The chronicles of Besar Otot

by OneLuckyGuy89

On a distant unknown island near Indonesia called Besar Otot, Kenny Masters returns home a new man and intends to change his family as well.

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Part 1 On a distant unknown island near Indonesia called Besar Otot, Kenny Masters returns home a new man and intends to change his family as well. (added: 1 Feb 2020)
Part 2
Part 3  (added: 8 Feb 2020)
Part 4
Part 5 As exciting as life is at Besar Otot, there is a dark side to go with all the very hot studs. (added: 16 May 2020)
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8 Mel wakes up as a man and Mahelo’s day of victory is here: he’s finally 18!
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Part 1

Kenny Masters got off the plane and smiled at being back in his hometown. First order of business was the bathroom, he couldn’t fit in the one on the plane. He wasn’t fat, more like extremely muscular. Recently his life had changed forever. He hadn’t been out of shape; he was average and now he was a 500-pounds muscular, hairy beast with cantaloupe sized nuts and a 35-inch dick at full size. Unzipping his pants at the urinal, he let out a guttural moan and an awkward college student gasped at his size.

“Holy shit bro, was your dad a horse?” he asked.

“I didn’t get this naturally, science is a miraculous thing. I can show you some anatomy if you’d like.” Kenny smiled.

“I’m not gay bro, but I have to fuck you,” the kid moaned with a persistent boner.

“Just another part of this new body.”

On his way to his rent-a-car, he snagged a silver fox and a hot tattooed Italian behind the counter too. The four had an orgy in his rent-a-car behind the airport. The college kid fucked him hard from behind, the daddy at his giant erection and his face was in the Italian’s dark, musky bush. Kenny moved his hands through the daddy’s chest hair, tweaking his nipples causing him to shoot all over Kenny’s chest. Kenny followed, milking the college student’s load and then was rewarded with a mouthful of cream via the Italian. He kissed each of them and they all got dressed.

“We’ll all have to do this again; I was given three extra tickets to Besar Otot and plane tickets. Maybe I’ll see you guys there, let’s exchange numbers.” Kenny said.

“You’ll definitely see me.” Romeo, the Italian said.

He groped Kenny’s stuffed crotch and, Andrew, the daddy, followed behind him.

“See you studly.” Andrew said and blew a kiss.

“I’m still confused, but I’d love to do that again,” Riley, the college kid, smiled.

Kenny smacked his ass as he left and Riley yipped. The dark-haired behemoth smirked and got into the car. Kenny’s older brother Keith was at work and his three sons at school when he arrived. Keith Masters was a red headed stud, like his father. He wasn’t out of shape, but was a little beyond his prime. He had three sons; Aaron, Ashton and Aidan. Aaron was a dirty blonde haired, seventeen years old, Ashton was fifteen and had a curly mop of brown hair on his head and Aidan was a blonde haired, eleven year old and was Kenny’s godson.

Kenny unlocked the front door and was happy the guest room was on the first floor, because there’s no way the stairs would support his current weight. He went into the bedroom and quickly pulled off all his clothes, to admire his body and then he went into the bathroom to jerk it off again. Letting out a deep moan he actually broke a tile on the bathroom wall from the pressure. He assumed his brother wouldn’t care after he started the process with him as well.

Laying down for a nap, he left his nephews a note to not bother him and he’d order them pizza for dinner. As he closed his eyes to sleep he sighed at contentment holding his balls and erection.

Suddenly he awoke with a start and noticed he had drying cum on his face and chest. Coming back to reality, he heard the little voice of his god son of the other side of the door. He chuckled to himself, wiping and licking the warm liquid off of himself.

“Uncle Kenny are you awake? I missed you.” Aidan said.

“I am now bud, I’ll be out in a sec.” Kenny said.

“I just wanna say “hi”.” Aidan said, opening the door.

“I’m naked bud, was a little sweaty.” Kenny said.

“Sorry Uncle Kenny, I’ll be in the living room.” Aidan said and scampered off.

Aidan sat down on the couch next to his older brothers. Aaron and Ashton started laughing.

“You get in trouble?” Aaron asked.

“No, but Uncle Kenny seems different.”

“What do you mean?” Ashton asked.

“I got a stiffy when we were talking.”

“Didn’t need to know that.” Ashton blanched.

“You’re eleven Aidan; you get boners all the time.” Aaron said. “Just calm down.”

“I’m being serious.” Aidan pouted.

Suddenly the house shook and they all stopped. The three boys huddled together in fear. Then Kenny’s head appeared around the wall.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Kenny asked.

“Uncle Kenny, you grew a beard, you look so cool.” Aidan cried.

“Thanks buddy.” Kenny blushed.

“Did you feel that earthquake?” Aaron asked.

“Earthquake?” Kenny asked. “Oh that, so prepare yourselves. I’ve had a bit of a change.”

The three boys started in anticipation and Kenny stepped into the room. He was only wearing his briefs courtesy of the island and the three boys were shell shocked.

“Holy shit you’re huge!” Ashton cried.

“And really hairy!” Aidan cried.

“And we can see your dick and balls.” Aaron cried, blushing.

“When I went to that island, this is what happened. I came here to offer the opportunity to transform you guys and your dad.” Kenny said.

“We’ll be as big as you?” Aaron asked.

“Yes, for starters.” Kenny said.

“Then hell yes!” Aaron cheered.

“Yeah definitely.” Ashton said and Aidan nodded in agreement.

Kenny went back to the guest room and brought back three plastic shot containers full of clear liquid. Pouring them all glasses of chocolate milk, he dumped the contents in the milk.

“Drink up and you’ll be on your way.” Kenny said.

“And you sure it’s safe?” Aaron asked.

Suddenly Aidan belched and giggled behind his brothers. Ashton and Aaron not to be outshone by their little brother quickly finished theirs’ as well. Aidan quickly fell asleep and the older two began yawning. Kenny instructed Aaron to carry his little brother and advised them all to sleep naked since they’d all rip out of their clothes.

Kenny ordered four pizzas since the boys would be starving. He ate his and jacked off to gay porn, while the boys slept. Then he heard a crash and assumed Aaron was up. He was the oldest and the serum would run through his system the fastest.

Getting to the bottom of the steps quickly, Kenny was already hard. Aaron started walking down the steps and Kenny saw the improved man. A full dirty blonde beard covered his face and his chest was covered in hair as well. A thick treasure trail grew around and down from his bellybutton into his thicker pubic bush. Armpit hair stuck out in thicker tuffs and as Aaron hit his head on the ceiling, he looked up in confusion showing his uncle his hairy ass.

“Uncle Kenny I feel like I got hit by a truck.” Aaron said, in a deeper timbre.

“You’re cooking just right.” Kenny said with a rigid erection.

“What are y….”Aaron asked and then looked down at himself. “Holy shit the serum, I look so hot!”

He ran to a nearby full-length mirror and began admiring his new form. Kenny knew for a fact, that a full fifty pounds of muscle had dispersed across his whole body and it looked just right. The teenager ran his hands across his new body, cupping his Pecs, ass and then lifting his bigger dick and balls. Rubbing the beard on his jaw and fingering the chest hair, he quickly rose to erection. A bubble of pre formed at his slit.

“God I can’t help it!” Aaron cried and quickly shot all over his chest and face.

“That was really hot.” Said a deep voice at the top of the steps.

The two others looked up to see the upgraded Ashton; the middle son had grown to about 5’11” and had a patchy brown beard across his jaw line. He also had a trail of hair above and below his bellybutton, dipping into his thicker pubes. The pit hair was also thicker as well and Kenny saw a light dusting of brown hair on his pert ass as well, as he admired himself in the mirror.

“You’re looking hot little brother.” Aaron crooned and grabbing the back of Ashton’s head, pulled him into a kiss.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” Ashton said and seductively traced his finger from his brother’s sternum to the base of his dick.

The two teenagers aggressively made out and ground their erections into each other. Kenny found the scene very hot and began masturbating while tweaking his nipples. He felt his balls fill with a giant load and all three of them came at the same time. The brothers licked the jizz off of each other’s chest and kissed again tasting their own seed.

“Why didn’t you wait for me?” Aidan asked, his voice constantly cracking.

Aidan had to be about 5’9” now and had blonde scraggly hairs on his upper lip and chin. He had a happy trail and now pit and pubic hair. He was already hard and dripping.

“Look my armpits and balls are hairy.” He said, like a kid at Christmas.

Before Kenny noticed, Aidan was on his knees in front of his erection.

“I’m sorry little buddy, only after shot two when it’ll make you 18. Go play with your older brothers,” Kenny said, trying to avoid Aidan’s puppy dog eyes.

“We’ll keep you preoccupied,” Ashton said and licked Aidan’s armpit bush, causing the younger to whine in need.

Aaron licked at Aidan’s little pucker dusted with little golden hairs and Ashton inhaled his dick, rolling his balls in his hands. As they performed the sexual act on their little brother, both Aaron and Ashton jacked off in rhythm. Kenny found himself hard again and the four came together in unison. Kenny heard his phone beep and it broke him out of his trance. He ran over to the kitchen counter his dick swinging like a battering ram. His eye bugged out of his skull and the boys looked over in concern.

“What’s wrong?” Aaron asked.

“Your dad’s on his way home, you three go get cleaned up,” Kenny said, to his three nephews dripping in jizz.

“Is daddy gonna be mad?” Aidan asked.

“I’m gonna change him before he has a chance,” Kenny said.

“All right let’s go get cleaned up, guys,” Aaron said.

“Together?” Ashton asked.

“Sounds good to me.” Aaron smiled.

The three changed boys ran up the steps, grabbing each other’s dicks and asses. The two younger boys jumped in the shower while Aaron grabbed towels. Ashton made out with his little brother while he rubbed him to erection.

“Want me to suck you off, again?” Ashton asked, voice full of lust.

“Yes please, you’re really good at that.” Aidan giggled.

Ashton couldn’t believe the girth on his little brother, but loved the taste. Rolling the new hairy balls in his palm, he was quickly rewarded with the treat. Aidan decided to return the favor and hesitantly liked Ashton’s erection, causing the middle brother to whine. The youngest Masters took the dick all in one go and quickly pulled back giggling.

“What’s so funny?” Ashton asked, slightly annoyed.

“Your pubes tickled my face.” Aidan said.

“Shut up and get back to it.”

Aidan giggled a little more, but got back to sucking his older brother. Hollowing out his mouth, Ashton moaned deeply and realized the serum had also taught them how to pleasure other men. Hearing his voice hitch, Aidan quickly pulled off and jacked Ashton into coming all over his face.

“You taste really good,” Aidan said, licking the jizz off his lips.

Ashton moaned deeply and saw his older brother pasted to his ass. Aaron quickly got in front of Ashton and bent over showing his dirty blonde dusted hole. Ashton got excited and slowly but methodically slid into his older brother.

“So good,” Aaron moaned, in his new bass.

Ashton suddenly moaned in surprise and saw himself impaled on his younger brother’s larger dick.

“Warn me next time, would you?” Ashton asked.

“Did I hurt you?” Aidan asked cockily, raising an eyebrow.

“No it feels amazing, but just warn me. If you do it wrong, you could hurt someone,” Ashton said.

“Sorry, hold on.”

Aidan expertly fucked Ashton into Aaron and three changed boys moaned in unison. Angling himself, Aidan expertly started jack hammering Ashton and Aaron’s prostates. They quickly released in unison and the older brothers’ asses were dripping with the loads they took.

“Let’s try something else.” Aaron said and took all three erections in his larger hand.

The oldest Masters boy expertly frotted the three dicks together. Aaron fingered himself, Ashton tweaked his nipples and Aidan pulled on his heavy balls. All three had a soul ripping orgasm ripped from their bodies and screamed coating their faces, chest and the shower walls in jizz.

“You put what in my beer?” screamed a voice.

No matter how big they had grown, the three were still scared of their dad yelling. They immediately stopped and quickly cleaned up the mess and got cleaned up. They cautiously walked down the steps and each put on custom underwear their uncle had left them at the bottom of the steps.

“Uncle Kenny?” Aidan asked, hesitantly.

“You can come out now guys. Aaron, could you carry your dad upstairs?” Kenny asked.

“Of course, Uncle Kenny,” Aaron said and slung his father over his shoulder.

Placing him on his king-sized bed, Aaron undressed him. He admired his father’s muscular form and thick cock in red pubes. He wanted to do something, but realized there’d be more time to have fun after his father changed.

The three boys and Kenny watched/masturbated to gay porn, while Keith slept. Suddenly they heard creaking from upstairs and Kenny told the boys to hide in the basement, while he talked to their dad.

Keith came down the stairs and the brothers faced each other. His brother had definitely gotten upgraded and Kenny was hard with lust. Keith’s muscular chest and stomach were now covered in curly red hair. The beer belly he’d gotten from drinking had receded to reveal rock hard abdominals. A larger cock now sat in dark red pubes and the beard and thicker pit hair were such turn ons.

“You look so hot, big brother,” Kenny drooled.

“Look what you did to me!” Keith yelled.

“How can you be mad? You’re a hairy, gorgeous stud.”

“You know what I wanna do?!”

“What’s that?” Kenny asked, hesitantly.

“Fuck you so hard, you forget your name,” Keith smiled evilly.

“Oh you can try big brother, but there are some pretty rough guys on the island.”

“I know Kenny wouldn’t change me by myself where are you boys?”

The three boys came out of the basement, erections out of the holes in their underwear with pre dripping. They looked like they’d been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

“Aaron and Ashton, you look like sexy grown men,” Keith smiled, suddenly erect.

“What about me?” Aidan asked.

“You look like a sexy and a mature teenager,” Keith said. “I’m sure the next shot will make you look like a man, right, little brother?”

“You know it,” Kenny smiled.

“Come here, you stud,” Keith said, ripped the underwear off of Kenny and began making out with him.

The two brothers made out in their incestual love, grinding their large erections together. Before they could react, Aaron and Ashton had impaled the men and Aidan had inhaled his Uncle’s large dick. Kenny began moaning at the site of his god son pleasuring him. Nipples were tweaked, balls pulled and eventually all five of them came all over the living room. Aidan was sitting on his muscular ass, already erect and jacking off again.

“Again already, son?” Keith asked.

“I’m so horny, dad,” Aidan whined and came on his chest again.

“It’s only gonna get worse,” Kenny laughed.

“I have only one question, little brother,” Keith said.

“What’s that?” Kenny asked.

“When’s shot two?”


Part 2

Aidan lay in bed, he was fingering his new golden treasure trail and greeted his rigid morning wood. It had been a week since Aidan, his brothers and father had been changed by his Uncle Kenny. Deciding not to make another mess in his bed, he’d gone through enough sheets this week, he walked into the bathroom his erection leading the way. He began rolling his big balls in his palm as he jacked himself off. The moans emitting from the bathroom woke up Aaron with his own sizable morning wood. He walked into the bathroom, erection in hand and quickly sheathed himself in his brother’s ass. Aidan moaned in appreciation and ground his hips massaging Aaron’s dick.

“Good morning, Aaron,” Aidan moaned and moved his hips again.

“How’d you know it was me?” Aaron moaned.

“You have a bigger head then Ashton, but he has a thicker shaft.” Aidan said.

“How’d you know it wasn’t dad or Uncle Kenny?”

