The bodyguards

by MaxMorphs

Two already huge and beautiful brothers apply for a job guarding a man who might be able to help them get even bigger.

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Part 1 Two already huge and beautiful brothers apply for a job guarding a man who might be able to help them get even bigger. (added: 17 Apr 2021)
Part 2 The two new bodyguards have a history of making themselves grow—and of not being shy about their bodies or each other. (added: 1 May 2021)
Part 3 The bodyguards’ first business trip with their new boss goes well, even though they’re already having trouble fitting into their suits and Speedos.
Part 4 The boss breaks out the extra-potent growth serum, and the twins are excited, taking the warnings about side-effects (like massively enhanced cum production) totally in stride. (added: 8 May 2021)
Part 5 The two bodyguards eagerly agree to an experiment to test how much they can eat, especially when they learn the food will contribute to their growth. (added: 7 Aug 2021)
Part 6
Part 7 The twin bodyguards’ unquenchable thirst for growth starts to have unexpected side effects for their employer, too. (added: 14 Aug 2021)
Part 8
Part 9 The bodyguards and their boss give in to the indulgence of incredible growth. (added: 21 Aug 2021)
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Part 1

“They’re here, boss.”

“Fine. Let them in.”

My two prospective bodyguards stepped into my dimly lit office.

I imagined the scene from their point of view. It must have been an incredible sight—the skyline of Paris spread out behind me, the last rays of sunlight just disappearing over the horizon.

They were perfect, just as I had imagined them. The two men wore marine blue suits that hugged every curve of their muscular bodies. Their hair was shaved close on the sides, a little longer on top. Even leaving aside the magnificence of their bodies, I was impressed by their faces alone. Both of them had a slight shadow of beard that further emphasized their sharp jawlines. The stubble was so black it looked darker than their actual hair color.

At a gesture from me, the two ex-bodybuilders removed their jackets and took their seats before my oversized desk. I took a second to bask in the attentive gazes of their blue eyes. I wondered if there ever had been a more beautiful set of twins. I took my time signing the last document on my table, keeping them guessing. They waited patiently, unmoving, like toy soldiers. I listened to their top buttons straining as they breathed in and out.

“You’re aware that this isn’t your standard bodyguard gig,” I finally said to them.

The twins nodded.

“Working for me is more than a job. It’s a calling, and it requires sacrifice. I need men I can rely on completely, every second of every day. I will need your help and I will need your protection. There are many out there who would love to see me dead and my work destroyed. If you accept my offer, you will be going all in. Do you understand?”

They nodded again, their chests swollen and proud.

“Also, there will be no secrets. As soon as you sign these papers, you will be part of my absolute innermost circle. There will be no one closer to me than you. When I give you an order, no matter what it is, you will be obligated to fulfill my wishes. Do you understand?”

Their pupils widened for a split second, but they did not hesitate. “Yes,” they rumbled with one voice.

“The salary, of course, is commensurate with the demands of the job. Once you’ve signed, you will be more than amply provided for. I know you both know who I am—you know my resources are unlimited, and you will have them fully at your disposal. As long as you’re working for me, anything you want is yours.”

The two bodyguards nodded slowly.

“Now. Before we sign, I’d like to see what it is I’m investing in.”

They were ready for this part, and didn’t need me to elaborate further. They exchanged a smirk and rose to their feet, slowly unbuttoning their too-tight shirts. Into view came perfectly two sets of sculptured, shaved pecs with rosé-colored nipples, 8-packs that might as well have been Photoshopped, with bright treasure trails pointing the way to their crotches. They both were blessed with swimmers’ shoulders and fat chest muscles, augmented by years of work at the gym. They had to peel their shirts off their arms to get them over their biceps and triceps. In a moment, I was taking in their pits, neatly trimmed but still dark with hair. Veins spread over their thick arms like rivers on a map. They were only in their late 20’s, their youth a stark contrast to their sheer size. They must have started lifting early.

I had never seen two bigger men in my life. But I wanted to see more, and it was in my power to ask for it.

“I want to see everything.”

One of them flashed me a perfect cocky smile. The other, watching his brother, nodded.

They undid their thick leather belts.

I inhaled as their thick thighs and underwear came into view. God himself must have supervised the creation of these men’s bodies. They both wore red boxer briefs that were stuffed to the limit. Two cotton-covered masses erupted over the top of their pants like expanding dough. It was clear that these boys were hung like horses.

“Huge everywhere,” I said approvingly.

I let them stand in front of me like that for a moment, with their bulges out, watching them smile. My mouth was watering. They were perfect.

It was time to sign the contracts. I watched as they squeezed everything back into their fancy outfits. If anything, their bulges looked even more enlarged going back in.

So they liked to show off. Even better.

I passed two pens across the table, and a moment later their signatures were bleeding into the paper.

“Welcome to the family,” I said.

I moved around my desk to shake their hands. My two new bodyguards looked much bigger up close. At 6 foot 5, they each had about half a foot on me.

“We’ll start in the morning,” I told them. “But as a sign of good faith, I’d like to grant you each one favor. Anything that’s in my power to give. And I warn you, this first phase of your employment will be challenging, so don’t hold back. What is it that you most desire?”

The two brothers exchanged a look. It almost felt like they were reading each other’s minds.

“We wanna get bigger,” one of them said.

“Yeah. Way bigger,” the other added.

My heart skipped a beat.

“There are training facilities located on the second floor of your housing—everything you need.”

“No, we mean big,” the first one said, stepping a little closer, arms crossed and swollen under his sleeves. “We saw your last bodyguard.”

“Fernando? Yes, he is massive. He’s, ah, quite the role model.”

“We want to be like him.”

“Bigger than him.”

“Yeah, huge. Bigger than anyone. So big that no one could ever mess with you.”

I wondered how they knew about Fernando, my former private assistant, later my bodyguard, who’d worked for me for over 23 years. Had they seen him in photographs? In the tabloids?

“So, am I correct in thinking…you want a bit of chemical assistance?”

Their eyes glowed.



“Well, fortunately for you both, I do have some connections to the military. I’ll make sure you benefit from a few of the projects I know they have going on.”

“Thank you, boss!”

They hugged me—both at once. I found myself suddenly suffocated by muscle mass, pressed into their straining shirts and the mountains of muscle underneath, their pecs almost bursting through the thin linen. They were a little clumsy, but I appreciated their gratitude. I had a feeling these two himbos and I were going to be a perfect match. I was suddenly conscious of the round bulge of the bodyguard behind me, pressing into my ass cheeks. I wondered how long it would be before I felt that sensation again.

After they left, I returned to my desk. Atop it, facing me where the bodybuilders wouldn’t have seen it, was an old photo of me and Fernando. I picked it up and raised it to the light of the chandelier.

“Did you hear that? I didn’t even have to persuade these two to take the drugs. They asked for them. They want to get big in order to serve me better? I can help them with that. More than they think.”

My finger touched the glass covering the photo. It showed me and my former bodyguard—a seven-foot mountain of muscle, so thick and broad he was almost immobile, totally unrecognizable as the man he’d once been.

Just the right size.


Part 2

Of course, I’d known most of what there was to know about them before they ever set foot in my office. It had taken my research team less than twenty minutes to discover everything there was to find online—and there was lots of material. When the team sent me their findings, I had a very enjoyable deep dive that lasted most of the night.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The first photos of them were from their senior year of high school. They were beardless then, but already built like athletes, holding aloft a trophy, surrounded by the rest of their swim team. They were big back then, for sure, but nothing extraordinary—just average jocks like you might see on any campus.

In college, they’d continued to swim competitively, and their shoulders had widened by inches with every passing year. They ought to have stopped growing years before, but somehow their swimming trunks continued to bulge more with every passing month. And in the photos from each swim meet, they seemed to be manlier, more thickly muscled, than they’d been at the one before. They were already the biggest on the team by sophomore year, and by graduation they made everyone else look like twigs.

After college they went to work for a few months, helping their dad out at the junkyard he owned, leading to even more muscle growth and a lot of sweaty candid photos—they both had Instagram by this point, and around now was the start of their actual online presence. They both went through a moustache phase (strong Henry Cavill vibes), and moved back to Paris the following fall.

It was after that that they started to get more serious about bodybuilding. They started a Youtube channel (Stallion—not very subtle, but not inaccurate either) where they posted training vids every single day. It was all about getting big, eating right, and lifting heavy. They seemed to have an incredible work ethic. Their swimmer’s builds were long gone by this point—when they posted a throwback photo shoot a few years later, it looked like they’d doubled in size since their college years.

It didn’t take them long to figure out what their followers liked. The brothers became thirst trap experts, and their clothing dwindled as their follower count multiplied. Their posing routines at the end of their clips were sweaty, swaggering, outrageously self-confident. They were nearly always shirtless by then, and they couldn’t seem to get through a video without openly commenting on each other’s bodies, sometimes in obscene ways.

“Look at these sick veins, bro!” (Closeup on a muscular flexed arm. A hand comes into frame to grip the cannonball-sized bicep. The camera lingers a little too long on his hairy armpit.) “You like that, don’t you?” (The brother onscreen flips off the camera with a perfect, toothy smile.)

“Damn, bro. Look at this dump truck!” (A hand with outstretched fingers tries to grab one of his brother’s enormous glutes. But he can’t quite get a grip—the amount of muscle mass is too big for one hand. The shorts are off, only a thin pair of underwear keeping their skin from touching. The owner of the ass starts laughing. Zoom in on the jiggling cake.)

One time one of them spent almost five minutes just admiring his brother’s impressive chest gains. Eventually, feeling up his pecs, he tried to pinch his brother’s nipples. His brother batted his hand away and laughed. But there was a glimmer in his eye that drove me crazy.

In later videos, the horseplay started to move farther south.

(Another video: one of the brothers presents his titanic quads to the camera. The cameraman uses his big hand to push his brother’s humongous bulge out of the way. “Get your fat cock out of frame. We’re here to see the gains!” Pan up to the brother’s cheeky grin: “What if I gained some mass there, too?” Pan back down to his shorts where he’s suddenly squeezing his meat through the thin silky fabric. The head of his cock is perfectly visible, almost the size of a peach.)

There are videos of them skipping rope in slow motion, bulges flopping, of them arm wrestling each other, eating too much after a workout, cramming each other with protein shakes, trying on posing straps for the first time—one of their most-viewed videos—wrestling each other, pushing their stuffed bulges into each other’s faces for “revenge”…and that’s only about 10% of the content.

What really caught my attention was the first video where they mention pumping their dicks. It’s only a quick aside in a training video, and probably flew under the radar for most people, or read as a joke. But there was no mistaking the excitement in their eyes when it came up.

“I mean, muscles aren’t the only thing we’re pumping bigger around here.”

“Yeah, our dicks too, obviously! Hahaha!”

His laugh was loud and coarse. With his hand he cupped his crotch with his big hands, showing the camera the mass swelling beneath the fabric.

The second brother’s face was suddenly very close to the camera. “Bigger is always better,” he intoned.

Then they cut away and their workout continued as though nothing had happened. The only tell was that one of them was still half-erect from the pumping conversation. I could see him hiding the bulge behind weights and machines.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Once they had a few hundred thousand followers, the next step was Onlyfans. Their viewers had been hounding them to make one for years.

I wonder how long it took them to accept this fate; to become what they had, in some sense, always been training to be. They were giving in to their followers, but I think to a certain extent they were also giving in to something in themselves. I was certain that these two had grown up totally without bodily shame, with no fear of being naked in front of each other or anyone else—their videos made that obvious. But starting an Onlyfans together was definitely taking things to the next level.

My eyebrows went up when I saw the price. Forty bucks a month—it was clear they knew their worth.

The first video they ever did is still pinned to the top of the account. It’s titled The Stallions Revealed, followed by a few suggestive emoji.

It starts out as a regular training vid, like any of the ones they’d been making for years, but halfway through things start to escalate rapidly. One of them is flexing, and the other starts touching him in ways that go beyond anything they ever did on YouTube. He kneads his brother’s thick chest, then pinches his nipples hard. This time, his brother does not bat his hand away—instead he moans loudly, embracing it. The fingers wander down his abs and slip inside his brother’s waistband. The camera pans upward to a steep angle shot of his face; it’s almost fully blocked by his massive pecs.

