Real daydreams

by NBCK99

 The power of imagination works its magic on a beautiful jogger.

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I still remember the first time it happened. I was enjoying my day-off ritual of relaxing with a chai latte and a good book at my favorite local coffee shop. I hadn’t noticed the light rain that was falling by the time I discarded my empty cup. I could have read a couple more chapters and waited for the rain to die down, but it wasn’t coming down too hard so I figured I would just walk briskly as I headed back to my apartment. As soon as I crossed the street, my thoughts were no longer on the rain. My eyes were instantly glued to the back of a man who was walking just a few feet in front of me. He was a couple inches shorter than me, but he was very nicely built. He must have been out running because he was wearing a little pair of green athletic shorts and a loose fitting tank top. Thick shoulders jutted out from the arm holes, and I could easily see his wide lats as well. Actually, I could see every muscle in his back clearly. The rain had made his thin white shirt just damp enough that it was practically see-through.

His wide shoulders and lats tapered to a relatively narrow waist, and the size difference was more noticeable thanks to his diminutive height. His back muscles rippled with every step, and somehow it was even sexier to see through his thin, wet shirt than it would have been if his torso was bare. His back wasn’t the only impressive thing to look at, though. While his arms weren’t huge, they fit nicely on a body densely packed with muscle. His ass looked nice under those green shorts, too. And he clearly wasn’t one of those guys who always forget leg day. Hid thighs were well proportioned compared to his arms, and he had great calves that flexed with every step. For just a moment he turned his head, and I caught enough of a glimpse of his profile to see that he was very handsome. He looked either Chinese or Korean, and short dark hair topped his angular face.

I was thankful to be headed in the same direction as this guy, and I didn’t even care about the light rain that was still falling. As I walked I began to I imagine that he was even bigger. It was just a thing I liked to do. Any time I saw a hot guy I would automatically imagine a sort of hyper version of him. Sometimes I imagined guys getting taller and taller until they towered over me. Sometimes if I saw a guy with a great bulge I would imagine his dick growing until it burst right out into the open. And when I saw a guy like the jogger, I would imagine him getting even thicker with heavy, powerful muscle. I still don’t know why things were different that day. Maybe it was the way I could clearly see so much of his body. Or maybe it was because I was extra horny. It seemed like ages since I had been sexually satisfied.

Well, the reason doesn’t really matter. I started imagining Jogger Dude’s shoulders and lats expanding outward. I’m not sure why I named him that in my mind. I hadn’t even seen him jogging or running. Anyway, it was my usual fantasy, enhanced by his almost nonexistent shirt. I watched as his lats pushed out so far that the large arm holes in the tank top didn’t seem quite so large anymore. I watched as more and more of his back and shoulder muscles became visible, and I watched through the see-through shirt as his back muscles rippled and expanded, pushing steadily outward. His v-shape was getting outlandish, so I decided to balance things out by thickening up his waist just a little. I hardly even noticed as I passed right by the street where I should have turned. Instead I watched attentively as his obliques and lower back muscles pushed out, subtly widening his lower torso.

That’s when I first noticed something strange. Jogger Dude reached down to adjust his shorts as if they were actually getting tighter on his thickening waist. I shook my head a bit and blinked a few times, willing my imagined vision to disappear, but his back remained impressively thick and wide. The low-cut armholes of his shirt clung tightly to his lats, which pushed out so far that his arms swung several inches away from his sides. Even his neck seemed to have widened a bit. I was getting ridiculously horny by this point, and I discreetly adjusted myself the best I could. Well, if my lustful mind wouldn’t stop imagining, I might as well push my imagination further.

Jogger Dude looked strange with such a bulky torso but only somewhat muscular arms and legs. I decided to focus on his arms first so that his whole upper body would be proportional. Starting from his thick shoulders, his already muscular arms started to inflate. His biceps grew larger and larger, and his triceps began to rub against his lats every time his arms swished back and forth as he walked. From there, even his forearms beefed up until his thick, powerful arms matched his back. He looked down at his left arm and flexed it as if surprised to see its size. Even I was astonished at how large his bicep grew when he flexed. No, that was just my imagination. It was all in my head. I was so wrapped up in my fantasy that I was even seeing imaginary reactions to the growth. That had to be it. Not that it was a very comforting thought. It sounded an awful lot like delusions or hallucination. Jogger Dude moved his hand in front of his body, and I thought I heard a sigh. That couldn’t possibly mean what I thought it did. It just couldn’t.

By now Jogger Dude seemed to be swaying a bit as if he was drunk. I deduced that his lower body wasn’t really strong enough to carry the weight of his now massive upper body, and I resolved to rectify that. I noticed that his hand never moved back to his side. I felt certain that it was fixed securely over his crotch. I started wondering just how long his member was, but I focused on the task at hand. I allowed his glutes to swell until his ass totally filled his little green shorts. I heard a moan, and Jogger Dude used his free hand to briefly rub his hip and his growing ass. I was rock hard and feeling hornier with every passing second. I watched his hamstrings thicken with dense muscle that gradually spread from his ass down toward his knees. At the same time, I could see that his quads were similarly gaining mass. His already impressive calves thickened up a bit more as they grew to match the rest of his body.

