by Krisiar

 Trapped by a snowstorm at an underheated family cabin in northern Manitoba, Henry and Will stumble across a hidden sauna in the woods while out looking for wood. It turns out someone out there wants to help out guys like Henry and Will who could do with a little size improvement.

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It was another cold day in western Manitoba, and Henry and Will were freezing… almost literally. They’d gone up to the cabin for spring break, and now instead of it deciding to stay sunny and a little warm and clear for everyone, the weather took a turn for the worst and snowed, dropping the temperature below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Henry’s teeth chattered as he boiled soup on the stove.

“Man, and we can’t even get out of here if we wanted to,” said Henry, moving the pot back and forth over the weak gas flame. “That road up here is snowed out for sure.”

“Dammit, man,” said Will, snuggled in a blanket at the table. “I’m sorry for dragging you up here. I had no idea this place had no heating! My parents haven’t used this place for years.”

“Why in the hell would they even build a place like this out here? This place is ancient,” said Henry, looking at the walls. The paint was peeling. The cabin was easily over a hundred years old.

“I dunno,” said Will.

Outside, the snow blew harder and harder. The wind rustled the tops of the pine trees. This far north, there was nothing but pine trees and firs for as far as the eye could see. Will, slight and frail, never having much meat on his bones, pulled the blanket in tighter for warmth. He was painfully thin, not one solitary muscle to his name, and on a weekend like this, he would’ve been glad to have just a little bit of fat on him even, just to help. Luckily, he was short—about five foot five—and so the blanket covered his feet, too, which were among the coldest parts of his body.

“How much longer on that soup?” he asked Henry.

“Jesus, I don’t know if it’ll ever heat up,” Henry said back. “Nothing up here’s electric.”

Will knew this was true. This cabin, so his parents said, was built by lumberjacks who logged all year round up here back in the 1900s. They were probably the most profitable lumberjacks to ever live in Canada, felling trees left and right, working harder than anyone in the wilderness. With all the money these men had made, one might have thought that they would have put more into building a cabin than just a few wood beams, a door, and a few windows. Will was sure that a few of them must have gotten into accidents and died on this very property, their spirits living on in the trees—or so the legends went. Lumberjacks never die, they just keep kicking around the forests.

“Fuck it, it’s not getting any hotter,” said Henry, shutting off the gas. “Just wasting money at this point. Let’s go out and get some wood and make a fire.”

Henry already had three layers of clothing on—not much bigger than an average man, seeing as how Henry was just as skinny as Will, if not thinner, and was even shorter at 5’3”. They were just two little guys toughing out the worst Spring Break they’d ever known.

But they had to go get wood, and there was a woodpile out back near the tree line. Neither of them wanted to go into the blistering cold storm out there, but they knew they had to. So Henry and Will found some boots in the closet, put on their overcoats and braced themselves for the onslaught of remaining winter. They trudged out through the several inches of snow, found the woodpile, and began stacking logs into their hands.

Through the snow, Will thought he saw something in the forest. It wasn’t an animal or anything—it was a building. He pointed it out to Henry, who looked over.

“Hey, it looks like a sauna,” he said, squinting through the blizzard.

“That’s right!” said Will, getting so excited he almost dropped his load of firewood. “My parents mentioned that before I left! They just installed a new electric sauna out there in the woods! It should be hotter than any fire we’d make in the house!”

“God dammit!” yelled Henry. “Why didn’t you remember this before?”

But Henry wasn’t really mad. In fact, they just dropped all of the firewood into the snow and bolted straight for the sauna. There was a little gully on the way there, and both Henry and Will slipped going down into it, getting their pants soaked with snow. They stumbled through the pines and made their way up to the tiny structure of the sauna. It looked like it couldn’t accommodate more than three people, but they were just two, Henry opened the door and looked inside.

“Looks clean. Let’s do this!”

But Will was looking on the door. There was a strange inscription, it looked like a big axe, but it was hard to explain how Will saw it—one moment, it appeared faintly, and then it disappeared, but it still felt like it was there. He leaned to the side and saw it as clear as day, and then in a blink it had vanished again. He didn’t think much of it—maybe it was the cold getting to his head. He walked on in to the sauna with Henry and closed the door against the cold.

“Wow,” said Henry as he took off a few layers. “It’s actually warm in here already.”

“It must be constantly staying at a temperature. Must be a thermostat back in the house,” said Will. “Anyway, come on, let’s get started!”

“Shit,” said Henry. “We forgot water.”

Just as soon as Henry said that, Will noticed a bucket of water and a ladle in the corner, down near the rocks. Will hoisted it up onto the bench and cranked up the heat on the timer. The sauna instantly began to heat up, so Will and Henry shucked their layers and layers of clothing, just discarding them on the floor, until they were down to their boxers.

Henry and Will regarded each other. They were both pathetically thin, as they knew they were. Their nipples were tiny brown dots on featureless torsos, and they had no hair to speak of whatsoever, even though they were both 19. Their legs were just a hairless and spindly, and their feet were tiny, not even a dusting on the legs, where most boys have some by the time they’re fifteen at least. Their pits were the only place where they had even a meager amount of hair, and of course their backs and necks and delts had no definition whatsoever; they were just as bland and pale as any other part of the boys’ bodies.

They sauna was heating up, and Will let Henry do the honors and put the first ladleful of water on the rocks. They hissed and steam roiled up, beginning to fill the sauna with a soothing haze.

“Feels great already,” said Henry, settling himself into a corner.

“Ah, one ladle’s not enough,” said Will. “Let’s get it going for real!”

And Will leaned over to the bucket and put at least three more onto the rocks. Steam curled up and dispersed, evening out through the tiny wooden room. It got hot and sultry straight away, but it felt great—anything but the horrible cold outside.

“Man, kudos to your parents,” said Henry, relaxing finally. “I could stay in here all day.”

“Hey, Henry?”


Will looked nervous. But eventually he asked Henry, “It’s going to be gross sitting in here in our boxers. Can we just… you know—”

“Take them off?” finished Henry.

“Yeah. Come on, it’s just us!”

“Yeah, I guess. Otherwise, yeah, these are going to get real gross. Good call.”

So the two boys slipped their drawers off and tossed them into their clothes, which were in a heap by the door. Neither of them tried to look at what the other was packing, but both Henry and Will were just as meagerly endowed in the dick department as they were with the other parts of their bodies: mediocre at best, but very smooth. At least their balls had dropped at the right time, they could say that, but their dicks—both uncut—were definitely below average, fitting for the rest of their bony, boyish physiques.

“You know,” said Will, leaning back against the wall, sweat already beading on his chest, “Lumberjacks pretty much invented the sauna.”

“Really?” replied Henry, calm and relaxed.

“Yeah,” Will said, “At least, the Scandinavians did. The Finnish, I believe. And then they came over and worked as lumberjacks and ditchdiggers, you know, all that stuff.”

