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Big changes

by Ziel

Troy’s rapidly growing hypercock is getting kind of embarrassing, especially as it’s caught the attention of a pair of obsessive and very uninhibited twins.

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Big Changes Troy’s rapidly growing hypercock is getting kind of embarrassing, especially as it’s caught the attention of a pair of obsessive and very uninhibited twins. (added: 24 Dec 2013)
Deck the Balls The twins are in a holiday festive mood, all thanks to Troy’s ridiculously large hypercock.
Gymspiration Troy’s been given an ultimatum to stop being such a shut in and actually get out of the house more. Now his been roped into going to the gym with the twins. This wouldn’t be so bad if not for the fact that he’s currently packing several feet of schlong. (added: 20 Aug 2014)
Fair Play The twins decide to drag hypercocked Troy with them to the local fair, but this time Troy isn’t so reluctant to join in. (added: 3 Oct 2014)
Say Cheese The twins convince Troy to sign up for the swim team so he can come to the away games. Just one little problem: he has to take an official team pic, wearing a Speedo. (added: 30 Jul 2015)
Valentine’s Gay Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and Mike n Ike are up to their usual shenanigans... much to Troy’s chagrin. (added: 17 Feb 2016)
Jock and Awe Troy thinks he’s got a great idea to turn the twins’ latest plan against them, but does he really have it in him to out-flirt the masters? Accompanied by a specially commissioned images by Seraphiel. (added: 11 May 2016)
Alone Time Troy settles in for a nice and relaxing weekend alone while the twins are out of town with their family. It’s the perfect opportunity for Troy to get caught up on all those video games he has been neglecting while the brothers have been monopolizing so much of his time, and since he’s such a introvert by nature it’s not like he really needs the twins around 24/7, right? (added: 30 Sep 2016)
Easter Eggs For some Easter fun, the twins arrange an Easter egg hunt for chocolate-craving Troy, which involves squeezing Troy’s gargantuan junk into a thong and sending him out in search of egg-encased goodies. Only the eggs he finds aren’t about chocolate, they’re about the size of his uncannily huge equipment. (added: 21 Apr 2017)
Dick or Skeet Troy’s attempts to get into the holiday spirit have so far been unsuccessful. Fortunately, the twins have a plan to really get Troy in the mood. (added: 31 Oct 2020)
Pride and Prudishness Troy and the twins visit the local Pride-fest. What could possibly go wrong? (added: 26 Jun 2021)
Twinterlude Even Troy and the twins like to have a quiet afternoon just hanging around the house sometimes. What more do you need than a comfy couch, some popcorn, a TV, an old movie... and a new toy?  (added: 6 Aug 2022)
O Christmas Troy Mike and Ike celebrate a festive Christmas with carols and decorations; only instead of a tree they have something of a similar size, but much more fun. (added: 24 Dec 2022)
New Year’s Edge The countdown begins, and Troy shudders in antici...pation.  (added: 31 Dec 2022)
Gamers and Gooners Given Troy’s love of gaming, it was only a matter of time before he took up streaming. He just has to be careful to keep everything above board (and above the waist). (added: 16 Dec 2023)
Staycation The twins have to leave town for a bit. Unfortunately, this means that Troy is left alone for a bit. Fortunately, the twins have a plan to keep him occupied and maybe even test a theory they have been working on.  (added: 23 Mar 2024)
Homecumming The twins hurry back to check in on Troy and find much more than they expected. Their experiment has answered some questions but now new ones arise.  (added: 6 Apr 2024)
Aftermath The twins have returned and have seen to Troy’s recovery. Unfortunately, even though Troy has recovered from his dehydration, there’s still the … little issue of his growth spurt. (added: 4 May 2024)
Field Trip Troy needs some time to get out of his head and out of the shed. This sounds like a job for a forklift and a heavy-duty trailer!  (added: 18 May 2024)
Hospital Troy’s last very public growth spurt caught the attention of the Meds.
The New Normal The finale for this story arc for Troy and the Boys. Troy is back home and learning to adjust to his new condition. It’s not so bad… so long as he follows the rules.
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Big Changes

Troy sighed as he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. He was not at all looking forward to going back to school. There was no way he could face his friends like this. It wasn’t that he was bad looking. Troy wasn’t a narcissist, but he rather liked the way he looked. He was a bit on the lanky side, but he found bulk to be tacky. His skin was pale white even though he had spent much of his summer vacation at the beach. He was just one of those guys that could never get a tan. His light skin just seemed to accentuate his lean body and deep purple, wavy hair which he kept swept to one side. His stylish hair coincided nicely with the various piercings he had on his face. The eyebrow that wasn’t buried under his bangs had a small, black ring in it, and the eyebrow piercing along with the two snakebites he had gave him a certain punk look that he rather enjoyed.

What really worried him was that he had grown a bit during the summer, and he wasn’t sure how his friends would react. Sure, at eighteen years of age, it wasn’t unheard of for a boy to get a growth spurt, but Troy had figured he was pretty much done growing seeing as he had hit puberty over four years ago. What made his current growths even stranger was that it had happened in the span of a single month. He had first noticed the changes while on vacation in the sunny tropics with some friends. It had been mild at first. He had even welcomed it for the first week. What guy didn’t dream of an extra few inches, right? Well the few extra inches turned into an extra foot which turned into an extra two feet. Now Troy was stuck with a cock that was as thick as his waist and hung down to his ankles, and the growth wasn’t showing any signs of stopping. Troy had another doctor’s appointment next week to discuss the results of his blood test, but from what he had heard over the phone, they were no closer to finding the cause than they were when they first started testing him. Without a real idea of what was causing it, he could forget about a cure. Troy just hoped they figured it all out before he was more dick than dude.

“Hurry up! You’re going to be late!” Troy’s mother called from downstairs. Troy groaned, but began to get his clothes on anyway. He really didn’t want to go, but he knew his parents wouldn’t let him stay home. Besides, it wasn’t like he could hide it forever, could he?

Troy had some special underwear that had been made for him that helped him get around a lot easier. The briefs had a special plus size pouch in the front to accommodate the extra mass he was now packing. He slid the boxer briefs up over his shapely bubble butt easily enough, but loading the front always took a little work. He started off by hoisting his now beach ball sized nuts, first the left one and then the right one. He could actually feel the jizz sloshing around in his almost painfully pent up balls. It seemed the bigger they got, the faster they produced spunk. It had only been an hour since he had gotten off, but it felt like it had been a week. With his balls safely squared away, he worked on snaking his three feet of cock down the front of the pouch. Even with the plus size ball pouch, it was quite a snug fit. His briefs wrapped so tightly around his junk that every curve and contour of is dick and balls was clearly visible through the fabric. Even the thick, bulging veins on the sides of his shaft were noticeable. He sighed as he noticed that the added weight of his dick and balls pulled the waistband down several inches. The last few inches of his massive cock now stuck out above the top of his briefs. He had just bought these last week, and he had already just about outgrown them.

With his bait and tackle effectively squared away, he went to work gathering up the rest of the stuff he needed for school. He put on a large, loose T-shirt over top of his briefs in hopes of covering the extra few inches that his boxer briefs couldn’t hold. It worked well enough, but it looked ridiculous. The T-shirt was just about ready to fall off his lean frame. It was obviously designed for someone far fatter than he.

Something clicked in his brain. He quickly sprung into action and ran to the hall closet. He staggered and stumbled awkwardly as he went. He still was not used to the added weight up front, and he doubted he would ever truly get a feel for it until he eventually stopped growing. That was assuming that he did ever actually stop. He felt a chill run up his spine as he thought about his cock continuing to grow until it dwarfed the entire school. His massive dick would be granted its own zip code by the government. He could actually feel his dick chub up a bit at the thought, which just freaked him out even more.

Troy arbitrarily grabbed and stuffed blankets and pillows up the front of his super loose t-shirt in an effort to make himself look extra chunky. He only managed to make himself look even more ridiculous. His massive, bedding stuffed belly did nothing to draw attention away from his humongous bulge. If anything it just made him look even sillier. Thinking quickly, he grabbed his dad’s big, bulky trench coat and pulled it on. The heavy coat succeeded in making the otherwise wiry teen look like he was several pounds overweight. His massive faux gut pushed the fabric of the coat forward. The bottom half of his coat draped innocently over his massive package. As long as he remained standing upright, no one would be the wiser.

He arrived at the car to find his mom giving him the stink eye for being so late and dressing so crazily, but she seemed to understand what he was trying to do. She made no effort to admonish or dissuade him for his choice of attire, but she did chew him out for being late the entire way to school.

Troy arrived twenty minutes late and had to go to the front office to get his homeroom assignment. Aside from a few snide fat jokes from the various other students and faculty he passed, everything seemed to be going smoothly for him, and things continued to go smoothly for most of his day. It wasn’t until after lunch that things really took a turn for the worst. Troy had been happily living from class period to class period without a single worry about the future, but as he stood before the coach’s large, frosted glass door. He had wished he had had the foresight to look ahead. He could have pleaded his case to the principal or something, anything to get him out of going to gym class.

Troy took a deep breath and knocked on the imposing doorway. “Come in!” barked the coach gruffly. Troy reached a shaking hand out and unsteadily pushed the door inwards and stepped into the office. “What is it?” growled the heavyset old man that was reclining in a large swivel chair.

“I… uh… I can’t participate in gym today… sir…” Troy squeaked nervously. The coach seemed even grumpier than usual. Troy always thought that the coach looked kind of like a cartoon bulldog; kind of like Spike from the old Tom and Jerry cartoons or something. The coach’s current expression just reinforced the image that Troy already had in his head. The man’s droopy brows and saggy jowls scrunched into a scowl. “You see… I have a… medical condition and need to be excused.” Troy muttered in vain.

“Your ‘medical condition’ is called obesity, and the best thing you can do for it is get out there and bust yer arse.” The coach growled. “If you want to be excused, get me a doctor’s note. Otherwise, suit up!” The coach threw one of the XXXXL standard issue tracks suits at Troy and gestured curtly for the encumbered teen to get the hell out of his office.

Troy tried to argue, but he couldn’t seem to form any words. He didn’t have a doctor’s note, and chances are he wasn’t going to get one. The doctors he had seen about his condition had said he was the pinnacle of health, aside from the obviously enlarged package. In the end, he accepted the plus size gym suit and shuffled back into the locker room.

He was relieved to see the rest of the class was already suited up and on the field. He would have hated to have to let it all hang out with others around, especially his friends or worse yet, the jocks. Each gym class had a couple of meatheads in there who loved to flaunt how physically superior they were. Troy had been the butt of many jokes last year when he was merely small and lanky, but now that he had a ridiculously oversized wang dangling between his legs, he doubted his treatment would be any better.

He unbuttoned his coat and breathed a sigh of relief as the several pounds worth of pillows and blankets spilled out onto the locker room floor. He was amazed at how light his body felt without all of that excess padding, but he wasn’t going to be rid of it for long. Troy peeled off the rest of his clothes and shoved them into his locker. He took a moment to admire himself in the small mirror that was built into the back of his locker door. At least from the waist up, he was pretty good looking.

Troy began pulling up the extra wide gym shorts over his now exposed junk. The pants were designed for someone far larger than he was, at least in terms of waist and leg size. The waistband was designed for someone who was easily twice as thick around the middle than Troy was, but it worked well enough for him. Once he got the waistband over his immense nuts, he pulled his shaft up to his chest and adjusted his shorts so that the waistband pinned his dick to his abs.

He could already tell he looked ridiculous. On a normal person these gym shorts were very short running shorts that were shorter than pretty much any pair of boxers that Troy owned. He loved how they looked on the fit guys in class, but they didn’t work near as well for him. His immense nuts filled up every inch of the front of his pants and then some. The extra wide legs holes coupled with the force of his package against the front side of his shorts caused the backside of his pants to vanish into the deep cleft of his naturally large, pillowy bubble butt. His running shorts seemed to be little more than a thong from the back. The front was a completely different story, though. The front of his shorts were so thoroughly packed that the shapes of his gigantic nuts were easily visible to all who gave him even the most cursory glance. His balls were even spilling out a bit through the extra wide leg holes.

Troy sighed and resigned himself to looking like a freak. At least he had a plan for covering himself. Next he slid the loose athletic tee over his torso and slipped his massive dick in there with him. The shirt held his dick to his chest, but the neck hole was so large that the tip of his massive cock poked through. The head of his dick pressed up against his chin. He couldn’t help but think that it had grown a few more inches since he had had it measured last week. He sighed audibly, but continued getting ready. With a little effort he managed to slip his running shoes and trench coat on and then went about packing his coat full of bedding like he had done with his casual shirt. Before long he was looking just as big and bulky as he had before getting changed.

Troy looked in the mirror and adjusted his trench coat and decided that it would have to do. He took a moment to collect his thoughts and steel his nerves before jogging out onto the gym floor. All the students and the coach’s assistant shot him a few glances as he finally got out there. It was no surprise to Troy that the coach wasn’t teaching the class himself. Troy had never seen that old fogy do a day of work in his life. Not that Troy minded. The young beefcake that they had covering for him was hot as hell.

The assistant coach was a young college dude named Mason who had been studying sports medicine. He was only doing this job because he needed the internship credits, but he still seemed to take a genuine interest in the students, unlike a certain fat bulldog who shall remain nameless. Needless to say, Troy was very glad to see that the brown haired stud had decided to continue on for another term. Troy was afraid he wouldn’t get a chance to scope out the hot piece of beefcake until Troy himself went to college next year, but this posed a problem for the hung teen. It was hard enough keeping his massive dick kept under wraps when it was soft, but just being in the same room as that barrel-chested babe was making Troy’s sizeable cock chub up rapidly.

There were a few audible sniggers from his classmates as he waddled onto the gym floor and more than a few inaudible jabs at his weight. Troy could see the looks and the fingers pointing in his direction. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to just throw off his coat and whip his giant dick out in front of all of them. That would be sure to shut them up.

He resisted the urge, though. It might seem like a good idea to play the hung card, but that only works for people who are packing a foot or less. When they got to be his size it was just freakish. He decided he would much rather be thought of as a fatass instead of a freak.

The junior coach jogged over to Troy and sidled up beside him. “Hey. I know you’re uncomfortable, but you really can’t be wearing that out on the floor. You’ll need to be in uniform, and that’s coat’s not going to give you good mobility.”

Troy didn’t respond. Instead he folded his arms over his bulky front side and tilted his head downward. Mason wasn’t upset by Troy’s reaction, though. If anything the hotty seemed sympathetic. “Believe me, I know what you’re going through, but you’re not making it any easier on yourself covering up like that.” The assistant coach consoled the bulky student. “The exercise will be good for you, too.”

“I have a condition…” Troy murmured. He was feeling pretty awful. He had had the hots for Mason before summer break, and now the studly teacher thought that Troy had totally let himself go in the past few months. Troy couldn’t even bring himself to face the babealicious college student.

“What? Asthma? Diabetes? I can help you with those. Some good exercise and a proper diet will go a long way in treating those.” The coach remarked pleasantly. “I’ll even help you a bit outside of classes. What do you say?” The dude’s sparkling blue eyes and winning smile caused Troy’s defenses to crack. The lithe teen unwittingly went slack and allowed his arms to drop away from the front of his coat. Unfortunately, the eager young coach took that as a sign that Troy had agreed to ditch the goofy looking cover.

Troy caught onto what was going on right as Mason had undone the belt that held the coat shut. As if in slow motion, the front of his long jacket fell open under the weight of all the excess padding he had shoved into it. Troy was mortified. All eyes were on him as all the pillows and blankets spilled out onto the gym floor. At first the room was dead silent, but then some of the students started to piece it together. The room erupted into a cacophony of taunts. Apparently everyone there had assumed that he was pretending to be fat for the attention, but somewhere in the din a voice cut through. “Dude! Did you see that cock!?”

The room once again went dead silent. No one knew what to say anymore. The various students whispered amongst themselves as they decided whether or not this was grounds for derision or reverence. Some of the biggest, meanest jocks in the room were looking suddenly meek and mild.

Troy wanted to cover himself, but he realized by this point it did no good. His cover had been completely blown in more ways than one. Not only had a decent chunk of the school already seen his ginormous schlong, but they had also beheld it in its full upright and locked position. Pre was seeping out the tip of his cock that was now mashed firmly against the underside of his jaw. The thick waterfall of pre cascaded down the front of his cock, completely soaking the front of his white gym shirt in the process. If it wasn’t painfully obvious that he had a crush on the coach before, there was no way he could deny it now.

“Oh… Is this what you meant by a condition?” Mason asked softly. His voice was barely above a whisper and yet it carried with it a tone of genuine concern. Troy merely nodded silently. He was too ashamed to look the coach in the eyes. Instead he scanned the crowd that was still murmuring softly amongst themselves. No one was quite sure what to make of the overly hung boy.

“You can sit this class out if you want. I’ll vouch for you.” Mason said as he gave the boy’s shoulder a soft, comforting squeeze.

“No.” Troy responded quietly. Somewhere deep within him he summoned a long forgotten font of resolve. His cover was already blown, and judging from the murmurs that were still filling the air, everyone was too shocked and awed by his size to say anything about it. It was strangely liberating and more than a little empowering. Troy smirked slightly as he looked over at the large, beefy jock that was one of the worst bullies in the school. The giant douche was completely cowed by the sheer size of Troy’s endowments. “I’ve held up the class long enough. Let’s get on with the lesson.” Troy said with a touch of smug pride in his voice.

Mason gawked at the hung teen for a moment. It was hard for him to imagine that Troy was actually going to go through with gym class even with his three foot tall boner openly on display, but the boy seemed resolute. Mason didn’t necessarily dislike the sight of the teen’s gigantic cock poking out through the neck hole of his gym shirt. The college dude just needed to be sure that none of the other students noticed he sizeable tent in his own loose gym shorts.

“Very well. The game is dodge ball. Who wants Troy on their team?” Mason said loudly as he turned to address the whole class. Much to both Troy and Mason’s surprise, a pair of olive skinned twins eagerly jumped up and waved their arms.

“Ooh! Ooh! Send him our way!” They called in unison. Troy knew these two by reputation only. They were often referred to as “Mike and Ike” even though that wasn’t their real names. The one known as Mike was actually named Miguel, and his twin brother was named Inigo. It was no small secret that the school’s award winning swim team, as well as most of the girls and quite a few of the guys around campus, would be sad when the dynamic duo graduated at the end of the year. The two were the school’s star swimmers, and their bodies showed it. Their lean bodies were completely covered in small, dense muscles. Their tightly packed brawn looked as if they had been lovingly carved by a master sculptor straight into a block of marble and then given life. Troy had had numerous fantasies about the two of them in the past, but he had never dared try to approach one, let alone both of them.

“Very well… Troy. Join the twins.” Mason said as nonchalantly as he could manage has he gestured towards the amazingly ripped specimens of manhood that were eagerly eying their new favorite toy.

The game started up a few minutes later, and Troy was sure he was going to take the walk of shame within seconds of the match starting. Sure enough, the enemy team was all gunning for him. His massive cock and balls made him an easy target as well as severely impeded his mobility. To his surprise, though, the twins were on him every step of the way serving as his elite personal guard. Every time a ball whizzed at him it would be suddenly deflected or straight up caught by the two lithe, agile swimmers. Troy’s field of vision was a blur of balls and fantastic pecs, traps, delts, triceps, and biceps. Somewhere along the lines, the twins had peeled off their shirts and were bouncing around clad in just tiny pairs of gym shorts that were far too short to cover much of anything. The twin’s phenomenal bodies glistened with sweat as they bounced and jogged in a protective circle around the hung teen.

The match would have actually gone surprisingly well for Troy had Mike n Ike not been so eager to celebrate every little victory. One of the twins would deflect a ball and then give Troy a quick, playful slap on the ass as if to say “you’re welcome.” And if one of them caught a ball and got someone out they would throw an arm over the Troy’s shoulder and bring him in close for a fraternal side hug. After one particularly powerhouse play, Troy found himself sandwiched between both twins at the same time. The height difference between the short, young guy, and the tall, athletic twins was so great that Troy found himself stuck in the middle with glorious swimmer pecs mashed against either side of his face as the twins hugged each other vicariously through him.

Troy had been thoroughly boned before the match had started, but with every playful jostle and triumphant bro-hug he was finding it harder and harder not to pop. His already rigid cock flexed and strained against the taut fabric of his shirt as he struggled not to cum. To make matters worse, his balls continued to swell and churn as they continued to produce vast quantities of spunk. His already overstrained shorts were stretching thinner by the second. His nuts were already spilling out over the waistband before they had started growing, and by the time they had gotten into the third round, they had swelled up to such a large size that his gym shorts seemed like little more than a crappy thong. His pants were stretched so thin that they were but a series of narrow strips that dug into his round butt cheeks and framed his cock and balls in such a way as to accentuate their size even farther. By this point, his shirt was so soaked with pre that it was all but transparent. For all intents and purposes, Troy was completely nude.

Troy watched in awe as the red rubber play ball seemed to float towards his face like a graceful butterfly of speeding death. Time and space seemed to slow to a halt as he braced for impact, but at the last second a large, bronze skinned hand zipped into his line of sight. The ball made contact with the palm of one of the twins’ hand with an audible smack and then hung there as if suspended in time and space. It wasn’t until the shrill whistle pierced the air that Troy realized what had happened. Inigo had caught the ball causing the last remaining player on the other team to be out of the game. They had won best of three.

The twins ran towards each other and went in for a powerful, emphatic bro-hug with poor Troy sandwiched right in between. He felt their glorious pecs mash against the sides of his face and their rigid dicks digging into his sides. He had actually managed to keep from blowing right then and there, but only just barely. The twins broke away and Troy thought he was safe, but then, in perfect unison, the twins each grabbed one of Troy’s jiggly, bubbly butt cheeks and gave it a playful squeeze. Troy squeaked as he jumped in shock. The force of him jutting his hips forward to avoid the fraternal groping was enough to finally break his long suffering clothes. What remained of his shirt and shorts snapped in unison causing his large, rigid cock and his massive, turgid balls to flop free.

Troy’s huge nuts made contact with the cold, polished faux hardwood with an audible slap. It was then that he realized just how huge his pent up nuts had swollen to. He had little time to admire his size, though. He could already feel his nuts seizing up. He watched as the assistant coach ran towards him with a large towel in a futile attempt to cover the now nude boy. The towel would not have been nearly enough even if the coach had made it that far. Troy’s legs shuddered and gave out from under him as his cock gave one last violent lurch. He fell flat on his ass right as his cock erupted like Mount Vesuvius. Huge, thick gobs of spunk arced through the air and splattered across the rafters that were easily thirty feet above them. He managed a half-hearted groggy chuckle as he noticed one of his thick wads splattered against the backboard of the basketball hoop across the court and oozed into the rim. The entire net was completely coated in Troy’s massive load.

He continued to cum and cum again. Each shot seemed more intense than the last. His seed rained down upon his classmates, completely coating some of them, but no one more so than Mason. The beefy stud looked like he had just swum twenty laps in an Olympic swimming pool full of jizz. No part of his body was dry by the time Troy’s torrent had let up. Mason wasn’t too upset though. In fact he was glad that the downpour had covered him enough to mask his own thick wad that had pooled in the front of his gym shorts and was now seeping down his legs.

“That was awesome!” Mike said as he and Ike plopped down beside Troy and once again sandwiched him in their powerful bro-hug. The twin swimmers gave Troy a long passionate kiss on either cheek as the ground their still rigid cocks against the boy’s sides. By the third thrust both of them were spewing forth their wads in unison. Troy could feel the thick spunk seeping through the twin’s shorts and onto his exposed skin. He could do nothing but grin stupidly as he surveyed the mess he had made. One thing was for sure. There was no way his size would be secret after this.


Deck the Balls

Troy could hear the doorbell ringing, but he didn’t feel like getting up; for starters, he was on a really tough boss fight. The fact that he didn’t have a stitch of clothing on didn’t help either. The eighteen year old, high school senior had gotten used to lounging around au natural lately; clothing was just a huge inconvenience. Shirts were fine, but he was a guy; shirts were completely unnecessary. Generally speaking, one was expected to wear pants, but he was by far the exception. They just didn’t make pants that fit him.

It wasn’t a matter of his body type. He was pretty lean so just about anything fit him around the legs, and he had a nice, round bubbly butt which meant his ass filled out just about anything he could put on. The problem was his cock and balls. They were just too huge. His big, ol’ meaty schlong was now about three feet long and as thick as his waist. It was so huge that when he was standing upright, the shaft would droop over his nuts and still just about scrape the floor, and that was during the rare occasions when he was actually soft. His massively enhanced junk came with a massively enhanced libido as well. He could always stand to pound one out. He was actually pretty horny at the moment, but he was kind of getting bored of jacking off 24/7. As such, his impressive cock was flying at half-mast while his virtual self was trying to mow down hordes of alien squidbillies with an assault rifle that had a comically over the top chainsaw blade mounted to the front.

His nuts were actually a bigger problem than his cock. Currently the two turgid cum-banks were about the size of beach balls. This was a little bigger than their default size, but that was because he had already gone a whole hour without cranking one out. They had a habit of swelling with cum every minute of his life. It wasn’t so bad when he was just kind of horny, but when he got downright randy they could swell up like balloons in record time. It was like a Mario Party event in his pants… not that he had pants.

The doorbell rang a few more times, each time more insistently than the last, but Troy ignored it. He had better things to do than let some salesman see his junk. Finally he heard the door open and his mom talking to whoever was there. He couldn’t make out any the words, but the voices seemed familiar somehow; there were two guys… at least he thought there were two of them. It seemed like there were three people speaking, but two of the voices sounded nearly identical.

After a few moments of idle chatter, Troy could suddenly hear the sound of rapid, heavy footfalls reverberating through the house. It was like a bull was charging through his house. The rapid thumps made their way up the stairs and right up to his door.

Troy’s door burst open as the new arrivals charged in without so much as a knock. “BUDDDYYYYY!!” The two lean, lithe swimmers shouted in unison.

Troy let out a loud “Yipe!” in shock. He all but jumped out of his milky white skin from shock. “You guys!?” He yelped as he turned to look at the new arrivals.

Standing before him were none other than the star swimmers of the school swim team, Inigo and Miguel, or “Mike and Ike” as they were often referred to. The two swimmers were identical in just about every way, which of course included their smoking hot bodies which had been chiseled to perfection from hours upon hours of slicing through the water like a hot knife through butter. The two brother’s weren’t making any effort to hide their hot bodies today, much to Troy’s chagrin. They were both decked out in loose basketball shorts, and judging by the respectable outline of their thick cocks, the twins weren’t wearing anything underneath. They were also both wearing loose, open sided muscle shirts which left just about every ridge and groove of their dense musculature on display for anyone who would so much as glance their way.

They knew they were hot as hell, and what’s worse, they knew that Troy knew that they were hot as hell. Already Troy could feel his already chubbed up cock beginning to stir to life. Whenever these two showed up, it meant that Troy was soon going to bust a nut all over anything in his immediate vicinity. At least they were in his room this time and not at the gym, or in the library, or in the middle of a calc exam… To put it lightly, these three had a history.

“We heard you were spending Winter break indoors! What gives, man!? There’s a great, wide world out there just waiting for you to step out and seize it.” Ike said emphatically.

“Yeah! The world is so big, and round, and full of fun stuff. There’s no reason to lock yourself away.” Mike concurred. Troy could only groan at the poor attempt at ball and dick jokes.

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I am not exactly in any condition to be seen in public.” Troy stated flatly.

“You look fine to me.” Ike said, giving off an appreciative whistle as he scoped out Troy’s exposed nuts and dick. Mike really drove home the point by letting out a very over the top, flamboyant “geerrrrrowwel.”

Troy rolled his eyes and unpaused his game. “Pass.” He said flatly.

“What gives? We came all the way out here to see you and you’re just gonna play your game!?” Mike huffed with an air of mock indignation.

Troy reached over and chucked a couple of controllers over his shoulder. “There’s four players. You’re welcome to join me.” He said casually as he continued to unload a salvo of bullets with just one hand on the controls.

“Not this time, buddy boy.” Ike said playfully. He reached down and stuck his hands under Troy’s armpits and effortlessly plucked up the much shorter, much skinnier dude. “We’re going shopping!”

“…shopping?” Troy replied incredulously.

“Hell yeah! There’s a new little shop that opened up that you should see. We checked it out ourselves. I’m sure you’ll love it.” Mike explained happily.

“Do I have a choice in the matter?” Troy pleaded halfheartedly. He already knew the answer, but he flashed his best big, soulful purple puppy eyes that he could muster.

“Of course you do, little dude.” Ike said.

“Yeah. You can come with us peacefully or we can drag you there.” Mike replied jokingly… at least, Troy hoped he was joking. Troy really wouldn’t put anything past these two.

“I’m sure it’ll go over real well if I went out in public dressed like this.” Troy said sarcastically as he gestured towards his complete state of undress.

“Way ahead of you. Little dude.” Mike said. He pulled the comforter off of Troy’s bed and threw it directly over the punkish teen. Troy tried to protest, but his voice came out as muffled shouts. He could do nothing but sit there as the twins wrapped him up like a mummy. By the time he was done only his face was poking out. He felt like a burrito and he looked like E.T. He actually half expected the twins to put him in the front basket of their bicycle.

As it turned out, the brothers chucked Troy into the back bed of their pickup, which really wasn’t much better. Troy knew better than to fight it, though. He was a little annoyed by the sudden intrusion, but he did actually enjoy spending time with these two. Life got to be so boring pent up in his bedroom all the time.

Speaking of being pent up, Troy could already feel his nuts swelling. Having the two hot studs feel him up as they loaded him into the truck like an old carpet kind of got to him. He just knew that the twins knew what they were doing. There was no way that they just happened to accidentally both have a hand on his ass while the carried him. Troy just hoped that they got to where they were going before his nuts started to outgrow his mummy wraps.

The truck pulled into the local shopping mall, and the twins quickly hopped out and pulled Troy from the back of the truck. Troy couldn’t turn his head enough to see too much, but it appeared like they were way the hell in the back of the lot… it made sense somewhat. After all, this was the last week before Christmas. The mall was bound to be packed with last minute shoppers. Troy grumbled dejectedly as he thought of all the people there to stare at him. It would be a little weird making the circuit as a human burrito, but he supposed it beat the alternative. He really didn’t think it would be a good idea to let it all hang out in front of hundreds of shoppers, many of which were old ladies or young children.

The twins made good time as the hauled ass across the pavement. Troy could do nothing but stare into the sky as they ran. It was kind of fun, or at least that is what he told himself. He tried to imagine himself as a wounded war hero being rushed from the front lines by his daring comrades. It helped to pass the time, if nothing else. Before he knew it, Troy was being unfurled onto the carpet of a dingy little shop. He hit the stiff carpet and made it about half of a roll until his gigantic junk stopped him from rolling any farther. Never in his life had Troy felt there was a better time to use the term “cock block.”

“Here we are, dude.” Mike said jovially.

Troy muttered under his breath as he pulled himself to his feet. He pulled his shaggy, purple bangs out of his eyes and looked around. The little shop seemed to be more or less deserted, which was nice since he was still bare-assed naked. The few shoppers that were there gasped in awe at the sheer size of Troy’s gigantic schlong and his colossal balls; already Troy’s nuts had inflated to the size of bean bag chairs. They were dangerously close to scraping the ground even as he stood up straight.

“So this is the one, is it?” Came a meek voice from Troy’s side. He glanced over to see a wizened old man. The shopkeeper looked ancient and was incredibly tiny. Troy thought he looked more like a character out of Ranma ½ than a real live human being. The old dude barely came up to Troy’s knees. The small man was stroked his beard thoughtfully as he sized up the lean teen. “Yes. I think I can do something with this…” he said thoughtfully.

“Um… hi?” Troy said uncertainly as the tiny little geezer began poking around his nuts. The old man didn’t even acknowledge him. He just continued to make various thoughtful “Hmm”s and “Ahh”s and a few “yes, yes, quite”s.

“What’s he doing?” Troy asked his two friends. He stared down at the brave little tailor as best he could, but the old guy kept vanishing under Troy’s immense endowments.

“Taking your measurements, of course.” Mike said.

“Yeah. This is a specialty clothing store.” Ike expounded.

“What’s so special about it?” Troy asked skeptically.

“He makes good clothes. He can even make something to fit your fat ass.” Ike said playfully, giving Troy’s bubbly butt a playful slap in the process.

Troy let out a little “Yipe!” and hopped forwards a foot or two as when felt lithe, toned hottie’s palm make contact with his backside. Troy tried to recover smoothly, but his already chubbed up cock bucked a bit and hardened a little more. He hoped that neither of the twins had seen it, but he knew them well enough to know better; there was no doubt that they were both keenly aware of his state of arousal.

The small man began darting around the room at the speed of sound. Troy could do nothing but stare in awe at the sheer speed and precision. His eyes couldn’t even follow the little guy’s rapid movements. In a matter of minutes the old man was back with a large garment folded in his hands.

“What’s this?” Troy asked curiously as he stared at the old man. The way the old guy was holding it up, Troy assumed he was supposed to take it, but he wanted to have something a little more official before he started grabbing things.

“It’s your Christmas present, dude.” Mike said happily.

“Yeah. We already paid for it. Go on. Try it on!” Ike happily urged Troy.

Troy cocked an eyebrow and stared at the folded red garment. He tried to hide his joy, but his lips betrayed him. A slight smirk played at the corners of his mouth.

“Aww. He’s smiling.” Mike said giddily. He poked Troy playfully on the cheek as he did so. Ike wasted no time in doing the same on the other side.

“Come on. Give us a grin!” Ike said.

“Big smile!” Mike said with a laugh.

“Enough! All right!” Troy shouted. He tried his best to sound annoyed, but he was laughing. These guys were just too much fun to be around, especially when they weren’t trying to make him pop a bone at inopportune times.

Troy reached down and picked up the article of clothing. He was surprised to see that they were a pair of shorts. They looked a lot like cyclists shorts in that they were made of very stretchy fabric and had very small pant legs, but the front of them looked like a parachute. They were obviously designed to hold Troy’s massive package.

Troy furrowed his brow and looked at his pals questioningly. “Go on! Put them on already!” Mike implored.

“Unless of course you like strutting your stuff.” Ike added with a whistle.

Troy turned a few shades of red and quickly began to stick his leg into the shorts. The legs went on easily enough, but he had to actually feed his cock into the tight front pouch. To his surprise, there was plenty of room for his nuts and dick to get in there. The fly was even equipped with a series of clasps that let his close the front when he was done. He was very pleased with the end result. Every last inch of his dick was actually covered. He had a massive, visible bulge though, but he wasn’t about to worry about that. He was just happy to be clothed, and a little VPL never hurt no one.

“You like it?” Ike asked excitedly

“Yeah, I do actually.” Troy said as he looked over himself. If he had one complaint, it was that they gripped everything a little too well. The outline of his cock showed through the taut fabric so well that every vein, every fold of his foreskin, was clearly visible. His biggest issue was how well it showed off his balls. It was almost as if the front pouch was specifically designed to draw attention to them. Each massive orb was clearly displayed for everyone’s viewing pleasure, and somehow the fabric had just enough give to it that his balls would jiggle with every slight movement he made.

Troy was so fixated on his junk that he didn’t even think to check the back. The shorts gripped his ass perfectly. In fact it seemed to even make his big, shapely butt look even larger and rounder. The fabric clutched his juicy booty so tightly that it even dug into the crack down the middle. It was almost like a second skin. To anyone who looked at him from behind it would have been easy think that he was wearing body paint as opposed to actual clothing.

“So. This mean we’re going home now?” Troy asked.

“Hell no!” Mike shouted.

“We finally got you dressed and you want to go home?” Inigo asked incredulously.

“We’re taking you out.” Mike replied saucily.

“Out where?” Troy replied. The look on his face made it obvious that he was confused.

“Out.” Mike whispered seductively into his ear. The sultry voice made Troy’s hair stand on end and his body feel like jelly.

“Today, we are treating you.” Ike explained. “Think of it like a date. Now what do you want to do?”

Troy furrowed his brow and thought for a moment. Sure he thought these two guys were great; they were a lot of fun to be with and could be really nice when they weren’t trying to get him to cream himself, but did he really want to date them? And both at the same time, no less?

“It could be fun… I guess…” Troy said with a smirk.

“We knew you’d see it our way.” Ike replied happily. The twins quickly moved around so they stood on either side of Troy and both clasped a hand on one of Troy’s juicy butt cheeks.

“Let’s roll.” Mike said salaciously. The twins began walking in unison and were all but pulling the reluctant teen with them.

It wouldn’t have been so bad really. Troy actually liked the way the twins were nuzzling against him as they walked. He didn’t even mind the constant playing with his butt. He just wished they would do all of that in private. He was getting a lot of stares from the various shoppers as they walked, and he could already feel his dick stirring to life. Sure enough, Troy’s already bean bag chair sized nuts were beginning to swell even more. So far his new pants seemed able to hold it all just fine, but there was no telling how long that would last. It would be a real shame to break these so soon after he had gotten them.

Troy tried to take his mind off of the twins, but he quickly realized that was a bad idea. As his eyes canvassed the crowd he became aware of the fact that pretty much everyone was watching him; some were envious, some were shocked, and others were downright incensed. Troy began to blush from all the attention, and his dick began to get even harder. He hated how much of an exhibitionist he had become lately. He hoped it was lately, anyway. Maybe the twins had realized it when they first met him which is why they liked to toy with him like this. Whatever the case was, Troy was actually beginning to get off on all the attention his lewd bulge was garnering.

As his arousal increased, so did the rate at which his nuts swelled up. Even with the pouch of the stretchy shorts holding his junk upwards and inwards, his balls had swelled so huge that they now scraped the ground as he walked. Each turgid nut far exceeded the size of a yoga ball already and they seemed like they were going to get a lot bigger in the near future.

Troy focused on walking forward. He no longer cared about the date, he just wanted to get out of there before he blew. He hoped that if he focused on getting to the car that he could make it before he got too huge to move. He didn’t have long, though. With every step he took he could hear the fabric groaning as it got pulled ever tighter and stretched ever thinner. Already the fabric starting to appear pink; it was stretched so thin that it had begun to become sheer, allowing the whiteness of his ghostly pale skin to show through.

“Oooh. You’re getting really huge now, aren’t you?” Ike said playfully.

“I can only imagine how good that must feel.” Mike teased just as playfully.

Their voices were not helping at all. If anything they were just getting Troy even more worked up. Already his humongous nuts were resting solidly on the ground. He had to shove his hefty sack forward with his legs with each step.

“Maybe you should rest.” Mike said, suddenly. It seemed like such a nice gesture that Troy couldn’t bring himself to trust it. Things were never so innocent with these two, but Troy couldn’t see the harm. Maybe they could go get him a wheelbarrow to carry his balls in while he waited.

The twins guided him to a nice, large, comfy red chair. Troy let out a sigh of relief as he sunk into the soft, red velvet cushion. He was surprised to see such a nice chair in the middle of a mall, but he didn’t question it too much. His legs were getting so tired from lugging his gigantic balls around that he was glad for the breather. Already each swollen nut was closing in on the size of a washing machine. He was quickly rivaling his previous max size. He was pleasantly surprised that the shorts seemed to be holding, though. He would definitely need to make a note to go back and get another pair or two at a later date.

Troy was so comfy and relaxed that he didn’t even question it when Ike put a stocking cap on his head. He wasn’t even particularly worried while Mike was flagging shoppers down. It wasn’t until a sizeable crowd had assembled that he began to suspect something was up. Troy looked up and saw that everyone standing there had cameras at the ready.

“What? What’s going on?” He muttered in shock.

“Look around you, poppet.” Ike whispered sensually in his ear.

Troy did as he was told and realized that he was sitting in the middle of a gaudy Christmas display which was complete with large, plastic boxes with giant bows on them. Behind him was a massive Christmas tree that was decked out in lights from top to bottom.

“We’re getting our picture taken with Santa.” Ike murmured seductively into Troy’s other ear. Before Troy could say anything the twins were in front of him and lying atop his massive nuts. Already each engorged orb was the size of a sofa and showing no signs of slowing. Troy began to piece it all together. This had been their plan from the start. Everything, right down to the festive red shorts, were leading up to this. Troy’s now colossal ballsack was now decked out like Santa’s toy bag.

“You know what I want for Christmas?” Mike said sensually. Troy shook his head, but he had a pretty good idea. “I want something huge, and hot, and hard that I can play with… and lick… and suck…” Mike continued salaciously. His voice was barely above a sultry whisper, but still audible by the entire crowd that had gathered to watch the show.

“Oooh. Yes, Santa. I want one too! If you can’t get two, that’s fine. We’re oh so good at sharing.” Ike pleaded as he ran a hand across the outline of Troy’s now fully boned cock. Troy was breathing heavily at this point. He was so turned on that he couldn’t even muster a comeback. He could only stare as Ike slowly ran his hand along the front fly of Troy’s red, overstuffed shorts. As Ike’s hand went up and up ever so slowly, he would flip at the clasps one after another. With every passing moment more and more of Troy’s cock was released.

The second Ike undid the last clasp, Troy’s monumental cock sprung free. It was huge soft, but it was positively massive while boned. The thing was almost four feet long and bigger around that his entire torso. The massive, flared out, puffy tip stood well above his own head. The entire crowd gasped in awe at the marvelous spire which was already leaking pre like a fountain. Troy was so turned on that his nuts were still swelling. Already they were each the size of a king sized bed. His massive sack was spilling out down the stairs that led to his little podium. His balls were shoving against the velvet ropes that served to section off Santa’s winter wonderland. He could feel his immense nuts shoving against the various onlookers, and he could even feel the onlookers shoving back.

“Thanks, Santa!” Mike cried out happily.

“It’s just like I always dreamed!” Ike called out in an overly dramatic voice.

The twins were soon standing on their knees atop Troy’s colossal balls as they licked and rubbed against the massive spire. Troy was struggling with all his might not to blow his load right then and there. This was by far the largest his balls had ever been. He was sure that once he blew, there would be no escaping it. He would flood the entire mall with his spunk.

The twins were not going to make it easy on him. Even without the constant rubbing and licking, the twins were making a very loud, very lurid show of how much they loved their new “present.”

“Oh, it’s so huge.”

“It tastes so good.” They would both moan and coo.

Troy shuddered and bucked from the verbal and physical teasing. The twins really knew how to use what they had. Their tongues lapped expertly against the sensitive head of his fully boned cock. Troy could even feel the twins’ respectable cocks grinding against the sides of his massive hard-on. All the while he could feel the cum in his massive balls churning and sloshing as his nuts grew ever larger. Already they had knocked over the barricades and had spilled into the waiting area. Each gargantuan cum-factory was now the size of panzer. Troy writhed and fidgeted, but he already knew he was defeated.

Troy let out a cry of pure orgasmic bliss that reverberated through the entire shopping mall. His cock shuddered once more and then lurched hard as a steady stream of jizz arced through the air. The flow was so powerful that the geyser of spooge arced all the way up and splattered against the windows that covered the roof of the mall. His spunk was spewing out over the handrails and into the shops that lined the upper floor of the mall. Those stores were four floors above him.

Troy could do nothing but moan and writhe as gallons upon hundreds of gallon of jizz pumped through his fully boned cock. His jizz was spraying anywhere and everywhere. It was flooding the top floor and oozing into every floor below; it was even raining back down upon the central lobby in large, beachball sized gobs of jizz. Each massive wad hit the ground with an audible splat and exploded like a sticky water balloon. In a matter of minutes, cum was everywhere. There was hardly a person or place that wasn’t completely laminated in spooge, and still Troy kept coming.

By the time he was five minutes in, Troy’s mind had all but shut off. He was so overloaded with mind blowing pleasure that his eyes rolled back into his head and his tongue lolled out the side of his mouth. The steady spew of jizz erupting from his cock hadn’t even slowed down or tapered off for even a second, and his nuts were still the size of Hummers.

It was some time later that Troy finally came to. He was so groggy and disoriented that he couldn’t even really recall what had happened. His eyes fluttered open and he glanced around at the state of the world around him. It was like a dream. Everywhere he looked was buried in a few feet thick layer of white. He looked behind him to see that the entire Christmas tree was completely laminated in a thick, gooey layer of spunk. An annoyingly happy Christmas tune began blaring over the PA system. Troy could do nothing but chuckle to himself as he listened.

Seeing that Troy was awake, the twins nuzzled in closer to him. Troy felt so nice having these two hotties cuddling with him like this. He really wished they would quit trying to get him to make a scene in public and just be cute like this all the time. He slung an arm over their shoulders and hugged them in tighter as he let himself relax. He hummed happily along and even went so far as to sing the few lines of the song that he actually knew. “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.”

Troy chuckled to himself as he looked at the winter wonderland that was spread out before him. While he had been out cold, his nuts had already swelled up to the size of sofas all over again. He wasn’t going to be going anywhere until he pounded another one out. It looked like this wonderland was going to betting even whiter.



Troy trudged dejectedly into the gym and up the stairs to the weight room. He couldn’t believe that his mom was making him start working out. It wasn’t like he was even out of shape. Troy’s slim, slender physique didn’t have an ounce of fat on it except for his bubbly butt which managed to full and supple.

His mother had complained that he had been spending too much time indoors lately and not enough time having a social life like any other normal high school senior. He groaned internally every time he heard her make that argument. He would love to be a “normal” high school senior, but his medical condition pretty much precluded any sense of normalcy he might hope to achieve. His humongous cock made him stand out wherever he went, and his sex drive was through the roof. It seemed he couldn’t go even half an hour without popping wood, and if he went more than an hour without cumming his constant swelling balls got to be too large to manage. To make matters worse they still didn’t know why it was steadily growing or if it would ever stop. Just the other day he had hopped onto the scale to weigh himself, and his dick had dangled down so far that the head of it rested solidly against the cold tile floor of the bathroom. Normally Troy was able to make up some excuse to stayinside and hide from the world, but last time he had been set up. There was no other way to describe it. It was an ambush plain and simple.

At the time Troy had been hanging out with his two best friends. Mike and Ike were embroiled once again in trying to convince him to get out of his bedroom and out into the outside world. By this point Troy’s stubbornness had become more a habit than anything else. No matter how much he tried to dig in his heels or how much he protested, the hot, tanned twins always managed to get their way. It wasn’t even that he hated hanging out with the twins or even that he hated going out in public. The more he got out, the more he found himself enjoying it, and that was the problem.

The twins loved to get under his skin. Troy knew they didn’t mean any harm by it, and they were lots of fun to hang out with, but their playful stunts almost always ended with Troy bare-assed naked in a public place with a gigantic spurting boner pumping gallons of spooge from his enlarged nuts all over everyone and everything in sight. It was embarrassing to say the least, but it seemed like the more it happened the less Troy got flustered by the people who saw his dick or his balls. In fact there had even been moments where he had found himself looking forward to it. He had had very vivid, very realistic, and very, very wet dreams about it too.

He had had one such dream the night before which was part of the reason he was putting up such a fight that day. He didn’t necessarily want to stay home all the time, but he didn’t want to be the guy in his dreams either. He didn’t want to be the type of guy who willingly went out of his way to show off his dick to anyone who would even casually look his way, and he definitely didn’t want to be the kind of guy who stood there grinning lasciviously while throngs of onlookers ogled his enormous cock and gazed longingly at him with lust and envy in their eyes like what had happened in his dream.

The argument had been going well enough for all parties involved. Troy was just about ready to cave to the twins like he always did, but Troy’s mother had overheard their debate and stepped in to put her foot down. Now instead of being playfully coaxed into a single gym trip, he had been given an ultimatum to go to the gym with the twins several times a week.

As soon as Troy got into the weight room he noticed his two buds, the twin brothers Miguel and Inigo, or “Mike n Ike” as everyone liked to call them, embroiled in what seemed to be a heated debate over by one of the benches. As Troy got closer he noticed five barbells arranged one after the other. The bars were all parallel to one another, and the space between each bar was too evenly measured to be a fluke.

Troy wasn’t sure if he wanted to know what they were arguing over, but he figured he’d be hearing about it soon enough; the sooner he got it out of the way the better.

“What are you two talking about?” He asked nervously.

“Oh good!” Ike exclaimed happily. The tall, toned, tanned teen was already coated in a sheen of sweat which caused his white muscle shirt to cling to his lithe torso.

“You can help us with this!” Mike chimed in. Mike was every bit as shredded and sweaty as his identical twin. Troy furrowed his brow skeptically but made no effort to press the issue further. He knew they were about to tell him anyway.

“We were just discussing how we thought you’d look with a Jacob’s ladder.” Mike stated matter-of-factly. “Personally, I think it’d look pretty punk rock.” He announced smugly.

“And I think it’d look adorable.” Ike gushed.

Troy slapped his palm to his face and grumbled inaudibly. He could already tell this would be a long and awkward workout.

Troy didn’t have long to lament how annoyingly adorkable the twins were. Once they had seen that their stunt had had the intended result they were quick to move onto phase two of their plans for the afternoon.

“We’re not going to do much strength training with you, no sir.” Mike explained as he ushered Troy over towards one of the empty workout benches.

“Yeah. I think you’ve got plenty of bulk on you already.” Ike added in a tone that was more a salacious growl than anything else as he slipped a hand down the front of Troy’s flat, milky white tummy. Ike’s hand continued to drift slowly and sensually lower and lower; down, down past his smooth, clean-shaven crotch, and down even further under the waistband of Troy’s overstuffed gym shorts until it came to a rest atop Troy’s massive, flaccid cock. Troy could feel the blood rushing to his face and his dick which was exactly the reaction Ike was hoping for.

Troy let out a soft yelp and hopped away from his friend’s erotic touch. It seemed the twins were getting bolder and bolder by the day. There was a time when the twins seemed to limit their teasing to gentle ribbing and the occasional fraternal ass-slap, but lately it was almost as if they just couldn’t keep their hands off of Troy’s lean, slender physique, or his thick, massive cock, or his gigantic, swollen nuts.

“I… kind of like how I look as is.” Troy stammered. Troy tried his best to look away from both of the brothers to hide the fact that he was blushing, but as he turned to the side he was greeted by the sight of his own face glaring back at him. He could see the twins reflected in the mirror as well, and it was obvious by the grins on their faces that they were well aware of the effect they were having on him.

“That’s enough of that.” Mike playfully chastised his brother. He then nodded to Troy and gently patted the bench to indicate that Troy should lay down on it.

“Come along.” Mike said cheerily. “Let’s get you started with some presses. I’d love to see your form.”

“Oh yes. We’d both love to see your form.” Ike giggled.

Troy wanted to slap a palm to his face once more, but he decided against it. Given how often the twins loved to set themselves up for double entendres Troy’s face would be battered and bruised before he even finished his workout if he kept slapping himself with each loaded phrase the twins uttered.

Troy begrudgingly crawled onto the bench and awaited further instructions. To his surprise Mike and Ike gathered around him and were grinning down at him. Troy instinctively tensed up as he awaited what new form of teasing they had in store for him, but to his surprise they seemed to be waiting for something.

Troy fidgeted awkwardly on the bench. It wasn’t that he was uncomfortable… not physically anyway. The bench was set at just the right height that his junk could spill over the edge of the seat and dip low enough to sit comfortably on the floor before. While the position was comfortable, it caused the waistband of his custom-fit gym shorts to slide even lower than it already did on a normal basis and caused the top several inches of his gargantuan schlong to be revealed for the viewing pleasure of the rest of the gym goers, and several of them were blatantly taking advantage of this fact. No matter where Troy’s eyes drifted he could be sure that at least one random exerciser would have their gaze firmly locked on his exposed junk. Troy tried to block all the gazes out, but he could feel the heat rushing to his face anyway. His nuts ever so slightly swelled up with each passing second as his hormones raged out of control.

Troy tried to find something else to focus on, but no matter what he just couldn’t bring himself to look at the twins faces. It wasn’t that they were gazing lustily at him like some of the other people. Worse. They were looking at him with soft, some would even say, gentle gaze. Whenever Troy’s drifting gaze locked with that of either of the twins he could feel himself blushing even harder. Another sensation accompanied the flush in his face, but it was far different than the churning in his nuts that the gazes from the various other people gave him. Rather he could feel a fluttering in his stomach as if a cloud of butterflies were holding their own private rave beneath the milky white expanse of his flat tummy.

Troy chewed nervously on his lower lip as his eyes kept drifting this way and that in search of something that could get his mind off the conflicting hormones that were running rampant in his body. Without even realizing it his gaze had glided to a halt right at Ike’s exposed midriff. The tall, muscular teen had his shirt pulled up to his face in order to wipe some of the sweat from his brow. Troy couldn’t help but stare at the soft contours of the swimmer’s impeccably sculpted abs. The rich caramel color of Ike’s sun-kissed Brazilian skin was a stark contrast to Troy’s own pasty white complexion.

