The cock-off

by Armie Lingo

In the gym locker room, Nick and Joe get the chance to admire Cock-Off champion Steve up close.

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Part 1 In the gym locker room, Nick and Joe get the chance to admire Cock-Off champion Steve up close. (added: 1 Oct 2005)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 1

Nick and Joe and were just about done showering when an imposing figure entered the men's locker room.

"Hey, check it out," said Nick. "You know who that is?"

From the open shower area, they both had a clear view of the man as he stepped up to his locker and began removing his gym clothes.

"Oh my God," said Joe. "It's Steven Brooks."

"Yep," agreed Nick. "The man himself. In the flesh."

Nick and Joe continued to rinse off, slowing their ritual down to a snail's pace so they could watch the man strip down.

Steven Brooks was a toned 28-year-old who stood just over 6'2". While he'd by no means pass for a bodybuilder, all his muscles were in the right place, and he consistently turned the heads of men and women alike. But despite any good looks that the average person might notice, Steve's most impressive quality (at least the one that had made him famous) lay elsewhere.

Nick and Joe watched as Steve removed his shoes and socks and then his shirt. As Steve prepared to remove his shorts, the two men weren't even pretending to shower anymore. They stared motionless in anticipation of what was to come. Steve took off his shorts and briefs in one quick stroke.

"There it is," Nick said in awe.

Steve's cock and balls had sprung forth with enthusiasm. His dick was above average in size, but nothing one would call a monster. Steve was an attractive, fit, well-endowed male specimen, someone to be admired and emulated. But again, there was something more. Much more.

Steve grabbed his towel and soap and headed for the shower area. Nick and Joe, now shaken from their ogling, began to rinse frantically.

Steve threw his towel on the rack and greeted them as he walked into the showers. "Afternoon, gentlemen. Have a good workout?"

Nick and Joe nodded awkwardly as they continued to "shower." They stared at Steve as he began to soap up.

After several moments, Nick couldn't resist. "So you're, uh… You're Steven Brooks, aren't you?"

Steve turned and smiled. "You got it."

"Wow," Nick continued, shaking his head. "We're big fans."

"Yeah," Joe agreed. "Just… we're… we really love your work." He looked down disgusted. "What a stupid thing to say," he thought.

"Oh, great. Thanks," said Steve, still with his friendly smile. He continued showering while the two men stared.

"You know, do you think we could get a…," started Nick before realizing how silly it was to ask for an autograph under these conditions.

Steve waited for the end of the sentence, his brow furrowed high.

"Ah, forget it," Nick finally said.

"I'll tell you what, guys," said Steve. "The Cock Off is coming up in a couple weeks, and I still need to get in some practice today. You interested in a little demonstration?"

"Oh, my God, are you serious?" asked Joe. He felt his dick start to get hard. Nick's was doing the same.

"Sure," Steve answered, smiling as he saw the obvious arousal in the men. He turned to face them head on and grabbed his cock and balls, kneading them roughly. "So, you guys ever been to the Cock Off?"

"No, but we've seen the videos," said Nick, as his cock continued to harden. Joe's was now fully erect.

"So you're familiar with the three E's?"

"Yeah," said Nick. "Expansion, Erection, Ejaculation."

"Right," said Steve. "Expansion, Erection, Ejaculation. Expansion comes first, and is probably the most important of the three." Steve let go of his cock and let it hang free. In its flaccid state it measured just over six inches long. Steve very gingerly grabbed the middle of his cock with just his thumb and index finger and began gently stroking it. His hand was moving only a few centimeters with each stroke. Someone not watching him closely might not even realize his hand was moving, "You don't want to get a hard-on at this point, or the whole routine is ruined."

Nick and Joe nodded. They were hypnotized by the display, and had started stroking their own cocks without even realizing it.

