Magnetic magic

by Squidy

 Josh discovers his new roommate, Jack, has a powerful effect on him—especially his cock.

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Josh was waiting patiently in his room, the door slightly ajar, awaiting for somebody to enter through it. He had only just arrived himself, and was waiting for his roommate to arrive.

Josh, who is brightly blue eyed, small to medium build, and rather lanky, was hoping his roommate was a girl. He doesn’t want a guy, because he is gay, and though the thought of having a guy roommate was hot… he shuddered at the thought of how awkward it would be if he was straight.

Of course he’d be happy with a gay guy roommate, but he thought that his luck never got the better of him. So he always prepared for the worst.

He was wearing a rather baggy, light green short sleeve shirt, and rather loose dark blue jeans with a few small tears in just the wrong places.

His boxers underneath the jeans were a pale grey. He really hoped it was a girl, because the content inside his boxers won’t get excited over her. Unlike a guy.

Not that his lower half was impressive at all. Even if he did get aroused over girls at his age of 20, his tent wouldn’t go noticed much.

Josh sighed to himself, as he lay on his back on his bed staring at ceiling, as though it was going to solve his problems.

He heard many footsteps of cheerful sounding people walking past his room in the hallways, all chatting excitedly and finding their rooms & mates for this new semester. He glanced at his phone, and saw it was 10:00AM.

Knock Knock… “Hello?” Called a masculine voice.

Josh instantly sat up, pocketed his phone and turned to the door.

As soon as their eyes connected, Josh felt happy, safe & excited all at once. Almost as if this newcomer radiated out happiness, and suddenly something clicked.

This newcomer was a relatively tall, handsome guy. Also with a short sleeved white shirt and lightish blue jeans on. It was obvious these clothes were tight on him. He was not over muscled, but they were visible on his upper chest & arms. He looked well balanced, and looked like he kept very fit.

His pec muscles & nipples were apparent behind his shirt, as was a rather snug package in-between his legs. A seductive sausage laying down a bit of his right leg, and the balls behind pushing it outward, creating the perfect bulge.

Josh’s face was heating up as if it was going to explode. He finally managed to drag his eyes off this guy’s body, to his face. Where this guy had fierce, adoring bright green eyes. The new guy was smiling at him.

“H-hi. I’m Josh.” Josh spluttered out at last, standing up and walking over to greet him.

He held out his hand, as the new guy did, and they shook hands, he smiled more and said, “I’m Jack, I think I’m your new roommate.”

As soon as Josh had shook his new roommate’s hand, Josh felt a sort of tingly & sparkle sensation instantly in his hand, like pins and needles, but it felt nicer. It was also quite warm. The feeling travelled quickly down his wrist, and through his body. To his other arm, and through his legs and back. It seemed to tingle a fair bit over muscles, and his nipples on his pecs. Even on his not-so-good abs.

Then he felt it go down, and swam and settle around his groin. As if the new sparkling sensation wanted to make a nest there. He felt the tingle all through his cock, and then his balls, before the sensation disappeared.

The sensation he experienced reminded him greatly of the scene from a film he watched last year called ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’, he clearly remembered the sparkles on the outside of the girl’s body after she touched the meteor. He thought that this was similar, except it was taking place on the inside of his body. Something he thought was fictional.

As soon as the sensation stopped, his cock suddenly stood up, out of its previous comfy & nestled position lying downwards in his boxers, lifted itself up within a couple of seconds, and pointed straight at Jack. Josh’s 3” cock wasn’t hard, for when he was, he was 5”. It just pointed at Jack. Creating a small, but just noticeable bulge if you looked down to his jeans.

Josh wondered if Jack had experienced the same thing. However out of the corners of his eye, Jack did not appear to be moving his hands at all. For he was clutching bags with them. Not looking the slightest bit uncomfortable.

“Uh- uh-hh really? C-cool.” Josh stuttered, trying to keep his pointing cock from sight by covering it by his hands. Utterly confused at his groin’s new way of thinking, he tried to get into a non-embarrassing conversation. “Are you sure you got the right room?” He asked.

Jack turned around, and checked the number on the door. In doing this, Josh couldn’t control the direction his eyes went, and they travelled down to a magnificent tight ass in those jeans.

It stuck out nicely, more so than most guys’ butts, and looked firm & appealing. Definitely quite a muscular sexy bubble butt. Josh’d love to get his hands roaming all over it, along with the rest of Ja-

“309. Yeah it’s the right room.” Jack came back through the door. Interrupting his thoughts. Josh pushed his eyes up, and saw Jack smile again. Jack then turned around again and shut the door.

Josh was now rock hard, at his max of 5”. Jack’s ass had done it, gotten him aroused. Shit.

“So, let’s just get some things straight here.” Jack announced. As then he walked over to the other bed in the room. Straight away as he walked, Josh’s cock moved in his pants of its own accord. Josh stood still facing the door, but his cock, as if it had a mind of its own, still pointed at Jack. So his cock turned to the left, in his jeans, and the bulge moved to face directly to Jack. Like putting your hand in your pants, poking with a finger, and moving it around.

Josh quickly turned around (facing completely opposite of Jack) as he did, his dick instantly slid against his skin, moved upwards, until it was facing his belly button which was when he stopped moving. It rested itself forcefully against his skin. Pushing into it, like gravity. Like your feet on the ground. As if it could only point in one direction. It still felt strong and heavy against his skin.

As Josh slowly turned around, his cock slid back to the right now, as he was turning a different way. It moved against his skin, getting him more aroused. As Josh kept turning, his dick slid further and further against his skin.

Until finally, Josh had turned to an extent that he was close to facing Jack, so his cock left his skin, meaning it wasn’t resting against it forcefully. And it was pointing straight to Jack, as he turned, his cock pushed against the fabric of his underwear and jeans, almost as if it was being pulled by a steady force.

Josh quickly sat down on his bed, and his cock aimed a little further upwards. Pointing exactly at Jack. As if Jack was some sort of magnet, and his cock was trying as hard as possible to get close to him. It was an erotic sexy steady pull on his cock. But friggin weird—

“Okay.” Josh responded, facing him. Keeping his hands on his lap. Trying to keep it covered.

Jack sat down, and the two guys faced each other from their beds.

“Do you have a criminal record?” Jack asked.

Josh chuckled, “god no, you?”

“Nope.” He smiled back. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Josh blinked, “I might as well be upfront with it, and no I don’t. I’m gay, sorry.”

Jack laughed, something which made Josh smile. Almost forgetting about the hard boner in his pants, he tried resting his hands on it, but it did not move, it was like trying to push a boulder.

“Had a feeling you’d say that. And it’s all good. “ Jack said, smiling. He then nodded towards Josh’s bulge. Which went even harder if that was possible as soon as Jack looked & gestured at it.

“What about you?” Josh asked nervously. His face reddening.

“I’m gay as well. I think we’re going to have a great semester. Which courses are you studying?”

They had an interesting discussion about the courses they each were studying at the college, for neither of them moved whilst talking, both sat on their bed.

“Well, I better unload my stuff. Get my side of the room set up.” Jack announced at long last. He stretched his arms upwards, and his shirt rode up his chest. Revealing beautiful creamy skin, slightly hairy but barely noticeable, and a visible but clearly obvious, six pack.

