The four jocks: College buddies

by NBCK99

NBCK99 tries his hand at a "Four Jocks" story, involving four insanely hot jocks growing and changing each other as they feed each others’ attraction and arousal.

The Four Jocks, #8 4,873 words Added Aug 2015 21k views 4.9 stars (19 votes)

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Neil glanced at the beer in his hand. He was starting to feel a bit buzzed, and he had a feeling he wasn’t the only one. The little party was pretty low-key, but any time Alexei had people at his apartment there was plenty of beer for everyone. Alexei’s little brother was in town, and he had insisted that a true glimpse of college life consisted of drinking cheap beer and chilling with the guys while not really doing anything. The gang had big plans for the weekend, but on this quiet Thursday night only Neil and Jeremy had shown up to join Alexei, his brother, and his roommate. Jeremy was probably about halfway through his second beer, and his naturally exuberant personality was quickly getting amplified. Like clockwork, he tore off his shirt, revealing his compact but very muscular torso.

Jeremy was never very fond of shirts, but when he had alcohol in his system it was almost impossible to keep him in his clothes. Not that Neil minded. The Pacific Islander had a body that was definitely worth showing off. He was on the short side, but he worked out religiously, and he had put a good amount of muscle on his small frame. His dark skin rippled with dense, toned muscle, and his chest pushed out in front of him. He took great pride in his pecs. The rest of him looked great, but no part of his body compared to the thick slabs of muscle on his chest. Neil loved the eye candy, but he wasn’t sure how much Jeremy understood what his body did to Neil. Jeremy could be surprisingly naïve, and he seemed more than willing to flirt with and show off for his gay friend despite the fact that he was apparently straight. Whenever he caught Neil staring, he would get a big goofy grin of face and he’d adorably scrub a hand through his thick curly hair. But the moment Neil flirted back, Jeremy would get all awkward.

Lex had clearly noticed the effect Jeremy had on Neil, but his efforts to alleviate the situation hadn’t really helped. That was mostly due to the fact that Lex didn’t care whether he came off as abrasive. One time when Neil had flirted and made Jeremy uncomfortable, Lex had stepped right in and said, “Maybe he wouldn’t flirt with you if you didn’t act all gay around him.” It had only served to make the situation more awkward. Then again, Lex wasn’t really one to talk. When Neil went to Lex’s apartment, Lex regularly greeted his guest wearing only underwear. He liked to brag about the size of his package too, and based on the outline Neil had seen through the underwear, he didn’t seem to be exaggerating. Lex’s combination of confidence and looks drew people to him, and Neil was no exception. Neil loved the contrast of the Russian’s pale skin and nearly black hair, and Lex had an uncanny ability to appear well-groomed but sort of scruffy at the same time. Even the boy’s slight accent was hot. Lex didn’t overtly show off his body the way Jeremy did, but he seemed to know that Neil had a crush on him, and he knew how to use that to his advantage.

Jeremy seemed particularly interested in showing off his body that night, and he tried to engage the other guys in a series of fitness tests. “Come on! Pushup contest!” he shouted. Alexei was having none of it.

“We are going to have a chill, relaxing night,” he insisted. “No pushups.”

Jeremy puffed up his chest and flexed his arms while simultaneously giving puppy dog eyes with his cute face. “Please?”

“That wouldn’t even be fair to me and Neil,” Lex pointed out. “We’re all about lower body strength.” All the guys were athletic, but Alexei was a soccer player, and it showed in his legs. His upper body was only slightly toned, but he had thick, powerful thighs that people always stared at. Besides his impressive bulge, they were surely his best asset. Neil’s strength was mostly in his legs too, but he didn’t have any bulk. He had been a dancer practically all his life, and he had a long, graceful, perfectly toned body to show for it. He was several inches taller than most of his friends, and what he lacked in strength he made up for in flexibility. He wasn’t nearly as quick to shuck his shirt as Jeremy, but he was very proud of his six-pack abs. Sometimes he wished he had more bulk, but he was still quite happy with his long, beautiful body.

