The Wizard of Hot

by hyperboi

A young man’s difficult life on a struggling Kansas farm takes a sudden turn when a cyclone appears, taking him and his brother far from home to another place altogether.

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Chapter 1: Kansas A young man’s difficult life on a struggling Kansas farm takes a sudden turn when a cyclone appears, taking him and his brother far from home to another place altogether. (added: 10 Apr 2021)
Chapter 2: The Spirits of Hot Do and Toby find themselves in a strange and magical land, being accosted by a friendly, well-endowed spirit and the vengeful, massively muscled, and hugely hung brother of the ogre-like tyrant their house had accidentally landed on. (added: 24 Apr 2021)
Chapter 3: The One Who Couldn’t Scare Crows The brothers encounter a very hunky, and very confused, scarecrow. (added: 1 May 2021)
Chapter 4: Growth on the Yellow Brick Road Do, Toby, and Scrow are slowed down on their journey by extreme horniness and the waves of growth that come with it for the two brothers. (added: 8 May 2021)
Chapter 5: The One Who Couldn’t Feel Entering a forest, Do, Toby, and Scrow encounter some trees with penis-shaped fruits and a strange, perfectly beautiful man who doesn’t know what love it. (added: 15 May 2021)
Chapter 6: The One Who Scared Himself Further down the road, the brothers, Scrow, and Cytoy encounter a lion-headed, huge-balled eight-foot-tall fellow who’s more scared than scary. (added: 22 May 2021)
Chapter 7: Sexy Troubles on the Road Their new lion friend gets a name (and reveals his hidden assets), just as the group encounters an impediment that could prevent them getting to their destination. (added: 29 May 2021)
Chapter 8: The Red Gatekeepers of the Green City The gang finally approach the Emerald City, but there is a poppy field in the way with some very strange properties. (added: 5 Jun 2021)
Chapter 9: The Great and Wonderful Wizard of Hot Do and his friends finally reach the palace of the Wizard, but he’s not anything like what they expected. (added: 26 Jun 2021)
Chapter 10: The Wizard Demands Each of the group meets individually with the Wizard. Each audience is different, but the price in each case is the same impossible task. (added: 31 Jul 2021)
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Chapter 1: Kansas

Dorian Gale—called “Do” by his friends and family—looked through the bedroom window at the cloudy grey sky and sighed. It was Saturday and what was he doing? Studying at home. He lived in a farm in Kansas where everything was grey and boring. If at least he lived in the city he could maybe have some fun sometimes, or even have real friends.

He did have them at some point, though. He just couldn’t remember. He and his little brother Toby were in the car when their parents had the accident and passed away years ago and since then they’d had to move in with his great uncle Henry and great aunt Emma. Henry was the brother of his grandfather, but they didn’t know him before the accident cause they never visited them and the reason was simple: They lived in the middle of nowhere in an old farm.

Just to go to the local school, Do and his brother had had to walk almost an hour till they reached the bus stop. That had helped him to stay as lean as if he did not have an ounce of fat on him, and the same went for his one year younger brother, 18 now but like a small clone of him. Even if Do had any friends at high school or at the community college he was at now, he couldn’t meet them outside school due to distance, even after was old enough to drive. The truck was always in use on the farm, and the tractor wasn’t workable either.

If it weren’t for his brother, he would have gone crazy from loneliness. The three permanent workers on the farm (his uncle and aunt were too old to do the work) were always busy, although they were plenty nice to them. He and his brother often helped them work, but it was more to keep the boredom away. Increasingly another problem had developed, which was how attractive he found them and how to hide it.

He had come out at school by mistake his senior year and… let’s just say that’s the reason he had no friends among his classmates now. Most families in those parts were strict Catholics (to the point of reminding Do about the stories of the Inquisition) and their kids were taught to think in a very old-fashioned way. They didn’t bully him or anything, but they treated him like he had some kind of weird infectious disease. His brother knew, of course; they had always been close. But the first time Toby tried defending him at school, Do stopped him. His own school life was dead, and there was no reason for his brother to share the same fate. Do convinced him not to approach him at school and he reluctantly accepted it. Toby still resented how his big brother was treated, so even if he socialized normally at school, he didn’t make close friends. Once at home it was another story, with Toby following Do everywhere day and night. That made Do’s jerk off sessions a bit difficult, so that he was looking for excuses to be alone. His brother was really cute, but… Do didn’t want to cross that line with him. At least not until Toby was more mature. Or maybe more buff, who knows.

Both brothers were on the small side (in height and… other areas) and really thin, with reddish brown hair, clear grey eyes and very white skin. Toby was smaller than Do had been at his age and he sometimes complained about it. There wasn’t much to be done, as he ate as much food as two people and still his growth seemed to stall at 5 foot 4. Do wasn’t that tall either at 5 feet 8, but that was still acceptable for his age.

Their white skin was a clear contrast when they helped the workers, Hank, Tim and Leo, who were tanned and very attractive, in Do’s eyes.

Hank was huge. Whenever there was a heavy object to move, he was the one to call. He usually worked with the biggest animals, like the cows or horses. He was very tall, almost 7 feet, and had huge muscles, especially his arms which were enormous and round. He always wore overalls that showed most of his upper body, and even in such baggy clothes, from the bulge displayed, he had a huge salami down there. He wasn’t very smart, though, and he wasn’t ashamed to admit it, but he still was good at his job and that’s why he still kept it.

Smarter was Tim, the Italian frost king. He had the darkest skin of the three and his black hair was always gelled and combed backwards, shining in the sun. He had the face of a model, and his body, despite lacking the hugeness of Hank, was ripped as hell, like bodyfat was an alien concept to him, making him look like he had a hard-as-steel body. He wasn’t really sensitive and often made hurtful remarks, although Do never knew if it was intended. He had never seen him use a mocking tone, or smile. He was a silent type, to top it all, and seemed to enjoy working on the cornfields the most, alone as the lone wolf he was.

In contrast, Leo was always loud, overdramatic and always exaggerated. Not to mention his hearing was too powerful for his own good, as the slightest sound could startle him and make him jump. Also, he was the hairiest man Do had ever seen. Normally Do disliked body hair, but on Leo it looked hot. Plus, Leo was charismatic and lovable, so his charm would win anyone over despite not being liked by his looks. He looked wild with his straw-colored mane, thick eyebrows, and beard.

Do threw his book at the bed, which was a really easy act, since the room he shared with his brother was incredibly small. There was enough space for one bed on top of the other (he had the top one), a small cupboard with clothes and a small desk with a chair, and even with so few and small furniture the room was packed.

He wondered what his brother was doing, so he went out of his room into the living room, which shared space with the kitchen. The house was really small: it had one main bedroom, the boys’ small bedroom (formerly a storage room), a bathroom-toilet, and the kitchen-living room. They didn’t have much tech either, not because the old couple was against it but because asking for a computer was out of budget and internet would be a dream and they wouldn’t be able to afford it, with the farm just squeaking by year after year.

Do left the house, earning himself a sudden heat blast on the face. The oppressiveness of the heat made him think of a storm coming, and the sky was cloudy, but he dismissed the idea—big storms out here were rare the last few years. He went into the barn where Toby was helping Hank feeding the horses, although the amount of food each was carrying was comically different. That was another bad side of being small. Helping around the farm was one of the few things to do around there, but with their small size there wasn’t all that much they could help with. Nevertheless, the three workers enjoyed their company, even Tim—sure, he never said a nice thing, but he also never told them to get lost and always told them the what they could help with whenever they asked.

Do admired the sight for a bit before approaching them. Hank was holding a huge fodder sack under his muscled bare right arm, with the left was bulging while scratching the back of his head. He looked lost in thought. Toby was watching him in awe too, but Do wondered if it had to do with the same awe he had or it was some sort of superhero awe, since Hank had that superman build. Toby still liked his comic books, and Do had to admit that he did, too.

“Hey Hank!”

“Hey, kid.”

“What are you doing there?”

“I’m trying to think where the new bigger fodder bags were. I’m not sure if I forgot them or they haven’t told me yet.”

Toby noticed another worker approaching. “Leo!”

The wild looking man arrived and stared at the small group. “What’s up? Did you deliver the fodder to the horses yet, Hank? Tim said they were getting nervous.” Then he looked up to the cloudy sky. “Might be the weather…”

The aforementioned serious worker appeared from the barn. “Hank! Could you finish with the fodder already?”

“Dunno where the new bigger bags are. Did someone told me where they were?” he replied.

Tim rolled eyes. “Supposedly next to the old smaller ones?”

“Yeah, that’s where Mr Gale left them this morning,” Leo agreed.

“Hey, nobody told me!” Hank shrugged.

“How about you figure it out for once? You just had to look!” Tim frowned. This was a bit mean, in Do’s opinion, even if part of him agreed. Hank usually needed to be told everything.

Then a new voice interrupted. “Is Mr Gale here?”

Eeek!” Leo almost jumped from the interruption. Do and Toby would have chuckled at that if it weren’t for the person who had interrupted them.

Mr Ginch.

He was a land owner in the region. He was quite wealthy and had been for a while trying to buy the land of Do’s uncle. It didn’t help that he was big, intimidating, and mean (and not in a not-so-bad way like Tim). In his arms he was carrying Hunter, a bulldog with as bad a temper as his owner (and a similar face). He was wearing some bandages on one leg.

None of the workers liked him any more than Do did, but they tried to be civil with him.

“Haven’t seen him today,” Hank stated, looking away.

“Have you tried the main house?” Leo suggested.

Tim didn’t change his face. “Trying first in the barn seems a bit foolish to me, but be my guest.”

It was those kinds of cool moments where he spoke the plain truth that made Do respect Tim despite everything.

But his uncle seemed to have noticed something and was heading his way there, with his wife next to him.

“Mr Ginch… To what do we owe the pleasure?” he greeted him with dry sarcasm.

The man glanced at the two teens with disdain. “Yesterday, those two trespassed my property again.”

“We just took the way next to his fence! We didn’t cross it!” Do objected immediately.

“That’s not all!” Ginch barreled on, ignoring Do. “My poor Hunter, expertly trained to expel trespassers, had to chase them away!”

It was Toby that spoke up this time. “That mean-ass dog went out of his way to try biting us!”

“That’s not all!” Ginch persisted, ignoring the other teen, too. “While defending my property, my Hunter injured his leg!”

“Too bad it wasn’t the head,” Do mentioned in a low voice that still could be heard by everyone. He could almost swear he saw a quick twitch at the corner of Tim’s mouth.

“Here is the vet’s estimate of what the bill will be,” Ginch concluded, handing Henry a paper that left him frowning as he read it. “And I doubt this poor place can afford such a prize, unless…. You finally give in to the purchase, Gale.”

“Not a chance, Ginch!” Great Uncle Henry replied, infuriated.

“Think it over well. Moving out will do you good. After all, housing the Devil has reduced the value in all your transactions, has it not?” Ginch added with a satisfaction smile.

Do’s face lost all its color. He looked at the three workers, who suddenly thought of looking somewhere else. Then he looked at his uncle and aunt, who were doing a bit of the same.

He didn’t know how he could have affected his family and their farm, but if it was true the poor fortunes of the farm suddenly had an explanation.

“I’m sure you helped spreading the rumors, huh?” Herny accused the man bitterly.

He shrugged. “So what if I did? And they aren’t rumors, but the truth. This freak”—he gestured at Do—”is a deviant and doesn’t belong here.”

Then it happened. His fragile aunt, who seemed half the size of Ginch, took a couple steps forward and slapped him with such force that it might have been heard in the next county. Ginch had to step back a bit. Henry, no doubt knowing full well what his wife was capable of, was the only one who didn’t look startled.

“Just because you own half the country’s land doesn’t mean you won the people, you Demon,” she spat. “Get off of my property before you are the one who needs surgery!”

Ginch looked at them all with clear hate. “All right, I’ll go, but this isn’t over, you hear me? No matter your stubbornness, you will have to go sooner or later.”

They watched him go, then Emma looked at the three workers, who were standing there staring at her. “What are you waiting for? Fall? Get back to work.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” the three of them said in unison. They quickly scattered.

Do watched them go and looked at his aunt and uncle, feeling like crap. “I’m sorry…” he began.

“Don’t be silly, Do,” Henry cut him off dismissively.

“You don’t have anything to be ashamed of,” Emma said.

But that didn’t erase the fact he was causing them trouble. He watched them go into the house and sighed after they closed the door.

“Auntie Em is awesome, isn’t she?” Toby said, proudly, then smiled. “I’m gonna go help Hank!”

Do smiled back at his brother and watched him go. His smile didn’t last, though. The wind was started to pick up, so Do started to head in. He approached the back door to enter the house, but stopped. He could hear his aunt and uncle discussing something.

“His bite is more than it seems, Emma. He has that kind of power after all.”

“Is money all people care about? How can they claim to be Christians when they behave like hypocrites? What about love everyone instead of scorning others that are different?”

“If only we could work the whole land… add a second crop or two… then maybe we could have the money and the influence to counter his. That might even change how people see things if we had the power like him…”

“But we can’t afford the workers to farm more than run a quarter of the land. And corn is all we can grow as we are now.”

“I’ll think of something. They are family, not a nuisance.”

Do felt like crap and it had nothing to do with the weather, which was worsening by the minute.

They had told him it wasn’t his fault, but in the end, he was the one causing too much trouble and couldn’t stand it. His uncle seemed like he didn’t know what to do yet, but Do knew there was something he could do. If he was the cause of the problems, there was something he could do. It would be hard, but he felt it was the only thing he could do.

He went around the side of the house and entered his room from the window. He got out his old knapsack, threw some clothes inside along with some pictures of his family, and then wrote a short goodbye letter. It read: “I’m sorry, you’ll be better off without me. Love, Do”.

He left it on his pillow and, taking the suitcase, he went out of the house the same way he entered. He snuck through the yard and then headed north for the county road as quickly as he could.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Not long after, Toby got bored watching Hank feed the horses and went back to the house looking for his brother.


He glanced out the window and saw someone running in the distance with a knapsack on his back. Then noticed the note on the bed and cursed. “You idiot!” He jumped through the window and ran after him.

He couldn’t see him now but the dirt drive leading to the county road was hard to miss. He hoped he could catch up before he could get a bus or something. He glanced up at the sky above and cursed again, knowing he would regret going out without an umbrella or a slicker. He was wearing blue shorts and a white tee shirt, but even with such bad weather it didn’t felt cold at all, so he hoped he wouldn’t mind getting wet anyway.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Do couldn’t see the farm anymore and though he was far enough away to slow down a bit and calm himself. He looked around, frowning. It might have been the weather or the shitty situation, but the scenery looked more gray and depressing than usual.

Plus, he was already missing his li’l bro. He stopped, thinking maybe he should have brought him with him. But he didn’t even know how would he sustain himself. How would he manage if he took his brother with him, too?

He noticed a smaller track splitting from the dirt road. Something was parked close by—it looked like a caravan.

It took him a couple minutes to reach the structure, though he almost immediately wished he hadn’t come near it. It was creepy and felt abandoned. It looked like one of those circus carts, made of wood. There was a horse nearby and a small fire. Some sticks with sausages were in the fire, but there was no one around.

He checked the cart out. It didn’t have much decoration, and what it had was mostly too decolorized to be make out. The upper part over a dusty window said “Ozzy the mysterious” with a drawing of a young man with a funny mustache and a turban with a purple gem. His face looked serious and intimidating.

He started backing away when the cart’s door opened and an old man his uncle’s age got out. He looked as surprised as Do.

“Hoh!” he said. He looked suddenly pleased. The man was bald and had the same funny mustache the image in the cart had.

“Are you… Ozzy, the mysterious?” Do arched a brow.

“Hoho! Indeed I am! You must have a good inner eye to guess with such ease!”

“Actually I read in the—”

But the old man was ignoring him. He grabbed Do’s arm and made him sat on a big log near the fire.

“My, my, take a sausage! What brings you to my presence, young one? Seeking for hidden knowledge?”

“No, I—”

“No, wait! You wanted to become my disciple!”

“In fact, I—”

“No, wait!” he exclaimed once more, making Do roll eyes. He had his left arm stretched outwards, asking for Do to be still, while the other was on his face, covering his eyes. “You’re running away from home!”

That made Do to raise his brows in amazement. “Wow! How could you…”

Ozzy gave him a knowing look and shrugged. “In any case, you might need to know what’s in store for you.” He grabbed a nearby big green bag and started checking the contents. He took out an old music box, then another identical one, then another one… then some smaller red boxed. All of them were discarded as if they had no value. He then pulled out some red girl’s shoes, and finally got a dusty crystal ball. “Here we are!”

To cap all of this he then took an old turban out and put it on his head. He left the ball in his lap and started chanting in some weird language. Then he opened his eyes and stared at the ball, wiggling his fingers at it.

“Ohhh… I can see… nothing!”

Do just stared at him. “Say what?”

“Look, kid, Ozzy can’t work with you disturbing my inner eye energy. I need you to concentrate and send good vibes, can you do that?”

Do sighed. “Look, I didn’t ask yo—”

Silence!” Ozzy barked, almost startling him. “Now close your eyes and project those nice thoughts I know you have inside…”

Do rolled eyes again, but ended doing what he was being told. After a couple minutes, Ozzy started talking again and Do opened one eye to check what he was doing. He was looking at the ball, apparently seeing nothing, but…

“Ohh…. I can see…. There is an old couple there…”

Do was surprised, shouldn’t he start talking about fake future scenarios?

“The woman is very small and the man has a weird shaped nose…”

“Aunt Emma and uncle Henry!” Do exclaimed.



“There is also a small kid with them… they look worried, they are looking for something… or someone…”

Doubts about the magician’s powers being real fading away. Do felt awful. Of course his family would worry when they notice his absence and Toby would be so angry at him…

“Wait, the woman has fallen to the ground!”


“She’s grabbing at her chest!”

“Oh no!”

He was silent for a moment.

“What else?” Do asked him, anxious to know.

“I’m sorry, the ball doesn’t show anything else.” Ozzy looked at him as if nothing had happened or they had been talking about the weather.

Do started to panic and got up, cinching his knapsack. He had to almost lean into the wind to stop it from knocking him over.

“Thanks Ozzy! I have to go!”

Ozzy just nodded and waved him off. The fire was out now, probably thanks the increasingly nasty wind. He started to take care of his horse while he shook his head, and Do caught a snatch of his muttering on the shifting wind. “Poor kid, I hope he gets home safely…”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Halfway back Do found his brother Toby, who hugged him, but looked quite angry.

“Hey, To-to,” he grinned, calling him by the nickname that only him used.

But Toby was too angry to even smile. “Don’t To-to me! Are you an idiot? Don’t you dare ever do that again or I’ll kick your ass!”

Do tried not to laugh at that, coming from a kid half a foot shorter than him and a lot lighter, too. “Sorry I made you worried.” Then he recalled his aunt collapsing from what sounded like a heart attack. “What about Aunt Em?”

“What about Auntie Em?” Toby cocked his head to the side, quite cutely, also shielding his face from the wind, both of them forced to speak louder. For once, his concerns and worries won over how cute his brother looked to him right there and then.

“I thought she collapsed from looking out for me?”

“Not that I know o—” Then Toby’s eyes got wide and stared at something behind Do.

Do turned around and saw something that made him more scared than anything he had ever seen. “Ow, shit!”

It was a cyclone. Kansas was prone to cyclones, but that was the first time Do had seen one with his own eyes, outside TV. He knew how devastating could they be.

He grabbed his brother’s hand dragged him alongside him. “Run!”

On the Gale’s farm, the workers and bosses were in a panic, leaving the animals free as the humans went looking for the two missing kids. It wasn’t the first time they had had a cyclone warning, but it was the first time they had it so close they could actually see it. Not far away from the house there was a small trapdoor leading to a storm cellar for such contingencies and they were aware they would have to use it soon, given the speed they could see the phenomenon grinding towards them.

Emma didn’t want to enter until they found the kids, but she was forced by the three workers and Henry, who could only pray the kids had found shelter wherever they were. It was just then, as they closed the door and the cyclone was close enough to be lifting nearby detritus away, that the two teenagers crossed the fence and approached the house shouting for their aunt and uncle. The wind was so loud there was no way to hear anything they were shouting. They couldn’t even hear themselves. And that was why Do wasn’t letting go of Toby’s hand. The wind might blow him away, but he knew for sure that the cyclone could well blow both away, easily.

The house was empty. They ran for the storm cellar, dodging branches and other flying objects.

Once they reached it, Do started kicking the door and screaming for them to open it, but the loudness outside didn’t let them be heard and soon he gave up. Toby pulled at his sleeve, making him look at what was next to them.

The cyclone was so close now that it didn’t look like one anymore, with a slim point in the ground that became wider as it went up. For them it was a column of windy destruction so wide it would easily swallow up any building in its way. Or obliterate it.

Toby pointed at the house. He was going to nod and turn when he saw the barn being ripped apart piece by piece by the wall of wind and understood that the smaller house had no chance of defending itself better than that against it. Still, it was better than staying outside, so they quickly entered the house.