Josh went hard again, as usual. And his cock had not moved once during the whole time. It stayed pointing at Jack, as if it was magnetised.

“Sure man, need any help?” Josh offered. On the inside, Josh was extremely weirded out at what his cock was doing. He had never experienced anything like this in his life, or ever heard of something like this. But he tried not to show his nervousness.

Jack waved Josh off, “nah man, it’s cool. I got this. Oh gosh, look at the time!” He exclaimed, pulling a phone out of his pocket. “It’s 12:00PM, tell you what, how about we both unload my stuff, if you haven’t got anything to do that is, then we head to the canteen for lunch?”

Josh smiled. “Sounds like a plan.” They both stood up, and Jack turned around to tend to his bags, as Josh approached. Suddenly, as Josh got closer, his cock started to pull itself towards Jack, even harder than before, the closer he got, the harder the tug. It was getting more difficult to resist jumping onto Jack.

And his balls also joined in, he felt them lift up and push outward. As if something was inside him pushing it out, and it began aiming at Jack. As if they were about to be sucked into a vacuum cleaner. It was like someone was yanking his genitals, but it was a steady strong pull.

He tried to ignore it, but as he got close, the pull become so hard, he thought his dick and balls were going to come off. His cock seemed to grow larger, as if this invisible force was pulling his both his genitals further out of his skin.

Josh’s cock was pushing his jeans so much that his genitals would probably or most definitely reach Jack before the rest of his body would. Almost sure that his jeans and boxers would tear through the already existing small tears.

“I.. –uh, bathroom.” Josh exclaimed, through all the intense arousal he was experiencing. He turned around, his balls and cock suddenly whipped against his skin, wanting to face to Jack again.

Josh sprinted out of the room, through the hallway, to the nearest bathroom. Ran into a cubicle and shut the door.

He noticed that as soon as he entered the bathroom, his cock and balls had stopped being insistent at being seemingly magnetised towards Jack. They were back to normal. The cock was still hard, but he noticed something else.

As he unzipped his jeans, and pushed down his boxers, he sat on toilet, and looked down.

“Fuuuuck!” Josh said quietly in awe. When he was getting close to Jack earlier, he felt that pull sensation get quite strong, and as a result, it seems to have increased the size of genitals. Mainly his cock.

Josh marvelled at the size of it. It was still rock hard, but it looked longer. It was longer, by the look of it, about as long as 7” hard as an estimate.

Awesome. Josh thought. But what the fuck is with that pull effect?

Suddenly he heard the door open to the bathroom. Instantly, even as Josh was holding his erect dick, it thrust towards the door. Over powering his hand.

He heard footsteps coming over, and as the person walked, his cock followed the exact movement, gradually moving and pointing at the person behind the closure to the cubicle.

Josh felt he was going to faint if this didn’t stop. It was freaking him out, especially that no matter how hard he pulled on his cock to stop pointing, he couldn’t move it. The only thing he could do was masturbate it, feel it and touch it.

“Josh, you in there?”

The door suddenly swung open before Josh could reply, and there stood Jack.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry.”

Then the pull sensation stopped.

“I didn’t realise I was causing you such discomf—”

Josh didn’t catch the rest of Jacks words, for Josh passed out.


“Wake up, you’re all right.”

Josh regained some of his senses. He was lying down on something comfortable. But his head was aching like mad.

“Wuz going on?” He mumbled.

“Easy there Josh, you got a big bruise on your head.”

His eyes snapped open, and there was Jack, leaning over him. Josh’s face and ears went bright red.

“That wasn’t a dream?” Josh spoke, more to himself. He suddenly moved his hands as fast as he could into his pants, to check if his genitals were okay. He realised he was wearing rather loose shorts & underwear. Luckily his genitals weren’t pointing at anything in particular.

Josh let out a sigh of relief, his privates were normal. But then he remembered Jack was watching him, now he went even redder.

Before Josh could say anything, Jack spoke.

“Everything is all in order down there, don’t you worry.” He assured, giving a sly smirk from his seat next to my bed, his lips twisting into a smile.

“What- what happened?” Josh asked. He now sat up slowly, and looked around. He noticed he was back in his room, 309.

“I’ll try and make this simple and short, I have some magical sexual power. I don’t know why I have it, but I just do. I only noticed it when I was around 18, that’s when I discovered it. It only works on guys, and myself. I can meddle with my own and other guys physical bodies, especially muscles, sexual organs and features.

“I think I was born with it, but I as I said, I only noticed it at around 18. I’ve had lots of fun with many guys since being 18, except sometimes I go overboard or do too much. And I did go overboard with you. I’m sorry, I got carried away.”

A few minutes passed since Jack spoke, neither had talked since. Josh was trying to decide in his mind whether to believe him or not.

“Okay, firstly, how long was I out?” Josh asked.

“About an hour.” Jack replied.

“How did I get from the bathroom back here?”

“I carried you.”

“Really, you could lift me?” Asked Josh, slightly surprised.

“You’re quite light, I have a fair amount of strength,” said Jack with pride.

Josh looked at the door, and saw it was shut and locked.

“If what you say about your magic is true, I want you to prove it. Convince me that the last few hours were real.” Josh requested.

“But, I want to go and have lunch first.” Josh added.

“Good idea.” Jack smiled. They both stood up, and went to the canteen.

It was relatively empty. Only about two staff and a few fellow students. Two guys and a girl were the students and were sitting down when Jack & Josh arrived.

Josh and Jack got their food and sat down a few tables opposite the other students. They sat next to each other, facing the other students.

“So—” Josh drawled, unsure of what to say.

“Just eat your food if you don’t know what to say,” said Jack.

“I might just do that.”

Josh attacked his fish and chips, as Jack started slowly eating his large sandwich.

As they both ate, they both watched the other students talking. They seemed to be in a very concentrated discussion about physics. The girl seemed to be barely listening though. She just seemed to sit and look into space, while the two guys talked.

At last, as Josh was halfway through his meal, he saw both the guys say something to the girl, at which she nodded, and the guys stood up and went to the canteen order area. Where they must be getting more food, Josh thought.

Josh estimated that the guys were at least 19 or 20 years of age. They seemed pretty average in size, shape & attractiveness.

Josh found himself just staring as he ate, just wondering what experiences they both had gone through in their life. Josh liked to think about random things.

As he ate and stared at the back of the two guys, as they were waiting for their meal to be cooked or brought to them, he noticed something odd.

Was it just Josh’s imagination, or were his eyes playing tricks on him? He couldn’t be sure.

What he thought he was seeing, ever so slowly, was one of the guys ass’s was slowly enlarging in his jeans. Ever so slowly. To josh, it seemed to slowly expand.

The guy looked like he was very uncomfortable suddenly, he kept reaching around with one of his hands and scratching his rear end as it very, very slowly got bigger.

But Josh noticed he was also giving it a grope. It was a very hot looking butt now, it jutted out a fair bit and looked very hard, firm & quite attractive.

The guy next to him looked at the other guy, and saw he was red faced. The other guy looked down, and saw the guy’s hand scratching his butt. The guy immediately withdrew it.

Josh noticed the guy’s ass had stopped growing, and the other guy gave a wink to the larger assed guy, a wink that plainly said ‘I can’t wait to get back to the bedroom’.