“They smell different, Uncle Kenny is straight musk and dad is musk mixed with leather.”

“I don’t have musk with my new chest hair?” Aaron pouted and hit Aidan’s prostate, making him cry out.

“You do, it’s a hint of musk with macadamia nuts but it’s not as strong as the others.”

“That’s hot you can tell the difference,” Aaron said, slowly pulled out and slammed back in.

“Stop teasing me. Fuck me faster and make me cum without touching myself!” Aidan cried and Aaron smiled evilly.

Aaron gripped his younger brother’s hips and hammered his prostate, making Aidan see stars. The youngest Masters screamed in ecstasy, covering the back wall in his juice and milked his brother dry.

“You guys woke me up. Luckily I got off,” Ashton said, walking in his chest covered in cum.

Ashton blushed, watching his younger brother smelling Aaron’s chest hair and their dripping erections sticking together.

“You smell so manly, big brother,” Aidan said.

“Thanks little bro,” Aaron said, cupping his ass.

“That’s my boys.” Keith said entering and smacked all their assess, consecutively.

They all kissed him good morning and groped each other’s asses. Joining Kenny in the kitchen, who’d just cooked breakfast, and Kenny revealed the serum does make whoever takes it gay. The four men weren’t bothered since they all had four other men in the house to satisfy their homosexual need.

“So it’s been a week, you guys ready for the second shot?” Kenny asked.

“Do you need to ask?” Keith asked, and his sons looked eager behind him.

“Let’s do this age wise,” Kenny said and gave his brother the first shot.

“It tastes like my favorite beer.” Keith said and after downing it.

Unlike his sons who had ripped off their briefs, Keith kept his on. When the growth started the father moaned and the boys were hypnotized at the growth of their father. His muscular ass brought the underwear to ripping at the seams but it wasn’t till his egg sized nuts swelled to apples and his dick grew that they ripped off his body.

“Oh my God, yes!” Kenny yelled and shot on his chest.

“I knew you would like that little brother,” Keith smiled evilly.

Kenny quickly inhaled his big brother to bring him to completion as well.

Kenny handed the next shot to Aaron who downed it quickly, tasting cinnamon buns. He moaned as his legs elongated and he grew to an even 6’4”. The dirty blonde beard on his face thickened and extended to cover his neck. Groping his Pecs, they swelled bigger in his hands and hair thickened, eventually connecting to the trail and spreading all over his stomach. Six pack became an eight, while his hairy ass swelled in size and his balls swelled to apples and dick stretched larger. The hair on his arms and legs thickened, finishing the growth.

“Look at that gorgeous man, Kenny. Is that my son?” Keith asked with a rock-hard erection.

“Dad, stop it, you’re making me blush.” Aaron said, his voice settling into a deep bass.

“I can’t help it buddy, you’re gorgeous.” Keith said and rubbed erections with his oldest.

As father and son aggressively made out, Kenny handed the next shot to Ashton. The middle son’s tasted like dark chocolate. As he grew to 6’2”, his muscles swelled in size. The patchy brown beard thickened to a full beard covering his face and his pecs swelling, received a dark covering as well. After his balls and dick grew, Ashton cupped his growing glutes as they became a full hairy ass.

“That was intense,” Ashton said, his voice staying a deep tenor.

“I’m ready Uncle Kenny,” Aidan said, as Ashton made himself busy by fucking his dad.

Aidan tasted almonds as he downed his shot. He moaned in ecstasy as his muscles continued to grow and his legs extended making him 6’3”. The scraggily blonde hairs quickly matched Ashton’s, as they continued to spread making a full golden blonde beard. His chest got a golden covering, same for his ass and surprisingly his stomach. Kenny also noticed in surprise and arousal that Aidan’s balls were slightly larger than the other three grown men in the room.

“I’m so tall and hairy,” Aidan moaned in a deep baritone.

“That voice is so hot,” Kenny moaned with a steel erection.

“Really?” Aidan blushed.

“Definitely, my little Hercules.”

Hercules had just been a nickname for Aidan by Kenny, but now it made so much sense. Kenny pulled in a high-tech scale that would talk of the growing men’s statistics. Mechanical arms would grope them all over to get an accurate measurement.

Current Stage 2 Statistics


-Weight: 330 lbs.;
-Height: 6’2”;
-Dick Size: 10 flaccid and 13 erect


-Weight: 240 lbs.;
-Height: 6’4”;
-Dick Size: 12 flaccid and 15 erect


-Weight: 250 lbs.;
-Height: 6’2”;
-Dick Size: 11 flaccid and 14 erect


-Weight: 220 lbs.;
-Height: 6’3”;
-Dick Size: 13 flaccid and 16 erect

“As hot as it is, how is the little pipsqueak taller than me and have a bigger dick?” Ashton asked, giving it a yank.

“Jealous?” Aidan asked, his voice causing his older brother to leak pre.

“Shut up, runt.”

“Wanna know what a big cock feels like in your tight ass?” Aidan asked, rubbing the bulbous head in his crack.

“Fuck just do it, before I reconsider,” Ashton whined and got rewarded. “Sweet Jesus, that is thick.”

“16 thick inches of cock,” Aidan growled.

Aidan shook his ass in front of his Uncle and Kenny sheathed his dick in his nephew’s ass, causing him to moan in his deep voice. Keith got on his knees and took Ashton’s meat stick down his throat in one go. Not to be left out, soon Aaron and his father’s balls were touching. Being sandwiched between Aidan and Keith, Ashton fingered his nipples in ecstasy. Overeager Aaron quickly filled his father’s ass to the brim and jacked off Keith till he covered Ashton’s feet in cum. Ashton exploded next and milked Aidan to climax, who did the same to Kenny.

“So I wanted to tell you guys about something else I brought with me. My friend Noah at Besar Otot is of Cherokee descent and he has a spell that helps find your soulmate,” Kenny said.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Aaron asked, while jacking off Ashton.

“After the fifth shot, you’re filled with an uncontrollable horniness and only your soulmate will end it.”

“Who’s yours?” Keith asked.

“You are, big brother.” Kenny blushed.

“I assumed as much,” Keith smiled and kissed Kenny tenderly.

The three boys drank the potion made by Noah and as they had their visions, dropped to their knees and uncontrollably came for ten minutes. Standing up in the damp pools of cum on the carpet, they revealed their soulmates.




“Those are their best friends,” Keith laughed.

“You should text them to come over, I have extra shots,” Kenny said.

“Why not call?” Aidan asked. “Oh right I have a man voice now.”

The five men were excited as the three boys walked into the house.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“The note said they’ll be back soon,” said a voice.

Michael walked in; he was the dark ebony to Aaron’s ivory. He had his dark hair cut short and his muscles weren’t disguised in his jeans and letterman jacket. He was the football team’s star quarterback and wore his 200 lbs. of muscle and foot long dick beautifully.

Dat Chen walked in next he was roughly 6’0” and thin as a rail. His dark hair was in a short, spiky fashion and his chiseled jaw could cut glass. He wore a green anime shirt, black rectangular glasses, black jeans and lime green Chucks.

“It’s just weird that they left the door open,” Dat said, considering the situation.

“Who cares? It’s not like we’re robbers,” Apollo, Aidan’s best friend, laughed.

Apollo was 5’6” and thanks to his Italian heritage, was already hosting puberty. He had light peach fuzz on his upper lip and hairy legs for an eleven year old. He wore a blue mesh tanktop, black shorts and flip flops.

“Oooh they left us Root Beer Floats, nice!” Apollo cheered and started drinking his.

“How has your sophomore year been so far?” Michael asked Dat.

“Probably not as exciting as your junior year. Only one more year of high school for you. My AP classes are a pain.” Dat whined.

“Well finals are next week, you prepared?”

“Decided to take *yawn* a little break *yawn* to hang out with Ashton.”

“Dat *yawn* are you *yawn* okay?”

“Real tired.” Dat yawned.

They both turned to a snoring sound where Apollo was unconscious and drooling.

“Shit, were we drugged?” Dat asked and then slumped into his chair.

“We were drugged,” Michael said and collapsed onto the chair.

Michael woke up with a start an hour later. He immediately noticed two things, one; he was completely naked and two; he was lying in his best friend’s bed. Now Michael was already gifted in the dick department, but he felt a bigger dick and balls hanging from his groin. Full of intrigue he went to look at it and saw larger pecs covered in curly black hair. He jumped to look in Aaron’ s mirror and was floored at the improved man looking back at him.

Michael’s face was covered in a black beard; he held his chin and smiled. He never realized how good he looked with one. His chest was covered with curly black hair and he now had a thick happy trail as well. The armpit bushes and his pubes were significantly thicker. Bigger balls and a foot-long flaccid cock hung from his loins. Turning around he eyed his larger ass and got steel hard.

“I have to say I don’t mind being drugged now,” Michael laughed, in his deeper voice.

“What the hell did you do, dude?” Michael asked, walking down the steps.

“Gave you a major upgrade,” Aaron said, appearing at the bottom.

“Shit Aaron, you’re huge!”

“Not too bad yourself and that cock is huge.”

Aaron leaned into Michael kissing him and rubbing their dicks together. After they broke away, Michael look flustered but confused.

“Aaron I’m not gay.”

“You are now, thanks to that serum but we’ll take it slow.”

Dat woke up suddenly and fell out of Ashton’s bed. He quickly stood up and shocked when looking at himself in the mirror. The skinny frame he was used to was suddenly covered in muscle. A black patchy beard was on his face and his normally hairless Asian stomach had a dark trail. All other patches of hair were thicker on his body and his genitals were larger as well.

“What happened to me?” Dat asked.

“You got an upgrade good looking.” Ashton said, seductively groping his slightly hairy ass.

“A-a-ashton, what are you doing?” Dat stammered and moaned as he got hard.

“Showing you how much I like you.” Ashton whispered huskily in his ear.

“I think I’ve always liked you anyway,” Dat said, turning around to meet Ashton in a kiss and grinded his ass into Ashton’s erection.

Apollo woke up and opened his eyes to see an improved Aidan with a steel hard erection dripping. The now 18-year-old hottie eyed his upgraded best friend with lust. Apollo had a full faced brown beard on his face and his chest and stomach were covered in brown hair. Pubes and pit hair were thicker as was his now teenage cock.

Aidan jumped Apollo and started a ravenous make-out with him, grabbing his hairy ass. Apollo reciprocated and tightened his hold on Aidan’s muscular back. When they finally pulled apart, a trail of spit connected them.

“Well that was quite a hello. Do I look different? Cause I feel different,” Apollo said, in a deep bass.

“You look like the God you were named after.”

“I don’t know where it’s coming from, but I have a feeling I have to fuck you like the God I’m named after.” Apollo said and quickly went to prepping Aidan.

He inserted one of his larger fingers and Aidan pleaded for him to keep going. Once he had three fingers easily inside, Apollo pulled apart Aidan’s ass and began eating out the sexy, golden haired hole.

“Just do it Apollo, I need you!” Aidan cried and Apollo grabbed his hips, sheathing himself inside.

“Get ready for the fucking of your life.” Apollo said, voice full of lust.

The young Italian stud, immediately angled inside Aidan just right and began hitting his prostate. Aidan never realized how good having sex could be until Apollo was inside of him. He felt like he came buckets all over his headboard and Apollo pulled out to get a look at himself.

“Holy shit, I’m super hot.”

“And hairy, I like that.” Aidan crooned, gripping Apollo’s chest and running his fingers through the hair.

Keith sat on Kenny’s lap waiting for the boys to come back down. Aaron and Michael came down the stairs hand in hand. Ashton was slightly pulling Dat down the steps and the youngest were ass and dick grabbing all the way down.

“You boys are looking sexy as hell and Apollo—what a stud,” Kenny said. “I’m their uncle Kenny, by the way, and the reason you’ve changed.”

“Am I able to get as big as my man here?” Apollo asked.

“All three of you are here just to help my big, hairy nephews be sated.” Kenny laughed, revealing three more shots.

The three boys eagerly grabbed the second shots. Michael felt the does hit him hard and he aggressively began making out with Aaron. Aaron began caressing his man’s swelling pecs and running his fingers through the spreading hair. Rubbing his shoulders, biceps and forearms as they joined the growth. The making out intensified as Aaron gripped the swelling back muscles. Michael’s lower body finally started growing and as Aaron caressed the muscular glutes, he gave his man the best blow job. He felt the erection swell in his throat and once it finished growing, Aaron’s mouth was filled with cream.

Dat moaned as his changes started and Ashton watched his beard fill in on his face. The muscles all thickened and swelled, but all Ashton could focus on was the body hair covering his new lover’s body. Dat’s larger pecs were being covered in dark hair and his armpit bushes became fuller. Ashton massaged the swelling glutes and got rock hard at the feeling of Dat’s ass becoming hairier. As the growth concluded, Dat got on his knees and teased Ashton’s head, causing him to whine in need. Then grabbing the thick shaft, he slowly began to suck the cock in front of him. Ashton got close and Dat pulled off, letting his face be coated in jizz.

“You look so hot with your beard covered in my cum.” Ashton panted.

“You look so hot, in general.” Dat said and pulled Ashton into a kiss.

Apollo moaned “yes” as the growth began to hit him. Growing to match Aidan’s 6’3” and then one more inch to hit 6’4”, the youngest Masters couldn’t keep his eyes off of his lover’s growing dick. As his muscles swelled, Aidan kept sucking Apollo off as he rubbed his hands all over, feeling the hair growing between his fingers. His hands reaching the hairy globes of Apollo’s ass and fingered his prostate, receiving a wealth of cum as the transformation finished.

New Boys’ Statistics 2nd Shot:


-Weight: 300 lbs.;
-Height: 6’2”;
-Dick Size: Flaccid: 19 and Erect: 22


-Weight: 210 lbs.;
-Height: 6’3”;
-Dick Size: Flaccid: 15 and Erect: 18


-Weight: 200 lbs.;
-Height: 6’4”;
-Dick Size: Flaccid: 14 and Erect: 17

“With all these sexy men, I know what it’s time for,” Aidan cheered.

“What?” Dat asked, still surprised by his deep voice.

“Orgy!” he cried and tackled the closest man, turning it into a giant orgy.


Part 3

Lex Victor got off the boat with his three boys in tow. Kerry was very excited, he was the oldest at 15 and had dark hair and green eyes like his father. His 6-inch boner was as hard as steel. Behind him was his 13-year-old brother, Layton who had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes like their mother. Extremely nervous he held his younger brother Eddy’s hand. Eddy was 10 and had dark hair and blue eyes. Lex was even more excited than his son. One of his friends at work had found out about the island a lil over a month ago and when Lex heard about the results, he knew he had to get on board.

“Welcome to Paradise my boys, now follow daddy.” Lex said.

“Aren’t you excited?” Kerry asked.

“This is really weird, Kerry. If daddy wanted to live here it’s fine. I don’t get why we’re here,” Layton said, covering Eddy’s eyes from two guys fucking in the open.

“Daddy’s giving you all a gift, Layton. Not every man gets this opportunity and with this gift all three of you will be gods among normal men,” Lex said, his pants tented with a boner.

“Did mommy say this was okay?”

“She didn’t say no.”

His wife, well, probably ex-wife now, Melanie had asked him if he was fucking crazy and had told him, she’d be there to pick up the boys in the morning. But they were gone before she got there.