Once inside, Toby locked the front door, a futile gesture that unexpectedly made Do chuckle. As if that would stop the wind! The windows were all open, but he didn’t even bother closing them. Instead, he grabbed his brother’s tiny arm and guided him to their little room and pulled him under the bad, hugging him close. They lay there cringing, closing their eyes hard and waiting for the impact force.

It didn’t arrive.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


The first thing Do noticed was the silence, before he realized he could hear his brother speak. He peeked out from under the bed. It seemed they were still in their room.

“Is it… over?” Toby’s trembling voice finished waking him up from stupor and they came out under the bed. There was no more wind. Actually there was a weird calmness around them. Do felt weird, as if he weighed nothing.

Then he saw the desk of his room floating in front of him. The same book he had threw that very morning flying slowly next to him. he poked it with one finger and that moved the book easily, like in those movies he had seen in outer space where there was no gravity.

“Do… what’s happening?”

He turned to see his brother floating too, and he finally noticed himself doing the same. He managed to grab the window frame and looked outside. Then his blood froze. Outside it was hell, with wind instead of fire. Everything outside was flying from one side to the other at extreme speeds, sometimes bumping into each other with such force they became dust. There was still a cyclone outside, so why…?

He just needed to poke his head outside and look up and then down. Up he could see a circle of blue sky surrounded by the greyest spinning clouds he had ever seen and below them he could see such darkness and chaos he only wanted to get inside and hide under the bed. If it weren’t moving as random as the rest of things inside the house, that is.

He stared at his brother, who seemed confused. “Toby… we’re inside the cyclone…”

His brother’s face distorted a bit from fear and surprise. He was grabbed by Do again and with a hand that was free, grabbed one of the floating thin mattresses.

He didn’t know what could happen now. Their house might have gotten on the eye of the storm where there was calm (he had read that somewhere), but who knows how much longer they would be safe there—and even if the cyclone disappeared, there was no telling how far up in the sky they were. The fall would be disastrous.

Feeling like he had left things to chance a bit too much, he managed to make his brother cling to him like a koala to a tree and, grabbing the thin mattress, surrounded themselves with it. They waited, hoping for the best.

His precautions were not a second too soon, as everything started moving again fast and chaotic.

Both siblings screamed as the world spun until they lost consciousness.


Chapter 2: The Spirits of Hot

When Do came to, there was a slight breeze coming from the window with a sweet scent and he could hear birds chirping outside. He opened his eyes and saw his little brother next to him. Both on top of his mattress but in the living room, instead of his room. He would have thought of it as a dream if everything around him weren’t out of place or broken.

He stirred a bit and his brother awoke as well, sitting down and looking around with wide open eyes.

“Are we alive?”

Do laughed, relieved it had ended at last. He stood up and his brother did as well. The floor was a bit cracked, but mostly intact, although it felt like it wasn’t quite leveled. Maybe it had landed on a hill or something?

Do chuckled and shook his head. There was no way the house would be this fine if it had fell from the sky. He probably imagined that part. But still everything seemed inclined to the left…

He rubbed and patted his clothes, brushing off a bit of the dust and also checking himself in case he was hurt, but there didn’t seem to be any blood or broken bones. Then he started checking on his brother, even lifting his tee shirt, which made him go all red. He chuckled at his shyness and with a mischievous grin, pressed his mouth in his brother’s flat belly and blew, making farting noises. That made Toby to crack up laughing and fall on the mattress again.

He finally pushed his older brother away and when he managed to get his breath back from laughing to the point of getting all red, he pouted, “Jeez, I’m not a kid anymore, you know?”

Do grinned and got up, walking towards the front door with his brother tailing him. Once outside, the scenery took his breath away.

Used to the grayscale scenery back in Kansas, he couldn’t imagine such nature and colors surrounding him. Plus, everything was huge! The plants, the houses… the houses were all painted in a bright blue color and the plants everywhere were all taller than him, with even the smallest flowers the size of dinner plates. He got a bit nervous thinking of the size of the bugs. There were many trees with brown trunks and looking up, the sun only let him see a blue folliage on top of the trees. They were probably 20 feet tall.

He finally found his tongue. “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, To-to,” he said.

They were in some kind of town center, and on the ground before them was a spiraling golden road. Then Toby pointed at something in the sky approaching.

Do narrowed his eyes and tried using his hands to shield the sunlight and see better. It looked like a bubble getting closer and closer. Or was it already close and was just growing? He couldn’t tell. But the moment the bubble was the size of an adult, it imploded, and Do and his brother were astonished at what they saw inside.

There was a man dressed in odd white clothing. His face looked as young as Do’s, but his grey eyes spoke of many years of wisdom. His short hair was curly and white, as were his eyebrows and long eyelashes. Everywhere on his tanned skin was sparkled a kind of silvery dust.

He was fairly tall, about 6 and a half feet, and his torso was bare apart from an open sleeveless vest, which showed off some defined pectorals and abs; around the next were wild, fluffy fur decorations. His lower half was way crazier. He wore what looked like a white jockstrap that seemed like he had stuffed a pumpkin in the front, and below that he wore high boots with platforms.

Basically a drag queen, Do thought in summary, with less makeup and way more bulge. He shook his head and keep staring, not really believing his eyes.

The newcomer was wearing a little silver crown accessory on his head and had a silver pipe in his hand. He wasn’t smoking with it, though, but blowing bubbles.

Do glanced at his brother, in case he was the only one having visions, but Toby seemed as dumbfounded as he was.

Then the white-clad stranger spoke, but not the way Do expected. “Sup, bitches? Or should I say, witches?”

Do blinked. “What?”

Toby cocked his head to the right. “Huh?”

The new guy blew a bubble the size of a beachball and let himself fall on top of it, floating towards them as if the air was water. Do stopped staring at the man’s junk pressed against the transparent bubble, and when he looked up the man was looking directly at him and stopped just inches from his face. “So are you a bad witch or a good witch?”

Do frowned. “Excuse me, but I’m not a witch. I’m a guy!”

“Magician, sorcerer, spirit, politic… whatever?” the stranger continued, looking amused.

Do shook his head and the new guy turned to Toby. “Then are you the witch?”

Do grabbed his brother and put him behind himself. “He’s just my brother!”

The bubble guy pouted, looking perplexed. He blew another bubble that floated under him and exploded the previous bubble, sitting on the second one, crossing his legs and leaning his arms on them. He blew more little bubbles as he seemed to think, eyes slightly unfocused. Then he looked up, still talking to Do.

“You see… I’m confused here,” he said. “The titans called, telling me a witch had killed the East Spirit by throwing a house at him. And that’s the house, here you are, and that’s all that’s left of the East Spirit.” He signaled with his pipe behind them.

Do and Toby turned around and almost screamed when they saw the reason the house wasn’t evenly leveled on the ground. The right side was tilted up because a hulking figure was trapped under it. Only a grey wild hair and half of both arms were sticking out of the house. Those forearms were slightly blue skinned and were tremendously muscled and tattooed. Each wrist had a pretty golden bracelet with many gems. The part of the head that was sticking out was hideous.

The bubble-guy watched them react with amusement. “That’s your house, right?”

Do nodded.

“You must be a very powerful magic-wielder being to kill someone like the East spirit.”

Do looked terrified. “I didn’t! I mean, it was an accident…”

On the other hand, Toby was more shocked by the dead body. “I thought spirits would be transparent and stuff, but they are hella fugly.”

Bubble-guy chuckled and they could hear a deep roaring laugh above their heads. Do looked around. “What was that?”

“The titans,” explained the white-clothed guy, still amused at the smaller ones’ innocence. “They laugh because, I’m a Spirit too. I’m Oswald of the North, Spirit of Changing Winter.” He made an exaggerated and elegant bow.

Toby realized he had been rude and apologized, but Oswald shrugged it off. “No problem kiddo. Everett was, indeed, fugly as hell. But now he’s dead! And his ruling over the titans has ended!”

Then a trembling in the ground made the siblings unbalanced, as they saw in amazement the tree trunks bending on the middle, now revealed to be the legs of massive, human-shaped beings. The blue upper part they saw before was their shirts and now that they were looking down at them, they could see their smiling faces.

“They are very happy,” Oswald informed them, “‘cause you’ve killed their tyrant ruler, Everett of the East, Spirit of Thunderous Fall.”

The ovation was deafening, but the happy mood was contagious and soon the siblings were smiling, shaking hands with the giants and being lifted up and down so everyone could see their saviors. Then Oswald asked the titans to set them on the ground and to mimic trees again. Though confused by the sudden mood change (Oswald seemed tense for some reason), they did as told, which showed Do how much they respected the Spirit of the North.

Then there was a huge explosion in the middle of the plaza and Do and Toby found themselves on each side of Oswald, who had each hand on the shoulders furthest from him in a defensive pose.

A green-skinned hulking figure appeared in the middle of the lingering dust from the explosion. The figure had tattoos over all his skin covering a very packed muscled body. His face was square shaped, with a long silky black hair framing it and falling down his broad back. He wore a weirdly shaped hat on top of his head and he wore black leather strings across his muscular chest, forming an X. He was barefoot and wore nothing to hide the massive schlong hanging from his crotch. The foreskin covered cockhead was pierced by a huge ring and seemed to be endlessly dripping some kind of black steaming substance that gave a sulfuric smell. His eyes were narrow and green and with his thick brows and the fangs that showed his mouth.

He looked like a beast. Do immediately thought of Leo and realized there are two ways of resembling a beast. This one wasn’t a good way.

He stared at the green hulk looking around and finally spotting the house and the corpse below it.

His ugliness struck Do as familiar. “Wasn’t he dead?” Do looked up at the Spirit of the North.

But Oswald shook his head. “That was his brother Everett, Spirit of the East. This is Theodore of the West, Spirit of Scorching Summer, and way worse than his brother ever was.”

Theodore spun around angrily. “Who killed him?” he roared. “Who killed the Spirit of the East?” He finally noticed the new face around and approached Do. “Was it you?”

Do shook his head. “It was an accident, I didn’t mean to kill anyone!”

“Actually, it’s a cyclone’s fault, don’t blame him just because it’s his house!” added Toby defiantly.

Do narrowed his eyes at Toby. “You mean, our house, To-to!”

Toby cringed a bit, his face red. “Stop calling me that when there are people around!”

Theodore ignored the small quarrel and still addressed his wrath at Do. “An accident, huh? Well, I can cause accidents too!” He moved toward him again.

But then Oswald coughed. “Forgetting the golden bracelets, yo?”

Theodore glanced at Oswald. His snarl changed to a purr and grinned viciously. “Yeah… the bracelets!”

With a mixture of infatuation and disgust, Do watched the evil creature’s massive cock swell to almost twice its size, obviously getting a powerful turn-on over… what was it? Bracelets?

With the thick cockhead dragging on the ground, Theodore waddled towards the house, but when he was about to grab the bracelets from the corpse, they vanished and the body collapsed into blue dust.

“The bracelets!” He turned around towards Oswald. “Those bracelets are mine now! Give them back!”

“They chose their master already.” Oswald winked at him amused. “Seems like the winner gets the loot. They are his and his alone!”

Do’s eyes widened. They were staring at him! He found something tight on his wrists and he opened the buttons of his shirt, revealing the pretty bracelets on his wrists. He had no idea how they got there, or why had they adapted to his vastly smaller wrist size.


But Theodore didn’t give him much time to be amazed. “Those bracelets are mine!” he shouted. “You can’t use their power, so give them back to me!”

Then Oswald got his face next to Do’s. “You’d better not,” he advised. “They must be really powerful, or else he wouldn’t want them that badly.”

Theodore snarled at him. “You stay out of this, Oswald, or I’ll get you as well.”

Oswald made a snapping of his fingers in front of him in a defiant manner. “Suck it up, bitch,” he grinned back at him. “You have no power here! Get the fuck out before another house lands on your green butt!”

Theodore grunted, but still gave a quick glance towards the sky. Then he backed off.

“Very well, I’ll go. But you, mah boy!” He pointed his index finger at Do, who cringed. “Don’t think you’re saved just yet. I’ll get you, and your little bro too!”

Then he gave an evil laugh and fire enveloped him, until he exploded. They all stared at it until the black smoke disappeared.

Oswald patted Do’s shoulder. “Seems like you got a bad enemy of the Spirit of the West.” Then he coughed. “Shit, now it smells of sulfur around here like the devil’s furnace! Oh well. I think the best thing for you would be getting the hell out of this land A-S-A-P.”

That would be easier if he knew where “this land” was, Do thought. “Where are we?” Toby asked, evidently thinking along the same lines.

“In the Magical Land of Hot! In the Eastern country’s capital city, to be exact.”

“I guess Kansas is quite far away, huh?” Do thought aloud.

Oswald shrugged. “No idea, kiddo. Hot is all I know. Five territories: North, ruled by yours truly; South, ruled by the spirit of the Renewing Spring, Glenn; East… now free from Everett; and you already met the ruler of the West. Around this land is only desert, so I hope you brought your broom with you if you want to get home.”

Do rolled eyes. “I told you I’m not a witch.”

“Hum…” Oswald was lost in thought, biting the end of his pipe. Then he opened his eyes wide “I guess there is only one who could help now. The Wizard of Hot.”

“The who?”

“He’s the ruler of the center territory of Hot. I’m surprised none of you asked when I left the fifth zone unexplained,” Oswald added with a pout.

Do didn’t want to waste more time. “Yeah, yeah, can he help us then? Is he a good guy?”

Oswald paused a bit before answering. “Hum… he’s powerful indeed and a just leader they say. He’s just so very mysterious…”

“We should go ask him anyway, right?” Toby suggested.

Oswald nodded. “And since someone is in denial about his witch nature and about having forgotten his broom at home…” Do rolled eyes and shook his head. “It seems like the two of you will have a long road ahead of you. Emerald City where there Wizard lives, is very far away. But you won’t get lost. You’ll just have to follow the yellow brick road.” He gestured toward the golden road with his pipe.

Both siblings looked at the way. It was clear as day.

“Wait here a sec,” Do said to his brother. He entered the house to get some stuff for the trip and while Toby waited, Oswald approached him.

“You seem quite defenceless, small one,” he said.

“I’m not that small,” Toby whined.

“Yeah, sure. Since I’m out of my territory, I don’t have much power here, but I can give you a small blessing for protection. It might turn not to be so small a blessing at the end, though,” he chuckled.

“Really?” Toby got all excited, thinking he would be seeing magic, but his smile got weaker as he saw the older guy lowering his jockstrap until his cock, as big as Theodore’s, flopped out. He wasn’t smiling when he saw the monster come to life and point directly to his face, just an inch away from his forehead. And he cringed when the massive cock exploded onto him, covering him from head to toe in cum.

He stayed like that, hoping he just imagined things and when he opened his eyes he would be clean again.

And indeed, he opened them and he had no sticky substance on him. Had he imagined it?

But there was Oswald, trying to stuff a semi-hard monster into the pouch of his jockstrap. Toby was very confused as he inspected himself. Where had that cum gone?

By the time his brother came back, Oswald’s pouch was just as massive as always, but smaller than a moment ago. And Toby would die of embarrassment before telling his brother what happened.

“You ready?” Oswald asked him.

Do nodded and smiled at his brother. “Let’s go!” Toby nodded at him back, glancing at Oswald awkwardly.

As they turned to exit the giants’ town, Oswald gave Do a final warning. “Remember, your brother might be protected by my blessing, but you have to take care of yourself. Never take those bracelets off, or you’ll be at the mercy of the Spirit of the West. And mercy is something he knows nothing about. Ciao!” In the blink of an eye he was surrounded by a bubble, already floated away. In mere moments he was gone.

“As if I knew how to take them off…” grunted Do. Then he glanced at his brother. “What blessing? Did he do something while I was gathering our stuff?”

Toby didn’t dare looking at his brother to the face and blushed like a tomato. “He… kissed my forehead… yeah.” He nodded.

Do shrugged and smiled slightly. He wouldn’t have minded Oswald kissing him, he thought as they started down the yellow road. That guy was hot.


Chapter 3: The One Who Couldn’t Scare Crows

After half a day and a couple stops to rest, both siblings arrived at a crossroads next to a corn field. Do hesitated. Was he supposed to follow by the centre road cause it went on ahead without turning left or right?

While he was pondering such things, Toby was climbing the fence to sit on the wooden rail when he saw a huge scarecrow a few feet away. He had seen many scarecrows in the cornfields at home and he was so very different.

First of all, this one was huge. Toby decided after a while that this should be unsurprising, being in the east country where titans live. If you considered the titans they had seen in that town and some they had seen on their way there, the scarecrow was fairly small in comparison, but still he had to be about 10 feet tall—more than twice his size. He was dressed the same way those titans were, also unsurprising. Scarecrows should look the same way as the ones building them. Brown pants, blue shirt gloves and a huge hat that, the way he was leaning on the wooden post, hid his face. His posture looked more like someone leaning on the post than someone suspended from it.

Another difference was that even if those titans were way bigger than a normal human, their proportions were similar, maybe even a bit thinner. And this guy was nothing like that, with bulges straining the clothes simulating muscles and, he noticed glumly, a big bulge. Even the scarecrows around here were showing him up and pointing out just how small and underdeveloped he was. He wished he could be at least that big, then no one would mess with him, not even at school, or shun his brother out or annoy his family with money issues like that hideous Mr Ginch.

Even as he was thinking these things, Toby felt a weird energy enveloping him and his whole body felt stiff. He couldn’t even talk!

Oblivious to his brother’s problems, Do was standing in the middle of the crossroads, annoyed at the fact no one bothered to leave a small sign to where they should continue. “Argh, come on! Isn’t there someone who can tell me how to follow towards Emerald city?” he cried out to the empty landscape.

“I can.”

“What was that, To-to?” he asked, starting to turn toward his brother, wondering how he knew the way.

But his brother was panicking. Not only couldn’t he move, now he felt like his skin was breaking and cracking. Even more upsetting, the scarecrow before him moved and talked. He could finally open his mouth and…


“Toby!” Do heard him scream and found him petrified and sitting on the fence, pointing at the hunkiest scarecrow he had ever seen.

There was something odd about his brother that he had no time to ponder about before the head of the scarecrow turned at him. “WAH!” He jumped backwards. “That scarecrow moved!”

Then the scarecrow looked at him, confused. “Scarecrows move, you said?”

Do shook his head. “No, they don’t… wait, what?”

Then he noticed that the face of the scarecrow, despite its big size, was human. And quite handsome at that. He looked at Do with big brown eyes, straight nose, freckles on his cheeks, and obvious curiosity. He didn’t look much older than Do, face-wise. His body, on the other hand…

Do shooed away those thoughts and focused on the matter at hand. “Who are you?”

The scarecrow blinked. “I am me.”

“I mean, your name. What do they call you?”

“They call me?”

Do pressed his fingers on his eyes. He was starting he get a headache. “Look, my name is Do. This is my brother Toby. Do and Toby are our names. What is yours?”

“I don’t know.”

“When people refer to you, how do they do it?”

The scarecrow guy cocked his head, seemly thinking. “Last time they talked to me they said, ‘You can at least scare the crows, you stupid retarded midget.’ But isn’t that too long for a name?”

Do stared at him sadly, he started to understand his situation.

“How long have you been here?” Toby asked him.

“I don’t know.” He seemed confused by the question.

Toby had climbed down off the fence, and Do had that sense again something was strange, but all his focus was understandably on the talking scarecrow. “You can tell the days by counting the times the night has come. It gets dark and stuff,” Toby explained.

“Oh… then more than one. I don’t know what’s after one, though.”

“Nobody taught you?”

He seemed to remember something. “They say I was too stupid to understand, that teaching me was a waste of time, that I had no brain and… that I was too small to do anything anyway.” He looked sad. “I kind of understand it… and kind of not, but I have the feeling having no brain is really bad. I wish I had a brain…”

“You have a brain! You’re not stupid, nor small!” Toby said angrily. Then calmed down a bit. “I know how it feels being smaller than the rest. They have no right to bully you just cause you’re smaller than them!”

The scarecrow seemed lost in thought, then he looked down at Toby. “I guess? They were right that I can’t do anything. I really don’t know how to do things.”

Do frowned. “Nobody taught you, it’s not your fault. They probably left you aside cause you’re different from them, smaller than them.”

“He’s way bigger than us, though,” Toby chuckled.

Then Do noticed it again. Toby, who had been (until… now?) more than a whole foot shorter than him and only reached his shoulder, was now eye level to his chin! And his clothes seemed smaller on him too! What was going on there?

But Toby started talking to him. “Hey, do you think the wizard would teach him stuff?”

Do blinked and focused on the question, pondering. “Hum… if he can send us home, I guess he can help him become smarter.”

“The wizard?” the scarecrow guy asked.

“He’s powerful and will help us go home to Kansas!” Toby stated, excited. I bet he can help you get smarter! And maybe bigger too?” Then he added in a low voice, as if to himself, “Maybe he can make us bigger too…”

“I don’t mind being smaller, but I want to be smart, I want a brain.”

Do chuckled. “No, seriously, you do have a brain already…” Then he recalled something. “It will be good for you to come with us, if you know the way to Emerald city.” He clapped his hands to show how nice it felt to finally be able to continue, but he discovered he wasn’t able to.

