Professor Magnus’s independent study

by BRK

 Jake, a self-taught student of transformation magic, is invited to come and meet with Professor Magnus—but the hypnotically sexy boytaur prof is just as intrigued by Jake.

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Jake leaned nervously against the wall next to Professor Magnus’s office, his big cocks already completely hard and shoving rudely up out of his jeans. Normally he’d be pretty proud to display these beautiful footlong dicks, evidence of how despite being a poor high school drop-out who couldn’t afford sorcery college he’d nonetheless learned enough about transformation magic all on his own to grow his dick and even twin it—though he was nervous he’d be asked how he’d done it, since he wasn’t actually a hundred percent sure. But here, in the long, echoing corridor of this prestigious college of thaumaturgical arts and sciences, his raging, exposed erections seemed truly obscene, even if he was waiting for the professor that, he’d already heard in awed whispers from the students who went here he’d checked with, made everyone bone up bigger and harder than they ever had before just from being in the same room with him.

He was trying to tug his snug tee over his fat, wet-tipped boners with only partial success when soft footfalls made him look up. Walking toward him out of the open departmental office at the near end of the corridor, only thirty yards away or so, was, Jake thought, the amazingly hot teenaged boytaur who’d told him to come here in the first place.

Jake had been waiting tables on the graveyard shift as usual at the 24-hour Apex Diner and had already been feeling unusually horny from the moment he’d woken up and jerked himself off twice. Then a man had been seated in his station who was so beautiful, so magnetically sexy, that Jake had popped instant wood almost the second he’d laid eyes on him. Tall—maybe seven feet, a good head taller than Jake—with an overabundance of loose, long blond hair you just wanted to run your fingers though. And that was just the beginning, because he had an overabundance of everything else too, and not just in generous size but quantity, too. His four arms were bigger than any he’d ever seen and yet perfectly sculpted, his pecs massive, his waist thin and tight, his amazing legs—fuck, Jake remembered as he watched the man approach how much he’d wanted to be caged within those four thick, ideally shaped, long, luscious legs, stroking them not with his measly two hands but with four or six or eight hands of his own sucking down what was surely the most massive and succulent rear cock in the world, hopefully forever. Jake’s dicks surged, weeping against his tee where his hands hung suspended, his effort to hide his eager, aching erections forgotten.

That night, the godly boytaur had been wearing a very faded and worn heather-gray tee, which was so threadbare you could see the golden skin-tone of its wearer’s massive pecs and bulging, doubled shoulders right through the fabric, and old beat-up and torn jeans that weren’t in much better condition, revealing here and there a heart-revving glimpse of a dusting of blond hair on the young man’s thighs and calves. Now, though, he was wearing a crisp, sandy-brown dress shirt that was unbuttoned to the third button and which clung enviably to the largest bulges of his upper arms, shoulders, and pecs, and slacks so snug they looked like they loved him and needed to be in contact with every square inch of his four legs and beautiful, hard round asses and … everything else they touched. Down below were four very large, new-looking tennis shoes.

Jake looked up to meet the teenager’s eyes, which meant he had to crane his neck backward a little bit as the man stepped up close to him, a bit nearer than most people did when they talked to you. When he beamed down at Jake, Jake’s cocks throbbed and seemed to get even harder than they were before—something he would have been sure was impossible. He felt the wet slick of their clear, seeping fluid against his hip as they flexed and jostled each other, desperate for any kind of friction at all. He resisted an urge to grasp his dicks in his strong left hand, and instead brushed his wavy ginger hair behind his ear in a habitual nervous gesture, even though he’d recently cut it short enough, trying to look good for a possible promotion to a better set of shifts at the restaurant, that there wasn’t anything there to brush back.

“You made it!” the boytaur beamed. Jake could only nod. He’d noticed Jake’s dicks erupting uncontrollably from the waistband of his black work pants, and complemented Jake’s transformation magic. When he told the godly boytaur that he was self-taught, he’d raised his eyebrows, surprised and impressed, and when he’d come back with his food (two cheeseburgers and double extra-large fries), they’d talked for a couple minutes about transformation, and before Jake was called away to another table (a very cute lawyer, as it turned out, who could not take his eyes off Jake’s huge erections) he’d suggested Jake come to Lightlion Hall room 1205 the next day around three to discuss school-subsidized independent study.

Now Jake was smiling helplessly up at the young man, awed but also confused. He was wondering if they were both there to see Professor Magnus, but what really mattered was that this manifestation of male beauty was standing close enough for Jake to feel the warmth from his abundantly supplied body. “Yup,” Jake said, chastising himself inwardly for not making himself more interesting to this person he wanted to have sex with in every fiber of his being.

“Good,” the boytaur said easily. Then he turned to the door and fished some keys out of his pocket, and Jake, after a split second wondering why this huge and beautiful teenager had the professor’s keys, realized with a churn of embarrassment that the godly young boytaur was Professor Magnus.