“Go on,” he whispers, winking. “Let ’em see.”

Obediently panning back down, the camera brother’s meaty paw slowly pulls down the shorts to reveal neatly trimmed hair, followed by a tremendous soft mass of cock. Normally every part of their bodies is hard as stone, trained and buffed and burnished to perfection. This shot gives us a first taste of something completely different.

I remember how my mouth started to water seeing them naked for the first time.

The penis now coming into view is massively fat. Even soft, they are packing heavy artillery. The base of the cock is as thick as the wrist of the big hand pulling down the waistband. Wide blue veins connect the cock to his Adonis belt. More and more cock is still coming into view. Finally his brother has to comment.

“Fuck, this thing is massive. Look at it!”

The brother behind the camera grabs the base and squeezes it, making its owner groan loudly. “Stop it! Get the rest out. These shorts are tight as fuck.”

One more yank: the shorts fall to the floor and the cock is finally free. It truly looks like it belongs on a horse and not a man. His brother holds his forearm up next to it.

“That’s 10 and a half inches of stallion cock for you. Wait, I wanna show mine!”

There is some fumbling as he juggles the camera, and then he reveals himself. Not to be outdone by his brother, he takes his shirt off as well as his shorts, his pecs flexing up and down happily.

They drop the camera on a lifting bench and arrange themselves right in front of it, thigh against thigh. Their cocks hung free and heavy, almost a mirror image of each other—that’s how similar they are.

They start flexing, as though this is their involuntary reaction to the presence of the camera. Their hefty manhoods start to stretch in length.

“Flexing always gets me hard.”


One of the brothers turns sideways, loudly whacking his brother in the leg with his cock.

“Haha! Be careful with that thing!”

“Look who’s talking.”

The recipient of the blow is getting hard rapidly now. His foreskin pulls back fully, revealing a bloated, mushroom-shaped cock head. He seems to be a shower and a grower—getting hard makes his cock even bigger than it already was.

“Look at that beast,” the other says, picking up the camera for a close-up. We get a glimpse of his own cock as he shifts the camera, revealing that he is equally rigid.

In the last seconds of the clip, they hold both dicks right next to each other for the camera, seeing who is bigger. Their hands, huge in every other context, seem very small all of a sudden.

“You wanna know how big these can grow?”

“‘Cause we’re gonna find out!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Now that I’d seen them in person, I realized that in the years since that early video, they had grown a lot, and not just in muscle—in cock size as well. I could hardly contain my lust for the two of them: it blew my mind, how perfect they were. They wanted to grow, and I was going to be the one to make their dreams come true.

I returned to my desk and started up a cam app. By now, my bodyguards would have arrived in their new home, a penthouse loft I’d set up for them, lovingly filled with HD cameras and microphones.

As long as they worked for me, they would live on the 28th floor of my apartment building. They had the whole floor to themselves. There were three bathrooms, several bedrooms, a large, fully-stocked kitchen, a gym, a sauna, and even a pool. Everything you would need after a hard day’s work.

After they arrived, the brothers dropped their bags and immediately took off their jackets and shirts.

“I have to get out of these.”

“It’s fucking hot in here.”

I checked the temperature I’d set for them and smiled.

Their pecs were finally free again. God, they were so fucking big already!

The two brothers gave themselves their first tour of the apartment, their excitement building with every room they saw.

“Damn, this place is even bigger than I thought!”

“Fuck, look at this gym! We’re gonna get so fucking big here, I can already tell.”

“Hey. Did you see this?”

One of them had found a chest in the middle of the home gym—three drawers filled with hundreds of clearly labeled syringes, pills, and bottles.

“Holy fuck, this is the holy grail of juicing. They thought of everything!”

His brother is bewildered. “This stash has got to be worth a hundred thousand dollars.”

“We’re gonna blow up in no time, bro.”

“Bigger than anyone on the fucking planet. We promised the boss.”

“Damn, look at this.”

I watched as one of them reached deep into the little pharmacy and pulled out a tube.

“What is it?”

His brother gave him a broad smile.

“Penis enlargement cream!”

“Is that real? I don’t think there’s even anything like that on the market,” his brother says doubtfully.

“We’re trying it. Pull your fucking pants down.”

It was a big contrast to the Onlyfans videos. I couldn’t believe how much larger their cocks had gotten. Since their last video they must have really stepped up their pills-and-pumping regimen. Their underwear was absolutely begging for mercy.

Hanging between their voluptuous thighs were two 14-inch soft cocks that looked as thick as wine bottles. They had definitely surpassed stallion status now! I had never seen two bigger cocks in my life. I could feel my fascination with these men growing. I couldn’t believe they wanted to be bigger still.

The one with the tube went to work. He squeezed a big blob of cream into his hand and proceeded to cover his own meat with a thick layer, then he did the same for his brother. The tube, which would have lasted an average man a month, was empty within five minutes. As their skin absorbed the cream, their dicks started to look slightly red…and maybe even a little swollen.

“This shit tingles. I feel like I just took a hormone bath.”

“Me too, bro. The new boss is gonna be so impressed when he sees us tomorrow. A big kahuna like that needs prime beef working for him. We’ve got to keep getting bigger for him.”

“You saw his face, right? I know he liked what he was seeing.”

“Of course he did. Who could resist these?” his brother said, flexing his enormous cannonball biceps.

“Damn right.”

“Look, there’s another tube in here. Let’s do another one and then start pumping. We’ll surprise him tomorrow.”

“Fuck yeah, let’s do it!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I had opened my pants and freed my own cock. As they moved from camera to camera, I watched them for hours. When I finally came, I was only thinking one thing.

This will be even easier than I expected. Grow, my little muscle heads! Grow!


Part 3

After lunch the next day, my helicopter touched down in the marina where my yacht was waiting. In theory, there was room for five passengers on the plane, but the machine seemed to be struggling a little bit under the weight of just me and my new bodyguards.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. They looked bigger already.

They wore black suits I’d had custom-tailored to their measurements. Each garment was fitted to the millimeter and snug in all the right places, just how I liked it. But even I had to admit that the fit looked a little too snug between their legs. Who would have guessed how much meat these guys would pack on before they even started the job?

They looked uncomfortable. They couldn’t make it through the half-hour flight without rearranging their packages every couple minutes. Their massive arms awkwardly collided with each other every time they moved.

Still growing, huh?

Their beards looked darker today too. Damn, how much stuff had they taken?

A minute before we landed in the harbor, the brother sitting on the left couldn’t hold back anymore. His cock was getting rock-hard at record speed and it took most of his arms and hands to lean over and conceal it—and even then it was perfectly obvious. The fat snake swelled further and further down the inside of his already-tight pant leg, the outline of his cockhead becoming more distinct with every inch it grew. He was almost panting by the time we landed, but he made a valiant effort to keep up a professional façade.

I watched this little dance with a placid smile, letting them both see I wasn’t surprised.

“I know you’re big boys. Don’t worry,” I said, nodding at his raging hard-on. “It happens to everyone. Some of us just have a harder time hiding it. Keep it PG in front of the clients, but when it’s just us, don’t bother. When you’ve got it, flaunt it—that’s what I’m paying you for. I like to see what kind of return I’m getting on my investment.”

“All right, boss.”

“You got it, boss.”

The helicopter landed, and I was escorted to my yacht at the far end of the pier. The bodyguard with the hard-on was giving some trouble walking, given the tightness of his suit. I loved that it was day one and they were already fighting against their clothes.

The captain met us on board and we left for La Rochelle immediately.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

What followed were three busy days of onboard wheeling and dealing: nonstop meetings, secret handshakes, and multimillion-dollar contracts. My guests were the biggest manufacturers of high-end silk on the west coast of France—whoever owned them basically owned high fashion in Paris for the upcoming season. I would be the one dictating the prices of every bolt of cloth.

At the end of three days, I was totally burned out, and I was happy to get back to the harbor at La Rochelle. My new bodyguards had done their job well. They flanked me during negotiations, making sure no one crossed me and intimidating my adversaries into giving me better deals. At night, while I slept, they hit up the gym, trading off so that one of them could always be in the room next to mine.

We used the days afterwards to make our way south to warmer waters where we dropped anchor half a mile away from the coast. I sent everyone except for my bodyguards ashore so we had the yacht to ourselves for 48 hours.

“You guys can relax now, too. There’s no one else around. Better get out of those heavy suits before you melt.”

“Suits are all we have, boss.”

I smiled. “Check the changing room on the lido deck. There are bathing suits in your size.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I waited for them in my deck chair, drink in hand, while they changed. I couldn’t get my mind off their recent gains. Their elegant suit jackets were looking tighter on them every single day—they were growing faster than I could have anticipated. I would have to have a doctor keep an eye on them, I thought, to make sure they weren’t injecting too much.

Before I could make the call to my personal physician, the brothers came up from below decks.

I pulled my sunglasses down. “Holy fuck.”

The two monumental men had not selected swimsuits in their own size. They wore the most ridiculous things in my whole collection: slim-fit black thongs that would have fit almost anyone else but them. The flimsy fabric was entirely overwhelmed by the flesh of their bulges. It was erupting from every side at once. Their bushes, the base of their horse cocks, both balls—all of them were partially visible. The fabric can’t have been comfortable, pulling so hard against their bulges and their masses of lower body muscle, but it looked like they enjoyed the kinky tightness of it.

When they got close I could actually hear the Speedos begging for mercy as they walked. Nothing was bouncing around. The fabric was designed to stretch to conform to their bodies, but it was just out of capacity. The bulges looked even bigger up close—if the goods hadn’t been already on display I would have thought they were trying to smuggle footballs in there.

“Thanks for the suits, boss.”

I put my sunglasses back on.

“I have to find you guys something bigger. Something that actually can accommodate a real man.”

“We actually like them a lot,” one of them grinned. He turned to show me his glutes, which had completely devoured the strings of his Speedo. His ass cheeks looked like they were made of marble. Apparently I had two Greek gods working for me.

“Ready to tan?” one of the brothers asked the other.

“Born ready.”

They grabbed the muscle oil from the table, and emptied most of the bottle before they’d gotten done with their chests. Soon, they had begun massaging each other’s bodies in big, slow passes. I wasn’t sure if they’d forgotten I was there, only a few meters away, or if this was a private performance just for me.

“It’s been only two days, but you’ve already made some decent gains, bro. Look at your tits,” one of them whispered.

He grabbed his brother’s pecs and began a deep tissue massage. The brother bit his lower lip. “Be careful. The boss.”

Both their gazes wandered downward where their cocks were waking up. Veins appeared on the now-transparent fabric, and their monstrous penises swelled even bigger—even their balls looked suddenly fatter.

“Maybe a cool-down in the ocean?” I suggested aloud, before their Speedos could explode.

I had to repeat myself twice before they stopped teasing and wrestling each other on my deck—getting oil everywhere, shoving their football-sized packages into each other’s faces. When they finally heard me, they nodded eagerly and leapt off the deck straight into the ocean.


“Fuck! It’s colder than I expected.”

“I lost my Speedo!”

“Mine ripped apart, haha!”

Twenty minutes later, I greeted them at the stern of the yacht with oversized towels, eager to see how they would handle the moment without their swimwear.

Their thick arms gripped the ladder at the water line, and they heaved themselves aboard. Their shoulders were pumped from the swim, the oil still glistening on their sun-kissed skin. Their cocks, now totally unencumbered, lay thick against their tree-trunk thighs. They tried to turn sideways to conceal their size from me, but it was impossible. They had gotten too big for that.

I did not say “wow!” or “Jesus Christ,” or “holy shit!” but it took tremendous focus not to. The sight was unbelievable. Their massive uncut appendages had grown another inch just from the stimulation of toweling down in the warm afternoon air.

“You guys are nuts,” I said, careful to keep my tone nonchalant. “Haven’t seen too many dicks bigger than yours. A few more inches and there won’t be anyone left in the world carrying more meat than you two.”

“Oh, we definitely wanna get bigger than this, boss.”

“Yeah, how much bigger do you need us, boss?” one of them said, daring me with his beautiful eyes.

I stepped closer. “As big as possible, always.” Their horse cocks were down to their knees now—down to my knees! “How big are you guys these days?”

