Weekly Update 8 May 2021
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Weekly Update: 8 May 2021

This week sees a new set of chapters in the Patreon-commissioned story “One Hot Summer”. There’s a lot pending with Mike, Bran, and Eddie, and with Jay, Zac, and the twins; but I had to go back and check on Benji and see how his sudden, more extreme growth was treating him. If you’re wondering why the update was a few hours later than usual, well, I was making sure Benji was as happy as I could make him. What I won’t do for my guys! ;)

Yesterday’s Friday Flashback traveled back to May 2015, resulting in an interesting collecting of stories. Check that out if you haven’t already. I express my heartfelt gratitude to my worthy Patreonites; if you want to join them you are always welcome.

The next update is a week hence, on 15 May. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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