Jeremy wasn’t ready to give up the fight, and he turned to Lex’s younger brother. “Nik, come on, you’ll do it, won’t you? Or we could arm wrestle!” Nikolai was a natural target for Jeremy’s competitive nature. Nik was basically the hotter, stronger version of his older brother. Nik already had all of his classmates in high school falling all over themselves whenever he walked by. Neil had been instantly drawn to the younger guy, although Nik didn’t even seem to realize his impact. Neil hoped desperately that Lex would be able to derail Jeremy before Nik took his shirt off. Between the fact that some of the cutest guys on campus were gathered in the apartment and the sight of Jeremy’s beautiful bare torso, Neil was having a very hard time keeping from getting a huge boner. None of his friends actually knew just how big his boner was, and he was happy to keep it that way, at least for now.

Nik was on the quiet side, and he automatically deferred to his brother when Jeremy challenged him. He easily could have gotten his way, but he didn’t seem to realize his magnetic power. Then again, Neil didn’t realize just how cute he was either. The blond’s boyish looks had helped him more often than he realized. Nik was on another level, though. He looked like those hot celebrities who can’t act their way out of a paper bag but become the face of hit teen television shows. His strong jaw made him look more masculine than his scruffy older brother, but he had big blue eyes and full lips just begging to be kissed. Then there were his muscles, which rivaled Jeremy’s. As Alexei put it, there was nothing to do in their home town except drink or go to the gym. Lex had never exercised much outside of soccer practice, but Nik apparently went to the gym whenever he was bored, which seemed to be all the time. While his pecs weren’t quite as big as Jeremy’s, his shoulders and arms were possibly larger. Neil hadn’t yet seen Nik without a shirt, but he hoped that would change by the end of the week.

Lex was still bent on shutting down his friend’s plans. “Quiet. Relaxing. Those are the words that should define this night.” He turned to his roommate for help. “Benjamin, you always have an idea. What can we do to keep Muscles over here occupied?”

Benjamin was a very intelligent and thoughtful person, and he was always Alexei’s source for solutions. He was yet another person who seemed not to understand how hot he was. He was so upset by the fact that his constant exercise hardly seemed to touch his lanky body, that he never noticed how much people were drawn to his ruggedly handsome face and sincere, thoughtful personality. As usual, he came through for his friend. “I may have just the thing,” he said. He disappeared into his room and brought back a small box the simply said, “THE GAME” in silver lettering. “My cousin Timothy sent it to me,” he explained. “I read the instructions when I first got it, and you’re supposed to be lightly intoxicated when you play.”

“A card game?” Lex asked skeptically. And yet he took the box anyway. He implicitly trusted his handsome roommate. He finished off the last of the beer and instructed his brother, “Grab some more beers from the fridge.”

As the group gathered in the living room, Benjamin headed to his room. “Hold on,” Lex said, “you can’t just abandon us now. Aren’t you going to play your own game?”

Benjamin smiled sweetly. “I just want to do what I can to make sure you guys have a good time. I have an essay to write though. I’m getting behind on my schoolwork.” Sometimes Alexei wondered how he had ended up with such a responsible friend. It was an admirable trait, but Benjamin really needed to learn to relax more and go with the flow.

Soon Neil, Jeremy, Lex, and Nik were sitting around a table, beers in hand. Jeremy was still full of dynamic energy, but it was mostly directed toward the game, which was exactly what Lex had hoped for. Jeremy had settled onto the couch next to Neil, and his bare arm was casually draped over the dancer’s shoulders. There was plenty of room on the couch, but Jeremy’s right thigh was pressed hard against Neil’s left thigh. Neil tried to focus on reading the instructions. Since Benjamin, the smartest guy, had left the room, any tasks requiring organization or critical thinking rested on Neil’s shoulders. Speaking of his shoulders, Jeremy’s muscular arm felt really good against them.

“Hey, can I see that?” Jeremy asked, reaching for the instructions.

