by NBCK99

At first there were only a few of those abnormally tall, wildly muscular, huge-cocked, boner-inducing half-naked guys, encountered here and there on a train, in a mall, a demigod amidst the chaff. That was at first.

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Part 1 At first there were only a few of those abnormally tall, wildly muscular, huge-cocked, boner-inducing half-naked guys, encountered here and there on a train, in a mall, a demigod amidst the chaff. That was at first. (added: 5 Jul 2014)
Part 2 It’s strange enough that these shirtless megahunks are starting to show up everywhere, and no one else seems to notice they weren’t there before. But now there’s a cute meta at the office, asking for his usual morning blowjob... (added: 25 Jul 2014)
Part 3 Finding Kyle making out with a meta in their apartment is only the beginning of how the world-shifting is affecting more and more of Nate’s life. (added: 8 Oct 2014)
Part 4 When Nate goes home with the meta hunk James, James’s cocky brother BJ is lounging on the couch waiting for them. (added: 6 Mar 2015)
Part 5 The Meta transformation is creeping further into the world, with Metas cropping up in movies and sports and everywhere else in Nate’s life—including a new Meta coming into being unexpectedly close to home. (added: 30 Mar 2016)
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Part 1

Okay, so I know this sounds crazy, but I think I’m some sort of link between parallel dimensions. Over the last couple years, reality has slowly shifted, and I’m the only one who can remember what things used to be like. Believe it or not, the average height for men used to be 5’10”, shirts were required in most public buildings, and any guy with an exposed dick could be arrested for indecent exposure. Now I know this all sounds like some strange fantasy, but it’s true. And somehow I’m at the center of the change. In fact I think the changes will keep happening. But let’s start from the beginning.

It all started one morning when I was taking the subway to work. A couple times a week this one really good looking guy would get on the same car as me. Actually, he always got on the third car. Once I figured that out, I made sure I also always got on that car. Pretty much whenever I was a couple minutes early, I would see him. He would come in with his briefcase, and his muscles were big enough that I could see the outlines through his suit. He had wide shoulders and arms that strained his sleeves, but his waist was small, creating a perfect v shape. I would glance at him out of the corner of my eye, taking in his gorgeous shape and his handsome face. This day was different though.

As usual, I covertly glanced toward the door when the train got to his stop. It was hard not to gasp when he walked through the doorway. I knew he was tall, but he had to duck slightly as he stepped into the train and I didn’t remember seeing him do that before. I’m honestly surprised I even noticed that, though. I mean what caught me off guard was that he was wearing a tie with no shirt. He just strolled in with his perfect abs, wide shoulders, and round pecs on display. I was so stunned that it took me a moment to realize the proportions were off. Not only was he too tall, but his shoulders and lats just seemed too wide compared to how they had always looked under his clothes. And I definitely would have noticed if his pecs were that round. Sure, his impressive chest had always been visible under his shirt, but now his pecs jutted out several inches in front of him.

The crazy thing was no one was actually paying much attention to the totally ripped, shirtless guy. Someone stood up to get off at the next stop, and he gingerly squeezed himself into the empty seat. The people on either side of him briefly glanced up at his wide shoulders, and then they ignored him just like they ignored all the other passengers. I was in shock. At one point he absentmindedly straightened his tie, acting as if it was completely normal to wear the tie without a shirt. By the time I had really taken all of this in, I was getting painfully hard and had tried discreetly adjusting myself several times. Then as I was about to get off at my stop, I saw something that nearly made me cum right there. His flaccid cock was clearly visible though his pants. It was bigger around than mine was hard, and it went halfway down his right thigh. I definitely would have noticed that before. As the train arrived at my stop, I practically ran out the door. I was afraid that if I saw him for one more second I wouldn’t be able to contain myself.

At work, I couldn’t stop thinking about the man on the subway. Even when Lucas, the cute intern, came by my cubicle, I barely paid him any notice. On the way home, I half expected to see another huge, half-naked man, but everything was normal. I tried to convince myself that it had been an insanely vivid daydream. After all, the guy had been an even sexier version of himself, a version I might have secretly fantasized about before. And yet his image kept appearing in my head. It just seemed so real.

When I got home, I was so distracted that I nearly walked right into Kyle. My tall blond roommate was shirtless, but that was nothing new. He went to the gym regularly and loved to show off his hard-earned abs. He was long and lithe rather than having any bulk. As I greeted Kyle, I glanced at his torso, but it didn’t look any different from normal. I nearly told him about my weird experience on the train, but I stopped myself. Would anyone actually believe me if I told them? I probably wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. In fact I was still kind of doubting myself.

Kyle and I chatted about work, and then I changed out of my work clothes and got ready to relax for the evening. Our other roommate, Jonny, joined us in the living room as we watched tv. He was on the short side and had a few extra pounds around the middle that he had gained in college. Jonny had a cute face that was usually adorned with a little scruffy beard. We had messed around a little in college back when he was in better shape, but we had decided to leave that little fling behind and just be friends.

The evening was strangely normal. We just sat around, talked, and watched tv. It just made my experience that much more surreal. By the time I woke up the next morning I was almost convinced it had just been a really vivid daydream. Each day for the rest of the week, I looked for my subway crush, but we never ended up on the same train. By the weekend I had pretty much dismissed the whole thing. Then it happened again.

I went to the mall on Saturday, more as a way to pass time than because I needed to shop for something. Just as I walked out of a store I saw a huge guy walking through the crowd. He had a really cute boyish face, and I guessed he was probably a couple years younger than me. He had to be about two feet taller than most of the people around him, which would put him at nearly 8 feet tall. Like subway guy, he was shirtless. It was easy to see why wearing a shirt might be difficult for him. The contrast between his impossibly wide shoulders and his narrow waist would make even the most form-fitting shirt loose around the waist. Plus, with his bulbous pecs and wide lats, shirts would surely be constricting around his chest. Instead of pants, the guy was wearing some sort of wrapped garment that made me think of Japanese robes. The high-waisted garment was wrapped tightly around his abs, accentuating his torso’s impressive v shape. Below the garment, his muscular calves were visible, and I couldn’t help but wonder what his quads looked like.

I was obviously staring, but I couldn’t help myself. He clearly wasn’t wearing any sort of underwear because I could see the outline of his dick as he walked. It hung most of the way to his knees and swung side to side as he walked. By the time I had fully taken in his body, my breaths were short and ragged. I barely even noticed that he was heading straight for me.

“Hey.” The rich baritone voice washed over me, and at first I didn’t realize it was coming from the tall stud. My eyes widened.

“I-I’m sorry I was staring,” I stammered. “I didn’t mean to be rude.” In truth I was amazed that others weren’t staring, but just like on the subway everyone was acting as if this guy was totally normal.

I looked up at the walking wet dream, and he just chuckled. “Sometimes I have that effect on people,” he stated. “The doctor says it’s pheromones or something.” Or just being impossibly hot, I thought to myself. Now that he was standing next to me, I was rock hard and had to resist the urge to just reach out and touch his abs. “My name’s James by the way. How about we get out of the crowd?” I just mutely nodded. As we walked, I think I managed to say hello and mumble my name.

James led me to the bathroom where we just stood for a bit. I took a long moment to take in the sight of him, starting with his sandal-clad feet and slowly working my way up to his smiling face. Suddenly he was closing the gap between us and leaning down to kiss me. As we kissed, I felt something hit me between the legs, and I was stunned to realize that it was James’ massive cock coming to life. I stepped away to give it room, and I was amazed by its sheer size. His cock rose up nearly to his collarbone, its head standing higher than my own.