Troy knew first hand that Mike and Ike’s skin was that same rich color from top to bottom. He had witnessed their bodies in all their radiant glory on numerous occasions over the course of the school year. The twins had a heated pool at their house; this, coupled with the constantly warm climate of the region, meant that they could swim at any time of the year, and they were constantly taking advantage of it. Troy often joined them in their backyard pool, but unlike the twins, Troy was physically incapable of tanning.

The twins always seemed to wear as little as possible when it was just the three of them, and the pool was no exception. Troy never would have believed it possible for them to find a swimsuit that was more revealing than their standard issue, swim team speedos, but he was dead wrong. The outfit the twins wore at home was little more than a small pouch that barely held their respectable package. Troy could swear that the fabric was almost see through. The twins claimed that the swimwear was perforated to allow sunlight through and give them an even tan. They used the exact same argument to also explain why the rest of the swimsuit was little more than a series of strings that were barely thicker than fishing wire. Troy couldn’t deny that it left the brothers without any noticeable tan-lines, but Troy was sure they only wore the suits in order to get Troy hot under the collar; which was something that their choice of attire no doubt did. By the end of every pool session Troy‘s nuts would be so large that he would be able to float atop them like a raft.

The image of the twin’s respectable bulges and impeccably shredded physique was forever seared into Troy’s mind, and now that he had gotten a brief, fleeting glimpse of Ike’s abs, he couldn’t shake the image from his mind’s eye. His chubbing cock gave a happy buck and his nuts began to audibly roil as he tried to clear his head enough to begin his workout regimen.

The twins had obviously noticed Troy’s reaction. Their soft, gentle smiles grew and stretched into wide, toothy grins. No words were exchanged between then, and in fact no words were needed. The twins understood each other on an emotional level. With only a brief nod shared between the two of them, both brothers reached down and began to pull their gym shirts up and over their heads. Troy’s breath caught in his throat as their chiseled abs and thick, toned pecs came into view. Troy could feel the blood rushing to his groin anew as his cock continued to chub and his balls continued to swell. Already his short were getting uncomfortably tight. If this kept up they wouldn’t survive until the end of his set, but Troy had never expected them to last that long from the beginning.

“Phew.” Ike said. “Feels good to get that off. It was getting soaked.” He added as he playfully stretched. The maneuver just caused all the muscles in his upper body to tense and flex enticingly for Troy’s viewing pleasure. The thin layer of sweat gave his rich, caramel skin a glossy sheen which in turn caused the ridges and contours of his chiseled musculature to be displayed even more prominently. Troy felt like his eyes were trying to bulge right out of their sockets, and his balls were trying to do the same in his shorts.

“Yeah.” Mike concurred. “It was sticking to me so bad I might as well have been wearing nothing at all.”

“Nothing at all.” The words echoed in Troy’s head over and over. His mind’s eye was flooded with images of the twins in their tiny, spaghetti-strap swimming thongs. Their big dicks prominently displayed in the overstuffed front pouch of their tiny speedos. Their glistening muscles flexing and rippling for him to ogle.

Troy was fighting an internal battle with himself. Part of him wanted to strip the mental image of the twins of their ridiculously undersized shorts and let their cocks flop free, but part of him resisted with all its might. These were his friends not some objects for him to lust over. Troy’s internal battle to stop himself from fantasizing about the hot, handsome, hella-cut hombres was suddenly derailed when he felt a hand against his forehead.

“Are you feeling alright?” Mike asked as he gently brushed Troy’s damp, purple bangs away from his eyes. Troy hadn’t even started lifting yet and he was already covered in sweat. It was because the hot lamps were glaring down upon him. At least, that’s the story that Troy kept telling himself.

“Y-yeah… I’m fine.” Troy murmured. Mike and Ike exchanged uncertain glances but then shrugged.

“Well, if you say so…” Ike muttered.

“We’ll start you with something light. Today’s all about teaching you the basics anyway.” Mike chimed in. He quickly grabbed a bar from the rack and handed it to Troy to hold.

Troy felt silly holding the bar above him. It didn’t even have any weights on it. It was just the bar. He half thought this was some sort of joke. He furrowed his brow and glanced up at the twins uncertainly, but they merely grinned and nodded.

“You’ll be fine.” Ike said.

“We’ll be right here to help you so let’s do some bench presses.” Mike added.

Troy shrugged his shoulders and set to work on doing a few reps. To Troy’s surprise Mike stepped forward so that he was straddling the bench. Mike’s crotch was a scant few inches from Troy’s eyes. He tried his best to not stare, but Mike’s short little running shorts didn’t do nearly a good enough job of covering his assets. Troy could actually see just a bit of his pal’s balls and some of his shaft peeking through behind the hem of his shorts. Troy’s heart beat harder than before. This was the first time he had actually seen the cock in the flesh. Sure, he had seen the outline and the silhouette, but he had never seen the color of it. From the brief fleeting glimpses he could get, he could tell that Mike’s cock and balls were the same rich color as the rest of his gloriously tanned body.

Troy’s horny mind started shooting to thoughts of how the rest of it looked. Was he cut? What color was the head? Was it veiny? Smooth? Troy’s mind was working overtime trying to lovingly craft a high-def, 3D model of his pal’s thick dick. Troy’s own cock was starting to bone by this point, and his humongous nuts were rivaling the size of the yoga balls tucked away in the corner of the weight room. His shorts creaked in protest, but for the time being they held their ground.

Troy was snapped from his trance as he felt Mike’s fingertips softly press against the back of his hands. Mike was now squatting down just enough that his balls were pressing against Troy’s forehead. Troy’s mind was overheating enough thanks to his lurid daydreams, and the warmth emanating from his pal’s package was doing nothing to alleviate the situation.

“Keep going. I’ll spot you.” Mike said gently coaxing Troy on to do more reps. Troy instinctively threw himself into the task. He was spurred on in equal parts by a desire to hide the nature of his daydreams and in an effort to please his pal. Something about Mike’s soft, tender cheering made the butterfly rave in Troy’s gut turn into a full-fledged mosh pit.

After just a few reps Troy could feel his muscles screaming for a break, but he kept on going. With each push he could feel Mike’s fingertips pressing against the backs of his hands giving him just enough of a nudge to let him know that he’d be there if Troy needed it but was letting Troy do the lifting all by himself.

Troy’s arms shuddered halfway up. He didn’t think he’d be able to make it, but right as he was sure he’d crack he felt Mike’s fingertips press ever so slightly harder. The small push gave Troy the extra ounce of strength he needed to finish. He gave a soft, triumphant grunt as he shoved the bar all the way up.

Ike unceremoniously plucked the bar from Troy’s shuddering grasp and deposited it back on the rack. Mike meanwhile gave Troy a quick peck on the forehead. Troy’s already flushed face turned another three shades redder, and his semi-boned cock gave a hard lurch. He had never actually been kissed by one of them before. It was so completely unexpected that Troy had been caught completely off guard. His cheeks burned from embarrassment and something else, and his lips seemed to ache for the touch of Mike’s own against his.

“That was great!” Mike gushed. His deep brown eyes seemed to sparkle.

“How are you feeling?” Ike asked.

“My arms… they don’t want to move…” Troy groaned.

“The good news is we’re going to do some legs next.” Ike replied.

Troy turned his gaze to his side in an effort to shoot Ike a grumpy glower, but upon setting eyes on his pal, Troy’s eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. Ike’s shorts seemed to have slid ever so slightly lower ever since he had pulled his shirt off. Now the deeply cut V where his lower abdominal muscles of his eight pack abs came together was openly on display as was the upper edge of his neatly trimmed patch of pubes. Ike’s brown body hair blended flawlessly with his caramel skin. It looked so soft and fuzzy that Troy couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like against his fingertips… or against his lips.

A loud snap split the air of the weight room as the waistband of Troy’s long-suffering shorts finally gave up. Troy’s towering cock flung loose and stood straight up at attention for all to see. A heavy hail of pre flung off of his dick as it swung upright like a catapult being fired. The heavy droplets crashed audibly against the mirrored walls and the tiled roof. His dick was now so large and so rigid that it stood almost four feet tall and pointed straight at the ceiling.

Mike and Ike were grinning from ear to ear as they watched Troy’s massive, shuddering cock. It had proved easier than they had expected to get the beast to break free of its prison, but they were not nearly done with Troy yet.

“C’mon. Up ya go.” Ike said as he slipped his hands under Troy’s armpits and slowly coaxed the much slimmer and shorter guy up to his feet. Troy fidgeted awkwardly as he stood there. His dick was so huge that it jutted out almost four feet in front of him and it was thicker than his waist. His nuts were now so swollen that they rested solidly on the floor at his feet. Either enormous orb wobbled and roiled as cum audibly sloshed inside.

“Time to hit the showers, right?” Troy asked meekly. He really didn’t need the twins to say anything. The devious glint in their eyes said everything he needed to know.

“So soon? You haven’t even done any leg exercises yet.” Mike replied.

“Yeah. Never skip legs, bro.” Ike chimed in.

“Oh… well… what did you have in mind?” Troy asked. He struggled in vain to pull his loose tank top down over his dick, but it was just not working.

“Let’s do something simple since it’s your first time.” Mike replied. “I was thinking some basic squats would work.”

“O…k…” Troy replied. He was reluctant and it sounded through in his voice, but he knew he didn’t have much choice at the moment. The twins weren’t nearly done with him yet.

“Leave this one to me.” Ike said. Before either Troy or Mike had a chance to say anything, Ike was behind Troy and had his hands on the smaller guy’s shoulder. Ike deftly guided Troy over to a more open area. Troy wasn’t terribly thrilled about the change in venue. For starters it put him facing the mirrored wall so he could see firsthand just how ridiculous he looked. He was completely nude except for his bright green tennis shoes and his grey tank top. His huge cock jutted out comically before him. Part of Troy wanted to redirect his gaze to some other part of the room, but he knew that if he did that he’d end up meeting the gazes of some of the other curious and aroused gym-goers.

“Looks a little silly to be wearing just a shirt…” Mike stated.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Ike chimed in. Before Troy even had a chance to react Ike had his fingers latched around the bottom hem of his shirt. Ike quickly pulled Troy’s shirt up and over his head leaving the slender guy completely nude except for his sneakers. Troy struggled in vain to put his hands over his dick, but his cock alone more than dwarfed his arms let alone his hands.

“Much better.” Mike chuckled. Troy scowled at him, but made no effort to make any other arguments.

“Now then. Squats. Show us what you’ve got.” Ike said.

Troy glanced pleadingly from one brother to the next, but they both just looked at him with a bemused smirk on their face and a horny gleam in their eyes. Troy sighed dejectedly and then began to squat down. He made one half-hearted attempt and then huffed, “There.”

“That’s not nearly good enough!” Mike retorted.

“Yeah! You’re not working your muscles unless you go nice and low.” Ike chimed in. “Once more, and I want to see you really go down low this time.”

Troy grumbled silently but then actually attempted a decent squat. He got as low as he did the first time without any trouble, but then he held that post for a moment.

“A little more…” Ike said.

Troy sighed inwardly and slowly lowered himself down further. He felt silly, and not just because he was completely naked. As Troy went lower and lower he dipper farther behind the wall of flesh that was his own giant nut sack. His massive nuts caused his huge dick to point ever farther upward the lower his ass dropped.

Troy was almost low enough to be doing an effective squat, but Ike wasn’t satisfied. With each and every inch that Troy dropped, his big, bubbly butt jutted out behind him ever more. The maneuver was causing his cheeks to spread apart granting Ike a clearer view of the pale white, clean shaven expanse between Troy’s juicy butt cheeks. Ike’s dick was already rock hard in his shorts. He felt like he could pop at any second, but he had another idea.

“Just a little lower…” Ike said. He watched intently as Troy sank just a few inches lower. The maneuver caused he ass to jut out just a little farther, but it was enough. Ike was given a brief, clear view straight at Troy’s clean-shaven hole. Troy’s tight little pucker seemed to shudder expectantly as Ike stared on.

In reality though, Troy’s whole body was shuddering not just his ass. He had never done squats before and the muscles in his legs were screaming at him. He held the pose as long as he could while awaiting further instructions, but he quickly reached a point where he couldn’t hold on any longer. He tried to stand back up, but his legs weren’t strong enough. He could feel the muscles in his thighs give out on him as he made it almost halfway back up. He gasped in shock and stumbled backwards. He was sure he was going to crash hard onto the ground below. The floor was carpeted, but the carpeting wasn’t nearly soft enough to break his fall.

Troy felt a pair of arms wrap around him before he could completely lose his balance. “Woah, now.” Ike said. “Are you ok?”

“Uh… yeah. That didn’t go too well, did it?” Troy replied.

“You did fine.” Mike responded in an effort to console the winded teen.

“Yeah. Your form needs some work though.” Ike added. Troy grumbled silently in reply, but his sour demeanor did nothing to dim Mike and Ike’s cheery disposition.

“You just need a little practice is all.” Mike explained.

“Yeah. Come on. Let’s do some more. I’ll walk you through the form.” Ike added.

Troy slowly got back to his feet. His legs still felt sore, but even just those few seconds of rest were enough for his muscles to recover quite a bit. To his surprise Ike came right up behind him and wrapped his arms around Troy’s slender body causing Troy to gasp involuntarily.

“Just follow my lead.” Ike murmured seductively into Troy’s ear. Ike pulled Troy in tight and positioned himself so that he was directly behind his purple haired pal.

“Legs farther apart. Feet forward. Straighten your back.” Ike instructed. Troy quickly complied with each command. By the time he was done, Troy’s bare back was pressed directly against Ike’s own exposed abs.

“Ok. Now do it with me.” Ike said to gently coax Troy. “Remember. Keep your back straight. Now squat down.” When given the order Troy slowly lowered himself down. To his surprise Ike kept pace with him every step of the way. As Troy squatted lower he could feel the insides of Ike’s lithe, toned legs, brushing against his outer thighs. He could feel Ike’s sculpted abs pressing flush against his back as they went down in unison.

“Keep those abs tight.” Ike instructed. His finger tips brushed across Troy’s flat stomach as if to point out which muscles Troy should be using, but Ike’s touch was far too sensual to be merely a teaching tool. Troy’s breath caught in his throat as Ike’s fingers drifted lower and lower. Troy shuddered in ecstasy as he felt Ike’s hands brush against his smooth crotch and his over-sensitive cock. Troy’s dick lurched hard. The steady trickle of pre began to ramp up even more so that now he had a continuous flow of clear liquid cascading down his rigid cock.

“Good. Now back up.” Ike instructed. Troy complied and began to once again raise himself up. Once again Ike kept Troy’s pace perfectly. Troy could feel Ike’s rigid dick digging into the small of his back as they both rose up. At first Troy thought it was just a result of their synchronized squatting, but as they continued their reps it became apparent that there was more at work. With each repetition Ike’s cock would rub against the small of Troy’s back. Ike was unabashedly grinding his dick against Troy in the middle of a busy gym. Troy didn’t have much room to complain though. He was bare-assed naked with the world’s largest cock exposed for all to see. His humongous dick shuddered as it begged for release, but Troy was determined to hold out as long as he could.

Troy’s legs were getting more and more tired with each pass, and his head was getting foggier the more Ike continued to grope and grind. He had no idea how many reps he had managed when his legs finally gave out from under him. Troy went tumbling backwards. He expected to land flat on his ass on the hard gym floor, but to his surprise he landed softly in Ike’s lap. Ike had realized that Troy was at his limit and effortlessly repositioned himself to catch his little buddy.

“I’d say that’s enough for one day.” Ike said with a soft chuckle. Ike’s arms had not left Troy’s torso for a moment since they had begun their squats. He once again pulled Troy in tight, but this time there was no pretense of teaching him proper form. It was an honest, earnest hug. Troy’s face turned a few shades redder as he felt his bud’s powerful arms wrap tenderly around him. Troy was so much shorter and slimmer than Ike that he felt like a little kid in his older brother’s lap. The illusion didn’t last for long though. Troy’s shuddering cock refused to be ignored. The humongous spire towered above the two pal’s heads as it bucked and lurched. The immense tool threatened to blow like a volcano at any moment.

“Yeah. That’s a wrap.” Mike concurred. “Let’s his the showers.”

Troy didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly staggered to his feet. His balls were now so huge that he didn’t even know if he’d be able to move. He really didn’t want to have to drain them here in the open, but he might not have a choice in the matter. Troy took a few awkward steps, and to his surprise his balls began to slide along with him.

“A little hand over here?” Came Mike’s voice from the opposite side of Troy’s junk. Troy’s nuts were now so large that he couldn’t even see over them. Worse yet the two gigantic cum banks were so massive that he barely even registered the feeling of his buddy’s palms pressed hard against them.

“With gusto.” Ike replied. He hurried dashed over to the other side of Troy’s package and joined with his brother in pressing against them. The twins were really getting into it. Troy could feel the brothers mashing their backs against his nuts and slowly shoving them back. The feeling was maddeningly wonderful. The twins were shoving with all their might, but it only equated to a soft, sensual massage against his colossal balls.

The three of them slowly made their way towards the elevator. The lift was typically reserved for those in wheelchairs or otherwise had their mobility impaired, but Troy figured that he more than fit the bill in his current state. Troy backed into the metal enclosure and the twins continued shoving from the outside. Soon Troy was pinned against the doors on the opposite side by the sheer bulk of his gigantic balls. He was fortunate that the lift was so spacious. The elevator was designed to be wide enough that a person in a wheelchair and the driver would be able to effortlessly spin around as needed.

Troy was still afraid he wouldn’t fit though. His nuts were still swelling by the second, and the twins constant rubbing and pushing was doing nothing to assuage his arousal. He let out a sigh of relief as the doors slid shut. Somehow he had avoided getting his sack pinched in the closing doors, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet. There was no way that Troy could ever hope to reach any of the buttons to move the lift. He fidgeted and struggled but it was no use. He figured he was stuck there until someone else called for the elevator on the bottom floor.

Fortunately it barely took more than a few seconds for the elevator to start its downward trek. The gears squeaked and rattled as the lift slowly made its way. Troy didn’t know how much the lift was designed to hold, but he suspected his nuts were putting him close to the legal limit.

Troy yelped in shock as the doors behind him slid open. He tumbled backwards, but was quickly caught by two pairs of strong arms.

“Woah there.” Mike said.

“I think he’s falling for us.” Ike chimed in. The twins both started laughing at this. Troy wanted to say something to defend himself, but he was too embarrassed. No words were forthcoming. He quickly buried his face in his hands to hide the fact that his cheeks had once again turned bright crimson.

“Now for the hard part…” Mike murmured.

“Yeah. I don’t think pulling will work.” Ike concurred.

“It can’t be helped.” Mike stated.

“Over and up!” Ike replied.

The twins quickly grabbed onto Troy’s massive nut sack and scrambled over the pale expanse of churning balls. Troy struggled with all his might not to cream, but there was so much working against him. Not only was he hornier than he had been in ages, but the twins were clad in just their short little running shorts which gripped their toned asses perfectly and the constant gripping and groping as the twins scaled his balls was maddeningly fantastic.

The twins vanished from Troy’s view, but he could still very much feel them. He could feel their feet digging into his soft flesh and roiling balls as they braced themselves against the far wall and kicked with all their might. The elevator creaked in protest, but Troy’s massive nuts slowly began to slide through the wide double doorway. Once he was free from the elevator it was just a short albeit arduous crawl to the locker rooms, but the trek took only a few minutes with the twins help.

Troy was about to duck into the locker room, but to his surprise the twins kept pushing. “Woah!” Troy yelped as he was almost bowled over by his gigantic, sliding nut sack.

“Sorry!” Mike called from the other side of Troy’s erogenous expanse.

“We’re skipping the lockers!” Ike added. “And going straight to the showers.”

Troy wasn’t about to argue. He was already clad in nothing but his sneakers so it wasn’t like he had much to put in his locker anyway, and the twins were pretty much calling the shots right now. Troy couldn’t move anywhere by himself thanks to the sheer size of his nuts.

After a few more minutes of staggering and shoving the three friends made their way into the showers. Troy was actually glad that the shower room was just one large, open room with a bunch of dials and showerheads on the walls. Normally he would have preferred to have his own stall, but there was no way he’d be able to fit in one in his current state.

Troy was positioned directly in the center of the room so he couldn’t reach any of the dials no matter how hard he tried. He could do nothing but stand there and wait for one or both of the brothers to show up to help, and wait he did. He was starting to get worried that the twins were going to just leave him there. They did love to put him in awkward situations and watch him squirm, but that seemed like too cruel of a prank for them.

Troy’s fears instantly vanished the second the twins came into view. Troy’s jaw dropped. His eyes felt like they were going to bug right out of his skull. His dick gave a hard lurch of approval. The twins were actually wearing less clothing than Troy was. They didn’t have a single stitch on them, not even shoes! It was the first time Troy had actually seen their cocks, and the twins’ dicks far surpassed his expectations. Mike and Ike were both sporting boners that were closing in on a solid foot in length. Troy never would have guessed that their dicks were so huge. It didn’t really make any sense. He had seen them tenting in their shorts before. The tents never seemed large enough to house their current towering rods.

The twins both cocked their heads and flashed an identical pair of mischievous, knowing smiles. “Like ‘em, don’t ya?” Ike playfully inquired. He and Mike then started making a lap around the room and turning the dials for the showers to hot.

“It seems like some of your growth is starting to rub off on us.” Mike explained as he turned yet another dial.

“Not that I’m complaining.” Ike added as he flipped another dial.

“I’m not complaining either.” Mike agreed. He had a saucy growl to his voice that mirrored his sultry smirk.

“How about you?” Ike asked. Troy was so horny that he could barely even think to form a question, but that hardly mattered. The twins weren’t about to give him a chance to respond.

“You don’t have any complaints do you?” Mike asked as he turned another dial. Again Troy couldn’t respond. All he could do was stare lustily at the tall, toned brothers and their thick, meaty, uncut footlongs. By this point the shower was so full of hot steam that it felt more like a sauna than a shower.

“I’ll take that as a no.” Ike replied with a soft chuckle. The twins continued their lap around the shower room to turn the rest of the dials, but they soon vanished behind Troy incredibly huge balls leaving Troy alone once again.

Troy stood there and waited anxiously for any sign of the twins, but they were taking their time. All the showers had been turned on already so there didn’t seem to be a reason for them to be hiding. Troy suddenly gasped as he felt something hot and wet slap against one of his nuts. His cock shuddered appreciatively as he felt the same sensation against his other ball. Troy quickly began to realize what it was happening.

A layer of soapy foam began to cover Troy’s nuts as the twins happily scrubbed away at the vast expanse of balls that were splayed out before them. It was more like washing a car than giving their buddy a bath especially considering the sheer size of Troy’s junk, but the twins could still hear the soft coos and moans that slipped from Troy’s mouth as they worked. The large, steamy showers seemed to amplify the sounds causing Troy’s sighs and whimpers to echo and reverberate through the foggy room.

The twins slowly worked their way back around until they were standing on either side of Troy. Ike had a hand on one of Troy’s shoulders, and Mike’s hand rested gently on the other. The twins gazed intently at Troy as they ran their soapy washcloths tenderly down the front of Troy’s body; over his flat, boyish chest, down his soft, milky-white belly, across his smooth, hairless crotch, and then back up again.

Troy was going crazy. He wanted to cum, but he also didn’t want this to end so soon. He was loving every second of it. He wanted to feel the twins’ soft caresses over every inch of his body. Troy thought he had experienced everything the twins had to throw at him, but what happened next completely caught him off guard.

“Your face is filthy.” Mike chided playfully.

“Let us wash that off for you.” Ike chimed in.

Troy was expecting them to rub his face with their washcloths, but he was dead wrong. He tensed up as he felt the twins’ soft, supple lips pressed against either cheek. His face burned redder than ever before, and his dick felt even harder. He had to struggle with all his might not to cum.

“You’re so beautiful.” Ike cooed.

“You’re hot as hell.” Mike gushed.

Troy didn’t know what to say. He knew that the twins liked him, but he never in his wildest dreams dared to believe that they like liked him. Troy was overcome by a rush of hormones and emotions. His breathing began to get shallower and more labored and his cock shuddered. He was now dangerously close to cumming. He was fighting a losing battle even without the sensual grunts and coos echoing in his ears as the twins lapped sensually at his cheeks.

Troy was ready to cum when suddenly the twins pulled away. Troy gasped in shock and dismay, but he wasn’t left alone for long. Mike quickly vaulted up his nuts and deftly came to a rest atop Troy’s massive, shuddering cock. Mike grinned playfully down at Troy as he rubbed the soapy washcloth across Troy’s chest. Meanwhile Troy could also feel Ike lathering up his ass, but Troy couldn’t really focus on that. He was too fixated on Mike’s face. Mike’s brown eyes seemed to sparkle in the steamy fog that covered the room.

Troy tensed up as Mike began leaning in closer and closer. Their lips were a scant few inches apart and slowly getting closer. Troy knew what was coming, but he was still having trouble believing it was real. Troy began to relax and even moaned softly as Mike’s lips met his own, but his relaxation was short lived. At almost the exact second that Mike’s lips met Troy’s own Ike’s lips also found their way onto Troy’s body. Troy’s whole body once again tensed up as he felt Ike’s lips and then tongue brush against the sensitive flesh between his full, bubbly butt cheeks. Troy’s whole body shuddered in ecstasy as he felt Ike’s tongue sensually tracing a path up and down his crack.

Troy moaned and panted fervently between heavy kisses as the twins made sweet love to him. Pre was flowing freely from his massive cock and cascading down across his balls and onto the hot, tile floor of the showers. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer, but he was determined to make this last as long as possible. Troy once again tensed up as he felt a tongue slide into him from either end, and that was it for him.

Troy threw his head back and cried in ecstasy as his cock bucked and lurched wildly. Mike had to grab ahold of Troy just to keep from being shaken off. Huge, thick spurts of jizz erupted from Troy’s cock. The heavy rain splashed against the roof and the walls and crashed down upon the tile floor. The massive wads mixed and mingled with the shower water and began pooling on the floor forming an ever-growing, murky, white swamp.

Troy was so pent up that his massive, car sized balls kept tensing up and forcing jizz up his cock for several minutes after the initial salvo. Over and over again Troy cried out and fired spooge all over the showers. The drains were nowhere near equipped to handle the sheer volume of this, gooey spunk. Even with the water from the showers mixing and mingling with Troy’s massive loads the resulting sludge still plugged up all the drains in a matter of seconds.

The giant oozing puddle of spooge continued to grow and spread; it got deeper by the second; it seeped out the door and spread into the locker room and then into the gym lobby. Soon there was not a single room on the lower floor that had not been touched by his colossal wad, and still Troy kept cumming.

By the time Troy was finally spent there was a standing pool of jizz in the showers that was easily a foot deep. Troy could only assume it was just as deep everywhere else in the gym as well, but he was feeling too amazing to really care. All he could think about was how great he felt and how much he wanted to be with the twins.

Troy groggily looked up to see the twins standing over him and staring down at him. Both brothers had their arms crossed in front of their chests and their thick, uncut cocks standing at attention.

“That looked like a lot of fun.” Mike said. He was grinning from ear to ear and had a familiar devious glint in his eyes.

“I kind of wish we could have enjoyed that as much as you did.” Ike chimed in. He had the exact same expression on his face that his identical twin did.

Troy couldn’t even reply. All he could do was stare up at them with a stupid grin plastered across his face, but the twins understood implicitly.

“I think he’s ready for another round.” Mike said to his brother.

“I’d say so too.” Ike replied while gazing at Troy’s still-rigid cock. Already the twins could tell that Troy’s nuts were swelling anew.

“Just sit back and enjoy it.” Mike gently cooed as he stepped in front of Troy and once again prepared to straddle his pal’s massive cock, but Troy had other ideas. Troy had already begun to recover enough, and he wasn’t about to sit back and take it. He propped himself up on his elbows atop his massive cock and pushed himself up so that he was now eye level with Mike’s huge, thick cock. Troy was practically salivating. He had long fantasized about sucking another man’s cock, but he had never dared dream that he’d be deep-throating his friend’s thick tool.

Troy ran his tongue up and down the length of Mike’s fully-boned cock. He could taste the mellow flavor of his friend’s skin as well as a small trace of the soap they had all been using just a moment before. Mike slowly inched forward until Troy’s face was right against his crotch. Troy angled his face downward so that he could reach Mike’s golf-ball sized nuts with his mouth and begun suckling on the soft flesh of his pal’s loose sack.

It was now Mike’s turn to moan softly as Troy worked over his cock and balls. He had it on good authority that this was Troy’s first real sexual encounter, but despite his lack of practice Troy was giving Mike the blowjob of a lifetime.

The two friends were so wrapped up in their moment together that they didn’t even notice that Ike had slogged out of the room. A moment later Ike had returned with something in his hands but neither of the two lovers had noticed. It wasn’t until the cool liquid made contact with Troy’s shuddering pucker that he realized what was happening. Troy’s entire body tensed up and he inhaled sharply as he felt Ike’s fingers working their way into his ass. Troy could feel the raw power in Ike’s fingers as he dug in, but Ike’s intrusion was surprisingly gentle. Troy had played around with dildos in the past, but he had always taken some warming up before he felt comfortable shoving things in. Ike seemed to know just how to properly prep him to make Troy nice and loose. Somewhere in the back of Troy’s sex-fogged mind he wondered where Ike had learned such a trick, but he had a sneaking suspicion about it. The twins did love to share everything after all.

Troy was once again breathing heavily and cooing softly. He was no longer able to focus enough to give Mike’s thick cock the sucking it deserved, but Mike was not at all put off. He gripped his dick and tenderly guided it towards Troy’s open mouth. As if by instinct Troy began suckling the tip of the dick as he felt it cross his lips. Soon after Troy felt the tip of Ike’s cock sliding in from behind. Troy’s entire body felt like it could burst with joy. He had wanted a cock inside of him for ages, and now he had not one but two!

The twins slowly sunk their cocks deeper and deeper inside of Troy. Fortunately Troy’s massive nuts propped his ass up high enough that Ike didn’t even have to squat down. Troy’s ass was the perfect height off the ground for plowing. Troy’s entire body shuddered as the twins’ cocks plunged all the way in unison. Troy could feel Mike’s cock stretching out his throat; he could feel Mike’s balls pressing against his chin; he could feel Ike’s dick plunged deep inside of him and pressing against that sensitive spot deep inside of him; and he could feel Ike’s balls pressing against his soft, puffy taint.

The twins matched each other’s pace as the pulled in and out in unison. Troy wanted to please both of them. He tried to rock his hips in time with Ike’s thrusts and he tried to run his tongue along Mike’s cock as it moved in his mouth, but he was so exhausted and overcome by the raw sensuality of it all that he could only manage the most feeble of attempts. Neither Mike nor Ike seemed to mind. The two of them were happily plowing away at their little friend.

All three of them were in ecstasy but no one more so than Troy. His huge nuts were already once again roiling with pent up cum. His massive, rigid cock was shuddering and begging for release. As the twins continued to pound him, their constant motions caused the lake of cum around them to froth and churn.

Troy could feel the twins’ cocks shuddering within his mouth. He could hear their deep moans and heavy breathing. He knew they were about to blow, and that was just as well because he too was nearing his limits. The twins both dug in at the same time. Troy could feel their dicks plunging deeper into him than they had ever done before. His ass felt so full that he wanted to cream immediately, and his throat was so full that he couldn’t even breathe, but he wasn’t worried. He knew that it would be over in a second, and he eagerly awaited what came once they were done.

Troy’s eyes fluttered shut. Had it been physically possible to do so he would have let a soft, contented moan, but Mike’s huge dick prevented any sounds from escaping his throat. Troy could feel their dicks give one last hard lurch before firing in unison. Troy himself started spurting a mere second later. Troy wished he could taste the spunk that was being pumped into him, but he was content to feel it sliding down his throat. Both brothers managed three or four solid spurts before their cocks stopped shuddering.

Troy on the other hand was showing no signs of stopping. His huge cock lurched hard between Mike’s legs with each shot. Huge, heavy wads of spunk shot across the steamy showers and crashed against the far wall. Troy’s nuts were nowhere near as large as they had been before, but he still had several gallons of spooge stashed away in his beach ball sized cum-banks.

Before Troy had even finished shooting the twins were already starting to pull out. Troy could taste the few residual dripped of spooge that oozed out of Mike’s cock as he slowly pulled his cock out. The mellow taste was even better than Troy had hoped. Meanwhile Troy could feel Ike’s deflating cock slowly sliding out of his stretched out ass. He was a little sad that it had to be over so soon, but he had a reasonable belief that they would be doing this a lot more in the future.

When Troy’s torrent had finally died down he once again collapsed into a heap atop his massive cock. The pool of jizz had fortunately drained down enough that he no longer had to worry about his mouth being below the murk as he lay there. He could do nothing but lie there gasping for air as his brain continued to feel like it was tuned into a station that only got static. He was vaguely aware that the twins were talking about him, but he couldn’t be sure what they were thinking.

“God, he’s cute when he’s laying there like that.” Ike murmured.

“You think he’s cute all the time.” Mike sassed back.

“And you don’t?” Ike retorted.

“Well… I suppose he is kinda.” Mike mused out loud.

“Kinda. More like Hella.” Ike shot back.

“Whatever. We should get the bags ready. I don’t think he’ll be ready to move any time soon.” Mike said dismissively.

“Fine, fine.” Ike grumbled. “Oh, and I got dibs on the mouth next time.”


Fair Play

Troy could hear the familiar, frenetic tapping on his bedroom door, but he had no intention of getting out of bed to go answer it. He pulled is pillow over his head and hoped against hope that the hyperactive twins would leave him alone for a few more hours and allow him to get a full night’s sleep, but he already knew it was not meant to be. As much as he loved hanging out with the twins Troy wished that they weren’t so damn chipper in the mornings. Some people liked to stay up into the wee hours of the night in order to defeat the uber boss at the end of the secret dungeon, and said people didn’t like to be dragged out of bed at the impossible early hour of 10 am.

The pounding on the door abruptly stopped, and for a brief fleeting moment Troy thought that his best pals might actually let him sleep in, but it was not to be. The door swiftly swung open and thumped loudly against the door stop. Troy knew there was no avoiding it now, but he was determined to eke out even a few more seconds of bed time and pulled his covers even tighter around his body in hopes that the twins would not notice him.

Troy would have needed a lot more covers than he currently had in order to hide from the twins though. Not only would the lump that his body formed be unmistakable but his oversized cock and balls stuck out over the edge of the sheets. Troy hadn’t gotten off since before bed so his cum-roiling nuts were currently the size of a set of beanbag chairs and his enormous cock drooped over the edge of the bed so far that the tip of it grazed the carpet beneath.

“Out of bed, sleepy-butt.” Mike chided playfully.

“Yeah! Don’t tell me you forgot what day it is.” Ike chimed in.

Troy had to search his memory banks. He was so tired and groggy that his sense of date and time was hazy at best. He had stayed up so late last night because he didn’t have classes to go to today so he knew it was a Saturday, but there was something special about today…

“It’s the first day of the fair!” Mike announced emphatically.

“Yeah! Carnival rides! Cotton Candy! It’ll be awesome!” Ike added.

Troy sat up in bed so fast that his covers flew clean off his body. “Omigosh,” He sputtered. “That’s today!?”

“Hell yeah! Hurry and get ready. I don’t want to miss it!” Ike pleaded.

Troy didn’t need to be told twice. He hurtled out of bed and staggered awkwardly towards the shower. He was clad only in his pajamas which in his case consisted of only an oversized t-shirt which gave the twins a clear view of his cute, round, bubble butt and his oversized cock and balls, but neither of the brothers had any interest in complaining. They stood back and soaked up the view as Troy’s cute little butt bobbed and swayed and his enormous balls swung and sloshed.

Troy was actually glad for the extra mass in his sack this morning. It meant his oversized dong had to droop out and over his engorged nuts instead of just dangling straight down. At his current size, the tip of his tick tended to graze the carpet when he walked unless he held it in his arms or he wore his fitted shorts. The extra cum in his banks meant that he could free up his hands for other important duties such as rubbing the sleep from his tired eyes.

Troy staggered into his bathroom and opened his medicine cabinet above his sink. The shelves were stocked with all the various items he would need to start his day; toothpaste, floss, toothbrush, deodorant, dildos, lube, beads, vibrators… all the typical things a highschooler in his situation would need.

Troy would have loved to take his time and languish in erotic ecstasy as he brought himself to climax with all the various tricks and toys at his disposal, but he was in a hurry. His primary concern was draining his nuts to a more mobile size so he could get cleaned up, get dressed, and get his ass to the fair before he missed all the good stuff. He was already salivating and for once it wasn’t the thought of having a prosthetic penis shoved up his butt that was getting him so excited. He hadn’t had funnel cake in months. The warm, gooey, deep-fried sugary goodness was like crack to him.

Troy hastily stumbled over to the large tub in the corner of his bathroom and aimed his semi-boned wang over the rim. Troy was so glad his folks had installed this tub in his bathroom. It was an industrial grade deep sink complete with non-stick resin polish and industrial strength drains that were guaranteed to not clog up even under the onslaught of his monstrous wads.

Troy hastily slathered some lube on his trusty dildo and began to slide it into him. He sighed and cooed softly as he felt it stretch him out and slip into his eager hole. It felt so amazing, but something was lacking. Troy knew what it was, but he didn’t dare say it out loud. Ever since he had had a real cock inside of him his toys just didn’t seem as exciting anymore. Troy could still vividly taste Mike’s dick and pre as the dude’s long, thick cock had slid in and out of his mouth. Troy could still feel the way Ike’s meaty cock had felt as it passionately reamed his hungry ass. Just remembering the passionate scene the three of them had shared in the showers last week got Troy fully boned all over again. Troy was so lost in his reveries that he barely even noticed that the dildo was seemingly moving of its own volition. It wasn’t until he heard the voices softly murmuring in his ears that Troy realized what was happening.

“Hope ya don’t mind us butting in.” Mike whispered sensually in Troy’s ear.

“We’re in a bit of a hurry, and it’s so much more fun with friends, don’t you agree?” Ike chimed in.

Troy couldn’t say anything even if he had wanted to. He could feel the twins sensually working him over. Each brother had one hand on Troy’s rigid, shuddering cock and the other guiding the rubberized sex toy into Troy’s quivering hole. The twins seemed to be perfectly synchronized, and their combined efforts were leaving Troy feeling like he could melt into putty at any second.

Troy didn’t even try to fight it. He let out a breathy cry. His cock shuddered and then lurched hard. Huge, thick ropes of jizz erupted from his cock and splattered noisily into the basin. Troy’s tongue lolled out of his mouth. His eye’s lost their ability to focus. His entire body shuddered and convulsed, but the twins held him so that he wouldn’t fall into the steadily filling tub.

It hadn’t even been one of Troy’s messiest loads, but the tub was still filled to the brim by the time he had finished. There was no doubt in Troy’s mind that the basin would take several hours to drain completely. Fortunately he didn’t need it again in the near future. He had a second shower stall which was what he used when he needed to get cleaned up, but Troy was still too winded and ecstatic to focus on cleaning up at the moment.

“This way.” Mike murmured softly into Troy’s ear.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” Ike added.

The twins wasted no time in getting Troy out of his shirt and under the showerhead and lathered up. Troy’s dick was still feeling overly sensitive after that powerful orgasm he had just had, but the twins seemed to be doing their best not to needlessly arouse him. It seemed that even as much as they loved making him squirm and cream their desire to get to the fair at a reasonable time was winning out.

The shower was short and thorough which was just as well for everyone involved. With the help of the twins, Troy was dried off, suited up, and loaded into the car before 11 o’clock. Troy still felt a little silly going out in public given his condition, but he had gotten a lot more accustomed to it. The more time he spent with the twins the more comfortable he got with his own body. It was just as well he learned how to cope because the doctors still had no idea what was causing his junk to grow or if it would ever stop.

Troy looked over his body as he sat in the backseat of the Twin’s car. The twins had taken care of getting his outfit picked out and had even combed his hair for him. Troy had protested the entire time, but deep down he actually liked the way they doted over him and he couldn’t argue with the results. They had brushed his violet bangs to the side in just the way that Troy liked, and the clothes were spot on too. The tight, form fitting tank top they had picked out for him really showed off Troy’s slim, slender physique, and the tight, sculpted boxer briefs hugged his cute ass perfectly. Not to mention the special pouch in the front held his oversized package upwards and inwards so that he could walk around easily enough. He just wished it was viable to pull pants on over them because he felt more than a little silly having pant legs that stopped just a few inches below his ass and the lack of pockets was problematic as well.

It was then that Troy realized another problem that his lack of pockets created. “We’ve got to turn around!” Troy squeaked from the back seat. “I left my wallet!”

Mike didn’t even take his eyes off the road. Ike looked back over his shoulder and flashed a smug smirk, but that was the extent of his reaction.

“Come on, guys.” Troy pleaded. “I don’t have any money on me.”

“And who said you’d need any?” Ike asked.

“W… What…?” Troy sputtered in reply.

“Yeah. Today is our treat.” Mike replied.

Troy wasn’t entirely sure where this was going, but his cheeks were already feeling redder and warmer in spite of himself. He turned his gaze and glared out the side window in order to hide his blushing face and huffed indignantly. “I can pay for myself.” He muttered.

“Oh, we know that.” Mike replied playfully.

“But we want to do something special for you.” Ike chimed in. By this point he had spun around in his seat and was staring straight at Troy. There was a gleam in his eyes and a little bit of pink in his tanned cheeks.

“There’s no need to do that.” Troy muttered and once again turned to glance huffily out the window.

“We just want to, ok?” Mike replied.

“Yeah, and… if you want you could think of it as like, you know… a date.” Ike added. Troy turned and glanced over at the tall, tanned guy. Troy couldn’t even remember a time where he had heard Ike’s voice crack like that before. The tall, lithe swim star seemed almost nervous. Ike had slunk down in his seat a bit so now the lower half of his face was obscured behind his headrest. Troy couldn’t see anything below Ike’s eyes, but he could clearly see Ike’s fingers thrumming anxiously against the back of the headrest.

“I… could do that.” Troy responded.

“Yes!!” The twins shouted in unison. They turned and gave each other a high five with such force that the resounding smack echoed through the entire cabin. Troy was too busy grabbing onto the seat for dear life to enjoy how cute the brothers were being. The brief moment that Mike had let go of the steering wheel had allowed the car to begin to drift into the next lane. Mike quickly grabbed the steering wheel and swerved the car back into the center of the lane.

The motion hadn’t been much. To anyone watching from the outside the car would have appeared to be merely dodging a small bit of debris in the middle of the road, but the sudden jerk caused the two turgid cum-banks suspended between Troy’s wide-spread legs to slosh and roil. Even though they had been recently drained they had already swelled back up to the size of NBA certified basketballs. Troy had to sit in the center seat in the back and let his package jut out in front of him as he rode. His nuts were pinned in nice and snug between his lap and the seats in front of him, but his cloth-wrapped cock poked in between the front seats and rested atop glove compartment.

It didn’t take long after that for them to reach their destination. Troy was trying not to show it, but he was positively giddy. He felt like a kid again. He hadn’t been to the fair since he was in grade school. He tried to keep himself from getting too excited. He knew that his memories were tinted with nostalgia. There was no telling if the fair was anywhere near as fun as he remember. The rides may have lost their thrill by now, and novelty might be gone.

The three of them got out of the car and made their way towards the front check-in. Troy must have looked happier than he had intended to because Mike just couldn’t pass up the chance to take a playful jab at him.

“Someone’s looking perky today.” Mike teased playfully.

“I’m not.” Troy said. He was trying his hardest to lie, but he wasn’t fooling anyone. As they stood in line to get their tickets he was anxiously rocking back and forth and bouncing his heels. He was practically vibrating in place he was so excited.

“Suuuuure.” Ike replied sarcastically.

“Whatever. Can you just get the tickets already?” Troy huffed.

Neither Mike nor Ike bothered to reply. They both just chuckled softly and stepped up to the counter.

“Three tickets, please.” Mike said to the cashier and pulled the money out of his wallet. The cashier took the bills and after a brief check to ensure they were all legit, handed Mike a clump of tickets.

“There you are.” The cashier said. “Now if you’ll head over to the security station, all outside baggage must be checked before you can enter.”

“Baggage?” Troy asked.

“We don’t need no stinkin’ baggage.” Ike replied.

The cashier nodded at Troy and explained, “It’s just our policy. We’ve had some issue with some kids smuggling in contraband in the past.”

Troy was still baffled, but Mike and Ike were howling with laughter.

“B-Baggage?” Ike squeaked between guffaws.

“Does this really look like baggage to you?” Mike added. The twins both reached for Troy’s waistband in unison and yanked downward on his shorts causing his huge dick to spill out the front. Troy yelped in surprise and quickly pulled down on the front of his shirt to retain some semblance of modesty, but it was not meant to be. There was just no way his already tight shirt could stretch enough to cover an extra few feet of dong. The cashier’s face turned bright red, but not nearly as red as Troy’s.

“My mistake.” The cashier muttered apologetically and waved the three friends towards the fair.

Mike and Ike were still chuckling as the trio made their way into the main part of the park, but Troy was muttering under his breath and trying to shove his bait and tackle back into its pouch. He had hoped to make it a little further into their festivities before the twins decided to have some fun at his expense, but he had already had a wardrobe malfunction before even making it through the front gate.

Troy’s face was still bright red as he made his way towards the turnstiles. The person working the check-in seemed incredibly disinterested as he repetitively took tickets, scanned the barcode, and nodded for the random fair-goer to proceed. This was just as well for Troy. He was still thoroughly embarrassed after the incident at the ticket counter.

Troy silently handed the attendant his ticket and shoved his way through the turnstile. It was a tight fit, much tighter than he would have preferred. Already his nuts were beginning to swell up to unwieldy sizes. He had to shift and shimmy his way between the posts and shove his way awkwardly through the rotating bars. The bars dug uncomfortably into his balls, but at least he was able to get through with only mild discomfort.

“Oh come now. Even you can’t be all grumbly in a place like this.” Mike chided in response to a loud, low growly, rumbling coming from Troy’s direction.

“Yeah! This is supposed to be a happy place!” Ike chimed in.

“I’m never grumbly.” Troy grumbled. “I’m as ready as anyone to get out there and check out the rides!” He stated defiantly, but the wind was quickly taken from his sails when another loud, low rumbling split the air. All three of them were surprised by the volume and intensity. Mike and Ike exchanged a brief glance and then began snickering. Troy slumped dejectedly and rubbed his painfully empty stomach. He was so caught up in the excitement of seeing the fair that he had completely forgotten to eat breakfast this morning.

“… although maybe we could get something to eat first?” Troy asked with a nervous chuckle. The twins were only all too happy to oblige. They both gave Troy a kindly clap on the shoulder and guided their slimmer, obscenely hung pal over towards the main row of vendor stalls.

After the initial difficulty with getting through the gates, the rest of the day went rather smoothly for Troy and his two pals. With all the sights, and sounds, and games, and rides to keep Troy occupied he could almost put his enormous package out of his mind and enjoy just being a teenager hanging out with his friends. Despite all the fun and distractions Troy’s ever-growing balls were constantly weighing on his mind and his waistband. The twins were on their best behavior which helped a lot, but even so the brothers never seemed to miss the chance to give Troy a congratulatory slap on the ass or a sweet celebratory hug after every minor victory on the midway. It didn’t even seem to matter who had actually won the game. One time Mike had managed to bank a winning shot at the basketball hoop, but it was Troy who was hoisted up on his pals’ shoulders and paraded around like the victor. The twins’ constant antics, playful hugs, and even the occasional tender word were making it so that Troy’s face was constantly burning red and his cock was constantly chubbed.

Troy’s constant state of arousal meant that his nuts were swelling ever so slightly with each passing minute, but he was having too much fun to let it stop him. He was determined to see this day through to the end, and as long as he could still move he figured he’d be fine.

For the most part he was doing just fine even with the obscene bulge in the front of his pants, but trouble finally caught up him when the twins suggested they try the spinning cups ride. Troy watched the contraption as it swirled and twirled and it seemed harmless enough.

“Sure you’re ready for this?” Mike asked. There was a devious tone to his voice that was not lost on Troy, but Troy wasn’t about to let the twins psyche him out.

“As if there was any doubt. This is kiddie shit. I remember this ride from when I was five.” Troy shot back defiantly as he scooted across the bench. The twins quickly sidled up against him on either side.

“You hear that, bro? I think that’s a challenge.” Ike replied with a devious chuckled.

“I hear it loud and clear.” Mike replied. The tone of his voice and the glint in his eyes were just as mischievous as his twin.

Troy had seen that glint many times before and was suddenly worried about what the ride had in store for him. The lock on the door of the vehicle latched shut ominously further fraying Troy’s nerves. He glanced to his left and then to his right. On either side of his the same devious smirk greeted him. There was nowhere he could go. He was sandwiched directly between the twins. It wasn’t like he could just climb up and over the central, circular table either. By this point in the day his nuts had swollen to the size of beach balls and filled up every inch of space between his lap and the cylindrical post in the center. Troy had to sit with his legs spread out as wide as they would go just to allow his bulge to droop down off the seat. Even with the fabric of his over-stretched boxer briefs keeping his nuts pulled inward, Troy’s massive balls still spilled over the sides and pressed up against his pal’s legs.

Mike and Ike weren’t making any effort to get out of the way though. In fact the twins were scooched up as close as they could manage. They both had an arm casually slung over Troy’s shoulders. Their firm, toned pecs were mere inches from Troy’s face. The open sides of their loose muscle shirts gave Troy a clear glimpse of the rippling flesh tucked away beneath.

Troy could feel the warmth rushing to his face and his loins. His balls roiled slightly as they began to swell up ever so slightly. Troy could feel his perpetually chubbed up cock give a slight twitch of approval at their current seating arrangements. He had to focus and try and clear his head. He was afraid that he’d pop wood in the middle of the ride, but it turned out errant boners were the least of his problem.

The second the ride started moving both twins reached down and gripped the central wheel with all their might. No words were exchanged between them; no words were needed. The twins were perfectly in synch as they began to spin the wheel faster and faster. The world started to blur around Troy as the ride reached previously unheard of speeds. The spunk stashed away in Troy’s oversized balls began to swirl and swish.

Troy had never thought of himself as a lightweight, but he could feel himself getting dizzy. He tried to think of anything he could do to keep himself from getting sick. He glanced downwards at the wheel, but the frantic motions of the twins’ hands frenetically spinning the wheel just made him even dizzier.

Troy glanced over to his side and happened to catch Mike’s gaze. Mike was grinning from ear to ear. It was obvious that he was proud of himself and was staring intently at Troy in an effort gauge his purple haired pal’s reaction. Like always the twins were out to get a rise out of him, but Troy refused to give him the satisfaction. Troy turned huffily to his other side and was greeted by Ike’s identical face which had the same identical smug, tooth grin. Troy rolled his eyes and stared up into the sky.

There was a cloud directly above that Troy was trying to focus on in order to keep himself from getting sick, but it wasn’t helping much. His eyes were beginning to hurt from trying to fixate on it as it rapidly spun above him. The whole sky seemed to blend and bleed into a giant swirl of colors.

Just as Troy was just about accustomed to the rapid swirling going on in his brain and his balls, he heard a jovial cry from his side. “rrrrrrrreverse course!” Mike shouted in an obnoxiously fake accent. He even went so far as to roll his Rs to make the accent even more annoying.

“Aye Aye Keptin!” Ike shouted in reply. The twins’ hands gripped the wheel in unison causing the ride to lurch to a halt which in turn caused Troy’s stomach to lurch as well. The ride suddenly began to spin once more. The new motion was too much for Troy. His stomach began to churn and roil almost as badly as his balls. He could feel a burp building up in his gut. He suddenly wished he had spent the better part of the afternoon consuming deep-fried, powdered sugar-lace, grease bombs.

“…guys?” Troy yelped weakly, but the twins didn’t seem to hear him. They were both fixated on the wheel as they pulled and spun in an effort to send the ride spiraling at new and unheard of speeds.

“…seriously guys…” Troy mumbled, but still the twins were tugging away at the wheel. Troy’s gaze started to drift. All he saw everywhere were colors streaking across his field of view at breakneck speeds. Troy tried to say something else, but it only came out as a weak, “urp…”

Ike glanced over at his side and flashed yet another smug grin, but the mirth soon faded from his face. The reddish tinge to Troy’s cheeks that they loved so very much had faded and had been replaced with a sickly green hue.

