ll be here as soon as I can. Oh and keep the door locked like last time.”

Tyler gave Sam a cheesy thumbs up as he backed out of the closet. The maneuver was made extra comical by the noise from the wheels rattling and squeaking under him as he went. As soon as Tyler was gone, Sam locked the door and went back into his moral and emotional dilemmas.

Tyler stopped by the restroom on his way to the gym. He was actually glad that the tap water here somehow managed to remain at negative fifty degrees no matter how many hundreds of degrees it was outside. Seriously, it could be 114 degrees outside, but if you tried to wash your hands in the bathroom without letting it heat up first you’d get frostbite instantly. Your fingers would crack off as they crystallized like T-1000 in nitrogen.

With his bucket filled, Tyler scooted off to the lockers to shrink down his enlarged lover. Once, Tyler reached the locker room, he haphazardly splashed the fleshy wall in front of him which caused the spongy barricade to recede enough that he could enter. The whole scenario gave him a strange Jabu Jabu vibe, but he shook the though out of his head. He was just opening a door to the lockers. It wasn’t like he was crawling around inside of Jake’s monstrous cock… Not yet anyway, but Tyler was always down to try new things.

The splash of cold water was but a drop in the bucket compared to Jake’s titanic dick. It only caused Jake’s colossal endowment to recede just enough for Tyler to slip in, but that was all he really needed. Once he was into the shower area he could crank all the faucets to full blast and really get the party started.

Tyler was in awe of what he saw when he entered the locker area. Jake’s cock was beyond huge. It was packed in to the large, open changing room so tightly that the lockers had all been uprooted and smashed against the walls. Jake himself could not be seen, but it was pretty obvious where he was. Tyler just hoped that he hadn’t been too uncomfortable being pinned to the roof by his own monumental shaft before Tyler had shown up. Even in its slightly reduced state it was still a pretty tight fit. As it was Tyler had to inch along the side of the wall to get over to where all the showers were.

Many of the shower partitions had been bent or altogether torn off their hinges by the onslaught of cock that had crashed against them like the juggernaut, bitch. Tyler didn’t have to try very hard to redirect the showerheads to spray onto Jake’s enormous wang. Jake’s cock filled up so much of the room that Tyler could have pointed the faucets in any direction he wished and they still would have been spraying directly onto Jake’s dick. The thing was so huge that Tyler doubted even a Bond henchman could miss it.

Tyler slowly crawled his way around the shower area and went from stall to stall turning the water on at full blast and setting the stream to the coldest setting possible. By the time he had gotten to the third stall, Jake was already back down to what could be considered normal for him. Satisfied with the results, Tyler quickly reversed course and turned the showers back off.

Tyler ran over to Jake as quickly as he could. Now that the giant mound of dick was out of the way Tyler could tell that the room was flooded with cum. Tyler figured that Jake must have come in here in an effort to get off. It’s very fortunate that he had done so. Tyler wasn’t sure what would have happened had Jake been in an area that was cramped or crowded when he began losing control of his growth, but he was sure it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Tyler quickly got over to where Jake was—or rather over to where Jake’s actual body was anyway. If you were to consider Jake’s mondo-cock in calculating his location, then Tyler would not have been more than five feet from Jake at any given time. \

“Hey. Are you ok?” Tyler asked as he gave Jake a gentle shove on the shoulder in an attempt to rouse him.

Jake just let out a low groan of pain. Tyler could see that his back had a lot of deep red marks on it from being pressed up so hard against the faux stucco ceiling for so long, but other than that he seemed fine. That didn’t mean it probably hurt like a bitch though.

“Can you move? We need to get out of here.” Tyler said softly.

Again Jake just groaned in response, but this groan was less a groan of pain and more a groan of some guy who did not want to get out of bed yet—so in other words it was a typical Jake groan.

Tyler shoved Jake harder and grumbled, “Come on. Sam needs our help.”

Jake was still looking pretty groggy, but the mention of Sam was enough to snap back to some semblance of consciousness. Jake looked up from his own massive, cushiony balls that he had been so comfortably nestled in and murmured, “Huh? What? What’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure, but he’s in a bad state. We need to get him out of here. Come on. Let’s get you dressed.” Tyler replied.

Tyler slogged through the cum flooded locker room and started collecting Jake’s loose articles of clothing. Fortunately Jake’s undies had landed on top of a locker and had avoided the flood. There was a little splotch of spunk on the front, but they were at least serviceable. The rest of his clothes were not so fortunate. His clothes soaked cumpletely through.

