The best instructions are those that are clearly stated

by Ziel

Marty talks his super smart friend into whipping him up a special potion that will help with his little problem.

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“You’re sure this will work...?” Marty asked his much shorter and slimmer pal.

“Of course it will work. I made it, didn’t I?” Alvin said. The smugness of his smirk was somehow amplified by the way he adjusted his wire-framed glasses. The large, circular lenses caught the glare of the fluorescent lights in the school hallway and seemed to glow with an unearthly light.

“That’s what you said last time...” Marty muttered.

Alvin and Marty were a bit of an odd pair. The two had been born close to the same time and lived right next to each other their whole lives. They were forced into friendship less because they had anything really in common with one another and more because their parents had insisted it. Marty was more the type to take to the outdoors whenever the opportunity presented itself. He loved camping, and fishing, and hiking, and he loved any and all manner of sports he could play. He even dabbled in golf when he was really bored. It was no surprise to anyone that he had made it onto the football team in high school nor was it a surprise that he had managed to make first string by his sophomore year. It just seemed the natural progression of things, and now that he was well into his senior year he was one of the most popular guys in school. Not only was he a star football player, but he was incredibly hot too. His skin was darkened to a rich bronze thanks to his countless hours out in the sun which just seemed to make his brilliant green eyes sparkle even brighter by comparison.

Alvin was the polar opposite of his best bud. His skin was as pale as wax paper, and his platinum blond hair and grey eyes were almost as pale as the rest of him. He looked like a ghost, and his puniness and pastiness were amplified when he stood next to the tall, dark, and handsome school quarterback. Alvin could only be considered an athlete if you added an M in front of it. He was the shortest, scrawniest, shrimpiest dude in the graduating class. He was constantly mistaken for a freshman due to his size and stature. Growing up he far preferred the comfort of his own room and the glow of his computer screen over the great outdoors, but he often got dragged along on weekend camp-outs thanks to his over-enthusiastic neighbor.

“I ran the math again. I am sure I know what happened last time. It’ll work this time, I’m sure. Come on. I’ll even help you test it.” Alvin insisted as he rummaged through his messenger bag.

“Wait. Does that mean you haven’t even tasted it yet?” Marty asked.

“I don’t need to test it, and who would I even test it on? Myself?” Alvin replied. The way he rolled his eyes at the end made his sassy remark even snarkier than he meant for it to be, but then again he always did have a habit of coming off a lot ruder than intended.

“Yeah... I guess you don’t need it, huh?” Marty replied with a cringe.

“Yeah. So quite yammering and give it a whirl already. What’s the worst that can happen?” Alvin replied. He didn’t even wait for a response. He pulled a small vial out of his bag and held it up for Marty to take.

Marty eyed the small vial skeptically. It looked like a test tube with a cork stopper on the top of it. The stuff inside looked like some sort of potion straight out of some fantasy game. The liquid inside even looked raspberry blue. Marty was tempted to make some comment about the various things that could possibly go wrong, but he thought better of it. He decided to just go ahead and take the test tube and get it over with rather than let Alvin sass him until he eventually took it anyway. Once Marty plucked the vial from his pal’s hand, Alvin continued his explanation.

“Good. I knew you’d see it my way.” Alvin said with a smug grin. He nodded sagely to himself as if he was giving himself a mental pat on the back and then continued his explanation. “You just need to drink that and all your problems will go away. See? I told you it was simple. A single, small drop is all you need and—” Alvin’s string of words cut off mid-sentence. He fell completely silent which given how much Alvin liked to talk was an impressive feat in and of itself. If Marty hadn’t seen it for himself he would have thought it was impossible, but Alvin’s face actually turned a few shades whiter.

“... why did you do that?” Alvin asked. His voice was barely above a hoarse whisper. He sounded absolutely horrified and looked even worse.

Marty put the stopper back into the now empty test tube and cocked an eyebrow questioning. “Uh... you said I just had to drink it, right?” He asked.

