Leg clone

by Josh Dugan

One of our most attractive classmates was into cloning before it became widely publicized. And he went way beyond just making clones.

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Part 1 One of our most attractive classmates was into cloning before it became widely publicized. And he went way beyond just making clones. (added: 1 Feb 1997)
Part 2
Part 3 This time around there's not only a lot of Toms but a lot of Davids and more handsome limbs than anyone knows what to do with.
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Part 1

One of our most attractive classmates was into cloning before it became widely publicized. Tom, handsome in every way, was half-Chinese and half-Panamanian, and he had a thing for male legs and feet. So did David, his tall and gentle friend, a native of the island of Guam. They used to run together every day, and would spend long evenings giving each other foot and leg massages in their dorm room.

Tom and David married each other while in school, and were mad about each other. It was beautiful to see. I guess Tom found Dave because Dave liked Tom's feet, or vice versa, but both had wonderful legs and gracefully handsome feet.

I think it was legs that got Tom into cloning, because he couldnt get enough of David's legs (and vice versa). They used to study nude, lying opposite each other on Tom's long leather couch, their legs resting alongside each other's torso. It usually didnt take long before they were massaging each other's feet, then kissing each other's feet, then making love. I don't know how they got much work done, but if they studied as much as they got off on each other's legs, that would explain their brilliant academic careers.

Anyway, while both were fresh out of graduate school, Tom became wealthy overnite by getting some heretofore impossible cloning technologies patented.

After that, he just worked on cloning legs. One day, I got an invitation from them. I suspected a breakthrough.

It was really kind of sexy, visiting their secluded modern palace in the hills near the university town where Tom won his patents.

The polished floors of their beautiful home reflected the odd yet beautiful statuary they had either collected or commissioned—centaurs, semi-abstract clusters of unbelieveably handsome, long—muscled legs, and a framed comic book cover from the Spiderman series—the #100 featuring Spiderman with six arms.

I had been in love with both Tom and David at separate times before they met and went mad for each other, and the thought of either one of them was enough to raise a raging hardon. Looking at the leg-cluster statue, I imagined getting a cluster of hardons thinking about both of them.

It was David who met me, warm from the hot tub and handsome in his loose-sleved robe. We hugged and he held himself gently against me, just like old times. As we kissed, his hands gently massaged both my shoulders and my neck, as they held my waist close to him.

Wow! I started, pulling back a half an inch from our kiss, my hands feeling his shoulders. He had four! “My god, David! He's done it!” I said. “He certainly has!” David smiled, his strong, gentle hands squeezing the globes of my butt lazily while his upper hands squeezed my shoulders. I loved the feel of four strong arms around me, and I abandoned all thoughts of their marriage while I hugged David closely and passionately. I laced my arms around his sweet butt and as I pulled him to myself, I felt his butt raise up, folding up against his back.

“Whoa!” I cried, as David laughed at my surprise, his handsome body gently shaking with laughter as it rested against mine. I looked down, where his large, slender feet stood, beautiful on the reflective floor. But behind them, a second pair hung lazily down, suspended by my embrace. “I've got two penises now, too!” he laughed, enjoying my amazement and arousal. I was about to pass out.

I heard the distinctive slap of Tom's feet coming from the outdoor deck, and wanted to let go of David. “It's ok,” David said, still holding me. “He's all yours” Tom called out cheerfully, wearing a similar robe and coming into the room. 'We don't mind,” David laughed from behind me.”

I was stunned by David's voice behind me, and I turned, and there was David!

“My god, Tom!” was all I could say. “I'm sorry, I should have told you,” Tom laughed gently, and his hug was four-armed like David's, only with his more muscular arms and larger hands. “Come on, both Davids, let's not be shy,” Tom said, and Tom's David also hugged me.

Wonderful kisses all around. As a jest, both Davids kissed each other, and I nearly creamed. Tom kissed me, his four strong hands wonderful around me.

“David asked me to, and I did it for you, too,” he said sincerely, as I felt myself start to swoon from the sea of handsome maleness surround me. Tom and both Davids helped catch me, and my beautiful friend Tom helped stand me up.

As my head swayed, I noticed his strength and steadiness was braced by his handsome matched set of four legs beneath his robe. “My god,” I said.

Although I'm very well-built from weightlifting, my muscles didnt help me all all, and my own two proudly muscled legs gave out. My multiple-limbed friends evidently had no trouble carrying me, and in my dazed state I felt on the verge of creaming from the gentle feel of so many friendly, strong hands bouying me along.