By this time Jake was up and mobile, but his junk was getting covered in jizz as he sloshed through the muck. It was going to be difficult getting him ready to be seen in public. At the rate things were going Jake was just going to get dirty again faster than he could ever hope to wash off.

Tyler glanced around the room and quickly devised a strategy. He picked up one of the uprooted benches and carried it over to one of the stalls. After using the force of the water spraying from the shower head to blast away all of the spooge on the floor of the stall, he plopped the bench down on its side to form a bit of a storm wall to keep more from seeping back in. The barricade wasn’t 100% effective but it worked well enough for what he needed it for.

Jake stepped over the makeshift barrier in front of the shower stall and stood under the stream. Tyler helped him by scrubbing all the excess spunk from his shaft and balls. Tyler got completely soaked in the process, but he wasn’t about to complain.

Jake wasn’t about to complain either. The sensual rub down his boyfriend was giving him felt amazing. Jake could feel his shaft beginning to engorge again as his little lover worked his dick over with whatever rags he could fine. Jake struggled to keep his sanity. He knew he couldn’t afford to flood the room yet again. He knew they were racing against the clock, but it just felt so good that it took every ounce of willpower Jake could muster not to just rub another one out right then and there. Had the situation not been so dire he may have done just that, but Jake was really worried about his new friend. It was his worry for Sam that helped him keep his raging libido in check.

Tyler finished scrubbing down Jake in silence. His mind was racing with all the things he needed to do to get them all out of the school. Tyler knew he could piece together a decent outfit for Jake, but he had nothing planned for Sam. Tyler continued to wrack his brain about what to do about Sam as he helped Jake shower off and even as he helped Jake towel off afterwards, but it seemed like no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get any closer to a viable solution.

Jake on the other hand was preoccupied with his own clothing woes. He knew his clothes were in no shape to be worn especially not in public. “Maybe I should just wait here? You can come get me on you way out.” Jake said. He wasn’t too keen on streaking through school especially given how hard it would be to cover himself in case of an emergency. On one hand Jake realized it was a little silly to be so self conscious at this stage especially seeing as anyone who saw him fully clothed would get an eyeful of his gigantic equipment, but somehow that thin layer of fabric encasing his junk gave him the self confidence he needed to stroll around with everything on display. Oh, and there was also that minor issue about streaking being technically illegal. So there’s that too.

Tyler just threw Jake’s relatively clean underoos to him and said, “No can do. We’re getting Sam together.” Tyler grabbed another clean towel and rolled Jake’s saturated clothing into it for safe transport and then set the bundle on a clean spot atop one of the overturned lockers. He then pulled off his plaid, flannel overshirt and passed it to Jake. “Here. Put this on. It’s not a full outfit, but it’ll at least get you covered.” He said.

Jake nodded and began pulling the shirt on. “What about pants?” He asked nervously.

Tyler didn’t have any plans for getting pants for Jake. He merely shrugged and replied, “Honestly, I don’t think anyone will be looking at your legs.”

Once Jake was dressed and they had left the locker room Tyler pulled out another clean towel he had brought with him and wiped the jizz off his feet. He then passed the towel to Jake who did the same.

“Ok. So here’s the plan. We go to the nurse’s office. Grab some sheets, and then go get Sam.” Tyler explained. Jake didn’t even try to argue. He nodded along and followed Tyler’s lead.

Tyler and Jake tried to sneak through the hallways, but it was no good. Even if their huge bulges didn’t give away their position from a mile away the loud squeaking from the now cum covered wheels of Tyler’s ball cart sure did. Jake tapped Tyler on the shoulder and asked in a loud whisper, “Dude. What’s that noise?”

“Oh.” Tyler replied as he thrust his hips back and forth which caused the wheels to squeak with each movement. “I got some wheels put on. I kind of needed a little help getting around.” He explained.

“What?” Jake sputtered in shock. He craned his head off to the side in order to get a good look at Tyler’s newly enhanced junk for the first time and gawked at what he saw. “You got bigger than me, you ass!” Jake sassed his boyfriend.

Tyler turned back to look at Jake as best he could and playfully patted him on the cheek. “You know you like it, babe.” Tyler said with a coy grin, but his face quickly turned serious. “We really gotta hurry. I don’t know how long I can hold my growth in.” Tyler explained.