“Those guys had the right idea. This is amazing.”

As the steam wafted around them, weaving in and out of the slats of the benches of the sauna, Will found himself growing more content and comfortable by the second. His muscles were going limp and his head lolled about on his neck. When Henry doused the rocks with another dose of water, Will grinned and slipped into sleep.

The next thing Will knew, he was sitting on a forested hillside. The sun was shining bright, and far off, he heard the sound of axes chopping into trees. Softly, he heard someone far off bellowing “Timberrrrr!” and in the distance he saw the top of one of the towering pines slowly begin to topple.

“Welcome,” came a voice.

Will stood up quickly and turned to see the burliest, tallest backwoodsman he’d ever seen. He loomed over Will, casting a shadow over his spot on the hill. He had a thick red beard, and though he was just wearing a flannel work shirt and jeans, Will could tell that his body was teeming with power and strength. He hefted an axe in his grip, and Will could see his fingers course with muscle as he grabbed on tight to it. This guy was probably the manliest man he’d ever seen.

“Don’t worry,” said the lumberjack. “You’re here for a purpose.”

“What?” asked Will, completely lost.

“We take pity on small men like you.”

“What are… where are we? Who are you?”

“Ha ha ha,” bellowed the lumberjack, his laugh echoing across the landscape. He beamed at Will and put his hand on his shoulder. “That doesn’t matter. Not at all! We simply feel awful when we see a young lad like yourself without any meat on your bones. That’s no way for a man to look. Not at all.”

“So what? So what if I’m small?” asked Will.

“It’s nothing to worry about. Not for long, in any case.”

He winked at Will and turned, traipsing off into the trees after swinging his axe over his shoulder. Will tried to run after him, but suddenly, as always happens, he became completely aware of this world as existing in a dream, and he desperately tried to concentrate on keeping the dream alive. But of course, his effort didn’t pay off, and he gradually saw everything melt away before him and he woke up once again in the sauna, starting a little as he finally felt himself wake up in the toasty sauna just a few feet away from Henry.

“You dozed off,” he said.

“Thanks, I didn’t know,” answered Will jokingly. Still, he was a little perplexed by that dream he’d just had. “How long have we been in here now?”

“You weren’t asleep for more than a minute,” said Henry. “Just got in here. Try to stay awake for the next ten minutes, would ya?”

“Haha. Sure thing.”

Will sat up on the bench, trying to stay awake. But he didn’t have to try—he felt now that he was teeming with a new sort of energy and vitality. Not only was he sure that he could stay awake, he felt more energetic than he did before. Before long, he’d struck up a conversation with Henry, who was lazily trying to lounge in the sauna and couldn’t keep up with Will’s chatter. Will smiled and breathed in heavily, and by the time they decided they were done for now with the sauna, he had quite forgotten about the dream of the lumberjack and that cryptic little message.

“Hey,” said Will as they rushed to the woodpile and picked up the logs they’d dropped, and ran back to the house. “Did you fall asleep in there at all, too?”

“No,” said Henry, pulling the door open, creating a swath of plowed slow on the walk. “Just you.”

“Had a funny dream,” Will remarked.

“Great, now would you get inside so we can stop letting all the cold air in?”

“Cold air’s already in,” Will pointed out. Henry knocked him over the head with a log and pushed him inside, closing the door firmly behind them.

As Henry walked over to the fireplace and dumped the logs everywhere, gathering newspaper to start a real fire, Will felt a rumbling in his stomach. He didn’t realize just how hungry he’d been. They hadn’t been able to heat anything on the stove, so it’d been all chips and beer. But for some reason, Will was eyeing that half-heated pot of tomato soup still sitting on the abandoned burner, and it looked delicious. Anything—he was suddenly starving. He looked over his shoulder to make sure Henry wouldn’t see and he snatched the pot up from the stove and drank all of the soup down, guzzling it so fast and so ravenously that it spilled over the sits of his mouth and dribbled down his chin, staining his shirt. He didn’t stop once to breathe, and when he was done, he needed more. Still looking to make sure Henry was still occupied, he went down the hall to the pantry and opened two more cans of tomato soup, guzzling them down like he was shotgunning a beer. He wiped his mouth afterwards and searched the cupboard for something else quick to eat—he saw a package of hot dog buns, and as soon as he’d ripped it open, he’d stuffed all eight down his throat. Sitting in the corner was an onion, peeling and dry, probably sitting there since a few months ago when his parents had come up. Feeling that this last morsel would tide him over until they could cook something substantial, Will bit into it like an apple, and it tasted delicious. He was so hungry that he couldn’t understand it, but the onion was great, and in less than 20 seconds he had devoured the entire thing and forced himself to walk back to the living room and keep Henry company for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Will opened his eyes to see that the snow was still blowing and the wind was just as merciless. He sighed, feeling a little tight all over. He needed to stretch his legs, get some exercise. Still lying in his bed alone, he let loose an enormous yawn and stretched his arms up high and his legs, curling his toes.

As soon as he did, he realized that his boxers were feeling very small. This was odd, especially since Will had spent the better part of his time in department stores looking for underwear that would actually fit a guy as tiny as he was. So Will pulled down the covers and was shocked at what he saw.

Overnight, he had grown. His boxers weren’t just tight-fitting—they were close to bursting right off of him. Will had always been tiny, but he was now just a little below average, and his underwear was straining to accommodate the change. Will’s waist, once a mere 28”, now was a full 31”, and his legs which had been tiny and weak were now quite beefy, and what’s more, there was hair everywhere. There was a bit of curly dark hair running all up and down his legs, and pulling out the waistband of his boxers, he saw not only a healthy amount of pubic hair sprouting above his dick, but that his cock was no longer pathetic and tiny, but rather, normal. Will jumped out of bed and went to the mirror on the door.

He finally had meat on his bones. These were the legs that he’d always wanted. He didn’t think he had grown very much taller during the night, but he was definitely beefier. He was still wearing the t-shirt he slept in and realized that its effect had been total and widespread: his shirt was fitting tightly, too. He could see the hems at his neck, arms, and waist tight against his skin. He had to see, he simply had to see what was going on up top, and he peeled his shirt off, taking in what had happened to him. His ribs, once visible, now hid under an ample amount of lean flesh. A solid line ran down his belly, though abs had yet to show themselves. His nipples, yesterday tiny and pink, were now the size of quarters, and were brown and pointy to boot, resting on top of a visible amount of muscle on his chest.

“Holy shit,” he whispered to himself. He couldn’t believe it. He ran his hand over his pecs. Not only did they feel solid and fantastic, but he also felt a tiny dusting of hair under his fingers. Was he finally growing chest hair like he’d always tried? Then he felt his arms, which had ghosts of bicep on them and a bit of hair on the forearms. His shoulders were rounded with muscle, too, and they led to traps and a neck that were corded and thick. Excited, he lifted his arms high above his head, and felt truly happy to see a patch of short hair in his armpits. In addition, he revealed that he had lats that fanned out a little behind him, giving a slender (though certainly not very muscular) shape to him. It was too much to handle: he had to try something.