“You seem kind of freaked out,” James said with concern on his face. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“I absolutely want to do this,” I responded breathlessly. “It’s just—well—you’re so huge!”

James cocked his head. “Have you never seen a meta before?” I guess my blank stare answered his question. “It’s a genetic mutation or something,” he explained. “I don’t really get the details, but it’s apparently really rare. When metas hit puberty, we kind of have a mega growth spurt. You should take your pants off, you look uncomfortable.”

At first I was startled by the non sequitur, but then I realized that my pants really were constricting my hard on. As I awkwardly fumbled with the buttons on my jeans, James began to lift up my shirt. Soon I was completely nude and staring at a dick the size of my leg. I began to caress the base of his dick with both hands. As I moved my hands up the huge shaft, James took one of his large hands and engulfed my cock. I was in awe of his size, and yet he was surprisingly gentle.

I wasn’t really sure how to pleasure such a massive cock, but James helped me out with that. As his breathing became more shallow, he lowered himself onto his knees. Now his cockhead was directly in front of me. I began to lick the head, and he shivered in ecstasy. After teasing the massive head for a little while, I wrapped my arms around the shaft and hugged it tightly to my body. I ground my own cock into his, and his hips bucked. I squeezed and groped his dick in rhythm as his hips moved back and forth. Finally James screamed in ecstasy as he exploded. Huge streams of cum spurted out and rained down. At the same time, my cock was cumming all over my belly and his shaft. When we were both spent, I collapsed to my knees and found myself once again kissing the hot giant.

After a while, James grinned sheepishly and said, “Uh, sorry about the mess.” I realized I was sticky all over from the cum that had rained down on me. I awkwardly gathered my clothes and put them on over my sticky body.

“That was amazing,” I breathed, not sure what else to say.

James was fishing his phone out of his pocket. “It was nice to meet such an enthusiastic admirer,” he said with that radiant smile of his.

Soon we had exchanged numbers, and I was hurrying home to shower. Halfway home, the reality of the situation suddenly hit me. I had just engaged in a totally surreal fantasy, except I knew for a fact that it had been real. My cum-covered body was the proof. What the hell was a meta? I had never heard of this supposed genetic mutation before. While I was stopped at a red light, I looked at my phone. That was my other proof. I had just received a text from James. It read, “I’m glad we met today. I hope we can do that again sometime.”

I had no idea what changes were in store, but somehow I knew I had taken my first step into a strange new world.


Part 2

Somehow I managed to slip into the bathroom before either of my roommates saw me. I had no desire to explain why I had come home from the mall covered in cum. As I showered, my mind reeled. James couldn’t be real. He had come straight from my deepest fantasies. Nothing about him or our experience together made sense. It was like I had walked into a dream world. I began to seriously wonder if I was dreaming. Except I never realized I was in a dream while it was happening. Still, I pinched myself several times.

After my shower, I grabbed my laptop and hung out in the living room with Kyle. As usual my hot roommate was shirtless, showing off his toned body. If only he was gay, maybe I could have done more than just admire his body. That didn’t matter right now, though. I needed to try to figure out what was going on. “Hey Kyle, had you ever heard of a meta?” I inquired.

Kyle stared at me like I was an idiot. “Who hasn’t heard of metas?” he asked rhetorically. “I’ve never actually met one, if that’s what you mean.”

I think that was the moment when I first guessed that reality itself was changing. I needed to confirm my suspicion, so I googled meta. One of the top results was a website called “Metagear—custom clothing for unique men.” When I clicked on the link it showed a picture of a guy in the same garment James had been wearing. As I scrolled through the site, I found custom shirts, pants, and underwear too. Most of the clothing was modeled by a guy who looked like more like a bodybuilder than a model. He was absolutely gorgeous, and he was also very well hung. His package was noticeable in every photo. I didn’t think it was as long as James’ but it had to be a good foot long soft.

“You’re not watching porn in the middle of the living room, are you?” Kyle questioned with his usual bluntness. I blushed as I realized I had gotten completely hard. In typical Kyle fashion, he wasn’t upset, just amused.

I didn’t really know how to respond, but for some reason I blurted out, “I met a meta at the mall today.” Apparently that was enough of an explanation for Kyle. He nodded thoughtfully.

“I’ve heard that some guys find them irresistible,” he noted. “Apparently it even happens to some straight guys, although that wouldn’t apply to you.” I was reminded of what James had said about pheromones. Still, I couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t automatically drooling over these metas. They were everything I had ever fantasized about. Another piece of the puzzle fell into place in my head. I was very certain that metas hadn’t existed a few days ago, but I also seemed to be the only person who realized that. And metas just happened to be what I would consider a walking wet dream. It couldn’t be a coincidence.

“Seriously though, are you going to deal with that thing or what?” he asked with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and turned to focus on my computer, but he obviously wasn’t going to let this go. He liked to joke about anything and everything, and he was perfectly fine with making me a bit uncomfortable if he got a laugh out of it.

I made a point of noticeably adjusting myself, and then I repositioned my laptop so it obstructed Kyle’s view. “There, now you don’t have to see it,” I said with mock annoyance. “Although we all know you secretly love dick. I mean come on, you’re rooming with two gay guys.”

Kyle laughed loudly. “If I wanted you, I would have had you a long time ago,” he teased. “You couldn’t say no to this,” he said, gesturing at his gorgeous body. I only hoped he didn’t realize how true that statement actually was.

I continued chatting with Kyle, but my attention turned back to my computer. I refined my google search, trying to look for specific details. Unfortunately, it seemed that there were very few metas, and scientists didn’t agree on the causes for the condition. Finally I found a site that had compiled some facts. Apparently there were only a few hundred known metas in the whole world. About half of them lived in the US, and nearly half of those ones lived in my state. This couldn’t be a coincidence either. Somehow it all revolved around me.

Over the next few days, I didn’t see any more metas, but James and I started texting. He made it clear that we wasn’t looking for anything serious, but assured him I would love to just worship his body. It looked like we might meet up over the weekend, and I was giddy at the prospect of another encounter with the meta. I kept looking for answers on the internet, but my searches didn’t turn up much. On night, I ended up back on that website with the statistics, and I got a surprise. Now it said that there were nearly two thousand metas worldwide. There was a date at the bottom showing when the site had last been edited. It hadn’t been updated in a month.

As the week went on, I tried to force myself to think about other things besides metas. That proved to be extremely difficult, but at work it was fairly easy. Things moved along just like they always had. Same old coworkers, same old bosses, same old job. Well, until Friday.

I had just settled in, preparing for the last day of the week, when someone behind me said, “Hey there, sexy.” With a shock, I realized that the voice belonged to Lucas, the cute intern. I swiveled around in my office chair and discovered that he was now Lucas, the hot meta intern. I’m not even sure how I planned to respond, but my brain short-circuited at the sight of his new and improved body. Lucas had always had boyish good looks, with beautiful green eyes and long sandy hair that flopped over his eyes no matter how he styled it. Now that face seemed slightly manlier somehow. His jaw seemed to be just a little more square, and his eyes were maybe just a little more deep set.

Like James and subway guy, Lucas was shirtless, and his body nearly made me drool all over myself. I didn’t know what his torso had looked like before, but it was almost indescribable now. His alabaster skin was stretched tight across a statuesque body. His abs were the most impressive I had ever seen, an eight-pack cut so deeply that it seemed to be permanently flexed. If his shoulders weren’t quite as wide as James’ or his arms weren’t quite as large, his muscle definition surely made up for it. And his pecs dominated everything, jutting out in front of him with large nipples just begging to be licked and teased.