“Fine. But when we’re out of this mess you’re gonna make mine even bigger.” Jake replied. He was half being playful in order to help lighten the mood and half being serious. Seeing Tyler’s new and improved junk made Jake a little jealous, and he couldn’t wait to be the biggest of the bunch once more.

Tyler rolled his eyes and playfully replied, “Well duh. That’s going to happen one way or the other anyway.”

“That’s right.” Jake replied sassily, but Tyler wasn’t sticking around to play along with the gag any longer. He had already started making his way down the hallway towards the nurse’s office.

Tyler wheeled himself off to the nurse’s office with a renewed burst of speed, and Jake hobbled along behind him. When they reached the office, Tyler immediately started grabbing sheets from the closet and passed one to Jake. “Here.” He said. “You can wear this as a skirt if you are still feeling self conscious.”

Jake did just that, but it somehow only made him feel even sillier. The good news was that he didn’t have to endure it for long. If what Tyler said was to be believed—and Jake had no reason not to believe his boyfriend—once they got Sam they were headed back to his place. Jake knew he would feel much more comfortable in the safety of Tyler’s house. Unfortunately that didn’t mean the end for Jake’s anxiety though. Once there they could make preparations for the showdown with Jake’s parents. Jake felt a chill run down his spine as he thought of it. He really had no idea how his parents would handle it. They were nice enough people. They were just… a little out of touch with the world outside of the church.

Once they had both loaded up on sheets Tyler again led the charge over to the storage closet that Sam was hiding in. Jake followed close behind.

Jake was a little confused when Tyler stopped right outside of the small janitor’s closet and whipped out his phone. Tyler input a message and sent it. In a matter of seconds the door unlatched from the other side and swung open.

Jake was shocked to see Sam when he entered the closet. Sam had always been pale, but now he was white as a ghost. Now Jake could see why Tyler was so dead set on getting him out of the school. Sam really looked like he needed some time in the company of friends.

“Feeling any better?” Tyler asked as he shifted the mass of sheets to one arm so he could lay a hand reassuringly on Sam’s shoulder. Sam nodded, but still didn’t speak.

Tyler gave his best reassuring smile in response and said, “Great. Here, we’ve got some sheets. We should be able to make a decent enough outfit out of these. Well, good enough to get you home anyway.”

Sam nodded silently in reply. It wasn’t much of a response, but it was enough for Tyler who quickly set to work rigging up some sort of outfit for Sam. Jake too wasted no time in joining in. With Jake’s help Tyler was able to use the first sheet to form a makeshift sling for Sam’s nuts, and then used the other sheet to wrap Sam up. Sam clutched his massive shaft close to his chest while his two buddies wrapped him up like a mummy. By the time he was done he looked like a strange hybrid of Quasimodo and E.T. The sheet covered him well enough and even made a nice little hood to hide his cum soaked hair, but the way Sam was hoisting his massive shaft over one shoulder made him look like he was hunchbacked.

Despite the oddity of his outfit, Sam actually looked the most normal of the bunch. His wrapping managed to hide his equipment very well, and so he was the only one of the trio who did not have their massive package jutting obscenely out in front of them.

The three friends had managed to get out of the school easily enough. Any time any of the roving hall monitors seemed to be about to cut them off, Tyler flashed a nurse pass that he had had the foresight to swipe while they were raiding the office. If any of the monitors had wanted to they could have seen that the pass had nothing written on it and stopped them, but at this close to the end of the school year even the pseudo-militaristic disciplinary committee had stopped taking school seriously.

Once in the parking lot it was a quick jaunt to Jake’s Jeep and they were on their way to Tyler’s place. They had to change their seating arrangements a bit though. Tyler had now far outgrown the passenger seat, and had to sit sideways in the back—one seat for him, and the other two for his behemoth dong.

While Jake drove Tyler whipped out his phone and began dialing. Tyler breathed a sigh of relief as a familiar voice answered after the third ring. “Yo, Uncle Mark! Look, we’re headed home, but I’m going to need you to hook us up with a distraction. Yeah. Five minutes. Great.” Tyler said excitedly and hung up.


Part 34

As Jake rounded the corner he could see his brother standing out in front of Tyler’s house. Mark had definitely lost some weight since Jake had last seen him, but he was still fairly heavy set. Mark’s curly brown hair had grown out to almost touch his shoulders. Their parents had always said it made him look like a damn hippy when he did that—which of course just made him grow it longer.

