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Saturday Flashback Phat Lats
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Saturday Flashback: Phat Lats

This week’s trip through the muscle archives celebrates the latissimi dorsi, those beautiful wings that some guys grow as wide as anything, especially around here. They make a good bodybuilder into an amazing bodybuilder, but my favorite is seeing lats on a defined, moderately built guy just peeking out at you between his arms and his sides as he’s just standing there in front of you. Peek-a-boo lats like that, clothed or not, are a special gift to the aficionado of raw, masculine beauty.

Next update is 14 November, and it’s a Vignette Party. Patreoneer suggestion posse, give me your one-scene suggestions! In the meantime, thanks for visiting and—whoa, suggestion posse, there’s a story idea I need to jot down for future use…

Posted: 7 November 2020

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