They flexed their cocks for me, making them instantly even bigger and veinier. The two of them were almost too big to qualify as “stallions” now.

“We…don’t know exactly, boss. This has all been happening pretty fast.”

Leaning forward, I touched their massive logs for the first time—one in each hand. They were still wet from their swim, but glowing with an internal heat already. Their weight and heft surprised me—it was like holding two big soft soda bottles. I closed my fingers as far as I could around their cocks, and they both started to moan at the same time.

“Yeah, you both definitely need to be bigger,” I said. “I have industry contacts who work with guys twice your size.” I was lying, but their faces were dead serious.

“We will grow bigger, boss.”

“We promise.”

“Great. Come with me. I have a surprise for you two.”


Part 4

I could hear my naked bodyguards’ cocks smacking rhythmically against their thighs as they followed me into my stateroom. I stopped in front of a glass refrigerator.

“One of my pharmaceutical contacts recently gifted me with something I think will interest you.”

I pulled out two large syringes that were slowly churning with a viscous, clear liquid.

“This isn’t on the market, and never will be. It’s the most potent human growth hormone ever synthesized. Anything else you’ve ever injected would pale in comparison. This is what you might give someone if you were looking to recreate the Hulk in real life.”

The two giants in front of me licked their lips. I could see them beginning to imagine themselves at heretofore inconceivable sizes. They both were starting to get hard just looking at the doses in my open palm. I watched as their balls pulled upward toward their titanic cocks.

“Before you decide anything, I have to warn you: there is no antidote to these drugs, and there will be no mitigating the effects once they’ve started to kick in. Once it gets into your body, that’s it. You’re going to grow as big as modern science knows how to make you. And of course, there are side effects. One of the better-documented ones is extreme satyriasis—although increased sexual desire shouldn’t be a problem for you two, based on what I’ve seen of you online.”

The brothers exchanged glances and blushed.

“…But there’s also the problem of extreme hyperspermia. Your balls will get bigger, and you’re going to have to empty them several times a day. You’d better keep on top of that, because I don’t need you two cumming all over my desk when I’m in talks with a client. Understood?”

I took another look at their nuts. They were already each carrying around a pair of full-sized lemons. It was hard to imagine what they would look like if they got even bigger.

“There’s more,” I continued. One of the less common side effects is severe galactorrhea—lactation, to use the more common term.”

For the first time, they looked puzzled. Their erect, veiny monsters seemed to be gazing at me, too. They both were hard as steel now as they arched up toward me, twin drops of pre forming at the tip of both their cockheads.

Idly fingering his own hard 15-incher, one of the brothers said, “Lactation? You mean, like…” he reached up to squeeze his own nipple.

“Exactly so. It’s not unheard of. You’ve probably heard of bodybuilders whose pecs started to produce muscle milk after they juiced too much.”

The other brother, impatient, cut to the chase. “So will it make our pecs bigger?”

“Much bigger. You may have realized by now, things only go in one direction with me, and that’s bigger. One potential difficulty is that it may increase your sensitivity in that area, which could further drive up your libido and the frequency of your need to come. But, again, if that’s not an issue, I can assure you that you’ll grow faster than—”

“Just give us the injection, boss.”

“Yeah! Right here, right now! We want to grow for you!”

“Make us enormous!”

“We don’t care about the side effects.”

I couldn’t hide the devilish grin on my face.

“All right, boys. I guess you know what I like to hear.”

I got down on my knees and heaved their cocks onto my shoulders, one on each side.

“You’ll be interested to know this stuff isn’t administered into your glutes. The ideal injection site is somewhere else.”

I grabbed the set of balls dangling to my left and injected the first dose right into his testicle. He groaned but didn’t flinch or pull away. I turned and repeated the process with his brother. Then I grabbed the base of both their cocks, one in each hand, and gave them both a good rub.

“I can’t wait to see how this turns out, gentlemen. It looks like I’ll soon have the biggest bodyguards in the world. I know with all the extra size you’re going to keep me very safe indeed.”

“Thank you, boss! And…uhh, please don’t stop doing that.”

“Yeah, your hand feels amazing. I…oh shit, sorry!”

One of the brothers started when he realized that his cock had already soaked my shirt in precum. They had both started ejecting little streams of it nearly as soon as I’d started rubbing them.

“No need to worry, big guy. I like to keep my employees happy. And you both seem very satisfied right now.”

Their eyes were closed, their heads tilted back, groaning, “Fuck, yeah…”

Their cocks were still lying on my shoulders, like I was wielding two bazookas. I started moving my hands up and down their entire lengths.

“Oh, boss! You’d better stop before…”




They both started shooting at the same time. I grabbed onto their massive muscle thighs for dear life as shot after shot splashed against the wall of my stateroom.

A moment later, the intensity of their moans wasn’t subsiding at all, even after 15 seconds of continuous orgasm. They just kept shooting, their hips still thrusting back and forth, catapulting still more cum over my shoulder. The heads of their cocks were flaring bigger with every spurt.

When it was over they collapsed straight to the ground, gasping for breath and covered in sweat.

“Boss…that was amazing.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll guess we have to do this more often now,” I said.

The only answer I got was their dazed smiles. Lying on their backs, their cocks were still shooting small streams of white goo up their wide torsos. It would be another ten minutes before they were fully themselves again, ready for another swim in the ocean.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A week later, I was going through a stack of documents in my downtown office when I heard the elevator chime.

I smiled as I pushed the last sheets of paper into a drawer and waited for my bodyguards’ arrival. I hoped their trip to the tailor had been successful. In the last seven days, my bodyguards had made incredible progress. I enjoyed following every step of it on the monitor in my office.

After our return to the city, the two had immediately stripped down and taken each other’s measurements, like two crazy teenagers. Fully naked, they flexed in front of each other, lovingly documenting every measurement to the sixteenth of an inch. The whole time, they remained in continuous full-body contact, until their dicks got caught on each other between their massive torsos and began to slick everything up with precum. A few minutes later, the geysers started blasting.

On the monitors, I began to observe them leaving their posts outside my office a few times a day for a little toilet break. Sometimes they even went together, getting someone else to cover for them so they could hurry to the bathroom and free their rigid cocks in front of each other. Their anacondas were always fully hard and ready to go—the only difference was that every time they pulled them out, they were very slightly longer. Sometimes they flexed in front of the mirrors, and the sight of that alone was enough to make them cum. If they were flexing for each other, just one pose was enough to get them blasting their loads onto each other’s chests.

I hadn’t liked losing them for the afternoon, but the visit to the tailor had been made necessary by their increasing size. Every time they escorted me somewhere, their already closely-fitted suits were snugger than before. The buttons around their chests, in particular, were a big problem. They had started giving way only three days after the injection.

Their necks, meanwhile, were becoming as thick as tree trunks, erupting out of their shrinking suit collars like redwoods. Their biceps were mere hours away from shredding their thin sleeves, and their pants were taxed to the limit with the effort of holding back their tremendous asses. Watching their swelling glutes made me hard all the time now—the rear seam of their pants was straining so hard against their cheeks now that the whole outfit looked painted on.

As incredible as their development was, the grand prize in terms of problems for the tailor had to go to the flies of their pants, which were holding back the most new weight. Their bulges were looking enormous these days, to the point where my other employees couldn’t help doing a double-take when they walked by. I actually didn’t think their cocks had grown too much in the last few days (despite the growth cream I could see them continuing to slather on their massive hard-ons), but their balls had at least doubled in size, which made it seem as if they’d each gained half a foot in length.

The elevator pinged, and the two bodyguards poured out of the small cabin like an avalanche until they got stuck trying to leave the elevator at the same time. Their pecs, bulges, and thighs all collided with each other, fighting for the limited doorway space. It was a dramatic entrance.

They looked terrific! My tailor had outdone himself. Even though they had more room in their suits now and the new fabric had more stretch in it, having suits two sizes larger made them look even bigger and more muscular than before.

I couldn’t get enough of their expressive eyes and wide, muscular faces. Every muscle group in their body was growing like crazy, even their jaws.

Their new collars were actually wide enough for their bull necks. At my request, the tailor had changed the cut of their shirts, giving them a deep V-cut so that their thick, hairy cleavage could be on display all the time. They would be able to flex and stretch without difficulty now, especially with the extra-generous pouches now gracing the space between their massive thunder thighs. It looked like they were trying to smuggle puppies into my office.

I stood up to greet them, and they turned to show off their outfits.

“What do you say, boss?”

“Say you like them.”

“You both look phenomenal.”

I went up to them to put a flat hand on each of their over-generous packages, rubbing them a little.

“He’d better have started already on the next set. I’m hoping these will be too small too in a few days.”

They smiled cockily.

“He said he’ll send us another set anytime we want. We just have to drop him our new measurements and even bigger suits will be on the way.”

“Excellent. I want my staff to be immaculately attired at any size.”

I turned my computer off.

“What would you boys say to a little adventure? I haven’t eaten much today. Let’s go out. My treat.”

“Anything you want, boss,” one of them said, already rubbing his belly.

“Yeah. I could eat a horse.”

“Wonderful. I know an excellent sushi place uptown. All you can eat.”


Part 5

A half-hour later, my driver was dropping us off at the sushi place.

The hostess looked up nervously when the shadow of my bodyguards fell on her. She was definitely intimidated at first, but when I gave my name, her eyes widened. Quickly she led us to a secluded back room, away from strangers’ gazes, and slid the traditional Japanese paper door shut behind us.

My men took off their jackets and sat cross-legged at our low table, their bulges comfortably filling the space between their knees.

“Tonight,” I said, “I want to see how much you two can eat. Don’t hold back. I want to see you both stuffed to the breaking point. Think of it as a stress test for your new outfits.”

The two exchanged eager glances as they got ready to chow down. I watched them crack their necks and knuckles.

“Before we begin,” I added, “you’ll be interested to hear that I heard from my military contact today—it seems they’ve discovered that protein from fish is the most efficient catalyst for the growth treatment you both so recently received.”

I didn’t need to say anything else. When the first few plates appeared, they immediately got to work shoveling down everything in sight.

I’ve never seen anyone gorge themselves like the two of them did that night. As much as they’d grown recently, their greed to get even bigger had if anything only increased. They ate as if every piece of raw fish was a precious commodity, the key they’d been seeking to grow their bodies exponentially bigger.

A full half an hour went by before they showed any signs of having had enough. They were definitely breathing harder, and they both had opened the top buttons of their shirts. It could have been my imagination, but my bodyguards’ pecs looked fuller already. I could see their nipples chafing against the white cotton fabric.

I had long finished eating when, impatient, they began taking entire plates of sushi and tipping a whole roll into their mouths at once, followed by a sip of soy sauce. The servers kept a constant stream of food coming, so that after a while I lost track of how many times they’d done this. Their shirts were beginning to strain across their bloated bellies.

Just when it looked like they were finally sated, a dozen new plates arrived.

“Eat up,” I said.

The brothers looked like they were ready to faint. There was as much food on the table now as there had been when they began.

But they were good bodyguards. They popped open another button and went to work, sweating like pigs. With both hands, they shoveled more sushi into their already-stuffed mouths. Despite their fullness, they chewed with relish, moaning with every bite.

“So full. So good,” one mumbled.

“I think I’m getting even bigger,” the other groaned.

But they didn’t even come up for air until the sound of a button exploding off of one of their shirts interrupted them. They took a look down and saw a roid gut peeking through one of their now-open fronts.

I was fascinated. “Hot damn. You’re massive, boy,” I told him, leaning over to put my hand on his exposed firm belly.

The other one, watching this, curled his lip. He began eating again with renewed gusto, faster even than the servers could bring it. When there was nothing left in front of him, he grabbed what was on his brother’s plate and ate that, too. Finally, he was full enough that his own shirt tore. One button, then a second one, flew away with a loud snap.

“Ha!” he crowed. “Guess I’m the massive one now, bro.”

Their bellies were both pressing against the table now. It groaned ominously, inching across the floor as their bellies pushed it a little farther away every time they inhaled.

After a pause, I said, “Looks like you two need some more sushi.”

At the sound of my voice, any pain in their monster guts seemed to be forgotten. “Definitely,” they said in unison.