Judging by the layer of scruff on Mark’s face, Jake figured he was on day three of his shaving cycle. Mark was one of those guys who didn’t see the point in shaving every day and instead opted to shave roughly once every five days. Once the beard started to get a little too long he’d shave it off completely. Jake far preferred to shave daily and keep his face looking clean and smooth—not that Jake hadn’t considered growing a beard, but he didn’t think he could rock the look near as well as his brother did. For starters he could barely even grow anything. The few whiskers he could sprout were wispy and looked ridiculous. He was better off keeping his baby face for now/

Tyler waved out the side of the jeep to signal to Mark that it was time to go to work. Mark nodded to indicate that he had not only gotten the signal but that he also knew what he was supposed to do. He gave one quick wave and then vanished into the house to run interference with his parents.

Tyler was so glad to see Uncle Mark there. Tyler knew that whether Jake was ready or not he was going to have to come clean with his parents today, and Tyler wasn’t sure that Jake could do it even with his help. If anyone could handle Jake’s parents, it was Mark.

Tyler was also glad to see that Mark had not shaved recently. Mark could really pull off the layer of manly fuzz. Mark generally liked to wear Jeans, some band shirt—usually metal—and a flannel shirt over top of that. With the beard added onto that ensemble Tyler thought that Mark looked like an IT Al Borland.

Mark’s extra fur extended well past his neck—a fact that Tyler was all too aware of. To be honest Tyler had had a bit of a childhood crush on Mark. He was fascinated by the dark, thick hair that covered much of his older neighbor’s body. Tyler had plenty of chances to steal glances at Mark over the years especially since Mark was often the one who watched out for Jake and Tyler and took them places when they were young.

One of their favorite places to go was the community pool, and of course Mark would be shirtless for much of their visit. Tyler could clearly remember one time back when he had just started middle school. They were getting ready to go to the pool. Mark had been running late at class that day, and so he had quickly gathered his gear and loaded the kids into the car. He opted to shower and change at the pool rather than make his eager young companions wait longer than they already had.

Tyler could still vividly remember the events of that day. He could remember how he had caught sight of Mark’s dick in the locker room. He could remember the flood of sensations and emotions that came over him when he saw it. At the time he didn’t know what to make of the situation. He had been curious, confused, and above all intrigued.

Tyler knew better than to act on his curiosity. He was often brash and impulsive. He tended to ignore social mores and common tact especially in situations of modesty, but even back then he knew that dude’s dicks was somehow a taboo topic. He had just gotten this sense that it was something he was never supposed to talk about or let on that he was interested in. This general unease and confusion had steadily grown within him since that day, and it had taken him years to finally come to terms with it and longer still to finally embrace his own nature. It was only in the past week that he had finally worked up the nerve to live his life the way always knew he was meant to, and only then it was only thanks to happenstance and supernatural intervention that he had come out at all.

Which is also how Jake had gotten roped into it all as well. Tyler had been living with his secret for years, and his parents were pretty open and understanding about things like this. Jake on the other hand didn’t have that luxury. To put it lightly, Jake’s parents were the conservative sort, and to put it accurately, Jake’s parents were the puritanical sort. Jake was a veritable stress volcano at all hours of all days even when he wasn’t dealing with the fallout of being accidentally outed to his uptight folks. Tyler couldn’t even imagine the stress Jake had to be dealing with today.

Tyler leaned over and tapped Jake on the shoulder as they pulled up in front of his house. “Everything will be fine.” He said pleasantly. He seemed calm enough, but Jake knew better.

Even though Jake could see the cracks in Tyler’s chill veneer, he still appreciated his friend’s attempt at acting relaxed. Even just the illusion that everything was fine was a godsend for his poor nerves. He just hoped that Mark would be able to help smooth the situation over ever further. Jake could already feel his nerves fraying. If things kept up as they were currently going, he’d have a full-scale meltdown before he ever spoke with his mom and dad.

Jake began to put the car in park, but his nerves impeded him somewhat. He ended up slamming on the breaks a bit faster than originally planned. “Sorry…” Jake murmured awkwardly.

“It’s fine. No worries.” Tyler replied casually. He then nodded towards the far side of the house and said, “Now help me get the hose ready. I’m going to let loose.”

