When you grow upon a star

by OneLuckyGuy89

When Aladdin Lindstrum makes a wish on a star, strange things begin happening to him, his roommates, and his boyfriend.

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Characters (to be updated): Aladdin (“Lad”); Daiki; Jeff; Dustin; Vincent; Dominic.

Hi, my name is Aladdin Lindstrum, and yes, I know what you’re thinking. My mom and her sister were obsessed with the movie. My younger cousin’s name is Jafar, I just call him Jafie. It doesn’t help that I’m 90% Moroccan and like 10% Swedish on my dad’s side. That’s not the point of this story, the point is how my boyfriend, me, and a bunch of our friends started a new type of man. I’m a sophomore in college and a chemistry major; it also helps that I got a 1450 on the SAT. I’ve always been obsessed with muscle and our story starts when I was set on making a muscle growth formula.

Aladdin groaned in frustration. He was on his fifth mixture of the day. Adding some natural vitamins and some fruits extracts to give this one a sweet flavor, though, and smelling the mixture made something snap in his brain and he knew he had to cum in the mixture to make it work. Immediately he zipped open his fly and began beating off like a man possessed. Feeling the impending orgasm, he pulled down his pants and stuck his finger in his ass. Moaning loudly in pure pleasure, he came more than he had in his young life. Panting after the extreme work-out, he watched in wonder as the cum turned the blue mixture a light purple, instantly absorbing his entire load.

Another weird instinct swept into the young man’s mind and he grabbed an apple from a bowl on the counter. He dipped the whole thing into the mixture and once removed, the apple absorbed the mixture on it. Knowing his brain wanted him to eat the apple, Aladdin hesitated but eventually ate the whole thing. He suddenly belched loudly, nothing tasted off but a burning in his stomach suddenly surfaced and he fell over in pain.

He watched in pure excitement as his bicep began to swell and steadily be growing. His chest followed suit until he had a decent set of pecs and his shoulders and back made his shirt skin-tight. The burning migrated to his lower half and he developed a rock-hard six pack. His glutes swelled in size, making the shorts tighten as his thighs swelled in size right after. Growing from 5’6” to 6’6” his calves and feet expanded in size. Suddenly the urge to cum overwhelmed Aladdin and he erupted.

Breathing heavy he watched his dick fatten and elongate out of his fly and underwear. Suddenly his balls swelled to the size of oranges filling his underwear. His adam’s apple growing in size with everything else, he moaned in a deep new bass, as another growth spurt hit him. The muscles quickly ripped all the clothes off his body. An urgent itch covered his body, as thick black hair covered his chest, abs, legs, arms and a dark beard covered his face. Then an orgasm stronger than the rest filled his body and he unloaded coating the ceiling in a thick layer of spunk.

“Holy fuck!” Aladdin exclaimed, looking down at his new body.

He rushed to the bathroom and instantly boned up at the muscular god before him. His erection looked to be about 16 inches long and thick as a beer can. Deep brown eyes reminded him of melted chocolate and the covering of hair on his mammoth chest was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Turning around to check the back side, he was greeted with two ass cheeks that were furry and each the size of a watermelon.

“I have to change the guys. I’m too horny to just jack off to relieve this,” Aladdin said.
Aladdin lived in a big townhouse off campus with his four roommates and his boyfriend. Assuming the potion would work the same for any type of food, he took a few scoops and covered a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies his mom had sent. He placed a sign next to the cookies saying “Enjoy”. Squeezing himself into the closet adjacent to the living room to watch, he knew they’d be home soon. As soon as he got comfortable in the small space, he heard the front door swing open.

Daiki Tan was the first one to enter. He was 6’3” with closely cropped dark hair and thick rectangular glasses on his face. He wore dark green scrubs and plain white sneakers. The scrubs were slightly open at the top to reveal the curves of his decent pecs. Daiki was studying to be a doctor, a studly one at that.

Next to walk in was little Jeff Greenly. He was 5’6” with a curly mop of orange hair. His green t-shirt, black hoodie and baggy jeans just hung off his skinny frame. The only prominent thing of his body was his perfectly sculpted ass, which was completely out of place. There were also rumors of his ten-inch piece of meat, but they weren’t sure if Jeff started the rumor himself or someone else. He was studying Marine Biology and identified as a pleasure being. Not self-labeling as straight or gay, he would sleep with anybody.