I recognized Lucas’ khaki pants from that Metagear website. They showed off a package that wouldn’t even fit in normal pants. I could clearly see the outline of a cock that was well over a foot long and as wide as a coke can. As I looked back at his face, it struck me that he was waiting expectantly for something. Then something else struck me. Had Lucas just called me sexy? How could a god like him call a mere mortal like me sexy? I had been told more than once that I was very good looking, but I paled in comparison to my coworker.

“Are you ready?” Lucas prompted. I began to realize that meta-Lucas must have some sort of morning routine. And everyone but me seemed to know how things worked in the meta-world.

“Ready for what?” I asked, hoping I didn’t sound totally clueless.

Lucas leaned his face toward mine, and I wanted to grab him and kiss him. “Are you feeling okay? You seem extra tired.” I nodded slightly. I don’t know if he took it to mean that I felt fine, I was tired, or both, but he placed a hand on my shoulder reassuringly. Lucas had always been sweet. On some level, I think that’s part of what made him cute. I was glad to see that his enviable physique hadn’t diminished that quality. “Hey, if you’re not up for the morning blow job, I can always take care of myself. It’s just so much better when you do it.”

I tried to keep my eyes from widening, but I don’t think I succeeded. Morning blow job? The world of metas was a brave new world, I reminded myself. Still, I was seriously shocked. Once I really thought about it though, it started to make sense. I had been told multiple times that I gave exceptional blow jobs. And normal rules didn’t seem to apply to metas, so if Lucas wanted a blow job at work, he could get one and no one would say anything. My dick came to life at the thought of sucking off my gorgeous coworker. Lucas thought I was sexy. My dick jumped again. I reached for the buttons on Lucas’ khakis.

“You know I can’t say no to you, Lucas,” I intoned softly. “All you need to do is ask.” I pulled his pants down to reveal pale blue boxer briefs that were straining over his growing package.

“Please,” he breathed. “Work your magic on me.”

This was not a tentative encounter. I was not just an admirer worshipping a god like with James. I felt confident and sexy. I pulled down the boxer briefs and came face to face with a huge dick that was getting harder by the second. In the back of my mind, it occurred to me that Lucas had to be at least a foot taller than his old self. I was sitting in an office chair, and yet his crotch was at eye level. His grapefruit sized balls were hanging right in front of my face. As Lucas came to full mast, I began to doubt myself. I knew I was talented, but this thing was twice the size of anything I had taken before. It hadn’t gotten much wider as it got hard, but it was surely pushing two feet long now. I reminded myself that I was not going to be tentative.

In one motion I stood up and pulled Lucas’ head down for a kiss. As I pulled away, Lucas murmured, “I love when you take charge like that.” Sweet, cute Lucas. He was still the guy I had fantasized about. I rubbed my hands across his round pecs, letting my fingers linger around his large nipples. Well, maybe I hadn’t fantasized about him quite like this. I licked one of his hard nipples, and he moaned. I tweaked the other, making him gasp. “Stop being such a tease,” Lucas begged as I continued play with his nipples. I gradually pushed myself against him, feeling his hard-on against my torso. Finally I licked his cockhead. I could tell that Lucas could already barely contain himself, but I kept him on the edge.

As I began to take Lucas’ cock into my mouth, I wondered again how I was going to manage this. Just the head took up so much room. Then I began to taste pre-cum, and I quickly licked it up. My mouth started to tingle, and suddenly wrapping my lips around his cock wasn’t quite so difficult. My tongue seemed to lengthen as it teased his cock. At first I thought it was my imagination, but then I remembered how little I knew about metas. Why couldn’t Lucas’ pre-cum make it easier for me to suck him off? Was that any stranger than the things I had already seen?

With my new ability, I took more and more of Lucas’ dick into my mouth. My tongue wrapped around it sensuously, and he moaned loudly. With a final thrust, I took as much as I could before he exploded into me. I wasn’t sure, but I had to have taken well over a foot. As the first wave of cum burst down my throat, I once again felt tingly. Lucas came and came, and I swallowed and swallowed without a problem. I vaguely wondered if these effects were permanent or temporary, but that thought didn’t last long. Lucas was rubbing my hard-on through my pants, and that was all it took to set me off. I came in my pants even as I swallowed the last of Lucas’ cum. Eventually I began easing his cock out of my mouth inch by inch. Already I could feel my mouth tightening and my tongue shrinking. It was disappointing to lose those effects so quickly, but I figured it would make my morning blow jobs with Lucas extra special.

Lucas pulled his pants back up as I sat in a daze. “Are you going to change your pants, or what?” he asked. It hit me that I was still at work. I started panicking, but Lucas was already going to the coat rack and pulling out a pair of pants. On an instinct, I pulled open my bottom desk drawer and found a few pairs of underwear. Apparently in the meta-world I came to work prepared. Lucas grinned and pulled me in for a quick kiss before he left me to get to work.

Somehow I managed to do all my work for the day, but I kept imagining Lucas’ body in front of me, or our mouths pressed together, or my elongated tongue caressing his cock. If this kept up, I was going to have a very hard time thinking about anything besides all the hot metas around me. At least I could retreat to the normalcy of my apartment at the end of the day.

When I got home, I was ready to just sit on the couch and spend the night watching Netflix. However, it quickly became clear that my plans were going to change. In the middle of the living room, Kyle was making out with a meta.


Part 3

I couldn’t believe the sight in front of me. Kyle wasn’t even gay. Of course, he himself had commented on how some straight guys were attracted to metas. But that wasn’t the point. I’d been into him ever since we met, but I had never acted on it because he was straight. And now he was making out with some guy right there in the apartment. If only I was a meta, maybe he would be into me. I quickly cut off that line of thought. I already seemed to have too many fantasies coming to life.

Once I forced myself to stop thinking about Kyle, my attention went straight to the meta. The guy wasn’t much taller than Kyle, which would mean he was the only meta I had seen who was under 7 feet tall. But he was even more built than subway guy. His lats stuck out much further than Kyle’s, and his shoulders were probably wider than most doorways. Even his waist seemed a good deal wider than Kyle’s, yet his torso still had a clear v shape. His jacked arms were wrapped around Kyle, seemingly enveloping him. I was pretty sure this guy’s forearms were at least as big as my upper arms, and his upper arms were on whole different level. I wished I could see the guy’s face, but way he was pressed up against Kyle, I could only see his short dark hair.

Kyle and his meta were lost in their own world. I went to my bedroom, changed into casual clothes, and walked back to the living room, and they hadn’t moved an inch. They hadn’t even noticed I was home. When I went to the kitchen, the sound of the fridge door must have finally alerted them to my presence. I heard the shuffling of feet as they separated from their embrace.

“Hey, Nate,” my roommates greeted in unison. My breath caught and my mind reeled. I bounded back into the living room to take a good look at the meta. That cute face with the scruffy beard was unmistakable. It was Jonny. Jonny was a meta. Bits and pieces of thoughts collided in my mind. Kyle had been making out with Jonny. I was angry at Jonny and turned on by him at the same time. It was like someone had morphed a photo of a bodybuilder and then photoshopped Jonny’s head onto it. How could Jonny have Kyle when I couldn’t? It wasn’t fair. God, those pecs were huge. And they were still lightly dusted with dark hair, just like Jonny’s chest had been before. Why couldn’t I have Kyle? A thick treasure trail led down Jonny’s abs to a massive package that was stuffed into a pair of black shorts. It looked like he was smuggling a soccer ball in his shorts. I wasn’t sure whether I envied Kyle or Jonny more. God, they were so hot.