Then, quickly, Josh could hear a quite faint sound of a tear in that guys jeans. He looked and saw the guys jeans had torn right between his ass cheeks not that much, but enough to see the pale flesh.

Stunned, the guy now put one hand behind him to hide the tear.

Josh heard Jack next to him give a chuckle. As he quietly shoved the last bit of his sandwich into his mouth.

Josh snapped his head around, and saw that Jack looked like he was trying desperately to hold himself from bursting out laughing.

“That was you?” Josh whispered. “You—”

“Yeah. It was funny and sexy wasn’t it?” Jack whispered back, choking down another chuckle and his food.

Josh felt his second brain below his belly button and between his legs suddenly get extremely excited at the idea of what fun he could have with Jack.

“Someone’s happy.” Whispered the overconfident guy next to Josh. Josh noticed Jack was looking at something in particular between Josh’s legs.

“I-well—It’s just, amazing. You can do all that stuff?” Josh asked, still stunned at what he had just seen.

They were still sitting in the canteen in their college, both of the guys had just finished lunch, while the others in the canteen had just recently left it. So they were alone apart from the staff behind the counter.

Josh earlier on today had met Jack, a handsome, very good looking guy who he had learned was his new roommate. Josh had also learned that this guy Jack, has strange, mystical but powerful magical powers.

Suddenly Josh felt something new happening to him. A certain soft organ below his cock suddenly seemed to tingle in a way he had never felt before.

His balls were growing. Self-consciously, he looked around to see if anyone was watching.

Nope, no one around. The staff were busy behind the canteen counters cleaning, but most of them could not be seen. Plus there was nobody else in the whole area.

Inside Josh’s pants, a magical wonder was occurring. Underneath the small cock that was as hard as steel, his balls were slowly inflating, like a balloon. And they were getting heavy too, he could feel them starting to drop and fall down into the bottom area of his underwear.

“Does that answer your question?” Asked Jack next to Josh, smiling a smug smirk.

Josh looked down and could see his crotch area in his jeans slowly filling up. His cock was being pushed almost out of the way by its swelling companion beneath it.

It was now growing to such an extent, that his underwear was starting to get filled. Soon there may not be much space for anything else.

“Okay, I get the point. Can we get out of here?” Asked Josh, now so horny he wasn’t sure if he was going to last for another minute.

“Sure.” Answered the handsome guy.

Josh noticed his testes had stopped growing, and it was a good thing too, otherwise it would have stood out just too much than it does now.

His cock was being pushed up into his jeans, not that many would notice. Josh’s cock was rather small, but his balls now were at least the size of a softball.

Jack stood up, and Josh did too. Immediately he noticed the increased weight between his legs. He felt it drop down, almost as if he was balancing them on the chair before, and then he dropped them.

As he started walking, his thighs rubbed up against his balls and his balls rubbed up against them. Side to side, he felt like he had stuffed a whole slab of jelly into his boxers.

Together they deposited their rubbish into the bins, and headed back up to their room, 309. With Josh constantly glancing down to make sure it didn’t stand out too much.

When they got there, Jack opened the door and gestured him inside.

Josh went in, and sat down on the bed. While Jack shut the door and went inside himself. Josh put his phone and wallet beside him on the bed.

“Would you like me to experiment?” Jack asked, now moving over to his bed, and sitting down opposite from Jack. “I’ve never really lost control, or tried other things. I know I can control sexual things and muscles and stuff like I said. But maybe I can do other shit too. I’ve always wanted to try.”

Josh sighed, almost lost in bliss at the thought of his hot roommate doing so.

“Be my guest. Or, as I should say, my roommate.” Answered Josh, trying to put on the most seductive voice he could.

Jack rubbed his hands together, licked his lips and blinked a couple times.

“Okay, lets see what I can do.” He said.

Josh followed Jack’s eyesight, and Jack turned and looked at Josh’s phone.

Immediately, Josh’s phone rose up into the air, as if suspended by an invisible rope.

Josh had to nearly choke himself from yelling in amazement and fright at first.

“Oh my god. You can levitate things! I wonder if there’s anything you can’t do—” Wondered Josh.

Josh’s phone dropped to the bed, and suddenly Jack’s smile grew wider.

Jack looked down at his own clothes. All of a sudden, Jack’s shirt started raising itself up, unassisted from Jacks hands. And then Jack rose his arms into the air, and his shirt came off by itself and laid itself down next to him.

Now shirtless, Jack looked absolutely marvellous. A beautiful six-pack of ab muscles were present, and his pecs were nothing more than to gore at.

Jack looked up, and looked at Josh.

Josh suddenly felt his ass beginning to expand. But at a faster speed than his balls grew earlier.

It was a tingly and hot sensation, his rear felt hot and tingled all over, pushing him up higher into the air. It felt fantastic and very sexy. His jeans were getting tighter around his crotch and his ass.

His jeans were filling up with muscly, bubbly butt goodness. It felt wonderful to feel it expanding beneath him, he even felt taller. He hoped the jeans wouldn’t tear.

Then the sensation stopped, and as Josh looked down, his shirt seemed to have a mind of its own. It started to rise up and wanted to go, just like Jack’s did before.

Josh raised his arms, and the shirt flew off him and landed on the bed next to him.

Josh’s sleazy front was now exposed. It wasn’t much. Barely any noticeably muscles. He secretly hoped that Jack would change him to something better.

All of a sudden, Josh felt once again that powerful magnetic pull tugging sensation on his cock. It was already hard, but it seemed Jack didn’t want it hard, as he lost his aroused state. He felt his cock become more floppy and soft.

But, it seemed for good reason.

The cock was pointing at Jack for a moment, then it suddenly began to lengthen and extend at a rapid rate. It grew longer, and a little bit thicker, and made its way down Josh’s left pant leg. Rather like a snake. It looked very much like a snake slithering down Josh’s pants from his crotch.

Josh spread his legs apart, mesmerised and watching.

It went out of his boxers, and continued going down his leg. Eventually it arrived at his knee.

“Actually no, I’ll make this easier,” muttered Jack in the background.

Suddenly Josh’s cock shortened and withdrew all the way back into his boxers. It went back to its normal size. Josh making a noise of disappointment.

But the disappointment vanished suddenly when Josh noticed that his belt was becoming undone by itself. The belt loosened and untied itself, came off and rested next to the bed.

Then, to Josh’s amazement, his jeans button became undone by itself too with a flick, and then his zipper started to pull itself down quite slowly. Very erotic it was to watch.

Once the zipper was as far down as it could go, Josh spread his legs apart quite far, guessing what was coming.

And he was right. His cock thrust forward, expanding quickly and shooting out of his underwear. Creating a hole right in the middle. Though Josh could now see how much space his balls had taken up in the boxers from when Jack grew his balls previously.

Magnetised it seemed, and growing, it sped towards Jack through the air at a speed. It seemed that Josh had an infinite amount of skin to support such a growth.

It lengthened, extended and flew towards him across the room. It thickened a little, but not that much.

It went right over to Jack, and started rubbing itself on Jack’s crotch area on his jeans. The feeling sent Josh into bliss.

“Oh my goddd—” Josh mumbled.

Josh’s absurdly long dick then somehow managed to creep into Jack’s jeans by pushing itself up against Jack’s abs and crawled its way down to entangle with Jack’s privates.

