Horse sense

by The Obsessive-Compulsive

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Travis woke feeling terrible. His head was pounding, his arms and legs were sore and the wounds from fighting with Aranoble's guard still echoed over his chest, back and neck. It hadn't been a good night. The small frontier town was supposed to be hospitable, but dare to mention that you were a practitioner of the alchemical arts seeking employment, and you were doomed to failure and ostracization. Groaning, the young man sat up and rubbed his long expanse of soft, brown hair out of his eyes. Looking around, he recognized the interior of Gallan's tent.

Moaning, Travis rubbed his forehead with his palm. Gallan must've found him and brought him back here last night. His centaur friend was always there for him, it seemed … and -sometimes- it really bothered Travis. Gallan was always there for him; it made for the uncomfortable situation that he often found himself in. After all, what could he say? That he found Gallan attractive? That he really preferred men over women? That would really get him killed…

Still, he thought flexing his arm and admiring the lack of any surface injury, Gallan must've used something potent to heal his wounds; most of the pain was just a phantom feeling in his mind. Most people's bodies werenUt used to being healed instantly by magick and often 'remembered' the pain. Still, he was more tired than really injured. The vast swath of tarp that made up the entrance to the tent swept aside in the wake of Gallan entering their temporary home.

Travis felt his heart skip a beat as it always seemed to when Gallan entered a room. Like all centaurs, Gallan was a horse from the waist down; in his case, resembling a Clydesdale. He had short, coarse dark brown fur over his exceptionally muscular lower-half which traveled down his rippling thighs to his black socks. The long hair there was usually white or pampus- colored on a normal draft horse, but Gallan always had the quirk of being black-furred around the hoof. It was a coloration that was echoed by his tail.

Beyond that, Gallan's upper torso was equally impressive. He spent many years in the forest kingdoms of Delanar and Camprus-Sal practicing his sword skills and selling his mercenary talents to many a baron or noble. It had been a grueling life that he kept up to this day with frequent exercise. He would've been the most muscular man alive … if he'd been human. As such, his upper arms would easily be a foot-and-a- half in diameter each … and the rest of his body similarly muscled. However, Gallan was not human-sized.

Even for a centaur, Gallan was something of a giant. Horse-wise, GallanUs body was a massive 22.5 hands high; his human body also enlarged making his total height twelve-and-a-half feet tall! His biceps were almost exactly three-and-a-half feet in diameter—bigger than Travis' whole upper body. As the centaur strode into the appropriately-sized tent, Travis watched his muscles play over his body. It always gave him a thrill in the pit of his stomach; so enraptured to view such a display of masculine beauty and so pained that it could never be his.

“I see you're still in one piece.” Gallan spoke softly. Settling down, the centaur folded his legs comfortably to lie down next to the young alchemist. “Not smart, getting tangled up with Aranoble's guard … if I hadn't found you, you'd be in Tytallis now.” He smiled broadly and lay a hand over Travis' shoulder. “I'm afraid I had to use one of your Survival potions to heal you … I know they're expensive, but I didn't think there was much choice.”

Travis chuckled. “Great, I'll be virtually unkillable for the next week or so… Why didn't you use one of my Healing balms?”

The centaur shrugged. “I can't read the glyphs you use for labeling.

The only way to tell is to feed you a random potion that hopefully wouldn't kill you…” Gallan smiled broadly. “At least I knew enough not to feed you any black potions. Why'd you get in so much trouble anyway?”

Travis just nodded dully and grimaced. “I thought it for the best, my over-sized friend.” With a sigh, he looked up into Gallan's broad, clean-shaven face. “Lady Cassia swore by the stars she needed a cure for her ailments … I could've sworn her pleas were genuine. How was I to know she was in league with the City?” Travis glanced away. Looking at his traveling companion was sometimes difficult to bear. Gallan had the deepest emerald eyes that sparkled as if from cut gemstones. His face was rugged, but perfect—unmarred by years of battles and tight scrapes. He kept his hair long, almost halfway down his back. It was usually braided in a warrior's knot, but tonight it fell free.

“Why should Aranoble be any different from the rest of Allis? If you're not sanctioned by the Allisian Emperor, your alchemy is illegal …

does this reaction surprise you?”

Travis shook his head sadly. “No … I guess not.” A sigh rolled out of him as if from deep in his soul. He'd studied for his whole life it seemed. From childhood, to now at age 28, he had devoted his life to the chemical and alchemical arts. Herbalism, divination, elixirs, powders, ungents, incenses, salves, balms and potions had been his only companions for most of those years. And in the last four years of his travels, he'd only encountered resistance to his trade. “I just wish people would understand what my art could do for them… I just wish…”

Travis rolled over and stared -unblinking- into the small lantern by Gallan's cot. The centaur placed his hand on Travis' shoulder once again and patted him soothingly. Travis tried not to let Gallan's nearness arouse him.