Layton didn’t believe his father, but was in a strange place and stayed close to him. The Viktors eventually came upon a muscular ginger and Lex knowing they were lost, decided to ask for directions.

“Hey stud could you help me out?”

“Hey there daddy. I could definitely help you out, but you’ll have to put the kids to bed,” the guy flirted.

“Maybe later, I need help finding the registration building.”

“Follow me and then we’ll talk,” the guy said and Lex he’d follow that hairy ass to the ends of the earth.

“So you gonna change the boys too?”

“That’s the plan.” Lex smiled.

“A few doses of the stuff and you’ll have three big, hairy men on your hands,” the guy smiled back. “I do love orgies!”

The five of them approached a building designed like a flexing arm and the man led them to the front doors. He then roughly groped Lex’s crotch, causing him to moan and kissed him deeply.

“Keep in touch stud, the name’s Glenn but I’m called ‘Big Red’ around here.” Glenn said, smacking his ass and walking off.

The Viktor’s walked into the building and that front desk was an Asian behemoth. All he wore was tiny black briefs and black tie mostly hidden between the cleavage of his hairy Pecs. Kerry with no embarrassment came right there in his pants.

“Viktor party of four, checking in stud.” Lex smiled.

“My name is Lee and I assume we have; Kerry, Layton, Lex and Edward here?” Lee asked.

“All present and accounted for.” Lex said.

“We’ll need to discuss the details and the paperwork of course. Allan come bring the boys to the kids’ room, please.”

“I’m not a kid, I have three chest hairs!” Kerry cried.

“Don’t let labels bother you, sugar,” said a deep voice.

In walked a behemoth with pink hair on his head and covered in blonde body hair. He wore a pink crop top that barely covered his hairy Pecs and pink booty shorts that barely covered the blonde hairs on his ass crack. On his feet were pink, shiny high heels.

“Must you always dress like that?” Lee asked.

“Live a little. Just because me and Rory grew into big, hairy, muscular men doesn’t mean I have to change the way I dress.” Allan said.

“Well, it always gets me hard,” Lee said, an erection now between his Pecs and touching his chin.

“Then deal with it. Come on kids,” Allan said, pushing them along.

“Three chest hairs!” Kerry cried, getting pushed along.

Lex licked his lips at the sight of the huge erection in front of his face.

“Excuse me for a second, while I take care of this,” Lee said, turning around.

“My mouth may be small Lee, but I could try,” Lex said.

“Maybe some other time, but I try to have some professionalism even here. Any other day, I’d fuck your brains out, Mr. Viktor,” Lee said and went into the back room. Lex heard a few liquidy slaps and a deep moan, causing him to jizz his pants.

Lee quickly exited the room and Lex noticed cum hanging off his ear.

“There’s jizz on your right ear,” Lex said, as Lee noticed his drying cum stain.

“Thank you, Allan would’ve let it stay there all day.”

“No problem, so should we continue?”

“Yes, I’ll need birth certificates for all the boys, forms of ID for all and a signed note of their mother’s permission. Our president is very thorough.”

“I have them all, in my bag. My friend Tim had to do the same for him and his son, Scott.”

“Oh, I love me some Tim, does he have a snake tattoo on his right ass cheek?”

“Yeah,” Lex blushed.

“So you two messed around before he was grown, I take it?”

“Yeah and that dick was big before, how big is it now?”

“If my inner throat ruler is right, 36 thick inches.”

“Damn, I’ll have to look him up.”

“You won’t have to go far, he works here in accounting. He’ll be back after his mandatory 30 minute hump break.”

“You mean lunch break?”

“Nope, food’s a luxury here. Cum is all we need here for nourishment.”

“Wow, that’s convenient.”

“Looks like everything is in order here. So I have Kerry as a milker, Layton as a slut and Edward as a bear is this correct?”

“Yes sir, so can I get my formula now?”

“Of course. Glenn, could you give Mr. Viktor his formula?” Lex asked, and a smiling Glenn entered.

“You work here?” Lex gasped.

“Yep, I had a quick hump appointment. I’ll keep you company after your transformation.” Glenn smiled and led Lex off.

The three Viktor boys sat alone in the kids’ room and Layton was snickering. His older brother was clearly annoyed and Eddy held his older brother’s hand tightly in fear.

“What’s so funny, Lay?” Kerry asked.

“You saying you have chest hair.” Layton said, between laughs.

“It’s true, look,” he cried, pulling down his collar.

His two younger brothers look in admiration at his three, long, scraggily black hairs in the middle of his chest.

“That’s so cool Kerry, you’re like a grown up,” Eddy said, so impressed by his older brother.

“Well, I was wrong, very cool Kerry,” Layton said.

Melanie Viktor was speed walking full of rage through the island. Behind her was her best friend Jason and his husband Erik. Jason had light blue eyes and brown hair touching his shoulders. His husband, Erik, had brown eyes and thick blonde hair touching his shoulders as well. Their current 500-pound bodies were trying to keep up with the mom on a mission.

“Mel slow down, the dock guards said we got here a half-hour after them,” Jason cried.

“That piece of shit stole my babies. If he wants to turn himself into a giant faggot, that’s fine but not my babies.”

“You always know just what to say,” Erik sighed, rolling his eyes.

“You guys chose this, not my kids. I’m sorry, I’m mad right now.”

An Egyptian guy came up to Jason, stopping him and rubbing his erection in Jason’s crack. He started to moan and get hard.

“Hands off you big faggot, we’re busy!” Melanie yelled.

“Later,” Jason mouthed, getting dragged off and Erik close behind.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Allan called the boys out to see their dad in his new form. They were surprised by his size, amount of body hair and the large amount of cum, drying in his chest hair.

“I took care of your father boys.” Glenn smiled and smacked Lex’s ass.

“Lex Maxwell, you lying son of a bitch!” Melanie yelled, pushing open the doors.

“Hey Lee!” Jason waved, flirtatiously.

“Who’s this woman?” Lee asked, annoyed.

“What, a woman can’t be on your island of giant faggots?” Melanie started.

“Mel, can you not do this?” Jason asked.

“I’m waiting,” Lee said.

“I’m Melanie Viktor, that’s my idiotic ex-husband and my boys.”

“Mommy!” Eddy cried and he ran to her with Layton on his heels.

Lex’s eyes betrayed him, as Lee stared at him. The giant Japanese man whistled and a ginger with short hair, multiple tattoos and face piercings, expertly tackled and tied Lex up with steel chains.

“Got em Lee, what’s the problem?” the guy asked.

“Cage, I didn’t say there was an issue,” Lee said.

“Well, I head a woman scream, since that’s not normal I just assumed…”

“You did fine, it’s a Code Purple.”

“Awesome! So can I get a reward?” Cage asked, grabbing for Lee’s bulge.

“Not at work, but maybe later,” Lee said, slapping his hand away.

“Oh man,” Cage pouted.

“I’ll stuff you so full of eggroll you’ll taste duck sauce on the back of your tongue.” Lee whispered in the younger man’s ear, causing Cage’s erection to snake out of his tiny briefs and up his chest.

Suddenly two identically dressed eight-foot-tall men entered the building. One had bright blonde hair, while the other had dark brown hair. They both wore mirror shades, black bowties, black jockstraps, ear pieces and walkie-talkies on the jock’s waistband.

“Drake! Bryce! I made my first arrest, did you see?” Cage asked, the big guys.

“We saw it all, you shot early but at least you did the right thing. For that you deserve a treat. Bryce go ahead,” Drake said.

The blonde giant pulled down his jock to reveal a quickly swelling four-foot cock. Cage drooled hungrily and went to work sucking.

“I knew this guy was fishy when he applied,” Drake said, glaring down at the chained up Lex.

“Fuck, Cage, you’ve gotten better, I’m so close!” Bryce cried and even while Cage tried his best to stay on, after the third volley he was blasted off.

After another 17 shots, Cage was on the ground covered in the blonde’s spunk and in Nirvana, as he clearly got off in the process. Bryce wiped his dripping dick on Cage’s face and then pulled up his jock.

“So, Milker punishment, Lee?” Bryce asked, back to his former calm demeanor.

“How’s that punishment? I chose that option for Kerry,” Lex grunted, now under Drake’s large foot.

“As a punishment, you lose the ability to talk and understand human language. That’s how it’s a punishment,” Drake said and threw Lex to Bryce.

Bryce threw him over his shoulder and left behind Drake.

“Let’s go rookie!” Drake called.

“Coming boss! See you later Lee,” Cage waived and ran after the other two like a lost puppy.

Cage went to grab Drake’s ass, but was punched in the face. Drake told him he’d have to earn it and said he was getting a butt plug for disobedience.

“Well, thank you gentleman for your help, but we’ll be leaving,” Melanie said, taking her boys’ hands, even Kerry reluctantly started to follow her.

Suddenly a large Hawaiian man in similar garb to Bryce and Drake’s outfits, stepped in front of them.

“Maui, you’re not needed it’s all right. I’m sorry Mrs. Viktor…” Lee started.

“Miller,” Melanie interrupted.

“…. Ms. Miller, but I can’t let your boys leave.”

“Excuse me, why not?”

“I know this was not your intention, but we’ve used our priceless resources on your ex-husband and for your boys. Lex paid us and the contracts are airtight.”

“No way, who do you think—?” Melanie started.

“Lee’s a good man, Mel, if he could stop this he would. I’m sorry,” Jason said.

“You can stay here with your boys, but that’s all I can do,” Lee sighed.

“I understand,” Melanie sighed.

Melanie was reluctantly led out of the building by Maui and her boys at her heels.


Part 4

Aidan walk up entangled in his lover’s beefy arms. He would admit he did miss the carefree life of his former eleven-year-old self, but being 18 now thanks to the formula he wouldn’t change a thing. All the sex he had now and the muscles and hair, he didn’t know what he’d do if he woke up tomorrow and it was all a dream. Looking down at Apollo’s impressive meat, he began to slowly stroke it, stirring the beast it belong to.

“Quick fuck?” Apollo asked.

“It’s never a quick fuck with you babe, you have to switch positions like five times. Let me just take care of your morning wood.” Aidan said.

“No dice.” Apollo smirked and forced Aidan’s legs to spread open.

Licking his lips at his man’s asshole surrounded by a ring of blonde hair, he gave it long lick causing Aidan to moan in need. Quickly fingering his ass and expertly hitting the prostate causing Aidan to quickly harden and shoot all over his chest. Apollo straddled his chest and rubbed the spunk into his golden curls and put a ring around his lips, causing Aidan to catch his lips.

“Well make use of that piece of meat swinging between your legs,” Aidan panted and showcased his ass again.

Apollo smirked and quickly impaled his lover on his dick. Aidan loved the feeling of being full of Apollo’s dick and reveled in the feeling. Jacking himself off in rhythm with the fucking, he shot all over their chests and deeply kissed his boyfriend, as cum rained down on them.

Ashton had his face rested on Dat’s stomach, as he ran his hands through his boyfriend’s black chest hair. Dat moaned at his boyfriend’s attention to his fur and his erect nipples.

“This hair is hot on everyone, but with you it’s beyond words. It gets me so hard,” Ashton said and met up to catch his boyfriend’s lips.

“Know what gets me really hard?” Dat asked.

“What’s that, babe?”

“Imagining myself fucking your big hairy ass.”

“Dat, I don’t know about that.”

Dat quickly flipped his boyfriend over and began licking the chocolate brown hair around his asshole. Ashton began moaning and felt himself get rock hard.

“Make it fast before I change my mind.”

Giving one last sensual lick, Ashton moaned and then felt Dat’s dick start to push its way into his ass. The normal top moaned in pure ecstasy and pain, he could not believe how good the feeling was. Once Dat was fully seated in his boyfriend, he slowly began a rhythm. Ashton looked at him in need and urging him to go faster and harder. His boyfriend grabbed his rigid dick and stroked him in rhythm, until they both climaxed together. The moans of ecstasy got all the men in the house hard if they weren’t already.

Michael had his eyes closed tightly in the pleasure of ecstasy as his boyfriend, went to town on his huge cock. He moaned as his balls tightened and he shot another huge load down Aaron’s throat. Still erect Aaron went to slide down his huge piece of meat, but Michael stopped him.

“What’s wrong?” Aaron asked.

“I wanna repay the favor, let me suck you.” Michael smiled.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to force you.”

“Trust me I want to, you can suck me off at the same time.”

Michael made his way over to his boyfriend’s throbbing erection and gave it a hesitant lick, causing Aaron to seethe in pleasure. He nodded at Michael and he slowly engulfed the dick. Hollowing out his cheeks like Aaron had done to him; he began slowly but surely picking up his speed. Aaron was in blissful heaven, but pouted when Michael stopped.

“My dick is eager for some attention get to it.” Michael purred in his baritone.

Michael lay on his back, while Aaron positioned his dick over his boyfriend’s face and immediately downed the big dick. Giving his boyfriend’s ass a sensual lick caused, Aaron to moan around the dick in his mouth. After catching the piece of meat hanging rigid in front of his face, the two guys went at it. Aaron continued sucking like a champ, while Michael slid a digit into his boyfriend’s ass. More quickly than Aaron would care to admit he filled Michael’s mouth with cum. While his surprised boyfriend was coughing with jizz running down his face, the cough suddenly turned into a deep moan as he filled Aaron’s mouth.

“You okay?” Aaron laughed.

“It’s not funny, that’s the first time I’ve sucked a dick.” Michael growled.

“You did fine, that’s why I shot so fast. Well that and the finger in my ass.” Aaron smiled, licked the cum off his boyfriend’s chin and pulled him into a deep kiss.

“You were right about one thing.” Michael smiled.

“What’s that?”

“Gay sex is way better then with girls.”

Aaron laughed, as he followed Michael out of the bedroom. They joined the other men in the living room where after breakfast and a quick group orgy; Kenny brought in more doses for all of them. They all clinked the shot glasses together and all quickly downed them.

“Here’s to you guys getting more muscular, hairier and having bigger dicks!” Kenny cheered.

Keith began moaning in pleasure and they all watched as he began to slowly swell with more muscle. With a side view, Kenny licked his lips at his brothers swelling Pecs and ass. Eyes bugging out of his head, Kenny watched his brother’s underwear begin to tear, stitch by stitch. Seeing his lover start strongly jerking off, caused Keith’s rigid boner to rip through his underwear first. Followed by a rip down the back and revealing his hairy, muscular ass.

“That was so hot,” Kenny moaned, dripping pre cum.

“You have no idea,” Keith smiled and kissed him.

As they started grinding into each other, they heard moaning and turned to see Michael and Aaron growing again as well, roughly grinding into each other. Kenny could not believe how hot it was watching the curly blonde hair spread on Aaron’s stomach and chest as he grew bigger with even more muscle. Feeling his boyfriend’s dick grow further up his chest caused Aaron to shoot all over his chest. The growth stopped and Aaron was stunned at the size of Michael’s dick. Said stud pulled him out of his stupor and rubbed their dicks together and they screamed in ecstasy shooting all over their chests.

“Shit, that cock should be registered as a lethal weapon.” Aaron gasped.

“The only thing it’s going to murder is your ass.” Michael smiled.

“Maybe I can murder yours too?”