Later, my David held me gently as we sat in the redwood hot tub overlooking the sparkling moonlit lakeside, as Tom and David sat in their opposing-foot-massage position, their hands patiently working the handsome cluster of feet in each others' laps.

“Thanks, Tom, David and David,” I smiled, and my handsome Guamanian octopus next to me gently slid my legs onto his hind thighs while draping his front thighs over mine, letting the handsome calves and feet sweetly wrap around mine. My David's kiss was sweet heaven, just like it had always been, as he ran his gentle hands through my hair and while framing my face with his second pair.

I shot my load then and there, pulse after pulse of hot burning come wafting around us in the boiling hot tub, as I lost myself in David's arms, legs and kiss.

“Good one!” Tom shouted, as both Davids said, “Wow!”

“Now, let's see how well this works,” Tom said, reaching one of his left arms to an electronic control panel mounted by the hot tub, and working a series of keys with his handsome, strong fingers.

Suddenly, I could feel a current in the hot tub water, just slight enough to be unnoticeable, but it gave my hardon renewed life and made my penis and my brain buzz with pleasure! “It's working, Tom” my David said. “I can feel him changing.”

I was so totally turned on, I couldnt speak, but I looked into David's handsome smiling lips and I kissed him full on them again. He gasped, and his four arms gently held me, then tighter, while his legs clamped around mine. I kissed him hard and then buried my face in the nape of his neck, holding him as tight as I could. “God, I love you,” I screamed! I could barely hear Tom and his David speaking. Tom was explaining. “It finds the limbic center in the brain and works from images in the cerebral cortex.

The amino acid solution in the hot tub provides the building blocks, so to speak.”

“So you just imagined my extra legs and arms as you had already imagined yours, and that's how you added them to both of us! And then you imagined my complete four-armed and four-legged form once you had already created it! I get it!” his David said.

“My god, David, I can't stop coming!!” I was shouting. Thick floating wads of come filled the water as I came, came and came, and in my multiple orgasms I could feel them bumping against me and clinging to me. David held me tightly, his manly multiple-limbed sexiness arousing me unstoppably.

“Any wonder what was on his mind?” Tom said to his David, laughing and pointing to me. “Wow,” his David said. “I guess now I have to envy my own clone!”

I finally stood up in the water, unable to come stop coming. I looked down and nearly swooned. There it was. My cluster hardon!


Part 2

I was amazed at my cluster hardon. I had never seen such huge penises before, nor so many all at once. It was like a long bunch of sexy mushrooms, more like pythons. The pressure between my legs was tremendous due to all the engorged plumbing feeding these monsters, and I noticed as I stood in the boiling hot tub that I was actually leaning back to counterbalance the tremendous forward weight of my cluster hardon. I was so turned on I couldnt count properly, but as I leaned forward in amazement and pawed among them with my hands to see how many there were, they stiffened and grew, aching with arousal. I immediately began beating off two outer hardons at once, which of course turned me on and made all the other hardons glistening and taut with arousal. “Help me, David,” I cried, and my handsome gay Guamanian octopus shifted on his four handsome legs and moved around in front of me in the hot tub, immediately sucking on a prominent hardon while his four hands began jerking off four other huge hardons in the cluster. I couldnt stand the arousal, it was so achingly powerful, and I had to come so bad, even though I was already coming!

It was hard to stand up straight, because my legs seemed forced apart by the huge, swollen cluster of hardons and all their aching, pendulous balls.

Tom and his David stared slack-jawed at me, and as my David sucked and beat off my hardons and I beat off two more of them with my own two hands, I noticed that Tom and David were shifting uncomfortably in the hot tub as their own hardons sprouted, both the hardons between their front legs and the second hardons between their hind legs.

My handsome Chinese-Panamanian friend Tom was the first stand up on his four muscular legs, his huge frontal hardon making a huge splash as it was dragged from below the surface as he stood, and his hind hardon so huge it reached from its giant balls between his hind legs and poked through his front legs, shoving his frontal balls forward on its massive, dripping head. “Oh my god,” Tom said. “You're so huge, and have so many!”