“What the…”

He tried clapping again, but he couldn’t get his hands closer than four inches apart. He tried to get them closer but it was as if there was an invisible forcefield in the middle.

Toby looked at his arms struggling and cocked his head to the side. “You can’t touch your hands together?”

“I can’t! It’s as if they repelled each other!” Then he noticed his wrists. “Could it be the bracelets?”

The scarecrow guy imitated Toby’s puppy-like head-cocking. “I don’t know.”

Do stared at him. “I wasn’t really asking you…” Then realized the scarecrow was still leaning on the post. “Can you stand?”

“I don’t know.”

Do and his brother exchanged an exasperated look. Do noticed again his brother’s change in size, but Toby spoke. “Look, Scrow, just do as I do, okay?”

“Scrow?” Both Do and the scarecrow stared at the younger teen.

“You don’t have a name, right? So I just named you. You’re doing a scarecrow job, so I’ll call you Scrow!” Then he looked at his older brother with a proud grin. “Cool huh?”

Do decided not to tell him what he really thought of it and faked a smile. “Very.”

“But I don’t do a scarecrow job.”

“Don’t you scare crows here?” Do pointed at a couple of crows hopping about in the nearby field happily munching on the ripening corn.

“I dunno how,” Scrow replied, looking at them with frustration.

Do shook his head. “Just do like this: Shoo, shooo!” he said, waving his hands towards the crows. One of them flew away in a huff.

Scrow nodded and imitated him, a bit awkwardly, wiggling his arms at the other bird, who flew away as well. “Hey, I did it!” Scrow seemed impressed with himself.

Do took a bit to join the celebration, as he had been too absorbed checking out how the sleeves of Scrow bulged as he moved them to scare the bird away. Toby hid a smile and approached his brother. “How about we teach him how to move? You should get closer to him… you might not mind groping him to tell him how. Oh sorry, I mean grab him.”

Do shot daggers at his teasing brother, but still did as suggested. Scrow tried imitating him, but he only managed to fall on the ground on his butt. At the same time a loud ripping noise was heard.

Do’s face went red, as he could imagine what could have torn. No wonder. Maybe someone had given Scrow clothing for someone his height, but considering the proportions of his people, those clothes were skin-tight.

“Help me stand. Please,” Scrow asked.

Do and his brother exchanged looks again, this time, worried ones. With the weight of the guy there was no way even together they could lift him. However, Toby felt like trying, as if there was something inside him he was trying to figure out.

“Maybe just pulling a bit will be enough help?” Toby suggested. Do shrugged. Each brother grabbed a big hand and pulled. Each of them had a different, yet similar experience.

While Toby pulled, he felt his strength being useless and again found himself frustrated, wishing to be bigger. Again he felt that warm sensation again coming from inside him. It surprised him again, since he had no idea where it came from or why, but still accepted it, as suddenly he had enough strength to start moving the giant guy up. He saw the sleeves of his own tee-shirt roll up an inch due to his arm becoming longer and thicker and something round seemed to flex under the skin while a vein became apparent all the way down to his inner elbow.

On his side, Do felt stupid. As if he would be able to move the giant even an inch! However, that feeling of stupidity became surprise when his bracelets started burning his wrists, giving him enough strength to start moving the giant up.

All of that was everything Scrow needed to get some balance and, flexing his arms and legs to help them, he stood up. More ripping sounds got the now-bigger teens out of their stupor. It seemed like the flexing in his arms made the biceps burst the middle part of the sleeves while the quads had done a similar job on the pant legs.

Out of curiosity he tested the cloth’s resistance, yanking off the rags on his wrists and ankles, which were useless now anyway. The result was a summer version of his previous outfit, with the sleeves ripped just below the round shoulders and the legs just a bit under the waistband—the previous rip when he fell down on his butt had helped making into a weird loincloth that didn’t cover anything really. Not when his cock reached mid-thigh soft and his melon-sized nuts almost as far. Only the root of his cock was covered.

“I feel freer now,” Scrow announced happily.

Do couldn’t tell if it was due to the hanging free down there or because being free of his “confinement” as a scarecrow. He couldn’t care less while he tried not to drool and the massive shaft hanging in front of his face… and chest… and even lower. That was how long it was.

Toby was looking at his brother instead. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Do’s long sleeved shirt was like a tent on him, but now his own body underneath was noticeable! The increase seemed a bit more in the chest area, wrinkling it at the pit area. Even his hands seemed a tad bigger, not huge but enough to notice. Toby certainly notices, anyway, as he had been observing his brother closely since he could remember. But he tried to brush that thought away. It was his secret and he rather not dwell on it in case it showed and he was figured out.

He should definitely think on other things, because if he wasn’t seeing things and his older brother had grown, then he himself being bigger was real too! That or his clothes were magically shrinking, which made no more sense. But then, how would anyone explain why he was now eye to nose with his once a foot taller brother? How was it possible? Not to mention his shoes were starting to feel uncomfortable.

Do felt very warm and unbuttoned the first and second button of his shirt. He also rolled up the sleeves of his shirt enough for the bracelets to be completely visible—alongside with thicker and veiny forearms. He felt a tad confused and looked at his brother—his bigger little bigger—with a beaming, excited smile.

“The magical land of Hot, huh?” he said, remembering what they’d been told about the land.

Toby got what he meant by that and nodded. He didn’t fully understand what was really happening, but he just wanted more.

Do shook his head and looked around the crossroad, then, avoiding looking at the massive cock next to him, or trying to, he inquired their new companion. “Sooo where to?”

“I don’t know,” Scrow looked at him serious.

Both siblings stared at him, almost expecting that answer, if it wasn’t by the fact that…

“Then why did you say you can tell how to follow to Emerald city?” Do asked, exasperated.

“Because I can say it. I heard once that the way to Emmerald city follows the yellow brick road.” Then he stared at the golden road under his boots. “That looks like a yellow brick road to me. You just have to follow it.”

“Yeah well, that’s what they told me too, to follow it, but the crossroad here…”

“Oh, they told you to turn at some point, I see…” Scrow looked around, trying to see some difference on the roads”

Toby facepalmed himself. “No they didn’t, which means—”

“—We don’t have to,” finished his older brother, imitating the facepalm.

Scrow looked at the siblings with curiosity, blinked and facepalmed himself, then asked. “Why are we doing this?”

Toby chuckled. “Because facepalming is the new b—”

But Do stopped him. “Better not, I bet he doesn’t understand sarcasm.” Then he looked at the road in front of him and ignored the ways to the right and left. “Okay, let’s continue on our way home!”

“Do you live in Emerald city?” Scrow asked them.

Toby chuckled and Do sighed, resisting the urge to facepalm again. “Just follow the yellow brick freaking road already!”


Chapter 4: Growth on the Yellow Brick Road

After half an hour walking, the two siblings had worked up a good sweat, since they had to get used to walk very fast to keep up with Scrow’s long strides. It was about then when Do noticed Scrow’s heavy breathing. He had been trying not to check him out or he would be having a bad case of blue balls by now, but he couldn’t ignore it if the giant was tiring so easily he was already close to exhausted.

When he looked to his right, however (the giant was walking in the middle and the two siblings were walking on each side of him), he noticed Scrow’s dick had doubled size and was almost horizontal, with the foreskin halfway uncovering the pink huge cockhead dripping sweet-smelling precum. He could also see each muscle of the scarecrow’s legs bulging with every stride, as if his whole legs were swelling and beating like a heart pounding. The heavy breathing wasn’t caused due to being tired but… for another, more obvious reason.

“Why don’t we, hum… take a break?” Do suggested with a faint voice.

“Wow, finally, I was about to—holy crap!” Toby had just realized about the change in Scrow’s junk and was staring with deer-against-car-lights-like eyes.

Scrow looked down, needing to crouch a bit to check over his pecs, and saw his developing erection. “What happened to it? It’s been feeling weird for a while, as it slapped my legs when walking…”

Do deduced that with everything hanging free and such a long cock, it was easy for it to bounce and slap his tights with each step, and that must have been stimulating the giant to the point of having about three feet of towering flesh on top of heavy balls.

Do thought he should explain the clueless giant about that and felt excited to the prospect of teaching such a hot guy how to masturbate, but his brother was right there and…

Toby saw his brother glancing at him with a worried expression and, deducing what was on his mind, he rolled eyes. “Seriously now? I’m fucking fifteen, Do! I’ve been masturbating since I was 11! I think I can handle hearing The Talk. Shit, I bet I can even give it myself!” Then he chuckled and looked at his brother mischievously. “And to your surprise, I might enjoy it as much as you do.”

Do’s face lost all color it might have when he understood the implications of what his brother just said. “Say what?”

“I’m gay as well, bro. I’ve known it for almost two years now.” He crossed his arms over his chest, looking defiantly at Do.

Do couldn’t believe what he heard “How can you know that? You were just 13!”

“How old were you when you got outed at school?” Toby asked him.

“Hum… certainly not 13… but, you’re my little brother… I can’t just allow myself to think of you as…”

Toby raised his eyebrows at what he just heard. “You think of me as…?”

And Do wanted the earth to swallow him there and then for revealing one of his most secret secrets. “No, what I mean, is… thinking of you as… hum… passing for what I went through! Yeah, that!”

“Oh… I see.”

Do got a new surprise—was that disappointment in his brother’s voice? Was Do imagining things? He decided to blame Scrow for making him that horny and interpret what he heard that way.

Toby was indeed disappointed. He had always had a crush on his big brother. He couldn’t tell why or when it started, but when he realized he started to realize he liked guys too. He had even secretly watched his brother jerk off and jerked himself off at it. But he guessed his brother would never look at him the way he was trying not to look at Scrow. He sighed and looked away, glancing at Scrow.

“Fine, then close your eyes and don’t see me enjoy the most impressive piece of meat we’ll ever find in our lives. Since you don’t seem to want to help our poor massive friend…”

“I—I didn’t say I didn’t want to…!” Do was suddenly more nervous than ever. One thing was crushing over someone who was slightly taboo, but him being straight had meant there was no real danger. It was another thing altogether if his tabooed crush was suddenly available. And to top it off, he was growing before his eyes.

And also, that towering flesh was enticing him making his inhibitions to flee more and more.

He kept reminding himself that his brother was too young to initiate him into… What? Sex? He hadn’t even been initiated on it himself yet!

He started panicking. Sex? Already? And who did he have as “sex companions”? A 18-year-old kid that was also his brother and a 10-foot-tall muscled hung giant with no knowledge of… anything and apparently more innocent than Toby. “Crap.”

He stopped hyperventilating. He was just going to teach the guy how to jerk off, nothing more and nothing less…

Then he saw his younger brother lowering his shorts to reveal his boner. “Fuck!”

Toby looked at him, confused. “No, just jerking off.” Then he was chuckling at his lame excuse of a joke.

Do snorted. “Smartass…” All this hard cockage having eroded his resistance, he shrugged and did like Toby had done, unzipping his fly to let his own boner out and approaching the giant.

He tried focusing on the giant’s cock, which wasn’t all that difficult, as it was now bigger than Do’s own leg. He signaled Scrow to kneel so they wouldn’t have to crane their necks.

Then he glanced at his own cock and suddenly remembered he felt like he had grown and that was showing on him in more ways than one, apparently. His boner, usually 5 inches on a good day, was closer to 7, he estimated, and way thicker. It felt amazing grabbing it with one hand and seeing there still more cock peeking from his fist. He then recalled his brother had been growing as well and wasn’t surprised when he saw Toby’s legs being way longer than before and actually as thick as his—as thick his had used to be the day before, at least. He pondered if he should take his pants off completely like Toby, but decided not to. His attention was drawn to his brother’s cock, which was almost as big as his newly grown cock was now. It looked even bigger than on Toby.

He felt a bit jealous of Toby’s growth—why wasn’t he growing as much? It didn’t feel fair. But he decided to shrug it off. The sight was hot and that was what mattered at the moment.

He got his attention back on the giant’s behemoth cock. Now that Scrow was kneeling, his cock was eye to eye with theirs, despite being big enough for his cockhole to swallow both of the teens’ cocks easily.

A crazy thought struck him—maybe they would end bigger than even Scrow? He chuckled, not believing his own fantasies for even a second.

“Sooo, yeah. This is an erection,” Do stated.

Toby rolled eyes. “We’re not in class, you can say boner.”

“Why don’t you explain if you know it better?” Do turned at him and got shocked to see him taking off his tee shirt. “Hum… why are you getting naked?”

Toby looked back at him with faked innocence. “What are you talking about? I’m still wearing my sneakers.”

Do would have strangled him if he wasn’t staring so hard at his brother’s bare body. He might have grown only a bit, but in his fat-free body the changes showed tremendously. Leaving aside the fact that he was now only about 3 inches shorter than him, Toby’s body had gone from slightly lanky and toned to athletic, with each muscle group visible. His legs were starting to develop big quads, actually, and he wondered why he hadn’t noticed the calves sticking out that much.

Toby glanced at his brother checking him out and frowned. He couldn’t get what was he about. He said he wasn’t interested in him, but then he looked at him like a piece of meat. Well, he thought. If he was lying, he would have his revenge by teasing him as much as he could and if he wasn’t interested, the teasing would still be entertaining enough. (As far as Toby was concerned, being the annoying brother equaled getting to have more fun.)

Do felt his cock twitch and let go a glob of precum on the road, so he decided to retake initiative.

“So look, Scrow, whenever your cock get like this, you can get rid of it faster by jerking off.” Before the giant could ask, he continued: “Jerking off is a massage you give to your dick when it gets hard.”

“Or a massage you can give to your dick to get it hard,” added Toby. “And it feels awesome, so you will want to get it hard and massage it, like this.”

He started rubbing his hand on his cock. His hands were a bit smaller than Do’s so his almost equal-sized cock looked bigger than his did. Toby started grabbing his cock with both hands, rubbing the sensitive member up and down, he couldn’t help moaning. It felt amazing having a bigger cock and he wondered what would it feel to be as endowed as Scrow.

Watching his crush beating off made Do’s hormones to go overdrive and he started jerking off his meat as well, not caring anymore if he was staring at Toby or that he was supposed to be teaching Scrow how to do it.

Luckily he didn’t need to, as the giant was mimicking his two new smaller friends, and, with cock enough for more than his own two hands, he started rubbing his own monster. The first rub clearly felt weird to him, but it filled his sensations too much for him to handle and he had to stop for a moment. He found himself liking the intense feelings the actions gave him, though, and gave another try. Soon he was beating his cock furiously, with his back arcing backwards, sitting on his feet and moaning like a wild animal, joined by the out-of-control teens.

Toby noticed Do stealing glances at him and the giant and he got off on it, on top of watching Do beating off in the open and finally not caring that he was being watched even as he was doing his own watching. A glance at his giant companion made him wonder again what would be like being so big, and how it would feel. His horniness masked away the warm sensation that should be familiar by now.

Do was torn between staring at such a huge guy, like a fantasy, tempting him to abandon his cock and hug the behemoth’s member and rub it with his own body; staring at his brother-crush with his now-bigger and more attractive body, beating his growing meat; and his own body, which not only felt great but was hotter and larger than it should be. One of his hands had finally left the jerking action and started feeling his bulgier torso. But his own cock was demanding more attention and a stronger grip, and he was going to give it, clenching his fist on his cock, making more veins to pop out and unconsciously provoking a reaction on his bracelets, whose burning sensation was subsumed under the pleasure he was experiencing.

Toby reached climax and started spontaneously cumming, and as he came Toby’s form inflated again, slowly but obviously even for someone who hadn’t met him before at his previously tiny size. His bones elongated, his muscles bulged outwards, and his cock lengthened, and at the same time his nuts swelled and hung lower in their tighter sack. If he’d looked athletic before, now he looked like a surfer, or maybe like a gymnast, although, as usual, his legs seemed the more prone to grow. If his pecs now would be noticeable under any tee shirt, like the jocks at school, his legs bulged even more, making the observer think of professional cyclist’s legs. His calves were especially big now and diamond-shaped. His still near-zero bodyfat made the change even more obvious, the new muscles hard and exquisitely defined, despite his growing taller hiding a bit the growth of his muscles. He was ripped from head to toe, a head that now could look eye to eye with his brother, even if Do himself had grown taller, too.

Because yes, Do had grown taller too as he orgasmed—but his changes were unlike those his brother. Toby seemed to have fixated more on height (and cock). Do’s body seemed more into dramatic muscle growth. As cum started shooting out of a swelling cock, his back broadened, his arms thickened, his chest bulged out more, and his legs—like his brother’s, although maybe not as obviously due to still wearing pants—grew to the point of looking like he competed in indoors power cycling, getting closer in width to his ripped midsection, which he couldn’t see well yet with his suddenly-too-tight shirt still on.

None of them noticed the fact that the three of them had reached orgasm at the same time, so lost in their euphoric release that they could only feel their own pleasure rocketing off. The growth each teen underwent was mixed into an orgasm that went on and on and felt like it would last forever, even if it took less than 15 seconds. Then something else delayed their awareness of their upgrades as soon they were covered in cum, courtesy of their new giant friend.

Do’s first feeling was exhilaration, because that had been the best orgasm ever. Next came confusion from the new weight of his body and last was disgust at being covered in cum. His hair was plastered on his head and his clothes were drenched in it. He tried not to, but couldn’t help a “Ew…” He wiped most of the warm cum from his face to look around him. First he saw the collapsed and smiling titan next to him, breathing heavily and also covered in sperm (although he couldn’t complain because it was his own cum).

“That felt good…” Scrow managed to say, then leaned on his thick muscled arms to look at the smaller teens. “Can we do it again?”

Toby laughed at the comment and Do looked at him, seeing the changes in his naked, jizz-covered brother. His jaw almost hit the floor and his cock became hard again instantly. “Fuck me…” he moaned, then he hoped Toby hadn’t heard him. Toby had turned into such a tease that he might use that against him, and damn… visually his body was a tease now. Their eyes met and he felt more than a connection there. He quickly broke the eye contact, blaming the strange and unaccustomed feeling on the fact that they were now of equal height.

Toby bit his own tongue, not knowing how much longer he would be able to hide his lust for his brother, especially when he was growing to be such a stud. With his wet clothes plastered to his body, revealing the new muscles and his big cock still hard, Toby found it hard to look away. He bit his finger to suppress a moan. “You’re killing me…” he whispered to himself.

Fortunately his brother seemed not to have noticed and was telling the giant to get up. If Do wasn’t feeling the same way, at least he didn’t want to embarrass himself, or even worse, lose the bond the siblings shared.

He looked at his discarded clothes, free of cum unlike his brother’s; but as his body was covered in it, he couldn’t just put them back on. Luckily for them, the yellow road passed next over a river just ahead that they could use to clean themselves. It was deep enough to cover both teens to the waist, meaning Scrow could only fit his ankles, so he sat down. It was nice to see, given that with him seated he had his upper pecs, delts, neck and head above the water, along with his knees. The siblings started splashing water on him and played at climbing the giant’s legs until they were sitting on top of those big knees as if they were small islands in the sloshing river.

Scrow watched them play with his big body. It was fun for him, too, but only at the beginning. Once he was clean, he checked around them, not knowing what to do next. He hadn’t been taught many things and didn’t know what or how to play in the water. Then he remembered something he had been taught recently that was incredibly enjoyable. He grabbed his soft cock with both hands under the water and started slowly rubbing it. It felt great immediately and he wondered if he could be like that all the time. Soon both siblings saw a third island rising between the two knee-islands and the pecs of their giant friend. It was pulsating and trembled as hands stroked it underwater. It grew way bigger than the other two islands until the whole cockhead was visible. It was dark pink and the slit in the middle looked huge to them.

Do and Toby looked at each other with amusement, then Do exclaimed, “Behold the island of the giant cocks!”

Toby laughed so hard he almost fall into the water. However a roguish smile rose his lips when he recovered and got on his feet on top of the giant knee. Do looked at his tight body, feeling his cock start to swell again, and watched, impressed, as he flexed his thighs and jumped towards the third island, easily landing on the tip and receiving such a moan and trembling that the two brothers were almost made to fall to the water. Toby grabbed the cockhead as if he was hugging it and tightened his hold, making it even more pleasurable to Scrow, who started straightening his legs underwater, meaning Do’s hold was perch to sink.

Knowing he had only second, he tried doing the same as his brother, but with his leg’s strength being greater and his foothold moving he didn’t land where he wanted and missed by mere inches, meaning, that instead of grabbing the huge cockhead he grabbed Toby’s the torso from behind as he was already hugging the massive glans.

Toby’s eyes twitched as he felt his brother’s bare torso pressing against his back, hugging him from behind so he didn’t get more than his ankles into the water. He could feel something big and hard pressing against his crease, which made him unconsciously flex his glutes around it. Said butt was, like his legs, more developed than his upper body, and when flexing it around his brother’s thick cock, it felt like he was squeezing the big member, which had to be around 8 inches by now. His own hard cock, which was reaching past 10 inches already, rubbed in between the massive glans he was hugging and his own 8-pack abs. The shifting of the happy giant below as he jerked off underwater only made Toby hug it tighter and unwillingly flex several muscles, his glutes among them, against the cock pressing against his body. It was too much for him as he hugged the giant’s cockflesh tighter and tighter, thinking it was his own cock and imagining having such a massive cock. On his back, Do was struggling not to fall and at the same time not to cum by the stimulation he was receiving on his boner. He felt his brother’s pecs bulging on the flexing motion of hugging and that made him want to hug them even tighter and stronger.