“Sorry we ignored you when you came in,” Jonny said meekly. “We just get, uh, lost in the moment sometimes.” He walked over and gave me a light kiss on the forehead. I thought I might melt. I could swear his shoulders were twice as wide as mine. I wanted to rub my hands all over his pecs like I had with Lucas earlier. Wait, had Jonny and I still messed around in this reality? And had we ever stopped?

I was staring, but I didn’t really notice. Kyle went to the kitchen, seemingly making a point of ignoring me and Jonny. The concern on Jonny’s face seemed out of place on the hairy muscle monster. “You’re looking at me really weird. Are you okay?” he asked.

I was at a loss for words. I couldn’t exactly say that I was shocked to see him as a meta or that I was hurt that he had been kissing Kyle. In this reality, Kyle and Jonny probably kissed all the time. And who knew what else they did together. Once again, I wondered what kind of relationship I had with Jonny in this reality.

“I only get a kiss on the forehead?” I asked. The concern melted away from Jonny’s face, replaced by a flat stare.

“I thought we were done playing games,” he said. “When you met Owen, you said we were done fooling around, and I respected that.”

The words hit hard. That was exactly how it had happened in my old reality, although I had tried to remember it differently. I had met Owen in my junior year of college, and I had decided that if I wanted to pursue Owen I couldn’t be doing anything with Jonny. I had tried to think of it as a mutual thing, but it wasn’t. It had been completely my choice. It occurred to me for the first time that I might have hurt Jonny.

“Listen, I’m really sorry,” I said, hoping Jonny could sense the sincerity in my voice. “I had kind of a weird day at work, and I was planning to just sit of the couch and relax when I got home. So I was kind of upset that you had messed up my routine.” It wasn’t a particularly complete explanation, but it was all true.

Thankfully, Jonny smiled again. “I guess Kyle and I should have waited until after dinner,” he admitted. I didn’t really think I would have felt better if they started kissing after dinner, but I chose not to say anything. “We wouldn’t want to mess up your routine,” he added with a sly smile. Was I missing something? My mind flashed back to that morning. My morning routine with Lucas now apparently involved blow jobs. What was my after-dinner routine with Jonny?

While I had been talking to Jonny, Kyle had been reheating leftovers in the kitchen. Soon the three of us were all eating together. I tried not to stare at Jonny’s muscles or gaze glumly at Kyle. I still hadn’t gotten over seeing them kiss, although they wouldn’t be able to understand why I was upset. It was so hard not to stare at Jonny though. The muscles on his shoulders and arms flexed every time he moved his fork or picked up his cup. It was mesmerizing. I noticed that Kyle was equally transfixed. I had never seen him gaze at anyone so longingly.

After dinner, I settled onto the couch and turned on the tv. Soon after, Jonny sauntered into the room. I was impressed by how gracefully the behemoth moved. His lower body was almost as jacked as his upper body, and between the size of his thighs and his sheer weight, he should have moved slowly and awkwardly.

“No games, right?” Jonny asked. I nodded. “I’ve always thought our agreement worked nicely for both of us, so there’s no reason to change it now.” That was new. The only agreement I could remember making with Jonny was that we wouldn’t mess around anymore. Now that I thought about it, I was the one who had made it clear that I didn’t plan to pick up where we left off after Owen and I broke up. I wasn’t sure how to ask Jonny about this agreement, though, and I wouldn’t have gotten the chance anyway.

Kyle walked into the living room wearing only a pair of white boxer briefs. He didn’t even glance at me. His eyes were glued to Jonny. Even after all the events of the last week, I questioned whether this was really happening. Kyle’s toned body was dwarfed by Jonny’s and he seemed to revel in it. He brushed his hands gently across Jonny’s massive chest before allowing himself to be pulled into a deep kiss. Jonny slowly led Kyle toward his room, but the two were clearly putting on a show for me.

It suddenly occurred to me that I could guess exactly what agreement I had made with Jonny. Actually, the agreement would have been with all three roommates. I might be new to this meta-world, but I knew myself and I knew my roommates. I always told Jonny my secrets, which meant he knew exactly what his meta-body did to me. And it meant he knew how much seeing him in action would turn me on. Then there was Kyle, the exhibitionist. I had called him out on excessive PDA with his ex-girlfriend before, so he obviously didn’t care if I saw him getting freaky. And if Jonny offered to let me play the voyeur, I would have said yes in a heartbeat.

After my roommates were out of sight, I never heard a door close. I tried to watch tv for a little longer, but I couldn’t concentrate at all. Finally I turned off the tv and headed toward the hallway, my heart racing. At the end of the hall, Jonny’s door stood wide open, and two naked forms were falling onto the bed. Jonny and Kyle rose to their knees, and I got an amazing view of Jonny’s expansive back. From this angle, I could barely even see Kyle behind him. His torso was larger than the jock’s in every way. I found myself desperately wishing that I could remember my past in this reality. What must it have been like to fuck that behemoth?

Jonny wrapped his arms around Kyle, and Kyle moaned loudly. I could only imagine how aroused Kyle was in that moment. I was already rubbing my hard on through my pants, and I was just watching. Every movement of Jonny’s back, every sound that escaped Kyle’s lips, it all drove me closer to the brink. For a while, they just kissed and nibbled and groped at each other, but suddenly Kyle stood up. In one swift motion, he pulled Jonny to his feet, kissed him hard, and threw him back toward the bed. The gigantic man let himself be tossed like a ragdoll, landing face down on the bed. Kyle leaned over Jonny, rubbing his back as he ground his sizeable boner against Jonny’s ass. The sudden role reversal was getting me even more worked up. I imagined myself in Kyle’s position, taking control of Jonny’s muscular form.

A low growl emanated from Jonny as Kyle applied lube to his ass. His moans and growls grew louder as Kyle played with his hole. In one thrust, Kyle penetrated Jonny. Jonny’s cry of ecstasy reverberated in my ears. I was entranced as I watched Kyle’s beautiful, relatively thin form buck against Jonny’s muscular ass. By the time Kyle came, I had nearly lost it. Jonny’s cries indicated that he was cumming too. I was on the edge, and I hurried into my room before I exploded. As I frantically stripped off my pants, I saw images of Jonny’s massive form and Kyle roughly tossing him onto the bed. Before long, I was cumming in long streams. Exhausted, I collapsed onto my bed.


Part 4

On Saturday, I pretty much just kept to myself. The day before had been amazing, but it had also been exhausting and completely overwhelming. James texted me asking to meet up, but I just wasn’t ready for that. Still, I hoped to see him again soon. If a super-hot demigod like James was interested in me, I definitely wanted to take advantage of it.

Over the course of the next week, I gradually adjusted to my new routine. I still felt like I was in a sexy version of the twilight zone, but at least I was getting used to it. Meanwhile, more and more metas were appearing. I would see them on the street or in the grocery store. I saw them in tv commercials too, selling stuff like cologne and pick-up trucks. I even found a website for meta porn, although I hardly needed that when I had Jonny and Lucas.

By the next Saturday, I had mostly gotten used to my new world, and I was more than ready to meet up with James again. We met up at the mall where our first encounter had taken place. Once again I was instantly seized by desire. I wanted to stare at his beautiful face, neatly framed by blond hair. I wanted to touch his bare abs and caress his muscles. I might have gotten used to metas, but that didn’t mean my self-control had improved. Astonishingly, I did manage to keep my hands off him, although I didn’t manage to keep my dick under control. As we walked, James rested an arm around my shoulder. If anyone noticed my boner, they didn’t pay attention to it. I guess people just expected a meta to have that effect on some people.