Magnus, still smiling broadly, let Jake into his office and closed the door behind him. Now it felt like the professor was filling the relatively small space, and it felt oddly intimate, as if this were the at-school version of sharing Magnus’s bed. Being in class with him in a large lecture hall must be amazing in itself, but to be together with him in this cozy office, just the two of them, felt more erotic than most of the actual sex he’d had.

Magnus, eyes glinting, offered Jake a comfortable-looking chair, but Jake, who knew from experience that sitting down with two footlong boners was not recommended—at least, not while he was still wearing pants. He leaned against the arm of the chair instead, folding his arms over his chest to keep his itching hands from touching either his own dicks or any part of Magnus’s bewitching, irresistible body. Magnus sat in a chair that looked heavy-duty enough to withstand his extra weight, his legs piled on top of each other so that it looked like he was sitting in his own lap, all four extra-muscular arms resting casually in his lap near the large bulge containing—whatever awesome treasure it contained. Jake’s own extra-large dicks surged and struggled against each other, his heart tripping a mile a minute. He licked his lips as he stared at Magnus’s own mouth, wondering what it would be like to kiss the young-looking boytaur professor. It was a struggle to focus, but Jake managed.

At Magnus’s invitation to talk about what had led him here, Jake explained about how he’d always been interested in transformation magic, and eventually, after having to leave school in order to get a job to take care of himself and his kid sister, he’d decided to try to study it on his own as a distraction from everything else. So he’d found a few monographs on body-part TF at a second-hand bookshop and school himself on every aspect of the theory as well as the technique. Eventually he’d been willing to try it, and he’d managed to grow his dick on only the third try.

Magnus looked impressed. “Body transformation is really difficult,” he said. “Some people study here their whole lives and can’t so much as lengthen their own thumbnail. You must have a knack.”

“Thanks,” Jake said, blushing bashfully. At this distance he could observe Magnus’s eyelashes; long for a guys. He stared straight into Magnus’s glinting, sky blue eyes and thought, Please let me kiss you. Please, please let me suck you.

“But quantity magic is a completely different discipline,” Magnus went on, his expression turning curious. “So how did you manage to double in number as well as size?”

There it was, the question he’d dreaded. He kept his gaze locked with Magnus’s, willing himself not to look down or away. “I don’t know,” he admitted.

Magnus’s eyes went up. He considered Jake for a moment, seemingly weighing various possibilities. Then he said firmly, “I want you to try something on me.”

Jake gaped at him, but Magnus seemed to ignore his distress. He seemed to be considering possibilities. He glanced momentarily down at himself, then back up at Jake. “See if you can grow my nipples,” he said seriously.

Jake’s eyebrows were all the way up in his hair. “Wh-what?” he stammered. He dropped his eyes to where the prominent nips were poking out little peaks in Magnus’s shirt, near the lower surfaces of his massive, ponderous pecs. “You—you want me to—?” Shit, he couldn’t even say it. He looked up again to meet Magnus’s eyes anxiously. “What if I—?”

“Don’t worry,” Magnus said easily. “If you get it wrong, I can, well, fix it. But I want to see what happens when you try, and if you do it to me, I can see the magic from both sides, if you know what I mean.”

Jake nodded, unsure of his ability to speak. He stared at the professor’s impressive nips again.

“Go ahead,” Magnus urged him gently.

Jake got to his feet and moved toward Magnus, heart pounding loud and hard in his ears, but then he paused and licked his lips. Without taking his eyes from Magnus’s chest he said in a wavering voice, “I need to … touch.”

He felt Magnus’s amused disbelief without looking up to see it, and he felt his cheeks grow hot. No doubt his students went through all kinds of excuses and subterfuge to get a chance to touch Magnus even once. Jake wondered if he let them. Magnus seemed intrinsically sensual, as if down to his bones he was someone whose body demanded touch and devotion with hand and mouth and cock just as much as he compelled a need for it in those around him. After a moment’s pause Magnus stood too, standing before Jake on his four big feet, looking over him, showering him with his warmth and his presence. Slowly, Magnus began unbuttoning his shirt, and Jake had to struggle not to let himself free and cum, dousing himself with hot seed, just from the commencement of that single action.

Before a moment had passed the shirt was slipped off and spread over the vacated chair, and Jake was face to face with the most massive set of heavy pecs he’d ever imagined—a thick, mighty shelf of thick, ponderous muscle that jutted out from Magnus’s body like an architectural element, an overhang designed to give his carved eight-pack permanent shelter from light and rain. And on the curve that slid back around to meet Magnus’s torso, exactly at the terminator where gloom would start to accumulate if Magnus were lit only from above, there were two impressive nipples, one on each side. Pushing himself as hard as he could to impress Magnus, especially after the embarrassment of mistaking him for a teenager younger than Jake himself, Jake made himself reach up and take hold of the half-inch long nubs, carefully but firmly, one in each hand. Then he closed his eyes.