He got down on the floor and tried to do a push-up. Not only did he do one, but he was hardly straining to do it. He did a few more. He did 30 before he was done.

“Christ,” said Will, sitting on the side of his bed, “I haven’t EVER been able to do a single push-up, I’ve always been tiny and weak. What the hell happened to me? Is this going to keep going on? How did this—” And then Will remembered the dream from the sauna. “No… No, couldn’t be—”

But just then he heard a sizzling sound from down the hall… Henry was cooking breakfast, dropping bacon into a pan over the fire… The smell hit Will’s nostrils, and instantly he was filled with another animal-strength appetite. He quickly pulled on a new shirt and got some baggy pants. With a deep breath, he walked down the hall.

“Morning, Henry,” Will said, walking into the kitchen and sitting at the table nonchalantly.

“Hey,” replied Henry. He always took a while to wake up. He was stirring the bacon around in the pan absentmindedly, more out of boredom than need to fry them thoroughly.

“So we got the electricity back on, then?”

“Yeah,” said Henry. “Came back on in the night. Notice how it isn’t freezing anymore.”

After that, Henry concentrated on the bacon, but Will was nervous. How was Henry going to take this unexplainable change? For what turned into three more minutes, Will sat there in his stretching clothes, his too-tight shirt and his riding-up boxers, afraid that any minute he might grow even more and burst right out of them. The smell was what was overpowering him: he needed food, and fast. He wanted to eat every bit of food in the house, but he knew that would mean Henry would starve. His stomach roared.

“I heard that,” said Henry, laughing a little.

“Sorry. You know me and breakfast!” explained Will with a little anxious laugh.

Henry dumped the bacon onto a plate and set it on the table, not really looking at Will, just seeing that he was there. Then, Will saw him crack a half dozen eggs into a bowl and add a bunch of flour and milk. He was making pancakes. Before long, he was whisking the batter, and Will knew he wasn’t going to be able to control himself. He couldn’t wait for Henry to take his share of the bacon. There they were, ten slices of bacon. It would barely be a snack to him, from how his stomach was growling, so unthinkingly he snatched up all ten and shoved them down his throat.

Will was out of control—his hunger was beginning to take complete hold of him. He was starving, his stomach felt empty and teased by that little bit of bacon. Will put his hand over his stomach and felt it growl, vibrating, ordering him. He looked down to his stomach… and saw something odd.

There were two wet spots on his t-shirt, right over where his nipples were. He quickly looked up and saw that Henry was mixing the batter together with a whisk, so he stood up and rushed down the hall quietly enough so that Henry wouldn’t notice, and he went back to his room. He rooted around in his bag for something, anything large enough—and before long he pulled out the only hoodie he’d brought up. He moved his hands to his bottom hem to pull the shirt over his head and take it off, but just as he made to pull up, the shirt tore apart at the back.

“Dear God.”

It wasn’t a large tear, Will found when he looked at the mirror, just a slit up the back. Nevertheless, the shirt was ruined, and he took the shirt off normally. Now, standing there in the bedroom not ten minutes later, he swore he was even bigger. There seemed to be a bigger shadow underneath his pecs than before, and he looked like he might be wider—his lats seemed larger. In any case, the most peculiar thing that was going on was, indeed, happening to his nipples.

They were wet. It wasn’t just something that had dripped onto Will’s t-shirt; no, his nipples were actually secreting something. It wasn’t a lot, it just seemed to ooze out slowly, leak out. Will ran his fingers over his nipples to see what it was, and all of a sudden there was an insane rush of pleasure that coursed through his entire body like an electric current. And while he stood there and took in the most euphoric feeling he’d ever experienced, he watched as his nipples spurted a little bit, firing a tiny thin jet of the unidentified fluid out and onto the mirror. Once the feeling of intense pleasure had passed, Will looked down at his nipples. They appeared normal—just a bit bigger and darker than usual, which was a welcome change, and surrounded with a tiny bit of short hair, which Will also loved. He didn’t understand what was happening to him. Still, ever curious, he bent down and inspected the liquid he had just shot out of his nipples and onto the mirror.

It was rather runny, and translucent. It looked milky, in fact, but it was much less runny than actual milk. Will scraped it up off the mirror with his finger and smelled it. It certainly didn’t smell like pus or anything, so he was grateful this wasn’t some horrible disease. In fact, it smelled salty and sweet, a bit like sweat. He knew he shouldn’t have, but inquisitively he darted out his tongue and tasted it. It tasted just as good as it smelled. And what’s more, it seemed to curb his hunger just a little bit.

“Well, that’s certainly odd. I’ve never even heard of guy’s leaking stuff out of their nipples before.” Will looked at himself again in the mirror. He was definitely bigger than the last time he’d looked, that he was certain of. He was about to turn and put on that hoodie and some sweatpants when at the last minute he noticed something happening to him again.

His nipples were still leaking that fluid, and by now it was dripping onto the lower part of his torso. As the liquid glistened in the light, it also seemed to be somehow absorbed by his stomach. The moment the liquid dripped onto his belly, it rolled down an inch or so and then completely vanished into the skin. But as this all happened, his stomach seemed to contract, to tighten. Having an idea, Will pushed down on his right pec. Sure enough, a steady flow of the fluid began to trickle out, and it all collected on his stomach. Will took his hand off of his pec and rubbed the fluid into his stomach.

Will watched in sheer disbelief as his stomach visibly rippled before his eyes and slowly, gradually, beginning at the top a few abs began to appear. They were very faint at first, but before he knew it they were there, plain as day with no fat to block the view. Whatever this stuff was that was coming out of his nipples, it was making his muscles grow and his body become lean! He knew that he was already too big for any change to go unnoticed for too long, but once again, Will was seized by a need, a desire, an obsession for growth. So he cupped his hand beneath his nipple, pressed down on his pec, and gathered a small amount of the fluid in his hand before tossing it back and swallowing it. It still tasted just as sweet as before.

He watched his hand, with fluid still left on it, tremble a little before bulging and becoming slightly larger. He held up his hands next to each other in front of him: sure enough, the one on the left was a mite bigger and longer, but not by much. But, positioned in front of the mirror still, Will noticed his lips quiver and become full and attractive. What’s more, his teeth became pearly white, and he felt a strange sensation on his tongue. It stayed in his mouth when the reaction ceased and the feeling was no more, but when he stuck out his tongue to examine just what had happened, his tongue dropped to below his chin! It had lengthened by at least two inches, and everything about his mouth had become ideal. His jawline became dramatically defined, and he watched as attractive cheekbones began to jut out from his face.