“Baby steps stud, but we’ll see.”

Dat began moaning as Ashton was licking and worshipping his boyfriend’s every growing hairy torso and chest. Keith was shocked at the swelling bubble butt on his middle son; he was suddenly so hot he was eating out his son. The wanton moan the escaped Ashton’s lips, made Keith rigid as steel. Ashton was in heaven, as he enveloped his boyfriend’s ever swelling erection. Still rubbing down Dat’s furry chest, as his dad lapped at his ass causing him to shoot all over the floor.

As the youngest men in the room, began to swell with more muscle. Aidan was basically begging Apollo to impale him with his big Greek saber. Now little Aidan, well not so little any more enjoyed being fucked and full. But the experience of his boyfriend’s growing dick went further into his ass, was beyond explanation. Apollo kneaded his boyfriend’s growing hairy ass and was lost in ecstasy as well. Licking his pits, Apollo knew was his erotic zone and Aidan shot across the room, as his Greek God filled him with jizz.

“My god you are so beautiful, there’s no words,” Aidan moaned and pulled Apollo into a kiss.

“Don’t I get anything?” Kenny pouted.

“Thank you Uncle Kenny.” Aidan smirked and kissed him as well.

“I can’t get over your deep voice; it always makes me so hard.” Kenny moaned. “Let’s check up our stats men.”

Keith went up first and got instantly hard at the invasion in his big ass.

“Subject is 6’0”, has a 17 inch dick and weighs 380 lbs.”

Aaron and Michael were next back to back.


“Subject is 6’4”, has a 19 inch dick and weighs 290 lbs.”


“Subject is 6’7”, has a 27 inch dick and weighs 350 lbs.”

One by one the other four went to get weighed.


“Subject is 6’2”, has an 18 inch dick and weighs 300 lbs.”


“Subject is 6’7”, has a 23 inch dick and weighs 260 lbs.”


“Subject is 6’3”, has a 22 inch dick and weighs 270 lbs.”


“Subject is 6’5”, has a 23 inch dick and weighs 250 lbs.”

They all went to start a big orgy, when suddenly Aidan broke out in a cold sweat. He began fervently itching above his dick and Kenny looked at him in concern. It started as a small bump, eventually became a full blown second dick above his first monster. They both instantly erected and Aidan began jacking them off in unison. Quickly shooting all over the floor, the other men thought it was super hot. Of course after Aidan’s tenth continuous cum shot, with no sign of stopping they became worried.

After changing into the still growing muscle beast, he’d become, Keith never thought he’d go flaccid but his dad instincts kicked in and he ran over to Aidan.

“Dad it hurts.” Aidan cried and kept jacking off.

“What’s wrong with him?” Keith yelled at Kenny.

“I have to make a call; we need to go to the island now!” Kenny yelled.

“We need clothes first.” Michael said.

“Hang on.” Aaron said and ran off.

He returned with a handful of bed sheets.

“Will this work?”

“Aaron, buddy, I have clothes in my room. Go get them and I’ll make the call. But we need to get Aidan in the car and my little buddy isn’t moving right now.” Kenny said.

They all looked sexy as ever in their new clothes, but no one was in a sex mood with their concern over Aidan. Since they didn’t want neighbors saying anything, they wrapped Aidan up in a sheet and threw him in the trunk. They all piled in Kenny’s car and he got in the driver’s seat, after he finished his call.

He quickly backed out of the driveway and quickly started driving. They drove for a half hour, seeing loads and loads of cornfields.

“Where are we going?” Keith asked.

“To the island’s private air strip, they said Aidan needs immediate attention and we need to go now.” Kenny said. “I promise he’ll be fine Keith.”

“He better be, this is my baby boy.”

“I’m just as worried.” Kenny said and gripped his brother’s hand.

They got out of the car and Keith picked up his son, pulling him out of the sheet, which was saturated which copious amounts of cum. The jet landed 5 minutes later where Aidan stood in a muddy puddle of cum. A huge Arabian guy got out of the cockpit.

“You the Masters family?” he asked.

“That’s us.” Kenny nodded.

“I’m Omar; let’s get that big man in the plane. I promise you they’ll figure out what’s going on with him.” He said.

As they flew off towards the island, excitement and worry were in the air. As Dat and Michael tried to calm down the brothers, Keith and Kenny were talking to Omar up front. Apollo was looking at his still masturbating boyfriend with lust in his eyes.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A Week Ago at Besar Otot

Melanie Viktor had made her boys an awkward breakfast and was wearily waiting for Lee to arrive with the shots. She had at least convinced the man, to give her an evening with her boys before they started changing. Kerry was very excited for the changes while her two youngest were very nervous.

“Mommy?” Eddy asked.

“Yes honey?”

“Why do we have to grow big and hairy like daddy?”

“Cause your daddy made a promise, ‘member Mommy said you had to keep your promises?”

“Yes, but I didn’t make one.”

“Sadly honey, Daddy couldn’t get out of this promise and involved you boys. But mommy will still live with you, so it’s all okay. No matter what happens I’ll love all of you.”

There was a knock at the door and Kerry ran to door with a rigid boner. Lee was on the other side and Kerry gave him a big hug.

“Someone’s excited I see,” Lee laughed.

“Yeah,” Kerry laughed and blushed.

“So Miss Viktor, I did pull a string for you. The master had decided that I could give your boys the slow acting shots. So they’ll develop within 3 days and not just 5 minutes.” Lee said.

“I really appreciate.” Melanie smiled and kissed his cheek. “Oh right, you don’t really care do you?”

“Unless you’re a man, I don’t get excited,” he laughed.

He then quickly shot the boys one by one with the needles filled with the clear liquid. Melanie told the boys to stay inside for the day and she’d be back a little later. She then made her way over to Jason and Erik’s.

Walking through the front door, she was literally unfazed by Jason impaled on Erik’s big dick and a black dick down his throat. All three men were too engrossed in their actions to notice the female in the room.

“Hey, it’s my favorite gays!” Melanie cheered and Jason groaned around the dick. “So, question, Jason babe,” Melanie said and pulled the dick out of his mouth.

“Sorry, Kareem.” Jason said and began jerking him off and turned to Melanie. “Hi Mel, what’s going on honey?”

“So the boys took the shots today, but they’re slow acting and I was wondering if you could help them through what’s to come. I mean you’re all guys and my kids are still all pure. I know from what you’ve said, sex becomes a major need around here. I’m really awkward giving the talk. Lex gave it to Kerri and Layton,” Melanie said.

“Look I’ll, oh yeah Erik right there, hit it harder. I will help the boys, but I don’t want you asking me what we’re doing and trying to be involved, fuck I’m gonna shoot soon. This change is purely about being a man and embracing that, fuck!” Jason said and shot across the room mid-sentence, as he was simultaneously covered in Kareem’s jizz. “I will….take care…of the boys…starting…tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much honey, I would hug you but you covered in cum.” Melanie laughed and left.

“Who’s that?” Kareem asked.

“His fag hag.” Erik laughed, which made Jason glare at him.

“She’s my best friend from High School, she helped me through a really dark time. I would do anything for that woman.” Jason said, punching his husband.

“Does she always walk in on you fucking?” Kareem asked.

“It’s not the first time,” Erik said, rolling his eyes. “She’s a very selfish person.”

“That’s not true,” Jason whined.

“She interrupted our anniversary dinner, for you to come rescue her naked and alone in a men’s room stall at that dive bar,” Erik pointed out.

“That was before she had kids, she’s grown up a lot,” Jason said.

“You always say yes to her Jason, even when it hurts you,” Erik said.

“Erik, those boys are her whole world and Lex has ruined that, now. Even though he has released three more sex hungry men on our island. I want to help her and I’ll talk to her okay?” Jason said.

“It’s fine hun, I’m sorry I got mad,” Erik said.

The next day Melanie got up earlier than normal and was a little worried about what had happened to her babies over the night. She heard yelling coming from Kerry’s room and she ran up the stairs. Opening the door, she was shocked at what she saw. Her little boy was extremely taller and the gym rat build on him, had ripped through his pajamas. There was a dusting of dark hair on his chest, very dark stubble on his face and a considerably larger dick.

“Kerry are you okay? Good lord.” She gasped and blushed at the site before her.

“I’m fine, but why am I so tall?” Kerry asked, in a deeper timber.

“You’ll have to ask Jason when he comes over after breakfast. Go downstairs and eat, no hanging in the bathroom either. I know what you do in there,” she said.

Kerry growled and against his mother’s wishes, began strongly stroking his bigger dick. He had never felt so much pleasure from masturbating, but his eyes rolled in the back of his head as he shot across the room. He opened his eyes, when he heard the sound of broken glass. Kerry instantly hardened again at the realization that his cum shot broke a hole in the window.

Melanie went to Layton’s room next and was left with another surprise. Her adorable male look-a-like was looking a lot different. Layton had developed face dimples and a golden tan across his whole body. The dirty blonde hair she’d become accustom too was now a deep golden blonde. It lightly coated his Pecs and created a thick trail down to his larger dick. When he turned over in his sleep she saw a larger and round bubble butt.

“Layton honey wake up, it’s time for breakfast,” Melanie said.

“Okay, morning mom. How are you?” Layton asked, not realizing the changes with himself.

“Um, honey I’ll meet you downstairs,” Melanie said, blushing.

Layton was confused and then figured out that answer at his now erect morning wood, blushing himself. Deciding to relieve the problem he made his way to the bathroom in his room, but upon passing the man in full length mirror, he stopped. The golden tan across his body and the golden hair decorating it, made him harder then steel. Layton was a very innocent boy, but now all that boy wanted to do was stroke that dick. Hesitantly he touched it and felt a jolt of pleasure. Like a duck to water young Layton began pounding away and felt a pleasure he had never known. Before long he shot a spray of cum that covered the mirror. He smiled back at his reflection, slightly obscured by the dripping cum.

Melanie cautiously entered the room of her youngest, completely embarrassed on being attracted to her other sons become so rugged and handsome. Little did she know that was the effect of the Besar Otot serum. The musk all the men gave off from their hair follicles instantly attracted anyone with a slight attraction to men. Upon seeing Eddy she was shocked, for all of his young life Eddy Viktor had been stick thin but the teenager she obviously now looking at was very stocky. He looked like a young wrestler or defensive football player. Displaying across his fuller face was a full dark beard and his stomach and chest were covered in it as well. Melanie could even believe she saw a little tummy beginning to develop on her normally skinny youngest.

Not able to control her fury at her husband changing her three boys, she ran out of the room and slammed the door. Of course that jostled Eddy awake and he opened his eyes. Sliding his legs over to the side of bed, he immediately felt the extra weight he was carrying. He grabbed his little belly and seeing the dark hair on his body made him get immediately hard. He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror, he thought he looked weird but all his instincts thought were what a hot man.

His door opened and two equally as gorgeous men walked into his room, it took him a minute to realize they were his brothers. Kerry was extremely tall and he couldn’t believe the dick on his older brother. It had actually grown a couple inches since Kerry had woken up. Layton was a tan god and Eddy starred at the large bump above his brother’s dick.

“Looking good little bro, you are slowly becoming one hot and hairy bear.” Kerry smiled and grabbed his ass. “You even have hair on that ass already.”

“My dick feels weird,” Eddy said and was surprised with the deep sound.

“God, that voice is so hot,” Layton moaned, playing with his nipples.

“Let me help you, little brother,” Kerry said and started stroking Eddy.

Eddy’s deep moan caused Layton to started jacking off as he touched himself and Eddy eventually starting stroking his older brother. It wasn’t long before the Viktors all came in unison. Giggling Kerry grabbed a towel from Eddy’s bathroom for them to clean up. He then deeply kissed each of his brothers, who reciprocated. Then the oldest brother gave his brothers the clothes Lee dropped off and then went downstairs to join their mom.

The three boys got downstairs and Jason was sitting their stark naked. Even when he was younger, Kerry knew he was gay and he always had a crush on his mom’s best friend. Jason had always been beautiful, but after he became the five-hundred-pound monster and all that chest hair on him, Kerry couldn’t control himself. Jason chuckled at Kerry’s persistent boner going on and Kerry blushed.

“Good god, you boys are cooking very nice,” Jason smiled, his dick rising to erection.

“Jason, those are my boys!” Melanie yelled.

“Those boys are becoming big men, whether you like it or not. You told me you wouldn’t go against my help,” Jason said. “Mel, trust me everything I’m doing will help.”

“Are you sure?” Melanie asked, tearing up and her boys felt really bad.

“Don’t cry, mom.” Kerry said and hugged her.

“I’m okay, why don’t you boys eat breakfast and spend the day with Jason. He’ll be getting you acquainted to life here and answer any questions,” Melanie said and left the room.

“So when do I get to fuck you?” Kerry asked, hunger in his eyes.

“Don’t temp me, but honestly I want you guys to be able to confide in me. Your mom is my best friend, so if you have any questions or wanna know who’re the best men around the island ask me. I’m going to take care of you guys, I promised her.” Jason said.

“Do you know what’s happening to each of us? I mean like I’m really pretty and tan, Eddy’s all hairy and Kerry’s super tall.” Layton said.

“According to Lee’s notes he got from your dad, I’ll talk about each of you as you eat. Seriously eat your breakfast, all the stuff we do on the island takes energy. So first off Kerry is becoming a milker.” Jason said.

“I thought that was a punishment, isn’t that what happened to my dad?” Layton asked food in his mouth.

“Well, it’s only a punishment for some people, because they could make you super dumb and unable to talk. Like what happened to your dad. Your brother will just get the physical make over.” Jason said.

“I’m gonna be really tall aren’t I?” Kerry asked.

“All milkers are eventually 10 feet tall, so yes,” Jason said. “Now Layton, pretty as he is, will be getting inducted into the slut class.”

“I’ve never had sex before,” Layton blushed, persistently itching the bump above his dick.

“That’ll change soon, good looking. You’ll be irresistible and two dicks always raring to go.”

“Is that what this bump will become?”

“Most definitely. And now our youngest man is becoming a big old bear, but that should be obvious.” Jason said.

“Is it really?” Eddy asked in the deep baritone.

Layton, Kerry and Jason looked at the body Eddy was developing and started laughing. The youngest enjoyed all the attention and become painfully hard.

“Eddy’s problem brings me to our next lesson, how to please other men on the island. Do any of you have any experience?” Jason asked.

“I gave a cute boy at school a hand job before,” Kerry said.

“That’s T-ball here, honey. Let’s start with a blowjob,” Jason said and immediately started describing one in vivid detail.


“Can you do that again?” Eddy moaned.

“Maybe later.” Jason laughed.

He told them about fingering, eating out ass and then he let them take turns blowing each other and fucking each other. He got up to leave and the younger two said goodbye by giving him a big kiss. Once they left to go upstairs and masturbate, Kerry stopped Jason.

“So are you up for a quick fuck?” Kerry asked Jason.

“Your mother would kill me.” Jason said, but Kerry was very blunt and grabbed Jason’s 30 inch erection.

“Let me do it, before it’s too big to not fit.” Kerry said and starting eating out Jason’s ass.

“Do it before I change my mind.” Jason moaned and Kerry’s precum slick dick, slid into Jason’s ass.