Ike wasted no time in gripping the center wheel with all his might. He winced in pain as the spinning disk continued to wiz past his raw fingers. Mike turned to scowl at his bro, but the second Mike saw Troy’s face, he too slammed on the breaks. When the ride had finally stopped it’s spinning, Ike turned to help Troy while Mike flagged down the operator.

“Hey… Focus on me. You’ll be alright.” Ike cooed softly as he patted Troy’s cheek. Troy’s gaze slowly drifted over to Ike’s eyes. Everything still felt like it was swirling, but Ike’s deep brown eyes were a steadfast foundation for Troy to fixate on while he tried to regain his senses.

“Let’s get you out of here.” Mike said as he grabbed Troy’s shoulder and helped him to his feet.

Ike grabbed Troy’s other shoulder and added, “On your feet… You’re doing fine.”

Troy’s legs felt like jelly, and his nuts had not stopped roiling. The cum inside his oversized balls were still swirling like chocolate milk in a freshly mixed glass. The constant churning and sloshing made it even harder for him to keep his balanced, but Troy was determined to make it by himself.

“I got it. I got it.” Troy murmured. He shook off his pals and stumbled forward on his own. He made it all of two steps before he staggered and muttered, “I don’t got it.” Troy fell to his knees and flopped facedown atop his own enormous package. The constant sloshing and roiling of the spooge within his balls rocked and buffeted him this way and that as if he were floating in a choppy, stormy sea. Troy gripped and clung to his own chubbed up cock as if it were a large piece of debris from a shipwreck. The constant jarring and jostling did nothing to help his already sickened state.

Mike and Ike quickly rushed to Troy’s side and pulled him back to his feet. They then carried him over towards a nearby bench where they gently set him down.

“He needs water. Keep an eye on him while I get some.” Mike said.

Ike was already way ahead of him. He had propped up Troy’s head and was gently rubbing his shoulders while they waited for Mike’s return. Mike wasted no time in grabbing a bottle of water from a nearby food stall. In a matter of mere moments Mike was back and had the bottle already uncapped and ready for Troy.

“Here you go… not so fast… there we are…” Mike gently coaxed as he poured the water into Troy’s mouth. Troy grumbled between sips, but the green hue slowly gave way to the familiar pink tinge.

“Whew. For a second there I thought you were gonna hurl all over the ride.” Ike said with a chuckle.

“And whose fault is that!?” Troy huffed. He glared grumpily up at his pal, but his glower gave way to a look of confusion and then to a shocked expression of understanding once he realized that his head was resting in his pal’s lap. Troy quickly sat up straight and grumbled a soft “hmmph.”

Mike sidled up beside him and threw his arm over Troy’s shoulder. “You know. You should have told us you get motion sickness. We would have gone easy on you.” He said gently.

“I would have been fine.” Troy said. “I just went a little overboard on the greasy fair food.”

“I’ll say. I never would have believed a skinny guy like you could pack away so many funnel cakes.” Ike said with a slight chuckle as he poked Troy in the ribs for added emphasis.

“I’m a growing boy.” Troy huffed.

“I’ll say!” Mike chimed in before Troy could even continue his statement. Troy turned and tried to scowl playfully as his buddy, but the slight grin on his lips gave him away.

“But in all seriousness, are you feeling ok?” Ike asked.

“Yeah. I’m much better now.” Troy said.

“Great because it’s getting late, but…” Mike said. His voice trailed off at the end. It was obvious that he wanted to say something but was hesitant to do so which just served to make Troy even more curious.

“We’d like to get one more ride in before we go.” Ike chimed in. Troy turned to him and furrowed his brow skeptically.

“It’s nothing like that last one. This is an easy one, I swear!” Mike explained.

“Yeah. No fast motion. No swirly nonsense. Just the three of us and a quiet ride.” Ike added.

“I… I could do that…” Troy responded. The way Ike described it made it so romantic that Troy was turning ever brighter shades of red.

The twins gave Troy enough time to finish his drink and let his stomach settle, but the second he looked like he was fit to travel, the two brothers all but dragged their shorter, slimmer, ludicrously hung friend off to the next ride of the evening. Troy was left staring up in awe at the towering structure before him.

“You want to go on that!?” Troy gasped.

“Yeah. You said you’ve never been on one before, right?” Mike said.

“Yeah. And it’s almost sunset. Can you imagine how great it’d look from up there?” Ike asked.

“It’d look… like a sunset.” Troy replied with a disinterested shrug.

“Don’t be like that.” Mike chided.

“Just use your imagination. The whole horizon spread out before us. The sun sinking lower. Everything bathed in gold.” Ike gushed. Troy was nodding along with Ike’s spiel. The way Ike was getting so into it did make it sound interesting to say the least.

“When you say it that way it almost sounds romantic.” Mike said.

“R-romantic?” Troy yelped. Mike’s words had mimicked his own thoughts, but Troy didn’t dare say so out loud.

“You don’t think so?” Mike asked.

“Besides. You already agreed. One last ride.” Ike pleaded.

Troy sighed. He had already agreed, and how could he say no after the speech Ike had given. The twins were giving Troy their biggest and most adorable puppy dog eyes. As Troy looked from one face to the other he knew he could not say no.

“Ugh. Fine. I’ll do it.” He grumbled.

“Yeah!” Mike shouted.

“Hell yeah!” Ike echoed.

The twins rushed forward and scooped Troy up in their arms. Troy was about to protest, but decided to just go with it. Thrashing would just make things uncomfortable, and having the twins carry him sure beat walking. His nuts had swollen to the size of beanbag chairs and dragged across the ground when he walked even with his super stretchy shorts holding his junk inwards.

The line to the Ferris wheel was so short that Troy and the twins were ready to board in a matter of minutes. The small booth coasted to a stop in front of them, and the attendant opened the door for them to enter. Troy balked when he got a look at the interior. Inside was little more than a bench against the side. He had expected there to be two benches, one on either side of the booth. On one hand this meant that he actually had room for his nuts in the small compartment, but it also meant he’d be sharing a seat with the twins. Although given the way things tended to go with those two, Troy suspected he’d end up sharing a seat with them even if there were forty chairs available for them to use.

Getting through the doorway was a tight fit. Troy winced as he felt the twins shoving his nuts from the other side. It didn’t hurt per se, but it wasn’t the most comfortable feeling either. He just hoped that he didn’t grow too much more during the course of the ride or he would have a difficult time getting back out again.

Once his nuts were through the doorway, Troy flopped down in the middle of the bench and let out a sigh of relief. His huge, sloshing, churning nuts filled up just about every inch of the cabin in front of him. He was glad that his nuts were still small enough that they didn’t block his view of the windows, but the way his nuts filled the entire floor meant that he had to rest his feet atop them as if they were large, cum-filled ottomans which in term meant that the twins would have to do the same.

Despite his best efforts, Troy let slip a small moan as he felt the Twins clamber up and over his huge, roiling balls. Their hands and feet felt so small against his massive nuts that even with their entire body weight bearing down on his balls it felt like little more than a gentle massage across his sensitive nuts. Troy quickly clapped his hands over his mouth, but the damage was done. Both twins were grinning from ear to ear as the plopped down on the bench on either side of him. They had heard the soft, sensual moan and they could see the bright red tint to Troy’s face. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that he had enjoyed the sensual massage they had inadvertently given him.

“Are you ready for your first ride on a Ferris Wheel?” Mike asked.

“Are you comfortable? Do you need more room? Mike asked.

“Yes. I’m ready. I’m fine.” Troy mumbled.

“That didn’t sound too convincing.” Mike replied.

“Yeah. Let’s get you nice and comfortable. We’re gonna be here for a while after all.” Ike added.

“What?” Troy sputtered.

“We may have asked the dude at the front for a little extra time in here.” Mike explained.

“By asked we mean bribed.” Ike replied.

Troy suddenly realized that there was more to this ride than just a casual trip on a giant, mechanical wheel, but it was too late to get off. He heard the mechanical lock click shut with a reverberating thunk. The ride began to move immediately after.

“But what about the view? Weren’t we supposed to watch the sunset?” Troy squeaked nervously.

“Sunsets are overrated.” Mike replied.

“Yeah. The best view is right here.” Ike chimed in.

Troy’s face flushed an even darker shade of scarlet upon hearing the twins’ seductive quips. Troy could feel his nuts swelling up faster and faster and his cock steadily stirring to life. His whole body trembled with excitement and arousal.

The twins wasted no time setting to work. Before their little gondola had even fully left the loading dock, the twins had their hands under Troy’s shirt and were sensually stroking his smooth, flat tummy while the passionately kissed the nape of his neck on either side. Troy trembled at their soft touch. The twins’ hands slowly worked their way upwards and lifted Troy’s shirt up and up as they went. Before long, they had his shirt up and over his head.

Troy’s cock was nearly fully boned at this point. The steadily hardening semi strained audibly against his already overstuffed shorts. He wanted to try and fish his cock out before it inevitably burst free of its prison, but it was not to be. Troy didn’t have the ability to focus enough to snake his nearly rigid dick out from beneath his waistband, and the twins seemed to have no interest in even giving him the opportunity to do so.

Both twins pulled back in unison and flashed Troy a synchronized wink. Troy’s breath caught in his throat as he watched his pals shift around and sit down directly atop his growing, sloshing nuts. Troy had a clear view of the front of both brothers. He could see their lithe, toned, muscular bodies slowly come into view as they pulled their shirts up and over their heads in perfect unison. He could see the large tent in the front of their shorts caused by their rigid footlongs pressing hard against the fabric. Troy’s cock lurched hard and his whole body shuddered in anticipation as the twins undid the clasps on the top of their flies. They slow, sensually, and in perfect unison slid the zipper down causing their huge, thick, fully-boned cocks to come into view.

That was the last straw for Troy. His already fully boned cock lurched hard. A loud snap split the air as his waistband gave up the ghost. His humongous cock broke free of its cloth prison. Now that he no longer had the fabric of his shorts keeping his dick painfully curved downward, Troy’s massive cock was free to stand up at its full upright and locked position. His dick was so huge that it stuck straight out the window on the opposite side of the booth. The huge, puffy head was fully exposed to any and every one who would so much as glance in the direction of the Ferris Wheel.

Troy’s nuts were getting bigger and bigger by the second. Already the twins had to crouch down to avoid smacking their heads on the roof while sitting atop the swelling cum-banks. The lack of space didn’t seem to slow the twins down at all though. They deftly managed to kick their shorts the rest of the way off and slid over to where Troy was seated.

“You’re so hot.” Mike growled lustily as he pulled Troy’s face to his own and planted a passionate kiss right on Troy’s lips. Troy could feel Mike’s tongue sliding into his mouth and rubbing against his own tongue. Troy was so caught up in the moment that he let out a soft moan and returned the favor by mashing his tongue against Mike’s own.

Their passionate embrace was broken when Ike pulled Troy’s face towards his own and whispered sultrily, “You’re so beautiful.” Troy’s cock gave another lurch as he felt Ike’s tongue slide into his mouth much the same way his brother had. While Ike continued to passionately kiss Troy on the lips, Mike was passionately licking and kissing the nape of Troy’s neck. Troy’s head was swimming in a fog of hormones and ecstasy. He could feel the twin’s huge, thick boners digging into his side. Troy wasn’t even able to fully formulate a rational thought by this point, but he knew that he needed to do something to reciprocate.

Troy reached down and grabbed one of the twins’ cocks in each hand. They were so thick that he could barely wrap his fingers around them. He could feel the warmth coming from them. He could feel the cocks shuddering in his hands. The warm, slick pre cascaded down their cocks and coated his hands.

Mike and Ike were so horny that they were gasping for breath. Their shuddering cocks were close to blowing at any second, but they refused to let it end like this. They shook off Troy’s gasp and got up on their knees on either side of Troy. They barely had room to move. The roof was so low that they had to duck their head down, and Troy’s enormous balls were filling just about every inch of the cabin behind him, but they weren’t about the let a little discomfort stop them.

The twins pressed their cocks against Troy’s mouth. Troy was only all too happy to open wide and let his pals shove their dicks right in, but there just wasn’t enough room in his mouth for both huge, thick schlongs. He could barely even get the soft, spongy heads of their cocks in his mouth.

Mike and Ike wasted no time settling into a rhythm where one would pull out right as the other pushed in. There was never a moment where Troy didn’t have at least one fat cock in his mouth, and he was loving every second of it. He could taste the mellow flavor of his pal’s dick against his tongue and the slightly bitter tang of the pre that oozed off of both brothers’ cocks. Troy’s tongue eagerly flicked and lapped at whatever dick he had the most access to. He could feel the thick cocks shuddering in his mouth and could taste the flow of pre steadily ramping up. He knew it wouldn’t be long before the twins both blew their loads, but Troy needed more.

Troy reached around and gripped his pals’ firm asses in either hand. He could feel the thick, shapely masses of muscles against his still pre-laminated fingers. Troy’s hands steadily slipped inwards until his fingers were pressed against the twin’s shuddering puckers. Troy could hear the twins let out a gasp of shock followed by a sigh of bliss as his pre-slicked fingers slid into their eager holes. Troy could feel the twins’ cocks shuddering and lurching within his mouth as his fingers slid ever deeper in.

The twins’ dicks were lurching so hard that they slid right out of Troy’s mouth.

“I don’t think…” Mike moaned.

“I can hold…” Ike gasped.

Troy was grinning from ear to ear as he watched his pals’ shuddering boners. He could see the heads of the twins’ identical dicks flaring up. There was no way they could hold back any more. The twins both cried out in orgasmic bliss as their dicks fired in unison. Troy closed his eyes and sighed contentedly as rope after thick, creamy rope of jizz slashed and splattered against his face. It was so warm and thick that it clung to his skin and slowly oozed down his face. He could taste the bitter tang of cum as it oozed into his open mouth and down his throat.

“He got us off…” Mike murmured in awe.

“We were supposed to do that…” Ike muttered between gasps for breath.

“That’s it.” Mike shouted defiantly.

“We’re not leaving til we make you cream!” Ike added.

It was as much a statement of fact as it was a challenge. Troy’s nuts were now so large that they fully blocked the door. The huge mass of sloshing, roiling ball flesh filled up so much of the gondola that there was barely even room to move in the small cabin. Mike and Ike had to crawl over Troy’s nuts like commandos sneaking across a battle field. Their backs pressed against the roof of the cabin as they made their way towards the window on the far side.

The twins could barely slip their arms out the window to reach out towards the huge, puffy cockhead that pointed out into the evening sky. This was the first time that any of them had realized the Ferris wheel had come to a complete stop. Their gondola rested at the highest point on the wheel. The twins could see people gathered hundreds of feet below to stare in awe at the giant cock that stuck straight out the side of the cabin, but the twins had no interest in those people. They were only interested in one thing, making their buddy cream.

Troy writhed and moaned as he felt the twins’ hands rubbing along the sides of his massive, sensitive cockhead. He had been precariously boned this whole time, but the more the twins rubbed and kneaded the sensitive tip of his cock, the more the cum in his nuts churned and roiled. The constant sloshing and churning of the jizz in his massive balls buffeted his cock from all angles. He was being effectively jacked off by his own enlarged nuts. It was maddening, but Troy didn’t want to cum just yet. He wanted to enjoy the moment just a bit longer.

Troy gasped sharply when he felt the twins’ fingers slide into the oversensitive slit of his massive, shuddering cock. He wanted to hold back, but he knew there was no way he could. He cried out in ecstasy as he cock lurched hard. The entire gondola rocked and shook from the sheer force of his colossal cumshot. Troy continued to cry out and gasp for breath as his enormous cock fired geyser after massive, sticky, gooey geyser of spunk across the evening sky. Huge gobs of jizz rained down upon the fair and coated stalls and rides alike. Even the very cabin that the three friends were in got drenched in the downpour. Troy writhed and shuddered as his body was continually wracked with unending erotic bliss. His nuts ached for release, but it seemed no matter how fast or how much he shot, he couldn’t seem to get ahead of the constant swelling of his already supermassive balls.

After what felt like hours, Troy’s nuts finally began to shrink back down. He had already coated much of the surrounding area in spunk, but still he kept firing and firing. All the while his nuts slowly returned to a more manageable size. Once his nuts had finally shrunken down enough that the twins could move around again, they crawled back down and sidled up beside their short, slender pal. They nuzzled up close to Troy and sensually lapped at the jizz that was oozing down his face while Troy continued to sit there and tremble and sigh.

By the time Troy finally stopped shuddering and shooting his nuts had returned to a much more manageable basketball size. His huge, soft cock drooped down in front of him and splayed out across the cum-coated floor of the cabin.

The three friends sat cuddled up against each other as they waited for the ride to once again begin moving. No one knew how long they were waiting, but Ike perked up upon hearing the telltale hum of the Ferris wheel’s engine returning to life. Ike glanced around at the damage in the cabin. Troy’s clothes had been reduced to tatters, and the twins’ clothes were too soaked in spooge to be wearable.

“I think it’s about time we head on home.” Mike said as the gondola coasted to a stop at the platform. He glanced out the window and chuckled softly at the white expanse that spread out before him. Much of the fair had been coated in Troy’s spunk.

“So soon?” Troy murmured softly.

“It’s only the first day of the fair.” Ike replied.

“Yeah. We can come back anytime you want.” Mike added. Troy didn’t say anything in response, but he didn’t need to; the grin on his face said it all.


Say Cheese

Troy had been looking a little glum for the past few days, and it didn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out why. The twins had a big swimming competition coming up—the state finals no less! But Troy could not go with them. There was simply no way he could take the necessary days off of class. Since he wasn’t on the team he couldn’t claim the trip as an academic absence, and his attendance record was already spotty at best. He simply couldn’t afford any more unexcused absences, and his parents were pretty adamant in insisting that he stay in school for the week. They had said he could go, but only if he were to fund the trip himself and he could get those days excused by the school which is pretty much the same thing as saying he had no chance of going.

The bell chimed to signal the end of yet another class period. Troy groggily rubbed the sleep from his eyes and staggered up from his seat and off towards the door. Mr. Peterson’s class was always so boring that Troy almost always fell asleep during it, and today was no exception. Troy couldn’t remember what he was dreaming about, but judging from the pleasantly plump sensation in his cock he only had to assume it was something lewd and lurid. Whatever he was dreaming about though surely paled in comparison to what he saw once he rounded the corner.

Coming down the hallway from the opposite direction were Troy’s two best friends, twin brothers and teenage sex gods Miguel and Inigo. The duo were better known around campus as Mike n Ike, but their names were the furthest thing from Troy’s mind as he gawked at their lewd appearance. The twins were clad in nothing but their swim team uniforms. On the average swimmer the small, low-cut blue speedos would have looked pretty hot, but on the twins with their foot long dongs crammed away in the undersized front pouch of the scanty swimwear, the speedos looked positively obscene. Their hefty cocks weighed down their swimwear so heavily that the waistband of their aquatic briefs rode so low on their hips that a solid inch or two of the base of their massive dicks were openly on display.

It was strange to think that Troy was awed by the sheer size of their dicks, but that’s exactly what was happening. Troy’s own monstrously huge cock began to stir to life within the tight confines of his skin-tight form-fitting shorts. Troy was about to ask what the twins were doing here during what was supposed to be their practice period, but he never got the chance.

“Hey, Best Friend!” Mike called out. His demeanor was unusually bubbly even for him.

“Just who we were looking for!” Ike chimed in. Even Ike seemed unusually chipper.

Troy just knew something was up but he only managed to get out a startled, “whuh?” before the twins managed to flank him. Before Troy could even react he had a tall, tanned, toned, twinky twin on either side. His two best friends grabbed his arms and began to guide him towards the end of the hall.

“You know how you were saying you wanted to go to the finals with us?” Mike asked. He was so giddy he was practically giggling.

“Y…yeah…?” Troy murmured in reply. It’s not that he was unsure about whether or not he wanted to go. He really, really wanted to go, but this was sure to be yet another one of the twins’ hair-brained schemed. These never ended well for him.

“Well, have we got news for you!” Ike announced excitedly.

“Yeah! We talked it over with the coach!” Mike added quickly.

“… and…?” Troy murmured nervously.

“Well, the only way you can go with us is if you could get the school to sign off on the absence, right?” Ike asked.

“But you’d also need to be able to afford the trip.” Mike added.

“Yes… and yes…” Troy mumbled in reply.

“So what that means is….” Mike announced dramatically while Ike pounded out a drumroll on a nearby locker door.

Troy held his breath in anticipation. Did the twins really have an idea? Did they really have a way he could go?

“… You need to be on the team!” Mike concluded excitedly.

“Wait. What?” Troy sputtered.

“Yes! We talked it over with the coach. You’ve been at all our practices. You’ve been at all our competitions. You’re practically on the team already!” Ike gushed.

“But… but I can’t really… swim… not competitively anyway. You’ve seen me in the water!” Troy sputtered. He even went so far as to nod towards the obscenely massive bulge in the front of his shorts to drive home his point.

“Doesn’t matter.” Mike replied giddily.

“Yeah! You’re an honorary member—a bench warmer, really.” Ike explained.

“Yeah. You’re like our mascot. All ya gotta do is show up at the finals and cheer us on from the sidelines.” Mike explained.

“That doesn’t sound so bad…” Troy replied. He was actually getting excited. There was no way his parents could complain now. He had all his bases covered… but things there never that easy with the twins. There had to be a catch.

“Yeah. All we gotta do is get you officially in the team registrar.” Mike explained.

“That doesn’t sound so bad…” Troy replied uncertainly.

“It’ll be great. All we gotta do is get you dressed out for your photo!” Ike explained.

“Wait… what?” Troy sputtered.

“Yeah! All team members must wear the team uniform for the competitions.” Mike explained.

“And all team members must have a photo of them in the uniform for the yearbook.” Ike added.

“You can’t mean… in one of those!?” Troy squeaked.

“We already got one picked out for you!” Mike replied excitedly.

“It’ll look fantastic, come on.” Ike chimed in.

Troy was about to protest, but he realized they were already at the locker rooms. All he managed to do was get out a few “Hey… but… guys… this… woah! Watch the hands! Oh! … hey… w-woah now!” As they twins tore at him like a whirling dervish of disrobing fury. In a matter of mere moments Troy was left completely nude save for the blue-swirled school swim team standard issue speedo.

“Come on! Let’s get you ready for your photo!” Mike announced excitedly.

“W-wait… guys…?” Troy murmured awkwardly.

“No time for that. Everyone is waiting for you!” Ike interrupted.

“B-but… are you sure about thi- wait! Everyone!?!?” Troy sputtered.

“Sure as sure can be. Let’s get you going.” Mike replied.

Troy tried his best to literally dig in his heels, but it was no good. The damp, tiled floor gave him no traction. He coasted smoothly across the wet floor as Mike shoved him along towards the door. Troy could see the light at the end of the tunnel which led towards the poolside. His heart was pounding in his chest. He knew exactly what was about to happen.

The floor suddenly became less slippery as soon as he reached the edge of the locker room. Troy’s effortless glide was cut abruptly short sending him staggering forward into the warm light of the school’s indoor swimming pool.

“W-woah!” Troy yelped as he hopped and hobbled awkwardly in an effort to steady himself before he face planted right onto the tiled floor of the poolside. He eventually managed to steady himself. He breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from his brow, but his relief was short lived. Once his eyes adjusted to the bright light he realized he was not alone—not by a long shot. He looked around him and saw dude after hot, toned, scantily clad dude staring right at him. The entire swim team was there! Troy instinctively shot his hands down around his crotch in a futile effort to cover his junk, but it was simply impossible. His dick was far, far too large for two hands to ever do the job.

“Hey now. No need to be shy. We’re all friends here.” Mike teased him playfully.

“Yeah! We’re all wearing the same thing so there’s no need to be so embarrassed.” Ike chimed in.

“I-it’s not nearly the same thing!” Troy sputtered, and he was right. They may all be wearing the same blue swirled speedos, but it was far different on him. The low-cut swim trunks looked scanty on your average guy, and the speedos looked positively obscene on the twins with their huge, thick, foot-long dongs, but on Troy… on Troy the tiny outfit was outright ridiculous.

Troy’s cock was as thick as his waist and longer than his legs. He had nuts the size of beach balls. There was no way the tiny straps of fabric could ever hope to cover his junk let alone everything else. The strain from his massive dick pressing against the front of his swim suit caused the fabric to stretch so thin and so tight that it had been reduced to a T-shaped series of spaghetti straps. His speedo didn’t even classify as a thong. The back strap of his comically ill-fitting briefs was so thin and stretched so tight that it vanished into the crevasse between his two, big, bubbly butt cheeks. If anyone had looked at him from behind they’d have sworn he was completely nude, and the view from the front wasn’t much better.

His speedo couldn’t even cover just the tip of his cock. The swim wear was stretched so tight that the narrow strap of the front ball pouch had been completely swallowed by the pre-oozing slit of his monstrous chubby. The waistband slipped out of the maw of his massive cock in such a way that it almost looked as if his dick itself was wearing a thong. His enormous chubby folded awkwardly within the confines of his spaghetti-strap swimming apparatus. There was no way his outfit could ever possibly be considered PG-13. Troy doubted it’d even classify as an R rated attire.

Drawing by mjesperandieu
Drawing by mjesperandieu (Click to enlarge)

“Uh… G-guys…” Troy squeaked. “I-I really don’t think this is going to work…”

“Nonsense. It fits you perfectly.” Mike replied as he sidled up beside his skittish little pal and gently gripped Troy’s wrists.

“You look fantastic.” Ike concurred. He then began to lift up his cell phone and take aim at his blushing, sputtering buddy.

“Come on. Show the camera what you got.” Mike gently coaxed Troy on.

Troy was still not so sure about his, but at least he had managed to relax enough that he was no longer stiff as a board. The slight amount of give was all the indication that Mike needed. He gently lifted Troy’s hands up and out of the way of his monstrous cock and shot his twin brother a sly wink to indicate that it was time.

“Great!” Ike shouted excitedly. “Now. Give me a biiiig grin. We’re gonna need a photo for the yearbook if you’re going to be on the swim team.”

Troy managed an awkward pained grin and even went so far as to shoot a pair of comical peace signs as he heard the tell-tale clicks of Ike’s camera phone taking pictures. He felt ridiculous and he betted he looked even sillier. On the plus side his look was so lewd that there was absolutely no way that the school would ever use these pictures in the yearbook… right?


Valentine’s Gay

Troy had been drifting in and out of consciousness for the entire class period. It wasn’t that he was sleep deprived. It’s just that the class is so, so boring! Even the teacher had fallen asleep rattling on about social mores and public policy. There was hardly a person in the room that wasn’t drifting between the waking world and the land of dreams.

Troy’s snapped awake at the last possible second to prevent himself from slamming his face against the small tray table that doubled as his school desk. His junk had simply become too large for him to ever hope of fitting into one of those standard school desks so he had to improvise. Even at their smallest size, his nuts tended to be about the size of bean bag chairs, and his cock was now four solid feet of fat schlong. His dick was thicker than his torso and far, far longer. His cock was getting closer to being longer than he was tall with each passing week.

Troy rubbed the sleep from his eyes and peered out around the room. He was not that surprised to realize that he was quite possibly the only person in the room who was actually awake. Even the teacher seemed to be nodding off at his podium. Troy wasn’t even sure if the teacher had any idea what he was talking about. The words just seemed to be strung together in a vague semblance of a sentence. The steady drone of the teacher made groggier by the second, and it wasn’t long until he was drifting off to sleep once more.

The frequent fits of semi-sleep had left Troy groggy and a little delirious. His mind had started to drift to subjects far different than what was on the projector. In fact the subjects filling Troy’s head weren’t fit for the classroom at all.

His thoughts had had a very predictable effect. His dick was now flying at half-mast. His semi strained against the front of his shorts, and his balls swelled up ever so slightly with each passing moment. He had no doubt in his mind that he’d need to step out after this class and rub one out, but that was about par for the course.

Troy drifted off once more and was sure that this time he’d be out until the bell rang to release him, but the sound of the classroom door suddenly swinging open snapped him awake. Troy practically leapt out of his seat in shock when he saw the new arrivals, but Troy’s body didn’t jump near as hard as his dick had. Troy cock went from pleasantly plumped to full on boned in record time when he beheld his two best friends standing at the front of the class clad in little more than a thong and a quiver.

The twins were dressed like Cupid, but even the traditional Greek paintings depicting Cupid as a fully nude youth would have been less lurid than what Troy saw standing before him. The twins’ toned, tanned bodies were as hot as ever. Their smooth, toned muscles glistened under the fluorescent lights. There was so much hot, nude skin exposed that they may as well have been completely nude. The small little garment the twins were wearing didn’t even classify as a G-string. A tiny little stripper thong would have covered them better than the small pouch that their dick was tucked away in. The pouch was far too small for the twin’s entire bait and tackle. The pouch didn’t even cover half of their floppy foot-longs. The upper half of their dicks were left completely exposed, and the more Troy looked the more he realized just how little was covered! It wasn’t just the base of their cocks that were exposed. The twins’ entire ball sacks were left to flop free! The small pouch they were wearing was little more than a sleeve for their mutually exclusive, hefty twelve inches of soft, cock!

Troy could hardly believe what he was seeing. Part of him wondered how they had gotten away with wearing so little, but Troy realized how silly such thoughts were. The school dress code had been relaxed considerably on account of his condition. In traditional school board fashion the dress code applied to all students equally, and since the faculty and even the school board had given up on enforcing the dress code when Troy’s four feet of phallus was flying free for all to see, they had stopped policing everyone else’s clothes too. That said no one else had ever really tested the limits of these new policies—no one except for the twins that is.

“Hey there, buddy.” Ike said giddily. He hopped up and down and waved with both hands high above his head in an overly exaggerated gesture as if he were trying to get Troy’s attention. It was painfully obvious that he didn’t need to even wave to get Troy’s attention. Troy’s eyes were keenly fixed on the twins’ nearly nude bods. In fact Troy couldn’t pull his eyes away from their amazing cocks even if he wanted to, and the way Ike’s cock and balls bounced and wobbled as he hopped and waved just made the allure all the more impossible to resist.

“We just couldn’t wait for the weekend.” Ike explained dramatically. He propped a foot up on top of a nearby desk and struck the most regal pose he could muster. He looked much like General Washington crossing the Potomac—that is if General Washington had been a stunningly hot high school senior clad in nothing but a half-sized cock-sock. Mike’s pose not only added to the comically over the top nature of his garb, but also drew attention to just how low his heavy cock and balls hung between his legs.

Troy didn’t even need to ask what they meant. Their costume said it all. If their angel wings didn’t give them away, the small crossbows that they now aimed directly at Troy’s chest made matters perfectly clear, and the bouquets of what appeared to be red roses that either twin was carrying said a lot too.

Troy tried his best to play it all off. He rolled his eyes and chuckled softly. He tried to act as if he wasn’t turned on by the lewd display, but the truth was painfully obvious. His cock was beyond boned. Pre was already seeping through his shorts, and the bright red hue that had come over his face made it clear how aroused—and how embarrassed—he was.

There was a devious glint in the twins’ eyes, and a lascivious smirk on their faces. They could tell that their little stunt had had the desired effect. Troy’s balls were visibly swelling within his tight shorts, and his cock was straining hard against the front of his fly. Troy’s shorts were designed to be extra stretchy to accommodate his oversized, constantly growing nuts, but even they had their limits. It wouldn’t be long at all before Troy outgrew the pouch and his nuts burst through the fabric.

The twins decided to really turn up the charm and the allure. They each picked an aisle and made their way slowly towards Troy’s seat in the back of the room. One twin was on the aisle to Troy’s left, and the other went down the aisle to his right. The twins slowly sauntered down their mutually exclusive aisle in perfect unison. They looked like professional models strutting their stuff down the catwalk. Not only did they had the moves and the mannerisms down pat, but the twins were so stunningly hot that they looked like the belonged on the cover of a magazine. The way they rocked their hips caused their huge cock and balls to sway enticingly for Troy’s viewing pleasure. He had a hard time deciding which dick to fixate on, and in the end he ended up going from one to the other. His eyes would zoom in on one twin’s fantastic cock, He would trace the arc of their dick as the fantastic schlong swung outwards and then swung back in. His gaze would then travel across the line of desks before him and fixate on the other twin’s amazing package. This pattern continued over and over. Troy’s gaze would go left and then right and then right and then left from one dick to the other and back again as if the twins’ cocks were playing a game of catch with Troy’s eyes.

By the time the twins were standing directly in front of Troy, he was so horny that he was practically whimpering. Small, pitiful whines escaped his lips as he stared at the two identical hotties that stood before him. The twins exchanged a quick, knowing glance, and then moved onto the next phase of their master plan.

The twins move closer and sidled up beside their best bud. They leaned in and began softly nuzzling against the nape of Troy’s neck. As the twins kissed a path up and down the sides of Troy’s neck, their hands slid along the length of Troy’s smooth belly. Troy closed his eyes and focused all his energy into enjoying their sensual touch. Their soft caresses made Troy’s skin break out in goose bumps and his cock shudder with antici…pation.

The twins sensually nibbled on Troy’s earlobes and reached down for the toy crossbows at their sides. A loud twang split the air as the twins shot their darts in unison. Troy was so intoxicated by the twins’ soft, sensual caresses and nibbles that he didn’t even register the impact of the darts. He continued sighing and cooing without a care in the world.

“You’ve been shot by our arrows.” Mike whispered saucily into Troy’s ear. He gave Troy’s earlobe another soft nibble and then moved around to the front side where he planted a long passionate kiss right on Troy’s lips. Their lips were touching barely a second when Mike’s tongue began to slide past Troy’s lips and into his mouth. Troy responded in kind, and soon the two of them were kissing deeply. Troy had to admit he was certainly feeling the effects of Cupid’s arrows. His skin felt hot. His mind felt hazy. His cock felt harder than ever before. His balls were swelling incredibly fast.

Ike was not about to be outdone. “That means the next person you see will be the love of your life.” Ike whispered seductively into Troy’s ear. He gave Troy’s cheek a soft kiss and a lick and then forced his way in beside his brother. He gave Troy’s lower lip a soft nibble and then planted a kiss right on his lips. Troy didn’t even break stride. He transitioned effortlessly from kissing one brother to the next. He matched Ike’s kisses in passion and intensity until suddenly he felt nothing against his lips at all.

Troy was understandably baffled. He let out a soft, needy whine as if begging someone to kiss him, but when no one stepped up to the plate he slowly let his eyes flutter open. Ike’s words still rang in his ears as his vision adjusted to the bright, fluorescent lights. “The next person you see will be the love of your life.” Ike had said, but it was not one person Troy saw but two! Troy’s eyes beheld the two twins standing beside his towering cock. The twins seemed pensive at first, but once they realized that Troy was staring at both of them they immediately reverted back to their bubbly, lecherous ways.

The twins resumed their nuzzling and cooing and whispering sweet nothings into Troy’s ears. It wasn’t long before Troy was once again intoxicated by the attention. His face was burning beet red and his dick was standing as hard and tall as it could get. Pre flowed from the tip of his dick and oozed down the front of his overstuffed shorts. The warm liquid cascaded over his steadily growing nuts and dripped onto the floor. Troy was so wrapped up in the sensation that he hardly noticed all the gazes on him nor did he notice the twins slowly pulling his shirt over his head.

It wasn’t long after that that Troy’s shorts finally gave up the ghost. His nuts had simply grown far too large. The fabric snapped. His nuts spilled out. His cock flung upwards to its full upright and locked position. Troy was left wearing nothing but a waistband with some tattered fabric around it. The twins were quick to take care of that though. The twins both reached down and grabbed at Troy’s waistband. The pulled and tugged until a familiar crack split the air. Troy’s waistband snapped like a rubber band leaving him completely nude from the ankles up. He had nothing on but a pair of shoes and a smile.

The twins once against stood up and stood side by side before Troy. Troy looked up and gazed intently at the twins. There was a brief moment where the twins just stood there and let the tension build, but it wasn’t long before even the twins with their love of drama couldn’t resist any longer.

“We wanted to give you these,” Mike explained as he picked up the bouquet he had set on a nearby desk.

“Yeah! They’re a token of our esteem!” Ike added. He too reached over and picked up his bouquet.

Troy stared longingly at the twins, and it wasn’t just because of the sweet gesture with the roses. The twins were looking beyond hot as hell now. Not only had their tanned bodies gained a faint hint of a sweaty sheen that made toned muscles seem even more spectacular, but their amazingly thick cocks now stood straight at attention. The twins were so fully boned that their rock hard dicks were oozing pre like a faucet. Their undersized cock-socks had become so soaked and so saturated that they had become completely transparent. The twins now looked like they were wearing nothing more than a skintight, clear condom which stretched and strained across their thick cocks.

Troy was overwhelmed by what he saw. Their hot bodies got him even more hot and bothered than before, and the way they excitedly held the bouquets of roses for him made it feel like the butterflies in his stomach were holding a mosh pit, but Troy couldn’t quite shake this notion that things were not as they seemed. The roses were such a seemingly romantic gesture, but Troy knew better than to believe that things were as simple as they appeared. He knew the twins, and he knew they wouldn’t have made such a scene just to give him flowers. Already Troy’s mind was racing with thoughts about just what the twins’ angle may be. His mind raced with thoughts and idea—each one more wild and raunchy than the last, but none of his wettest and wildest dreams could have prepared him for the truth.

Troy’s hazy thoughts were further derailed when Ike shoved the bouquet of roses awkwardly into Troy’s arm. Troy looked questioning up at Ike and was surprised to see a bashful, furtive grin on the twin’s face.

“Here. From me.” Ike sputtered awkwardly.

Troy’s cheeks burned a few shades redder. He couldn’t get over how cute the twins could be. It was very rare that their playful exterior showed cracks, but when it did it melted Troy’s heart. Troy managed to mutter a groggy thanks to his friend and began to look at the flowers. He could tell something was off, but he didn’t have time to think about it. No sooner had he accepted the gift than Mike shoved another bouquet at him.

“And this one is from me.” Mike said quickly. He all but shoved the bouquet into Troy’s arms and turned to look away from Troy in an effort to hide his own blushing cheeks.

Troy’s grin spread even wider. He blushed even brighter. He was some overcome by the warm and fuzzies that he did the first thing he could think of. He lifted the bouquets to his face and took a deep sniff of the flowers.

It was then that he realized something was very wrong. The flowers didn’t smell like flowers at all. In fact they smelled kind of rubbery, but the plastic smell was too strong for them to be merely faux flowers. This was a very different smell altogether. Troy glanced down and looked at the bouquets. Now that he was looking at them up close, the flowers didn’t look like roses at all. They didn’t even look like flowers!

It was then that the realization hit him. These weren’t roses at all! Either bouquet was comprised of an arrangement of long, thick, green stemmed dildos! What he thought was a stem was a long, hard shaft. What he thought were rose buds were red tinted ball sacks!

Troy’s let out a gasp. His cock lurched. His face turned a few shades redder. He was starting to realize the twins’ game, but as mortified as he was by the implication he was even more turned on.

The twins were grinning from ear to ear once they realized that Troy had caught on. Ike shot his brother a saucy wink and said, “He likes it!”

Mike nodded sagely in reply and said, “I told you he would.”

The twins then turned their attention solely back to Troy. “I’m so glad you like them.” He gushed. He quickly closed the gap and was once again nuzzling up against Troy, and Mike was right there beside him nuzzling against Troy’s other side.

“We picked them out especially for you.” Mike added and gave Troy a soft, playful peck on the cheek.

“I hope you cherish them forever!” Ike said. He was practically moaning the words orgasmically. His hand slid along the soft, smooth expanse of Troy’s belly.

“Flowers don’t last forever, silly.” Mike chided playfully. Mike didn’t let the little bit of banter with his brother detract from the attention he was giving Troy though. Mike’s hand was gliding along Troy’s clean-shaven crotch. His fingers were getting steadily closer to caressing the rock hard shaft of Troy’s fully boned cock.

“They do if you put them in water!” Ike sassed back. Ike didn’t even bother looking at his brother as he spoke though. He was too busy nuzzling the nape of Troy’s neck and planting kisses whenever he could.

“Well then we’ll just have to get them into a vase then, won’t we?” Mike replied. He gave Troy another sensual kiss on the cheek. As Mike did so his fingers slowly slid up the shaft of Troy’s enormous cock. Troy might have been able to realize that Mike’s words and actions were actually linked, but he was so boned and so horny that he hadn’t even begun to put two and two together.

“Of course! And we already have a vase right here!” Ike moaned into Troy’s ear.

“A vase full to the brim with warm, clear fluid for these plants to truly flourish.” Mike whispered sensually into Troy’s ear.

Troy had no idea what the twins were talking about. As far as he knew there were no vases in the class—certainly none large enough to fit two dozen dildos in, but he didn’t have time to think about it too much. Before he knew it the twins had plucked the bouquets back from his arms and set their plan in motion.

The twins eyed Troy salaciously. The both slowly pulled forth a dildo from their bundle. Mike eyed Troy intently and slowly ran his tongue along the length of the first rubber dong. Ike shot Troy a wink and slowly slid his faux cock down his throat until the balls bumped his chin.

Troy was about ready to cum just from the lewd display, but what happened next really got him worked up. The twins slid their dildos right into the pre-oozing slit of his massive cock. It felt so nice against the insides of his cock, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Troy’s cock was simply so massive that a simple pair of dildos was not nearly enough to fill him. He wanted more. He needed more, and more is exactly what he got!

Mike and Ike eyed Troy intently as they slid one after another after another dildo into the pre-oozing slit of his fully boned cock in some sort of erotic game of reversed KerPlunk. With each cock that slid into Troy’s dick, Troy would writhe and whimper. With each dildo that slid into his slit, Troy’s cock would tremble. The flow of pre steadily ramped up, and his nuts steadily inflated. By the time they had six of them in there it seemed like Troy’s cock was packed to the brim, but they had only shoved a quarter of their bouquets in there.

Troy moaned and whined and writhed in ecstasy as the twins slid more and more into him. He could feel his slit stretching wider to accept more and more cocks into it. It felt maddeningly fantastic. The puffy head of his rock hard cock was more sensitive than he could ever remember, and the inner lining was double so. Feeling the rubber dongs dig into and overstimulate the sensitive lining of his cock made him want to cum right then and there, but Troy resisted. He wanted to make the moment last forever. He wanted to enjoy each and every possible second he could eke out of this mind-blowing bliss, but he could barely hold it anymore. He knew he would soon burst.

By the time the twins had slid sixteen dicks into Troy’s cock, Troy’s nuts had swollen to the size of dumpsters. The twins had to actually sit atop his massive nuts just to get at his dick, but they weren’t at all complaining. They were loving every second of it. They loved the way Troy’s balls sloshed and roiled with pent up cum. They loved the way his sack rippled like a waterbed as they sat atop it, and they particularly loved having easy access to Troy’s huge, puffy cock head.

The twins nuzzled up against the puffy tip of Troy’s massive cock as they slid another and another and another dildo into Troy’s already crammed cock. Troy couldn’t imagine the tip of his dick feeling any better, and yet with each successive cock his dick took the sensations got even more intense! By the time he had 20 dildos crammed into his cock, his dick was full on shuddering. The tremors sent shockwaves through his nuts. The twins were nearly thrown clear from the vibrations. It was like an earthquake on his orbs.

It seemed like all too soon the twins had exhausted their supply. They each had only two more dildos, but Troy’s dick was way past full. It didn’t seem physically possible for them to fit any more in there, but the twins weren’t about to give up just yet.

Mike went first and shoved his dildo in. Troy cried out in ecstasy as the newest addition to his bouquet of cocks dug into the pile. The collection of dildos shifted to make room for the new arrival. The constant jostling and shifting of rubber dicks digging into the insides of his cock was maddening enough, but it was only the tip of the iceberg. As the newest addition slid steadily deeper in, Troy’s slit stretched ever so slightly more. A shockwave of pleasure coursed through his cock and arced up his spine. Ike went next. He stared at Troy intently as he slowly slid his toy in. Troy whimpers and whined with euphoric bliss.

Ike went next. As much as he wanted to feel Troy’s cock against his lips and see the fantastic schlong shudder and tremble as he slid his toy deeper and deeper down the slit, he also didn’t want to miss Troy’s adorable expressions. Ike kept his gaze fixed steadily on Troy’s face. He loved the way Troy’s cheeks turned even redder. He loved the way Troy’s lips trebled as he whined orgasmically. He loved the way Troy’s voice escaped in short, ragged, whiney rasps. Troy was so close to cumming that he could barely even breathe. All he could do was whine and moan and beg for more.

The twins each had only one dildo left, but it was clear that Troy wouldn’t be able to take any more in his dick. It was a miracle that he had handled as many as he did, and it was even more amazing that he had held out for as long as he had without blowing his load. It was clear that that lucky streak wasn’t going to last much longer. Troy looked ready to blow at any second, but the twins had one thing they wanted to do before that.

The twins crawled off Troy’s nuts, and landed with a plop on the pre-slicked classroom floor. It was a bit of a drop. By this point either enormous orb was the size of a dump truck. His nuts were close to reaching the ceiling. At this rate he’d soon outgrow the entire classroom! The twins didn’t mind that though, and Troy was too addled by the mind blowing pleasure he was feeling to think about anything other than the hot guys who were fawning over him and the incredibly pleasure that was coursing through his cock head.

The twins eyed Troy salaciously as they sucked on their toys and sauntered closer. Soon they were standing directly in front of their friend. Their rock hard cocks pointing straight at Troy’s face. Troy could barely even focus his gaze on his friends’ fantastic cocks. The twins’ dicks looked so amazing. Troy wanted nothing more than to feel them in his hands, to taste them on his tongue. He wanted to feel the warm pre that oozed from their cocks cascading down his throat. Just thinking about it made him want to cum almost as much as the collection of cocks crammed down his slit.

The twins shot each other a sly wink. They knew what Troy wanted, and they wanted nothing more than to give it to him.

“Why don’t you unwrap your present?” Mike suggested and nodded towards his fully boned, cloth-covered cock.

“Yeah. I think you’ll like these way more than flowers.” Ike added. He wiggled his hips ever so slightly so that the tip of his dick slapped softly against Troy’s eager lips. Troy could taste a bit of pre from the cloth ooze onto his lips, but it wasn’t enough for him. If anything the taste of what was to come got him even more excited to take the twins up on their offer.

Troy reached out and steadily pulled the damp cock-socks off of the twins’ twelve inch rods. The soggy sleeves fell to the floor and landed in the standing pool of pre with a damp plop leaving the twins almost as nude as Troy himself. The tanned, toned twins were decked out in little more than a stylish quiver and a comically sparkly white pair of angelic wings which stood in stark contrast to their dark skin, but Troy was so transfixed on the twins’ cocks that he couldn’t even enjoy the brothers’ super svelte bodies.

Troy couldn’t think of anything other than how hot the twins looked. He wanted to suck their dicks so bad. He was so into it that he wasn’t even sure which dick he started with. He grabbed one twin’s cock and stroked it while he took the other in his mouth. He felt the long, thick shaft dig all the way down to the back of his throat, and then he felt it go deeper.

It was now the twins’ turn to moan and gasp in orgasmic bliss. The way Troy handled their cocks was absolutely fantastic. They could hardly believe how quickly he had learned how to treat their dicks right. Troy’s throat would grip one of their cocks while his hand would expertly stroke the other, and then he would switch it up and alternate cocks. He kept this pattern going. He would passionately lick and suck and kiss one glorious cock while he tenderly stroked and squeezed the other wonderful dick in his hand.

Troy’s treatment of the twin’s cocks was so fantastic that the bros would have busted their nut in record time even without a little extra help, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves in other ways too. The twins each took their remaining toy and slid it sensually up their own ass while Troy serviced their cocks.

One fact that Troy had not yet picked up on that the twins did know was that the decorative dildos weren’t the mere store bought variety. Each and every epoxy cock was a rubberized replica of the twin’s own dick. The twins were keenly aware of this fact as they felt the fat foot long faux cock spread their asses and plunge deep inside of them. The toys that were reaming their asses lacked the life or warmth of a real cock, but they were amazingly thick and satisfying. The fat toys slid in and out and out and in. and all the while the twins cooed softly in orgasmic bliss.

By some miracle Troy managed to hold out longer than the twins. Mike and Ike grunted and groaned. Their bodies tensed up. Their cocks lurched. Troy pulled back and waited for the inevitable. It wasn’t long before both twins were shooting their load right onto Troy’s face. Their wads clung to his skin and soaked into his hair. The thick ropes of cum dripped from his bangs and oozed off his cheeks. Troy let the spunk seep into his mouth and ooze down his throat. Troy closed his eyes and basked in the feeling of his friends’ cum soaking his skin. It felt so warm and wonderful against his flesh. He loved everything about this moment. He loved having his best friends with him. He loved being bathed in cum, and he sure as hell loved having his cock filled to the brim. He would have loved to stay like that forever, but he just couldn’t hold it any more.

It was at that moment that Troy came too. His cock lurched hard, and then the dam broke. Cum erupted from his cock, but something else burst forth too. Dildos rained down like hailstones. All twenty two rubber cocks that had been crammed into Troy’s slit shot into the air like fireworks on the Fourth of July. The rubber dongs hit the ceiling and ricocheted off. The thick sex toys hit the ground and wobbled and bounced, but they were soon buried under the tide of cum.

Troy’s nuts were so huge that they almost filled the entire classroom by this point. He came and came and came again and yet he seemed to be barely treading water—literally and figuratively. He was cumming and cumming, but his nuts were barely draining! He came and came and came again for what felt like hours. All the while cum steadily filled the room.

Troy had no idea whether the teacher had shut the door on his way out in order to give the three lovebirds some privacy or just to minimize the inevitable flooding, and Troy didn’t really care. All that mattered was that the cum wasn’t able to seep out into the hallway near fast enough to keep up with Troy’s titanic cum shots. The cum was trapped in the room with him, and the standing pool of spunk got deeper by the second. It wasn’t until the lake of jizz had gotten so deep that it reached the windows that the spunk was finally able to drain fast enough to not completely drown out the three exhausted lovers.

It felt like it had been hours by the time Troy’s shots had finally tapered off. The entire room was drenched in cum. There was not a single surface that was not plastered white, and that included the three students. The standing lake of jizz was so deep that had Troy and the twins been standing it would have been at least up to their hips, but they weren’t standing. Troy was still passed out in his seat. The spunk pooled around his shoulders and threatened to ooze into his mouth if he slid any lower into his chair, and the twins were draped over the desks of the nearby seats. They were too exhausted to even stand, and even had they not been completely drained they wouldn’t have missed a chance to take a full-body jizz bath like this.

“Wow. This feels fantastic.” Ike murmured as he soaked in the warm cum as if he was relaxing in a mud bath at the day spa.

“Yeah. We have to flood a room more often.” Mike concurred. He too was blissfully basting in Troy’s spunk.

The twins were in a state of total euphoria. They didn’t have a care in the world. Troy too was unusually relaxed and content, but try as he might he couldn’t keep his worries away for long. Troy wished he could be as carefree as the twins, but now that the high of arousal had faded and the last traces of his afterglow were fading, he was beginning to realize some problems.

For starters there was no way to get the door open until the room drained. That meant if he wanted out any time soon he’d have to go through the window which would put him right out in front of the school, and judging by the noise it had to be lunch period. Not only would he have to trudge along the front of the school out by the main road during the time where parents often came by to pick up their kids for lunch, but Troy would then have to slog straight through the open field where everyone hung out during lunch, and he was drenched in jizz from head to toe. To make matters worse he hadn’t brought a change of clothes! He’d have to go through the rest of his school day with nothing on but his Sketchers… again…

Troy grumbled and slid deeper into the warm pool of jizz. He hated to admit it, but just thinking of going through with his last few classes bare-assed naked caused his massive cock to chub up a bit. He had just had a climax for the record books, and he was already getting horny again.

Troy looked at his two friends. They looked so adorably innocent lounging about in the jizz, and their cum-covered angel wings just made them look even cuter. It was hard to believe that it was these two who had given him such an exhibitionist streak… at least that’s what he told himself. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that he would have been just as much of a show-off even without them there to manufacture some wardrobe malfunctions.


Jock and Awe

“You want me to wear this!?” Troy squeaked in shock as he held up the small jock strap that his friends given him.

“Of course,” Mike replied.

“It’s the perfect color for you.” Ike added.

“The color’s not the issue! I mean… just look!” Troy stammered indignantly and gestured towards his cock. His dick was as massive as ever. It was so huge in fact that the head of it rested solidly on the tiled floor of the gym locker room, and that was even after it had draped over his huge nuts.

“Looks great to me.” Mike replied casually.