What had happened up until then was nothing compared to the insane stuffing feast that followed. They couldn’t take their eyes off of each other’s ever-increasing size, palming each other’s swelling stomachs as they continued to stuff more and more into their wide open mouths, taking the rolls one and even two at a time.

As they ate, I finished unbuttoning their shirts and pants for them, giving their bodies as much space as possible. I wanted to see how far they would go.

“The more you eat, the more you grow,” I whispered.

They began wolfing down their plates even faster. Between bites, they were moaning now, as though they could already feel the growth happening. Their bodies were stretching as though they were made out of rubber.

In the end, it wasn’t just their bloated, immense guts with faint eight-packs that looked ready to burst—their pecs looked more gigantic than ever, too. The massive mounds were almost large enough to brush against their faces when they breathed in. Once again, their sleeves had gotten too small for their massive arms, and their veins visible against the silky fabric.

“This was soooo good, boss.”

“Yeah. I’ve never been this full in my life.”

They both declared victory with a roaring belch.

Before we could leave the restaurant, they had to stand up, which proved more difficult than we expected due to their overinflated midsections. As they stumbled to their feet, I had the sense that I could hear all that food sloshing around in their stomachs—but the truth was even crazier. It was their overfull balls I was hearing. It had been hours since they’d last blasted a load, they’d done nothing since then but stuff themselves full of meat.

“You two all right?” I asked, unable to keep the fascination out of my voice. The sheer size of them was driving me wild. Every step had become hard work for them: they could barely even see the way in front of them anymore under their gargantuan chests.

They finally got to their big feet—even those looked larger than before—and presented their bloat to me. The guts in front of me looked to have gained at least a dozen of inches in circumference each since we’d arrived. Down below, their balls were getting ready to explode out of their too-small underwear. They were the size of very large oranges now. I couldn’t stop picturing what it would look like when those big balls finally blew.

“We’re all right, boss. Just very…full. And happy,” one of them said, giving his massive belly a slap. The hard mass quivered, and I could hear the contents inside settling. The lowest button of his shirt, which he’d tried to redo, popped off again.

“My chest feels a little weird,” his brother said, surveying what had happened to his body. “Almost as if…my pecs are full too.”

“Me, too. Mine feel heavy, too.”

They both raised their arms and flexed a little. They couldn’t see it, but my eyes went wide as wet spots appeared on their shirts where their nipples were. The dark circles expanded rapidly, making their hard little chest-cocks even more visible through the fabric.

“Oh, boys,” I said. “Look how massive you are. We’d better get you back to the apartment before you explode.”

It may have been too late, though, I realized: there were expanding wet spots on their exposed underwear already. They kept trying to button up again and again, the new size of their bodies completely defeated them. I grinned, imagining what my tailor would say when he heard his suits had not passed the test.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Back at my building, we were confronted with a problem getting into the elevator—the small size of the cabin, always an issue for them, was now a bigger problem than ever. Still, we managed to all squeeze into one car.

There wasn’t even really space for the two of them, let alone me. No sooner had I pressed the button to close the doors than the shifting bodyweight of one of my bodyguards suddenly pressed me against the wall. I was caught between his massive glutes, my hard cock squeezed against his cheeks.

It was heaven.

When he noticed my hard bulge was caught tight between his enormous ass cheeks, he instantly started flexing for me, catching my bulge right in between.

“Oh, fuck!”

“Ngh. Sorry, boss! I’m not used to this size yet. So…full and heavy.” He was still breathing hard.

The other brother fished me out of his brother’s glutes, and suddenly I was caught between the both of them. There was nowhere else for me to go: from wall to wall and corner to corner, the elevator was a solid mass of flesh that completely enveloped me.

“Sorry, boss,” the other said shyly. “We should have waited for the next one.”

“Shh. Don’t apologize.”

I dropped my head onto the pillow pecs in front of me and rubbed my ass against the other’s bulge. They both groaned loudly as their cocks began to awaken, one pressing against mine, the other against the small of my back. The fabric of their clothes started ripping audibly as more and more of their flesh came into view.

Groping with my hand, I found the red emergency button, and our ascent came to a stop. I looked up to see both of them grinning.

“Now that we have a little more time…”

They removed their shirts by ripping them off, suffocating me with their size. I found myself caught between their pecs and full guts as their bulges expanded impossibly, bursting out of their underwear. We ran out of room completely then—soon I was squeezed between their humongous thighs, balls and cocks, as though I were in a cage with two enormous anacondas.

“You’ve grown so much this week,” I whisper. “Even just tonight. But I wanna see you even bigger.”

“Fuck yeah, boss.”

“Make us bigger, boss.”

They began humping me with their rigid wet cocks. Their penises were as long and as wide as my torso now, the veins on their skin each as thick as one of my fingers. The small cabin was filled with the wet sounds of cock against skin as their precum dripped everywhere. There was just so much of it!

Their breath started shaking as they came closer to climax.

“Boss, you treat us so goo–ooood!”

“Yeah, fuck, you’re making us huuuge!”

“Just look at us!”

They started humping me harder, pushing their monstrous horse cocks into my face and back.

“We are massive!”

“Bro, you’re so big.”

“Fuck, no, you’re bigger.”

“Boss, it feels so good!”

“We know you love it when we grow for you!”

“Ngh, yesss…”

“Fuck, I’m close.”

“Me too, bro!”

“I’m still feeling so fucking full.”

“Yeah, it’s not only cum.”

“There’s so much energy inside me.”

“Fuck, I need to get it out.”

“Damn, boss, what’s happening?”

They were each trying to push me into their inflated pecs. Everything was so wet and slimy that I didn’t even know what I was doing when I opened my mouth and suddenly something was filling it up.


My mouth was suddenly filled with a hot, milky liquid. I had to use my hand to push myself away and see what I was sucking on.

It was a nipple, and it looked enormous. I had never seen anything like it. It was fully the size of a bottle cap, seeming almost to vibrate as a drop of creamy milk leaked out of it.

So it hadn’t been my mind playing tricks on me in the restaurant—they were starting to lactate already. And their nips were enormous! I wondered what would happen if…

I put the little knob back into my mouth and began to suck again. The bodyguard almost started crying from the intense sense of release my touch brought him. What felt like a gallon of milk flooded my already-full stomach, but as I sucked, I found I was thirsty for even more.

“Yeah, drink it! Drink it all! Empty me!”

When the right side was empty, I undocked and was blown away by how massive his nipple had grown while I was sucking on it. He was definitely carrying around cocks for nipples now, and the unsucked one was already starting to grow in anticipation. It had to be almost 4 inches in length, straining forward, desperate to feel my mouth on it. The sight made me suddenly crazy with hunger, and I went to work on the other side. As soon as my mouth swallowed his 4-inch nipple, his cock exploded, covering us all in cum, not stopping until the floor beneath us was painted with it.

“Boss? Please empty me, too. I’m full, too. I’m begging you!” the other brother moaned behind me.

I looked down and that I was starting to grow a belly, too, but that didn’t matter now. I rotated myself between their guts and began to minister to my other bodyguard. His nipples were starting to swell, too. They must have sensed me coming to minister to them.

He wasn’t prepared for the euphoria that flooded his body. He cried out just as loudly as his brother had.

“Fuck yeah, boss! Let me fill you up!”

I drank and drank until both his knockers were empty too. In the end, his nipple cocks looked even larger than his brother’s.

When the elevator door finally opened on their floor, a wave of cum rolled out in front of us. Fully naked now, heavily muscled, with their soft cocks hanging between their knees, they wished me a good night—their voices just a whisper, as though they were already asleep and dreaming. We said goodbye with another group hug that encompassed me fully.

Exhausted, I returned to my own apartment, many floors above, and took a seat at my desk. My clothes were moist and covered in cum, but I paid no attention. I replayed the elevator scene in my head again and again, thinking about how much faster they were growing than I’d anticipated. Their devotion and willingness to go all-in for me was almost making me emotional. I was determined to do anything I could for them. I had to get them more of that serum.

After my daydream, I finally unbuttoned my shirt to assess the damage. The belly that fell into my lap was much bigger than the one I’d gotten up with this morning. I could feel myself still full of their warm, fatty milk. It looked like I had swallowed a watermelon.

So they had managed to give me a full-on dad bod in just one evening. I couldn’t wait to see how big they would get—and how big I would get.

One thing was clear: tonight had been just the beginning.


Part 6

When I woke up the next morning, I felt like I had partied for two weeks straight. My mouth was dry as chalk and my skull felt like someone been fucking it all night. Which was odd, because I didn’t remember drinking that much at the restaurant.

Then I got up and realized that my body had changed drastically overnight.

“…The hell?”

In front of the mirror, I inspected my changed form. The underwear I’d been sleeping in had grown tight around my waist; it was burying itself into my sides and glutes. Above that waistband hung a proud, perfectly round ball belly. I used my hands to inspect it: it was a solid muscle gut, not giving at all when I pushed on it. Further up, I found I had also grown a nice set of pecs—nowhere near as big as my bodyguards’, but still. I could even flex them and make them dance, which I’d never been able to do before—but which I now proceeded to do for about five minutes straight. My shoulders and arms were wider now too. The definition of the muscles under my skin had increased, the sinews dancing under my skin every time I moved.

It seemed my two bodyguards had made a muscle bear out of me. Was it a side effect of the injection? Did the scientists know about this?

In the bathroom, I pulled down my briefs to empty my overfull bladder—and in place of my modest 4-inch cock, a thick 7-incher tumbled out of my underwear.

I gazed in wonder at my bigger dick as it shot a thick stream of urine into the toilet. Then I rubbed it a little bit, until it was fully hard and had swelled to 7.5 inches long.

“Well, damn. This all is getting better and better.”

I was already late for a meeting, but somehow I found myself standing in front of the big bathroom mirror again, caressing my gut, playing with my hardness, testing out the strength of my newly engorged muscles. And was it the lighting, or was I hairier too? More chest hair looked amazing on me…damn, it was hard to focus.

I knew I had to get in the shower and start my day, but I let myself daydream about my two bodyguards for just a few more minutes. My new big dick was rock-hard, jumping up and down uncontrollably. I thought about worshipping them again. Helping them release the pressure inside their chests. Getting them bigger clothes so I could show off my two gods to the world—so that everyone could see they were mine.

I needed to see how they were doing.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

An hour later, I’d made it into the office. I cancelled my meeting and turned to the to-do pile that had been languishing on my desk for a week now.

Thankfully, no one had seen me yet. The suit I was wearing was embarrassingly snug in several places. I enjoyed the feeling, but I still sent a message to my tailor asking for an urgent appointment. He answered within minutes, telling me that he would make a house call the next day. I wondered how big we would all be by then.

Daydreaming again. Damn it, I had to focus!

I worked until noon. I got through most of my correspondence and started the slog through the briefings and endless documents my assistant had left on the table.

My bodyguards had become too much of a distraction, I realized. I ought to have worked last night. There was so much to do.

As I skimmed yet another report, I could feel my tightly constrained bulge rubbing against the edge of my desk. I looked down and suddenly realized that a wet spot had appeared at the peak of my prominent bulge.

“For fuck’s sake!”

I rolled back and pulled open my fly. My 7.5-inch cock was even harder than it had been this morning. The head looked massive and angry.

The telephone on my desk rang, almost giving me a heart attack.

“For fuck’s sake…yeah, hello?”

“Boss? We’ve got a little problem down here. Security is understaffed and we can’t find the new guys anywhere. Have they reached out to you, sir?”

I sat up straighter. “You tried their apartment?”

“We called—no answer. We thought about breaking down the door but we wanted to check with you first.”

“No, no,” I said quickly. “Stay where you are. I’ll handle it.”

“No problem, boss. You need any assistance?”

“No, no, it’s under control. Tell the others not to worry. We went out last night and it got late. Okay? Bye.”

I glanced at the security cameras in the bodyguards’ rooms. All the screens were foggy, making it hard to figure out what was going on down there—it almost looked like a smoke bomb had gone off. Two of the cameras even seemed to have deactivated.

Before I left, I unlocked the hidden drawer at the back of my desk and pulled out two vials, identical to the ones we’d used on the yacht. Just in case.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When I arrived on the 28th floor, my heart was beating faster than usual. I wondered whether I was still hung over or if there was something else wrong with my head.