Jake spun around in his seat and turned to look at Tyler. “What? Here? Everyone will see you!” He sputtered.

Tyler shrugged nonchalantly. “Well, let them see. It’s not like it will fit inside my house, and I can’t really hold it in until everyone goes to bed. Besides, I’d rather not have that constantly on my mind while we are giving your parents the talk.” He explained.

Jake could feel the pit that had been growing in his stomach open up even larger at the mention of his parents. He knew that Tyler was probably right on this one. The chances of them getting discovered were far smaller if they released before most people got home from work. The only people home right now were kids who had already gotten off of school. Most kids in the neighborhood were in grade school or younger. Even if they did see something, who would believe them if they said they saw a cock the size of a subway car laying in the middle of the street?

“Fine, but make it quick.” Jake grumbled. He didn’t like the plan, but he really didn’t have any better ideas, and he sure as heck didn’t have the energy to argue.

Jake hurried over to the side of Tyler’s house and quickly began rolling out the hose. By the time he got around to the front, Tyler was already standing in the middle of the street with his hands down the front of his pants as he worked at pulling forth his sword from the stone.

Tyler’s briefs were packed so tight now that it was a chore to pry his massive shaft from out of his underwear. He was seriously considering just dropping his shorts in the middle of the street, but undoing his suspenders would have taken a lot more time than it was worth. After a while he’d finally managed to get his arms under the shaft and lug his massive cock out from beneath its stretchy prison. His colossal dick slapped against the concrete with an audible smack. Tyler immediately realized that he hadn’t thought this through all the way as his sensitive skin pressed against the warm concrete street. The cement had been heated to nearly scalding temperatures by the hot summer sun. Fortunately the temperature had been relatively mild this week, so the warmth was roughly akin to what Tyler had grown accustomed to in the sauna at the gym. It still hurt somewhat, but it wasn’t about to be giving him severe, lasting burns.

Tyler turned his attention to extricating his equally cumbersome nuts. Each of his colossal cum factories required both hands to lift from their enclosure. Tyler unloaded his balls onto the street—first the left one, then the right one—and breathed a sigh of relief. Not only was the hard part done, but it also felt amazing to let his junk air out after being pressed into a too-small pair of short for so long.

Tyler looked over to see that Jake was standing at the ready with the green garden hose. Tyler could also see from the look in Jake’s eyes that if Tyler didn’t make this quick, that Jake would be at the ready with his other hose too.

For a brief second Tyler actually considered having a bit of fun with his pal. A good orgasm would probably do Jake’s nerves a world of good, but Tyler knew better. As much fun as it would be to get Jake off in the middle of their neighborhood, the chances of Jake’s parents catching them was far too great. They were only safe for the moment because of Mark’s noble sacrifice. That’s not to say that Mark was in any mortal danger, but dealing with Jake’s parents was always be a grating task, and not a task that should be dragged out any longer than necessary.

Tyler slowly exhaled. He focused all his energy on relaxing every muscle in his body, and as he did so his already massive cock quickly swelled to monolithic proportions. His mountainous shaft easily dwarfed the cars parked along the side of the street.

Tyler’s gigantic nuts swelled along with his shaft. Each orb quickly became too big to even fit on the street and began to spill over into the neighboring yards. Pretty soon just one of Tyler’s enormous balls was so big that it filled much of his front yard while the other massive teste crushed Jake’s lawn.

Jake just stood and stared in awe as Tyler’s glorious meat swelled to godly proportions. Tyler had easily surpassed Jake in terms of size. Jake was without a doubt jealous of the godly rod that laid spread out before him, but at the same time he was also strangely proud to think that just two days ago that beast was deeply imbedded inside of him. Jake could feel a strange longing and emptiness inside of him, but it wasn’t that he wished that Tyler would shrink down again so that he could once again mount that beautiful specimen of manhood. If anything Jake wished that he could somehow become large enough that he could take all of Tyler’s leviathan at its true size.

Jake envisioned himself down on his hands and knees in the middle of his neighborhood. Jake and Tyler lived in a fairly nice part of suburbia where most houses were at least two stories tall, but even so, Jake was easily taller than any of the houses in the neighborhood even while in his prostrate position.

