Roommate problems

by Queen23

 Taylor, who’s pretty proud of his own cock, gets more than he bargained for when he finally gets his hunky roommate naked and alone.

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Hi, my name is Taylor Moore and I have a problem. Well... Not a PROBLEM per se, but... Well, I’ll explain from the beginning. It’ll be easier that way.

I’ll start with what I look like. I am 5’3”, so I am kinda short. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bitter about that. Being as shy as I am, being short is kind of a plus. I am pretty scrawny and pale, like the typical description of “Beat me up first!”. I also have pretty thick glasses. I have naturally coppery red hair that I let grow long and has a nice curl to it. My eyes are blue though, not the expected green like my sister has, but that is beside the point. I am 22 years old and I play the French Horn in my university’s orchestra. I go to UNE, up in Maine, a long way from home, but my parents can afford it. Oops! I forgot to mention my dick, I mean if you’re reading this on a site like this then clearly you wanna know about my cock. I hang soft at a pretty damn big 6” and I get to between 8” and 9” when I’m hard. It looks crazy on my thin short frame. But my dick isn’t the focus of this.

I live off campus in a nice cozy three-bedroom townhouse with a couple of my closest friends. Also, two of my biggest crushes. Shane and Houston. Houston, who has an incredibly silly name, also is the tallest one of us at a really really tall 6’6”. He has shaggy blonde hair and is really in shape from Hockey. Despite his imposing physical presence, it’s his pale olive green eyes that are what really draw me to him. Shane on the other hand is a thin stereotypical art student. He has a perpetual scruffy beard that grows in just as black as the rest of his hair. His mixed ancestry has done wonders for his looks, giving him the silky black hair of his Singaporean mother and the icy blue eyes of his Russian father. He may not be as tall as Houston, but he is still much taller than I am standing at 6’2”. He is nearly as slender as I am, except for his naturally broad shoulders which give him a more solid presence compared to my wispy self.

Now remember how I said that they were my two biggest crushes? That doesn’t mean things are unrequited. Well, they are somewhat, but... It’s complicated. I like both Houston and Shane. Shane likes both Houston and myself. Houston likes me and Shane. But none of us are wanting a relationship right now so its basically we fool around with one another periodically. Though that mostly consists of us making out. Actually, that’s all it consists of. Both of them have been conspicuously celibate since we moved in together. Like, I have never seen either of them naked. Which let me tell you is incredibly frustrating! Especially since both of them seem to be packing some major heat. Shane has been easier to scope out bulge wise thanks to his requisite tight skinny jeans, which have revealed a dick that seems way too thick to be on his skinny self. Houston however, is prone to wearing baggy pants. I have never hated a pair of pants more than when Houston wears his dumb baggy shapeless jeans.

Okay so getting back to the point of this. I have a problem. And that problem is a desperate need to get my roommates naked. Now, I have planned this out pretty perfectly if I do say so myself. I gotta get them one on one or else I will be too distracted trying to split my attention. The next step is booze. The third step, making out until I get them out of their shirt. Fourth and final step, take off their pants. A perfect four part plan. Well, I have sort of planned what comes after that, but I mean let’s be real here, do you think I need to plan that? So after I planned my plan, I just had to wait for the perfect time to implement it. Thankfully fall break was coming up and Shane always went home for every single break. His family lived just a couple of hours away so it wasn’t a big deal for him to get home, but it did leave me with a week alone with Houston to put my plan into action.

I made sure to have a case of Houston’s favorite beer, some weird root beer flavored beer from Illinois or something. I normally drink mixed cocktails, which was perfect for this night because I could make it look like I was drinking, even though I was staying sober. I wanted to remember every single detail of what was about to happen this night.

We started with a movie, one of my favorites that I’d seen like a thousand times so I didn’t care about missing parts of it. Things were proceeding as planned and I was nervous. He seemed to be pretty drunk and I gradually turned the conversation to sex. He bemoaned his month long dry spell, and this time I managed to keep my slightly bitter response of “Only a month? Try two years.” Under wraps and merely offered my sympathy and an assurance that despite the dry spell he was still hot as ever. He laughed his perfect warm laugh and I melted.

“So, do you think I’m hot?” he asked me. I thought I’d been obvious enough, but apparently not.

“Of course I do. You’re stunning.”