The scene was amazing to look at. Both of them were now in states of pure bliss. Josh’s cock was now tangling and mingling all over Jack’s crotch, his dick and balls in his underwear and rubbing up against it.

Then, Josh had an idea. Before he could share it though, Jack suddenly withdrew Josh’s cock from his own underwear and sent it flying across the room back into his boxers.

Jack then stood up, unclasped his belt, undid his jeans and took them off and his underwear. He stood naked.

Josh stood up too, though his clothes simply fell off him. Jack charged at Josh, and wrestled him onto Josh’s bed till Jack was laying over Josh.

They began kissing frantically, as if neither of them could get enough of each other. And as they did so, Josh could feel his cock slowly getting longer yet again, his balls, ass, and muscles were growing in his whole body. Including his abs, pecs and biceps.

And, to his amazement, Jack’s body was doing the same.

Their hands around each others backs and necks, their lips locked, and their groins doing the rest of the work. More than that, Jack felt both their cocks, while they were lengthening, wrap around each other and press their tips to each other.

The feeling sent them both over the edge, and both of them exploded their most pleasurable orgasms at the same time, as all their muscles, ass’s, balls and cocks were growing.

Now their steamy session was over, Jack collapsed next to Josh on Josh’s bed. Both of them breathing heavily.

“Well, you certainly are one of a kind.”

Jack laughed at Josh’s statement, as they both leant their heads up and looked at their bodies.

Neither of them were the same at the time they entered their room. Their cocks were longer and thicker. But they both were equal in size, their cocks were hard now from the action and Jack was no longer moving them with his power. Josh guessed their cocks were at least 8 inches long hard.

Their balls were larger and felt denser too, more content was inside. Josh put his hand down there and felt them. It was like feeling a heavy small water balloon. It churned and squished as he groped it.

He then moved his hands up to his ab muscles. Which certainly were present now. A nice looking six pack was very easily visible. It wasn’t over the top muscle, but enough to look very sexy and enough not to look unfit. He then moved his hands up his limited hairy chest to touch his pec muscles, which also were firm and jutted out nicely. Not too much and not too little, just right. His nipples looked a little larger and better too.

He examined his biceps on his arms, which now felt powerful and strong like never before. He flexed and for the first time saw actual muscle lift itself up and into his skin putting it outward. Even a vein went through his right bicep, making it look even better.

Josh now realised he forgotten to check a crucial component of his body. His rear. So he pushed his hands under his backside and lifted his crotch up into the air. He reached around grabbed a few handfuls of his own butt. It felt a little more tough and sturdy. And it was certainly pushing out a fair bit further than last time he checked. He was running his hands from his backside over the jutting out crescent moon sloping curves of his ass. Then gliding his hands over it and down to his legs/thighs. So he knew how large it was now.

As he pulled his hands back to rest on his stomach, he sat his rear back against the bed. And actually noticed how much his ass actually lifted his crotch higher into the air. Accentuating his bulge he would have whenever he put his clothing back on.

He turned to look at Jack, who was staring at him with utmost smugness and desire.

“Like your new body?” He asked, now gesturing to it.

“That is a complete and utter understatement.” Josh replied.

Jack laughed. “You’re welcome!”

“Can I keep this body?”

“Of course you can!”

“My clothes won’t fit me though.” Said Josh, realisation hitting.

“That won’t be a problem. I can control pretty much everything remember?”

Suddenly Josh’s clothes rose into the air. And seemed to expand right in front of him. The tears fixed themselves and sewn back together, and now the jeans were perfect. His boxers also fixed themselves and the hole was repaired from when Jack made Josh’s dick burst free out of them. Now fixed, the clothes dropped back to the bed.

“Thank you.”

Jack smiled at him. “You’re welcome.”

“Well, can’t lie down forever. I might just go take a shower.” Josh said, now sitting up. Jack sat up too.

“Let me take care of that. You don’t have to do anything. My treat.” Jack said. Josh gave him a confused look.

“If you get uncomfortable and want me to stop, just say so.” Said Jack.

Suddenly the door to the bathroom opened by itself. And then Josh’s clothes rose into the air and floated majestically into the bathroom. Josh was about to stand up, but then his body did it for him.

Without his own accord, his legs got him up and moved his whole body into the bathroom. Jack was obviously controlling Josh’s whole body. As he entered he noticed his clothes sitting next to a towel on the benchtop ready.

Josh smiled to himself.

The shower door opened by itself as Josh stepped in, the tap turned on of its own accord as if an invisible ghost was turning it. The water came out, and suddenly Josh had control of his own body again.

The water was warm already and just the right temperature. Josh went to get the soap only to discover it hovering in the air right in front of him. As he made an attempt to grab it, suddenly it moved by itself and began moving along Josh’s body.

Josh laughed. “Haha, am I going to be able to do anything on my own anymore?” he called out.

The bar of soap smacked itself against one of Josh’s butt cheeks lightly and teasingly. As Josh heard, “Only if you want to! If you want me to stop, say so!” Was Jack’s response.

The soap continued rubbing itself all along Josh’s body as the water kept coming down. Josh didn’t even move. The soap rubbed along his feet, between his toes, up his legs and then it began rubbing his thighs.

Josh moaned pleasantly, as the soap then rubbed itself over his balls, cleaning them and then along his dick, avoiding the tip.

Then it scrubbed his butt cheeks, before going around his chest circling and ending up all the way to his neck before going away and resting itself at last on a little metal outlet in the shower.

Then suddenly the shower head began moving itself, and it began washing Josh’s whole body with water. Washing the soap away as Josh now at last used his hands help the water wash the soap away.

At last it finished, and Josh called out, “Ok time to leave the shower now.”

Instantly the water turned off and the tap turned itself off.

Josh lost control of his body yet again. The shower door opened of its own accord, and Josh stepped out while the door shut behind him. Now dripping wet, suddenly Josh’s towel moved from where it was and hovered over to Josh.

It began wrapping itself around Josh, and started drying him by itself. Jack made Josh raise his hands up high above his head.

The towel started at Josh’s hands and arms above his head, pushing itself as if another person had hands behind the towel and drying him. It moved along his skin, soaking up the water. Once it dried his arms it dug into his armpits absorbing the water.

Then it went over to Josh’s head and dried his hair, ruffling it a bit. Before it scrubbed itself over his forehead and face, being very gentle. Then Jack made Josh’s hands and arms fall down to his sides.

The towel now dried his neck, before steadily going down and drying his shoulders and chest. Graving gently over his nipples and pecs. Still it kept going, circling around him like the magic carpet in the kids film Aladdin.

It dried around his abs before moving around to his rear and massaging itself against his cheeks. It dug in-between the crack, getting every last drop of water. Then it went around to his front wrapped itself tightly around Josh’s dick, rolling it around.

Josh moaned in pleasure, as then the towel stopped and wiped his pubes. The black hairs now dried, it moved to cradle around his balls. Scooping them up and moving around as if in an egg carton.

Then it went down both his legs, reaching his feet and at last his toes.

Dry now, Josh expected to be able to move, but still he could not. The towel went over to the rack and hung itself.

Then suddenly his clothes flew across and stood in the air waiting, hovering as if suspended by an invisible rope.

His arms were moved again by Jack’s amazing magical power, and aimed above his head. His shirt tucked itself over them, and it glided down and fit his chest perfectly.

