Biweekly Update 8 June 2016

Biweekly Update: 8 June 2016

A big update—23 new chapters across seven stories, six of them brand new—and the best part is we start by catching up with the always amazing AKA.

Somehow this update developed a miniature theme of intensely erotic BO, which I assure you was not intentional…but which now has me thinking a new tag might be required.

Call for stories! Metabods is always looking for good stories in all different kinds of genres—growth, size, extras, anything that evokes the possibilities of the male form. If you've written stories that share that kind of vision, send them in. And if there's an author you like who belongs here, go ahead and let them know with a comment or message that I'm looking out for stories like theirs. Now that Metabods is overhauled for mobile platforms and has reached the heights of over a thousand stories from hundreds of authors, I'd like to keep trying to make the site a great place to go for alternative gay erotica.

Suggestions: Toward that end, I still have a to-do list of changes I want to make to the site to make it easy to use. If there's anything on the site that doesn't seem to be working like it should or could be better, please drop me a note because I really want to hear any way I can make the site better for you. And as always, thanks for visiting.

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