“It won't last forever, Travis… Be strong and don't let the small- minded get you down.”

Travis nodded slowly to himself and rolled over to glance at his friend. Even though twice his age, Gallan looked to be only twenty-five or so. Centaurs lived for centuries some said, although most tended to get themselves killed fighting as mercenaries in some war or political machination. They lasted a long time; only matched in lifespan by the elves or a rare magician who mastered the secrets of eternal youth. For all his experience though, Gallan seemed quite … young.



Travis paused. Then, slowly shaking his head, rolled back over. “Never mind…”

Gallan's face shifted into confusion and concern. “No … go on…”

Travis sighed. What did he have to lose? His life? It was already over. Rolling over on his back he looked up to Gallan's massive torso towering over him. With nothing but seriousness in his eyes, he stammered out his feelings. “I … I love you, Gallan. I mean, really…”

The centaurUs face softened considerably into resignation. “Ah…”

Travis' heart skipped a beat. This was not the reaction he'd expected. Did Gallan feel the same way about him? He watched as his over-sized friend slowly rose to his hooves and looked down on him. Travis tried hard not to glance back along Gallan's length towards his over- sized genitalia.

“I … understand.” Travis felt a smile creep across his face, as he moved to sit up.


Gallan nodded, but quickly put up a hand. “But nothing can come of it. I mean look at us; you're human, and I'm a centaur. Both of us are happy as we are … it's a physical impossibility for either of us to consummate such a relationship.”

Travis started shaking his head to refute his friend's statement, but Gallan intervened. “No. Wait a minute and hear me out… Even among my own people, I am … overly-sized. Sexually, I mean. Even my father, who was as large in body as I am today was but a shadow of my sexual dimensions. I could not mate even with my own people … that's one of the reasons why I left; I could never find a mate.”

He paused, keeping his face even and his expression neutral. “That doesn't mean I don't have the desires. Nor does it mean I have not mated. The problem is that centaur women see me as freakishly large and will only attempt to accommodate me when paid. When I have a relationship, I naturally want to have physical intimacy as well as emotional.” He hung his head and looked at Travis seriously. “And that's why we cannot be together.”

Travis stood and looked up at Gallan. Nearly six-foot tall himself, the human didn't even come up to the centaur's withers. Cascades of coarse, brown fur lent their musky scent to the air before Travis' nostrils as he took in the colossal view. “We can try…” Slowly, almost afraid that Gallan would recede from his touch, Travis laid one hand on the centaur's flank.

It was quivering.

Gently, Travis pressed the top of his head against Gallan's front, burying his face in the centaur's woodland scents. Too big to be encircled by the smaller human's hands, Gallan's torso seemed to warm under Travis' massaging touch. Gallan stirred one dinnerplate-sized hoof and slowly let out a long, deep, shuddering sigh. Whether it was due to resignation or contentment, Travis couldn't tell. Concerned, he looked up at his towering companion. “Gallan…?”

The centaur's eyes were half-closed and his face frozen in a look of half-concern / half-fear.

“I'm … I'm allright. Are you sure…?”

Travis smiled warmly and put his hand in his friend's. He almost laughed at the vast disparity between the size of his hand -childlike- in Gallan's. Softly, so only he and Gallan's horse-like ears could hear him, he replied, “…yes…”

Gently rubbing the top of his head along the knot of muscles between Gallan's forelegs, Travis glanced back towards his partner's penis.

It was still in its sheath … well, the part that was always in the sheath, that is. Gallan -unlike other centaurs- often relieved himself in private so Travis was unsure how large he really was. All he knew was that the width was astounding, Gallan's balls were bigger than melons and the centaur's organ never, Never retreated fully into it's sheath. Knowing what he did now about Gallan's past with his own people, Travis supposed that Gallan's secrecy surrounding something as natural as relieving himself was due to his concerns over his penis' size.

Stooping slightly, Travis moved back along Gallan's underside; rubbing his head and hands underneath the massive 'taurUs belly and flanks.

After a few steps, he stood facing the impressive member. Gallan's sheath ran from beneath his tail all the way across half of his body and his actual penis stuck out an additional foot. Travis slowly moved his hands to cup the lower extremis of its soft, warm and heavy expanse. With his fingertips, he gradually ran his hand up the length of Gallan's sheath, pausing to wrap his palms around the massive testicles that hung an arm's reach away.