“Hm. I guess it doesn’t work to ingest it to build muscle,” said Will, but when he said it, he realized that his voice was a little more masculine—not so much deeper, although it was, but a little smoother and less squeaky. “Woah. Guess I shouldn’t drink too much of that stuff. Just rub it on, that’s the trick. But there’s no way I can do too much more! I’ve got to get a hold of myself. Where’s that hoodie again—?”

Will found it lying on the bed. He picked it up, pulled it over his head, and then grabbed his pair of gray sweatpants and pulled them on over his lean, runner-like legs and newly-grown (though still average) cock. He turned to the mirror on the back of the door and looked at himself.

“There. Can’t even tell a difference,” remarked Will in his newly-masculinized voice.

However, from the moment he had disguised himself in his baggy sweatpants and hoodie, he began to feel too hot. How odd, Will thought, since yesterday was just like today and yesterday he was freezing and had to wear multiple layers to stay even remotely warm. And now, in one layer of sweats, he was—well, sweating.

He forgot all about this quickly, though, as his stomach roared, louder than ever before, and Will licked his lips with his insanely long tongue. He opened the door and walked down to the kitchen, where Henry was just pouring a little bit of the batter into a pan on the stove.

“Not quite ready yet,” said Henry. “Just going to cook one little pancake until it gets hot enough.”

“Cool, cool,” said Will, trying to make his voice sound higher. It didn’t work, Henry turned to him.

“Are you all right this morning?” asked Henry. “You sounded awful last night. You were groaning in your sleep. I could hear it from upstairs, right through the ceiling, and I could hear you moving around, the head of your bed knocking against the wall. I half thought you had someone in your bed, you snuck someone in and were fucking them wild!”

“Ha ha!” laughed Will. “Yeah, I wish.”

“Anyway, you sound a little sick today,” said Henry.

Will would have responded, but at that moment, he locked his eyes on the bowl of batter. Henry was only making one pancake—that was enough for him, right? He didn’t even like bacon that much, he hadn’t even said anything about it. It all made sense to Will: Henry was going to make pancakes for him. But he was being too slow, Will needed to eat NOW. He started breathing heavily, and Henry looked a little confused. Was his friend more sick than he’d thought?

“Hey, Will, what’s going on with your hair?”

“What’re you talking about?” asked Will, momentarily distracted from the huge, inviting bowl.

“Your hair, right there,” said Henry, pointing to his bangs, “It’s—It looks like it’s turning red.”

“Pff, no way, I’ve had dark hair my whole life, why would my hair turn red?”

But that was it, that was all Will could take. He had to eat immediately, his body told him. Will got up from the table and walked to the counter so matter-of-factly that Henry didn’t suspect a thing. To tell the truth, Henry thought Will was getting up to see if he could make out his reflection in the window. But before Henry could register what was really happening, Will had grabbed the big bowl with both hands, lifted it up to his mouth, and had guzzled half of the batter in less than five seconds.

“Woah, woah, woah!” yelled Henry. “What’re you doing?!”

Of course, Will couldn’t answer; he was gulping down mouthful after mouthful of the rich, creamy batter, and it felt great to satisfy his hunger. It sloshed around in his belly as he gulped the last of the viscous mixture, dribbling out from the sides of his mouth, he’d swallowed it down so fast. There was still batter stuck to the sides of the bowl, so Will lashed out his impressive tongue and licked up every last bit of batter inside the bowl. Panting and wiping his mouth off with his sleeve, he set the empty bowl back down on the counter and looked at Henry.

“I’m sorry… I’m hungry…” And then Will saw the bottle of syrup on the table, and in one huge squeeze, he had emptied it and slurped down all of the thick, sweet liquid, and with one glance at the two sticks of butter in the butter dish next to the napkins, Will had reached out, scooped it all up in his hand, and eaten it all. With an enormous burp, Will just stood there. “I think… I think I’m good—” He wiped his mouth with his hand again, but this time he felt… he felt stubble. In the last minute he had grown stubble. It was coming out of his upper lip, his cheeks, his neck. Henry just watched as his friend felt his face for some reason. He wanted to ask if something was wrong, but clearly something was, and Henry was too puzzled to vocalize.

“Henry, is it hot in here or what? I’m burning!”

“I… I guess, I… I don’t think so,” was all Henry could say as his friend shucked his hoodie and revealed his great new body. “Holy shit! Will! Will, what the hell is going on?”

“What do you mean?” asked Will, trying to hide his body by folding his arms.

“I saw you in the sauna yesterday, you were… you were nothing like this. We’ve both been skinny and puny forever, and now… Look at you! You’ve got abs, and… and pecs! You have a chest! You look like—I dunno, like you’re an athlete, or someone who actually exerts themselves for a living! How did this happen?”

“I don’t know,” said Will. “All I know is… Oh… Oh man, something’s happening—”

This wasn’t the tingle that Will had felt before when he had rubbed his nipple liquid on his belly or when he had swallowed that handful. This time, it was a straining feeling, like he was being stretched or pumped full of air. It was actually a small bit painful, but for the most part, it felt like he had when he had stretched out of his t-shirt just a few minutes ago.

Henry was able to watch and see everything that was happening to his best friend. First, in the span of about three seconds, Will’s body stretched taller and taller by five or six inches, so now his friend was six feet tall. His sweatpants, which sat on his waist, rose with his body, so now the ankles of his pants were somewhere along his calf. Then, in a flash, all of Will’s dark hair on his head went bright and then became red, deep red, and all along his lean, lithe body, red hair began sprouting out. Freckles started to dot his face and broke out all along his shoulders, chest, and back. Before long, Will had a short red beard, and red stubble was growing all over his chest. A line of red fur straddled the defined line that divided his abs, went past his belly button, and descended into his sweatpants, where curls of deep, dark red were already seeming to creep over the waistline. Then, in a quick explosive second of growth, his feet became enormous—if Henry had to make an estimate, he’d say size 18 easily, which was hard to imagine, since Will was now only about six feet tall and his feet were more than a foot long and super-wide! And what’s more, his feet and legs (or what Henry was able to see if Will’s legs) were now coated in a thick shag of red.

But Henry watched as those toes curled, and Henry looked up to see Will squinting, clearly uncomfortable… and then Henry saw it. It began like a ripple, starting at his neck. Each muscle became outrageously well-defined, lean, and tight, without being bulky. Will’s adam’s apple protrude, manly, underneath the stubbly skin of his neck, which became corded with tight muscle. His delts rose and connected his neck to his shoulders, which became globes of muscle. Then his pecs seemed to inflate, rising with his breath and then not going down. They didn’t become too big—they looked very real, like he’d been training to be in a superhero movie or something. The same thing happened to his biceps: a big muscle the size of a baseball appeared on his arm as Will flexed it, and a horseshoe-shaped tricep bulged out from behind each other, and the rest was flanked by a tight, veiny forearm.