Next came his boxers.

They fell to the ground and practically walked along till they arrived at his feet. Josh lifted up one foot then the other, allowing them up.

At once, they came up his legs rather slowly, before finally arriving at their destination. They spread out behind his rear, and slapped down over his butt. Josh turned around and saw now how much his ass now jutted out. It was a fair bit, it was awesome!

Now his cock moved upwards to slap against his abs, his balls sagged and the underwear slowly covered them, finally resting against his skin. Creating a wonderful bulge. It was easy to see how sexy Josh was now, his bulge was huge and nearly straining the boxers. He was glad Jack had increased the size of them too, otherwise he’d had no clothes that could have fit.

His jeans then plummeted to the floor too, and raced along the ground before arriving at his feet. Once again, he stepped into them and they moved up his legs.

Once they arrived, the same way his underwear did before, it came around his butt and rested against his skin first. His ass looked even sexier in the tight jeans, really jutting out obviously. He ran a hand over it, feeling the straight smoothness of his back, before the suddenly mound of skin that was covered tightly by the jeans. Oh which no longer had tears in them.

Now facing his front, the jeans moved up and secured around his waist. Over his bulge, and finally came to a stop.

The zipper zipped itself up slowly over his cock, and the button did itself up. His pants were now complete.

Then suddenly Josh’s cock moved in his pants and pointed down his left pant leg, so the bulge was much more obvious.

“Just for added scenery!” Called out Jack.

Josh snorted. As his belt last of all came off the bench and securely wound itself around his waist before finally locking.

“Okay, it’s done now. That was fuckin’ awesome! Can I have control of my own body now?” Josh said.

“Of course.”

Instantly, Josh’s body relaxed and he felt himself able to walk and move as he pleased.

“Thank you. I really enjoyed that.”

Jack smiled at him. “You’re welcome.”

“So—” Josh began, walking over to his bed, as Jack was now sitting on his own. “It’s getting late already, our classes start tomorrow. Would you like to go out to dinner with me?”

Jack smiled warmly. “I would love to.”

They practically raced to the car park. But neither of them were that hungry. In Josh’s mind, he wanted to get dinner over with; so then they could retreat back to their room in the university for some more fun time later on. Jack however, was planning something far more drastic and earlier in his mind.

Josh drove Jack along the road to a nearby restaurant. Only a few kilometres down the road. Josh parked his car nearby and then suddenly Jack held Josh’s hand on the way to the restaurant.

Even though it was a simple and small step, Josh gasped in surprise at first, but relaxed into it. Jack and Josh liked each other already more so than either of them had liked a guy in the past.

“So, what’s the restaurant called?” Jack asked Josh, as they walked through the car park.

“It’s called Surprises. I’ve been there a few times in the past when I met my brother there, it’s very nice.” Josh answered matter-of-factly.

“One good thing is it’s partly operated by the university, which means cheaper prices, and also this brings most of the college students here.”

“Ah, lots of guys. Lots of guys our age…” Jack noticed, as they turned a corner and saw the restaurant and it’s occupants. “Purrrrfect.” What a coincidence the restaurant is called Surprises, Jack thought, as Josh was going to have a few surprises tonight.

Josh turned and looked at Jack suspiciously as they approached the restaurant. “What?” He asked.

“Oh nothing.” Jack dismissed.

They stood at the entrance, and saw a sign that said please wait to be seated. So they stood there and waited.

A young woman in her twenties at least approached them, and said sweetly, “Good afternoon. Table for two?”

“Ye—” But Josh couldn’t even finish the word he was currently trying to speak, when the woman’s white blouse suddenly split open. The buttons popped off on her shirt, and it spilt out her two fairly significantly sized breasts resting on a pink bra.

But the most unusual thing, was that no one, not even her, seemed to bother, notice or otherwise point out that this had just happened.

“Umm—” Josh cleared his throat awkwardly. He wasn’t straight or bisexual, but still found it awkward that such a thing took place. “Yes please.”

“Right this way.” The woman then grabbed two menus and began walking towards an empty table. Either completely ignoring the fact her front had just opened up to the public, or simply was unaware of it as was everyone else.

Jack was quietly laughing just behind Josh.

When the woman arrived at the table, she bent down and took one dirty plate that was already there, and then wiped the table with her hand. As she did this, her black professional looking skirt suddenly ripped open, revealing a light blue set of panties. The rest of her skirt just rose up into the air and landed a short distance away in a walkway.

Again, she and everybody around Josh and Jack seemed completely oblivious to what was happening.

Josh and Jack sat down, and when Josh looked up at the woman who said something he missed, she walked away and then her shirt did the same thing her skirt just did. It ripped and came off completely, flew through the air and landed on exactly the same spot her skirt did. And yet she still did not notice. She walked away; as if she hadn’t even felt her clothes leave her body. She had only her bra and panties left.

Jack’s laughing increased substantially, and Josh turned around to look at him. “Oh, it’s gonna get better!” Jack chuckled.

Josh turned back around, ready to see something new, and he wasn’t disappointed. Now the very same thing that had happened to that woman, happened to everyone in the restaurant. Staff, customers and even people passing by.

Every guy was now completely naked and only had boxers or briefs on, and every girl only had panties and a bra on.

Everybody however was not oblivious. Josh began to notice more people looking at other people’s bulges, butts, breasts and etc. It’s as if the lifestyle had completely changed and no one could care less.

Josh turned back to Jack with his jaw wide open.

Jack smiled. “Yeah. I’m going to make sure we have a very fun dinner.” He said. Jack leaned forward now. “And besides, I know we are gay, but not everyone is. So for those guys here who aren’t gay, they have all those stunning chicks to gawk at.”

Josh nodded silently, before saying, “Wow Jack. Just wow. I think this really will be a great night. So no one will like, freak out or notice?”

Jack shook his head. “Nope. I made sure everyone thought this was normal, and I’ve also increased everybody’s arousal to fairly high, including the girls.”

Josh then realised he was hard and aching already in his boxers, and he guessed Jack was too. Josh also noticed himself and Jack however were still fully clothed. He supposed if they were actually going to eat, he didn’t want crumbs or bits of food on his chest and body.

Just then a well-built looking waiter came over, shirtless and only wearing a pair of tight white boxers, and asked, “So, have you two love birds decided on your meal?”

Josh hadn’t even looked at the menu yet, and neither had Jack. They both had been too busy looking at the waiters and customers themselves.

“Oh no not yet mate, just a few more minutes.” Josh replied politely, trying his hardest not to stare at the ever-growing hard-on in the waiters’ underwear, as it was getting close to touching Josh’s head.

The waiter smiled and leant down and rubbed Josh’s bulge affectionately with his hand. Feeling his balls, and running his hand up Josh’s now longer cock. Josh moaned in pleasure then the waiter stood up again. “Take all the time you need, you sexy creature.”

He then pushed his crotch into Josh’s face, and the waiter’s hard cock pressed against his cheek. Josh turned and licked the raging hard on through his boxers, before the waiter smiled at him and walked off to give them some more time to decide on their meal.

Jack laughed. “Come on, let’s have a look at what to eat.” He said, picking up the menus.

Ten minutes later they ordered their meal, and stayed seated where they were. Jack had ordered a steak and Josh had ordered Spaghetti Bolognese.