Kerry could not believe he was about to have sex with his idol. The two got into a rhythm and he was rubbing Jason’s nipples, feeling his chest hair and then made his way to his giant dick. Stroking him in motion with the fucking, Jason was on Cloud 9. Jason shot across the room with the deepest moan and Kerry exploded with sparks in his eyes, filling Jason ass to overflowing. Kerry licked the cum seeping out of Jason’s ass and gave his idol a deep kiss.

“That was the hottest fuck I’ve ever had. I’ve never been worship fucked before,” Jason panted and kissed Kerry again.

“You’ve been my idol for so long, later you have to fuck me.” Kerry smiled and smacked Jason’s ass.

As the every growing muscle beast in the making walked off, Jason found himself blushing so hard.

“That boy is going to be an animal.” Jason laughed.

The next day, Jason brought in one of the scales to measure the boys’ stats.


“The subject is 8’6”, weighs 600 lbs and has a 50 inch dick.”


“The subject is 6’0, weighs, 330 lbs and has two 30 inch dicks.”


“The subject is 5’11”, weighs 400 lbs and has a 45 inch dick.”

Jason could not believe the change the boys went through since he last saw them. Kerry was over two feet taller than him and his dick and balls were things of glory. Layton was even more beautiful then he remembered, the golden hair covering his body was such a good contrast to his tan skin. Those twin dicks and bubble butt just screamed to be played with, then there was his muscles so sculpted and his cheek bones could cut you. Then there was Eddy, Jason loved Erik but the big bear standing before him was so rugged. The dark hair covering his body was so hot, the beard was so manly and the big belly didn’t even obscure his big dick.

“You boys look so hot, you have no idea,” Jason said, already hard.

“Tell me about it stud.” Kerry said and Jason blushed.

“So I have things for Eddy and Layton. Then Kerry we’re going for a little field trip,” Jason said.

He handed Layton a bag full of sex toys and Eddy a box of cigars. Then he went with Kerry to see the milking room. Melanie was locked in her room, full of frustration. She was so mad at Lex, now he had stolen her boys growing up from her. He was here on this island and she would find him.

At the end of the third day, the Viktor boys had been completely transformed to men of Besar Otot. Kerry was an even 10 feet in height, like all milkers, covered in a layer of dark body hair and had a 96 inch dick with two yoga ball sized nuts to match. Layton was a golden haired tanned beauty with the curves in all the right places and had two 47 inch dicks with pineapple sized nuts. Little Eddy was no longer little; he was 500 lbs of solid, fatty and hairy muscle. He was smoking a fat cigar and displaying his two 65 inch dicks with watermelon sized balls proudly.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Back to the Present

The Masters got off the jet and now had two men uncontrollably cumming. Apollo had decided to give his man a blowjob and ended up in the same predicament. Two men in skin tight contamination suits ran up to the group.

“I thought we only had one with an overdose,” the first said.

“Apollo got the bright idea of giving Aidan a blow job.” Kenny said, glaring at the boy.

“How could you let that happen? It could’ve affected all of you; didn’t you learn about Testosterone Overdose at your salesman seminar?” the second asked.

“I was gonna take that after returning, I was only going back to give it to my family,” Kenny said.

“So what is it that the boys have?” Keith asked, still concerned.

“When giving the formula to preteens sometimes, they experience Testosterone Overdose and develop a second penis. Anyone who drinks the continuous cum will develop the overdose as well. No worries we’ll fix it right now, they’ll be back in an hour. Kenny can take you to Airic, who’ll show you the cabana he bought for you all,” the first said again.

“Now stop being stupid, you idiotic stud,” laughed the second.

“Will do Ray!” Kenny waved.

Ray and his co-worker walked off with Apollo and Aidan. The other five followed Kenny through the town. Constantly at attention, they enjoyed the view of fucking in the streets and fucking in the other cabanas, while people had their blinds open. Suddenly a long haired blonde stud with a nice tan came up to Kenny.

“Kenny bro, it’s been too long.” the stud said, and then French kissed and jerked Kenny off.

Kenny shot all over the ground and smiled deeply, as the stud pulled away.

“Skyler how are you? Your tongue is still best I know.”

“Don’t I know it?” Skyler smiled and proudly puffed out his chest.

“These are my nephews; Ashton and Aaron, my brother and lover, Keith and Michael and Dat, my nephews’ boyfriends,” Kenny said.

“Nice to meet you all,” Skyler grinned and went over kissing and grinding his boner into theirs.

“What was that for?” Ashton panted.

“It’s a normal greeting on the island.” Skyler smiled.

“You just jerked off my uncle,” Aaron said.

“That’s how Kenny and I greet each other.”

“Skyler was in my induction group on the island,” Kenny smiled, kissing Skyler and getting him off.

Skyler ended up shooting all over Kenny’s face. He licked it off and gave Kenny another kiss.

“I’ll see you guys later.” Skyler smiled and smacked Kenny’s ass as he left them.

They finally arrived at a big building with a giant sign, depicting a house and two men fucking in it. Dat blushed at the displays going on the island, Ashton giggled at how innocent his boyfriend still was at the moment.

“You okay?” Ashton asked, tweaking his boyfriend’s nipples.

“Uhh, yeah it’s just so much all at once,” Dat said.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to little guy, everyone understands the word no.” Kenny said to Dat, as they entered the building.

There were a few muscular workers running around, but at the center behind the counter was an African goddess. He had lime green eyes, with a scruffy beard, dreads and his body was covered in curly black body hair.

“Airic how are you?” Kenny asked, as Airic came out from behind the counter.

“I missed your big hairy ass,” Airic said and greeted him, then the others.

“I could get used to this place,” Ashton shuddered and the others laughed.

“Trevor and Sebastian got in your condo and covered it in cum. So we’ve sent some of the guys to clean it. Why don’t you take these developing pieces of meat to the beach? By that time, you stood be able to see Rory, pick up the overdose duo and get your soul mate tattoos., Airic said.

“Sounds like an idea,” Keith smiled, getting rock hard.

They made their way to the beach and had overwhelming amounts of sex with the longing beach hunks. Ashton and Dat made plans with one hunk named Nate to meet up later for a threesome. Approaching an obvious laboratory, they walked inside the sliding doors and forward towards two very big scientists. One was a ginger with emerald green eyes and the other was scruffy dark haired Adonis with glasses and sapphire blue eyes.

“Greetings Masters, my name is Rory Finnegan and my associate is Blake Sharp. My husband Allen is bringing them around as we speak,” the ginger said. “Oh where are my manners I didn’t even say hello.”

Both Rory and Blake greeted the men in the natural fashion. Then a big blonde god with pink hair and revealing clothes walked into the room, followed by two titans. They quickly realized it was Apollo and Aidan even bigger than before.

“Aidan here is 6’7”, weighs 320 lbs and has two very thick 28 inch dicks. Apollo here is 6’6, weighs 300 lbs and also has two very thick 29 inch dicks. These are very nice specimens, their fathers should be proud,” Allen said, grabbing both of their asses.

Aidan’s brothers’ jaws were on the floor, as Aidan smiled in a cocky fashion.

“Why are they bigger?” Keith asked.

“To counteract the overdose, they need the fourth dose. Now all infection possibilities are null and void,” Rory said.

“Don’t I look amazing dad?” Aidan asked, flexing his biceps with a cocky grin.

“Amazing, buddy,” Keith said, with the hardest erection he’d ever had.

“Now we’ve got the soul mate tattoo machine all ready.” Blake spoke up for the first time.

“What’s that?” Aidan asked.

“It’s a tattoo to let everyone else on the island know you all have your soul mates.” Blake said.

One by one the eight of them, stuck their arms in a cannon like object and on each of their right arms, there was a glowing, flexing, blue arm.

“This is so cool.” Ashton said and flexed his bicep, showing off the tattoo to his boyfriend.

“All right, Airic just called, your condo is ready. Why don’t you guys check out the place and then call me,” Rory smiled, rubbing his bulge.

“Will do studly,” Kenny smiled.

On their way there, they across a dark haired muscle bear with two dicks similar to the youngest Masters and Apollo. Both the younger boys kiss and rubbed groins with the bear.

“Daddy, this is Eddy. He got an overdose too,” Aidan said.

“Nice to meet you, Eddy,” Keith said and greeted the young stud as well.

Suddenly Jason and Erik appeared with two of their friends. The first had brown hair in a man bun, twink body and wore green rimmed square glasses and the second was a dark Greek guy with curly short cropped dark brown hair and a swimmer’s build.

“Long time no see, Kenny,” Jason smiled.

“I see you’ve met Eddy,” Erik said.

“You know this big old bear?” Kenny asked.

“He’s my best friend’s youngest. Long story short, her husband got cock hungry and initiated his boys into the program. She’s living her with them now.” Jason said.

“This is Highland, man bun, and Justin,” Erik said. “But where are my manners.”

They all greet each other in the manner, even Highland and Justin after getting excited and watching it. In the rush both of Aidan and Apollo’s double dongs were already erect and leaking pre. Highland and Justin were quickly to each take one of Apollo’s leaking dicks in their mouths and start going to town. Apollo’s deep moaning caused the others to get excited as well. Keith and Kenny quickly found themselves each sucking one of Aidan’s dicks. Jason quickly found himself reaming and then giving Eddy a hard fucking, while his boyfriend expertly took one of Eddy’s thick cocks in his ass. Aaron found himself balls deep in his little brother’s ass while, Michael was roughly fucking Apollo’s glorious ass. Ashton began reaming his uncle Kenny, while Dat was beside him reaming Keith. Eventually their dicks found their targets and they were fucking the older men.

Apollo and Aidan were the first to explode, filling the four men’s mouths with a wealth of cream. Jason exploded in Eddy causing a chain reaction while Eddy’s cream coating Erik’s hair and back, he shot all over his own face and chest. Kenny, Keith, Highland and Justin coated the youngest men in loads of jizz while the other filled their targets to overflowing with cum. The mess of sticky men, closed their eyes and laid, some still connected in the afterglow of their orgy.


Part 5

Aidan woke up entangled from the other men in the orgy. He slowly slid over to his man and stroked Apollo awake. Grinning a smile full of lust, he grabbed Aidan’s face and began a deep make out as they grinded their four dicks together. They quickly climaxed over each other’s chests and woke up Eddy up as well.

“Morning guys,” Eddy said, smiling.

“God, your voice gets me so hard,” Apollo moaned, rubbing his erections.

“Well, let’s get moving it’s time for our milking,” Eddy said and gave Apollo’s ass a hard smack.

Apollo moaned and started off behind Eddy followed eagerly by Aidan. Since the boys had gotten a testosterone overdose, their huge amounts of cum needed to be drained daily for a year. They approached a giant dome building with a giant sign saying Milking Room on top of it. Inside was an Irish hunk covered in red hair and had one green and blue eye. Eddy smiled and ran over to him, Aidan and Apollo weren’t sure who the man was.

“Leif! How are you?” Eddy asked, kissed him and grinded into the man.

“God, that bear voice you have is so sexy. Hell, I know it’s how you bears are programmed, but it always gets me going,” Leif said, in a thick Irish accent.

“So who is this guy?” Aidan asked and Apollo nodded.

“He’s the leader of the Testos, guys like us. He helps us through the process and administers our milking every morning,” Eddy said. “Leif, these studs are Aidan and Apollo.”

“Nice to meet you boys. Darn where are my manners?” Leif asked and kissed both guys, grinding into them.

“Oh god, yes!” Aidan cried and shot all over Leif’s face.

Leif smirked, licking the cum off of his face. Aidan blushed and Leif laughed loudly. Apollo had also shot all over his hairy chest.

“Sorry, I’m really sensitive right now,” Aidan said.

“That’s the overdose and just the juice doing its thing,” Leif said. “We just need to wait for the others and then we’ll start the milking process.”

“I thought it was milking first and sex later,” said big hunk, with long neon pink hair.

With a seductive smile, he quickly began licking the cum off of Apollo’s chest. Playfully biting his nipples and getting Apollo to whine in need. Behind him entered a dark-haired stud with half of his face covered by hair and a purple streak in his hair. Then a golden stud with perfect tan skin, brown hair and blue eyes, followed by a studly Nubian god with green eyes and a very excited Indian hunk.

“Pink calm down, you know how aggressive you guys get with sex, without a milking,” Leif said.

“Yeah, I know,” the pink-haired guy sighed.

They all got set up and began moaning in ecstasy as they were milked. Aidan noticed Pink seemed to be a little out of it, as they rest of them were chatting and occasionally moaning as they came. Aidan moved over to the other man in concern.

“Are you okay?” Aidan asked.

“Don’t worry about it,” Pink scoffed.

“So did you come here with any family?”

“I told you to leave me alone, it’s my dad’s fault anyway,” Pink said the last part under his breath.

“It’s your dad’s fault?”

“I didn’t say anything,” Pink started, but Aidan looked concerned.

“How exactly is it your dad’s fault?”

“It’s complicated.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Patrick Foley, more recently known as Pink, had just died his long hair pink. His father wasn’t a fan of his sexuality and he had heard of a service that he thought would make a man out of his son. Pink downed the glass of juice his father had left for him. As he went to go upstairs, he stopped and started to sweat. His father came into the room, to see what would happen.

“What did you do to me?” he asked, suddenly covering his mouth at the bass that emerged.

“Turning you into a man. No more pansy for you,” Mr. Foley said.

“What is wrong with you?”

“I’m normal, your cock-sucking ways are abnormal.”

Pink moaned in pain as his feet grew and painfully ripped out of his shoes. He grew from 5’11” to 6’11” and his naturally black beard thickened and grew in on his face, till he had a full beard. In shock he grabbed the bulge at his crotch as it quickly began to swell till it looked like he had a soccer ball at his crotch and kept swelling.

“Are you sure you’re not gay, making my dick grow like this?”

“I was supposed to make you a man, not this,” Mr. Foley cried.

The clothes exploded off of his son with the growing muscles and he saw Pat’s dick was already 2 feet soft and still growing. His chest and stomach were covered in a forest of black curls and his other body hair continued to thicken. He began to scratch above his crotch and a second dick quickly sprouted and began growing alongside its brother.

When the growth concluded, Mr. Foley found himself staring at a muscular, hairy, double-dicked version of his son. Patrick began jacking off with no signs of stopping and his dad’s mind began to fill with concern. Suddenly the door was broken down.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“I was turned into this creature without my consent,” Pink said.

“How can you always complain, we’ve all become gorgeous gods of muscles,” Rex smiled, his aquamarine eyes glittering and Pink glared at him.

“So is your dad a milker like my dad?” Eddy asked.

“You don’t know?” Apollo asked.

“Pink never talks, I’m curious,” Eddy said and then moaned as he came again.

“That’s too good for him, Satish gave me the punishment decision. He hated my gay ways, so now I fuck him everyday. His asshole has been modified so my dick can fit and won’t kill him, but it’s still very painful. Trust me it’s what he deserves,” Pink sneered.

“You’re always such a downer, fuck yes!” Rex sighed and then came again. “How could a man not want this?”

“You chose this I assume?” Aidan asked him.

“Hell yeah, my cousin told me and my dad about it. I may not have been gay, but I can’t accidentally get a guy pregnant so it’s all good,” Rex smiled.

“So Shane how’d you end up this sexy?” Apollo asked, running his hand through the hair on his chest and tweaking his nipple.