“Yeah! A drop of it. As in, ONE drop. Not the whole damn bottle!” Alvin squawked. He looked about ready to flip the fuck out, but Marty still didn’t see what the problem is.

“You should have said that at the beginning then.” Marty replied casually.

“You should have waited for me to finish the instructions!” Alvin shouted back.

Marty merely shrugged. “What’s the big deal? This stuff is safe, right?” Marty asked.

“Safe? Well, yeah. Technically. It does what I said it would, but that doesn’t mean you should drink the whole damn bottle!” Alvin fumed.

“Yeah... Ok...” Marty replied groggily. He couldn’t quite explain it, but he just couldn’t focus on what his little buddy was saying. Alvin always did have a convoluted way of speaking, but this was different than usual. Marty just couldn’t seem to focus on anything. He could hear his pal talking. He could even hear the words and understand them perfectly, but everything seemed to be happening miles away. He could tell that Alvin seemed pretty freaked out, but Marty really couldn’t bring himself to care about what was going on around him though. He just felt too great to worry. It was like he was in the throes of a blissful afterglow despite the fact that he hadn’t rubbed one out in a day or two.

“Hey! Earth to Marty. Can you hear me?” Alvin shouted up at his friend. He even snapped his fingers right in front of his pal’s face, but Marty didn’t seem to be paying him any mind. Marty had other things that he found far more interesting... such as the swelling bulge in his jeans.

Marty was sighing contentedly as he unabashedly rubbed the bulge in his jeans right in the middle of the hallway. He could tell that his antics were getting a few glares and quite a few stares, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He felt so blissfully content and his chubbed up cock felt fantastic. He couldn’t wait to drop his pants and whip his dick out and begin stroking, and he would have in fact done just that had he not felt his pal’s hands around his beefy bicep.

“No. No. Not now. Not here. You. You’re coming with me.” Alvin grumbled as he tugged at his towering beefcake of a best bud with all his might. Alvin was far too puny and Marty was far too huge for Alvin to ever have any hope of budging his big, beefy pal, but fortunately Marty seemed willing to comply. Marty happily followed along as Alvin tugged him towards the nearby restroom. Once in the restroom Alvin guided his pal towards the large, spacious handicap accessible stall and began to take stock of the situation.

Marty’s bulge was even more noticeable now. There was no doubt about it, the serum was working, but that was part of the problem. One drop was supposed to be enough to solve Marty’s “little” problem. A full vial was going to turn his little problem into a HUGE one.

“Come on. Come on. We have to get you out of those pants.” Alvin fumed as he knelt down before his buddy and hastily worked on undoing the clasp of his pal’s belt buckle. Alvin had dreamed of this situation many times in the past, but he had never in his wildest dreams thought it would be in a situation such as this. Even as he undid the belt and began tugging at the zipper of his pal’s fly he could feel the already big dick behind the fly steadily swelling more and more.

“Oh? I never thought you the type...” Marty replied groggily. He wobbled in place as if he was drunk, and that wasn’t too far from the truth. He felt so giddy and euphoric that he could barely even think about what was happening or what he was doing. He reached down and sunk his fingers into his pal’s pale hair and shoved Alvin’s face right into his thick bulge. He could feel his buddy’s face against his oversensitive chubbed up cock, but he could feel something else too—the warmth of his pal’s breath on his crotch and the slight dampness as his pal’s saliva started to seep through the denim of his jeans.

Alvin couldn’t believe what he was doing. His mind was screaming at him to stop. Every part of his consciousness told him that this was a terrible idea. This was his best friend. This was the school’s resident ladies’ man. The last thing Alvin needed in his life was for his incredibly hot, painfully straight best bud to know that Alvin had the hots for him, but being so close to Marty’s swelling cock was too much for Alvin to take. His pal’s bulge was already pressed against his lips. It was as if his entire body had just said, “what the hell” and gone with hit. Alvin soon found himself greedily sucking on the swelling bulge of his buddy’s package. He could practically taste the fantastic cock hidden beneath—the fantastic cock that was still growing by the moment.