Neil pulled the paper away. “You’ll just get the instructions mixed up. You just sit there and look pretty.”

Jeremy put on a silly grin and bounced his pecs. “Am I being pretty enough?”

Neil reached over and patted his friend’s chest. “That’ll do just fine.” Across the table, Alexei loudly cleared his throat. Neil blushed. He looked over at his friend, who was pressed up against his hot brother in a large chair on the other side of the table. “We’ll be ready to start in a minute.” Neil quickly scanned the paper. May bring about physical changes… mature enough to handle transformations… “Unaware,” he said under his breath.

“Unaware of what?” Jeremy asked.

Neil hurriedly handed Jeremy the deck. He hardly noticed Alexei’s raised eyebrow. “Here, you start. You read the question, and we go around clockwise giving answers. Then you pick your favorite by kissing or touching that person.”

“Kissing?” the Russian brothers asked in unison.

“It’s right there in the instructions,” Neil said, waving the paper. “But if you’re not secure enough in your masculinity to kiss a guy, you can just give him a hug or something.” He turned back to Jeremy. “Okay, now read a card.”

Jeremy dutifully pulled a card from the top of the deck. “What about the person to your left should he have more of than all the other players?”

“Okay, now we go clockwise and give our answers,” Neil said. He looked across the table. “That means Nik goes first, then Lex, and then me.” He hoped the other guys didn’t give good answers. He really wanted an excuse to kiss Jeremy.

Nik turned to his left where his brother was firmly pressed into his side. “Uh, I dunno, his brains?”

“The question said should have, not already has,” Lex said. “We all know I’m the smartest guy in the room.”

“His humility,” Neil whispered, and Jeremy barked out a sharp laugh.

“Should I try again?” the young hunk asked timidly.

“Too late,” Jeremy stated. “You already gave your answer. No do-overs.”

“I’ll be sure to remember that when you drunkenly say something stupid,” Lex replied.

“I’m not that bad!” the buff guy responded. “Not usually, at least,” he amended.

Lex suddenly realized it was his turn, and he fixed a disconcertingly direct stare on Neil. Neil felt the color rise in his cheeks. Finally Lex said, “His arms.”

“Size or number?” Jeremy asked. Three sets of eyes turned toward him. None of them had thought of that.

“I meant size,” Lex clarified. “It was because you wanted to do that contest earlier. If Neil had big, strong arms, you would be able to challenge him to do pushups or whatever.”

Neil was surprised to see that Jeremy appeared disappointed by the answer. Did Jeremy want to see what Neil would look like with four arms? Neil tried to picture himself like that, and he felt his cock respond. He hurriedly shifted his thoughts. Once he got hard, his boner would be impossible to hide, and he wasn’t sure how the others would react. Neil remembered that it was his turn, and he smiled. He was sure to have the winning answer. “His muscles,” Neil said, looking right at Jeremy.

“Should have, not already has,” Lex repeated.

Neil defended his answer. “Come on, your brother’s probably as big as Jeremy, he just has different proportions. And I’d say his arms are definitely bigger.” When Lex looked at his brother, he had to agree.

“All right, so now I kiss the winner?” Jeremy asked. He was looking straight at Neil, and their faces were inches away.

“Or hug or whatever,” Neil said, trying to keep his voice steady. He didn’t want to scare away his hot friend. But Jeremy hesitated for only a moment before suddenly diving in for a passionate kiss. Neil was totally caught off guard. By the time Neil pulled away, he felt like his heart might beat right out of his chest. For a moment he was willing to ditch the game and keep kissing his wildly muscular friend. Neil found that his hands had wrapped around Jeremy’s wide back. When had that happened? Before he let go, he moved his hands to Jeremy’s chest and felt up his massive pecs. Jeremy was shirtless as often as possible, not just to show off but because it was almost impossible to find shirts that would fit both his enormous chest and his slim waist. Jeremy gently pulled Neil back so that the slimmer man was once again leaning against Jeremy’s huge right pec. An utterly massive arm wrapped around his shoulders. Neil let his hand drop so that it was resting squarely on Jeremy’s huge thigh. The gym rat’s massive legs dwarfed even Lex’s.