Again, the orgasm clouded any other feelings, like the one of growth they experienced.

After the three of them spent long moments cumming the brothers let go of whatever they were holding onto, not because they were too relaxed to do so, but because the island holding them above water was softening and sinking. Keeping the hold on it would mean they would sink as well.

Then their feet touched bottom in the deepest part of the river before their midsection barely got into the water and they felt a bit silly for their act. As if they could drown in such a small river.

It was when they were cleaning again from Scrow’s latest load that they noticed the changes. Do’s upper body was packing more muscle than a gymnast or a wrestler, especially his legs, which seemed thick enough with muscle. This time his forearms had grown the most, being almost equal to his upper arms, and his hands looked huge too. The bracelets had adapted to the change, growing alongside him and now they looked perfect on him. Sadly his cock hadn’t grown that much, becoming a mere 9-incher when hard (which was almost twice his starting size). His balls, on the other hand, looked oversized on him now and stretched his ballsack to the limits. It felt odd because with his quads so big, his balls were forcing forward and that forced his cock even more outward, making his bulge even more obvious, even if unintended.

Toby’s growth was more remarkable due to the big increase in height. He was now several inches taller than Do (who was also taller than when he started, although only a couple inches), making him almost 6 feet tall. This was an astounding improvement for someone who’d measured 4 feet 8 inches only a day ago. His cock had improved greatly as well and now it reached over a foot when hard, a state which seemed difficult to not be in, with hot naked studs next to him all the time and he himself being quite the hot guy as well. He had kept packing on muscle, just enough to keep in proportion with his height change, or maybe a bit more. His pecs seemed especially fuller on his bigger frame, and his legs, as usual, benefitted the most from his growth spurt, and he knew he’d be walking with his legs spread apart a little just from the size of his thighs, like a pro bodybuilder. His calves had grown the most, now rubbing against each other if he stood with his legs straight, which he didn’t do so he didn’t crush his now melon-sized balls.

Do bit his lower lip, cursing that his brother was becoming more and more hot (in the land of Hot—coincidence? nah…) he looked more like a college guy instead of a high-schooler, and the cuteness in his face seemed amplified. After washing his clothes, Do hung them from his bag, which was now empty of food (a giant ate a lot more than what he had gotten in his house’s pantry), so they would dry out as they walked. His brother’s clothes were inside the bag, as he was all wet from the bath, at least until the air would dry their bodies.

Scrow just kept the boots and hat and used the remains of his shirt to join what remained of his pants and make what looked like a weird underwear thing. However, without any sewing tools, it became undone after 5 minutes and he decided that it would still be comfortable just wear his hat and boots—even if he had to pause again after 20 minutes to relieve himself.

Toby would have joined him without a second thought, but Do felt he should act the adult of the group and stopped him. “How about we use this time to search for some food?”

Toby frowned. “But I want to jerk off!”

Do narrowed his eyes. “Jerk off or grow?” He had deduced that the jerking off somehow triggered their changes, and even if he liked it so far, it bothered him that he couldn’t fully understand what really was behind it all. “I know you want to get bigger, but think about it. We don’t know why are we growing and even if we did, what will happen if we get home looking like our giant friend here? You think we’ll fit in well alongside everyone else?”

Toby pouted. “I just thought that if I was big enough, nobody would mess with you again…”

Do smiled and patted his head, which felt odd when it was higher than his own. “Thanks, little bro.”

Toby slapped his hand away, half-annoyed, half-amused. “I’m not so little anymore. I’m taller than you!”

Do grinned cockily. “You think a couple inches will be enough advantage against these?” He proudly flexed his right arm into a biceps pose.

Toby’s cock twitched at the sight, but he could only stare the muscular arm in front of him. It looked to be around 16 or 17 inches around. He glanced at his own arms—smaller, but more muscled than before—and grinned. “Only one way of finding out”

And he jumped on his brother, making them both fall on the hard brick road, and tried doing a choke hold on him that he had seen once on TV. However, for someone as inexperienced at wrestling as he was, and someone suddenly focused on groping his opponent’s muscular chest, executing the hold was impossible—especially as Do’s bigger muscles were stronger, and soon he was on top with Toby face down under him, in the reverse position. Toby could feel Do’s swollen crotch against his back and his pecs against his butt as his brother took Toby’s thick muscular leg and tried a twist; but those were muscles his growth-enhanced arms couldn’t still compete against. Toby’s legs were very developed now—there, he could fight back.

Do tried pulling Toby’s foot onto his bubble butt, flexing his arms as much as he could and watching in amazement how his younger sibling resisted by flexing his leg in the opposite direction towards the floor. Toby’s leg seemed to pump outwards bigger as he strained. It had turned from a competition to pin the other down to an odd “arm-leg” wrestling match. Each was so focused on overpowering the other they didn’t notice when they started to grow and by the time they realized that they were changed, a wave of cum rained over them both, startling them and making them stop what they were doing.

Do let himself rest on top of his now even taller brother and rubbed his sticky hair, the biceps flexed by the motion way bigger than before, about 19 inches and sighed. “Seriously… again?”

Toby chuckled. Do being on top of him meant he had shielded him from most of the cum. He felt the heavier body of his brother lift from him and turned to see him even bigger than before. If his cock hadn’t already been hard, it would be now. Do had to be over 6 feet already, maybe even 6’2, and his muscles had improved greatly, making him look a bit more beefy than those fitness supermodels and just as ripped. His oversized legs forced him to change his usual stance and his hard cock slapped his defined, tight midsection above the navel, adding some precum to the amount he had covering his whole wide back.

Do felt like a million bucks, but it was also weird how he had to readjust the way he was standing, as his legs didn’t have as much space in between as before. His arms also didn’t stay down at his sides like usual, but the combined new girth of his upper arms (topped by the even thicker forearms) and his surging lats made his arm to rest at a small angle. Of course if he flexed his back and tried to widen it, his arms would be lifted way higher.

Then his brother got up, and up… and still up. Do almost cursed—Toby was almost half a foot taller than him. He had also gained muscle in proportion to his new height, making him into a big wrestler type with next-to-no bodyfat and way thicker legs, although not as thick as his shorter older brother, except in the calves where he outsized him. The same went for his cock, which in its usual hard state had to be about 14 inches or so. Toby’s height put him into the very tall people group and Do thought with pride that there wouldn’t be anyone as tall as him with a boner that size. Hell, Toby probably had the world’s biggest dick, he thought with a grin.

Then he glanced at a very relaxed Scrow with a dripping soft cock that was almost twice as big as his boner. Oh well, he shrugged. Biggest for a human, maybe. Scrow also had almost 4 feet og height on him, so it was only natural, he thought.

Do sighed. “Okay, change of plans. First we find some water to clean up again, then we look for food.”

Toby looked at his brother, then back at his own erection, beating alongside his heartbeat, then at his brother again. He was now bigger than him… and a tiny voice inside him told him, “Why do you have to do as the smaller one says?” But he himself slapped that inner voice silly, “Because no matter the size, he’s still my big brother, and he always will be.”


Chapter 5: The One Who Couldn’t Feel

There were many rivers crossing the road, which the travelers were thankful about and not only for the seemly constant need of clean up. When setting out Do had been able to grab some food, but he had no way of transporting any drink, so without the water flowing naturally from time to time, the yellow brick road would soon turn onto the desert road for them.

Also, Do and Toby had tried on their clothes again, with… strange, but predictable results, due to their growth.

Toby had to go barefoot, since his feet were now fit for the big and tall store. His shorts looked like what a stripper would wear and so tight, due to his big muscle butt and expanded crotch, that he doubted they could last another growth spurt. The end of his short’s pantlegs were now only covering the first couple inches of thighs, which was lucky since there was no way they would fit his thick upper legs. And since his calves were even thicker, he had no choice but to rip the legs of the shorts a bit so he could get them on. His butt pulled so much cloth from his shorts that he wasn’t able to button or even close the zipper, so he had to go with it opened, showing the huge bulge made in his tight underwear sticking out of his crotch about four inches, as if he had stuffed a pomegranate inside. Let’s not forget that his balls had kept growing as well and they too jockeyed for space in the skin-tight underwear.

He had also decided to give up his tee-shirt. It just felt ridiculous. It rode up to his next-to-upper row of abs and his sleeves had just disappeared. He claimed that just because he liked guys like a girl, he didn’t have to dress like one.

“Yeah,” his brother snorted, “because looking like a stripper is way better.”

“But a hot one!” he winked at Do.

Do looked away, if he kept biting his lower lip he would make it bleed. He’s killing me, Do thought.

Toby frowned. No matter how he teased him, Do wouldn’t react at all. Maybe he was just not doing it well enough, or maybe he was just imagining a delusional scenario of his crush liking him back. Maybe his crush on his brother had started with something kind of platonic, but with the changes he had undergone here, that crush had become a physical turn-on.

Do’s pants had been turned into the same type of shorts as his own. His legs were just too thickly packed with muscle to fit otherwise. Luckily (or not) his crotch allowed his pants to be zipped, although the bulge they made was almost more obscene than his brother’s. His shoes hurt him a bit, but still fit, although snugly. His shirt had to go unbuttoned. It just didn’t close with his pecs sticking like that on his chest and his sleeves looked painted on his arms, especially with his Popeye-like forearms.

Yeah, too hot for the poor younger sibling. He was lucky he had Scrow to talk to, and to look at too, or he would have gone crazy by then.

And Scrow, being the hottie he was, was easy to look at. Plus teaching him stuff kept him and his brother busy in order not to be the whole time jerking off.

Before long the road entered into a forest. There from time to time they saw houses among the trees, but smaller sized, making it seem like human sized people would live nearby. However as they got deeper and deeper into the forest, the houses were less frequent.

It stopped mattering them when they found a small grove of fruit trees. There were about 6 of them, carrying in their branches weird shaped fruits.

Both siblings, being quite hungry, ran up and approached the trees, leaving Scrow behind, who didn’t understood the rush (as usual) and continued at the same pace as usual. The fruits on the branches were low enough for them to grab them and the brothers chuckled when they saw the fruits had the shape of cocks, but the moment Toby’s hand grabbed one of them and pulled it off, a branch slapped his hand, making him drop the fruit.

“Heyyy, what the fuck!” Toby complained, rubbing his hand.

“Language, To-to!” Do frowned at him

“Fine, what the hell!” The younger brother stared at his older one, giving him a look that said: Better?

But Do was already checking the trees out. They were like real trees, but he could discern eyes and mouths embedded in the bark. The branches moved as if they were alive, which was an odd thought since… well, trees were alive, regardless of they could move or not.

“What the fuck back at you!” barked the tree that had slapped Toby. “How dare you try grab my fruit!”

“I’m sorry,” Toby apologized, staring wide-eyed at the talking tree.

Do got closer to the trees and Toby. “We were hungry and…”

“They were hungry!” barked another tree with sarcasm.

“How cute!” barked another one with anger.

The first tree spoke again, more angry than any other. “How would you feel if suddenly someone tried snapping your fruit, huh?”

Then he grabbed Toby by the arms and legs with his branches and vines. Do stepped in, trying to get his brother free, but he was caught by another tree in the same way. Both siblings struggled, flexing their limbs, especially as their members were grabbed and pulled by some vines. The effort they were making started to trigger their growth, Toby expanding upwards and outwards, his glutes snapping what was left of his shorts, leaving him in some underwear designed for a size four times smaller. Do’s thighs and calves ripped the jeans he was wearing by the inner seams, while his arms made tatters of his sleeves.

However, the pain of the branches holding them and pulling on their cocks distracted them from this and they screamed. They gave up fighting back and their growth stopped.

Luckily for them, a giant appeared, towering over the trees by a couple feet, shaking his bulging arms at them.

“Shoo, shoo!”

The trees panicked at the sudden apparition of the bigger creature and shook their branches, letting go of the siblings, who fell on their bigger muscled butts. Some fruits fell as well from the shaking. Then they ran away, their roots turned into short brown legs.

The brothers looked amazed at Scrow smiling down at them.

“Thanks!” Toby thanked him.

“Yeah, good scaring technique there, Scrow!” Do praised him, raising his thumb up.

Scrow was all smiles, then they heard a loud grumbling from the giant’s midsection.

Do chuckled. “I’d say it’s time to eat and those bastards left us some goodbye presents.”

They started gathering the fruits. Do got up and checked the damage to his clothing. He didn’t seem to have gained height, but he had indeed gained weight, his muscles were now looking as impressive as a beginner bodybuilder. His arms had to be at least 19 inches, maybe 20 if he could manage a good pump. He discovered something interesting while checking himself out. His increase in muscle mass in the chest and arms made shorter the gap he could bring the bracelets close to each other. He wondered how much bigger would he need to get in order to overpower that repelling power the bracelets had on each other. It didn’t seem that important, but it annoyed him there was a way his body couldn’t move, that it could before. He couldn’t clap his hands yet, even if it they were only separated by a couple inches now.

But that was a matter for another time. He walked into the right side of the road to grab the fruit scattered there. He had gotten around four of them and was thinking about taking a bite, when, just as he was reaching for the fifth, he encountered something incredible.

A bit further away, next to the road at the left side, Toby was inspecting his own changes. He had continued to gain inches in height, although he could only estimate it was a couple, making him around… 6’9? He smiled, inspecting what was left of his clothes. His underwear was all that remained on him, and with the size of his muscled butt, it was clinging to it for dear life. It wasn’t just muscular, and striated, but also bubbly, the waistband couldn’t go all the way up to cover it and at least three inches of rack could be seen. Of course taking more space on the behind side make the front even more packed than before, and not only because he was packing at least an inch more there. His pouch was full and tight just from holding his cantaloupe-sized balls and he would not be able to fit much of his cock inside—that is, if he managed to get it soft enough for that. After being pulled leaving it more sensitive and with such growing bodies close to him and his own, he wondered if he would be able to get it down without a good jerking off session. However, he knew what such a session would entail, more growth and goodbye to his clothes. Something he knew his brother wanted to avoid, for the sake of public decency.

Then he chuckled, remembering the naked giant walking alongside them. That made him stop checking himself out and glance at Scrow, who wasn’t gathering the fruits as he himself should be doing, the thought with a bit of guilt.

However, Scrow wasn’t moving. He had also the mother of all boners. Toby wondered when had that happened and why did his cock looked even bigger than the other times. He sighed, knowing that that wouldn’t help get his own cock down, and walked towards him, glancing towards the right side of the road where he could see his brother stopped, but with a bunch of fruit on his bulging arms.

“Feeling frisky, big guy?” he approached Scrow, marveling at his size and getting excited that the giant wasn;t quite as much of a giant to him as when they first met. After all, the gap in height between them had halved due to Toby’s growth. And, he thought excitedly, making his cock leak precum on the already soaked road, who knows if he wouldn’t end just as big as him.

But something wasn’t exactly right. First was Scrow’s cock. Erect it had been easily 3 feet and not able to go past the horizontal point, which would make it now on par with Toby’s chest. However, not only it looked over 4 feet long and way thicker than his own muscled legs, it pointed up almost to the point of slapping his firm abs. The cockhead was so much bigger and purple colored while the veins on the shaft looked ready to burst the skin.

Then there was his face. He looked to be in some kind of trance. His mouth was dripping a strange juicy substance and in his hand he still had one of the fruits, now half-eaten. It was easy for Toby to deduce what had happened and also what had caused the state of his cock, which, to Toby’s amazement, was still swelling, getting redder and thicker, the skin stretching so much than Toby feared it would explode.

Scrow made a low whimpering moan and Toby had the feeling that unless the giant came soon, he would soon become dickless. Toby wouldn’t let that happen. The giant seemed to have lost most of his strength, as he left himself fall on his knees. That made Toby’s job easier and his target closer.

Oblivious to all that, Do stared at the figure halted before him. He was tall, about 6’2, an inch taller than Do and the muscles on his frame were… perfect. Big, but not in excess. Big enough for muscle lovers, but not too big for people without the muscle fetish. His skin was a bit odd. It had a deep tan that accentuated the definition of his muscled body, but it lacked a shine, as if it wasn’t real skin, but still it was. It still looked amazing. His arms were perfectly proportioned and symmetrical, as were his legs.

But what was truly amazing was that he had two sets of arms, one on top of the other, making his torso longer; though it didn’t lose the nice proportions of a normal torso, as it was also wider than normal, so even having a second set of arms on the upper side of his lats looked perfect. Even more amazing was the fact he had three human-shaped legs on each side of his hips, for a total of six, making him look like an extreme boytaur. And to top it off, in between each set of legs he had a cock. Each cock was bigger than the one before it. So the one on his front had to be a bit shorter than his thighs, the one behind it reached like half a foot below the knee and he was dragging his soft third leg in between this last row of legs.

And they looked like they were soft indeed. He had jet black hair gelled in a spiky hairdo and his closed eyes had long dark eyelashes on top of a long straight nose and luscious thick lips. His yaw was square and his neck thick. Perhaps a big thicker for his head, looking like it belonged to a rugby player, but on Do’s eyes, it only made him sexier. He wasn’t able to judge, without seeing his eyes opened, but he estimated this stud to be on his midtwenties.

Then he heard a snore coming from him and Do made a face not able to believe this sexfreak of the gods realm was sleeping standing up (on six feet, no less).

The shock finally got him enough to let the fruits held by his muscled arms fall on the ground and approached the marvel before his eyes.

Toby, meanwhile, had no trouble jumping on Scrow’s cock and straddling the shaft like a cowboy. The problem was that sitting on the root, with each massive leg on each side, meant that the colossal cockhead almost 5 foot away from where he was sitting was out of his reach. He shifted his position setting both feet on the base of the 5 feet and increasing monster and hugged the massive shaft. It felt too good feeling such a huge beating organ under him and best of all, feeling it grow. The cockhead was slowly rising over his pecs and he judged it a perfect place to start making out with the slippery tip. It was leaking so much precum that his whole torso was soon greased with it as were his muscled arms, but that was perfect for lubricant as he slid both arms around the swelling cockhead. He knew he was doing a good job when the moaning behind him increased. He even rubbed his own face onto the bulbous cockhead and started kissing the slit where his hand could easily slide into if he wanted to. He increased the speed of rubbing, not knowing how long the massive cock would keep growing before it burst. He didn’t notice Scrow’s nuts swelling like pumpkins.

Do ignored the moans of the giant behind him, rolling his eyes. Scrow’s libido would start being a problem if it made him horny 24/7. He decided to check the sleeping humanoid in front of him. He poked him on the cheek, noticing he was cold, like iron or plastic, and wondered if he had imagined the snore, but then the skin turned warmer and green emerald eyes opened in front of him. The motion sent the stranger backwards a couple inches in surprise, but the being in front of him didn’t move further than that. He heard a groan coming from his mouth, but couldn’t understand him. He got closer and with his fingers opened the thick lips, but the teeth were pressing into eachother with a lot of pressure. He put his ear on the other’s mouth and listened


He heard the same a couple more times and finally he thought up the world lubricate, but just to be sure he asked, “Are you saying, lubricate? Narrow your eyes if it’s a yes and open wide if it’s a no.” He had discovered the eyelids were the only thing that could move apart from the eyes themselves.

He grinned when the figure narrowed his eyes.

He looked around but couldn’t find anything for a while until he saw a tiny bucket of water. He lifted it and showed the still figure. “Do I use water?”

But the figure opened his eyes wide and started chanting the same sounds.


“Hum?” Do was confused.

Then cum started raining on top of everything and Do cursed, feeling his hair getting sticky. Again.

“Damn it, Scrow!”

Toby recovered his breath, resting on top of the shrinking manhood and lifted his head when he heard his brother’s cursing. And no wonder, Scrow’s cum loads got messier each time. Looking around made him laugh hard, it was like a bomb of cum had gone off there. Luckily for both of them, Scrow came when his cock started to get out of reach for Toby, around 7 feet. He got up and used his hand to wipe out some of the cum in his face, noticing it sticky against every pore of his body. He didn’t have much body hair, but the amount he had felt incredibly uncomfortable.

He left Scrow there and, ignoring his own raging boner, he went to look for his brother. He got a shock when he found him rubbing cum into a weird human model that looked like it came out of a sex shop.

“What is that? And what are you doing? Holy shit!” He gave a step backwards when the figure started moving little by little.

“I’m helping to lubricate him,” Do explained.

“With cum?”

“I don’t make the rules here, bro.” Do shrugged and kept rubbing the cum on each articulation.

At first sight it was difficult to see, but the layer of skin was cut like a puppet in each articulation and that’s where the lubricant went in. Once the weird puppet-sex-man could move again, he got a glob of cum from Do’s hair and stuck it inside his lips. Then he opened his mouth and spoke in a cold, unexpressive robotic tone.

“Now, that is much better. I thought I would be staying here rusty forever.”