Alvin couldn’t take it anymore. He shook off his pal’s grasp of his hair and frantically tugged at the fly of his pal’s jeans once more. This time Alvin was no longer fixated on trying to minimize the damage from his serum. This time his interests were purely sexual. He couldn’t wait to see how amazing his buddy’s dick had become. Alvin had seen it once or twice in the past. He had seen it in the changing room at the pool and during camping trips. He had seen it when Marty had lamented his size and asked Alvin for help finding a “cure.”

Truth be told Marty had never been that small. Alvin hadn’t thought there was anything that needed a cure. He thought Marty’s cock looked fantastic as it was, but there was no way Marty would listen to Alvin’s insistence that he was perfectly fine down there. It was no secret that Marty was self-conscious and secretly jealous of the piece that swung heavily between Alvin’s legs. Alvin had caught his pal staring at his floppy foot longs several times in the past. If Alvin had tried to console his friend and insist Marty’s size was fine, Marty would no doubt see it as hollow praise purely done to soothe his ego, and had Alvin admitted that he found his pal’s dick absolutely, stunningly sexy that would have opened up an even greater can of worms.

Whatever Marty’s supposed shortcomings had been—be they real or imagined—they hardly mattered now. As Alvin pulled down his pal’s boxers and admired the huge, floppy, fat cock that spilled out to greet him, he couldn’t help but let slip an awed “wow....”

Marty’s cock was phenomenal. It was even bigger than Alvin’s impressive piece now. The thick tool was longer than Marty’s forearm and every bit as thick. The huge, hefty cajones that hung loose in his sack were the size of softballs. The enormous orbs hung halfway down Marty’s thigh, and had Alvin not been holding his pal’s humongous schlong in both hands, the head of the massive cock would have dangled down to Marty’s knees.

There was no doubt about it. Marty’s cock was huge. It was beyond huge. It was beyond massive, and it was still growing! Some part of Alvin’s mind knew that he needed to do something about this. Some part of his screamed at him to work on a way to mitigate the growth or stymie the effects until he could find a way to reverse it, but as he held that fantastic cock in his hands, his other head began to take control. Alvin couldn’t help himself. He had long dreamed of holding and stroking his pal’s cock, and to have it in his hands like this was too good to pass up.

Alvin lifted the head of his pal’s massive cock up to his mouth. The puffy knob was larger than a softball. It was nearly the size of a school yard play ball, and it was still obvious growing in Alvin’s hands. He could feel it getting heavier by the second. He could see it swelling up with each passing moment, and the growth serum wasn’t the sole culprit. Marty’s cock was actually hardening before Alvin’s very eyes.

Alvin threw caution to the wind. He lifted the head of his pal’s cock to his mouth and locked lips with the spongy tip. He could feel the pre-oozing slit against his own mouth. He could taste the warm, wet liquid coursed past his lips. He could taste the slightly bitter tang of his pal’s pre as it washed across his tongue and down his throat. Alvin couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop. He needed more. He sensually ran his tongue along the length of his pal’s slit. He could actually feel it growing against his tongue. Soon the slit was every bit as long as his tongue, and soon after it was even longer.

Alvin buried his face against his pal’s cock. He nuzzled against it as best he could. He could still feel it swelling. He could still feel it getting bigger and thicker and sexier by the second. Alvin was hooked. He couldn’t hold back any more. He needed to feel even more. He needed to experience even more, and by this point he was sure his cover was blown. He threw caution to the wind and did the only thing that made any sense to him. He stood up, stared his hormone addled pal right in the eyes, and slowly, sensually began to peel off his own clothing.

