Summer breeze

by Dave

Swim hunk Mike is asked to employ his recently improved body and unstoppable libido in the service of intergalactic peace.

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The party was spectacular. The new vitamin supplements and the performance enhancing drugs more than lived up to their expectations. Mike and the swim team had used them all day yesterday and into the night. It had been a non-stop orgy of sex. Rock hard cocks, balls the size of oranges, stiff tongues, open mouths, deep assholes and never-ending cum. But, eventually even fit 22 year-old bodies tired out and gave into sleep. He had given each of his swim mates a last blow job as they fell asleep. Full of cum, he wandered out to the patio and lay on a lounge chair between the barbecue pit and the pool.

He rubbed his arms and shoulders with his hands as if to banish the stiffness and soreness from the sexual antics. Then he ran his hands over his smooth muscular body and whipped off his running shorts. His cock flopped back up on his stomach and his balls twitched as they slowly relaxed and lowered themselves between his powerful legs. Mike lay there, arms wide out, spread-eagled, facing up to a clear moonless sky. The warm summer breeze from the cornfields blew away the sweat and staleness of sex from his body. He closed his eyes to sleep with every intention that when the sun rose on the morrow, he would go back to the house and wake his guests and they would start the party all over again.

But other pairs of eyes were awake and watching this sexual marathon. A government satellite far overhead saw his hot body in its infrared lenses and intently photographed it. They were especially interested in his tumescent cock and throbbing balls that glowed brightly in the infrared picture. The had been monitoring this party. Now that all the subjects were asleep, they scored the performances of each subject. This had not been a private party. Many sets of eyes had seen and documented the action. This man, this one out on the porch led the sex. He had done more than five companions combined and his body was still functioning. This was their man! And so the eyes decided to let their superiors know about this. Signals were sent and received. Signals were sent and other pairs of eyes reviewed the words and the pictures. They sent word to more eyes, but not human eyes. These alien eyes were higher in the sky than the satellites, well beyond the moon. They were in orbit just outside of Mars. They were happy that earth eyes had found their man. They wanted him on their spaceship.

A narrow beam of pure energy blasted itself away from the alien spaceship and towards earth. It took just about 10 minutes to arrive at earth and burn its way through the atmosphere. The beam illuminated Mike as he slept soundly on the lounge chair. At first, Mike didn’t stir, his brain was deep in sleep, his body unmoving, the energy of the beam gently warmed his body as it grew brighter. The light seemed to penetrate Mike’s flesh and turn in translucently white, like milk glass.

The brightness woke Mike who moved his arms in from of his eyes to shield them from the light. But as he did, he noticed that the light was glowing through his arms and hands. It felt hot and uncomfortable. Before Mike had the chance to move away from the light, he felt his flesh and bone begin to disintegrate and dissolve in the bright whiteness of the beam. He tried to scream, but couldn’t. The light was eating his body and converting it into energy.

Paralyzed by fear, Mike could feel his body being consumed by the light. Suddenly he was traveling the length of the beam of energy. Up from the earth and into space, past the moon and out away from the sun. Traveling along a dark path past a red planet and into a large structure that appeared to be the source of the beam. Inside the alien spaceship the energy beam reassembled Mike’s body from its component atoms.

Mike’s naked body landed hard on a cold metal deck. The light around him was dimming. He jumped to defend himself from some unknown attacker. His heart was beating hard, his breath was fast. The transfer from earth to the spaceship had been so fast that he could barely believe it happened. But here he was, in a cold metal room in someplace other than his back yard. As his eyes adjusted to the low light level in the room, he saw metal door with a window in it, pounded it with both hands and yelled at his captors.

“Where am I? What have you done to me?” Mike demanded to know.