Travis marveled at how Gallan must have to walk to accommodate this thing. Each of his balls was at least a foot wide and hung half-again that width down from where they attached to the base of his penis. Squeezing lightly, Travis hefted one of the massive orbs and stroked itUs bulbous surface. Above him, he could feel a shudder run through his prospective mate. Smiling to himself, Travis stroked back along the sheath towards the tip. Licking it briefly, he cocked his head and slowly slid his hands along Gallan's penis inside its sheath.

A low gasp came from Gallan as his hind hooves stirred and shuffled at the sexual touch. Travis was surprised at how easy this had become. The broad, smooth surface of the centaur's shaft slowly emerged from its home under his ministrations. It was huge. UnGodly huge! Even flaccid, Travis wouldn't be able to encircle the shaft with both hands, but he never expected the length that slowly emerged from that fleshy cocoon. Travis backed up slowly, still stroking his over-sized partner.

Foot after foot of Gallan's stallion-hood emerged from the sheath. Travis' eyes got wider and wider as he was forced to step back between Gallan's front legs, still rubbing and holding the tip of the centaur's penis. While yet unflared, Gallan's cock stuck almost half a foot in front of his forelegs, gently throbbing in Travis' palms. The young alchemist looked up at Gallan for the centaur's response. Gallan still looked slightly concerned, but even more aroused. His smile even broader, Travis turned his full attention back to the beautifully HUGE cock in front of him.

It was almost as big around as Travis' face and its urethra just over an inch wide! Travis gradually pushed his tongue into GallanUs cock hole and began to stroke the centaur's tip evocatively. Gallan moaned and took a few halting steps forward, pushing himself against the erotic stimulus. Travis paused his licking but kept his hands stroking the smooth, warm surface. The human watched, enraptured as Gallan began to grow stiff…

“If you keep growing, you'll push me right out th' door!” he murmured, delighted.

Gallan looked down, slightly admonished. “Well, its not my fault you're so good at this… You do this often?”

Travis smiled and licked slowly around the edge of Gallan's cock. “Not with centaurs, I don't…” He paused to stick his tongue down Gallan's cock-slit again. After pulling it out, “but I think that's gonna have to change!”

Pressing forward, Travis spread his lips around Gallan's thickening cock head and began to suck. Gently, he drew deep breaths; his suction making Gallan moan and shudder. Bringing his left hand forward, Travis rubbed the centaur's tip gently; virtually tickling it and teasing his massive lover with tiny, tentative brushes. His mouth barely fit over the first third of Gallan's cock-tip; and it was Still growing harder and thicker!

Gallan groaned deeply and began to grind his rear legs against the ground. Travis' breath sent shivers of pleasure up his shaft as he longed to plunge his whole, hardening cock deep within his minuscule lover. His body didn't seem to realize the impossibility of what longed to do. Nonetheless, he reacted on instinct, reaching down and holding Travis' head as he tried to shove his rod down the tiny human's throat.

Travis, helpless in Gallan's muscular grip, struggled in vain as he felt his cheeks stretch and his jaw distend in an attempt to accommodate Gallan's gargantuan cock! Futilely, he pushed against the rock-hard muscles of Gallan's abdomen before him; both of them straining in the throes of erotic lust. Sweat beaded down Travis' brow in a blend of fear and exhilaration as he felt his jaw virtually pop out of its sockets while Gallan blindly tried to force Travis' face around a cock as thick as the young human's whole head…!

A faint tingle grew in Travis' abdomen and began to fill his entire body with an odd, warm sensation. With shock, the alchemist realized that his face was starting to stretch and distend under the forceful hands of the centaur! He watched in amazement as he saw his nose and upper lip push upwards away from his chin to make room for the monstrous cock. His jaw opened wider and wider to admit the freakishly large organ; stretching with a sound like slowly, warping wood.

Suddenly, he was pushed away; his face snapping back to its former shape and size. Travis' jaw ached along with the muscles of his mouth and tongue; the faint taste of salty horse-flesh still lingered in his mouth. Gallan was looking down at him, horror clear in his eyes.

“Oh, Travis … forgive me! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…”

Travis nodded and put his hand up to stop Gallan's torrent of apologies. Working his mouth, he gradually was able to spit out a few words. “Nawt … -er- … not a prawblum … Gay-lahn…” The human panted for a few moments, trying to regain his breath. After a second, he realized that he wasn't panting from lack of air or exertion, but from arousal. Looking up at Gallan, he smiled. Somehow, he hadn't been hurt by what had almost happened … somehow…

Travis' smile deepened. It had been the potion… It had to be!

“I'm sorry Travis,” Gallan was still saying, “I don't know what came over me… I wanted you so bad! Gods! I almost killed you!”