“Yeah. No problems here.” Ike agreed.

Troy was about to grumble something in reply, but the second the twins dropped their shorts, the words refused to form. Troy could only stand there and gawk at his two hot, buff buddies as they stood there clad in nothing but their tight, little underoos. The twins’ underwear left very little to the imagination. If anything the bright red color of their tight, little briefs drew Troy’s gaze like a flame draws a moth. Troy couldn’t help but stare at the way their huge, floppy foot longs strained against the front of their briefs.

Big Changes image for Ziel by Seraphiel
Image by Seraphiel (Click to enlarge)
Big Changes image for Ziel by Seraphiel
Image by Seraphiel (Click to enlarge)
“No complaints?” Mike asked playfully.

Troy could only let out a soft, pitiful whine in reply.

“I knew you’d see it our way.” Ike replied with a chuckle.

Troy wanted to say something. He wanted to come up with a good counter, but no sooner had he cleared his head and begun to muster a comeback than the twins dropped their briefs too. Troy was once again rendered speechless as the twins’ huge cocks flopped into view. Their dicks were even more amazing now that they were exposed, and the way that their nude, tanned bodies seemed to glisten under the fluorescent lighting of the gym locker room lights was hypnotic.

The twins shot each other a knowing wink and took a moment to casually pose like models at the end of the runway. They turned this way and that. They effortlessly flexed their muscles as if they were just casually warming up for the gym set, but Troy new better. He knew that they were intentionally giving him a show. Troy could feel his cock stirring to life as he watched the twins pivot at the hips and flex as if stretching. Their toned lats and sculpted traps bulged for Troy’s viewing pleasure. Troy could feel his nuts getting heavier between his knees as the twins stretched as if yawning. Their arms raised up high and their bodies tensed causing their already immaculate eight pack abs to clench and flex making the defined grooves of their amazing abs even more fantastic. Troy could feel his already massive cock getting ever so slightly bigger, thicker, and harder with each passing second as the twins turned to rummage through their gym bags. They bent down giving Troy a clear view of their sculpted booties. The twins even went so far as to rhythmically flex their glutes for Troy’s viewing pleasure as they casually hummed a tune and rummaged meticulously through their gym bags.

Troy could barely contain himself. His hands drifted down towards his crotch as he stared. His fingertips traced a path down his smooth, flat belly and across his clean shaven crotch. His hands brushed against his impossibly huge cock. He found himself wishing he had bigger hands so that he could actually grip the shaft and stroke his cock as he watched the lewd display before him. It was a strange thought, but by this point he had completely given up on the thought of his dick shrinking down to a normal size. In fact he hardly ever even thought about it. By this point he was so used to being obscenely hung that he wouldn’t even know what to do with a normal sized dick, and he couldn’t imagine going through life with such an average cock.

Troy tried to clear his mind. He tried not to focus on the hot twins and their amazing bodies. At this rate he’d be fully boned in no time. He was already flying at half mast, and he hadn’t even gotten into the gym yet.

Mike looked up from his bag and smirked as he beheld his shorter, slimmer friend. Troy was blushing beet red and his dick was damn near fully boned. Mike couldn’t get over how cute Troy looked. He was half tempted to forego the gym and have a little fun right then and there, but they hadn’t had nearly enough time to tease Troy yet.

“You might want to take care of that before you get onto the floor.” Mike commented casually as he stepped into his jock strap.

“Yeah. You’ll put someone’s eye out with that thing if you go out there swinging that battering ram around.” Ike added as he adjusted his bulge in his own jock strap.

Troy merely nodded in reply. He knew they were right. The last thing he wanted to do was stagger around the gym with his semi-boned dick swinging around like some sort of foam-wrapped hazard in an episode of Wipe-Out. As it was he was liable knock someone off their feet every time he tried to turn around.

“We’ll be waiting for ya. Don’t take too long.” Mike said casually and turned to walk out of the gym locker room clad in nothing but a pair of sneakers and a small, red jock strap. The red fabric ball pouch contrasted with his dark, tanned skin perfectly, and the open back of the jock left Mike’s impeccable ass free for Troy to peruse.

“Yeah. The gym won’t be open much later, and I’d prefer it if we had the chance to ‘finish up’ before they closed.” Mike added and shot Troy a sly wink.

Troy silently cursed the twins for being so stupidly sexy, but his dick gave a quick lurch of approval at what he saw. Try as he might he just couldn’t deny how hot his friends were, and he had to admit they could be pretty fun to be around when they weren’t trying to get him to pop wood in public.

Troy waited around for a few moments for his dick to deflate enough for him to make an effort in putting his clothes on. He was originally just going to wear the shorts he had worn when he arrived, but the small, lavender garment was calling to him. He had to admit he loved the color, and the fabric was so amazingly soft.

Troy picked up the jockstrap and examined it closer. It was a remarkably well made piece of clothing, and it seemed a shame to let it go to waste. Troy couldn’t help but wonder what the twins would think if he came out wearing that. Surely they didn’t expect him to actually try it, did they?

Troy smirked as he imagined the look on his pal’s face as he strode out of the locker room clad in just an overstuffed jock strap. Surely it would be their turn to spring a board, and the thought of it just made Troy giggle. The thought of turning the twins’ own games on them was too perfect to resist.

Troy stepped into the jock easily enough. The leg holes were perfectly sized for him, and unlike with regular underwear, there was nothing going on between his legs to block his balls from dangling. That just left the matter of what to do with the front pouch. Troy experimented a bit to see just how much he could fit inside the pouch, and what the answer he found was “not much”. He could barely even get just the huge, puffy head of his cock into the pouch. In fact the jock pouch looked like little more than purple painted foreskin once Troy got his dick tip in. There was no way Troy could ever hope to get any of the shaft in, but that was fine enough. As long as it kept his dick off the floor he figured it would do.

Troy strode out of the locker room and up the stairs towards the weight room. He was not at all surprised when he found that the twins were already up there and having a grand old time. They were in the middle of the weight room. Either twin had huge, hefty dumbbells in hand and were doing bicep curls in perfect unison. Their skin glistened with sweat under the warm halogen lights.

“Look what the cat dragged in.” Mike commented playfully as he turned to look at Troy.

“I told you he’d wear the strap.” Ike said and nodded towards Troy’s choice in attire.

“As if he could resist.” Mike replied with a smirk.

Troy fidgeted awkwardly as he stood atop the steps. He felt ridiculously out of place, and it wasn’t just because of his skimpy clothing. His cock was pretty much entirely exposed. His dick was so huge that the entire shaft poked out over the waistband of his jock. His massive schlong was so huge that it was folded over like a slinky at rest and it still came close to bopping against his chin, and his balls were left to dangle between his legs completely free from any and all cloth confines.

Troy was suddenly having second thoughts. He had thought he’d have the upper hand for once, but it turns out he had once again played right into their hands. Troy wasn’t about to give up so soon though. He had come with a plan to put the heat on the twins, and he wasn’t about to back down after such a minor setback.

Troy clenched his fists. He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat, and he strode out onto the gym floor. He tried to get a bit of a sway going with his hips, but his movements looked and felt stiff and awkward. He knew that would never work. He needed to really ramp up the charm if he wanted to have any chance of turning the twins’ game on its head, but what could he do against them? This was their game. This was their territory.

Big Changes image for Ziel by Seraphiel
Image by Seraphiel (Click to enlarge)
The twins had already begun the next stage of their fun. Mike had already grabbed a barbell and had it propped up on his shoulders. He slowly lowered himself down into a perfect squat. The pose caused his butt to stick out and his cheeks to spread giving Troy a great view of his pal’s hot ass and tight little hole. The way the light reflected off of Mike’s slightly sweaty booty made the spectacle even harder to ignore. Troy could feel the blood rushing to his cock. He could feel his dick straining harder against the overstuffed pouch of his strap. The twins knew exactly what they were doing, and the smug smirk on Ike’s face as he sat back and watched Troy’s swelling cock strain against his jock said as much.

Troy knew he was fighting a losing battle. He knew his cock would get the better of him before long. He knew that the twins could see his balls swell up from his arousal. They knew him too well. They knew everything that made him tick. Everything Troy did played right into their hands. There was nothing he could do to stop them… unless…

A slight smirk played at the corner of Troy’s lips. The twins knew exactly what made him tick, but the same could be said for him. He knew what they loved. He knew what parts of him really captivated their interest. He knew what attitude and angles got their goat. All Troy had to do was play to those traits and he’d have the twins right where he wanted them.

Troy’s mannerisms became less stiff. His pose became more relaxed. He managed to sway his hips seductively as he sauntered over towards the weight rack. The maneuver caused his huge package to bob and sway enticingly before him. It caused his bubbly booty to bounce and swish enticingly for the twins’ viewing pleasure.

Troy couldn’t help but smile as he watched the twins’ gazes drift towards him. He had to stifle a giggle as he noticed the normally smug smirks on the brothers’ faces steadily begin to falter. Neither of them had anticipated Troy stepping up to the plate like this. Neither of them had thought he had had it in him to try and one up them, but here they were, and there he was.

Troy’s newfound confidence was not without its limits though. There was a slight tremble to his body and a slight wobble to his step, but this worked in his favor. The twins were captivated by the clumsiness of his attempt. The blush of embarrassment across Troy’s otherwise pale face made him even more adorable. The slight quiver of his lip made him even more endearing. The slight stagger of his step made him even more enticing.

Troy tried his best to keep up the ruse as he squatted down before the weight racks. His huge balls rested solidly on the ground. His cute butt jutted out and wiggled for the twins’ perusal. His pose caused his cheeks to pull apart, giving the brothers a clear view of his cute, tight little hole.

It was now the twins’ turn to fidget and fight their arousal, but they were not doing near as well as Troy had. Already their cocks were well past half mast. Already their steadily hardening semis strained against the front of their straps. A small wet splotch was forming on the front of their red pouches, and this time the dampness was not from their sweat.

Troy grabbed a suitably light dumbbell and hoisted it up to his chest. The maneuver caused the slight bit of a bicep that he had managed to build over the last few months to bulge out. The thin layer of sweat that he had accrued glistened in the fluorescent light of the gym and caused his muscle to practically sparkle. Like a couple of crows, the twins’ gazes were drawn to the glimmer of Troy’s small muscles.

Troy sauntered over to one of the workout benches beside the large, mirrored wall and set his plan into motion. He squatted down beside the bench and propped himself up on his elbows so his arms rested on the bench and his booty jutted out behind him. He was all but lying atop the gargantuan mass of his enormous cock and his colossal balls. The pose gave the twins a clear view of Troy’s cute, bubbly booty; his puffy, little taint; and the enormous expanse of his exposed nut sack.

The pose was good for putting on a show, but unfortunately it was good for little else. Try as he might, Troy couldn’t even muster a simple rowing motion. His cock and balls did not provide a steady enough perch. All he was really doing was wiggling his cute butt for the twins’ viewing pleasure, but that was all Troy really had had in mind.

To say that the twins enjoyed the view would be an understatement. Their big dicks stirred to life within the confines of their red jock straps. The twins exchanged a silent fist bump and continued staring at their pal’s lithe build, cute booty, and of course his absolutely enormous, sexy cock and balls. It was an amazingly sexy view, but that wasn’t the main reason the twins enjoyed the show so much.

“Is he doing what I think he’s doing?” Ike asked his brother.

“I think he is.” Mike concurred.

“He trying to out-flirt the masters…” Ike added in answer to his own question.

“That’s adorable!” Mike replied giddily.

The twins took a moment to soak in the view. Troy was really trying to ham it up. His bubbly booty wiggled before the twins’ eager eyes. His puffy taint was clearly visible as were his enormous nuts. Troy’s balls had swollen considerably even during the few minutes he had been in the weight room. Either enlarged orb was now close to the size of a beach ball, and they were still swelling before the twins’ very eyes. It was clear how hot and bothered Troy was just from watching the steady inflation of his huge balls, but the look on his face made it even clearer.

The twins could see Troy’s cute face reflected in the mirrored walls which surrounded them on all sides. Troy’s face was bright red. He chewed nervously on his lower lips as he tried his best to act like he was completely in control of the situation, but he was not fooling anyone. If anything his awkward expression just made him look even cuter and made it even clearer to the twins that they should step in before something happens.

“As much as I love the view…” Mike lamented as he took another glance at Troy’s exposed booty.

“… we really should stop him before he hurts himself.” Ike concurred.

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Image by Seraphiel (Click to enlarge)
The twins worked in perfect unison. They sauntered across the gym over to their pal’s side.

“Your form is all wrong.” Mike chided softly and placed a hand gently on Troy’s shoulder.

“Here. Let me show you. We wouldn’t want you to get hurt.” Ike chimed in sweetly.

Troy wasn’t able to even try to argue with them. Mike’s soft touch and Ike’s sweet words absolutely demolished his already crumbling resolve. The hefty barbell slipped from Troy’s grasp and landed with a thud on the bench in front of him.

Ike wasted no time in grabbing the weight that Troy had just dropped and moved on to the next phase of his plan. “Okay. Your form is pretty good, but you need focus more on keeping your back straight… like this.” Ike explained as he got into position. He placed one hand against the weight rack and started to squat down nice and low as he detailed the motions he was doing. He even made sure to gesture towards his back so Troy could see the way that Ike was standing and learn from it, but it wasn’t Ike’s back that had Troy so captivated. It was Ike’s impeccably round and muscular ass. The pose Ike had struck caused his butt to wiggle mere inches in front of Troy’s face. Troy could actually feel the warmth emanating from his pal’s butt. It was so close he could almost taste it, and part of him wanted to do just that.

“Here. Now you try it.” Mike chimed in. He didn’t even give Troy a chance to respond. No sooner had he spoken than he placed his hand right between Troy’s shoulder blades and shoved down as if trying to help Troy straighten his back, but his maneuver had caused something very different to happen. The shove had caused Troy’s face to jerk forward a few inches which lead to Troy being suddenly face down right in Ike’s beefy buttocks.

Troy wasn’t about to complain though. The twins had impeccable hygiene so it wasn’t like there was anything gross there. It was just yet another part of the twins’ anatomy that Troy found amazingly sexy. In fact, he had daydreamed more than once about what it would be like to eat out one or both of his smokin’ hot besties.

Troy didn’t even try to fight it. As soon as his face made contact with Ike’s exceptional ass, Troy began to nuzzle against his pal’s sculpted cheeks. Troy’s nose bumped awkwardly against Ike’s twitching, tight pucker, but Troy quickly found a nice position which he could really explore the contours of his pal’s amazingly sexy ass.

Troy started low. He gave Ike’s puffy taint a small kiss and a soft lick and nuzzled against his pal’s ass once more. Troy quickly settled into a rhythm. He would give his pal a quick kiss and a sensual lick and then go back to burying his face in his pal’s butt. As Troy moved his way slowly up along his pal’s hot crevasse he started to get more and more into it. He kissed deeper. He licked longer. He drank in more and more of his pal’s raw sexuality with each passing second. Troy was so into it that he hardly even realized that Ike was slowly standing back up. Troy hardly even realized that he himself had begun to stand up to keep pace with his pal. Soon Ike had hopped up on the bench. Ike’s perch atop the weight bench put his beefy booty right at eye level to Troy so that Troy could really go at it without having to be hunched over at such an awkward angle.

Troy gasped as he suddenly felt something. It was so sudden and it felt so good. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on edge and made his bubbly booty break out in goosebumps. Troy felt it again. It was warm, and wet, and soft, and sensual. This time he knew exactly what it was though. It was Mike’s tongue tracing a path along the insides of his crack. Mike obviously had more experience in the matter than Troy did. His tongue felt amazing against the sensitive part of Troy’s backside. The way he playfully flicked his tongue against Troy’s hole felt amazing. The way he sensually licked along the sides of Troy’s crack sent shivers down Troy’s spine. The soft, sensual moans coming from behind him caused Troy’s dick to get even harder than before.

Big Changes image for Ziel by Seraphiel
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Troy breathed a sigh of relief. He was so glad to no longer be in pain that he didn’t even mind that he was now bare-assed naked in the middle of the gym. It wasn’t like his strap had really covered that much anyway, but even so his face burned bright red from embarrassment.

Troy’s cock had looked enormous while it was in the pouch, but now that it was flying free for all to see everyone could see how simply massive it truly was. The massive beast was every bit as wide as his shoulders and jutted out in front of him over four feet. For the time being at least his dick was still a good foot shorter than he was, but at the rate he was growing, there was a very real possibility that someday he’d have a cock bigger than his whole body!

As huge as Troy’s cock was though it paled in comparison to his nuts. Troy’s balls had been inflating steadily since he had arrived at the gym, but in the past few minutes his size had really ramped up. Either enlarged orb was now close to the size of a sofa, and they were still steadily swelling by the second!

“Looks like someone’s happy to see us.” Mike cooed softly as he stroked Troy’s dick and leaned in to give it a soft kiss on the tip.

“It wouldn’t be a party unless our little buddy’s little buddy decided to make an appearance.” Ike said sweetly as he too caressed Troy’s fully boned cock. Ike leaned in beside his brother and lapped at the pre that trickled from Troy’s slit. Troy was sure things were going to get very hot and heavy from there, but he was only partially correct.

Mike and Ike took a step back and exchanged a devious glance. A mischievous smirk was plastered on both of their faces as they eyed Troy’s fantastically huge cock. This was the moment they had been waiting for. Everything was in place. Now all that was left was to unveil their new toy.

“We have a surprise for you.” Mike said playfully.

“Yeah. I just know you’re gonna love it.” Ike added. He was practically gushing at this point, but he was nowhere near as gushing as Troy’s cock was. Pre flowed freely from the tip of his enormous dick and poured out onto the matted floor of the gym’s weight room.

Troy wasn’t in any condition to be asking questions. He was now so horny that he could barely think straight. All he could do was shoot his pal’s a questioning glance, but even just that said it all. The twins wasted no time in getting to work. They knew that Troy would love every second of what they had in mind.

Mike and Ike dashed across the room to one of the weight racks against the wall. As the twins approached the rack, Troy began to notice something odd about it. For starters it didn’t have and dumbbells on it at all. Instead it had a bunch of shiny, chrome spheres. Each sphere was about the size of a soccer ball and was as reflective as the mirrors that surrounded the weight room, and when the twins began to scoop the large orbs up into their hands, Troy noticed something else that was odd about them. The balls were linked together by a thick rope. It was a string of beads, but these were way larger than any of the sets he had at home!

“You like them?” Mike asked with a devious smirk.

“We know your last set wasn’t nearly big enough to satisfy you anymore.” Ike added playfully.

Troy didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t one to turn down a gift, but he wasn’t even sure he could handle those beads. Even by his standards they were massive!

“You don’t look that excited.” Mike chided playfully.

“There’s no need to worry. I’m sure you’ll handle these just fine.” Ike said reassuringly.

The twins continued their steady approach with the beads in hand. As they got closer and closer Troy got more and more uncomfortable. On one hand, what they were suggesting sounded hot as hell. Troy had to admit he loved the feeling of having his dick filled with beads, and much to his chagrin his last set was starting to feel a tad on the small side, but this was more than just a simple step up. These were huge!

Soon the twins were standing directly in front of Troy’s huge cock with beads in hand. Seeing the beads up close did nothing to assuage Troy’s fears. If anything he was even more nervous now that they were so close that he could actually see his expression reflected on the silver spheres. He could see the look of uncertainty in his eyes, but he could also see the red flush of arousal that had spread over his otherwise pale cheeks.

“Uh… guys…?” Troy squeaked nervously.

“Just relax.” Mike said in a soft, soothing voice.

“We’ll be careful.” Ike assured just as softly as his brother had.

“You know we aren’t going to hurt you.” Mike said softly.

“If it ever starts to feel uncomfortable, let us know and we’ll stop.” Ike added soothingly.

“Ok… but just… I mean… Ok. Just be careful.” Troy whimpered softly.

“You know we will be.” Mike replied soothingly.

“We always are.” Ike added sweetly.

Big Changes image for Ziel by Seraphiel
Image by Seraphiel (Click to enlarge)
Troy was so nervous and excited that he was practically hyperventilating. He had to take long, steady breaths just to soothe his nerves and keep his excitement from getting the better of him. He was so hot and bothered that he was dangerously close to blowing his load, and the twins hadn’t even touched his dick yet. At the rate he was going, he was going to start cumming before the first sphere even slipped into his dick.

Troy gasped as he felt the cool surface of the first metallic ball make contact with the tip of his cock. A deep, throaty moan started to slip out of his mouth as he felt his slit being spread open to allow the enormous orb access to his cock, but his moan was cut short by yet another gasp of shock. Troy’s mind felt like it was exploding from all the sheer bliss that arced through his cock. The large ball filled his cock so spectacularly that he felt like he was in heaven. Synapses in his skull fired like a fireworks display on the Fourth of July. He wanted to moan. He wanted to writhe. He wanted to cry out and say how great it felt, but as it was he couldn’t even breathe properly. He felt so fantastic that all he could do was suck in short gasps of air as he struggled to keep his load down.

Troy felt so fantastic that he couldn’t even keep himself upright. His legs felt like jelly. He wobbled unsteadily for a second before collapsing to his knees. Troy found himself face down against his own enormous cock which was still pointed straight up towards the twins. Troy glanced up at his two identical pals and stared groggily as they smirked down at him and slowly slid in yet another sphere.

Troy whimpered and writhed as the second sphere slid into him. It felt just as fantastic as the first. It felt so amazing in fact that all Troy wanted to do was cum and cum again, but he quickly realized that he just could not do so. The beads were so huge that they blocked off his entire slit! They stopped him from being able to so much as spurt! His cock bucked and lurched. Troy moaned and writhed and wriggled, but still he just could not cum!

Troy groaned and moaned and panted and pleaded for release, but his two pals continued to smirk and slide more and more beads deep within his dick. The underside of Troy’s cock bulged out as the beads slid deeper into him. The normally puffy ridge along the underside of his dick was looking like a fat boa constrictor that had just swallowed entire rodents of unusual size, and the lumps slid further down the shaft as the twins loaded yet another sphere into his cock. By the time the twins had the sixth sphere deep inside Troy’s cock, the first one was all the way down at the base of his dick. He could actually feel it pressing against the root of his cock as if it was trying to slide into his body, but it was held at bay by the rising pressure of Troy’s growing backlog of spunk.

The twins marveled at their handiwork. Troy was so far gone by this point that he couldn’t even focus his eyes. A trail of drool trickled out the side of his mouth as he whined and whimpered for more, but there was no way that his cock could fit any more inside of it. Fortunately Troy had plenty other places that the twins could plug full.

The twins stepped out from behind Troy’s enormous cock and stood where Troy could see them. Troy tried as best as he could to focus on them, but even then his eyesight was a little blurry. He could make out what they were doing though. He could see the sly smirk on their faces as they hooked their thumbs into the waistband of their jock straps. He could see the way they slowly and seductively shook their hips as they shimmied the waistband lower and lower down their thighs. He could see their huge cocks as they slipped free from the red pouches of their jock straps and stood up at their full size.

The twins’ cocks were nowhere near as massive as Troy’s was, but their dicks were absolutely huge by all normal standards. Both brothers had a solid foot of fat cock. Their dicks were as long and as thick as their fit forearms. Their balls were every bit as big as baseballs and hung heavily in their sacks.

Troy whimpered pleadingly as he stared at the brother’s fat cocks. He was so horny that he couldn’t even form words, but the twins knew exactly what he wanted.

“Save your strength.” Mike said softly.

“Yeah. No need for words, anyway. I’ve got something better you can use your mouth for.” Ike chimed in.

The twins effortlessly hoisted Troy up and then draped him over his own enormous cock. Troy’s dick was so huge that Troy was able to lie face down atop it and his head didn’t even reach the puffy tip of his fully-boned cock! This gave Ike plenty of room to sit down atop of the soft, spongy head of Troy’s enormous cock and present his own thick dick for Troy’s sucking pleasure.

Troy wasted no time in wrapping his lips around his pal’s fantastic cock. It felt perfect in his mouth, and it wasn’t just the size of it. Ike’s cock was amazingly thick for sure, but it was more than that. It was the taste of it, the smell of it. Troy could taste the slight tinge of sweat of Ike’s flesh. He could taste the slight tang of pre oozing onto his tongue. It was all so wonderful that he didn’t want it to end.

While Troy was busy with Ike’s cock, Mike took his position around back. He had made a brief detour to grab a small bottle from his gym bag and had then squatted down right behind Troy’s cute, bubbly booty. Troy’s balls had grown so immense by this point that Ike was able to kick back and relax against the massive, sloshing balls as he lined his cock up with Troy’s cute little shuddering hole.

Troy was so far gone that he hardly even noticed the cool splash of lube against his ass, but he certainly wasn’t so far gone that he couldn’t feel his tight hole stretching wide to accept Mike’s fat cock. Troy stopped sucking on Ike’s cock long enough to let out a long, contented sigh as he felt Mike’s cock slide deeper and deeper into him. Troy was in heaven. He couldn’t believe it was possible to feel this good. His dick was more sensitive than he could ever remember it being, and his body was bristling with arousal. His skin felt warm and sensitive. Even the slightest touch made his skin tingle with pleasure. Even the softest nudge felt like a passionate embrace which of course meant that the intense, passionate gropes and grabs of the twins’ hands against Troy’s body felt outright orgasmic.

Mike and Ike couldn’t hold back anymore, and they could tell from the way Troy was wriggling that he was loving every second of it too. They stepped up their pace and settled into a nice rhythm. Ike would shove his cock deep down Troy’s throat while Mike pulled his huge dick back in Troy’s ass, and then they would reverse. Mike would slam his meaty cock deep into Troy’s hungry ass while Ike sensually pulled his dick out from deep down inside Troy’s throat. The constant motion caused Troy’s body to rock back and forth like waves on a beach. The steady rocking caused his cock to grind against the rubberized floor of the gym’s weight room. The grinding motion felt amazing in its own right, but it was made even more orgasmic by the enormous beads which were still embedded deep in Troy’s cock. With each rock forward Troy could feel the beads digging into the inner lining of his cock. With each roll backwards Troy could feel the beads rubbing against the sensitive flesh on the underside of his cock. It was all too much for Troy to take. He wanted to cum, and yet he simply could not. His cock was just too plugged full to let even a single droplet to escape. Troy got hornier and hornier by the moment, but he still just could not cum. The pressure built up more and more in the base of his cock, but still his jizz had nowhere to go. His balls steadily swelled more and more by the moment, but the twins continued to ram and ream Troy from both blissful ends.

Troy wasn’t the only one loving every second of it. The twins loved the sounds Troy made. They loved the little whimpers that escaped his lips during the brief, fleeting moments where Ike’s cock didn’t fill his entire mouth. They loved the soft moans that rattled deep in his throat while Ike’s cock plugged his mouth full to capacity. They loved the way he wriggled and writhed in ecstasy, and they especially loved the way he felt wrapped around their cocks. Troy’s warm and wet mouth felt fantastic around Ike’s cock, and the way Troy’s tongue lapped at Ike’s dick as the huge tool was buried down his throat just added to the wonderful sensation. Troy’s ass gripped Mike’s cock in such a wonderful way and yet despite how tight it was, Mike’s fat cock could still easily slide in and out of Troy’s lube-slicked, stretched-out hole.

“I… can’t…” Ike groaned.

“Hold… out…” Mike moaned.

“We’re gonna cum!” The twins cried in unison.

Big Changes image for Ziel by Seraphiel
Image by Seraphiel (Click to enlarge)
Big Changes image for Ziel by Seraphiel
Image by Seraphiel (Click to enlarge)
Mike slammed his dick in as deep as he could go. His huge, full nuts slapped against Troy’s puffy taint. At the same time Ike pulled back as far as he could so that only the spongy tip of his huge dick remained in Troy’s mouth. The two brothers moaned and panted in perfect unison. Their bodies tensed up. Their dicks shuddered and lurched, and then they let out one last, orgasmic moan as they pumped their loads right into Troy’s body.

The exact second the twins finally lost their battle with their own arousal, the dam quite literally broke for Troy as well. The pressure building in the base of his cock became too great for even the blockage of the string of beads to hold out against. Cum erupted from Troy’s dick with enough force to send the string of beads soaring across the room. The beads slammed against the wall on the far side of the room. A loud crack split the air, but it was nowhere near as intense as the cracks which now spread through the mirrored panel like a spider web.

Troy came again and again and again. All the while he could feel and taste the twins’ loads pumping into him. He could feel the warm, wet rush of spunk flooding into his ass. He could taste the mellow flavor of Ike’s jizz as it washed over his tongue. There was just so much of it that Troy could never hope to swallow it all. He tried—he really did, but it was no use. No matter how much he swallowed, five times as much came flooding in in powerful spurts from Ike’s huge cock. Jizz oozed out the sides of Troy’s mouth and spilled out onto his enormous cock, but the cum seeping from his ass was nowhere near as much as the spooge pouring out of his ass. Troy couldn’t just swallow Mike’s load like he had done with Ike’s. Mike’s copious cum shots were left to keep flooding into Troy’s already overstuffed ass, and with nowhere left to go, the huge quantities of cum seeped out his hole despite Mike’s huge cock doing its best to completely seal the opening.

The twins came and came again, but in the end they were spent long before Troy was anywhere near unloading his gallons upon gallons of spunk. By the time Troy had finally busted his colossal nut, his balls had been the size of minivans, and they had only shrunken down to the size of dumpsters by the time the twins were completely spent. The gym was drenched in jizz. The equipment was coated in spunk, and the only reason the room wasn’t filled with a standing pool of spooge that was over six inches deep was because all the excess jizz had spilled out of the room and down the stairs into the lower floor of the gym.

Troy’s colossal cock continued spurting for several minutes after that. By the time he had finally finished cumming he was so exhausted that he was barely even coherent. All he could think about was how great he felt and how amazing that climax had been.

Troy could feel the twins nuzzle up against him and slowly prop him up onto his feet, but he was too addled and exhausted to be much help. Troy stared groggily around the room as the twins helped him walk back downstairs and towards the showers to get cleaned up. The place was a disaster, and it only got worse as they made their way downstairs. The stairs were soaked in spunk, and the lower floor was flooded. Troy was still feeling too giddy from the afterglow to be freaked out by the devastation though. All he could do was chuckle at the mess he had made.

The twins were quick to pick up on Troy’s titter. “Hehe. I’d say the new toy is a success.” Mike commented.

“Indeed it was, but our buddy is still a growing boy.” Ike concurred.

“Yeah. No doubt we’ll need to get an even bigger one before too long.” Mike agreed.

Troy heard the words, but they didn’t really resonate with him. Some part of him knew he should be freaked out by the prospect, but he was still so groggy and giddy that he couldn’t help but think that it would be kind of fun to get even bigger and try even larger toys. The doctors still had no idea what was causing his cock to grow so really it was only a matter of time before he outgrew even his newest and biggest toy…


Alone Time

Troy groaned and squirmed and stretched as far as his body would let him. He could feel the bright sunlight filtering through his blinds and hitting his eyelids, and it felt wonderful. Troy’s eye’s fluttered open and he glanced over at the clock beside his bed. It was nearly noon, and he was still comfortably in bed. Sure, he had had to get up a few times during the course of the night to drain his nuts, but usually he had to start the day after the second load. Today however he was able to crawl right back into bed after emptying his nuts and doze off for a few more blissful hours. Troy couldn’t remember the last time he had been able to sleep in like this. The twins rarely let him sleep past nine, and they typically had him up and at ’em by seven. It had been ages since Troy could comfortably laze about like this, and he had the a few more days of blissful slumber ahead of him due to the twins being out of town for a family vacation.

Troy’s eyes drifted up to his semi-boned spire. His dick wasn’t even fully hard, and yet it was dangerously close to hitting the ceiling. There had been a number of times in the previous nights where he had been rudely awoken by the sensation of the scratchy, texturized surface of his stucco-like ceiling rubbing against the soft, sensitive skin of his fully-boned cock head. These fairly frequent wake-up calls were yet another reminder that his cock was still steadily growing. Troy had hoped he had seen the end of his enlargement when his cock had crept past the four foot mark, but it seemed like that had just been wishful thinking. Even though it didn’t appear to be getting any bigger, with each passing week he could actually feel his cock getting thicker and heavier. The pounds kept stacking on, and the inches kept slowly creeping up. Troy was never a very big guy. He was a slim and slender little thing that barely stood over five feet tall. His friends and family towered over him, and at the rate things were going his dick was soon to do the same. His enormous schlong was already heavier than his body, and at the rate things were going it would soon be longer than he was tall.

Troy continued to lay in bed and stare up at his schlong. His morning wood didn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If anything his cock seemed to be getting stiffer the longer he looked at it. Troy could feel the familiar sensations stirring in his cock and sloshing in his nuts. He could tell he was getting hornier by the second, but how could he not? Despite how much trouble his enormous cock and balls caused for him on a daily basis, he could not deny how amazingly hot they looked.

Troy glanced down at the two massive mounds resting towards the foot of his bed. It had only been four hours since he had dumped his load, and already his nuts were absolutely massive. Either enlarged orb was already well on its way to dwarfing the old recliner that Troy’s dad liked to sit on when watching football. With both balls together Troy’s entire sack was as big as the sofa downstairs. In fact, Troy was half tempted to flop onto his nuts and recline on his nice, warm sack while enjoying a hearty binge of some of the video games he had been meaning to finish for ages, but as fun as that sounded Troy knew he would have a hard time explaining to his dad how he had allowed his balls to get so big that he could no longer reach the restroom to take care of his growing problem, and that was saying nothing of the incredible flooding that would no doubt ensue once he did finally blow his load.

As Troy ogled his enormous nuts he began to feel a familiar scratching sensation against the tip of his dick. He had been so enthralled by his own colossal cojones that he hadn’t even noticed that his dick had gone from a solid semi to full on throbbing hard on. His dick was now so stiff that it stood straight up and scraped against the ceiling. Troy knew he would have to do something about his colossal cock sometime soon. The most likely option was that he would just remove the box spring from his bed to give him an extra foot of wiggle room, but there was no telling how much longer even that much would be enough room for him and his steadily swelling schlong. At the rate things were going, Troy knew he might someday have to ditch his bed altogether, and that was something he was hoping to avoid.

Troy had had the same bed since he was in kindergarten. It was a nice, spacious, and sturdy structure that could easily hold his weight—as well as the weight of his enormous schlong and the weight of his two best buds. Even better it had a bunch of drawers built into the base of it where Troy could store his clothes. This meant he didn’t have to waste floor space in his bedroom on something as boring as a dresser. That space could be much better put to use housing a large TV and a fully stocked entertainment center. The downside of it was that the way his bedframe was put together made it a bit higher off the ground than the average bed. Once his box spring and mattress were added into the mix, he now laid a few feet off the ground. His body rested halfway between the floor and the ceiling, and thanks to his recent growths, Troy’s cock tended to fill the other half of the distance when fully hard which is how he found himself in his current predicament.

Troy let out a dejected sigh and gave his huge nuts one quick feel for the road. His fingers dig into the warm, soft flesh of his swollen sack and took a moment to enjoy the warmth of his soft sack against his bare palm. He can actually feel the thick spunk churning beneath the surface. There’s no doubt in his mind that this load is going to feel amazing... It was just a shame that he didn’t have anyone around to enjoy it with him...

Troy quickly shook the thought from his mind. This was supposed to be as much a vacation for him as it was for the twins. He liked hanging around with them and all, but he was a reclusive person by nature. He needed his alone time, and this was a great chance to make up for lost time. He could handle not having the twins around for a few days—he was sure of it!

Troy began to roll out of bed. The whole process was much more strenuous than it sounds. His nuts were so huge and heavy that he had to actually shove them over the side of his bed before he could even begin to get up. His balls were so massive that they hit the plush carpet with such force that a dull thud reverberated through his room. The impact was enough to even cause the half-full glass of water on his bed stand to wobble as if a T-rex was lurking nearby.

Troy soon found himself sitting on the side of the bed staring down at his huge cock and balls. He couldn’t help but chuckle at what he saw. It was such a strange sight to behold. His nuts were so huge that they sat solidly on the floor and crested higher than the mattress which Troy currently sat atop, and his cock was similarly massive. Troy’s dick was even wider than his shoulders—which granted, given how lean and lithe Troy was, his shoulders weren’t the widest around, but his dick was still absolutely gargantuan by any one’s standards. His softie was so huge that his cock was able to drape over his monstrously huge nut sack and still touch the carpet on the far side of his swollen cojones, and now that it was fully hard, his enormous shaft angled upwards like the arm of an industrial crane at a construction site. Even while sticking up at a roughly forty-five degree angle like it currently was, Troy’s cock was so massive that the spongy glans of his monstrous cock was still higher off the ground than his own head by quite a few inches.

As much fun as it was to ogle his own cock, Troy knew he needed to hurry. His cock was already beyond rock hard. He was so hot and bothered by the sight of his own enormous schlong that pre had begun to leak from the tip of his dick which of course meant that his already massive balls were swelling in earnest. His balls were already far too massive for Troy to effectively shove them along. His only hope for navigating his room was to crawl up and over them and let his colossal sack drag along behind him as he made the trek to the relative safety of his personal restroom.

Troy had done the maneuver so many times before that it was second nature by the point. He hopped forward so that instead of sitting on the edge of his bed, his bare butt made landfall with his huge, squishy sack. Once seated atop his own enormous nuts all Troy had to do was shimmy forward a bit and let his own massive schlong and the forces of gravity take care of the rest.

Troy’s nuts began to roll forward with him still riding on top, and Troy rode his stones until his feet made landfall with the plush carpet below. He stuck the landing like a professional gymnast. He went from riding his sack to standing as if nothing had happened, but then the real trouble began.

Troy knew his sack was swollen, but he had underestimated just how massive it had become. His nuts were so huge that it was near impossible to move them. He strained and staggered with all his might, but his feet kept slipping out from under him as he struggled in vain against his own stationary sack. After a solid five minutes of struggling Troy had only really managed to move his bait and tackle a grand total of five feet, and speaking of feet, the soles of his bare feet were rubbed red and raw from the constant slipping and sliding along the carpeted floor. He already had rub burns along the bottom of his feet, but there was no way he could just slip some shoes on to save his soles. His shoes were safely stored in his closer on the other side of the room, but given his huge sack which weighed him down, his shoes may as well have been in China for all the good they did him. It was a shorter trip to the bathroom than it was to the closet so a trip to get his shoes was simply out of the question.

Troy hated to admit it, but he needed help. He had let his balls grow too big, and now he couldn’t even move them. He was not about to be out done though. He had an ace in the hole so to speak. Troy once again flopped back on his balls and stretched his arm as far as he could. The muscles in his side hurt from being stretch to such an extreme, but his fingers managed to just barely touch the charging cable for his cell phone. Troy gently tugged at the charging cable. He had to be careful not to pull too hard or else the cable would jiggle free from the phone, and if that happened then there was no way he could ever hope to reach his phone in his current position. It was a tricky process that required no small amount of finesse, but Troy soon had the situation well in hand—literally and figuratively.

Troy slid his finger across the lock screen and quickly pulled up his text messages. He was just about to send a message to the first two contacts on his list when he realized a glaring error in his plans. The top two dudes on his texting list were none other than the twins themselves. There was no way either of them could help him now. Even if they did have their phones on—which was doubtful since they were going to be stuck on a plane for several hours today—there was no way they would be able to help Troy out seeing as they were both hundreds of miles away!

Troy quickly skimmed his other contacts, but nobody on the list seemed to be someone he could call upon in such a situation. His dad was busy with meetings all day, and his mom worked across town. Even if she could get away from work long enough to come help him out there was no way she would get back home within the hour and by that point there was no telling how huge Troy’s nuts would be. By that point he’d probably need a fork lift to foist his nuts! And that wasn’t even getting into the awkward nature of calling upon his mom to manhandle his junk. Troy felt embarrassed enough whenever she saw him without his pants on. The mere thought of her pressing against his package and shoving with all her might to get Troy’s ridiculously swollen nuts to move a mere fifteen feet across the room made Troy want to curl up and die of shame right then and there.

Troy grumbled and tossed his phone aside. His balls were so huge that he barely even felt the small, rectangular device land atop his huge nut. Whether he liked it or not he was stuck dealing with this by himself. There was no one else he could call upon. It was times like this that made Troy realize just how much he relied on the twins to help him out. Sure, most of the time they made the situation worse, but that was part of their charm. At least when Troy got so huge that he couldn’t move they could usually be called upon to get him to a more ideal location before making him blow his colossal load. The unfortunate fact of the matter was that Troy had no one he could call on for help. All he could do was nut up and shut up and figure a way to get himself out of this predicament.

Troy wasn’t about to give up so easy though. He knew he had what it takes to get to the restroom by himself. He was determined to make it if for no other reason than to prove to himself that he didn’t need to twins around all the time to take care of him.

Troy pushed himself forward off of his steadily swelling sack and flopped face first atop his huge cock. His dick was so massive that his forehead barely even reached the lower rim of his puffy glans. His cock was so fat that his arms had no hope of wrapping all the way around it. It wang was so massive that it was less like lying atop his own dick and more like being sprawled out face down atop a park bench, but even straddling his cock as he currently was, he could still reach the carpet below with his hands and feet, and that was all he needed.

Troy once more dug his toes into the turf, but this time he had the added might of his arms to work with. He may not be the beefiest guy around, but all those hours at the gym had started to pay off. Troy dug his fingers into the carpet, grabbing huge tufts of Berber in his hands and pulling with all his might while his feet kicked off against the floor behind him. It took every ounce of strength he could muster. It pushed his poor muscles to their limits, but he could feel it. He could feel the carpet brushing against the underside of his bench-sized schlong. He could feel his nuts shifting behind him. He was moving!

Emboldened by this new sensation Troy redouble his efforts. Each tug, each kick only moved him a scant few centimeters, but it was still progress. He pulled and pushed and kicked and trudged inch after inch.

Sweat dripped from his brow. His muscles ached and begged for him to stop. The distance to the bathroom was only a few feet, but it may as well have been miles. Even after just a single foot of Troy’s muscles were ready to quit, and that wasn’t even the biggest obstacle he faced! His own overactive imagination was working against him.

It wasn’t so much that Troy enjoyed being in such a compromising position. He certainly didn’t like being literally stuck in one place because his cock and balls were too large for him to hoist around, but there was something strangely sexy about his condition. He wished he could blame it on the twin’s influence, but even before his cock and balls had really grown to such absurd sizes, he had thought it was remarkably hot. All the twins had really done is help him work his way through the stigma he had imagined that his bonus-sized bait and tackle would net him. Troy had expected to be treated like a freak. He expected people to be grossed out by his oversized appendage, but for the most part people were pretty cool with it, and with the twins always on hand to diffuse the situation or lend Troy a helping hand (or in some cases, a helping handy) whenever he needed it, Troy had steadily learned to accept his size and all the awkward stares that came with it.

The real problem Troy currently faced, however, was that the sensation of his tiny body sprawled out across his massive cock was doing wild things to his imagination and his libido. He could actually envision just how small he must look compared to his humongous schlong. He could actually vivid imagine a bird’s eye view of his twinky little frame splayed out atop his own gigantic boner as he skittered and scooted across the bedroom floor. The image of how small he looked compared to his huge cock drove him wild, and the feeling of his little bod atop his massive dong got him absolutely randy. His body felt little bigger than a bug atop his fat cock, and it was clear to him that he hadn’t seen the end of his growth. Troy was sure that by the time all was said and done his cock would be even more ridiculously massive. There was no telling how huge he would get, and perhaps what was even more unnerving was Troy had no idea how huge he wanted to get. It seemed with each passing inch that stacked onto his schlong, Troy grew less and less worried about what other people though. He became less and less anxious about what would happen to him when his cock got to be too big to handle. After all, if his dick did become so huge that he couldn’t move, at least the twins would be there to help him, right?

Troy quickly shook the notion from his mind. As exciting as it sounded, the last thing he wanted was to be completely beholden to the brothers for everything. It’s not that he didn’t like them around. It wasn’t like he didn’t appreciate their help, but some part of him was afraid of relying so much on them. They wouldn’t always be there—this little trip of theirs was proof of that. Troy needed to learn to handle his own problems by himself, and for the time being that meant getting his huge cock across his bedroom and into the bathroom where he could handle his steady swelling.

Troy redoubled his efforts. He grabbed handfuls of carpet and kicked off as hard as he could and kept the momentum going as his scooted his massive schlong inch by inch across his bedroom. His muscles were screaming at him for a break. Sweat dripped from his brow almost as fast as pre dripped from the tip of his fully boned cock. He was getting closer by the moment, but at the same time, his balls were getting steadily bigger and bigger. Each inch became more difficult than the last. Troy was sure he was going to pass out ages before he even reached the doorway let alone got his dick in position to dump his load. The only saving grace was that the constant seepage of slimy pre made the carpet slick and slippery enough that his huge cock and balls could coast across it as opposed to getting a grade-A case of rug burn all along the underside of his oversized nethers.

Troy had to take a moment and regain his senses when he felt his knuckles slap against the door frame of the restroom door. He hadn’t realized how close he had gotten. The head of his cock was already through the doorway! He only had a few more feet to go and he was home free! ... or so he thought. Another problem quickly presented himself. Sure, Troy’s cock was still slightly slim enough that it could fit through the doorway, but his balls were another story altogether. Either enlarged orb was easily the size of a smart car. Even if he tried doing it one nut as a time as he typically did when going through doorways Troy had no chance in hell of getting his sack through the door.

Troy was not about to be outdone though—not when he had already come this far. It wasn’t the end of the world if he couldn’t get his balls through. All he had to do was do his business in the doorway. His four plus feet of fat cock was more than long enough that he could aim it at the tub even from the edge of his bedroom. All he had to do was get into the doorway, rub one out, and let the force of his colossal cumshots do the rest. This was no doubt going to be a messy endeavor, but splashing and splattering jizz all over his bathroom still beat basting him bedroom in baby batter.

Troy steadily clambered the last few feet. Once he got close enough that he could actually reach the doorframe, he grabbed onto the wooden rim and used that as leverage to tug himself the last foot and a half of the distance towards the bathroom. Just as he had suspected his nuts were so massive that they had no hope of getting through the doorway. In fact, his nuts were so massive that Troy had no hope of getting back out of the restroom now that he had reached it. There was a solid was of swollen ball flesh blocking the path he had just come from! That hardly mattered though. He had managed to get where he needed to go, and he knew what he needed to do... there was just one small problem.

Now that Troy was in position, he didn’t even know how he was supposed to get himself off! He couldn’t get far enough into the restroom to reach his toy chest. Even if he stretched with all his might, his fingers still missed the rim of the box full of sex toys he kept by the sink, and his cock was simply too huge for him to jack off the good old fashioned way. He couldn’t wrap his hands around his schlong well enough to stroke it, and there was something else at work too. Now that he had made it all this way he found that he just wasn’t really feeling it. Normally he would be able to make do by playing with his ass or teasing the slit of his fully boned cock, but even those weren’t doing it for him. It just didn’t feel the same. It was strange and frustrating. He was horny as hell, but he wasn’t horny in quite that way. He was horny in such a way that he didn’t want to feel his own hands toying with his sensitive spaces. He craved to feel the tough of another—or the touch of two others as the case may be.

Troy flopped forward onto his fully boned cock. The thing was so huge that he was able to lie face down atop it as if it was a massage table with his knees digging into the sides of it as if he was riding it like a Clydesdale. The feeling of how tiny he was compared to his massive cock sent another surge of excitement through his cock and his mind. He didn’t want to admit how hot it was, but his pre-drooling cock was all too happy to announce his thoughts to the world. Troy was actually glad he was by himself in the comfort of his room where no one could see how turned on he was just by the mere thought of how massive his dick had become, but he still wasn’t hot and bothered enough to blow his load just yet.

Troy rocked his whole body against the upper side of his fully boned shaft. He tried as best as he could to grind the soft, sensitive ridge of the underside of his cock against the cool tile floor of his bathroom, but it just wasn’t working. It felt good, but at the same time Troy felt oddly hollow inside like there was something missing... and there was something missing—two things missing in fact.

Troy fumbled for his phone once more. Fortunately this time he did not need to hoist his package around the room to get it. His phone was still precariously perched atop one of his nearby nuts, but Troy still had to stretch a bit to get it.

Troy once more unlocked his phone, but this time his goal was not to try and reach out to someone for help. He was half tempted to call the brothers even though he knew they were in no position to answer. Even just the sound of their prerecorded voices on their voice mail would do wonders for lifting his spirits, but Troy knew if he did that the twins would see that he had tried to call them, and then what could he do? Make up some story about how he had butt-dialed them? Fess up that he was lonely? Both options sounded silly, and Troy still had some pride left. He didn’t want the twins to know that he couldn’t last even a single morning without missing them.

Troy instead opened up his gallery and started thumbing through the various pictures that cluttered up his phone’s internal storage. His gaze fell upon photo after photo featuring one of both of the twins. The few photos that did not have both brothers in them were clearly taken by the twin that was not seen in the photo. The faces said it all. Mike would be glancing at the camera and smirking in that devilish way that he typically did when he was about to play a prank on Troy, and Troy’s own face was caught in the halfway point between nervously awaiting what mischief the brothers had in store for him and realizing that said mischief was already afoot.

Troy chuckled as he saw a seemingly harmless photo of himself flashing a peace sign to the camera while his mouth was full to the brim with pizza. The half of the slice that wasn’t causing his cheeks to bulge out was drooping from his hand. The excess toppings were spilling off the pizza and back into the box below. Troy normally wasn’t one to eat his pizza with so many different kinds of meat on it, but Mike had insisted that they get the meat lovers pizza seeing that they were all “meat lovers”. Ike had been quick to add that Troy could “never have too much sausage.” The two brothers had shared a laugh at their jokes, and Troy had silently nodded along in agreement.

Troy wasn’t the only person in the photo though. Ike sat beside him with a plate full of pizza of his own. It would have seemed a perfectly normal scenario had it not been for the fact that Ike was perched side-saddle atop Troy’s massive cock, and the two boxes of pizza were spread out on the exposed flesh of Troy’s massive dick. Even back then Troy’s dick was so huge that it easily served as both a bench and picnic table for him and the twins—much to the shock of the other people who were in the park with them that day.

Troy flipped through the other photos in his gallery and was hit with a rush of emotions. All the old embarrassment came flooding back to him, but so too did the relief and gratitude he felt for the brothers for helping him get out of his shell. He had no doubt he would have become even more of a shut in than he already was if they had not been there to drag him dicking and creaming from his comfort zone.

Looking back on all the photos made Troy more wistful than he had hoped. He had hoped that reminiscing about the crazy stuff that he and the twins got up to would get him in the mood to get off. He was plenty horny as it was, but he had hoped that by jogging his memory he could give his libido that last little push it needed to really get off the ground. As it was, all he had succeeded in doing was making himself lonelier than before, but it was more than just a loneliness this time. His bare skin practically begged to be touched. He needed to feel someone’s caress against him so badly that he could almost feel it.

Troy was in a truly pitiful state. He couldn’t even bring himself to cum by himself even though he desperately wanted it. Troy couldn’t help but wonder what the twins would say if they found him in such a sorry state. No doubt they would have a few choice words to send his way. Even just the thought of the playful teasing he would receive at the hands of the smoking hot identical twins got Troy excited. The mix of horniness and longing sent Troy’s imagination into overdrive. His mind was racing so fast that he could practically hear the twins as if they were in the room with him.

“Hehe. What do we have here?” Troy could hear Mike’s voice asking in a playful tone.

“Looks like someone needs a helping hand.” Ike’s voice said as in agreement to his brother’s rhetorical question.

“Oh, but should we really give it to him?” Mike’s voice asked. There was a familiar tone of impish delight in his voice which drove Troy wild.

“I dunno... He really looks like he needs it.” Ike’s voice replied thoughtfully.

“If he really needs it, he’d ask for it.” Mike replied deviously.

“You’re right. We shouldn’t do anything he doesn’t want us to.” Ike agreed.

Troy was so desperate to cum by this point that he was practically begging the phantasms drummed forth from his hormonally charged subconscious to have their way with him in any way they could. He was so hot and bothered that a pitiful, horny whine escaped his lips which just seemed to spur the specters on even more.

“It sounds like he wants it.” Mike teased.

“It sure does, but I want to hear him say it.” Ike added.

Some small part of Troy’s conscious mind couldn’t believe he was doing this. He was actually being teased and goaded by mere figments of his imagination. What’s worse was that these two specters had him right where they wanted him. It was all Troy could do to whine and plead. On some level he knew that none of it was real, but that part of his mind was being drowned out by the part that wanted it to be. With each passing moment, he lost himself more and more to the fantasy. He was soon so horny and so desperate to cum that these two may as well have been the real deal.

