Helping a friend out

by TC

Travis, a local bodybuilder, has decided to help a man and his wife become pregnant. The only thing is, Travis has an ability that lets him help in his own, exceedingly alpha-male way.

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My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past few years now with no luck. We’ve both been eating right, taking vitamins, I’ve even started going to the gym to try and get my testosterone up. That’s where I found Travis, a bodybuilder and one of the gym’s regulars. We started to become friends as he helped with my training: he’d spot me, give me a bit of advice, and in return, I bought a few things to his niece and nephew help out with their after-school programs. Honestly, it wasn’t a fair trade-off, but I knew how important those programs were to children so I bit the bullet.

After weeks of fucking my wife, and again, no pregnancy, I started to become a bit more aggravated to the world, especially at the gym where Travis noticed. “I just don’t know what’s wrong!” I confided. “I’ve been dumping gallons of my cum into her for almost four years now, and she’s still not pregnant!”

Finishing his set before sitting upright, I could see the concern on his face. “Well, maybe I can help,” he said.

Lifting an eyebrow to the man, not meaning to, I sized Travis up. Yes, his body was that of a god’s but I wasn’t too sure if accepting his help was the right thing to do. “We’re not looking for donors.” I spat nervously before hearing him out.

“You just finish your workout,” he concluded, and when you’re done, go home ravish your wife, and I’ll make sure I’m there before you finish.” I furrowed my brow at that. I wasn’t too keen on his plan—but then again, maybe this is what we needed, something to spice up our sex life.

I finished my workout rather quickly after our conversation. I didn’t even bother taking a shower as I rushed home, making sure I was hard and ready before entering my house. Opening the door and swiftly making my way to my wife, I didn’t give her time to respond as I opened her legs and began to play with her core. She didn’t protest and if she have any questions, her moans quickly quieted them. It wasn’t long before I unzipped my pants and was pushing my cock inside her. I began thrusting inside her pussy the way I always had since the first time we’ve had sex. Our moans were the only sounds between us until I felt a big beefy hand on my ass.

Turning, I saw Travis—he had found his way to my home, wasting no time in joining our sexual endeavours. I haddn’t tell me wife the plan, nor about how sexually adventurous I was. Travis’s plan was, in short, to fuck me while I fucked my wife with the hopes that I would produce more, and my wife would finally be pregnant.

I could feel the cold, slick tip of his finger playing with my entrance, slowly entering and exiting me so that I was soon ready. Hearing the sound of fabric falling to the ground, I didn’t look at his cock, not did I want to know how large it was. To be honest, I didn’t want to do this at all, but I was desperate to have a child, and, well, he had been very convincing that prostate play could help produce more cum and really boost our chances.

It didn’t take long for Travis to enter me and start thrusting sharply in time to my own penetration of my wife. For the longest time I had thought I had known what I was doing, but man, Travis knew how to use his cock. Every thrust into my hole, he managed to hit and rub up against my prostate. I was in bliss, so much so that I didn’t realize I had stopped moving and had allowed Travis to take control. He was fucking me so hard that I didn’t need to move my hips any longer. My cock’s penetration into my wife solely relied on me getting penetrated from him.

This went on for what felt like hours until I began to feel the sensation of pressure to build within me. “F-fuck, I…I’m cumming!” I grunted pushing in as deep as I could while still being fucked, “AHHHH-Oh G-God!” I shouted shooting what felt to be my largest load ever. I never felt so great in my life, the pleasure, the build-up, it was all too much for my body to handle that I collapsed onto my wife not noticing what was really happening.

Breathing heavily as Travis continued to pound away on top of me, I could feel myself getting smaller, my body contracting, being pulled into Travis, it didn’t take long for the transformations to finish, until I was his cock. “Sorry man,” he laughed wrapping his hand around my newly formed, girthy body, “but when I heard you and your wife were having troubles getting pregnant I knew what was wrong.” As he shoved my body into my wife’s pussy I could feel how tight she was around me, and, more importantly, I could feel my cum acting as a lubricant; but he didn’t start thrusting, no, he started pissing.

“What are you doing?” my wife said in alarm, feeling her insides welcoming the warm liquid.

“I’m douching you,” Travis explained. “I don’t need to, I know my alpha seed will get you pregnant on the first try, just can’t have that pathetic cum in your pussy any longer.” Pulling out of my wife, a rush of piss and cum came flooding out of her before I was placed back inside her. Each thrust was better than the last as soon I could feel just how close he was to cumming. Several powerful thrusts later I couldn’t hold myself any longer—I had to let the man come.

11 years later—Travis’ perspective

Work had just ended as I logged off of my computer, feeling weak vibrations in my pants pocket, I grabbed my phone and answered the call, placing the cell into my ear. “Beth! How’s Junior doing?” I smiled hearing her speak.

“Wonderful!” Then she added, “I went to wake him up this morning and found him fast asleep pitching a tent! Almost as big as his father!” Smirking to myself as I rubbed my cock, I stood from my chair letting a good belly laugh escape. “Like father like son I suppose! How about I swing by letting my cock catch up with your pussy, and hell, I’ll take Junior for the weekend. I’ll even bring him to the gym with me tonight. Should get him started on gaining muscles. He’ll be a regular alpha male in no time.”

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