I knocked on their door, but got no response. I used my passkey to enter.

Their rooms looked like a tornado had blown through in the night. Cabinets were empty, tables and couches were knocked over, and everything was covered in cum. Everywhere I walked, my shoes landed in big puddles of white goo. The floor was plastered, the walls covered. Then, near the home gym, I found a condom inflated to the size of a party balloon, filled with the same substance.

“Those horny bastards,” I whispered, unable to stop myself from grinning. The scent lingering in the humid air brought my hard-on right back.

I tried to lift the cum-filled condom, out of curiosity, but the jiggling mass slipped out of my hands. It was as big and heavy as a Halloween pumpkin.

Where were they?

I entered their gym. The density of cum puddles was even greater in here. It was here I got the first clue to what might have happened: the juicing cabinet, which I had lovingly filled with a year’s supply of the most potent drugs money could buy, was empty.

For the first time, I got worried.

“Guys?” I called. No answer.

On the way to the bathroom, I stepped in yet another pond of cum, the biggest one yet.

“Holy fuck…how are they able to produce so much?”

Finally, I heard something. It was a low moan—the sound of a giant being worshipped in the next room. I could hear water running, too.

I opened the last door and froze. The two brothers were there, but it took me a moment to recognize them.

They were in the huge glass shower—but their heads reached over the top of the walls. It looked like they were rubbing their enormous bodies against each other, but the room was so filled with fog it was hard to tell.

The situation became clearer when one of them slammed his body against the shower wall. Pressed against the glass, soaking wet, I could see a set of swollen, impossibly large muscle tits rubbing against it. He groaned: his enormous nipples had gotten stuck between the wall and his own hard pec muscles.

He kept moaning.

Then his package got into the game. Something behind him moved, and his massive sack and horse cock were pressed against the shower wall as well. He was fully soft, his lush foreskin almost gluing itself to the barrier.

His balls had gotten enormous overnight. The orbs in that sack were full the size of basketballs. Another thrust from behind, and his thickly muscled mid-section pressed against the front too. The hair on his pecs and belly had gotten even darker and thicker.

Most insane of all, both of them had definitely grown in height. They were well over the top of shower, at least 7’2”!

“Fuck, bro, I’m coming again!” one of them suddenly cried.

“So hot!”

“I think I’m still getting bigger.”

“Mmm, not big enough, though!”

“Fuck, yeah!”

“Your cock against my back is so heavy, bro!”

“I hope we never stop growing.”

A scream of ecstasy echoed through the room and a blast of cum, powerful as a geyser, hit the ceiling.

A minute later, the show was over and they swapped positions.

“Sorry, bro, I need to cum again.”

“Fuck, so huge. So much energy.”

“Bigger and bigger.”

“My balls feel half-full again already. Fuck.”

“We’re never gonna be able to stop cumming, bro.”

“Damn, what time is it?”

“I don’t know. We have to get back.”

“Just one last one, okay?”

“You said that ten times already!”

“Just one last one. I can feel this one is gonna be extra heavy…”

“Damn, yeah, give me that load of yours!”

“Fuck, bro, your body makes me crazy. You’re so big and hairy. Fuck, you’re getting so big!”

“Love your pecs!”

“Mmm, they need to be emptied again.”

“The boss’s mouth felt so good.”

“I can’t believe he helped us out like that.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Hrumph, hrumph…”

Suddenly, the room became eerily quiet. They even stopped the hot water, the fog finally starting to lighten.



They stumbled out of the shower like teenagers caught with a joint. Blushing, almost tripping over their own equipment, it was the first time I could see the full extent of their transformation.

They had injected the rest of my stash in one continuous pumping session, and they had gotten humongous. Their pecs looked more swollen than ever, and there were wide stretch marks under their fur. Their tits were filled with prime milk, causing them to bulge so much they dangled downward, with prominent veins along the areolas. My mouth watered. My dick was pressing against my too-small zipper again.

Their arms seemed to be 5–6 inches wider than the night before, putting their biceps into the 38-inch category—totally unheard of. These arms were strong enough to press cars now! The massive slabs of beef trembled as they shook off the last drops of shower water.

Meanwhile, their midsections had returned to the impressive flatness of earlier days. The sushi guts were gone. Their ten-packs were restored.

Most impressive of all were their colossal cocks and balls, so heavy they stretched out the hairy skin of their abdomen. Their combined packages must have weighed a ton now. They had outgrown every horse on the planet.

I turned my gaze up to their nervous, grimacing faces. They both now had thick, dark beards that they’d somehow managed to grow overnight.


“Sorry, we must have lost track of time.”

“Yeah, we were so busy…”


“…as you can see.”

Unnecessarily proving the point, the two brothers began flexing in front of me. One chose a most-muscular pose; the other raised his arms overhead in a dramatic double biceps. His arms were now easily bigger than his head, which was in turn getting swallowed by his shoulders and traps.

“I see,” I answered, straining to keep up my serious façade.

“We’ll get ready and return to our positions immediately, sir!” one of them said, hustling his brother toward the door.

“No,” I said.

They both stopped moving.

“You’re exactly where I need you.”

I stepped closer, which made me realize how much taller they had become. The top of my head only came up to the middle of their chests now. I put my hands at the base of their prodigious, heavy schlongs and stroked the thick, wet hair surrounding their crown jewels. Their soft cocks were wider now than 2-liter soda bottles. It was unimaginable.

As I stroked, veins started to appear down the length of their formerly-smooth cocks. Their foreskins were sliding back, revealing enormous heads, dripping with pre already. More and more cock came into view as their enormous shafts elongated in my small hands.

I could sense that both their balls were full again already. The basketball-sized orbs were heavy in their low-hanging sacks.

I began rubbing their dicks harder.

“Oh, boss!”

“You’ve both gotten incredibly big in just one night,” I said, my hands wandering upward to the valleys between their pecs. Their nipples had already started dripping, too.

“You’re growing so much faster than I anticipated.”

They began to quiver under my touch. My fingers found the tips of their hanging pecs and started to tickle the area around their nipples. The sensitivity in their chest had increased even more. Sweat was running down their faces.

“Oh, boss, be careful. Our chests are very…unghh…full! Ohhhhaahhhh.”

I grabbed the tissue of their pecs hard, sinking my hands in deep. In response, their nipples grew harder than ever. They moaned louder, like a pair of happy oxen.

I heard stretching sounds as the tip of their nipples swelled bigger, until they had nipples fully the size of cocks crowning their prodigious pecs.

I felt something release, and suddenly I couldn’t squish their chest muscles anymore. They were each full to the brim with milk. I took a nipple in each hand and squeezed. My bodyguards screamed and went to their knees, and twin streams of muscle milk squirted onto my torso.


“Could you please milk us?”

“We’re so full.”

“We need your help.”

They stared at me like two loyal puppies. I surveyed the two man-mountains in front of me, taller than I was even kneeling, their gigantic, half-hard packages piled on the floor between their legs.

I unbuttoned my shirt to show them the muscle gut they’d given me. Their eyes widened when they saw what their milk had done.

“You look amazing, boss!”

“Please. Use our milk to grow more.”

Strategically, they pushed their arms into their sides, making their pecs look even more enormous, jockeying to be the first.

At last, I grinned at them.

“Fill me up, boys. Give me all you got.”

They jumped on me like the sex-crazed beasts they’d become. I let myself be smothered by the size and the weight they’d gained overnight. Soon I was buried under their tree-trunk thighs and the packages fighting for space between them.

Four nipple cocks strained toward my mouth, and I couldn’t believe how much they’d grown as the first one touched my tongue. It felt like a real cock, at least 7 inches long and fairly wide.

“We’ll make you the biggest boss the world has ever seen.”

“We can be your muscle cows. Make more milk for you. Grow you.”

“Until there’s nothing in the world except growing and being milked!”

I came in my pants.

Their pecs had doubled in size since the night before. There was so much more milk this time, and I could already tell that the stream was much more potent than the night before. They buried me deeper under their mass, and I drank for hours on end.

They had realized the truth about me before I knew it myself. I wanted them to be my personal growth assistants more than anything in the world. I had no idea how good it would feel to be bigger, and how heavenly it was when they helped me grow. The business of the day was forgotten as they continued to fill me with their milk, changing positions every few minutes, undocking and docking again. As I drank, I could feel my gut swelling continuously. My pants were torn. The buttons had popped and ripped open without me noticing.

I could feel one of their hands feeling up the tent between my thighs.

“Oh damn, boss! Look at you grow!”

He rubbed my bulge so hard that my cock pulled itself free of my underwear, covering my round underbelly with streams of cum.

I arched my back, and my pants ripped even further. The two vials with the glowing growth formula tumbled out of my pockets.

They saw them, and in an instant they had grabbed one each. Their eyes met mine.

“Can we do it, boss?”

“Please, say yes.”

“We want to be bigger for you…”

“So fucking bad.”

I was lying on the floor in front of them, half in a coma from the richness of their milk. I could feel that my face was covered in it. I looked up at them and laughed wildly.

“Okay, fuck it, guys. Inject these too. Grow for me! Make me proud.”

Their faces lit up like two suns, and we began.


Part 7

The last injection created a few problems that were going to require creative solutions: namely, my bodyguards were getting too big to do their jobs. They were exploding in size, seemingly getting stronger and more powerful by the hour. It seemed like we were losing control—and, as someone who had been the man in charge my entire life, that was intolerable to me. After the fallout from the sushi feast, I knew I needed to take the situation in hand.

Luckily, I knew some people who could help us out: the same team of military engineers that had created the serum itself had developed an experimental device to control it called the BioVac. It looked like a metal choker, and had the ability to temporarily reduce the size of its wearer in order to make his size less conspicuous. How did it work? The lead engineer gave me a detailed explanation that I barely paid attention to, but it had something to do with collapsing tiny pockets of space inside the body of the wearer. It would take my bodyguards’ unruly, overexpanded tissue and contract it from within, giving the illusion of shrinkage.

Of course, my bodyguards weren’t happy when I attached the heavy metal rings to their necks right just as they were finishing their biggest growth spurt yet. The chokers were large, looking more like belts than collars, but I still had trouble closing them due to the circumference of their bull necks.

I opened an app on my phone, and an LED light on each collar lit up. When the shrinking began, my bodyguards stared at each other in horror.

“Fuck, boss…”

“We were so fucking huge. You made us so big.”

“Really big!”

“And now look at us!”

“We’re tiny.”

“Guys, guys! You still look like you weigh 400 pounds each. You haven’t lost any height. And these anacondas of yours?” I grabbed them with a smile. “Even shrunken they’re still over a foot long soft. And now you’ll actually fit in the suits my tailor made you this week.”

They still looked devastated. Usually when I touched their cocks like that they immediately started to get hard. Not tonight.

I patted their still-very-large flanks. “Listen. I promise it’s just for a few hours. I need you tonight and you’re not going to fit in the venue unless you’re somewhat human-sized. The stakes are high tonight—it’s very official, very public. We can’t afford any derailments or distractions. I’ll deactivate the BioVacs as soon as we’re alone again. And besides,” I cajoled, “just imagine what it’ll feel like to re-grow all that mass. All I have to do is push one little button.”

My little speech seemed to cheer them up somewhat. Even their cocks suddenly seemed to be hanging a little lower and thicker.

“Okay, boss. As long as we can go back to being mega-huge.”

“Anything for you, boss.”

“Man, that serum really blew us up.”

“Those people wouldn’t have been able to handle it.”

“Our cocks…”

“And muscles…”

“They were unreal.”

“Too much for them to handle.” They began to smile.

I was pleased to see that even in shrunk mode, they could get turned on by talking about their bodies. Soon, twin 14-inchers were swinging in front of me. Hell, even now they didn’t really look anything close to normal-sized.

“Let’s get to the airstrip,” I said.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

My private jet was grand in design. It had multiple bedrooms for me and my guests, a huge bath with showers, an office for me, a kitchen with room for 2 chefs and a salon big enough to fit 8 people comfortably. Usually when I travelled it was just me, the pilot, a flight attendant, and a chef—everyone else in my team had to fly commercial because there was no way to fit my whole entourage on the plane. But my bodyguards came with me since, even shrunken, they were too big to fly commercial. Not that I was about to let them leave my side anytime soon.