"Okay, here we go," said Steve. As he continued with the tiny, deliberate strokes, his cock began to grow. Nick and Joe could see the tip moving very slowly downward. Steve's technique was unwavering as the cock continued its expansion. Longer and longer it became. Most of the growth was in its length, but its girth was obviously increasing as well. Bigger and bigger the cock grew. Nick and Joe couldn't believe their eyes as Steve's cock continued to expand. Longer and thicker, thicker and longer. Now it definitely was a monster cock. It was easily ten inches long and was still growing. Patiently Steve continued his tiny strokes. His cock was now approaching double its original size.

Finally, Steve stopped the stroking and dropped his hand to his side. "There you are, gentlemen. Expansion."

Nick and Joe stared in awe. Steve's cock now hung down just below his kneecaps.

"Jesus Christ," said Joe.

"How big is that thing?" asked Nick. "I mean, what are its measurements?"

"Last time I checked, in this state it's about seventeen inches long and about seven inches around."

"And it's not erect?" asked Nick.

"Nope," said Steve. "Not at all. Still a completely limp dick. That's the beauty of expansion. Here, come check it out."

Nick looked up from Steve's cock to his eyes. Was he actually inviting him to touch that monster? He was.

Nick walked over and grabbed a hold of Steve's giant penis. Sure enough, it was not hard, although at this size it did have a certain solidity to it, like a big rubber dildo. Nick shook it around to see it wobble.

All of a sudden Joe, who had been standing back watching all this, let out a loud moan. "Ah, fuck!" he shouted as he stroked a long stream of cum from his cock. He continued stroking, sending several more streams to the shower floor where the water quickly washed them down the drain.

He let go of his dick and looked up at Nick and Steve. "Sorry about that," he said, somewhat out of breath.

"That's okay," Steve laughed. "I'm going to be doing the same thing in a few moments."

Nick released Steve's cock and stepped back.

"Okay, next," announced Steve, "Erection."

Steve grabbed a hold of his cock again, but this time, there was nothing delicate about it. He hoisted up the main part of the shaft with his left hand, and started vigorously stroking around the head with his right. He used his entire fist to yank his big cock up and down. Nick and Joe could see Steve's cock was growing again.

Steve released his dick to check on its progress. It bounced down and stood out at a 45-degree angle from his crotch. Happy with the results, Steve grabbed his cock again and stroked it forcefully. Again he let go, and this time it stuck out straight away from his body, parallel to the floor and obviously quite stiff.

He gave it few more quick strokes then stopped. "I think it can take over for itself from here."

Steve put his hands to his side. With each beat of his heart his cock throbbed and rose higher and higher. Up and up it went, straining skyward.

Finally, its ascension ended. Steve's cock was hard as a rock and standing straight up. The base of its head lay smack between his nipples. The tip was just inches from his chin.

"Voila," said Steve proudly. "The judges would deny it if you asked them, but they're suckers for cocks that stick straight up."

Joe was still jerking off his dick, which had not softened, even after his orgasm. Nick was following suit, and about to shoot at any minute.

"And finally," said Steve, "Ejaculation."

Steve grabbed his enormous cock with two hands and closed his eyes. He stroked it violently, moving his hands up and down the entire length of the shaft. "This won't take long boys," he announced. "Get ready. Here it comes!"

Nick stopped jacking off. He was close to cumming himself, and he didn't want that. He wanted to take in this whole spectacle while completely "sober."

"Ahhh!" Steve screamed.

"One," Nick said to himself, as a huge stream of cum blasted from Steve's cock. It went a good two feet in the air and landed mostly on Steve's hair.

"Two," Nick said as the second incredible blast of cum exploded from Steve's cock and hit the ceiling, at least four feet above the men's heads!

"Three." Another mind-blowing cumshot hit the ceiling. The majority of it fell down and hit Joe in the face. Needless to say, Joe shot another load himself.

"Four. Five. Six." And so it went.

By the time Steve had finished, Nick had counted to nineteen. And even after that, there were a few "baby" cumshots that managed to shoot a couple of inches from Steve's slit.

"Hoo," said Steve, catching his breath. "So there you go. Now if this were the Cock Off, a crew would come in and collect as much of the cum as they could to get an estimate on the volume. Of course, that won't happen here." The bulk of Steve's seed was working its way down the shower drain.

"How much do you think this was?" asked Nick.

