Hiking club program

by Joey

The University will receive research funding and students will receive an additional food stipend if they have their bodies augmented.

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I sometimes questioned Jeff's impulsive decisions. He was generally pretty even-keel, careful with money, good student, dedicated athlete (swimming, body building, running, bicycling), and he had turned out to be more than a good roommate. In fact, although I liked his shoulders, his athlete's good looks, and his tanned, long legs, he was basically very real, not into himself, and pretty much unaware of his male beauty. I sensed he liked me for about the same reasons, although we weren't twins in any sense of the word, and we were strictly friends, limited to handshakes and the occasional slap on the back.

But now and then I found myself having to help him out when he took on more studies than he could manage by himself, or if he overbooked his weekends, or whatever.

He'd signed up for one of the posted special activities in the student union—one of the hiking clubs was offering an introductory program for students as an incentive to participating in an alteration program. The University would receive huge funding from one of the large research corporations and the students would have their bodies augmented with extra pairs of legs and arms, and get an additional food stipend to compensate for their increased apetites brought about by the additional appendages. It was some genetic research and development or whatever, and the hiking club would offer a fun vacation and a chance to try out the extra legs and arms, and to see how the use of them developed neural pathways in the brain etc.

I'd more or less taken the program announcement with a grain of salt until Jeff had dashed off with his tote bag one evening after finishing up the dinner dishes, for an appointment. He'd be gone overnight. Luckily, it was a Friday night, no classes on our schedules the next day.

I slept late Saturday morning when I heard the sound of several footsteps on the steps, and the front door opening. “You in?” he called.

“Yeah—just getting up. You eaten?”

“No, but I'm starved.”

“There's cereal in the cupboard. I'll join you,” I called.

Again, I thought he might have brought company, because I could hear several pairs of shoes being kicked off—we usually parked our shoes by the entry when we came in.

It took me a few moments to pull on my sweats and splash water on my face. We never wore shirts at home—I'm sure we liked looking at each other's bodies. I know I liked looking at his.

But it was nothing like what I saw at the kitchen table that morning—it took me a few moments to process what I was seeing. There he was, bolting down two huge bowls of cereal, using two spoons, each held in a left hand, one right hand holding a cereal bowl and one resting on the table. His body builder's shoulders were much broader, and doubled, and it finally hit me—Jeff had four arms! I had to catch my breath. I was dumbfounded, and for a long time, it seemed, couldn't say anything but “wow!”

Jeff had stopped eating. He was incredibly beautiful, but somehow I read in the positioning of his four arms—they held each other, resting in his lap as his four huge, muscular shoulders hunched forward just a little, that he was suddenly uncertain about how I'd take all of this.

His eyes searched mine with a mixture of apprehension and pride in his bigger, newly augmented body. His skin tone was excellent, and in every way, Jeff looked wonderful—clear complected and appearing very rested, and as I took him in I could tell he was taller and more muscular than he had looked just the day before.

“Awesome!” I said at last, really meaning it. “I had no idea they could do this much so fast!”

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“Yeah, I love it, man! Look at you! And you have that special hiking course to get you started.”

His eyes closed and he breathed a deep sigh of relief, the four shoulders relaxing and the four long, beautiful arms raising themselves up to rest on the table again.

“Thanks!” he said, the natural relaxed tone of his voice restored. “I really love it, too. It's a little like learning how to drive all over again, only it's learning to use my own body.”

He looked at his four beautiful arms, smoothing his four hands over them and flexing them, the hands finally locating comfortable places to rest among the arms, a couple of the beautiful hands squeezing his deltoids and biceps as he spoke. “Arms are easy,” he said. “I'm still getting used to having extra legs.”

He looked down and pulled his chair back from the table, and unfolded a couple of left legs from where they had been tucked under the chair, to show me. They were awesome, exact duplicates of his own tanned, long legs. A third left leg he had tucked under the first two, and three right legs rested entertwined together on the other side of the chair. The large, handsome feet had found out each other's company, resting close to or on top of each other.

“I'm still learning to wiggle my toes,” he said. “It takes practice. I still have to touch the foot whose toes I want to wiggle, since I've got three feet on each side. But it feels neat to have all these legs. They're comfortable together.”

“They look great,” I said, now noticing that the feet were larger and more beautiful than before. I tried not to appear to stare, but it took me a while to realize that each foot now had seven perfect toes, instead of five. They were so perfect, and made the beatiful feet even more handsome.