“What do you like about me?” He leaned back on the couch, lifting his big arms over his head and crossing them behind him. I couldn’t help but think that my plan had just gotten easier. That thought was confirmed as he spread his legs, though his pants were still too loose to see anything.

“Well I like your hair.” I figured I’d start with something small and with my way up, but apparently Houston had other ideas.

“Now Taylor, we both know that’s not what you look at when I get out of the shower.” I blushed. Okay so I wanted to fuck him, doesn’t mean I wanted to be caught staring.

“Fine. I like your chest. It’s so big and strong.” I said begrudgingly. He smirked and flexed the aforementioned muscles.

“So you like these? Anything else?”

“I also really really like your abs.” I took a risk here and I reached out a hand to brush over his abs. He groaned softly and pulled his shirt off. I gasped when he revealed all that beautiful tanned muscle. He nodded, giving me permission to feel him.

My hands started at his waist, feeling across the flat planes of his stomach, disturbed only by the ripples of his abs. His breath hissed in through clenched teeth when I pinched his nipple slightly. It was followed by a groan as I rubbed it to a hard point. I leaned down and took one into my mouth. His moan rumbled through his almost hairless chest. He only had a dusting of golden hairs between his big meaty pecs. I was rock hard in my jeans and I saw the beginning of an erection in Houston’s pants. Needless to say I made the move to get a better grip on the hardening cock.

“Woah, are you sure you wanna do this bud?” Houston asked, ever the gentleman.

“I am most decidedly sure.” I said grinning up at him as my hands found the button of his pants. He was wearing a pair of bright blue boxer briefs and a familiar brand name stared at me from his waistband. I had never seen underwear strain that hard to contain a dick and balls before. His package was huge, and the tightness of the underwear was leaving nothing to the imagination.

He was already longer than I am hard and from a quick grab I could tell two things. One, my hand would never fit around this monster. Two, he wasn’t even hard yet. I could see the thick ridge of his head, the heavy weight of his balls, I could even see a vein starting to stand out along the side of it. I was in awe. I had never imagined he would be this big. Hoped maybe, but this was beyond my wildest dreams. I started rubbing him gently through his underwear. This is gonna sound silly, but I was afraid to grab too hard because I’d wake up and find it all a dream.

I leaned in and kissed the head through his underwear, and his smell was intoxicating. It was a mix of our laundry soap, his body wash and his natural musk that just sent me into heaven. I licked along the length of his rapidly hardening cock, earning a moan from Houston. “Hey Taylor? Could you get me out of these? It’s getting a bit cramped.” He did look positively painted into those boxer briefs and I was enthralled.

I reached up and slowly worked my fingers between the band and his taut skin. I slowly lifted the underwear from around his dick, letting the solid meat slowly rise into a nearly vertical position. I didn’t know weather to be more amazed at the size or that it still could stand on it’s own. Thankfully I had plenty to time to admire it as I teasingly pulled those tight underwear down his long tan legs. When I finally got them off I sat between his legs, looking up at the giant cock before me. “How big is it?” I asked reverently.

“Actually? I’m not sure. I haven’t measured since high school, and I’m fairly certain I’ve done some growing since then.” To emphasize the scale of his dick, he flexed it making the veins even more prominent and causing the head to flare to a truly threatening girth. I wanted nothing more than to shove as much of that cock into my mouth and ass as possible, but I knew is always regret it if we didn’t measure.

“Should you get the ruler or should I?” I asked with what could only be described as a lascivious smile. Then Houston said the only thing that could make my dick even harder.

“You might need something bigger than that.” I moaned at that. I moaned like a bitch in heat. I licked a long, long, incredibly long stripe up the underside of his cock. It takes some serious willpower to walk away from his cock, but the desire to know was too strong. I dashed over to Shane’s desk and grabbed his measuring tape, my erection seriously tenting my shorts the whole way.

I was about to get back on my knees to measure Houston when he grabbed my dick through my pants and rubbed it, looking up at me with a smile. I moaned at the unexpected pleasure and helped him unbutton them, letting him pull them down to my knees. He whistled at my dick before taking the tip into his mouth. I could have fucked his face till I came, but I needed to get my hands on his dick. I backed away with a smile down at him and he grinned up at me, his lower lip dripping pre. I leaned down and licked his lower lip, getting my own pre in my mouth before sinking to my knees with the measuring tape.