But there was no answer. Mike sank against the door and tried to make sense of what had happened. His body was shaking from the exertion of hitting the door. He sat there for a short time and then gathering his wits, he stood and started to explore the room. The floor and walls were smooth, soft and warm to the touch. The light came from several ceiling sections that glowed brightly. There was just the door that he had tried to beat open. When he was done examining the room, Mike noticed his body. It’s not that he was self-conscious of his nakedness, any self-consciousness had been lost many years ago when he started swimming and discovered the pleasures that men gave him. It was the lack of hair that startled him.

All the hair was gone from his body. And all the body fat that had obscured his muscularity was gone. His skin was now white and translucent like the old Milk glass pitchers and bowls he had seen at his Grandmothers house many years before. His muscles stood out in glazed relief. The whiteness and transparency of his skin had a way of highlighting and enhancing each muscle fiber. As he examined his skin’s new appearance, the walls of the room turned into mirrors. Mike stood posing and looking at himself from all sides. His skin was like white marble or alabaster. Every place where mike remember a red or brown shading to his skin, the color had been bleached away and replaced with a lustrous mother-of-pearl-like sheen.

“Are you pleased with what you see?” asked a deep and stern voice over an unseen intercom.

“Where am I? What have you done to me? Why am I here?” Mike demanded to know.

“You are on a spaceship that will fly to the star you call Sirius, and my home planet, Tass-Ter. Once there, you will be your planet’s emissary. In return, we will give Caleb-III, our name for your planet the technology needed for space travel. Your government picked you as the most physically suitable of all the candidates we have observed on the earth. They chose well. You are one good-looking guy. The I am your pilot and guide.”

“What if I don’t want to leave the earth?” asked Mike in an agitated voice.

“You have no choice in the matter. You cannot be returned to earth. The matter teleportation device can only be used once on a body. A second use will incinerate you. You can see the changes that one use caused. But we waste time. I must prepare you for space-drive.” Said the alien voice.

“Sirius is four light-years away. How can we travel that far?” asked Mike.

“Six light years for my people. But, this ship has the ability to fold space-time and the trip will take six days. In a few minutes you have to be immersed in space-fluid. Otherwise you will die during the flight.” answered the alien voice

“Space-fluid? What is space-fluid?”

“Mass and momentum still exist at faster-than-light speeds. We dampen their bone crushing effects by spending those six days in a viscous fluid. It will sustain your life functions. It holds much more oxygen than the air you breathe and it will supply your body with nutrients. Don’t be afraid.”

With that, the room Mike was in started to change shape a thick clear fluid began to quickly fill the space. It was warm to the touch and had the consistency of a molasses. Mike tried to move against it as it covered his legs, but found that it would flow only slowly. He began to worry as it rose up to his chest and then over his shoulders. The liquid level seemed to stop leaving his face and mouth exposed to an air pocket. He could barely move his arms or legs. Scared and frightened, Mike began taking deep breaths of air while waiting for the fluid to resume its rise. But as he emptied his lungs, a fountain of the fluid was forced into his throat and deep into his lungs. His panic made is chest spasm several times trying to eject the fluid from his lungs, but this only served to push it deeper. It took several seconds to realize that he could breathe this liquid with no harm. The air pocket had disappeared and so had the room. He floated in the fluid. As he got used to its viscosity, he felt his body and found it to be OK. The fluid was warm and comfortable.

Mike was in the control room of a spaceship with all the technical equipment that one would expect. The interior of the spaceship was completely filled with fluid. Across the room was a lone humanoid figure that Mike guessed was the pilot. Slowly they made their way towards each other. The Pilot was roughly human. His skin was white and he had no hair. His body was thin and muscular and his face was handsome in a rough-looking way. The alien’s arms and legs were longer than a humans, but all-in-all, the pilot was not the green, bug-eyed alien that had been pictures in literature.