As Alvin fumbled with the buttons of his button-up shirt he realized that his chest had been slathered in pre causing his plaid shirt to stick to his skin as he pulled it off. Alvin’s pre-slicked chest glistened under the fluorescent lighting of the school’s restroom. Alvin next slid his jeans down off his hips. Alvin didn’t even need to undo his belt or the fly of his pants. His clothing was so loose on his lanky frame that it was in danger of sliding off his slender hips even without the help of his hands pushing down on the waistband. Once his pants were down around his ankles he stepped out of his jeans, discarding his shoes in the process. His shoes were always so loose on him that he only needed to step down on the back of his shoe with his other heel in order to easily step right out of them. Soon Alvin was standing there clad in nothing but his socks and boxers, and his boxers left nothing to the imagination. Alvin’s cock was rock hard and drooling pre. The front of his shorts were soaked clean through. His short were so thoroughly soaked that they had become nearly transparent and clung to his dick. The color and shape of his fully-boned cock showed through plainly for all to see.

Alvin balked, but only for a second. It was too late to stop now. There was nothing to do but see this through to the end. Alvin took a deep breath to steady his nerves and then slowly slid his shorts down past his hips. His huge, thick cock caught in the waistband of his shorts but only for a moment. As soon as the waistband slipped low enough for his dick to slip free, his fat cock slapped back up into its full upright and locked position. The tip of his big dick slapped against Alvin’s belly. The tip of it reached well above his belly button. A few more inches and it would be pressing against his flat chest. The head of his thick dick was easily as fat as his fist. His dick was quite a bit bigger than he remembered, but he couldn’t focus on that now. He was too transfixed on his pal’s enormous cock, and it was hard for Alvin to think of his own dick as being big when his buddy’s was easily twice as large.

Marty’s fantastic cock now pointed right at Alvin’s chin. The thick, spongy tip was every bit as big as Alvin’s whole head. The pre-drooling slit was bigger than Alvin’s mouth, and Marty’s balls were just as huge as the rest of his dick. Either enormous orb had surpassed the size of even the largest NBA basketballs and were closing in on the size of beach balls. His hefty nuts dangled in their sack well past his knees, and with each passing second they grew thicker, and fuller, and hung even lower.

Alvin wrapped his arms around Marty’s fat cock. He kissed the tip of it, and as his lips met the dribbling slit of Marty’s massive cock, Alvin imagined that he was kissing his friend right on the lips. Marty was still too stunned and delirious to react, but that was for the best as far as Alvin was concerned. There was no telling how Marty would react once he regained his senses. Even though he was in a daze now, there was no doubt in Alvin’s mind that his beefier bud would remember everything when he came to. Alvin’s secret was no doubt out, and it was for that reason that he knew that whatever he was going to do, he had to do it now.

As Alvin nuzzled up against his pal’s cock and sensually kissed the tip he began to feel something else. Marty’s cock was moving, but it wasn’t just a factor of the growth. It was actually rocking back and forth ever so slightly. The motion steadily ramped up, and it wasn’t long before Alvin realized that Marty was grinding his enormous cock against his pre-slicked chest. As much as Alvin wanted to keep kissing and licking the tip of Marty’s cock, it just wasn’t feasible. The enormous dick wouldn’t sit still long enough for him to do so, but Alvin didn’t mind so much. The way Marty’s cock was rubbing against him felt fantastic, and the way he was getting slathered in his pal’s pre felt absolutely amazing. With each passing second Alvin got coated in more and more pre. The smell became intoxicating. His mind started to fog over with euphoric, hormone-enhanced bliss. All Alvin could do was sigh and moan while he hugged his pal’s cock close to his chest and dug his own dick against the underside of his pal’s massive cock.

Alvin was so intoxicated by the sensations coursing through his body that he hardly noticed that his hands fingertips barely touched on the other side of his pal’s dick. He didn’t even realize that he went from burying his face against the soft, spongy tip of his pal’s cock to nestling his face against the puffy ridge along the underside of Marty’s cock. The tip of Marty’s dick towered over the restroom stall so far that the entire head of it was visible above the partition. His package was so massive that it could even be seen underneath the side partitions of the stall as well. Marty’s nuts were the size of full-sized beach party beach balls, the type that take three people to toss around. They already rested solidly on the ground, and they were getting bigger with each passing moment.