Do and Toby exchanged glances and the older sibling spoke. “Who are you?”

“My name is Cytoy and I’m a ‘scort.”

Toby raised a brow, confused. Do noticed and whispered to his ear. “That’s like a male prostitute, although I heard they not only offer sex services but also just whatever their client ask.”

“That is correct,” nodded Cytoy, startling the brothers, who couldn’t believe he had such a good hearing.

“Are you a cyborg?” Toby asked him.

“I do not know what that is,” he replied.

“An android?” Toby tried to guess.

“I do not know what that is,” he replied again.

But Do stopped his brother. “It’s probably magic stuff, he even lubricates without oil.”

“Using cum?” Toby asked dumbfounded. “Now that’s a sex oriented robot,” he ended, chuckling.

“I owe you my gratitude.” Cytoy bowed at the siblings.

“Aw, it’s okay,” Do smiled.

“Plus, the one you really owe anything might be Scrow, as he provided the…. lube?” Toby asked his brother, who nodded, then pointed behind them. “He’s passed out in the road back there. That fruit…”

Toby explained the other two what had happened while they went to check on the giant and found him snoring on the road, with his legs wide open due to the watermelons he had now as nuts and the massive soft cock that would reach mid ankles,

“That was indeed a side effect of the cocksplode fruit.” Cytoy gestured to the cock-shaped fruits scattered on the road. “Whoever eats that fruit will lose conscience as lust overcomes his senses and he is unable to move. His cock and balls swells until they explode. The only way to stop the explosion is to cum.”

“Holy crap, good thing you made him cum in time,” Do stated, ruffling the cum soaked hair on his brother’s head. The cum was already half dry on it and it was disgusting to do it, so he stopped.

“Will his cock stay like that?” Toby asked as if it was just mere curiosity, but Do knew better when he was really interested in something.

“The effect is permanent,” Cytoy replied.

“Don’t even think about it!” Do warned him.

Toby pouted and looked away. “I was just asking, jeez…”

Then the giant awoke. He was surprised by the new size of his genitals, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. Although he did mention that walking felt weirder than before. Do could only fear there would be more pauses along the way due to a massive need to jerking off. They had better find enough cloth for a jockstrap for him, or else the way to emerald city would be eternal.

And even if he was enjoying his stay more than he could imagine, he was worried about his family and the farm and wondered if they would be looking for them. He felt a bit like a kid and he hated it, but the fact was, that he missed his home. His brother might act like a horny out of control kid, but he knew deep inside he felt the same way too.

“Please, come to my place,” Cytoy told them.

They nodded and followed the artificial man a bit into the woods. Do couldn’t help staring at the lower half of his body. It was a mix between a horse and a man and the butt that stuck out at the end was the most bulbous bubblebutt he’d ever imagined. It order for 3 pair of legs to work, his lumbar area arced completely backwards and elongated, also amplifying his butt. There was enough space to ride him even. After a couple minutes, they found a big cabin. And they were surprised to find that the man had a pantry with human looking food, which he offered them.

Actually, first he offered his body for payment for his help and the bit of walking had started to wake up the beast between Scrow’s legs enough to drag it on the floor, but Do’s rumbling stomach reminded him what was more urgent at the time.

It was mostly canned food and quite old, but it was still edible.

Do noticed the pantry was almost empty and apologized. “Sorry, we ate most of your stuff.”

“Do not be. I do not eat.”

“Then how come you have food?” Toby asked before getting distracted by Scrow’s giant belch.

“I used to eat that when I was human.” Cytoy was searching stuff in a big leather bag. They seemed like mechanical tools and to the three guests’ amazement, he started removing the extra limbs one by one. After each removal, the strange skin grew to hide the hole

“You were human once?” Do recovered enough to ask

“It was a long time ago.” He stayed silent for a while, then frowned.

“What is it? You don’t remember?” Toby asked

“I do remember, but the memories do not feel like they are mine. I do not understand.”

Both siblings imitated Scrow when he didn’t understand something (which was his usual state) and waited for Cytoy to continue.

“Back then, I acted in a very odd way around a certain man. I did everything he asked without asking anything in return and I do not know why, but that satisfied me. It was illogical.” He started telling the story while he worked on his lower side, taking off the extra legs and extra cocks. “One day, the Spirit of the East, who was the owner of the other man, offered a deal to me. He would free that man and give the position to me if I did a certain job for him.”

Toby interrupted him “What do you mean owner? Was your lover his slave?” he seemed scandalized.

Cyboy nodded “The spirits of North and South have workers. Unlike them, the spirits of East and West have slaves.”

“Now I’m glad he’s dead,” Toby nodded with energy.

The remained silent, waiting for him to resume, but he seemed lost in thought. Then he looked at Toby. “What is a lover?”

Do and Toby exchanged worried glances and Cytoy noticed. “Is it bad not knowing what a lover is?”

Then Scrow looking worried, added, “I don’t know either!”

“Yeah well, that was expected from you, so you don’t need to be concerned,” Do said blandly.

Scrow smiled. “That’s a relief to hear.”

“However,” Cytoy interrupted, “I recall it was something very important to me, yet I have not only forgotten it, I can not even grasp the concept.”

“Well…” Toby started, with a know-it-all look, “Love is… you see… that you like someone…”

“You mean when one is pleased with how someone else physically looks,” Cytoy asked for detail.

“Yeah but…” He glanced at his brother, who glanced back, explaining, “It’s liking every aspect of the other one. And wanting to be with him forever and wanting to do anything for that person.”

“But why?” Cytoy insisted, irritated. “It seems so illogical to me.”

“Love isn’t logical, so that’s normal.” Do looked away, a bit of red on his cheeks.

“A-anyway,” Toby looked just as flustered, “what deal did the bastard of the east offered you?”

“He made me undergo an experiment. It would turn me into the ultimate fantasy for men and the ultimate sex machine, able to pleasure anyone forever. At that time I thought it was a good thing, so I thought I would be getting two things for one.”

“But it wasn’t as he offered, right?” Do asked,

“Oh it was.” Cytoy nodded. “It was everything he told me and more. My body changed into the ultimate sex machine and I still am. However, the other man was not pleased. He called me a machine without feelings and left. I did not mind at the time. I was feeling more pleasure with my new body that I could remember and I was—am happy that way. Yet… it irritates me not understanding what was that thing I once felt and I do not anymore…”

Do and Toby exchanged looks, this time horrified ones. The Spirit of the East was more horrible than they had imagined if he was able to kill love itself.

“Do, don’t you think the wizard could help him get it back? It’s too sad that he can’t feel anything like that anymore.”

“I have the hunch that love is important. Is it that much?” Cytoy asked the two.

Do smiled at him. “Love can be the most amazing thing ever, and hurt like the worst thing ever too…” Then he noticed everyone looking at him with surprise and he blushed. “N-not because I’m in love or anything…”

Toby glanced at his brother once more and then spoke to Cytoy. “We’re going to Emerald City to ask the wizard to help us go back home to Kansas.”

“And to ask for a brain for me!” Scrow interrupted him, earning some rolling eyes from the siblings.

“Dude, I told you. You do have a brain already,” Do told him, then looked at Cytoy. “Anyway, you could go with us and ask for a heart.”

“Do I have a heart?” Scrow asked with puppy dog like eyes. “Can I love my new two friends?”

Toby hugged Scrow’s arm. “You silly, of course you can, and we do love you too… as a friend… with benefits… or something?” he added, looking confused at his brother, who awkwardly shrugged before looking at Cytoy again.

“Anyway, you in?”

Cytoy seemed thoughtful as he finished with his legs, leaving just 2 and finally detaching his cock, leaving his crotch like a Ken doll, to the brothers squirming discomfort. Then his butt retracted onto a more human shape. Then he pressed his buttcheeks for 2 seconds and his butt, thighs and crotch changed their skin color to blue, looking as if he was wearing compression shorts. Then he looked at the others.

“I am grateful for the offer and I am curious for that element called love, but… as I said. I am happy the way I am now. I will remain here.”

The three looked crestfallen, but nodded. There was nothing they could do if he refused. He gave them the rest of the food, he wouldn’t need it anyway. While packing the food, Do noticed a cock shaped fruit hidden at the bottom and took it out, glaring at his brother.

“Wow, how could that have gotten inside your bag?” He faked innocence that his brother didn’t buy at all.

Cytoy went with them to show them the road again and when they turned around to follow their way that kept deeper into the wilds, the road in front of them exploded all of a sudden.

The smoke cleared enough for a hulking green figure that the brothers already knew to be seen. No matter what he and his brother had grown, Theodore, Spirit of West, still towered over them and was way more overmuscled.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here. Seems like the tiny brother finally had their growth spurt into grownup midgets, huh?” he mocked them “And look, they made friends! Isn’t it lovely?”

“I don’t know. Is it?” Scrow asked innocently.

“Love is the only subject I know nothing about. Ask another one,” Cytoy calmly replied. Do couldn’t tell if he was replying to the evil spirit or to Scrow.

The spirit ignored the two and sniffed the hair around him. “I smell fear!” Then he approached quickly to the brothers. “Do you really think a retarded midget-titan and a sex-bot can protect you from me?”

“Don’t call them, that, you monster! They are our friends!” Toby shouted at the green hulking Spirit.

Immediately, Theodore flashed right in front of Toby, but Do grabbed his brother’s wrist and pulled him behind his own body, which seemed stupid, as Toby was almost a head taller than his older brother.

“It seems this youngster doesn’t know what I’m capable of…” Theodore snarled

But Do cut into his speech. “You’re out of your territory, which means you have no power here. Oswald said it!”

Theodore quickly turned to Do. “Oh, is that so? You might not know this, but the more you approach Emerald City, the more to the west you travel and the less weakened my powers are. Maybe this require… an example.”

Then he lifted his thick muscled arm and from his palm surged fire into a ball, which he proceeded to send towards Scrow!

“No!” “Scrow!” the siblings screamed, but the ball of fire didn’t reach target, as Cytoy had shielded the giant, moving at a high speed and blocked the fireball with his back, which had an ugly burn and part of the metal inside could be seen.

Theodore still grinned evilly. “Well, well, you two seem to be on their side, but you better forget about protecting these two. Stay out of my way or I’ll snap your cock to use as a dildo!” he said pointing at Scrow. Then he turned at Cytoy. “And you, I’ll turn you into a vibration massage chair!”

Then with an evil cackle, he was surrounded by flames and exploded, like he had done before at the eastern capital when they met for the first time.

When the smoke cleared, the siblings relaxed and went to check on their friends.

“Scrow, you okay?” Toby asked. The giant nodded.

“Cytoy, your back!” Do checked his burnt back.

“It is all right, the skin will regenerate with time.” Then he stared at Do. “I am, nevertheless, confused. Why did you try shielding him? He was not a clear target.”

“What do you mean?” Do was the one confused. “Didn’t you shield Scrow as well?”

“I owe this titan my mobility. I was rusty due to heavy rain, which had also gotten rid of my back up cum lubricant in that bucket you saw. Do you owe a debt to this boy?”

“It has nothing to do with that, he’s my brother and I love him!” Do felt his brother looking at him and smiled.

“So love makes one to want protecting someone…” Cytoy cocked his head trying to grasp the concept.

“You forgot about it, I’m sure that love you felt back then was way better than whatever pleasure that body gives you now.” Do felt the bright eyes of Cytoy on him and blushed “Not that feeling pleasure is bad, or anything. You can feel both. Right?”

“You think I am able to?” Do nodded. He looked at Toby, who nodded as well. Then he looked at Scrow, who nodded too, if only cause everyone else was too.

“Then I will go with you and I will ask the wizard to get my heart back.”

Toby and Do grinned at each other and high fived, then Do felt guilty.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys about the evil Spirit we have as an enemy…”

Scrow grunted. “That green man was mean! Now I’ll go with you to help you even if I don’t end receiving a brain!” he pouted, with a defiant glare. “I’ll give him dildo! Hum!”

Cytoy nodded. “And I will also go with you. After all, I still owe you all my freedom, the wizard can give me what I want and… you two intrigue me.” He looked at the brothers. “Plus, that spirit cannot hurt me. At least not permanently. Most probably.”

They all agreed and the three travelers waited for their new companion to get some things that he seemed to want to carry with him.

Do thought that he probably needed a small toolbag or something, but he stepped back when he saw his arriving to the yellow brick road carrying a bag bigger than himself on his back.

Toby stepped closer to the android “What on earth are you carrying there?”

“My things,” he replied, without giving more details.

Do shrugged and decided they should continue. “Whatever. We should resume the trip.”

“And find some river to clean.” Toby added.

Do sighed, knowing that would delay the trip even further, but he had to agree, he disliked going on all sticky. So once they found the nearest stream, Cytoy stepped back, leaving the other three have their fun cleaning while he proceeded to use the time in his daily maintenance.

Scrow cleaned himself faster this time and stepped off the water before the brothers, who were playing in the water like the teenagers they were. He left the water drip from his muscular body and stretched his limbs, then Cytoy approached him. He had attached to his groin a long hose that ended in a massively wide cylinder.

“I need your help with the lubricant collecting for the maintenance. May I take a large example? I promise I will make it pleasurable for you.”

Scrow cocked his head looking down at his new companion. “Okay, what do I have to do?”

Do was scrubbing his crotch hair where the dried cum was difficult to take out. He glanced at his brother, a bit envious of his lack of body hair. He had no problem liking hairy men or hairless men, he didn’t specially like them more with than without, but for times like that, crotch without hair was way handier.

Toby wasn’t hiding his boner underwater, as he didn’t want to crouch there and the water barely went over his knees. He couldn’t help having one, watching his brother handle his muscled body like that. He tried not to glance back as he gave his brother his back and he kept cleaning himself, his hair was especially difficult to clean. Then after a minute struggling, he felt another couple hands on his head.

“You taking too long, bro. Need a hand?”

He didn’t dare turning and stayed like that without moving. “Okay, thanks.”

Both were standing up and like that, Do could feel just how much taller his younger brother was than him. Unlike what he at first thought, seeing his brother outgrow him was a turn on, but he didn’t care if he was boned in front of him, he had the excuse of being horny just because—he was a teen after all. As long as his crotch remained a foot apart from his brother’s bubble butt, it would be okay.

But of course, Toby had to step on a slippery stone and fall backwards on his brother, whose muscled butt acted as a cushion on the stones in the deep end of the river. It was luck that the water level didn’t go as high and even just sitting in the water, Do had his neck out and could feel his brother sitting on the same hairy crotch he had managed to clean a moment ago. It wasn’t very comfortable having stones under your butt and another butt pressing his 10 incher down. Do would be leaning underwater if he hadn’t grabbed the body on top of him. And he wasn’t letting go, even if he wasn’t going to go under anymore.

Toby could feel the strong thick arms of his brother hugging him from behind and even if part of him was dying from embarrassment and he could swear steam would go out his ears, he felt more at ease than ever. Not to mention the big boner under him was about to make him cum without even touching himself. Maybe he should slowly get up and keep on cleaning, or maybe splash him water and laugh like it hadn’t mean anything to him.

Oh, to hell with everything, he was horny. Toby quickly turned around, his big boner slapping his brother’s and his hands pressed on top of his brother’s big pecs, groping them.

Do was petrified by what his brother just did, but his pecs still reacted to the groping, flexing and bouncing, which enticed his brother even further. And still, Toby could stop now if he had to. In his mind, he needed an okay on the other side.

Do as well didn’t let himself go further than that. Perhaps if they were in a world where brotherly love to that extent wasn’t a taboo…

Wait, Do though all of a sudden, they were , in fact, in just such a world.

He laughed all relieved, left all inhibitions aside and, leaning forward, grabbed his brother’s head from behind and pulled onto his, meeting his lips with his own, feeling the reciprocation in the tongue than entered his own mouth and played with his. Toby didn’t need any complicated thought to do what he had been wanting to do for so long. Do kissing him was the entire okay he needed.

Meanwhile, Scrow was leaning on his hands and knees looking confused at Cytoy, who was taking something from his bag. Something big, and attaching it on his crotch as well. It looked like a cock as big as the one Scrow sported before his growth spurt due to that fruit, but thin as a one of the brother’s fingers . He glanced at his erection, which surged so further away from his crotch. Ever since his cock got so big, its sensitivity amped just as much. He winced in pleasure each time his mighty boner beat alongside his heart, due to the odd plastic around his pumpkin sized cockhead that connected the hose attached to Cytoy’s crotch.

Then Cytoy walked behind him and he felt something rubbing is virgin asshole. Then something pushing inside slowly, but easily, due to being really thin. He started to pant and feel warm inside and then, when that thing was inside him a good foot and a half deep, he felt the pressure within increasing, as if whatever was inside was inflating like a warm balloon, filling him so much and at the same time, rubbing a spot inside him that made him moan uncontrollably. Suddenly, the swelling halted and Scrow leaned his head on the ground, panting as if he had run nonstop for hours. But as sudden as that, it started to vibrate inside him.

His moans vibrates for miles over the countryside.

However, the siblings were too busy to notice. Their passion was strong and thus one after the other rolled till he was on top, feeling each other’s body, kissing, licking, flexing, worshipping. Once their rolling ended on the muddy bank of the river, this time with Toby on top, Do held him with his powerful arms and turned him around 180 degrees, so Toby’s over-15 incher was looking at him with its slippery narrow eye. Meanwhile, Toby stared at his brother’s piece of meat. Both knew what to do, even if none had seen it before. Once thing they learnt first hand, being careful with teeth was very difficult when the dick filled your mouth almost to the bursting point.

Toby started getting his neck tired from doing the blow job, so he started doing pushups, swallowing Do’s shaft each time he went down. On Do’s side, he started lifting his brother’s hip area as if he was doing bench press. For some reason, his brother started to weigh more and more and his cock seemed more difficult to suck, but he still tried. It was too good to stop. The weight increase made his muscles to strain even further, veins popping off under his skin and muscles getting more than a pump. That time he could feel his body enlarging, each time he lowered his brother’s body, it encountered his pecs sooner. His back broadened as well and his own cock seemed to push further into his brother’s throat. Toby had been enjoying his growth for a while until he felt the cock in his mouth getting thicker. At first he thought his brother was close to unleash load, but after he got a whole more inch inside him and saw his football sized calves getting even thicker, he realized he was undergoing his own growth experience.

That horned him up even more and soon he was shooting his cum inside his brother’s mouth, receiving in return Do’s seed in his.

Very close from them, Scrow was seeing stars, moons and planets as his massive load overloaded Cytoy’s storage capacity, making the extra cum flow from the android’s ears (literally).

When he finished and collapsed on top of the clean yellow brick road, his cock was detached from the hose and shrunk back to his still massive soft size of almost 4 feet. (It was a bit swollen cause of the suction made to the cockhead.)

Cytoy shook his head a bit, getting off the extra cum and thanked Scrow for helping with his maintenance. “I hope you will not mind helping in my next maintenance,” he added as he detached his hose and extra appendage and put them back on his bag

Scrow mumbled his reply as he got back up, a bit shaky. Then he saw Do coming from the river, with a sheepish face, looking slightly beefier than before. He was about to ask him about those changed that had happened since he met them, but he looked distracted, so he decided not to. It might me something usual for the siblings, growing.

And as if confirmed his theory, Toby came out too, also looking way bigger than before. Easily 7 feet tall, muscled as if he had been working out since a little kid, and with a soft cock that was easily 10 inches.

Do faked a smile, looking at Scrow and Cytoy. “Okay, if we’re ready, lets continue!” He turned and led the way, the giant and android after him.

Toby walked a bit faster to catch up with him. “Hum, Do, can we—?”

“Oh! Such nice weather! Great to get dry soon and get clothed again!” he exclaimed, ignoring his younger brother.

“Do?” he tried again

But Do didn’t seem like he had any intention of talking to him and was glancing everywhere except where his brother was, with his bag bouncing on his wide back.

“Man, it sure is getting darker here. This woods are getting thicker.”

Toby looked at him with sadness. He didn’t know what he had done wrong. He finally though he and his brother had gotten as close as he wanted, and suddenly just as he came, he got up, cleaned his muddy back a bit in the river and went to meet the others without even glance at him. And now he was ignoring him.

Do showed a happy go lucky face as he commented on this or that, but internally was panicking. Just as he came his horniness eased enough for the weight of what they just did hit him like a ton of bricks. He didn’t even dare to look at his brother to the face. What had he allowed to happen? How could he be so stupid? No matter the crush he had on him, how hot he looked or how horny he was. He was his brother and once their adventure in that land was over, they would be back into a world that would never accept their relationship. Heck, it didn’t even allow him to be gay! What could he do?

But all those thoughts were hidden by his mask of “don’t worry be happy”.

Sighing, Toby gave up and slowed down behind his brother, allowing Cytoy to go next to Do and him walking alongside the giant, who was only three feet taller than him now and didn’t seem so gigantic anymore. Scrow glanced at him and grinned. He smiled back and sighed, glancing again at his brother’s back.