Before long, James was driving me to his place, and I was unabashedly staring at his body from the passenger seat. He was wearing cargo shorts today, and they were only just barely long enough to cover his cock. He was going commando again, and his dick made a large bulge that went down the right leg of his shorts. I traced the outline with my eyes, waiting to release it from its confines.

James may have been young, but he had a single bedroom apartment in a pretty nice complex. I wondered how he afforded it. When we got to the apartment, I thought I could hear something coming from inside. James started unlocking the door and then paused and muttered a curse. Before I could ask what was wrong, he opened the door. Now I could tell that the sounds I had heard were coming from a video game. Just as I crossed the threshold, someone cursed and shouted, “Why won’t you die?” It took me a moment to realize he was shouting at the tv.

My jaw dropped when I saw the guy on the couch. It was as if I was seeing what James would look like if he wasn’t a meta. His beautiful, boyish face was almost identical to James’ except that his piercing eyes were icy blue instead of ocean blue. His hair was the exact same shade of blond, but it hung down to his shoulders in long waves. Like James, he wore only a pair of shorts—I was pretty sure he was going commando too—revealing a lithe, toned body.

The figure on the couch looked up and grinned. “Hey, bro. Things were getting boring at the dorm, so I thought I would pop in over here.”

James shook his head, frustration mingling with affection on his face. “I never should have given you that spare key,” he said. Then he added, “I told you I was meeting up with someone today.”

“Yeah, and the guys you meet up with are always hot,” the young man responded. He set the game controller down, but he clearly had no intention of leaving. “So, are you going to introduce us or what?”

James, who I envisioned as confident and in control, seemed agitated now. “This is Nate,” he said stiffly. “Nate, this is my dear, wonderful brother, Bradley.”

James’ brother turned to me with a cocky grin and lustful eyes. “You can call me BJ.”

“Please ignore him,” James told me. “He’s on his way out.” BJ didn’t move an inch.

Of course James would have a hot brother, I thought to myself. As I mentally compared the two brothers, I imagined what BJ might look like as a meta. Maybe that’s what got everything rolling. Anyway, my cock reacted to that thought, and BJ noticed instantly.

“Want me to help you take care of that?” BJ asked. He licked his lips, and I felt certain that he had earned his nickname. I couldn’t help but get turned on by BJ’s attention. James saw that and gave in.

“Let’s at least all go into the bedroom,” James said. I wondered how often the brothers did this. As soon as we were in the bedroom, BJ decided to put on a show for me. He grabbed his brother’s shoulders, pulled his head down, and kissed him hard. I got the impression that this was a very common occurrence. Anyway, it had the desired effect. I was pitching a serious tent by the time they turned their beautiful faces to me.

“One of us is overdressed,” James said, gesturing to my shirt.

I quickly removed my shirt, and BJ licked his lips. I honestly wasn’t sure how he could find me sexy with a meta in the room, but I wasn’t complaining. Feeling emboldened by BJ’s open lust, I said, “I think we’re all still overdressed.” In moments, he and I were unbuttoning each other’s shorts. As I pulled down his shorts, I was surprised by just how long his dick was. In its semi-chubbed state, it was probably as long as mine was hard. It was thin for its length, but it was still very impressive. I only had a few seconds to admire it before he suddenly kissed me hard on the lips. I soon got a taste of his skill with his tongue.

BJ and I got lost in each other’s bodies. As we made out, we gradually got more and more entwined. Finally we were interrupted by a loud cough. I turned to see James’ 3 foot cock standing at full mast. “Watching you guys is really hot,” James said, “but I’m feeling ignored here.” As if drawn by gravity, BJ and I both took a step toward him.

As impressive as James’ cock was, BJ was entranced by his muscles. “Pose for us,” he commanded.

“Fuck,” I breathed as I watched James pose. His long, lithe body looked simultaneously powerful and graceful. One moment he was showing off his impressive biceps, the next he was turning around and flexing his glutes. He looked over his shoulder with a cocky grin and invited us to touch his beautiful muscles. We didn’t need any convincing. As I rubbed my hands over James’ impressive back, his brother squeezed his biceps and felt his meaty pecs. I was in awe of James, and I was desperate to please him. I set aside my lust for his muscles and turned my attention to his throbbing member.

Just as I wrapped my arms around James’ massive dick, someone kissed my own dick. I moaned as BJ gently licked the head. He had sunk to his knees, and his full attention was on me. The next few minutes felt straight out of a dream. BJ put his full focus into pleasuring my cock, hardly coming up for air. At the same time, I was stroking and kissing a cock that I could wrap my arms around. I nuzzled my face in James’ cock, enthralled by his huge member. James gasped as he came close to the edge, and at the same time I started to thrust my hips. I pushed more and more of my cock down BJ’s throat, and he eagerly took it. All at once, I exploded into BJ’s mouth, and James exploded all over the room. Just as before, cum rained down on me. Last time, though, I hadn’t gotten an expert blowjob at the same time.

I briefly basked in the afterglow until James leaned down to kiss me. Then, BJ leaned in and kissed me on the neck, his lips still wet and sticky with my cum. James pulled BJ in, making it a three-way kiss. I reached up, practically on my tiptoes, to stay close to the two taller men. It took a moment for my brain to register that something was off. When BJ had kissed me earlier, he had only been a couple inches taller than me. Now he surely had eight or ten inches on me. I looked at his body, and my breath caught. I couldn’t believe my eyes. His six pack was definitely more defined than it had been. And his pecs were getting larger. Once again my brain didn’t process things right away. My eyes roved his new and improved body and then shot back to his chest. I nearly forgot to breathe. His pecs were growing right before my eyes. I laid my hand on his chest without thinking.

I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until I finally exhaled. I was enraptured by BJ’s growing body. I could feel his pecs thickening under my hand. As I surveyed the rest of his body, I saw that the rest of him was slowly swelling too. His arms and thighs were starting to look a lot like his brother’s. His cock was the only thing that wasn’t growing slowly. It was lengthening at an astonishing pace. As all of this growth happened, he kept getting taller too. Soon he and James were both leaning down pretty far, and I couldn’t tell how tall he might be. Once I was sure the growth had stopped, I had to step back and get a look at the brothers.

BJ and James could have been twins except for their faces and their cocks. They were of identical height, and their bodies were mirror images of perfection. I could hardly handle looking at that much beauty. The only major difference between the brothers was their cocks. BJ’s was still on the slim side, but it was easily four feet long. As I continue to stare, the brothers adopted identical cocky grins.

“Are you still comparing us?” James asked.

“You still can’t believe how long mine is, can you?” BJ added, stroking his giant dick. It dawned on me that neither brother had any idea that a change had just occurred. In the middle of making out, we had jumped straight into a world where BJ and James were both metas. Maybe the sudden shift in reality was too much for me to handle, or maybe I was overpowered by the sight of nearly identical metas, but I just stood slack-jawed until James put his hand on my shoulder.

“Calm down, little guy,” he said gently. His words reminded me that I was a good two feet shorter than the brothers, which shocked me again. Still, he had broken me out of my trance. James shot an annoyed look at his brother. “This is why it’s not good for you to come over,” he admonished BJ. “The two of us together is just too much.”

As usual, BJ wasn’t concerned by his brother’s words. “I don’t hear him complaining,” he retorted. He turned his crooked grin toward me. “He certainly wasn’t complaining when I sucked him off. You’re not nearly that good, and you know it.” James relented. I had a feeling he hadn’t been too serious in the first place. It seemed that even James had a hard time saying no to his beautiful brother.