Lex’s face was scrunched in concentration, as if he was trying to solve a puzzle. “Why did you say muscles when Jeremy obviously has way bigger muscles than the rest of us?” he asked. Neil shrugged his shoulders. “And what did you mean when you said ‘unaware’ earlier?”

“When did I say that?” Neil asked, genuinely confused.

Lex held out his hand. “Let me see those instructions.” Neil dutifully handed them over, and Lex’s eyebrows rose as he read. He looked back over at Jeremy’s thick, muscular frame and inhaled sharply. “My god,” he whispered.

Neil took a swig of beer and grabbed the deck of cards from Jeremy’s lap. “The host rotates to the right, so it’s my turn,” he announced. Lex looked positively eager to hear the question. “What does the person across from you have a lot of, that the person on your left should share equally?”

Jeremy carefully studied the brothers in the chair across from him. Neil fully expected the answer to be purely superficial, but Jeremy said, “Confidence.”

Nik blushed. “Alexei has every reason to be confident,” he said. “I’m just his kid brother.”

“Are you kidding?” Lex burst out. “You’re the hottest one here! How can you not see that?”

Nik blushed deeper. Then he looked at Neil. “Height.” Neil felt a thrill at the thought of Lex being 6’4” but he didn’t really want to lose his place as the tallest guy in the room. Of course it was just a game, but for some reason Neil instinctively treated it as if all the answers were real. He turned to Lex, waiting for the final answer.

“His drive to work out,” Lex said. After a pause, he added, “But I really like Jeremy’s answer too.”

Neil smiled. “So do I. Come over here.” As Lex leaned across the table, Neil pulled Jeremy in for a three-way kiss. Jeremy was the first to reach out his tongue, and soon all their tongues were dancing as they kissed deeply. When the three finally pulled apart, Lex scrutinized Neil’s body as if trying to search for actual changes. Jeremy adjusted his position on the couch and settled in so that his wide back was leaning against Neil’s bare torso. Neil didn’t possess the same bulk as Jeremy, but his daily workouts with his built friend were producing great results. The two always pushed each other to test their limits. Neil still looked long and graceful compared to Jeremy’s thick frame, but his pecs pushed out in front of him and all of his muscles were beautifully proportioned and perfectly defined. He had even made some money as a fitness model in the past year. Jeremy couldn’t keep his hands off Neil’s muscles. He was always admiring his friend’s progress.

Across the table, Nik was shirtless too, and he wore a cocky smirk that mirrored his brother’s. Neil took in the young hunk’s body as if for the first time. His abs weren’t quite as cut as Neil’s and his pecs were perhaps a little smaller, but he still had a body that was well worth showing off. He had encouraged his brother to take his shirt off too—“Come on, you know people can’t get enough of us,” he had said—but Lex remained the only guy in the room with a shirt on. Seeing Nik’s bare torso and feeling Jeremy’s powerful back against his own muscular body was too much for Neil. He started boning up, and he knew he couldn’t do anything to stop it.

“Holy shit,” Lex exclaimed. “That thing’s huge!”

Jeremy looked down to see what Lex was staring at. “Whoa,” he murmured.

Nik adjusted the growing bulge in his own shorts. “I think it’s even bigger than mine,” he said. “Or yours,” he added, looked at Lex.

“I’m a grower,” Neil said meekly. By now the outline of his cock was clearly visible through his shorts. He might as well have had a pair of soda cans stacked on top of each other and reaching toward his hip. If things kept up, he might have to release it from its confines soon. Jeremy reached down and stroked it. A damp spot of precum appeared at Neil’s right hip. Jeremy just left his hand there as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Neil passed the cards onto Lex, eager for a distraction. Then he opened up a new can of beer and took a long drink. He wasn’t sure how much he had drunk, but he was feeling giddy. Neil looked over at his Russian friend. Lex and Nik were both apparently hung, but they both seemed a bit envious of Neil’s size. Neil had seen the outline of Lex’s soft cock several times, and he wondered just how big it got.

