Weekly Update 1 May 2021
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Weekly Update: 1 May 2021

This week’s contribution from me is a new chapter of “Tuesday”, which I’ve been meaning to write a new chapter of for… [checks notes] uh, nine years now. Huh. Time flies when you’re exploring multiple fantasy universes. Anyway, I hope you find something you like from the offerings below. Don’t forget to upvote and comment stories you like, yadda yadda. If you’ve written a story about augmented men and you want to share it, just give me a holler.

In other news, I’ve begun actively working again on something else I’ve been planning for ages, namely a basic member-login feature that will allow you to favorite certain stories for easy revisiting, with more features to be added later. That and other features like the return of tag suggestion should be rolled out in the next couple of months. Suggestions for site improvements are welcome.

The Friday Flashback this week collected stories where the main characters were three-legged dudes. The next update is a week hence, 8 May. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

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This week’s new stuff:


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