Still descending like a wave, the growth hit Will’s abs. Directly before, the abs had been there, defined, as if Will had skateboarded all his life. But now they were clearly built, bulging actually, and his obliques became like scales on his sides. When will lifted up his arm to see the obliques running along his side, Henry saw his lats flare out behind him like wings, giving him a perfect v-shape as his abs segmented, two by two, right down in a nice group of eight, perfectly square on his stomach. Then Henry watched in awe as an Apollo’s belt etched into Will’s hips, forming an incredibly sexy groove that pointed down into Will’s sweatpants. For how muscular and well-built he was up top, it was unbelievable to watch Will’s waist stay the same, remaining at about 31” as abs and back muscles built more and more.

“Oh, hell,” moaned Will, “My legs… My legs, they feel like they’re in an oven… God… God, I have to get these off—”

Will bent down and tried to shuck off his sweatpants, but Henry saw that he didn’t know his own strength, and he tore them right off of his legs. Right as they were gone, Henry saw muscle begin to bulge and riot all over Will’s ass. His glutes seemed to pulse like two big hearts, growing larger with each beat until they looked like huge cantaloupes hanging off Will’s body, perfect and covered in a dusting of red hair. The rest of Will’s legs were already well-covered in red fur, but they nonetheless also experienced growth, bulging and pulsing much like his ass had and growing into a lean, corded, impressive set of quads and hams, while also building up Will’s calves. That is to say nothing for Will’s cock, which had swollen to about six inches soft and his balls grew to the size of ping-pong balls, hanging low in a sack that was coarse with red hair.

“Oh Christ, I have to… I have to—” groaned Will. Henry was perplexed as to what he meant, but he soon watched as Will pressed down on both of his pecs to release huge globs of white milky fluid out of both of his nipples, which dripped down onto his steely abs. Will ran his hands over the substance and rubbed it onto his cock, which glistened and shined. As Will stroked his cock with this strange lube, Henry noticed Will’s abs get tighter, impossibly bigger, bulging out. It all became more cut, each and every one of them, and his obliques showed it too. If possible, Henry swore his waistline grow by at least an inch.

And if Will’s waistline grew by an inch, when his cock became hard it grew by at least six more inches. Twelves rock-hard inches of dick stood in front of Henry and Will, and Will stroked up and down, sometimes adding more of that mysterious liquid to his cock by milking a nipple… and each time he added more, his cock seemed to get large. He heard a sound like rubber straining to inflate as the cock grew to 13”” 14”” 15”” and thicker all the time. And once it hit 16”, Will began to moan, and he yelled. The yell grew into a bellow that shook the house—cups rattled on the shelves, and the silverware clattered on the table. A few books fell off the bookshelf as Will erupted in a geyser of cum so powerful that it shot straight through the ceiling and up onto the second floor. Spurt after spurt went up through the hole until finally the pressure seemed to relent and a spurt or two landed on Will’s sweatshirt and torn sweatpants down in a heap on the floor.

Henry just stood there, half-terrified, half-aroused.

“Jesus Christ,” he said. Will just eased himself down onto the floor, wiped out, panting. He looked up at Henry, panting.

“I have to tell you about the dream I had in the sauna yesterday,” Will said, his pecs twitching, his nipples now the size of silver dollars, brown and perpetually hard.

Will told Henry the whole story, every minor detail about the dream he’d had in the sauna, about the image he’d seen on the sauna door, and about the irrepressible hunger he’d had since having that very dream. At certain points, some of Will’s cum would drip down from the hole in the ceiling and Henry and Will would laugh about it. But Henry envied Will immediately, and Will could tell.

“I just can’t believe it,” Henry said, looking Will up and down. “Two days ago you were nothing. You were me. You were a skinny beanpole with no muscle, no fat, short and pathetic. And now look at you. You’re some kind of god. You look like you stepped out of a superhero movie. Supercharged, man.”

“I can’t lie,” answered Will. “It does feel good.”

He flexed a bicep—it formed a softball-sized lump. Henry withered. For laughs, he lifted up his own bicep and flexed: it was nothing more than a string of tiny, lean muscle, barely enough for a tendon to take its time to support. His friend was now almost a foot taller than him and easily 250 pounds. Henry, only being about 110, only wished he could have had a dream like Will’s and been imbued with this lumberjack’s blessing.

“Shit, your parents are going to be pissed about that hole in the ceiling.”

“Ha, you think they’ll be pissed when they see what’s happened to me?”

“True,” said Henry. “But that’s just… that’s dangerous that you could knock a hole in a wall just by the force of your own ejaculation. That’s… Shit, I don’t know.”

“It felt great,” said Will. “Like nothing I’d ever felt before. It feels… It feels great to have this power, like I’m a god, or the manliest man alive today. Fuck, I’ve got easily what is the world’s biggest cock, I’ve got muscles I’ve only ever dreamed of, when I walk I feel like these huge feet are shaking the earth, and the force of cum shooting out of my massive dick could probably kill someone… Feels fantastic to be this strong at last.”

He ran a hand over his rock-hard abs, his fingers sweeping the ginger red hairs on his stomach into a uniform direction, leading down towards his superhuman dick. That dick was a foot and a half long, maybe a little less. Even so, it was larger than Henry had ever dreamed a dick could be. He was sitting here with his own dick that was 5”, tops, when it was hard. Henry longed to be the manly, bearded, musclebound man that his friend Will had transformed into.

“What time is it?” asked Will.

“Noon, maybe,” said Henry, glancing to the clock. “Yeah, a little past noon.”

“I’m already tired—” said Will, scratching his red beard, lifting his arm to reveal to Henry the golden-red tuft of hair in his pit. “Something about that growth… it took so much out of me—” He yawned wide.

“Dude, you want a blanket?”

“No,” replied Will, sleepily. “I’ve been feeling sort of—warm ever since it started happening. Besides, I… I’m too tired to even… I think I’ll just sleep here—”

And he just lied down there on the carpet of the living room and fell asleep. Henry tried to wake him up, thinking it was a joke, but Will had really just passed out right there. He began to snore a little. Henry watched him, his huge naked form, as it breathed in deeply and those lats fanned out and that great beastly chest heaved up. Then he stood up and made his way to the kitchen.

But as he did, his foot grazed Will’s sweatpants and hoodie that he’d ripped from himself during that explosion of muscle earlier. They were still soaked in cum. Henry figured that they couldn’t sit here on the kitchen tile, gloppy and goopy as they were. So Henry bent down and scooped them up in his arms… only to feel a great glob of cum land on his head, one of the last drips from the gaping hole in the ceiling. The moment it happened, Henry knew exactly what it was, so he picked up Will’s clothes—god, they were completely drenched, and he could feel the semen seeping into his white t-shirt—and walked down the hall to the laundry room. He dumped them into the hamper and walked to the bathroom.