The Pilot indicated a screen on the side of the control panel. It said that they had to go to a travel chamber and that the ship would travel by computer for the journey. The pilot maneuvered past Mike and motioned to follow. Mike took a good look at the alien. He had three fingers on each hand and his feet were web-like. The aliens elbows and knees could mover through a greater range of motion than human elbows and knees. Mike took a good look at the aliens torso. The alien torso was lithe and well muscled. He had a large, thick cock, but no visible testicles. There were six pouches on either side of the aliens hips that Mike thought might contain alien testicles. He reached out and touched the alien flesh and fount it to be surprisingly warm. When he felt the touch, the Pilot reached around and grabbed Mike with strong hands urging him towards a central chamber. His grip was strong and sure and it seemed to quell some of Mikes fears. Mike could see thin lines on either side of the Alien’s head and neck.

They reached central chamber and the alien sealed it. The walls were clear and permitted a distorted view of the control room. A display counted down the time to faster-than-light drive in strange symbols. Mike knew it was near time when the alien wrapped his arms and legs around Mike’s body and held him tight. The jump to faster-than-light drive was wrenching. It was acceleration beyond human comprehension. The Alien held Mike tightly so that he wouldn’t thrash of float around the chamber and get hurt. It took a long time for the drive to establish its speed, but eventually the roughness passed and a feeling of smooth motion was apparent to Mike. The alien released his grip.

Mike floated free from the alien and motioned that he wanted to talk. The alien just smiled. There would be no talk while they were suspended in the fluid.

The Alien reached out and took Mikes five-fingered hands. He examined them and then permitted Mike to examine his three-fingered hands. Both sets of hands explored their arms and chests. The Alien quickly rotated himself and examined Mike’s feet. Mike felt the Alien’s web feet and bone structure.

As they were floating in the fluid, head to feet, Mike took the opportunity to move his face directly opposite the Alien’s crotch. He knew the Alien was opposite his. Mike reached out and stroked the aliens penis. It was thick, long and uncircumcised. It stiffened under his touch. The Alien reciprocated the fondling and Mike felt his cock stiffen in response to the alien’s touch.

Mike started to have second thoughts about sex with an alien being. What would happen if he had sex with this creature? Were they compatible? Would it change him somehow?

But the thoughts quickly left his head when he felt The Alien’s tongue caress the head of his cock. Mike pushed his hips forward and the Alien sucked his now hard cock deep into this hot throat. The Alien’s tongue was thin and forked like a snakes tongue and started to perform the best blow job of Mike’s life. The Alien gently tugged at Mike’s balls as he sucked.

Mike took the aliens cock into his mouth and skinned back the foreskin. He could feel the blood pound through the alien cock as he reached around the aliens hips and grabbed the Alien’s ass for support. The Alien’s cock grew very large and filled Mike’s throat and neck. Mike felt something touch the sides of his head. He opened his eyes on and on an out stroke saw that tentacles with flat pads at the ends were holding onto the sides of his head and neck. These had come out of the pouches on the sides of the aliens hips. He felt the Alien’s arms and legs surround him and hold him tight as the flat ends of the six tentacles penetrated the skin on either side of Mike’s head. The tentacles burrowed deep into his skull and neck and attached themselves to his brain and spinal cord. Instantly, waves of sexual pleasure began to flow through Mike’s body.

Mike gulped the Alien cock and felt the Alien drive it deep into his throat. There he felt hot alien cum being pumped down his throat into this stomach. Unable to hold back any farther, Mike felt his cock pump load after load into the Alien’s hot mouth. Mike’s body and brain filled with orgasmic pleasure as his balls went into overtime and began pumping out load after load of cum.

Some unknown time later, Mike awoke from a deep and comforting sleep. He had fallen asleep in the arms of the Alien. They were still floating in the fluid and Mike slowly remembered the sexual encounter. The Alien felt Mike waken and began to kiss him on the lips and lick his face. Mike reached up and touched the sides of his head and found slits similar to those he could see on the Alien’s head. Then he quickly reached to his hips and found small, but still definite pouches that opened and held tentacles like sexual organs. Mike wondered what it would feel like when he plugged these into the Alien’s head.