Suddenly Jogger Dude stopped and put his hand on the wall of a nearby building. He was clearly panting heavily. I could see from the movements of his left arm that he must be rubbing his crotch in earnest. At this point I really let my imagination get the best of me. I knew his boner had to be taking up a lot of room in his already tight shorts. Surely if I made it just a little bigger it would get too large to hide behind the green fabric. He’d let it stick straight up, and the head, along with an inch or two of shaft, would be clearly visible behind his damp, see-through shirt. Both if his beefy arms moved toward his crotch as he adjusted his presumably huge boner. I had to see it. I had to watch him enjoy my handiwork. I willed him to turn around, fearing that it might actually work.

I froze when Jogger Dude slowly turned himself to face me. I had no idea what to do next. He looked straight at me, and despite his bulk and his masculine, angular face, he looked strangely vulnerable. Big eyes looked into mine and asked an unspoken question. Now what? His hands were at his sides now, and I could see exactly what I had hoped for. His hard dick wasn’t much thicker than mine, but a good two inches of shaft along with a pulsing, purple cockhead, rose above his waistband. It was still drizzling, and if his shirt had been nearly transparent before, it hid absolutely nothing now. Behind the huge dick was a well-defined six-pack. I mentally enhanced it just a bit to make sure it matched the impressive definition of his back. He gasped and instantly started feeling himself up. The startled look on his face somehow made him look even hotter.

I moved my gaze up to his undersized pecs. They had surely been nicely proportional back when he was just somewhat built, but now that he was massive they were dwarfed by his shoulders. There was only one possible course of action. Both pecs simultaneously blew up like balloons. I didn’t just want them to be proportional, I wanted them to be his most prominent feature. Well, those and his lats. As two muscular globes pushed out in front of him, I allowed his lats to push out just a little more to the side, causing his arms to stick out a bit more. Jogger Dude moved his free hand up to rub his massive chest and tweak his hard nipples. By the time his bulbous pecs overshadowed his abs, I realized that I didn’t really want them to be his ultimate feature. Jogger dude gasped loudly as his dick and balls started to inflate.

Those little green shorts didn’t really hide anything by now. Jogger Dude seemed to be smuggling a pair of baseballs in his shorts, and less than half his rod was hidden behind the green fabric. His stiff member was surely more than a foot long, and it was nearly as thick as a coke can. Jogger Dude never touched his cock. He silently looked at my hands and then down at his huge tool. Part of me was freaking out that we were right out in the open, but I was too blinded by lust to really care. I slowly moved toward him, and I was reminded of our height difference. He surely had a good hundred pounds on me, but I stood three or four inches taller. I had grown guys in my fantasies plenty of times, but this time I did something that surprised me. Without losing any of his mass, Jogger Dude slowly shrank until he wasn’t much more than five feet tall. Now he was a good eight or nine inches shorter than my average height. Proportionally, his shoulders seemed even wider and his thick thighs seemed even larger. If anything, his cock had grown slightly. It seemed thicker than before, and it reached up to the base of his protruding pecs. He still didn’t touch his cock, but his breathing became shallow as his cockhead brushed the underside of his chest.

With his somewhat diminished height, Jogger Dude looked even more vulnerable even though he also looked more powerful. He still didn’t speak. This was my fantasy to control, and he knew it. I removed my shirt, showing a thin but somewhat toned torso. Then I peeled his wet shirt off of him and leaned down for a kiss. At first I was tentative, but he was clearly enjoying the kiss as much as I was. We became more passionate and more aggressive, and we wrapped our arms around each other as our tongues danced. His massive boner ground into my stomach, and I nearly came from the intense sexual energy right at that moment. With frenzied hands, I reached around his huge cock. It was oozing precum, and I eagerly rubbed the slick surface with both hands. My fingers didn’t come close to wrapping all the way around, and my two hands together didn’t even cover the length from the base to the underside of the head. Jogger Dude’s hands fumbled with my belt buckle and my buttons, and I let my pants fall to my ankles as his hands cupped my ass. I leaned into him and felt his massive pecs press into my smaller torso.

We were both becoming more and more desperate for release. I had made Jogger Dude too big to fuck me, but I wasn’t going to shrink his monster back down. I spit into my hand and began rubbing my cock. I found that Jogger Dude’s huge dick was leaking so much precum that some had dripped onto mine, so I mixed my saliva with his pre as I lubed myself up. I placed my hands on his hugely muscular shoulders and gently turned him around so that he was facing the building he had leaned against earlier. In a brief moment of awareness I noticed that there was absolutely no one else in sight, but I don’t think I would have cared anyway. Jogger Dude leaned forward rested his hands against the wall, and I slid his shorts and briefs down to the ground.

