Weekly Update 24 April 2021
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Weekly Update: 24 April 2021

This week I have one story instead of the tentatively promised two, but I still intend to compensate for last week’s schedule slip with an extra story sometime in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, my contribution this week is “The Misspent Curse”. The title gives you the basic premise, and any more than that would be spoilers. Hope you find something to enjoy in this week’s offerings, and as always comment and upvote on stories you like to give the writers a sense of what you like. If you want to be one of those writers, I’d love for you to share your fantasies with me.

The Friday Flashback this week took us back to April 2012, during the site’s milestone fifteen year. It’s not been lost on me that our silver anniversary year is swiftly approaching, and the flashback has pushed it closer to the front of my mind for the moment. I’ll definitely want to mark the occasion in some way. Contests? Cartoons? Crossover team-ups? Celebrity guests? Cybermen? Not sure. Maybe I’ll be inspired to write a 52-part epic spanning the entire year—the augmented-male smutnovel to end all smutnovels. I could change the site color-scheme to be based in silver and call it a day. Maybe just trying to produce and share good stories all year. Lots of possibilities, and I’m definitely open to suggestions.

Heartfelt thanks to the joyous Patreonites who make my regular BRKness possible. The next update is a week hence, on 1 May 2021. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

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