Chapter 6: The One Who Scared Himself

The woods got thicker and thicker until it got really dark, despite being probably not later than 5 p.m. They had to take a brief rest because Scrow’s large cock got hard faster, since even soft it reached way past his knees and the constant slapping it each step made him horny in record time. While Cytoy helped him to take care of that (and to use the remains of his shirt to afterwards tie his cock to his right leg so there would be no more excess of rubbing), Do glanced at his brother.

“Toto, you should be dry by now, get clothed.” He took his bag and opened it.

Toby was happy his brother was talking to him again, perhaps now they could deal the elephant in the room. “Do, could we talk about what happened—?”

But Do was staring at his clothes with narrowed eyes. “Hum… this might be a tight fit now… I bet yours will be even worse, huh?” He faked a smile up at his brother, almost a foot taller than him.

Toby frowned, noticing Do wasn’t exactly ignoring him, but ignoring what happened before at the river. He sighed and looked at the too-small clothes in his hands.

“Yeah… I guess…”

Now he felt worse. Was what happened so horrible that Do wanted to act as if it never happened?

Do tried very hard not to glance at his brother. He was just too hot to look at. He also prayed the topic of sex between them wouldn’t arise again. Or at least not before he could sort out his thoughts and feelings.

He decided to focus on his clothes for the time being. His shirt was definitely impossible to fit. He widened the holes for the arms, but his back had widened a bit too much even for that, so he decided to tear the sides below the arms and only button a couple buttons. From the back, only the center of his back from the neck to where the back lost its name was covered, meaning half of each side of his wide lats were visible alongside his thick muscular veiny arms. In the front it was even weirder: his pecs jutted outside half a foot and were also wider, so buttoning the couple centre buttons of the shirt made it cover only the same area as in the back, only that with his chest sticking outwards so much, the front tails of his shirt only reached over his belly button and at the sides it didn’t even cover his nipples. He wondered if it would be better going without it. It looked ridiculous, but he wasn’t ready to walk around wearing nothing.

The jeans remained in his bag, as he knew trying them on would be a waste of time, not with the legs he now had. He waddled so much that he was glad of the inches in height he had gained and each step he gave made his muscled legs bounce and flex, noticing the movement of so much meat down there that it was intoxicating. He decided to just use his underwear, which was almost out too. His glutes were now enormous and after barely passing his megalegs through the holes, they didn’t go upper than mid-butt, exposing most of his rack. That meant the briefs were pulled from behind so much that there was barely any space for his bulge, which at 6 inches soft (the few times he managed to get it soft) and with balls that seemed to grow even faster than his dick and each was melon sized, they just didn’t fit inside. He decided to turn them into jockstraps, that way his butt would have room to grow and his privates would have all the cloth for themselves, which they already needed badly, but he lacked the cloth for that. He pondered how to do it, then he saw his brother poking him and giving his clothes back. Or what remained from them. Apparently, he had tried his tee shirt on and it had hold until he moved, turning into a torn-up mess. His briefs and shorts were destroyed as well by his muscular long limbs.

Do shrugged. It was to be expected. One being bigger than the biggest adult couldn’t dress anymore child’s clothes. But one good thing came out of it: with the remains of his brother’s tee shirt, he got what he needed to remodel his briefs with help from Cytoy, who was surprisingly good at (and had the tools for) sewing. And together they managed to use what remained of Toby’s pants to remodel his briefs into a bigger version of Do’s jockstrap, as his bulge was way bigger than his (his glutes were quite similar in size though).

Once they were clothed, more or less, and quite relieved for their junk to be held in place and their hormones eased for a while, they resumed their trip.

Toby looked around, getting a bit nervous. He had been doing that since the forest darkened and Scrow noticed. “You tremble. Are you cold?”

Toby blushed. He was a big boy now—he didn’t want others to notice he was still the kid of the group.

But the thing is, he still was.

“Trembling of the human body can come from being nervous and scared apart from cold, which seems understandable in this place,” Cytoy commented. “This forest is packed with wild beasts, like lions, tigers and panthers.”

Do and Toby stopped walking and looked at Cytoy. “When you say lions…?” started Do.

“…You mean lions… as in, lions?” ended Toby.

“What is a lion?” Scrow asked. The siblings stared at him.

Cytoy didn’t. He was looking at something in front of them. “That is a lion.”

They all looked in front of them. Do took a deep breath and stared at the growling creature in front of him.

Anyone would say it was a lion, and still, that was not the kind of lion Do and Toby had seen in movies and photos. It didn’t use four legs to stay on the ground, but two powerful muscled furry legs ending in two paws. The thick torso went up wider and wider until it ended where two arms as thick as legs began. In between the two legs dangled a ballsack so full that if he walked like a normal lion it would reach the ground. However, his cock was hidden in a sheath. His head was the only thing exactly as a lion was, in Do’s mind, and the thing he was staring at at the moment was the number of fangs shown on the Lion’s jaws. That and the fact it was about 8 feet tall.

Then the lion suddenly roared, so loud that even Cytoy took a step backwards, even if it was from the air wave of the roar.

“What do we do?” Toby asked, too terrified to even move.

“Run?” Do suggested.

“I would not recommend it,” Cytoy said. “Feral beasts can most surely outrun human beings.”

The lion started advancing, and then Do saw Scrow moving in front of them. The scarecrow moved his arms forward and shook them, shouting “Shoo, shoo!”

Do didn’t have time to roll his eyes, because suddenly, the lion gave a yelp and a huge jump towards the nearest tree, screaming. He had a voice unlike the roar he had given a moment ago; it broke like a teenager’s when his voice changed.

“Please don’t hurt me! I’ll do whatever you say, but don’t hurt me!”

Everyone looked at Scrow, who look quite proud of himself, then up at the tree. The lion’s whole reaction was lame enough without the breaking voice. It was so pathetic that Do started pitying him. He sighed.

“All right, all right!” he said. “Get down already, we won’t hurt you.”

The lion had his paws covering his face now. He lowered them a bit. “Really?”

“Really.” he tried giving him a comforting smile, but apparently failed, cause the lion shook his head.

“How can we hurt you? Unlike you we don’t have claws or fangs… not to mention you must weight a ton!” Toby mentioned him.

The lion pointed at Scrow and Cytoy. “That one is huge and that other one is weird! I’m scared!”

“We are much less dangerous than the West spirit that is after us,” Cytoy tried reasoning with him, but that only made his fur stay up.

Do stared at Cytoy. “Are you trying to comfort him or terrify him?”

Then Scrow observed, “The branch you’re on is bending. You’re going to fall.”

The lion looked down and realized he was right, so he gracefully jumped down in front of the group, landing on four paws.

“Nice jump!” Toby complimented him, patting his bulging furry back.

“Oh, thank you very much.” The lion replied as he gave a small bow, then he realized he was inches from the strangers and made an attempt to jump up the tree again, but Do read his intentions.

“Oh no you won’t!” and he jumped on him.

Toby joined and Scrow, thinking it was some kind of tag game, jumped on top of everyone, suffocating them.

“Fine, fine! I won’t run away, just get off meeeee…” the Lion whined.

Only Scrow seemed sad that the game had ended.

“I told you we were not dangerous,” Do told him as he tried to recover from the giant glomp.

The lion pouted. “You say that, but I might just have a broken rib or two and look at my fur! It’s all uncombed, what if I suddenly got bugs on it? What if they start sucking my blood until I’m dry? What if they lay their eggs in—”

But Do grabbed his jaws and forced them shut. “Okay, first of all, ew! Second, just stop overworrying about… everything!”

“But I’m scared!”

“Of everything?” Toby seemed confused. “Then how do you hunt?”

“I’m vegetarian!” the lion replied “Plants are okay, as long as the wind don’t move them.” Then he saw something behind him moving and gave a small startle, jumping on Do, who almost crumpled under the massive weight, but held his feet, flexing his massive tights and arms, making them bulge and grow a bit to adjust the weight. He barely noticed, but Toby did, biting his lower lip and feeling his soft huge cock testing the new clothing while the lion was squirming on top of Do.

“Behind me! What was that? Am I bleeding? I don’t want to die!” the lion was freaking out.

Toby forced his eyes away from his hulking of a brother and stared at the lion, a bit worried. “I think that was your tail moving…” Then he looked at his brother. “Do…”

He made a face, but then he looked at the scary big cat on him and sighed. “Fine…”

However, it was Cytoy who said it. “He should come with us. The wizard might give him courage.”

The sibling stared at him. “Cytoy…” “…you worried about him?”

But the android looked away. “I am not such thing. I am just commenting how the wizard might be able to help him as much as us.”

“Wizard? Help me?” the lion got off Do slowly and stared at the group. “Just who are you, guys?”

Do offered his hand. “I’m Do, that’s my brother, Toby, and those are our friends Scrow and Cytoy. We’re going to Emerald City to ask the Wizard to help us.”

“Me and my brother to go home,” Toby explained further

“A brain for me!” Scrow added, lifting his muscled arm.

“No, really. You have a brain already,” Do tried to correct him.

“I will request a heart,” Cytoy mentioned.

The lion stared at them, thoughtful. “And you think the wizard might give me courage?”

“Maybe?” Toby glanced at his brother, who shrugged.

“I dunno…” the Lion looked down.

Scrow cocked his face. “If the wizard can’t give you courage, you will stay as you are.”

Toby arched a brow at him. “That’s kind of… obvious?”

“So I won’t be worse if I do?” The lion interpreted Scrow’s words positively “And meanwhile I’ll have four bodyguards…” he thought out loud. Then he nodded. “All right! I’ll go with you!”

Do glanced at Scrow. “You know… your head might not be as empty as you claim it is.”

That made Scrow silent for a bit, then he sighed. “Pity. If that’s true then we can’t use it as storage. If it was empty we could use it to store stuff and you wouldn’t need to carry a bag.”

Do didn’t know if being impressed by him thinking at all, or disgusted at visualizing opening his giant friend’s head to take out stuff.

“Maybe I can try storing things in mine, but I have too many things, they wouldn’t fit.” Cytoy commented, patting his huge traveling bag.

Do shuddered. “You know what? Just… stop talking about heads, will you?”

“But I like heads,” Scrow patted his cockhead, making Toby chuckle.

“And giving head is pleasurable,” stated Cytoy.

Do just shook his head and resumed his walk down the yellow brick road, the rest following him.


Chapter 7: Sexy Troubles on the Road

“I’m telling you! That tree was looking at me!” the Lion exclaimed, hiding behind Scrow.

“Oh, I’m sure it wasn’t, Furdy!” Toby patted his back, which made him jump a little.


“Furdy, as in furry buddy,” Toby winked at him.

“Unless you already have a name?” Do turned at him with curiosity and hands on his hips.

“I do… but it’s such a scary name I can’t bear to say it out loud,” the lion muttered.

“Don’t worry. It’s normal you can’t bear, you’re a Lion,” Scrow mentioned.

Do and Toby stared at him, not knowing whether to facepalm or just make an awkward face. Unaware of the bad joke he had accidentally made, Scrow grinned, “Hey, I now know what a lion is!” He nodded, beaming happily.

Toby patted Scrow’s butt, as his back was a bit high for him (for the time being) and his butt was… nice to pat. “We’re so proud of you,” he stated, forcing a stern face that almost made Do to laugh.

He composed himself enough to ask, “So, what is your name? Please, say it’s not LION, that would be the most boring thing ever.” Do made a face.

After a bit of uncomfortable staring, the Lion gave in. “Bob,” he finally managed to say as he covered his face with his paws.

Do blinked, then glanced at his brother, who was glancing back, then both stared at the Lion again. “Okay, so… Furdy.” Do nodded.

“Yup, Furdy it is!” Toby agreed.

“Furdy is a very original name, I must admit,” Cytoy added, joining their nodding.

“Nice to meet you Furdy!” Scrow smiled at the feline creature, who stared back at them and after a couple seconds, just shrugged.

“Oh well, I guess Furdy is less scary…” he said. Then he frowned, “But as I was telling you, that tree was looking at me! I bet he tries to grab me and do horrible things to me. The silent type are the most psycho!”

Scrow smiled at him. “I wouldn’t worry. Those trees won’t attack you.”

“How do you know?”

Before Do could answer that trees didn’t move, Scrow explained, “Because only trees with dick shaped fruits do.”

Toby got closer to Do and whispered at him, “Should we tell him that there might be moving trees that we have yet to see?”

But Do shook his head. “Nah, let him have his moment. Besides, I’d rather Furdy wasn’t scared of trees.”

“Indeed, that would be both heartless and inefficient,” Cytoy added from a couple of feet ahead.

Do stared at him surprised, even if he should be used to his abnormally good hearing. He was a cyborg after all. Even if it was a magical one. He kept staring at him, especially at his butt. He was indeed a magical being perfect for sex, as his butt was arousal-inducing. He could feel his own enlarged member swelling to the point he feared his jock would tear, so he forced his eyes away from him and onto… his brother, then at Scrow, as his brother was too painful and erotic to look at. However Scrow wasn’t an easy one to check out, not just due to his cum fantasy looks, all in display, but also the topic ongoing with Furdy.

“You have balls, but not dick, are you male or female?”

“I do have a dick, it’s just hidden inside,” Furdy explained, pointing at the sheath over huge balls that swung from leg to leg as he kept walking.

“Can I see it?” Scrow asked.

“Sorry, it only appears when I’m aroused.” He looked around with apprehension. “And I might be too scared to get aroused.”

Toby frowned. “But if you’re always scared, then when was the last time you got aroused?”

“When I was a cub, too silly to understand the dangers everywhere lurking at you…” Furdy looked at the woods around them, still worried.

“I can help you get aroused!” Scrow exclaimed, his massive cock starting to strain the ties holding it to his leg.

“Even if anyone tries… I doubt any of you can arouse me,” Furdy stated.

Do was about to complain about hearing that word too much when Cytoy frowned and stopped walking, planting himself before Furdy.

“I can not let that pass.”

Everyone stared at Cytoy.

“Excuse me?” Furdy took a step backwards.

“I am the ultimate sex machine. You will have to rectify that statement. There is no one I cannot arouse.” Cytoy said, already taking off his bag and checking inside.

“Again with the word…” Do grunted. Then again, he was also curious about the size of Furdy’s cock. However, it was quite dark and with only the moonlight above them. Sleeping in the woods might be dangerous. Not that he could voice those worries in front of the big scaredy cat.

Oh well, resting should be fine, as long as they didn’t sleep…

He licked his lips as he grabbed his crotch, staring at the scene, pondering about joining, when he saw something to his right that made him gasp. Toby was doing exactly the same as him, only with his huge boner already out and grabbed by both hands with part of the cockhead still visible above the hands. Their eyes met and suddenly he was unsure of what he wanted to do. Or who he wanted to join with.

Okay, he knew, but it wasn’t that simple. He was the older one, he had to force the distance, for his brother’s sake.

No matter how hot he looked.

Or how big his cock was.

And it was an enormous dick, maybe 18 inches? That was most probably a world record—

He glanced at Scrow’s several feet of flesh, which he was already jerking off. Okay, I meant, outside this magical land, he corrected himself.

Still he couldn’t stop looking at his beefed up brother.

For his part Toby felt his brother’s need, he couldn’t get why was he so stubborn of halting what was obviously what both desired.

That didn’t keep him from stroking. Or moaning. Loudly.



But Do swallowed everything he really wanted to say. Instead he forced himself to look away. “Don’t cum. You’re already big enough.”

“What, you don’t want me to grow?” That had startled him enough to stop his hands.

Do grabbed the sides of his own head, making his biceps bulge enormously, “No! I mean, yes—no. It’s…” Do seemed to be struggling, and not due to the foot-long attached to his groin peeking up from his jock. He groaned in frustration. “Look, you can’t grow anymore, okay? I don’t care what they call me, but I won’t let others call you a giant freak. And your clothes! What will you wear with your height? Your size already will be a problem in our world and you know it!”

Toby frowned at him angrily. “Maybe I don’t want to go back anymore!”

“What?” Do was stunned and stayed like that, just staring at his younger brother in disbelief.

Toby rolled his eyes and shook his arms to the sides. “Forget it! I’m thirsty!” he exclaimed as he left from the path to go to the nearby river.

Do just watched him go and sighed. He decided to let him cool off for a bit, then a couple moans distracted him.

He was fully distracted when he checked out his three new friends. Furdy was sitting on his butt while Cytoy power-bottomed what looked like a bigger cock than Scrow’s own massive one, which was being swallowed by Furdy’s mouth.

How Furdy’s mouth opened enough to get such a gigantic cock inside and how he was hiding inside such a massive piece inside himself was a mystery. He must have been a hell of a grower if he had hidden in his sheath a cock as big as Do’s new improved body.

And Do guessed Cytoy was indeed the perfect sex toy if he was able to take such a huge cock up his ass. Plus his body was acting weird. His torso was longer, as if it was an accordion, moving as one as the giant reddish cock went in and out. His legs were in a squatting position and between the calves and the knee there was a metal rod entering and exiting of the calf muscle about 3 feet, propelling Cytoy’s body up and down, like a… piston machine.

The perfect sex machine indeed.

Meanwhile, Furdy’s neck was massive due to Scrow’s organ entering it, but it didn’t seem to be hurting him at all as Scrow’s hands held his head in place while he fucked his mouth.

Yeah, he had to stretch his arms as much as he could to reach, after all his cock was way longer than normal for his titan species.

If Do’s dick had softened quite due to the discussion with his brother, it came back harder than ever and dripping pre. Then he noticed Cytoy’s head turning 180 degrees (which was quite disturbing btw) and spoke at him, “Seems like you could use a hand,” he offered.

Do was about to join in, but there was something amiss, so he sighed and shook his head no. “I’ll be right back, you keep on… whatever this is called?”

He turned around but could hear Cytoy’s reply, “An orgy.”

He kept walking for a bit and finally saw the road going out from the woods. Then stopped himself abruptly. In front of him the yellow brick road continued on a bridge that crossed the big hollow space of a valley that went down miles of sharp rocks. The river that had followed them as they walked went down the valley in a waterfall. He almost got dizzy looking down. Those sharp rocks going down made it impossible to cross the valley going down and then up the sides of the mountain.

Fortunately, the path they had to follow was way easier straight ahead through the bridge and the yellow brick road going on.

Unfortunately, the bridge had crumbled time ago, there was a huge hollow of almost 30 feet, maybe more.

Do frowned, how were they going to cross?

He went back to his friends and only found Cytoy and Furdy, the first getting his things inside his bag, the second cleaning his fur the way cats do (although it was weird to Do seeing such a huge anthropomorphic one doing it). He didn’t have to ask them about Scrow, as he and his brother Toby were coming back from bathing.

“The river has a fast current now!” Scrow exclaimed, excited.

Toby shrugged. “Dunno why it’s different now.”

“The waterfall.” Do nodded to himself.

The rest stared at him, curious about his words, but instead of explaining, he just nodded at them to follow him. They did so and saw the same he had.

“How far down is the end of it?” Scrow asked, looking down.

Furdy was hiding his face in his paws, “Don’t ask me! I’m claustrophobic!”

“Don’t you mean acrophobic? Fear of heights?” Do asked.

“That too!” Furdy nodded.

“With this light, I estimate about 305.2 feet of freefall,” Cytoy guessed.

Do saw Furdy shivering and groaned, “We so didn’t need to know that…”

“We can’t go down the river, the waterfall…” Toby shook his head. “And the rocks won’t let us pass climbing down and then up.”

Do eyed Scrow, then shook his head. “Nah, not even the one with longest legs would manage to jump that far…”

“Furdy can jump that far,” Cytoy stated.

“I can’t!” he exclaimed, panic-stricken.

But Cytoy disagreed, “Felines such as you can do it. The length is 32.8 feet and an adult male of your species and size should be able to jump over 42 feet with ease.”

“No way no way no way no way I can do it!” Furdy was terrified by the prospect.

Toby patted Cytoy’s arm, “What about you? Maybe you can extend your arms and reach that far?”

“I can.”


“However, there is nothing on the other side to grab and hold onto. Even if there was, it would not hold my weight.” Cytoy shook his head by rotating his neck.

“What if everyone else was on the other side to counter that weight?” Do asked, already a plan in motion.

“Then I would be perfectly able to cross.” He nodded.

“How far can Furdy jump with Scrow on top?” Do asked their human calculator.

“Around 33 feet.” Cytoy answered quite instantly

“Do… Are you thinking…?” Toby started to grasp what his brother was thinking and he was worried.

“Close, but doable.” Do ignored his brother and nodded, then planted himself in front of the group. “Okay, here’s the plan. Furdy will jump and cross with one of us at a time on top of him, then back for the next until all but Cytoy are there. Then we all be used as a counterweight and anchor so he can cross. How about it?” he asked them.

“I don’t get it!” Scrow raised his hand with a smile.

“That is to be expected,” Cytoy said to him, then turned to Do. “That’s a doable plan,” he agreed.

Toby frowned, “I’m not sure, bro. I mean, it seems possible, but…” he glanced at Furdy, who had turned into a furball, just like a hedgehog or armadillo would do.

“Yeah…” Do made a face while he scratched the back of his head. “That’s the only part left of the plan we still have to work out.”

The older (yet smaller) brother rubbed Furdy’s back (or what he supposed was his back). “Come on, Furdy. You can do it! You’re the only one that can do it!”