I’d been invited to the G20 summit in Oslo to talk about sustainable fashion in Europe. I’d been putting the finishing touches on my speech for a week now, but it still wasn’t done, and this flight was my last chance to do it.

Even now, halfway to Oslo, I was having a hard time focusing. I went to drop my head into my palm when a loud tearing sound startled me alert. My eyebrows rose when I saw the big hole my bicep had just ripped in my shirt. One of my sleeves had torn all the way up to the elbow.

“Not again,” I said.

I’d gained a few pounds over the last few days, to say the least, and it didn’t seem to be stopping. It had been almost a week since the night my bodyguards inflated me with their milk, but my transformation still didn’t seem to be over and my whole wardrobe was rapidly becoming obsolete. I was looking like a pretty decent bodybuilder now, one who might entertain dreams of going pro in another year or two.

What differentiated me from my bodyguards was my muscle gut. I was carrying around a proud, round drum that swelled all my shirts like a billowing sail. Lately, though, my body had gone from comfortably filling my shirts to giving them the fight of their lives. I would have never guessed that a belly like that would suit me, but it did. The gut and the rest of my growing physique even earned me a few compliments. Still, I wasn’t used to the new size yet, and it was surprising how much of a mobility loss these few pounds of muscle had already caused.

I tore the rest of my sleeve off, revealing the generous bulge of my right arm. The slab of muscle was smooth and solid. Underneath it, my armpit hair was visible. Was I still getting hairier?

“Damn it,” I said. “Now I’m horny. Again.”

It was the third time I’d had to pause my writing to jack off on this flight alone. I thought about calling my bodyguards in, but I thought better of it. I couldn’t risk the mess that would create.

My hard cock was pressing against my zipper like a thick stick of dynamite. I watched the door that connected my office to the body of the jet. My bodyguards were probably waiting for me in the main lounge. I imagined them breathing heavily, too big for their clothes even now, dreaming about our next session. Maybe they even teased each other to pass the time. Maybe their balls were full again already, desperate to pump out a load.

All I had to do was summon them.

Fuck, no, I had to focus.

I tried to go back to work, but the bulge in my pants wasn’t calming down at all. I squeezed it tightly with my hand, but all that did was flood my body with pleasure, making me groan loudly.

They’d transformed me into a fucking beast. I had so much meat on such a small body. Fuck, I had to…

I pressed a button on my table, locking the door. I opened the belt that was pressing into my big gut, pulling my zipper down and revealing the black cotton of my underwear. The wet spot forming at the tip was as big as my palm.

Fuuuuuuck. So big.

Even through the fabric, the sight of my hard cock left me speechless. It was reaching past my hip bone now. Damn, my bodyguards were so potent. And was it me, or was my big piece still getting bigger?

The whopper was finally free now, all 11.5 inches twitching in front of me.

Fuuuuuuck, I thought again, and brushed the tip of my precum-covered dick against my muscle gut. I unbuttoned my shirt, flexed my newly enlarged pecs, and began to jack off.

The sounds my wet hand and my even wetter cock made were driving me nuts. With my free hand, I lifted my balls out of my briefs: a big sack with two lemon-sized spheres that fit perfectly in my big hand.

I had to admit it: my frame was getting overloaded with muscle mass. I wasn’t nearly as tall as my bodyguards, so the mass they inflated me with looked twice as heavy on me.

My pecs jiggled as my hand sped up. Were they sloshing, too?

I looked over at the door. I imagined my boys on the other side, waiting for my orders, not knowing what I was doing in here with the size they’d given me.

I thought about how freaking massive they’d grown after the last injection, and my cock started blasting instantly.


I couldn’t hold back a cry and a groan.

A dozen cum spurts shot into the air, splashing satisfyingly on the desk. My documents were soaked in seconds, blurring the ink.

Finally, I leaned back in my chair, my soft nine-incher rising and falling with my belly, reaching past my navel even now. I looked down at it with a wide smile.

“I’m going to be the biggest boss in the fucking world, aren’t I?”

My belly gurgled. I gave it a pat.

“I know. I’m hungry for it, too.”

I pressed a button on my desk.

“I need my speech printed out again when we arrive. This copy is unreadable.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

My speech was a huge success, but compared to other talks I’d given, the aftermath of this one felt like a little bit of a downer. An endless stream of small talk with people I didn’t care about, shaking hands and kissing ass, being introduced to countless people who weren’t worth my time.

Luckily, I had my bodyguards with me. I could feel them following me at a respectful distance as I circulated through the huge dimly-lit ballroom.

Shaking the hand of yet another head of state, I noticed that my bodyguards had dropped back. They seemed even more restless than usual. What was going on?

Peering at them from across the room, I suddenly noticed the LEDs on their collars had turned red.

Excusing myself from an ugly man droning on about weather derivatives, I opened the app controlling their collars and felt the blood drain from my face.

Warning. Low power—device will switch off shortly.

I bowed out of the conversation and pushed my way through the crowd toward my bodyguards. How could the battery already be empty?

When I reached them, their suits already looked painted on. Their bulges were slowly coming awake again, the outline of their enormous cocks becoming clearer to the crowded room every second. I could even see two wet spots forming at the level of their nipples—through multiple layers of clothing!

Earlier in the day, they’d mentioned the building pressure in their pecs and nipples, but I had put them off, distracted by the pressure of the conference. I’d been sure the collars would make it through the day—the experts had promised me 24 hours, and they’d been wrong. We only had a few minutes left before my bodyguards would regain their full size in front of a parade of Europe’s glitterati.

Fuck, not here!

“Sorry, boss!”

“We wanted to warn you, but walking…”

“…and talking isn’t a good idea…right…now!”

I could hear their shirts straining against their returning mass. Their chests were swelling with power. Time was running out.

“Your batteries are dying,” I whispered. “We have to go NOW.”

My car was waiting for us at the hotel entrance. By the time we crossed the hundred meters it took to get there, my bodyguards looked dozens of pounds heavier. They were swelling uncontrollably with mass, their groans getting louder every second.


“We’re getting big again!”

“So big…”

“Get in the car!” I shouted.

I had to push their humongous, gorgeous asses with all my strength to get them inside. The chassis of the car dropped visibly as they clambered in.

Inside the SUV, my bodyguards stretched their legs as far as possible and started to moan again as more and more of their previous size began flowing into their bodies.

The chauffeur’s partition was up. We were by ourselves and safely on our way back to the hotel.

With two loud cracks, the collars snapped right off their swelling, veiny necks. I climbed on top of their massive muscle-packed torsos, trying to undo their shirt buttons in time. Muscle, hair, skin: everything was erupting, growing back toward giant size, trying to get free of their clothes.


“Thanks, boss!”

“We’re free.”

“Finally big again!”

“So much meat,” they whispered, looking down at themselves.

Freed from their shirts, their massive muscle tits looked even more amazing than I remembered. Bigger and fuller than melons, they hung heavily from their chests. Their nipples began to harden as their big paws explored every inch of their perfect bodies.

“I missed being huge!”

“I know it was only a few hours, but it felt like forever.”

“Please don’t make us wear those again, boss.”

“We love being huge for you.”

“Mmm, fuck.”

“So much mass.”

“Look at us, boss.”

“So full.”

“Growing for you.”

“We wanna be even bigger for you…”

They pulled me into their laps, mouths open, breathing heavily, their full lips on mine. A big muscular tongue entered my mouth—I couldn’t even have said whose it was.

“Fuck, boss! A little help, please!”

I broke the passionate kiss to see what the problem was. I looked down and found myself eye to eye with their amazing bulges. The muscles on their legs were big enough to fill their pants twice over. The peaks and valleys of their perfectly trained hams were as visible as if they were wearing Lycra. But something even thicker was pushing against their inseams, dangerously tight.

“How could I forget about your monster cocks?”

“Help us, boss.”

“So big …”

I unbuckled their belts and pulled open their pants, one after the other. Two sets of massively swollen balls burst out of their crotches, as big as pumpkins now. I I tried to help remove their pants, but in the confines of the SUV it was too much. They flexed their legs and their cocks grew harder until it was impossible to pull them in any direction.

“Sorry, boss, but the pants are gonna have to go…”


Exchanging a smirk, they grabbed at their suit pants and pulled in unison.

Their cocks, steel-hard, burst their confines and crashed into the car ceiling, only missing my head by inches. Two large dents appeared where their cocks had struck the roof—that’s how much power their cocks were packing.



They were fucking the roof of the car now, their wet cocks sliding along the ceiling as they finally had the space to grow even longer.

I found myself buried in flesh again as their cocks continued growing, smothering me under their heft. Even using both my arms, I couldn’t get my arms around either one. By now they each had to be at least three and a half feet long. And their heads were still inflating further, their slits, at least two fingers wide, oozing pre.

“Oh, man, guys,” I said. “You’ve grown so big.”

“Just for you, boss.”

“Mmmmm, don’t stop, please!”

“I’m not planning on stopping. In fact…I’m thinking we should make you even bigger.”

The veins on their manhoods became more prominent. My words were turning them on even more.

“The collars don’t work. There’s no going back now.”

“Boss? Mhhhh, fuck … do you mean…”

“…we can get even bigger?!”

“Bigger for you?”

Both their cocks sprayed a mess of precum over my body. I was soaked instantly. I licked my lips.

“Let’s go all in. I need you as big as possible.”

And with that I pushed their prodigious dicks back towards them, up and into each other’s mouths. As they began to suck each other, I went down on their pecs and their 8-inch nipples.

“Empty us, boss.”

“Let us grow you!”

“We’re so full!”

“So much milk!”

I drank and drank, only vaguely aware of my gut starting to bulge bigger.

“Fuck everything,” I said to the nipple in front of me. “Let’s grow.”


Part 8

After the summit, It was all over for us. I ought to have seen it coming. Probably the outcome had been inevitable since the day I’d hired the twins. But I couldn’t help myself.

I abandoned myself to my instincts completely.

I was addicted to the two of them, to growing both of them, and myself, bigger and bigger. It was taking all my focus, all my energy and time. Every minute of every day, I couldn’t think about anything anymore but their muscles, their hair, their prodigious pecs, their swinging cocks and churning balls. And all I wanted now was to get bigger for them, to let their milk make me even rounder, even more dominated by my own hormones.

Once I fully gave in, I didn’t bother with my job anymore. I hadn’t been passionate about it for a long time, not really, but now I stopped pretending to do anything related to the company at all. I couldn’t have concentrated on anything even if I’d wanted to.

The Monday after the summit, I felt monstrous as I took a seat behind my desk. I was incredibly aware of my own mass, 32 pounds heavier than I’d been before the weekend started. My bulge was pressing against the underside of the desk, my legs caught between the arms, my shirt too tight for my spreading back. I now weighed almost 290 pounds. Since we’d gotten back, the twins had continued to spoil me with long feedings of rich pec milk every day.

For a second, I thought about doing work.

Instead, I spent the entire morning ordering each of the twins to my office in turn, the breaks in between them so short they were practically greeting each other at the office door.

“I’m hungry, boy,” I would say each time, already swollen and drunk from the previous filling, my beard still covered in milk, my ass squeezing against the sides of my chair.

“At your service, boss,” he would reply, opening his straining top buttons to let his full pecs come tumbling out.

My hard-on was ready to break my zipper. In a daze, I would latch on, drinking hungrily until there wasn’t a drop left. I kept kneading their pecs long after they were empty to be sure I wasn’t missing any, which made my boys groan loudly every time. Their nipples seemed to be getting bigger and thicker every time I saw them, maybe from the pressure of my heavy sucking.

By late afternoon (it was still Monday!), I hadn’t done anything all day but feed and grow. My expensive office chair was creaking and squeaking under my rising bulk, and my gut was pressing harder and harder against the arms. My erection, which had barely subsided all day, felt like a steel rod in my pants. When I finally got it free, I marvelled at the 11 and a half inches that now proudly protruded from my loins.

“Mmm. Holy fuck, I’m so big. The boys are growing me like crazy.”

