A whole new world

by MarcusB00

 Two siblings, looking for a profit, break into an abandoned facility for potential treasure. Along the way they accidentally open a portal and get sucked in, and one of them get woken up by young dude with muscle powers in a new world.

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“Okay, are you sure it’s in here?”

“Caleb, it’s definitely in there.”

“If it’s not, I’m gonna need my $1000 back, Kenzie.”

Lemme start from the beginning. My name is Caleb Rossi. I’m not fully Italian, I’m Italian-American. I don’t even have an Italian accent. Ain’t that crazy? With me is my sister McKenzie Rossi. What we do for a living is explore run down factories, facilities, abandoned warehouses for any potential treasures to sell them. Right now we were in this abandoned facility belonging to the Special Forces. There was a leak for potential first-gen Laser weapons. We could sell those to make our big break. We’ve already got 10 million to our name but we could be billionaires.

Kenzie took out a small blowtorch and began torching the big steel door. She cut a big hole in the door and we crawl through. The first thing we see is a big screen with some controls below it. To our left we see a big circular door that’s closed and to the right we see bolted on shelves of tech.

“All right Kenzie, lets pillage,” I said.

“Like we’re playing sneak thief,” she said.

By the circular doors there were crates of junk and I went to those while Kenzie went to the shelves. In the crates were a bunch of old tech stuff out of commission. Mini robots, RC Cars, remotes for said RC cars, and a belt with a six shooter that’s fallen apart. However, we’re gonna take that junk because we have a guy back at the warehouse who could potentially fix all of it. Especially that broken six-shooter.

Kenzie saw some laser guns, but not the ones we thought we would see. Rifles, snipers, hand cannons, and shotguns. These people made laser shotguns?

“Hold up, these are the Laser guns they were talking about?” Kenzie asked.

“Could be, but either way they hosed us,” I replied.

“Seriously though, it looks like a bunch of Destiny guns that lost their light.”

We took most of the broken down guns and put them in a durable gallon-sized garbage bag. I took the bag and put it by the door.

“Well, this thievery was a bust,” Kenzie said.

“Not yet, Kenz. You didn’t even check under the computer!”

There was a cabinet under the control panel by the screen. Kenzie got under and pulled out a bunch of cleaning supplies and saw something. There were two holes in the back wall labeled insert hand cannon.

“Hey Caleb, get two hand cannons from the bag. I’ve found something,” Kenzie said. I walked to the bag and got two hand cannons and walked back to her. I ducked down and found the holes she was talking about. I gave one to her and kept one. We counted down from 3 and inserted to guns at the same time.

Red flashing lights went off, and a loud alarm blared. A female voice came on the speakers. “Emergency Portal activated… emergency portal activated…”

“‘Emergency portal activated’? What does that mean?” I asked. My question was immediately answered when the circular doors started to open. What was revealed was some kind of big purple wormhole.

“I guess that’s what she means,” Kenzie said.

“Beginning vacuuming procedure…” the voice annpounced.

The what?!” we yelled simultaneously. The wormhole started to suck in the air. We started to get pulled into the hole. That threw up a red flag so we started to run to the door but the vacuum grew stronger and was pulling us in. We both kept fighting it but we got closer and closer. As a last-ditch effort, I grabbed the end of the hole that Kenzie made earlier and held on. Kenzie tried to do the same but wasn’t as lucky. Instead she was holding on to my leg.

Dude! Don’t let go!!” I yelled. As if that wasn’t her first damn objective.

Why the hell would I?!”

Use your anger as motivation then!”

The force grew stronger and stronger until Kenzie starts to slip.

Caleb, I can’t hold on!!”

Dig your nails then!! You can pay for my hospital bill later!!!”

Well she tried to do that but she completely lost her grip and got sucked in. She was gone. Her screaming my name out of fear was bone-chilling.

I was sad, but right now my prime objective was to survive. I tried pulling myself out of the room but there was no hope of that. My hold became slippery and I was losing my grip finger by finger until I eventually get sucked in too.

My body was accelerating at a very fast rate. I was spinning around very fast getting very dizzy. It felt like it was going on forever until I get hit on the head, knocking me unconscious…

“Hey. Hey buddy, can you hear me?” a voice said. I began blinking slowly and started to open my eyes.

“Oh, thank God you’re okay,” the voice said. I opened my eyes to see a young man with long spiky blonde hair smiling at me. Around us was a grassy field, and overhead a big leafy tree waved gently against a clear blue sky.

“I was worried for a second you were dead,” the guy said. I didn’t know him. I didn’t know any of this. Then it clicked for me. I was just being sucked into a wormhole. I hit my head and woke up in the middle of a field!

I jumped to my feet and started to pat myself frantically to make sure I was still alive, and I was.

“Whoa there buddy, is there anything wrong?” he asked.

I thought to myself, That really was a portal! Where the hell am I? I decided to ask Spiky-Hair Guy.

“Okay where am I?” I asked him.

“You’re in Emerald’s Beach,” he said.

“Emerald’s Beach? Don’t you mean Emerald Coast?”

“No, I mean Emerald’s Beach. You know, the westside of Rockwell?”


“Rockwell, the name of this big island that holds the nation together?”

I was so confused right now. “Okay where in the world am I at? Europe, Asia, Australia?”

“Europe, Asia and Australia? I never heard of those, buddy.”

“I must be tripping bro. Rockwell? Emerald Beach?” I started to pace around in the field repeating to myself, “I must be dreaming, I must be dreaming.” This shit was crazy.

“I can tell you’re not from around here,” he said. He was right about that.

