Weekly Update 26 June 2021
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Weekly Update: 26 June 2021

Two stories from me this week: a recrudescence of “The Elevator Ride” and new chapters of the Patreon-commissionedOne Hot Summer”. With this installment, “One Hot Summer” breaks its tie with “Love/Shift” to become, indisputably, the longest story I’ve written for the site at 76k words. There’s a bit of Pride theme here and there in this week’s submitted stories, but mainly this is just a big, honking wagonload of new contributions compared to the usual size of my weekly updates, with a lot of variety and all kinds of sexystuff. I hope you find something you enjoy—and if you do make sure to upvote and comment to let our beautiful contributors know what’s striking a chord with the visitors to the site.

Tag-related site upgrades. In the last week or so I’ve instituted four big changes related to story tags.
  (a) First, I reestablished the ability to suggest tags that you feel might be missing on any particular story. To avail yourself of this feature, look for the “Suggest Tags” button under the header info at the top of the story. I’ll review suggestions periodically and implement any of the ones I agree with.
  (b) Second, I’ve started consistently sorting the tags across the site according to the groupings they appear in on the tag tree page, and I’ve also color-coded these groupings differently on the story pages so you can see at a glance the tags that are closely related (muscle, extras, means of change, supernatural, etc.). To me, on stories that had a lot of tags the tag routers were starting to blur together in a big pile of pine-colored buttons, and the color-coding I think helps alleviate that and thereby make the tag routers more useful advisories to coming content and aids in finding stories with elements you want to see more of.
  (c) I finally fixed the tag and author routers so that when you are stepping through them using the “previous story” or “next story” buttons and get to the terminal points of the story list for that tag or author alphabetically, instead of there being no button the “previous” and “next” buttons now wrap around to the other end of the story list.
  (d) I’ve added a few new tags, namely: Cockfucking; Tongue Growth; Voice Deepening; App; Djin/Jinn/Genie; Gay Pride; X-Ray Vision; Prehensile Cock; Set in the Future; Ancient Era; Medieval Era; 19th Century; Early/Mid 20th Century; and Set during the Pandemic. I populated these as I went along based on archive search results and my own spotty memory of relevant stories, but the ones set in the past in particular are tough to find by keyword search. If you know of or happen across any stories rightfully belonging to one of these new tags, please drop me a line or use the Suggest Tags feature on that story’s page to advise me of the missing tag, and I’ll be immensely grateful.

The Friday Flashback this week was also Pride-themed, collecting a batch of stories already in the archives that involve or touch on it, so check that out if you haven’t already done so. I’ll be taking the weekend of the Fourth off from Metabods, so the next update will be two weeks hence, on 10 July. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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This week’s new stuff:


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