Travis shook his head. “Don't worry … my big friend…! It's th' potion, remember?” He paused and massaged his jaw with his left hand. It felt like stiffening putty. “I may not be invulnerable, but I doubt if I could be torn, split or crushed for a while…!”

Gallan looks dubious. “I'm not sure, Travis…”

Travis smiled up at his aroused lover. Gently, he leaned forward and kissed Gallan on his abdomen. The hot scent of the centaur's sweat exhilarated Travis as he gently licked the muscled flesh before him. “You may not be sure Gallan, but I am…” He paused to encircle as much of Gallan's torso as he could with his hands in a tiny hug. “But if you're worried, jus' go a bit slower… I know it's been a long time for you, but I trust you.” Gallan looked down at the tiny human. He was so frail-looking yet so handsome. While not hugely muscled, Travis kept himself in good shape and had a fine, rippling muscle tone. And he loved him… Gallan felt his heart melt as Travis' earlier words sank in.

Travis felt Gallan's hand come to rest on his shoulder and rub gently. “I love you too Travis…” The hand came away from the alchemist as Gallan backed up and gently pushed his cock forward towards Travis' face. A deep, lustful smile passed between the two as Travis gingerly caressed the centaur's cock-tip with his palms.

Carefully, Travis began to lick the underside of the centaur's cock, rubbing it's expansive surface with his hands and spreading his saliva over the newly-throbbing flesh. Each thrust of his tongue over the surface of Gallan's erection sent shivers through the towering centaur; each shiver filling Travis with a feeling of elation and arousal. He could feel his own cock hardening in his pants, straining against the confines of its cloth prison.

Gallan began to gasp and moan, his hind legs pumping rhythmically forward, pushing his spongy, bloated tip against Travis' eager face. The human smiled and began rubbing the huge cock against the top of his head.

Delirious at the massive organ, Travis began to roll his face up and down along the length of the shaft.

Ahead of him, he watched as Gallan's balls bobbed and swayed, each one slightly swollen at the attention the rest of the cock was getting.

“Unnnnhhhh…. Oh….!” Gallan tried to speak, gasping for air… “Oh, Travis … rub me more…! Lick … … lick me…!” Gallan shuddered and trembled as he held back from thrusting too hard into Travis' face. His whole body quivered and bucked as he wrung his ham-sized fists into knots and clenched his eyes amidst his throes of ecstasy.

Travis rubbed his cheek along the huge cock-tip and kept licking the face-sized surface. Reaching forward, he wrapped his arms wholly around the forward two feet of Gallan's shaft -barely a fifth of it- and began to pump wildly.

“Unh! Oh! Ohhhhh…. More! Travis, I need … I need more in you!”

The centaur's thrusts grew more earnest, but Travis could sense that Gallan was still reluctant to take advantage of his near-invulnerable form. Instead of trying to engulf the centaur's massive cock with his mouth, the alchemist merely redoubled his efforts with his arms and tongue.

A rumble rushed through the enormous penis as Gallan suddenly flared! Caught off-guard, Travis lost his grip momentarily as he watched the monster swell to momentarily fill the space between Gallan's forelegs! A rush of warm liquid shot forth like a geyser and splashed over Travis' hair, face and shoulders. Travis gasped and tried to force his mouth around the huge cock-slit in front of him. “I … I think I'm … … gonna cum soon…!”

Travis looked up at Gallan in surprise… He hadn't cum already!!? A warm shudder ran through the young human as he realized that the huge, sticky rush had only been a single jet of Gallan's precum!

With his hands, Travis slowly smeared the centaur's precum over the huge cock as a lubricant and quadrupled his pumping with his arms. Gallan's pumping grew more intense and violent as the centaur's muscles spasmed and shot another load of precum over Travis' eager face. Gulping as quickly as he could, the young human gobbled as much of the hot, thick cum as he could. Gallan kept pumping, and Travis could feel him start to lose control.

His own cock bucking and pleading for release, Travis pushed his whole body up and down, along the monster shaft's length, using the two shots of precum as lubrication. Again and again, he pushed himself and his arms along Gallan's erection; pausing only to suck more precum from the swollen cock-tip! Gallan's balls almost seemed to have grown… Travis had never heard of such a thing before, but they almost seemed to have swollen to twice their normal size, swaying and dangling heavily between his hind legs!

On his next slide down Gallan's cock, Travis paused to squeeze each of the balls in the crooks of his arms. Gallan shuddered and shouted with delight… “Yes! UNNNNHHH! Oh! Yes!!!”