“Those sounds he makes are so cute.” Mike said softly as he leaned in to give Troy a soft kiss on the cheek.

“I can’t wait to hear him make even more.” Ike agreed. The phantom Ike moved in closer. Soon he was nudging up against Troy opposite his twin brother. Troy was so horny that he could practically feel the warmth of the twin’s skin as the nuzzled up against him. Troy was so hot and bothered that he could actually feel the soft, playful touch of Ike’s fingertips against his twitching hole. Troy was so desperate for Ike to play with his ass that he didn’t even realize it was his own fingers teasing his hole and not the twin’s.

Another pitiful whine escaped Troy’s lips as Mike began to caress Troy’s smooth, flat belly. Troy whined and begged for the specter to hurry up and get to the good part, but Mike was in no hurry. He was staring at Troy and watching his twinky little pal squirm with a look of impish glee in his eyes.

By the time Mike’s hand made its way down towards the lower part of Troy’s belly, Troy’s cock was as hard as it had ever been. His massive dick was beginning to buck and lurch. The head flared of. The entire length of his enormous dick shuddered in anticipation. Troy was ready to blow at any second, but now that he was finally able he found that he did not want to. He wanted to make this last even longer. He wanted to experience his friends’ sensual touches for a bit more even if they were mere figments of his overactive imagination.

Troy’s skin broke out in goosebumps as phantom Mike’s hand drifted down towards Troy’s clean shaven crotch. Troy was in ecstasy. He could feel Ike’s fingers gently toying with his eager hole while Mike’s fingertips softly caressed the sensitive flesh of Troy’s inner thigh. Troy was so lost in the sensation that he didn’t even realize that both hands were his, but it hardly mattered. The illusion was real enough that for the time being at least it broke Troy out of the funk that his morning of isolation had put him in.

A low, soft moan escaped Troy’s lips as Mike’s hand slipped past his crotch as caressed the ticklish spot on the inside of Troy’s thigh. He could feel Mike’s soft caress against his sensitive thigh. He could feel the back of Mike’s hand brushing against the enormous shaft of his massive cock. Just the sensation of how absolutely tiny Mike’s hand felt compared to the sheer scale of Troy’s colossal cock made Troy even hornier than before. His enormous cock shuddered in excitement. His dick bucked in anticipation of what was sure to be an absolutely massive and messy spurt of cum. His balls which were now the size of tool sheds pulled in closer in preparation for the huge, messy climax. The motion of his monstrous balls threatened to send Troy toppling forward and onto his huge cock, but Troy kept his balance if for no other reason than he didn’t want the illusion to break. Some part of his subconscious warned him of how tenuous his daydream really was, but for the time being Troy was content to live in his dream world. He was so lost in the fantasy that he could hardly register the way his fat cock pinned his hand against the inside of his thigh.

Try as he might though Troy was fighting a losing battle. His nuts were already so full that the need to cream drove him crazy and that was before he even had to contend with the phantom duo of the spectral twins which had been called forth by his overactive and overly horny imagination. Troy’s massive cock was chomping at the bit to unload. His colossal balls were practically roiling in anticipation of letting loose the hundreds of gallons of spooge which sloshed away beneath the surface, and that was without the steady goading from the twins.

“He looks really close now, doesn’t he?” Mike asked playfully.

“You’re right. He could blow at any second.” Ike agreed.

“See? I told you he wouldn’t know what to do without us around.” Mike teased.

“He’d never admit it, though.” Ike added in a similarly playfully chiding tone.

“That’s fine though.” Mike replied.

“Right. A job well done is its own reward.” Ike concurred.

“Speaking of which...” Mike began.

“... It’s time to reap the rewards.” Ike concluded.

The twins were once again on the move. Troy’s imagination was running amok. The daydream seemed so real that he could actually feel Mike’s hands caressing his inner thigh and tracing a path across the faint traces of Troy’s recently formed abs. He could also feel Ike’s hands—one still sensually toying with Troy’s sensitive hole and the one passionately stroking the faint bulge of Troy’s newly formed pecs. Troy was so caught up in the illusion that he could actually feel the passionate kissed against the nape of both sides of his neck as the twins nuzzled against him from both sides. He could hear their soft moans. He could feel the warmth of their breath against his neck each time they took a break from kissing long enough to grab a short gasp of air. It was all so real and so wonderful that Troy couldn’t help himself. He winced and writhed. He moaned and cooed. His entire essence was channeled into keeping his wad down just a little longer so that he could enjoy the moment for a bit longer, but it was not to be. His dick was leaking like a sieve. Pre flowed freely from his monstrous, fully boned cock. His nus pulled in in preparation of the coming storm. His cock gave a few last hard lurches and violent shudders, and then the shooting began.

Try cried out in ecstasy. Cum shot forth from his cock like water from a firehose. It felt so fantastic that Troy could barely even breathe. He only had a split second between spurts in which he could suck in a quick gasp and then he would be moaning all over again with the next spurt. Again and again he came. With each spurt his cock lurched and bounced like a cartoon jalopy. Troy was left straddling his cock and riding it like a mechanical bull as it shot spurt after spurt of thick, sticky spunk.

Troy came again and again. Each spurt as thick and heavy as the last. His gooey shots splattered against the far wall of his bathroom and oozed down the tiles and into the massive, oversized bathtub which Troy used to house his colossal cumshots. There seemed to be no end in sight. Even his recently upgraded tub could not handle the load. The reservoir which was designed to handle well over a hundred gallons soon began to run over with spooge. The drains were nowhere near enough to handle the thick spunk anywhere near fast enough to keep up with the demand. Soon Troy’s heavy loads began to spill out of the tub and splash onto the tile floor of the bathroom itself, and his balls had still barely begun to drain. Soon there was a standing pool of spunk that was nearly a foot deep. Even the specialized drain he had had installed in the floor of the bathroom couldn’t handle all the overflow from the tub. The only thing keeping the rising tide of jizz from seeping into his bedroom and onto the carpet was the solid wall of balls which blocked the entire doorway.

Even from his perch atop his cock Troy’s toes dipped into the puddle of spunk, and still he kept cumming. Fortunately his balls were finally starting to noticeably deflate. There was no telling how much cum he had shot already, but there had to be hundreds of gallons of the stuff.

There was no way he was getting out of this one without flooding his room. His balls were steadily draining which meant that they no longer blocked his bedroom door as completely as before. Spunk was starting to seep through the gaps and ooze into his bedroom, and the flow of spunk only increased as his nuts drained further and further and got smaller and smaller. It wasn’t long before his bedroom had several inches of spooge coated the carpet, and it wasn’t long after that until the standing pool of spunk in his bedroom was just as deep as the one in his bathroom.

It wasn’t much longer until Troy’s balls had drained so much that he could no longer sit atop them. His shed sized sack had shrunken down to a pair of stones the size of jumbo beach party beach balls. Without even realizing it, Troy had slid off of his nuts and landed with a splat flat on his ass on the cum-covered carpet. It was like sitting in a hot tub full of spunk. The jizz was so deep that it almost came up to Troy’s shoulders. The top of the spooge was about even with his armpits, but Troy was still to lost in the throes of ecstasy to even be able to stop—not that he would have any interest in doing so anyway. The warm jizz soaked into his skin like hot mud at a day spa. It soothed his muscles and got him feeling horny all over again. His cock seemed to tap into some forgotten reserve of spunk and continued to shoot spunk even though his balls had been nearly completely drained.

Eventually even Troy’s massive loads started to taper off. By the time he was finally done cumming his bathroom and bedroom were submerged under two feet of thick spunk. Troy glanced groggily around his room. It was clear that he wasn’t going to be going anywhere for a while. His parents had added an extra fail-safe to his room to ensure that he stopped flooding the rest of the house. The layer of sealant around his bedroom door did a marvelous job of keeping the spunk from seeping out, and since his door opened inward there was no way he was going to be opening it until his room had drained of jizz. Even with the industrial grade drainage in his bathroom it would no doubt take an hour or more for his spunk to fully drain enough that he could leave.

Troy sat back and relaxed in his personal jizzcuzi while he waited for the afterglow to fade and for the pool to drain enough that he could leave. That last climax had been one for the record books and had felt amazing, but it somehow was not quite enough. His cock was still semi-boned and super sensitive. He was still horny as all hell despite the fact that he had completely drained his balls and then some. Now that the initial need to cream had abated, Troy was once again left to sit and stew about how unnervingly quiet it was in his bedroom without the boisterous duo to keep him company.

As if on cue Troy’s phone began buzzing non-stop. Troy glanced over at where his phone was floating atop the pool of jizz and reached over to grab it. The screen was absolutely coated in jizz. The case may have been waterproof, but that didn’t help him at all now that his screen was thoroughly hidden beneath a murky white layer of spooge. Troy had dealt with situation enough to know how to handle it though. He quickly licked the excess jizz off the screen and then licked his fingertips clean and set to work answering his texts—all without every getting up from his seat in the pool of jizz.

Troy skimmed the messages and could not help but grin. Not surprisingly the messages were all from the twins, and perhaps even less surprisingly the messages were sent as a group chat rather than direct messages so that all three of them would be on the same page.

“We just landed!” Mike’s text read.

“It’s a layover.” Ike corrected.

“But we still landed.” Mike added.

“We’re grounded for another hour. Hope you didn’t miss us too much.” Ike texted.

“Have you been keeping up with you ‘duties’? ;)” Mike sent.

“He’s a big boy now. He can handle himself.” Ike replied.

“Oh, I know how big he is. ;)” Mike sent to which Ike was quick to add his own winking emoji to the mix.

“Since we can’t be there in person we should give you something to help with the old spank bank.” Ike sent.

“But we’re holed up in the airport and I doubt they’d let us suck each other off in the lobby D:” Mike replied.

“We should try it anyway.” Ike replied.

“There’s a spot behind the baggage claim.” Mike added.

“We’ll get back to you in a minute.” Ike said. His text didn’t have a specific recipient, but Troy was sure that that last line was directed at him.

Troy sat there and eagerly awaited the next text. They couldn’t really be considering whipping them out in the middle of a crowded concourse could they? Troy knew the answer. Of course they would, and just the thought of the twins having their fun got Troy boned all over again. Even from hundreds of miles away those two knew how to get under his skin and get him all worked up.

Troy could already feel his nuts swelling once more, and his cock was rock hard all over again. It looked like it was going to take even longer before he was able to leave his room. He sighed and shook his head, but there was a big grin on his face. He wasn’t in any rush to go anywhere, and he was actually looking forward to his next wank session. After all, it’s always more fun with friends.


Easter Eggs

Troy could hear the telltale sound of stomping rapidly approaching his room, but he couldn’t be bothered to look up and greet his guests. It wasn’t because he was still asleep though. Quite the opposite. Troy had had a particularly demanding case of blue balls this morning which had gotten him out of bed and stroking one out by 6 am—a good hour before the twins usually showed up to drag him from his slumber, but since it was already almost time for him to get out of bed by the time he finished his business he had just decided to get a head start on his day. Truth be told, he had been waking up early without needing outside help fairly regularly lately. It seemed he had finally adjusted to life as a designated morning person… not that he would ever admit as much to his friends who typically had to drag him moaning and groaning out from under the covers.

As if right on queue the door to Troy’s room burst open and the two twin brothers, Miquel and Inigo (better known as Mike n Ike) charged into the room.

“Buddy!” Mike shouted joyfully.

“Wow! You’re already awake!” Ike exclaimed excitedly.

Troy didn’t reply. He just raised a hand to indicate they should shut up and kept his eyes firmly glue to his TV screen.

“Huh? Oh?” Mike murmured as he took a second to process what he was seeing, but Ike was a step ahead of him.

“Oh, dude! Is that the new game?” Ike exclaimed joyfully. Within the span of a second, Ike had bolted across the bedroom and bounced onto the bed beside Troy to check out the action.

Troy nodded silently in reply, but kept his focus on the fighting.

“Damn. That blond dude is hot!” Mike exclaimed as he scoped out the action on the screen.

“He’s alright. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but that boy in the glasses could get it any day.” Ike replied.

“How long have you had this game?” Ike asked.

“Yesterday.” Troy replied flatly.

“How far are you into it?” Mike asked.

“Barely.” Troy responded.

Mike and Ike knew better than to push the issue too far. Troy was in the zone, and they knew that forcibly breaking him out of the zone was a good way to open the local salt mines for business. The best they could do for now was sit back and enjoy the show. Fortunately, the show itself was quite entertaining. Troy’s fingers were flying across the buttons, and the action on the screen was positively electric. It was anime, turn-based combat at its finest with big numbers and bigger explosions. Finally, the gigantic monstrosity shuddered and slumped to the ground in defeat, and Troy let out a sigh of relief.

“Phew. Finally,” Troy exclaimed.

Realizing that that was their cue to once again start smothering their favorite friend with affection, the twins wasted no time in fawning over the hyper-dicked dude who sat on the edge of the bed.

“Good morning, buddy!” Ike said excitedly.

“How’s our favorite demon-slayer this morning?” Mike asked playfully.

“Hmm? Alright I guess…?” Troy replied suspiciously. He knew there was something funny afoot, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it. The twins had that grin and glint in their eyes that they had when they were up to something.

“You guess…?” Ike pried playfully,

“You do know what today is, don’t you?” Mike asked.

“Hmm? Today…. It’s Sunday, right?” Troy replied.

“It’s not just any Sunday.” Ike goaded him on.

“It’s what some people would say is a ‘good’ Sunday.” Mike explained.

“No. That was Friday.” Ike chimed in.

“Good…? Friday…?” Troy replied. He mulled the words over as he tried to remember what it was he was supposed to know about today when suddenly it hit him.

“Chocolate!” Troy shouted as he hopped out of bed.

“Um… Yes. There’s definitely chocolate involved.” Mike replied.

“Did you bring me some?” Troy asked excitedly.

“We… didn’t, actually.” Ike explained sheepishly.

Troy’s demeanor immediately did a 180. He went from giddy and excited to downright crestfallen.

“Don’t worry, dude. We’ll get you some later!” Ike hurriedly explained in an effort to raise Troy’s spirits.

“Yeah. We got you something else that should get your attention for the time being.” Mike explained.

Troy raised an eyebrow curiously, but he still wasn’t exactly excited by the news. His other eyebrow rose to completely the look of utter bewilderment as Mike pulled forth a pair of briefs and a basket.

“What…?” Troy murmured.

“We’re going Easter Egg hunting!” Ike explained excitedly.

“Well, you are anyway. We hid the eggs so it wouldn’t be fair if we did the hunting.” Mike added.

“Easter egg hunting? But I haven’t done that since I was a kid!?” Troy exclaimed. He did his best to sound annoyed and put off by the idea, but there was a definite smirk playing at the corners of his lips.

“Ah ha! Someone’s happy.” Ike teased.

“What? No, I’m not!?” Troy replied huffily.

“He’s smiliiiing.” Ike continued to tease.

“Look how red he is!” Mike chimed in.

“Sh-shut up! But… say I did go along with this idea… Would the eggs… you know. Would they have chocolate?” Troy asked. He was still trying to maintain some aura of not actually caring, but he was failing absolutely miserably. He was practically bouncing with joy.

“Hmm. Should we tell him?” Mike mused out loud.

“Nah. It’s more fun if he finds it for himself.” Ike replied.

“Come on… ” Troy whined pitifully. He even tried his best to pout and put on the biggest puppy dog eyes to win over the twins.

“Well, I suppose we can tell him a little bit.” Mike said with a sigh.

“Yeah. We’ll tell you this much.” Ike chimed in.

“The eggs were specifically picked out with you in mind.” Mike explained.

Troy waited expectantly for more, but there was a deafening silence that had fallen over the room. Finally, he worked up the nerve to speak if for no other reason than to break the silence. “So… that’s it?”

“Yes.” Mike said flatly.

“If you want to know more you’ll just have to found out for yourself.” Ike added. He then hopped up from his seat on the edge of the bed and handed the basket for Troy to hold.

“Yeah, but we can’t have you going out looking like that.” Mike chimed in suddenly. At which point he held out the small, folded garment for Troy to take.

Troy reluctantly grabbed the garment and unfolded it to see what it was. He was not at all surprised to see it was a pair of briefs—a pair of briefs with an obscenely large pouch in the front specially fitted for yours truly. Troy turned it over in his hands and checked it out. It seemed surprisingly tame especially by the twins’ standards. The fabric itself seemed to be divided into two halved. One half was a speckled blueish color like that of a robin’s egg, and the other half was a speckled pinkish color. It seemed the twins decided the colors to go with the holiday, but aside from that, the briefs were devoid of any Easter iconography.

“Well…? Put them on!” Ike insisted.

“Yeah! We’ve got a lot of ground to cover!” Mike chimed in.

“Huh? How far are we going?” Troy asked while stepping into his new briefs.

“Just around the block.” Mike explained.

“We hid them all in your neighborhood.” Ike added.

“That’s not that much ground to cover.” Troy replied.

“We weren’t talking about the actual distance.” Mike explained as he sidled up beside Troy.

Ike quickly followed suit and snuck around to Troy’s other side so that Troy found himself shoulder to shoulder wedged between the two hot brothers. Ike then reached down and playfully stroked one of Troy’s massive nuts. Troy had just taken care of his morning ritual no more than half an hour ago, but already he was starting to feel a little pent up and as such his balls had ballooned up from their standard play yard ball size to a size more akin to the size of microwave ovens.

“We’re talking about these puppies.” Ike explained playfully.

“Yeah. There’s a lot of those to cover.” Mike added. His voice was practically dripping with sexual innuendo.

“Yeah, and they’re just gonna be getting bigger and bigger.” Ike chimed in. He sounded absolutely giddy at the thought of it which just made Troy even more sure that there was something funny afoot. Granted, Troy was pretty sure something was up because things were rarely so innocent when the twins were involved, but now he had no doubt in his mind. The worst part was, Troy was actually kind of excited to see just what tricks the twins had up their sleeves.

Troy couldn’t think of a good comeback and he certainly didn’t want to let on that he was pretty excited about what the twins had in mind so he just rolled his eyes and tried his best to look annoyed, but the steady stiffing of his chubbed up cock was doing him no favor. Even if the twins didn’t have some stunt planned, the mere thought that they might was enough to get Troy worked up, which of course meant his balls were sure to start swelling even faster than before. Troy just hoped that they could wrap things up before his nuts got too huge for him to move… although knowing the twins, that may be just what they had in mind.

While Troy was trying his hardest to make his resting bitch face work in his favor, the twins were quick to help him into his briefs. Troy had already stepped into the leg holes so all that remained was for the two brothers to pull the briefs up Troy’s lithe little legs, pull the waistband over his bubble booty, and load his prodigious bait and tackle into the front pouch. It all sounded simple in theory, but with Troy’s current measurements it was a two-person job and then some. Troy actually had to abandoned his huffy, arms-crossed-across-his-chest posture and grip his fat cock against his chest so that the two brothers were free to slowly pull the fabric of his briefs up and across his massive nuts one after the other. Once his balls were safely squared away, the twins took to working on Troy’s cock. Ike gripped the waistband of Troy’s briefs and pulled it back to give his brother a clear shot at sliding the massive schlong in amidst the massive balls.

Troy had had his cock manhandled in such a way countless times in the past. In fact, it seemed like he needed to redo his wardrobe several times in a single day—thanks in no small part to the antics of the twin brothers, but he never quite got used to the feeling of the brothers gripping and grappling his massive cock. The way their slim, strong arms wrapped around his cock felt so fantastic, and it wasn’t just the general stroking and gripping of his dick that had him so worked up. He could feel the way the brothers had to use their whole bodies just to hand the weight. Their arms felt so tiny against his massive cock, and when their chests pressed against his huge schlong, Troy could feel just how much thicker his dick was than their entire torso. His cock was fatter than they were! Troy would never admit it out loud, but the knowledge drove him wild. His dick was already taller and thicker than he was, and at the rate things were going, it would soon be taller than the twins as well!

The telltale thwap of his waistband making contact with his smooth, flat tummy signified that the twins had finished their task. Troy glanced down at his dolled-up dick and gawked at what he saw. When the briefs had been empty, they had seemed merely speckled, but now that his cock and balls filled the pouch and then some, he was starting to see that that was not quite the case. Now that the fabric was stretched taut across his nuts, he could see vague hints of patterns starting to come through. Troy wasn’t quite sure what the pattern was yet, but the positioning was too organized to be merely a coincidence.

“Alright! Let’s get cracking!” Mike said enthusiastically. He then reached down and gave Troy a quick, playful slap right across his bare buttocks.

“Those eggs aren’t going to find themselves!” Ike added. He too gave Troy’s butt a playful pat.

The two brother’s hands made landfall in near perfect unison. Feeling the combined impacts on his exposed cheeks caused Troy to hop forward in shock. He reached back and let out a quick yelp and grabbed his freshly papped booty.

Troy glanced back and shot the twins a glance that was equal parts a grumpy, “Dudes, what the hell!?” and equal parts a pleading, “Come on guys….” To which the twins both responded by looking as innocent as possible, but for opposite reasons, but while Troy was steadily rubbing his booty, it slowly dawned on him that something was amiss.

It didn’t take long for Troy to figure out what. He was wearing briefs, but his butt-cheeks were out in the open! That could only mean…

“You guys gave me a thong!?” Troy yelped. The question was half a statement of indignant shock and bemused fascination.

Ike playfully elbowed his brother. “I told you he’d like it.” He said.

“But he’ll still find a reason to complain.” Mike replied and nodded sagely at his own assessment of the situation.

“But… but… I can’t go out there wearing this!?” Troy squeaked.

“Why not?” Mike asked.

“Yeah. What’s a little booty-butt-cheeks between bros?” Ike added.

“It’s not… but… I mean… This is supposed to be a family holiday!” Troy whined.

“And your whole family has seen you in a lot less.” Mike added with a sly grin.

“I… ” Troy started to form a comeback, but that’s as far he got. Just thinking about the other awkward situations he has found himself in in days passed took the winds out of his sail in record time and sent a crimson hue through his cheeks.

“Come on. As fun as this is, we need to hurry.” Mike said suddenly. He stepped forward and grabbed Troy by the arm and gently started guiding him to the door.

“Huh?” Troy asked.

“We can’t have other people finding your special eggs.” Ike explained.

“We did say we picked them out especially for you, right?” Mike replied.

“Oh?” Troy replied. He seemed to be quietly contemplating the idea of his special eggs, but the confusion quickly faded and gave way to excitement. “Chocolate!?” Troy asked excitedly.

“Haha. You really do have a one-track mind.” Mike said and gave a soft chuckle.

“I guarantee you that we’ll get you your chocolate by the end of the day.” Ike promised.

“Well then what are we waiting for!?” Troy cried out. “Let’s get hunting!”

Troy bolted for the door, only pausing for a brief second to step into his tennis shoes, and then bounded down the stairs. He was practically bouncing the whole way to the front door which gave the twins quite the wonderful view. Not only was Troy’s bubbly, bare bottom bouncing for the twins viewing pleasure, but Troy’s entire tightly packed cock and balls were wobbling enticingly for all to see.

The trio quickly stepped out into the front lawn, and Troy immediately sent to work like a hunter on the prowl. He gazed at anything and everything with the discerning eye of a master detective. The mailbox? Possible, but not likely. The twins’ truck? It seemed like a decent starting point, but maybe there was something closer. The flower bed? Troy’s mom would flip her shit if they damaged one of her flowers, and even the twins were loath to incur her wrath.

While Troy was sizing up the possibilities the twins were quick to start whispering suggestions in his ear.

“You know what would make a perfect hiding place?” Mike said playfully.

“It’s a wonderful hiding place that no one else would ever think to look.” Ike added.

“Yeah, and since the Jefferson’s are out of town for the weekend… ” Mike explained. His voice trailed off deviously at the end, but Ike was quick to fill in the gaps.

“Yeah, and their little dog too!” Ike added doing his best Wicked Witch impersonation.

“You can’t mean… ” Troy began to reply, but his voice trailed off as his eyes fell upon the abandoned dog-house sitting in his neighbors front yard. Even from his front yard, he could see something small, round, and red tucked away in the back corner of the dog house.

“It looks like someone has found his first egg.” Mike said in a playfully sing-song voice.

“go get ‘em, tiger!” Ike said and gave Troy a playful push in the right direction.

Troy didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly scrambled across his lawn and into the neighbor’s and crouched down in front of the dog house. From there it was obvious to see that there was indeed an egg in the back of the dog house—a surprisingly large, red egg at that. Troy reached his arm into the dog house and tried to grab at the egg, but it was out of reach. Even with his arm buried down to the shoulder and his hand swatting blindly into the dog den he couldn’t even get his fingers to graze the damn thing. The twins had put it way too far back.

Troy glanced over his shoulder and pleaded with the brothers to help him out, but he was greeted with two, huge, toothy grins.

“This is your Easter egg hunt.” Mike explained impishly.

“You can’t expect us to do the work for you, can you?” Ike added. There was a definite devilish glint in his eyes.

Troy wasn’t sure what the twins had up their sleeves, but one thing was for sure—he had to go in there and get the egg for himself. Troy managed a quick annoyed pout in the twins’ general direction, but quickly resigned himself to his fate. If nothing else, the egg appeared to be plastic which meant there was a good possibility of there being candy inside of it.

Troy got down on his hands and knees and prepared to make the journey, but didn’t take Troy long to realize that there was a major flaw in his plan—or rather three major flaws. His cock and balls were so massive that they were getting in the way! His bait and tackle was smooshed underneath him, and even then his hands barely touched the ground, and his kneed were even worse off! He was basically resting atop his own enormous bulge!

Troy was not about to admit defeat though—not when there was chocolate mere feet in front of him. He rolled back and then pushed himself forward atop his own immense nuts, and let gravity and inertia do the rest. He landed palms down in the dirt with his bare butt pointed up for all to see, and his audience was definitely enjoying the show. From there Troy dug his fingers into the grass and slowly pulled himself forward. As he clawed forward inch after inch, he continued to roll forward atop his own enormous ball sack until he was no longer atop his nuts but was instead directly in front of his enormous sack. Troy was pretty limber, but even he could feel the strain on his groin and thighs from having his legs spread so far apart to be able to straddle his sausage and eggs, but that was the least of his worries. Thanks to his sliding antics, he was now waist deep into the dog’s lair. The whole place smelled like wet canine, but Troy was more focused on the prize than the smell. He was finally in range of the elusive egg! And it was larger than he expected! It wasn’t even jumbo chicken egg sized. This sucker was bigger than his fist!

Troy’s hands grabbed the egg and pulled it close so that he could look at it. It wasn’t nearly as light as he expected. He had hoped for one of those hollow eggs with candy inside, but this was pretty solid throughout, and there was something else about it that raised a red flag for Troy. Even in the dim light of the dog house he could see some writing on the side of it. Troy quickly recognized the writing and the logo beside it. This wasn’t an Easter egg… it was a Tenza Egg! The sudden realization caused him to gasp in shock and caused his already chubbed up cock to twitch in anticipation.

Troy didn’t have time to ogle the item he held in his hands for long though. Already the twins were on the move, and Troy had nowhere to go. He was stuck! It turned out crawling forward was much easier than scooting backwards. He no longer had gravity on his side. If he wanted to move backward he’d have to shove his entire bait and tackle back with him.

“Would you look at that.” Mike said with an appreciative whistle as he stared down at Troy’s exposed booty which was sticking out the entrance of the dog house much like the backside of a certain silly old bear from a childhood cartoon.

“It’s an Easter miracle.” Ike added playfully, but after a moment of enjoying the view Ike seemed to have a change of heart. He looked over to his brother and gestured towards their prostrate pal. “He seems stuck though… Maybe we should help him… ” Ike said.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Mike replied.

“Since he can’t go looking for eggs like that… ” Ike said. His voice trailed off, but his bro was quick to finish his statement.

“We’ll just have to bring the eggs to him.” Mike finished. As he said this he flashed his brother a sly wink and pulled for an egg he had hidden behind his back.

“Don’t tell me you only have one.” Ike chided playfully and pulled out an egg of his own.

“I didn’t want to take all of them for myself.” Mike replied with a tone of mock indignation.

The two bros exchanged a pair of knowing smiles and a few high fives with their free hands and then quickly scurried over to where Troy was stuck.

Troy could head every word the twins had said, and the words had done nothing to help his situation. He knew he was stuck. He knew his bare butt was out in the open for the twins to do anything they wanted with, and the worst part was? He was excited! His dick was already beyond just chubbed up and was well into being a full-blown semi. His steadily hardening cock was straining against his new briefs, and his nuts were swelling by the second. Troy knew it would do no good to protest. His own cock and balls had already ratted him out!

“Would you look at those buns.” Mike said as he knelt down beside Troy’s exposed backside and sensually rubbed one of Troy’s bubbly butt cheeks.

“Good enough to eat, aren’t they?” Ike replied. He too knelt down beside Troy, but Ike’s hand didn’t just graze Troy’s exposed bottom. Ike hooked a finger between Troy’s pillowy cheeks and fished out the back strap of his overstuffed speedos. Ike’s free hand reached down and cupped Troy’s butt cheek in his palm. His fingers gently kneaded the supple flesh of his buddie’s bare butt and he gently moved Troy’s cheeks aside. Fortunately, Mike was on hand to do the same with Troy’s other cheek, and the two brothers spread Troy’s ass open, giving Ike a clear line of site with Troy’s cute little hole. Ike leaned in closer and started down low. He stuck out his tongue and gently brushed the tip of it across Troy’s puffy taint and slowly and sensually worked his way up along Troy’s exposed crack.

Troy cupped his free hand to his mouth to stifle his moans. His butt was so sensitive, and the twins knew this. He could feel one of the bro’s tongues gliding along his sensitive crevasse of his juicy booty. The hairs on Troy’s body stood on end as Ike’s tongue slowly traced a path between his butt cheeks, and by the time Ike had reached Troy’s twitching little hole, Troy was practically whimpering with sexual bliss. Feeling the tip of the twin’s tongue gently teasing his tight little hole made Troy want even more, but he wasn’t expecting just how much more he was about to get. Troy tensed up when he felt a cool splash against his exposed hole, and then quickly relaxed and let out a contented moan when he felt two of the twin’s fingers dig into his ass and start toying with his hole.

Mike glanced over at his brother and pretended like he was pulling the pin from the large egg he held in his hand. “Fire in the hole!” He said playfully, and then pressed the vibrating toy directly against Troy’s exposed ass.

Troy gasped when he felt the buzzing, vaguely spherical object press against his backside. He grunted softly as he felt it begin to push its way inside of him, but the grunting was quickly replaced by moans. As the egg slipped deeper and deeper inside of him, it began it began to feel more and more amazing by the second. His ass felt fantastic. His booty felt so pleasantly stretched and that gentle buzzing made it feel even better. The buzzing sensation seemed to reverberate through his whole body and cause his cock to hum to life as well.

Then, almost as quickly as it had begun, Troy felt the tip of the egg finally slide into him, and the whole object vanished into his exposed ass. Even without the pleasant stretching of his ass though it still felt fantastic. He could feel the egg vibrating inside of him. It was so soothing, but it could be so much more. He could almost feel the egg brushing against something deep inside of him. It was so close to hitting that sweet spot. It just needed another shove…

“I think there’s room for more in there.” Mike replied with a wink.

“What an egg-celent idea!” Ike replied and gestured for Mike to take a turn holding the back strap of Troy’s thong. Mike readily accepted and held the strap aside so that Ike could take his turn.

Troy once again tensed up as he felt another egg press against his rear hatch, but this time he it was excitement that had him so wound up. The first one had felt so great that he was sure the second would feel just as amazing, it not more so! And Troy was not disappointed. He didn’t even try to cover his mouth this time. He moaned loudly and contentedly as he pressed the side of his face against the fluffy pet bed. It felt so fantastic that he couldn’t even try to stop the noises that were coming from his mouth nor the drool that had started to dribble out the side of his lips. He could feel his ass once again stretching wide to accept the thickest part of the eggs that was easily fatter than his fist. Then he could feel the egg slide deeper and deeper into him. It felt so great that he was almost disappointed when he felt the stretched ease up and the egg begin to narrow towards the tip, but his disappointment didn’t even have time to get off the ground. The new egg bumped against the one that was already deep inside of him. The tap was enough to nudge the first egg against that sweet spot that drove Troy absolutely wild, and as more and more of the second egg slid into him, the first egg was mashed harder and harder against that part of him that felt so great so deep inside. The vibrating rocked him to his core and then some. His dick was rapidly reaching full tilt, and the gentle buzzing that hummed deep inside of his was reverberating through his gigantic cock and his swelling balls.

The twins took a step back to marvel at their handy work. Troy’s cock was as hard as it had ever been. Pre was seeping through the fabric and dribbling out onto the lawn, but that was just the beginning. The twins didn’t say anything. No words were needed between them. They reached forward and pulled Troy out of his pup-house prison, and then rolled him over on to the side so that he was lying flat on his back beside the dog house with his massive, five-foot schlong standing at attention directly above him.

Troy marveled at the sheer size of his massive cock. It was beyond huge! It was wider across than his shoulders! The enormous tool looked like a tree trunk towering over him! Troy was so hot and bothered by the buzzing and how amazing his cock felt that he could barely process what he was seeing, but something seemed off. He was sure his dick had been covered like the rest of his package. How had it sprung free like that?

“You like that?” Ike asked playfully.

“Breakaway front pouch. Now your cock can fly free without spilling your berries!” Mike explained. The tone in his voice made it clear he was proud of himself which meant that this little stunt was most likely his idea.

“But that’s not the best part.” Ike cut in.

Mike rolled his eyes. This part obviously wasn’t his idea.

“The best part is, you found your eggs!” Ike announced triumphantly.

Troy didn’t have a chance to ask what Ike meant, but it was probably for the best. Troy wasn’t in any condition to be speaking anyway. He couldn’t even really focus on anything other than how great he felt. The twins quickly scrambled around to his side once more. Both bros reached under Troy’s arms and helped prop their pal up so he could stare at what had become of his cock and balls. Even in his arousal-addled state Troy couldn’t help but gawk at what he saw. The patterns on his pants finally made sense! By this point his stones had swollen up to the size of sedans. The fabric was stretched tight and spread thin across his enormous nads. His briefs had stretched so much that the small multi-color specks had surged in size until each former “speck” was now the size of a small dinner plate. These weren’t just mere dots though. There was a wide array of shapes and colors adorning his sack. His nuts were now covered in a layer of fabric that was stretched so tight and so sheer that it looked painted right onto his sack. His left nut was colored a warm, pastel pink color. Colorful stars and wavy lines decorated the car-sized cojone, and his right ball was colored a beautiful shade of robin’s egg blue. This enormous nut was adorned with vibrant triangles and zigzagging lines.

Troy glanced in awe at his festively decorated nuts, and then glanced from side to side at the two brothers who were grinning like the cat that ate the canary. It was clear that they were proud of themselves, and not just for their elaborate plan. Troy’s two balls now had the twins’ handiwork all over them, and each nut now carried the distinct styling of the bro who had designed the pattern.

A new emotion overtook Troy—one so sudden and so powerful that even overrode his pressing desire to cream. Troy shuddered softly at first, but the shuddering steadily amped up to the point where the twins could barely hold him. They gently lowered him onto his back just in time for Troy to completely lose it.

“ha…haha…. HAHAHAHA!” Troy howled. He was laughing so hard that his gut ached and tears streamed down the sides of his face.

It took minutes for Troy’s laughter to fade to giggles, and it took another few minutes for his giggles to die down enough that he could finally wipe the tears from his eyes. Troy’s breathing finally steadied, and he stared up into the sky above and just soaked in the joy of the moment. The whole thing was so wonderful that he had even forgotten all about his epic case of blue balls (or… one blue and one pink in this case), but before he could get too comfortable something caught his eye.

Directly above him was a large tree branch, and on that large tree branch was a comically oversized and colorful bird’s nest, and in that bird’s nest was a comically oversized and colorful egg. Troy recognized it instantly. It was like the one he had held in his hand mere moments before. It was like the two that still buzzed deep inside of him, but this one was HUGE. This one was bigger than his head!

The two brothers glanced over at each other and exchanged knowing grins. “I think he saw it.” Mike stated.

“Yep. He finally found his last egg.” Ike agreed.

“We should give it to him.” Mike said.

“Of course.” Ike agreed. He then leapt into the air and grabbed onto the branch which hung above his head. His weight caused the tree branch to bend and bow. The egg shook free from its nest and tumbled down, and it would have hit the ground had it not been deftly caught by Ike’s twin brother.

Troy stared up in awe at the egg that Mike now held in his hands. The thing was even bigger up close. Troy had taken some big things up his butt before, but that egg was impossible! It was even thicker than both brothers’ dicks combined! And that was currently the limit of what Troy could handle.

“Hehe. Don’t worry. You’ll like what we have in mind for this.” Mike said softly.

“Just lay back and let us show you something great.” Ike added.

Troy couldn’t move even if he wanted to. His balls were so huge that he was trapped there until they were drained, and judging by the looks the twins were giving him, his nuts would be draining very soon.

Troy watched intently as Mike strode over to his gigantic cock. Troy’s dick was so huge that it towered almost to Mike’s shoulder. The thing could easily thwak Mike right in the chin if he wasn’t careful, but Mike didn’t seem to mind. If anything he was enthralled by how huge it was, and more specifically he was fascinated by how enormous the pre-drooling maw of Troy’s fully boned cock was.

Troy finally started to put the pieces just in time to feel the base of the egg start to press against the lips of his massive cock head. Troy gasped. His body tensed up. The pleasure that wracked his body was beyond his wildest imagination. He could feel the egg sliding into his cock! He could feel it pressing against the inner lining of the tip of his dick. It felt even more amazing than jacking off. The egg had bypassed all the extra layers of flesh and was now mashing up against the very nerve endings that made him feel pleasure… and then Mike clicked the button on the top of the egg.

Troy sucked in air sharply and then immediately began to moan. His whole dick was buzzing with sexual bliss, and the feeling just got more intense as the egg slipped ever further into his cock slit. Soon only just the very tip of the egg was sticking out the tip of his dick, but with one last push, Mike saw to it that the entire egg slipped into Troy’s cock.

Mike pulled his pre-slicked hand out from Troy’s slit and grinned down at his moaning and writhing buddy. Troy was in a state beyond ecstasy. His cock was plugged so full that it felt like he was cumming, but he had not started spurting yet, and instead of the orgasmic bliss coming in short bursts, this was one long, steady sensation of constant creaming. It was so amazing that it was maddening. He wanted to cum. He needed to cum, but he just couldn’t do it, and as the egg slid deeper and deeper inside of him the pleasure grew. Troy was trapped in a state of absolute ecstasy and frustration. He needed to cum so bad that his balls practically ached.

Troy’s cock bucked and lurched. His enormous nuts continued to swell and surge in size, and all the while his need to cream grew and grew. Troy was so lost in the conflicted sensations that he couldn’t think of anything other than how amazing he felt and how badly he needed to cum. He couldn’t even tell how huge his balls had gotten, but the twins sure could. The two brothers stood back and watched in awe as Troy’s nuts surged in size. They were swelling at a rate they hadn’t even seen before. They had gone from the size of sedans to the size of SUVs and beyond. They were soon the size of sheds and still growing.

Troy’s back arched. His dick lurched hard. A loud moan escaped his lips. He was so close. His need to cum was so close to breaking through the blockage that held him in this euphoric prison. Just a bit more and he would have it… just a bit more.

Troy was trying to speak. He was trying to bed to be allowed to cum but all he could do was whine and whimper and writhe at the twins’ feet. He was so wracked with ecstasy that he couldn’t even see, and it’s probably best he couldn’t because if he had been able to he would have seen his enormous nut sack was now rivaling the size of his own house.

Troy felt the egg complete its five-foot journey down the length of his schlong. The egg touched growth and the base of his shaft. The vibrations reverberated through not just his cock but through his very being. The vibrations from the giant egg in his shaft synchronized with those of the eggs in his ass causing his entire body and soul to hum with sexual energy. His dick gave one last powerful lurch. Troy arched his backed once more and let out a loud, low cry.

The dam broke. The egg shot from his cock like a potato from a spud gun. Massive spurts of jizz shot into the air and rained back down. Spurt after thick, massive spurt of jizz rained down upon the yard, the street, and the nearby rooftops. Even two story houses were drenched in the spunk. The hail of jizz was firing fifty feet into the air and then some, but that wasn’t all that was shooting from Troy’s body. A particularly powerful orgasmic spasm hit Troy so hard that he arched his back so far that he lifted his butt clear off the ground. His feet, his hands, and his shoulders touched the ground, and nothing else. A powerful spurt of jizz shot from his massive and cock, and so too did one of the eggs left inside of his plop out from his tight ass. Troy didn’t even have time to relax. He didn’t have time to flop back down onto his back before another powerful shudder wracked him to his core. Another enormous surge of jizz launched from his cock and the other buzzing egg plopped out of his ass and onto the grass.

The twins were quick to scoop up the eggs before Troy once again flopped limply back onto the ground, and with the eggs in their arms, they sat back to watch the rest of the fireworks. Troy continued to moan and writhe and wriggle. Cum continued to spurt from his cock like water from an ornamental fountain. The whole street was coated in cum. Houses were drenched in it. Yards were covered in it. The neighborhood looked like it was in the throes of a winter storm instead of being a sunny April morning, but this was no snow. It was warm, thick, sticky spunk that clung to everything and oozed off rooves and down the sides of buildings. It stuck to glass and seeped into the grass. Yards became muddy with jizz.

It took was seemed like ages for Troy to finally drain his balls. By the time his nuts had reverted to their standard basketball sized state, Troy was so drenched in jizz that he looked more like a poorly constructed snowman. The pool of cum that coated the yard was so deep that it seeped into Troy’s ears.

Troy had no idea how long he had been cumming, and he had no idea how long he just lay there staring up at the beams of light trickling through the jizz-soaked boughs of the tree above him, but he eventually began to come down from his amazing afterglow. He gestured for the twins to come over. The two brothers were also so drenched in jizz that they looked like Captain Crunch villains, but that was the last thing on Troy’s mind. He had just cum harder than he had ever cum in his life. He was sore. He was exhausted. He could barely think. He could barely speak. He wanted just one thing.

“… Chocolate…?” He asked weakly.


Dick or Skeet

It was a dark night in central Yarnham. The few survivors that could be found had been rounded up in the Cathedral to wait out the impending apocalypse… with the exception of one lone hunter who was currently being bashed against the pavement by a twenty-foot tall monstrosity.

“I dodged that!” Troy whined indignantly and threw and empty Reese’s wrapper at the screen.

Troy slumped defeated back against his massive sack which served as a makeshift sofa for his ghouls and gore gaming binge. His colossal cock snaked out in front of him like some kind of erotic rendition of God-Eater Aldrich.

While the loading screen rattled off some obscure lore bits, Troy lazily reached into the bowl of Halloween candy that he had smuggled from the downstairs panty. There was little risk of his house running out of candy for all the kiddies who would drop by. Troy’s parents always bought way too much. In fact, they had started stocking up weeks ago, and despite Troy and his dad’s best efforts to eat every last ounce of chocolate before the big day, there were still several bags hidden in various spots around the house.

Troy let out a sigh, popped another piece of candy into his mouth, and tried to hype himself up to go recover yet another puddle. He just didn’t have the energy, and it wasn’t purely the fault of the game itself. Try as he might, Troy just couldn’t get into the spirit of the holiday. He had tried everything. He had binged bad B movies and slasher flics. He had listened to Monster Mash on repeat for hours, and now he was immersing himself in a haunted Victorian hellscape while making himself sick on candy, but nothing was working. And while he sat there trying to work up the desire to deal with his game puddle, another puddle was also demanding his attention.

Troy’s dick had been in a semi-boned state for a while now, and Troy’s legs straddling it like he was mounting a pommel horse didn’t help his low-tier arousal at all. Troy knew he needed to empty the tank before too much longer, but he didn’t even want to do that. Even jacking off was feeling like a chore today, and besides, bigger balls made for a much comfier chair.

Troy rubbed his eyes, did a quick stretch, picked his controller back up, and once more ventured out into the abyss. He actually did really well this time. He had beaten the critter that got him before, he had even pressed on deeper and deeper into the city. He was in uncharted territory. Unknown danger lurked around every corner.

Troy heard the telltale scraping of a shambling horror from behind the wall up ahead. They thought they were so clever, but not clever enough for him. Troy deftly thwarted the would-be ambush. He was in the zone now. His senses were in tune with his surroundings. Nothing could get the drop on him. He could hear the wolves in the bushes. He could hear the howling in the wind. He could hear the sound of a door opening in the distance followed by the telltale thump of something charging right at him. He could count the footfalls. Four distinct footfalls were getting closer and closer to him at every second. What could it be? Some rampaging demon? A bull from the depths of hell? A werewolf out for blood?

Before Troy could place the sound, the door beside him flew open from the force of the two new arrivals barreling through it. Troy looked up from his game to see two scantily clad vampires staring back at him.

“Ve vant to suck…” Mike said dramatically as he raised his arms into the air and made little claw-like gestures with his fingers.

“Your deek!” Ike added from behind the cape which he held up to cover the lower half of his face.

Troy heard the telltale sound of squishing and squelching from beside him. He had heard it enough to know that he had just been crunchatized in game, but the recent maiming barely even registered. Rather than worry about yet another corpse recovery, Troy picked up the bowl of candy beside him and shook it to indicate the twins should help themselves.

“Oooh,” Mike said eagerly and took a handful.

“You know what would make all this candy even better?” Ike asked.

“Hmm?” Troy asked through a mouthful of Twix.

“More candy!” the twins shouted in unison.

“Mmm?” Troy asked.

“What are you doing in here, dude? It’s All Hallows Eve!” Mike said.

“Yeah! Candy and costumes for miles around!” Ike added.

Troy shot the twins an incredulous glare, gestured at his nearly nude form which was clad in a t-shirt and nothing more. His booty and legs were left completely exposed, which was to say nothing of his massive cock and balls which filled much of the center of the room. Troy finished chewing his big bite of chocolate, swallowed it with an audible gulp, and said, “Somehow I don’t think they’ll let me go trick or treating like this.”

“Not like that, no,” Mike agreed.

“You need a costume, dude!” Ike added.

Troy rolled his eyes. Somehow, he didn’t think a costume would quite solve all the problems that he could think of. “Let me just walk on down to Spirit and see if they have like a centaur costume for my cock or something,” Troy replied.

“No need for a mall run, my man,” Mike said.

“Yeah! We brought your costume with us!” Ike added. Ike then dropped the cape which he was covering his face and upper body with the reveal a shopping bag he had been holding in his hand.

Troy cocked an eyebrow suspiciously at the twins, but his curiosity quickly got the better of him. He reached out for the bag, which Ike was only all to happy to give him. Troy peered inside to find a very nondescript red football jersey and helmet.

“Kobakawa?” Troy asked upon seeing the name on the back.

“We uh… borrowed it from our cousin,” Mike explained.

“He’s about your size… above the waist anyway,” Ike added.

Troy shot another incredulous glare at the twins, but they didn’t slow down long enough to even acknowledge it. The two were on the move almost instantly, and before Troy could muster a decent protest, the two of them were pulling his shirt up and over his head leaving him completely nude. Troy tried to cover up. On some level he knew it was a strange thing to be modest about, but he had been Donald Ducking his way through life so long, that his chest started to feel like a forbidden region.

“No need to be so shy around us,” Mike said softly into Troy’s ear.

“Yeah, we’ve seen you in much more intimate situations than this,” Ike added sultrily into Troy’s other ear.

Their voices sent a shiver down Troy’s spine and a twitch up his cock. Troy could feel his nuts shift behind him as they inflated slightly more. The steady drip of pre from his cock sped up ever so slightly as well. Troy moved his hands from covering his chest to covering his blushing face. “F-fine!” he sputtered.

That was all the twins needed to hear. With Troy no longer fighting them, it was an easy task to slip the red #21 jersey on over his head and then top it all off with the helmet, but despite their offers to do it for him, Troy refused to let the twins put his shoes on.

“I’m not a toddler,” Troy grumbled as he propped his foot up against his cock so he could tie the laces.

Once Troy was (mostly) dressed, he and the twins made their way downstairs and out into the cool, afternoon, autumn air. Troy took a few steps down the front path from his front door, but soon he became aware that the twins were not following him. Troy glanced back over his shoulder to see what the hold up was, and the twins responded by giving him some hand gestures that said it all. Mike flashed a pair of thumbs ups, and Ike gave Troy an OK symbol.

“Now that’s what I call a tight end,” Mike said and flashed his brother a wink.

“It looks more like a full back if you ask me,” Ike replied and playfully nudged his brother.

Troy quickly turned back around to hide his blushing, but he did manage to shout at no one in particular, “We have to hurry or we’re going to miss all the good candy!”

The trio made their trek from house to house. The routine was always the same. Walk up, hit the doorbell, open their bags and shout “Trick or Treat!” The person behind the door would make a comment about their costumes and make a concerted effort not to stare at the person-sized cock which was pointed right at them, and dumped a few candies in each guys bag. As the night went on, the three dudes’ sacks got fuller and fuller, but for Troy, the swelling wasn’t just limited to his candy stash. It was a combination of the standard swelling he always experiences even when he isn’t aroused mixed with the constant teasing from his two smoking hot besties which caused Troy’s balls to balloon to the size of clown cars. Troy was getting so tired from having to shove his gigantic ball sack around that he was moving at a snails pace, and the steady stream of pre from his oversized cock leaving a slick, slimy trail everywhere he went only added to the snail-like imagery.

“I think that’s enough trick or treating for one night,” Troy said as he slumped exhaustedly into his own massive sack.

“Come on! We’re almost done,” Mike cheered.

“Yeah! We’re about to hit the big-ticket houses!” Ike added.

“Go on without me… I’m comfy here…” Troy murmured in response. His voice was muffled by the flesh of his enormous nuts which he was currently lying face down in.

The twins glanced over at their bud and then exchanged a brief glance and a knowing smirk.

“Okay. We’ll go on ahead…” Mike said.

“But we’re taking you with us!” Ike added.

That comment got Troy’s attention. He propped himself up on his elbows atop his gargantuan bulge and looked over to see what the bros were up to. Troy could see that the bros were standing on either side of his swollen sack, but he couldn’t really see much else.

“W-woah!” Troy sputtered when he felt the bros dig their hands in and each grab thick handfuls of ball flesh.

“Left nut!” Mike grunted as he lifted Troy’s sack with all his might. He managed to lift Troy’s ball off the ground just enough that he could walk it forward just a few feet.

“Right nut!” Ike parroted a few moments later. He too grabbed and lifted Troy’s massive teste enough to walk it forward a few steps.

“Left nut!” “Right nut!” “Left nut!” “Right nut!” the twins chanted as they slowly walked Troy’s sack up the pathway to a particularly large and gaudy house. By the time they reached the large, double doors both bros were starting to feel exhausted and had a fine sheen of sweat on their exposed arms and legs.

From there, the twins repeated the process that had served them so well in the past. They walked past Troy, past Troy’s cock, set Troy’s back open on the tip of Troy’s colossal cock which was pressed up against the doorway, and rang the doorbell.

“Trick or Treat!” the twins shouted and opened their own candy sacks when the guy came to open the door.

And then it happened. There had been a few near misses in the past—people who would give them one look and roll their eyes, but no one had dared follow through on it… no one until now anyway. The man at the door gave the trio one look and scoffed.

“Aren’t you a little old to be trick or treating?” he asked haughtily, and with that he shut the door.

“Figures…” Troy said with a shrug.

“How rude!” Mike shouted.

“Looks like the Grinch came early this year!” Ike shouted too.

“Well, that was a bust,” Troy said.

“A bust, you say?” the twins said in unison.

Troy perked up. It’s rarely a good thing when the twins both have the exact thought at the exact same second. “You’re planning something,” Troy said.

“Aren’t we always?” Mike replied.

Troy couldn’t argue with that, nor could he argue with what the twins did next. They once again got in position on either side of his sack, grabbed a couple handfuls of ball flesh, and began to walk Troy’s sack back down the driveway, but rather than take Troy all the way back to the main road, the twins stopped about halfway.

“You know what they say,” Mike said.

“Yeah. It’s trick or treat,” Ike agreed.

“We didn’t get our treat,” Mike said.

“So, it’s time for our trick!” Ike added.

“Wait… what kind of trick do you have in mind!?” Troy asked.

“Bustin’ makes me feel good,” Mike sang in reply.

“Bustin’ Bustin’ Bustin’,” Ike sang along.