“Jesus,” muttered Henry, “Now my shirt’s all soaked with that guy’s cum… And I’m going to have to shower again to get this cum out of my hair… That kid better not keep cumming like this, because I don’t want to have to turn into his butler.”

Henry flipped on the switch in the bathroom and turned on the faucet. It took about twenty seconds for it to actually turn hot. Once it did, he took a towel off the rack and looked himself in the mirror.

His hair had turned deep red.

“Holy shit!”

Henry felt the top of his head to where the glob of Will’s cum had dripped onto him—he couldn’t find it. He ran his hand through his newly coarse, red hair, searching for the tiniest bit of wetness and he couldn’t locate anything. It was like his hair had completely absorbed it. Then, little by little, he watched in sheer amazement as his eyebrows changed from black to red, and then his eyelashes went bright, and his eyes which had been brown before glazed over and became bright emerald green. His face became filled with the shady brown of stubble.

“Will!” yelled Henry, taken aback by what he was seeing. “Will, get in here!”

But then he remembered that Will was fast asleep, unfazed by anything he’d tried to do to awaken him moments before. Henry raised a hand to feel his new stubble. It scratched and crackled under his finger, and then he realized that his hand had been drenched in Will’s wet clothes just a second ago. Now they were completely dry. What was going on? His arms, his hands, his chest, every part that had touched those pants and hoodie were mysteriously dry now. Only now instead of wetness, Henry felt warmth… And he knew what was happening.

“Oh God,” he said, “It’s really happening… It’s happening to me—”

Until a few seconds ago, Henry’s white t-shirt had hung on him like a sheet, even an extra-small being still too large for his bony, wiry body. But now he watched as his pecs ballooned underneath the fabric, making it go tight all along the chest, and he saw his nipples become hard and pointed, brown and ripe, two big juts on this new shelf of muscle.

Then his arms lengthened, growing out from him, filling with muscle. His biceps grew so quickly that the short sleeves immediately pushed up to his shoulders to accommodate the bulging flesh, and then they promptly tore right up to the shoulder hem once his shoulders began filling out, adding a huge knob of sinew at the top of his arm. His forearms became veiny and coated in red hair just like Will’s had, and his hands grew in size as well, looking intimidating and powerful as he moved it in front of him to observe.

But of course, those were the only parts that had come into contact with Will’s cum-soaked clothes. As a result, the rest of his body remained as it always had, meaning Henry’s arms now hung down so that his hands grazed his knees. In the mirror, Henry thought he looked like a gorilla. Hardly believing that the gift of muscle had been given to him, he flexed his chest.

Sure enough, two wet marks appeared on the over-tight t-shirt right over where his nipples lied. The liquid was pale and milky, just like Will said his had been. Henry gingerly touched a finger to each nipple, and the same orgasmic rush overcame him, filling him with a dazzling, electric arousal that he had never felt before, and he could feel his nipples squirt out even more of the juice. He even had the same impulse to bring a finger to his mouth and taste it—but then he had a plan.

He exited the bathroom and went into the main room. Will was still asleep on the floor, his cock now erect at full mast, 16” of rock-hard uncut tool straight up in the air, with a generous rug of red hair at the base and two ping-pong ball-sized testicles draped around the base in their sack. Good, thought Henry. He won’t be awake to see me. Henry snuck to the cupboard and took out a measuring cup. Slowly, Henry peeled off his constricting white t-shirt. Looking down, sure enough, he had the same thin, bony ribcage and hips, the same flat, unimpressive stomach. But that wasn’t his plan, of course.

Holding the measuring cup underneath his nipple, Henry pressed down on his left pec and emptied dose after dose of this muscle milk and collected it up. It took about 3 minutes, squeezing little by little out of one and then the other pectoral muscle, but eventually Henry had a half of a cup’s worth of this mysterious liquid in front of him.

“If just a fingerful did to Will what it did,” Henry whispered to himself, “Then how much will this do?”

Henry brought the cup up to his lips and swallowed the lot.

Will had been right; it did taste delicious, both sweet and tart at the same time. A few seconds later, this mouth and throat started to tingle, and he rushed to the mirror in the bathroom to see what was happening. When he arrived, he say his lips bulge and widen to create a mouth that was just a bit larger when open and bordered by lips that anyone would have a tough time resisting. He watched as his teeth straightened and became dazzlingly white, and he felt a sensation like his throat was expanding. In the mirror, he saw his neck become corded with muscle, his Adam’s apple jut out, and, just like what had happened to Will, cheekbones emerged from his face and his jaw became strong and dramatically square.

“Well, well, well,” said Henry, his voice now a deep bass, sexy and masculine. “How perfect.”

But Henry had drank dozens of times more of the liquid than Will had, and his transformation was far from over. While he felt the liquid continue to slide down into his stomach, in his mouth he felt the odd sensation cease on his tongue. He tried to stick out his tongue to see what had changed… only to have two and a half feet of it stretch from out of his mouth!

“Holy shith!” exclaimed Henry through his massive tongue. He relaxed it and let it go limp; the tip sat right at the waistline of his pants. Gradually, he found he could control it like a prehensile limb, and he could curl it into a circle or a pretzel, and he could also retract it back into his mouth like nothing had changed. Before long, he gave into the temptation to lick at his nipples—and that feeling of euphoria filled up his entire body, just he just kept licking at his nipple, tasting the tiny amount of muscle juice that would leak out. With each lap at his nipples, his tongue would lengthen just a little bit more—

The more he drank, though, the more he hungered for real food. Will had been right; this stuff could curb your hunger, but not for long. He needed to eat something—no, not just something: everything. His belly roared, but Henry had something else on his mind.

He peeped out into the living room to see once more if Will was sleeping. Looking, he saw that he had rolled over a little bit, but otherwise, Will was still undisturbed. Full of anticipation, Henry bolted down the hall to the laundry room, ripped off his pants (underwear and all), and pulled Will’s cum-soaked sweatpants onto his lower-half. He pushed the fabric onto his body, mashing the liquid out and feeling it get absorbed by his legs and ass and especially his cock. And after every press, Henry rubbed the remainder on his stomach, watching it glisten with cum and then watching the shininess drift away as his pathetically skinny and underdeveloped stomach drank it up.

At first, Henry thought nothing was happening, and he was horribly disappointed. But then, looking down at his crotch, waiting for something to happen, he saw a few little bright red hairs begin to curl their way over the waistband. Henry pulled it away from him, looked inside, and immediately tore them off of his body. His legs were massive! All of a sudden, he had quadriceps that he’d only ever seen on models before, and they were still growing, looking like they were breathing, expanding before his very eyes, as were his calves and his legs themselves, which were lengthening, making Henry rise and rise. He turned to look at his ass, and there before him was a huge shelf of jutting butt muscle blooming with dark red hair. It looked unnatural, two huge glutes that seemed to actually point upward.

