The e-journal

by hyperboi

Tyler’s birthday is not going well: no one can come, not even his parents, and his big brother is being an obnoxious bully as usual. Plus he’s horny as heck. At least his best friend gave him a gift: an e-journal. He decides to write in it not about the way things are, but the way he wants things to be.

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Tyler’s birthday has sucked from the moment he had woken up. It started when his older brother Ryan had body-checked him with his shoulder on his way to the bathroom, just so he could get in there first. He was the typical hateful older brother who, just by being two years older and 50 pounds heavier, thought he could bully him whenever he wanted. And their parents never said a thing.

Tyler’s parents, in fact, were generally useless. They couldn’t even make it home for his birthday to celebrate with them, and were still working abroad somewhere with a homecoming nowhere in sight. Plus his best and only friend, Jeremy, couldn’t make it either because his newest girlfriend, a bitchy cheerleader no one liked but whose boobs Jeremy was obsessed with, had told him not to.

Lately Tyler had been wondering just why Jeremy, being so popular, handsome, and buff, was even friends with a nerd like himself. Tyler admitted to himself that he had a bit of a crush on him, but that was only a slightly more intense version of the lust that came over him when he was with any hot guy.

At least before they’d parted ways to head home from school, after a whole school day of bullies and awful teachers putting him down, Jeremy had given him a present.

“I’m sorry for not coming, dude,” Jeremy said with a winning smile that made Tyler instantly want to forgive him. “But I promise this will make up for it. I bet starting tomorrow we can spend more time together, just like we used to when we were kids and stuff.” He winked and then headed away from him as he dialed his girlfriend with his latest new cell phone. Yeah, he was rich too. Some bastards just have it all.

Tyler reached his empty house feeling lonely, in a way a sixteen-year-old shouldn’t feel on his birthday. He consoled himself with the thought that he might be able to catch some of his online buddies to chat about the recent manga.

But first he would go to his room to check out his present, and, maybe, wank off to his favorite muscle porn websites.

As soon as he reached the second floor, he knew from the loud, thumping music coming from the room next to his that his brother Ryan was home, probably working out his muscular body with the weight set he kept in there. Another reason to hate him, Tyler thought as he glanced down at his own skinny body.

Silently, he went into his room and for the millionth time wished he had a lock on his door. He dropped the present on his desk and pulled off his socks and shoes, happy as usual to let his big feet, one of the few things about his body he was decently proud of, free of their constraints. He wiggled his toes and tried to ignore the music thumping through the wall behind him.

He sighed and sat at his desk, picking up the present and wondering what it might be. He tore off the wrapping to reveal a slim, rectangular plastic device, about 10” by 6”. It looked like a tablet or an e-reader, but there was no there were no markings or buttons. He tapped the screen to see if it would wake up and tell him what it was.

To his srprise, it did. A welcoming message appeared in the touch screen. Welcome to e-journal, Tyler Gechan where your daily life can be described as you wish!

“A journal?” he said aloud, a bit deflated. His disappointment distracted him from the oddity of the machine knowing his name.

Still, it better than nothing, he thought. The way today had been going he should totally be looking on the bright side and hunting down silver linings. He turned the journal so it was horizontal and clicked on “new entry”. The half lower third or so turned into a touch-keyboard and he pondered what to write.

He frowned. The heavy, obnoxious music seeping through the walls from the next room over was bugging him. Then he smirked and started typing.

I reached home with my present and as I’m using it, Ryan enters my room to suck my cock, as my loads always make him grow.

He started laughing like crazy. Yeah, the present was not much, but at least it cheered him up, and he was definitely grateful. Tyler thought of texting Jeremy to thank him again when his door opened.

He looked up, surprised, to see Ryan, who was only wearing a jockstrap that bulged a bit more than usual (he had peeked on him at times) and was still sweaty from his workout. His muscles were swollen from the pump he already had, and he was glaring at Tyler.

“Wh-what is it?” Tyler was a bit scared. Normally his brother’s interactions with him weren’t nice, to put it simply.