“I really don’t know what to talk about.” Josh said, his eyes wandering around Jack’s top half of his body and everywhere else in-between.

“I think we should save the talking for later. We have all night to talk.” Jack said. “Let’s have some action now.”

“Action?” Questioned Josh.

Jack gestured for Josh to look behind him; so Josh did so, and was quite taken aback with what he saw.

A girl and a guy had obviously had enough of eating and talking, so they had began to take off their remaining clothes, and were now making out. She was fondling his butt and feeling his chest, while he was groping her breasts.

Josh turned further around, and saw two guys who had gone even further. They were lying on top of a table, completely naked, and both guys had a firm grip on the other’s cock.

Suddenly they stopped, said a few words, then quickly held hands, gave some money to a passing half naked waitress, and raced off together.

Then suddenly Josh felt his cock become out of his control once again. He felt he it was growing, and it pointed straight upwards, not like an erection but like it was magnetised towards something. Like the first time Jack used his powers on him.

Josh heard his fly unzip itself, and he could feel his button coming undone. He felt both very excited and nervous at the same time. He hoped there were no Police officers around, as he and everybody at this restaurant would be charged with indecent exposure.

Josh then heard a nearby voice and turned to see a very good looking young man who was naked and also in his mid twenties by the looks of it, speak to his friends. “I’ll be back soon okay? I just need to do this.”

“Can we watch or help out?” His friends asked.

“You can watch.” He replied.

The young man walked over to Josh, and before Josh could say anything, he had bent down and went underneath the table.

Josh’s cock burst forth from the confines of his boxers. All eight inches of it. It was rock hard and stood out proudly.

“What are you gonn-OH!” Josh stopped halfway through his sentence when a soft hand grasped his ridged manhood, while another warm hand fondled his now large balls.

Josh looked down underneath the table, and saw the well-hung and gorgeous looking guy giving him a hand job. The guy himself had a solid six pack of abs. He looked gorgeous, and his pecs were huge.

But as Josh looked underneath the table, he saw he was not the only one getting some pleasure from this guy.

Jack’s cock had also now burst free from it’s prison inside Jack’s own clothes, and was moving freely through the air under the table like a flying snake. Josh saw the man under the table back his rear towards Jack, and Josh also just noticed the guy’s rear enlarge and expand slightly, and then Jack’s cock plunged deep into the ass of the guy.

One of the guy’s friends from the table nearby, who was rubbing his bulge continuously now walked over. “Come on. Your cock isn’t getting anything my friend. Let me help you out.”

So now he went behind where Josh was sitting, and began sucking on the guy’s cock who was also currently giving Josh a hand job, and was letting Jack’s cock plunge into his ass.

Josh was overwhelmed by the sexual activity going on, and what made it even better and made him gasp and shudder with pleasure, was when the man below him giving him a hand job, turned it into a blowjob.

A sweet thick pair of lips sucked and pulled up and down on Josh’s cock. As the hands that were previously handling this cock of Josh’s, now retreated to continue rolling his balls around with his fingers. Groping them softly, jiggling them, squeezing them, cradling them and even pulling them a little.

He shuddered with pleasure when a tongue glazed over his cock tip, making it feel so very good. There weren’t many more words Josh could describe it with.

He glanced around and saw many other guys making out with girls, some girls doing it with other girls, and even some more guys making out with other guys. Some straight people even began to have sex on the table!

Suddenly Josh began to feel his cock expanding even further! While it was in this young man’s throat! The feeling was unbelievably good. Josh was in heaven. Even Josh’s balls began to swell up in the dude’s hands! Further accentuating the sexual desire.

Then all of a sudden, Jack threw his head back and cried out, “Ohhh!”

Jack had obviously had his own marvellous orgasm inside the young man, and the effect on this dude was instantaneous!

He himself suddenly pushed his head as far as he could without choking himself from the pleasure he was feeling and giving, as his friend underneath Josh’s chair suddenly got a mouthful of cum from him orgasming.

At last, this feeling brought Josh to a climax. His biggest he had ever endured. Josh threw his head back and positively screamed in pleasure. He exploded inside his mouth. He could feel his cum streaming down the man’s throat, and he could even hear him gulping it down.

Josh’s orgasm finally subsided, and he looked down to see cum dripping down the man’s mouth and chin, as he pulled off Josh’s cock. However it took longer than Josh would have thought for the man to pull off, as he noticed his cock had grown considerably again. It was at least nine inches now.

“Wow, thanks mate!” Josh thanked the man as he came out from under the table and stood up.

“My pleasure. Maybe we’ll see each other again one day.” He said with a smirk. Josh looked down and saw the guy was pretty well hung himself, his cock was dripping some leftover cum, and he walked away naked to join his other friends. And the guy behind him did the same.

Josh looked back to Jack at last, and didn’t even look down as he felt his cock cleaning itself up, his clothes zipped themselves back up again, and his underwear repaired itself.

“Will you be my boyfriend?” Josh asked him, staring into Jack’s adoringly beautiful eyes.

Just at that moment their meals were finally brought out and laid on the table in front of them. Josh noticed everyone was now fully clothed once again. Everything seemed to go back to normal, Jack sprinkled some pepper on his steak, and leaned over to give Josh a kiss on the cheek.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

After dinner they returned back to their room at the university, 309.

Josh opened the door, and shut it after Jack walked through.

“Well, that was some experience. Thank you so much Jack. I really owe you now.” Josh stated, locking the door and walking over towards his bed and sitting down on it.

“It sure was.” Jack agreed, also sitting down on his bed opposite. “You’re very welcome boyfriend. And nonsense, that was my shout. And besides, I can’t transfer this power to someone else I don’t think. I’ve tried in the past with my brother, but I couldn’t. So I can spoil you anytime!”

Josh smiled. “Thanks. Well, you can control my body whenever you want to. Do whatever you want with me anytime. I love the sexual growing and enhancing you do on me. As long as if I tell you to stop, you do it, okay?”

Jack nodded. “Of course. I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

“Thanks again. Okay, I think we better go to bed. Classes start tomorrow. It’s gonna be hard to concentrate on the classes seeing that you’ll be in some of them, and if you begin making every guy in the class naked or something!”

Jack chuckled, and then he lay down on his bed. “I won’t do it if you tell me to. Remember, I seem to be able to control pretty much everything. So I can get your qualification a lot quicker!”

“We’ll see,” said Josh.

Josh lay down on his bed too, with his legs spread apart. He observed his large bulge now clearly present in the crotch of his jeans he was wearing. The cock was laying down Josh’s left pant leg, looking as seductive as ever. Plus his balls also gave a significant mound right there too. Like as if there was a small rock or balloon in there.

He also noticed more so now than before, that his hips and groin were higher above where he lay than it used to be. Like it was raised. As if his ass was sitting on something. However Josh realised that it was his ass itself, it had expanded a fair bit, and was so plump and firm now it was like sitting on a cushion.

Suddenly Josh’s shirt started moving of its own accord. It began to crawl up his chest slowly, revealing more of Josh’s now beautifully attractive six pack of abs and a hairline from his groin to his belly button. Josh smiled at himself and raised his hands above his head. The shirt reached his pecs and seemed to catch and snag on them slightly and deliberately Josh thought, as the shirt went over them.