Dustin then walked in next. He was a dark-haired hunk with deep blue eyes standing at 5’10”. Getting into the college on a wrestling scholarship, he was dressed accordingly. Wearing his wrestling singlet with grey sweatpants over top, all of his muscles were on display. His large pec shelf was straining the top, while his biceps flexed without even strain and his belly was also on display. A healthy layer of fat did cover his muscles, but his belly was the proof of his avid beer drinking activities. He was studying to be a lawyer, to follow in his parents’ footsteps. Dustin was as straight as they come and always loved to brag about his conquests.

Vincent White walked in next. He was a 6’6” Nubian god. He had his dark hair pulled back in cornrows and he wore his basketball jersey and shorts. Wearing size 16 shoes and the most obvious asset was his large foot long sausage, that he could never hide. Being a chill person it wasn’t uncommon for Vince to just hang out nude. Aladdin had walked in on Vincent jacking off late one evening. He told Aladdin he could watch as long as he didn’t jump him. Vince was studying Sales and his goal was to own his own company.

Lastly in as usual was his boyfriend, Dominic Kontos, scrolling through his pink, sparkly cased phone. He stood at 5’6” with his blonde hair and blue eyes. He had recently died the tips of his hair light pink and they matched his Pride tank and pink hoodie. Topping off his outfit was his light pink jeans and white Chucks. Studying to be a teacher, his boyfriend loved children.

“Dude, my day was so long,” Jeff said, sitting down the couch, letting out a loud fart.

“Very mature,” Daiki said, rolling his eyes.

“It’s gas and very natural, Doctor Stick-In-Butt,” Jeff laughed.

“Well, practice was super rough for me and Vince. I’m starving and look Al’s mom made cookies!” Dustin cheered.

“I hate carbs, but these cookies are the devil’s fruit. Let’s at least split them evenly,” Dominic said.

They turned to see Jeff already with his mouth full. He nervously smiled with chocolate-smeared teeth. All of them dug in and talked about how they tasted better than usual, causing them to eat more. Laying back, they all began to feel weird. Daiki rubbed his stomach and suddenly let out a large belch, causing Jeff to laugh. Suddenly the doctor in training began moaning and they all watched in wonder as he began to swell. His chest cleavage began more pronounced as his Pecs visibly grew and his larger biceps caused his sleeves to rip off. They watched as Daiki moaned, his back and thighs swelling larger. Just as suddenly as his growth started, it stopped and his scrubs looked like they were painted on his body. His larger nipples were erect and on display.

Dominic, being the only gay one in the room, was so hard it hurt and Jeff was eyeing Daiki with new interest.

“That was so hot, like something out of my fantasies. Of course your dick stayed the same size which is disappointing,” Dominic said.

“I’m trying to fight this, but I can’t help it. I’m sorry guys,” Daiki said.

He quickly shoved down his pants and began furiously jacking himself off, quickly cumming all over the table. Dominic involuntarily shot in his pants. Suddenly Jeff belched and they all quickly turned their heads.

“Daiki, did you feel like you were burning before you grew?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah,” Daiki said, panting.

“Well, fuck me, I’m next,” he grunted.

Jeff’s growth wasn’t as obvious but his grunts were proof that something was happening. Suddenly the shape of muscles appeared against his new tight clothes and he ripped down his zipper, revealing his ten incher, thick and erect.

“It’s true!” Dominic drooled.

Jeff shot a giant load all over the table and both Dustin and Vince belched at the same time. The two jocks began to get extremely horny during their changes and began feeling up each other’s muscles, surprising everyone. Dustin’s chest swelled and Vince caressed tn gently. Vince’s thighs swelled and Dustin rubbed them. Two loud rips broke the awkwardness as the sleeves of Vince’s jersey gave way for his massive shoulders and Dustin’s singlet just exploded off of him. Just like the other two they quickly jacked off after they were done.

“Bro, why’d you get so touchy with me?” Dustin asked.

“Me? That was all you.” Vince said, putting his hands up defensively.

“You both had a gay moment, get over it.” Daiki said, looking as serious as you can with his dick hanging out.

Suddenly Dominic belched and his pupils shrank in fear of what was to come.

“No I like my little body!” he cried.

He began moaning in pleasure, as muscles he never had swelled into view. His tank top literally exploded to make room for his growing chest and his jeans didn’t last much longer. They even watched as his growing thighs and ass ripped his pink thong he was wearing.