“The usual. Get up, squirt.” He looked annoyed, as if Tyler was forgetting something really obvious.

Still, he did as he was told and got up. Without any warning, his brother moved right in front of him. The muscle show Ryan was giving him was enough to give Tyler a stiffy, and, unfortunately for Tyler, Ryan noticed. He looked down at Tyler’s swollen crotch. Tyler might have expected a beating from him at that point—but definitely not a smirk.

“Good to see you’re ready,” Ryan said.

Tyler was too shocked to move, so he couldn’t stop his brother from kneeling and yanking down his pants with his underwear along, exposing his rigid, leaking boner.

Then, to his amazement, Ryan did something he would never have predicted in a million years. He took Tyler’s fat cock in his hand and, leaning forwards, started licking it.

The sheer shock of Ryan’s tongue nearly sent Tyler into sudden, violent release. The pleasure he experienced from this, however, was nothing compared to the feeling he got when Ryan stuffed all of his 5 inches in his mouth, sucking him like a vacuum.

It was his first blowjob—although, he realized in wonder, it wasn’t an odd or strange feeling… Almost as if, somehow, he had done it before.

When he came in Ryan’s mouth, Tyler’s legs couldn’t hold him any longer and he fell on his butt. To his sheer amazement, he watched Ryan swallowing his cum.

“Oh my god…” Tyler whispered, too stunned to say anything more. Despite his epic release his cock was still rock-hard.

Ryan licked his lips and burped, then he stretched and started to flex all his muscles, which swelled a little beyond his pump. Tyler watched in amazement as his brother grew in front of his very eyes! After a minute or so, his growth slowed and then halted. Ryan surveyed his overpumped, swollen muscled body and nodded in satisfaction, as if he liked what he was seeing. Clearly he was not thinking it was weird at all, in marked contrast to the freak-out Tyler was barely suppressing. He stared up at his brother with wide eyes, while Ryan surveyed his swole, beautifully muscled physique.

Then, without a word, Ryan left and went back to his room, leaving Tyler still boned and too amazed to move.

He needed a couple minutes to find his legs and stand up again. Instead of pulling up his pants he just stepped out of them and fell naked into his desk chair, his dry boner still pressing against his flabby stomach. Then he glanced at the present and read what he had typed only ten minutes before.

I reached home with my present and as I’m using it, Ryan enters my room to suck my cock, as my loads always make him grow.

“Oh. My. God.” He stared at the words. They seemed incontrovertible.

“If this is true,” he breathed, feeling excitement mount in him, “then… whatever I write…”

He stared at the screen and took a deep breath. He had to make sure. He started typing.

Good thing my balls are always refilling with cum so he can drink it anytime he wants and as many times he desires. I wonder if he realizes it makes his own cock to grow too.

He looked over the words when he was done, considering them. “Maybe I overdid it…” he mused aloud.

But then his door opened again and there was his brother, as pumped as he had seen him a few minutes ago.

“Up!” he ordered.

Tyler jolted up like he had a spring attached to his butt. His pants were still on the floor and his boner hadn’t subsided yet, so that saved Ryan some time. He just knelt and started sucking him off him again.

Tyler moaned, not believing what was happening to him… and not stupid enough to complain.

Almost too soon he was exploding again in huge spurts down Ryan’s throat, cumming just as hard and just as much as the last time. He had had wanking marathons before, but his second load so close after the first was always a lot smaller.

Not anymore.

He fell to the floor again and watched from there as his muscular brother got just that much bigger. This time, however, Ryan’s bulging crotch dragged Tyler’s attention more than his expanding muscles as it bulged even more, the pouch of the jockstrap stretching as a noticeably bigger cock got outlined in the tight fabric.

Ryan kept flexing his arms and saw them swell slowly until they stopped doing so. Tyler was amazed—those guns had to be close to 20 inches. His huge bully of a brother was swelling into young bodybuilder territory. Then he said something that almost scared him.

“Nah, I wanted more before dinner.”

From the floor, Tyler saw his hulking brother crawling on his hands and knees over where he was laying on the floor and until he was on top of him. Then, he attacked his boner with his hungry mouth.