The shirt crawled all the way up and removed itself from Josh’s skin, settling down on the floor next to him. After that his shoes untied themselves and fell off his feet. Before walking themselves to the ground.

Next was the belt, it started unbuckling slowly, and began coming undone all by itself. It was like there was an invisible ghost hovering over Josh and was taking off all his clothes. And he absolutely loved it. The belt came off and landed on the floor.

Josh then voluntarily turned around and lay down flat on his stomach and chest. This felt slightly uncomfortable on his newly enlarged cock and balls. They felt squished, but he wanted to test something.

This created an opportunity for Jack to experiment with Josh’s rear. This was what Josh was hoping for. Jack looked at Josh’s sexy ass for several long moments as he rested his head on his hands.

It was definitely a bubble butt, it stuck out quite beautifully, a sweet mound of butt flesh, but there was more work, far more work that could be done. Jack started off with precise details.

Josh’s blue jeans tugged towards his feet and legs a little, and Josh turned around to see what he was doing to him. Jack had used his power to move Josh’s jeans down a little to expose his waistband of the pale grey boxers. So the band of Calvin Klein was clearly visible on Josh’s lovely smooth tanned shirtless skin.

He made Josh’s butt expand, continuously, but very slowly. Josh immediately felt the growth, and smiled in awe. The jeans began to pull on his groin however, which was a little painful but worth it. Still the growth kept going, forming an ever more impressive mound of muscly flesh. The slope from the top of his butt to his shirtless backside increasing in steepness, and becoming huge.

The jeans and boxers simply couldn’t cover the enlarging mass of ass flesh, and began to recede up the cliff of his ass, revealing more of the lovely skin.

Jack slowed the growth down considerably, and started something new. As Josh’s ass was ever expanding into the seams of his jeans, Jack made both ass cheeks move. They shook in their places in the jeans. As if Jack had his hands pressed on them and was moving them around. Both butt cheeks moved, bounced and even slapped against each other within the jeans.

It was the most unusual sight. His ass was moving inside his jeans, and positively clapping together like hands when they slapped. It looked as if there was an animal inside Josh’s ass or his jeans.

Josh was finding the movement extremely arousing and relaxing at the same time, his cock already beginning to engorge itself and pulsate. Jack was also already aroused, and was loving this just as much as Josh was.

At last Jack stopped the movement and the growth. Josh was now in possession of an obscenely large ass that was the hottest he had ever seen, not to mention the largest. It looked considerably unnatural, but yet somehow possible. The jeans had nearly reached the top of his mound of flesh, his boxers however still covered more.

The pain in Josh’s crotch was getting near unbearable, and was about to tug his jeans off but jack beat him to it.

“Let’s get those jeans off you…” He said with a chuckle. “Must be painful. My poor boyfriend.” He laughed.

And instantly the jeans pulled themselves down, and removed itself from his skin.

Only his boxers remained, and Jack now wanted a view of his boyfriend standing up so he could size him up.

He used his power to pull Josh’s ass, like he did with his cock earlier, with a powerful magnetic like force. As if it was coming from inside Josh’s body. Josh’s butt cheeks pulled, tightened and enlarged themselves, pulling the rest of Josh’s body upwards. His ass was pulling his whole body up in jerks.

“Get your ass up!” Jack teased, unable to stop himself from laughing, before he finally added in, “Oh never mind, your ass is getting you up anyway! Hahaha!” And Jack practically rolled around on the bed like a little kid who had just been promised an ice cream.

Josh himself couldn’t suppress a sly laugh at his friend’s comments, but he was also becoming more and more aroused by the second. His own body really did act like it had a mind of its own, all thanks to Jack’s magic.

Once Josh’s butt finished pulling the rest of his body up, and forced him to stand upright, Jack got a full view of his boyfriend’s body.

It was like it had been sculpted by sex gods. All his sexual parts were enlarged and overactive. His ass stuck out like two firm water balloons. His chest was magnificent, his pecs looking absolutely gorgeous with nipples as hard as steel. Trailing down a short hairline to his now 8 pack of abs. They were rock hard and looked like a sword couldn’t pierce them. Josh ran a hand over his pecs and down across his abs, feeling every moment of muscle when he moved, and the deep crevices between each ab.

His biceps were ripped as, like he was made of metal. Each one on each arm was one or two veins clearly visible going through each. He looked strong enough to take down a bear. The same goes for his legs, hordes of muscle and streamlined design looked like he could beat any runner in the world.

Last but not least his adorable groin. His balls drooped and sagged in a lovely way, rubbing themselves against his thighs with any slight move. If he jumped his balls pretty much jumped with him. They bounced and flopped around all over the place. He scooped them up with both hands, and they still just overflowed his hands. He released them and they bobbed down. It was like his ball sack was filled with Flubber like in the movie. They were easily the size of two baseballs put together.

And of course, the winning piece of the body, the cock. The swaying and swinging beast of a dick hung beautifully from its attached spot in his crotch. It was as hard as steel, and his rod felt like a large chunk of lead sticking out from him. He grabbed his 10 inch monster, and its sensitivity drove him up the wall. He had never felt so aroused or carefree in his life.

His cock was as thick as his wrist, and once again, it was magnetised towards Jack. Jack pretty much had more ownership of Josh’s cock than he did. He controlled it, and could do whatever he wanted with it and nothing could stop him. The cock pointed towards Jack as if its life depended on it. Josh tried to move it, or point it away, but it was not possible. Jack wanted that cock, he craved it.

Jack was already naked, and Josh was confused as to how he had not noticed it. He just had been so absorbed with his own body’s growth and manipulation.

When Josh laid eyes on Jack, he released bits of pre-cum. Unbeknownst to Josh at first, Jack had altered his own already stunning body to one that almost mirrored his own. Jack had enlarged his cock, balls, ass, chest pecs and abs and biceps.

“You know where to put that.” Josh said simply, his voice dripping with lust. He was staring right at Jack’s newly enlarged and gorgeous cock.

Before Jack could take off Josh’s boxers or use his power to do it, Josh himself ripped them off with his hands and threw them across the room. Promising himself never to wear them again.

Josh spun around as Jack stood up, and Josh bent over and got down on his hands and knees.

Jack was desiring this so much, especially since Josh first turned over and when he began to enlarge his butt. Jack used a bit of lubrication from his saliva and pre-cum, preparing both of them for what was to cum.

Jack thrust in, and it was all over within a couple minutes. Both boys orgasmed immensely, and loved every moment of it. But the moment of actual sex and foreplay was so brief because the warm up of growing each other’s bodies was so intense and arousing, so they orgasmed quickly. But nevertheless, it was extremely enjoyable for them both.

And together they lay in bed, asleep in each other’s arms, ready for what the next day will bring as their courses begin.

Josh began to feel his senses coming back to him as he awoke from his slumber. He could feel a strange feeling coming from his crotch, it felt amazingly good, but he had no idea how or why it felt like it did.

He couldn’t be bothered to open his eyes, so he used his hands to move around and feel his surroundings. He realised he was in bed, (of course he was...) and suddenly he felt a person next to him.

He fondly remembered who it was, his newly found love. Jack.

The magical and mystical man who had melted his heart away.

As Josh moved his hands around, he rediscovered they were both naked. Memories of last night flooded his mind, and he smiled into Jack’s neck, nuzzling into it like an affectionate cat.