Marty’s cock and bells were still noticeably swelling with each passing second, but he wasn’t the only one to be seeing changes. Alvin’s dick was now so huge that it poked him in the chin as he tried to spoon against his pal’s massive dick. His dick was thicker than his neck. His soccer ball sized stones filled his sack to the brim. His cock and balls were already so huge, and yet they were still getting larger and larger. His growth was showing no signs of stopping. In fact, it seemed like the rate was only speeding up by the moment.

Alvin was too far gone to focus on his own growth, but even if he had had the mental capacity to spare, he wouldn’t have been given the time to do so. Marty’s moans were getting louder by the moment. His cock, which was now taller and thicker than Alvin’s whole body by a good margin, was shuddering and lurching. Marty was trying his hardest to hold back the impending storm, but he just couldn’t do it. He was so horny, and Alvin’s full-body hand job felt far too fantastic. It wasn’t long before the dam broke. Marty cried out in ecstasy. Thick, gooey spurts of jizz erupted from his king sized cock. The jets of cum shot straight up into the air with enough force to knock the tiles out of the ceiling. Thick ropes of jizz dripped back down on the two pals. Soon they were both coated in cum. They were completely soaked in spooge, but still Marty kept cumming. He moaned and whined and came and came. There seemed to be no end of spunk stashed in his rapidly swelling nuts. If anything his nuts seemed to replenish as fast as he could shoot, and not only were his nuts replenishing, but they were still swelling at an alarming rate. His cock and bells surged in size and so did Alvin’s.

It wasn’t long before the two friend’s phalluses were so huge that their packages filled the entire plus-sized stall. Their dicks strained against the partitions. Their nuts shoved against the walls, and still they kept growing. The partitions cracked and splintered. It was clear the stall wouldn’t hold out for long, but still the two dudes’ dicks kept growing. It wasn’t long before Marty had a cock the size of a play yard slide and nuts the size of sofas. Soon after Alvin had a dick that was taller and thicker than even Marty’s beefy bod and a nut sack the size of a dumpster. Alvin couldn’t focus on how huge his dick had become though. He was too enamored with the sensations that he was experiencing.

His body was coated in thick, sticky cum. It felt so fantastic against his skin. It was like a warm, wet soak in a mud bath at a spa, but of course this was far, far more erotic. His skin tingled with arousal. His cock lurched with excitement. His swelling nuts which were now so huge that he was resting atop them, pulled inward in preparation of what was sure to be the biggest, messiest climax of his life.

Alvin couldn’t fight it, and he didn’t want to. He had long since abandoned all pretense of caution or modesty. His moans mingled with that of his friend’s. His cock bucked and lurched. His nuts pulled up. There was a brief, fleeting moment of stillness, and then the shooting started. Alvin’s thick spurts joined Marty’s own. More and more cum flooded into the already drenched bathroom. There was far too much jizz for the drains to ever hope to handle which meant that thick waves of jizz had been seeping out into the hallway. The central hall was drenched in cum, and the rising pool of spooge kept growing by the second. Soon spunk was seeping under doorways and into neighboring classrooms. Soon unsuspecting students began to feel something warm and sticky splash against their ankles followed by a warm tingling in their crotches.

It wasn’t long before the partitions gave out against the onslaught of the two swelling schlongs. The wooden planks snapped like twigs. The two friends’ cocks and balls spilled out into the once spacious restroom, but it wasn’t spacious anymore. Their cocks and balls filled up just about every inch of space in the now crowded commode.

Alvin and Marty were left lying atop their own still-spurting cocks. Their packages were still surging upwards in size, and it didn’t look ready to stop any time soon, but neither one cared. They felt so fantastic. Their minds were overloaded with pleasure. Their entire bodies tingled with arousal. The cum that was plastered across their bodies made their skin feel so blissfully warm, but somehow they needed more. Their arms felt strangely empty now that they could no longer wrap their arms around their enormous cocks. Their dicks were simply too huge for them to ever hope to do so.