"The amount of cum?"


"Oh, this was a pretty good load," said Steve. "I'd say about four ounces."

"Four ounces?!" said Nick incredulously. "Are you fucking kidding? A half a cup?!"

"Yeah, about that."

Nick's hands were nowhere near his cock. He shot his load anyway.


Part 2

Steven Brooks stood backstage at the Sixth Annual Cock-Off watching a man name Clint perform. Clint had his cock up to about 12 inches long; it was now fully erect, sticking up from his crotch at about a 45-degree angle from the floor. Clint vigorously stroked it until about ten long strands of cum shot forth. The audience gave Clint a warm round of applause as he smiled, bowed to the judges, and walked off stage.

As Steve prepared to go next, he couldn't help but think back to how this had all started…


Steve was definitely suffering from senioritis. In his fourth year at the University of California, San Diego, his heart just wasn't into schoolwork anymore. He'd been an excellent student up to this point, majoring in visual arts and pulling in A's and B's. But now there just seemed to be too many other, more interesting distractions than before.

Check that. There was really only one major distraction for Steve these days.

His cock.

For whatever reason, 22-year-old Steven Brooks was now more fascinated with his cock than he had ever been before. Whenever he had the opportunity, he found himself masturbating. And when he wasn't doing that, he was on the Internet, researching various ways to "enjoy" his penis. Much of what he found on the 'Net dealt with cock growth and was pretty useless. The only things that had seemed to work at all were vacuum pumps, and those only resulted in temporary expansion (in girth, not length) and a certain loss of sensitivity. Steve abandoned the pumps fairly quickly.

However, one thing he did learn from the Internet had become one of his favorite rituals. It involved masturbating in such a way that a man could cum twice in a very short period. Steve would slowly and deliberately stroke his cock until he was very, very close to cumming, then right at the point of no return, he would let go. He would experience what could be described as a minor orgasm and shoot two or three streams of cum. Then he'd grab his cock again and start stroking madly. Within ten to twenty seconds later, he'd have another, more powerful orgasm, and he'd release another two or three cumshots to complete the rest of his load.

One afternoon, Steve was walking back to his dorm following a particularly dismal mid-term exam. He knew his roommate had classes all day and would not be there, so he decided he'd shoot for a marathon jack-off session.

Sure enough, his roommate was gone, so he quickly stripped down to nothing and lay down on his bed. A double orgasm was definitely on the menu, but Steve wanted this session to last. Steve grabbed his cock with just his index finger and thumb, and started stroking it very slowly.

The pleasurable sensations felt great, and yet they were subtler than usual. His cock was starting to grow. Steve decided to reduce his strokes even more. He closed his eyes and slowed his hand down to an almost imperceptible motion. What followed was a pure blanket of pleasure that ran up and down his body.

This was fantastic! He may have stumbled upon some incredible form of masturbation that nobody had even tried before! "I might become famous!" Steve thought and laughed out loud, not really taking himself seriously. In any event, this was a pretty amazing experience he was having.

Steve continued his tiny strokes as his cock hardened to full erection. Or… at least it seemed to be fully erect. The thing was… his cock didn't feel all that hard…

Steve opened his eyes and looked down. "Holy shit!" he yelled as he jumped off the bed.

Hanging between his legs was a thick, eight-inch, completely flaccid cock.

This was a good three inches from the norm.

"Holy shit! Holy shit!" he repeated. Steve didn't waste any time. He grabbed his bathrobe, put it on, and headed out the door to the showers. (He knew his roommate was supposed to be gone for the afternoon, but he wasn't going to take any chances.)

No one was in the bathroom, so he hung up his bathrobe and headed to the showers. He caught a glimpse of himself as he walked by a full-length mirror. "Holy shit!" he said again, with a big grin on his face.

Steve turned on the shower and quickly stepped in. The water was cold, but he didn't notice. He closed the curtain and lifted up his "new" cock. "Oh my god," he thought. It was so big and thick. And now, it WAS starting to get hard. He started stroking, and before long he was staring down at a rock hard, ten-inch penis. A couple more big strokes, and his orgasm hit.

