Weekly Update 15 May 2021
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Weekly Update: 15 May 2021

With this week’s contributions from me we shift from the heat of summer, our venue last week, back to the chills of January as I resume the commissioned story “Resolutions”. Picking this one up was fun in an unusual way because I had ended the previous chapter with new changes to be applied overnight, so now I had to lay out the consequences of what I’d written, triggering the bombs I planted several months back. Anyway, hope you like. Lots of other interesting stuff down there too, so make sure to check that out and comment/upvote the stories you find especially worthy.

Yesterday’s Friday Flashback collected some of the novel-length stories on the site, some of which have endings and everything, so give that a gander if you haven’t already. Deep and appreciative thanks to my loyal Patreonites, who truly make possible my weekly bouts of clattering away at my keyboard writing smut—usually my happiest hours in any day. If you’re interested you can join my Patreonite clan or commission a story from me. Pascal’s wager says you should! Contributions are also welcome, so if you have a story about exceptional men go ahead and pass it along.

The next update is a week hence, otherwise known as 22 May. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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