Death and rebirth

by NioSatyr

Being a menace towards nature is not that great to begin with, but what happens when it strikes back?

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The guardian was moving through the shrubs around the camp of the humans. Once the forest had sensed the disturbance, it had asked for his assistance. While he was moving, the plants seemed to bend away from him and his giant curled horns, as not to give away the 2,50m-tall, muscular satyr by their rustling.

And the guardian also left no traces behind, despite moving on hooves the size of dinner plates. His monstrous erection, always hard and long enough to nestle between his juicy pecs, was permanently cumming. Despite their enormous volume, however, the cumspurts didn’t make a sound on the leaf-covered ground of the forest. Instead, the nectar was absorbed directly into the ground, making it spring up with plant life that covered the guardian’s track.

By now the guardian already had circled the entire camp of the raunchy college students and they hadn’t even noticed a snatching twig. They knew nothing about the danger looming over them.

The guardian’s velvety nostrils flared wide as he took in the smells. Fire, plastic, alcohol, hormones. It seemed they were four males, all in their sexual prime and fully enjoying their life… at the cost of their surroundings. They were littering the entire place and that fire was not only burning wood, it seemed. But especially the largest and most dominant of the males was drawing the attention of the guardian.

He was not only the loudest but also the vilest and most disturbing being all around. He threw away the largest amount of unusable materials, he drunk the most alcohol, and he beat his companions when they didn’t show him full submission. But the most obvious indicator of his rottenness was only visible to the guardian himself. His soul was sick deep into its core. The guardian was disgusted by this sight.

The other three, smaller but still physically respectable in their own way, were not as bad as their leader. Sure, their souls were heavily polluted, but they were clean at their core, suggesting that they were mere products of their environment.

The guardian felt pity for them, but not enough to forgive them. He would protect the forest and eradicate every scar they left behind—and would leave behind again, if he would let them go.

With a roar he stormed out of the shrubs and grabbed the leader with his giant hand. Startled, his pack ran into the opposite direction, right into the guardian’s trap. Between the trees, almost invisible in the darkness, stretched nets made from the guardians cum where the humans were struggling like flies in a spider’s web.

The strongest one in the guardian’s grasp was not going out with a fight. He struggled, punched at his cobblestone abs, pulled at the hair covering his upper body, and even kicked his pumpkin-sized balls. The satyr was amused by his feeble attempts.

They quickly got weaker as the man’s senses were overpowered by the aphrodisiac effect of the satyr’s steadily ejaculated cum. The guardian let him clamber on his cock to get as close to the source as possible. With the human nestled between his upper body and his cock, the satyr strode over to the nets with the other three men. They were also already in a lusty haze from the cum their bodies touched.

With glee the satyr watched as his cum continued to affect the men. Living matter got enhanced, while dead matter got decomposed into nutrients—even matter that wouldn’t decay under normal circumstances.

As their clothes fell apart, revealing their trained bodies, the humans started to grow. Their muscles gained more and more mass while they also added a few centimetres in height, all while they were completely entranced by lust. Fitting their new libidos, they also gained new equipment. All of their cocks swelled at least up to their top ab row, if not between their pecs, and their balls grew to the size of cantaloupes.

But while the three young men in the nets only were exposed to the same weakened jizz, the leader riding the satyr’s cock got a steady fresh supply of it. By now he had reached the 2m mark and was proportionately almost as muscular as the satyr. His cock reached up to his collarbone and was as thick as his neck, while his balls were the size of watermelons. And the guardian could feel how greedy he got. His tainted soul was screaming with visions of violence and dominance. He had to render him harmless before the human got stronger than the guardian.

The vile man didn’t pay much attention as he got lifted up from the goat-man’s crotch, at least until he got slammed down again. With his new size it didn’t cause him pain to get impaled on the satyr’s cock, but his pride was still hurt. He was always the top and the dominant one.

As the human felt the guardian’s cum shooting up his ass, he experienced a tremendous surge of growth and power. In the throes of the greatest orgasm of his life, he screamed the ultimate proof of his greed: “More!”

His call suddenly got interrupted as a blast of cum shot up his throat. Had the creature’s cum found its way through his GI tract? No, he could still feel how it directly got absorbed in his ass.

Looking down the cruel man experienced true fear for the first time in his life. His tree-trunk legs had lost their shape and were being absorbed into the satyr’s furry ball sack, dropping almost to the ground. He then felt how the satyr started stroking his lower abdomen like a cock. His own had already disappeared together with his abs.

The satyr then let go of his man-cock to grab his prey’s arms and pin them to his side. In seconds, they were absorbed as well. Permanently-flowing cum was gushing from the once-man’s mouth while the transformation also swallowed his chest and shoulders. He could not end like this.

The man thought about taking over the satyr and using his power to make himself the ruler of the world. But soon his face became smooth and only a single opening, permanently erupting with cum, remained.

The satyr’s cock was now wider than his own waist, although it still only reached up to his chin. But its size was necessary, as there was still a final step needed to erase the evil soul completely.

He covered his cumslit with his mouth and willed himself to a true orgasm, not one of the permanently occurring ones, ejecting the tainted being of the former man into his mouth.

There was no chance the guardian could swallow all of his true orgasm’s output, but he only had to swallow the soul. With a valiant gulp he sent the soul into his stomach were it immediately got digested.

With gasping breaths the satyr released his cock, letting it continue spraying everything around. The purified remains of the vile soul entered his system and made the orgasm slip from his control, stretching it even further. At the same time his satyr body started to swell with more size and muscle. Despite only lasting a few minutes, it felt like an eternity of pleasure to the satyr.