As if by instinct, the two friends slowly began to gravitate towards each other. As their dicks grew and their nuts swelled, their bodies slowly drifted towards the center of the room until the two of them were pinned together between their own engorged cocks. This time it was Marty who was the first to act. No sooner had Alvin come in range than Marty reached out and pulled his slimmer pal in for a hug.

Alvin tensed up. He was slowly starting to come down from his colossal climax, but Marty still seemed to be dazed and horny. Alvin was slow to return his friend’s hug, but he had been longing to feel his friend’s arms around him like this for ages. Even if it was just a side effect of the serum that Marty had overdosed on, Alvin couldn’t let him pass this chance up. He returned the gesture. He hugged Marty tight and even went the extra mile. He leaned in and planted a kiss right on Marty’s cum-covered lips. There was a brief moment where Marty seemed to hesitate. In that split second, Alvin started to feel the full weight of what he had done come crashing down on him. He was sure he had overstepped his bounds. He was sure Marty was coming to his senses and would soon be disgusted by what Alvin was doing, but just before Alvin could fully freak out he felt it—his pal’s tongue slowly slipping past his lips.

The two of them kissed deeply. Their tongues brushed against one another. The thick wads of cum which had seeped into their mouths churned into a foamy froth. Neither one was sure how long they had held the passionate kiss, but it seemed like all too soon, Marty broke away.

Marty gasped for breath before speaking. “You shoulda told me how you feel, dumbass.” He murmured into his buddy’s ear.

“I would have, but... I mean... this really isn’t the time for this.” Alvin sputtered defensively.

“Why not? It’s not like we’re going anywhere for a while.” Marty replied and then began to gently kiss the nape of his smaller pal’s neck.

Alvin couldn’t argue with that. They were trapped atop their own immense cocks with no escape in sight. He wasn’t even sure how they were going to get out. There was no way their dicks could fit out the door, and they were still growing. Their growths had tapered off significantly, but there was no telling how much longer it would take for the swelling to fully stop. Already their cocks were so huge that their bait and tackle were crammed into the bathroom like sardines in a tin. They could hear the walls audibly creak and groan against the swelling tide of cock and balls that threatened to topple them over.

Marty didn’t bother pushing the issue further. He could tell that Alvin wasn’t ready to admit to everything, but that was just as well. For the time being, Marty was perfectly content to just lie there in each other’s arms.

As the two laid there, the creaking of the walls got louder and louder. Cracks slowly formed on the drywall. The tiles cracked like glass and eventually shattered into powdery chunks. Then finally a loud crunch split the air. The two pals sat up and stared in the direction of the noise. They both stared on in silent shock as they watched the far wall completely crumble and collapse. Their nuts spilled out into the open air of the school yard, but the damage didn’t stop there. Once the back wall gave out, the side wall was soon to follow. More and more of the wall crumbled like sand against the force of their swelling junk. Soon their cocks started to spill into the neighboring classroom. All the students stared in shock at the cocks that were larger than school buses and the two guys who were lying atop them.

Alvin was mortified. He stared out at the devastation and the crowd that had gathered to stare. He didn’t know how he would ever live this down. Not only was he caught cuddling his best bro, but his enormous cock was openly on display. The entire classroom was drenched in jizz to boot.

Marty stared at the crowd that had started to gather and shrugged it off. There was something else that bothered him though. He could tell from the shape and color of the two enormous cocks that splayed out before him which was which. They were both incredibly massive. Either enormous schlong was bigger than a city bus. One of which was quite a bit larger, in fact, and that was what bothered him.

“Aw, man...” he groaned.

“Huh?” Alvin asked.

“Yours is bigger than mine...” Marty grumbled.

5,194 words Added Jun 2016 24k views 5.0 stars (11 votes)

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