His growth ended and he jacked off, spurting all over the area in front of him, revealing his died baby pink pubes.

“Really? You died your pubes pink?” Dustin asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t judge me, you just felt up Vince!” Dominic cried.

Dustin and Vince blushed, sinking into their respective places on the couch. Suddenly the closet door burst open and they all starred at the hairy behemoth who emerged.

“Lad, is that you, dude?” Jeff gasped.

“It sure is,” he grinned.

“Baby?” Dominic asked. “Did you do this to me?”

“I’m sorry, Pinkie Pie, but we wouldn’t be able to fuck now without me changing you,” Aladdin said.

“So how do we get as big as you?” Jeff asked, eyeing his friend up and down.

“If my intuitions are right, which they have been so far… all you need to do is simply suck my dick.” Aladdin smiled.

“I call first dibs!” Dustin yelled.

“I’m floored, you were embarrassed about rubbing up another guy and now you wanna give your friend a blowjob?” Daiki asked.

“Little Lad is now bigger than me. I have to be bigger and if that means sucking his dick, then fine,” Dustin said.

Hearing a straight arrow guy like Dustin say that, got Aladdin quickly hard. Dustin cautiously touched the erection, causing Aladdin to shudder and slowly took it in his mouth. Only taking half of it in his mouth, Dustin expertly went to town blowing his friend. All the blowjobs he ever received told him exactly what felt good. With his dick now being super sensitive, Aladdin quickly held Dustin’s head in place and released a torrent of jizz. Making sure to get it all down, it even shot out of Dustin’s nose.

Dustin’s adam’s apple had already grown bigger and he felt a warmth running through him, he started to moan.

“Fuck yes!” he bellowed, in his deeper voice.

The others watched with near instantaneous boners as Dustin began to grow again. The first thing that began changing, was his huge ass, swelling and ripping the boxers off of his body. Following suit his dick fattened and elongated into a 14-inch piece of meat and swelled to a 17-inch erection. His balls swelled to the size of oranges, then his lower body began to swell. Things touched each other, calves became the shapes of diamonds, his feet expanded at a rapid rate and his legs stretched a foot, making him 6’10”. His shoulders and back swelled in size, biceps swelling to 25 inches, his stomach grew as well and as his chest swelled, Dustin rubbed the larger nipples in pleasure. A shadow fell over the expanse of Dustin’s body and starting with his face a blanket of hair covered most of his body, except for his back and shoulders.

“Shit, the second time was a rush,” Dustin said.

Aladdin eyed the newest behemoth before him. Lingering on his hairy gut and that 17-inch piece of meat, already dripping pre. In a split second, he was down on Dustin, sucking him off and kneading his hairy globes. The wrestler’s cry of pleasure rang through the house, as he filled Aladdin’s mouth.

“Now we’re even, that was a one-time thing, Lad,” Dustin panted.

“It’s not gonna do it, just jacking off,” Lad warned him.

“You think girls won’t want this?”

“Not a seventeen-inch dick,” Jeff said.

“Shut up scrawny!” Dustin yelled.

“He has a point,” Daiki said.

“Regardless, I’m still horny,” Dustin said and went back to jacking.

“I call next!” Jeff cheered.

Aladdin smiled in excitement. He couldn’t wait to see his skinniest friend bulk up even more. There was no tentative behavior for Jeff at all, he just inhaled Aladdin’s dick. There was no way to deny that Jeff knew what he was doing. Lad didn’t know if it felt good, or if his dick was so sensitive everything just felt good. Regardless of why, his dick filled Jeff overflowing with cum.

“That was amazing,” Jeff said, in his new baritone. “Yes—I can feel it coming.”

This time around Jeff’s clothes lasted mere seconds before they ripped off his body. A russet colored beard had already spread across his face and his body similarly erupted in red colored curls. His muscles continued to grow, and Dominic drooled as Jeff’s perfect ass got bigger and harder. As if it was made of dough, his dick continued to stretch to 17 inches of meat flaccid. His erect dick swelled to 20 inches of meat and he began to grow taller. He stood up as his growth concluded and Dominic immediately started eating out Jeff’s ass. The newest behemoth began moaning in his deep bass, sending shivers down Dominic’s spine as he began hitting all the right places in Jeff’s ass.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jeff cried and shot a giant cum shot across the room.

While Dustin was caught up in his jerking session, Jeff snuck up from behind and began eating him out. The wrestler’s moans hit a higher pitch as Jeff hit all the right buttons. Aladdin dove down on Dustin as he filled his mouth with a wealth of cream.