“No, I’m not. I must’ve hit my head too hard or something,” I said.

“Do you at least remember your own name?”

“Caleb Rossi.”

“Cool. My name is Gavin Vance.”

“Okay, Gavin. I maybe need to explain myself here.”

“Okay then. Go ahead.”

“I was exploring an abandoned facility back in Colorado, then we accidentally opened a wormhole, we both got sucked into it and I wounded here unconscious.”

“Who exactly is ‘we’?”

“My sis—oh my god! My sister!!” I got into big panic. My sister! Where is she?! I started to freak out, pace around and felt my blood pressure rising, pretty unusual for someone who’s only 22 years old.

“Hey, buddy! Calm down before you pass out again,” Gavin said. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled back to the tree where I was found. “You made it here, I’m sure your sister is also here somewhere in Rockwell.”

“Yeah… yeah. You’re probably right,” I said as I slid my back down the tree to sit down.

“And the wormhole thing, it sounds crazy… but I believe you,” Gavin said. “There was a little boy that came into this nation randomly a long time ago, from somewhere else. He became our President recently, actually.”

“So him, my sister and I are the only people to arrive here?”

“That sounds about right.”

I put my hands on my head to process the info I was just told. Am I on another planet? Another universe? Another country that the world doesn’t know about? Another dimension? What the hell?

“But don’t worry, buddy. I will help you find your sister and help you get back home,” Gavin said. I let out a sigh of relief that I would be able to get back home soon.

“Thank you, Gavin,” I said.

Now, through that whole interaction there was something off about him, namely that he was damn near naked. Only now had I brought up the courage to say something about it. He put down his backpack to look for something and I took that opportunity.

“Hey Gavin, I have a potentially weird question.”

“What’s up?”

“Just out of curiosity, why are the only things you have on are boxers and bootleg New Balance tennis shoes?”

“Because I’m allowed to.”

“Do you have spare clothes in that bag of yours?”

“No, I don’t carry spare clothes.”

“So then what happens when you get arrested for indecent exposure?”

He smiled. “‘Indecent exposure’ is allowed in Rockwell.” That made my eyes go wide.

“So people can walk around this country almost naked and not get in trouble?” I asked.

“People walk around butt-naked all the time,” Gavin replied. I looked at him in shock and confusion at the same time. “I was wondering why you were wearing all these clothes when I found you.”

“Because I want to. And I would get in trouble if I did that back home,” I said.

“Why would anyone want to cover up their muscular bodies and 20-inch cocks?” Gavin asked. That’s when I gave him a “Are you serious?” type of look. “Yes, I am serious. I know that look.” Gavin said.

“Because not everybody wants to see that when you’re walking or driving? And did I hear you say muscular bodies and 20-inch cocks? I asked.

“Yeah. Why would anyone want to cover up their muscular powerful cocks? You don’t have those back home?” he asked.

“The biggest penis recorded in the world was 13½ inches,” I said.

“Man, Colorado sounds boring. You guys are missing out,” Gavin said. “So you’ve never seen a muscular body and a 20 inch cock?”

“I’ve seen muscular bodies, but not a 20-inch cock.”

“Would you like me to show you?” he asked.

This is where I’m starting to get a little bit uncomfortable. “Okay, bro. Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t swing that way,” I said. I was low-key worried that I was gonna hurt his feelings.

“I’m not gay either, buddy, plus we’re guys. It won’t be bad,” he said. I was skeptical, but I needed to stay on his good side if I want to find McKenzie and get back home.

“Okay then, show me what you got,” I said.

“Awesome! Just a warning, things could be messy.” What the fuck could that mean?

Gavin had a rather good build on his body. Decent size arms, legs and a nice chest with an 8-pack. What could he possibly do? Well, my question was answered when he flexed his biceps and they started to grow. Yeah, you read that right. His biceps and forearms became bigger and riddled with veins. I could actually hear his muscles start to stretch. He looked at me and smiled.

“Well, don’t leave in the dust buddy. Come on and grow with me!” he said.

“Gavin, I can’t do that. It’s not physically possible for me to do that,” I replied.

“So no one can do this in Colorado?” he then lifted his boxers up more to show more of his thighs. He flexed his legs and his thighs and calves became thicker. He was actually filling in all the barely empty space his had left in his boxers. His calves as big as footballs could punt 75 yards away. Yeah, I use dto be nasty on the football field. Carson Wentz ain’t had nothing on me.

“So can anybody grow their bodies at will in Colorado?” he asked.

“No one was able to do that anywhere in my world,” I replied.

“Well, you get a front row seat of my awesomeness!” He threw his arms back and his abs began to pop out more than they already did one by one, and pecs also popped out more. A whole system of veins flowing from his nipples. He was drenched in sweat.

“Doesn’t that hurt, Gavin?” I asked. It looked painful.

“Hurt? Dude this feels so good,” Gavin replied. “This feeling of power I have in my body is the best feeling a man could have.”

“So sex doesn’t feel better than your muscles?”

“Sex doesn’t even compare to this.” Gavin puts his hands on his hips and smiled again. I saw something move in his boxers in my peripheral vision. I wanted to look down but at the same time I didn’t want to. Gavin must’ve caught on wo what I was thinking.

“No it’s okay, you can look down. Both of our masculinities will be intact, I promise,” Gavin said. Yeah, he caught on.

I say “fuck it” in my head and I look down. All I see is a hard cock sticking out the whole of his boxers. It had to be at least 11 inches.

“Pretty neat, isn’t it?” Gavin asked.

“Wait, how did you get it out without using your hands though?” I asked.

“I’ve done it so many times that my cock can pretty much move its way through the hole without destroying my boxers.”

“Without destroying your boxers?”

“Oh, the fun is only beginning.”

Gavin’s already-big cock started to grow longer and thicker, veins started to appear all around like a L.A. Roadmap. His balls started to grow more too, looking like two veiny baseballs. He sure was enjoying this. His cock was slowly inching up his torso passing his abs and to the bottom of his pecs.

“Dude, this feels so good. Having you watch me feels eight times better,” Gavin said.

“I’m not gonna lie, that’s a low-key cool power,” I said.

“Low-key? This power is amazing! I haven’t gotten to my favorite part yet!”

“What else could you do with your body?”

“So many things, but this is my favorite part. Come here, let me show you.”

I walked towards him, while he was happy as can be. I was starting to think he was a little too innocent, but, hey, I don’t even know if this world functioned differently from my world.

“I assume you’re familiar with ejaculation right?” Gavin asked.

“Uh, yes I am,” I replied.

“Watch this.” He grabbed his now-20-inch cock and pointed at the tree I was standing under. I saw his balls contract and veins pulse out and he shot a long stream of cum splattering the tree from like 30 feet away.

“Pretty cool isn’t it?” he asked. I was shook.

“I’m not gonna lie, that was awesome,” I said. It was the truth.

“What about a machine gun?” He let go of his cock, threw his arms back, and let loose a barrage of cum bullets. Hundreds of little cum pellets were being launched from his cock. I could actually hear each bullet launch from his cock. He did this for like 45 seconds then stopped.

“How was that?” he asked.

“You can do that?!” I asked.

“Yeah, I can even do this!” he ran to the tree at break-neck speed. He dug his hands into the bark and slowly picked from the ground. All of the roots were hanging from the bottom as he held it over his head. He smiled at me and winked and nervously smiled back. He flexed his cock it would be standing up against his pecs. He slammed the tree on top of his cock and his cock completely went through it unscathed. I can see the pleasure in his face.

“Dude, how strong is your cock?” I asked.

“My cock in damn near indestructible. I fucked a lot of things that weren’t women. Thick steel doors, metal pipes, even engines of cars while they were running,” Gavin said. “It’s also my own personal laser!”

“Laser? How so?” I asked. He answered my question by sliding the tree off of his cock and threw it up in the air like 500 feet. He crouched down, closed his eyes and smiled while biting his lips. Don’t tell me he’s about to do what I think he is about to do. He stood straight up, and his cock shot a really big stream of cum upwards to the sky. The cum launched towards the tree, breaking the sound barrier, and completely split it in half. I could see the nut still going upwards passing through clouds and eventually disappear. The remains of the tree began raining down behind Robbie as he stands proudly with his hands on his hips.

“I’m pretty sure that went up into space,” Gavin said.

“So that’s what you mean by laser,” I said.

“Yep, and fun fact that was all precum.”

“Precum?! How?!”

“I can ejaculate on command and do it as much as I want to. If I was to actually properly cum, that tree would’ve drowned in my nut and you wouldn’t be able to see it anymore.”

“I hope you haven’t accidentally killed any girls with this.”

“Oh no I haven’t, I know how to be careful. However, I did launch a couple to the ceiling and plastered them there. Some girls really love my powerful cumshots.”

“Okay, lemme ask you this, do you have a limit of how much you can nut?”

“No, I can cum nonstop for a whole year if I wanted to. However, if I go too long without ejaculating, my cumshots can be a bit explosive. I went three days without cumming and I destroyed a moon in another solar system.”


“Yes, my cumshots are that powerful.”

Normally he would tell me this and I wouldn’t believe him, but the fact that his cock destroyed a tree just now in front of me, I believe it.

“Well, enough showing off for now. It’s getting a little late and we need to find your sister.” Gavin said. Trust me, I didn’t forget about her.

“I don’t even know where she could be in this world,” I said.

“Don’t worry, you made it here, she had to have make it here. We can start looking tomorrow. For now you’ll need food and sleep and you can sleep at my place,” Gavin said. As much as I didn’t want to, I really didn’t have a choice. Since this world is different, for all I know, there were man eating rabbits in this field, and I didn’t know how money worked either.

“All right, thanks. Where do you live?” I asked.

“In a neighborhood not too far from here. Does Colorado have motor vehicles?” Gavin asked.

“Yeah, we got them! What type do you have?”

“Lemme show you.” He runs to his bag and pulls out a set of keys. He isolates a small button panel and hits a button. I can hear a car or something come near us. I hear it approach us but don’t see it. I turn around and see a superbike with nobody on top coming towards us. It did a stoppie in front of us.

“How good are you at driving bikes?” Gavin asked.

“The best in Colorado,” I said. I’m lying like a motherfucker.

“Well, hop on, I’ll lead you back to my house”

“Lead, like pointing me where to go?”

“No, Follow me. I can run as fast as that bike can go.”


I hopped on and revved it. It reminded me like my uncle’s Ducati but it was not. Instead it was some kind of brand I never heard of, though it seemed like a normal enough motorcycle otherwise.

“All right, whenever you’re ready, I’ll start running and you’ll follow.”


Gavin started to run and I followed. I wasn’t the best driver but I was decent. He was running at like 60 mph and I kept up, even with the tricky turns. All the time I was taking stock in my head.

So. I passed out and got woken up by a young muscular dude who had a powerful cock. My sister was also somewhere in this world, hopefully. I didn’t even know how long I’d been in this world and I’d already made a friend who knew I was not here with malicious purposes. I just wanted to find my sister and go back home. Hopefully Gavin could help me the way I needed him too. Hopefully the other civilians wouldn’t see me as a evil guy. Hopefully I could find my sister.

Hold on, McKenzie Rossi. I’m coming.

I remember waking up with something moving on my face. I blinked slowly opened my eyes and saw a black wolf in front of me. instincts told me I was in danger. I mediately stood up and back against the tree I was under with a massive headache.

“It’s okay, I won’t hurt you,” a female voice said.

“Who said that?” I yelled out of fear.

“Me!” the voice said. Either I was tripping or the wolf just talked.

“Di—did you just talk?” I asked.

“Yeah, just like any other animal in this world.”

“World? Where am I?” I was in a snowy forest with snow falling down all around us.

“Oh lord, you haven’t developed amnesia have you?” the wolf asked.

“Amnesia? I don’t think so.” I replied.

“What’s your name?”

“McKenzie Rossi.”

“Well, we’re off to a good start. My name is Clara and you’re in Dendrite forest.”

“Dendrite forest?”

“You seem to be lost, little girl. Where is your home?”

“Aurora, Colorado.”

“Aurora, Colorado? I never heard of that place.”

I’m so confused right now.

“Here’s a better question, do you remember how you got here?” Clara asked.

“I was in a run-down facility and got sucked into a wormhole or portal of some kind,” I replied. There was no way she was going to believe that.

“Portal? … The legend is true?”


“I’ll tell you later, right now we have to get you out of this snow. That torn jacket is not going to be any help.” I had a pink and black sweatshirt with a dragon on it that Caleb got for me for my birthday and it was torn to shreds. So yeah, the jacket was clearly not working.

“There’s a network of caves in tourmaline mountain. There some people that will probably help you.” Clara said. She immediately dove her head below my legs and positioned me on her back.

“Hold on tight,” Clara said. For a wolf her size she was surprisingly strong. She ran towards the tall snowy mountain. I held on like I was riding a mustang. She sprinted nonstop for like 20 minutes before we got to the bottom of the mountain. She stopped at the bottom and looked back at me.

“Before I go up here, I have to warn you. These people don’t take kindly to humans. I’m one of the few who does,” Clara said.

“Are they gonna try to kill me?” I asked.

“No, but they’ll berate you, so I hope you have thick skin.”

“I was the roast queen back at home, I’ll be fine.”

She positions me back on her back, and she runs up the mountain. She jumped up a couple boulder that were sticking out. I didn’t expect this mountain to be like that. We passed a minecart that was broken down and had a broken chest inside of it. I guess there some history on this mountain I don’t know about.

She turns a corner and there’s a hole with two blue mountain lions guarding it. She slows down and approaches them slowly. I lock eye contact with one of them and it gets into a defense mode.

“Halt! Clara, what is this human doing here?” one guard asked.

“Drake, Duncan, I found this little girl passed out and she’s hurt,” Clara said.

“Clearly she’s not smart to be passed out by this mountain. Run along, little girl, before you get killed,” Duncan said. He began to walk towards us growling and looking me dead in the eyes.

“Wait, I’m not from these parts. I was sucked into a portal and crash landed here,” I said. I feel like I fucked up by saying that since it would give them an even better reason to kill me. Duncan walked towards us and stopped in front of my face. I gave him a face of fear as to not kill me so soon hoping that would work. He began sniffing all over me and backed up.

“She checks out, she doesn’t smell like those other putrid humans,” Duncan said. My anxiety dropped a little bit. Only a little bit.

“Our leader Alexander could probably help you,” Drake said.

“Thanks,” I said out of fear.

“Just don’t get comfortable,” Duncan said.

Duncan walked back to his spot and Clara walked in the cave with me still on her back. It was like a network of caves inside one cave. By the entrance it was just a big empty space with all different types on animals hanging out. Ostriches, mice, coyotes, deer, even rainbow colored squirrels running around in a line. There were multiples holes in the walls that each animal would go into like their own room. The only light source were torches hanging from the walls and few hanging fires on the ground. Towards the back of the “lobby” there was an incline with a sign that says “Alexander’s and Griff’s Den” beside it. Clara started walking towards the sign and I could feel the tension I was getting from these animals staring at me. Everything went silent, and I tried my best to not make eye contact with these animals. I could see the looks I was receiving from my peripheral vision. They didn’t even make an effort to try and hide the shit talking.

“What the hell is Clara doing with a human on her back?”

“Maybe she’s going to feed her to her kids.”

“What a stupid looking girl.”

“Dumbass Bitch got captured.”

“Y’all leave that little girl alone!”

“She’s kinda cute, I’m not gonna lie.”

“Griff is going to make mincemeat out of her.”

I was trying not to smile because I’ve heard worse back in Colorado, but I was also nervous because were they right? Is Clara just tricking me so she could feed me to her kids? Is Griff going to make mincemeat out of me? Am I going to die without ever seeing my brother again? Is my brother alive back at home? Did he land here in this world too? Too many questions raced through my mind as we walked up this incline,

“And if you’re wondering, no I’m not going to feed you to my kids, we still have plenty of sheep in our den we can eat,” Clara said. Thank god.

We approached the end of the hallway and there’s an entrance way with a boulder blocking it. This had to be Alex and Griff’s room.

“Get off and knock on it,” Clara said. I got off and knocked on the boulder. Five seconds later a voice answered.

“Who is it this time?” the voice asked. He had a little gruff Australian voice on him. It was basically MK9 and MKX Kano’s voice.

“Clara. I have a hurt human who I found passed out in the snow,” Clara answered.

“Tell that human to get lost we don’t help them and you know that,” the voice replied.

“She said that she came from portal and found herself here.”

Ten seconds go by and the voices replies. “Come again, Clara?”

“I said, this little girl claims she came from a portal and found herself here.”

“Hold on…”

Five seconds later I hear a button being pressed and the boulder get lowered into the ground. I look back up and see an old wild yak staring at me.

“Is this true, young lady?” the yak asked.

“Yes it is,” I replied. He squinted his eyes and looked at me more intensely.

“All right then, come in. Let’s talk.” I walk into his room and the yak hits the button to put the boulder back up.

“I’ll be back to check on you,” Clara said as the boulder was being lifted back up.

“Come sit.” I turned around and saw the yak sitting on a felt of some kind. I walked towards him and took a look at my surroundings. There were a couple bales of hay and a table with a pen and some writing on a piece of paper. I sat down on the cold hard ground which is stone.

“So let me get this straight young one. You came from a portal?” the yak asked.

“Yes. I was in a run-down facility with my brother and a portal opened and I got sucked in.”

“Did your brother get sucked in too?”

“That’s the million-dollar question. I don’t know if he’s here or still at Colorado.”

“Colorado? That’s the name of your home?”


“What’s your name little girl?”

“Kenzie. McKenzie Rossi.”

“Alexander. Alex for short.”

He got up and started to pace around the room. This is where my anxiety levels began to rise again.

“Consider yourself lucky little girl. We usually don’t associate humans but you’ve piqued my interests,” Alex said.

“How come you guys despise humans so bad?” I asked. I was scared asking that question, not going to lie.

“Most humans are stupid and only care about themselves. Selfish things. Luckily there are a couple we trust you’ve just became one of them, especially with the legend is now true.”


“Legend says that the former leader of this region came from a portal and led our nation to salvation. He’s dead now and his Granddaughter is in charge.”

“So maybe I need to go talk to her?”

“It is a possibility that she may know some things, but before you go to her you’ll want to talk to my apprentice first.”


“Griff. He’s on top of this mountain. Nowhere near the peak though. He’s been trying to find out about the legend himself through research and questioning. That paper you saw earlier are actually his notes and he could be closer with you here now.”

“Cool! Where is he?”

“Climb that ladder over there, he’ll be at the top.”

I got up and walked towards the ladder and started to climb up.

“Better be careful. He’s special,” Alex said. I’d dealt with many thugs and criminals all looking for the same thing me and Caleb were looking for. I was sure I’ll be fine.

I reached the top and climb off the ladder. It was snowing even harder up here. Behind me was a stone wall with holes. What caused the holes? I started to walk slowly, grabbing my torn jacket, which kept trying to fly off of me. I’d walked maybe like 15 steps before seeing a figure in front of me.

“You risk much seeking answers from a person who hates his own people,” the figure said.

“The only thing I have is my life,” I replied.

“Well then, you’ll lost that too!” the person turned around and threw a knife at me at supersonic speed. I quickly ducked and the knife collided with the wall behind me. The one that had the holes on it. So that’s where the holes came from.

“Huh, very few humans are able to dodge that. I might have some fun with you.” The person stepped out of the shadows and revealed his body. He was human! An actual human! He had long black hair reaching down to his shoulders and had a rough beard and moustache. He was shirtless, revealing his six-pack abs and a big chiseled chest. He had I’m guessing tribal tattoos running up his arms and chest. He had shorts that were damn near ripped and revealing almost all of his thighs and Walmart versions of Black timberlands.

“Hold up, you hate humans? Aren’t you human?” I asked.

“Yes I am, but I cannot stand the others. Selfish, weak, pathetic things. But you might be an exception. I’ve heard the conversation you had with Alex and I want to test your might,” the person said.

“So you want to fight me?” I was not ready for this.

“Yes. I, Griff Ludden, will fight you. If you win I’ll answer all of your questions and you’ll have my protection. If I win, you’ll be banished from Tourmaline mountain and Dendrite Forest, never to return again,” Griff yelled. He raised his hand waved it around and it stopped snowing. The knife also returned to his hand in the air.

Okay, I was not prepared for this one bit. I was really about to fight an almost naked muscular dude who has powers while I’m starving. Not even 45 mins into being in this world and I’m already fighting for my life. What the hell have I gotten myself into? Luckily him stopping it from snowing made my jacket not try to fly from me, so that’s one less distraction. Again not even 45 minutes in this world, I’m already annoyed.

I was wondering who was going to make the first move, but that question was answered when he summoned a bow out of nowhere and rapidly shot arrows in my direction. I quickly dodged a couple and dove behind a random stone stocking out of the ground. He kept shooting arrows at the stone as if they would eventually go through. I was able to grab a couple off the ground and come out from the other side and threw them at his direction. He stopped shooting arrows to see my failed attempt at throwing arrows but they all missed. Luckily I had one arrow in my jacket and I ran up to try and stab him. He saw what I was doing and fired a couple arrows in my direction. I dodged them by sliding on the ground, diving sideways and rolling to recover and I stabbed him in the stomach with the arrow.

Or at least I attempted to…

The sharp end of the arrow exploded on impact against his rock-hard abs. I looked at his face to see him laughing. He grabbed my wrist, held me up, and delivered a punch to my guy that sent my flying back. What the actual fuck?

“I think Alex forgot to mention, I’m the protector of this mountain. I’ve trained my body to become damn near indestructible,” Griff said. Well, that explains a lot.

“Then how in the hell am I supposed to win?!” I asked.

“Figure it out! Until then…”

He threw his hand in the air and summoned a sword with a black blade and a white hilt. He spun it around a couple times and came charging at me. I’m so fucked.

One thing Caleb always taught me was to keep my weapons on me in case of emergencies. The only weapon I carried were brass knuckles I bought at a boxing convention, so I quickly took those out and put them on my hands. He swung at my head. I ducked and quickly threw an uppercut to his chin. That caused him to stumble back a couple steps. I didn’t think that would work. He gained composure and swung downwards towards my shoulders. I dove to my right and immediately got back up to run. He began chasing me and I automatically knew he was toying with me because I wasn’t sprinting and he could’ve easily caught up to me. I dove behind a boulder and three seconds later he turned the corner, but I wasn’t there. I climbed to the top of the boulder out of sight and kicked him in the face. He dropped the sword and I quickly kicked away from him. That kick bruised him in his cheek.

“Huh. You’re a smart little girl, most humans would be dead right now,” Griff said. At least he gave credit where it was due.

“I fight for my life almost every day back at home. Too many criminals to deal with,” I replied.

“Okay, you’re not a rookie, but this is where your story will end.”

He threw his arms in front of him so I thought he was going to summon a scythe or like a chainsaw but what he did next was three times more surprising. Remember the tattoos I mentioned earlier? They started to glow a light green. He threw his arms back and his arms grew. Not like grow longer, but his muscles got bigger. He was already a fairly buff guy but now he was getting bigger. His biceps became like a small basketball and his shoulders became bowling balls. I saw his abs pop out more one by one and his pecs jut out like watermelons. His thighs grew thicker and began to rip the shorts he had on and his calves were like veiny footballs. By the time he was done he was sweating and I saw veins everywhere.

“So, what, I’m supposed to be scared that you got all big and swole? You know how many bootleg Banes I’ve fought? I’m not scared!” I said. Well, that was cap. I was a little scared.

“You should be, little one,” Griff said. He walked to one of the boulders and lifted it from the ground. Keep in mind these boulders are literally wedged into the mountain. Not even a construction crane could lift one of those out of the ground. He tossed the boulder towards me and I dove out of the way. Before I could even recover and get back up he kicked me in my side and I rolled over like fifteen feet away from where I was. He walked towards me and I gave him another uppercut but he didn’t even move. That dented my brass knuckles. He grabbed me by my neck and lifted me up and punched my face multiple times. I was screaming in pain but he didn’t tend to care. He then treated me like a football and dropped me and immediately kicked me in my stomach and I flew again. I felt like crying because that shit hurt but I wasn’t going to go down like a bitch. I slowly got up beaten and destroyed. I was slouched over grabbing my right arm with bruises and blood everywhere and breathing heavily.

“What?! You’re still standing?” Griff asked, shocked.

“Y-Yeah, I’ve b-b-been through worse than this,” I replied. Again, that was crap. I mean I’ve been shot, but not nearly beaten to death. This was worse than being shot.

“You truly are a formidable warrior. But I have one more trick up my sleeve.” What else could he have to kill me with? I was expecting like an elemental axe or like an even bigger sword like some final fantasy type shit. Nope. I was completely wrong.

What happened next? In a split second his cock ripped through his shorts and stood at attention. It had to be at least 19 inches with his 6’5” frame (I don’t know, I’m just guessing). It just kept growing longer and thicker till it got to the bottom of his chin. I was beyond confused as to what happening here.

“So what, you got a big penis?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” Griff replied. Without him even touching it his nearly 2 foot cock lowered down and was pointing directly at me. The tattoos on his skin started to glow again and I could see and feel the wind circle around him. What in the Dragonball type shit is going on? That question was answered when I saw a light green ball of energy began to develop on the tip of his cock. The energy grew endlessly as I felt the wind grew stronger around us. My hair kept getting in my face from the wind. Hell even the trees were getting winded.

“I guess there’s no way out of this one, huh?” I asked myself. I looked around for some kind of failsafe. I was backed against a wall so I really didn’t have much room too move around in. But I saw the hole in the ground where I climbed up from. I’m about to fool this man.

“Any last words little girl?” Griff asked.

I responded with a middle finger.

Last flash!!!” Griff yelled. If he wanted to say “Final Flash” he could’ve. I saw the beam coming towards me. If I don’t do this right I will die. Whoop dee fucking doo. I waited to till it was at least five feet away from me and I quickly dove into the hole, crashing down against the walls and fell on the ground. I’m pretty sure I cracked a few more ribs from that. I heard the explosion from his blast collide with the wall on the way down. I had more blood pour on to the ground. Alexander saw me and we locked eye contact for a split second. I smiled with missing teeth and blood pouring from it. I climbed back onto the ladder and climbed up as fast as I could with one arm. I could see the rubble smoke from the blast so I had time to get back up before the smoke cleared. I got up and was struggling to stand up. The smoke cleared and I saw Griff standing there stunned to see me barely standing.

“Y-you survived that?” Griff asked.

“Hell y-ye-yeah,” I replied. I raised my fist in the air and a sign of victory and I saw my vision go black. I dropped to my knees and then collapsed onto the stone ground and passed out…

I followed behind this man while he ran in front of me for a good 30 minutes before we’ve arrived to a house. It was really more a beach mansion, but I digress. Whatever the fuck that means.

“All right, this is my place. You can rest here and we can start searching tomorrow,” Gavin said.

“This is some L.A. Hills type house right here,” I said.

“I don’t know what the L.A. hills are but I’m assuming they’re good.” If only he knew how they really were. Especially with that car dealer. Mark I think is his name?

“huh, I just realize Quinn isn’t here,” Gavin said.

“Quinn?” I asked.

“Quinn Volante. He’s my best friend and my roommate.” His last name is Volante? I thought. What is he, an Aston Martin?

“Lemme guess, he’s a muscle fanatic too, huh?”

“Yeah, but not as much as I am. Come on. Lemme show you inside.”

I got off the bootleg Ducati and headed towards the front door. As I looked he didn’t have a garage and not really too long of a driveway. I mean as fast as he can run, why would really need a car? Why does he have a bike to begin with? I walked through the guided sidewalk and through the double wooden doors. Bro. This guy is clearly living good bro. I see in front of me flight stairs leading towards the second floor with a nice crystal chandelier but that’s not the best part. Beside that to the left is a room full of arcade machines. Bunch of games exclusive to this world because I haven’t seen a single Halo machine or a Mario kart machine yet. To the right was a path to everything else. Living room with a big ass TV, nice kitchen with a whole floor to ceiling shelf of alcohol, also doorways that lead to an inside pool and hot tub.

“Hold up, you’re literally seconds away from the beach yet you have a pool and a hot tub next to your living room?” I asked.

“Well, duh. I can’t go all out whenever I want when there’s kids around,” he replied. I looked in the room again and saw white stuff on the walls. Yeah I guess it makes sense for him.

“Speaking of hot tub, you really need to try it out later but first you gotta eat something,” Gavin said.

“All right, what you got in your pantry?” I asked.

“Nah, I’m not the cooking type. But I can order the best pizza in existence. I’m assuming there’s pizza in Colorado?”

“I am familiar with pizza.”

“Great! I’ll order it real quick. You can check out the room upstairs, second door to the right.”

I headed upstairs and went into the room he told me to go into. It was nice, little simple room with a queen sized bed in the middle with two bedside tables on both sides and a TV hanging in front of the bed. Each table had a lamp with one of them having a digital clock. The closet was pretty huge, I could store a warehouse full of contraband in it. I checked the bathroom out and it was sorta normal. There was a sink outside and inside the shower. Don’t really know why that’s there but whatever.

I noticed that I was starting to smell and my clothes were beyond dirty. Bad part is, I couldn’t take a shower since I didn’t have a change of clothes and I doubted Gavin just has some ready for me. There was a random chair in the room and I sat down on it. There was too much going on in my mind. I was asking myself questions that were already answered.

“All right, pizza is here,” Gavin said as he walked in.

“Already? How they here so fast?” I asked.

“They always take no more than 5 minutes deliver here.”

“Damn, it usually takes like 20-30 minutes to get delivered where I’m from.”

“Jeez, Colorado must be slow, but come eat. You’ll feel so much better,”

“I will but I need to take a shower first.”

“Shower? Just use the hot tub. It’s a much faster way to clean yourself.”

I looked at him with a confused expression. “How…?”

“Just trust me on this. The pizza is getting cold.”

He walked out. I looked back in the bathroom, shut off the light and walked back downstairs. I saw the four large pies that Gavin ordered, wondering why the fuck he ordered four pizzas.

“So I ordered four because I know for a fact we’re both hungry,” Gavin said. He either read my mind, or I made an obvious face. I mean I’m hungry but I’m not that hungry. He took two boxes and ran upstairs.

I didn’t even question it. I opened one box and saw the usual pepperoni. I didn’t question that either. I took a slice and took a small bite out of it and I realized that Dominoes, Costco, and Little Caesar’s didn’t have anything on pizza from this joint called “Banks Pizza”. I don’t who this Banks was but whoever they were they made some bomb ass pizza. Before I knew I was destroying that pizza like Luffy and Goku destroy food themselves. I ended eating that whole 8-piece pizza by myself and I didn’t even get full. I wasn’t going to pig out and eat the other box, though, even though I desperately wanted to.

Fifteen minutes went by and Gavin came back downstairs with the two empty boxes. Guess he really was that hungry.

“That’s all you ate? I thought you’d eat more than that,” Gavin said.

“So you managed to eat two boxes in a span of 15 minutes?” I asked.

“Hell yeah, gotta to keep the muscle up.” I guessed that made sense… “Now it’s time for us to go relax in the hot tub.”

“You gotta any spare trunks?

“Trunks? You gotta go in naked.”

My heart dropped. Ex-fucking-scuse me? “Naked?” I asked.

“Yeah dude. Feels 20 times better.”

I would’ve protested but I remembered the situation I was in. I had to stay on his good side, whether or not the things we did were unnatural.

I opened the door to the pool room and walked towards the hot tub. I looked behind and Gavin was already naked, muscles on full display. I saw the shreds of his clothing on the ground to next to him. How did I not hear him rip his clothes? I reluctantly took my converses, shorts and shirt and slowly went in. Three steps later and I was chest deep in it. I sat on the far end while Gavin followed and sat across from me.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” Gavin asked.

“I mean yeah, but I still don’t get how this was supposed to clean—” I stopped myself as I saw the dirt on my body just slowly disappear. I could even feet the dust and grime on my face go away.

“How—how is that possible?!” I asked.

“See? I told you it would clean you!” Gavin said. He really wasn’t lying.

“This feels amazing!”

“Yeah, I can tell.” Gavin looked down and gestured at me. I look down out of curiosity and saw I had a full hard on. Fuck. My. Life. I immediately covered my crotch with my hands and looked down completely embarrassed. Is that why he wanted me to go in naked?

“Hahaha, you look cute when you blush,” Gavin said. I did not know how to respond to that. “You don’t have to hide your boner dude, I have one too. It’s not gay.” I fucking beg to differ, I thought.

I looked down at him and I could see the head of his cock was sticking out of the water. His cock had to be at least 13 inches long. At this point I got curious and reluctantly uncovered my crotch.

“Gavin, I gotta know. How did you get this power you have now?” I asked.

“Geez, that was out of nowhere. You really want to know?” Gavin asked.

“Yes I do.” Only because I have to learn to get comfortable around him and this is step one.

“Well this dates back a few years when I turned 18,” Gavin said.

“How old are you now?” I asked.

“21. Everybody in this world has the power to manipulate their muscles and cocks, yet most choose not to.”

“Is there any reason for that?”

“I guess most people just don’t want to have to deal with it every day. Me, my best friend, and a couple other people chose this lifestyle and I can say I control it the best.”

“So if people use it for the first time, it can be bad?”

“It could either be bad, good or in my case, really messy.”

“What happened your first time?” I think I’m gaining more of his trust now. I just have to keep it going.

“I used to be a bodybuilder in my teen days, but since I gained this power I just build my body the easy way by growing at will. I remember I was competing in the teen division in downtown Emerald coast in the Azurite stadium. It just so happened to be my birthday too. My best friend and roommate was backstage when this feeling hit me.”

“What was this feeling? Nervousness? Confidence?”

“I’d like to think it was determination. I walked on stage and dominated the competition. Nobody up there was as muscular as I was. Every pose I had hit, my muscles became more defined then they ever were. Biceps were huge mountains of muscle, thighs as big as F1 tires, Abs looked like a fresh large set of rolls, I was unstoppable.” I could see his cock start to lengthen as he began flexing to show me what he was talking about. Time to push him a little bit more.

“I assuming you won all first places then,” I said.

“I brought home so many trophies that day, I have a whole trophy room just from that. But that wasn’t even the best part. After I won the audience demanded an encore from me. So I obliged. I hit pose after pose after pose and they loved it. I had the same feeling I had with my friend from earlier and it hi me harder than it did before. And I sorta went overboard.”

“Did you go crazy and kept flexing nonstop?”

“Well, I’d like to believe that’s what would’ve happened if my cock didn’t go into hyperdrive. I hit a an abdominal and thigh pose and my cock tore through the speedo I had on.”

“In front of hundreds of people?”

“More like hundreds of thousands of people. This was an outside field like used for football games.”

“You were really embarrassed weren’t you?”

“Well, I would have been if the crowd hadn’t gone wild. Like, beyond wild.”

“Beyond wild for a person whose cock bust through their posers?”

“Hell yeah. It was the best feeling I ever had in my life. Having the crowd cheer me on when I’m standing in the middle of a football sized arena was awesome. I kept posing with my cock standing in its 9 inch glory. Basically the size of your cock.” I blushed again.

“The feeling one more time and hit even harder. I hit a double bicep and I could see my biceps grow. They were 17 inches and grew to a veiny 20 inches. I could feel my abs began to pop out one by one and my pecs became basketballs. My legs grew thicker. It felt like I had 2 SUV’s for legs.” I noticed he began growing to simulate that event for me. He was clearly having fun telling this story which was exactly what I needed.

“My cock was the last one to grow but when it did, the pleasure was astronomical. I could feel each vein pulse and lengthen as it began to pass my abs. The crowd cheering for me only made cock grow more, it was harder than titanium steel and bigger than a soda can. I was leaking pre as my cock slowly grew past my pecs. The crowd were loving every bit of it just as much as I was. Then I exploded!” Gavin’s cock grew more and more out of the water and stood straight up.

“Exploded?” I had a good feeling what that meant.

“One dude began yelling ‘cum’ ‘cum’ ‘cum and eventually it grew into a chant and the whole crowd was saying it. That threw my cock into mega-hyper overdrive. Suddenly my cock exploded. my load then didn’t even compare to what it is now. I started shooting rapid fire cumshots like a minigun, the one I showed earlier. It flew high into the air and landed in back in the stadium on me, the crowd, and all over the ground. The crowd kept asking for more so I pushed and my cock blasted a giant beam of cum into the sky. It looked like a I was launching a giant laser beam into the sky. It might as well have been that because I broke the sound barrier and it apparently put a hole in another planet in space. I was having the best feeling ever known.”

I was half expecting him to shoot like he did in the story but instead he shot a long stream of cum and splattered all over the ceiling.

“Ever since then I became a public figure but people are nice enough to give me my privacy. My roommate has been helping me control my power ever since. I remember I accidentally destroyed a hotel from prematurely cumming.”

“You said your best friend also uses this power?”

“Yes, but not nearly as much as I do.”

Okay, well, I know how he got this way. So he put a hole in a moon and a planet with his nut and he’s a public figure. That’s weird, though—I hadn’t seen any billboards of him. I laid my head back and looked at the cum splattered on the ceiling. I also noticed the slight dent from the spot he hit.

“Well, back on the topic for your sister where could she be at?” Gavin asked.

“She does love clothing, and the city. For some reason…”

“Nice! We can start for Apatite city tomorrow! Maybe we’ll run into Quinn over there.”

We stayed in the hot tub for like two hours before it got finally got dark outside. Gavin drifted asleep in the middle of a conversation, and I just let it happen. I got my naked slim body out of the water. I got to the door and looked back at the naked hulk with a cock sticking up to his chest. I couldn’t help but smile and chuckle a bit. I grabbed my clothes and put them back on. I was gonna sleep fully clothed if I had too.

I got into the bed and shut off the light and closed my eyes.

I had trouble sleeping, due to the fact that I’m really in this world looking for my sister. I guess this is karma. We really should’ve just left the abandoned facility alone…


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