“What…?” Troy murmured, but the realization slowly dawned on him. Troy’s eyes grew wider and his jaw dropped lower as he pieced it together. “Oh no. no, no, no. Nonononono.” Troy sputtered, but there was very little he could do at the moment. He was stranded atop his own sedan-sized sack. He wasn’t going anywhere until he managed to release some of the spunk that now sloshed in his sack.

“Come on. He knew what he was getting into when he turned us away. You refuse to give the candy, your house gets Tee Peed,” Mike explained.

“Or in this case ‘D’ Peed,” Ike added.

“Oh, we’re gonna do that too,” Mike replied saucily into Troy’s ear as he gently teased Troy’s twitching hole with his fingertips.

Troy tried to act uninterested, but when your cock is as big as you are, it’s kind of hard to hide when your boner gives a buck of delight.

“See? ‘Little’ Troy is on board with the plan,” Ike said and gave the side of Troy’s colossal cock a firm patting as if he was petting the flank of a playful stallion.

Troy tried to protest, but his words failed him. The most he managed was, “but… I… you…”

His whines were quickly silenced by a pair of lips against his own. Troy’s whines gave way to whimpers and soon were replaced altogether by soft moans as Mike’s tongue slipped past his lips. Whatever defense Troy had been trying to mount completely crumbled in that moment. He could no longer think about anything other than how much he wanted to experience even more of what the twins had to offer.

Troy’s massive cock gave another hard lurch. He was now as hard as he had ever been. His massive, person-sized rod was rock hard and leaking pre like a faucet. The slick liquid poured onto the lawn and soaked into the grass.

Troy could have cum right then and there. Some part of him wanted to do just that, in fact, but the only thing keeping him grounded was how amazing he felt and how much more he wanted to experience. There was something about the cool, crisp autumn air against his exposed skin that made him even hornier, and the feeling of Mike’s lips against his and Ike’s lips against the nape of his neck drove Troy even wilder.

When Mike finally broke the passionate kiss, Troy found himself gasping for breath. The kiss had felt far too short, but judging by the ache in his longs, they must have held it for at least a minute. Troy may be on the swim team, but he was more of a mascot than an actual competitor. He had nowhere near the lung capacity of either of his two lovers.

“Don’t worry. We’ll let you catch your breath,” Mike whispered saucily into Troy’s ear.

Troy wanted to ask what he had in mind, but between the intense arousal and the need to catch his breath, Troy could not muster the words. It wasn’t like he really needed to ask, though. The twins rarely left Troy wondering what their next move was for long. Before Troy could even catch his breath, he could feel Ike’s hands sink cup the soft, supple flesh of Troy’s thick, bubbly booty.

“I guess he really is a full back,” Ike commented playfully.

“Told ya!” Mike replied. That was as far as their banter went. Ike had other plans for his mouth, and for once, they did not involve trading japes with his brother.

Troy shuddered with ecstasy as he felt Ike’s tongue slip between his cheeks. It wasn’t the first time Troy had been eaten out, but it was an experience that never lost its luster. Troy was always amazed as just how sensitive his booty could be, and he was double shocked at just how tender the twins could be when it suited them.

While Troy moaned and whimpered and writhed from the amazing sensations along his backside, Mike took the opportunity to slowly stroll along the length of Troy’s cock. While Mike made his trek, he seductively slid off his black booty shorts, giving Troy a nice view of Mike’s toned, muscular ass. Mike glanced back over his shoulder and shot Troy a saucy wink. Despite how fuzzy Troy’s thoughts were getting, the gesture was not lost on him. Troy’s cock trembled, and the thick, spongy head of his massive dick puffed up ever so slightly more.

“You might be a full back, but you’ve got an even fuller front,” Mike teased as he stared down the barrel of Troy’s six-foot sex-cannon. Mike dug his fingers into the sensitive, spongy tissue of the tip of Troy’s colossal cock. He passionately kneaded the soft, supply flesh. The sensations drove Troy absolutely mad. His dick had always been incredibly sensitive, and it seemed that sensitivity had grown as his cock got larger and larger.

Troy wanted to cry out and tell the twins how great they were making him feel, but words would not come. All he could do was whine and moan, but that seemed to be enough to satisfy the twins.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you,” Mike said. He then leaned in closer to the puffed-up head of Troy’s colossal cock until Mike’s hips were mashed against the sensitive flesh. Troy’s pre flowed freely from the tip of his cock and completely coated Mike’s thighs and legs in a matter of seconds, which was to say nothing of the thorough slathering Mike’s cock received.

The massive slit of Troy’s enormous cock was so huge, that if Mike had tried to shove his dick down it, it would have only barely touched the sides, but Mike had another idea. Troy’s slit was almost as long as Mike’s own foot-long cock. Mike’s cock rested between the lips of Troy’s cock as if it was made for his cock. Mike then began to rock his hips, causing his thick cock to grind against the lips of Troy’s massive slit. With each thrust, Mike’s hefty balls slapped against the soft flesh of Troy’s massive cock head.

Mike’s nuts were huge by most normal people’s standards, but they paled in comparison to the set of stones Troy was now riding atop. Troy’s nuts had been steadily swelling the entire time he had been stranded in the yard. When he had arrived at this house, he had nuts the size of sofas, but now they were closer to the size of a pair of single car garages. Troy’s nuts were so huge, that Ike could no longer reach his ass while standing on the ground. Ike had had to scamper up Troy’s nuts and join Troy atop Troy’s steadily swelling sack.

As much fun as it had been making Troy whine with just his tongue. Ike was ready for something a little more up close and personal. With Troy’s ass now nice and slick, all that remained was to take the plunge.

Troy tensed up for a second as he felt the tip of Ike’s fat cock press against his slicked-up hole, but Troy quickly relaxed. He was feeling too amazing to even try and protest, and he had done this enough by now that even in his hormone addled state, he instinctively knew to relax and enjoy the ride.

Troy continued to breathily whimper in ecstasy. Not even he was sure which whimpers were from Ike teasing the tip of his cock and which were from Mike plunging his cock into his ass. All he knew was that he was in heaven. He loved every second of it. He loved the feeling of Mike’s cock thrusting into his ass. He loved the slap of Mike’s fat balls against his puffy taint. He loved the feeling of Mike’s arms wrapped around him and the sound of Mike’s moans in his ear. Troy loved the feeling of Ike’s hands and cock digging into the soft flesh of his over-stimulated cock head. He loved the pleasant swelling of his now house-sized stones. At the rate he was going, his sack was soon to rival the size of the two-story house which stood before him.

Troy knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. He tried to say something to the twins to let them know, but all he managed to do was whine even loader. Troy couldn’t be sure whether or not they got the message, but he could feel Mike’s arms wrap tighter around him as Mike buried his cock deep for one last plunge. He could also feel Ike’s hands gripping the rim of his puffed-up glans for extra leverage as he too dug his cock against the soft flesh of Troy’s cock.

It was impossible to tell who came first, but it was obvious that Troy came the hardest. The first spurt hit Ike dead on, causing the lithe stud to go sliding across the muddy, pre-soaked lawn. Ike, fortunately, was not in the line of fire, but the sheer force of Troy’s cock lurching with each spurt nearly knocked him to the ground as well. Had Ike not been hugging Troy so tightly, he no doubt would have joined his bro sprawled out in the mud.

Troy came and came again and again. He cried out in ecstasy with each spurt. Massive ropes of jizz arced through the air and crashed down on the house of the offending candy man. The ropes of cum were so massive that a single strand arced completely over the house. Half the rope splashed down in the back yard and half landed in the front with the center draped over the roof. By the time Troy’s shots finally started to taper off, the house in front of him had transformed from a spooky Halloween haunted house to looking more like a frosted gingerbread house. Thick globs of spunk oozed off the roof and pooled on the driveway and seeped into the already pre-soaked lawn. The lawn and house were coated in mud and cum as far as the eye could see.

When Troy’s nuts had finally shrunken small enough, Ike slid back off Troy’s sack and onto the muck coated lawn below. Troy was so staggered by the intensity of his own orgasm that he was barely conscious, let alone coherent. He would have collapsed flat onto his ass once his nuts reached the point where they were too small to support him had it not been for Ike hoisting him up to support him.

“I told you you were a tight end,” Ike said playfully into Troy’s ear. Troy made a half-hearted attempt to bap Ike, but he had neither the accuracy nor the energy to really make an impact.

“I got the bags,” Mike said as he came slogging through the mire. He held up the three slightly cum-coated shopping bags that held their candy.

“Good. We should probably get headed back to base camp,” Ike said and nodded towards the road.

Mike sidled up beside Troy and slipped Troy’s arm over his shoulder. “Up you go, Slimer,” Mike teased as he and his bro helped Troy walk towards the road.

“Best Halloween ever…” Troy murmured groggily.

“And it’s not even over,” Ike replied.

“Yeah! Time to get you cleaned up and then we can watch horror movie until we get sick on candy!” Mike cheered.

“Hell yeah…” Troy cheered groggily.


Pride and Prudishness

“How did I let you talk me into this,” Troy grumbled.

“The same way you let us talk you into everything else,” Mike replied.

“Yeah. It’s something you wanted to do, but you just needed us to give you an excuse to actually do it,” Ike explained.

“Come on guys… at least let me keep some plausible deniability,” Troy whined.

“Nope!” The twins replied in unison.

Troy shook his head and steeled his resolve. The twins gently pushed him onwards—Mike with his arm over Troy’s shoulder and Ike with a hand resting on the small of Troy’s back. As they got to the makeshift checkpoint on the outskirts of the event, Troy’s eyes fell upon a sandwich board sign with a warning that read, “You may encounter nude festival-goers beyond this point.”

Troy’s face immediately began to burn bright red upon seeing this. His body trembled. His cock chubbed up ever so slightly and his nuts grew heavier in the overstuffed pouch of his form-fitting shorts. “C’mon… keep it together. I’m sure everything will be completely natural when you get there,” Troy muttered to himself.

Meanwhile the twins glanced at each other and exchanged a knowing smirk.

“I don’t get how you can be so high strung about nudity,” Ike said.

“Yeah. You see us naked all the time!” Mike added.

Mike’s comment elicited a sharp “yipe!” from Troy. Troy’s face burned hotter, and his shorts got tighter. They hadn’t even made it through the front gate and Troy was already getting too hot and bothered.

“That’s it! I’m going home!” Troy sputtered.

“You can’t leave just yet!” Mike pouted.

“Yeah. We already paid for tickets, and they are nonrefundable,” Ike added.

“We can scalp them or something, right?” Troy whined.

“You can’t scalp them once they’ve already been stamped,” Ike explained.

“Stamped? But we haven’t even—” Troy began to protest, but before he could finish, Ike turned and handed the tickets to the bored looking lady at the folding table that served as the admissions booth.

“Oops,” Ike said casually.

“Nothing to do now but enjoy ourselves!” Mike added.

“B-but!” Troy tried to protest, but the twins were already herding him through the gate.

Troy’s mind had been awash with images of the Sodom and Gomorrah that awaited him beyond the fence, but nothing could have prepared him for what awaited him. The view before him was… really rather tame to be honest. It was the same grassy field that Troy had gone to to see bands play at many times in the past. The stage was lit up and some local indie band sang off key about something that Troy could not make out any words to. People milled about in small little groups. The only real difference from this event from any other event Troy had gone to here was how diverse the crowd was. There were a bunch of makeshift stalls set up all around the outskirts of the music venue that advertised everything from legal help, local politicians, sex-ed workshops, some clothing booths, a few places advertising adult toys, there was a stall staffed by a bunch of tough looking grannies clad in leather biker gear taking donations to fund a local orphanage. The garish sign beside them read “Dykes for Tykes”. All of these venues were packed with people. The only stall completely deserted was the Army recruiter who had been given a small booth off to the side of all the others. The only attention this booth got was the occasional look of disdain from the occasional passerby.

“Huh. I kinda expected there to be more naked people,” Troy commented.

Mike and Ike laughed at his comment. “Don’t sound so disappointed, bud,” Mike said.

“Yeah. Just because people can let it all hang out doesn’t mean they necessarily do,” Ike added.

“You’ll see the occasional twink in a thong and some assless chaps, but rarely do you see anyone in their birthday suit,” Mike explained.

“Why? You feel like stripping naked already?” Ike teased.

“N-no way!” Troy squeaked.

“Don’t be that way…” Mike pouted.

“Yeah. Be the change you want to see in the world!” Ike added.

Despite their teasing, Mike and Ike made no effort to actually get Troy to remove any of his clothes. The subject was quickly dropped when Mike saw a booth that interested him. From there the trio bounced from booth to booth as they explored the venue. Before long they all had bags of random goodies that were either given to them or they had purchased from various stalls. Troy had purchased a t-shirt that read “I’m With Horny” which coupled nicely with the twins’ matching “I’m Horny” t-shirts.

Eventually the trio made their way into a small tent which advertised the hottest new toys. Troy was amazed by the sheer scope and scale of their products. They had everything from cock cages and ball gags to dildos and vibrators.

“Hey Troy. I think you have some competition!” Mike called out from across the shop.

Troy glanced over to see Mike and Ike holding up an XXXL Pussysmasher Deluxe dildo. The beast was so massive that the twins held it up like a couple of fishermen showing off their prized catch, but even that ridiculous beast of a sex toy was only a foot and a half at max. It paled in comparison to the massive bait and tackle that Troy was sporting.

“I personally don’t think it’s really that big,” Ike commented.

“Yeah. Nothing like Troy’s XXXXXXL Planetcracker 5000 Deluxe,” Mike added with a laugh.

Troy began blushing again in spite of himself. Somehow, he had settled into a sense of normalcy. Despite the occasionally nearly nude stud walking around the booths and the copious amounts of sex positive signage, Troy didn’t feel awkward of embarrassed. Nor did he feel particularly turned on. Even as he and the twins had played around with the toys and cracked jokes with one another, it wasn’t until now that some part of Troy’s mind put two and two together.

“S-shut up!” Troy stammered and turned away from the twins in a huff.

Troy tried to clear his mind and steady his breathing. Despite how chill he had managed to be about everything, his nuts had still been steadily swelling throughout the course of the afternoon. His sack was now swollen to the size of a sofa. His two bean-bag chair sized stones were scraping the ground as he walked. The weight of his package weighed down so heavily on his shorts that the waistband got pulled lower and lower with each step. The back of his stretchy shorts had steadily begun to be swallowed by his ass cheeks. A solid foot of the base of his schlong was now exposed for all to see. Troy’s over-sized t-shirt helped to cover some of the skin, but as his balls got bigger and heavier, it grew harder and harder for him to fully cover up.

“I need to get some air,” Troy said suddenly and left the tent.

Troy didn’t have anywhere in mind that he wanted to go. He just knew that if he kept handling dick-shaped toys, he’d probably end up making a mess. The twins seemed to be having a blast in there, though, so Troy decided to leave them to their own devices for a while.

It was strange. Despite how crowded the place was, it didn’t take Troy long to start feeling bored and lonely. Troy wandered over to a nearby tree to hide out in the shade for a bit and sat down to do a little people watching. However, as Troy started watching the people, he quickly became aware that many of the people were also watching him!

It didn’t take long for someone to work up the nerve to come talk to him. “Hey, man,” a new arrival said. “Is that real?”

“Huh?” Troy asked. He looked around trying to figure out what the guy was talking about.

“Don’t play dumb. That dick! Tell me. What’s the trick? Some kinda prosthetic? Silicone?” the guy asked.

“I don’t actually know…” Troy replied.

“Come on, man… you can tell me. It’ll be our secret,” the guy insisted.

By this point a few more people had wandered over, and the more people joined the crowd, the more curious others became. One person became three which became five which became eight. Troy was soon surrounded on all sides by onlookers and oglers.

“Hey! I’ve heard of this guy!” someone in the crowd shouted. “That’s his actual cock!”

“Right! I’ve seen clips on YouTube. You mean they were real!?” another person said.

“Is it true you can cum for twenty minutes non-stop?” Someone else asked.

“Sounds like a dream come true!” another person said.

“Yeah, man. If I had a cock like that, I’d want to show it off everywhere!” another person said.

The voices grew louder and more demanding. At some point people had stopped talking to him and started shouting at him. Troy couldn’t keep up with all the questions and comments. His head was spinning. Soon he started to feel hands up and down his cock and balls. It didn’t take long before his cock started stirring to life despite his wishes. His nuts, which were already massive started to swell before his very eyes.

“Woah. They’re really growing!” someone in the audience said.

“I wonder what it’d look like when he cums!” someone else said.

“It looks like mind your own business,” a familiar voice said.

“Yeah. Hands to yourselves,” came a reply.

Troy recognized those voices. Just hearing them made his heart flutter and made him feel much more relaxed even with the crowd still clustering around his cock. Troy then felt a pair of arms around him. The two new arrivals quickly helped him to his feet and ushered him through the crowd.

“Some people have no class,” Ike said.

“Seriously. That’s only fun when we do it,” Mike added.

“T-thanks…” Troy said weakly.

“Don’t mention it,” Ike said.

“You look redder than usual. Do you need something to drink?” Mike asked.

“Gotta keep hydrated. It’s hot as balls out here,” Ike agreed.

“I saw a food truck around the corner. Let’s get lunch,” Mike said.

With that the trio was once again on the move. Soon they had their meals and jugs of water and found a nice quiet spot in the shade far away from the noise of the stage. Despite the crowds mere yards away, it was easy for Troy to feel like he was once again alone with the twins. He no longer felt lonely or bored or scared. The memories of the tense ordeal mere moments before quickly faded from his mind. Soon the only real proof that the event even happened were Troy’s own enlarged balls. The stimulation had spurred their growth onwards and now he had a pair of nuts each the size of a loveseat. His balls were getting so big that it was getting difficult to walk which was another reason he was glad to just be able to lie back in the shade.

Eventually the trio finished their meals. Mike and Ike stood up and brushed the grass off their clothes. Mike trotted over to a nearby trashcan to dispose of their wrappers and Ike helped Troy back up to his feet.

“We’ve got a little bit of time before the parade. Want to do one more lap?” Ike asked.

“Uh… sure. I might need a little help getting around, though…” Troy said and gestured towards his enlarged sack. His balls were so massive that even sitting flat on the ground, the top of his nuts still crested at above his belly button. His shorts were stretched so tight that most of his cock was now exposed. Only the puffy head of his dick was left still covered.

“I’m sure we can figure something out,” Ike replied.

As soon as Mike was back from his garbage run, the three of them were on the lookout for something to help Troy move around. Walking was very slow going since Troy had to shift his nuts with each step, but the twins were more than eager to help him out. It wasn’t long before the twins managed to flag down one of the roadies for the music venue and get them to lend them a flatbed. A few minutes of strained lifting later, the twins had Troy’s sack loaded onto the flatbed and Troy’s mobility issues were (temporarily) solved.

The trio resumed their walk around the stalls, but after having seen everything there was to see the first time around, there wasn’t anything that particularly held their interest. Troy in particular felt his gaze wandering to other events around the festival. Try as he might, he kept finding his eyes drift towards a group of rather rugged and rather scantily clad older gentlemen. The crew were clad in various black, leather garments. Studded straps adorned their necks and wrists. Sculpted glutes protruded from assless chaps. The few that wore vests didn’t bother to close them leaving their burly chests exposed for all to see. It was like the entire posse had stumbled straight out of the online image galleries Troy had come across when he was first questioning.

Troy was somehow captivated by this crew. They had a certain degree of authority and self-assuredness that Troy could only dream of. Maybe if he had that kind of attitude, he wouldn’t be so easy to push around. He could have stood up for himself rather than letting the twins have to do it for him.

Unbeknownst to Troy but knowst to us, the twins were aware of Troy’s “subtle” glances and began guiding Troy towards one of the stalls not too far away. It wasn’t until Ike finished with his purchase that Troy realized something was amiss.

“Here. Put this on,” Ike said as he handed Troy a small, plastic bag.

“What’s this?” Troy asked.

“Just put it on,” Mike said playfully as he reached into a bag of his own.

Troy gave the twins a skeptical glance but then reached into his bag and pulled out the latest purchase.

Troy’s face once again turned three shades redder. “I-I can’t wear this!” he sputtered.

“Why not? It’d look good on you,” Ike said.

“Yeah. And you won’t be alone,” Mike added as he pulled off his shirt and shoved it into his bag.

“Still…” Troy protested meekly.

The twins paused mid-disrobing and exchanged a glance. They then both rolled their eyes, dropped what they were doing, and walked over to Troy. Before Troy could even begin to protest, they had their hands on his shirt and had pulled the garment up and over his head leaving him completely bare from the waist up.

“Eep!” Troy yelped. “Give it back,” he pleaded.

The twins both laughed. “Your dick has been out for the last half hour, and you’re worried about being shirtless?” Ike asked.

“My dick is always out. Just give me my shirt back,” Troy grumbled. Had one arm crossed in front of his chest while with his free hand he swiped wildly at the shirt that Mike was playfully keeping away from him.

“Haha. You’re so hot that it’s almost a shame that you cover that chest of yours,” Ike laughed.

“But the way you do is so cute that we’ll forgive you,” Mike added.

Troy’s face turned a different shade of red at being called cute, but he stopped trying to actively resist the twins’ antics. He reluctantly dropped his arm away from his chest and said, “Okay, fine. So how do I put this on, anyway?”

“Aww. Baby’s first harness. I remember my first time,” Ike said, reminiscing playfully.

“Yeah. It was attached to a leash that mom held to keep you out of trouble,” Mike teased.

“Keep us out of trouble,” Ike concurred.

In no time at all, the twins had Troy outfitted in his new harness. Troy looked down at himself and admired how he looked, but he had to admit, there wasn’t a whole lot to it. “It doesn’t really cover anything, does it?” Troy asked.

If anything, the harness accentuated his chest instead of covered it. Troy wasn’t the buffest guy around—he was nowhere near as toned and defined as the twins, but his workout regimen was showing results. Now that his comically oversized, baggy shirt was off, it was clear that he had a very lean, lithe, athletic build.

“It’s not about covering up,” Mike explained.

“It’s about owning your sexy!” Ike added.

Troy scrunched up his nose a bit and once again looked down at his nearly nude bod. He then looked back at the twins questioningly.

“You need to be more comfortable in your own skin,” Mike said.

“And we’ve got an idea how to do just that,” Ike added.

“But first…” The twins said mysteriously and then reached into their bags and pulled out their own outfits. They both had a harness much like Troy’s but they also had tiny little black leather short shorts.

“No peeking, now,” Mike said playfully.

And then without waiting for Troy to respond, the two quickly dropped their drawers and stepped out leaving them clad in nothing but their tennis shoes. Mike was turned away from Troy giving Troy a good look at his sculpted ass. Meanwhile Ike was facing Troy so that Troy got a good look at his thick dick and hefty nuts as they spilled into view. Troy silently thanked the powers that be that there were two of them so that he was given the chance to see both sets of goods.

The peep show didn’t last long, though. The twins quickly slipped into their new shorts and then took turns helping each other get their harnesses on. It wasn’t long before the twins were clad in their new sporty get-ups.

Troy’s face was once again burning red, and it wasn’t just the heat that was doing it. Troy felt like his face had been flushed red more often than not today.

“I-it looks good on you,” Troy murmured. He was trying not to stare directly at his friend’s fit bods or the pronounced bulges in their tight little booty shorts, but he was failing spectacularly.

“It looks better on you, though,” Ike replied.

“I can’t get over how cute you look,” Mike added.

Troy turned a few shades redder and averted his gaze from his friends, but the sound of their laughter echoed in his ears. It wasn’t that he disliked their japes. Quite the opposite, actually. He wished he could accept their compliments, but it was so tough to break his own shell.

“A-anyway… let’s go check out the parade,” Troy stammered.

“Right…” Mike said cryptically.

“About that…” Ike added equally cryptically.

“Huh?” Troy asked.

“Well. We never said we were going to watch the parade… did we?” Ike asked impishly.

“No? When you dragged me out of my room this morning you specifically asked if I wanted to go to the parade,” Troy replied.

“Were those the exact words?” Mike asked. There was a devilish glint in his eyes that immediately got Troy on the defensive.

What did they say? There had to be something specific they said, but Troy couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“We asked ‘would you like to attend the parade?’” Ike explained.

“Yeah? Isn’t that what we are doing?” Troy asked.

“Exactly!” Mike exclaimed.

“It’s much more fun to participate than to just watch, wouldn’t you say?” Ike asked.

“Wait… You don’t mean…” Troy stammered.

“Oh, but we do,” Mike said.

“Well, what if I refuse?” Troy asked.

The twins looked at each other and shrugged. “We go home and play video games, I guess?” Mike said.

“We’ve been meaning to check the new season of Metroidvania,” Ike replied.

Troy slumped dejectedly. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to attend the parade. It sounded exciting to him, but he wasn’t sure he was ready for something like that, but at the same time, if he just left now he’d be beating himself up for it later, and yet…

As Troy silently wrestled with his own anxiety, he became aware of a pleasant sensation—two pairs of arms wrapping around him. Troy suddenly found himself the filling in a twin sandwich. The two brothers were standing on either side of him and hugging him tightly.

“I know this is a big step for you,” Mike said as he gently ran his fingers through Troy’s hair.

“I think you’ll really enjoy yourself, but if you aren’t up to it, there are plenty of other ways to spend the afternoon,” Ike added.

“Yeah. There’s always next year,” Mike added.

Troy shook his head and gritted his teeth. “We’ll do it this year,” he said.

“You sure?” Mike asked.

“No,” Troy replied. “So, let’s go before I flake out again.”

“That’s the spirit!” Ike cheered.

Troy spent the next twenty minutes in fight or flight (mostly flight) mode. He was a nervous wreck and wanted to bolt, but he struggled to calm his nerves… It wasn’t like he could go anywhere even if he wanted to. By this point his nuts were so huge that they crested at almost chest level. He needed to get off something fierce. There was no way he’d be able to get back on the bus at his current size. The best he could hope for would be to hitch a ride in the back of a pickup truck, but even then, getting to the truck would be an ordeal. He had had to leave the flatbed behind when he had climbed the steps onto the float he now stood upon.

The float hadn’t even left the parking lot that served as a staging area yet, but Troy was already stressed the hell out. He could hear the cheers from the crowd. He could hear the loudspeakers from the floats ahead of him. He watched as float after float left the parking lot and made its way onto Main Street. Pretty soon there was only one float left ahead of his to go out onto the main road—that of the local Shittybank branch.

As his float pulled out of its parking spot and started towards the exit, Troy reached such an intense level of stressed out that he actually felt incredibly calm. He could barely comprehend what was going on around him. His ears were ringing. His brain was buzzing. The twins were trying to talk to him, but their voices felt like they were coming from miles away, and yet despite how tuned out his brain was, some part of him was definitely excited.

Troy’s cock was already flying at half-mast by the time the float pulled out of the parking lot. His nuts were steadily creeping up in size. His package was now so massive that his cock made no effort to stay within the pouch and his nuts were straining against the fabric. His pouch was about to burst at any second. The stitches popped. The fabric stretched, and right as the float turned the corner onto Main Street, his garments gave up the ghost. A loud, rending tear split the air. The sound was enough to snap even Troy from his dissociative haze. As Troy quickly snapped back to reality, he stared in awe at his massive nuts that now spilled out before him.

Troy was now completely nude except for his small, black harness and his tennis shoes. His bare booty and big balls were openly on display for hundreds of paradegoers to ogle and enjoy. Part of Troy wanted to run and hide, but where could he even go? He couldn’t leave. His swelling nuts were now far too massive for him to move.

The twins noticed the look on Troy’s face and were quick to jump into action. Troy once again had a bro on either side of him, each with an arm thrown supportively over their pal. The twins waved happily to the crowd while Mike patted Troy’s shoulder and Ike rubbed the small of Troy’s back. Troy felt like he was siphoning confidence off of his outgoing best buds. He was slowly able to work up the nerve to raise a hand and wave awkwardly to the crowd.

As Troy looked out over the audience, he was surprised by how delighted most of them looked. Troy had half expected them to look at him like some kind of freak, but instead he was greeted by throngs of cheering attendees.

Troy heard someone cry out “Lookin’ good!” and as well as a few scattered “Woo!”s from the crowd. The cheering made Troy stand taller but also made his cock harder and his balls larger.

By the time the float had made it a few blocks, Troy was really starting to feel hot under the proverbial collar. His cock was beyond boned. Pre dripped from the tip of his person-sized schlong. His balls were starting to fill much of the float he stood upon. It wouldn’t be long before his nut sack started to spill out over the sides.

By the time they reached the halfway mark, Troy was so hot and bothered that his dick was shuddering in anticipation. He was getting so close to the edge. He wanted to hold back and wait til he was safely out of sight, but at the same time, the throngs of cheering crowds and the constantly line of hot, beefy, scantily clad dudes running up and down alongside the float was driving him wild. It didn’t help that the twins seemed intent to get him worked up too. At some point during the festivities, Mike and Ike had stopped giving Troy a reassuring pat-down and started to give him a more personal type of rubbing.

Mike still had an arm over Troy’s shoulder, but his other hand was stroking Troy’s massive cock. Meanwhile Ike was waving to the crowd with one hand while playing with Troy’s bubbly booty with the other. Troy wanted to protest, but he was so worked up that he didn’t know what to even say. All that he could do was whine and whimper as his hormones overwrote his thoughts.

Soon the crowds started to blur and fade away. All Troy could think of was how horny he was. All he could feel was the twins’ bodies pressed against his own. He could feel Mike lovingly stroking his massive cock. He could feel Ike sliding his fingers deep inside his hungry ass. Troy knew what was coming. He knew he was about to have a climax for the record books. He couldn’t remember when the last time was that he had let his nuts get so backed up.

Some part of Troy’s mind still remembered that he was in a very public place. People were watching from all sides. Cameras were pointed his way. Hell! There were even a few local news helicopters circling above. Not only was this going to be one of his biggest floods, but it was also going to be the most widely viewed one as well! Some part of that notion excited Troy. He knew it should freak him out. He knew it should make him want to cover up and try and stifle his own libido, but he was just so. Damn. Horny!

“F-fuck…” Troy moaned.

The twins glanced at each other and were grinning from ear to ear. They knew it was time. All that remained was to aim the cannon.

The twins shoved Troy forward so that he was now lying atop his massive cock and enormous balls. This caused his rock-hard cock to point dead ahead—right at the float directly in front of them! The twins exchanged a mischievous smirk and lit the proverbial fuse.

It had long been the subject of much debate, but the twins had a very simple and very effective way of getting corporations out of pride. Once their cannon was aimed, Ike stuck a couple of fingers into Troy’s expectant hole, and pressed down on that sweet spot that he had come accustomed to finding.

The results were instantaneous. Troy cried out in ecstasy. His cock shuddered and bucked and lurched. A massive, sticky spurt of white-hot spunk erupted from his cock and launched towards the corporate sponsored bank bus. The force of the blast was enough to send the bus into a tailspin and careening down a nearby alley. The crowd was quick to get out of the way, allowing the bus to slide off the parade route unimpeded.

With the offending bus disposed of, the twins decided to share the joy with the audience. They crawled up onto Troy’s nuts and angled Troy’s massive cock to spray upwards into the air. Thick, sticky spunk rained down on the crowd and the parade participants alike. All the while Troy writhed and moaned in ecstasy as spurt after massive, sloppy spurt of spooge erupted from his cock. Troy’s mind was a white-hot haze of pure euphoria as he came again and again.

Troy had no idea how long he was cumming or how long he was out of it. All he knew was by the time he slowly started to regain consciousness the sun was already setting and everything he could see was coated in spoo. Yet in spite of the mess, there were still throngs of paradegoers cheering from the sidelines.

It may have just been the afterglow, but Troy was feeling pleased as punch. He slowly staggered back to his feet and waved to the crowd around him. They all cheered him on. On some level, Troy wanted to bask in the adoration for ages, but his old anxieties started to creep back to the surface. It wasn’t that he was embarrassed to be out there per se… it was more that he was tired and hungry and just wanted to go home.

“That was fun, but can we go home now?” Troy asked.

“Way ahead of you,” Ike said.

“Yeah. We already ordered pizzas while you were KOd,” Mike added.

“New season, right?” Troy asked.

“Yep! It’s time to Netflix and chill,” Ike said.



Troy smiled in spite of himself as he scrolled through his Instagram history. It was a bittersweet and a bit surreal trip down memory lane. He hardly recognized himself in the older pics, and it wasn’t entirely because he was still able to wear pants back then. Looking at pics of himself from his early teens was a bit jarring. He was pale and wiry and always out of focus. Every pic of him was taken by someone else. There was not a single selfie to be found. He was the quiet kid in the back of the group photos, but somewhere along the lines that changed.

Troy smirked as he looked at the picture of himself from the beginning of the school year. It was hard to believe he had been allowed out of the house like that. He had to be practically dragged to school on that day, and he had had to fashion a makeshift disguise to try and hide the changes he had experienced over the previous summer. The bulky trench coat was definitely a fashion choice and not necessarily a good one. The few pics that existed from that day showed the face of a grumpy and scowling guy who was doing everything in his power to avoid the camera—so basically, he looked like he always did only this time he was wearing a trench coat. However, halfway through that day, something happened that changed everything for him.

It was during gym class that his big secret was revealed to all. His cock—which at that point was longer than his legs—and his nuts—which at that point were larger than beach balls—spilled out for all to see. In that moment Troy was sure his life was over. He would never be allowed in public ever again, and he was all too happy to completely retire from public for ever and ever. Yet somehow… that’s not what happened. An unlikely pair of tricksters latched onto him and dragged him kicking and screaming into the light.

Troy scrolled through his history some more. Suddenly the time between pics with him in it went from weeks and months to minutes and hours! As he continued his trek down memory lane, he noticed something about him steadily grow and grow… something other than his cock, that is. At first the selfies the twins took with him showed him awkwardly blushing or nervously trying to hide from the camera, but steadily that awkward blush gave way to a slight smirk which grew into a nervous grin, which grew into a beaming smile. Troy found himself smiling in spite of himself as he looked at how happy he looked in the recent photos. His smile rivaled that of his boisterous best friends.

Troy’s reverie was disrupted by the sudden weight of a large bowl of popcorn being precariously balanced atop his head.

“Did you pick a movie yet?” Mike asked.

“I see that smirk! I bet he’s picked something cute and romantic,” Ike replied.

“We did a rom com last time! I wanna see something get blown up!” Mike protested.

“Well, we can do a romantic movie and still see something blow afterwards,” Ike replied.

“Ooh. I like the way you think!” Mike said giddily.

“Don’t I get a say in this?” Troy whined… although his attempts at sounding pitiful fell painfully flat since the twins could hear the laughter in his voice.

“You’ve got the Netflix login, so yeah. You get some say,” Mike replied.

“We just have veto power,” Ike added.

“Does Die Hard count as a romance or an action movie?” Troy asked.

“Uh… I dunno? I’ve never seen it,” Mike replied.

“Yeah, dude. That movie is oooollldddd,” Ike added.

“Old as BALLS,” Mike agreed.

“Old as DICKS!” Ike added.

“Everything with you guys is dicks and balls,” Troy said and rolled his eyes.

“Only when we’re with you,” Mike said playfully.

The twins plopped down on the couch on either side of Troy and scooched in nice and close. There was plenty of room for them to spread out a bit, but they preferred to be snuggled together practically right on top of each other.

Troy lifted the bowl of popcorn off of his head and placed it between his legs which were spread wide and draped over either side of his massive cock. At this point his chubby was wider than his hips. It was like having a fleshy mechanical bull between his legs. His cock stretched out almost six feet in front of him, and it wasn’t even hard! His cock head pressed against the wall on the other side of the room and rubbed against the underside of the large flatscreen TV mounted directly across from him. His nuts were now even larger than the plush sofa he and his pals sat on. Mike and Ike happily propped their feet up atop Troy’s enormous nuts as if they were using their pal’s package as an oversized, squishy ottoman.

Troy used the app on his phone to dim the lights in the living room as the movie started in earnest. It wasn’t long before the trio were completely enthralled. It had it all. Gun fights, explosions, suspense, explosions, action, explosions, romance, explosions! Troy sat there transfixed on the movie while he shoveled handfuls of popcorn into his mouth. The twins, meanwhile, grabbed bits and pieces of popcorn off of Troy’s lap because they feared losing a finger if they tried to reach into the bowl itself. Troy’s single minded feeding frenzy was the stuff of legend.

During the tenser moments, the twins would each grab onto one of Troy’s arms and hold him tight. The gesture was not lost on Troy. Despite appearances in public, the twins were huge weenies when it came to movies and video games. Ike would always squeak during a jump scare, and during the high-stakes suspense scenes, Mike would grab Troy’s arm so tightly that it would almost bruise!

Troy smiled silently to himself as he felt his buds on either side of him. Both bros had their head resting on one of Troy’s shoulders. They were nuzzled so close that Troy could heard their breaths. He could feel the rise and fall of their chests as they watched with bated breath. He could feel the twin’s heels digging into his nuts when they tensed up during a suspenseful sequence.

Despite the action and escapades on screen, Troy’s entire body felt completely relaxed. He slumped into the seat, and the movie seemed to fade away completely. His senses were devoted to experiencing his two best friends instead of the decades-old film. The twins were nestled so close against him that he could smell the shampoo that they each used. Kiwi and coconut for Ike. Lavender and sage for Mike.

As Troy sunk deeper into the plush cushions, the twins rested more and more of their weight on top of him. It wasn’t long before the trio had forgotten all about the movie. Even as gunfire and explosions reverberated throughout the room around them, the three found themselves lost in each other’s bodies. Soon Troy could feel the twin’s lips against the nape of his neck.

Even though Troy could barely see anything in the dim light, he was keenly aware of what was happening around him. He felt the twins let go of his arms as they worked on undoing the clasps of their shorts. He could feel their feet digging deep into the soft flesh of his swollen nuts as they shimmied their shorts down around their ankles and then kicked them off completely. He felt the twin’s lips leave his neck just long enough for them to pull their shirts up and over their heads, and then both their hands and their lips returned to working over Troy’s body. Troy could feel the twin’s fingers and palms rubbing against his crotch and then slowly working higher and higher—up his smooth tummy, up across the slight definition of his nascent pecs, and up towards his collar bone before pulling his t-shirt up and over his head leaving the trio as naked as the day they were born.

Feeling the cool air against his bare chest, Troy let out a soft moan in spite of himself.

“Agreed,” Mike said.

For once, Ike didn’t have something to add to the conversation. Instead, he grabbed the remote and turned off the movie. The flashing colors from the TV were suddenly replaced by a dull blue light which illuminated the dim room.

Troy let out another whine and a whimper as the twins continued to lick and kiss and suckle. His mind was already fogging over, and his cock was already beyond chubbed. Troy could feel his enormous cock swelling and stiffening between his legs as it went from a solid semi to fully boned in record time. Troy’s toes curled in ecstasy as he writhed and wriggled against the twin’s soft, sensual touches. As his legs tensed up, his heels dug into his massive, turgid balls.

“He sounds like he’s close,” Mike said impishly.

“So soon? But we just started,” Ike responded just as deviously.

Mike gave Troy’s nipple a soft nibble which caused Troy to once again squeak in shock and excitement.

“Sounds like it’s time to unleash our secret weapon,” Ike said playfully.

Mike flashed his brother a sly wink but didn’t move his mouth from Troy’s pec to say anything. He merely reached down beside the couch and fished out the item they had stashed before movie night began. He tossed the item to his brother who was quick to get to work.

Troy was too lost in ecstasy to parse what Ike was up to. Troy was only vaguely aware that Ike had even stepped away. Some part of his brain noticed that there was now only one pair of lips against him and only one pair of hands exploring his body, but that was about all that could break through the haze of his arousal. Soon, however, he became aware of something against his cock and sack. His eyes fluttered open. His gaze drifted towards his own rock-hard cock. It was then that he spotted Ike pulling taut the belt that now resided around Troy’s massive package.

“Whuh?” Troy murmured in a daze.

“We thought we’d try something new,” Ike said with a devilish smirk.

“Yeah. We think you’ll love this,” Mike cooed playfully into Troy’s ear.

Troy was already rock hard, but somehow the belt made his dick feel even harder. Troy stared up in awe at his friend—and his own massive rod which now stood taller than Ike. The tip of Troy’s pre-drooling cock threatened to scrape the ceiling of the room!

Ike stepped across Troy so that he had one foot on the couch cushions on either side of Troy’s butt. Ike’s rigid cock was now aimed directly at Troy’s face. The pre-drooling tip was mere inches from Troy’s lips.

Troy leaned in to take Ike’s thick rod in his mouth. He felt the fat, spongy tip slide past his lips and graze his tongue. Troy could taste the subtle flavor of Ike’s skin and pre. Troy felt the tip of Ike’s cock slide towards the back of his throat deeper and deeper until Ike’s sizeable nuts slapped against Troy’s chin.

Troy couldn’t help himself. He was so caught up in the euphoria of the moment and the thrill of his buddy’s fantastic cock and smoking hot bod. His head moved backwards and forwards as if of its own volition causing Ike’s fat cock to slide in and out of his eager mouth. Troy’s hands reached around and gripped and groped Ike’s impeccable mounds. Troy could feel the soft, supple bubble and the firm muscles beneath.

Meanwhile, Mike couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Ike had all but kicked him off the couch in his latest move, but Mike was not one to sit out on the action. Ike could have fun with Troy’s face. Mike had a bigger playmate in mind.

Troy felt the tension in his crotch as his rock-hard rod tilted forward. In an instant, his cock went from standing straight and tall to jutting out directly in front of him like a diving board. Troy couldn’t see anything other than Ike’s crotch in his face, but he could feel enough to tell what was happening. Mike had crawled onto his cock and straddled it like a rodeo bull. Mike’s knees dug into the sides of Troy’s enormous rod in an effort to stabilize himself, and Mike’s hands dug into the soft, spongy flesh of Troy’s massive cock head.

Mike smirked as he watched Troy’s colossal cockhead flare up excitedly against his touch. Pre was flowing freely from the glans which completely dwarfed Mike’s whole head. Troy’s cock was so huge that it eclipsed even the large flat-screen TV which hung on the wall opposite of where Troy sat.

Troy’s cock gave a sharp lurch as he felt Mike nuzzle against the super sensitive head of his overstimulated cock. Troy cried out in ecstasy which caused Ike’s rigid cock to slide out of his mouth and slap up against Ike’s sculpted abs. Troy’s legs tensed up. His toes curled. His heels once more dug into the already gigantic mass of his steadily swelling nuts. Troy could feel his position shift ever so slightly as his steadily swelling stones caused his feet to lift up slightly higher and higher. His nuts were now so huge that they crested well above the couch cushions, but Troy couldn’t be sure just how huge that had grown.

“Hehe. Not in the mood for sausage?” Ike Teased. “Well, then how about some eggs instead?”

Ike took a step forward so that his nuts were now pressed against Troy’s mouth. His thick dick rubbed across Troy’s cheekbones and forehead. The tip of his cock jutted up past Troy’s head. Droplets of pre seeped out and sprinkled down upon Troy’s hair and dripped down Troy’s face.

Troy didn’t need prodding. He gave Ike’s heavy nuts a playful lick and nuzzle. Some part of Troy’s brain realized how strange it was for him to consider Ike’s nuts to be “huge” seeing as they were only the size of chicken eggs—nowhere near the sheer scale of Troy’s own nuts which currently rivaled a sedan for size, but Troy was too intoxicated by the scent and sight of Ike’s cock filling his field of view and Ike’s balls filling his mouth to really compare the two.

Ike smiled as he stared down at Troy. Troy looked so adorable. The pinkish flush of Troy’s otherwise pale cheeks contrasted nicely with Troy’s lavender hair, which was saying nothing of the expression on Troy’s face that was so desperately horny that it actually made Ike even more hot and bothered than the feeling of Troy’s lips against his sack.

Mike could feel Troy’s cock shudder and tremble beneath him. As much as he wanted to be able to claim to be responsible for Troy’s arousal, he knew his brother was doing a far better job of pushing Troy over the edge. Not one to be outdone, Mike scooted forward along the length of Troy’s colossal cock so that he was now clinging to Troy’s puffy glans like a boogie board. Mike’s knees dug into the top of Troy’s shaft as his pecs pressed against the warm, spongy, slick head of Troy’s cock. Mike could feel Troy’s massive cockhead flaring up in his arms. He could feel the warmth emanating off of the enormous, spongy glans. He could smell the pre oozing from the slit which was now mere inches from his face. Pre flowed freely from the oozing slit as if it were a decorative fountain flowing from a wall sconce. Mike nuzzled his face against the warm, soft flesh and leaned in even further in an attempt to plant his lips against Troy’s drooling slit. Mike soon found himself feeling a little dizzy as he leaned over the edge and rubbed his face against Troy’s slit in a surreal, sloppy Spiderman kiss.

Troy’s mind was blanking out from sheer ecstasy and arousal. He had never wanted to cum so bad in his life, but the belt the twins had latched around his cock and balls kept him from creaming. He writhed and wriggled and wined and gasped. His massive cock lurched and bucked, and yet still he could not cum. It was the most fantastic and frustrating experience of his life. He simultaneously begged for relief and longed for it to continue. He loved the feel of Ike’s cock and balls in his mouth. He loved the feel of Ike’s hands in his hair. He loved the feeling of Mike’s legs wrapped around his shaft and Mike’s arms wrapped around his cock head. He adored the feeling of Mike’s face nuzzling the tip of his pre oozing glans. Everything felt so amazing and yet so frustrating. As much as Troy’s balls cried out for release, there was no relief to be had. All Troy could do was writhe and whine as his balls grew and grew.

Troy had no idea how huge his balls had grown. He couldn’t focus his mind or his eyes to see anything around him. Even if he could, his field of view would have been filled with Ike’s cock and balls, but Troy could feel his nuts pressed against the walls of the front room. Troy lacked the faculties to perform the mental calculous necessary to estimate his size, but the twins had no such trouble. The two glanced over their shoulders and exchanged a knowing wink and smirk at their handywork. Troy’s nuts were now so huge that they had shoved the couch all the way back against the wall. Troy’s nuts were so massive that they now crested over the twin’s heads, even as they straddled the couch and Troy’s cock.

Mike found himself surrounded on nearly all sides by Troy’s colossal package. Troy’s cock was the floor he rested on while Troy’s nuts rose up on either side of him like the red sea during Exodus, and as Troy’s nuts grew and grew, the fleshy walls slowly began to close in around the trio.

The twins didn’t exchange any words, but they both knew what needed to happen next. As fun as this was, there was a very real danger of Troy outgrowing the room. It was time to stop playing and start plowing! Ike once again aimed his cock at Troy’s eager lips. Troy was operating on autopilot and began to suck the tip without even thinking. Soon Ike had slid his entire rod into Troy’s hungry mouth and down Troy’s tight, slick throat. Ike quick settled into a steady rhythm of sliding his cock backwards and forwards. All the while Troy greedily sucked and slurped and groped Ike’s bubbly backside.

Meanwhile Mike was hard at work on Troy’s tip. Mike had moved forward so he was straddling the far front of Troy’s cock. His legs wrapped around the shaft, and his knees mashed against the lower ridge of Troy’s flared up cock head. His hands dug into the soft, supple flesh as he ground his cock against the spongy surface of Troy’s gargantuan glans.

Troy’s brain was already overloaded with bliss before the twins stepped up their game. Now his brain was firing white hot sparks of pure pleasure. His whole body trembled. His cock shuddered and lurched. It required every ounce of Mike’s skill and strength for him to retain his perch atop Troy’s cock. Troy’s nuts grew and grew, but still, he could not cum. His nuts pressed against the ceiling above and the walls beside. The trio found themselves in a steadily narrowing canyon between two large walls of supple sack and bulging balls. As the walls continued to close in around them, the twins continued their thrusts and Troy continued his writhes of ecstasy.

It wasn’t long before Troy could feel the twins dig in for one last thrust. Ike’s cock buried balls deep into Troy’s mouth. Mike’s cock dug deep against his already overstimulated cock head. Troy could taste the thick, viscous spunk flooding from Ike’s cock into his mouth. He could feel the warm, sticky jizz spurting forth from Mike’s cock against his own. Troy tried to cry out in bliss, but his mouth was filled with Ike’s still hard cock. Troy’s cock gave an intense lurch of excitement as his nuts surged in size. The combination of his growing sack and the intense shudder of his massive cock proved too much for the strap that bound his package causing the belt to snap with a sound that reverberated through the room like a thunderclap.

What Troy experienced was more than just the standard sense of relief that comes with sexual climax. It was more akin to a spiritual liberation. The shackles that bound his soul fell away allowing his spirit—and his semen—to ascend to the heavens.

The lurch of Troy’s cock was enough to launch Mike backwards into his brother sending both bros sprawling to the sides against the massive, fleshy walls of the Grand Canyon that was the space between Troy’s nuts. With his mouth free from blockage, Troy let out a cry of sheer bliss that threatened to deafen the two bros that were along for the ride. Troy’s newly freed cock bucked and lurched. Huge spurts of jizz erupted from his cock like lava from a volcano. Troy came again and again and again. Each spurt as thick and heavy as the last. He was so backed up that his balls were the size of reservoirs. Even had Troy had the mental faculties on hand to search his memories, he wouldn’t have been able to remember a time where his nuts had grown so huge. Not since he had acclimated to life with such a huge cock and growing balls had he let himself get so huge and hurny. Troy came and came again. Even as his balls steadily deflated, the amount of free space in the room did not change. The rising tide of spunk replaced his receding sack.

Troy had no idea how long it took him to finally drain his nuts. By the time he started to come back to consciousness he found himself reclining on the couch with warm, sticky jizz lapping at his chest. He had effectively converted the entire front room into jacuzzi of spunk. The room was as humid as a sauna. Sweat dripped from Troy’s brow as he slumped against the cushion of the couch, and the twins were similarly winded.

Mike rubbed his belly. The motion itself was invisible due to the thick pool of spunk that obscured everything below his pecs, but the ripple of jizz made it clear what he was doing. “Man. Sex always makes me hungry,” he grumbled.

“Same. Do we have any popcorn left?” Ike asked.

“Uh… I don’t think you’re gonna want it,” Troy said as he gestured to the bowl which floated upside down in the spunk.

“Yeah. Soggy popcorn is nasty,” Mike agreed.

The trio relaxed in the jacuzzi of jizz for a while longer just basking in the afterglow and waiting for the tide to recede enough that they were no longer having to fight the spunk every inch of the way. Eventually, Ike spoke up.

“How long do you think it will take this all to drain?” he asked.

“Uh… assuming the drain doesn’t clog, it could take over an hour,” Troy explained.

“And the door opens inward, doesn’t it?” Ike replied.

“Yeah…” Troy responded. “So good luck getting it open anytime soon.”

“I regret nothing,” Mike said.

“Me neither!” Ike concurred.

“Well, whatever, but next time let’s do that someplace with more room,” Troy replied groggily as he slouched down even further in the seat.

“Next time?” Mike and Ike asked as they exchanged a devious smirk.


O Christmas Troy

Oh, Christmas Troy. Oh, Christmas Troy,” Mike sang.

How girthy is your sausage,” Ike echoed.

As the twins sang, they were throwing strings of lights and laurels across the length of Troy’s semi-boned cock. The twins were both clad in the scantiest of Santa suits the world have ever seen. They had the little red hats with the white ball on the end, little red tank tops, and Tight, tiny, thongs which barely managed to hold back their impressive packages and did even less to cover their shapely backsides. Meanwhile, Troy sat there with his face planted firmly in the palms of his hands. His green elf hat stood in contrast to the twins’ red attire.

In all honesty, Troy had expected something like this. It seemed like the twins could never pass up an opportunity to have some fun at his, and his super-sized schlong’s, expense. And whether it be painting his nuts like Easter eggs or doing his dick up like a ghost for Halloween, the twins were always fans of celebrating holidays (regardless of the denomination).

“Hmm. This won’t do at all,” Mike said with a tsk of playful admonishment as he nudged Troy’s massive teste with his foot, causing Troy’s entire enlarged bait and tackle to wobble and sway before him.

“I know, right? This is the problem with those inflatable decorations,” Ike added, leaning in and wrapping his arms as far as they would go around Troy’s steadily swelling sausage.

“Yeah. You know me. I love me the real thing,” Mike added playfully as he eyed Troy’s steadily stiffening shaft. Troy’s huge rod was already past half mast and was hardening by the moment.

“I want my Christmas tree to be big, hard, long, solid wood,” Ike added while nuzzling against Troy’s nearly rigid rod.