When it finally ended, he was larger than 4m tall and even more muscular than before. His cock was now slightly slimmer than his waist and reached to his collarbone, and his balls dangled down between his shins.

As his sense of hearing kicked in again, he noticed the loud moans of the remaining three men. From the cum of the guardian’s true orgasm they had started growing again and were just about to pass the 2m mark. The satyr still had to cleanse their souls from the muck of their human life—and, apparently, he had to do it fast, before they became too large for him.

He grabbed the human next to him and shoved him headfirst into his cockslit. The guardian’s cock muscles were working their hardest to drag his prey down as fast as possible. Before the first one’s feet were even gone completely, the satyr already grabbed the next human and shoved him down his cock. By now he could feel how the bodies were stretching him out as they were still growing. With the last of his willpower the guardian grabbed the final human and ate him as well, even though only up to his chest. The rest his cock would have to drag down on his own.

By now the first man had arrived in his balls completely and the satyr immediately noticed a problem. The regenerative cum was still on the humans and was battling his digestive cum, slowing the digestion process while still growing them.

Before he could pounder further on his dilemma, the satyr felt strong arms around his head and the final human made out with him for a few seconds. He then lifted his arms, which made it much easier for the guardian’s cock to swallow him. The satyr certainly appreciated the help, especially since the three humans were still growing.

In that moment, the second human slipped into his other ball. The guardian’s scrotum was now so large that it completely pushed his hooves away from the ground. Despite the painful stretching of his ball sack, the satyr couldn’t stop moaning. The wriggling of the humans inside him was just way too pleasurable.

The young men were in a state of absolute lust as their bodies were filled with cum through every opening. It was so rich in oxygen, they were at no risk of asphyxiating. The same cum though was slowly digesting them. The colour was fading from their skin, their hair was falling out. And while their muscles were still growing, they expelled much more mass by cumming.

On the outside you were able to see where their cum was hitting the walls of the testicles. From the intense stimulation the satyr was having one true orgasm after another, which were pushing against the final human in his cock.

But at last, even that one slipped into one of his testicles. The satyr immediately felt how the last human was fucking his dissolving companion in the ass. Even when only bones were left of the first two humans, he continued grinding against the testicles’ wall. The guardian couldn’t stop moaning at the overwhelming feeling.

With their bodies broken down, the humans’ souls were now fully exposed to the guardian’s inner magic. While their pure cores were left intact, all the grit and greed of their human lives were dissolved. Even though a soul’s layers were not as nutritious as the core, the satyr could still feel himself growing.

Overall, it was just a little bit in every direction, but his pecs were especially affected for some reason. They were ballooning outwards, almost looking like breasts, and the nipples grew even faster in comparison. Once the last human’s soul was broken down, the areolas filled a third of the satyr’s pecs. His nipples were now as long as his thumbs and the milk ducts were visible like a mouth that had tasted something sour. Just like the guardian’s cock, they were constantly erupting with white liquid, although this one was much less viscous and way sweeter than his cum. Experimentally. the guardian pushed his middle finger into one of his nipples. The pleasure he experienced was immense.

The guardian knew that he wouldn’t be able to move unless he came and emptied his balls of his victims’ remains. After the meal, each one of them had three times the mass of his own body and cock. With some impressive contortions the satyr managed to bring his furry legs behind the balls, pinning his cock between his abdomen and scrotum. Inserting fingers in both of his nipples, he started humping his own sack while fucking his pecs intensely.

He was rutting his own ball sack for almost 15 minutes and had inserted three of his fingers into each nipple when he finally came hard enough for the cum to leave his body fast enough to make his balls shrink noticeably. The deluge shooting from the guardian’s cock was completely obliterating the pathetic remains of the camp. The fire got extinguished, the equipment broken down into organic compounds and the entire place got covered in trees and thorny shrubs.

As the pressure with which his balls were expelling the cum through the satyr’s cock increased, he could feel how the humans’ oversized bones were being pressed through his urethra. It was not nearly as extreme as swallowing the whole humans down, but their poking was just adding to the satyr’s pleasure, especially while he was compressing his cock.

The bones shooting from his cock were mineralizing instantly, turning into fossils that got scattered all across the former camping spot. Even if other humans would recognise this as the place where the men had put up camp, they would never realize that the three oversized and seemingly ancient sets of bones once belonged to the four missing vandals.

Finally, after half an hour of magnificent climax, the guardian’s cumspurts “dribbled” down to their normal baseline perma-orgasm strength—adapted to the new size of his almost 5m body with its almost waist-thick cock and balls reaching almost to the ground, of course.

While he was lazily stroking his cock and fingering one of his stretched nipples, the guardian noticed that three drops of his cum on the ground didn’t seem to be absorbed by the environment.

When he picked them up, he recognized the three souls of the former humans inside them and realized that they were eggs. His eggs. They were like chicken eggs in his hands, and he could feel the young satyrs developing in them.

He had known that the three other souls would be reintroduced into the cycle of rebirth, but he didn’t expect them to become his younglings. The satyr felt an unfamiliar warmth inside of him and wanted to protect the small creatures.

Following his instincts, he pushed the eggs into his nipples. The muscles inside them pulled the eggs into his pecs where they were protected by the firm muscles and nourished by the spongy tissue and salty, sticky milk flowing from it.

Happy with his new protégés, the satyr turned away from the massive undergrowth where they had been cleansed from their old lives. As he disappeared into the night, he hummed a lullaby as his cum made his trail completely disappear except for a path of healthy vegetation.

2,521 words Added Oct 2021 13k views 4.5 stars (8 votes)

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