Then, his attention shifted to his abs. One second, they were nonexistent and Henry’s stomach was plain and dull as ever. But all of a sudden, BOOM, they were segmented! There were six of them, right there on his stomach like he’d always dreamed, and he was bout to reach out and touch them when BOOM, two more were tacked on! There were eight of them! BOOM, his obliques leapt up towards his pecs, BOOM, red-brown hair sprouted out from the abs and formed a trail of fuzz downward, BOOM, the grooves became even deeper and the muscle bulged even more! He also grew an Apollo’s belt that was ten times better than Will’s was. His lower abs swung out on a huge slab of v-shaped meat that led down to his cock, which was throbbing and pulsating with power.

There it stood, 12” of uncut meat, thick as a beer can and bobbing with every beat of Henry’s heart. Veins bulged all along the shaft, and Henry’s balls were the size of tangerines, hanging at least six inches below the base of his cock in a pliant, freckled ballsack peppered with red hair. Henry yelled out loud as his cock began to grow even larger and his muscles pulsated and inflated. His abs grew even larger if possible, and finally his supermuscled legs and abs lengthened so his arms were finally in proportion to the rest of his body—and he stood right there at 6’5”, knowing full well he was now taller than Will. That cock, however, still rested at his knees, and it was still bulging with growing muscle. Past 15”, past 17”, past 20” as it hardened, straight out in front of him and curling up at an angle, thicker than a can of soup, and it slowed right at 24”—two fucking feet of uncut cock.

His body was slowing its changes for the new lumberjack demi-god, and Henry become aware once again of the incredible hunger he had. This time it would not wait, and Henry made his way out of the laundry room, down the hall, and into the kitchen, where he flung open the refrigerator door.

He found eggs in the tray, and without even cracking them open he ate all 12. There was a gallon of milk on the door, and he picked it up, ripped open the top, and guzzled it all down. Sticks of butter, heads of lettuce, blocks of cheese, jars of mayonnaise, bottles of ketchup, packs of hotdogs, bottles of dressing—he opened all of these and crammed them all in his mouth, which could now open three times as large thanks to all of that nipple-cum he’d drank earlier. Plus, he was able to get every last morsel thanks to that now three foot long tongue he’d grown. But after all of the gallons and pounds of food he had just packed away, he still felt like he could eat more.

Droplets of sweat began to form on Henry’s forehead. He felt an intense heat growing within him.

Right then, Will stirred in the living room. He woke up and yawned, and he looked into the kitchen to see the completely naked, buff as hell Henry concentrating, leaning against the counter.

“Holy shit, Henry!” cried Will. “You’re a fucking man now! You’re just like me!”

“I’m bigger,” murmured Henry.

“How did this happen?”

“I put on your sweatpants… and your hoodie… I grew… So fucking big, Will, so fucking big… there was your cum all over them—”

“Oh, man! My cum must be even more powerful than the stuff that comes out of my nipples. And your hair’s red too, like mine! And I can hear you must have drank some, because your voice is now low and manly like mine. Well, fuck! We’re both muscle-bound lumberjack guys now!”

“Will—” panted Henry, trying to contain himself. “I’m going to… I’ve eaten everything, there’s… I feel… Oh shit, WILL! WILL! OH MY GOD! OH GOD, WILL, I’M GOING TO GROW! HUUUUUGE!”

Will stood up and tried to come over to help Henry with whatever he needed, but just then Henry hunched over the table, slamming his fists down, and Will remembered how he had felt when the growth hit. He knew just what Henry was going through. Henry stood up straight and threw his chest out, his fists clenched in pain, and he yelled at the top of his lungs; Will knew then that he wasn’t prepared for just how much Henry was going to transform.

As Henry yelled louder and louder, his dick ballooned. It became as thick around as his neck, and it stretched out inches and inches, shooting out clear across the table and knocking over the chair on the other side. It was about five and a half feet long, and in seconds it was leaking pre-cum. His balls swelled to the size of volleyballs and swung down below his knees, pendulous and glorious, covered in that tight shag of ginger hair.

That coat of red hair inched out from every follicle across every inch of Henry’s skin as the muscles underneath swelled to giant proportions. His biceps exploded with muscle to the size of his head, and Henry could only watch as his chest hulked to an amazing degree, becoming like two huge platters of pectoral muscle with garnishes of beautiful brown nipple on the tips. His lats flared out behind him like wings of awesome freckled flesh. Henry ran his hands over his pecs and his biceps while his abs became infinitely more cut and bulged out inches and inches, becoming literally as hard as a rock. His torso had no more room for muscle, so it lengthened in the abs, tacking on one pair after another until Henry had himself a 14 pack instead of an 8pack, shooting him up eight more inches. He was now 7 feet tall, and his lower half was still growing—his quadriceps shot out, becoming striated with muscle and corded with veins that ran right down past his knee and onto a pair of calves that belonged on the biggest bodybuilder in the word. His feet expanded to three times normal size to support all of the sexy as fuck muscle and man on top. With his head grazing the ceiling at 7’4… now, Henry moaned in pleasure and pain as his ass grew not only larger but wider, swelling to the size of prize pumpkins and dusted with hair that was just as orange.

There Henry stood, a hulking lumberjack god of a man, almost seven and a half feet tall, cramped into a kitchen, with his five and a half foot dick in front of him, swollen with muscle and as hard as steel. The line that cleft Henry’s pecs and abs was almost as deep as a woman’s cleavage, only his muscles were firm and powerful. That 14 pack of abs was receiving the full benefits of Henry’s muscle-enhancing nipple leaking liquid, and with every “gulp” of the juice that the abs absorbed, the muscles would bulge and ripple, becoming ever more cut, ever more striated with muscle, the skin barely able to contain the manliness that Henry had become endowed with.

Henry couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to cum, now! Hardly able to think over the musclegod transformation he had just gone through, he grasped his dick and was able to bring it up to his chest, where it rested securely in the groove between his two superhuman pecs which twitched with every one of Henry’s movements. With his abs now longer and more numerous, he was able to snake slightly back and get a better angle on sucking his own cock, which is exactly what he did. Thanks to the pint or so of nipple-cum he had drank, he was able to open his mouth more than enough to handle his eight-inch wide cock, and the same effect had been imbued on his throat, leaving Henry with a mouth and throat big and accommodating enough to take his enormous cock. Pumping in and out of his mouth, Henry was in ecstasy, pushing two foot of cock at a time down his throat. Closer and closer he edged towards release, and when it was time, he withdrew his monstrous hyperdick from his throat a! nd pointed it away from himself, away from Will, anywhere, since he knew what was going to happen would be disastrous if it went wrong.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” roared Henry, his cock beginning to throb. He watched as the cum began to fill his cock—he could visibly watch it travelling the five or more feet to the tip of his gargantuan dick. “WILL! OH YEAH, I’M—FUCK YEAH!”