Troy still had his face buried I’m his hands as his cock got harder and harder. He was blushing beat red, but the flush of his face wasn’t what he was trying to hide from the twins. There was a smirk on Troy’s face that he didn’t dare show. It was all part of the game. The twins had their fun and tried to make Troy break his aloof or embarrassed act and Troy tried his hardest to act like he wasn’t enjoying it.

“Looks like someone is having a good time,” Mike teased.

Troy had a notoriously expressive face, but it wasn’t his grin that gave him away. As Troy glanced up from his hands, he could see the twins staring up in awe at their handiwork. Troy’s cock was as hard as it could get. Pre flowed freely from the tip of his dick and cascades down across the various lights and tinsel and garlands, causing the decorations to glisten in the light of the fireplace.

“Something’s not right…” Ike said as he eyed the length of Troy’s cock up and down.

“Hmm? Yeah… I think I see what you mean…” Mike concurred.

“Huh?” Troy asked. What could they possibly be thinking? They’ve already trussed up his tadger like a tannenbaum. What more could they want?

“It’s upside down!” Ike shouted suddenly.

“You’re right!” Mike agreed.

Troy just stared up from where he was sitting and looked at the twins with a baffled stare.

Both twins stared at the tip of Troy’s massive, rigid cock and glanced down the length until they were staring down at Troy. Troy, meanwhile, stared up at the twins in confusion.

“The star is supposed to be at the top!” Ike exclaimed.

“Well. He’s more of an angel, but the point stands,” Mike added with a flirty wink.

Troy’s face once more went beat red causing him to quickly bury it in his hands once more. “S—shut up!” he squeaked, but his dick gave an excited lurch In spite his protests.

“Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much,” Ike said playfully.

“And methinks the gentleman could use a good nut to get help him relax,” Mike added.

The twins glanced down at Troy before sharing a quick wink. “Time to have ourselves a White Christmas,” they said in unison.

The twins latched onto Troy’s colossal cock from both sides as if sharing in a three person hug with Troy’s cock sandwiched between them.

At first Troy stared up at the spectacle between the gaps in his fingers as he continued some semblance of the act of hiding his joy, but it soon got to be too much. Even had the twins not been rubbing up against the length of Troy’s rigid cock, the view alone would have been enough to get Troy worked up. The sight of the scantily clad twins rubbing against his cock drove him wild, and watching the way their bodies glistened in the fire light as they got steadily coated in Troy’s pre gave the whole holiday pole dance an even more surreal and magical aura.

Soon Troy was so overwhelmed by the experience that he laid back against couch and surrendered himself to the bliss. He writhed and whimpered as his dick shuddered and lurched. The twins continued rubbing up against their impromptu “Christmas tree” as they felt the soft, supple mass of Troy’s massive balls swelling beneath their feet. They both locked at and nuzzled against the massive cock which towered and shuddered between them as they rubbed their own rigid cocks against Troy’s towering spire.

The twins didn’t try to force Troy to hold back this time. It was obvious by the shudders of Troy’s cock and the flow of pre that Troy was more than ready to cream, and besides… the night was still young. They had plenty of time to make him cum again and again and again…

Soon, the shuddering of Troy’s cock had become so intense that each buck and lurch of his towering rod threatened to launch the twins clean off their perch. The twins took that as their cue and plopped down in the couch beside their boyfriend and watched the fruits of their labor spurt and splatter into the air. Troy cried and whined and cum speed forth from the tip of his massive cock. The jizz sprayed forth and splattered against the ceiling before raining back down atop the trio that now lay cuddled up against on another on the couch. Thick, heavy wads of spooge dropped down and coated Troy and the bros.

I’m creaming of a White Christmas,” Ike sang softly into Troy’s ear as the hyper-hung twink spurted and moaned.

Just like the one I used to blow,” Ike sang along.

The boy is quaking,”

The floor is shaking,”

Troy’s got a heavy flow!” the twins finished in unison.

“Please tell me the other verses are better than that,” Troy managed to groan between whimpers.


New Year’s Edge

Troy lay back against the cushions of the couch. His head and shoulders rested where normally his butt would sit, and the lower half of his body was propped up atop his nuts which now filled most of the front room. His massive, rigid cock stood straight at attention and shuddered expectantly. Troy was too lost in a haze of orgasmic bliss and intense frustration.

He just wanted to cum. So, so bad.

The twins had latched a band around his bait and tackle to keep him from blowing too soon, but “too soon” was a relative term. As far as Troy was concerned, “Too soon” had come and gone.

Mike and Ike exchanged a knowing smirk, then glanced down at Troy who lay there shuddering and squirming and whining in bliss and frustration, then at the clock, and then back to each other.

Mike made a gesture with his hand—a rhythmic pointing as if counting down to something. Ike started to nod along with the beat.

“Ten,” Mike counted.

“Nine,” Ike parroted.




Even though each count was a mere second long, to Troy they felt like hours.

“Five…” Ike said.

“Four…” Mike replied.

Troy was drenched in sweat and something else was every bit as shiny, but far, far thicker. Even though he couldn’t cum, his colossal cock was leaking like a sieve. Pre now laminated his whole body making it look like he had been oiled up for a photoshoot. The viscous liquid clung to his skin and hair and dripped off his slender bod onto the chair and floor below.

“Three…!” the twins said in unison.

“Two!” they announced—again in unison. With each number their voices and their excitement rose.

“ONE!!” they shouted. On the count of one, they both reached down and grabbed and the restraints that held Troy’s massive wad at bay.

“Happy Spoo Year!” the twins cheered. The bonds broke, as did the dam.

Troy cried out in ecstasy. His whole body trembled. His hips rocked and bucked. His cock lurched and spurted rope after massive, gooey rope of hot, thick spunk.


Gamers and Gooners

“Welcome, gamers and gooners…?” Troy said. His robotic recital of the script suddenly turned into a yelped question as he came to the end of the greeting. “We can’t say that, can we!?” he shouted towards his friends.

“I don’t see why not,” Ike said.

“None of those words are banned. You’ll be fine,” Mike added.

“I knew I shouldn’t have let you guys come up with the intro,” Troy grumbled.

“Oh? What would you have written?” Mike asked.

“I don’t know. Something like. ‘what’s up you cool cats’ or something,” Troy replied.

“What’s up…” Ike replied dumbfounded.

“… You cool cats…?!” Mike finished.

“Are you trying to get a sponsorship from Gold Bond?” Ike asked.

“If not for the fact that we went to school together, I’d swear you were seventy years old,” Mike added.

“It’s catchy. It’s retro! Everything old is now new again, right?” Troy yelped.

“Yeah. Okay, grandpa,” Ike teased.

“Here. Have a Werther’s while I explain to you what a video game is,” Mike added.

“As if you could teach me anything about gaming,” Troy teased back.

“Oooohhh pee-paw is getting sassyyyyy!” Ike teased.

“Things have changed a lot since Duck Hunt,” Mike added.

“I’ve never Ducked a Hunt and you know this! I’m like six months older than you guys!” Troy shouted, but his attention was quickly redirected towards the chimes coming from his computer.

“Huh? Wow. That’s a lot of comments… why do I have people in my chat?” Troy muttered to himself, but then perked up and shouted back over his shoulder, “Why do I have people in my chat? This is literally my first stream!”

“Oh. We didn’t want you to feel lonely,” Ike explained.

“Yeah. We already have a bit of a following, so we asked some of our fans to watch you in action,” Mike added.

“Oh! Um… thanks…?” Troy murmured. His eyes started darting across line after line of text as more and more people chimed in.

“Oh gosh… I have no idea what to do with this many people…” Troy muttered. He then turned and leaned over the back of his chair to call out to his friends, “Guys! There’s so many of them! What do I do!?”

“Just do your thing!” Mike cheered.

“Have fun! Play your games!” Ike added.

“Just talk to them from time to time. You’ll do great!” Mike cheered some more.

Troy was stammering and struggling to come up with a response, but the noise from constant chat pings distracted him. He glanced back over his shoulder and got a glimpse of some of the words flying across his screen.

“Dude! I don’t think he has pants on!”

“Is he shirt cocking it!?”

“Donald Duck! Donald Duck!”

“Awww… I only saw like a bit of side-ass!”

“Show us more! Show us more!”

“Ass! Ass! Ass!”

“O-oh! Oh gosh… I did not mean to show that. This is not that kind of stream!” Troy sputtered. The chat was going wild. Ping after ping. Line after line. The comments poured in. Troy’s eyes raced across line after line of text. With each cheer from the audience, Troy’s face burned redder and redder.

“He’s blushing!”


“So cute!”

Troy turned redder and redder by the second. He slunk into his chair and started to withdraw inward into his oversized hoody. Â He pulled the hood up over his head and fidgeted nervously with the drawstrings.


“Aww. He’s adorable!”

“Boooooo!!! No hiding!”

“So cute…”

“I wanna see!!!”

“C’mooonnnn… take the hood off!” Mike chided.

“Let your audience see that cute face of yours!” Ike added.

The twins were now leaning in on either side of Troy. Their hands reaching for the sides of Troy’s hood.

“No… I think I’m better off with it on…” Troy murmured.

“And we all think you’d be better off with it off,” Mike replied.

“Yeah! Take it off! I bet you’ll enjoy the attention once you relax. I know you love it when we tell you how cute you are!” Ike added.

“That’s completely different….” Troy muttered.

“Is it?” Mike asked impishly.

“C’moon! Live a little. You might find you enjoy the attention.” Ike added in a similarly impish fashion.

“Yeah! You never know until you try,” Mike said playfully.

“Actually, I think we already know that he’ll enjoy it,” Ike said. His tone had shifted from impish to devilish. Troy had been around these two long enough to know that something was going on in the twin’s collective minds.

In unison, the twins both placed a hand on Troy’s thighs. Their palms slid sensually across the sensitive flesh of Troy’s inner thighs and up towards his steadily stiffening cock.

“If you ask me, he’s already enjoying it,” Mike said in agreement with his brother.

Troy’s massive semi and his enormous nuts filled the entire space beneath his desk. Either enormous nut was already the size of a beanbag chair. His semi-boned cock was as wide as his hips, and it wasn’t even fully grown yet!

“G-guys? S-should we be doing this h-here…? … N-now!?” Troy squeaked.

“Why not?” Mike asked impishly.

“Yeah. It looks like your fans want to see it,” Ike added. His sultry voice was practically dripping with arousal– something which Troy’s cock was also starting to do!

“C’mon. You take off your shirt. We’ll take off ours…” Mike teased.

“T-that would be the opposite of helping!” Troy sputtered, but despite his protests, the twins could feel Troy’s body beginning to relax. Troy was no longer turtling into his oversized hoodie, and as the twins slowly pulled up on the lower hem of Troy’s shirt, Troy made no effort to resist.

The chat had already been going wild while the twins were teasing Troy, but as Troy’s flat belly came into view, the audience was going positively rabid.

“He’s so cute!”

“Cute!? More like cut! I would not have expected him to be that fit!”

“Oh! I can kinda make out a V!”

“Cute belly! Cute belly!”

“Oh! He’s got a nice chest too!”

“All of him is so cute!”

By the time the twins were far enough along that they needed to deal with Troy’s arms, Troy had given up resisting altogether. Troy lifted his arms over his head and allowed the twins to effortlessly pull Troy’s hoodie up and off of him, leaving Troy completely nude at his desk.

The bright red of Troy’s face contrasted with the lavender of his hair. A shy, embarrassed smile played at the corner of his mouth as he read the chat. Troy was nowhere near as fit as his two best friends, but his time spent at the gym with the two of them was definitely apparent. His pecs, while still fairly small, were well defined. His abs were similarly faint, but a quick flex made them really pop.

“Someone’s showboating,” Ike said playfully to his brother.

“See? We told him he’d love the attention,” Mike agreed.

“S-shut up! I-it wasn’t like that! Give me my shirt back!” Troy sputtered.

“Nuh-uh-uh. It’s too late for that,” Ike chided playfully.

“Yeah. The cut’s out of the bag,” Mike teased while giving Troy’s flexing abs a sensual stroke.

“O-oh! This is… This was a bad idea. This is a bad idea. I should stop…” Troy sputtered.

“Should you?” Ike asked impishly.

“Would you?” Mike added.

There was a tense pause as the twins shifted positions so that they were now leaning in to whisper into Troy’s ears. The twins rubbed Troy’s shoulders and groped his pecs as they moaned breathily into Troy’s ears.

“Could you?” They asked.

A soft whimper escaped Troy’s lips. His already pleasantly plumped cock gave a shudder and a lurch as it got harder by the second.

The chat was still going wild, and the whimper just sent them into overdrive.

“He’s so cute!”

“Too cute!”

“I want to hear him moan!”

“I bet he’s loud during sex!”

“Wait! What?”

“… what…?”

“No way!”

“No fucking way!”

“What is that? That can’t be what I think it is!?”

“What is that? I can’t see his dick?”

“I think that is his dick!”

“But that’s like…”

“It’s as wide as he is!”

“No! It’s wider!”

As Troy’s dick steadily got harder and harder, it lifted his desk up and off of the ground. His desk, which now straddled his hard-on, began to tilt forward as his dick lifted higher and higher into the air, causing his set-up– and by extension his camera– to angle downward until his camera was now focused at Troy’s midsection. The stream was filled with a clear view of Troy’s pecs, abs, and thighs. His audience could clearly see that his legs were spread wide to allow room for his impossibly fat cock and his feet were propped up on his impossibly huge balls.

“Wait! I think I’ve heard of this guy!”

“He goes to my school!”

“I’ve heard his cock is almost as big as he is!”

“I’ve heard it’s bigger!”

“God! I would kill for a cock like that!”

“No wonder he wasn’t wearing pants!”

“Would it even be possible for him to wear them?”

“If I had a cock like that, I would never cover it!”

“I would let a cock like that cover me!”

The twins were grinning from ear to ear as their eyes scanned the chat. They didn’t need to say anything to each other. They already knew their next move. Ike leaned in and pressed down on Troy’s desk with all his weight. Troy was already so hard that Ike was barely heavy enough to push it down, but he only needed to keep it grounded for a moment– just long enough for Mike to finish his task.

Mike grabbed the back of Troy’s gamer chair and pulled back. The wheels helped a lot, but even with the wheels, the sheer weight of Troy’s cock and balls, which rested solidly on the floor, made it a chore to slide the chair and its occupant backwards.

With each inch Troy slid back, more and more of his cock spilled into view for the audience.


“It’s still going!”

“Woah! How did he fit that all under there!?”

“His desk must be like a Mary Poppins pocket dimension!”

“Don’t be a dumbass! He clearly didn’t have it against the wall!”

“Why are we arguing about his desk! Let’s talk about his dick!”


“Do you think he’ll let me fuck it?”

“Buddy, they don’t even let me fuck it.”

While the chat raged, Troy writhed in ecstasy. His cock was now so hard and sensitive that feeling the underside of his desk rub against his cock was driving him mad, and it was clear that Mike was taking his sweet time pulling Troy back. He was delighting in getting Troy hot and bothered and giving the fans what they wanted, but eventually, the tip of Troy’s fat cock slipped out from underneath his desk.

Now free of the force keeping it downward, Troy’s cock sprung upwards. A spray of pre arced off his cock and into the air. Troy let out a cry of relief as his cock swung free, and the chat once again went wild.

“Look at it!”

“Free Willy!”

“It’s majestic!”

“Free Willy!”

“I think I just came!”

“You lasted longer than me!”

“Free Willy!”

“Fuck! I came!”

The chat quickly devolved into people spamming “Free Willy!” and whale emojis. A few posters commented on how much or how quickly they had cum, but for the most part it was whale spam.

“You know…” Ike mused out loud.

“We should do something special for the chat…” Mike continued.

“Yeah. They were asking how big our boy is,” Ike said.

“We haven’t measured him in A Grip,” Mike replied.

“I bet his fans are super curious…” Ike said impishly.

“I’m his fan, and I know I am!” Mike replied in a similar tone.

Troy slouched back in his chair. He was in a hormone addled haze. He was only vaguely aware of the chiming from the chat. He was more focused on the twins as they peeled off their already skimpy clothes and joined Troy in the joys of nudity. Troy’s cock gave a lurch of excitement as he saw the twin’s firm, fit bods come into view. Even clad in just their briefs, they were incredibly hot, and as the twins slowly shimmied their skivvies down their legs giving Troy a good glimpse at their huge cocks, Troy’s dick began to shudder even harder.

The twins were nowhere near as big as Troy was below the belt, but their fat footlongs looked fantastic on their fit bods. Their huge Chicken-egg-sized nuts hung heavily in their sack and sagged halfway down their thigh, which was still nowhere near as low as their cocks would hang if they were still soft. However, the twins were definitely not soft. Their cocks slapped up against their toned abs the second the tip of their dicks slipped free from beneath their waistbands. Pre trickled from their slits. The tip of their huge cocks reached past their belly buttons and slapped against their top row of abs topping out mere centimeters shy of their thick, sculpted pecs.

As Troy’s massive cock drooled and shuddered, his already enormous nuts steadily inflated more and more. They had long since outgrown beanbag chairs and now were closing in on the size of sofas. Some part of Troy’s addled mind wondered what his newfound fans would think of his massive nuts. Would they believe what they were seeing? A person-sized cock was one thing, but what about constantly swelling nuts? Was that too far outside of the realm of possibility for them to comprehend?

“Look at those nuts!”

“They’re huge!”

“I think they’re getting bigger!”

“No way!”


“Nothing about this seems possible, but they are clearly growing!”

“How big can they get?”

“He goes to my school. Rumor is he outgrew the swimming pool once.”

“Bull. Shit.”

“I’m just saying what I heard!”

“If I wasn’t watching them grow Right Now, I would also call bullshit.”

“I wonder what they feel like!”

“To have? Or to grope?”


Troy’s whole body tensed up, and his cock gave another shudder of excitement as he felt the twin’s pressing a foot down on his inflated sack. The pressure against his sensitive stones felt fantastic, but there was something else that drove Troy even wilder. The twins’ feet felt so tiny against his swollen sack. Troy couldn’t focus his eyes to look which left his imagination free to run wild. How huge were his nuts now? They had to be massive for the twin’s feet to feel like insects against his sack.

Troy tensed up again as he felt the weight on his nuts increase. The twins had stepped up and now had both feet planted on the soft flesh of Troy’s balls. Troy’s nuts were so huge that the weight of both bros wasn’t even enough to hurt. If anything, feeling their feet dig into his nuts felt fantastic! Each step was like a focused massage.

Troy could feel the bros moving closer to his cock. He could feel them rest their hands against his shuddering shaft. They were discussing something, but they didn’t seem to be addressing him. They must be addressing the audience that Troy was too far gone to focus on. At least someone was keeping audience engagement up.

The twins stared up at the cock that loomed between them. “Man… I don’t think I’ll ever get over how huge it is!” Ike said.

“I’ll say!” Mike cheered.

The twins turned and focused their attention back towards the camera.

“And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!” Ike announced dramatically.

Mike held out a hand which held the only piece of fabric that the three of them had among them– a cloth tape measure. “Let’s see how big this boy really is!” Mike added in an equally dramatic voice.

Troy’s vision was hazy. He was so horny that he couldn’t even focus his eyes. He could see the twins standing on either side of his cock. They were facing away from him, giving Troy a good glimpse of their bubbly backsides. They were so hot that Troy wanted to cum right them and there, but there was something holding him back. He wanted to give his audience a good show, and that meant holding off until the twins could finish their act… however, there was something else niggling at the back of Troy’s thoughts.

The twins were standing on either side of Troy’s cock. Thanks to the swell of Troy’s oversized sack, the twins were standing a bit above Troy, and yet… the tip of Troy’s cock was still around eye level with the bros! Had his cock gotten even bigger?

Troy hadn’t measured in months. His size seemed to have stabilized. With no noticeable changes over the span of a few months and no seemingly adverse effects, the docs had stopped giving him weekly check-ups. No one knew what had triggered his growth, and as far as anyone could tell, his growth had stopped.

While Troy’s mind raced, the twins continued their stage show for the stream’s audience. Mike held the tip of the tape measure up against the drooling slit of Troy’s oversized cock head and let the rest of the tape fall free from his grasp. The measuring tape rapidly unfurled against the large, puffy ridge of Troy’s fully-bone cock before coming to a stop towards the base of Troy’s cock.

Towards the base… but not at the base. The twins glanced down at the bottom of the measuring tape and then back at each other. That tape was six feet long, and it stopped inches above Troy’s sack and there was more cock buried beneath the sack. Troy’s cock had to be well over six feet long! It was now taller than the twins!

The twins were both shocked and excited by this turn of events. How and when had Troy grown so much? They had both been busy with competitions and classes this past week and hadn’t been able to play with Troy as much as they normally did so they hadn’t been around as much to keep tabs on him. Still, Troy had seemingly grown more in the past several days than he had in the past several months!

The twins were grinning from ear to ear as they processed this new development. Their minds were racing with thoughts of what this could mean and what they could do with this newfound knowledge. However, they weren’t the only ones in awe of this development. The chat was going wild.

“Wait. It didn’t even reach the base!?”

“How long are those things?”

“Usually six inches.”

“I clearly meant the measure!”

“That type usually only go a few feet.”

“Well, I know the twins, and they are more than A Few feet tall.”

“It’s probably a six-foot measure. Those are pretty standard.”

“Wait. That cock is over six feet long!?”

“That’s taller than I am!”

“That cock is probably taller than anyone on my campus!”

“Could you imagine!?”

“I didn’t think I could cum again…”

“… Such a mess…”

Troy’s mind was racing. He was equal parts horny and horrified. How had he grown so much this past week? He had been stable for so long, and in just the past few days he had added almost a foot!? This didn’t make sense! And yet, despite the fact that he knew he should be freaked out, he was harder than ever! Seeing the silhouettes of his two friends standing beside his towering rod was hot as hell and feeling how tiny the twins felt atop his nuts drove him even wilder. It wasn’t just the shuddering of his cock that was making him tremble. He was so giddy he was practically vibrating.

Some saner part of Troy’s mind silently chastised the horny parts. He should not be excited by this. His cock was wildly inconvenient. It had taken him ages to get used to navigating life with his former size. His life had finally started to achieve some semblance of normalcy, but now he was growing again!? Why now!? What had changed? What was causing it? Would he grow again? Would he ever stop!?

Troy’s cock shuddered and lurched. His nuts continued to swell. Pre flowed from the tip of his towering rod like water gushing down Angel Falls. Troy whined and whimpered. His cock was just so damn huge and sensitive. He clenched his eyes shut and tried to focus. He should be freaked out. He shouldn’t be excited. He should be freaked out. He shouldn’t be excited. These thoughts became a chant which became a mantra. He shouldn’t be excited! But he couldn’t help it! His cock was huge! It was so hot! And the chat was cheering him on! And the twins were rubbing their bodies up against his cock!

Troy could feel the two twins pressed against his dick on either side. Their cocks rubbed against the puffed out, swollen ridge along the underside of his cock. Their tongues lapped at his sensitive, super-sized cock head. Their noses nuzzled against his swollen, overstimulated glans. Their lips kissed and suckled the spongy tissue of his over-engorged cock head. They licked at and lapped up the pre that was oozing from his cock. He could feel their firm pecs pressed against either side of his over-sensitive cock. He could feel their toned arms wrapped around his shaft. His cock was so huge that the bros were the little spoons while snuggling his dick! The imagery was as maddening as the sensations were intense. Troy’s whole body spasmed with orgasmic bliss. He tried to cry out, but all that escaped was a low, guttural moan from the back of his throat.

He couldn’t take it. He wanted to hold back. He wanted to put on a show. He wanted to play with the twins more and more. He wanted to feel the bliss of hovering on the edge of orgasm for longer and longer, but his nuts were now so massive that the twins had to hunch over to reach the tip of Troy’s dick. The enormous orbs had gone from the size of sofas to the size of sedans and beyond! His massive, garbage-truck-sized spheres came close to pressing against the ceiling. The twins were now pressed between Troy’s sack and his shaft!

Troy soon reached a breaking point. He let out one loud, long, blissful cry. His massive cock shuddered and lurched. His back arched. His toes curled. His nuts tensed up. There was a brief, tense lull in the action, as Troy remained trapped in the throes of ecstasy, and then the dam broke.

Massive ropes of cum erupted from Troy’s towering cock. He came again and again and again. Each spurt firing with enough force to splatter against the ceiling. The twins held tight to his shaft and continued to grind their cocks even as Troy’s bucking bronco attempted to send them flying. It wasn’t long before the twins too were cumming and cumming. The twins’ thick ropes would have been a marvel for most people, but their spunk was literally drowned out by the deluge erupting from Troy’s cock. The twins were soon coated from head to toe in Troy’s spunk, and yet, Troy showed no sign of slowing. Again and again and again. He cried and came and came and cried. With each powerful spurt, his cock lurched, and his whole body tensed. Troy was barely conscious at the start of the spurting. Within moments, he was completely gone. No longer capable of even the most basic of thoughts. His brain shorted out. His vision turned white. Every neuron in his brain was fixated on the sheer bliss of his climax.

There was no telling how long he had been cumming. His mind slowly cleared, and he was left hovering in a giddy, drunken state of post-coital calm. He gazed lazily at the mess around him. The spunk had already begun to drain, but there was still a thick layer of spooge lapping against his nuts and his thighs. The lake of jizz was almost as high as his seat cushion. It was so deep that the tip of his dick almost vanished beneath the murk. The twins were draped over the sides of Troy’s cock like evacuees from a shipwreck clinging to a shattered ship’s mast. Troy’s gaze drifted lazily towards the monitor. The stream was black with a red warning flashing on the screen.

“… The stream…” Troy murmured groggily and pointed to the screen.

“Huh. I guess the mods finally caught wind of us…” Ike said in an equally groggy voice.

“Banned for sure…” Mike added.

“Oh… well… it was fun while it lasted…” Troy mumbled.

The twins suddenly perked up. “While it lasted?” Ike asked.

“You’re giving up already?” Mike asked.

“I got banned. They are not going to let me back after that show…” Troy mumbled.

“Oh, sure. They won’t,” Ike said.

“Whuh?” Troy asked.

“You should stream on the site we use,” Mike replied.

“You’re gonna be a big hit there!” Ike cheered.

“A huge hit!” Mike agreed.



“You look like shit,” Mike said.

“Have you been sleeping?” Ike asked.

“When I feel like it,” Troy responded.

“Have you been showering?” Mike asked.

“When I need to,” Troy replied.

“I think you need to,” Ike said.

“I can smell you from here,” Mike added, waving his hand playfully in front of his scrunched-up nose.

Troy lifted an arm and sniffed. It wasn’t that bad. He hadn’t worked out or anything during his “staycation” so it wasn’t like he worked up a sweat. He could afford to skip a shower or two.

“Put a shirt on, ya hussy!” Came Ike’s teasing voice from the laptop that Troy had set up in front of him.

Troy glanced back at the screen and cocked an eyebrow at the image of the twins on the video call. “Why? It’s not like there’s anyone here, and less clothes means less laundry.” Troy replied.

“It’s so weird to see you shirtless,” Ike said.

“It’s normal for guys to be shirtless,” Troy replied.

“Yeah, but it’s like Donald Duck logic,” Mike responded.

“You’ve always got your dick out, so it’s not until you’re shirtless that it’s noticeable that you’re always naked,” Ike teased.

“I’m not always naked,” Troy replied with a visible eye roll.

“See? Even you don’t realize it,” Mike teased.

Troy let out a half-hearted ‘tch’ and rolled his eyes in reply. The twins giggled at his reaction, but quickly changed the subject.

“What have you been doing these past few days?” Mike asked.

“The bags under your eyes are so huge I can carry my groceries in them!” Ike added.

“I’m getting caught up on all the stuff I haven’t had time to finish until now,” Troy replied.

“So, a gaming binge,” Mike said.

“Are you still playing Baldur’s?” Ike asked.

“Sort of. I’m trying to decide what to do on my next playthrough,” Troy replied.

“How many nudie mods you got installed?” Mike asked.

“All of them,” Troy replied.

“That’s our boy!” the twins cheered in unison.

There was a flurry of activity on the screen behind the twins. The twins glanced around, and then looked back towards Troy. “They just turned the flight lights on.” Ike said.

“We’re gonna have to hang up now,” Mike added.

“Try not to have too much fun without us!” Ike said. He blew a kiss with both hands and waved goodbye.

“And take a shower!” Mike added before doing the same gesture.

“Okay, mom,” Troy replied. He made a show of rolling his eyes to appear exasperated, but his smirk gave him away.

Troy shut his laptop and leaned back with a sigh against the massive mound of his immense nuts. Without the twins around to constantly prod and poke and tease and grope him, Troy hadn’t been too worried about the state of his cock and balls. He hadn’t felt the need to jerk off or even use his various array of toys to get himself off. As tended to happen when Troy didn’t actively drain his nuts, his balls had slowly swollen to larger and larger sizes over the past few days.

Troy’s balls had reached sizes that were massive even by his standards. Had he been back at home in his bedroom, his nuts would have filled every inch of space between his floor and his ceiling, but he was not at home. The large, open room that Troy was currently holed up in, gave him plenty of room to grow and grow and grow.

Troy sighed and slumped deeper into the groove between his two colossal cojones. It was nice not having to worry about keeping his cock in check. With a cock as big as his, jacking off felt fantastic, but having to do it several times a day got to be exhausting after a while. He had nowhere to go and no need to keep his size in check, and so he was free to let his massive cock loll about as an enormous, chubbed up semi. The sensation of being in a constant state of flying at half-mast kept Troy’s brain feeling pleasantly fuzzy. It was like he was riding the afterglow 24/7. His whole body felt warm and tingly. No doubt his cheeks were flushed bright red from the constant state of arousal that he found himself in, but the twins had not called him out on it during their chat.

It was nice hearing from them. Troy’s contact with them had been limited for the past few days, in part because the twins had their own events they had to get to and in part because this whole country getaway had been the twins’ idea.

It had been a few days after Troy and the twins finished filming their short-lived gaming stream. After they had come down from the afterglow and the excitement, the realization of what had happened started to dawn on them, and it was a little over a week ago that the twins had first hatched their plan…

“You’ve definitely gotten bigger,” Mike had said.

“Yeah! You got huge while we weren’t looking!” Ike added emphatically.

“It doesn’t feel any bigger,” Troy said with a shrug.

“Not surprising,” Mike commented.

“It must have been a gradual thing,” Ike concurred.

“You have any younger cousins or something?” Mike asked.

“No? Not really?” Troy replied. He had no idea where they were going with this. It seemed such a strange change of topic, and his confusion was audible.

“Okay. So like, we used to live closer to our extended fam,” Mike began to explain.

“Aunts, uncles, cousins…” Ike added.

“Lots of cousins,” Mike chimed in.

“So many cousins!” Ike agreed.

“Yeah. Little cousins crawling all over us. We were basically live-in babysitters,” Mike added.

Troy furrowed his brow and cocked his head questioningly at the twins. He had no idea where this tangent was going but was now invested in the story.

“Anyway, after we moved here, we didn’t see them for a while,” Ike explained.

“Yeah. It was several months before we got back to São Paulo,” Mike added.

“Anyway. Those tykes were huge when we got back,” Ike explained.

“So big,” Ike agreed.

“Yeah? Kids grow fast,” Troy replied.

“Right!?” the twins said in unison.

“Anyway, we were like ‘woah. They’re so big now,’ but our aunt was like, ‘you think so’?” Mike said.

“Yeah. They had lived with the kids the whole time. They didn’t really notice how much they were growing,” Ike added.

“Are you comparing my dick to your little cousins?” Troy asked.

“No!” the twins protested in unison.

“Well, not exactly.” Mike replied.

“It’s a…. story…. There’s a fancy word. An ‘A’ word…” Ike said uncertainly.

“Allegory?” Mike asked.

“Anecdote,” Troy replied. It was so rare that they got tripped up like this that it was easy to forget that English wasn’t their first language.

“That’s the bitch!” the twins cheered in unison.

“So, your cousins,” Troy said.

“Yeah. They were growing up fast, but when we were with them, we didn’t notice,” Mike explained.

“But when we turned our backs for a few months…” Ike added.

“Whoosh,” Mike said, gesturing dramatically.

“Big!” Ike added with a similar gesture.

“Okay, I kinda get what you’re saying. You were away from me for a few days, and suddenly realized that I had grown, but I’ve been getting measured every three months by the doctor. My size has been steady!” Troy protested.

“Yes, but that brings us to the second part,” Mike replied.

The twins nodded to each other, and they both reached into their pockets and fished out identical pairs of comically thick-rimmed glasses.

“What’s with the glasses?” Troy asked.

“Don’t they make us look smart?” Mike asked.

“Intelligent?” Ike added.

“Refined?” Mike added.

“Dorky,” Troy replied.

“Ouch!” the twins replied in mock indignation.

“Do you actually need those?” Troy asked.

“Nah,” the twins said in unison.

“They don’t even have lenses,” Mike explained, hooking a finger through the frames to illustrate his point.

“They used to have noses attached to them,” Ike added.

“And mustaches,” Mike added.

“We keep them because it’s funny,” Ike explained.

“And cool,” Ike added.

“Right…” Troy replied. He was trying his best to act like he was annoyed by the twins’ antics, but truth be told, the glasses were a good look on them. It was almost a shame their eyesight was so good. The twins glanced at each other and exchanged a knowing smirk. It was clear that Troy wasn’t fooling anyone. Troy knew he was busted. His already flushed cheeks steadily turned redder and redder as the twins looked right through his facade and smirked.

“A-anyway! What is your theory, professors,” Troy stammered.

“You don’t take care of yourself if we’re not around,” Ike explained.

“I take care of myself just fine!” Troy replied with a huff.

“No. You don’t,” Mike stated.

“You barely remember to eat breakfast if we don’t remind you,” Ike added.

“I eat breakfast every day,” Troy replied indignantly.

“It doesn’t count if you eat it after noon,” Mike said.

“Breakfast is the first meal of the day! Why does it matter when I have it!” Troy huffed.

“It matters!” the twins said in unison.

“Besides, when we say you don’t take care of yourself,” Ike said.

“What we mean is you don’t…” Mike added.

“Take Care of yourself,” the twins finished in unison.

“What? I… Oh!” Troy stammered, suddenly blushing at the insinuation. It wasn’t hard to figure out what the twins were getting at. They both nodded toward Troy’s exposed cock and balls. His massive cock was already flying at half-mast and his enormous nuts rested heavily on the floor.

“I’ll deal with it when I feel like it,” Troy murmured awkwardly.

“We leave you alone for one afternoon,” Mike said.

“And the next time we see you, you’re backed up,” Ike added.

“So? Most guys don’t get off every day,” Troy explained.

“You’re not most guys,” Mike said.

“Think about it for a sec,” Ike said.

“You grew a lot before you met us,” Mike explained.

“Then you stopped,” Ike added.

“Then when we got too busy to visit every day,” Mike continued.

“You started growing again,” Ike added.

“It could be a fluke,” Troy said with a shrug.

“It could be!” Mike agreed.

“That’s why we have to experiment!” Ike added.

“W-what!?” Troy yelped.

“Experiment!” the twins said in unison. Both of them adjusted their glasses in perfect synchronicity as they said it.

“What kind of experiment…?” Troy said nervously.

“It’s simple!” Mike said.

“You’ll love it!” Ike added.

“I reserve the right to be skeptical,” Troy replied.

“You’re always skeptical,” Mike said.

“And you’re always reserved,” Ike added.

“Okay, so what’s this ‘experiment’?” Troy asked.

“Simple!” Mike said.

“We’re going out of town next week,” Ike explained.

“So, you’re going to be left to your own devices for a few days,” Mike added.

“I knew this already,” Troy replied.

“Yeah! But did you know we rented you a space?” Ike asked.

“What?” Troy sputtered.

“Yeah. It’s like a storage place,” Mike explained.

“Not a shed!” Ike added.

“Yeah. It’s got AC and amenities,” Mike explained.

“Think of it as like a flat,” Ike explained.

“Open concept,” Mike added.

“Plenty of room to spread out!” Ike added.

“And grow!” Mike said.

“G-grow!?” Troy yelped.

“Yeah. I mean, it’s gonna happen anyway,” Ike replied.

“What’s that supposed to mean!” Troy grumbled.

“It means,” Mike said dramatically as he pulled out a small case.

“It that…?” Troy said. He was struggling to hide his excitement but failing miserably.

“It is,” Mike said.

“But that’s not all,” Ike added as he too pulled out a small game case.

“And is that…!?” Troy gasped.

“It is,” Ike said.

“We might not be there to help keep you busy,” Mike said.

“But these will sure keep you occupied instead,” Ike added.

“Gib!” Troy said excitedly and made grabby hands towards the two games.

The twins glanced at one another and smirked. “Look at him,” Mike said.

“There’s no way he’ll bother to jack off with these around,” Ike replied.

“I doubt he’ll even remember to sleep,” Mike said with a smirk.

“Or shower…” Ike replied. His smirk suddenly fading.

“Or eat…” Mike added, suddenly looking very concerned.

By this point, Troy had leaned in so close that his fingers had touched the game cases that the twins were holding. The twins quickly yoinked the cases away and bapped Troy upside the head with them.

“Hey! Don’t damage the disks!” Troy protested.

“If we give you these,” Ike began.

“You have to promise us…” Mike added.

“You have got to take care of yourself,” the twins said.

“Yeah, sure,” Troy replied.

“Promise!” the twins shouted.

“Okay, geez. I promise to take care of myself,” Troy grumbled.

“You’ve got to do it,” Mike said.

“And you’ve got to do it right,” Ike added.

Troy grumbled unintelligibly under his breath.

“Three meals,” Ike said.

“Eight hours of sleep,” Mike added.

Troy balked for a moment. He looked like he was running the numbers in his mind, and then replied, “yeah. Sure. That’s easy enough.”

“Per day!!” the twins shouted.

“Oh, come on!” Troy whined.

Troy chuckled to himself as he came back to the present. That exchange had been nearly a week ago. After that, the twins loaded him up into their truck, and took him to a facility out in the countryside. The place they ended up was halfway between an Airbnb and a jet hangar. The entire building was just one room. The twins weren’t kidding when they said that Troy would have plenty of room to spread out! Open concept didn’t do it justice! It looked like someone had fixed up a couple of hangars at an abandoned airfield and turned each unit into its own flat. Each unit was large enough to house a mid-sized plane. Housing Troy’s person-sized schlong and massive nuts should be no problem!

Troy took a moment to sink deeper into the cleft between his own massive nuts. He never let himself get this big. The sheer mass of his balls was intoxicating. His nuts were now so massive that they filled almost half of the hangar. Each enormous orb was rivaling the size of a water tower reservoir!

Letting them grow slowly over time was a much different sensation than when they rapidly swelled up while he was horny. Without the dire need to cream that came when his nuts were swelling while he was horny, he could appreciate the general feeling of being pleasantly plumped that filled his balls. It was almost as if his nuts had a semi!

But, of course, the blissful sensation in his swollen balls paled in comparison to the sensation in his massive cock! Troy’s cock had been in a perpetual state of semi-chubbed for days. Every moment of every day, he was filled with the blissful warmth that coursed through his cock. It felt so giddy that he was practically giggling at any moment. He had never been drunk before, but he wondered if the intoxication he felt from the blissful sensation in his massive cock would be comparable.

Whatever the case may be, Troy was happy to just bask in the warmth of his own massive package while basking in what could only be compared to the most intense afterglow he had ever felt. The bliss had gotten so intense that it had even distracted him from his game marathon! Fortunately, he had already beaten both of his new games at least once, but it was still difficult to distract him from a good game.

Troy chuckled softly to himself as he closed his eyes and basked in the bliss of his swelling package. He could actually feel his balls swelling behind him. He felt so small perched between his massive spheres. He could only imagine what the twins’ response would be if they could see him now. Troy had never reached sizes like this before. His smirk spread into a full-blown smile as his mind drifted. He couldn’t wait for the twins to get home so they could see him now…

Sometime later, Troy was jostled awake by the chirping of his cellphone. Troy grumbled and fumbled for the device. Fortunately, it was close enough that he didn’t have to do anything drastic to reach it. He had left it sitting atop his semi-chubbed cock before he had dozed off so all he needed to do was flop forward onto his belly to reach it.

Troy was a bit surprised to see that it was a call from the Twins. He answered the call and was not at all surprised to see the image of the twins flash onto the screen.

“Heyyyy!” the twins said in unison.

Troy grumbled unintelligibly in response.

“Did we wake you?” Mike asked.

“You sound tired,” Ike added.

“I guess that means you finally got some sleep,” Mike said.

“Yeah. You looked tired when we spoke to you earlier,” Ike added.

“I’m fine. I’m getting my agreed upon eight hours,” Troy mumbled.

“Per day!” the twins shouted in unison.

“Yeah, that…” Troy mumbled.

“Anyway, we’ve got signal here! We thought we’d check in!” Mike said.

“What better way to spend a long layover than bothering you!” Ike said.

“Well consider me bothered. How’s the trip?” Troy asked.

“It’s great!” Mike said.

“Brazil was a blast, but I’m looking forward to Hawaii!” Ike cheered.

“Hawaii!!” Mike parroted. The twins then began to do their best impression of a hula dance. Troy began to chuckle in spite of himself. In part because he was still giddy and intoxicated from his growth, and in part because the twins were just genuinely endearing.

“Oooh. Was that a laugh?” Mike asked impishly.

“Glad to see you’re keeping your spirits up,” Ike said.

“Yeah. We were worried you’d be so bored without us!” Mike said.

“I’m fine. I’ve got my games and my snacks. I’ve been having a nice vacation of my own,” Troy replied.

“Wish you were having a nice vacation with us!” Ike said.

“We wish you could have come with us!” Mike added.

“Maybe next time,” Troy replied.

“Yeah!” the twins cheered.

“Though we’d probably need to pay for an extra seat for you,” Ike said devilishly.

“Or an entre cabin!” Mike added with a laugh.

“We’ll see…” Troy replied.

“Oh!” the twins shouted in unison.

“We forgot to check how you’re doing!” Ike said.

“Yeah! What of our theory?” Mike said.

“Did you grow?” Ike asked.

“Oh. Uh. Maybe? I haven’t been paying that much attention,” Troy replied.

“We shoulda gotten you a boring video game,” Mike said with a sigh.

“Hello Kitty Island Adventure, maybe…” Ike added.

“Hey! That game slaps!” Troy protested.

“Whatever!” the twins said in unison.

“We’ve got you on cam!” Mike said.

“So, give us the grand tour!” Ike added.

“What? Like. You want to see my dick?” Troy asked.

Duh!” the twins said in unison.

“And ruin the surprise?” Troy said playfully.

“Usually, we’re the ones edging you!” Mike whined.

“We taught him too well,” Ike added.

“The student has become the master,” Mike said in agreement.

“Yeah, well. I suppose I could show ya some… Although…” Troy mumbled.

“Although…?” the twins said.

“I’ve got a selfie stick around here somewhere. Maybe I can get a decent angle for ya…” Troy muttered as he rummaged through the backpack that he had kept at his side. Eventually, he found what he was looking for, though.

“Okay. Let’s see how this works,” Troy said. He waved into the camera and then began to slowly extend the stick farther and farther. The small video of the twins got farther and farther, but Troy could still make out the look on their face.

“Woah…” they twins said in unison.

“Can you zoom out any more?” Ike asked.

“Yeah. We can see a solid wall behind you,” Mike said.

“Is that just your nuts!?” Ike asked.

“Yep,” Troy said with a smug smirk.

“Daaaaaamn!” the twins replied.

“The dick! Let’s see the dick!” Mike said excitedly.

“Fine, fine…” Troy said in a tone of faux annoyance.

Troy once more flopped back onto the massive mound of his own nuts. He extended the selfie stick directly above him so that the camera was pointed straight down giving the twins a clear view of Troy’s bare chest, tummy, and crotch… as well as what was between his legs.

“Um…” the twins said in unison.

“Troy?” Ike asked.

“Hmm?” Troy replied groggily.

“Are you sure you haven’t grown much?” Mike asked.

“Maybe a little, I guess. I wasn’t really paying attention,” Troy replied.

“How can you not notice that!?” the twins said in awe.

Before the twins had left on their trip, Troy’s cock had been longer than he was tall by at least a foot. The massive beast, even when soft, was a little wider than his shoulders. He could sit atop his cock and straddle it like he was riding a horse. However, now his cock was far too wide for Troy to ever hope to straddle it with his legs. The beast was as wide as a full-sized bed!

“Show us the shaft!” Mike cheered.

“Yeah! How long is it now!?” Ike added excitedly.

Troy pivoted as best he could and angled the stick so that the twins could get a look at the full length of Troy’s massive rod.

“What the…” Ike said in awe.

“… fuck!” Mike moaned excitedly.

In less than a week, Troy’s dick had doubled in size! It was already longer than he was tall by a good margin, but now his dick was over twice the size of his body! He had over ten feet of fat cock! He had a cock the size of a car!

The twins were running the numbers in their heads. They had only been gone about five days. They still had three more days before they got back home. If Troy had nearly doubled in size in that time, how huge would he be when they finally got home!?

There was a moment where the twins were uncharacteristically quiet. After a tense couple of minutes passed, the twins managed to look away from Troy’s colossal cock and exchanged a worried glance.

“How are we going to explain this to his mom?” they said in unison.



The twins were unable to enjoy their vacation in Hawaii, in part because the weather turned foul, and in part because they knew that the longer they stayed on the island, the larger and larger Troy grew and grew. Their last communication with Troy had shown that Troy had grown to an already absurd size. His dick was easily twice as big as it had been when they had left! Troy had gone from a seven-foot cock—a cock larger than he was tall by nearly two feet! To having a cock that was probably closing in on the size of a sedan.

The twins had tried to get back sooner. As soon as they landed, the twins resolved to skip their weekend on the Big Island and head back to the continent. They put down the cash for the next available flight and waited at the airport, but the storm hit before the plane could leave. The next few days were spent sheltering in place in a bungalow until the skies cleared enough for flights to resume. The worst part was they didn’t even have cell service or wi-fi! They had no way to keep in touch with Troy!

The twins had tried repeatedly to reach Troy during the flight, but the phone always went unanswered. As soon as they were back in town, the twins hopped in their truck and booked it to the rental place outside of town. Their hearts were beating in their chests as they got out of their truck and stared down the massive sliding door to the retrofitted jet hangar that they had rented.

“Here goes something…” The twins said in unison as each one grabbed a hold of the handle on the double sliding door. They tugged and strained against the metal door. As they did so the doors slowly creaked open and the light of day slowly began to creep into the room within. The smell was incredible and intoxicating. The smell of cock, balls, and pre flooded their nostrils. The whole hangar smelled like pair of gym shorts after an intense workout. 

Once the door was open, the twins reconvened in front, and stared into the hangar in awe. At first, they weren’t even sure what they were looking at. It was like something out of a cheesy sci-fi movie. It was a solid wall of flesh! The twins tried to process what they were seeing. Troy had been seated facing the doorway, right? Had his nuts filled the entire hangar!?

But as they continued to take in the sight of the massive, shifting wall of flesh, the twins came to realize the truth…

This was not Troy’s sack but the opposite end of the beast. A massive, drooling slit, taller than either twin, loomed over them. Troy’s cock head was so huge that it was too big to even force through the hangar doors! This was a retrofitted jet hangar! His cock now rivaled the sheer girth of a 747!

The twin’s thoughts raced. How were they going to get in? How were they going to get Troy out!? If Troy’s cock was this massive, they may not be able to get him out! But one problem at a time. Judging from the shuddering of Troy’s enormous cockhead, he had to be beyond fully boned. If they could get him to cream, maybe his dick would deflate enough that it no longer blocked the entire entryway, but in order to do that, they’d have to do something drastic! The only way out was through… Troy’s cock!

Mike nodded to his brother to give him a boost. Ike then quickly knelt down and held his hands out for Mike to climb up. Ike quickly hoisted his brother up so that Mike could crawl up and into the pre-drooling slit of Troy’s monster cock. Mike quickly spun around and reached a hand down to help his brother climb up with him.

The twins found themselves standing at the entrance of Troy’s monstrous cave. The twins had teased Troy about one day his dick may be large enough that they could crawl in, but they had never imagined it would be this big or this soon! Troy’s cock was now so massive, that they twins could walk straight into his slit and only slightly have to shimmy to force their way deeper in. The heat and the smell were intoxicating. It was like being in a sauna that that had thick, syrupy liquid dripping from the walls.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“We shoulda stripped first…” Mike grunted as he shoved deeper and deeper into Troy’s cock.

“Too late now…” Ike replied as he too shoved his way into the slit.

The twins quietly went to work rubbing their bodies against the inner lining of Troy’s colossal cock. They tried to tune out the warmth and the aroma, but despite the severity of their situations, their cocks were rock hard. This was like something out of a dream! A surrealist, absurdist, wet dream, but a dream that twins had had more than once!

“Maybe… after he calms down…” Mike moaned as he ground the bulge of his pants against Troy’s inner wall.

“We can talk… Troy into letting us do this for fun…” Ike moaned in agreement.

Troy’s building-sized wang shuddered. No doubt the twin’s gyrations were having the intended effect on their lover’s super-sized schlong. Had the situation been different, the twins would have loved to edge Troy longer, but they needed to get Troy off quickly so they could check up on him. Troy had equipment in the hangar with him that allowed him to shower and get food even while seated, but given how delirious Troy sounded when last they spoke, the twins worried that he had reached a point where he was so lost in the orgasmic bliss of constant growth that he had forgotten all about his bodily needs. They just hoped he wasn’t too dehydrated to speak to them after they got him off.

“Almost…” Mike moaned as he continued to bump and grind against the inner walls of Troy’s cock.

“Got it…” Ike moaned in agreement.

The twins could feel Troy’s enormous cock bucking and lurching with them in it. With each massive heave of the enormous cock, the twins felt like extras on the bridge of the Enterprise during an intense battle. The only thing preventing them from tumbling ass over teakettle with each massive shudder and lurch was that the walls were tight enough to hold them in place.

The twins could feel the walls tighten around them. Troy’s dick was tensing up, and they knew what that meant. He was about to blow!

“Hold on!” The twins shouted to each other.

The twins grabbed hands just in time to brace themselves as a massive gush of cum slammed into them and sent them flying out into the warm midday sunlight. They landed with a thud on the ground. Fortunately, Troy’s thick wad gave them enough of a buffer that no bones were broken, but the wind was definitely knocked out of them. The twins could only lie there and gasp for air as they watched the head of Troy’s massive cock buck and lurch and spew cum.

The sheer volume of spunk was staggering. It was like watching a volcano erupt, but the hot, thick goop that oozed from the tip was white instead of bright, fiery red. Each enormous spurt fired hundreds of feet into the air. The spray of jizz even managed to clear the rooves of the nearby hangars and splash down hundreds of feet away. The massive ropes of jizz ranged so far, that some of it even hit the freeway nearly a quarter mile away!

As the spurts tapered off, the twins propped themselves up on their elbows and watched Troy’s massive beast begin to deflate. At first, they were relieved to see the beast shrink away from the doorway. Their plan had worked! With Troy getting soft, the doorway was no longer blocked!

But as the twins continued to watch, they realized something incredibly strange. Troy was a bit of a grower, but even so… the amount of shrinkage his monstrous cock was experiencing was way more than they would expect! It shrunk down and down from the size of a 747 to the size of a train car to the size of a bus…

The twins looked to one another in confusion. They had never seen Troy’s cock do this before. It was normal for his balls to shrink down after a climax, but his cock size stayed pretty static… usually, anyway. This was far from a typical scenario, though. They had never seen Troy’s cock size surge upwards like this before. They had proven their theory about what made Troy’s cock grow, but the results of their little experiment created more questions than it had answered. They would definitely need to consider these findings, but this was not the time for that.

The twins were confused, but they weren’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Their immediate concern was Troy’s safety. The scrambled to their feet and dashed back up the hill towards the hangar. They charged through the doorway and spotted Troy unconscious atop his own enormous cock. The twins looked at each other and nodded. Mike ran to one side of the room to grab some towels and Ike ran to the other side to grab some bottles of water.

The twins clambered up the side of Troy’s enormous cock and plopped down next to their delirious friend. Mike grabbed one of the bottles of water and began to soak the towel while Ike slowly tilted another bottle to Troy’s lips.

Troy groaned in pain. His head was pounding. He had been in a constant state of delirious bliss for what felt like ages. At some point he had lost all sense of time as the pleasure overtook his senses. He had just had the most amazing climax of his life, but no sooner had the shooting stopped than the pain had set in. The pain was so intense that it even overpowered what was sure to be the most intense afterglow anyone had ever experienced. His head throbbed. His throat ached. He tried to cry out for water, but no sound came out. Fortunately, as soon as his mouth opened, he felt the water pouring past his lips.