In the following silence, my eyes were drawn to BJ’s massive cock. It was sticking right out into the middle of the room, bobbing and waiting for release. I felt my own dick start chubbing up, and I couldn’t believe I was already getting horny again. Maybe that was an effect of being with two metas. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me, although at that point I felt that almost nothing could surprise me.

BJ was still looking at me with unbridled lust, but now his eyes took on a new expression. He walked up to me, put his hands on my shoulders, and murmured, “I want to feel you inside me.” Okay, so maybe some things could still surprise me. I found myself placing my hands on his hips and guiding him backward until he backed up against the bed. It seemed crazy that this giant, this god among men, would want a mere mortal like me to fuck him, but I certainly wasn’t going to argue. BJ sat on the bed, his massive cock sticking up in my face.

From behind me, I heard James whisper, “My little bro’s a very talented guy. He’s awfully flexible.” Then I felt something large and round leaning against my back. I arched and twisted my back feeling the warmth of James’ cock against my skin. At the same time, I pushed BJ onto his back. He effortlessly lifted up his long legs, exposing his hole. His cock pressed down on his torso, and he moaned as he stroked it.

I was about to ask for lube when I realized I had the perfect source. I reached behind me and slid my left hand across James’ damp cockhead. With a finger soaked in precum, I gently probed BJ’s tight hole. He moaned in pleasure as I inserted my finger. With my other hand I stroked the base of his monster cock. By now my own throbbing member was painfully hard, desperate for release. James rocked his hips, grinding his cock into my back. I was getting more and more worked up, but I was on a mission to pleasure BJ. I inserted a second finger into his hole, and he gasped.

“Oh god,” James moaned. “Fuck me now. Fuck me hard.” He didn’t have to ask twice. I gingerly removed my fingers and pushed my cockhead against his waiting hole. I grabbed his hops and thrust hard. He cried out as I inserted myself. I leaned over his body until my torso was pressed against his rigid member. He leaned around the massive pole and kissed me hard. As I leaned over, James moved with me, still pushing his cock against me. I reveled in being sandwiched by the beautiful metas. James began to thrust his hips, and I thrust with him, nearly pulling out of BJ and then plunging back in. BJ’s cock filled my vision, and I kissed it as I thrust harder and harder. He too began to buck his hips, and the three of us moved together, lost in lust.

“I’m going to cum,” I breathed. BJ threw his head back as I filled him with my seed. As I came, his cock seized up and began to spew load after load of hot jizz.

Behind me, James moaned, and I knew he was close. I leaned back pushing against his cock just as he thrust his hips forward. I could feel it swell as he shot his own load. Exhausted and euphoric, I pulled out of BJ. He reached forward and pulled me onto the bed, snuggling my head against his huge pecs. For a while, we just lay there basking in the afterglow.

It took a while to register that James had left the room. He popped his head in and jovially asked, “Are you guys done lounging around on my bed?” I was mortified. I had totally abandoned my host for his younger brother. James seemed to read my thoughts. He smiled knowingly. “I think we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves,” he stated, looking right at me.

BJ was half-asleep, but I extricated myself from his embrace and moved to the other room. James spoke before I could. “I never expected BJ to take such an interest in you,” he told me. “He’s pretty cocky, if you haven’t guessed. It’s rare that he gets so submissive.” I tried to process what James was saying, but something about his tone was throwing me off. I didn’t have a chance to respond anyway, because BJ sauntered into the room, his cock swaying between his legs. Damn, even soft the thing hung below his knees.

“Hey, want a ride home?” he asked.

I turned to James questioningly. “I sort of assumed James would be taking me.”

“Hey, it’s no problem,” BJ replied. “I have to head back toward campus anyway.” I tried to read James’ expression, but he just smiled and shrugged.

A few minutes later BJ and I were heading out the door. His shorts had disappeared, replaced by a wrap like the one his brother had been wearing a few weeks ago. A solid two inches of cockhead peeked out below the hem, but apparently that was socially acceptable. We got in his Jeep, and he suddenly got all awkward. Maybe my brain was still foggy after that mind-blowing sex, but I completely failed to see the obvious.

“Hey, uh, hey Nate,” BJ began. I waited for him to finish, but he stayed silent, glancing at me from time to time. It was odd to see the confident guy get all flustered, but it was pretty cute. Eventually he tried again. “Want to, uh, grab something to eat before you head home?”

I wasn’t really that hungry, and I said so. “Oh,” he responded gloomily. I suddenly realized that had been a terrible response, but I wasn’t sure what to say next. Instead I just succinctly directed him toward my apartment. Once we got there, I didn’t get out right away. I knew BJ needed to say something. Just when I thought I was mistaken, he blurted out, “We should get coffee sometime. You know, chat and stuff. Get to know each other.”

Finally the pieces clicked together in my mind. “Are you asking me on a date?”

BJ paused. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

I smiled. He was practically a kid, but there was something endearing about him. And of course it helped that he was a totally gorgeous meta. “Alright, it’s a date.”


Part 5

Months passed, and I gradually adjusted to my new world. I fell into a new routine, and things actually started to feel pretty normal. Okay, so I was rooming with the most muscular man I’d ever met and dating a guy who was eight feet tall, but I was even getting used to that. It no longer shocked me when I walked past a shirtless muscle giant in the grocery store, and I was hardly surprised that one time when I flipped on the local news and discovered that the cute weather guy was shirtless and displaying impossibly perfect abs.

Some things did still take me by surprise, like when I was going through my DVD collection and saw the cover of The Bourne Identity. My breath caught when I saw young Matt Damon bare-chested and sporting massive pecs. I hadn’t yet seen a celebrity meta, and I hadn’t really thought about that possibility. Matt Damon had been one of my first celebrity crushes, and it seemed like a strange coincidence that he would be the first celebrity to turn into a meta. Then it hit me that it probably wasn’t a coincidence at all. If this whole thing revolved around me, then of course my celebrity crush would turn into a meta. Before long half a dozen of my biggest celebrity crushes were huge, hunky metas.

At some point, I think the transition into a world full of metas started happening faster. More and more things started changing to accommodate the growing number of metas in the world. Over the summer, BJ and I went to a baseball game, and I was completely caught off guard when he asked if I wanted to see the Standard League or the Meta League. Apparently there were enough meta athletes that they had their own sports leagues with special rules based on their superhuman bodies and abilities. Needless to say, I opted to go to the Meta League game.

When we got to the stadium, I found that BJ had gotten us front row seats in the outfield. Apparently Meta League baseball drew a lot of meta fans, and somehow half of them seemed to be in our section. I was sandwiched between BJ on my left and a guy nearly as wide as Jonny on my right. The guy on my right had to put his arm around my shoulder to make room for me, and he tried to apologize several times for getting in my personal space. BJ just kept grinning and shooting me knowing looks. BJ’s arm didn’t fit much better, but it was resting in my lap for most of the game. It was a good thing, too, or my raging boner would have been obvious to everyone around me.

The situation in the stands wasn’t the only thing getting me worked up. The players were all absolutely gorgeous. Their uniforms were tight breeches that did an amazing job of showing off their muscles and bulges. Other than that, they only wore cleats, hats, and armbands with the team logo. Their name and number were written across their wide backs in body paint. The home team’s left fielder, Brayden Grier, was particularly handsome, and BJ and I bantered back and forth about how hot he was. When he was in the field, we would watch his back muscles ripple with every move he made. He was taller than even most of the other players, too. BJ seemed to think it was hilarious that I would start dripping precum every time the guy took his position.