The Alien moved slightly away from Mike and displayed a new set of testicles to Mike. Beneath the Alien’s cock had grown a large set of testicles that were large as billiard balls. Mike felt them and could feel the heat coming from them. The Alien pulled Mike close to him and kissed him passionately. Mike returned the kiss and then moved away to explore his body.

Mike looked at his cock and balls and realized that they had grown too. His new balls were impossibly large. He felt them throb as they made sperm. It wouldn’t take long for them to want relief. His cock was longer too. Mike wrapped both his hands around it as he remembered he used to masturbate on earth and his cock was fully three inches longer than it had been.

The Alien moved down to take Mike’s cock into this mouth and rotated his hips up in front of Mikes face, his semi-erect cock was already twelve inches long and Mike greedily gobbled it up. He felt the Alien suck his cock deep into his throat and Mike let his new tentacles out of their pouches and enter the slits on the side of the Alien’s head. And intense pleasure filled his hips and moved up his body. He felt the alien’s tentacles enter his head and neck and in a short time the two were lost in orgasm after orgasm. Each was plugged directly into the others neural pleasure centers and with the stimulation from the chemicals in the faster-than-light fluid they remained attached for hours in this position. Each creature, Human and Alien, was pumping the other full of his DNA. Each was a sex machine on overdrive.

They awoke in each others arms. Still in Faster-than-light drive. Mike had a thousand questions and no voice to ask them with. Mike and the Alien explored each others bodies. Their new sexual organs had grown and matured. Their general body features had not changed. Mike still had ten fingers and ten toes and the alien still had webbed feet and six fingers. But Mike had grown the six alien tentacles and the slits to receive them. The Alien had a new set of testicles that matched Mike’s low-hangers. Both human and alien had grown more muscular and better defined. Mike guessed that whatever this fluid was, it was not only supplying them with oxygen, but with nutrients as well.

The Alien indicated a readout that showed they were halfway to their destination. Mike nodded in understanding. The Alien also began to touch various parts of Mike’s body again. Mike was getting aroused. This time the Alien fingered Mike’s asshole. Mike let him squeezed on big fat finger inside and wiggled to make it rub against his prostate. White cum oozed out of Mike’s half-hard cock and floated the fluid. The Alien moved around and quickly consumed the white string. He motioned to Mike to pull his legs up and point his cock straight down from his body. did the same. Mike was amazed that his legs moved in such a way. This was an unexpected change that would permit a mutual fucking. The Alien pinned Mike against a bulkhead and positioned both of their cocks towards each asshole. With a push, they both plunged deeply into each other. Mike felt his cock head expand and hold him inside the Alien. As he did, he realized that the alien’s cock had grown in him too. The Alien extended his tentacles and motioned to Mike to do the same. Each tentacle matched with another and suctioned themselves together. When they did, waves of sexual pleasure began to flow through Mike’s body. With a little effort, they synchronized their motions and began to fuck

After a few deep strokes in Mike’s tight ass the Alien’s hot cum flowed into Mike and triggered Mike’s own hot orgasm. This was a new experience for Mike, fucking and being fucked at the same time. It became a marathon for the two of them to see which one would wear out before the other. Orgasm after orgasm wracked each body. They both became more aware of the others sensations through the tentacles that held them together. Time ceased to have meaning and eventually they both fell asleep. Their bodies parted company and the fluid fed and nourished them both.

When Mike woke, he found the Alien asleep next to him. Mike looked closely at the Alien’s body that now closely resembled Mike’s muscular frame. He compared arms and legs and realized that the Alien was slowly transforming to resemble Mike’s human body. Mike cautiously explored his body and found it to be as he remembered it. He had lost all his fat in the transportation beam and his skin was still had that translucent, milk-glass texture that let each fiber of each muscle show through. The only new additions to his body were the tentacles on his sides and the slits for their entry into his head and neck. Aside from that, his cock was still semi-hard as thick as a baseball bat and twelve inched long. His balls were the size of apples. He thought his package looked outrageous. But these were not modifications that worried him. For a twenty-two year old stud, an oversized cock and balls were benefits. The fact that he was always sexually aroused did not bother him.