I couldn’t stop myself from going to work on my new giant dick. Within seconds, precum was everywhere—on me, on the desk, on the floor. My breathing grew heavy as I got closer to finishing myself off, my other hand caressing my over-inflated midsection. I imagined my body slowly converting all the mass in my gut into more muscle for my arms, neck, back and legs. Frantically, I unbuttoned my shirt to check out the swollen pecs lying on top of my belly.

“Damn. I’m thicker than Santa!”

I flexed my now-23-inch guns.

“…and way more jacked. Fuck,” I moaned and the first of many spurts of cum exploded onto the desk in front of me. I pointed the head of my cock at my own face and drenched myself in three long waves. I giggled as my libido finally started to ebb slightly. I must have looked like someone had pushed me into a barrel of sunscreen. I was lucky there was a shower attached to my office. If I had time to use it before the next bodyguard arrived.

When I got home that evening, I was bursting out of my new wardrobe, feeling completely drunk on how quickly I was changing. I stumbled through the house and into the bathroom, breathing heavily. I hadn’t grown into my new weight yet. I lumbered onto my scale, my feet seeming to cover more of it than I remembered, and laughed out loud as the number 312 flashed up at me.

“Holy shit. At this rate, I’ll be the biggest fucker in the world by the end of next week.” I patted my gigantic stomach, and I heaved myself off the scale to admire my body in the mirror. “Maybe I’ll be even bigger than the twins by then.”

Just the thought made my head explode. I bounced my monstrous pecs for myself in the mirror and flexed my biceps. My cock was already rock-hard and rubbing up against my roid gut.

“I think maybe I wouldn’ mind that.”

I grabbed my belly.

“How’d you like to be even bigger than my bodyguards’?” I asked it. “Mhh, just imagine all that mass. And then the two of them can help me manage you.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Meanwhile, at my bodyguards’ apartment, a needle filled with tren was slipping into an overly-muscled thigh. A wide smile appeared on the face of its owner.

“Thanks, bro. Can’t wait to transform all this juice into some mass.”

The twins were back in their private gym, wearing jockstraps barely big enough to hold their schlongs. Their basketball-sized nuts hung outside them, down between their thighs. They couldn’t take a seat now without rearranging their nuts first.

“I went up to feed the boss six times today.”

“I went up seven!”

“He sure is a hungry boy.”

“Bro, he’s looking so good. And huge! Last weekend really changed him. I can’t believe that was our milk that did that to him!”

“Have you seen the way he looks at us? Every time I unbutton my shirt now my nipples start to tingle.”

The two moved to the bench press as they bantered, loading massive hundred-pound plates onto the rack.

“My pecs have gotten so used to being sucked all the time—they get so full and sore in the evenings now. I just hope the boss doesn’t lose his appetite. I need to start getting milked more often.”

“Hell, me too. These udders just keep getting bigger the more he drinks. I don’t mind the weight of them though.”

“Yeah, don’t get me wrong. I love everything about them. I ordered some compression shirts today to show them off. Hopefully my nipples will still fit in them by the time they get here.”

One of the brothers lay down and started lifting. The other spotted him, his massive sack brushing against his brother’s hair.

“Bro you’re tickling me! I think I need another milking.”

“7—8!—9!! UGH! 10!”

430 pounds of barbell crashed back onto the rack. The lifting brother sat up, just in time for his brother’s hands to grope his chest.

“Will you look at that pump, bro?? Magnificent!”

“Damn it. I’m leaking.”

He was right. A weak but steady stream of thick muscle milk was emerging from his nipples. Within minutes, the bench was covered in it.

“We need to find a way to save that for the boss. You know he’s gonna want every drop he can get.”

“That greedy muscle hog. You’re right.”

Their hard-ons had been pressing their jockstraps down for a few minutes now. They tore them off and started jerking in front of each other.

“I can’t stop thinking what it’ll be like when we grow the boss even bigger.”

“Fuck, he’ll be so huge in no time!”

“I want that massive cock of his so badly.”

“Did you see his bulge today? He’s growing like crazy down there. He’s gonna be as much a stallion as us.”

“Maybe more! And he’s so hairy…”

“Fuck, how big do you think he’ll get? He’s gaining so fast.”

“Imagine him at a thousand pounds! All muscle, with a massive gut!”

“Oh, bro, you’re making me so hard! I can’t wait!”

“I want to pump him up so badly.”

“We should be there at the office when he gets there in the morning. So we don’t waste any time before his feeding.”

His brother frowned. “I’m not gonna make it through the night without a good milking.”

Then the other brother had an idea.

“Do you remember those cock pumps we found here on the first day? Maybe we could repurpose them!”

“Bro! That’s genius! Those things don’t fit us down there anymore anyway.” He spread his fingers around the base of his dick, demonstrating that his hands couldn’t even close all the way around it.

Within minutes, they had improvised a milking machine. The penis pumps were made for appendages no longer than 8 inches, and their rigid nipples fit perfectly. A hose led from the cylinder to an empty bucket on the floor.

“This will work for now. I’m sure the boss can come up with a better strategy. He’s so smart, and he knows plenty of engineers.”

“Let me start! I’m fuller than you!”

His brother was jumping up and down with excitement, his colossal pecs bouncing and sloshing. His thick and long nipples were already hard and ready.

“Okay, let’s go.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next day, my eyes went wide as I entered my office to find my boys there—along with two big kegs of muscle milk.

“Boys! Is that what I think it is?” My hungry belly was already growling, the noise filling up the whole room.

“Open wide!” they cried in unison. I couldn’t help but obey, lusting for more of their rich milk, dreaming of outgrowing my sad, tired office.

They offered me a hose, but I was too thirsty. With my newly strengthened arms, I lifted the entire keg into the air and began to drink from it directly. Every time my Adam’s apple gulped, I could feel my body swelling bigger and bigger. The twins tried to help, but they backed off when they realized I was now strong enough to hold it overhead all by myself. Dicks rising in their suit pants, they watched in amazement as my gut inflated, straining my buttons to the limit. Soon my whole outfit was drenched in the muscle milk spilling from my mouth as I drank faster than my throat could swallow. The first button popped off my shirt just as I finished the first keg.

Ecstastic, I collapsed into my chair and emitted a belch loud enough to shake the whole building. I tried to get comfortable in the chair, but my ass didn’t seem to fit into it anymore, and I could feel that it was still growing bigger.

“More,” I groaned, even though I was so full I was hardly able to breathe. The second keg was opened. I lifted it up—it felt lighter than the last one, although it was just as full—and began to drink. I could feel the rest of the buttons in my shirt and pants beginning to give way, one after the other. As the very last one snapped, my pecs exploded into view, the nipples already pointing downward. Stretch marks flared up over my loins as my muscle gut bulged forward, growing beyond what I would have even imagined possible. Another gulp, and the armrests of my chair exploded away on each side of me, giving my gut even more room to expand.

“So full and round,” one of the muscled bodyguards said, rubbing my midsection.

“Even bigger, soon.” the other added.

“Come on, boss! Drink more! You’ve got to finish it. The two of us are full of milk too and we’re about to explode.”

“Damn, look how big and hairy he’s getting.”

“And that beard, fuck! It got even darker and thicker since yesterday!”

Before I finished the second keg of muscle milk, my bodyguards unbuttoned their own shirts, revealing four unbelievably gigantic, veiny nipple-cocks. Half-hard, they hung down to their belly buttons. I had never seen anything like it before. My mouth would have been watering if it hadn’t already been flooded with muscle milk.

“Maybe we overdid it with the milking last night, boss. Our teats have grown an awful lot!”

“We milked all night, but we’re so full again already. You’d better still have room,” his brother said. Both of them pressed their heavy bulges against my sloshing gut.

“Always,” I mumbled.

I could speak again. The keg was empty.

They took the keg from me and bent down. Helplessly, I opened wide and they each stuffed a bloated nipple into my waiting mouth.

“NGGGHHHH!” I moaned. And then I closed my eyes and began to suck.

I had already taken in ten times as much milk as I’d ever had at once before, but the inflation began in earnest when the bodyguards began to empty their fresh milk into me. The rest of my clothes were tearing off of me. My once-small feet were snapping through the leather soles of my shoes, revealing unrecognizably big, manly toes swelling out of the gap. My legs grew in thickness as well as hairiness as they loudly burst my pants at the seams. And for the first time, I could feel that my whole body was lengthening. When I pushed away the remains of my chair to kneel in front of them, I was well over six feet tall and getting bigger every second. My bodyguards had found a way to transform me into a hairy, giant muscle beast with unbelievable speed. The beard on my round face grew thicker and darker as I continued to drink.

When I rose to my feet. I noticed I was eye-to-eye with my bodyguards. The nipples slipped from my mouth, finally empty.


“Fuck, boss!”

“Look at your size!”

“Oh boys,” I groaned. “Look what you two did to me. I’m gigantic!”

Another roaring belch. My bones creaked—my body was continuing to expand. My belly was as tight as a drum. I gave it a gentle rub with my huge paws. My manhood, hanging heavily below, was lengthening as well, bigger and bigger, growing fastest of all.

“Fuck, I’m STILL not full! How can this be?” I said.

“We might have something more for you!”

The bodyguards unbuttoned their pants, revealing twin 20-inchers.

With a grin, I went down to my knees and presented my rear to them. I could feel their excitement rise as my moon-like globes, still growing, rose in front of their eyes. I arched my back and stretched hard as my body stretched taller still, closing in on 8 feet and still growing.

“Fuck, boss. You sure?”

“This is a dream coming true!”

In unison, the two bodybuilders pressed their cocks against my bottom at once. They put their arms around each other to use the space between them more efficiently, their dangling balls colliding like wrecking balls.

“We’ve never injected you with cum directly before. I can’t wait to see what happens.”

“You’re gonna be so big by the end of this, boss.”

As they began to thrust deep inside me, their pecs were inflating again. They were both already half full again, their meaty nipples slapping against their 8-packs.

“Deeper, boys! Give me more! I need more!” I commanded, and they obeyed. My belly was rubbing along the carpet away from them, growing as they fucked me.

“Fuck, boss! I can’t hold it in any longer.”

“I have to blow my load, too!”

“Fuck, here we go!”


Their balls pulled in close and the two of them began to fire on all cylinders.

“Yes, boys!” I roared. “Fill me up! Make me bigger!”

All at once, I could feel my arms, pecs, belly, ass, legs, back, neck, even my face╖all swelling with muscle mass. Their juice was so intense that I grew almost two feet taller in one insanely intense spurt. My legs parted as my package inflated bigger than ever, to godlike proportions. My muscles looked like they were ready to burst through my skin.

When we calmed down, we found ourselves sitting in a puddle of the cum and milk we’d created. Almost on the point of falling asleep, I grunted: “You did it, boys. I’m finally full.”

When I got to my feet, both my bodyguards took a step back in shock.

I took a wide stance. My gut was sloshing with their juices so it took me a second to notice what they were noticing. At 10 feet tall and 1,940 pounds, I filled almost the whole office all by myself now. I was all gut and muscle, and even as I stood there my weight was still climbing steadily. Even if I didn’t eat or drink anything else today, by morning I would probably be closer to 2,500 pounds than 2,000.

My bodyguards cleaned up, enjoying the view of me.

“We fucking did it. Look at you, boss! How big you are.”

“Our boss is the fucking best. He’s the hottest man on earth. So much muscle mass. So big.”

“And look at that cock!”

That’s when I came to realize what had happened to my dick.

One of the brothers moved up under my muscle gut and held up the big python with two arms, a four-foot long and tree-trunk-thick piece of flesh.

“Oh boys,” I heard my voice rumble, “I’m so proud of you. Look at how big you made me. Now I’m the biggest fucker in the whole world.”

“Are you happy now?”

I belly laughed, and the sound shook the whole room.

“Ask me again when I’m hungry!”


Part 9

In their little hut, my two bodyguards opened their eyes to the roar of the tide and the sounds of tropical birds. Another day in paradise awaited them.

“Bro, come on! Get up! It’s after sunrise. The boss is gonna be hungry again!”

He stretched as the several-hundred-pound mass of muscle next to him groaned and shifted.

“I’m up, I’m up. Damn, I’m hungry too! Last night was crazy.”