Before I went any further, I took the chance to get up close and personal with the beautiful back I had so recently grown. I rubbed my hands over his taut skin, feeling every little ripple and movement of his back muscles. My hands glided over his shoulders and then down and around his lats. I found his nipples and played with them for a little while. That was as far as my hands would go. His back was far too wide for me to reach any further. I brought my hands back around to his back and then down to his beautifully round ass. He flexed his glutes for me as I felt him up. He thrust his hips toward me, and it was clear that he was ready for the next step. First I reached around and grabbed his massive pole again. I let precum ooze all over my hand, and then I stroked myself once more, covering my dick in his gooey pre.

Finally I grabbed Jogger Dude’s hips and placed my cockhead against his waiting hole. He relaxed his muscles as I eased into him. Suddenly he clenched, and I almost didn’t hold out. As he relaxed, I slid another inch in. I pulled out a little before easing myself in a little further. He was moaning softly with every other breath. I couldn’t believe I was in such a position of control over the little powerhouse. Eventually he had taken my whole cock, and I just stood there for a moment, reveling in the feel of being completely inside the muscle god. His expansive back filled my vision as I began to thrust. With each thrust, my balls slapped against his ass and he cried out. As I thrust harder and harder, I found a rhythm, and Jogger Dude moved his hips in time with mine. As I pushed my stiff member in and out, I spoke for the first time during the encounter.

“Don’t cum yet,” I whispered. “Don’t cum. I have a plan for you if you hold out. Trust me, you’re gonna love it.” Those last few words came out almost as grunts as I rammed his ass. “Oh god,” I moaned. “I’m cumming! I’m—oh!” I released with more force than I ever had before, and Jogger Dude cried out in ecstasy. I came and came. I couldn’t stop thrusting and releasing my seed into the powerful stud. Finally I slowed down. I took ragged breaths and leaned my weight against his huge back. I could hear him mumbling, “Oh god, oh god.” I smiled and stared at his gorgeous back through heavy-lidded eyes. For a few moments I rested like that, but then I realized that Jogger Dude still hadn’t cum, which meant I needed to hurry up and give him his gift.

I gingerly stepped backward and slid my softening cock out of his ass. “Turn around,” I said softly. By the time Jogger Dude was facing me, he could already tell what his gift was. His eyes widened as he realized he was nearly eye level with me. His formerly condensed proportions remained the same, which meant that his muscles were steadily pushing outward as he rose up. The tip of his dick still reached up to his pecs even as he passed my height. I stepped back and admired the growing muscle god. Before long he was a good foot taller than me, maybe even a little more. His cockhead rose as high as my shoulders.

“You know what you want to do. Just do it,” I urged. I knew that if the thought wasn’t in his head already my fantasy would direct him. He grabbed his massive dick with both hands and pointed it out so that it was aimed directly at my chest. It had to be around two feet long and as thick as a two-liter bottle. Jogger Dude’s hands were covered in precum as he stroked his gigantic tool. He moaned and closed his eyes as his hands ran the length of his beautiful cock. After the pounding he had just taken, it took no time for him to get himself fully worked up. He moved his hands in unison as he squeezed his huge member and bucked his hips. A scream of ecstasy was my only warning before my chest was splattered with cum. Stream after stream surged toward me, spraying my face and my abs and my legs. By the time he was done I was covered in sticky spots and my whole chest was one big cum stain. Jogger Dude leaned forward and practically collapsed into me. It took everything I had not to crumble under his massive weight. Once again we kissed, and I pressed my sticky body against his thick, powerful muscles.

Time seemed frozen while we kissed. Any amount of time could have passed, and I would never have known. Finally Jogger Dude pulled away from me, but as he did I had the strangest feeling of being ripped out of reality. I felt as though I was falling backward into nothingness.

Then I was standing on the sidewalk, fully clothed. I looked down at myself in shock. It was still raining lightly, and my shirt was just starting to get slightly damp. Had that whole thing really just been a vivid fantasy after all? I looked up to see my answer. Jogger Dude was right there, but he was still a seven foot tall mass of muscular beauty. His see-through shirt didn’t cover the bottom couple inches of his torso, and it was pulled so tight across his back that I was impressed it hadn’t ripped. His tiny green shorts hardly even covered his ass, let alone the tops of his thighs. And he was desperately trying to stuff something into the front of his shorts. I caught the slightest glimpse of a massive soft cock before he managed to squeeze it into his briefs. We made eye contact, and he froze, his eyes wide. Just as before, I could see the question in his eyes. I simply nodded.

At that moment I realized my shirt was plastered to my chest, but it was hardly raining. I put a hand to my chest, and I could feel the sticky cum that had glued my shirt to my body. I looked back up at Jogger Dude, and neither of us moved. He smiled, and I can’t describe how gorgeous he looked in that moment. Then he turned and simply walked away.

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