When BJ first discovered just how much I was into metas, I had been concerned that he would get jealous, but I clearly had nothing to worry about. BJ actually got turned on watching me get all riled up over metas. He seemed to take special pleasure knowing that out of all the metas in the world, I had chosen him. I still wasn’t sure exactly where our relationship was going, but we had developed a strong bond. We came from largely different worlds, and it was fun introducing each other to our favorite places and activities. Baseball was one of the few things we were mutually passionate about, so the game was a nice change of pace for us. Still, I didn’t know anything about the Meta League, although BJ assumed I knew every random stat and fact.

For most of the game, everything seemed pretty normal. BJ and I had beer and hot dogs. We cheered when our team scored and booed when the umpire made a questionable call. Even the fact that I constantly felt close to cumming was normal. I usually felt that way when I was with BJ. But late in the game things took a strange turn. A guy on the opposing team had hit a long ball to left field, and it was sailing right toward us. All at once I realized the ball was actually heading right for my head, and my new favorite outfielder came diving over the fence. He somehow managed to catch the ball, and he proceeded to tumble right into my lap. Everyone was cheering and shouting, but when the player stood up, his eyes were only on me. He seemed to completely forget that he was playing a game. As if pulled by some magnetic force, he leaned down and kissed me.

Time seemed to literally stop as we kissed. I felt as though something was happening beyond my understanding. For a moment I saw a vast white expanse and a doorway. And then he was pulling away from the kiss, seemingly as stunned as I was. He just stared at me for a few seconds, and then he shifted his gaze to his four arms. I gasped. Four arms? He leaned close to me and whispered, “You see it too, right? I changed.” I was too stunned to speak. I forced myself to keep breathing, and I slowly nodded my head. Four arms. Amazingly, it made him look even hotter. He turned away from me, and suddenly he remembered that he had just made a game-changing play. He lifted up his gloved hand to show that he had caught the ball. The cheers were deafening. On the jumbotron, they were showing a replay of our kiss. I blushed deeply.

BJ brazenly pulled me in for a kiss of his own, making a point of pressing me against his body. BJ shifted uncomfortably, and I realized he was getting hard. Considering his massive size and his near-constant horniness, he wouldn’t be able to get comfortable again until he blew his load. He hurriedly got up and headed straight for the bathroom, and I quickly stood up to follow him. I was eager to help him out, but my mind was still on Brayden Grier. He knew he had changed. That was the first time anyone had seemed aware of their changes. Then again, this change was entirely new territory. I had never even dreamed of a guy having four arms. I tried to put those thoughts out of my head, but I couldn’t help imagining BJ with four long, muscular arms. I used those images to fuel my lust as I helped him get off.

By the time we got back to our seats, the game was nearly over. Afterwards, BJ brought up the incident. “I can’t believe Grier just kissed you like that,” he said. I expected BJ to show at least a little bit of jealousy, but he sounded excited. “You’re a hot commodity,” he laughed. “The hottest ball player around couldn’t resist you.”

I laughed half-heartedly. It was certainly flattering, but it had also been very strange. I kept trying to remember the vision I had had of the white expanse. I was sure it meant something.

“He almost didn’t make it into the league because of the controversy,” BJ added conversationally. That got my attention.

“What controversy?” I asked

BJ looked at me with surprise. “Considering your meta obsession, I would have thought you already knew all about it.” I just waited expectantly for him to continue. “Some people said his four arms give him too much of an advantage, even in the Meta League,” BJ explained. “Scientists think his condition may be caused by a completely different gene from the other meta traits, so technically he is different from the other players.”

That gave me a lot to think about. First, I had proof that Brayden Grier and I were the only ones who knew about his change. It seemed that reality had already shifted to make room for his “condition.” But it also seemed like his four arms weren’t directly related to whatever was causing all the metas. I rubbed my head as I tried to put the pieces together. It was all too confusing. If only I could remember more about that white expanse. It had to be important somehow.

When BJ and I got back to my place, Kyle was sitting on the couch watching tv. He was shirtless as usual. He gave me a big grin when he saw me. “Dude, you’re the big sports story of the day!” he told me. “‘Grier celebrates catch with kiss.’ That’s the headline ESPN used.” If I said I turned beet red, it would be an understatement. I don’t think I’ve ever blushed that hard.

BJ, meanwhile, pushed past me and glued his eyes to the tv. “I hope this clip ends up on youtube,” he said. “I could watch this over and over.”

When I looked away from BJ, I found that Kyle was staring at me disconcertingly. It was as if he was seeing me for the first time. “I have to admit, that kiss was really hot,” he told me. That was weird. Kyle was only gay for Jonny. Why was he looking at me like that? Maybe it was Brayden Grier. If Kyle had a thing for one meta, surely he was attracted to others as well. But I had never heard him talk about crushes on any other metas. Kyle stood up, and my breath caught. Something was off about his appearance, but it made him look ever more handsome than I remembered.

As Kyle walked toward me, BJ turned to watch with interest. Then Kyle completely caught me off guard. “So many metas are into you,” he breathed. “Why? BJ and his brother, Brayden Grier, even Jonny. He says he got over you a long time ago, but I’m not an idiot. There’s something about you.” He took a step closer. “What is it?”

I had no idea what to say or do. I glanced over at BJ, and he was getting hard. Kyle was standing inches away from me, and I realized BJ was waiting for us to start kissing. I had dreamed of kissing Kyle for so long, but now the whole thing just felt weird. Kyle’s question bounced around in my head. Why were so many metas into me? Most people would say I was very good-looking, but I was still just an average guy. No, that wasn’t true. I had already determined that this whole meta business was connected to me. Was that why… My thoughts ground to a halt when Kyle put his powerful hands on my shoulders. Suddenly I knew what seemed strange about his appearance. He was turning into a meta.

Kyle still hadn’t moved except to put his hands on my shoulders. It seemed that he was waiting for me, like he wasn’t really sure what he wanted. I used his hesitance to take some time to examine his body. He had always been around my height, but now he was definitely a couple inches taller. His chest had formed into a decent sized pair of pecs, and his shoulders and arms had thickened a bit. It was strange to suddenly see him with a bit of mass when he had always had such a lean runner’s build. I was reminded of my surreal experience when I had watched BJ grow, and that made me realize something new. Kyle wasn’t growing. It was as if he was stuck in some sort of limbo between regular and meta. Did he subconsciously know I was the catalyst?

Kyle was still waiting, and BJ was still staring in anticipation. I grabbed Kyle’s shoulders and pulled him in for the kiss. And then I was standing in a vast white space. I was back. This was the place I had seen when I kissed Brayden Grier. I was vaguely aware of people milling around somewhere in my peripheral vision, but two things held my focus. Kyle was standing next to me, and we were looking at an open door. The door led to another white expanse that was also filled with people. All of them were metas. And meta Kyle stood right on the other side of the doorway. He stood a foot taller than me, maybe a little more, and his muscles were more perfect than I could have imagined. His muscles bulged in every direction, but each muscle group was perfectly proportioned. He was nowhere near as big as Jonny, but he oozed power. Oddly, his face looked a little blurry to me.