“Sweet God!” Shane cried and came. “Me and Dave have similar stories, our dad’s were worried about us getting picked on. So they got us the formula. It was more then they expected, but we didn’t want our dads punished.”

Connor was giggling as he fingered himself and came hard. He acted so much like a child and Aidan became curious.

“Connor how old were you, when you changed?” Aidan asked.

“I was nine, I accidentally drank my dad’s,” he giggled, Aidan couldn’t believe the depth of his voice was similar to Aidan’s own.

“Do you miss your old life?” he asked, the giggling Indian man.

“I mean sure I miss my friends, but my family moved here with me. The pleasure I get from being a super man is so good, I’d never want to go back,” Connor said.

After their milking the other boys said goodbye, but Aidan felt a tug on one of his dicks and looked to see Connor.

“Wanna walk home with me?” he asked.

“Sure we will,” Aidan said and smiled at Apollo.

“Aidan, can I speak to you for a quick second?” Leif asked.

“I’ll wait for you by the doors with Apollo,” Connor said, grinding his hairy ass into Apollo’s crotch, causing his members to swell.

Aidan giggled and turned smiling to Leif.

“Did you just want to talk?” Aidan asked, grabbing Leif’s cocks, one in each hand.

“Maybe later, my little incubus. I wanted to thank you,” Leif said, resisting the temptation.

“Thank me for what?” Aidan asked.

“In the seven months that Patrick has lived here, he’s never opened up about his incident. Of course the president told me, but the boys had no idea. Thank you, Aidan,” Leif said, kissing his forehead and grinding their crotches together.

“We have to fool around soon, promise me?” Aidan said.

“We will I promise,” Leif said.

Aidan walked over to the other men and surprised and partially aroused to Connor dominating Apollo. The Indian stunner had both his three foot dicks inside Apollo’s hole. Connor was tweaking one of Apollo’s nipples while the other hand pulled and kneaded the heavy nuts. Aidan saw his dicks were at full mast and began stroking one in each hand. Connor let out a deep guttural moan as his double barrels filled Apollo, who exploded himself. The youngest Masters coated his hairy chest and face in layers of cum.

“Damn little man, you don’t mess around,” Aidan said, cum drying on his body.

“Allow me,” Connor said and quickly began lapping at the drying cum on Aidan’s hairy chest.

Apollo went to licking his lover’s face and then deeply kissed him.

“So you don’t like being fucked, huh big man?” Aidan asked, raising an eyebrow.

“That kid is crazy seductive. I didn’t stand a chance,” Apollo said. “We’ll talk later.”

“What kid? I don’t see a kid,” Connor teased, placing Apollo’s hand on his furry chest.

“Fuck, I can’t resist you,” Apollo said, as Connor pulled him into a deep kiss.

“Why don’t I take you two studs home? Just follow me,” Connor said, seductively shaking his hairy ass.

The two lovers followed the Indian stunner down the road.


Part 6

Jason and Erik got home and used their cum towel next to the door to wipe the cum off of theselves.

“Ramsi is fucking amazing, I’ve never been more sore,” Jason said, rubbing his lower back.

“Guess I’ll have to change my sex positions,” Erik smiled, hungrily.

“Hi dad! Hi papa!” said a young boy of seventeen.

This was Mahelo, Jason and Erik’s seventeen-year-old son they adopted from Hawaii. He had a muscular build of a swimmer in his prime. Dark brown eyes, ebony hair that touched his shoulders and his fat eight inch cock sat flaccid adopt his balls. Mahelo had been here for most of his life and never wore clothes like his parents.

“There’s my beautiful boy,” Jason said, and picked him up and kissed him on the lips.

“How was your day, son?” Erik asked, after kissing him as well.

“It was fine, but I wanted to ask you something,” Mahelo said.

“It’s no, Helo, you have to be eighteen to change. Our house, our rules,” Jason said.

“But I’m practically 18 now.”

“You have eight days and then we will take you ourselves,” Erik said.

“Shrimpy little Kerry Viktor is now bigger, than me. How is that fair?”

“He’d still be his little shrimpy self, if Lex didn’t go behind Melanie’s back. No, end of discussion,” Jason said.

“But Hayden’s dad and papa let him change.”

“His parents are tacky and shallow,” Jason growled, crossing his arms.

“All his Papa did was say your decorations were tacky, who cares?”

“I do!”

“Not only did Ming say that about your Papa’s decorations were tacky, but Miles called him a gossip,” Erik said.

“Papa loves to gossip,” Mahelo said annoyed.

“They both also said we’re caveman for never wearing clothes. I love Hayden, because he’s your boyfriend and inherited nothing from his father’s but his parents are another matter,” Jason scoffed.

A knock on the door, revealed Mahelo’s gorgeous boyfriend, Hayden Von Heusen. His facial features were attributed to his Chinese papa, but his blue eyes and long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail was all his father, Miles doing. He wore a blue muscle tanktop, perfectly showing off his giant Pecs coated with ice blonde hair and his large nipples. The khaki shorts he wore seemed painted on showing his leg muscles and enormous dick and balls.

“Hello Thompsons,” Hayden said, in his warm baritone.

“Hi baby,” Mahelo blushed and was lifted into a kiss.

Hayden dropped the drawstring bag he carried on the floor by the front door and quickly ripped his clothes to pieces and moaned in relief.

“Ming is going to kill you Hayden,” Jason said.

“I got an exact copy in my bag, no worries Papa Thompson.”

“I’m glad you’re here, tell my parents…” Mahelo started, but was pulled into a deep kiss by Hayden.

“I’m sorry for him, my parents had me visiting our family this week. Mahelo’s backed up and therefore moody,” Hayden said.

The blonde stuck his large pinky in Mahelo’s ass, hitting his prostate. The smaller man moaned and swelled to 10 inches hard. He immediately went down on his boyfriend and shook his big, blonde haired ass in Jason’s directions. Jason easily reciprocated, sheathing himself in Hayden and Erik started fucking Jason.

“Babe you are so good, I can’t wait to get the real thing,” Mahelo moaned.

“Your ass is magic Hayden,” Jason moaned. “Yes babe, I know you’re there too.”

“You better, Ramses will not be better than me,” Erik said, keeping up the pace.

Thanks to the constant mashing at his prostate, Mahelo quickly released into his boyfriend’s mouth. Following behind his boyfriend Hayden was reaching his peak, Mahelo knowing the signs twisted his nipples causing him to be coated in gallons of cum. Hayden milked Jason and him Erik.

“We’re gonna relax in my room,” Mahelo said, after they all cleaned themselves.

“Not too loud boys, we’re gonna try to nap,” Erik said.

“And door open, cum isn’t ruining the fresh paint on your bedroom door,” Jason said.

Mahelo lay his head on his boyfriend’s large chest, drawing shapes in his chest hair. Hayden sighed in contentment, looking at how beautiful Mahelo was in this moment.

“Eight days,” Mahelo sighed in annoyance.

“It used to be three years, remember that?” Hayden asked.

“Stop being on my parents’ side all the time. Your parents are way better.”

“Are you serious? They make me wear clothes all the time in a mostly naked society, because it’s disgusting. I want my dick hanging out all the time.”

“Remember when we first met? You were so tiny,” Mahelo snickered.

“Don’t remind me,” Hayden sighed, rolling his eyes.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fifteen-year-old Mahelo stood in line with his father’s at the Besar Otot registration desk. He wore blue board shorts decorated with pineapples, a red tank top and a shark tooth necklace around his neck. The tank top showed his lightly toned swimmer muscles and he was bouncing on the balls of his feet in excitement.

“Catch me papa!” yelled a voice.

“Hayden no running inside!” said a male voice.

Suddenly someone ran into Mahelo’s back and he turned around in annoyance, but stopped once he caught eyes with the perpetrator. Fifteen-year-old Hayden was a long, gangly thing, but cute in a dorky way. He pushed the glasses back up the bridge of his nose.

“I’m really sorry,” Hayden blushed.

“No worries, you didn’t do it on purpose,” Mahelo smiled and helped him up.

Suddenly the Von Heusons appeared a tall, blonde man and his Chinese partner in matching pink button ups, khaki pants and loafers. The only difference was Ming had rectangular framed glasses like his son.

“I’m so sorry about that, is your son okay?” Ming asked.

“He’s fine, our Mahelo is very resilient. I’m Jason and this is Erik,” Jason said, shaking Ming’s hand.

“I’m Ming and my husband is Miles,” Ming said.

“Mahelo is Hawaiian, correct?” Miles asked.

“Yeah, we adopted him from Hawaii when he was born.”

“What does it mean?”

“Mahelo is Hawaiian for muscle, he was always large right out of the womb,” Erik said.

As their fathers talked Mahelo pulled Hayden to the side.

“Do you want to come hang out at my place after this?” he asked.

“And do what?” Hayden asked.

“Take a wild guess, cutie,” Mahelo said, blushing and grabbed Hayden’s pert little ass.

“S-s-sure I’d l-l-love to,” Hayden blushed, feeling himself start to chub up.

“Helo come here, it’s our turn,” Jason said.

Lee registered the three of them with a blood test. Jason and Erik confirmed that Mahelo would grow when he was 18. Lee told them it’d be a week for their appointment making sure the formula worked perfectly with their DNA. After Hayden and his fathers were registered, he told Mahelo he could come over. The families were actually on the same street, Bulbous Bird Boulevard.

“We’re going to my room, papa,” Mahelo said, pulling Hayden along.

“Go easy on him my little stud,” Jason chuckled.

Hayden tentatively sat down on Mahelo’s bed, while the other teen ripped off his shirt. Hayden felt himself get turned on at the developed chest in front of him. Mahelo even had a wispy, black, treasure trail leading into his low riding shorts.

“See something you like?” Mahelo chuckled.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Hayden said, full of nerves.

“Relax, it’s like riding a bicycle.”

Mahelo pulled Hayden into a deep kiss and pulled away to reveal a dazed Hayden. Hayden couldn’t help it, the Hawaiian teen just oozed sex appeal. In one motion, Mahelo took off the other teen’s polo and vest. He grinded into the blonde’s crotch getting a moan and then lighting bit his pert nipple, earning a whine.

“Can we not have sex? I’m a little nervous,” Hayden admitted.

“I understand I’m a little big to take in the first time. 10 inches at full mast if you were wondering,” Mahelo said.

Hayden had never been harder in his life, but was a little embarrassed because he was only four inches himself.

“Don’t be embarrassed cutie, I like tiny dicks. I love being the bigger man,” Mahelo purred.

“R-r-really?” Hayden asked.

“You’re cute and adorable, big dicks aren’t everything.”

Mahelo raised his eyebrows seductively and Hayden hesitantly kicked off his loafers. Then Mahelo slid off his khakis and his little pink briefs. Hayden may have not been that long, but he was plenty thick. Giving his erection a little lick, caused Hayden to suck in a breath.

“You ready for this?” Mahelo asked.

“Y-y-yeah this is my first bow job,” Hayden said.

“I’ll be honest I don’t know how long you’ll last,” Mahelo laughed.

Mahelo’s skills were phenomenal and as much as Hayden tried, he couldn’t hold on. His loud moans echoed from the second floor and Mahelo swallowed it all. Then while Hayden laid in post bliss, Mahelo pulled down his board shorts and red jock to reveal his quivering ten inches.

“Wanna help me out?” he asked.

“Oh my,” Hayden said, eyes bugging out of his skull.

“Don’t be scared it won’t bite,” Mahelo laughed.

Hayden hesitantly gave it a lick and Mahelo shuddered. Then he got greedy and inhaling it all, he immediately choked, coughing like crazy.

“I’ll have to beat the gag reflex out of you,” Mahelo laughed. “Just take it slow.”

Hayden took the bulbous head and sucked on it, cautiously Mahelo to deeply moan. He didn’t know how, but Hayden was amazing and he felt the cord about to snap. He moaned loudly, in surprise Hayden let it pop out of his mouth and his face was coated in jet after jet of cum. Hayden couldn’t see, because his frames were covered in cum.

“I’m so sorry,” Mahelo said.

“Can I get a towel please?” Hayden laughed.

Hayden wiped off his face and then rinsed off his glasses. Then he laid on Mahelo’s chest and traced the contours of his pecs. Then he leaned up and kissed Mahelo again. Three days later they finally had sex. It was tough at first but Hayden loved being filled up.

“So do you want to come with me when we grow?” Hayden asked.

“Your fathers are letting you grow?” Hayden asked.

“Yeah, are yours not?”

“They can’t trust me with that type of body till eighteen, they said,” Mahelo said, rolling his eyes.

“The years will go by before you know it and I’m sorry they’re not letting you,” Hayden said.

Hayden held him tight and Mahelo sighed in contentment. The night before Hayden’s transformation the boys had just finished another sexual romp, they had been inseparable all week. Mahelo sat down on the edge of his bed with his head down.

“Well this has been fun, huh?” Mahelo asked, with disappointment in his voice.

“What do you mean?” Hayden asked.

“There’s no way you’re gonna be with me after you’re grown, babe. You’ll be able to have any stud you want.”

“That’s not true!” Hayden yelled, startling Mahelo. “I want you and only you. You’re the first person who made me feel sexy. Please don’t leave me!”

Hayden gripped Mahelo’s muscular shoulders with all his might.

“Okay, I won’t relax.”

The next morning, Mahelo went with his fathers and the Von Heusons to their growth appointments. Hayden pleaded for his boyfriend to be in the room and the operators agreed.

Mahelo kissed his fathers and wished them good luck. There was thick glass put between the boyfriends and they were told it was because Hayden needed to calm down, otherwise he may jump and hurt Mahelo. Hayden kissed him and Mahelo said he couldn’t wait to see the new him.

Hayden was given the drink and quickly downed it. The skinny teen felt himself get warm all over and began moaning as his body began to change. Mahelo watched his tiny boyfriend grow from 5’3” to a towering 6’6” and he got hard besides himself when the tiny dick began swelling along with his cute nuts. Suddenly his muscles began contracting and swelling to new sizes and the high tenor moans became a deep baritone. As much as Mahelo loved Hayden’s hairless body, the ice blonde hair sprouting all over his body, was the hottest thing he’d ever seen. The transformation completed and Mahelo was drooling at the sight of his 500 pound, hairy, 6’6” and extremely hung version of his little Hayden.

“Hi baby,” Hayden said, ins his deep baritone and his three foot dick was painfully hard.

Hayden bent over to present his hairy ass to his boyfriend and Mahelo pulled off all his clothes. He pulled open the door and quickly sheathed himself in his boyfriend. The deep moans emitting from the young behemoth were vibrating through Mahelo’s very body. Hayden dropped to his knees in pure pleasure. Mahelo gripped his boyfriend’s Pecs as he fucked him home. Feeling his impending orgasm he picked up the pace, mashing Hayden’s prostate. With a loud shout Mahelo released and Hayden followed with a deep roar. Both boys were amazed at the amount of shots emerging from Hayden’s dick. As Hayden finished shooting, he laid down on the floor with Mahelo on top of him.

“That was so hot,” Hayden moaned.

“So’s your new voice,” Mahelo laughed.

Hayden stood up with Mahelo in his arms and gave him the deepest kiss.

“You’ll stay with me?” Hayden asked.

“As long as you stay with me,” Mahelo said.