And with that, his cock unloaded, spraying a torrent at least half a foot wide towards the front door, which instantly flew off of its hinges. He came continuously for a full ten seconds, shooting clear out into the front yard, far past the tree line and into the woods, bellowing with power and release. Every muscle on his god-like body clenched—including his pecs, which, when flexed, spewed out jets of muscle-cum everywhere. After about a minute, when these three flows of cum ceased and Henry quaked and knelt to the ground, Will rushed up to his friend.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit.” That was all Will could say as he tried to get Henry on his feet again. Henry tried and eventually he was able to walk to the armchair in the living room, his now soft cock trailing between his legs like a dog’s tail, three feet soft and still dripping out remaining semen.

“How does it feel?” asked Will, staring at his friend. They were now gods among men, their muscles—Henry’s, especially—bigger than anybody on earth.

“I feel—” panted Henry, his colossal, iron-hard chest heaving with each breath, “I feel… hungry.”

“Dude,” said Will in his deep voice, “There’s no food left in the house.”

Henry panted, still recovering from that last magnificent orgasm. He picked himself up, his head brushing against the ceiling, and stroked his coarse red beard, thinking.

“We can always just drink my cum,” said Henry, smiling.

“We already sort of tried that,” replied Will, “It only tides you over for a little bit.”

“No,” rebuked Henry, “That’s just the nipple cum. I’ll bet the real deal is completely satisfying. And I’d love to see the fucking results. I mean, remember when we were skinny? We were five and a half feet tall weaklings, pale and skinny with nothing going for us? Look at us now! I’m 7’4”, you’re 6’0”, and we’re decked out with the sickest fucking buff bodies on the planet! I want to be a god, don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah!” roared Will, his muscles twitching under his short red fur. “I feel like a lumberjack, like that guy who visited me in that dream… I want to pick up and axe and chop down a tree, I want to guzzle maple syrup and shovel pancakes into me… I want to… Fuck, I want YOU, Henry!”

Will’s foot-and-a-half long cock was already dripping profusely with cum. Will reached out a hand, gathered a cupful of cum, and rubbed it on his belly. He and Henry watched as his abs, already at capacity, slowly added a fifth pair of abs, bringing him to a ten pack.

“Oh man, that feels fucking amazing,” moaned Will. “Stretching out… becoming long and slender… Fuck yeah, man… I love the feeling of this muscle… I want to be a fucking GIANT.”

“Let’s do it,” said Henry, giving Will a look. Will returned it. Now that they had tasted the power of monstrous cocks and superhuman muscle, they wanted everything they could get. And they would have it all. Though he had just cum like a geyser, Henry’s cock was already primed and hard, sticking out at its full 5’ once again. Something about Will, something about their bodies was emanating some sort of heat that was making the room warmer, the house less chilly, and was growing their bodies in close proximity to each other. Will’s dick began to grow, longer than 18”, out to 20” and going little by little, and Henry and Will’s nipples were already leaking, steadily streaming muscle cum down their abs and legs, pooling on the floor.

Their muscles bulged magnificently, beautifully, like the muscles of a god. In no time at all they were growing, and their bodies seemed to be growing in tandem. Will stretched out to match Henry in a matter of seconds, but from there, they grew in unison, groaning, watching themselves as their pecs swelled out to the size of watermelons and almost continuously leaked cum in a steady stream down their abs and onto their cocks, causing them to expand to mind-boggling size, their ballsacks drooping down to their knees.

Henry’s head scraped against the ceiling and, finally having enough, he just stood right up straight and crashed through to the second floor. His body at once recognized that there was now more room, and in less than a minute he was 20 feet tall and rubbing up against the roof of the house. Will, down below, was just as tall, but he knelt down before Henry’s massive 10-foot long cock, so huge around that Henry could probably fuck a manhole cover, plow right through it, and fuck the manhole itself.

Will couldn’t believe it, but he opened his mouth near the tip of Henry’s car-sized cock and his mouth opened larger and larger and larger… It was like his jaw unhinged and his tongue and mouth muscles expanded, his throat enlarging to accommodate the entirety of Henry’s gigantic cock-head. Will, completely boned now at 4 feet (nothing compared to his best bud’s meat) felt his normal anatomical insides rearranging, and he slid Henry’s cock deeper into him.

“My body!” Will tried to shout with Henry’s gargantuan dick inside him, “It’s… it’s changing!”

Subconsciously, Henry thrusted into Will’s mouth, but he was so huge and powerful that a tiny press in his mind had become a full-fledged fuck, and his cock went straight down Will’s throat, through his stomach and guts, Will’s body all the while rearranging and transforming to allow his column of cock to go through him painlessly.

Will felt stretched across Henry’s dick, but it’s all he had ever wanted. It felt magnificent, both of them gods, one skewering the other on his huge megacock, and skewer he did as Will felt a wonderful sensation in his ass and Henry’s behemoth monsterdick emerged from Will’s asshole. His whole body was completely around Henry’s tool. Henry felt this and without a word smashed his arms through the rest of the second floor, removing all of the structure, so that he could wrap his enormous hands around Will and move him up and down his cock like a divine human fleshlight.

“HOLY SHIT, WILL!” bellowed Henry, his voice like a roll of thunder. “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT? THAT FEELS AMAZING! AW, FUUUCK!”

In no time at all, Henry was ejaculating, a high-power god-river of semen rocketing out of his massive tool at high velocity, ruining an entire wall and landing on the trees far off. As he climaxed, his body ballooned, all of his muscles swelling and being covered in freckles and red fur, all over his body, from foot to neck, and he doubled his body size, becoming forty feet tall and utterly destroying the cabin. The wood and beams fell around them as Will’s cock shot directly up into the air, Henry catching almost all of the jizz in his mouth as it sprayed upward in an arc like a drinking fountain. Their reckless lovemaking also took out the trucks they had driven up here, and sheerly through the force of their bodies and erotic growth, soon there was little trace that a cabin had ever been there. They had smashed it to pieces and ground it into the earth.

Slowly, Will slid off of Henry’s cock, and he looked a little stretched out for a moment or two, but his body quickly reformed itself and Will stood up, about 36 feet tall, with a cock that rivaled Henry’s own. They were indescribably huge, maxed out completely, their chests swollen with muscle and cum, their cocks flaccid but still hanging down to their ankles, and the beautiful, coarse, short red hair that covered their whole bodies. They were new men, unrecognizable to mere mortals anymore.

“We are—” panted Henry, embracing his best friend for life, his fellow god. “We are… superhuman… We are—hyperhuman—”

“We will own this earth, you and I,” replied Will. He flexed his pecs once more, causing spurts of nipple cum to shoot out across the landscape. Henry laughed, and proceeded to suckle at Will’s tits, thirsty, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of muscle-enhancing nipple cum. Will could only look at Henry’s hugely muscular back and rub it, feeling the red fur under his fingers and watching the freckles disappear under the beauty of his loving hands.

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