Steve let out an audible groan. Two big streams of cum shot from his cock, bigger than he'd ever shot before. Then a third, even bigger wad blasted out! His cock erupted about four more times, before stopping.

Steve braced himself against the wall with his arm. He stood there for a few moments catching his breath and trying to absorb what had just happened. After a while, he started to get nervous. "What the hell just happened?" He grabbed his robe and headed back to his room.

The first thing he did was get on the Internet to see if he could find any reference to this sort of thing. He wasn't surprised when he found nothing; surely he would have come across some reference to this phenomenon in the past. He pulled his robe back. His cock had softened, but was still a good eight inches long.

Steve couldn't stay put. He got dressed and headed out to get something to eat. His cock felt monstrous and powerful in his pants as he walked, but he was still quite uneasy about the whole thing.

He ordered a sandwich at the cafeteria and pretended to read the school newspaper. His hands were shaking. He ate as much as he could and headed to the bathroom to relieve himself. At the urinal, he looked down. His cock seemed to be a bit smaller.

Within an hour, it was back to its normal size.


Later that evening, Steve's fears had all but been replaced with a powerful desire to experience his cock growth again. He knew he wanted complete privacy, so he drove himself to a nearby motel and checked into a room using what little was left on his student credit card. He wasted no time in stripping down to nothing.

He lay down on the bed and started his small strokes. Before long his cock was again up to a thick eight inches. He got up and checked himself out in the mirror. Awesome. He fought back the urges that would have caused an erection and lay back down to see if he could make his cock bigger. Another few minutes of small strokes and it was up to around eleven inches. He stroked some more. Thirteen inches.

Steve continued his small strokes, but it seemed he had hit a barrier. Thirteen inches appeared to be the max. He got up again to stand in front of the mirror. God that thick meat looked good hanging down between his legs. He grabbed it and stroked fast and deliberately to get it hard. And it got VERY hard. At full erection, it was now closer to fifteen inches. Steve blasted ten huge streams of cum. The mirror was drenched in the stuff.

Steve spent all night masturbating constantly. Turned out his newfound technique also had the added bonus of near-constant arousal and a seemingly endless supply of semen.

The next morning, Steve got into his car and drove to L.A. So long, UCSD.


Steve was sure he could turn his talent into a moneymaker, and the way to do that was through porn. But he was also concerned that the extent of his abilities might not be well-received. He decided that he would simply try to make a name for himself as a stud with a big dick.

And that's what he did. He checked the classifieds for ads seeking "male models." He found several, and answered one that said, "Ask for Mike." After speaking with a Mike Samsel on the phone, Steve went in for an audition.

The audition was held in what appeared to be a normal office building. Mike invited Steve into his office, where two other men were waiting. One was running a video camera.

Mike asked Steve a few personal questions as the camera rolled, then he asked Mike to strip. The men were impressed when they saw Steve's imposing endowment. (Thirty minutes prior to the meeting, Steve had grown to nine inches.) Moments later Steve was masturbating for them and finished off with a massive load of cum on the wall and floor.

Steve was hired.

And his porn career took off like mad.

Steven Brooks quickly became the buzz of the porn community. (Mike had strongly suggested that Steve use a stage name, but Steve had stubbornly refused.) He was the hung stud that never tired. Directors loved using him because he could shoot scene after scene without taking a break.

"Watch Him Wield His 14-Inch Monster!" the video covers proclaimed. Steve got a kick out of that. He had only grown his cock to ten inches fully erect for his porn performances. The producers intentionally overstated his length to sell more videos. Little did they know that if he wanted to, he COULD wield a 14-inch monster!

For six months Steve made a ton of money, and even got some attention in the mainstream media, thanks to his good looks and dubious reputation. Then one day, before his was about to shoot another video, Steve made a mistake.

Six or seven actors were set to perform in the first scene as directory Mike Samsel looked on. They all stripped down naked and someone gasped. All eyes turned to Steve.

During his pre-shoot growth, he had overdone it. Steve stood there with a limp, eleven-inch cock.