“No problem,” I gasped, trying to joke, “I love it, really, I just have to come so bad!” It seemed like such an odd thing to say, since I was already coming like a horse, or rather like a corral full of horses. “Ohhhhhh!” I cried as I leaned forward, resting on my David's muscular back as it throbbed. He was assiduously sucking my giant hardon, and his four beatiful hands gently clenched another four of mine and wonderfully slid up and down all four huge shafts. I wasnt sure which of my hardons were coming at any one time, but now and then one of the hardons I was beating off would erupt in thick white molten ropes of steaming, glistening come, which David quickly sucked up.While he was licking up one, I sucked off another giant cum-geyser as it erupted in my left hand, slurping and gulping as fast as I could. The cum was delicious! It felt so good I felt newly turned on, and I couldnt lose any of my erections even after they came. Some became newly aroused again, finally exploding again in huge molten jolts of abundant, spurting come. I was sweating like crazy, and so was my beautiful David.

Meanwhile, Tom was so aroused he couldn't stand it, and neither could his David, who also was encumbered by massive frontal and hind hardons swaying between his four handsome, muscular legs.

While my David and I gorged ourselves on my endless fountains of come, Tom and his David connected their magnificent leg-cloned bodies like love animals that have never existed. Tom's David hoisted his magnificent torso on his four handsome arms, his rippling stomach muscles crunching as his raised his first and then his second pair of legs up, and Tom mounted his David skillfully, his hind hardon plunging into his David's hind ass and Tom's frontal hardon plowing into David's frontal ass, while Tom's own Olympian torso bent down godlike to suck his David's frontal hardon. They were so beautiful I came more, burning with molten rivers of come as my David sucked me.


Part 3

I returned several months later, if for no other reason than to have my fill of Tom and David again. To see them together was awesome and arousing in a way I cannot describe.

Plus,Tom had gone slightly mad for David after cloning him. After he had cloned extra legs for David and himself, thru regular workouts and an excellent diet they developed into truly splendid and muscular form. I had to commend them; they were spectacular specimens, although quite rare in their four-legged form. David was delighted to do whatever pleased Tom, and I guess it came as no surprise to see Tom with two Davids as I came up the walkway.

They were evidently sunbathing and deep in conversation, from what I could tell as I saw them, from over the impressive stone wall surrounding Tom's modern secluded palace in the hills. Tom relaxed against David's muscular back, his arms around David's fine chest, as his second David rested in turn against Tom's broad back. Just the sight of them together aroused me, and as they noticed me they smiled and waved, all moving forward in unison with a lurch. I thought the movement odd until they rounded the end of the high wall to meet me, when I almost came on the spot.

The first David was a magnificent Centaur stallion, upon which my four-legged friends Tom and Dave rode, tanned and naked, their beautiful multiple legs gentle against each other and the handsome Centaur's horse flanks. David the Centaur smiled as he noticed my bulging pantsleg while I nearly swooned at the long, heavy legs and beautiful male feet draped along his sides, and his hooved gait stumbled slightly, encumbered by his massively growing horse hard-on.

Naturally, the Centaur's front legs had their own giant penis, which slapped lazily against them before rousing itself into a magnificent, swaying erection as he drew near me. Naturally, because he was Tom's creation.

“Wow,” I had to say. “I thought you'd like him,” Tom said, and all three handsome men shared a mutual squeeze, their beautiful body muscles flexing.

“Like is not the word for it,” I answered, and all three laughed gently.

“Do you want one of me, too?” David the Centaur asked. My hardon tingled at the thought. “Thanks,” I said, “You're beautiful and I'd love to have you, but I already have—er, David,” I said, realizing that the name David was being spread a bit thin now, with my own four-legged David, Tom's original four-legged David, and now this spectacular Centaur-David.

“No problem,” Tom smiled, appreciating my loyalty to my David. “Your David already said he knows how much you'd love him in Centaur form, and the idea turns him on as well. Besides,” and he smiled at me with a proud twinkle in his eye,” you're can use the extra help,” eyeing my aching python-nest of hardons straining inside my jeans.

I laughed, but the mention of my David made me at once lonely for him, and I wished he had come with me on this visit. “Hey,” David the Centaur said, looking at me and then at Tom, “if it's ok with his David, it's ok with me, too. Make a clone of me for him,” he said firmly, lovingly. “Besides,” he laughed, “it will vicariously satisfy me to see him making love to my clone.”

“I can do better than vicariously,” Tom laughed, and hugged his Centaur. “Me, too,” said Tom's David, hugging Tom and squeezing the Centaur's muscular shoulder.

“Okay, enough already,” I said with impatience that was only half in jest. “Let's do it. I gotta come!”

3 parts 2,787 words Added Feb 1997 9,083 views 5.0 stars (2 votes)

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