“What prominent attribute about the person to your right should he have twice as much of?” Lex read.

Neil’s eyes were still on his friend’s bulge. “Cock!”

Alexei recalled Jeremy’s earlier question and asked, “Size or number?”

Neil started giggling. “Either. Both. I don’t care.” Lex once again stared at Neil’s body as if trying to remember something he had forgotten. His eyes kept drifting downward though. Finally he picked up the instructions and reread them. He had to work to keep his breathing steady as he looked expectantly at Jeremy.

Jeremy, in turn, was twisting around to look at Neil. “Can I steal his answer?” he asked. His eyes moved back up Neil’s body. “Wait, no, his arms. The number, I mean.” Neil felt his cock release another spurt of pre. Jeremy seemed pretty obsessed with the idea of Neil having four arms. Why did that get Neil so worked up?

Nik’s eyes were glued to the most prominent part of his target’s body. “His pecs,” he murmured as if in a trance.

Jeremy’s eyes widened. “What? They’re already practically too big for shirts.”

Lex shook his head. “Sorry bro, but that would look crazy.”

“And four arms wouldn’t?” Lex shrugged his shoulders. “No one wants to kiss me,” Nik pouted. All the guys laughed.

“We’d love to kiss you!” Neil said. “We just don’t like your answers.” Nik pouted and folded his arms across his chest. The motion served to highlight the size of his arms and pecs, and Neil imagined that it was totally on purpose. Jeremy had great muscles, and Neil’s cock was impressive, but Nik knew he was the hottest guy in the room.

For the second time, Lex leaned across the table and pulled his two friends in for a three-way kiss. Neil wrapped his four arms around the others and held them close. Time seemed to stand still. And then Lex was pulling away and reaching a hand down to deal with his rapidly swelling cocks. The bulge in his underwear was getting bigger by the second. Naturally he was only wearing boxer briefs with an extra-roomy pouch and a tank top. Pants were as much of a frustration for him as shirts were for Jeremy and Neil. Soon the underwear came off and Lex’s twin monsters were on display. Neil had seen them plenty of times, but he was still stunned by their sheer size. They were about a foot and a half long, and they rose up nearly to Lex’s collarbone. As soon as Lex sat down, Nik wrapped a hand around the nearest shaft. Lex licked a little bit of precum off of each huge cockhead.

Neil shucked his own shorts and underwear before sinking back into his position on the couch with Jeremy sitting in his lap. Neil’s cock, which was nearly as thick as Lex’s huge poles, was pressed in between his rippling abs and Jeremy’s muscular back. Neil wrapped three of his hands around his friend’s thick torso, while the fourth fished Jeremy’s stiffening member out of his shorts. Jeremy moaned as Neil wrapped a powerful but gentle hand around his average-sized cock.

Alexei passed the cards to his brother. “Alright Nikolai, now you get to kiss whoever you want,” he said.

Nik leaned in and gave his brother a quick kiss on the lips.

“I already do,” he laughed. “This game just gives me an excuse to do it!” He read the card to himself before reading it out loud. “What does the person across from you do a lot, that you should all do more often?”

Lex looked at the guys on the couch across from him and frowned. “Jeremy, were you in his lap the whole time?” he asked. Jeremy and Neil both shrugged.

“We’ll keep going in the same order,” Neil said. “Jeremy’s across from you.”

Alexei took it Jeremy’s body and then looked down at his own. “Gain muscle,” he said.

“I’d be huge if I gained any more!” Jeremy protested.

“Yeah, but you’d be proportional.” Lex eyes his brother. “Unlike when a certain person suggested that your pecs should get doubled.”

“I stand by that,” Nik said stubbornly. “It would look totally hot.” Jeremy unconsciously puffed out his chest, and Neil caressed his pecs.

Neil took in the sight of his friend’s brother. “Turn people on.” Nik grinned wide.