Jake was straddling the street as he waited for the epic drilling he so desperately longed for. One of his knees dug into the grass right in front of Tyler’s front door while his other dug deep into his own lawn. His gigantic hands were using the neighbor’s houses to steady himself as he lifted his ass up to the air for easy access. His palms alone eclipsed the whole room. He could have scooped those houses up off of their foundation as easily as he could pick up soup bowl.

In Jake’s lurid daydream an equally massive Tyler stood over him. The titanic Tyler stroked his colossal cock as he eagerly eyed Jake’s eager hole. Tyler looked on with that smug look and that lascivious grin that Jake loved so very, very much.

That grin. Always that grin. That grin got Jake hard every time, and this was no exception. Jake’s massive cock was hard before, but now it was rigid. Jake’s titanic rod was so hard and so huge that the head of his dick was poking his in the chin as he awaited Tyler’s cock from behind. Tiny beads of pre dribbled out of the slit. Each tiny rivulet of clear liquid that dribbled from his dick was the size of an SUV and came crashing down like meteors.

Tyler pressed the head of his gigantic cock against the puckered entrance of Jake’s eager ass as he said, “What’s the hold up? My sausage and eggs are getting fried over here!”

“wut?” Jake sputtered. He quickly came crashing back down to reality after realizing that that last line was from the real Tyler.

Tyler bounced and hopped in place. He would have looked like he just really needed to pee had it not been for his freight train of a cock which lazed unmoving on the searing pavement.

“Oh, right!” Jake sputtered as he pulled the trigger and unleashed a cool, refreshing cascade across Tyler’s rapidly dwindling behemoth.

Tyler breathed a sigh of relief. The cool water was a welcome addition for Tyler. Not only did it reduce his titanic cock from a holy-shit huge size to a much more manageable frickin’ large size but it also helped to cool burning blacktop that had been cooking his dick like a gas station hot dog.

With his junk now safely reduced to a somewhat manageable size, Tyler began the laborious process of putting his eggs back in their basket, followed shortly after by putting his snake back in its den. After a few quick adjustments Tyler was once again relatively mobile and able to help Sam out of the jeep and into the house.

Tyler glanced over at his lover. Jake looked like he’d be needing a bit of help too. His dick had gone from a manageable softy to an unmanageable stiffy. Jake’s rising spire stood up straight in front of his face making it near impossible for his to see where he was going.

Tyler chuckled softly to himself as he saw his boyfriend’s predicament. It seemed Jake had really enjoyed watching Tyler let it all hang out. Jake had even begun to dribble pre onto Tyler’s front lawn.

‘Oh well, that grass needed to be watered anyway.’ Tyler thought silently to himself.

Tyler went back around to the passenger side of the Jeep and helped Sam out. Sam wasn’t the most talkative person, but he was still being eerily quiet even by his standards. Tyler wasn’t sure what all was going on in that head of his, but he hoped he could find a way to help. Whatever the case may be, Tyler knew that all he could at the moment was get Sam into the relative safety of his house.

Tyler put one arm around Sam’s shoulder and led the cloaked figure into his house. As Tyler walked by, he grabbed the front of Jake’s tented briefs with his free hand, and gently guided his lover towards the front door.

Tyler realized how strange he must look. He was guiding two guys towards his house. One guy was wrapped up like ET and another had a boner the size of a Buick, and that was saying nothing of Tyler’s own cock which—even though still mostly soft—protruded in front of him a few feet. This was getting to be an odd day, and given the state of the last few days, that is saying a lot.

The three of them entered the house easily enough. They had to take turns, obviously. The door wasn’t big enough to allow two normal sized people to enter at the same time comfortably. There was no way in hell three people sporting mammoth dongs would be able to get in together.

Tyler shut the door behind him and let out a sigh of relief. He figured that they were all in the clear. All signs pointed to them having slipped in under the radar. It didn’t appear that Jake’s parents had seen them, and the neighbors seemed clueless as well. Best of all, Tyler’s mom should be at work right now.

She should be, but she wasn’t. She was standing at the end of the hall with her mouth hanging open, and the bowl she was carrying lying shattered on the ground before her; the recently heated soup once held within now spreading out across the tile floor.

Tyler froze dead in his tracks as they made eye contact. He couldn’t even speak. His voice had simply left him. His mother had no such trouble. She quickly found her voice and lots of it. She spoke with a loud booming voice that was somehow both shrill and metered in a way that only a mother’s admonishment could be. “Tyler Daniel Simmons! What in God’s green earth have you done to yourself?”

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