Another huge shudder wracked Gallan's muscles as he began to buck uncontrollably. Feeling the tensing in the centaur's balls, Travis quickly slid back up to Gallan's cock-tip and began licking and rubbing as fast as he could. Gallan pushed and shoved his cock forward uncontrollably, his pressure making a tight seal of Travis' lips around his cock-slit. Another huge wash of precum gushed into Travis' mouth, causing his cheeks to swell impossibly and his neck to distend at the pressure.

Travis closed his eyes in ecstasy and washed his tongue about in its sweet, warm bath. Gallan's flavor was intense!

And then the centaur came…

Like the floodgates of a dam, Gallan's semen jetted from his gargantuan cock with a sudden rush! Thick and sweet cum swelled Travis' cheeks and neck, stretching them as huge drops spurted out of his mouth over the ground below. Eye's wide, he felt every push and every spurt of the massive 'taur cock! More and more filled him, and Travis' felt his stomach expand and swell! Gallan clenched his eyes and bellowed as he rocked and bucked, spraying his spunk into the tiny human's mouth! Years of pent-up frustrations released themselves in hot, jetting spurts of thick, sweet cum…

His muscles flexed with each push and every shot. His face screwed itself tight as he moaned and pumped harder and harder, feeling Travis' mouth stretch further and further around his throbbing cock-tip!

“Unh!! Oh….. Unh! Unh! Tr…Travis… Unh!”

Travis stared as Gallan pushed harder against him… His mouth seemed to form a seal as Gallan pushed deeper in, and his face began to distort. He moaned as he felt his muscles distend and stretch like thick, hard rubber to accommodate the freakishly-large organ! Travis' heart fluttered as he reveled in the hot cum splashing into him with geyser-like force… Repeatedly, he stroked the throbbing length of Gallan's shaft and moaned as the centaur finished his climax in a series of short, Heavy bursts of cum that further pushed the flared tip deep into the alchemist's stretched throat!

Weary, Travis pulled his mouth from the surroundings of Gallan's hot shaft with a slight popping noise. His face, snapping like rubber, shot back to it's normal configuration. The huge, flared, centaur-cock before him, bobbed like a log between Gallan's forelegs, dripping with it's hot spunk. Gallan himself looked down at Travis with a smile. Standing, Travis felt an odd pressure at his waist. Looking down, he paused, stunned.

His belly stuck out like a pregnant woman's! He looked as if he had swallowed several large rocks or at least gallons of Gallan's fluids. Tenuously, he patted his filled and bloated stomach. Small waves washed over it's fleshy surface as he looked at Gallan with satisfaction. He smiled at his lover and leaned in for a hug.

The large, muscular arms encircled him as Gallan wept silently. Travis just held on and rubbed the side of his head into his abdomen. “I Love You, Gallan… I just wish I could satisfy you.”

Gallan snorted slightly and grinned. Then, a thought seemed to pass over his eyes. “Well… Why can't you?” he asked.

Travis looked up. “Me? Satisfy you?” He blushed. “Unlike you, I'm only average for a human. Maybe a bit more, if I got really aroused. But I couldn't possibly satisfy you unless I used an arm or leg!”

Gallan smiled. “And your magick can't do anything about that?”

Travis stood there for a moment thinking. “It *is possible…” he said slowly. “But I'd hesitate about using a potion on myself for at least another week or two. Not until the current one wore off. Hmmm… However, I think I have an idea…”

Going over to his pack, he began rummaging around in the old, stoppered vials he'd created over the years. Finally finding the one he wanted he smiled and withdrew it. It was an old, ruby-red glass vial that looked more expensive than it actually was. Part of Travis' trade had been learning how to make his wares look more valuable to appeal to higher-class clientele. “Here,” he said, “you drink this … then I'll satisfy your every craving…”

Gallan took the small vial daintily between two fingers and looked at it skeptically. Deftly, he pulled the tiny cork out and sniffed. It smelled like sea salt and herbs.

“Go on…” urged Travis, noting the giant centaur's hesitant look.

Nodding to his lover, Gallan poured out the contents over his tongue and down his throat. Wincing at the bitter, salty taste, he handed the vial back to Travis, who put it down on the ground next to him. “Now what?” he asked.

Travis grinned impishly and stroked the huge, muscled arm of the centaur. “Now… We wait…” Slowly, the young human stroked Gallan's Eight- foot-plus erection and grinned. The giant slowly stirred his hooves and grinned back. A gentle warmth filled Gallan's body and made him look quizzically at Travis.

The human just smiled back and slowly started undressing. Travis' lean and muscular body, glistened from the sweat of his earlier ministrations in the warmth of the pavilion tent. His own manhood stood at attention, rock hard and about Seven inches long. Cupping his balls in his hands, he approached Gallan and smiled up at him. “You'll enjoy this,” he said seductively.