I turned to my Kyle, and he was staring slack-jawed at his other self. None of us said a word. I wasn’t sure that I could speak if I tried. Meta Kyle held out his hand and smiled. My Kyle reached out his own hand and stepped into the doorway—and then he was looking at me from meta Kyle’s face. There were still two Kyles, but I felt certain that they had somehow switched places. Every detail of meta Kyle’s handsome face was sharp, and he looked into my eyes knowingly. Then I was back in my apartment and I was still kissing Kyle. I started caressing his meaty pecs. They were so round and firm. I tried to process the vision I had just had, but Kyle’s tongue was exploring my mouth, and it was more than I could handle. I hadn’t even noticed that BJ had stood up from the couch. He slid his hands around my waist, and then he pressed his massive pole into my back. Any coherent thoughts were replaced by unbridled lust.

BJ slowly turned me around until he and I were face to face. Well, his huge cock was in the way, but we moved it aside so we could kiss passionately. Kyle removed his shorts before reaching around my waist and removing mine. BJ stopped kissing me just long enough to help me out of my shirt, but his lips were pressed against mine again before my shirt was even all the way over my head. Kyle pressed himself into my back, and I could feel his boner against my back. It was huge but relatively small for a meta. He began to grind his hips against mine, and I got a little worried. I wasn’t sure exactly how large he was, but he was definitely a lot bigger than the biggest guy I’d ever taken. And what would my boyfriend think of Kyle topping me? BJ answered my question when he grabbed my hips and pushed me into Kyle. Before I knew it, BJ had lifted me right off the ground and was carrying me to my bedroom. Kyle followed eagerly.

If I thought my experience in the living room was overwhelming, our escapades in the bedroom were enough to fry my brain. BJ gently laid me down on the edge of my bed, and then he climbed up above me on his hands and knees. Slowly he crawled toward me, letting his massive, stiff cock slide over my face, dribbling precum all over me. At the same time, Kyle hoisted my ankles up over his powerful shoulders, lifting my ass right off the bed. I lifted my head up long enough to get a good look at his huge boner. His throbbing member was at least a foot long and incredibly thick. He pushed it against my ass, and as turned on as I was, my concerns about his massive size resurfaced. I was distracted from Kyle as BJ adjusted his cock. At the moment, his cock covered my face and my whole torso, but he turned at an angle so it wouldn’t get in Kyle’s way. BJ kept crawling over the bed, and soon his objective was obvious. He was going to do what he did best. He licked my stiff cock once before taking the head into his mouth.

I’d had a few threesomes with BJ and James, but this was new territory. The brothers were both way too big to top me. I hadn’t bottomed since before I met BJ. Now I was being pleasured from both ends at once. I couldn’t believe these two gods were deigning to pleasure me. If they commanded me to worship them, I would have done it in a heartbeat, but they were genuinely interested in my normal body. Granted, I was long and lanky, and I’d been working out regularly since I started dating BJ, but my body was still nothing compared to the two gorgeous men who were with me.

As BJ teased and licked my cock, Kyle lined up his pre-covered dick with my waiting hole. My asshole started to tingle, and I was reminded of my blow job sessions with Lucas. Maybe Lucas wasn’t the only meta with transforming precum. As Kyle probed my hole, I felt stretched out and yet still tight. I gasped loudly as he pushed the head of his cock into me. Slowly he pushed inch after inch of his huge member into me, and I moaned as he filled me up. BJ was beginning to suck more fervently on my average cock. He knew exactly how to get me to the edge. Just when I felt sure I wouldn’t be able to hold out, he pulled his lips away from my cockhead. He made a trail of kisses along my body until he reached my mouth. Our tongues danced together as Kyle continued to fill me more and more. BJ’s gigantic boner weighed down on my chest, and I could feel it pulse.

The feeling of having Kyle’s huge pole inside me was amazing. I felt stretched out beyond belief, and I couldn’t help clenching around his stiff cock, but he just kept pushing further and further. Just when I was sure I couldn’t take any more, Kyle’s large balls slapped against my ass. BJ ran a hand down my torso as is trying to feel the outline of Kyle’s huge dick. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he really could feel it. The excitement of being filled to the max and feeling my boyfriend’s sensuous touch was too much, and my hips bucked involuntarily. BJ took that as his cue to return his focus to my rock hard cock, and Kyle in turn began to thrust his hips. At first Kyle was gentle. He only pulled out an inch or two at a time and slowly pushed back in. Soon his pace intensified, and he started thrusting harder so that his huge balls slapped my ass. Before long, I could feel him pull out several inches each time before shoving his rod back in, filling me up once again.

As Kyle rammed me, BJ effortlessly moved in tandem. I was amazed that my hips didn’t hit BJ in the face as Kyle rocked me back and forth, but BJ managed to move in perfect rhythm with Kyle. I couldn’t help but cry out and I came, filling BJ’s mouth with jizz. In moments, Kyle was moaning as he came inside me, filling me even more. Even as my orgasm subsided, Kyle just kept cumming. When Kyle finally pulled himself out inch by inch, I just lay there dazed. Our fun was far from over, though. BJ’s four-foot pole still stood rigid. I still felt incredibly full from Kyle’s huge load, but I slowly say up with Kyle’s help. While I sat on the edge of the bed, BJ came round and knelt in front of me. Even when BJ was on his knees, his huge cockhead rose above me. The tip of his dick came about up to the top of Kyle’s head.

Slowly I rose. As full and spent as I felt, I was still eager to pleasure my boyfriend. Kyle apparently didn’t want to be left out, and he stood on one side of BJ’s towering pole as I stood on the other. I began to rub my hands up and down the huge shaft, and Kyle began to do the same. It dawned on me that in this version of reality, meta Kyle had probably helped me pleasure BJ before. Kyle certainly acted very familiar with BJ’s cock when he wrapped his arms around it and hugged it tight. I mirrored Kyle, and I felt the giant cock start to quiver as I rubbed my body against it. BJ sank down until he was sitting on his heels as Kyle and I put all our energy into stimulating the huge member. Kyle sank down to his knees and put his focus on the base while I gave my full attention to the head, which now rose up to my chest. I was still amazed that my boyfriend’s cockhead was as big as my actual head. I planted kisses all over the head before licking the massive slit. BJ moaned, and he began to thrust his hips. Copious amounts of precum flowed onto my head and chest and hands.

It was soon clear that BJ wouldn’t last much longer. Kyle rose to join me at the head, and we rubbed our cocks against the throbbing shaft. Kyle was already hard, and my dick was coming back to life in record time. I brushed my hands along the sensitive underside of BJ’s cockhead while Kyle planted his face against the head. With a huge shudder, the geyser began to gush. BJ thrust his hips as he spewed volley after volley of cum onto the ceiling and onto me and Kyle. We were all covered in cum by the time the flow finally stopped. By that time, Kyle was ready to go all over again. The three of us kept finding new ways to pleasure each other all evening.

I woke up sandwiched between two huge muscular bodies. I was used to waking up with my arms wrapped around BJ, but it took me a minute to realize that the muscular arm draped over my shoulder belonged to Kyle. I could feel his pecs against my shoulder blades and his morning wood against my bare ass. For the first time in quite a while, I pondered the surreal nature of my situation. My roommate, who I’d had a crush on ever since I met him, was now a muscle god who lusted after me. And my huge, handsome boyfriend seemed perfectly happy with it. Then again, BJ was both very horny and pretty adventurous, so he wasn’t likely to turn down a threesome with a fellow meta. Still, I had never guessed that Kyle, any version of him, might be into me. I began to wonder just how much reality had changed when Kyle became a meta. Somehow I felt sure that Kyle’s transformation had changed things in larger ways than I yet knew. My thoughts drifted back to my vision of the white expanse where I had first seen meta Kyle. I started drifting back to sleep, but a thought planted itself firmly in my head: I was going to get back to that doorway.

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