“Of course, as long your dick is in me as much as possible.”

“Just promise you won’t cheat on me.”

“I would never, you’re the only man for me,” Hayden blushed.

For a week that held true, but on the eighth day it changed. Mahelo was happy his boyfriend had grown, because the non-grown boys were picked on at school. Hayden always stood up for hi, but Mahelo stayed after school for help in a class. Mahelo thought he was horny by himself, but his boyfriend’s libido since he had grown was off the charts. He hurried to Hayden’s house, because he knew he’d be ready to pop at this point.

He opened the door and began to take his clothes off, while putting down his bag.

“Sorry I took so long babe, I know you’re ready so let’s just…” Mahelo stopped, with his eyes wide as he turned around.

In front of him was his behemoth boyfriend impaled on a dick that wasn’t his. He didn’t recognize the brown haired ass in his face, but when the man turned he did. Paul Mason, the asshole who teased him the most, was currently fucking his boyfriend.

“Baby I’m sorry, fuck yes, I didn’t mean to…” Hayden started.

“I’ll show myself out, we’re done,” Mahelo said.

“Mahelo!” Hayden cried, trying to go after him.

“Not till I’m finished big boy,” Paul said and picking up the pace, he twisted Hayden’s nipples.

“Fuck yes!” Hayden moaned and shot all over the couch.

Paul followed suit, filling Hayden’s big ass with a plethora of jizz.

“Now go chase after your wimpy boyfriend,” Paul said and smacked Hayden’s ass.

“Fuck you!” Hayden growled and punched Paul in the face. “I expect you to be gone, when I get back.”

“Whatever,” Paul said and spit out blood. “You should ditch the wimp.”

“And you should go fuck yourself,” Hayden said and slammed the door.

He quickly caught up to Mahelo, thanks to his powerful legs.

“Mahelo don’t do this to me!”

“You cheated on me and with Paul Mason!”

“I called him over to stop him taunting you for good!”

“So how did him fucking your ass help with that?!”

“I was so horny and you weren’t there,” Hayden cried.

“Leave me alone,” Mahelo said and slammed the front door.

“Fuck!” Hayden bellowed and punched a hole in a nearby tree.

Mahelo ran up the stairs and into his bedroom. He sat on his bed and began loudly sobbing into his knees. Jason and Erik had just returned home. Jason heard the crying and quickly cleared the stairs. He slowly opened the door, only worried about his baby.

“Helo are you okay?”

“Okay?” Mahelo asked, lifting up his face. “This is your fucking fault!”


“You and dad wanted to come to a gay paradise so bad. You both got big muscles and big dicks. My boyfriend grew too and now he cheated on me!” Mahelo screamed.

“Buddy, monogamy is not a concept here.”

“You don’t understand my relationship,” Mahelo growled.

“You’re young Helo, you have to understand…” Jason started.

Get the fuck out of my room!” Mahelo yelled.

The words cut right through to Jason’s heart and he took his leave.

A half hour later there was a knock on Mahelo’s door. Young Mahelo wasn’t in the mood and got annoyed.

“I don’t want to talk papa, leave me alone!”

“This isn’t your papa,” daid an unknown voice.

“Don’t want to deal with his fuck buddies either.”

“Young man, my name is Satish Bakshi and the president and founder of the island of Besar Otot.”

“You can come in sir,” Mahelo sighed.

Satish walked in and Mahelo saw the most gorgeous Indian behemoth. He had his dark hair pulled back in a slick ponytail. He wore a bowtie and a black jock. He looked like an evolved Chippendale.

“I wanted to talk to you alone,” Satish said, in his mesmerizing baritone.

“You’re not alone, I’d know that musk anywhere. Come in here Hayden.”

Hayden looked like an absolute wreck, but Mahelo kept his steely resolve. Satish put his hand lovingly on Hayden’s shoulder and gave him a reassuring look.

“Mahelo you have to understand that men at the stage and size of myself and your boyfriend have an uncontrollable horniness,” Satish said.

“What do you mean?” Hayden asked.

“That uncontrollable pull radiating from your balls.”

“Oh, I had that right after I changed, but it went away.”

“Went away? You two had sex after you changed right?” Satish asked.

“Yeah Mahelo fucked me really good,” Hayden moaned, getting hard.

“This is deeper than I thought. Mahelo, you and Hayden are soulmates.”

“Excuse me?” Mahelo asked.

“Seriously?” Hayden asked.

“The only way that pull goes away is when our soul mate, in laymen’s terms, fucks it out of us.”

“Mahelo, that’s why I love you so much,” Hayden cried.

“I won’t change my mind…” Mahelo started.

“Look at me. I’ve never been so upset with myself in my life. I can’t imagine my life without you. I can’t go on without you,” Hayden cried, lightly gripping Mahelo’s shoulders.

Mahelo looked at Hayden and for the first time, since he changed, he saw the tiny, skinny, teenager he first met. He was shaking with fear and tears were streaming down his face.

Mahelo suddenly knew how sorry Hayden was and couldn’t not forgive him.

“I forgive you baby,” Mahelo finally smiled.

“I couldn’t control myself and when I get horny it controls my whole body. Even brushing my armpit hairs gets me horny, I’m not in control anymore,” Hayden blabbered.

“All the blood this piece of meat takes to swell up, of course you have no control. I need to stop being so controlling and maybe letting you run around will take some strain off of me, at least until I can match your libido,” Mahelo laughed, groping Hayden’s erection and kissing the pulsing head as big as his face.

“Oh baby,” Hayden shuddered, feeling an orgasm begin to rise.

“I’ll let you two get to it, but there are classes we hold to help a non-grown lover please a grown man. I’ll send the pamphlets to your fathers,” Satish said and took his leave.

Just light strokes on his giant dick from Mahelo, drove Hayden crazy. It wasn’t until his orgasm he lost control, but the Hawaiian teenager pointed the piece at his face. The blonde beast covered his lover from head to toe in cum.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“God that memory of our first mental connection got me rock hard and horny,” Hayden moaned, pre-cum dripping in his chest hair and Mahelo’s hair.

“When aren’t you horny?” Mahelo asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Very rarely,” Hayden laughed, his deep voice echoing off the walls.

“Turn around, I’ll fuck out your loads of horniness. Maybe you’ll turn off for five minutes,” Mahelo laughed.

Hayden laid on his stomach and displayed his ass for his boyfriend. Mahelo spread the large boulders that made up Hayden’s ass and began lapping at the tight pucker, the only small thing on Hayden nowadays. Gripping his hairy cheeks, Mahelo pressed in further. Hadyen’s deep voice began hitching up in octaves and Mahelo knew it was time. Thanks to those classes, those two years ago, Mahelo knew fucking Hayden with his hands around his cock, tended to imitate a thick Besar Otot dick. He began moaning in pleasure himself, feeling his boyfriend’s ass grip around his wrists. It never took Hayden long and he coated Mahelo’s back wall in cum and a couple minutes later, Mahelo filled him as well.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you,” Mahelo said sighed, nuzzling the hair on Hayden’s chest.

“Me either,” Hayden said, his deep voice getting his boyfriend hard again.

Hayden followed suit as he got hard again, the last drops of cum sticking on Mahelo’s back as they nodded off to sleep.


Part 7

Aaron, Michael, Ashton, Dat and Keith exited the transformation building after their fourth doses with giant steel erections.


Keith—Weight: 430 lbs; Height: 6’5”; Dick Size: 18(21) inches

Aaron—Weight: 340 lbs; Height: 6’4”; Dick Size: 20(23) inches

Michael—Weight: 400 lbs; Height: 6’6”; Dick Size: 29(32) inches

Ashton—Weight: 350 lbs; Height: 6’2”; Dick Size: 39(42) inches

Dat—Weight: 310 lbs; Height: 6’4”; Dick Size: 25(28) inches

The five of them made it home and their libidos suddenly took full control. Ashton started sucking the first dick in his line of sight, which happened to be his father’s. Keith began moaning as he twisted his own nipples, then he was impaled by Michael’s 32 inch cock. Aaron in lust started fucking his boyfriend for the first time and from Michael’s moans, he was clearly enjoying it. Dat than grabbed Ashton’s hairy Pecs and began hammering him home. Kenny was alerted by all the moaning and began jacking himself off in unison, while the youngest came running down the stairs with Aidan still impaled on Apollo’s dick and continued ramming him home. Keith moaned as he filled his middle son’s mouth to overflowing, covering his brown beard. Ashton followed jacking himself off all over his dad’s chest in rhythm with his boyfriend fucking him. Michael and Ashton filled Keith and Michael to overflowing in unison. The amount of cum was dripping down their legs, as Dat filled Ashton and Dat himself was covered in cum from Kenny. The youngest finally exploded, Apollo filling Aidan causing jizz drip down his legs and Aidan exploding against the side of Michael’s face. This was not the end of the activity, as the eight men continued in an hour long orgy.

After it was over, all eight asses were filled once over and all faces, chests and backs were covered in drying cum.

“Your dick was in my ass,” Michael panted.

“It sure was,” Aaron laughed, rubbing Michael’s hairy boulders.

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought,” Michael smiled.

Melanie Miller was currently on her way to the milking pens. She knew where they were, because she walked Kerry to the building every morning. She was overly angry, because she had just seen something after revealing an island secret.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Melanie had just welcomed Kerry home from the Milker’s Pen and had decided to confront Lex for her own closure. She went around to the back door and opened the door to find all the punished 10 foot milkers, sleeping and in chains. After searching for 10 minutes, she found the hairy ass that belonged to her ex-husband. Lex’s flaccid dick was bigger than Melanie was tall. She walked up to his face and blushed at how much more handsome the bearded face was then she remembered. Suddenly his eyes shot open, causing Melanie to back up and fall over a large dick behind her.

“Mel?” asked Lex’s abnormally deep voice.

“I know you probably can’t me, but I hope you’re happy. The only one of your sons who wanted this was Kerry. Layton and Kerry are happy now, but it’s only because of the formula,” Melanie ranted.

“I’m so sorry babe, I’ve been hiding in the closet for years. Lex said.

“Wait…you can understand me?”

“Yeah, I’m surprised too. I wasn’t thinking when I took my boys. Can you forgive me?”

“These transformations can’t be undone and I doubt any of the boys would want it to happen anyway. It’s gonna take time Lex, but I’m not going anywhere.”

“You’re staying here?

“I’m not leaving my babies, even if they’re all technically 18 now.”

“I hope you can forgive me.”

“Time will tell, but you don’t deserve this. I have to get you out of here.”

“Mel, leave me. I deserve this.”

“No, I’ll be back later.”

Melanie made her way back to the town and turned on Bulbous Bird Boulevard. She made her way up to Erik and Jason’s room; she heard three deep moans and realized they had company. This was too important to care about interrupting them. She swung open the door and instantly regretted it. Sitting on the bed was her little Layton, who’s big ass was being fucked by Jason while Erik sucked one of his dicks and jacked off the other.

“I’m so sorry!” Melanie cried, making the guys stop their activities.

“Mom?” Layton asked, in his deep voice.

“I’ll leave, forget I was here,” Melanie said, slamming the door.

Layton’s deep voice screaming “fuck yes”, echoed through the house.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Melanie ran back to the pens quickly and snuck into a locked room by lock picking and found a key labeled “Lex Viktor”. She snuck back to Lex and was suddenly grabbed by a large hand. After being lightly chopped in the back of the neck, she blacked out.

She woke up hours later in an interrogation room with Maui, Drake, Bryce, Cage and her three sons. Her boys look worried and then Satish entered the room.

“Ms. Miller, this is a very serious mess you’ve gotten yourself into,” Satish said.

“Lex is coherent and shouldn’t be chained up!” Melanie cried.

“Dad is what?” Layton cried, but Kerry grabbed his shoulder and shook his head.

“We aren’t just a gay society that fucks all the time and nothing else. We have rules and need order,” Satish said.

“You are a very gorgeous woman and you would make a very handsome man. So I give you two options, become a Milker like your ex or become a Besar Otot man, eliminating Melanie Miller for good.”

“Boys?” Melanie asked.

“I can’t lose you too mommy!” Eddie cried.

“Then it’s decided. So you can change women into men?” Melanie asked.

“We are very advanced here,” Satish said.

The group of them walked to the Transformation Center and Satish quickly poured Melanie a glass of the serum. Satish handed it to her and she quickly downed it. All the men watched as the woman before them became a man. Melanie’s soft womanly body began becoming a harder, manly body. She grew from 5’7” to 6’7” and her womanly moans began dropping in octaves. Melanie had been wearing red skirt, letting them all watch as two large nuts and a dick emerged from her vagina and continued to swell in size. The manly body destroyed the skirt and her large breasts, hardened and became even bigger Pecs. Ass swelling into large boulders and the man before them became covered in dirty blonde hair. The chest hair and dark beard, made Satish rock hard.

“You are so gorgeous,” Satish drooled.

“Thank you,” Mel said, in his new baritone. “Well this voice will need getting used to and this body.”

Mel watched his new dick, swell to erection. He felt his hairy, muscular body and instinctively began jacking his cock. It wasn’t long before Mel covered his chest in layers of cum.

“I may be okay with the change of pace,” Mel said and hungrily kissed Satish.


Author’s Note

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Part 8

Mel woke up the morning, immediately thinking yesterday was all a dream. Of course, he was laying in Satish’s bed still a five-hundred-pound man.

“What a dream,” he said and then stopped.

That was a deep voice not belonging on a woman. Suddenly he felt the pull of weight down below and when he looked down his large, hairy pecs, he saw a bulbous dick head the size of his own face. Running his hands down, he cupped one of his grapefruit sized nuts and moaned in lust. Standing up he walked to the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom. Stepping in front of the full-size mirror, he got so horny, staring at the muscular man looking back at him.

The lust running through his body made him begin stroking his four-foot cock. The deep moans only egged Mel on, he finally understood the need for sex the men on this island craved. Suddenly he began imagining Jason bent over and begging for his giant cock. He was sliding in between Jason’s hairy boulders and feeling the tightness sent him over the edge.

“Holy, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Mel cried as the orgasm wracked his whole body and cum coated the bathroom floor.

“Enjoying the body I gifted you?” Satish asked.

“I never understood how much sexual desire my sons, ex and bestie felt all the time. This constant need radiating from my dick and balls and the pleasure I experienced,” Mel drooled.

“I can take care of that constant need, because you finally got rid of mine,” Satish said and spread Mel’s mighty cheeks.

The president began lapping at Mel’s pucker, surrounded by dirty blonde hair, causing him to let out deep moans. After it was all moist, he began inserting fingers, one, two and then three.

“Prepare yourself gorgeous for the presidential cock,” Satish said, twisting Mel’s nipples and pushing in.

The two pairs of large nus were quickly touching and Satish pulled out, just leaving the head in and then pushed back. Mel was in euphoric heaven and he never liked ass stuff as a woman. Lex wanted it most of the time, which should’ve been a red flag. Satish’s thrust brought him back to reality and the two men were in rhythm. Mel felt himself reach the peak again and a deep cord in his groin suddenly exploded, making him experience a full body orgasm, that never seemed to end. Sliding to his knees in euphoric bliss, the constant need had faded.

“I’m still horny, but that need has been muted. What did you do?” Mel asked, still panting from his release.