Gallan suddenly noticed that the tiny cock in Travis' hands seemed larger. A Lot larger! In fact, Travis, his cock and the whole tent seemed to be growing rapidly! “What's goin' on?” he managed to ask, as his voice grew tinier and smaller in Travis' ears.

Travis shrugged. “Well, I'm gonna please you; but I've got to get you into my scale first…”

Gallan started as he shrank, and grew smaller and smaller and smaller.

As he watched, it seemed as if Travis was getting progressively larger and more dominating! A chill of excitement tinged with unease ran through Gallan as Travis “grew” up to his own Twelve foot height and quickly surpassed it! He shifted his weight from hoof to hoof as he dwindled and diminished rapidly. His tiny tail began to twitch nervously as he felt the overwhelming power of the magick that Travis had captured within the potion. It was intoxicating and very, Very erotic!

Gallan continued getting smaller, looking up at Travis' heaving chest, aroused smile and fine, toned muscles. Soon, the shrinking began to peter out as he passed the alchemist's waist. Soon, it stopped completely; leaving Gallan staring hungrily at Travis' massive, swollen erection. From the centaur's new perspective, it looked like it was over Fourteen Inches long! Huge balls hung from it's base where Travis gripped it and stroked slowly, coercing a large globule of glistening precum from his tip. The human smiled down at the Three-foot-tall centaur and patted his head.

“Well, little fellah; ready to be … pleasured?”

Gallan looked at Travis' meat again and imagined it sliding thickly into his tight ass. He quivered and nodded dumbly at his partner. With a sudden lunge, the giant that Travis had become, tackled the tiny centaur; quickly pinning his struggling form to the ground.

Gallan looked up, a tiny glimmer of uncertainty in his eyes. His huge, toned muscles -now minuscule next to those of the giant human- strained in vain against his lover's inexorable grip. “T…Travis?”

The human smiled and used his strength to wrestle the 'taur over on his back. Still grinning, he slowly lowered his face and licked each of Gallan's nipples until they grew hard like tiny stones. Gallan shuddered in pleasure as his captor licked and fondled his diminished chest and muscles. His cock grew hard and long again. Gently, Travis eased his pressure and disengaged from the centaur; standing once he'd massaged and fondled him completely. Still grinning, Travis sauntered slowly around behind Gallan, running his nimble palms over the centaur's shivering flanks and tiny, taught muscles. Reaching the half-horse's tail, he fingered the equine ass gently and slowly massaged the powerful muscles that flexed in response to his ministrations.

Patting his swollen tummy -still filled with Gallan's warm cum- he massaged the centaur's ass. Gently, he knelt and pressed his swollen cock- tip against Gallan's rear.


Gallan nodded several times quickly … and suddenly felt the biggest, hottest shaft he'd ever imagined slooooooowly push it's way past his muscular cheeks into his ass. His eyes widened as Travis slowly forced his cock up the tight and small passage that the half-horse offered.

“Oohhhh…Gallan. You're… …you're so … tight…” He moaned gently as his hips pushed harder and harder into the virgin territory. Through half-closed eyes he watched Gallan's upper back arch and his tiny legs try to rear upwards.

The tiny creature's tail twitched and swished spasmodically as his eyes widened! Inch after inch of Travis' manhood spread the small centaur's ass wider and wider apart, as the powerful -albeit reduced- horse's muscles contracted and squeezed mercilessly around the unyielding, rock-hard erection. He moaned and pranced about on his shotglass-sized hooves as Travis rocked his hips in and out to his full depth.

“MMmmmm…Tr…Travis… … Ihhhhh…. …

I've never … had … so much ……in me… Ever… Before…!”

Travis smiled and reached his hands around Gallan's front, gently stroking his nipples as he fucked the centaur's tight ass repeatedly. His balls swung and slapped again and again into Gallan's flexing ass-cheeks as the tiny 'taur moaned and writhed in ecstasy. Travis sighed and closed his eyes, letting the erotic feelings of the tight passageway caressing his cock fill him to its fullest. More and more, his balls tightened and the pressure within him began to build… Reaching down gently, past his cum-swollen stomach, he fondled the tiny centaur's erect penis. Travis grinned to himself, feeling Gallan's hard meat, quite out of its sheath, and rock-hard. Even at this small size, Gallan was easily four times as big as he was! Wrapping his warm, sweaty palms around his diminished lover's two-foot shaft, Travis began to slowly stroke off the centaur; pausing occasionally between his own grunting and massaging of his balls…

The pressure within him grew more intense as his rutting and grinding into the centaur's hot ass continued. “Uuuhhhhh… Ohhhh… Gallan, I'm …

… I'm … cummmminnnng….”