Three blowjobs in a row wasn’t something Tyler had ever imagined, but hot as it was and productive as his balls were, his cock was starting to get sore of the sometimes rub of Ryan teeth, who as always, never cared about his brother and just saw him as a source of growth.

It took longer than last time, but finally Tyler came in his brother’s mouth, filling him to the point he had to start swallowing before Tyler had finished coming.

Tired as hell, and so close it almost gave him a heart attack, Tyler saw his brother growing right on top of him, expanding before his eyes. His traps were inching subtly higher, his shoulders were broadening, his pecs were visibly expanding towards him, and his legs were getting thicker. He heard a low ripping sound and saw a tear open up in his brother’s jockstrap where his huge cock had tried to get free.

He wasn’t even completely hard and that thing must have been at least 9 inches. Tyler pondered when they had started doing all this if his brother could be that big now. Surely not that very day. Could the e-journal modify the past too? He was left with a lot of questions as his huge brother climbed to his feet and left him there to get a shower without a word of thanks. He frowned after him. He was hot to look at, but was still a jerk.

Then got an idea.

I’m glad my brother loves me a lot and always treat me with care, he typed in the journal. Especially since he discovered I can make him grow. He always lets me worship him whenever he sees me. And starting today his body has the same growing properties as mine, so he won’t mind if I blow him to grow.

“This way it’s fair, right?” he smirked.

Tyler got up and walked naked towards the bathroom where he heard the shower stopping. He entered as his brother got out from the shower stall, his bulging muscles dripping wet.

For the first time in his life, Tyler saw his brother smiling nicely to him when he saw him, transforming his face from good-looking to handsome as fuck. However, that time he was there looking for something especial, so his brother’s smile was not his first priority. His only concern right then was the 8 inches of soft, thick meat attached to the muscle man in front of him.

Ryan laughed. “So you came to return the favor? Fair enough. Come here, brother. I needed to get off anyway.”

Tyler didn’t need more encouraging, and in a second he had the whole 8 inches down his throat. Soon, his sucking on it started boning it up, and he felt it expand inside his mouth and inching down his throat. He kept sucking and pleasuring Ryan until the pain in his jaw was too much and he was almost suffocating, and pulled off to get some air. He stared reverently at the foot long, super-thick member that was still growing harder and higher, not believing he’d had so much meat in his mouth just a second ago. His own 5-incher was as hard as ever, but he didn’t need to get off after three times in a row. He watched, panting, until the huge cock in front of him stopped growing at about 14 inches or so and almost thicker than his own wrist. Then he tried blowing him again, but now he was only able to get the thick cockhead in his mouth, leaving the rest of the dick to his hands. Ryan’s moans accelerated and in mere minutes he was cumming hard.

Tyler had to suck fast to get it all and could feel it warm inside his belly. Then the warm feeling started expanding. He noticed his bare chest starting to form some thickness and definition. His stopped looking like sticks, showing some healthy bulges where normally biceps and triceps were, and his forearms too swelled with meat. He hadn’t put his pants or briefs after his triple blowjob, so he could see his thin legs inflate to what could be called almost normally muscled legs, and his 5 incher started inching up, reaching 6… 7… and a half.

He felt a rush of excitement. He finally had some meat on his bones!

And he wanted more. Fortunately, his brother was always horny and ready so he didn’t mind.

“Go for it, Ty!” he told him with a wink, nodding down at his still-raging 14-inch tower of cock.

He didn’t need to be told twice, and soon the bathroom was filled with moans… and then, after a while, silence.

And growth.

Ryan opened his eyes wide. His little brother was filling out his chest like they’d beren pumping iron together for years. His pecs and back swelled enough, and his shoulders too, making him wonder if Tyler would need new tee shirts. Even an eight-pack was starting to show down below. His legs had to move a bit to the sides so their growing quads had some space, and his cock stopped growing at 10 inches.

Tyler was going to go for a third round—it was only fair, same as with Ryan, right?—when they heard the ping of the kitchen timer.

