by Josh Dugan

Your friend, who really liked you as a centaur, is totally cool about you changing back to human, with some bonuses.

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You and your bud have finally found the Internet site you were looking for, searching for what seemed like hours doing a google search. You tried every kind of combination of the words centaur, magic, transformation, and you finally found the magic Internet site you'd heard of.

All you had to do at the site was point and click on the centaur icon, and you became a centaur! Your bud had encouraged you, because your bud has always been hot on the fantasy of you as a centaur.

You've been riding your bud around town bareback, loving his hands on your shoulders. Your shoulders have grown bigger and broader along with your back and chest, because centaurs are endowed with godlike torsos, in proportion to their stallion horse bodies. Your hair had grown to back-length, and while riding you, your bud made it into a sexy ponytail.

Later, you and your bud had awesome sex, and you had pumped him so full of your centaur come from the huge centaur penises between your front legs and your back legs that your bud has become kind of drunk, due to the intoxicating effect of your come on his body. It's worked on him like a love potion, and he's all yours now, and you're loving it, because he's a stud in his own right.

You've had a great day of running and swimming in the lake with him on your back, and making love to him, and now that you're both satiated, with penises half-aroused and lazy, your powerful horse body wants to be fed.

“Let's go to the paddock supply store and get you some oats,” your bud suggests, from his prone position lying on your glistening stallion's back, his arms around your waist. You realize that oats sound good to you, and you realize it's because you're mostly horse now. At the same time, other realizations occur to you. “Uh, I hadn't thought of that…” you tell your bud, realizing that a lifetime of eating oats isn't what you had in mind. Besides, your human teeth aren't up to the task that a horse's would handle easily, and your human tastebuds certainly demand something better than oats. I mean, oats are great, but day in day out for the rest of your life?

“You're not wild about the oats?” your bud asks, hearing the nonplussed tone in your voice. “You may as well learn to like'em, big guy.” He laughs, and gives your waist a friendly squeeze. He gently digs his heels into your flanks, while remaining lying face down as he relishes your massive equine male body.


“Very funny,” you say. You ride him back to your home, where he's set up your computer in the garage on top of the refrigerator so you can use it. You're huge as a centaur, and going inside the house isn't very practical any more.

“What are you doing?” your bud asks. You explain that you've logged onto the magic transformation site again.

“I think I'll try for another 'taur variation,” you tell your bud.

“Being human wasn't so bad; but it's really cool having four legs. I'm just starting to realize that, starting with eating oats, there are several things about being part horse that make it best as a short-term proposition.”

“You mean you still want to be a centaur, but human?” your bud asks.

“Sounds like you should become a humantaur.”

You swish your tail and scratch your head for a second. It's cool being horse-sized, but then again, you'd really like to be able to drive your car again, or get into your shower. It's looking like a no-brainer, and you wonder where your bud ever heard of humantaurs.

“Where did you hear of humantaurs?” you ask your bud, turning your magnificent torso around so you can give him a kiss. You look into his beautiful eyes, and he realizes your question was serious.

“The Internet,” your bud answers patiently, trying not to look at you as if you're a total idiot.

“I did a google search while researching centaurs, and there are a few humantaurs out there. If that's what works for you, you might go for it. All the humantaurs I found on the Web seemed very happy with their state.”

You do some thinking, mainly about getting some clothes on after you transform from a centaur to a humantaur. Humantaurs probably can't go naked like centaurs can. But then again, maybe they can, somewhere on the Web.

“Yeah, you're right,” you finally answer your bud.

“It's not going to be oats only. Lemmee change to a humantaur.” Your bud gives your stallion body one last squeeze and slides off it. You know he'll miss you being a centaur and you appreciate his willingness to help you find a 'taur form that suits you better.

You find the humantaur icon at the transformation site and click on it.

You dread losing your enhanced human torso, and perhaps that is the thought in your mind that saves you from losing it. Sure enough, your broadened shoulders and enhanced upper body musculature remain, and you get to keep all those muscles that you would otherwise have worked years to build. You even get to keep your pony tail (the one hanging from your scalp).

The oddest sensation you feel is through your feet, because you can suddenly feel the smooth texture of the cold concrete garage floor again as your hooves morph into regular human feet.

You have a slight sensation of coming down a few inches as your horse legs change back to human legs, although for proportion's sake, you're still taller than the average human. You could play for the Lakers, for that matter. It would just be expensive to buy athletic shoes, because now you'd need four of them.

Getting rid of the hooves and having bare feet again is actually a comfortable feeling; you adjust to the fact that you're feeling it through four feet. They're handsome guys like your originals, but, like your torso, they're enhanced—bigger and stronger and sexier, like your legs also. You wiggle the toes of each foot to make sure—left front foot, right front foot, left rear foot, right rear foot. You try out all four knees; they work just fine. You can raise each of your four legs in turn; you can raise the two left legs and then raise the two right legs. Learning to raise just the rear legs will take some practice, as will learning to raise just the front legs. You're not sure how that would work, if it's possible at all. You look forward to climbing your first set of stairs with anticipation.

“This is cool,” you say, checking out your four human legs; your hands confirm for you that they're real, with actual human skin and muscle. Your back has extended rearward from your front legs to your back legs, and you turn around a couple times to get used to walking with four feet. You realize you've gotten to keep the genital bonus that came with being a centaur, because each pair of a humantaur's legs has its own genitals between them. Thankfully, as you check them out you realize proudly that you're still something of a horse in that department.

“Well, you've certainly qualified for an improved food menu,” your bud says.

“It won't be as cheap as oats, especially as your appetite increases. Feeding four legs takes more nutrition than feeding two.”

“No matter,” you say, concentrating on making your handsome humantaur body more legally presentable in public. Your bud makes a run to the local Walmart for you and returns with a couple pairs of Levis 401's, neatly folded, several sizes longer than your former size, to fit your new longer, stronger legs. You pull a pair of them onto your back legs, and slip your front legs into the second pair. With your handsome centaur torso, you prefer to go bare-chested, and being barefoot feels very comfortable, especially with four bare feet.

“I'm starved,” you tell your bud. “Care to join me? I'm going to get something to eat.”

“Sure,” your bud says, and finds there's enough room on your humantaur hindquarters, and grabbing your shoulders, he pulls himself up onto you.

You head outside, looking for a McDonald's, since your four legs are giving you double Mac attacks and your stomach is growling beneath your centaur six-pack abs. But your bud feels nice with his arms around you and his legs draping from your hindquarters. His legs smooth against your four legs affectionately, and you realize he's still yours. The breeze feels great across your shoulders, chest and back, and a long stretch of lawn you've found feels soo good on those four bare feet of yours.

1,540 words Added Aug 2000 18k views 4.7 stars (3 votes)

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