"What the hell?" shouted Mike. "What the hell is going on here, Steve?"

"I… um… I'm sorry, I messed up," stammered Steve.

"Messed up?" laughed Mike. "What do you mean you messed up? Is that a fake dick or something?"

"No, it's, it's my dick. I just didn't mean…"

There was an awkward silence. Finally, Mike said, "Steve. Tell us what's going on."

It was probably a combination of feeling cornered and just wanting to get his secret off his chest, but whatever it was, Steve decided to show everyone his special talent. He grew his cock to its maximum size, got it hard, and shot his wad.

The room was in awe.

"That… was… FANTASTIC!" shouted Mike. "How the hell did you do that?"

Steve explained that he didn't exactly know how it happened, but he was happy to show everyone specifically what he was doing.

"So, it looks like the key is the short little strokes," said Mike. He turned to the rest of the cast. "Any of the rest of you able to do that?" The other men gave it a try, but most of them just ended up giving themselves erections.

Then someone cried, "Hey, check out Pete!" Everyone turned to look at Pete Davis. Sure enough, his cock was growing. Steve's eyes went wide.

"Keep it up, Pete!" encouraged Mike. "Don't stop!"

Pete got up to about nine inches before the growth had clearly stopped. Then at Mike's urging, he got his dick hard and ended up shooting a nice volley of cum blasts.

"Guys," Mike said to Steve and Pete, "I think we got something here."


Word spread through the porn community about Steve's new technique, but to Mike's surprise, no one else seemed to be able to repeat the feat. So Mike finally came up with the idea of a video where Steve and Pete would compete in a tournament to see who had the "best" cock. He decided to call it "The Cock-Off," and Steve and Pete would be judged on size, hardness, and amount of cum.

The video was a huge success, setting new records for porn sales and rentals. Steve ended up winning the event, but there were no real official rules. It was simply a mock competition set up to show off the men's talents.

But once word got out on the techniques that the Steve had discovered, men around the world began reporting that they too could make their cocks grow. Not all men, but some men. By some estimates, only about one in 800,000 men were capable of the feat. It had just been dumb luck that Steve and Pete had been on the same porn shoot that day.

Now Mike got it in his head that maybe the Cock-Off should become a real event with real judges. He could invite men from all over the world to compete, offer a big cash prize, and tape the event for later sale.

And that's exactly what he did.

The Cock-Off was a huge success, gaining popularity each year. Men from all over the world came to compete. But it soon became apparent that the man to beat was…

Steven Brooks. Unbelievably, the man who had discovered the technique in the first place, easily won the event every year.


Part 3

Steven Brooks stepped naked onto the stage to a huge round of applause. This was man everyone had come to see. He was the undisputed champion of the Expanders (as those with the talent had come to be known), and it was a foregone conclusion that he would be winning the Cock-Off once again. Even the other competitors, about twenty in all, knew there was no way they could ever beat him; they just liked the idea of showing off their talented cocks in a public forum.

Steve looked great. Over the years, the expansions had had a permanent effect on his "normal" penis size, as well as on its expanded size. As usual, the crowd was looking forward to seeing some records broken this year.

The judge gave Steve the go-ahead, and he began his routine. He expanded his cock to its maximum size and signaled that he was ready for a measurement. The umpire, a serious looking chap equipped with a tape measure, ran on stage to announce the figures.

"Flaccid length," the man announced. "17 and 7/8 inches." The crowd erupted. Steve had almost broken the eighteen-inch mark!

"Flaccid girth: 7 and 1/2 inches circumference." The crowd erupted again, but it was a mixture of cheers and laughter this time. Steve smiled.

The umpire ran off stage and Steve began his erection process. Once his cock was sticking proudly straight up, the audience gave him a roaring standing ovation. The umpire returned.

"Erect length: 20 and 1/4 inches. Erect girth: 8 and 3/8 inches circumference." More cheers.

Now Steve was ready for his finale. It didn't take long before he was shooting long streams of cum into the air. The audience counted the number of shots out loud, not finishing until they had reached twenty-five. The crowd cheered as the umpire and his crew returned to the stage with modified hand-held vacuums. They sucked up all of Steve's semen and emptied it into a large beaker. The umpire then read the measurement out loud. "Cum volume: 4.7 ounces."