Jeremy found himself staring at Lex, but he couldn’t speak. His eyes glazed over. Neil shook him. “Answer the question!” he commanded.

Jeremy forced himself back to reality. “Suck himself off.”

“Mmmph, mmmmph,” Lex responded. His mouth was wrapped firmly around one cockhead, and Nik was licking the other. Lex begrudgingly slid his cock out of his mouth. “What I was trying to say was, I have to. They’re right there.” Neil nodded sympathetically. Thanks to his flexibility, he could lick the tip of his huge cock pretty easily, and he did it fairly often. He could only imagine how tempting it would be if his cock was always standing a few inches away from his mouth.

Nik was still licking Lex’s cock, and he was rubbing himself through his jeans. Finally he said, “You’re all winners!” He gathered everyone over the little table, and the four kissed more passionately than any of them could remember kissing before. They were so lost in their kiss that none of them noticed as Benjamin’s door opened. He paused two steps into the room as euphoria washed over him.

Neil couldn’t guess how long the mind-blowing kiss lasted. He couldn’t guess how many times he came either. Everything about the other guys turned him on so much, their lips, their touch, their very presence. He couldn’t suck himself off since his mouth was otherwise occupied, but eager hands filled the void and stroked his huge cock. He used his four hands to help his friends in the same way, but he paid special attention to Jeremy. He wasn’t sure quite when or how it had happened, but the two had become almost literally inseparable. Eventually the kiss ended and all the guys almost immediately wrapped their lips around their own huge boners. It was pretty much their natural state when they were together.

Neil suddenly realized that Benjamin’s door was open and the hot guy was standing right in front of his doorway sucking himself off. All four boys turned to look at Benjamin, and the overwhelming beauty made him cum instantly. That was the difficulty of getting this group together. They all exuded such boner-inducing hotness, and the effects were compounded when several of them were together. Benjamin was just as bad though. When he turned his bright blue eyes on the others, Neil felt like he might melt. Neil felt almost as attached to the stunning man as he did to Jeremy, who was pressed tightly into his side. Benjamin worked out almost as much as Jeremy and Neil, and he had the muscles to show for it. He was nearly as tall as Neil, and his thick muscles looked beautiful on his long body. He was nude, which was of course the rule in the apartment. He certainly wasn’t going to hide his 8-pack abs, and his near-constant 16-inch boner made pants obsolete.

Benjamin stepped forward as though a magnet was actually pulling him across the room. Neil and Jeremy and Lex and Nik seemed to be permanently paired off, and Benjamin acknowledged that. He first shared a brief three-way kiss with Jeremy and Neil, and then a longer one with the brothers. He couldn’t help but feel up Alexei’s body as they kissed. Alexei had the smallest body out of the five guys, but he could still put a lot of athletes to shame. In fact, he had recently joined Neil on one of his modeling shoots. His huge quads and perfectly formed calves made a nice balance to Neil’s four thickly muscled arms. Even Neil’s arms didn’t compare to Nik’s though. Nik’s impossibly wide shoulders and huge arms could make guys instantly cum in their pants. Well, his face that belonged on a movie star probably played a part in that. And the permanently stiff cock that could sometimes be seen behind the collar of his shirts was surely a factor as well. He loved how he stood out in a crowd, but he appreciated being in a place where the other guys were all like him. When he was around his brother’s friends, he didn’t have to think twice about shucking his clothes and gently licking the tip of his huge cock.

For a while the guys took care of their more carnal needs either by themselves or with help. Then they gravitated toward the kitchen where they replenished their energy. Neil grabbed a new beer while still wrapping one of his arms around Jeremy’s waist and massaging his and Jeremy’s cocks with the others. He couldn’t believe he had found such a perfect match. He kissed his lover’s cheek affectionately. Still, something tugged at him, pulling his attention. He looked back toward the living room and said, “Who’s up for round two?”

The Four Jocks, #8 4,873 words Added Aug 2015 21k views 4.9 stars (19 votes)

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