“We’re soulmates my dear Mel, only men perfect for each other take away that need. I never knew mine would originally be a woman,” Satish laughed.

Suddenly the Indian behemoth got down on one knee and pulled out a gold ring lined with pink diamonds.

“You are the one I’ve been waiting for, Mel Miller will you do me the honor of marrying me and becoming the First Man of Besar Otot?”

“It seems crazy I’m saying yes, but I know you’re right about us. Of course, I will!” Mel cried and deeply kissed Satish.

“That makes me so happy.”

“Oh my God, I have to tell Jason!” Mel cheered, jumping up and down.

Satish was mesmerized by his giant, bouncing cock. He suddenly ran out of the room and the president got hard at his fiancé’s giant, hairy ass.

Jason and Erik were currently watching a TV show and cuddling, when Mel threw open the front door. The two husbands were surprised by the random man, but very excited for some company.

“Jason I’m getting married!” Mel cried.

“Congrats, but who are you?” Jason asked.

“Oh, right you wouldn’t know,” Mel laughed, in his new baritone. “Long story, short I’m your best friend, previously Melanie Miller. I realized Lex is coherent, tried to save him, got caught, Satish said to either become a Milker or one of you guys. So, I chose a Besar man and turns out me and Satish are soulmates, so he proposed!”

“Prove you’re Melanie Miller without a doubt to me,” Jason said with a deadpan look.

“Fine let’s play hardball. You jizzed your pants in seventh grade when Evan Fosco touched your shoulder,” Mel smiled smugly.

“Holy shit Mel, you are so sexy. And how big is this thing?” Jason asked, hefting up Mel’s dick.

“Forty-five and four feet when hard,” Mel smiled, as it began to swell.

“I have to have that in me, Mel, I never thought I’d ask this. Want to fuck my hairy ass?”

“You have no idea how much,” Mel smiled, pre dripping on Jason’s hands.

“Put it in big boy,” Jason said, seductively showcasing his ass.

Mel slowly pushed into his best friend’s ass and the sheer girth on the dick filled Jason up. Both of them were still in disbelief of what was happening. They were in such euphoria that the deep moans were primal roars. Erik left the room in pure annoyance, but the other men didn’t notice. Before he knew it, Mel shot so hard in Jason, he saw stars. With a stuttering below Jason coated the rug in a pool of cum. He turned over, the jizz leaking out of his ass onto the carpet and pulled Mel into a deep kiss. Then he sucked the softening dick clean.

“That was amazing,” Mel panted. “For the record I finally I get the guy-on-guy sex thing.”

“I can see,” Jason laughed.

“Where’s Erik?”

“Babe where are you?”

“Leave me alone!” Erik yelled.

“Baby, come on,” Jason said, getting up.

“No, let me,” Mel said, stopping Jason. “He’s always had a problem with me, it’s time to squash this.”

Mel made his way into the kitchen where Erik sat pouting. Erik raised his head and a glare appeared on his face.

“Look I’m sorry about the past, but I’m a grown woman, er man now. You need to stop hating on your husband’s best friend,” Mel said.

“Let me guess, you think you understand me because you have a cock now?” Erik asked.

“I didn’t…” Mel started.

“You always have to butt yourself into our lives and when we finally moved here, I thought I wouldn’t have to see you anymore, but you’re here too. And with a giant dick to boot. I don’t have to like you and I don’t think I ever will. Just go home or go fuck your fiancé,” Erik growled.

“You’re not worth it Erik and the only reason I put up with you is for Jason,” Mel said.

“Look at that something we agree on, now get out!”

“Jay-jay, I’ll see your later babe,” Mel said.

Jason glared at Erik, when he came out of the kitchen.

“Don’t say anything to me,” Jason said.

“He a good fuck? You left quite a load on the carpet,” Erik said.

“You will never understand what we have. She saved my life and if it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t even have me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I almost took my life, Mel saved me and cut me down.”

“I can’t deal with this now,” Erik said, shaking his head.

“You can never deal with anything!” Jason yelled.

Suddenly they heard the boys wake up and they immediately stopped. Jason shook his head at Erik and mimed a big smile.

“Today is the day!” Mahelo sang, coming down the stairs.

“Happy birthday, baby!” Jason smiled, as he appeared.

“Happy birthday, Helo,” Erik smiled.

“I can’t wait to feel your huge dick in my ass,” Hayden whispered seductively in Mahelo’s ear.

Mahelo got rock hard and blushed, he caught Jason’s eyes who smiled.

“Thanks papa. Thanks dad,” Mahelo smiled.

“So your dad made a birthday breakfast for you and maybe you could have a piece of the cake, I made,” Jason said.

“That can wait, I’m officially 18—it’s time for me to grow,” Mahelo said.

“I just don’t want to lose my little boy,” Jason said, his eyes tearing up.

“Papa I’ll always be your little boy, even if I’m five-hundred pounds of hairy muscle,” Mahelo said and hugged his papa tightly.

“All right let’s make that little ass a big, hairy one,” Jason said and lightly smacked Mahelo’s butt.

The four started towards the registration building where Mahelo would change for good. The now Hawaiian man was hard as steel the whole way. Mahelo pushed open the double doors and Lee was at his usual place behind the desk.

“Hi Lee!” Mahelo waved.

“Today’s the day, huh Jason?” Lee asked.

“Yeah, my little boy is growing up,” Jason said, tearing up. “He didn’t even want to eat his birthday breakfast or any of his cake.”

“I’ll have all the nourishment I need within Hayden’s loads,” Mahelo smirked.

“Here Mahelo. Room 5 is available for Hayden and you,” Lee smiled.

Mahelo smiled swiping the thermos and pulled his boyfriend down the hall to their room. It was a room similar to where Hayden changed, but there was no glass wall since Hayden was already grown. Mahelo quickly downed the liquid and smiled in anticipation for what was to come. Like his boyfriend he grew in height first, 5’11” to 6’11” within minutes. Mahelo was feeling up his body as the muscles grew bigger and bigger. His already erect penis began swelling in size and his nuts, became globes of power. Voice deepening was turning Hayden on more than before. The happy trail, Hayden loved, burst into a thick road stretching up and down. Large Pecs were covered in black hair, stomach and his larger ass boulders were covered in it, as well. The close cropped beard on Mahelo’s face was so sexy and he smiled at his completion.

“I’m just like you,” Mahelo cried in his baritone.

“Definitely bigger love, but so sexy,” Hayden said.

“Oh god, I get that feeling radiating from your nuts now,” Mahelo moaned.

“Let me alleviate that for you babe,” Hayden said, lining up with Mahelo’s hole.

“Yes babe, push it in. I’ve wanted your dick for so long,” he whined.

As soon as Hayden’s dick entered Mahelo, they both knew the fit was perfect. The moans from the lovers radiated through the complex. Mahelo knew he wouldn’t last long, he roared as he coated the floor in blast after blast of cum. Squeezing his perfect glutes, he milked the blast out of his boyfriend.

“We’re not done yet,” Mahelo growled and grabbed Hayden’s hips.

Quickly sheathing himself in, Hayden moaned in ecstasy.

“I’ve need this so much!” he cried out.

Hayden saw stars and released so much the two behemoths were standing in a pool of their own cum. They stood up and Mahelo asked Hayden to wait for a hot second. He put his hand outside the room and whistled, his papa handed him a box. Mahelo returned and got down on one knee and Hayden began to tear up. Pulling out a red velvet lined box, he snapped it open to reveal a gold ring lined with rubies and emeralds. Mahelo was a July baby and Hayden a May baby.

“Hayden Von Hewson, you have made the last three years of my life amazing. I can’t imagine my life without you, would you do me the honor of becoming my husband?” Mahelo asked.

“Of course, I will,” Hayden blubbered and Mahelo slid the ring on his finger. “Now comes the hard part.”

“What’s that?”

“Telling my parents,” Hayden said.

“I have nothing to wear,” Mahelo said.

“I do! Now come on babe!” Hayden sang and pulled Mahelo by the hand.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mel busted in his front door and found his boys, involved in incestual activities. Eddy was fucking Kerry up his hot ass, while Layton fucked his face. Mel felt himself get hard and started eating out Layton’s hole, getting a moan from his middle son.

“Hi mom,” Layton smiled, in between moans.

“You three are so hot, oh God, Layton your ass!” Mel cried and shot all over the floor.

His boys followed in climaxing and laughed deeply in bliss.

“All right boys, mom wants to tell you something, let’s sit down,” Mel said.

“Are you okay, mom?” Kerry asked.

“I’ve never been better, Satish asked me to marry him!” Mel cried and showed the ring.

“Oh mom, it’s so pretty,” Eddy cried.

“I wanted you boys to know, I’m not going anywhere,” Mel said.

Kerry picked them all up in a big hug. Mel knew even if his life had changed, it was all for the better. Suddenly they all felt Kerry’s giant boner in between them and they all hardened as well.

“Time for Round 2?” Mel asked and then pulled Layton into a deep kiss.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mahelo and Hayden were currently walking down the street towards the Von Hewsons’. Hayden was in a white button up with a blue tie, blue pants and brown shoes. Mahelo was in a black button up, with a red tie, black pants and shoes. Mahelo looked so uncomfortable, Hayden had even trimmed his beard similar to his own and forced him to pull his hair back in a ponytail.

“Do I really have to do this? These clothes are so itchy,” Mahelo whined, scratching at his chest.

“Impressing my parents will make me happy and then I’ll make you happy,” Hayden whispered seductively in his ear.

Mahelo’s erection was now obvious down his leg. Hayden smiled coyly and gave the shaft a squeeze, causing his fiancé to moan in need.

“You really want me to cum in my pants, don’t you?” Mahelo asked.

“You have more control than that,” Hayden sighed.

“Not with balls this big, babe I’m gonna explode,” Mahelo said, panting.

Hayden laughed deeply and quickly and expertly pulled down the pants, freeing the four-foot erection. Quickly downing the shaft, he rolled Mahelo’s balls in his hands and caused his mouth to be full of cum. Chugging it down like a milkshake, when finished his wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and put the spent monster back in Mahelo’s pants.

“Let’s go, big guy,” Hayden said, walking the rest of the way.

“I’m sorry I almost lost control babe,” Mahelo said.

“I keep forgetting you just changed today,” Hayden laughed.

They made their way into the house and Mahelo couldn’t suppress an arousal moan in seeing Hayden’s fathers. They were clad in matching pink button ups with blue ties, blue pants and brown shoes. Miles was a gorgeous blonde with amazing Swedish features and his green eyes popped against his trimmed blonde beard. Ming’s sharp angular bone structure, was a sight to behold and his glasses made him that much sexier.

“The Besar Otot magic always does an amazing job, but you are gorgeous Mahelo,” Miles said, clapping in appreciation.

“Thank you, sir, babe I’ve been meaning to ask you what’s that thing on my pants for?” Mahelo asked.

“Well, you see…” Hayden started.

“Oh my God!” Mahelo moaned.

Ming had made his way behind Mahelo and had ripped open the Velcro on the back seams. That being the question Mahelo was thinking of, but now his hairy hole was being assaulted by the Chinese tongue.

“Good lord, fuck yes, what a handy feature. Who made these pants?” Mahelo moaned.

“Ming and I are handy with sewing machines. Now let me help you with that problem,” Miles smirked.

The blonde stud pulled out Mahelo’s four-foot-long dick and started going to town on it. Mahelo’s voice dropped down an octave in orgasmic pleasure. Suddenly Ming shoved himself into Mahelo without warning. Getting pleasured from both ends the Hawaiian stud was in total bliss. His large boyfriend jerked off to the scene and came all over Mahelo’s face. The action caused Mahelo to come down Hayden’s throat, who happened to latch on just in time and the husbands came in Mahelo.

“You sure know how to pick em, son,” Miles said and smacked the dazed Mahelo’s ass.

“You know it dad,” Hayden said, licked his cum off Mahelo and then shared their combined loads with him.

“Now let’s have dinner,” Ming said, zipping up.

“We’re actually gonna eat?” Mahelo asked, putting his own monster away.

“Ming’s a whiz in the kitchen and I know we can live off cum, but food’s always a nice luxury, young man,” Miles smiled.

“Plus, we always play a fun game during dinner,” Ming smiled evilly.

“What game is it?” Mahelo asked.

“The Hoover game,” Miles smiled.

“Excuse me?” Mahelo blushed.

“One of our good friends, put a mint in one of four wine glasses. Then filled two with red wine and two with Coke. We all down our glasses and the one with the mint will suck the other three dicks before we eat dinner,” Ming smiled.

“I’ll get the glasses,” Miles said.

The other three eagerly sat down at the table. Miles placed the wine in front of Ming and his places, while the younger men got the glasses of Coke. Quickly downing them, the younger two belched and Mahelo got excited, quickly.

“I got the mint!” he cheered.

Mahelo dove under the table, knocking the glasses over to go right to sucking the three big cocks. The three unzipped pulling out their already erect monsters.

“Since you already had my German sausage, you can have Ming’s Chinese firecracker first, then mine and your fiancé’s last. You’ll have his all the time,” Miles laughed.

Mahelo took the thick piece of Chinese meat and began teasing the slit, pulling on the big, black haired nuts. Quickly filling his mouth, was the Chinese jizz. Making his way back to Mile’s lap, his mouth was quickly filled again. Then he saw Hayden’s perfectly shaped, thick, surrounded in ice blonde hair, cock.

“Your dick is so beautiful babe,” Mahelo moaned.

“Well get to it, stud,” Hayden boomed in a commanding tone.

Mahelo hardened at the commanding tone and quickly inhaled his fiancé’s dick. Licking at the sensitive parts of the head and rolling the balls in his hands, caused his mouth to receive his third serving of cum. He had also shot all over Hayden’s shoes. Wiping the residue off his mouth, he smiled at his fiancé.

“Where did that commanding tone come from?” Mahelo asked.

“Just wanted to try something, babe,” Hayden blushed.

“Well, I liked it and that tone fits your baritone, just right,” Mahelo said, and kissed him.

“Thanks baby,” Hayden laughed.

“Isn’t young love cute?” Ming asked Miles.

“It sure is, my Chinese Atlas,” Miles smirked.

They quickly ate the Chicken Parmesan and Fettuccini Alfredo that Ming had prepared. Then he brought out a Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. Splitting it into four pieces, they quickly ate it all.

“I sure did miss eating food,” Mahelo said with a little belly.

“And it will only power our bodies,” Hayden smiled.

“Miles and Ming can I ask you a question?” Mahelo asked.

“Sure anything,” Miles smiled and Ming nodded.

“Why do you hate my father and papa?”

“Hate? Why would you think that?” Ming asked.

“The way you talk to them and talk about them.”

Miles and Ming stopped for a second, looked at Mahelo and burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Mahelo asked.

“Ming and I like a good angry fuck and have been trying to get your fathers attention forever,” Miles whined.

“Wait really? Why didn’t you tell me?” Hayden asked.

“It’d be no fun that way, they had to come to us,” Ming said. “And then we’d seduce them, so I could get both those thick cocks up my ass!”

“Really?” Hayden asked.

“Wow, I’m getting myself so hot from that fantasy,” Ming laughed, pre dripping from his dick.

“Wow, we’ll have to get my parents involved,” Mahelo said.

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