My hands trembled as I put the measuring tape at the base of his cock. I licked my lips slowly as I slowly pulled the measuring tape out along the length of his cock. I felt a higher and higher spike of excitement as I saw the numbers getting bigger and bigger as I pulled it along his dick. Houston watched me with a cocky grin that quickly vanished to be replaced by a look of amazed disbelief. As the measuring tape passed 10” I noticed Houston’s face. “Hey you are the one that told me to grab something bigger than a ruler.” I said, trying to keep my voice level despite the crippling arousal I was feeling holding this massive dick in my hand.

Houston blinked at me. “I was joking. I knew I was big, but I didn’t realize I’d gotten this big.” He was grinning even though he still looked dumbfounded. We both held our breath as the measuring tape neared 12”. So I was going slow for dramatic effect, so sue me. You would too if faced with a cock of this magnitude. It hit twelve inches and the two of us just stared for a moment. We stared at the little 12 on the measuring tape. we stared at the throbbing cock between us. We stared at the amount of cock that still had yet to be measured.

“Wow... Over a foot long.” I muttered, my mouth watering.

“Yeah... Wanna know how much over a foot?” Houston asked, his voice sounding just as tense as mine. Tense with anticipation and lust. I nodded silently and continued sliding the tape measure along the length of his cock. 13” came close and passed. 14” came next, my heart was thudding loudly in my ears and Houston’s eyes were wide and his grin was just as awestruck as before. I finally came to the end of his massive dick and my hands were trembling so badly I almost dropped the measuring tape.

I slowly lowered my hands, retracting the measuring tape as I did. My dick was dripping pre and left a small puddle on the carpet in front of me. “Fourteen and a half inches Houston. Your dick is fourteen and a half inches long.” I said softly, I was still locked on his massive cock which was also dripping pre, leaving a shiny track down the side of his enormous cock.

“Yeah... I didn’t know I was that big.” He said reaching one hand tentatively towards his dick. I watched as he slowly wrapped a hand around the base of his dick, almost like he had never seen it before. His fingers barely met around the base of his dick, which was understandable considering that it was clearly thicker than my wrist. I reached out and grabbed his dick around the middle, my fingers definitely didn’t meet around his meat. His breath hitched when he noticed how badly my fingers didn’t meet. “I am really really big...” His voice still sounded shocked.

“Don’t you see it every day?” I asked with a laugh. I was finally calming down from the tension of finding out how big he was and was shifting over to pure joy at having found the biggest dick in the world.

“Yeah, but it’s like, I never think about how fucking huge it is. I mean, I last measured it at like 8”, so I figured I was maybe 10”. Shit that’s what I have been telling people online.” Houston was still holding the base of his cock with a loose grip. “I should go tell people.” He said with a stunned smile.

I squeezed his cock in my hand at that. “You have some fucking to do before you go telling anyone about your amazing cock.” I reached up my second hand and grabbed his dick, leaving plenty of space between my two hands. Despite my bravado I figured I wouldn’t be able to take it tonight. But we did have a full week of Fall Break to work on it. I pumped my hands slowly, marveling at how much room they had on his dick. I wasn’t even close to touching his hand. We had three hands on his cock, with plenty of room between each of them. I kept my gaze on the head of his dick, watching the pre continue to well up there. I licked my lips and met Houston’s eyes.

“Dude. If you don’t suck it, I will.” Houston said licking his own lips. It was pretty obvious that he was intent on doing just that, so I made the move and took the huge head into my mouth. Well, I tried to really. He was fucking huge, so I mean I had to struggle. It was like trying to put a small lemon in my mouth without biting it. It fit, but only barely. His pre was pretty copious, coating my mouth with its salty sweetness. I kept stroking him while my tongue worked on his tip. Houston was moaning softly and had a hand tangled in my hair loosely, trying to gently nudge me lower. I didn’t want to take him out of my mouth to tell him that he couldn’t fit in my throat, no matter how hard I tried. And try I did. His dick head was shoved right against the back of my throat, but he was too thick to fit in.