Gallan nodded deliriously as his cock throbbed in the alternately tight and spastic grip of his giant human lover. Moaning, he felt Travis' giant, intrusive organ throb more frantically as the alchemist thrust his hips faster and faster, deep within his ass! Gallan's breaths came shorter and louder as he grunted and shook with each Harder and HARDER thrust within him! Throwing his head back, with Travis' ecstasy-laden face looming over him, Gallan shuddered and felt the giant within him begin to cum!

Hot, thick strands of sticky cum splashed deep within his body and he stiffened and bucked reflexively. His own climax not yet ready, Gallan quivered and bucked, pushing his hot rod through Travis' sweaty hands. He moaned as more and more of the giant's jism sprayed through his ass and filled him with warmth and sexual energy. Hearing Travis's sigh, (from Gallan's current size, like a gust of wind over a cliff-side rock) he knew that the young human had just about spent himself. Sure enough, the warmth coursing through him began to ebb as Travis' muscles relaxed and his stroking grip on the centaur's shaft slowed to a standstill…

Suddenly, Gallan was surrounded by the giant's sweaty body. Travis' two, giant arms wrapped themselves lovingly around Gallan's torso as the young man hugged the handsome tiny-taur and kissed him. “I love you, Gallan…” he managed to sigh, and Gallan reached back up and over his shoulders to embrace what he could of this giant human lover.

“And I, you…”

Slowly … excruciatingly, Travis pulled his semi-soft cock out of Gallan's rear. Droppets of his own cum dripped from the centaur's tight ass as he removed it. Quickly, he wiped up the excess from his shaft and from Gallan's tail and rear with his shirt and lay down by his small lover. His face was glowing, as he looked over the three-foot centaur. Gallan was still hard as a rock with his Eighteen-inch erection barely reaching beyond his tiny fore-hooves. Travis smiled and playfully ran a finger tip down the length of Gallan's shaft. “Awww… Poor little centaur. Didn't get to cum, eh?” His grin deepened as he surveyed the tiny creature before him.

Gallan shuffled on his hooves and looked back up at Travis, lying beside him. He smiled at the sexual frustration of the situation. “How long will I be like this…?”

Travis shrugged. “I dunno,” he said, purposely misunderstanding the centaur, “how long do you usually take to soften?”

Gallan shook his head. “Not that; I mean the potion… How long will I stay this small?”

The alchemist grinned. To him, the over-hung centaur was still plenty big! He spread his hands honestly. “I really don't know. Oh, no longer than a couple hours at best, I'd say…” Gallan nodded and looked down at his raging hard on…

“Care to help me fix that situation?” Travis just nodded and slowly began to stroke the still-monstrous shaft before him. Putting up his hands, Gallan spread his hind legs and shuddered. “W…w…wait…” he stammered through gritted teeth. “I … I wa…want…” He paused and caught his breath as Travis stopped stroking his sensitive shaft. “I want to be *in you…”

Travis looked at the thick, pulsing horse-cock before him. Normally, he'd be daunted by Anything that large and thick; but thinking about the potion he'd been fed, he smiled and rolled over on his front playfully. “Go ahead,” he said lustily and spread his ass-cheeks for Gallan. Stepping stiffly, his massive schlong bobbing rock-hard before him, Gallan walked around his giant lover. Inside he balked. It was like having sex with a 24'-tall man! Quickly, he straddled Travis' legs and pressed his cock hard against his entry. Beads of sweat served to lubricate the entrance as Gallan half-reared / half-walked forward, forcing his giant cock deeper and deeper into the alchemist.

Travis stiffened and let out a small gasp as his ass was spread by the biggest piece of meat he'd ever felt! His high-pitched intake of air gradually lowered to a moaning groan. “Ohhhh… I … I … Oh, Gallan… You're …huuuuuge…”

The small centaur smiled and kept pressing his throbbing erection deeper and deeper into the moaning giant. Amazed at Travis' fortitude, he pushed further and further.

Travis felt the thick, hot meat stretching his ass, the potion he'd been fed allowing him to take more and more! Moaning, he shifted his weight and tried forcing more and more into him. Deep within, he felt a stirring as his innards twisted and slid themselves around the intruding organ. Travis could feel every erotic inch as his body stretched and threaded itself around the freakishly large cock.

Travis tossed his head back and cried out, “AaahhhhhAAhhhh… Oh, Gods… Gallan, you're … you're deeper! UnnNNnnnngh…! More….”