He’s always wondered what that undertow of power was that coursed just beyond his consciousness, like a conduit of electricity so immense the hair rose on your arms if you were standing nearby. Now he knew: It was his connection to the transformative magic. He let it hum through him, thrumming through his body and mind like he was plugged into the city power plant. He concentrated on the nubs in his hands, and thrilled as they started to grow and expand as he held them between his fingers and thumbs, swelling so easily it almost seemed to take no effort at all. The world narrowed, becoming this moment of transformation, this elemental, primal force of growth and change—

And then he was standing in Magnus’s well-lit office, blinking in confusion like a man who had been intoxicated the moment before, only for it to suddenly fall away. He was looking at Magnus, but Magnus was looking down with a wry grin, and something else—raw arousal, triggered by whatever Jake had done. He looked down too, and gasped.

He’d grown Magnus’s nipples all right. They were a good four inches now, standing out hard and proud from the professor’s massive chest. The only problem was—well, there were two problems. The first was that they had somehow turned into purple, erect cocks, complete with veiny shaft and foreskin-shrouded heads. The second weirdness was that there were now two of them on each side. Somehow, he had not only grown them but doubled them, just like he had with his own dicks.

Jake took a step back, grabbing his forehead in disbelief. “Sorry,” he said, lamely. How had he messed this up? Size and quantity were two different things—that dichotomy was Professor Magnus’s area of expertise, for Pete’s sake—and yet he’d managed somehow to mash them both up together in his stupid head. And the cocks, he couldn’t even begin to explain…

“The nip-cocks are normal,” Magnus said, as if guessing what thoughts were racing through Jake’s head. Jake lifted his eyes to meet his gaze, which was as kindly as ever, if, oddly enough, a little abashed. “Whenever a boytaur’s nips get bigger than a certain size, they turn naturally into nipcocks.” He glanced down at himself speculatively before looking at Jake again. “The doubling thing, though,” he added, “that’s all you.”

“S-sorry,” Jake said again.

“Don’t be,” Magnus breathed. His eyes were alight with excitement and a torrent of other feelings that Jake wouldn’t have guessed were so close to the man’s surface. “I’ve never met anyone who could do both at once. You’re changing everything for me, Jake.” He sounded overwhelmed, and Jake saw that his pupils were darkening as Magnus’s entire body seemed to flush with raw, primal excitement. “I’ve dreamed of this. Dreamed of someone like you, Jake.” He was moving toward Jake, overcome with a towering arousal that seemed to fill the room, flooding them both. Jake, almost unable to control his own rushing desire, responding with hammering heart, took a slow step toward Magnus. “I need you to study with me,” Magnus rasped, his full, luscious lips filling Jake’s vision. “Experiment with me. Grow with me.

This words had an electric effect on both of them and they seized each other, clutching each other’s torsos as they dove into a hard and hungry kiss. As they made out with an animal passion unlike anything Jake had ever felt before, he realized he was feeling his buzzing magical power conduit resonating through his every cell and neuron, bleeding into the room, into Magnus. He kissed Magnus with abandon, and Magnus kissed him back just as hard, and he felt Magnus’s swollen chest and hard, throbbing nipcocks poking rudely as his chest, leaving trails of messy precum on his skin even as his own huge cocks throbbed and pulsed and leaked ceaselessly down his twin shafts, stretching themselves ecstatically to the very brink of explosion. And somewhere in the hidden levels of Jake’s brain there must have been swirling, repeating thoughts, thoughts that wound through him and reinforced themselves, thoughts about how Magnus would love kissing him even more if they were of a similar height, and if he could hold Magnus as tightly as Magnus held him. There must have been those kinds of thoughts, even if Jake wasn’t quite aware of them in the abyss of pleasure they’d shared, because when they broke for air Jake was looking him right in the eye.

Wait, he’d grown himself. Did that mean—? And even as he thought it, Magnus, who was staring at him in smiling wonder, shifted his gaze just over Jake’s shoulder, and he became aware of just what he was sensing: a tall, warm body pressed hard against him from behind. Lips on his neck, and just a taste of tongue. Four arms wrapped luxuriously around his long torso, hands caressing his chest, just as Jake had his own four arms wrapped firmly around Magnus’s mighty back, and Magnus’s four thickly muscled arms were wrapped around…both Jakes.

“Size and quantity,” Magnus said, eyes wide and grinning as he gazed with affection and admiration into Jake’s eyes.

“Discussion later,” Jake said, and from behind him his own voice added, “We need to collect more data.” Feeling four enormous cocks pushing roughly against his ass and lower back, Jake thrust his own four pricks just as hard against Magnus’s still-covered crotch, wondering urgently what there was to be found there as they dove in for more famished kisses. All Jake knew for sure was that “size and quantity” was going to be a big part of his life from now on.

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