Toby imitated his brother. “Please furdy, we can’t do it without you!”

“I can’t! I’ll fall!”

Cytoy cocked his head with a weird noise coming from his neck, “Felines such as you can do it. Unless you’re an uncommonly clumsy one.”

Do glared at him. “Not. Helping.”

Then he sat on the yellow brick road, defeated. His brother joined him, then Cytoy did as well.

Scrow was the only one still standing up, still staring at the broken bridge, “So… if Furdy doesn’t cross, we can’t cross?”

Do rolled eyes. “Yeah…”

“So if he doesn’t cross, we’ll stay here… but then how will we go to Emerald City?” he seemed surprised as if he suddenly realized there was a problem to continue.

“There is no how,” stated Cytoy. “We simply cannot go.”

Scrow frowned and squinted his eyes. “Then we don’t go… and I won’t get a brain!”

Do sighed, “I told you already, you do have a—oh, nevermind…” he shook his head, he wasn’t in the mood or spirit to correct him that time.”

“That’s… sad.” Scrow hung his head.

The others remained silent.

But Scrow continued. “Then Cytoy won’t get a heart.”


“And Do and Toby won’t go back home.”


“And Furdy will be forever scared.”

No!” Suddenly Furdy unballed himself, “I don’t want that!” He was hugging himself, as if cold. “I’m so tired of being scared!”

“Jumping that scares you?” Scrow pointed at the broken bridge.


“Why?” the titan cocked his head.

Furdy stared at him as if crazy. “Because I can fall and die!”

Scrow just stared at him, then frowned, “I don’t understand. Cytoy said you can cross. Was it a lie?”

Cytoy spoke. “It is certainly true.”

Scrow smiled at Furdy. “Cytoy never smiles, but he also never lies. He always helps me. I like Cytoy. I trust Cytoy.”

“It’s not a matter of trust, I just can’t stop thinking I will fall!”

Scrow looked at him with a longing look. “Lucky. I don’t have a brain to think with. But if I had one, I would think I can cross.”

“What?” Furdy stared at him.

“It’s my brain, so I can think what I want,” Scrow said, closing his eyes. “I want to cross. He says I can cross, so I’ll think I can cross. Then I would cross.” Then he opened them again and looked at Furdy. “Well, if I had your brain.” He chuckled.

Furdy stared at him for a while, then at Cytoy, then at the siblings.

He ended up staring not at the bridge, but at the far end of it where the yellow brick road resumed.

“Thinking I can cross it… huh…”

“You can do it,” Cytoy repeated it once more.

“I really can do it?” Furdy spoke to himself

“You can think you can do it.” Scrow repeated it.

“I… can think I can do it.” Furdy nodded.

Toby got up. “We can’t cross without you. You’re the only one that can do it.”

“I’m… the only one.”

Do noticed the hesitation and jumped on Furdy’s back, making him to stumble a couple steps. “Come on, Furdy! Let’s go!”

The furry one slapped his own face and shouted, “Fuck! I’m doing it! Wooooo!!”

Then he started running with dough on his back gripping his fur and squinting his eyes closed and once he reached the border he jumped, all the time without stopping screaming, “Wooooooooo—!”

And they landed a dozen feet further on the other side. Safe and sound.

For a whole minute they stayed there, Furdy in a squat position, Do gripping his fur. Both with their eyes close tight.

Then both opened their eyes and looked at the other end of the hole where the rest were waving and jumping.

“OhmygodIdidit!” Furdy started jumping again.

Do jumped off him. “Awesome!!! See, you can do it and with space to spare!”

“Fuck yeah, I can do it! Oh my god! Fuck! I’m doing it again!”

And with that said, he just run towards the end of the road and jumped again. Do watched him jump such a distance and with such speed that he almost got dizzy, thinking he had just jumped riding that.

On the other side Toby congratulated him and jumped on his back. Furdy did the same jump and back.

Toby’s legs were a bit shaky and Do put his arm around his waist. Toby frowned at first, then sghed. He just couldn’t stay angry at him. Even if it hurt. He shrugged and gave him a half smile. Do smiled too.

“We okay?” he asked.

“We okay.” Toby nodded .

Then Do frowned and slapped the back of Toby’s head.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“Don’t ever say you’ll be staying here! As if I was gonna leave you here on your own!” Then he hugged him. “I’m not leaving you, so get it in that overgrown head of yours.”

Toby giggled and flexed something that was pressing Do’s thick muscled leg. “Oh, I doubt I can get anything inside the head that has grown, but we can try.”

Do faked an annoyed face but couldn’t help but chuckle. He pushed him playfully, closer to the end of the chasm. “You silly duck…”

Just then Furdy and Scrow landed next to them, right at the border, making the land to shake a bit and them to fall on their butts. A couple debris broke from the end and fell on the void.

“That was awesome! Again!” Scrow shouted, jumping down from Furdy and shaking his bulging arms up in the air.

But Furdy collapsed on the ground, out of hair and with his fur high. “Holy crap, that was too close! Shit, I can’t believe it…” then he closed his eyes and made himself a furball once more.

Scrow and the siblings stared at him for a bit, then they glanced at Cytoy at the other end.

“Okay, Scrow, you make a big spoon on Furdy and don’t let him go, and you To-to, on top of him,” Do directed them.

They did so while Cytoy was extending his arms longer and longer until they had reached their spot. Do guided each arm to each side of the small mountain of friends and grabbed each arm with each of his hands, making sure to stay on the other side of it, with the three in between him and Cytoy, so he could use them as stepping ground, weighting enough so Cytoy’s weight wouldn’t pull Do onto his side, but Cytoy towards them.

And it worked fine. Once Cytoy started retracting his arms back, as Do was firmly holding them in place, that made the rest of his body and backpack to be carried to the other side of the chasm. However, even if Do’s body was well held by the weight of the other three didn’t mean his already beefy body was up to the task. He hadn’t realized that the fact the weight worked to make him not to move didn’t mean it gave him the strength to hold Cytoy’s weight. One can tie a rope into a tree and the tree won’t move, but the rope or branch can still break.

Fortunately, just before his limbs hurt so much he though they would come out, the familiar warmth feeling came back making his legs squat and his arms flex to increase as both arms and legs started to grow once more.

Of course, even if the effort was being played by the arms that held the weight and the legs that held the position, that didn’t mean the growth only occurred in them, even if it was the main focus.

Do bit his lip to fade a bit the pleasure he felt when growing. It started to worry him that it would become addictive, and not only cause the result was better and better each time. His cock grew as well and got hard, slapping his abs higher than before a couple inches. His pecs felt a bit heavier, as did his back, balancing the weight of his chest, but the most impressive change were his arms and legs, lengthening and thickening as in they were scaling up in size, then thicker again, with fingersized veins on them. His forearms reached popeye-like proportions as did his calves, becoming just as thick around as his huge thighs, maybe a little more.

Luckily for him, his legs grew longer by a couple inches too, so he could avoid the gorilla look.

There was one thing none of them had thought and that was Cytoy’s landing.

All the pulling and growth had occurred in mere seconds, as Cytoy was propelled like a rocket into them.

That’s right, into them. So when he ended crossing, he didn’t just stop, but he trampled them, hitting them like a cannonball and scattering them around like billiard balls.

They all stayed on the ground for a bit, groaning in pain, but they eventually got up, rubbing various body parts.

“Damn, I didn’t think about his landing… Sorry guys,” Do apologized.

Furdy was the only one not getting up, “I’m not doing that again…” he groaned then glared at Scrow, “Thinking it or not!”

Scrow looked back at him, then at the others, “What?”

The siblings glanced at each other and chuckled.

They decided to pass the night there. There had already been too much excitement for one day.


Chapter 8: The Red Gatekeepers of the Green City

The next day everyone woke up refreshed and in a very bright mood, especially after managing to overcome such an obstacle to their journey. They continued their way after eating. Unfortunately, that meal ended their reserves, leaving Do’s bag empty, but they hoped they could find something to eat on the way.

Fortunately they soon started to see something green and shiny up ahead.

“No way!”

“Is that…”

Cytoy nodded. “That is Emerald City and also the central land of Hot.”

Toby jumped excited, his huge bulge bouncing up and down. “Finally! We’ve arrived.”

Do smirked. “Well, not yet, it’s still far ahead, but it’s good to see the goal, even from a distance.”

Then Furdy made some sniffing noises. “Hm… something smells good in the direction of the city and… what’s that red in the distance?” He suddenly took a step back.

“Most surely the eastern poppy field,” Cytoy replied.

Do squinted his eyes and, true enough, there was a swath of red extending from left to right as far as the eye could see just before the green destination.

“Seems like a big field…” he commented out loud. “Well, if that’s the only thing between us and the city, it will be easy, right?”

“Eastern poppy field… why not just poppy field?” Scrow asked.

Toby shrugged at Do. Did it matter?

But it seemed there was something to say about that, as Cytoy explained as they walked towards it through the yellow brick road. “There is also a western poppy field, both serving as frontiers between the western, center and eastern area.”

“Frontier?” Scrow asked, unsure of that new term to him.

“It’s to difference what part is what, like in this case, to one side is the east land and to the other side the center land, right?” Toby explained.

“It also serves as protection.” Cytoy added.

“Against what?” asked Furdy with sudden apprehension

With his expressionless voice, Cytoy explained, “The Eastern land and the Western land are both governed by the East and West spirits, who dislike other lands, so in order to protect the center land, someone planted the poppy fields.”

They had gotten closer to the red field and as they approached, they saw the poppies were huge. The shortest ones reached Doug’s chest while the tallest were a couple feet over Scrow. They stopped just before entering, even if the flowers had some scent that was inviting.

Before asking how could flowers protect a place, Do wanted to know something else, as he saw to both sides and didn’t see the end of flowers ahead. “Are there no fields on the north and south of Emerald City?”

Cytoy shook his head. “Those lands are guided by the North and South gentle spirits. They aren’t enemies of the central lands.”

Do nodded to himself. “So it’s not like a circled wall of flowers around the city, but just two walls on the east and west. Hum…”

Toby didn’t feel too sure about continuing straight ahead. “Maybe we should go around to the north or south? Even if we wander off the yellow brick road, we’re already seeing the walls of the city and look at those towers! So pretty!”

“I’m with him! I bet those flowers are evil and want to attack us!” Furdy frowned, although he was still sniffing the air.

Do looked at Cytoy and he answered before he was even asked. “The field goes 375 miles to the north and 412 to the south. It would take us around 6 days to do it.”

“Well, it’s just a week, right?” Furdy seemed pleased with the idea.

However, Do frowned and crossed his thick arms over his bulging bounceable pecs. “A week without food or water. While we would only need around two hours top to cross it going straight ahead.”

Toby was about to speak about the food he had kept in Cytoy’s bag, but he knew it wouldn’t be enough for all of them. Plus, his brother would yell at him for not getting rid of “that” already.

Also… the flowers smelled really good. He groped his tight package. “Why don’t we just cross the field?”

“It is the easiest and shortest path,” Cytoy nodded.

“And we’re not bad people, I doubt whatever the guardians are will stop us from going or harm us,” Do mused.

Scrow licked his lips. “I like the red flowers. They smell so good…”

Then they stared at Furdy. He finally sighed. “Fine, but if I see a single flower leaning towards me I’m leaving, you hear me?” he grumbled.

And so they continued on the yellow path. At first the poppies only greeted them from the sides, like a huge tall cornfield on both sides of the road. However, soon the road started having holes in the pavement, here and there and from such holes stood up red flowers.

They haven’t been even 10 minutes inside the field when Do realized his breath was starting to become deep and stable, he was feeling hot on the cheeks and his cock was starting to swell with blood for no reason. Fuck, he was horny.

Then they heard a snapping sound, as Scrow’s cock had reached a semiboned state and had torn free of the band holding it in place, now smacking his legs under the knee.

That didn’t help the arousal both siblings felt. Do was trying for his hands to stay on his sides as he walked, but his right hand could help ribbing a big swollen chest while the other groped his engorging meat, which was trying again the limits of his homemade jock.

Toby had even more trouble as his cock was completely boned and he was keeping it pressed against his abs, the cockhead mere inches under where his pecs gave shade. Using both hands to keep it there but couldn’t help a couple rubs here and there, making it to start dripping pre, which soon coated the whole monster sized tool, making it slippery and hard to keep in place. What he enedd up doing was rubbing it as he tried to hold it in place and it rubbed his hands and abs as it moved. His jock holding heavy balls as already drenched in precum.

On the rear of the group, Furdy was having trouble walking. He couldn’t explain why, but even being scared as he was, his cock was completely out of its sheath and measuring 7 feet long, just a foot shy of his own height, so that it bounced upwards a couple feet over his own head, interfering his visibility. However, he couldn’t push it to one side as the slightest touch sent shivers down his spine, halting his walk for a bit, then having to run a bit to keep pace with the others. But running made the massive shaft to bounce, sending even more pleasure down his body.

Cytoy noticed the temperature rising on all his companions and wondered why all of a sudden were everyone so horny except him. It surprised him to find it bothersome. Why there was something happening that aroused people that he, as the ultimate sex machine, couldn’t comprehend. He also felt confusion as to why was that bothering him. Could he be bothered at all when he couldn’t have feelings anymore?

Then, Scrow stopped in front of them, making them to stop as well. He then turned to them with the mother of all erections and a complacent look on his face. “Guys… how about we make a pause and play?” he suggested, licking his lips and rubbing a finger alongside on thick cock vein, shuddering at the feeling that was somehow amplified from the other previous times.

Toby started jerking his slippery rod. “About time!” He bit his lower lip and groaned.

“Fuck!” Do tore the jock into pieces and jerked off with both hands, staring at his brother in a sudden haze of pure lust.

Then Furdy jumped onto Scrow, making both of them fall to the ground, and started frotting his cock onto Scrow’s as he groped at Scrow’s ample nipples.

Cytoy stared surprised at the scene, and then at Toby dashing towards his brother and kissing him anxiously, as if he was thirsty for him. Meanwhile Do reciprocated as he moved his hands all over his hunky brother, seemenly unsure of what part of his body to worship and enjoy first.

Cytoy still hadn’t made sense of what was going on. He was storing some sexual tools in his bag he’d recently used and looking for others when something clicked inside him. He halted what he was doing and stared at the rest. He cocked his head and found himself raising one of his brows in confusion. Then found it surprising that his face was able to move and gesture like that. He recalled being able to before, but he was still unsure as to why it moved that way then and why it was moving now.

In any case, there was another more urgent matter, and that involved his companions. His… friends. He nodded to himself. Yes, that was a way better term to use referring to them. Even if the word was a bit confusing to him.

They were behaving different from usual. Even if that wasn’t the first sexual encounter he and his… friends ever had, it was surely the most intense. It seemed like they didn’t move out of spontaneous lust, but out of constant need. As if they couldn’t help it. As if there was no conscious thought involved.

Certainly, what had started as a two on two, ScrowFurdy and DoToby, had turned into a foursome, no one caring whose cock went were or what were they kissing or rubbing or caressing. That in itself was not an odd thing to happen in a so-called orgy; it was actually one of the best features, to get lost in pleasure. However, this seemed too much of an extreme, compared to previous sexual gatherings.

Soon he realized something else that was confusing. Despite the first or second unleashing of come, which he had been collected for his own maintenance, they had kept on with their lust activities maybe even with more intensity than before. It was something that had had never observed in the days they had shared together since they had “awoken” him.

Also, there was something in Toby that he had thought wasn’t consistent with the data he had on him. He wasn’t sure about the reason, but previous and repeating happening of the fact indicated that each time he had a sexual release, he experienced a growth spurt. However, since they had started in the sexual intercourse, already several hours ago, Toby had remained the same size.

Last but not least worrisome was the fact that they were all showing signs of exhaustion, yet they kept doing their sexual shenanigans with even more intensity that at the beginning, something that no only was illogical, but also risky for their bodies.

All of it was processed inside his cybernetic head and he reached a conclusion. The poppies were the reason it was happening and he had to get them out of their reach.

For a second, there was a small thought that halted it. That was the fact that he, for whatever the reason, was unaffected by the poppies. He alone could just leave and go see the Wizard and get what he desired.

And even so, he would take the time and effort to drag them out.

Despite being inefficient.

Despite being unnecessary.

But still something outside of his brain was urging him to do it.

It was annoying to dwell on it. Probably a waste of time, so he just blamed it to the debt he had with them for saving him.

No matter that doing so made him felt unease.

And yet… even if he used a “logical” reason, that ended up giving him a “feel”.

He shook his head, he just couldn’t compute how feeling anything was possible to an entity without a heart. He decided to let go of that thought process and start the rescue mission he had just assigned to himself.

Cytoy studied them. Toby was fucking Furdy, who was impaling Scrow in his own massive red shaft, whose own massive monster tool was being fucked by Do’s foot-long-plus tool. He tried disengaging Scrow’s cock from Do’s but they pressed hard and wasn’t able to. After thinking it for a bit, he took some body parts from his back and added to his torso another lengthening torso with two more legs attached, as if it was a spider. Then he positioned himself as a table, looking upwards with his hole in reach of Scrow and waited.

Soon Scrow’s cock started erupting, forcing Do’s tool out and he took the opportunity to take Scrow’s swollen cock inside his butt while he took Do’s cock on his mouth, starting the sucking sequence on both ends. With his arms he lifted Do’s muscled body and his extra legs started walking towards Emerald city, his torso elongating like an accordion while his butt and original legs stayed behind so Scrow could keep fucking it, despite having just emptied his balls. He was fast and 30 minutes later his upper body with Do still being sucked by it, exited the field and reached a clearing. The yellow brick road continued towards the entrance of the city walls, but Cytoy had reached his limit of how much far away he could reach without cutting himself in half. He kept sucking Do until he came and that time, he just stopped moving.

Cytoy checked his vitals after leaving him on the tiled road and stated he was only sleeping, so he proceeded to go back to where the threesome was still occurring (foursome if his butt was included).

As Scrow kept fucking his ass, he studied them, thinking up a way to proceed next. Furdy was being sandwiched by Scrow and Toby, so Cytoy would have to choose one of the other two. It was a dilemma. Toby should be next, as his fatigue was greater than Scrow and his risk higher, but on the other hand, Scrow was already fucking his ass. He would be the easiest to disengage.

Still, the risk to Tony was too high, so he decided to free him first. He used a similar strategy. While still being fucked, thanks to his enlarging torso he managed to put himself in range of Toby’s cock. It was when Toby unleashed his seed when Cytoy’s mouth swallowed Toby’s still hard cock while his body was supported by Cytoy’s arms (and another extra pair of arms for extra stability, his body being larger than Do’s).

He repeated the path he had made with Do and kept sucking the kid’s huge rod for a while, until he came again. Fortunately he had been already breathing clear air for a while, so the poppies influence was minimal and he collapsed, next to his brother.

Cytoy went back to where Furdy was slowly fucking Scrow’s brains out and Scrow as fucking Cytoy’s ass. He thought it for a while and he decided his next move. For that he would need some extra legs for extra support, it would be a massive increase of weight transporting both at the same time, but he managed to slide his large body under them (while still being fucked) and he had even an arm to spare to he could fist Furdy’s empty hole.

It took him a bit more time, but in the end, both ended resting next to the sleeping siblings. He clapped his hands, as if clearing some dust from them and went back to retrieve his bag, then sat next to his friends to wait for their awakening. As usual and without their knowledge, he kept guard, as his body didn’t need to sleep like they did.

As he watched them sleep, he recalled when he was able to do the same, but was unable to recall how that felt. That thought surprised him, as again he could “feel” something inside him that should not be.

They started waking up the very next day.

First one was Toby, who felt a storming pain all over his body like the first time he tried training and the next day he thought he would die from the muscle pains. “Oh god, did someone took note of that truck?” he only managed to open his eyes, but dared not to move.

A gurgling sound replied him, coming from his brother’s belly as he was waking up, rubbing his eyes. “I wanna eat something… anything! And drink too! I’m starving!”

“I know, right? I’d eat a dozen million salads right now!” Furdy replied, waving his tail. He seemed fine. Animal stamina.

Scrow yawned and stretched his arms. “Good morning!” then he looked at the close wall surrounding the city, about 40 feet tall. After staring confused at the wall, he glanced in the other direction where the poppy field was. “Did we cross the field yesterday? I can’t remember well.”

“I only remember starting to cross it but then everything goes blurry…” Do frowned as he tried to remember.

“Same here… ow! My dick, it hurts!” Toby exclaimed as he grabbed his cock that for some reason was starting to awake.

Before they could continue divagating, Cytoy told them of the events of the poppy field. They stared at him in wonder.

“Hah! I knew it! I told you those flowers were evil!” Furdy pointed at them with triumph.

“Still pretty.” Scrow glanced at the field with a sleepy face.

“I can’t believe we almost died by sex exhaustion. Those flowers must be a very powerful aphrodisiac.” Do nodded, then turned to Cytoy, “You saved our lives, thank you.”

Toby and the rest thanked him too. Cytoy nodded, then looked away. “It is odd. I don’t care much about helping others, but helping you, who helped me once and travel with me… I do not understand why, but it came natural.”