I was glad I was wearing dark sweats, the better to hide my growing hardon. It was a lot of beautiful legs for one guy, and the four long-muscled arms gave me no relief from my rush of desire for him.

“So what did they give you to wear?” I asked.

“These shorts,” Jeff said, his left hands leaving their spoons in their cereal bowls and all four hands and arms moving to help him rise from the table, pull the chair away and stand up on all six legs. The shorts looked like regular dockers shorts, modified for six legs.

“I basically have three asses,” Jeff laughed, blushing a little, a few of his hands reaching back to smooth the shorts along his six muscular legs. Sure enough, although the shorts had the usual waist construction, they were tailored to clothe the (really fine-looking!) muscular extra hinds that protruded attractively behind Jeff. They moved and shifted beneath the khaki cloth as his legs shifted and repositioned themselves.

“I'm still learning to to this,” he said a little shakily, smiling. He was now a head taller than me, and I could see that his muscles had been augmented as well all over his beautiful body.

“They've extended my spine along them, and otherwise duplicated the pelvis for each of my extra pairs of legs, just like my shoulder skeletal assembly and musculature has been more or less doubled to give me four arms. It feels natural, but I think it feels more erotic than before, probably because it's all so new.”

I totally understood, and felt my face perhaps a little flushed, with a touch of envy and definitely because I was turned on at Jeff's extra legs and arms. I was sure he read this in me, but his look was understanding, with a touch of the apprehension again showing in his eyes.

“Hey,” he said. “This is probably too much to put you through, me changing like this. I don't mean to upset you or anything; if it's too much to deal with I'd understand, and I can move in with one of the other guys in the program.”

“Are you kidding, Jeff?” I said, touched by his concern for me. “You're awesome this way, and I'm proud to live with you!” Spontaneously, for we never did this, I felt I had to hug him, and I did—I walked right over to him standing by the breakfast table and I wrapped my arms around him in a long, tight squeeze. He felt wonderful!

“Thanks, man!” Jeff said, his voice breaking in relief. “I hoped you'd like me this way!”

My heart pounded as I felt his four long arms wrap around me, his four beautiful large hands finding comfortable places along my back, sides and shoulders to squeeze.

I have never enjoyed being embraced as much as I did at that moment, and I realized that my huge hardon inside my sweats was now blissfully pressed against Jeff's own huge sexual organ. Or was it organs?

Jeff read my thoughts, feeling me start a little as our penises touch. “It's nothing to do with the program,” he smiled. “The technician offered to do some added enhancements to me when I let him know that one of the reasons for my being in the program was to be more attractive to you.”

“You're kidding!” I said, still hugging him but looking him right in the eyes. They were beautiful, and full of a love that I'd never noticed (acknowledged?). “I always found you attractive—I could never find a way to come up with the courage to tell you!”

“Me neither!” Jeff said. “But I'd seen you admiring my legs and feet, and I knew you liked my arms from the way you gave them a little squeeze whenver you found a reason to slap me on the back.”

We smiled, and suddenly we were kissing. “Mmmmmmm!” we said at once. We kissed for a long time. He had wonderful lips, and his hands worked my body beautifully. Mine reveled in the feeling of his beautiful massive shoulders, and those arms! They were so long, and strong, wonderful to squeeze from shoulder to fingertips!

We were both flushed and feeling wonderfully aroused, and I think for the first time I realized that we were both in love with each other.

“Can you help me climb my legs upstairs,” Jeff asked me, breathing hard. I had felt something while we had hugged, and now I realized it was his twin boners, hot and rock-hard, that had grown between us. We both had precum on our chests and nipples from their massive heads. They lay throbbing against my pectorals as his four arms held me, hands on my shoulders and hands framing my face. It was beautiful. I kissed the four hands, and leaned my neck and chest down momentarily to suck and lick the precum from Jeff's throbbing penis heads.

“I need help because I'm so hard between my legs I can hardly walk right now.”

“You mean between your back legs, too!?!” I said, nearly swooning.

“Yeah, he gave me a pair for each pair of legs,” Jeff said, breathing hard and resting his neck on my shoulder. “I need to practice using more than just my arms and legs,” he said.

I gave his shoulders a squeeze, and another suck to his beautiful throbbing champions, nuzzling them with my lips before raising them to kiss him again.

“Yeah, you know you can always count on me to help you out,” I said. “We better sign me up, too!”

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