Run on the beach

by Josh Dugan

At the beach, Josh really lucks out meeting Mike, a runner with a bit of an advantage.

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There were lots of young guys running on the beach that day, good-looking and to die for.

But I was instantly hard at the sight of the handsome bare-chested four-legged young kid who came running alongside me as I did my daily beach run. Kid, no; he was a man, a full-on bodybuilder with a boyish grin.

“Wow,” I said, breathless, taken by surprise with the barefoot muscular gait of his four tanned legs. His broad, double shoulders shrugged modestly, the four arms bulging with muscle, and he smiled an “it's nothing.”

“Runs in the family,” he said. “I still have to 'use'em or lose'em.'”

I found new energy in my run, and knew I was in love!

“You're fast,” he smiled. “I've been trying to catch up to you for almost a mile!” Sure enough, he was glistening with sweat, the four athletic feet pounding muffled footfalls in the sand as his four arms worked in rhythm to his wonderful team of legs.

“Thanks,” I said, aware of a huge hardon beneath my sweats. “Mike,” he said holding out a hand from his front pair of arms. I took it, loving its manly squeeze. I wanted to shake all four of his hands, and then grab him and make love to him. “Josh,” I said.

“May I make love to you?” he said. “You're beautiful!”

I almost creamed as I ran. My logic swooned. “Omigod, yes,” I said. “I need to keep running a while, do you mind?”

“I know it's stupid to want sex right off, but I had a feeling in my legs and arms that you would love me,” Mike said, breathing hard as he worked his four awesome legs. “It's probably love at first sight.”

“I'll say,” I said. He was wearing four-legged shorts that flattered the immense muscles of his four thighs. I envied his four legs, being in each other's company all day.

“Sorry, I don't mean to be falling out all over the place,” he laughed, his four hands struggling for his shorts as immense, aroused penises began spilling out of the legs of his shorts, evidently too big for them in their engorged state. His four legs lost their stride; the four big feet caught on each other clumsily. Down he went in the sand, laughing and trying to gather in the giant, pent-up penises.

I was not in control. “Here, I can help,” I said, tickling his rippled waistline. He laughed, loving it. The four legs caught me, and brought me to the huge cluster of male organs. They were awesome!

I had no choice but to feast on his magnificent penises. Mike love it. “Oh … oh …” he cried. I rejoiced to the warmth and flavor of the massive penis in my mouth, and my hands found two other of the big fellows to massage and masturbate. The four legs were so hot and fragrant close around me—I could feel the four handsome feet pressing gently against my own legs.

“I love it, don't stop,” Mike cried, caressing my face and scalp with one pair of hands while squeezing my shoulders with the other.

“Oh!” he screamed/moaned as the big guy in my mouth fired off, gushing pulse after pulse of hot, savory jets of come. I swallowed and swallowed, sucking come as it continued to pump from the bountiful, insanely beautiful penis. He moaned and cried aloud again as the two penises in my hands swelled to their final gigantitude and exploded with torrents of come, pulsing as I continued to masturbate their huge shafts and heads, feeling in my palms the force of the come pumping through their massive lengths. I kept swallowing Mike's come and the four legs made love to me in their own gentle way, caressing me with their long, beautifully male muscles.

“Let me in you,” Mike said. My hands pulled my sweats off in an instant, and I pulled the four-legged shorts off Mike. His fourth giant, wonderfully aroused penis throbbed restlessly among its three spent brothers. I planted my aching loins over the giant penis it as Mike guided it into my loins, and I screamed with joy. Mike bent his powerful neck and torso down and pulled my face to his with his four strong, gentle hands, burying my lips in his, straining against me.

“Mmmm!” he said, holding me firmly, and by the squirming of his powerful torso I knew he was trying to maneuver his four legs so I could rump-feed him between between his front legs while he rump-fed me with the remaining penis from his hind legs.

We were alive and sweating, our bodies urgently united as our minds reeled, seared alive in our maleness. “I love you Josh” Mike screamed, burning my loins with molten semen that filled me and ran down our legs. “I love you Mike! I love you!” I screamed, my body welded to his as I exploded in blinding orgasm. I couldn't stop coming. I buried my lips in his, kissing his tear-stained face as he kissed mine. I was amazed that I had been crying. It was sunset. I found myself waking up on the sand, wrapped in the warmth of his muscles, feeling four gentle male hands upon me, on my shoulders, back and leg, as Mike slept, his four legs wrapped around mine. I kissed him awake, feeling the smile forming on his lips as my lips kissed them. The love in his eyes made me hard again, and I knew I was his and he was mine. His four hands found mine and pulled me up, lifting with his four legs to help me stand on mine. We were naked. I enjoyed his arms about me, and the feel of being four-legged, liking the crush of sand on my four feet as we walked arm in arm in arm in arm. I could feel the weight of several penises burdening me, and I knew I would make love to Mike forever.

I noticed other pairs of guys here and there rousing themselves along the beach in the sunset, strolling naked together, graceful as gazelles on their four legs, wrapped in their plethora of lithe, muscular arms. Mike noticed me noticng them and smiled. “Brothers, cousins and friends,” he smiled. “It runs in the family.”

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