Still, he resumed his hands exploration, and went over to Jack’s sleeping body. He roamed across the wonderful body of a muscular hunk, and relished every moment of it.

Eventually his hands found his naked ass, which he gave a fond squeeze and a shake, before taking his hands around to the prize centrepiece of Jack.

Upon doing so, he felt something extremely odd, but wonderful at the same time.

The first time Josh had met Jack, his own cock went out of control and became magnetised towards him. Now, his own cock and Jack’s cock were tangled between each other. They had formed a knot in the middle, with both the heads of the cocks sticking out to the side.

Josh felt very comforted by this. Realising that he and Jack had become a locked couple. Quite literally. Bound by the power of love and........cock.

Josh finally decided to open his eyes, and looked at Jack’s wonderful face. Only to realise he had a pair of gleaming green eyes staring into his own.

“Having fun there I see...” Jack whispered seductively. Gesturing with his head down towards their crotches.

Josh chuckled, before taking one hand away from their crotches and patting Jack’s face lovingly. “How can I not with you around?”

Jack smiled warmly and confidently, quite happy and proud of himself.

It was at this moment, that Jack broke eye contact with Josh, much to his disappointment, and looked at his phone beside him. He had left it charging throughout the night and now picked it up to check the time.

“SHIT!” He exclaimed, suddenly sitting up.

Josh knew that could only mean one thing, and he growled at himself in annoyance.

They both were late for their first day of class.

On the first day they had met, they had discovered they both had one subject in common. One class out of all the others they had during their courses. It so happened that Jack was studying how to become a doctor. And Josh was studying how to become a professional ambulance assistant.

So, naturally, both boys had one class in common. First Aid.

After the first day, both boys were extremely excited to see each other again after all the classes. Missing each other so much like a pair of high school teenagers waiting to share the latest gossip.

However, as Jack approached Josh who was sitting at the cafeteria by himself waiting for him, Jack had some news that he was looking forward to giving him.

“You what?!” Josh almost shouted, thinking of the potential things that could happen.

“Keep your voice down hunk, jeez.” Jack exclaimed, glancing around him half nervously. “So yeah, I was invited to my friend’s party. Bit of a late notice though, it’s tonight at 6PM. He said I could bring any friends or boyfriends with me.” Jack raised his eyebrows suggestively at Josh.

Josh couldn’t help the smile from reaching his lips, or his cock from growing hard and down his left pant leg. Just as well he was wearing jeans. Otherwise it would have grown right out of the shorts. Since Jack had physically changed Josh, grown his cock, enlarged his ass, strengthened his muscles and more, he felt incredibly hot and nervous that his cock might be seen.

“Well...” Began Jack, quickly glancing down and giving Josh’s cock a warm rub through his pants eliciting a moan from said person, “looks like your cock will be leading the way there. I don’t even think you need to tell your cock where to go. It’ll be giving you the directions. In fact, that’s a great idea!”

Josh didn’t actually think Jack would take it that seriously, but he did. And he couldn’t help but simply love it all the same.

It was already 5:45PM and Josh was driving, with Jack in the seat next to him. But Jack didn’t need to give any directions. Josh’s pants were down, including his boxers, and his cock was pointing in the direction that Josh needed to drive.

“That is seriously so hot. Watching your cock navigate. Who knew that the term of people who are ruled by their cock could actually be so true?” Jack sniggered, moving his hand over and giving Josh’s exposed cock a loving rub. Before leaving it and letting it navigate.

“You are such a hot freak; you know that don’t you?” Josh muttered, as his cock suddenly pointed left, and Josh made a left turn onto another road.

Jack smiled, putting his hands behind his head. “You love me for it.”

Josh simply couldn’t argue with that. And neither could his cock.

Josh’s cock suddenly pointed right to a driveway, and Jack said, “That’s it, that’s the one.”

He drove the car to turn right, and they arrived in the driveway. It happened to be an extremely long and wide driveway, rather like Josh’s cock. Which was good as they fit could lots of cars in the driveway, and hands on Josh’s cock.

Josh pulled the car to a stop, and turned off the engine.

He took off his seatbelt, just as Jack had done. Jack stepped out of the car, and Josh followed.

Josh didn’t even bother doing up his pants as he stepped out of the car. They came up by themselves. His cock lay flat down his right pant leg, while his boxers came up and slapped over his magnificent ass and cock. Quickly followed by his jeans, which zipped and buttoned themselves up. And his belt tightened around him automatically.

Josh felt very comfortable indeed, and already quite turned on. But he wanted to save it. So as he locked the car, and turned around to walk with Jack (they held each other’s crotch as they walked, until they got closer and they held hands instead), he wanted to save it for all the fun he was sure was going to happen here.

“Fuck man, this house is huge! How rich is your friend?” Josh asked, as they neared the mansion like house. It’s shining lights and crystal clear glass becoming more and more apparent the closer they got.

“He’s like the son of a world famous doctor. He actually is the one who inspired me to become a doctor.” Jack responded truthfully, as he himself was also admiring the place. Seeing the sight of the amazing house once again.

“Wow.” Josh awed.

“Uhh, is he gay? Your friend?” Josh asked with curiosity.

Jack shook his head. “No. But lots of his friends are. Don’t worry mate. You’ll be emptying your balls in no time. As will I.”

Again, that statement caused a reaction within the confines of Josh’s underwear. He knew the beast would be awake soon, and its prey would be upon it.

“Lots of people will be arriving soon. I suspect their will be a lot of people here.” Jack said, stopping walking before they reached the front door. “Before we go in, I need to kiss you.”

Jack suddenly leaned over, and Josh was lost in the sensation. He lips melting into Jack’s own. Their hands left their sides and they began to feel and grope each other.

When they finally broke apart, Jack said, “I want you to know, no matter how much sex we have tonight, you’re still mine. That cock, balls, and ass...” Jack suddenly moved his hand into Josh’s jeans at his rear, giving it a through grope, squeeze and loving pat.

Then he moved his hand around and cupped Josh’s big balls. Feeling them up, jiggling them and moving them around like eggs in a carton. Before finally giving Josh’s cock a firm yank and a stroke.

Upon doing this, Jack quickly looked around, making sure nobody was watching, and undid Josh’s pants in front of the house, and gave Josh’s dick a big kiss. Before tucking his cock back up into his clothes.

“ all mine. I still want you as my boyfriend, no matter how many guys we have sex with tonight.”

Josh felt like he was about to pass out from all the pleasure he had already received. He didn’t know if he would last the night at this stage.

“Thanks Jack. I agree, it’s perfectly all right. And, all your body...” Josh then preceded to do the exact same thing Jack did, to him. “... is all mine.”

Jack chuckled. And they hugged. Their groins pressing sexually and hotly into each other. Rubbing against each other.

“Tell you what, if we lose each other, which we probably will, tell me in your mind. I’ll make your cock point towards me, and follow your cock’s instincts. It will guide you insid-I mean, to me.” Jack smiled.

“Sounds like a plan.” Josh agreed, and they let go of each other. Before walking to the door and knocking, while Josh quickly turned around and saw lots of cars and people making their way up the driveway.

“This is going to be a great night.” Josh whispered, unable to contain his cock- (I mean, smile).


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