The centaur merely grinned and began his long, heavy thrusts into Travis' widely stretched ass! His balls began slapping against the alchemist's tightening rear with a steady rhythm as he forced every, last inch of is Eighteen inches into Travis' greedy behind…

Shocks and tingles of pleasure rocked the two lovers as Gallan pumped harder and harder, his climax quickly returning. But another tingle soon began surging through Gallan's flexing muscles and clenched teeth. It seemed almost as if Travis' ass was resisting him more … as if it had gotten tighter. Travis felt Gallan push further into him and his body slooooowly streeeetch to accommodate. It felt so good, he almost didn't notice that Gallan was getting thicker…

Gallan's eyes flew open. Travis, the giant, looked …smaller… somehow. Truth dawned upon him as his lover's ass tightened once again. “Travis!! I …… I'm growin'… I'm growing back!” Frantically, Gallan began pulling his throbbing erection against the newly tightened passageway of Travis' ass. The tight, hard muscles deep within the (to Gallan) diminishing human, held on tenaciously!

Travis nodded but could do little but moan in ecstasy and place his hands at his stomach as he felt his ass getting slowly lifted off the ground, embedded on Gallan's cock! The shadow of Gallan's bulk began to move over Travis' gyrating body as the centaur quickly grew… Four feet tall … Five feet … Six … Seven …

Travis gasped! Deep within, he could feel the centaur's shaft getting bigger and bigger and bigger! Moaning, he felt it painlessly stretch and thread his guts, pushing into his stomach! Abdomen stretched by the enlarging intruder, Travis rubbed his engorged stomach and felt the throbbing tip within. More and more, he felt his ass widen and stretch! Gallan was bigger than any normal horse by now, and nearly back to his old height and stature!

Gallan struggled, his cock jutting out of much of Travis, but most of it still deeply embedded. The ecstacy of the situation blotted out most of his rational thought as he moaned and felt his climax building… Helplessly, he watched Travis shrink before him, getting drawn tighter and tighter over his shaft and deeper and deeper beneath his body…

And still he grew… Eight feet tall … Nine feet … Ten … Eleven…

The pressure within Gallan's balls grew unbearable! Leg's stiff, he bellowed out loud as his orgasm ripped out of his tortured shaft and flooded deep within the squirming human! His giant balls bounced repeatedly, swinging like overgrown eggplants on a vine in a windstorm as he jetted his thick, creamy cum into the tiny lover stuck on his cock.

Travis grinned as he felt the centaur begin to fill him! Gush after gush of thick cum pumped into his stomach, his palms feeling his insides stretch to accommodate all that too… Slowly, he managed to bend his head down and watch as his stomach swelled in bursts! It was like watching a pregnancy happen in but moments as his tummy swelled and swelled beyond anything he'd ever seen or felt!!

Finally reaching his normal height, Gallan shuddered as his climax began to abate. Huge, shuddering sighs wracked his body as he felt his first real intercourse fade… His muscles and lungs heaving, he looked down at the back of the young alchemist. Travis was blocking his front legs at a bit further up on his body than the waist. Shivering, the young man had wrapped his arms around Gallan's thick, muscled horse legs and was panting as the orgasm subsided. On the ground beneath him, Gallan could faintly see some creamy, white cum that must've come from Travis in his throes.

“Tr…Travis… Are …… are you allright?”

The human nodded weakly and turned his head halfway to glance up at his monstrous lover. He winked and gasped. “It's…it's going to be tough to …… top That one…”

Gallan's heart swelled! “You're allright! You're actually allright!!”

Travis smiled and patted his stomach. “Well …… I may not have to eat for a few days, but I've never been …… better…”

Putting his hands down firmly beneath Travis' armpits, Gallan flexed his mighty muscles and pulled the tiny human from his place on his shaft. Slowly and with gradual, erotic pressure, the centaur managed to pry Travis off of his softening member with an audible 'pop'. Gently supported by Gallan, Travis staggered to his feet.

His hair was matted to his scalp by sweat and his chest heaved with great gasps for air. He looked up sheepishly at Gallan. The centaur smiled and reached down to hug him close. Travis patted his hugely swollen tummy and smiled. “Y'know what?”

Gallan just kept holding him and nuzzling the side of his lover's neck. “What?”

Travis grinned and kissed the giant centaur lovingly. He then indicated the empty vial that Gallan has used to cure him hours before. “I'm going to have to make a lot more of that potion…”

The two lovers laughed, their voices echoing throughout the tent and over the countryside surrounding the caravan they'd been with. Inside, as the full moon set over the high hills, the two fell asleep in each other's arms; safe in the love they'd found and experienced in the other for the first …but not the last… time.

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