“Oh, that’s the cake for your birthday party,” said Ryan. He smiled. “Too bad no one could come, right? We’ll celebrate together.” He left the bathroom, leaving Tyler staring amazed after him. This was the best birthday ever. A simple entry in the e-journal had changed his big brother from a bully into a nice enough brother he’d actually baked him a birthday cake.

That and his new body, which he stayed in the bathroom 20 minutes worshiping. He was going to try out his new and improved cock, when he had another idea and ran into his room.

The e-journal was there waiting for him. He started typing like a mad man.

I love my brother so much, he typed. Not just because he’s nice and loving and made me a cake. He even prepared a birthday party for me, and seeing as we’re both two of the most popular teens from our high school, most of the hot guys in school were invited. Good thing we live in such a big mansion that our parents can afford it, since they are so rich and never home so we can do as we want. That way so many guys can come to the party and all of them are bi. Good thing, as no girls were invited.

Tyler thought a minute. His phone—fuck, he had a brand new top-of-the-line cell phone—was buzzing with notifications. Hot, hunky guys from school, all telling him they were on their way to his birthday bash. He thought about what a few lines in the journal had done to his and his brother’s bodies, and his new ten-inch cock stiffened to full, quivering arousal as he resumed typing.

I can’t wait to try the new magical Jacuzzi that makes everyone horny, he typed, barely able to keep from touching his own boner as he imagined all the jocks and hunks getting raging erections in their speedos. He kept going. Everyone that gets in grows an inch of hard cock for every twenty minutes you stay in. And it’s as huge as a small pool, so lots of guys can try it. And talking about the pool… the Olympic-sized swimming pool we have in our huge back yard has growing muscle properties, too. Not as powerful what happens when you suck my brother’s cock or mine, but the growth is noticeable if you stay in long enough.

Tyler paused, picturing how easy it would be to lure Jeremy over to swim all summer, and how godly he would look climbing out of it, his thick erection straining his trunks. Tyler’s own dick jumped hard against his eight-pack abs, spitting a wad of precum straight up into the air.

His mind returned to the upcoming party full of horny, incredibly boned hunks. Thoughts of their rigid cocks filled his brain, and he kept typing. I dunno how much it cost, he typed, but it’s great how the doorframe on the main door duplicates something for each guy that passes through it. Ryan had just installed it and I can tell for sure how it affected him. I hope his speedo can stretch enough.

He couldn’t restrain himself from getting his best friend and crush over to his party. In a minute Jeremy will arrive along with the football team, and I must go down and greet him with a deep kiss like always while my brother finishes putting on the food out on the tables in the back yard. I hope everyone won’t drink too much, cause the toilet stall of the ground floor affects anyone pissing into it, doubling their cum production… although (Tyler added, thinking about it) how it does it is random and unpredictable. Sometimes it makes their balls double in size, sometimes it just duplicates them. Ryan tried it and his pouch is straining to hold two sets of balls. When I tried it, it just enlarged them.

He finished typing and adjusted his fist sized nuts so his legs didn’t squeeze them. He rooted through his huge wardrobe packed with expensive, comfortable clothes for some swimming trunks with really short legs that looked like he was wearing compressed boxer briefs. Then he put on his flip flops and went downstairs to the ground floor of the mansion he lived in. His brother had finished putting out the food on the ten large tables in the garden and was selecting the music to play on the high-end sound system.

Tyler observed him from the back door and felt deep satisfaction at how well his 4 nuts and 2 massive softies filled his green XXL speedo to the limit, perfectly complementing his amazing, sculpted musclebod.

“Hey Ry!” he called.

Ryan turned, grinning easily at the sight of his beloved kid brother. “What?”

“Did you invite some of your friends too?”

“Only the swim team members in my class. And the weightlifting club of the class between yours and mine,” he replied.

“Okay, cool. They will get along with the teams from my class, I guess. They do the same sports after all,” Tyler reasoned.

Then he heard the front doorbell ringing, over and over, and he smiled. It was going to be one hell of a party.

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