For the next half hour, Mike kept a cool, damp towel on Troy’s forehead and gave Troy a sponge bath while Ike continued to give Troy sips of water. Eventually, Troy seemed to have recovered enough to speak.

“What happened…?” Troy groaned.

“Um…” Mike mumbled.

“Well…” Ike stammered.

“The experiment…” Mike said sheepishly.

“Was a success?” Ike added furtively.

“The experiment…?” Troy murmured groggily, but then he tensed up and sat upright. “The experiment! What happened!?” he shouted.

Mike quickly pulled the damp towel that was still sitting on Troy’s forehead down over Troy’s eyes.

“You’re gonna want to sit down for this…” Ike said.

Troy quickly clawed at the towel that covered his eyes and pulled it down. His jaw went slack and his eyes went wide as he stared out at the expanse of flesh that laid before him.

Troy was now seated atop his own massive, soft cock. The week before, he had been able to straddle his enormous hog as if it was a motorcycle, but now it was far too wide for him to drape his legs over the sides. His cock was now so huge that the twins could easily sit atop it as if it was a park bench. His dick was easily twice as wide as his shoulder, and the beast stretched on in front of him.

Troy tried to get a feel for just how long his soft cock was now, but as he stared out at the several feet of schlong splayed out in front of him, his head felt hazy and the vertigo overtook him. His vision tunneled and everything seemed to stretch impossibly in front of him like the front screen during warp drive.

“Oh… oh fuck…” Troy whined and fell slack back into the recess between his two massive balls. Troy collapsed in a heap as the new burst of panic mixed with the prior feelings of fatigue and dehydration. Yet despite his panic and exhaustion, Troy’s colossal cock chubbed up slightly as it gave a twitch of excitement.



“How did I let you talk me into this?” Troy whined.

“In our defense,” Ike began.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Mike added.

“Good idea? Hey. Let’s see if we can make your already enormous dick bigger!” Troy snapped.

“It was an experiment!” Ike protested.

“And it was a success!” Mike added.

“You call this a success!?” Troy whined as he gestured towards his massive cock which he was currently stuck atop.

“Well… we did figure out what made you grow,” Ike said.

“Yeah. And now we should be able to keep you from getting any bigger!” Mike added.

“My mom’s gonna fuckin kill meee!!” Troy whined as he slumped back against his massive sack.

The twins had come back from their vacation as quickly as they were able. They had petitioned the parents to come back earlier, but weather had not been their friend. A storm blew through the islands rendering air travel impossible! Instead of being a three day stay in Hawaii, they ended up staying five! They were so far behind schedule that even had they not been so worried about Troy’s increase in size, they would have rushed straight to the refurbished hangar that Troy had had his own vacation at.

Once they had arrived, the pair had worked in solemn silence to get the delirious Troy to bust the largest load any of them had ever seen. By the time the twins had arrived, Troy’s sack had swollen so large that it filled half of the hangar! From floor to ceiling was a solid wall of scrotum! And that was saying nothing of the sheer size of Troy’s schlong!

Troy’s cock was so massive that even the twins found themselves at a loss for how to stimulate it! Eventually, however, Troy managed to cum, and after a few more hours, Troy even managed to come down from the afterglow. It was then that the true gravity of his situation finally settled in on him.

“I’m dead! I’m dead! Even if my parents don’t kill me, I’m dead!” Troy whined.

“Hey now. It’s not so bad,” Mike said, giving Troy a gentle shoulder rub to try and calm him down.

“Yeah. They understand that it’s just something about your body that you have to learn to live with,” Ike added. He had set up shop on Troy’s opposite side and was rubbing Troy’s other shoulder.

Troy’s cock was so massive that even with Troy perched atop it, there was plenty of room for the twins to sit on either side. Troy’s massive member was as wide as a park bench! There was no shortage of seating!

After a few quiet moments, Mike decided to chime in again. “We’ll be there to help you every step of the way,” he said sweetly.

“What steps…? I can’t walk…!” Troy grumbled.

“We’ll figure something out,” Ike said.

“Yeah. Just keep your chin up!” Mike said.

“It’s just… it was finally starting to feel normal, you know?” Troy said.

“Well, now that we know how to keep you from growing…” Ike began.

“We can keep you from getting any bigger!” Mike finished.

Troy grumbled something unintelligible, but the twins were not about to be deterred.

“We’ll make this your new normal!” Ike said.

“Yeah. Given a little time, you’ll learn to love your new size!” Mike added.

“What’s to love?” Troy grumbled.

“Now you’re just being difficult,” Ike teased.

“Yeah. You have the biggest cock anyone has ever seen!” Mike added.

“Do you have any idea how hot you look?” Ike said.

“It’s amazing!” Mike agreed.

“I mean… I guess… Like… I wonder what the fans will say…” Troy murmured noncommittally.

“Oh, that’s right!” the twins said in unison.

“Man. You only just started streaming!” Ike said.

“You got a lot of attention at your old size!” Mike said.

“Just wait ‘til they see you now!” the twins said in unison.

Troy recoiled at the thought, but part of him was morbidly curious. He had received a ton of great comments when he had shown his seven-foot schlong on stream, and now he was even bigger, but was there such a thing as too big? He wasn’t sure if he was ready for that answer.

“We haven’t yet unpacked our truck,” Mike said.

“That’s right!” Ike agreed.

“W-what…?” Troy squeaked.

“We have all our stuff!” Mike explained.

“Our laptops!” Ike added.

“Our cameras!” Mike added.

“We’ve got wi-fi here!” Ike explained.

“You don’t mean…” Troy murmured as it slowly started to dawn on him.

“Yes!” the twins shouted in unison.

“Let’s show your fans the new you!” Mike said.

“Nothing will give you an ego boost like throngs of internets randos cumming themselves to your videos.” Ike added.

“I don’t know if I’m feeling sexy right now…” Troy said apprehensively.

“Leave that to us!” the twins said.

“Just sit back,” Mike said.

“Relax,” Ike said.

“And let us work our magic,” Mike added.

Troy was still skeptical, but he didn’t have much say in the matter. It’s not like he could go anywhere. He was stranded atop his own enormous cock. Still… the twins had given him some vague hope. He was stuck like this, after all. The best thing he could do was try to enjoy it.

Over the next half hour, the twins scurried around the hangar and began to rig some rudimentary lighting for their next big production. Eventually, the twins were ready to begin filming.

“What’s up gamers and gooners!” the twins said in unison.

“We told you we had a big announcement for you all!” Mike said.

“But not even we knew just how big it would be!” Ike added.

“Let’s go to the man of the hour!” the twins said.

The twins turned and focused their camera on Troy who was blushing beet red but trying his best to put on a brave face.

“Uh… hi?” Troy said and gave a furtive wave to the camera. He was suddenly feeling extremely exposed. He wasn’t just sitting atop a cock that dwarfed his whole body, but he didn’t even have a shirt on! Troy tried his best not to let it show, but his face turned a few shades redder as the camera fell upon his nude bod.

“How does it feel to be the proud owner of the world’s biggest cock?” Mike asked in a cheesy, game-show host voice.

“I… uh… I’m still processing it…” Troy murmured.

“And let me tell you folks, it is A Lot to process,” Ike added in an equally in an equally cheesy voice.

Troy was still stressed about his growth and nervous about this stream, but the twins’ antics still managed to force a smile from him.

“So, I know you’re all wondering,” Mike announced to the camera.

“Just how did this happen?” Ike finished.

The twins then turned and held their microphones up to Troy to respond. “I… Well… I sorta…” Troy stammered. He was turning redder by the second.

Seeing that Troy wasn’t going to be able to respond anytime soon, the twins took control of the narrative once more. The twins took up their mics and once more turned to face the camera.

“When last we saw you, we noted that Troy had added on a few extra inches to his already impressive piece,” Mike explained.

“But how did this happen? His size had been so stable for so long,” Ike added.

“What changed?” the twins asked in unison.

“The only difference was we weren’t hanging out with him as much,” Mike began.

“That got us thinking,” Ike added.

“What does Troy do when we’re not around?” the twins asked in unison.

The twins once more turned and held their mics up to Troy’s face. Troy looked nervously at the mics and then at the twins and then at the camera before responding, “N-nothing…?”

“Exactly!” the twins cheered in unison.

“We already know his sack grows when he needs to get off,” Ike explained. He then walked over and placed a hand on one of Troy’s enlarged orbs. Troy’s nuts were still close to their base size, and yet, the enormous sphere was taller than he was!

“The more he holds it, the bigger he gets!” Mike added.

“What if it wasn’t just his balls?” Ike asked dramatically.

“And what if he held it all afternoon?” Mike asked.

“Or all day?” Ike added.

“Or all week?” Mike added.

“We set out to answer just such a question!” the twins announced in unison.

“We had to leave the states for a few days,” Ike explained.

“A long weekend that turned into a week,” Mike added.

“And then some!” Ike added dramatically.

“While we were gone, we gave Troy everything he’d need to keep himself occupied while we were gone,” Mike explained.

“Food,” Ike said.

“Water,” Mike added.

“Video games!” the twins said in unison.

“Without us around to make sure he choked the proverbial chicken,” Mike said.

“Troy grew…” Ike added dramatically.

“And grew…” Mike concurred.

“And grew!” Ike added once more for emphasis.

“And now… just how big is he?” Mike asked.

“Let’s find out!” the twins said in unison.

Troy was still sitting there in stunned silence. Were they really recording this? And if so, were they doing this live? Was it going to be posted later? Troy wasn’t sure. His head felt hazy from the conflicting emotions. He was excited but also nervous. He was mortified but also horny as hell! He was staring down the length of his own supersized schlong! This should freak him out, and to a degree it did! But it was also fascinating and hot as hell.

Troy had been huge for a while now. He had sort of gotten used to the fact that his cock was always going to be enormous. Even as it slowly crept up in size, some part of him knew that the day would come where his dick would be too massive for him to move around normally, but he hadn’t thought that day would come so soon! What did this mean for his future!? He and the twins had already had plans to attend college together. Could he even go like this? How would he get this into a dorm room? And for that matter, how would he even get it into a classroom!

Still… what was done was done… He had to accept there was no going back, and the first step in that was to acknowledge his current size.

Mike reached into his pocket and dramatically fished out a tape measure. It was a fairly standard household model. The type that used metal tape and could unspool several feet. Even before Troy could see the number on the side, he could tell it was smaller than the heavy-duty contractor tapes he had seen his dad use. Still, it should be big enough… right?

Mike handed the metal tongue on the end of the tape to Troy to hold. Troy pressed it against his crotch at the base of his cock without even needing to be instructed to do so. Then, he sat back and watched in awe and anticipation as the twins slowly unspooled the tape along the length of his massive cock.

The twins walked side by side down the length of Troy’s enormous rod. Troy’s stiffening cock was so huge that there was room for the twins to both stand on it shoulder to shoulder! Just how wide was it!? Just thinking about it made Troy light in the head and hard in the cock. The feeling of the twins’ tiny feet pressing down against his stiffening shaft drove him nuts. Why did he find it so hot? Why was he so excited by this!?

Troy tried to fight his own body, but his cock was getting harder by the second. The combination of the anticipation of the big reveal and the pressure from the twins baring down on his sensitive shaft drove him wild.

The twins abruptly stopped. Exchanged a glance. They then glanced back towards the camera and announced. “Seven feet!” in unison.

“That’s his old record!” Mike said.

“Give or take,” Ike added.

Troy’s head was spinning. Seven feet!? His cock had been over a foot taller than he was just last week! Now, however, the seven-foot mark fell shy of his cock head by a good margin! Just how huge had he become? Troy couldn’t tell. He couldn’t even guestimate. As he stared down the length of his enormous rod, the haze of his own arousal and the vertigo of staring down an impossibly long shaft conspired to ruin his depth perception. As far as he could tell the twins could be almost to the end or they could be just starting out!

The twins kept slowly creeping farther and farther along Troy’s length. With each step they took they checked the tape and made a mental note of just how far they had come. Troy silently pleaded with them to speak up. They were usually so loud and boisterous. Why where they being so silent now!? Troy needed to know just how huge he had become!?

Eventually, the twins stood on the far end of Troy’s shaft. The puffed-up ridge of his massive, swollen glans was mere steps away. The twins hesitated. They once more glanced to one another and muttered something silently. Troy felt the tape tug in his hands, and the realization suddenly hit him.

They had run out of tape!

Troy’s mind was reeling. Sure. It was a smaller tape measure, but it was still a hardware store tape measure and not a sewing tape measure. Those were always at least ten feet, right? Ten feet? That’s not too bad… if they ran out of tape at the edge of his cock head, then he’s maybe a foot or two longer than that? What did that put him at? Eleven? Twelve feet? That was so big! That was almost twice as long as it had been last week!

The mere thought of how huge he had become made Troy light-headed. The numbers whizzing through his mind made him dizzy. He was so overwhelmed that he didn’t even realize that the twins had knelt down to place the tape measure flush with his cock.

With Troy holding the tongue against his crotch and the twins holding the spool up high, the tape measure wasn’t measuring the actual length. As such, setting it down gave the twins an extra foot or two. However, now that the tape measure was lying down atop Troy’s shuddering cock head, it still fell short of the edge of his puffy glans by a good margin.

“You heard it here first, folks!” Mike announced to the camera.

“We’re going to need a bigger tape measure!” Ike added.

“Just like last time,” Mike said.

“Who knows? Maybe next time,” Ike began.

“He’ll outgrow an even bigger tape measure!” the twins cheered in unison, but no sooner had they shouted this out than they both had to brace against each other to keep from being bucked clean off Troy’s trembling cock.

Hearing their cheers drove Troy wild. He was so huge! Impossibly huge! He still couldn’t tell how big he was, but the sheer possibilities just made him hornier and hornier. His nuts had been slowly inflating this entire time. Nowadays, his sack’s base size was now close to the size of a panel van. Either immense orb would crest at about as high as he was tall and was as wide as a couch! Now, however, each nut was close to the size of a play yard monkey dome. His massive, swelling sack was close to the size of a small house!

Troy writhed and moaned. His own arousal was maddening. His cock was not only larger than he was tall, but far more sensitive than it had been before. The sheer size of his shuddering rod overpowered his senses. Having a six-inch hard-on was pleasurable enough, but he had once had a six-foot rod! Now, however, his new size absolutely dwarfed even that.

Troy slumped back against his swelling sack. He could feel his balls getting bigger by the second. He could feel the twins’ tiny feet pressing down against the sensitive flesh of his over-stimulated cock head. He wanted to hold back, but he just couldn’t!

Troy’s eyes fluttered open. He tried to glance around, but everything felt hazy and looked blurry. He could only vaguely make out the outline of the twins. They looked so far away… they looked so small atop his cock. They were both six feet tall, but they looked like bugs next to Troy’s colossal cock, but even as Troy tried to focus on how huge he had become, there was something else demanding his attention.

A blinking red light.

The camera was recording. That’s right. This was being streamed. All his new fans had front row seats to the big reveal. They all already knew how huge he was, but Troy himself did not. All he knew was that he was impossibly massive.

Troy writhed and whined and moaned. Part of him tried to resist. Was he trying to give his new fans a show? Was he trying to maintain some modesty in front of the audience? Not even he knew, but it hardly mattered. He couldn’t stop what had begun.

The twins had to drop down to their hands and knees and brace as Troy’s cock began bucking and lurching like an over-sized bronco. The twins grabbed thick handfuls of massive foreskin to keep themselves from being flung free from Troy’s colossal cock. Troy’s foreskin was as thick as a down comforter but far denser and heavier. Maybe someday, Troy would be large enough that the twins could nestle in the space between Troy’s cock head and foreskin and use his thick, heavy foreskin like a weighted blanket, but for now, the twins were just able to grip onto it like the reigns of a raging bull.

Troy’s back arched. His nuts tensed. His cock lurched.

Troy cried out as he came again and again and again. Massive, white-hot spurts of cum arced through the hair and splattered against the roof of the silo. The rafters were easily thirty feet or more in the air, and yet Troy’s cum smacked against it as easily as if it was eye level. His meaty mortar cannon could easily fire hundreds of feet. Had he a clear line of sight, he might even be able to hit his house from here.

Troy came and came again. The sheer bliss overpowered his brain. Everything went white both from the pleasure and from the spooge. Troy could no longer comprehend anything that was happening around him. All he could do was moan and cum and cum and moan.

There was no telling how long it took him to fully drain his nuts. By the time Troy finally came to, he could see that the twins were now standing by the camera and talking either to themselves or to the audience. They were completely coated in cum. It looked like they were on scene reporters covering the defeat of the marshmallow man.

As Troy lay there basking in the afterglow, his gaze fell upon the small spooled up tape measure. It was just as coated in cum as the rest of the room, but somehow, the numbers on the size were still visible.


His cock was fifteen feet and then some! Troy’s cock had more than doubled in size since last week. It was now as long as a car. Troy knew he should be freaked out, and had he not been so overwhelmed by afterglow, maybe he would have, but instead, all he could do was grin stupidly to himself as his cock twitched excitedly.

Troy lay against his own immense nuts and chuckled. Just the shaft was fifteen feet! How big was the head? How many feet did that add? Two? Three? As Troy pondered it, his mind drifted towards what the twins had said during the broadcast.

Troy had outgrown yet another measuring tape, and he might soon outgrow another.

He tried to think. What intervals did they use on tape like this? What was the next size up? Twenty feet? Twenty-five? His dick was already the length of a car. Would it soon be the length of a van? The length of a bus!?

In Troy’s hazy-brained, hormone-addled state, he was not thinking of if but when.

Troy slumped contentedly against his nuts. He felt them shift beneath him as they crept up in size once more, and as he drifted off into the blissful afterglow, his already enormous cock twitched and chubbed up ever so slightly…


Field Trip

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Troy squeaked.

“Of course!” Mike said.

“Yeah. You said you wanted to get out of the house for a bit,” Ike added.

“Yeah, but…” Troy murmured and gestured towards his cock which he was currently sitting atop. “Shouldn’t we get a tarp or something?”

The twins looked at each other and then back to Troy before responding in unison, “Nah.”

“Everyone can see it!” Troy whined.

“That never bothered you before,” Ike replied.

“That was before it was bigger than a car!” Troy protested.

“Yeah? Now there’s more to flaunt,” Mike replied.

Troy let out an incomprehensible sound that was somewhere between a dog whining and a troll gibbering.

“Here. You’ll want to wear these,” Ike said, handing Troy a pair of goggles and a scarf.

“Keeps the bugs out of your eyes and mouth,” Mike explained.

Troy grumbled but dutifully geared up. For a moment, he could almost pretend that he was preparing to go for a ride on a motorcycle… except that his “motorcycle” was a mini-van sized schlong which was now resting atop a flatbed trailer being pulled by a truck.

Getting Troy’s cock and balls on to the flatbed in the first place had been an ordeal. His cock was too massive to lift, and that was not even factoring in his swelling stones. The twins had had to rent a forklift and hoist Troy’s bait and tackle onto the flatbed one piece at a time!

Once Troy was fully geared up, Ike hopped in the driver’s seat of the truck, and Mike hopped into the bed so he could watch Troy as they made their way across town.

Troy hated to admit it, but it felt great to be out of that rental silo if even just for a little bit. He missed the sun and the breeze on his skin, and to a lesser extent, he missed being around people other than just the twins. Still… he wasn’t thrilled about being exposed like this. He was clad in just a shirt, goggles, and scarf. His face was covered, but that did nothing to keep him anonymous. There was only one guy out there with such a huge cock!

Troy had become a little bit of a local celebrity. People had accepted that he was too hung to cover up, and they had even turned a collective blind eye to when he doused places with his spunk, but that didn’t mean that people weren’t keenly aware of who it was that was gunking up the city.

Now that Troy was out in public, he found himself the center of attention. Other drivers would roll down their windows and gawk at the massive cock that was being paraded around town like the Weinermobile. They may have known that Troy had a huge dick, but until today, only Troy’s streaming fans knew about his recent growth spurt.

Troy tried his best to keep it casual. He tried his best to act like he wasn’t mortified to be displayed like this, but he was trembling like a leaf from nerves. To make matters worse, his immense cock was fully boned the whole time. Pre dripped from his colossal cock head!

As they made their way through town, traffic seemed heavier than normal. It wasn’t rush hour, and yet, traffic had crawled to a halt. Was there something going on in town? Well… something other than a parade-float-sized schlong, anyway.

Traffic slowly inched forward. The axles on Troy’s flatbed groaned in protest. Troy’s fully boned cock was so huge that the tip of it now extended past his flatbed and rested on the tailgate of the twins’ truck. Pre dripped from his cock and splashed down into the bed of the truck, thoroughly soaking Mike’s shorts as he sat back and watched.

Troy’s arousal slowly started to overtake his nerves. His mind started to feel hazy. His cheeks felt warm. His cock felt amazing. He was so overwhelmed that he didn’t even realize that the tip of his dick had extended into the bed of the truck.

Mike pulled open the rear window of the cabin and quickly scurried in and took a seat beside his brother. The two of them exchanged a few hushed words before Ike pulled off of the main road and took the cock-wagon down the side streets.

Mike leaned out the passenger window and crawled up onto the top of the cabin. By this point, Troy’s cock was so huge that the tip of it now extended past the bed of the truck and was pushing against the cabin. Mike found himself surfing atop the truck and staring down the steadily swelling slit of Troy’s massive cock.

The twins were fascinated by this growth. Other than the week or so that they had left Troy alone, they had never known his cock to swell like this. Still… Troy’s current size was nothing compared to the hangar-filling phallus they had witnessed upon their return home, but if things continued, it wouldn’t be long before he reached that size once more.

Mike leapt up and grabbed a handful of foreskin in each fist and pulled himself up and over the pre-oozing head of Troy’s cock. The warm, viscous fluid seeped out and completely coated Mike’s body as he scrambled over the tip of Troy’s cock. Part of him wanted to stay there for a second and enjoy the warmth and wetness, but even as he held on, he could feel Troy’s foreskin thickening in his hands. If he didn’t hurry, Troy’s cock would be much more difficult to scale.

Mike quickly scrambled across the length of Troy’s swelling cock. At this point, the beast was so huge that Ike had to straddle both lanes to make room for the truck’s over-sized load. Troy’s cock alone more than filled a single lane of traffic, and his nuts had swollen so huge that they bumped against various vehicles that were parked alongside the street. With each foot the cock caravan progressed, car alarms blared and trash cans were shoved aside.

Mike scurried up to where Troy was seated, knelt down, and gave Troy’s cheeks a quick pat to try and slap him awake.

“Mmm? Huh?” Troy murmured.

“Snap out of it. We need you to keep it together for a bit longer,” Mike said. His voice was uncharacteristically serious.

“Keep it? What do you…?” Troy murmured, but his eyes slowly began to focus. As they did, his jaw dropped, and his massive cock gave a lurch of excitement. The sudden lurch was so intense that it almost sent Mike toppling.

“What. The. Fuck!?” Troy yelped.

“Oh… you probably didn’t even notice this last time,” Mike said.

Last time!?” Troy squeaked so loudly that his voice broke.

Mike looked to his side as if waiting for someone else to give a follow-up comment but quickly realized that he was flying solo for this.

“Oh… um… So, when we got back, you were much larger than this, but! Don’t freak out. It went back down. So…” Mike explained.

“Don’t freak out!?” Troy squeaked.

Mike paused for a beat to let his absent twin chime in before stepping up to speak. “It should go back down once you cum. Just try and keep cool until we get out of the neighborhood,” he said.

Troy was sweating bullets as he glanced around. He was so high off the ground that he was looking down at the roofs of the nearby houses. His cock was now larger than a city bus! His balls alone were the size of bungalows. His bait and tackle barely fit down the two-lane road.

Mike could hear Troy’s breath getting shallower. He could even hear Troy’s heart pounding. If this continued, Troy would have a full-scale panic attack before they got to safety, and given everything going on, there was no telling what would happen then.

Mike scooted over so that he was behind Troy, swung his arms around Troy’s shoulders, and rested his chin on Troy’s head. “Just relax…” Mike said softly as he pulled Troy in for a hug.

Troy tensed up, but as Mike held him, he slowly began to relax. His heartbeat steadily slowed, and his breathing became more regular.

As Mike rested his chin on Troy’s head, he stared out ahead. He could see that they were coming up to the end of the street. A T-intersection loomed ahead of them. On the opposite side of the intersection was a large, open field. The city park! That may just be large enough for them to help get Troy down from his latest surge! … hopefully, anyway.

Ike drove through the intersection and onto the sidewalk. The axles groaned in protest and the bottom of the flatbed trailer scraped the road below and then ground against the curb. Troy had far exceeded the maximum weight capacity. It was a miracle that the flatbed hadn’t completely shattered under his swelling mass, but they weren’t out of the woods yet.

The twins’ truck struggled and strained to drag Troy’s mass across the grassy field. At this point, the flatbed was offering little to no support. They were effectively dragging Troy’s cock and balls directly across the dirt. The act left a massive trench dug into the grass behind him… a trench that was getting wider and deeper with each foot that the now overburdened truck struggled forward.

Once he reached a seemingly central location, Ike put the truck in park, hopped out, and began scrambling towards Troy’s nuts. Troy’s cock was now so large that there was no good way to scale it. Ike’s best course of action was to use the loose skin of Troy’s sack to give him enough purchase to scurry up and over. Unfortunately. Troy’s nuts were now as tall as a two-story house!

Ike was in great shape, but even he was starting to feel the strain as he grabbed handful after handful of thick scrote and pulled himself hand over fist up the side of Troy’s colossal balls. By the time he reached the top, the layer of sweat covering his body caused his clothes to cling to him like a second skin.

Once up top, Ike quickly began peeling off his soaked clothes and took his place beside his brother. Mike glanced over at his brother, noticed that Ike was nearly nude, gave a nod, and then began to strip as well.

Troy, realizing that Mike was no longer holding him, started to come back to reality. He glanced around curiously and noticed that his cock was now the size of a row of townhouses, and his balls were the size of water reservoirs.

“W-what the f—!” Troy began to yelp, but before the final word could get out, the twins stepped in front of him clad in nothing but their birthday suits. Their firm bods and fat rods were openly on display. Troy balked at the sight. His colossal cock gave an enormous lurch of excitement—a lurch that was so intense that it sent the twins staggering like Star Trek extras on the bridge. The twins barely managed to maintain their footing.

“Like what you see?” Ike asked playfully.

“But… what about…” Troy murmured in a half-hearted attempt to protest, but his eyes were transfixed on his smoking-hot friends.

“Shh… let us take care of that,” Ike replied in a soothing voice.

“All you have to do is sit back,” Mike added.

“Relax,” Ike added.

“And cum,” they said in unison.

Troy gulped. His eyes started to tunnel vision on those two hot bods and their amazing cocks and heavy balls. Troy was so horny that he couldn’t think about anything other than how hot the twins were or how much he wanted to cum.

The twins stepped forward so that their rigid dicks were aimed directly at Troy’s face. Troy was too far gone to protest. He reached out and grabbed a thick dick in either hand and began to stroke the shafts. He pressed the heads of the twin’s cocks against his face and nuzzled up against the pre-drooling slits, painting his face with pre in the process. The feel of it was mind-blowing. Their cocks were so firm, but the heads to soft. The warmth of their pre cascading down his chin. The taste of it oozing into his mouth. The smell of cocks and pre flooded his nostrils. Troy was in heaven. He was so enthralled that he didn’t even realize that his cock and balls were still growing.

The twins reached down and ran their fingers through Troy’s hair as Troy greedily licked at their cocks. Usually, they were the ones taking the lead, but today, Troy was absolutely ravenous. It was so rare to see him like this that the twins had to struggle to keep from cumming before Troy did!

“Oh… H-he’s good,” Ike muttered.

“I taught him that…” Mike replied.

“You wish…” Ike moaned.

Troy was running on autopilot. He was so horny that he just wanted cocks in and around him. He moved on from just licking at them to taking the head of the twins’ cocks into his mouth one at a time. He’d suck on one, pull back, and then focus on the other one, keeping both bros on edge the whole time.

“We… taught him too well…” Ike gasped.

“… plan B…” Mike responded.

Troy let out a pitiful whine as the twins stepped back and pulled their cocks out of Troy’s grasp. The twins exchanged a quick glance. In that split second, the twins locked eyes, they carried out a mental round of rock-paper-scissors to decide who got which end.

Ike stepped forwards and put his cock where Troy could easily reach it. Troy happily wrapped both hands around the thick shaft and began to suckle the tip. Meanwhile, Mike side-stepped troy and knelt down behind him.

While Troy greedily slurped at Ike’s cock, the twins gently coaxed him into position. Soon, Troy was on his hands and knees atop his own cock and balls. His face lifted towards Ike’s cock and his ass raised towards Mike’s.

Mike’s cock was so slick with pre and spit that he didn’t even need to prep. His cock slid smoothly into Troy’s greedy hole as his brother’s dick dug into Troy’s hungry mouth. The twins pumped in and out of their mutual fuck-buddy while Troy’s cock and balls swelled beneath.

Troy was so horny that it didn’t take long for him to blow. This was fortunate in part because his cock and balls were beginning to spill out of the borders of the city park and in part because the twins were already so close to cumming that if they didn’t get Troy off soon, they’d blow before they could finish the job!

The trio called out in unison. Troy’s colossal cock shuddered and lurched as he felt Mike’s warm, thick spunk flood his ass and tasted the rich tang of Ike’s spooge filling his mouth. Massive, thick geyser bursts of hot cum erupted from Troy’s cock. He came again and again and again. Each spurt was as large as the one before. He was cumming so much and so hard, and yet, it didn’t seem like he was making any headway! His nuts were filling so fast that he was just treading water! And at the rate he was cumming, he wasn’t going to be the only one treading! The pool of spooge on the ground was growing deeper by the second! The storm drains had already overflowed. The streets now ran white with cum! And yet, Troy kept spurting.

It was hard to tell how long it took Troy to come down. The twins were spent long before Troy was. Both brothers slumped down beside their buddy and snuggled up against him as Troy continued to whine and moan and cum and spurt. Eventually, however. Troy’s dick fully deflated.

“I don’t think we’re getting the deposit back on the flatbed,” Ike muttered.

“Do you think the insurance will cover this?” Mike asked groggily.

Ike was too winded to reply so he just shrugged.

The three lay there in each other’s arms atop Troy’s colossal cock and balls. Troy’s bait and tackle had shrunk back down considerably… and yet.

Mike and Ike glanced out at the tip of Troy’s cock and then back to each other. Troy’s cock head now rested solidly in the bed of their truck. It had gained probably another 5 feet.

“We’re gonna have to tell him,” Ike said.

“Wait until he wakes up,” Mike replied.

Ike nodded in reply, and the trio went back to their mutual afterglow cuddle puddle. They lay there for a bit, blissfully unaware of the crowd that had gathered until a particularly terse voice split the air.

Troy sat up groggily, rubbed his eyes, and looked down at the cum-flood he had caused. His eyes quickly fell upon the lady that had called up at him. It was the doctor who had been overseeing Troy’s treatment and testing. She was an intense person on a good day, but today she was especially terse.

“Miquel!” she shouted.

Mike sat up, looked sheepishly down, and replied, “… Yes, mama?”

“Inigo!” she shouted.

It was now Ike’s turn to sit up. “… Yes, mama?” he replied just as sheepishly.

“Wait in the car,” she said.

“… Yes, mama…” the twins replied in unison.

Troy watched his friends, awkwardly shimmy down the side of his schlong, and bashfully cover their exposed cocks with both hands as they dutifully ran towards a familiar car down the road.

Troy then turned his attention towards the lady. “Uh… hi, doc…” he said, nervously.



“My dick hurts. My nuts hurt. My body hurts. I want to go home!” Troy whined.

“We’ll get you out of here soon,” Ike said.

“The doctors say that that you seem to be stabilized now,” Mike added.

“What does that even mean?” Troy whimpered.

“Well. So, you may have noticed that you got really big the past couple of times,” Ike began.

“And when you came, your size went down a lot,” Mike added.

“Not all the way, though,” Ike added.

“Well, yeah. You were quite a bit bigger each time you supersized,” Mike agreed.

“That’s great, but it doesn’t explain why I’m hooked to an IV, strapped to a bed, and have a… whatever that is sticking out of me,” Troy replied and nodded towards the large tube coming out from under his hospital gown.

“Oh! Well, your last growth was fairly… public,” Ike said.

“Yeah. The news got a good film of you whitewashing the town,” Mike added.

“Oh god…” Troy whined. He was only barely coherent during his last growth. He had all but forgotten about what had happened, but now the memories were flooding back to him in much the same way he had flooded the park and the surrounding neighborhoods.

“Yeah, it was so hot.” Mike said.

“We saved the video,” Ike added.

“We’ve found a bunch of cell footage, too,” Mike added.

“Oh god… So, what… is this prison? Some top-secret research facility?” Troy whined.

“Nah,” the twins replied.

“… Nah?” Troy asked.

“Just a hospital,” the twins replied.

“The one ma works at,” Ike explained.

“Yeah. It’s a little silly to say but…” Mike began.

“We didn’t even consider that when you cum you shrink back down,” Ike added.

Troy propped himself up on his elbows and looked to the twins incredulously. “I could use like… some kind of hint here,” he said.

“Think about it!” the twins replied in unison.

“My head hurts too much for that,” Troy grumbled.

“Yeah. So, when we tried our experiment,” Ike began.

“We determined that your cock grows when not attended to,” Mike added.

“Yeah. It’s like your nuts always do,” Ike added.

“At first we thought it was just your balls that do it,” Mike explained.

“The docs thought so too,” Ike agreed.

“But!” the twins said in unison.

“But…?” Troy asked.

“Once left alone…” Ike said dramatically.

“Your dick started to swell too!” Mike finished.

“I… I know that already,” Troy replied.

“Yeah! But you got so huge!” Ike said excitedly.

“And the next time you got just as big!” Mike cheered.

“If not bigger!” Ike added.

Troy slumped back into the bed and covered his eyes with the arm that didn’t have the IV in it. “Bigger? I’m already too big to walk!” Troy whined.

“Are you?” the twins asked impishly.

“W-what?” Troy sputtered.

“Well. Look.” Ike said, gesturing towards Troy’s covered legs.

Troy once again propped himself up on his elbows and raised an eyebrow incredulously at the twins.

“I guess we’ll show you, then,” Mike said.

The twins then reached down and dramatically pulled the blanket off Troy. Troy gasped at he saw.

He could see his legs!

Sure. His cock was still there, and it was still huge, but it was much smaller than it had been in ages. It was now barely as long as his legs. It was only roughly as wide as his hips, and his balls were the size of pumpkins.

“W-what?” Troy murmured in awe.

“Think about it!” the twins said excitedly.

“I’m trying…” Troy murmured. He was still staring at his cock and balls in slack-jawed awe.

“If you cum you shrink!” Ike said.

“And if you don’t have time to grow between cumming…” Mike said.

“What…? How…?” Troy murmured.

“The docs have had you on a hormone cocktail all week,” Ike explained.

“Yeah. With you being horned up the whole time and the pumps working on your dick, you’ve been cumming nonstop,” Mike added.

“Wow… so… they’ve got it down this far?” Troy asked.

“Yep!” the twins said in unison.

Troy had a brief moment where he was overwhelmed with a mix of dread and euphoria. This was fantastic! … right? They had figured out what had made him grow, and they had figured out a way to reverse it. He could go back to a normal life! It had been so long that he had forgotten what it felt like to be normal! He should be ecstatic… and yet…

The twins were able to clock Troy’s emotions based on the face journey he was going on, but even had Troy not been so expressive, it wouldn’t have been too hard to figure out what he was thinking.

“So, remember what we said earlier…?” Mike asked.

“Hmm?” Troy replied half-heartedly.

“Yeah. The docs said you’re stable!” Ike responded.

Troy glanced up at the twins and raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“They’ve been draining you for a while,” Mike explained.

“This is as small as it’s gotten,” Ike added.

“Wait, so… they can’t get it any smaller?” Troy asked. He was trying to hide his excitement, but it was showing through a little too much.

“Haha. Yep!” the twins cheered.

“But wait!” Mike said.

“There’s more!” Ike added.

Troy was still just staring at them incredulously. What could they possibly be hinting at?

“Well, you know how recently you’ve been growing a lot each time?” Mike asked.

“Yeah…?” Troy replied.

“Well, when you get super big like that, it makes you more…” Ike began.

“… elastic?” Ike added.

The twins looked at each other and shrugged.

“And that’s… a good thing?” Troy asked.

“Yea. It means it’s way easier for you to get huge.” the twins said.

“And that’s a good thing!?” Troy squeaked.

“Yeah!” the twins cheered.

“Well, the docs made it sound so dire,” Ike said.

“It needs constant supervision and maintenance… lest we have a repeat of last time,” Mike added in a gruff and stern voice.

“But that means… I can keep it this size, right?” Troy asked.

“Sure,” the twins said with a shrug.

Troy’s eyes lit up. This was amazing! He was back down to walking sizes! He no longer had to be trapped atop his own cock!

Troy quickly fumbled with the belt across his chest. Surprisingly, the twins were quick to rush to his side and try to grab him. Troy thought their concern was odd, but no sooner had he set a foot down beside the bed than his legs gave out from under him.

“W-woah!” Troy yelped as he stumbled forward. As he fell, his cock pulled loose of the pump, but the twins were able to scoop him back up into the bed before he could completely wipe out.

“Woah! Careful!” the twins said.

“God. My legs suck!” Troy grumbled.

“You’ve barely used them in a month,” Ike said.

“Yeah. Like. You weren’t walking during our vacation,” Mike added.

“Then you were too big for a while,” Ike said.

“Then you’ve been in the hospital for a week,” Mike replied.

“Your muscles have gotten weak,” Ike said.

“And even then, you’ve been bedridden and on IV drip for a week. You’ll have to rehydrate first,” Mike added.

“Aww man… this is really embarrassing…” Troy muttered.

“Embarrassing?” the twins asked.

“There’s probably a better word for it, but I feel so… meh…” Troy replied.

“Weak?” Ike asked.

“Puny?” Mike asked.

“Are you trying to help me or insult me?” Troy grumbled.

“No pouting!” the twins said.

“We’ll help you get back up and at ’em in no time!” Ike cheered.

“Yeah, now that you can move, we can get back to the gym!” Mike agreed.

“You’ll be swole in no time!” Ike said.

“And if that doesn’t cheer you up, look around you!” Mike added.

Troy shot the twins a skeptical glance, but then looked around the room. He was surprised at how many bouquets and baskets were scattered around him.

“What the…” he murmured in awe.

“Family,” Ike said, gesturing to some of the flowers.

“Friends from school,” Mike added gesturing to a few of the baskets.

The twins then stood up and made a grand sweeping gesture toward a wall of get-well balloons, flowers, and gift baskets.

“Fans!” the twins announced excitedly.

“W-what!?” Troy yelped.

“Yeah! Your last growth spurt was a huge hit!” Ike said.

“Your numbers were amazing!” Mike added.

“Numbers!?” Troy yelped.

“Yeah. New followers…” Ike said.

“Kudos…” Mike added.

“Tips!” they cheered in unison.

“Tips…?” Troy asked.

“Yeah. Like… donations during the stream,” Ike explained.

“… but I wasn’t streaming…” Troy said.

“Oh yeah. Everyone’s seen the news footage by now,” Mike said with a shrug.

“E-everyone!?” Troy squeaked.

“Yeah. Word got around about your streams, so we uploaded a lot of the footage we found,” Ike added.

“Yeah. You’ve been getting a lot of buzz while in bed,” Mike added.

“There’s been a lot of great suggestions for what to do next,” Ike said.

“Yeah. Some were calling for a growth drive!” Mike cheered.

“I know those words individually and I don’t want to know them together…” Troy said.

“Oh, don’t be so dour,” Ike teased.

“Yeah. It’s like a donation drive,” Mike said.

“The more they chip in, the bigger you get,” Ike explained.

“B-bigger? You mean like…” Troy sputtered.

“Yep!” the twins cheered in unison.

“But you literally just said, I have to be careful to keep from growing out of control again!” Troy whined.

“Nope. The docs said that,” Mike replied.

“We say you should go for it,” Ike added.

Troy buried his face in his hands and let out a frustrated whine.

“Just think of how fun it was last time!” Ike said while giving Troy a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

“F-fun!?” Troy yelped.

“Yeah! You had a blast being huge, right?” Mike cheered.

“And next time we can get you even bigger!” Ike cheered.

“B-bigger!?” Troy squeaked.

“Yeah!” the twins cheered.

“We’ll get a nice spot out in the country,” Mike explained.

“Tons of room! You can really spread out!” Ike added.

“You can get as big as you want!” Mike added.

“The sky’s the limit!” Ike said.

“Literally!” the twins cheered.

Troy looked to one bro and then the other. His mouth hung open in shock and awe. “This is insane…” he murmured.

“It will be great!” Ike said.

“You’ll have so much fun!” Mike added.

“I literally just got back down in size, and you’re talking about growing again!?” Troy yelped.

“Yeah,” Ike said.

“We can get you back down in size easily,” Mike replied.

“It took a week last time!” Troy protested.

“Ten days,” they said.

“That’s two weeks!” Troy shouted.

“That’s one week!” Ike countered.

“Rounded down,” Mike added with a nod.

“Week and a half, tops,” Ike said with a shrug.

“Still! How long will it take me to get back down when we do this growth drive!?” Troy cried.

“When?” the twins said. There was a devious smirk on their faces and an impish glint in their eyes.

“I mean… No… If… if! That’s a big if!” Troy protested, but the twins just kept smirking at him.

Troy slumped back into the bed and buried his face in his hands once more.

“This is stupid! This is stupid! I can’t believe we’re doing this!” he whined, but even as he buried his face, his now exposed cock was rock hard and swelling…


The New Normal

“Ow. Fuck!” Troy whined as he plummeted face-first into the floorboards beside his bed. He had been using his own cock as a bed for so long, that learning to use a normal bed again was proving to have a bit of a learning curve. It wasn’t just that he was a fitful sleeper, though. Troy’s cock and balls had swelled up significantly over the past few hours.

Troy’s cock now filled his entire bed and then some. His balls were now both the size of a recliner. The shaft alone was as wide as a twin mattress. The tip of his dick now angled straight up towards the ceiling. It had grown so much throughout the night that the tip had hit the headboard, bent upwards, and continued to grow like the titular Snake in the old ass PC game. The rest of his shaft continued along the length of his mattress before folding back towards Troy who was now faceplanted onto the floor. Troy’s bare booty was exposed for all to see, and his loose shirt now clumped up around his head.

Troy groaned and managed a handstand enough that he could crawl backwards back onto his bed. He crawled up and over his fat shaft, shimmied to the side so that his back and bare booty were pressed against the wall, and then pressed both soles against his fat cock and kicked the behemoth with all his might. His massive shaft slowly shifted as he grunted and strained. The bed groaned beneath him as his cock slowly but steadily slid inch after inch across his mattress until flopping with a resounding thud onto the floor in front of him.

Troy took a moment to catch his breath and stare out at the massive sprawling hog splayed out in front of him. His dick was bigger than he was. Although, at this point, Troy was used to seeing this.

It was tough to gauge his actual size, but given that it was larger than his bed, he had to put it in the seven- to eight-foot range—even bigger than it was when he had done that measuring stream weeks ago!

It was strange and a little amusing to think that at the time, this had been an impossibly huge size for him. Now, however, this was a standard morning semi. If he reacted quickly enough, he might be able to get it down to a more portable three feet in length, but more likely than not, he was going to be dealing with a dick far longer than his legs until his doc appointment in a few days.

This was the norm for him now. Ever since he had let his cock grow to absolutely monumental sizes, he had to keep a close eye on it to keep it from swelling uncontrollably. The swelling always started slowly, but the longer he went without dealing with it, the faster it grew. The larger it grew between draining, the bigger it was when his size stabilized after cumming.

They had developed equipment that could help him get back down to a manageable size if he grew too much, but that required a trip to the hospital. Troy always dreaded going there even for basic check-ups. Now that there was the added facet of needing to micromanage his size, it made the doctor’s visits even more embarrassing. Hopefully, soon they could get some equipment installed at home that would help him keep his size steady without having to go in to the doc, but that would be months away at best.

Troy wiped the sweat from his brow, took a moment to catch his breath, and was just about to set to work lugging his massive meat towards the bathroom where he could drain it without making a massive mess, but before he could do so, he was distracted by the chirping of his phone.

Troy grabbed the phone off his nightstand and quickly answered the call. “Yello,” he said.

Troy was not surprised to hear the sound of his mom’s voice. “Everything all right up there? It sounded like something fell over,” she said.

“Yeah. Fine. I was just getting out of bed,” Troy replied.

“It’s already noon! Did you at least get up earlier and take care of that thing we talked about?” she asked.

Troy grumbled under his breath. His alarm had gone off hours ago to wake him, but he hit the button to silence it and rolled over and went right back to bed.

“You know the doctor said you should deal with it every few hours. If you don’t get up in the middle of the night, it’ll get unwieldy before your next visit,” his mom chided.

“It’s fine. I’ll just do it twice now,” Troy said.

“You know it doesn’t work that way. Your father took the truck to work today. If you don’t fit in the van today, I won’t be able to take you anywhere,” she said.

Troy slumped back against the bed and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me,” his mom said.

Troy did a double-take and glanced at his phone. He wasn’t on video call, was he?

“I can hear you do it,” Troy’s mom said as if answering his question.

“Fuuuu…” Troy began to groan.

“Language,” his mom said.

Troy quickly hit the mute button on his speaker and finished his drawn out, “…uuuuuck…” before unmuting himself.

“Your father’s going to be on-site this week, so you need to keep it small enough that I can take you to your appointment. I’m not paying for another tow truck,” she said.

“Migo said they can take me,” Troy responded.

There was a tense silence. Troy could feel the judgmental glare coming at him from his mom despite not being able to see her, but eventually, she spoke up. “It’s good the brothers are willing to help, but you shouldn’t rely on them for everything.”

“It’s no problem. They want to help. It was their idea, anyway,” Troy said.

“Just don’t take them for granted. Now hurry and finish up. You know the tub takes forever to drain if it gets too full. If you flood the bathroom again, you’re going to be the one to mop it,” his mom said.

“Fiiiiiine…” Troy groaned and hung up. He glanced out at the massive cock which was spread out before him and then flopped back onto his bed.

Troy had fully intended to jack off right after getting up, but being told to do it took the wind out of his sails. Jacking off while grumpy too the fun out of it. What he needed now was something to set the mood.

Troy thumbed through his saved photos on his phone to get the juices flowing. There were tons of selfies and other such saucy pics of the twins and the occasional third-party porn pic thrown in for good measure.

Even when they weren’t around, the twins always knew how to get Troy hot under the collar. As Troy flipped through pic after pic, he couldn’t help but grin at the bros’ hot bods, thick rods, and cute smiles. Eventually, Troy settled on a particularly pornographic pic of the bros standing on either side with their dicks sticking out in front of them like two halves of a drawbridge. A glistening strand of pre connected the tips of their throbbing cocks.

Troy’s cock was already past half-mast at this point. Just seeing the twins’ amazing cocks and bods got him so worked up, and the look on their faces seemed to be teasing him in just the way he liked. He could practically hear their voices goading him on and pushing him to pump his hot load all over them.

Troy was so horny, but his rigid cock was already past ten feet at this point. His dick was almost twice as long as he was tall! He could barely even throw his legs around the shaft as if he was riding a Clydesdale. There was no way he could properly work the shaft in his condition. He needed something to help.

Troy couldn’t really go anywhere. His cock and balls were so colossal that even if he shoved or scrabbled with all his might, he would barely be able to budge them. His dick was so thick that even though it was lying on the floor, it crested higher than the bed he was seated atop, and his nuts rose even higher. Either enormous orb was pushing the size of a small two-door coup. There was no doubt in his mind that he was going to flood the basin in the bathroom and would most likely have an extra couple feet added to his resting size after this. That meant that he would be lugging around at least five feet of phallus for the next few days, but he was used to slinging around that much meat. It would be just like the good old days.

Troy flopped sideways on his bed and fumbled for one of the various devices that lay scattered across his nightstand. He had everything a growing boy could hope for. A few dildos, a handful of vibrators, some large rubber belts to tie around the base of his dick for when he really wanted to push his size, a large string of beads, each one bigger than his fist which would be fantastic for his cock right about now, but he lacked the ability to reach his slit by himself…

Troy was going through his inventory and planning the logistics of how best to blow his load when the pic of the twins’ kissing dicks on his phone suddenly shifted to a pic of the twins leaning in close and flashing the cheesiest peace signs and goofiest grins imaginable. Troy reached over and hit the speaker button before his cell chime even had a chance to start.

“Sup,” Troy replied.

“Wakey wakey,” Ike teased.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” Mike added.

“Hey. I’ve been awake!” Troy protested.

“Oh?” Ike asked, audibly unconvinced.

“How long?” Mike asked.

“Uh… five minutes…?” Troy replied.

“Right…” the twins said in unison.

“Yeah, so what did you want?” Troy asked.

“Someone’s still cranky,” Ike teased.

“Must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed,” Mike agreed.

“I get up when I need to,” Troy pouted.

“Oh, really?” Ike asked.

“Like this morning?” Mike added.

“What about it?” Troy asked.

“We know you slept through your first alarm,” Ike said.

“How did…” Troy mumbled.

“Because we know you,” Mike replied.

Troy rolled his eyes and was quickly greeted by the sound of the twins saying in unison, “Don’t roll your eyes at us!”

Troy glanced down at his phone to make sure it wasn’t on video call. “What? How does everyone…” he sputtered, but his only answer was the sound of the twins howling on the other side.

“I get it. I get it. It’s pick on Troy day,” Troy grumbled.

“Nooooo!” the twins said.

“Yessss!” Troy replied.

“We’re actually calling to invite you to a movie!” Mike said.

“Hm?” troy asked.

“Yeah. New dumb blockbuster,” Ike replied.

“Big guns!” Mike cheered.

“Bigger explosions!” Ike added.

“Hot as hell action star!” Mike said.

“Who is too painfully straight to lust over!” Ike added.

“Plenty of guy candy,” Mike started.

“But not so much gay candy,” Ike finished.

“Easy on the eyes,” Mike said.

“But not hard on the dick,” Ike followed.

“So, I won’t be popping wood, you mean,” Troy replied.

“Basically,” the twins said.

“We want to still see the screen,” Ike explained.

“We can get you off after the movie,” Mike teased.

“Sounds fun. When do we leave,” Troy asked.

“Uh… there’s a showing around four…” Mike said.

“We’re getting the suspension fixed at the moment,” Ike replied.

“Gotta be sure ol’ blue can carry you someplace quiet after the show,” Mike explained.

“So that’s the truck’s name now?” Troy asked.

“Well…” the twins said.

“We were calling it ‘ol’ spoo’,” Ike explained.

“But after a while it got boring retelling the joke,” Mike added.

“Fair enough,” Troy replied.

“Anyway, we’ll be by in a few hours to pick you up,” Ike said.

“Yeah. We’ll help ya drain before we go, too,” Mike added.

“Right on. I’ll look forward to it!” Troy replied.

“Great!” the twins said in unison.

“Peace,” Troy said.

“Byeeee!” the twins said.

Troy looked up from his phone and stared out at the massive schlong which was spread out before him. It had crept up a little more even during the time he had been on the phone with the twins. Troy supposed that he could take care of things himself, but the twins sounded so eager to help…

Troy hopped forward off the edge of his bed and dove face-first into his massive, swollen sack. When he was alone, at least, he could admit that he loved how huge he had become.

The doctors had warned Troy against letting himself get too big. The theory was that it had taken him over a week to grow that large the first time, but now that he had hit that threshold, it would be easy for him to grow back to it. Each new threshold he reached would make it harder for him to keep his dick a manageable size.

Troy reached over and grabbed his Switch off his nightstand and then settled comfortably into the crevasse between his massive nuts. The docs sounded so dire, but the twins had the right of it. As long as he didn’t let himself exceed his old max, he could continue to enjoy the full range of sizes.

Troy glanced at the clock. Two hours? He could probably break his old high score in that time. He smirked and cracked his knuckles before firing up another round. The first few stages were easy enough, but it wasn’t long before the ships were coming at him faster and faster. Bullet hell had begun. Yet, even as Troy struggled to keep his focus on the game, he could feel his nuts swelling steadily beneath him, and as wave after wave of invaders fell to his onslaught, the little voice in the back of his head kept pushing him onward… Some records were meant to be broken.

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