Mike looked out from the faster-than-light fluid and saw that there was one more day left to travel to Sirius. One more day of sex with this Alien and the Alien’s body would look exactly like Mike’s body with the exception of the three fingered hands and webbed feet.

Mike was watching the controls when the Alien woke. Mike spun in the faster-than-light fluid and faced the Alien. It was like looking in a mirror and seeing yourself. The two embraced and kissed. Their oversized cocks rubbed together and oozed milky white precum. The Alien’s forked tongue was longer than Mike’s and he felt the tongue exploring deep into his throat. Without thinking Mike stuck his tongue nearly as deeply into the aliens throat and realized that his tongue had grown longer. It had not developed the alien fork, but it was nearly nine inches long.

Mike was excited by his new tongue and he broke the embrace and spun the Alien around to give the Alien a rim job. Mike buried his face deep between the Alien’s buns and rammed his tongue as far into the alien’s rectum as he could. He felt the deep hot insides of the alien as he licked the funky ass juices from deep inside. He quickly discovered that his long tongue could massage the prostate gland and he set about tongue fucking the alien’s insides. He reached around with both hands and grasped the Aliens cock and balls. He could feel the balls throbbing and the cock pulsing as his tongue stroked the Alien’s prostate.

The Alien curled his limber body around Mike and started to give him a rim job. Mike felt the Alien tongue sink itself deep into his rectum and duplicate the prostate massage. He felt his cock and balls erupt in an orgasm and start to pump cum. Mike felt the Aliens tentacles grip the sides of his head and insert themselves into the slots. He extended his own tentacles and inserted them into the alien’s head slots. Both sets of tentacles pulled the heads tight against the other asses. Mike’s orgasms became like fire and he began to lose himself in the heat of multiple orgasm. The deeper he thrust his tongue into the alien, the stronger the orgasm. The two of them remained locked in the heat of multiple orgasms remained this way for hours.

Mike was still sucking the Alien’s ass when he became aware of a chiming sound. Felt the Alien detach his tentacles from Mike and did the same. As he moved away from the Aliens butt cheeks, he realized that the faster-than-light fluid was now whitish and opaque. He felt the Alien tightly embrace him as the spaceship fell out of faster-than-light drive. The ship bucked and bounced and slammed itself around as it decelerated through the barrier of light speed. Mike felt the fluid pouch they were in crash into several objects and prevent them from being hurt. Everything shook and thumped for a time and gravity returned to the travelers.

The fluid pouch shrunk down until it barely held their two bodies. It was still white, milky and opaque as Mike felt the Alien being pulled from his grip and the pouch separating them from each other. The pouch shrank farther and farther until it formed a suit around their bodies. They were laying on a deck of the control room. Each was encased in plastic. Mike tried to stand, but the Alien motioned to him to stop. Suddenly, the plastic coating disappeared and Mike flopped onto the metal deck. Naked and slippery and disoriented. Mike’s lungs now had to breathe air and as he coughed and hacked as he expelled the fluid from his lungs. It was not a pleasant experience and took a few minutes for Mike finish. His lungs and chest hurt form the exertion. He slowly turned from laying on his stomach to sitting on his butt. He looked around and saw the Alien next to him.

Both bodies dripped faster-than-light fluid. Mike tried to talk, but only made croaking noises. He rubbed the excess fluid form his body and felt his body. His muscles and tendons were hard like steel beams and cables. They were covered by white translucent skin. Every time he moved a muscles, the skin showed it off. Mike’s already stunning musculature was enhanced. He reminded himself of enameled steel. He looked at the alien and saw his duplicate there. Mike felt his cock and balls. His flaccid cock was nearly nine-inches long and two inches in diameter. Whatever had kept him sexually aroused in the faster-than-light fluid, had increased the size of his cock. His balls were huge and the skin of his scrotum felt like soft silk and had the look of fine porcelain. His scrotum was soft, thin and stretched around each ball to highlight their new size.