The crowd went nuts. Steve bowed graciously, waved to them, and made his way backstage to get dressed. There was one more contestant to go, so he planned to take a seat next to Mike Samsel in the front row to politely watch the gentleman perform.

As he took his seat, the final introduction came over the P.A.: "Ladies and gentlemen, our final contestant of the evening, from Seattle, Washington, Mr. Calvin Wright." Steve clapped along with the rest of the audience as a very large man walked onstage. This guy had to be a professional bodybuilder, and Steve laughed to himself. It seemed to happen every year: A great, big, muscle-bound guy tried to compete in the Cock-Off and failed miserably. Sure, the guy was hot, but this event was about the penis. In the past, these bodybuilders usually just managed to get a feeble erection and that was about it.

And this guy looked like he was in some serious trouble. His penis was SMALL. The kind that just sticks out like a little nub above the testicles. Ah, this was going to be hard to watch.

Mr. Calvin Wright took his position, stone faced, and the judge gave him the signal to begin. But instead of grabbing his cock, he simple crossed his arms across his chest. What was he doing?

Then, a murmur started making its way through the crowd. Steve squinted trying to make out what was happening.

The man's cock was growing.

With no visible stimulation whatsoever, the man's cock was growing. It poked its way out, away from the testicles and started expanding downward. Very soon, it was the size of a "normal" penis, about six inches long. But it didn't stop there. This dick was growing very quickly. It lengthened and expanded, moving its way down the man's leg. Before anyone realized it, the head was moving past his knee. Downward the growth continued, past his shins. Was it ever going to stop?

With its head about an inch from the ground, the penis finally stopped growing. A din of overlapping conversations rose from the crowd. Calvin Wright uncrossed his arms. The umpire rushed onstage.

"Flaccid length," he announced, pausing briefly. "29 and 1/8 inches." The crowd got louder; they sounded more like an angry mob.

"Flaccid girth: 8 and 1/2 inches circumference."

And before the umpire could get out of the way, Calvin Wright's cock was getting hard. His arms were stiff at his side as his massive cock rose before him. And something else was happening. "Oh my god," thought Steve. "It's pre-cum."

Sure enough, a steady stream of semen was leaking from the tip of the cock, dripping onto the stage. Within moments the penis had spewed more pre-cum than three normal men would produce with full blown orgasms.

As the cock reached horizontal, Steve could see that the man's balls had grown considerably as well. In fact, they were the biggest human testicles he'd ever seen, each easily the size of a grapefruit.

Higher and higher the cock got until it was pointing straight up. Its length rose above the top of the man's head by several inches, and the steady stream of pre-cum had not abated a bit. The sight was incredible. The cock almost looked like a separate, taller person standing in front of the man. The umpire returned.

"Erect length: 35 and 3/4 inches. Erect girth: 9 and 5/8 inches circumference."

And with that, Calvin's cock shot an enormous blast of cum up, into the rafters, hitting various lights and fixtures. Another blast of equal force rocked the stage. A third cumshot erupted with less force, but lasted a good four seconds. The stream looked like it was coming from a giant cum drinking fountain, spilling into a large pool on the stage. A fourth shot hit the top of the stage curtains, drenching them. They in turn released a steady rain of cum as the milky liquid dripped down.

Blast after blast exploded from Calvin's cock. He was being drenched in the onslaught, but still remained stiff and stone faced. The ejaculations lasted a total of 45 seconds.

The umpire and his crew came out with their vacuums, but they were clearly not equipped to handle this much jizz. Subsequent accounts would put the figure at around 100 ounces.

Finally, the crowd showed their approval. The auditorium went crazy. Some spectators tried to rush the stage, but a small, elderly man quickly ushered Calvin away.

Amongst the pandemonium, Steven Brooks was frozen in shock.

3 parts 5,295 words Added Oct 2005 27k views (#450) 5.0 stars (14 votes)

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