“So did you like that?” Jeff asked, with a shit eating grin.

“Just shut up and quickly fuck me before I change my mind,” Dustin panted.

“Gladly big boy,” Jeff said, caressing his gut and slowly pushing in.

Dustin was bothered by the pressure and pain at first, but once his prostate was it he forgot it all.

“So who’s next?” Aladdin asked.

“Color me intrigued,” Daiki said, approaching Lad.

Dominic hard again watched one of his straight friends get fucked as the other one was hungrily sucking on his boyfriend’s dick. Said boyfriend moaned again in ecstasy as he released in Daiki’s willing throat.

“Oh my fucking god, this feels amazing,” Daiki moaned, in his new bass.

His balls and dick suddenly started growing. The meat now sat at 13 inches soft and swelled to 16 inches hard. The green scrubs exploded off of Daiki’s body and a black carpet covered his body. The Asian behemoth began rubbing the black hair covering his body and fingering his ass in ecstasy.

“This makes no medical sense, but it’s so good!” Daiki cried and shot all over himself.

“Can you not ruin this with medical shit, oh fuck!” Jeff cried and shot in Dustin.

“God Daiki, that was so hot,” Dominic cried, licking the cum off the Asian man.

“I knew you’d love this. Ready for your turn?” Lad asked, joining his boyfriend in the feast.

“Naw, I’m not getting any bigger. I’m fine the way I am,” Dominic said.

“Then we’ll have to break up Pinkie Pie. I’m not gonna hurt you,” Lad said.

“You wanna be a brat? I can too and since you’ve seemed to achieve bringing our other friends over to our side, I have my pick of the lot,” Dominic sneered.

To make his boyfriend jealous, he went to work giving Daiki a blowjob. The Asian behemoth moaned as he released into Dominic’s throat. Aladdin watched with a glint in his eye as his boyfriend’s Adam’s apple swelled larger. Dominic started sweating and he knew something was wrong.

“What’s going on?” Dominic asked and then covered is mouth, surprised at the sound.

“I think we all know,” Vince said.

“My beautiful tenor voice is gone; you knew this would happen!” Dominic started yelling. “Oh fuck.”

Aladdin watched in excitement as the muscles on his boyfriend’s body started to swell again. Gone was his little twink body, slowly approaching body builder status. As much as he had loved Dominic’s hairless body, the white golden fur covering his chest was the hottest thing ever. The final piece happened after the height change. Always being a hung bottom he swelled to 15 inches soft and 18 erect.

“Doesn’t it feel amazing, babe?” Lad asked.

“Just shut up and fuck me!” Dominic yelled.

“Gladly, beautiful,” he said and slammed in.

They got into a rhythm, showing how much they loved each other. Pulling his boyfriend into a deep kiss, Dominic let out a deep shuddering moan. Aladdin ran his hands through Dominic’s chest hair and gripped his Pecs. Dominic overlapped his boyfriend’s hands, holding tight.

“So close,” Dominic cried.

“Cum for me, baby,” Aladdin said and Dominic cried, shooting against the opposite wall.

“I’ll admit it feels amazing, but I’m still mad at you,” Dominic said, kissing Aladdin.

“I told you, you’d love it and that golden hair on you is amazing. So I was think… oh fuck!” Aladdin cried and turned to see himself impaled on a larger Vince.

“How? Sweet fuck!” Aladdin asked and Vince pushed deeper into him.

“Big? 22 inches and Dustin changed me while you two were making love,” Vince said and Dustin waved at Aladdin.

“Almost two feet? I’m riding that soon,” Dominic laughed.

“Trust me golden boy, I can ride you both.” Vince said and positioned himself back into Lad.

He then began expertly fucking both of the boyfriends getting deep moans out of the lovers. Vince continued to fuck Aladdin home, while he made him fuck Dominic at the same time. In pleasure Dominic jerked himself off. He climaxed, coating himself in jizz, creating a chain effect. Dominic squeezed the cum out of Aladdin and Lad did the same to Vince.

“How did this happen?” Dominic asked, heavily breathing and laying his sticky chest against his boyfriend.

“I wished upon a star after it turned 2019.” Lad said.

“I’d make a comment, but the proof is in the pudding,” Daiki said.

“Goody boy, Doc!” Jeff said and smacked Daiki’s ass.

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