Saturday Flashback No Shirts, No Problem

Saturday Flashback: No Shirts, No Problem

This week’s trip through the Metabods back catalog revisits stories that include that special kind of well-defined, delicious hottie who never wears shirts, whether out of preference (shirts just don’t feel right somehow, you know?) or necessity (they just don’t make shirts for guys with a hundred-inch chest and a 27-inch waist). Shirtlessness is a recurring theme in a lot of my work, of course, going back to the very beginning (one of these is one of my earliest posted stories), not to mention a lot of other writers on the site, so this is just a sampling. Now, get scoping!

Last week I goofed and said the next update, which is on the 23rd, would be Thanksgiving weekend. I was even looking at a calendar as I typed up the post, but the realization hit a few days later that I was a doofus and that Thanksgiving is the 28th this year. So, to clarify, the next update will be 23 November, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Sorry for the confusion.

In the meantime, thanks very much for visiting and enjoy the site. Don’t forget to upvote and comment on stories you like—even with older stories it helps the writers known what works, and it helps other visitors find stories that they might like.

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This week’s flashback:


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