I took one hand down to grab his huge balls. I really wondered how he found a cup to fit all this sexyness. I didn’t want to ask though because then his dick wouldn’t be in my mouth. Each one had to be the size of an apple. It was no wonder that he wore such loose jeans all the time. Anything that is even close to touching his crotch would leave a huge tell-tale bulge. Which yeah, I was seriously all about that. But it would definitely draw attention, not that he doesn’t already for looking like a long lost Hemsworth. But if that Hemsworth was carrying a salami in their crotch? It would be a miracle for him to get anywhere without being mauled. And now that I know that he has the biggest dick ever, he may still not get to leave the apartment. I reached past his balls and swirled my finger around his tight asshole. He was hairless there which made me curious, but when his legs spread wider and he moaned, I figured he might not be as much of a top as he seemed.

Reluctantly I pulled my mouth off of his dick, and it came out with a loud wet pop. Houston looked down at me surprised for a second, but I reached under the couch and pulled out a bottle of lube and a pack of condoms. He raised an eyebrow at the condoms and I just laughed. “Well clearly they can’t fit you, but I didn’t know that when I was planning this. I just used some of my own.” I said holding the gold wrapped condoms.

“Well... You could fuck me.” Houston offered. I did a double take and he laughed. “I mean, I think you figured out that I am a bit more versatile than you might think.” He explained rocking back on the couch, exposing his hairless ass and his tight pucker. “Wanna fuck me big guy?” He asked with a wink. I grinned and tore open the condom before rolling it over my own, suddenly average seeming 9”. I lubed up my finger and slid it into him slowly. His dick twitched massively, and a deep moan tore its way from his chest. I marveled at how his ass took my second finger so easily. He didn’t even wince, just another moan as his ass relaxed around my fingers. I started thrusting my fingers slowly and was met with an impatient groan. I chuckled some and added a third finger. He slowed down slightly at that, especially when I started stretching those fingers apart inside him. I mean, years of playing french horn had given me some pretty strong fingers. Houston was slowly rocking his hips on my hand and I was thrusting with my fingers for a while when he told me to just fuck him already.

“You’re the boss.” I said with a shrug. I poured more lube on my dick and his hole before I lined up with him. I teased his hole a little bit, pushing in just a little and then backing away. He groaned impatiently and I finally started pushing in. Houston winced as my dick was quite a bit thicker than my three fingers. As I slowly slide my dick deeper into my sexy roommate, I noticed that his dick was right at the perfect place for me to lick. I leaned down and traced my tongue along what of his dick I could get to and he moaned, or at least he tried to. You see, when you have a 14.5” dick and you are on your back, legs in the air, ass spread for a little ginger twink, you wind up having your dick really close to your face. And well, gravity makes fools of us all. Houston’s almost moan was muffled by the huge head of his cock falling into his mouth. He looked so amazing with that impossibly massive cock stretching his mouth that I had to hold still for a second to stop myself from filling his ass with cum.

I started thrusting into Houston harder, my balls slapping against his muscular ass. Each thrust pushed his dick further into his mouth. Houston was sucking his dick in earnest and his hands were pulling his legs further up, to open his ass to me more and to pull his dick further into his mouth. He was so hot, pre dripping down his chin, and his ass stretched around my dick. Houston was clearly a bottom for the ages. I kept fucking him, I figured he was gonna have some friction burns on his back, but I didn’t really care at this point. I was getting close, but damn I didn’t want this to end. I was trying to hold back when I saw a shift in Houston’s expression and he moaned loudly around a mouthful of his own cock. That’s when I felt his hole twitching. His huge balls tensed up and I saw his massive cum cannon tensing as it started firing a huge load into his mouth. He pulled it out after his first shot filled his mouth. the rest started shooting across his face and his upper chest. All the while his hole was doing its best to rip my orgasm out of my dick. I thrust a couple of more times before I felt it stirring up from my toes as it felt like my whole soul shot out of my cock and into the condom. Houston was still coming even as I was starting to come down from my own orgasm. His final shot splattered on his neck and I bent down to lick it up. I slowly pulled out and took off the condom, tying it off and throwing it in the small trash can under the end table. I looked back at Houston, his chest, face and hair were all covered with cum. Even the poor couch hadn’t escaped unscathed, a large puddle of cum was sitting on the cushion next to his head. Houston had gently let his legs down and was just laying on the couch trembling. I grabbed him a towel from the kitchen and he started cleaning himself up. When we got him mostly cleaned up, I took a second to flip the couch cushion before sending him off to the shower. I was just getting my own underwear back on, and grabbing Houston’s as well when I heard a key in the lock.


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