The two had gone through a dramatic transformation since they’d left the big city for an environment better suited to their growing boss. Two weeks ago, I had finally gotten so monstrously big that we’d had no choice but to leave everything behind. With not one day to spare, my bodyguards had arranged everything we needed. I was so proud of them—they’d had to handle all the calls and most of the paperwork themselves since I’d gotten too huge to help them.

The veranda of their little sand-colored beach house protested loudly as they emerged into the light. Closing in on 800lbs now, the twins had nothing to hide anymore. Their 7’2’’ bodies were swollen beyond belief, barely able to crouch and squeeze to fit through the door frame. Preceding them by a few feet were the unbelievably big pouches containing their balls and cocks, which had continued to grow steadily for the last few weeks. The orbs were bigger than beach balls now, and had recently begun dragging on the ground.

“I think my cock grew again last night.”

“Yeah, mine definitely did. We must be giving the whales a run for their money now.”

“Let’s be sure to grow them even bigger, then,” the first one answered with a smirk. “Can’t have those little old whales thinking they can compete with us!”

They pushed their prodigious bulges down a little path and into the forest behind their hut.

The two quickly broke into a musky sweat as one of them got his bulge stuck in the undergrowth. By the time his brother had helped him get it free again, it had pulled a young tree to the ground.

“Don’t worry about that,” his brother said. “If the path isn’t big enough, our bodies are just gonna have to cut a bigger one as we go. Let’s see if today’s delivery is here yet.”

If anyone else had been on our island, they would have been blown away by the sight of my bodyguards emerging from the trees. Two massive men, tall as they were wide, jostling each other as they stumbled to the landing strip where my cargo company dropped our daily supplies. It looked like today’s box had just arrived. The parachute was still attached to it, drifting in the wind.

Inside the box was enough food for a massive banquet. There were shakes and drinks, buckets of meat, mashed potatoes, kegs filled with whole milk—and that was just the top layer.

My bodyguards surveyed the thousands and thousands of calories with glee. One of them sank a meaty arm into the box and fished out a small metal case. He opened it to reveal two syringes filled with more growth formula.

“Oh, wow. They sent even more?” the other asked, eyes aglow.

“I fucking love the boss. He knows us so well.”

“All right, shut up and give me the shot!”

They both took the injections straight into their massive asses, and within seconds the veins near the site began to pulse and bulge.

“Fuck, I can already feel it.”

“Let’s eat while we grow.”

“All right. But then we gotta get to the boss.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how long I can hold back once we start growing.”

The other’s response was incomprehensible. His mouth was already full of food.

They sat down right there on the tarmac, legs wide, and gorged themselves, guzzling and munching down everything they could get their hands on. They relied heavily on each other to feed now—their pecs had begun to block not only their range of motion, but also their field of vision. Pushing against their chins, their pecs were big enough to collide with their biceps anytime they tried to reach their own mouths. It was easier for them to just feed each other.

“Fuck, yeah bro, give me everything you’ve got. Yeah, the keg of milk too.”

“Open wide, big boy.”

Their muscle guts were swelling into big, round, full balls.

“Mmm, so good. They sent so much fucking food.”

“I have a feeling they’re sending more and more every day.”

“I love it.”

“Open up. Another box of chicken coming your way.”

As they ate everything they could reach, their balls were filling up nicely too. The two pairs of nuts swelled bigger, straining against their sacks, churning with fresh cum. The loincloths they wore were ripping apart, revealing humongous cocks and even bigger balls.

“Fuck, we might have overdone it this time. Someone might have to roll us back to the boss.”

“With legs like these? I doubt it!”

He was right. Their legs had begun to put on more and more weight since the injection. Their asses had almost doubled in size while they sat there shoveling food down their gullets. They could feel how much more sensitive their holes had become, the slightest move sending shivers up their spines.

The fine lines of muscle on their torsos grew deeper and more pronounced, until the bulges of their Adonis belts were as big as normal men’s biceps. At the same time, their backs widened, spreading out like wings, forcing their arms to rest at an even higher angle. When the growth spread to their traps, their heads were almost entirely surrounded by muscle.

Short of breath, one of them mumbled, “I feel it in my pecs now. Fuck, bro, this feels good.”

“We’re blowing up.”

“Just when I thought we couldn’t get any bigger! I need to be milked right now. Holy hell!”

They were already leaking, and neither of them wanted to waste a drop. Every ounce had to be saved for the boss. But their pecs were angrily demanding release. Wider and wider, they spread their arms apart. The nipples hanging below grew bigger in anticipation, rivaling the length and thickness of a normal man’s arm.

A rumble shook the palm trees around them.

“Fuck, we kept the boss waiting.”

“It sounds like he’s really hungry.”

“We have to get going.”

They went to stand, but at their new sizes, this was a several-minute process. The two of them were almost spherical balls of muscle now, full of nutrients and ready to be emptied. When they at last could move, they lurched up the little hill above the airstrip, spurting precum and milk everywhere.

Sweaty and out of breath, they came to a halt as another, even louder rumble started to shake the forest.

A voice that could only be described as godly echoed through the trees.

“Is that you, boys?”

The two bodyguards could only think one thing: Oh, god, he got even bigger. Their mouths formed the word fuck in unison as the mammoth trees in front them started to fall.

“Okay, boys, be careful. I’m coming through,” the earth-shaking voice bellowed.

A monstrous foot, as big as a minivan, slammed into the ground just a few feet away from them. It was not only huge, but hairy. The toes sank deep into the muddy earth, shaking the ground beneath them and unrooting two trees in the process.

“Guys? I can’t hold this thing up any longer. Stand clear!”

An explosive sound echoed through the valley as something as big as an airship crashed to earth between the gigantic feet. The two bodyguards jumped clear at the last second, their heavy bodies creating aftershocks of their own.

When the dust settled, they took in the size of the piece of meat I’d just dropped in between them. My cock was as big as a cargo ship.

With my extraordinary god-cock pulsing before them, the two bodyguards couldn’t control their own hard-ons any longer. They were both soon sporting their own seven-foot erections.

“Come on up, boys. The view is wonderful up here.”

My hands, large as buses, descended from the sky and grabbed my two bodyguards off the ground. Then I let all 150 feet of me tumble to earth, shaking the whole island. I put the two men down on my protruding pecs where they anchored themselves between the masses of muscle and a forest of hair.

“Boss! You got HUGE!”

“You’re gonna outgrow the whole island within a week!”

“I know,” I boomed. “I also thought that we had more time.”

My two little ones rearranged their sacks, getting ready for me.

“You have no idea how hungry I am, boys. Did they send more of the serum? It looks like they did.”

“They did, and we’re already swelling bigger for you, boss. We’ve got to keep up with the demand!”

I reclined backward, propping myself up on another hill behind me. “My appetite is getting bigger and bigger every day, boys,” I roared. “We’re gonna need you two to step it up if you’re gonna feed this big body of mine.”

I had become unimaginably big. A giant of galactic dimensions. With biceps bigger than my head, I could have rearranged the mountain on the island with my bare hands. My pits had become forests of thick black hair where my bodyguards could have rolled up at night and slept till dawn. My upper body was defined by shoulders rivaling the sea itself in width, and a pair of pecs that bulged with my every move, extending dozens of feet in front of me. The valley between my chest muscles had grown big enough to park a truck in. Below rumbled my insatiable monstrous gut, ready to turn everything in sight into fuel for more growth. The massive orb was big enough to fit a village inside. I could never seem to get it full, and it was demanding more and more every single day.

The bodyguards started heaving their assets toward my waiting mouth. I let my tongue roll out from between my full lips and began to pleasure both their bodies at once.

“God, the two of you are getting rounder every day. I love it.”

“Mmmm,” they moaned in unison. “We love it too, boss!”

I opened wide, and on cue the bodyguards groaned and began to shoot with all the force they could muster. My cock rose up from between my feet and ascended into the sky, becoming a tower of meat that cast its shadow across the entire island beneath. My gut began to swell again as the waves of cum finally began to arrive in my eager stomach.

I began to grow again almost instantly, my whole body stretching several feet bigger within seconds. I could feel my big feet pushing their way out of the mud, growing toward the mountains on the other side of the valley.

“Come here, you two!”

I reached for them, and it was now an easy task for me to get all their nipples and cocks into my wide open mouth at once. The bodyguards had no choice but to empty every drop into my gigantic lips.

“More!” I groaned in between gulps, even as I continued to suck them dry. I was so hungry!

A few minutes later, my boys had nothing more to give. Grudgingly, I released their members, which looked to have been heavily inflated by the strong suction.

“Care for another ride? I think you boys liked it yesterday.”

My bodyguards started cheering, their cocks still hard and huge.

I picked them up again, lifting them up to the top of my cock head. My slit opened up a little, and I pushed my bodyguards inside.

“Fuck, you two got wider since yesterday!” I cried.

I could see my little guys traveling down my shaft, wiggling in excitement. I leaned back, moaning, emitting a rumble loud enough to be heard beyond the horizon as I caressed my inflated muscle gut.

“Boys, not so fast! I’m gonna come. Stop moving! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!”

I grabbed my skyscraper-cock and tried to shove the two muscleheads farther down into my humongous ball sack.

“This is what you get when you don’t listen! But—nggghhh—it’s too late. Uff, I have to—ngghh—cum!”

The most epic orgasm I had ever experienced ripped through my body as my cock began to shoot, raining cum down on the whole island. Then, with a loud explosion, my bodyguards shot out of my meat, landing on my pecs again in a pool of white cream.

“Fuck, boss! That was even better than yesterday.”

“Your sack is so fucking massive!”

“And I think some of that testosterone found its way into us.”

They lumbered back to their feet, leaving huge puddles of cum pooled underneath them. I took a moment to appreciate how much fuller their nut sacks looked than before, the skin pulled in tight around their balls. They both also looked a lot hairier than they had been a few hours ago. They both finally had nice thick beards of their own.

“And look at this, boss!”

One of the brothers grabbed a hold of something next to his pendulous dick. Another foot-long schlong had somehow grown in right beside his other, much larger one.

“You did it to us with your hormones, boss! It’s because of you!” they cried happily.

“Fuck,” I marveled. “I guess I did.”

With the tip of my huge fingertip, I touched my bodyguard’s new second cock. I looked over at his brother and noticed he had grown another cock of his own, even bigger than his brother’s.

“I’m still hungry, boys, and I think we might have found a way for you to fill me up again. Care for another ride?”

The bodyguards didn’t hesitate for a second.

“Yeah, boss. Put us back inside you!”

Now, that’s real loyalty, I thought, as my bodyguards prepared for another trip down my shaft.

We spent the morning repeating the process again and again and again. When we were done, the entire island was coated in several inches of my cum. Even on the coast, it seemed like the waves rolling in to shore now were mostly cum.

In the end, the two bodyguards rested, exhausted, in the palm of my hand, sweating, bloated, out of breath and spurting milk and cum everywhere.

“Fuck, boss! It’s not stopping anymore! Nghhh! It feels so good.”

“Can’t stop!”

“Holy cow, look at you, boys. Now we’ve really done it!”

“Bro, look at us. Look how big we are!”

“Mmm, so much bigger than we ever dreamed of!”

“Thank you, boss! I don’t…I don’t even think we can walk by ourselves anymore.”

“You’re gonna have to carry us.”

“Even better. That way you’ll always be by my side—and I can keep growing you both. Guess we’ll just have to keep growing you until you pop!”

The little muscle orbs in my palm had nothing to say to that. They just rolled their heads back and smiled beatifically, rubbing their cheeks against the masses of trap muscle that surrounded their heads.

By lunchtime, my bodyguards’ ballsacks were as big as houses, pumping out multiple gallons of spunk for me every second. They hung down from my palm like oversized wrecking balls. Their sacks were surrounded by multiple enormous cocks, each of which was constantly shooting jizz. They didn’t even have to get hard anymore—they were just cumming all the time.

I had the biggest meal of my life after that. Of course, I kept growing the entire time. After a while, I realized my feet were touching the sea. When I realized what was happening, I just laughed and kept drinking. I knew I was getting too big for the island, but I was determined to keep sucking until my monstrous gut was full. And then, if I managed to do that before nightfall, it would be time to give my perfectly round muscle bodyguards another trip down my cock.

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