The Alien had already stood up and was adjusting the controls by taping the panels with his fingers. Mike stood up and shakily and moved behind the Alien to see the controls. He reached under the Alien’s arms and fondles his nipples sensuously while grinding his crotch into the Aliens ass cheeks. The Alien turned his head back and kissed Mike passionately. He then spoke:

“It will take us two days to reach planet-fall. We have to decelerate in order to enter orbit.” the Alien said in a gravel-like tones. Mike tried again to talk.

“Whayoo ya haww penn ed to usssss.” Mike’s new tongue was nearly nine inches long and got in the way of the words. In frustration he stuck it out of his mouth to its’ full length to examine it. The Alien reached his narrower forked tongue out and twisted in around Mike’s tongue. They both laughed and hugged each other. The Alien withdrew his tongue and spoke again.

“You have to learn how to talk with that new tongue. It’ll only take a day or two. By the time we reach Tass-Ter you should be OK.” The Alien’s voice was more resonant and pleasant, he continued: “Don’t try too talk to much now. Think about forming the words and it will be easier. I want to thank you for the gift of your body. Terrans are far more sensual than we imagined.”

“OK!” Mike said slowly and carefully, indicating thumbs up to the Alien.

“We have been in contact with your governments for many years. We needed a sexually potent male who could perform sexually for extended periods of time. The new drugs and supplements you tried were devised by us. They were a test to see who could have sex the longest. If you recall, you were the last man left standing out of your swim team. In fact, you performed longer and more often than any other human male we found on the planet.”

“So I’m a sexual superman. What does that mean to you?” Mike asked with some difficulty manipulating his new tongue. The Alien had place each of his big index fingers on Mike’s nipples and slowly manipulated them in circles. Mike felt a sexual rush course through his body.

“We, here on Tass-Ter, have only one sex. We are both male and female. Our DNA was damaged years ago by radiation and we need to introduce new genetic material for our race to survive. Human DNA will prevent our race from dying out. You are the first step. We want you as an emissary to father a new generation of Tass-Ter males. It’s that simple.”

“So my new job is being a one-man stud service. Why did you change me? And why did you change yours body?”

“We thought it would be easier on our people. Your human form might be too strange for them. You and I are genetically halfway between our race and the human race. A complete physical change might cause psychological problems. As it stands now, your external genitals, tongue, and skin are completely changed. Your hands and feet are the outward signal that you are human. Kind of a psychic reminder that you are human and not alien. And We also felt you needed a partner devoted to you to keep you emotionally stable.”

“So what’s the plan, Partner?” asked Mike with amazingly sibilant “S’s.” He gripped the Alien in a head lock and rubbed his bald head. “Will I ever get hair back? Or am I bald for life?”

“You will remain hairless. To compensate we enlarged your penis and testicles. But none of my people have hair. You and I will have sex with twenty of my race each day for five years. Our years are 400 days. That’s 4000 partners which will result in 8000 children that will be half human.” said the Alien.

“And after five years?” Mike asked gaining more control over his tongue and mouth.

“Our job will be over and you can return to your earth. I would like to return with you. From what I saw of your sexual communities, my enlarged penis and new testicles will go over quite well. We can live out our lives in constant sexual pleasure,” said the Alien.

“Won’t the tentacles and genetic makeup cause problems on earth?” asked Mike.

“Maybe, but we can fix that later. But for now, we have a few days before we land. I suggest that we explore our bodies without the faster-than-light drive fluid surrounding us. There’s a cabin with a bed nearby.” said the Alien.

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