Scrow shrugged. “That makes us even, ‘cause I don’t usually understand when you talk.” Then smiled at him. “But I like you too.”

Cytoy frowned. “Too? I did not say—”

Do put his hand on Cytoy’s shoulder, cutting him mid-sentence, “You don’t have to. We know.” Toby nodded, smiling.

Cytoy looked away, his face as serious as ever. “I… do not get it, as they say. But I think I like it.”

Do walked towards the door, “Okay, enough of that! Lets’ go see the Wizard!”

He approached the massively tall gate where the yellow brick road ended and knocked twice.

They waited for a bit until they heard someone at the other side.

“Who’s there? Is this some kind of joke?”

Do raised his brows and turned to his companions. Furdy hid behind Scrow and Toby put his hands on his hips. “Why is he angry?”

“Hello?” Do called out

In that moment a small hidden window opened at about 18 feet and a small head popped out, looking around, “By the wizard, if this is some kind of joke…. Do you delinquents know how many stairs do I have to use to check out from this side?” Then without looking down to where they were waiting, he was about to get in again, but Toby shouted at him.

“Hey, down here!”

That startled the man enough to gave a jerk upwards, hitting his head with the window’s lintel.

“Ow!” he quickly got inside the window, cursing and closing the small window.

Everyone stared at Toby, who shrugged, bouncing his big arms and pecs in the process. “What?”

Then a small door, also hidden at the bigger main door opened and a man of about 40 stepped out. He was about 6 and a half feet tall, shorter than anyone there except Do, although barely, and almost as muscled as him, dressed in green clothes, like a uniform, quite tight on his big muscles. He also had a mustache and a hat. He stared at each and every one of them one by one. They stared back at him.

He raised a brow, “Well?”

“Well?” Do repeated, not knowing if there was some kind of greeting custom he was missing or what.

“Why are you knocking at this door?”

“I don’t know!” Scrow replied, smiling happily and thinking he had been useful in the awkward situation.

Do shushed at Scrow, then smiled innocently at the guard. “We want to enter Emerald City and see the Wizard.”

The suspicious glance of the guard turned into bewilderment, “What? No!” he exclaimed and closed the door in their faces.


Chapter 9: The Great and Wonderful Wizard of Hot

“Wait, please!” Do begged through the closed door.

But to his relief, the guard hadn’t left yet, as heard him grunting behind the door, “Asking to see the Great Wizard, preposterous… First of all, why are you even going all around the wall to knock at this door, anyway?” he repeated his first question.

“But we didn’t,” Toby replied, confused.

“We did knock the door,” Cyboy corrected him.

“Okay, fine,” Toby said as he rolled his eyes. “I mean we didn’t go around anything, why would we if we were already here?”

“I see,” Cytoy nodded to himself, “he thinks we come from the Northern or southern road.”

“But we come from the West,” Do crossed his arms over his chest, “why would he think—”

The guard interrupted Do, “Hah! As if anyone could cross the Poppy fields! Who do you think you are?”

Do shrugged, “Dorian Gale from Kansas? Usually known as Do?”

Then the gate opened and the guard stared at him in disbelief. “Do the Spiritkiller? The great magician who killed Everett of the East? That Do?”

“News travel faster than us, that’s for sure,” Toby commented, smirking.

Do gave a step back, uncomfortable with such titles. “Well, technically yeah, but it was our house what fell on him so I dunno if—”

But the guard was taking his hand and shaking it with vigor. “What a great honor! Come, all of you!” he ushered them all inside. Scrow had to duck to pass and Cytoy had to squeeze the huge backpack to cross the doorframe.

Inside the gate they found themselves at a big storeroom. There was another huge door just as big as the one they had entered, in front of it, also with smaller doors like the one they had just used. Looking back they saw a big staircase attached to the door leading to the window the guard has first used when they had knocked.

The guard looked at them up and down. “Well, pardon my rudeness, but, I must ask, is it custom of yours to walk around the way you came to this world?”

Toby softly elbowed his brother and whispered, “Does he means in a tornado or—”

He shook his head at his taller younger brother, “He means naked. And no.” He pondered for a bit before continuing, “We… suffered some dressing incidents on our way here.” He shrugged. Looking around he realized the guard was right to call out on them. The only one not looking naked was Cytoy and that’s only because he could change the color of his upper legs and lower torso, which right then was a dark green, probably due to all the green surrounding them.

The guard scratched his shaven chin. “Well, there is no rule against nudity in the city per se, but… You said you wanted audience with the Wizard, you should at least dress for the occasion, even if an audience might not… well, if it’s you he might…” He shook his head, then nodded, then shook again.

Seeing he was rambling and anxious to get started already, Do waved his hands in front of him, smiling awkwardly. “Hum, it’s fine, really, you don’t need to…”

But the guard was already taking out clothing from a dresser, some were quite old looking, but at least were big.

There was no underwear available, but there were trousers, shirts and even boots that fit snug and tight. All of them were green colored. He had even sizes for Scrow, as Emerald city had many Titan visitors time ago. Furdy rejected the clothes, as he was never meant to be dressed anyway, so he just chose a nice looking shiny green belt as a collar on his thick neck.

Lastly, he opened a cabinet where he took out eyeglasses. Many, many glasses of different sizes filled the cupboard, but all of them had tinted green glass and a small clasp tying them in place behind the head.

“This is in order to protect your eyes. Emerald city’s glow is very intense due to the many gems adorning the city.”

“Hey, you guys turned green!” Scrow exclaimed as he put the glasses on, then he looked down at himself. “Oh, I’m green too!”

“Wow, you guys…” Furdy moaned. He was staring at everything through his glasses. “You look scary all green…” Then he shrugged, “Oh well, nothing new I guess…”

Do chuckled then glanced at his beefy brother, who seemed about to burst of his new clothes.

Toby glanced at him back and smirked, “Toby smash!” He made a most muscular pose, then they all heard a tearing sound from his back. Toby’s face expression froze when hearing the sound, then cursed, “Damnit!”

Do laughed—he had been thinking about the same comic book. Then he forced himself to look away from his brother as the guard gave him another shirt to change from the torn one. It was one thing was constantly seeing a sexy buff guy around you and getting used to it, and another was seeing a clothed hunk suddenly doff his shirt to change and his muscles appearing.

Do bit his lower lip and turned his head towards the guard—the least sexy one there, albeit still sexy enough. “So, can we see the wizard now?”

The guard frowned, crossing his arms in thought. “You can enter the city, no problem, but seeing the wizard… that might be a difficult task.”

“Why?” Toby asked, while buttoning his shirt over his wide chest, struggling a bit with his buttons.

“He’s someone very fond of his privacy…” he said evasively, then at everyone’s stare, he sighed. “It’s been years since he hadn’t show his face from the palace. I haven’t even seen him once in my life,” he admitted.


“How do you know he’s real then?” Toby put his hands on his hips, trying to move slow so he didn’t damage that shirt.

The guard shook his head, “Of course he gives his annual speeches. But he uses a different form each time, so few people recalls what he looked like when he arrived here.”

Do narrowed his eyes. “Arrived?”

The guard nodded at him and smiled, “You might not know, coming from the stars far away,” he started saying, ignoring the glances and shrugging of the siblings, “but the great Wizard arrived in this land where the four great spirits fought for control. He managed to make a stand in the center of it, make the spirits take a part of the land for each one and stay in it, while he kept for himself the centre part, founding Emerald city. Everyone here is quite happy to have him as ruler. We’re safe here.” He nodded to himself.

Then he looked at Do. “And even safer now when one of the two remaining evil spirits is gone, thanks to you!”

“So, why should we have a problem with an audience then?” Cytoy asked, blinking at the device in his face, changing the coloring he could detect was making his eye cybernetic nerves go haywire to adjust. “Just announce Do as the Killerspirit and people will do the rest.”

“The people?” Do was confused.

“A ruler cannot ignore his people,” Cytoy explained. “If the people claim for you right under his nose, he has no way to ignore us.

The guard nodded, “Your friend is right. I’ll start with it immediately,” he told Do, very excited. “You wait here until I give you the signal.”

Do shrugged and watched him exit from the door in front of the one they had enter from.

“Well, at least your Spiritslayer title is useful,” Toby joked.

Do shrugged again. He was going to make a comment when they heard some kind of commotion inside the city, which increased as time passed.

Five minutes afterwards the shouts and voices were so loud none of them could understand what was being said, but it made all of them to freak out, except Cytoy. Or at least, he didn’t look the part.

Just when they were holding Furdy so he wouldn’t run way from the door they had entered, they heard a louder voice on top of the others, making them to lower the volume.

“And now, ladies and gentlemen of Emerald city, I announce you the hero, the Spiritslayer—”

“Told ya!” Toby nudged his brother, who just shook his head amused.

“—and saviour of the Eastern lands, Do Gale and his companions!”

Then the door opened and they were lucky they were wearing the glasses because even with them, they were momentarily blinded—and deafened.

Once inside the walls it was like a whole different place from the rural area they had been seeing since Do and Toby started their journey. Apart from the so many people on the street, all clamoring at them with happy faces at the sides of the well paved main road that led to the palace in the centre of the city, there were animals and so many houses of different sizes and styles, but all of them green and shiny, with many, many gems adorning every surface.

However, the city was huge and Do wondered if they would have to walk all the way there, no small feat considering all they had had to walk since they arrived in the tornado.

That at least was clarified when a big carriage pulled by four green horses was stated before them and they got up on it, making the rest of the sightseeing inside the city very comfortable.

“This is quite the ride!” Toby exclaimed excited.

“I can’t believe everything here is green!” Furdy said, apparently calmer inside the carriage, away from the people and their “menacing aura”, as he called it.

“Most probably not,” Cytoy scanned the area around him, “I would estimate around 22% of what we see here is green colored, while the rest would be around 73% white and the rest another light colors.”

“I also doubt everyone here has green skin. I’m sure I don’t,” Toby giggled.

Scrow imitated the siblings and raised his huge arm, waving at the people greeting them along the way. “Such happy people, what are they celebrating? “

Toby and Do exchanged glances and chuckled. “Us!”

Not long after they arrived to the big Palace, right at the center of the city and also where the yellow (now green) road originated, before branching in two roads, each going towards a different cardinal route, Do deduced, as they hadn’t left the path they entered the city walls.

Once they left the carriage, the guard, who had driven them the whole way turned around. However, before using the whip to start the horses once more, the turned to them.

“Well, youngsters, this is it. With all the commotion, I doubt the great Wizard hadn’t hear about you already. You will surely get an audience with him. I wish you luck!”

“Thank you for everything!” Do beamed at him. After taking a deep breath, he ringed the door bell. Then he turned to his friends, “This is it guys! We’re finally getting our wishes!”

“Oh, will we get a present?” Scrow asked, jumping up and down like a kid.

“The Wizard will grant you a brain, remember?” Do said. “Not that you don’t have one already…”

“And I will be able to perceive and act according to emotions. I have been looking forward to this day.” Cytoy nodded with no change in his expression.

“Do you really think the Wizard will make me braver?” Furdy glanced at the door with apprehension, as if it was gonna open and bite him.

“He’d better,” Do frowned, “cause that seems easier than sending us to Kansas…”

Toby sighed, looking away. “Home, huh… We’re… going home.”

Before Do could ask about his gloomy demeanor, a young green lad, probably younger than Toby and even more delicate than he was before arriving in the tornado, dressed like an ornamental doll would be, opened the gate. Everyone was speechless before him. His face almost radiated light from, so pretty was it. Do was sure he would fall for him even if it was a girl.

“Good day to you, oh Do the blessed great hero.” The gave an exaggerated bow at them all. “The great and wonderful Wizard of Hot awaits you. This way.”

Do gave a step forward. However, as the rest followed, the pretty lad raised a hand and they stopped.

“My apologies, companions of the great Hero, I’m afraid that the wizard can’t concede audience with all of you all together. He’ll listen to each of you separately.”

Furdy waved his paws before him. “Oh no… I’m not going alone there. No way!”

Toby put his hand on Furdy’s shoulder, then glanced at the boy, “I arrived with Do and should go with him, but in this case, may I go along with this one? He might be too scared otherwise.” Then he added, “You can take care of our end, right, bro?” he said without looking at his brother.

Do frowned, unsure of how to take his brother’s apathy to asking directly for their wish. It was almost as if he didn’t want to leave….

He shook his head, that was silly. Of course he wanted to go back. He nodded, “Okay then. I’ll be first!” he announced the kid.

Doll, as Do named him in his mind, stepped aside to let him through, then closed the door after him, leaving Toby and the rest outside.

Do shivered as he followed Doll. He wasn’t as fine as he had stated with the deal of going alone, but he didn’t have much choice. He was the one asking for a favor, so he would have to accept anything the wizard asked them.

After some minutes of walking through well lighted hallways of wide windows and high ceilings, richly and greenely decorated, Doll stopped next to another big door. He nodded at Do, who nodded back and entered slowly.

The supposedly audience room was dimly lit. It had no windows and several curtains on both sides of the room. The only thing there was at the end of it in front of the door, a small staircase leading to the massive throne that even Scrow would have trouble climbing it to sit on it. There were two big firelamps at each side, their flames menacingly dancing.

Do swallowed and stepped forwards, until he was mere feet of the staircase, in front of the empty throne.


No answer. He tried louder, “Hellooo?”

Silence!” A furious roaring voice deafeningly sounded all over the room, making Do to give a step back, and just in time, as a massive figure had just appeared in the blink of an eye in front of him.

Do couldn’t help letting his jaw open wide in front of him, then covering it with both hands so quickly and with such force, in order to keep himself from shouting that his flexed arms ripped his new shirt at the biceps and the same sudden motion made a big hole in his back.

He had not time nor mood to groan about the tears in his clothing. He was way too busy trying to understand what he was seeing.

On top of that chair, bigger than what would be necessary for an adult Titan form the East, stood a massive erect cock, with such titanic testicles that the whole scrotum, tightly packed, couldn’t stay on the seat and instead fell from it and laid placidly on the floor where the throne stood, each of the orbs inside easily 15 feet across.

The cock itself was green (of course), about 35 feet long and probably as much around, as it was incredibly thick. It was also apparently prehensile, as it beny on many points in order to accommodate at the chair and even lower the tip so the glands slit would point at Do, as if it was its eye.

Before Do could recover and ask it, it spoke in a deep strong voice, “I am the wizard, the great and powerful! Who are you and why have you come?”

Do swallowed with difficulty. In other circumstances, he would find hot encountering such massive penis, but this was business, he told himself. He closed his eyes to easy his nerves and spoke at the… Wizard.

“I’m Do Gale, from Kansas,” he replied. “I’ve—we’ve come to ask you a favor.”

Hah! You dare come with demands?”

Do wanting to kick himself for not knowing how to talk without offending his host, “No, no! I’m only asking! You see, the Spirit of the North told me you might be the only one who can—”

Who can take you and your brother back home to Kansas, right?” the wizard finished Do’s sentence.

Do opened his eyes wide. “How could you kno—”

I am the great and powerful wizard! I! Know! All!”

Do wasn’t sure if he should be happy or get worried. If the Wizard was as powerful as changing forms and knowing that before being asked, then he was probably his ticket back home… if his obvious irritable nature granted it.

Both stayed silent for a bit. Do was starting to sweat. He didn’t know how to proceed or what to do.

Then the Wizard spoke again. “What is in it for me if I help you?”

“Eh? You mean… doing something for you?”

A fair trade.”

“But, I don’t have anything I can give… or do. I’m not powerful like you…” Do protested.

Nonsense! Are you not who destroyed Everett of the East, Spirit of Thunderous Fall?”

“Well… technically yeah, but…”

Then you can do it!

Do was scared to ask, but did anyway, “Do what?”

Kill Theodore of the West, the evil Spirit of Scorching Summer! And bring me his ring, the source of his power!”

Do’s hopes were crushed, right there and then. There was no way he could kill that behemoth, even if he wanted. But before he could protest, the Wizard spoke again.

Now go! And do not return until you bring me his ring!”

That last sentence was so loud Do had to cover his ears and close his eyes, ripping his sleeves further. When he lowered his hands, the enormous wang was nowhere to be seen.

Then Doll appeared with a soft smile in his pretty face and asked him to follow him, which he did as in a daze.

It was over. Now he would never go back home.


Chapter 10: The Wizard Demands

Do waited inside the Palace, at a room far away from the audience room where he had spoken to the Wizard. He was sitting down in quite a comfortable chair, with his head on his hands, as he leaned his elbows onto his legs, frowning and trying to figure out what to do.

On one hand, it was a bit unfair. If the Wizard was so powerful, he could slay the evil Spirit himself, so why was he asking Do? Not to mention, if that was the case, why haven’t he slain both spirits in all those years he had been a ruler there? Laziness.

And he had gone there announcing being a Spiritkiller, so he had some kind of name and the Wizard would listen to him, just for his ploy be used against him and backfire horribly.

Maybe he could try talking to Oswald again and ask for advice… but he had no way of contacting him and even if he had, what other way could he suggest that he hadn’t already? If the Spirits were so powerful that they were the rulers by right of force and Oswald of the North couldn’t do it, then the Wizard was his only option.

They had the possibility of growing bigger than the evil one, and one-punching him, but how big would they need to be to be stronger than him? Size wasn’t power, or it might not be, considering the fireballs. Plus being bigger meant they would be an easier target for those fireballs and anything else the Spirit threw at them.

Plus, if they grew big enough for that, how could they live back home with that massive size? They wouldn’t want them even in a circus. And he wasn’t going to allow his brother to be unhappy like he had all those years of scorn and loneliness.

No, growing on purpose was out of the question.

No matter how good it felt.

No matter how much he liked it.

Damn, he was hard now.

Right then, the door opened and Scrow entered, guided by Doll, who left him with Do, supposedly in order to lead the next supplicant to his audience with the Wizard.

Do sighed. “At least my friends wouldn’t be asked to make such outrageous payment…” he thought.

“Hi Do! New fashion?” He nodded at Do’s ripped sleeves, whose remains still fell from his shoulders in rags.

Do realized and cursed inwardly, then tore the sleeves off completely so at least it would seem to have been done on purpose.

Scrow looked around. “This is one pretty house, isn’t it?”

“Palace, actually.” Do made an effort and smiled at him, who smiled back.

“And it’s so green…”

Do nodded, then frowned. “Scrow…”

Right then Scrow found a chair his size, “Wonderful, I think I’ll be able to sit here… haha, I said think, despite not—”


His big friend turned at him, still smiling. “That’s my name!”

Do blinked. “I… know that. Listen, how did it go?”

“How did what go?”

“Your audience with the Wizard!” Do fought the urge to roll his eyes.

“Oh! I was very surprised to find out he was a titan too!” Then he looked to his hands, “Well, he said he wasn’t, but he looked like one, although bigger…”

“So he used that form with you…” Do mused aloud, “You asked him what you wanted, right?”

“Yes!” he exclaimed, quite proud of himself. “I didn’t forget! Even if having memories needs having a brain! Odd, isn’t it?”

“Very.” Do forced a smile again. He was tired already of telling him that he had one. “So? What did he say?”

“He said okay.” Scrow was beaming.

Do sighed and smiled for real. At least his friend would get his wish… “You’re lucky. He told me he won’t send us home until I kill the Spirit of the West…” He felt all bummed out.

“Yes. He said that too,” Scrow nodded.

“Why did he tell you about my condition?” Do asked, suddenly alarmed.

“He didn’t. He spoke of mine. He said, I’ll grant you your brain… if you kill the Spirit of the West.”


“But that’s weird,” Scrow frowned. “If you kill him, then how am I going to kill him?” Then he lifted a finger. “Maybe there are two west spirits!”

Do shook his head. “No, no, I bet he meant the same guy. I guess he meant… killing it together?”

“I don’t know,” was Scrow’s expected answer.

Right then Doll and Cytoy appeared and joined them. Doll left to pick the next.

Do narrowed his eyes at Cytoy. “So… How was it?”

He didn’t choose a chair and remained still instead. “It was… I am unsure on how to describe it. It had scales and was tall like a building. He was, of course, green, but I can not tell with certainty, with these glasses…”

Do almost chuckled. “I meant the audience, not how he looked. Did he grant your wish?”

Cytoy didn’t immediately reply, which suggested Do he had been asked for a similar condition, if not the same as the other two. Cytoy confirmed it.

“He requested the demise of the Spirit of the West as payment for his services.”

“I knew it!” Do grunted, punching the table in front of him. “That Wizard…”

“But it is to be expected to give payment in exchange for a service, is it not?”

“Oh! Oh!” Scrow waved his hand high in the air. “I know that one! Toby teached me! In order to get something you must pay for it.”

Just then Doll brought the last two of their companions. Furdy trembling with a paw over his eyes and the other one grabbed and guided by a worried looking Toby.

“Do!” he looked at his brother’s face.

Do groaned—he could already guess. “Furdy won’t get his courage until he kills the Spirit of the West, isn’t he?”

Toby raised his brows in surprise, then seeing his brother all worried like that, he guessed why. “No way, you too?”

“All of us, too,” Do corrected him.

Now what would they do?

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