Biweekly Update Friday, 30 September 2016

Biweekly Update: Friday, 30 September 2016

First of all, something completely beside the point: having been idly pondering the actual questions that have actually appeared in the nine Four Jocks stories to date (from four (!) different authors), with the eventual goal of continuing one (or adding a new on), I decided just for fun to collect up all the "cards" we've seen so far in "The Game" and throw them up on a special page for you to shuffle through. Go ahead, collect your own jocks around your pool, your conference room, your coffee table, or your big fluffy king-sized bed, grab a big ice-chest of really choice brew, and play "The Game" at home! You never know what will happen. (Bonus points if you recognize the image I picked out for the link box on the Other Stuff hub page.)

Also: I've started inching through the Tag Refinement Project, starting with breaking up Multilimb stories into things like Multiarm and Boytaurs and Three Legs, Four Legs, Lots of Legs, and so forth. I've only done a sliver of it so far (I'm partway through the Multilimb "B" stories), and it will continue to be done only in dribs and drabs over the next several months; but I'll be using the new tags as we add new stories, as you can see below. I've also rearranged the Browse by Tag page, so that instead of being an only marginally helpful straight alpha list into general categories. This should be useful to me, at least, as I sort stories into more nuanced tags, but it hopefully will be useful for y'all as well. Coincidentally, a tag we didn't have a page for, but should have, cropped up twice this week in the new content, so I went ahead and created it (and added three other stories that also applied off the top of my head). Welcome Becoming a Cock!

Finally: As of this writing, my Tumblr page has 1,497 followers. I'm just OCD enough for this to be intolerable. Three people must follow me immediately. I don't care who, though if they turn out to be my current Instagram crushes (whom I will not name here to protect the hunky and innocent), I'll know there is a god. Or, rather, a metagod.

Enough natter. Here's this week's new stuff!

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This week’s new stuff: