Site Update 14 November 2020
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Site Update: 14 November 2020

This week is the Vignette Party, which is where I write shortish, one-scene(ish) stories based on suggestions from my higher-tiered Patreoneers. This time around I’m very happy with the results: a new chapter of “Field Agent”, about the FBI agent who got turned into a humantaur, plus two new stories: “Cum and Grow”, about a highway convenience store with a difference, and a beach-house quarantine edition of the Four Jocks series. Hope you like. There’s a lot of other great stuff down there, too, so check it out.

Next update is 28 November. I’m not planning a Thanksgiving theme, but if those of you who want to contribute stories include a Thanksgiving angle I won’t mind at all. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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